Financial Zombies Cannot See Massive Inflation Coming – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino thinks the public has a huge false sense of security about the financial markets. Mannarino explains, “The general public is zombiefied. . . . What the Federal Reserve is determined to do is kill the dollar.  We might get a bounce here or there, but that downward trajectory that started in December is going to continue and has no end in sight. We know this because the Fed has said it is going to do whatever it takes to create inflation.  The Federal Reserve thinks that making things more expensive and sucking the value out of the dollar means you are going to be better off.  Right there you can see there is some kind of twisted mentality going on.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “What the Fed is not telling you . . . is the economy is dead in the water. The cash is not moving through the system.  So, they can print or add digits to a screen from here to oblivion and not get inflation if the cash isn’t moving.  That’s why we are not seeing massive inflation – yet.  There is going to be a moment when all these extra bills start chasing all these extra goods.  What’s going to prompt that to happen is the bond market action.  Right now, cash is moving back into the perceived safety of debt.  The U.S. 10-year yield is plunging.  This is positive to the stock market for now.”

On gold, Mannarino says, “Gold has just hit a high for the year, and that is also a trajectory that will continue. Why will this keep going?  Let’s go back to the dollar.  Investors don’t want anything to do with the dollar.  They are dumping their dollars here.  We are going to get, at some point, a massive sell-off in the bond market.  Don’t listen to Gregory Mannarino on this.  Listen to former Fed Head Alan Greenspan.  This is what he says, and he thinks the bond market is in a bubble. . . . Greenspan also said the potential for a rapid sell-off in the bond market is very, very high,”

Mannarino contends a rapid sell-off in bonds “will be very good for gold.” Mannarino also likes physical silver and thinks, “It’s still the most under-valued asset on the planet.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

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  1. R. Patrick

    Mr.Mannarino is 1 of the few good ones. Your a good egg also Mr. Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “R”!!

  2. Paul ...

    As Mannarino states massive inflation is coming … why? … because deficits always lead to inflation as does war … and the Deep State is constantly looking for ways to start new wars (preferably nuclear ones) and increase the deficit … one day Americans will wake up and find that their entire life savings (including their crypto gains) will not buy them a postage stamp (so buy a few books of forever stamps now … along with your gold and silver coins)!! …

    • Paul ...

      Gold sees what is coming … look at the five year chart … … we should see $1500 gold very very soon!!

      • Paul ...

        But silver is the better story … with a “nominal” gold to silver ratio of 10 … $1500 gold means $150 dollar silver (more then 8 times your money on a $200 dollar move in gold)! … even with a gold to silver ratio of 25 it means silver could see $60 dollars very very soon!! … forget the Horse this could be the year of the Bug!!!

  3. Frederick

    Didn’t Nenner call for deflation? Who is right here?

    • Paul ...

      The US dollar will deflate as more and more is printed (from 100 cents in 1913 to 3 cents today) … however deflated currency means things cost more (inflation) … if Trump can’t “End the Fed” and get our Nation back on track … we Americans may have to throw in the towel and take Putin up on his offer to give us Americans a “free” homestead … were we can start over and grow our own food on the free acres provided … however the only fly in the ointment is that the banksters (who don’t want to lose the “rubes” they use as patsy’s) may create a drought over the Russian east coast using weather modification technology!! …

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    There are alternatives to You Tube and I’m glad to see that Greg Mannarino is taking advantage of them. I think they will thrive as long as You Tube (and Facebook) keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. Paul ...

    Now we witness once again the “serpent hearted” US Air Force Generals … who can stand down on 9-11 … contemplate a nuclear first strike on N. Korea killing millions … spray chem-trails on tens of millions of women and children across America … and currently allow hurricane Irma to “nuke” Florida without doing anything about it … where is your God given morality?? …

    • Paul ...

      And where is Trump “our savior”? … why has he allowed hurricane attacks by Harvey and Irma upon America?? … is he doing God’s bidding??? … or the bidding of the Military/Industrial Complex???? …

      • Paul ...

        Could the Deep State have drugged Trump? … or perhaps given him a minor stroke? … why is Trump slurring his words? … they gave Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s!

    • Donald

      A comment in that article says:

      “Chemtrailing and cloud seeding could certainly enhance the process far beyond weather manipulation.”

      I would say a MUCH bigger problem is what’s called Black Carbon:

      • Paul ...

        Donald … I wouldn’t put it past the weather modifiers to use aerosolized black carbon particles as part of their large inventory of chemical compounds to affect the radiation balance above hurricanes … thus producing the desired cooling or heating effects necessary to slow down or speed up wind speed rotation about the eye of the storm!

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for USAWatchdog.

    24 minutes into your interview, Gregory Mannerino starts to expound on his previously ‘unpublished’ opinion as to what may happen to cash – actual dollar bills. He is reluctant but you pressed him on it. He starts to explain that actual cash, not the binary code held in your bank account, may be in short supply immediately after a credit crash (because less than 7% of US dollars ‘in circulation’ are in physical form). My guess is that Gregory was going to say that even while the US dollar loses value, the value of actual dollar bills may go up. He self-censored and stopped short of expounding this theory. I guess he is far more confident urging listeners to acquire a ‘sure thing’ – silver and gold – because holding cash may not turn out to be a smart move. Personally, I believe actual cash will be a valued unit of exchange for a short time after a credit collapse because people are not ready to transact in PMs.

    • Paul ...

      Holding cash as twenty nickels is better then holding a paper one dollar bill … as the commodity value of a pound of copper and nickel metal will always be worth more then the commodity value of of 1/10th ounce of paper!!

      • Paul ...

        As the paper dollar continues to deflate in value … copper (which seems to have completed its correction) will inflate upward along with gold … gold’s six month chart shows gold could move down a bit from here to about $1325 before it too powers upward …

  7. This sceptred Isle

    The difference between the Zimbabwe dollar and US dollar is that the world has been absorbing US dollar inflation for decades in the form of foreign currency reserves. Nobody outside Zimbabwe wanted their dollars so the inflation remained within its own borders. When the US dollar is rejected abroad the dollars will be like chickens coming home to roost.

  8. This sceptred Isle

    Greg Mannarino talked about inflation taking off when there is a massive sell-off in the bond market. This reminded me of when Hugo Salinas Price compared the bond markets to rainclouds waiting to pop and flood the economy with inflation.

  9. Anthony Australia

    Sunday with G&G, excellence on display.

  10. oneno

    Why is the FED intent on destroying the Dollar (a reserve currency that allows them to print with NO linit) when there are competitors with currencies that have Gold backing (Russia and China) and where China not only has Gold backing for the Yuan but a solid manufacturing base (that the higher-ups in the US and CANADA deliberately gave to them starting in the mid-1980’s)?

    Why is the FED so intent on destroying the US Economy and isolating the US on the world stage?

    The US no longer has the luxury to rattle their military saber against certain other world players. How is it possible for a country like Russia with the GDP of Itally (USD 2.01 trillion) to field an armed forces that can stand-up to the US armed forces? The US GDP stands at USD 15.6 trillion?

    Where are all the tax dollars going? There should be plenty of money available (now going to the Defense and so-called “Afordable Care Act”) to re-establish manufacturing in the US (over a period of two decades) to compete on the world stage. Instead, the policy is to seed selected corporations, from their infancy, for monopoly control (as in Big Brother George Orwell 1984) within the shrinking US trading bloc against the growing European and Eurasian trading blocs. Are Americans blind to the Asian takeover occurring in front of their eyes via commercial and private real-estate?

    The Eurasian trading bloc now has its own international payment system (CIPS) supported by Energy trade outside of the USD in currencies backed by Gold and where trade will be facilitated via a Gold-Trade-Note as described by Antal Fekete at least a decade ago.

    Why is it necessary for the US Gov to purchase Russian rockets to launch payloads into space even with all the covert investments over the last two decades in private space ventures?

    Are the vast majority of tax receipts disappearing down a black hole into black projects, that paying US citizens (legal fiction NAMES holding and collecting in-trust assets belonging to their respective undiscosed Principals) have to surrender through extortion and confiscation ever going to see the light of day to benefit their true owners and beneficiaries (Americans – actual men/women) that do the work to earn that value?

    Are the so-called elected members ever going to come clean and return this confiscated property back to their true benefactors and beneficiaries (Americans) amoungst whom they live?

    Killing the goose that laid the golden egg makes no sense as it leads to civil war and ruin.

    What happened to the Donald?

    • freebrezer

      oneno – Good post … the US is no different then all the city states, nations and empires before it … they rot from the inside. Human greed and corruption knows no bounds and is not bounded by time. Thus new actors, but the same old theme that has not changed for a few thousand years. And any one with a little history can predict the ending! Prepare!

      • Charles H

        Atheists call it: human nature; Christianity calls it corrupt sin nature. Pride; selfishness; greed – there’s more to man than DNA.

        • Greg Hunter

          Charles H,
          Got that right my Brother.

  11. Anthony Australia🇦🇺

    I’m sure Ol, Benny Bernanke has some Gold & Silver tucked away.

  12. Andrew Maggard

    Great interview Greg, I fear Gregory Mannarino is precisely on point when he cites the current disassociation of the public to the glaring reality of a declining economy and the precarious standing of the dollar. A casual glance at the Dollar index would confirm that all is not well. Unfortunately how many of the public, outside of the one percent that recognizes the value of precious metals is even aware of the existence of the Dollar index or any of the other indicators that are forecasting adverse economic conditions? The declining numbers of retail outlets, mall closings, pension plan shortfalls, bankrupt state governments, all confirm the reality that is approaching, however to many, as Gregory Mannarino describes it, are firmly zombiefied, completely unaware of what is unfolding around them. This phenomenon gives a new meaning to the term, situational awareness.
    The credit freeze that Gregory Mannarino references is a very likely scenario and no doubt will occur when the faith in the dollar debt paradigm falters. Again Gregory Mannarino confirms this precarious debt paradigm by simply stating, they have no choice but to raise the debt limit. A failure to do so would bring down the entire house of cards.
    Again a great interview and one that, if dismissed, is done so at one’s peril.

  13. David

    I agree with everything said. I think we’re toast. When? Who knows. But, it’s coming. All of it makes me angry because there is very little that the average hard-working American can do. Most are living paycheck to paycheck.

    In the words of Willie Nelson… “Turn out the lights, the party is over….” The destruction of the American dream is well underway. History will show that us baby boomers had unbelievably good… a road paved by the greatest generation, our fathers, and wasted by their children…. only to leave a pitiful state-of-affairs for their grandchildren. It makes me sick.

    • Mandoo

      Don’t agree with “wasted by their children”. Why? The bankers have gotten stronger and stronger, as have the Deep Staters. They are making a huge lunge toward destroying America, can’t blame the sons of the greatest generation. Sure, lots of ignoramuses out there, but strong forces allied against us cannot be denied. Plus, the confluence/conflation of any number of social ills thrown at us like horrible schools, unions and their minions out of control with the pension situations, etc. The Deep State has worked a full century to first damage us, they destroy us. They are starting to reap their rewards, have been for a number of years. This is in contrast to blaming the sons of the greatest generation.
      Great article, Greg. You are a bright, shining star in the information world.

  14. This sceptred Isle

    “The bodies of hundreds of children are believed to be buried in a mass grave in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland, according to an investigation by BBC News.
    The children were all residents of a care home run by Catholic nuns.”

    What has been going on in these Catholic orphanages?

    • Frederick

      The BBC you mean the same BBC that allowed Jimmy Savile to run a children’s show for over a decade I lost ALL respect for the BBC as well as CNN

      • This sceptred Isle

        It was widely reported. The Savile scandal was a cover-up though. Intimate friend of the royals too…

    • sk

      The mainstream media have been badmouthing the Catholic church for some time, have you noticed? I don’t entirely understand why, but suspect that they do it because they consider the Catholic church a staunch and impossible-to-budge defender of traditional morality. And, no, I am not Catholic myself.

      • This sceptred Isle

        yes but MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC found the mass graves!!! Not CNN, not the BBC, not The Daily Telegraph. Why should the Catholic church not be criticised because of the child abuse scandals? Is it only if a Democrat is involved in a child abuse scandal that everyone on this site is interested?

      • This sceptred Isle

        “they consider the Catholic church a staunch and impossible-to-budge defender of traditional morality”.

        Ha! What genocide and child abuse? More likely the Catholic church has been turned.

  15. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for interviewing Greg Mannarino. I learn a lot when you interview guests like Greg M but I’m compelled to correct many of them. They keep referring to our system as “debt-based.” It’s not. It’s “usury-based.” “Debt” and “usury” are two very different things.

    Debt is when a private party (lender – bank or whatever) lends money to another private party (borrower) for a reasonable interest rate (or some reasonable variation of that). The borrower is expected to return the money plus interest. The lender never gives more than what he can cover in assets. Or maybe a little more. But there’s greater-than-reasonable probability that the money and interest will be paid back. And the borrow never borrows more money than s/he can afford to pay back (when pay-day comes or when there’s a return on his investment, etc…)

    Our system is fractional-reserve – usury. That’s when a non-private-party (backed by the gov’t and free money by it in exchange for absolute power) lends money that it doesn’t have and isn’t covered by any assets (a lot more money than is covered by any assets – a typical usury scenario and scam has a debt to asset ratio of 10:1 but in the US as I understand it and depending upon how you interpret or calculate it, the ratio is 350:1) to a borrower who doesn’t need the money and has no chance of every paying the debt back.

    Except to get more people to invest in the scheme. With money they don’t have. That’s what keeps the system going. And men who don’t have anything to invest in the scheme are used as slaves to pay everything down. They will usually be worked to death in this scenario. The entire economy is a Ponzi scheme. Usury. Slavery. There’s a lot more to it than what I’ve written but that’s the abridged version. Our system is not debt-based. It’s usury = slavery.

    And participation in this scam is not voluntary in many instances. There are many mechanisms invented by gov’t and special interest groups (ie feminists) to force or coerce the participation of people who choose not to. Child support is one mechanism. The gov’t conspires with mothers, other women and feminists to kidnap children from the fathers (achieved with unconstitutional laws like VAWA and Title IX). Then they use the abducted children as excuses to steal the proceeds of a man’s labor and give it to the mother in exchange for votes and absolute power. The man is condemned to poverty, debt, homelessness, prison and death. While slaving to pay for the profligacy of others.

    As I mentioned, there are many other mechanisms. But child-snatching, family law and child support, I think, are the most egregious. That’s not a debt-based system. It’s usury = slavery.

    • Beligirant

      @ Dr Jewett: Best post on this blog and very correct to the point. It seems no one gets it and just continue to yell buy more gold. Everyone needs to face the music that the powers at the helm aren’t going to allow people to get wealthy by buying gold or silver. The past 6 years of incredible manipulation in these markets worldwide should of already proven that point.

      At the top of the food chain a very small percentage get multi-Million paychecks while their employees struggle to pay their electric bill and put food on the table. Then we have a parasitic system that sets up laws and rules to ensnare people through the law and agree family law (child support) seems to be the states favored mechanism. They have more than enough rules and calculations to make sure everyone gets their fair share except the working schmuck! He gets to live on half wages for the next decade. Somehow they need you feeding the system with a monkey on your back! Its like the person paying all the bills caused serious injury and was sued for $500,000 and must make restitution whether they have the money or not. They can take everything you’ve got plus impose jail time like you’re a felon, impose fines, garnish wages, revoke drivers license, etc. It truly is a slave system and the states have a bullseye on everyone which dares enter that door.

      • Dr Darryl Jewet

        Thanks for your response to my post.

        “…half wages.” LOL that’s optimistic. The average child support obligor (almost all men and approximately one-third of adult men) will have the net-worth throughout his life (his earning potential) on average reduced by approximately 95% (yes, that’s ninety-five) when that mechanism is combined with all the others.

        Child support has nothing to do with “best interests of children.” It’s a mechanism of exterminating men so gov’ts don’t have to provide them the public assistance from programs to which they contributed disproportionately more. It’s genocide on a scale never seen before and that almost no-one acknowledges because governments have brain-washed the general public (and even the men themselves) into acceptance of male disposability.

        At one time, inflation used to mitigate these mechanisms of slavery (they were still bad but…), but with no “real” inflation anymore, things just keep disintegrating.

        I cringe every time a politician (Republican or Democrat) says “family” because they’re really saying “single mother by choice” (and her boyfriend or something like that) where she receives all the benefits and the cuckolded father pays for everything.

  16. Jerry

    A sign of things to come.
    For the record I’m not cheerleading for a petrodollar replacement. I’m just pointing out what’s NOT being reported by the MSM and for the most part the alternate media either. As a reporter, Greg would probably say “what’s your sources” that can verify that a currency reset is imminent? My answer: All around you if you’re looking for it. But what the heck? Donald Trump got elected and happy days are here again. Right?

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … I keep hoping and hoping Trump is the “real deal” … but WWIII is clearly on the table … is the goal nuked US cities?? … and why didn’t Trump order the military to deflect Harvey and Irma? … Why put America under attack?? … feels like we may have gotten a “bad deal”!!

      • Jerry

        Yes Paul,
        The patented Donald Trump answer for everything is to simply let the wheels fall off. Fall off of healthcare reform. Fall off of the debt ceiling. And I would imagine in the not to distant future fall of the economic cliff. Its amazing how quickly he embraced the phony economic numbers like Obama. FYI. I voted for the man.

        • Mandoo

          Trump has been told what to think. He has few original thoughts of his own. Since he knows little or nothing, he listens to his Obama holdovers for “advice”.

      • Frederick

        Think of the money to be made rebuilding Paul Follow the money just like with 911

  17. Chuck Reid

    Greg Squared! What a way to start a Sunday morning.
    Thank you, Greg #1 for again bringing us timely information from Greg #2.

  18. Neil

    Wow, again. Greg + Greg = More real education . Education for life.

    I have been having trouble sleeping at night Greg. I hope we make it. Our prime minister is only focused on drugs legalization. I hear no deals for Canada with BRICS, about oil for Yuan convertible into Gold from Cdn. Gov’t. And Cdns will not be any better than US, I am afraid.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      And as you likely know, we sola ALL our ( the citizens’) gold. Well, at least we’re above board about our holdings. Maybe the empty vaults hold the politicians’ secret stash, to be consumed when it all goes FUBAR?

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    Sure looks like the Stock Markets love a weak dollar. Didn’t President Donald Trump and Janet Yellen together say they wanted a weak dollar back in January ? Yes. What Donald Trump wants, Donald Trump gets, except from Republicans of course.

  20. al Hall


  21. randy0302

    Solid, smart, and correct!

  22. Tad

    Would like to know Warren Buffett’s net worth–in physical gold and silver. Probably not enough. If he’s anywhere near rational, he’s probably dumping stocks–if not BH A stock.

  23. Willis

    As Holter correctly pointed out in a previous
    interview, your wealth will not be measured
    in dollars but in ounces. Everybody get to
    stacking !

  24. Independent

    this podcast is on Voice-To-Skull Technology & Gang Stalking. Around the 25 min mark, a security specialist whistleblower claims the city of Seattle, Washington is being used as a social experiment. At the 55 min mark, he calls out the social workers involved in the program to speak out about it.

    Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Insider Bryan Kofron

    Bryan Kofron is an insider to the electronic harassment & organized stalking programs.

    Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology
    United States Patent 4,877,027 Brunkan October 31, 1989

    Hearing System


    Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.


    Voice-to-Skull Technology

  25. Da Yooper

    The fed has off-shored the middle classes jobs & they expect the economy to rebound


    It is now time to bail out the taxpayers . They will spend the wind fall & that will benefit the economy & trickle down to the bankers & give the bankers the inflation they are looking for.

  26. Dan

    “You will be measured by your wealth in ounces” B.H. If you, Greg, and your friend are correct, physical silver WILL be valued at $ 1000.00 per ounce, GUARANTEED !

  27. Paul Anthony

    Remember when Yellen said there won’t be another financial crisis in our life time. Almost as funny as when Al Gore said he invented the internet!

    Anyway .. Good interview Greg


    • Corleone

      Some funny sayings:

      “Our world is full of gold.” — Clif High

      “There are billions ounce of gold under the Grand Canyon.” — Bix Weir

      “Gold will be under 1,000 again.” — Harry Dent

      “Gold is safe and I am the only son of Flash Gordon.” — Mnuchin

  28. Bill

    Hello Greg & Greg – I have become my own central bank & the criticism that I get is consistent & critical. How can I possibly espouse that we are headed for Armageddon & about 3 billion lives will be lost.

    PS Greg & Greg Thank you so much for your iconoclastic views

  29. Tad

    A trillion for Harvey; a trillion for Irma and possibly the same for subsequent hurricanes.

    Perhaps we’re witnessing the perfect “storms” that reluctantly precede the grand financial
    one. What goes unmentioned is potential earthquakes, and one could conceive of widespread financial/economic damage in about twenty states or so, absent an impending banking/derivatives implosion or massive expansion.

    Perhaps this moment is one few could have dreamed of if they view default with accompanying deflation preferable to war, famine and pestilence being supported by money printing.

    Which road will they choose?

    • Paul ...

      Tad … here is the guy for potential earthquakes …

      • freebrezer

        Paul – love Dutch! Though I get the impression that the USGS does not … Interesting article to chew on:

        • Paul ...

          freebrezer … Men of God should not be using scriptures in the Torah or Holy Bible “to legitimatize” in the minds of men the totally evil abomination of nuclear war … remember these “holy books of guidance” were written by fallible men who thought the Earth was flat and only 6000 years old!!

          • JC

            Paul I take exception with the book of revelations. It was written by John given the words, and images from God Almighty. The rest was inspired.
            To change, or disregard this book could be a eternal mistake.

      • Southern Girl

        Thanks for the site … this guy is really different in that he explains it so well.

        • Paul ...

          SG … and his predictions are remarkably accurate … it is a simple theory … say a magnitude 8 earthquake hits Mexico and a magnitude 6 earthquake hits Alaska … he averages the magnitudes and assumes a new earthquake will hit between the two … so his prediction will be for a magnitude 7 earthquake to hit along the fault line in California!

  30. John Shipp

    Have you considered the Greg; I enjoyed the Mannarino video on Sunday,keep up the good work, Yahwah is counting on folks like you.

    This is the interview I written by an Indian, very well thought out, the cultures of the Africans and Arabs did not go though the age of reason, we had the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Reason then Industrialisation. They did not have any of that. The Arabs will say that they had a very vibrant society in the middle ages but in fact when they took Constantinople they gained all of the Greek libraries with all the classic thought and then the Christians who still occupied that part of the world translated it for them. In short they copied it but were not able to develop it, as the West did.

    Maurice Jackson:
    Welcome to Proven and Probable where we focus on metals, mining and more. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson. Joining us for a conversation is the host of the highly acclaimed Capitalism and Morality and a highly sought out advisor to institutional investors, Mr. Jayant Bhandari. Mr. Bhandari, welcome to the show.
    Jayant Bhandari:
    Thank you very much for having me, Maurice.
    Maurice Jackson:
    Jayant, you wrote a piece last week entitled, The Future of the Third World, in which you highlight a number of talking points that I would like to discuss, beginning with the distinction you make between Third World economies and the so-called emerging markets. Why is it important for investors to understand this fundamental bifrication?
    Jayant Bhandari:
    Maurice, emerging markets is mostly a misnomer. There’s only one country that I know of that is actually an emerging market, and that is China. Then rest of the Third World, was the Third World, is the Third World and will continue to be the Third World and in fact, virtually all these Third World countries, most of Africa, most of the Middle East, actually everything in Africa, most of the Middle East and all of South Asia and most of Latin America is regressing back to their medieval past.
    And this is an interesting thing because for whatever reasons the world decided a couple of decades back that these countries had fundamentally changed themselves. The reality is that none of these countries have fundamentally changes themselves and actually they are getting worse by the day. There’s only one thing that has changed about these countries, the Third World and that is that their economies grew at a faster rate than that of the Western economies for the last 25 years or so.
    Now, this has disoriented people. This has confused people, particularly given political correctness that dominates the intellectual space in the western countries today. Virtually all of the economic growth that took place in the Third World was because of extraneous events and that extraneous event was Internet. Internet enabled massive import of Western technology by the Third World and that was behind, that was the only thing behind, rapid economic progress of the Third World, but otherwise nothing fundamentally changed about these countries. In fact, rapid economic growth meant that these countries have actually become over regulated, over governed, taxes have gone up, regulations have gone up and they are rapidly regressing to their medieval tyrannical pasts.
    Maurice Jackson:
    You know, this reminds me of the discussion we were having offline prior to this interview in reference to the Third World economies in the emerging markets, is this political correctness. Is that something you’d like to discuss a little bit further as well?
    Jayant Bhandari:
    This is indeed a problem with political correctness, Maurice. We now have a globalized world. People, individuals, you and I, travel around the world and we experience different cultures. Multiculturism does not work. We know it from personal experiences. We know that different communities behave differently, but somehow in the Western civilization, particularly because of political correctness and because of the guilt, an erroneous guilt that Europeans are still feel, they want to deny the differences that today exists between the Western civilization and the non-Western civilization. The Third World is culturally very, very, different from the Western societies. Western societies are primarily a result, a product of the concept of reason.
    Those people in the West who have grown up with this concept of reason assume that the concept of reason is a given. It isn’t. Most of the countries outside the West actually, virtually everything outside the West except for East Asia, the exception that I make here, all these Third World countries are tribal, superstitious and irrational. They operate through a set of beliefs, faith, religions, and superstitions. That’s how their minds work. They’re tribal in how they operate. Might is right is the operating principle in these Third World countries. It was the case before colonizers came. Colonizers brought in, European colonizers brought in a huge amount of sanity in these countries. The result of which was that the populations of the Middle East, the population of Africa and South Asia increased rapidly because Europeans reduced tribal warfare in these countries. And these countries are a product of European colonization. These were tribes fighting with each other.
    Now because Europeans have been gone for 50 to 70 years, these countries are rapidly regressing towards their pre medieval tyrannical tribal past.
    Maurice Jackson:
    You know, you also highlight how far behind these Third World economies still are without the use of leverage, with some of the simple things that we take for granted, such as wheels, piping and sewage. Expand on that for us.
    Jayant Bhandari:
    You can travel around, drive around in Latin America, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil. You can do the same in Africa or in South Asia and you will see a consistent pattern. People carry heavy loads on their backs. Women carry big pots of water on their heads. Now imagine this thing. The wheel has been in existence for more than 5,000 years. We have proof showing that the wheel have been in existence for at least this much time. The concept of piping, lead piping, has been with us for at least 2,000 years. You can see lead pipes in Pompeii in Italy.
    Now when those people could have the technology of piping and the wheel, why is it that billions of people even today haven’t really grasped the concept of the wheel and piping? Now these are just cases that I’m talking about. The reality is that this is the problem of the Third World. They’re still existing in a cultural, in a way of thinking that is extremely outdated, which is thousands of years old in its construct. These people go to Western schools and these girls in the school uniforms and carry pots of water on their head, and that tells you how wasteful that education has been because they somehow, and the somehow is, that because of the culture, they cannot really understand and implement the concept of even very, very simple concepts like the wheel.
    Maurice Jackson:
    Jayant, you referenced Winston Churchill for a number of quotes and I found them to be quite interesting as we become entrapped in this political correctness environment, more increasingly in the West. What message are you trying to convey with Mr. Churchill’s quotes?
    Jayant Bhandari:
    So Winston Churchill is often denigrated for what he said and the role that he played in several things during the Second World War time. He was the British Prime Minister during the Second World War. Now, he said a lot of things about Islam, about India, about Africans and what we now call as First Nations of the US and Aborigines of Australia, and he’s denigrated and he’s seen as racist. The reality, Maurice, is that if you sit back and read what he says, most of what he says is actually quite correct. It has proven to pass the test of time.
    Now, he’s talking about the problems that Islam has. He’s talking about the utter and wretchedness, backwardness of India, a country that I grew up in and it has been proven consistently to be correct. And I just want to highlight this thing that do not ignore Winston Churchill just because what he says sounds racist today. The reality is that it took centuries for Europeans to understand that the Third World was culturally very, very, different, which is irrational.
    And we have because of political correctness mostly erased that wisdom from the Western society. With that erased wisdom, we have positioned ourselves for a catastrophe not only for the Western world, but also for these Third World countries because we are wrongly projecting the future. The future is extremely tribal, full of warfare and wretched and poor, whereas lot of people who call them emerging markets think that these are the countries that will lead us to economic progress in the future. That is a completely erroneous assumption. Again, I’m making an exception of China, here.
    Maurice Jackson:
    Jayant, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and for our listeners, we will provide a link to Mr. Bhandari’s article, The Future of the Third World, along with this interview post.
    Switching gears, in the US media we’re focused on Russia and North Korea at the moment, but you see a potential escalation brewing in the Far East between India and China. Can you elaborate?
    Jayant Bhandari:
    For the last couple of months, Maurice, Indian troops and Chinese troops are facing each other. They have actually even have had a physical fight between them, which means that when posted at the front, they were not given guns and rifles and machine guns, so they had to physically fight with each other with rocks and stones. Now, this situation emerged because there is a controversial area between China, Bhutan and India, and India is contesting road construction of China.
    Now I don’t really care much about the details, the problem is that irrespective of who is correct and who is incorrect here, the problem is that the media and a lot of these very bored, middle class, so-called educated Indians who are terribly bored of watching the TV, now want some action. They want a war and they’re convinced that Indian Army is the best army in the world, and again, because these middle class people never have to go to the front and fight themselves, they can vicariously live, vicariously feel courageous on the back of those people from villages who will die at the front.
    Now the reality is that Indians are not the only wrong people here. Chinese blogs and chat sites are now filled with similar kind of discussions. However, in my view, a Democracy makes war much more likely because these masses create a sort of trance within the society that want the society to go into a warlike situation because the mass psychology rules. And that is the situation if there is a shooting at the border, imagine these are two nuclear power countries and about 40% of the world’s population lives between China and India. Any war between the two countries could be horrible for India because China is more than five times richer than India.
    Maurice Jackson: Which leads to my next question, is India’s economy and their military prepared to fight with China?
    Jayant Bhandari: I’m not sure, Maurice. The problem is that no one really knows what is happening with the Army and the military. This institution is so glorified around the world that it’s almost impossible for an outsider to be able to critically observe this institution. The reality is that Indian troops are about half a million troops that are stationed in Kashmir, which is almost half or one third of the total Indian Armed Forces. They are problems in the northern part of India. They’re huge riots going on in two or three provinces right now because people are fighting against a great verdict that the Court passed, which is quite a strange thing in my view, from a civilized view, but anyway the reality is that Indian troops have been stretched too thin. They are very likely not very well-trained and they are not well-armed.
    The General of India a few years back said that Indian troops had enough ammunition to last only 10 days. So I don’t know what the real situation is, but I would not be surprised if Indian Army is much weaker than the Chinese Army.
    Maurice Jackson:
    Now I have a multi layered question here for you. Do you believe that the US will be involved? If so, to what extent and which side would the US favor?
    Jayant Bhandari:
    In my view, Trump has taken the right position, which is to not get too involved in this matter between India and China. And this is the right thing for American taxpayers and Americans to do. However, we cannot escape American involvement in other countries. The reality is that these Third World countries are in a complete mess. Their institutions are getting degraded, degenerated and falling apart. All these Third World countries will fall into tribal units because that is what the cultural, the culture will lead them to. Without the fear of America and without the glue and sanity that America provides, all these Third World countries will destroy themselves.
    But why should America pay for this, and why should America degrade itself for these people? However, the reality is that if 40% of the World’s population goes into a nuclear warfare, it will affect America and eventually America will be forced to get involved in any problem between India and China.

  31. Carolyn

    I love your interviews. I listen to them all and agree with most. I almost feel bad letting you know but not sure you realize the following. You interrupt your guest often (and more than you should) with the need to clarify what they said. (do we really not understand?) This often changes their train of thought and not returning to where they were. This is not just your older guest but also the younger ones. It is beginning to make it difficult to watch.
    I am thankful for the work you do and hope you take this as helpful not negative.

  32. Jerry

    The dollar fell over 73 basis points on Friday.

    The attached charts alone should be enough to get your attention. If not go to the u.s. debt clock and watch the dollar selloff in real time for yourself. This is it people. You don’t have to be a stock analyst like Greg Mannarino to see where this is headed. All you need to know is the world is selling off our currency, and in a matter of weeks a new exchange system will rear its head to replace it.

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – it will be interesting to see how the US dollar is integrated in to the new exchange system or if there are going to be competing systems? On another note, an interesting interview by Kyle Bass per China (It is not all jelly beans and colored unicorns over there) … your thoughts: … Greg it would be Huge to get Kyle on the show!

      • Jerry

        The Chinese have been buying truckloads of gold for a reason. They’ve made their intentions known for the last seven years to the economic community. The first part of their three pronged attack on the dollar was to reset the petrodollar benchmark by using gold backed Yuan to purchase it. The second part was to create an alternate exchange system via CIPS and cooperation from SWIFT. Mission accomplished. The third and final part of their plan is to back the Yuan with gold and then reset the price structure. That’s in the works as I type.

        The Chinese are on a timeline with their banks, so the natural assumption is that the final play will come around the 1st of October since that is the first quarter of 2018. In reality it may not matter anyway because according to my sources preparations are being made to attack NOKO. We’ll see?

        • freebrezer

          I pray and hope not to NOKO! I hope Trump and team can make it China’s to solve!

  33. Agent P

    ‘People are looking to BitCoin as an alternative…’

    Respectfully: No, the great majority are not.

    What they are looking for is what nearly everyone else who gets caught up in a mania is looking for – and that includes the best & brightest too, because greed has a way of twisting the human thought process and putting a magnet over their otherwise functioning moral compass.

    ‘Value’ as it were, is not determined by 4 or 5 years of exixtence and a run-up from sub $50 to $~5000. We haven’t even arrived at a point of being able to utilize Bitcoin for everyday use, let alone ‘value’ something which can be created essentially out of nothing, and/or copied ad-infinitum.

    Is Bitcoin the future?

    A totally cashless system wherein everyone by law is forced into said system, most definitely IS the future – whether that be BTC, LTC, ETH, etc., ad-infinitum no one really knows. Well, there are intelligence agencies which most definitely DO know what it will be, regardless if the company already exists or has yet to be determined, but I digress.

    The Crypto space is baby-steps right now. It is being nurtured. Observed. Massaged. Tweaked. Groomed. Prepared. Etc…

    Do what you will, but try not to lose sight of the larger picture. What is taking place around us right now should provide ample evidence that we are not headed for a renaissance utopia of free-wheeling and un-government fettered market nirvana with Bitcoin or any other sanctioned/standardized (and it will be standardized)
    crypto currency.

    Remember what Chairman Mao did over a 2-3 year period to the intellectual class after their protestations to his policies.
    He invited them in with open arms and conciliatory rhetoric of ‘working together’. What happened after that is history that thankfully, hasn’t been wiped from the record – yet.

  34. John M.

    In the near future when SHTF, cash will probably be valuable for a very short period of time, like days or maybe a few weeks. But then the masses will quickly figure out that their US dollar is in actuality dying fast, and they will get rid of their dollars into anything real that they possibly can (the Weimar Germans called these real things: “Sachwerte”).
    That’s when hyperinflation starts happening with money velocity exploding to the stratosphere, or if you prefer, hyper-devaluation of the US Dollar.
    However you want to explain it, America enters the third world of increasing chaos and despair. There would then be massive shortages, credit freezes, civil unrest, distrust in all finance and business trading, distrust in families and neighbors, and universal martial law.
    But better to have Trump at the helm, rather than a full-blown socialist.
    However, almost half, if not more Americans, do not really believe in God, property rights, and respecting the human rights of others. That’s where Americans might kill and steal from other Americans like savage beasts that are desperate for their own survival.
    God still rules and His will is always done, no matter what happens to America or the world.

  35. Tom D.

    Some money managers are saying that we will have, eventually, a jubilee, i.e., the US Treasury and FRB officials will meet in the Fed’s front yard and burn all the US Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds held by the Fed; thereby, the US debt problem is solved or at least postponed. They say the first to do a jubilee will be the Japanese Central Bank, so we will see if it works over there before we take that step. The Japanese have been debasing their currency longer than us, proving that this (QE) can go on longer than anyone can imagine…having a jubilee is just another trick up their sleeve to avoid an immediate financial collapse referred to in this interview.

    • Charles H

      Jubilee? A Whee! for me; a Jube for thee. Sounds good at the top; but all the individuals below don’t so easily just ‘cross-out’, and lose everything.

      • Tom D.

        Charles, the jubilee would not include debt held by individuals and foreign government. It would only forgive the debt held by the US Federal Reserve Bank.

  36. Flattop

    GREG Mannarino
    If trump devalues the dollar by 50%, will that help our problem, or are we too far down the road for that?

  37. Walter Baumgarten

    Greg & Greg, always a double barreled blast, excellent. You two make Chet Huntley & David Brinkley look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. Thank you both for what you do. What Mr. Mannarino understands more completely than 99% of the American public is Fractional Reserve Banking!

    Check it out America and see what it is all about, it is the reason that it all shall fail miserably. And Greg, please stop saying CNN and Mainstream Media, they do not exist, there is only you – thank you!

  38. Tad

    Given any thought to having Steve St. Angelo as a guest? He seems to have the energy aspect of economics nailed down.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea.

  39. James Brown

    Thanks for more great stuff.
    I went to Yellowstone last month. We climbed to the top of Avalanche Peak. It was awesome. No earthquakes though. I spoke with some Russian kids at the Old Faithful lookout. I told them I thought old Clad Putin was one of the best world leaders right now. They were blown away.

  40. Paul ...

    Picture of Killary coping with her de-feet … at least she didn’t lose a shoe …

    • Paul ...

      Hopefully the prison trousers a sign of things to come!

    • Frederick

      Paul You mean webbed feet right

  41. FC

    I would like to believe Mark Taylor’s story of events, but GM’s is more realistic.

    • Greg Hunter

      Taylor did not say there would not be pain in doing something about the debt. The debt has to be dealt with and many will lose before America can become great again. I think both are correct.

  42. Gregory Mannarino

    We sure covered a lot in this one Greg. I hope everyone enjoys this!

    • Greg Hunter

      We did and I loved it!! Thank you for making time to come on!

  43. R. Stephen Dorsey

    I know Mr. Mannarino is a friend of yours but I really suggest that you have a chat with him about his presentation: he talks too fast, he often does not answer your questions directly, he digresses and his presentation just is not logically built. He needs to slow down, build his responses on your questions and assume that not all of us can follow his impassioned presentation. I believe he is correct but it is hard to winnow out the substance from the swirl of words that you try to cope with. Contrast with Bill Holter’s response to your questions and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

    • Jodyp

      Ive had no problem understanding Greg M..Always enjoy the G&G Show!But thats just me.

  44. Craig

    I listen to your show almost every night and I never miss your guest speakers. They are all intelligent with good advice and foresight. They have common sense however, the world and especially the United States and our elected leaders lack this common trait. Maybe just maybe, this is why the stock market keeps going higher, the dollar keeps on depreciating, over a 100 trillion in debt, and we depend more on handouts from Washington. Crazy times

  45. Dan

    The IOUSA will either go through a sudden default or a hyperinflationary burst and then bust. Either way it’s a bust. I like Gregory’s analysis that physical cash dollars may be useful in the very short term but over the long term commodities will be the better investment. Good show Greg.

    • Paul ...

      For the short term when US Government money is still accepted by the sheeple I’m holding my “cash” in physical bit coins called pennies and nickels … not the fiat paper dollar and not the virtual electronic crypto floating somewhere on a vector in Hulbert space!

      • Dan 1

        Nickels are very good if you have the room to store them safely. They are still U.S. Treasury coinage and not Federal Reserve notes. And at current low metal prices there is still about 4 cents worth of metal in them. They are small denominations and when spent would not raise attention like big bills would even if they were not fiat which of course they are.

  46. Frederick

    On the 16th anniversary of the greatest treason in US history everyone should go to the SGT Report and listen to James Perloff discuss what really happened on 911 The truth MUST be revealed for the memory of the victims

    • Justn Observer

      Frederick, Thanks for the heads up !

      • Frederick

        You are welcome Where’s Greg on this? Something’s not right here

    • Corleone

      The evidences of nuclear demolition of the Twin Towers are still under the ground of the new WTC complex. It can be found by using some heavy equipments in the decade to come, even in the century to come. There is a plenty of time to do that.

    • Paul ...

      Frederick … Most likely Obama had similar intel on Netanyahu’s role in 9-11 and why Obama worked against his re-election … … when the US Generals involved in 9-11 salute the flag today … I wonder what they think about during that minute of silence? … perhaps they keep their minds in a “blank state” … and think about nothing … how else can they live with themselves for the treason against their country … and the murder of their own American citizens!!

  47. Will Hawley

    To Greg Hunter

    I listened to your latest posted interview with Greg Mannarino. I agree with a substantial majority of what your guest said. However, you were asking him about how the eventual default of US Treasury debt will unfold. I would be happy to give you my thoughts on this because there only 1 way that I believe it can occur. And I think you were much closer to the mark then Greg was just on this particular part of your interview with him.

  48. Will Hawley


    Further to my previous note, the “default” scenario I have in mind involves the Federal Reserve simply transferring its holdings of US Treasury debt (or a portion thereof) back to the US Treasury. There is nothing that prevents them from doing (other than such being approved by its shareholder (member banks).

  49. Will Hawley

    Final note


    As compared to other scenarios (outright default to private and public holders of US Treasuries OR default by hyper-inflating the currency (USD)) this (transfer of some or all Fed UST holdings back to the Treasury Dept for cancellation) would involve far less trauma

  50. Roger

    Awesome interview. Greg Mannarino is a savvy straight-shooter. I believe he is a good man too. Thank you Greg for having him back.

  51. Jodyp

    Greg,why can’t Greg M’s listeners follow him on the internet anywhere, like me,the dinosaur?

  52. Will Hawley


    What I see happening is that the Fed will continue to accumulate US Treasury debt on its balance sheet. Why? For a very simple and obvious reason. The Fed at the end of each year remits all (virtually) interest earnings it receives on its holdings of USTs back to the US Treasury. Effectively meaning that when the Department of the Treasury borrows from the Fed it does so for free. This arrangement is unique—it only exists when the US Treasury borrows from the Fed. So to the extent that foreigners dump their treasuries and the Fed in turn purchases them, the US Treasury’s interest obligations SHRINK. Ultimately I believe the government will begin issuing debt directly to the Fed. This creates certain other problems none of which are as drastic as some the scenarios posited by Somme of your guests. I’m certainly not an advocate of this as a solution. I don’t wish to be misunderstood as in any way suggesting it is. It’s simply the way forward (in the current mess we find ourselves in) that seems to be more attractive than default (either outright default or effective default by hyper inflating the currency). Yes, of course, borrowing directly from the Fed likely will ultimately lead to a hyper-inflationary outcome BUT going down the path I suggest above would likely delay that outcome

  53. Mike R

    Well this didn’t take too long, after I had warned here on this web-site about the risks of crypto’s. IMHO mainly, the Chinese drove this thing higher. Now let’s see what happens from here. If the Chinese government can regulate and stop trading on exchanges, its just as easy for other governments to do the same. Or worse. In fact, I would argue its far easier to shut down any electronic based currency, than any hard currency operation. AT ANY TIME. and FOR ANY REASON.

    Bye Bye, bitcoin: China to ban commercial trading of virtual currencies
    Published: Sept 11, 2017 3:20 a.m. ET
    BEIJING — Chinese authorities plan to shut down domestic bitcoin exchanges, delivering a final blow to a once-thriving industry of commercial trading for virtual currencies, which took off inside the mainland four years ago.

    The country’s central bank has led a draft of instructions that would ban Chinese platforms from providing virtual currency trading services, according to people familiar with the matter. The move comes after months of scrutiny by Beijing, including a ban last week in China on initial coin offerings, a kind of fundraising via virtual currencies.

    Regulators in China have been investigating the domestic market for bitcoin and other virtual currencies since the beginning of the year. For a while, officials considered enacting anti-money-laundering rules on exchanges, even circulating a draft of such rules for them to follow.

    But the stakes for Beijing grew as prices of virtual currencies like bitcoin soared, adding to the risk of further speculation by domestic investors. Analysts and investors say one reason bitcoin prices rose last year was that Chinese people began using the asset as a way to bet that the value of the yuan would fall. Virtual currencies in theory can allow holders to bypass the traditional banking system to move money outside of China’s capital-controlled borders.

  54. Charles H


    I predict that Houston, Texas will show that America doesn’t have the economic strength or resiliency to rebuild; and represents the nation in general. Only Fed Funds could BEGIN to rebuild: but who would be the owners then? Electronic and technologically – we already have Big Brother; but I just wonder if we ALL will be working for Uncle Sam?

    I just don’t see America rising from the ashes like a Pheonix, when “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony” has been around so long.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Charles, Then it’s time for something new, isn’t it? How about a socialist “people’s” “republic” on either coast, and a true, representative, democratic republic in the center with a new constitution in clear, concise, modern English, which English is clearly and unambiguously declared the official and only language of said republic? And don’t forget to include expressly stated and defined freedom of association (you may sell your property to whomever for whatever you wish, no question) in the new bill of rights? And where one has to declare loyalty to the constitution, under penalty of perjury, before being able to vote? I could go on, but you get the idea. The sooner this mess is over, the better. Best always. PM

      • Charles H

        Man, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

      • susan

        Paul from Indiana, sounds great to me! I’m all for it.

  55. Flattop

    GREG: Some criticism
    Allow Mr Mannarino to complete his thought before you speak your thought. Please


  56. Tommy

    SNL should have Jon Lovitz back as the pathological liar, only this time not as Tommy Flanagan but as Hillary. Put a bleach blond wig on him, a pink pantsuit and let him list all the reasons why she lost the election. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  57. Frank

    This economy is real. Mannarino is always fighting it as are your other guests and they continue to lose time and money.

    If you want my opinion my number is 401 821-3434′

    commodity trader 44 years straight.

  58. Tad

    If you don’t see that Washington is driving to war with Russia you are a dumbshit American
    September 10, 2017 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    If you don’t see that Washington is driving to war with Russia you are
    a dumbshit American

    Stephan Lendman Tells It Like It Is

    by Stephen Lendman

    In response to the Trump administration’s illegal seizure and search of Russian diplomatic properties in San Francisco, a total violation of diplomatic immunity, Vladimir Putin responded to a reporter’s question, saying “Trump is not my bride, and I am not his bride or groom.”

    He and other Russian officials remain understandably furious. US government hostility toward Russia is unrelenting.

    At the weekly press briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova commented on the deplorable action, mocking State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert’s explanation, including Nauert’s claim that Washington seeks normal relations with Moscow.

    “How does the illegality that is happening on the territory of the Russian Federation building, which formerly housed the Russian General Consulate in San Francisco, contribute to normalizing the situation,” Zakharova asked?

    “Why are agents of the US government whom we do not know and whom we have not invited violating our property for who knows what reason? Do these illegal intrusions also ‘contribute to the normalization of bilateral relations?’”

    “Who sent them there? For what purpose? What are they doing there? Why do they feel like they can make themselves at home there? It is the property of the Russian Federation. What are US government agents doing there without permission from Russia’s head of mission?”

    Washington’s action was unprecedented, a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

    “Diplomatic immunity and inviolability of diplomatic premises are enshrined in international law.” They remain unchanged even in times of “very acute crises,” Zakharova stressed.

    “But how does one conduct a dialogue and build relations if Washington violates the agreements it has recognized?”

    Host nations are legally obligated to respect and protect the diplomatic properties of other countries. Entering them for any reason requires consent from the head of mission. [PCR note: this is why the British cannot enter the Ecuadoran Embassy in London and, on Washington’s orders, seize Julian Assange. By violating Russian diplomatic immunity, is Washington trying to establish a precedent that allows the British to violate Eucadoran diplomaic immunity?]

    FBI agents stormed into Russian diplomatic property lawlessly and recklessly, threatening to break down entrances if kept locked, operating like a US Gestapo.

    The FBI’s claim that they were looking for explosives equates Russia’s diplomatic staff with terrorists. Zakharova asked if FBI agents intended to “plant compromising materials” and pretend to find them.

    “Special equipment and technology were brought in…Some kind of work went on. Washingaton did not inform us about it.”

    “A new tonality of relations is being imposed on Russia, ongoing practically every day – going backwards, rejecting cooperation, including at the level of contacts between our peoples.”

    The closure, seizure and search incidents weren’t the first times Washington “crudely violated international law.” Such behavior, Zakharova said, seriously harms bilateral relations.

    “Unfortunately, it threatens to become a new American tradition. Washington not only destabilizes Russian-American relations, but the whole global international order.”

    Tough comments from Zakharova reflect the views of the Kremlin. Russia/US relations are at knife point, worse than any time during the Cold War. Prospects for improvement are nil.

    NOTE from PCR: The Russian Operational Command has already concluded that Washington is preparing a surpirse nuclear first strike against Russia. What do you think this latest Washington outrage, a first in diplomatic history that goes beyond even Adolf Hitler, tells the Russians?

    The American people should be extremely concerned that “their” governmen is crazy off the scale. I mean really, we are confronting total insanity in Washington.

    The insane government in Washington has the entire world on the brink of nuclear armageddon.
    Posted from Paul Craig Roberts’ website.

  59. Ken

    Greg, I believe what Mr Mannarino was trying to explain was this. When the credit system fails it will go like this.

    1. Credit cards and debit cards will quit working. Most people and retailers will chock it off as a glitch in the system and will take cash or a check if you are local.
    2. Personal checks might work for the next 24 hrs if the retailer doesn’t run the check thru at the register.
    3. When the checks won’t clear you will already have a run on the ATMs/BANKS in progress. This is the RED LIGHT SIGNAL!
    4. This is when cash will work for the next 24 to maybe 48 hours. Once the retailers find out that they can not restock because of a problem with the currency it’s game over.
    5. Be sure when making that last dash for extra food that you avoid stores that have a large customer base that use EBTs as they will skip the ATMs and go strait to the store.
    6. Watch your back when paying for and leaving the store, as this could be tricky.

    7. This is based on the fact that most people don’t know/understand what is happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good summation Ken!!

    • Charles H

      Clearer and more precise overview. Courage to tell it like it is. Excellent.

    • freebrezer

      Ken – if credit and debit cards are not working why would the EBT cards be working? I would think that once the electronic clearing goes down, the EBT cards would be non functional! Though, it is to the government (and people) to have the EBT cards working the longest … this because EBT card holders will most likely be the first ones to anarchy.

  60. Mike from the north

    USAWATCHDOG….is a shinning Sun piercing through a Tropical Storm.

    Mr. Hunter…Greg to all of us who understand that you are doing God’s work here know that what you do here is of great importance.
    The level of deception and misinformation being provided by the Mainstream from my perspective is CRIMINAL. (opinion folks so please do not sue me)lol

    It drives me crazy that everyone around me thinks I have fallen over the deep end. They all think I am nuts and crazy because I have some extra food stocked up.

    Look at the people hit by the recent storm now fighting and stealing food and water in the southern Islands.

    These 2 Greg’s are like life jackets floating in the storm waters and we should all be swimming towards them as they are a lifeline to safety.

    May God protect you both.

    Thank You from Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Mike!! Thank you for your Canadian support!!

  61. Mike R

    Oh, but for the irony of this one. A ‘bankster’ calling something financial (crypto $) a ‘fraud.’ I couldn’t stop chuckling.

    “Surprised by the sudden air pocket below bitcoin? Curious if this was caused by some new, unconfirmed Chinese crackdown on bitcoin traders, exchanges, and other money launderers? ”

    No, the answer is Jamie Dimon, who in an angry outburst during the same conference in which he preannounced JPM’s 20% trading revenue drop, lashed out at the cryptocurrency, calling it a “fraud” which is “worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well”, will “blow up” and “someone is going to get killed.” Oh, and in conclusion, “any trader trading bitcoin” will be “fired for being stupid.”

    So how does Jamie really feel?

    P.S. Now that he’s said that, Bitcoin will likely go parabolic some more, and hit $10000.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a good summation and analysis of Dimon’s outburst. Bravo!!!

  62. Ken


    Ken – if credit and debit cards are not working why would the EBT cards be working? I would think that once the electronic clearing goes down, the EBT cards would be non functional! Though, it is to the government (and people) to have the EBT cards working the longest … this because EBT card holders will most likely be the first ones to anarchy.

    Yes they will be the first to panic. But remember at this point say 24 to 48 hours in they will see every one is in the same boat. It still looks like a tech problem. That’s where the clock is ticking for you to get your last minute buying spree done. As I said before go to the store that has the least amount of EBT customers. I would avoid Wally world or any location that has section 8 housing close by.
    Timing is every thing. One other thing I would have 2 others with me, one going thru the store with me and another standing by the vehicle to help with a fast loading.

  63. helot

    Dear Ken,
    Yah, ‘Timing is every thing.’ Which makes me wonder, why would you, ‘have 2 others with me, one going thru the store with me and another standing by the vehicle to help with a fast loading’?

    What in the world would you need from a store that you can’t get now? When shtf, the last place I’d want to be is at Wally World. Heck, I don’t even want to go there now. Your plan seems kind of panic-like, to me. When you say, ‘buying spree’ it sounds like, Pre-planned-panic, imho. …Maybe, think – improved changes. And, don’t go there?

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