Financial System Has Come to an End – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong thinks we have come to the end of the line for the financial system, and this is why globalists are on a power grab of epic proportions.  Armstrong explains, “The system has come to an end.  They know they can no longer borrow indefinitely.  So, what is this “Great Reset’?  It is basically a move to redesign the world monetary system.  They are going to stop the borrowing that they are doing, and they are just going to print.  You also have this move for a digital currency.  Once they move to a digital currency, they can impose negative interest rates and just take money out of your account at will.  People don’t realize what this really is. . . . I believe Bitcoin was started by the government to get this whole ball going.  If I gave you a $100 bill, they don’t know where I got the $100 bill from.  However, if I give you that in Bitcoin, not only do they know I gave it to you, but they know where I got it from.  It can be completely traced all the way down.  That is a tax authority’s dream.  You have to understand what they are selling is really a totalitarian regime.”

Armstrong goes on to say, “The ‘Build Back Better’ slogan was bantered around at the World Economic Forum back in January 2019.  This is being orchestrated and deliberately designed.  Why have world leaders joined it?  That’s because they know the system we currently have now is collapsing. . . . The dollar has held up, and just look outside this country.  In Europe, the bond market is destroyed.  It’s completely gone.  What institution is going to buy a bond from Europe with a negative interest rate?  Pension funds need 8% to break even.  You have bankrupted all the pension funds over there.  It is a complete disaster.  This is the greatest financial crisis in human history, and people don’t understand what is going on. . . . Watch Europe.  It’s the canary in the coal mine for the next big crash.”  (Meaning, Europe will crash first and then the USA.)

Armstrong also predicts that, in the not-so-distant future, you will not be voting or your vote will simply not count if you vote for the wrong party.  Armstrong contends, “They’re going to rig the elections again.  There is too much at stake here. . . .When Donald Trump won in 2016, they got scared because they (globalist elites) all thought they would lose their power.  If you look at the eight points from the World Economic Forum, one of the points is by 2030, democracy must come to an end.”

On a partly encouraging note, Armstrong says, “They (globalist elites) are not going to win, but they are going to destroy the country in the process.”

Armstrong gives analysis about the possibility of removing Senators from Congress because of voter fraud and gives analysis on the possibility of Donald Trump being reinstalled in the White House.  Armstrong says regarding the duo occupying the White House today, “They have the perfect ‘dumb and dumber’ in office, and that’s what the bureaucrats always wanted to do.”

Armstrong predicts a break-up of the United States and talks more about the “panic cycle” in the 2022 elections.  Armstrong points out it’s not just the USA in an election “panic cycle,” but sees a global election “panic cycle.”

Armstrong has much analysis and data on CV19 and the vaccines to share too.

Armstrong also talks about gold, silver and why any physical asset is a good bet to own in the coming so-called financial reset.  In general, Armstrong see “chaos” coming in 2022 and beyond.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, author of “Manipulating the World Economy,” which has 70 fresh new pages in the 5th edition of this very popular book.

(There is much more in the one hour long interview.)

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After the Interview:

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To get a copy of Armstrong’s 5th edition of “Manipulating the World Economy” updated with 70 fresh pages of data and analysis on CV19 and the vaccines, click here.


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    Looking up the discussion between Dr Stefan Lanka and Dr. Cowanbover on bit chute from 25 mar 2021 will be worth your time, if you’re at all confused about viruses. Or don’t realize for sure what’s happening now.

    • Warren B.

      As with most things this day and age – the important stuff (TRUTH) is hidden.
      There is hope for Humankind after all.
      Here is a link to an article published in Time magazine in 1980.
      We have been lied to incessantly and this continues to present times.
      The CURE FOR CANCER was readily available (known about) 4 decades ago.
      TYPE 1 INTERFERON…..(aka IF).
      It has application to thwarting the many diseases that have afflicted the human race.
      I thoroughly recommend you read this article and save it / pass it onto as many people as you know – even Doctors/Scientists/Microbiologists that you can trust.
      (I have both electronic and hard copies).,33009,921948,00.html

      • Greg Hunter

        Good info Warren!! Thanks!!

        • Richard Bruno

 Watch this one. Doesn’t seem fake to me

        • Kevin

          Hi Greg
          Martin is a brilliant analyst but he couldn’t be further from the truth when he said that the swamp handed President Trump his lunch !
          Oh contraire Mon ami ! This is the biggest military sting in the history of the world and
          President Trump is handing the Deep state their lunch , dinner and midnight snack !

      • Paul ...

        Wow!! … very interesting article Warren … but I was thinking … the benefits of interferon in preventing cancer, etc, etc., etc. may not be “the Hope for Society” you envision … but … may instead lead “to Humanities Destruction” … because … as I read in your posted article … it says: “only the interferon made in the human body” will work in humans (interferon made in cows, monkeys, pigs, etc., etc. simply will not work in humans) … so … what this means is … to make “enough interferon” for all the Globalist elites … millions of human subjects will be need to be infected “jabbed” (with a virus to produce the interferon) … and it will take many millions of exploding brains of “jabbed’ individuals to be ground up (to remove the precious interferon produced) … and isn’t it fortuitous for the elite … that Big Pharma got our idiot politicians “to inject millions of useless eaters at Warp Speed” with the Corona virus “jab” … so the millions of brains needed to produce enough precious interferon (for the elite) … can be accumulated … and Klaus Schwab (who will be getting his share of interferon to cure all his ills) boldly goes on TV and tells everyone … “they should be happy (for him) … but they will be getting nothing”!!

        • Warren B.

          I sense that IF was removed at a point in time where they had established a breakthrough production methodology – the article quotes a “recombinant DNA technique” (bottom page 10) which at the time was very promising.
          (note the Swiss Molecular Biologist involvement – taking it over from Biogen).
          The program did go much further than what page 11 denotes……
          They were successful!!!
          Pharma got involved and created it not only in the Lab but also proved its efficacy in Curing Cancer with limited/short lived downstream effects.
          40 years they would have perfected this and most diseases that are plaguing the human race would have been obliterated forever.
          It needs to be reintroduced / manufactured and then distributed to stop the suffering.

      • Bill

        Yes, I remember the interferon story. At that time, I believe the interferon price per shot was $15,000 (1980). So, I would guess, the price-per-shot nowadays would be around $50,000?
        I also, used to hear that the Elites use to fly to Switzerland and get a shot for $15,000 to keep themselves Young.
        Could this be, the interferon shot? Maybe?
        I remember David Rockefeller, dying about 2-3 years ago, at age 99 or 100!

        • Warren B.

          Quite the opposite Bill.
          With the advancement of technology the original shot @ $15,000 might well be below $100 today. In the later stages of the 70’s those who were continuing /persevering were producing in large quantities already. They also were getting very close to having pure IF.
          In fact as I understand, one of the BIG PHARMA had a study/program back in the early 1980’s where they had perfected the production and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that IF was the MAGIC BULLET FOR CANCER. Then right at the point where it could have gone into mass production and been available to everyone across the planet – it was halted – never to be seen again – at least for those who weren’t in the inner circles of the Elite.
          The criminals are keeping it to themselves – “there is no Cure for Cancer” – only poisonous therapies.
          The action of Interferons would diminish the synthetic mRNA gene therapy being used for Sars-Cov2. That is the secondary reason I posted the link to the article.

      • Anita Alt

        That article was much to do about nothing. 400 mg (.014 oz) gleaned from 45,000 liters (90,000 pints) of blood! It is almost comical to call or be looking to interferon as a cure for anything when there are an abundance of plants available that work. When lifestyle choices can determine much concerning diseases, including cancers.

    • Paul ... … I don’t believe too many people realize “the seriousness” of taking the “jab” … so let me repeat again (the science) of what Michael Yeadon Ph.D. and former Vice President and Chief Scientist at Pfizer … and Prof. Luc Montagnier World Renowned Virologist who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of HIV … and what they have have concluded about the people who got the “Jab” … they say the people who already got the “jab” will have “a reduced life expectancy” (by about 10 to 20 years) … and those “who get the subsequent booster shots” … “will likely lose their lives within two(2) to three(3) years” … you don’t need a Socrates Program to figure out “this will result in the Collapse of the US Government” that Warp Speed-ed this Kill Clot Shot upon it’s people … and wants to be certain “everyone gets the jab” … by force if necessary it upon all its citizens … young, old and even little babies!!

      • Brian Vaci

        Paul; Perhaps that is why one of America’s most secret intelligence agency Deagel forecasts in its latest report, the depopulation of the world because of the COVID-19 crisis and the Great Reset. Their report estimates the USA population to be only 100 million in 2025. That is a reduction of 232 million people over the next four years. No surprise the webpage has been taken down, but here is a screen shot taken before that happened.

  2. Pastor Bob Reid

    Covid is a cover story for radiation sickness 5G wireless energy.
    The human body is unable to adapt to 5G wireless at the energy level it operates under and so Covid is a way to hide the plans to eliminate humanity.
    Glad to share the proof if you are interested in knowing the truth!

    • chris m

      Where can i find your sermons Bob? you make real sense ..I’m sure you cover a lot of other points about this covid scam.

    • Tracy

      Do you think that the Schumann resonance could also be triggering the symptoms? Could the symptoms be parasite die off similar to how Royal Rife killed cancer. Microbes die with the right frequency and then emit poisons which make people sick, creating the “beer bug”. I don’t think it’s “catching”, but possibly it’s just a planetary herxheimer reaction.

    • bill

      Yes, I think I heard that story about 5G about 13-15 months ago on Coast2Coast Radio. Then, I heard Trump was looking forward to 5G. I said to mysef, Doesn’t Trump know 5G might be detrimental to the health of Human Beings. I will keep watching, to see how this story plays Out!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant interview Greg!

    Thank you kindly. It’s also great to see that your name search is appearing where and when it should be, right on top.

    Protests galore here in Australia, kind of surprised me to be honest.

    The ‘good news’ points out that part of Agenda 21 is to relocate people into failing cities, house them in tiny boxes, under the disguise of prosperity.
    Once this happens they steal all of their homeland, setting up paradise for themselves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA for the street reporting and analysis. I think you are spot on!!

      • danette fulk

        The whole point of cryptocurrency‘s is that they are Decentralized and designed with block chain. The government did not create BTC . And because it is Blockchain means no one knows when you bought it, who you bought it from, or how much you bought! That horse was out of the barn a long time ago and no government is going to be able to confiscate it! Much else of what he says is however extremely credible!

        • Popsishappy

          Dig deeper.

        • John

          The only people with the knowledge/research in the late 90’s to create a full cryptographic currency system was the USG, specifically the folks that work in the big black mirrored building.

  4. William L Iannucci

    This is about Israel my friends and the false prophet . Trust no one but Christ who alone is JESUS the place of the Father’s resting place . 👍 Love you guys, Look up from whete our help shall come. CHEERS

    • chris m

      What did you mean it all about Israel etc ? If you mean Israel is God’s focal point because they are going to be saved when all of this is over,you’re correct.It all over the scriptures.

      • Paul ...

        From the numbers vaccinated … it looks like the people in Israel believed in Bibi … more then the people in America believed in Trump … seems the Jews give too much respect and honor to those who are in authority … Christians not so much … even going back to the time of Jesus!!

        Acts 5:27-29: The Apostles were brought in and questioned by the High Priest: “We gave you strict orders (not to teach the truth) in Jesus’ name … yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teachings and (are determined to make us guilty of the bloody jab)” … Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than (in-human) beings”!

        Acts 4:18-19: Then [the corrupt political rulers, the elders and the teachers of the law] called the Apostles in again and this time: Ordered and Commanded them “not to speak or teach the truth at all to the public” in the name of Jesus … But Peter and John effectively replied: “We do what is right (in the eye’s of God the Father): we will not listen to you commies (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) … we listen to the “Guidestones of our Father (i.e. Thou Shall Not Kill, etc., etc.) for we Christians” … and Christians will keep speaking the truth about what we know … and what we have seen … and what we have heard (about the “jab” inflicted upon mankind) and the Son of God”!!

  5. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg. So many moving parts to the Great Reset. The legal system and health care weaponized, controlled media and censorship.

    Bill Gates and George Soros recently bought a kovid tracking company called “Mologic” for $43 million. It’s aimed at non vaxed and those that resist.

    • Rich

      They are coming for the unvaccinated

  6. eddiemd

    The big boss is satan.

    Soros, Schwab, Gates are his minions. And the freemasons, illuminati, jesuits, and other secret societies. That includes Francis the deceiver who is a jesuit.

    It is a spiritual war on all levels. “It is definitely collapsing”.

    The next president to usher in the CCP/PLA. Jezebel spirit who will wage war on believers. The CCP/PLA hate believers. See my posts from the wrap up.

    And to the man who has the daughter in nursing school. Have her take a semester off and do volunteer work. Or take online courses only that will be creditable. Or transfer to a different university. Do not take the mRNA injection.

    • chris m

      Yes,I see the Great Reset foreshadowing what we read in Rev 13.This thing will eventually succeed until the Lord destroys it at his coming. We have to accept this reality but resist it and refuse the jab.

    • eddiemd

      To you veterans on this site.

      The VA is now requiring all healthcare workers to get the mRNA injection.

      Here is what you need to do. Get internet access to your electronic health records. Go to the VA medical center and there is an office where you can get a verified account in person that you can access from home.

      Login and go to self entered allergies.

      Enter in the following:

      1. Allergy- polyethylene glycol, type of reaction (severe), description (anaphylaxis, throat constriction, not able to breathe, chest tightness, swelling of tongue, loss of consciousness), backdate the onset back a few years, check the box that it was diagnosed.

      2. Allergy- to any vaccine that you did not get at the VA, it can be tetanus, Hep B, typhoid, MMR, etc; state the same as above under description, type of reaction, backdate onset, and it was diagnosed.

      Do this right away. Their next step is to force all veterans seen at the VA to get the injection.

      When they try to force the injection on you there will be documentation in the record that you have had an anaphylactic reaction to PEG and a previous vaccine. This should help you to avoid being forced to take the mRNA.

      In the meantime…seek the Lord God Almighty. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the Great Physician, the Almighty Most High God in the flesh. Do this today.

    • eddiemd

      For other USAWD readers who have access to their medical records, do the same as recommended for veterans. Access your electronic medical records and self report allergies into the record.

      Print it out. Show it to the jabber police when the come.

      Tell them you have a history of allergies to tetanus, MMR, Hep B…your choice. And get the PEG allergy in the record. You were adding engine coolant to your car and spilt some/splashed some on your skin/face and had a serious reaction.

  7. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg. So many moving parts to the Great Reset. The legal system and health care weaponized, controlled media and censorship. A world-wide psyop.

    Bill Gates and George Soros recently bought a kovid tracking company called “Mologic” for $43 million. It’s aimed at non vaxed and those that resist.

  8. Jeff Johnson

    As always, good work and interview Mr. Hunter…please keep it up…the word is getting out there and we WILL win in the end.

    • Paul ...

      People are now protesting in the streets in England, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc., etc. … lets round up these murderers of our parents and children … and put them in prisons (not for re-education) but for “final disposal” (like they want to do to us)!!

  9. Marie+Joy

    I like that. Resident Dumb and Vice Resident Dumber.

    • Bill

      “Dumb and Dumber” was the name of a movie with Jim Carrey in 1994.

  10. Jerry5

    I couldn’t agree with Martin more. They’re doing the reset right in front of us under our noses.

    The World Economic Forums next meeting will be in Beijing on August 19th. The final phase of the reset will be put in motion.

  11. marc wohlbier

    Breaking News :

    It just keeps getting better.

    • Bill

      Just like, when Bill Clinton gave the Poor North Koreans, a Nuclear Power Plant in 1994. I wonder if the North Koreans knew how to backwards design a Nuclear Bomb? OOPS, they got one now!

  12. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview Greg. Martin never disappoints. We are in the Cycle of War but it intensifies in 2023 by 7-fold. ((Lev. 26))
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  13. Jerry5

    Here’s what the globalist have in mind for restructuring the financial system.

  14. Hugh Anderson

    Great interview. Keep it coming Greg.
    I think your microphone volume is too high than who you interview so maybe lower your volume. Things get s lost especially when you interrupt the guest and your volume is much higher. Keep up the fight for all freedom loving people.

  15. John Pick

    This interview reminds me of the Scripture where Jesus warned that in the end times
    “Men will become faint from fear out of the expectation of the things coming on the earth”.?
    Thank you Greg and Martin.

  16. Alfy

    from my understanding, in truth we saw an overwhelming landslide victory across this nation for trump last nov. he probably won 48 states. then toss in what appears to be an upcoming mass die off of people on the far left. this country is not divided among the citizens or the states. the divide is the citizens vs the small number of career people in the upper levels of gov. I don’t see this nation breaking apart. just the opposite, I see this nation becoming more united than it has ever been after the criminals have been dealt with. A nation that looks to be on its way to breaking apart into several countries is China. And of course the end of the European Union. as for central financial location, that is no longer going to be a thing. the world is moving towards decentralized finance. The old guard is at the end of their rein.

    • Jim Hall

      I agree with the logic of your argument but the only fly in the ointment is that many of the states are run by globalist minions. I also believe that the military is being weeded out so they can be turned against the people. I hope and pray that you are right and I’m just over thinking the situation. The points you made are excellent.

  17. Neil Currie

    Very informative–thank you!

  18. Fred Daake

    As far as I know, there are no circumstances where fraud can lead to a change in legal ownership. Variants of this concept have been upheld by the courts since the US Constitution was ratified. To go back further, you can use the Bible to look at ancient common law – which has it’s own ways to define the evil of lies and deception. As Trump said tonight, if you steal diamonds from Tiffanu’s, they will not be belong to you when you get caught.

    There was a situation in NJ two years ago where problems were uncovered. A judge ordered a new election. No Supreme Court needed. That is why I think that Arizona will recall recall their senators and presidential electors. If enough states recall their Presidential electors, there will not be enough electors for the marxists to hold their power in DC. In that case, the US Congress will choose the president by state delegation. There are more GOP state delegations, so they will choose a Republican – hopefully Trump. The Senate will choose a VP – probably a RINO.

  19. Alfy

    2030. usa fed gov 1/100th its current size. states once again have their rights. the nation as a whole, not split into parts, but more unified as a people than they have ever been. China is now 4 separate counties. their is no financial center of the world. financial is decentralized across the world. the evil few causing so much trouble in the world, by 2030 will have been long burning in hell. During the interview, when he called Trump naive. Time to do some thinking, Trump has spent many decades dealing with the sharks, including plenty of corrupt politicians and the upper levels of the deep state. Look at how the Leader of Russia and China acted when Trump was with them, they showed Trump a lot of respect. Trump is no fool, and he didn’t played. I wish your guest had talked more about his program, and much less about his own thoughts.

    • Rich

      “Trump is no fool, and he didn’t get played.” Really?

      He appointed 2 attorney generals who never prosecuted one deep stater.

      He had an election stolen from him. Had the evidence in front of his face, had legal and military options and did nothing.

      He started and promotes operation warp speed and vaccines. which is the NWO plan to take down the USA.

      IF Trump is no fool – then he has culpability in everything that is occurring.

      • JW

        Rich. You out are absolutely correct.

    • Jim Hall

      Again I think you’re correct but these people aren’t going to give up without a fight.

    • The Ogs

      Trump is an idiot. He wants you to “take your injections”!
      Have you not been paying attention…?

  20. David

    Well, I did my major paper on Christianity under the 5 “good” Roman emperors – his interpretation on Diocletian sounds like Edward Gibbon’s interpretation of events — BTW, Gibbon hated Christianity and was anything but objective in his writings/opinions. I majored in History, was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, etc.
    So however Armstrong programmed his computer [Socrates], it is the same old story — junk in, junk out.

  21. nathan dunning

    The People are pushing back world wide. Australian rally’s are growing and these corrupt Globalist Politicians will have to make some tough choices soon. Chose the Great Reset or chose their country.

  22. swimfinz

    Another amazing guest brought to us by Greg Hunter, thank you very much! USA Watchdog is the news now. And will be into the future as we as all face increasing turbulent times. I miss your prayer, even at the end of guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Finz!

  23. tim mcgraw

    HI Greg, I’m 13 minutes into the interview. Armstrong is great. I do wish he’d look straight into the camera. Being “shifty eyed” doesn’t help his story. You always look straight into the camera. Perhaps your CNN training?
    I’ve followed Martin since he was sending letters out of prison. He’s smart and he’s been abused by the system. Is he Gollum or Frodo? Did Martin escape or was he set loose?
    I apologize for being so suspicious of Martin, but these are suspicious times of lies and falsehoods.
    Martin…. look like an honest man! not a furtive one.

  24. chris m

    Armstrong doesn’t see the spiritual aspect,that to his disadvantage. This will eventually lead to the Rev 13 guess is,it might take till 2022,it might be that close..but whatever, ultimately,it where it heading.

    • eddiemd

      I agree. He dismissed it completely.

      Biblical prophesy never fails.

      • Anita Alt


  25. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Have not viewed Martin Armstrong interview – waiting for my wife to wake up (literally, not politically) so we can watch it together.

    Just wanted to report, we both attended our local ‘Covid19’ protest rally this weekend and numbers have grown substantially. Initially, many weeks ago, only twenty or so turned up but Saturday there were thousands. Ordinary man and women with their children. Great ‘festival’ atmosphere. Police only turned up to close lanes to traffic as people had spilled into the street. No harassment from police – marks a huge change. Are police realising that their children are also in line for the pernicious jab? It’s excruciatingly slow but people do seem to be waking up from their MSM induced trance.

    • AndrewB

      Just want to add that the protest ended in a procession which was escorted by police cars. At the end of the March we caught up with the lead police car which had been covered in anti ‘Covid’ stickers by the protesters. My wife took a picture and commented to the police officer who got out of his car in that instant, “Nice stickers!” He replied, “Yes, they’re sneaky” but the tone of his voice was humorous. We have been at previous anti ‘Covid’ protests where police rushed the crowd to haul people out and handcuff them – just for not observing ‘social distancing’! Saturday 24th July may have signalled a turning point. Hope I am not being overly optimistic.

    • Brookyn


      Where are you located? Where are these rallies that went from few in numbers to “thousands” yesterday?

      Great report from the street, as our leader Greg Hunter might say, but just tell us what street your reporting from? Thanks.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Brooklyn,
        I’m reporting from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sad to report that the otherwise ‘rebellious’ people of this province have caved to the Covid propaganda and have rushed to get the jab, especially the elderly who were the first to be ‘invited’ to take part. I apologise for not having the actual stats but I guess at least 85% of over 70s have had both shots. My wife lost all her close circle of friends for the ‘crime’ of refusing to wear a mask when entering a restaurant while in their company. How otherwise intelligent people can be induced to believe that viruses are only transmissible when you are standing – and perfectly harmless when you’re seated in close proximity, eating and drinking – boggles my imagination. Anyway, we decided to attend the protests for the sake of our children and grandchildren. It was disheartening at the start when less than twenty attended and we were outnumbered by police, but very gratifying to witness it mushroom into the (estimated) 2000 – 3000 who attended Saturday 24th July. This, I concede, is still a small number but attendance is growing exponentially . . .

        • Brooklyn


          Allow me to begin with a “brief introduction” . My wife Patricia (of 53 years) and myself (Fredy) both come from Irish heritage and have traveled the Emerald Isle, but based on our limited time (and pub hoping) we never got up to the North. We are originally from Brooklyn, New York (my avatar! which was once a fabulous place to grow up, and still thank the Good Lord today that I was born and raised in Brooklyn…) But, we made our home in the Hudson Valley where we raised our two children, and were blessed again with six grandchildren, all who excel in their chosen endeavors.

          Our 17 year old granddaughter Meghan began when she was 5 years old and is today a world class ranked Irish Step Dancer and competed in Shannon, Cork in February 2020, just before the asinine c-19 struck, by St. Patrick’s most of the pubs here were closed.

          Today, Pat and I live on the New Jersey Shore, and although we went through the crazies with the mask on in the pubs, unless you were seated, which as you noted, made no sense at all. But, today, there are very few restrictions, unless you go to a medical facility or doctors office where they still require masks.

          I have been following Greg Hunter for many years and have not only enjoyed his weekly wrap-ups but also most of his very learned guests; BUT, one of most favorite parts about coming to his USAWatchDog website are the commenters, from literally the world over.

          We know “here in the states” as you would refer to us, that what we are watching in not only Ireland, but France, Italy, England, Germany, will soon be coming to the streets of all the major cities ion the USA. I am a (former) US Marine and there was a time, when the USA was the home of the Free because of the Brave, but no more. The overthrow of our government has been building since 2009 with obama, or even before, but the corruption is everywhere in our government, and since we-the-people allowed them to steal our presidential election, the globalist controllers are now moving at “warped-speed” to make their Reset a reality. I’m just sure how many how many of us Patriots will be willing to sacrifice our fortunes, our lives and our sacred honor today, as our fore fathers did 246 years ago.
          Truthfully, I never thought, in my wildest imagination that we (I) would ever witness what is going on in our world today, the amount of hatred, corruption and divisiveness is Absolutely mind boggling, but especially to see what has (will very soon) happened to my Home Sweet Home, the once United States of America. Yes, we are prepared, but it looks as if we will have to go through hell and back to get to the other side. God Speed, AndrewB.

          Onward & Upward,


          • AndrewB

            Hi Brooklyn (F & P)
            Thanks so much for your comments. When you asked me for specifics I was in two minds whether to reveal the location – these are dangerous times – but then considered we (my wife and I) have been survailed by police CCTV at all the rallies we have attended, and even had driving licence details and car registration recorded just to be able to drive onto a beach to hear some speeches, so what the heck! Thank you for your candour and good wishes. Andrew

        • AndrewB

          Here is a video of the Freedom Day protest, Belfast, 24th July 21

          • AndrewB

            Just reviewed video and noticed Union Jack flags. These are not part of out Freedom Day rally. A small group of about ten people hold their ‘Unionist vigil’ outside Belfast City Hall gates every Saturday. We had to share!

            • Brookyn


              Kinda like the Protestants marching in the Catholic neighborhoods, no doubt.

              On another front: I remember Clif High predicting a Trump return as the globalist attempted to 25th jobama, but that seemed (at the time, at least) a little far fetched. But, I am getting “other vibes” saying that things are coming to a head and look for something to happen by mid-August…?

              For us here in the states, it would be a good time to “get your affairs” in order, just in case….;)

              More later…

  26. Paul ...

    Armstrong says: “Europe is going to hell … so the US dollar is the place to be” … but … remember “Fed printed fiat dollars” is currency created “by a private corporation” … the Fed may print “United States of America” on their Federal Reserve Notes (but the only “real” Government money is the “pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half’s and dollar coinage minted at the Philadelphia, Denver and the San-Francisco Mints ) … although these US Gov coins are made of “non-precious” metal it is still going to be better then owning”paper created by a private company that in all likelihood will declare bankruptcy if the US collapses” … better still … collect US Gov “precious metal” silver and gold coins … US Gov created coinage “will be the only true money in circulation when the US collapses”!! … stay away from paper “Federal Reserve Notes which are simply IOU’s printed up out of thin air by the Fed ( a private corporation that will declare bankrupt when the US collapses) … take one of their paper bills out of your wallet now and inspect what is written on it … along the top of the one dollar, five dollar, ten dollar, twenty dollar … etc. is written in bold letters that it is a “Federal Reserve Note” (simply an IOU printed up by a private Cabal) … “such paper IOU’s are not likely to be considered good money (like the “real metal coins” made by the former United States Government before its collapse) … how many people will place value on a paper “IOU Note” printed up by a bunch of bankrupt criminal Fed banksters (who in 1913 got together on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia where they erected their population reduction Guidestones)!! … these criminal banksters had it all figured out way back in 1913 … “they likely figured that since we people will all be dead in the long run (helped along by their jab and eugenics program) they could print their IOU’s “to infinity” (and never have to worry about paying anything back to those holding their IOU’s) … so … if what Armstrong see’s is coming (a collapse of the US Government) … everyone should now be converting their Fed paper IOU’s (the banksters will never pay anything back on) for “Coins of the Realm” … which will be the “only real money” in circulation when the US Government collapses … collect your coins now (before the collapse) as no additional coins will be made after the collapse … as for imaginary crypto (not backed by gold or silver) … it too will likely be considered as phony as a Fed “Two Dollar Bill” when the US goes under!!

  27. Peter Makin

    Your absolutely right Greg, Socrtates… as good as it is, cannot take into account the plans of our Heavenly Father.

    Unfortunately Martin is right about the fall of America. Will it be now? Or in the future? Don’t know, but the book of Revelation is clear America must fall. No-one can attack Israel and survive as long as America exists as the premier power in the world. However Ezekiel tells that Gog will come from the north and invade Israel twice only to be destroyed by God. There is no way that can happen as long as America is its ally.

    You are right however, these evil men will not succeed. The Tribulation has begun and the Lords wrath has begun to fall upon this world. The first 4 seals have been opened and we will see the results play out in the near future.

    As you say every Friday, Fear Not for God the Father is firmly in control.
    His Son Jesus is firmly on the throne.

  28. Wall's Mulroney

    “Tell Us, When Will These Things Be?”
    “What will be the sign of your presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?”—MATT. 24:3.
    JESUS’ ministry on earth was coming to an end, and his disciples were eager to find out what the future held for them. So just a few days before his death, four of his apostles asked him: “When will these things be, and what will be the sign of your presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?” (Matt. 24:3; Mark 13:3) Jesus answered by means of an extensive prophecy, recorded in Matthew chapters 24 and 25. In that prophecy, Jesus foretold many noteworthy events. His words have profound meaning for us because we too are keenly interested in knowing what the future holds.
    What Is the Sign of “the Last Days,” or “End Times”?
    The Bible describes events and conditions that would mark “the conclusion of the [current] system of things,” or “the end of the world.” (Matthew 24:3; King James Version) The Bible calls this time period “the last days” and the “time of the end,” or “end times.” (2 Timothy 3:1; Daniel 8:​19; Easy-to-Read Version) The following are some outstanding features of last-days, or end-times, prophecies:
    • War on a large scale.​—Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:4.
    • Famine.​—Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:​5, 6.
    • Great earthquakes.​—Luke 21:11.
    • Pestilences, or epidemics of “terrible diseases.”​—Luke 21:11, Contemporary English Version.
    • Increase of crime.​—Matthew 24:12.
    • Ruining of the earth by mankind.​—Revelation 11:18.
    • Deterioration of people’s attitudes, as shown by many who are “unthankful, disloyal, . . . not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.”​—2 Timothy 3:​1-4.
    • Breakdown of the family, with people who have “no natural affection” and children who are “disobedient to parents.”​—2 Timothy 3:​2, 3.
    • Love of God growing cold in most people.​—Matthew 24:12.
    • Noteworthy displays of religious hypocrisy.​—2 Timothy 3:5.
    • Increased understanding of Bible prophecies, including those related to the last days.​—Daniel 12:4.
    • Global preaching of the good news of the Kingdom.​—Matthew 24:14.
    • Widespread apathy and even ridicule toward the evidence of the approaching end.​—Matthew 24:37-​39; 2 Peter 3:​3, 4.
    • The simultaneous fulfillment of all these prophecies, not just a few or even most of them.​—Matthew 24:33.

    • eddiemd

      “Global preaching of the good news of the Kingdom”

      Is that the same kingdom of the JWs?

      • Wall's Mulroney

        No eddiemd, as far as I know they gave up preaching because of the planned demic, as if God closed the door of the Ark? Except for sites as and Radio and Television, the little people are all about shut down.
        But as you can see eddiemd, the good news of God’s Kingdom continues even stronger, because people are much more Awake! More than ever, especially because of the efforts of ones such as our Greg Hunter and all the USAWatchdog’onit DOGGER’S!

      • WallisMulroney

        No eddiemd, as far as I know they gave up preaching because of the planned demic, as if God closed the door of the Ark? Except for sites as and Radio and Television, the little people are all about shut down.
        But as you can see eddiemd, the good news of God’s Kingdom continues even stronger, because people are much more Awake! More than ever, especially because of the efforts of ones such as our Greg Hunter and all the USAWatchdog’onit DOGGER’S!

  29. stanley skrzypeK

    I think….like back in the ’70s….I got on a newsletter mailing list by (Martin Armstrong?)…and…there was this one outstanding sneak peek mailing to me from Martin about the Picture of a section of Mars, that had an Image of a Human Face…it was Amazing.. and…not much longer then that i heard he was sent to prison….Is this the same guy?..if I am mistaken i would hope that someone would point that out….
    I like Martin….he is a genius

  30. Jane Reynolds

    I am a great fan of MA however currently you can visit super markets and buy food in europe without being vaccinated. I live in France their is a huge backlash against Macron and the vaccine passport. I am deeply concerned about the vile agenda of Klaus Schwab, Soros et al. There are enough people who remember what the nazis did are the masses going to allow this to happen again. Do the unvaccinated in effect wear a yellow star ? It takes the police to step down and refuse to enforce the Covid passport rules. This is happening in France they have told Macron that it is not the job of the police to do this as they are busy fighting crime. Hopefully this will prevail. God bless all patriots. Thank you Greg and Martin.

  31. Charles Humenik

    What Martin Armstrong fails to take under consideration is these people don’t want to fix the system. They don’t need us anymore and wished we were all dead. Were just all in the way now… And using up all their finite resources they’ll be needing in their new world order.

  32. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for a great interview with MA. He points to the rise of China as the world’s future financial centre – which you took great exception to – and IMHO this has all been orchestrated by the banking cabal. Nothing in this is surprising to those who have read ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin. MA went on to explain that communistic / authoritarian countries evolve to become more libertarian and, conversely, liberal (in it’s literal sense) countries evolve to become more authoritarian. The way things are evolving on the back of the scamdemic, Russia may be a better place to live than France. Who could have predicted that would be remotely possible just a few decades ago?

    It was gratifying to hear MA espouse gold and silver and to decry Bitcoin. Lynett Zang was one of the first to uncover documentation implicating the CIA in the creation of Bitcoin. She was blasted from all quarters! Bitcoin has been pumped (to ensure juicy ‘get rich quick’ publicity) and dumped (rinse / wash / repeat) by the creators – who still hold the vast majority of Bitcoin and can control its price at will. The intent behind Bitcoin was, and is, simply to get the public at large ready for the transition from paper currency to digital currency.

  33. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Must watch video of Reiner Fuellmich addressing large rally in London, Saturday 24th July, 2021.

    • Dr. John H

      Thank you Andrew, that was Great!

  34. Svetlana Stalin

    The West is in Shock! Russia has created another 5th Generation Fighter Jet!
    21,927 views Jul 18, 2021

    FELON DrFRAUDCI? Rand Paul to send letter asking for criminal referral on Dr Anthony Fauci 187,708 views Jul 21, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Republican Senator Rand Paul has told Fox News he is sending a criminal referral letter to the Department of Justice about Dr Anthony Fauci.
    During a fiery Senate hearing chaired by Democrat Amy Klobuchar, Senator Paul said Dr Fauci was lying over claims the National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Disease did not fund gain of function research [weaponization] in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
    The Wuhan Institute of Virology has come under structiny in recent months, with numerous scientists including some linked to the World Health Organisation saying COVID-19 likely leaked from the lab.
    Gain of function research refers to when scientists take a pathogen and make it more virulent and transmissible in order to study how the virus reacts in a new environment.
    During the confrontation, Dr Fauci denied Senator Paul’s allegaton the National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Disease, the body he heads up, funded this research at the Wuhan lab.

    The world ‘saw China lockdown’ and thought ‘it seemed to work’
    96,172 views Jul 22, 2021 Sky News Australia
    The Australian’s Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton says the UK, Australia and US all abandoned their pandemic plans after seeing that China’s lockdown seemed “to work”.
    “The UK, Australia and US, all the Western countries had pandemic plans,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    “In all these plans they never said to lock your society down for months on end, let alone multiple times like in the case of Victoria.
    “That was really something we saw China do, and the rest of the world thought … it seems to work.”

    Electric cars changing the climate is ‘another hoax’
    125,166 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Alan Jones says the idea electric cars are going to change the climate is “another hoax”.
    It comes following news the Grattan Institute is pushing a zero-emission standard for all cars, vans, and utes by 2035.
    “This is just so much rubbish,” Mr Jones told Sky News host Peta Credlin.
    “The electricity that will enable the car to move will predominantly come from fossil fuels.
    “The manufacture of the electric car, well actually the energy to manufacture, will come from fossil fuels.”

    Putin issued the Death Sentence to U.S. Hegemony! And the Sentence has already become Effective! 21,584 views Jul 14, 2021 BORZZIKMAN

  35. Gary Horn

    While I agree, as usual, with much of what Mr. Armstrong says, I detect certain bits of possible disinformation mixed in to consume. He insinuates the central Bankers, the Federal Reserve, are trustworthy with several things he mentioned, starting with 1913 and events both before and after. Then later mentions cycles that are neither inevitable or natural, as he otherwise described. He also plays down the likely crash of the stock market, which we all know is being supported entirely by the central bank at this point. He then acts as though the states can oppose the federal government, but I’m beginning to lose my faith in that happening when I see Governors from both Florida and Alabama start to cave. I even wrote my Alabama Governor yesterday regarding this, her trying to blame the unvaccinated for covid spread. Then you have Senate Republicans all of a sudden chiming in with them, blaming unvaccinated for something that really isn’t happening, made up. So where then are our government supporters in the future, I’m not sure?

  36. Derek Sinclair

    Excellent interview.

  37. Rodster

    Martin Armstrong as usual, nails the problem. It’s all about the debt, the massive amounts of borrowing over the decades has consequences. A few years ago when Egon Von Greyerz was saying the world was on the hook for 2.5 quadrillion dollars, he wasn’t joking. When you add everything up that’s what we are looking at and who knows it could even be more. So now it no longer is about the borrowing but just create money out of thin air and that’s what they are now doing.

    The borrowers have bankrupted and collapsed the system and those in charge accepting that. It’s why the fake out has become Covid and the vaccines. They want to distract with that and have you take your eye off the real underlying problem.

  38. Andrew Cox

    Martin is always interesting to listen to and has some great comments.
    But he was reticent about the potential adverse health effects of the “vaccine” injections. He is like many people – he does not know whether there will be a large-scale die-off over the next 1-4 years. But food shortages and crisis now seem inevitable.

    • Greg Hunter

      Armstrong did say there would be a large die-off this winter and in 2022. This is similar to what Clif High is getting.

      • Rodster

        Here is Paul Craig Roberts offering HIS opinion that those who have taken “The Jab” face an early death. He said he knows of no one who has gotten Covid but he knows of 4 who have been injured fron taking the vaccine.

        Doctors are getting fed up with the Covid Lies!

        French Hospital goes on indefinite strike against forced vaccinations.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Rodster,
          Many thanks for the links. I used to tune in to Paul Craig Roberts but had lapsed. Good info, I’ll reconnect.

        • MWard

          Wow Rodster,
          Paul Craig Roberts nails it! These moron’s knew all the animals died, in mRNA experimentation. But they [mad scientists] were salivating, thinking naively. Animals don’t live as long as humans. So they thought they could get away with this geocide, because it would take so long to maim and kill, if they were wrong. Nobody would know the difference. We’ll it’s obviouse to all skeptics and growing exponentially, that they gambled for big money and like prudent Stalin. The taxpayer has to pay for they’re own kill-shot, the jab, the Bullitt, Stalin’s Bullitt and they’re starting to die even now and most haven’t a clue, yet!
          When Jesus warned of a tribulation, he wasn’t mincing words. There’s no doubt now this will be something worse than man has ever seen and worse than anything mankind will ever see again.

          ◄ Matthew 24:21 ►
          We can only hope he will follow through with his word’s that unless those day’s were cut short, no flesh would be saved!

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, That might be happening now? First they ‘reported’ all deaths WITH COVID…might they now be ‘reporting’ the side effect deaths as COVID related?
        Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Purposely UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Affects of COVID Vaccines (

        VID FROM THIS =
        BOOM! Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines — Govt. Suppressing Information! (VIDEO) (

      • Tom C

        The “vaccines” compromise the immune system so natural immunity is gone.
        I suspect we’ll se many vaccinated people die of the flu this fall, winter and spring.

        As always, thanks Greg!

      • Pete+only

        Greg, this might sound a bit grotesque, but regarding this large die off going on, perhaps we could monitor this event as it is happening, by surveying your viewers the following questions.
        1) Do you personally know someone who has died within 2 weeks of taking a covid shot?
        2) Have you heard from someone you know someone who has died shortly after taking a covid shot?
        3) Have you heard from a health care worker of people dying after taking a covid shot?

        Martin said that he personally knew of someone dying shortly after taking a covid shot.
        So have I. He was buried the other day. His wife said that “it was as if something exploded inside his lungs”. The autopsy will take 6 to 8 months time….

        I also have an aquaintenace that knows of someone dying shortly thereafter, as well as an aquaintenance whose wife is a nurse who knows of 8 deaths occuring shortly after the covid shot.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Pete,
          I think you are on to something.
          I don’t know anyone personally who died of Covid and I don’t know anyone who knew anyone who died from (the worldwide pandemic) Covid. On the other hand, one of my wife’s friends died of aggressive cancer within a month of getting both shots. It was a shock to everyone as she had never been diagnosed with cancer previously. Two of my daughter’s former school friends (40-50 age group) died shortly after both shots. Two more of her current friends are seriously ill with (undiagnosed) intestinal problems. A hitherto healthy wife of an acquaintance of mine has developed cancer after both shots and anther wife of a friend is suffering from an intestinal illness, post ‘vaccination’, which has not been diagnosed despite FOUR hospital visits!

          And yet, none of those I know of, adversely affected, are blaming the ‘vaccine’! Perhaps it’s because they volunteered to get the jabs? I hear, first and second hand, stories of people having serious side-effects and rationalising it by saying, “It shows the vaccine is working”. You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!

          • AndrewB

            Friend’s wife who I mentioned had had four hospital visits without a diagnosis . . . just heard this afternoon that she has finally been diagnosed with pancreatic vigorous cancer and has only been given a short time! Fits a pattern I am hearing more and more. Also, I forgot to mention earlier, my son-in-law’s father suffered a mini-stroke (TIA) two weeks after the first jab – YET STILL insisted on getting the second shot!!! Doh!

          • Pete+Mazurek

            Thanks AndrewB and Wade for sharing this info about knowing people that are directly affected by the vaccine.
            You brought up good points about people being in denial that it was the vaccine, but how many coincidences does it take to prove a point?
            Too bad that it wasn’t mandatory for all deaths to have a check box on the death certificates asking if they had recently taken a vaccine shot.
            Greg, congratulations on getting a new sponsor. This product seems like a real winner.
            I wonder if a land line telephone still has any advantage, as it works when the power is out, although the phone lines could always go down, or be cut.

        • Wade Mulroney

          Hey Pete,
          My nephews father-in-law walked with my nephew’s wife, his daughter every morning 2 miles a day. Got the shot couldn’t hardly walk. Then his left leg swelled up. Now complaining his calf’s are so heavy and the weight hurts them lying in bed. Say’s can’t sleep well because of, nervous exhaustion. Go figure, that one? I know of not a soul who died of covid and one person I know a little, my boss and his wife got it and were quarantined for a week and nothing, no symptom’s whatsoever. They were scared to death and word went out if anyone knew anything about it. I left a voice mail on his phone and told him nothing to worry about and gave him reasons why. Might have worked, eh?A lady friend talking on the phone mentioned her two kids got it and were quarantined, she also was scared to death. Next time I talked to her I asked about her two grown children and all she had to say was they were fine and that was it.
          I’m at the point I’d like to find somebody whose got it so I can give them a big kiss and hug to get the virus to declare I got immunity, if it doesn’t kill me first!
          I heard they used to have mumps, Chickenpox and measles parties for kid’s back in the day, to get it over with and I heard it is better to get it as a child and not a vaccine. Because you can loose immunity with the vax and if you get the big three as an adult it could cause sterility. I think I had all three or maybe just two, but I remember the pox or measles spotty face and sharing it with younger sister and older brother and home from school watching the old daytime TV show Queen for a Day with mum and all three of us kid’s together! We thought it was just grand missing school!

      • Gary C

        Greg, many thanks for you having Martin Armstrong on again, he
        is on your site quite frequently, thankfully.
        After following Marty for 30 years I have found out the hard
        way , “ Never bet against him”.

      • Pete+only

        Greg, Martin said that he personally knew someone who died shortly after vtaking the vaccine.
        So do I. As well, I know of another person who knows someone who died shortly after taking the jab.
        I know a person who’s wife is a nurse, and she has seen 8 deaths shortly after taking the covid shot.

        Greg, perhaps you could have a survey on your site regarding known covid deaths. it has to be more accurate than mainstream media’s numbers.

    • Rodster

      If you read Martin’s daily blog posts on his website he does say that there is a likelihood that many will die in the future from having taken those vaccines. And right on time Yahoo News sent to my email a story how Americans are getting fed up with those who don’t want to take those experimental cocktail drugs posing as vaccines.

      I find it ironic that you can’t tell a women what to do with her unborn baby “because after all, it’s her body” but they want to tell us what to do with our bodies. 😉

      As Pat Moynihan once coined the phrase, “the dumbing down of America”. That’s what we are dealing with. These “Covidiots” simply ignore the vaccine related deaths and injuries and that the drug makers have been given full indemnity. In the past if there were 50 related deaths those drugs would have been pulled from the market. But in today’s fictional world that’s ignored and silenced.

      And this is one reason why Martin’s computer is predicting a breakup of the United States. There will be two groups at play here, one who fell for the lies and those who saw thru the lies.

    • Paul ...

      Andrew … We “know more” then Socrates computer program … “because the death data has not yet been entered into the computer yet” … but “we know” from Pfizer’s Chief Scientist “who quit the company” … what the Pfizer eugenicists have developed … a “jab” that will “reduce the life span of all who take it” (by about ten(10) to twenty (20) years) and those who take the booster shot … will likely be dead within two(2) to three (3) years … as this death data is fed into the Socrates Program by Armstrong it will eventually spit out what we already know … and then Armstrong won’t be so focused on the the death of Governments (but upon the death of billions of people)!!

      • Paul ...

        The large die off “must be staggered over time” as the elites probably don’t have “the interferon production facilities” to handle more then a million useless eaters per year right now … but they are ramping their up “holding facilities” (FEMA Camps and Prison Cities) rapidly … and buying “extra” Guillotines (to rapidly remove the brains they need to grind up to get their precious interferon)!!

  39. Al

    FLORIDA HAS NO VACANCY! Let that sink in

    Armstrong is saying Trump is naive is not new, but there is nothing further from the truth. Simple-minded naive people don’t become billionaires while surviving dealing with the Mafia. Please get off that Naive bandwagon. The Man is brilliant and he knows who to listen to for advice.

    We can lose battles but the War is won. We are the Majority and We will pick up the pieces while we step over their rotting carcass.
    It’s good against evil, God wins every time.

  40. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    Good interview.

    Read the Bible: The Beast must rise. The revised Roman Empire…The king of the “North”…Europe…America, the Anglo-Saxon nations and Israel must fall, for the beast to rise.

    “and the water thereof (Euphrates) was dried up, that the way might be made ready for the kings of the east might be prepared”.

    The beast and China will tangle in the Middle East just before Christ’s return.

    Thank you,

  41. Bobby G

    I believe the Mr. Armstrong is wrong about cryptos because, HIS description is one where each crypto address has an identity attached to it and are all centrally controlled.
    REAL cryptos are NOT centralized, but spread out throughout the world. No public address, or private key has any identity attached to it. IT IS ALL ANONYMOUS.

    The cryptos that are proposed by the government which the government wants to replace cash with, are NOT REAL CRYPTOS. Those would behave as Mr. Armstrong describes. They are CALLED CRYPTOS for the purposes of deceiving people into believing that they are cryptos. They are GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED DIGITAL CURRENCY. THEY ARE NOT CRYPTOS.

  42. John B

    From Where I Sit
    We have a Socialist President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, Joint Chief of Staff, Democratic Party, House of Representatives, NSA, FBI, DOJ and CIA. We have open borders, massive financial debt ready to explode and send us back to the Stone Age, Helicopter money, free rent and mortgage debt exploding at an alarming rate, a mortgage moratorium that is about to expire and send millions of people into the streets as homeless, adding to the homeless problem we already have. Police forces being dissolved and crime increasing at an alarming rate.
    Inflation starting to take off, a stock Market that is inflated beyond imagination due for a major correction, shortages in the supply chain that are getting worse by the day, business shutting down because people are refusing to go back to work because of free money, a school system that is failing our kids. Millions of people on drugs, A SHTF or Mad Max event on the horizon, and people living in a cartoon world unaware of what is taking place right before their eyes.
    WOKEISM and CRT being taught in our schools and in every major Institution of higher learning including West Point, a country so divided that it is about to explode into a civil war, a President who is insane, a Media that is nothing more than an arm of propaganda for the Socialist running this country, an entertainment industry that is severely perverted in every aspect and promoting Godlessness to the younger generations.
    Lock downs, Mask wearing mandates, Experiential Drugs being labeled as vaccines that are killing people, sport venues that are complicit in spreading socialism and people think the country is on the verge of being lost, I say we have already lost our country, facts speak for themselves and these facts are indisputable.

  43. Sue Patterson

    I wish Gerald Celente would follow Martin Armstrong’s lead and not fall into the trap of constant name calling. MA didn’t once fall off the cliff with verbal abuse to make his point, and I’m sure he know as much, if not more about what’s happening as GC does. It also sounds like he’s suffered a far amount of abuse from the “system.” Great, info packed interview, thanks, Greg.

  44. John

    Martin, says, “you have to understand why did Christianity succeed and that was the economic collapse of Roman empire”. Huh?

    • Paul ...

      John … Armstrong effectively said: ” Christianity succeed because of the economic collapse of the immoral Roman Empire” … meaning “morality had a resurgence” after Nero played the lute (later known as the fiddle) as Rome burned … today … our Near “0” (in mental competence) Bribe’n … plays with his loot (the “commies” give him) … as America burns … and “a resurgence in morality” is now beginning again in our time … as many Christians, etc., etc. are now calling for people like Fauci, Gates and Soros “to be removed” such that they can’t do any further damage to our Republic!!

  45. nzAndy

    Great interview Greg!

  46. Allen Sachetti

    If thw US breaks up will there be a place made of True Americans who are genuine Christians that understand the Constitution and how it is to be qpplied.

  47. jon

    The logic is that the so called heads of state say they took the shot. Logically this is false. It is known it creates a blood clot risk. If they fly they are at risk. Medical protocol would not allow them to fly. They fly, therefore they did not take the shot.

  48. Allen Sachetti

    Greg you are having trouble sometimes wondering why all these bqd things are happening if we have a good God. Well please understand these points.

    #1) Christianity is not a religion, ut is a relationship between you and Jesus Christ for which you must BELIEVE to receive. Relgions are made by man and the devil to confuse many.

    #2) God purposely limited himself withib the realm, giving all authority to Adam. Adam gave it to satan qnd Jesus Christ came tl take it back.

    Sovereign means FIRST in order of Rank and Power but it does NOT mean that God controls everything within our realm. Obviously He does not hence Swab, Soros and all the other evil.

    For God to effect this realm He must GO THROUGH HIS PEOPLE and His people CANNOT be wrak or misinformed. “My people perish for a lack of knowledge ” and “the Docteines of men make the Word of God of NO EFFECT’. How could these Scriptures be True if God controlled every thing.

    To say that God is firmly in control is not only a lie but also is a deadly doctrine but it makes people STOP DOING THEIR PART. If people believe that then they won’t resist the devil. You know we are called to resist the devil.

    “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”

    America is falling aprt because Christians has given up their place qnd authority. They are NOT acting or taking stands. You ARE but many are not.

    Please Greg listen to this

    • commen sense

      If only people would realize that as individuals we are vessels and we give God or satan control with our choices .there are only 2 captains in the spiritual world . It seems satan is the captain of most everything happening at this moment .
      So in reality God is in control when we chose to let him be as individuals .But as far as what will happen in the world as a whole his word has been written and it will come to pass as written word for word .
      So the only ? for everybody should be who is our captain God has the rest under control.

    • Joe Serino

      Brother, I am sure you mean well. Your comments are excellent. However,
      God is firmly in control is about our faith in God and in the promise of Jesus, what He did and what He said. Faith dispels spiritual fear and in turn allows the spirit of man to hear, see and act on truth, which aligns out actions with God’s will. This changes the world one
      person at a time and all as a part of the body of Christ. So, please ask for discernment when you say a brother like Greg is telling a lie. He is bold in his faith and in my book,
      I will take Greg Hunter on my team any day.

    • eddiemd

      “To say that God is firmly in control is not only a lie but also is a deadly doctrine but it makes people STOP DOING THEIR PART.”

      You obviously have never read the Bible.

      • Jerry5

        I agree. It’s like “ trust the plan “. It’s another way of saying sit on your butt and don’t do anything.

    • eddiemd

      And the video link you posted is a cut and paste job that distorts the meaning completely.

    • Popsishappy

      Nicely articulated Allen.

  49. Jak

    How many more people on their deathbed struggling to breathe do you have to see? Virtually all of them lamenting the fact they never got vaccinated. Wake up folks.

    • AndrewB

      Since it is openly admitted that the shots don’t prevent you from getting C19 or of passing it on – what’s your point?!

      • Jak

        Openly admitted by who? Over 90% of new Covid cases are in unvaccinated people.

        • Greg Hunter

          Totally fake news by the propaganda press. These weasels have lied about every thing. Reports are rolling in that it is vaccinated people getting Covid.

        • AndrewB

          “Openly admitted by who?”
          Pfizer for one! They openly claim that their ‘vaccine’ is designed to ameliorate the symptoms of Coved – NOT to cure it.

        • pogohere

          “HMO: Early vaccinees are twice as likely to catch COVID as later recipients”
          People vaccinated before late February are twice as likely to catch the coronavirus than other inoculated Israelis, according to new research.

          “We looked at tens of thousands of people tested in the month of June, alongside data on how long had passed since their second shot, and found that those vaccinated early were more likely to test positive,” Dr. Yotam Shenhar, who headed the research, told The Times of Israel.

          “This definitely reinforces the argument for giving a third vaccine dose to the elderly.”

          The report, published by the healthcare provider Leumit, comes on the heels of other Israeli studies that suggest a decreasing vaccine effectiveness, partly as a result of the Delta variant and partly because of the passage of time. However, British data indicates the Israeli studies may be overstating the case.

          Data released by the Health Ministry on Thursday suggested that people vaccinated in January were said to have just 16% protection against infection now, while in those vaccinated in April the effectiveness was at 75%

          The Leumit study looked only at the apparent waning of protection over time, and divided the vaccinated population into two based on inoculation dates, comparing early vaccinators to late vaccinators.

          “Almost half of UK COVID infections are in people who are at least partly vaccinated, study suggests. But the cases were much milder.”

          Almost half of coronavirus cases in the UK were among vaccinated people, per a large UK study.
          The virus seems to be “running out” of people who do not have immunity, the study lead said.
          Hospitalization in the UK could stabilize and likely fall in the UK, he told Insider.

          Almost half of COVID-19 cases in the UK are among people who are partly or fully vaccinated people, according to data from a large study.

          The finding came from the ZOE COVID Study run by King’s College London. It uses information logged daily by over a million people to predict COVID-19 trends

          As of July 15, an estimated 17,581 new daily UK cases of COVID-19 were in unvaccinated people, the study authors said in a press release on Thursday.

          That compares to an estimated 15,537 new COVID-19 cases in people who had at least one dose of the vaccine, which is about 47% of all cases.

          “That’s probably because the virus is just running out of people to infect who haven’t already been exposed and don’t have natural immune unity in those groups [unvaccinated people],” Prof Tim Spector, an epidemiologist from King’s College London, said in a video accompanying the press release.

          Spector is the lead author of the ZOE COVID Study.

          Re: Adverse events:

          “Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines — Govt. Suppressing Information!”


          Dr. Robert Malone, the founder of the mRNA vaccine technology joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday morning.

          This was a riveting interview.

          According to Dr. Malone the CDC is covering up the adverse effects of the dangerous COVID vaccines. Dr. Malone then went on to accuse megalomaniac Dr. Tony Fauci of being a liar who is purposely hiding this information from the public — for their own good.

          Dr. Robert Malone: There’s pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is caused from toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is how big is that subset and how bad and broad are those toxicities? The honest truth is we don’t know and furthermore there is a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us… I have colleagues in the government who were aware and were months before the toxicity was disclosed that the toxicity was an issue… They are finding that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events… My senior colleagues at the FDA have known that this was the case for months… we have multiple signs that the CDC is editing this data in support of this noble lie…

          Here is the latest information on the COVID Vaccine adverse effects. [] The government for some reason does not want you to know about this?

          • Steve Bice

            Interesting that the conclusion of the study is that vaccine efficacy wanes over time, leading to more cases. While this may be true, the study fails to consider that perhaps vaccines open a new pathway to infection (e.g. ADE) and those vaccinated earliest are most likely the leading edge of the new pathway. We should know more by the fall…

    • Occasnltrvlr

      How many have you seen?

    • Jerry5

      Open your eyes.

      They are lying to you.

  50. jon

    If money (dollar)- debt etc) is currently produced under the guise of our Fed aka Central banks. These are private entities not government in themselves. Originally the Fed sold stock and was purchased by the public albeit selected few bought it. The stock owners of the Fed stock currently own the benefits of the monetary system. Is it a stretch to look at the Bitcoin economic system as a private entitiy that can be taken over by Private bankers, investors etc to replace the current system as a similar circumstance of private ownership of the reserve money system. Dollar system private transitions to Bitcoin system private.

  51. Dan Gowin

    Great Interview Greg. Martin Armstrong is a great Author.

    George Gammon interview
    Jeff Snider (Reverse Repo Deep Dive, Mind Blowing Intel On Shadow Banking Risks..)

    Greg fast forward to 50 Minute mark. The world Financial System came close to
    collapsing Last Tuesday Morning 7/20/2021. Jeff Synder explains why the World
    Money Market system is so fragile.

  52. MacGuy

    Wonderful #!%?!!! It seems all news stories I read lately is how much economists, trends forecasters, financial experts, US military and lets not forget those who proclaim to be interpreters of Gods plan all use some kind of “computer” modeling and forecasting to “see” our future. Frankly, I am sick of all of them! We have a totally corrupt political/justice system (who do not believe in God but rely on computers, could there be some connection you think?) and our country has been bought and sold for generations! Oh yeah the “audits” are going to turn things around and the “patriots” will be victorious is a complete mind fake as they continue to destroy what is left of what made America great. Blah blah blah is all that is happening now and it continues to get worse and worse. I remember the song from childhood “In the year 2525” Maybe God will see what man has done and decide to start over again. Dividing the wheat from chaff could be exactly what the shot is doing.

  53. Juli Barbato

    I like Mr. Armstrong, but I don’t think he’s quite right about the tax man tracing transactions. I believe that’s possible ONLY if the transaction is done on/via an online platform such as Coinbase but not possible from hard wallet to hard wallet. You know who is a whizz at cryptocurrency and made a good bit of money off Ethereum? David Seaman. I haven’t kept up with him, but last I knew he was running FULCRUM NEWS online. Maybe as a guest he can clear up all the misconceptions. Maybe have him or another EXPERT on to talk crypto so that people will have accurate information and can then decide one way or another.

  54. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good to hear that Martin Armstrong wasn’t vaccinated and that he and Socrates are seeing what our analysis (and common sense) has indicated. I checked out his book on Amazon thinking I’d put it on my Kindle but at $110 for the hardback and $95 for the Kindle version it’s a little spendy.

    The problem I see going forward is that it’s easier to con someone than to convince them they’ve been conned. The folks I know who have been vaxxed will not listen, life is rosey they don’t want to hear anything that pricks their reality. If the die-off some have forecast becomes fact, the MSM will continue blaming those of us who were not vaccinated. They will say the people dying refused the vaccine; they will stay on script. Sad, but that’s what happens when the media becomes a mouthpiece for the government.

    Watch AZ audit in August and then watch the CA recall election in September. If Arizona pulls (now) Senator Kelly and California’s Gov. Newsom loses to a Republican — good start. If Arizona fails and Newsom wins… not good.

  55. Juli Barbato

    I like Mr. Armstrong, but he’s only half right about the traceability of cryptocurrency. Transactions are recorded only on buying and trading platforms such as Coinbase, not hard-wallet-to-hard-wallet transactions. Maybe have David Seaman on as a guest. He literally wrote at least one book about crypto, and I think he can clear up all misinformation and misconceptions. Then people can make their own decision about investing. The thing any not-already-affluent investor must have is a strong stomach for ups and downs. Don’t invest money you truly need for expenses. And HODL! Hold on for dear life. In any case, I haven’t kept up with David in the past few years. You might still be able to contact him through his FULCRUM NEWS website and/or Facebook page.


    According to Luc Montagnier, world renowned virologists and Nobel Laureate of Medicine of 2008, stated very clearly that all people who are taking the COVID-19 vaccine will die in a few years.

  57. Skip Havely

    Your last interview with Armstrong was OUTSTANDING! He has many interesting perspectives of world events that I had not considered. VERY interesting and informed gentleman.

    You continue to interview a wide variety of people that offer information from different perspectives. Thank you!

    God bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Blessing back Skip and thanks!

  58. Riverman

    I repeat from a post on July 14th. (One last comment on bitcoin. How do we know that bitcoin was not created to remove dollars from the system as people pay 64000 and the sell for 32000 repeating this type of cycle over and over again.)
    It appears to me that if the fed creates a digital dollar account which is held at the Fed would allow for negative interest rate which is a substitute for the inflation tax.

    The Riverman

  59. WarProfit

    Martin Armstrong explained it perfectly. Globalism vs Populism. Slavery vs Freedom.
    Americans fought two World Wars to free Europe and the world from fascism. Fought a revolutionary war from imperialism. Fought a civil war for states rights.
    The same forces who built China for these very days we are living in, are the same group of people who gave us all the fore mentioned wars.
    Greg you’re the best, your guests that you pick explain to us what we are up against clearly.
    Thank you, and may God bless you and yours and our great country!

  60. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    You and Martin are my two favorite commentators. Listening to both of you together is an amazing treat ! You are both victims of a broken system, both brave enough to speak out and both of you are men of integrity.
    I’ve often looked back to a TV series called “Logan’s Run”. Some of your readers may remember this. Someone high up the food chain thinks this is the model. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. Control is hidden away from the underlings and people are knocked off at a certain age to control the population. The outside world (reality) is hidden until someone questions what’s going on and decides to “run”. Hence the name. I’m trying to convince my teenage children that this is all inflated and that the risks are magnified. As an MD, this has been so obvious from the start. I’ve been in our ICU in the middle of the worst phase with a supposedly packed and strained hospital. There was NOBODY in ICU with COVID but 4 patients on ventilators after attempting suicide. Please keep going – you’re doing the Lords work !! J in Europe

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “J”!!

      • Guest

        Martin Armstrong full of knowledge.
        The best guest of all time on USA Watchdog.

  61. Dan

    I live in Canada, and have defied every BS rule or BS law they try to impose since day one. I have shook hands with well over 100 people since this scam started, but yes there are people so dumb that the still believe everything the TV and government says. The criminals in power are bought and paid for since the beginning. Some people are now seeing it. I have seen some protests, but people should have just defied everything from day one as I have. I think for myself and have since the magic bullet BS story in 1964, but some look to Google for their answers because they have shut the brain off years ago. I hope I live long enough to see the evil removed and hung from trees. People need to reclaim their freedom and oppose the tyranny.


    The people of the US will not raise up against tyranny because they have been brainwashed to do nothing. For a population to raise up against tyranny it is necessary to have a leader that unites and leads the people in this war, but the US has no leader up to this task. Just having rallies as preparation for the 2022 elections is meaningless, because from on, if the criminal cabal that stole the 2020 are not removed from power, what will determine who wins an election are not the voters, but those who count the votes.
    Most people say, we the people have weapons to defend the country. No matter how many weapons to people have, as a whole they are powerless against tyranny without a leader to guide them and define strategies to fight the enemy that is hiding in the shadows.

  63. Marvin

    Armstrong is always an outstanding guest. His evaluation of trends in economic and geopolitical cycles is based in well grounded methods which test well against past and future outcomes. Even so, there are wildcard factors which can play out as being the kind of unknowns which no person, or software can factor into the more predictable cycles. I totally accept that Armstrong’s software is about to use historical trends to benchmark certain understandable developments of repeating cycles. In a very broad sense such information offers a context through which to view potential events in the future. I accept that such predictive methods offer adherents to such techniques a certain advantage in developing protective strategies. However, I believe that we live in a unique time in which the unknowns may be a bigger factor than any software, or person can factor into their predictions.
    There are very dark forces at work today which do not play by the same rules as do others. They have positioned themselves to take advantage of economic and political uncertainty and represent a real threat to society at large as the fabric of social order begins to pull apart. The utter chaos which these forces can and likely will unleash will present itself in a variety of ways. Dis-empowered, financially ruined governments will have no means by which to deal with such forces when they rise up. The disillusion of a unified USA will create the very opportunity for such dark forces to seize control and will operate to further their own agendas without regard for the so called rights of those they exploit. To understand this point better, consider what will happen if the US actually does break up as Armstrong predicts. What relationship will the US government then have with, what was, the US military. To whom will all those officers and personnel have allegiance? Even posing this question opens the Pandora’s box of unknowns. Mao is often quoted as saying, “power comes from the barrel of a gun”. With that point in view use imagination to consider the possibilities of a disconnected nation with highly variable loose affiliations, and wildcard deep state operators coming out of the shadows to compete for power and control. Such as situation will make the American Civil War look like a Sunday School class.

    There is no way to predict such events with reliability.

  64. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    The House of Cards is collapsing in front of our eyes – Sheep are headed for Slaughter. Buy Silver for Barter purposes. Food, Water, Guns, Ammo – Generators and Gas. Pay off your debt like Greg Hunter preaches – own your car – house – have your Tires replaced if need be. Dollar will Collapse along with all Fiat currencies. Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot

    • Greg Hunter

      Rod, thank you for all your support & for your service to our country!

      • Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

        My Honor my Friend

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Rod! My brother and friend.

  65. James

    One question needs to be asked about the audits: when, not if, when the audits show proof that the election was rigged, does that show there is lack of continuity in govt? Yes it does and at that point what agency takes over? The military and that means the supreme court is circumvented so that the real president can take office. All of this has been planned for many years. Think about this, how can you show the people the corrupting of politicians unless they are ALLOWED to commit the crime? We are in the midst of a sting operation that will rid the entire world of swamp monsters. President Trump let them win and he said so in the speech given at the border last October when he said the 25th amendment can not harm him, but obiden will not escape it, does that sound like someone who expects to win the election? Badda bing badda boom

    • Rich

      You state:
      “We are in the midst of a sting operation that will rid the entire world of swamp monsters.”

      That’s quite an ambitious sting operation – any idea when that might be completed?

      because there are a lot of people from Jan 6th that are being held prisoner, and one has been prosecuted already.

      there are a lot of people who are dealing with vaccine pressure for their kids just to go to school/college, or themselves to work. They are quickly becoming discriminated against.

      I hope your sting operation that rids the entire world of swamp monsters happens soon.

  66. christopher d smith

    God will do great harvest like when allfirst born was taken ! Just willbeones that taken vaccine willbeones harvested by God !

    • Paul ...

      CDS … I don’t want “to be harvested” by men who think they are God’s … I’m “not a useless eater” nor a grass eating cow … and I’m not going to be put into a “FEMA Camp Pen” awaiting my “rapture” (slaughter) by jab or guillotine (wielded by evil and psychopathically insane “commie” Demon-rats)!!

  67. Wall's Mulroney

    Yes. World conditions as well as Bible chronology indicate that the last days began in the early parts of the 20th century, with the world wars. A major fulfilment. At that time, God’s Kingdom began some major ruling in heaven too, and one of its first actions was to expel Satan the Devil and the demons from heaven and restrict their activity to the earth.

    7 Then war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels went forth to battle with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought.
    8 But they were defeated, and there was no room found for them in heaven any longer.
    9 And the huge dragon was cast down and out—that age-old serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all humanity the world over; he was forced out and down to the earth, and his angels were flung out along with him.
    10 Then I heard a strong (loud) voice in heaven, saying, Now it has come—the salvation and the power and the kingdom (the dominion, the reign) of our God, and the power (the sovereignty, the authority) of His Christ (the Messiah); for the accuser of our brethren, he who keeps bringing before our God charges against them day and night, has been cast out!
    11 And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death [holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing].
    12 Therefore be glad (exult), O heavens and you that dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in fierce anger (fury), because he knows that he has [only] a short time [left]! (Revelation 12:​7-​12) AMPClassic
    Yup. Woe for the earth, Satan’s influence on mankind can be seen in many of the bad attitudes and actions that make the last days “critical times hard to deal with.”​—2 Timothy 3:1.

  68. Bill

    Greg, Thank you for bringing out all the Great information. G.Edward Griffin wrote a book: “World Without Cancer” : The Story of Vitamin B17
    by G. Edward Griffin. B-17 is also called Laetrile. Laetrile is contained in Apple seeds. There are testimonies, that say Laetrile cured them. So, you might want to interview G.Edward Griffin?

  69. James

    As it says it will be in the last days in the Bible it is becoming true today.

  70. Carter

    Is it possible that Governments will mask the rapture and disappearance of millions by claiming Covid killed them?

  71. Carter

    Armstrong posted this video to folks who have signed on to his site and if there was only one thing that ever went viral this should be it.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Carter,
      Thanks for the link. Very profound. Explains exactly how evil prevails when good men do nothing.

  72. Chevy123

    So according to this guy we should just lie down and accept our fate.
    Does he have a crystal ball.???

  73. Kathryn

    Martin A. criticized republics for representatives that can take over, but ours is a Constitutional Republic that uses law to put our representatives in a box and limit their power. We have the tools to hold our representatives accountable but we must be aware of the law and act to enforce it. People would not have masked up and locked down had they truly understood our system of government where we the people are the sovereign. I very highly recommend the course from entitled “Biblical Citizenship in Modern America.” Super informative and inspiring by Rick Green. The course is available online but I attended in person at a church in So Cal that did not close throughout the lockdowns and got the county to drop a lawsuit against the church. It was so amazing to sit among hundreds of unmasked people laughing and learning again! Please try to get Rick Green on for an interview or one of the ministers who defied the closure of churches. Thanks.

  74. Really Awake

    I have a lot of respect for Mr. Armstrong. He stands up to the Western Powers That Be.

    Mr. Armstrong is one smart cookie. He offers superior information and advise.

    The only thing I don’t like about him is his unwillingness to tell the whole truth about China in the same way he does about America and Europe. I actually think Mr. Armstrong doesn’t want to insult the Chinese elite because they’d retaliate. So, I take his view with a grain of salt – especially regarding the computer that Mr. Armstrong claims is a better forecaster than himself. That is BS. Mr. Armstrong is the brains behind the computer. The computer gathers data and probably draws some conclusions; however, the man Armstrong is still superior to his machine.

    I wish Mr. Armstrong all the best wished as he deserved a lot of respect for going toe to toe with the Big Banks, Big Business and Big Brother.

    • RM

      I agree re your comment on China
      He is constantly criticising the USA, Europe, etc. But never says anything negative about China.
      He points to his website not being banned in China, as some kind of indication that it is free over there. Seriously?
      The CCP are despicable.

      If he is right and world power shifts to China in 2032 we are in big trouble.
      Facial recognition everywhere, and a social credit system…

  75. Mark Benassi

    There is one aspect of a potential financial collapse that I do not hear addressed. There seems to be an underlying assumption that if markets start to collapse that there will be opportunities for people to sell real property (stock, bonds, real estate, etc.) at some price on the way down and this will be available to move cash somewhere else but if there are people who want to sell but no buyers or people wanting to buy but there are no sellers, there is no market. Halting trading to give people a chance to stabilize a market is no guarantee of a bottom or a top. Is the Fed really ready, able and willing to buy trillions of dollars in stocks, bonds or real estate overnight? I doubt it but I’ve been wrong before.

  76. Sean

    I saw that torture documentary on human behaviour years ago. Most of the ppl obeying orders did the zap on victim actor until there was no response ( dead or unconscious)

  77. Sean

    The 1930s families were starving and the US govt bought food off farmers for to boost prices. The food was destroyed not distributed to hungry Americans

  78. tim mcgraw

    A very good interview. So Socrates says 2022 is going to violent with diseases and shortages. Not a happy picture. The last two years have been bad enough.
    Many people I know, including me, have had illnesses. I think our immune systems have been weakened by the lockdowns. This winter will be full of disease and more government coercion and edicts. Get ready for it.

  79. Mils

    «I believe Bitcoin was started by the government to get this whole ball going…»
    I am a fan of bitcoin and a couple of days ago I noticed an interesting article. Imagine my surprise when I just discovered that it was removed.
    The article gave a screen of a comment from the Germans,
    which contains a link to the Russians:
    All information is in Russian, but easily translated by Google. To be honest, I’m shocked. If there is even a small grain of truth…
    “How used you the Great Seal of England?” Tom stammered a moment, in a pathetic confusion, then got it out–. “To crack nuts with!”.
    The Prince and the Pauper, by Mark Twain

    • AnadoluK

      Bitcoin cannot be replaced or destroyed by anything. he is the Standard and Measure from which any Count is carried out. Humanity, more precisely, the supermundane human race is divided into two parts. One part, which is about one thousandth of a percent, is in the real high-frequency world and from there controls the second part, which is in the low-frequency virtual worlds. In other words, some people own other people not even as slaves, but as cattle. Bitcoin was intended to eliminate this disgrace and bring humanity, in evolutionary terms, to a completely transcendent level of existence in an incorporeal form, which is known as Ascension. Unfortunately, as it happened more than once before, a group of villains who are members of one of the oldest and respected Orders who own the technologies of managing the Sephiroth tree and who is the keeper of the Sephiroth Tradition, deliberately violated the natural course of transformations and introduced changes to the body of the algorithm, which entailed a completely opposite result which was mentioned above.
      In this regard, as has happened before and more than once, in the future each person will have their own “money”, the value of which will be determined by his status, calculated / reflected through bitcoin and saved out of time in the NFT. The only difference is that the first group will determine the status of the second. Of course, with subsequent rotation in future incarnations, unless another reboot, known as a pole shift, occurs before that time. Actually, everything goes to this.
      p.s. all other surrogates for calculating, exchanging and transferring values, such as: actually fiat, gold-diamonds, cryptocurrencies, etc. etc. will disappear over time as unnecessary.
      p.p.s. if you want to secure the future – make the right conclusions yourself

    • Luke Ledbetter

      The Alliance: Episode 2
      4,357 views Jul 25, 2021 Sky News Australia 7/25/21
      From the arms race to the space race, Kieran Gilbert and the team look at how the Cold War period shaped the official alliance between Australia and the United States

      20,535 views Streamed live on Jul 25, 2021

  80. Sylvia in WA

    EXCELLENT INTERVIEW. ! One of the best. Armstrong does not report from the Biblical point of view. He probably leaves that for others to do. His common knowledge and great economic sense and his experience with the criminal ‘just us’ system. (that’s not a typo) has paid off for those of us lucky enough to hear him. The comment by the
    comedian: “It’s a big club, and you and I aren’t in it ! ! ” has never been more true.
    This government is running rough shod over us with their Covid crap.

  81. Randy Best

    2032? Do we even have that long?

  82. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, Mr. Armstrong pretty much describes the biblical model of the last days world government, and their totalitarian control over the world. here’s something we also need to be waiting for. The Gog, Magog war of the middle east, as described in Ezek. 38. It reveals a confederacy of Islamic nations, lead by Russia, Turkey, and Iran, as main players who attack Israel, and particularly Jerusalem. The same spirit, behind the world government push, also resides in these countries, which will seek to drive Israel into the sea. Satin hates God’s covenant people, both the church and Israel. The Anti-Christ will confirm the covenant with many soon, starting the tribulation hour of 7 years. You can bet one thing, somewhere in the middle of the globalist plans for their utopian image the rapture will take place. Always liked turning into your guess and honest effort to bring truthful news and experts, thanks.

  83. Don Conrad

    Love your work. A true patriot. Please think about contacting and interviewing Dr. David Martin. Here is an covid interview, his contact and bio info.

    Thanks for your consideration. Keep fighting as will I.

    Don Conrad

  84. Louis Gatto

    Thanks Greg, interviews like these with people like Martin Armstrong are why I keep coming back, over the years, to USA -real actionable information.

    Thanks again!


  85. Lisa Stahl

    WOW. Thank you Greg & Martin. This answered a few more questions that I had. Very interesting about the conspiracy between Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros and the Central Banks of the world… Greg touched on the topic.. as great as the computer is, it cannot factor in the human factor:.spirit and spirituality. God has already won. We must use our skills to fulfill our role in these events. God Bless. God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lisa!~

  86. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for interviewing all these different personalities. As I have said before, you are a modern day “Paul Revere”. I believe it is our job to be discerning and try to synthesize all this info that you and a few other fine people out there provide in attempts to get the truth out there. I have been following Armstrong for years, but I really am not sure how to interpret him. I actually found Clif High and his work much more informative.
    1. Still hearing about Armstrong’s purchase of a refrigerator and the delays due to supply chain disruptions. Really old news.
    2. The financial markets are the most overpriced in history and, that includes 1929 – the simple market cap to GDP ratio confirms that along with other basic measures of market internals. But all Armstrong says is that the US is not as bad as other places. He never talks about how the low interest rates have encouraged big companies to borrow billions and BUY BACK THEIR OWN STOCK. Once upon a time this use to be considered stock manipulation. He doesn’t address the all time record margin debt that is out there. His comments seems to be quite cavalier in this regard.
    3. Boeing is the poster child for what I state above. The only engineering they do is on their share price as a result of obscene buy backs on borrowed money. I am a CPA by trade (semi-retired). I looked up Boeing Dec. 2020 year end audited financials; they report $152 Billion is assets vs. $170 billion in liabilities. So, they are technically insolvent. For both 2019 and much worse in 2020, Boeing reported NEGATIVE OPERATING CASH FLOW. I view this as the proverbial kiss of death. Boeing is a POSTEER CHILD OF A ZOMBIE CORPORATION. They are a ward of the federal government. Their share price, albeit down significantly, is still extremely overpriced.
    4. Did Armstrong express concern in Dec./Jan. of 2020/21 about high market valuations as did many others including Nenner and even Polny?
    5. Just before the crash of 1929 we were in better shape than present time for the simple reasons that there wasn’t this insane amount of debt and there were NO SHUTDOWNS!!!
    5. In the 1930’s with people in bread lines, savers were paid significantly more interest than today.
    6. In my opinion, the best economist out there is Dr. Lacy Hunt. He has been correct for decades about the direction of the interest rates. I will include a link to his latest quarterly newsletter below for your review:

    7. Debt is deflationary by definition. The FED knows they have a T-Rex (not a tiger)by the tail and they are doing everything to keep it – the deflationary debt bomb – away. But at some point, the weight of all the debt will overwhelm they system in the open for all to see (currently, they are still able to hide this somehow to some extent). Once this happens, the evil clowns in DC will borrow obscene amounts of money. It is this policy response that will then trigger inflation.

    In conclusion, as my wonderful immigrants parents from Italy used to always say to me: help yourself and God will help you.

    All the best to you Greg and all honest, sincere hard working people.

  87. Mario

    Hey Greg
    Thank you for what you do sir.
    You are increasing people’s chance of surviving what’s coming by bringing us real news and telling us what’s really going on. Because of you and your perseverance, I know a lot more about what’s going on in the world than I would have. Thank you.
    This isn’t a criticism. It’s just a suggestion.
    We know there was so much election fraud and President Trump won by a landslide.
    We know that the “vaccine” is the real problem and will cause massive depopulation which is “their” end goal.
    We know there is geo-engineering happening, Chem trails etc and weather modification via Haarp etc.
    We know that the economy has already collapsed but it is still limping along because of QE. People are losing their confidence in the system and when that happens like Mr Holter says, it’s over. We have fake stock markets and there is a massive real estate bubble. Silver and gold are being manipulated and eventually that will hopefully stop and silver is going to possibly hundreds of dollars and ounce. Silver and gold are really money. Fiat currency is worthless and is soon going to zero.

    What we need to talk more about however is how to prepare.
    I have been prepping for over 10 years. I started listening to you and many other like minded individuals many years ago.

    There are many listeners here I would imagine that don’t have all the preps together that they will need. There is more than food and water required. Over the counter meds, prescription meds, spare water pump, fuel, off-grid solar PV system, seeds, wood stove, cast iron pots and pans, HAM radios, radio scanners, educational books on many topics such as butchering and animal, acquiring and filtering water etc.
    We also need to talk also about what the plan is when mandatory vaccines happen. This situation we are in is going to get much worse very soon. I have been telling friends and family for several months that some the summer 2021, the restrictions will be lessened and life will seem to be going back to normal until the fall when we go into full lockdown and there will be a new variant (possibly this delta) that will be used as the excuse. They will tell us that the UN vaccinated have cause this and that the unvaccinated are putting everyone at risk and it’s all out fault. When in reality the variants are caused by the vaccinated, and it is the vaccinated people that are actually getting sick right now with the variant. But the media, as usual are spreading fake news and propaganda to fit their narrative. This isn’t going to end well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks so much Mario!!

  88. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Thank you for having Armstrong back on. He’s always a great interview, and he has a great website.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Diana! Thanks.

  89. Nelson Ruffin

    Martin reminds me of Edward G. Robinson facially. I listen to many. I communicate with many. I hear much of what Martin says from a large contingent of my regulars. The complete unvarnished truth is both hopeful and very sad. I believe the one thing that is #1 is that there will be no fixing America to what it once was, even if the past was not as rosy as we thought. The CCP attacked us and it is analogous to a Pearl Harbor. The difference seems to be they knew the U.S. is divided politically and it cannot be fixed. A big advantage they exploited plus an election coup that allows a Goebbels-style propaganda push that would have amazed Hitler. I could identify a plethora of outrageous and criminal activity but everybody here knows it anyway. Suffice it to say the WEF is committed to the death. Corporatism is the real goal so it will be messy beyond belief. I am very concerned on how the controlled masses will react to the greatest genocide in history. In other words, I agree with Martin, Clif, Greg’s friend Catherine Fitts, Michael Moore,of course Greg and others that the death count will be, at the least, beyond horrific. Finally I do worry that if the injection is successful in it’s ability to control or influence they could turn injected against uninjected up to and including violence. This mechanism, I believe, is so experimental that even these psychopaths are unsure of the consequences. As always, thanks Greg.

  90. David

    Here is a strategy I feel called to in response to Dana Coverstone’s Flaming Spear dream and this interview you did:
    1. Praying for truth-tellers – much time spent doing this every time I glance at a news headline or watch a video done by COVID truth-tellers.
    2. I am conducting news flyer outreaches where I keep my paper flyers anonymous. I do not put my name or website on these flyers. It can get hostile when people catch you putting a flyer under their windshield wiper so I prefer to work alone with my head on a swivel. In Dana’s dream there is a wall that separates two runners, the colorful runner and the runner in white. I believe this is a picture of the independent media (colorful and quite a variety of people such as doctors and lawyers) versus pure Christian ministers arrayed in white. At this time I am just giving important news highlights on my flyer that are mostly related to the “vaccine.” If I get a personal situation that is amiable I share more but I feel right now a separation is what God is calling for due to the vaccine issue being so emotionally charged – that is my interpretation of the prophetic strategy given.

    I interpret Dana’s dream at:

  91. Bill

    Trump said the Chinese are our enemies. So, why is a Chinese General allowed to buy 130, 000 acres(200 square miles) of Texas Land next to one of our miltary bases. I sure hope the Texas Governor checks it out!

    • Paul ...

      This Chinese General was also allowed to build a runway for his Chinese fighter jets to land on US soil (when the collapse of our Government takes place) and Chinese military men in “Blue UN Helmets” take over ground operations … I bet all our US Generals are very excited about all this … as they won’t have to work any more and are forced to march into FEMA Camps along with the rest of us!!

  92. iwitness02

    One thing I’m grateful for:
    There are no calories in food for thought.

  93. Bill

    Very good interview, Greg! I wonder if Martin’s program has anything to say about cyber attacks? In my opinion, the next canary in the coal mine will be global internet security.

    Along with all the other issues going on in the world it should make for some challenging times. All the best.

  94. K. Booth

    Democrats ‘will be forced’ to remove Joe Biden from office due to his ‘mental decline’
    105,912 views Jul 25, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Former White House physician and current Republican member of Congress Ronny Jackson has told Fox News he believes Joe Biden will have to resign before his term is up due to an “alarming” decline in the president’s cognitive abilities.
    Dr Jackson was the White House physician for former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
    He claimed President Biden would not perform well on a cognitive test, arguing his health is on the decline.
    “I’ve been saying this from the very beginning. I’ve been saying that something’s going on here. I was saying this when he was candidate Joe Biden, and I’ve been saying that it’s only going to get worse, and guess what. We’re watching that happen right before our eyes right now,” Congressman Jackson said.
    “There’s something seriously going on with this man right now, and, you know, I think that he’s either going to resign, they’re going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues.”
    The White House has confirmed President Biden will undergo a physical exam “later this year” and the results will be made public, but denied the need for him to undergo a cognitive test.

    China threatens to ‘nuke Japan off the face of the earth’ if it ‘stands up’ for Taiwan
    186,976 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    1.84M subscribers

    There’s been a ‘reminder’ that war is becoming ‘more and more likely every single day’
    210,987 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Liberal Senator Jim Molan says there has been “a reminder” that war is just not possible but is in fact “becoming more and more likely every single day”.
    “We’ve just seen the most appalling threats made by China towards Japan that they will use nuclear weapons against them,” Mr Molan told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “They’ve made similar threats to us,” he said.
    Mr Molan also discussed the fact that a second Chinese spy ship has been sent to watch Australian and US military exercises off the coast of Queensland.

    Russia unveils new ‘Checkmate’ stealth fighter jet | F-35 | US-Russia | Vladimir Putin | WION News
    284,301 views Jul 21, 2021 WION 3.11M subscribers
    Russia has unveiled its 5th generation stealth fighter jet ‘Checkmate’ to compete US’ F-35 today in an air show. The Russia President Vladimir Putin reveals the prototype of the Sukhoi fifth-generation stealth fighter was revealed at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space

    Jesse Watters: Did the FBI setup Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot?
    307,495 views Jul 25, 2021 Fox News
    Journalist Glen Greenwald discusses the plot against Michigan governor on ‘Watters’ World’ [Poor FBI; They’re Goin Wray Down. LOL!]
    What happened to our FBI, where’s Lloyd Nolan today?

    Putin: Russian navy can carry out ‘unpreventable strike’ if needed
    19,959 viewsJul 25, 2021
    WOW! Them’s Fightin Words! Arma Gettin Outa here!
    Putin opens Navy Day parade in St Petersburg
    43,435 viewsStreamed live 21 hours ago

  95. Poochiman

    I think Martin has a very sexy mind, but I do not think the Federal Reserve is a beacon of light in a corrupt world. The federal reserve is akin to Babylon the Great. Cut that head off and all the other heads fall. No more war, debt slavery, human trafficking etc…

  96. Jerry5

    If you haven’t read this document you may want to.

    I find it interesting that this law was argued back in 2012. Can you say now we’ve been set up?

    • Greg Hunter

      Give us the short version of what this means please. Good stuff! Thanks for posting it.

      • Jerry5

        What this document says is that because you put the gene altering mRNA into your body, the vaccine companies have a legal claim to it. Sounds crazy right? They have full legal rights and we have none.
        We’ll see when they say it’s time to get the booster shot?

      • Paul ...

        Here is my short version: It makes our DNA “patentable by Big Pharma” all they need to do is make some minor modification to our DNA sequence … and thus by using the Covid-19 “jab” they can tweak “or modify the DNA of our human genome” … and by doing so … we become “their property” (to do with as they like) … and (as we are no longer private individuals as created by nature they can thus claim they have the right to “mandate” we be jabbed and further experimented on) … by taking the “jab” which modifies our DNA we become Big Pharma property!!

    • AndrewB

      Simply put – GMO People.

      • Jerry5

        I never thought of that. You are totally correct. By the way, do you know what the definition of insanity is?

        In this case it’s doing the same thing, over and over again, getting the same result. More people came down with the virus after getting the vaccine, so let’s do it again. Insane? Or how about this one. It’s the fault of the unvaccinated. What? I thought if you took the jab you were safe? Our lives are in the hands of lunatics.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Jerry,
          You are correct to point out the lunacy.
          I have long since given up trying to see the ‘common sense’ in much of what TPTB are peddling. I have concluded that the insanity of the establishment narrative is deliberate. I did read recently an article describing how ‘Systematic Confusion’ is a form of mind-bending torture. Apparently, this method was used with great success by North Vietnam and lead to many captured US servicemen, in front of a television camera, denouncing their country. Examples of this confusion torture; waking the prisoner at 3:00 a.m. in their windowless cell, giving them breakfast, instructing them to get washed and dressed – then, perhaps only one hour later telling them it’s lunchtime, serving lunch, and taking it away if the prisoner is not hungry. You can see how there are limitless permutations to this technique! Eventually, the prisoner loses all faith in their own judgement and relies entirely on his captors’ declarations of how things are. E.g., North Vietnam good – USA bad. Project forward to today. Confusion is being rained down on all of humanity. You can travel to these countries – book a holiday. Notification, now you can’t travel to that country – cancel your holiday. Notification, now you can travel to that country . . . Dare you book another holiday? Apart from the sheer financial hassle, think of the emotional upheaval – especially if kids are involved. Not to mention the plainly stupid instructions to wear a mask while standing in a restaurant but you can ‘safely’ remove it while you sit alongside others while eating and drinking!!! Otherwise intelligent people are not only obeying these illogical edicts but insisting everyone else does too. Sorry about the length of this response – I could not explain it more concisely. It seems to me that the lunacy of government policy is deliberate – it’s the ‘Confusion Technique’ designed to stop people thinking (it’s too painful) and to just do what they are told. After all, it’s for your own good!

  97. Billie

    John chapter 10

  98. J in Europe

    Dear Greg,
    I don’t normally send second responses but please consider the signs – likeminded heroes like you.
    “Countdown to the”
    Please note that this is all foretold and will pass but people of faith have no need to fear. Nothing will save you except your faith! Guns, gold, food are all helpful but if you have a single grain of faith you will survive !
    God bless you
    J in Europe

  99. David

    Here is my best attempt to answer a very important question you have asked in your interviews, such as with Martin Armstrong as to what will happen when people realize the evil intention involved with the Vax:
    It is hard to find a picture that represents the enormity of what people will feel when they realize they have been in a trance of obedience following orders to take a “vaccine” that is really a poison. There’s nothing in history that can compare to the conspiring actions of so many players surrounding the “vaccine.” When Shakespeare’s Othello finally hears Lago’s gleeful confession that he deceived Othello into killing his beloved wife his spirit shifts. Though not an especially religious person, the only concept he has to draw from of who Lago really is, is a devil who can’t be killed in the flesh. The concept of an evil deceiving spiritual being is the only thing that explains to Othello who Lago actually is. Othello knew that what had been done to him could not be explained through the planning of a human mind and will alone.
    … One of your fans, David

    • Paul ...

      We as “born free” individuals … have no obligation … to listen to the orders given by “any” insane psychopath behind a microphone (no matter what official office they hold in society) … “they cannot mandate” that we take a “jab” known to cause blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, cancer, sterilization, a decreased life span and death!!

  100. Sam

    For the people who rent an apartment, can you advise us as to when we should buy a home? I am worried about how I could pay rent every month after the financial system collapses. Thanks.

  101. Ward

    First published at 04:36 UTC on July 26th, 2021

  102. Scott

    Hi Greg,

    Say, I sent you an e-mail two weeks ago with some guest questions and was hoping for your feedback. I never heard back from you so I thought I’d post here to see if you received the message. I do realize that assorted “powers and principalities” actively interfere with and undermine your comms and such. Hope to hear from you.

    All the best,


    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t disclose my guest list ahead of time. I am always working on it.

      • Scott

        Understood. I didn’t think you’d release any info, and I didn’t expect (or ask) you to do so.

        But a simple reply would have been appreciated.

        Very best,


  103. Dan Gowin

    Why Rolling Lockdowns Will NOT End Unitl 2023 and the Real Reasons Behind Their Continuation

    These characters can’t afford to let interest rates go up because that would cause $500 Trillion worth of derivatives rate contracts to go belly up. They subjected the world to a fake pandemic?

    • Paul ...

      Dan … As interest rates started rising in the Repo market in September 2019 … the Fed knew that money printing alone would not be enough to hold their Ponzi monetary system together … they needed to institute global lock-downs to slow the economy … which went into full effect in March 2020 … but inflation is still ramping up … so they knew they needed to do more then simply lock people up … they must kill them off … our time has come to “be Crucified like Jesus” by the Big Pharma and Globalist Demons of World Finance … who want to mandate we be “jabbed” (the same way they “jabbed Jesus) to kill off Billions of the sons and daughters of God (who he made in his image) … if we don’t refuse their “jab” … unlike Jesus who rose in 3 days … it will likely take a minimum of 3 years for humanity “to begin to rise again” (from almost forever being extinguished) … have faith for as the prophet Isaiah wrote long ago … he saw a future where a single man may suffer and die (for the sins and ignorance of others) … but that later … man “would be restored … to life”!!

  104. Tony

    Greg, the Chinese are technocrats, not communists. Please interview your fellow American and Christian Patrick Wood. He will explain all to your viewers.

  105. Jim

    Trump sold America out to the Globalists…

  106. Charles

    Has anyone heard of a Movie Prop 5ml Retractable Hypo Syringe Needle Gag? No saline solution in the syringe….

  107. Wes Leadbottom Binghamton Jr.

    First published at 14:50 UTC on July 26th, 2021.

  108. Jerry5

    Here you go. The sheep need more herd immunity.

    What was it Dr. Yeadon said about the top off ? Oh that’s right. It will kill you. Watch these idiots line up.

    • Robert K

      The top off combined with new CDC mask guidelines: “Vaccinated should wear masks indoors, as should K-12 schools”.

      They cite new information about the ability of the delta variant to spread by those who have been vaccinated…

  109. J. Bonner

    First published at 04:34 UTC on July 27th, 2021.

    China’s Won Already and Knows
    If there ever was a time when you could see a trend solidly in motion, now is it.

  110. Jenene

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for all that you do. There is a question that has never been asked of
    Martin, which seems monumentally important. When the so-called banking system
    goes completely electronic and cash is completely eliminated, would it be best to have
    the majority of your cash assets in gold and silver? Seems to me that we will never again
    have control of our money unless it is outside of the system, and cash under the mattress will be unusable.
    Also, does Martin or Socrates see the coming electronic currency as somewhat short lived?
    Will it fail? If it fails then we stand to lose everything that is on the electronic ledger.

    • Paul ...

      Jenene … Hold “Coin of the Realm” … Real-m oney can be non-precious coins (pocket change) or precious coins (like gold and silver) … when we eventually lose the government out to kill us … everything that is on their electronic ledger (digital crypto currency) will disappear … only “real physical coins” will remain in circulation … and it will circulate as money!!

  111. eddiemd

    Trying to figure out the mutation of the coronavirus.

    Well known that the common cold is caused by the coronavirus and that mutations do occur but very slowly over decades and the mutations did not tend to make the virus more infectious or virulent.

    This delta variety coronavirus is the exception. If it really is a coronavirus variant and not a new lab designed variant. Delta supposedly originated in India but tracking down the source suggests that it originated in China.

    Perhaps another modified coronavirus was released.

    The genome library suggests two changes in the S protein, two in the ORF, and several others.

    This study recently published in the NEJM.

    I would be interested in knowing what the Th CD4 cell numbers are in covid. The MERS variant targeted Th and CD8 cells directly.

    In covid CD4/CD8 cells with previous exposure were helpful.

    Early on researchers in India showed evidence that covid 19 had evidence of gp-120. This was quickly removed from the internet.

    Fauci Mengele has been at the forefront of HIV for decades. HIV gp120 targets Th cells. Perhaps a variant of coronavirus was engineered with the gp120. It would be simple to do this.

    • eddiemd

      A good study on SARS and T cells.

      It would be interesting to look further at studies on covid and T cells. Th in particular in natural acquired immunity and in those who have been given the mRNA. Is there a decline of Th CD4 and also CD8 in test subjects who have taken the injections?

      • Steve Bice

        I don’t know if you read KD’s stuff. He can be insufferably arrogant and coarse, but no one has ever said he isn’t bright. If you haven’t read this thread, it’s worth a read, including CVDoc’s comments. FYI.

  112. Thomas

    There are private cryptocurrencies.

    • WD

      What are they

  113. eddiemd

    Space war.

    It could be a combination of a cyberwarfare attack and direct anti-satellite weapons.

    I wonder where Pine Gap is on a list of targets.

    I lived in Alice Springs working for the Remote Aboriginal Healthcare. I flew over Pine Gap weekly on the way to outstations. Laramba, Yuendumu, Canteen Creek, Titjikala, Imanpa, Yulara, Ali Curung…and others.

    Australia Area 51 is out there also.

  114. Stella Springier

    Jul 27, 2021 FoxNews
    Bret Baier calls Jan 6 testimony from Capitol officers ‘damning’
    Wow, what a farce, a kangaroo court. Damming evidence my eye!
    Such violence. . . ..

  115. StellaSpringier

    The only evidence and violence, was the shooting of innocent Ashlee Babbitt by one of those whimpering thugs that call themselves capitol police. Who shot Ashlee in the neck as she and a few people climbed through a window broken by Antifa rioters!
    Believe me there will be a real trial one day because you scoundrels can only hide from the truth so long and if you don’t belong, believe you me, you won’t be long!
    Mark my word’s, Ashlee Babbitt’s blood stained corpse is crying from the grave for justice and justice will be done for all conspirateer’s with blood stained hands!
    ___”The Only Things Not True” In this biased article!
    [The mob fatally injured a police officer, one rioter was fatally shot by the police while storming a barricade, and another, carrying a Gadsden flag, was trampled to death.]
    John Sullivan, Who Filmed Shooting of Ashlee Babbitt in Capitol, Detained on Federal Charges /The enigma of “Activist John.”

  116. Ed

    I also think the Gov created blockchain as a way to record everything you do. Bitcoin was used as a way to get people to feel comfortable with digital currency, so people will accept the digital roller when the time is right. Also, I believe by everyone buying crypto it allowed the Gov to curb inflation because all those dollars were going into crypto and not in the economy and allowing them to keep the game going. Do you really believe in the mythical Satoshi Nakamoto? How about the bogeyman?

  117. WD

    So Greg

    I understand about US splitting. But it seems US must collapse? No, If that is the case digital currency is a must?

  118. DJW

    “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population… Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good… We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.” Jaques Attali

  119. PCP

    it was good whilst it lasted,
    all those dudes and dudettes with multiple offsrping to multiple partners have enjoyed a gluttony of excess,
    supported by the state and suckered taxpayers,

  120. Bill

    I never heard about the Elites borrowing from others? Who were they borrowing From? I always heard about the American Govt. borrowing Trillions from the FED Reserve for many Decades!

  121. Kel

    We are entering a Brave New World.


    This is why I don’t get my news from the unsaved. They don’t understand how big our God is. Martin calls belief in our creator “religion”. He can’t get his head around how a move of God is coming, and will be powerful enough to change our country. Robin Bullock, a prophet of God, spoke about how they will try to further this vaccine mandate, and people will pull their kids out for home schooling, and they will then try to outlaw home schooling. They will try to threaten us more and more, and then God steps in. They lose. We win. Our world will look nothing like what it looks like now. If you are sitting on the fence, it’s time for you to know, the devil owns the fence. It’s going to be amazing to be in the US, a country in covenant with God from the start ! Pray for it. Pray for God’s justice. If you think we can continue to live like we are right now after He rights this ship, you are wrong. What’s coming will be totally different….like nothing you have experienced before, and never dreamed possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      “God’s word will not come back void.” I think a lot of what High is picking up in his data mining is God’s word. Clif loves the U.S. Constitution and so he is good with me on that too. Nobody is 100% not even Clif but if he’s half right we all need to brace ourselves. I think he’s way more than half right.

  123. Jim

    Greg, you’re constantly bad mouthing China. You NEVER say anything good or talk about the positives which is way more than the negative about China. Also, everything you say about China, actually happens in America. You had an election stolen and everything breaking down in American society because all the politicians and rich powerful people controlling and manipulating the narratives but yet you always say, ‘China bad.’ China have eradicated poverty in the country, 700+ million people, build infrastructure all throughout the country for the betterment of all ethnicity in China. I just don’t understand you and a lot of people. Now, I know your counter-argument. You’re going to say you’re talking about the CCP not realizing that if it wasn’t the CCP planning and coordination, China wouldn’t be where it is and the people have the CCP to thank! I mean, can we say the same about America and what’s going on in ALL of the Western countries?

    • Greg Hunter

      China uses slave labor and harvests the organs of it’s slaves. You can schedule a new kidney in two weeks. There is zero freedom in China and China hates God and Christians even more. China attacked the USA and is pure evil. I am not talking about the people, I am talking about the CCP. So, you are correct I have zero good things to say about the evil CCP. I feel sorry for the Chinese people.

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