Former CIA Director John Brennan in First Wave of Indictments – Dave Janda


By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Dr. Dave Janda is a retired MD that started a radio career. Now, he has a red hot show called “Operation Freedom.” Janda says his sources say indictments are coming soon for those who tried to illegally take President Trump down. Dr. Janda explains, “Everybody who is a freedom fighter is tired of hearing it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, and nothing is happening. What I am told and have been told, and it’s been consistently told to me, is you are going to start to see movement on the indictments after the primaries are over. The primaries are over on August 7th. . . . I think there is going to be restoration of the rule of law. That means serving of indictments. Not 40,000, but a fraction of the sealed indictments will be unsealed and implemented. There are going to be some prime players. My understanding is they are not going to dump 1,000 sealed indictments at a shot. It is going to come in sections and in waves. . . . I think one of the prime players that is going to get dropped in the indictments is John Brennan, former Director of the CIA. I have been told that John Brennan is going to be held accountable for his past actions.”

The historic Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki also featured a secret meeting between the two leaders on Air Force One. Janda explains, “Putin and his team and Trump and his team were concerned that the Deep State would be listening into what was going on. This is why there was such a hysterical reaction after the summit. . . . They were whisked off and actually went to Air Force One because they felt that was the most secure environment where no surveillance could be implemented. This is the third meeting that nobody talks about that was held on Air Force One where information was handed over from Trump to Putin and from Putin to Trump about Deep State players and activities that were occurring in their respective countries around the world.

Dr. Janda spent years as a top consultant to administrations starting with Reagan about national healthcare issues. He’s built an excellent network of political, law enforcement and intelligence sources during the past 30 years. Dr. Janda also says, “Look for movement on election issues after the primaries, too. I believe they are not going to allow cheating (by Democrats). I think they are going to do everything in their power, and that doesn’t mean there is not going to be some voter fraud issues or registration issues, I believe they are going to minimize it.”

Dr. Janda also said there have been “12 attempts on President Trump’s life.” This is a story that has not been released to the mainstream press. Dr. Janda also says the very top people in the New World Order, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, will not escape justice. Dr. Janda says, “If that doesn’t happen, then nothing will have changed.”

In closing, Janda says there is some very good news coming. Janda contends, “I truly believe our country will be far better off, freedoms and liberties restored and a way of life restored that is not a two-tiered system that has one set of rules for players for the Deep State and one set of rules for the 99.9% of us. The country will be far better off, every American will be far better off and the world will be far better off.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.
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After the Interview:

Click here and here for more information about the movie “The Magnitsky Act — Behind the Scenes.” Click here for the actual Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes movie. This is YET ANOTHER new link as the weasels took the second one down as Janda predicted.   It is very difficult to view online as it keeps being taken down not long after it is posted- so watch soon.   Please, all of you, save this movie so we can upload it again and again.  The Deep State hates this movie.   The reports Dr. Janda was referring to in the interview can be found here and here

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  1. Roger P. Carpenter

    This is Good News! I’m hoping that the military will be tasked with prosecuting all cases defined as treasonous acts. Lets pray that our president remains safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      A coup is a type of military operation.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Interesting point!

        • This sceptred Isle

          William, further to our previous discussion about Pakistani rape gangs, I have undertaken further research on the subject. After reading accounts from some of the victims it appears that you were correct and that the religious beliefs of the perpetrators were, at least in part, a motivating factor, along with anti-white/female sentiments.

          Some of the victims reported that passages from the Koran were read during the abuse as well as derogatory references made towards their ethnicity.

          In Pakistan, rape can be used by Muslims as a form of punishment meted out against Christians and members of the Yazidi community.

          I think that your previous argument on the subject was well balanced and reasonable. I would be interested to look at why this appears to be a Pakistani issue as there are other groups of Muslims in the UK that haven’t been implicated in this so obviously there must be cultural factors unique to Pakistan at play as well.

          • William Stanley

            TSI: You’ve set a high standard for truth seeking and humility here, and it’s one I will try to emulate. But, damn it man, did you have to set the bar so high?

            • This Sceptred Isle

              No problem. The evidence ultimately supported your side.

          • Keith wilson

            TSI. Many thanks for admitting i was correct in calling out the Pakistani Muslim gang bangers. Thanks for your support and comments regarding these issues.

            • This Sceptred Isle

              Keith, it appears your comments weren’t as ill founded as I had thought.

          • William Stanley

            TSI: Now let’s look at crime in general in England and Wales. We’ll compare crime statistics for various racial and ethnic groups. For now we’ll leave aside any genetic component. Please click on this link and look at the table:
            You will notice that as a percentage of their respective percentages of the overall population, that Whites seem to be, by far, the most law-abiding group in England and Wales (Chinese are second).
            For example the percentage of Whites in prison divided by the percentage of Whites in the overall population is .81. The comparable number for Blacks is 5.07, which is more than six times as high. For “Asians” the number is 1.27, which is over 50% higher than for Whites. For Chinese it’s almost, but not quite, the same as for Whites.
            Delving deeper into the table, you’ll notice that police tend to arrest Whites at a higher rate, relative to their prison population than for the other groups.
            I am led to suspect, therefore, that the police are setting a higher standard for Whites than for the other groups. In other words, although the hypothesis is far from proved, I’m led to suspect that the police discriminate against Whites and are willing to arrest Whites on less evidence than they are for the other groups, hence obtaining a lower conviction and incarceration rate.

      • Russ

        Always military? If you are saying that there is a military aspect of any coup, then that would open the door to a military court having jurisdiction.

        OTOH, a palace coup (Def: a challenge to or overthrow of a sovereign or other leader by members of the ruling family or group.) is an inside job and doesn’t necessarily need any military. What we have here is more a coup involving those who lost an election resisting the transition from one President to another. Some of those folks were holdovers from the Obama administration who were still working within the administration and didn’t want to follow orders.

        Then there is the action (coordinated or not) of the Fourth Estate. Although not technically in power, they have an immense influence on public perception. The definition of insurrection is:
        “A rising or rebellion of citizens against their government, usually manifested by acts of violence. Under federal law, it is a crime to incite, assist, or engage in such conduct against the United States.”

        So if inciting the insurrection is a crime, then it would seem that many in the MSM are guilty.

        What is interesting to me is that at least a few members of the previous administration both participated in actions against the current President while they were in positions of power (that may meet the definition of a coup), and now they are members of the MSM, continuing that work; that might be considered sedition.

        Fortunately, I’m not a lawyer, so I’m probably missing something very simple. Regardless, unsealing the first tranche of indictments should be very enlightening.

      • Edith Hickey

        Greg, I can’t find the Anderson Cooper/Clapper interview. Do you have a link?

      • Dean Chappell

        12 attempts on President Trump’s life…corresponding to General George Washington having had his horse shot out from under him 12 times during the revolutionary war. He also was in a seemingly impossible war to win.
        President Trump with the military will win, history repeats itself. We will see another miracle.

    • paul ...

      And the “white hats” within the military … better include prosecuting all those 9-11 traitors “within the military” who stood down and allowed Americans to die just when their country needed them the most!!

      • paul ...

        Just in case some don’t know … the “white hats” are our good military leaders who refused to swear allegiance to Obama to kill American citizens on his orders … now what is this I hear from Doc Janda? … Obama is now helping South Africa to kill their citizens??

    • Myriad

      I’m in Australia and am praying for Trump to clean up his security and intelligence agencies as well as the political and judicial branches. The hope is, that if the swamp is drained in the USA, it will have a trickle down effect in other western countries dominated by the globalist CIA and banking cartels etc. if these deep state players are removed from our countries, then we too can have a shot at freedom. We need Americans to fight for Trump and for Trump to triumph.

      • Ian cleary

        I agree 100%australia is just about finish because of agenda 21 and 30 our pm Turnbull is globalist andhas done a lot damage he has to go ASAP mortgage pay jobs are getting fewer and fewer god bless Donald trump

      • Barney Google

        Good on ya Myriad! We’re with ya to the bitter end! ANZUS Forever!

    • sam

      for more info on Browder
      Posted Aug 6, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

      There is also a third film produced which ties Browder, Safra, Magnitsky, and Berezovksy all together and there have been critics of this as well. Something is very strange why this affair ever rose to the level of passing the Magnitsky Act. This appears to be a false flag to demonize Putin and thereby all Russians to justify war. As I have said before it makes no sense whatsoever that John McCain and Congress defend Bill Browder who resigned his American citizenship or care about an accountant who is Russian and dies in a Russian prison when the treatment of American prisoners is no better?

      The intensity is trying to pretend Magnitsjy was a whistleblower is really absurd given the connection of Edmond Safra, Republic National Bank, Hermitage Capital, HSBC, money laundering at Bank of New York. Even CNN had confirmed the money involved in the Bank of New York deal was stolen from the IMF. They changed the story to be the ransom for a Russian businessman. Of course, nobody every name such a businessman who could have paid $7 billion in a ransom. I fear this is indeed the seed of justifying war with Russia in the Middle East.

  2. Dan


    • Dan

      “If that doesn’t happen, then nothing will have changed”


      • William Stanley

        Dan: IMO, that very realization is precisely why the head of the snake will be cut off. The Great Awakening is awesome in its power.
        Where we go one, we go all.

        • Derrick Flyr

          WWG1WGA. God Blessya my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not a dream paid troll.

    • Frederick

      Dan the village idiot has arrived

    • H. Craig Bradley

      First, let’s hear what author Dinesh D’Souza has to say about President Trump and our growing National Divisions in his newly released film: Death of a Nation

    • paul ...

      Wrong Dan … there is zero percent probability indictments by Trump don’t take place … but in any event we the people can easily take down the entire Deep State on our own (slow and steady one Deep State traitor at a time) and make their evil immoral lives a living hell … and why the Deep State is in total fear of us … and are after our guns … by sending their assets (mind controlled operatives) on shooting sprees to kill our defenseless kids at schools around the entire Nation!! …

    • Dan Mooney

      A gnat has a 100 time’s more intelligence than you. What a dunce you are!

    • Dan Mooney

      Yes, dunce means you Dan!

  3. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Dr. Dave talked a lot about the media and their failures. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms have been shutting down and censoring real news for some time now. MSNBC called on Facebook to be shut down entirely to “stop fake news”. I cancelled my cable tv 4 years ago and don’t miss it one bit. We should all tell the cable/satellite providers to stop jamming fake news down our throats. They should not allow themselves to be a platform for fake news and if Facebook ,Twitter and Youtube are expected to censor content on their platforms then Comcast, Dish and Direct tv should do the same.

  4. Jodyp

    Good info, interesting interview, but I’d feel more comfortable with “I know” than “I believe”

    • Greg Hunter

      Jody p,
      He does know and you are splitting hairs.

      • Jodyp

        I do hope you’re right, but I’ll believe it when I see it,Greg.

        • Jodyp

          Correction. I pray you’re right! And I’d love to come back one day to admit I was wrong.

    • jbwentworthe

      Greetings mal and everyone. We cut the cable 4 yrs ago also and have never missed it.. Life indeed does go on quite fine without ad driven mad media- and Netflix is now gone too! We are sailing on without their corruption and increasingly pornographic content. Oh yes, we stopped buying cinema tickets several years ago (with rare exceptions) and happy to watch old movies and some BBC series such as “Yes, Prime Minister!”. Greg Hunter, Dave Janda, Gateway Pundit, Corsi Nation, Daily Caller, to name some of our most consulted news sources keep us well informed,We have moved on into the future with “The New Journalism” and do our best to contribute so they will remain untethered to advertising $$. Thank you Greg for the mission you have chosen. We are better for knowing you via your program.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    Incarceration has never help America before why should it now. I mean these swines can never be rehabilitated,
    tooo late I say, damage has already been done. Prosecution will be a sideshow and media frenzy. Remember denial is not a river in Egypt.
    Rather than waste time on these numpties, wouldn’t it be better to spend the time and money on future worthy causes.
    Redemption is never what it seems.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not about rehabilitation but punishment.

      • BJ

        Keep dreaming Gregory

        • William Stanley

          No longer dreaming, BJ; we are awake. The plan is being executed right now. As Sun Tzu said: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.”
          Trust the plan.
          Where we go one, we go all.

          • Frederick

            William With all due respect I’m not so sure Why almost two years into his administration are horrible folks like Hillary and John “Skippy” Podesta still walking free? It’s VERY disturbing to me anyway I want to see arrests and perp walks to be truly satisfied

      • AA

        Then there a few here that need the same punishment!

        • Frederick

          Yeah trolls like you who post rubbish under letter names right AA Sounds Like the years of alcohol abuse has rotted your brain

          • Anthony Australia

            I meant a few in Australia! So many on here jump to conclusions. Gee Wiz

            • Ian cleary

              Quite happy to introduce them to deep sea fishing

  6. Country Codger

    Great Interview!!
    Two things: You cannot cut the head off of the deep state and win. You have to cut the head off and chop it up completely. Remember, Kennedy tried by firing Dulles and the snake still bit him. Remember, I commented before Trump was elected that the only way was to surround Langley, bring everyone out in handcuffs, including secretaries, try them and hang the guilty parties, release the innocent ones and bulldoze the entire operation, including The Farm.
    Second, the rule of law will not be restored until the president willingly gives up the Emergency Powers Act authority.
    See article here:
    The president MUST surrender the authority back to congress.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Think more than 40,0000 sealed indictments. Think massive leverage and not just prosecution. Think a way out for people forced to help the Deep State.

      • BJ

        Think you’re dreaming greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          When this happens I expect a full verifiable name and an apology “BJ”!

          • Frederick

            BJ another troll using a lettered handle How pathetic are these people?

      • Jim Moore

        Think NSA and the military/industrial complex as a part of the deep-state. It Lee s like “they” didn’t let many people in on the mind-influencing tech and illegal surveillance it took to obtain these indictments. I could have been an autist.

      • Mike R

        and Russia and the US will ‘merge’ in a new world strategic relationship designed to keep our REAL enemies at bay: the EU (Soros), The British, and China. The amount of nukes between the US and Russia combined, would be plenty to ‘neutralize’ every single nuisance country like NK, Iran, and even China. Americans dont realize how British spies, and Chinese spies have compromised us entirely over decades. They are traitorous and demonic, and need to be expunged completely. Only can be done with help of Russians under Putin. Putin is motivated to help Trump and US, especially since the demoncrats threw Putin and Russia under the bus. Russian people don’t despise us, and aren’t envious of the US, like the stupid Europeans or the always communist control freak Chinese. The Russians would prefer to be like us, and operate their country (economically speaking) like the US. Russia is also mineral and resource rich. A very natural ally for us to partner with.

        • Frederick

          Fake evaluation Mike

        • CYRIL

          Agree.with you Russian Christians would like to be friends US CHRISTIANS …BUT THEY WANT MANAGE ECONOMY/SOCIAL LIFE OWN WAY without outside interference…..

    • Jake

      The power belongs to the people(when and if they wake up)not congress.

      • paul ...

        By the power of God the people of this world will make it beautiful once again … for God said to man: “Behold the Earth I have created for you … keep it safe … follow by my example … and let the beauty we love be the things we do … and I promise by doing so … we will meet some day as kindred spirits … beyond the bounds of time”!! …

  7. Christian

    Great interview Greg. I appreciate the long form interview with more information. Your viewers, I think, have an attention span of longer than a few minutes. Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Christian.

  8. Hoosier river rat

    I always look forward to hear dr . Janda’s interview . I tend to believe what dr. J is saying in reference to the indictments. Pres. trump is probably giving the deep state plenty of line before he sets the hook in their jaw.maybe that’s why a.g. Sessions appears to be m.i.a. When in actuality he is keeping a low profile . Now pres. Trump divulged he would like to privatize the fed. Reserve. If he is successful it would strike a serious blow to the int.cartel , its their goose that lays the golden eggs and he would be in my opinion anyway the greatest American president in history,but I hope he has his force field activated . Let’s double down on praying.

    • susan

      I agree Hoosier, we must double down our praying. Not only for the Trump family safety, but also for the entire deep criminals to be punished and then some. This is the most important thing we can do.

      • Carol Smith

        Oh, please, everyone Pray more and more.

  9. Chip2

    Anderson Cooper…

    A picture from his childhood:

    Mother is Gloria Vanderbilt.

    Notice the art piece depicting human sacrifice over the bed.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Interesting! Notice the eye of illumination above the priest conducting the sacrifice (ring any bells?). Also the symbols of the sun and moon can be seen to the left and right of the picture respectively. Take a look at the pictures in the article below.

      “…only by the reconciliation of opposing forces is the Pathway made to true occult knowledge and practical power…”

      —Israel Regardie

      • This sceptred Isle

        On further inspection I noticed in the Anderson Cooper picture what looks to be a ladder to the left of the priest and behind the decapitated head. If you look at the article I posted a link to 3 of the sun moon pictures have a ladder on the left side. Coincidence?

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Also on the Anderson Cooper picture if you look at another picture that shows the whole thing at the top there looks to be a masonic triangle with masonic light coming down. They either are Freemasons or some related mystery tradition.

  10. William Stanley

    Wonderful interview!

    • WD


      One photo has the father in black and white striped suit….very masonic symbol

  11. Adam Giessler

    This is a wonderful interview with Dr. Janda. Thank you for the information.

  12. This sceptred Isle

    sorry, am making a hash of this. This is the link to the video…

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Janda,it is indeed abhorrent that there has been a number of attacks against Mr Trump and his family,this must not go unanswered.
    It is indeed strange or not that our elites here in the UK are intent on using our security forces,the SAS and GCHQ and MI6 and so many others,against the United States in particular and against a sitting president whose sole wish is to make America great again,let’s hope he succeeds and makes our elite eat craw.
    As ever the demise of the UK knows no bounds and we peasants must be enthused by it,I think not!
    The last burgeoning growth sector on the Planet is the pursuit of redefinition. The idea is first to confuse, then create a climate of acceptance, and finally do away with every form of liberty that stands in the way of power. Both Capital and Labour are actively following the same road. It will be the end of the road for citizen freedom unless they’re both stopped.


    John Williams at reckons that the real unemployment rate in the US is 21.4%. Unimpressed by the US State’s insane assumption that all those no longer able to claim unemployment welfare “have found a job”, Mr Williams provides further fuel for my longstanding thesis that no real recovery can occur – if more and more mass-market consumers work fewer and fewer hours for less and less money or have no job at all – because their personal disposable income is disappearing out of sight.

    The term ‘in employment’ has been redefined.
    More here:
    (Maria please use a link to the article in the future.)

  14. David Larsen

    We’re all supposed to believe that, say, you’re on the “left” and I’m on the “right”, and we’re supposed to fight over that, but really we’re both on the bottom. We’re on the bottom of an awful scheme to sacrifice all of us to the desires of the vanishingly small elite holding the reins and calling the shots.

    IT IS all theater. I don’t know how or why, but I’ve felt this since I was a little boy. I was 7 years old when Kennedy was killed. Something just never seemed right. The theater is driven by lies and frauds aided and abetted by the main stream media, muddying the waters after the deep state operation of the day. This guy gets mysteriously killed, that thing mysteriously blows up, this bank commits a fraud, and profits over and above the fine (licensing fee for the fraud really) paid, and no one is ever brought to justice.

    I so hope that you Greg, and Dave, are correct, and that the chain of dominoes are going to fall one by one, faster and faster, and bring an end to this decades long, nefarious scheme.

  15. Adam Giessler

    FYI: AZ, FL, and OK have primaries on August 28, 2018 so I hope the indictments start being released after Labor Day.
    Once again, I loved the interview.
    I appreciate your work.

  16. Jerry

    Great interview Greg.
    I believe Dr. Dave Janda is correct on his assessment and timing of the coming indictments in Mid August. There is clearly a lot of activity in the intelligence community going behind the scenes. And then you have this.

    Once again we have on record that secret meetings are being held in China. With whom? And why? Is anyone’s guess, but the timing of this information in relation to Putin’s secret meeting with Trump is suspect. Clearly the major powers on this earth are planning for something. Given the history of the deep state I would suggest putting your head on a swivel the next two months, as these thugs in the deep state, coupled with the globalist, will not go quietly without some kind of repercussions against the American people. Whatever is coming, will no doubt effect the markets so prepare accordingly. Timing is impossible to predict with something that has so many moving parts and has never happened before. But that fact does not diminish from the reality that we only get one shot to get it right when the time comes. Advance preparation is the key. Those that do not have a plan of action, are planing to fail. Period.

  17. Tv Ruble

    It would a joyous day if this happens, but sadly I think the Deep State is embedded deeper and compromising files on individuals like Sessions, will be revealed if action is taken. I think this maybe the real reason some in Congress are not running again.

    It’s a great wonderful attempt to drain the swamp but I don’t hold much hope. I’m actually tired of the promises of its coming, its coming but nothing happening.

    I’ll rejoice if it does but no plans for a Freedom Party….

    • Greg Hunter

      Deep State is beatable. How do you thin k Trump got elected?? They want you to give up and give in–DON’T!!! “Fear Not”!!!

    • Frederick

      Why would Trump assign Sessions as Attorney General knowing that he is compromised I just don’t get it

      • Greg Hunter

        Who appointed Huber months ago?? What is he doing?? What is Sessions doing? Anybody attacking Sessions or is Rosenstein taking most of the heat from the MSM.

  18. Danny

    Love the show, but I have a hard time believing 40,000 indictments. Maybe 50 or so. I mean who would have done all that enormous amount of work? Certainly not lazy Sessions or his worthless minions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Janda said they would not come out in huge chunks. Listen to the interview again.

      • Danny

        Greg, my point is that each sealed indictment required some leg work to find the crime and then judge it significant. Seems like many of these indictments would be for members of DOJ and FBI. So who would have done all this work? I do not question that there are 40,000 criminals in and around government, media, Hollywood, etc., but I doubt very much that DOJ cares about anything but immigration and getting Trump. The IG report exposed many criminals in DOJ and FBI, but would the DOJ be motivated to create indictments. They will not even turn over documents to Congress, so cover up is the order of the day as usual.

  19. George Lenz

    Hello Greg,
    Dave Janda gives a good account of things, but please tell him to lose the “I believe”. He literally uses this term constantly and it takes away from it’s efficacy.

    Best Regards,

    George Lenz

  20. Steve B

    At this point, all I can say is I will believe it when I see it ACTUALLY happening! Until then, it’s just more of the same old, same old….

    • Greg Hunter

      Steve B. You have been brainwashed to be defeated. Never give up and don’t give in. That’s what they want and you have given in already.
      You did not thin k they were going to make this easy did you???

      • Steve B

        You’re kidding, Right? I’ve been online for over 20 years, hoping to somehow expose the corruption that has eaten our nation away, wake up as many as possible, and restore our once great Republic. I haven’t given up. I’m just tired of all the “Insiders”, and those with “Contacts and Sources”, who make predictions and claims of impending (fill in the blanks), and all other such nonsense, which NEVER come to pass. If (or when) these criminals and traitors within our government are finally indicted and arrested, it is then that I will finally breath a sigh of relief. Until then I won’t be holding my breath. President Trump is up against an evil monster of unimaginable size. I pray he is able to finish the task at hand.

        • Greg Hunter

          No Steve not kidding. If you want “to expose the corruption” why don’t you start by using a verifiable real name and not be anonymous. Be brave man!!!!!

    • William Stanley

      Steve: Bronfman ran in the same circles as many of the Globalist elite. Now she is indicted and arrested. I suspect your desire for actual arrests is being fulfilled, if slowly and methodically. Who will she turn on in order to gain some leniency?

      • Frederick

        William Hillary, Podesta , Huma Abedin , Wasserman Schultz When these people are in leg irons I will agree with you

  21. alan young

    I love the interview you had with Dave Janda, you and Dave work so hard to bring the Truth to us all. I feel ashamed of myself for my own Selfishness.
    I have to put this DOWN WITH HIS DIRECTIVE and Thank Christ for forgiveness to me and US ALL.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

    Best and Grace and Peace

  22. joe

    NYT is owned by Carlos Slim who is not an American. In classic Edward Bernays theory. The unseen puppeteers use propaganda and other methods to cull competition in economic areas that are unprofitable when you have too much business competition and too few customers. Who reads the NYT? not millennial’s, not minority readers, not conservatives. We have liberals and occidental deplorables left. Now they purposely insult their occidental deplorables. And half their liberals. Bad business model. They are being deleted just like Lehman Brothers.

  23. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    It’s my favourite too!!!!

  24. Mark

    If Janda’s sources are similar to Hal Turner’s, then I would take this news with a heavy pinch of salt.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a paid troll trying to sow doubt. You don’t know what you are talking about weasel. Thanks for letting me know we are over the target. Your employers are scared to death!!!!

  25. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    And I too believe he’ll be in charge of CNN before long!

  26. Robert Hinckley

    Looking forward to the start of indictments – – been waiting a long time. John Brennen should be #1 on the list of indictments – – his crimes go a long way back. roberth

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe Hillary will be in the first round too!! Hope so!!

  27. raymond jones

    i think i can hold my breath and wait and see if any thing actualy happens ill be shocked i know trump has done more in 2 years thats positve than every president since nixon combined but i still think he may be the closer and the most popular false choice ever for the office in which he sets….if i were him there would have been several hundred arrests take place in the first minute that i had the power to do so and so would have avoided most of the bs that has played out over the last 2+ years………

  28. Gods Creation

    I guess the guy can dream. I am a realist, and I highly doubt that the deep state will destroy itself. If any indictments do come out, they will only be for show to placate the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a paid troll using “God” in your fake name. Shame on you weasel.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: It looks like “you’re dreaming” is the meme of the day down on the troll farm.

        • Greg Hunter

          And I deleted many trolls that you never saw. You are supposed to give up and give in. You are sup[posed there is no way to beat this evil power. Total bs as you know. They are scared and are hiring trolls to tamp this down.

      • Gods Creation

        I have never, one time, been accused of being a troll. I am just not naive enough to believe anything of any consequence will happen to any of the banksters main operatives in the criminal government the people are stuck with.

        If you are waiting for the government to do something about it’s own criminality, you will be sadly disappointed.

  29. Tad

    Pending indictments aside, could Bill Browder be included and would the Brits extradite him to Russia prosecution?

    A minor charge of lying before Congress seems his US legal destiny. Don’t know if he’s guilty of more substantial US crimes.

    Many US citizens believe Hillary Clinton has a hit squad that she’s utilized over the last few years, if not decades.

    Who wouldn’t want to see the Rothschild or Rockefellers go down? Perhaps this dovetails with a new currency and new banking system that’s hostile to status quo conditions.

    • paul ...

      Supposedly at the end of this year the IMF banksters will pull the pin on their SDR hand grenade (that will shred the dollar in half just at the exact time inflation is rising) and then toss it over to Madonna (part of Hillary’s hit squad) to throw at the White House … unless … Trump takes out the IMF first … by declaring SDR’s to be just another illegal bankster created paper currency … and putting America back on a gold and silver standard!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …, re: “putting America bacon a golden silver standard”
        As I’ve taken my morning walks the past two days I’ve seen golden eagles soaring overhead …

        • William Stanley

          yes, and “back on” as well

          • William Stanley

            Even the spellchecker is sending me signs. LOL. Will I take heed?

            • paul ...

              William … it is Browder who better take heed (he is a foreign national making contributions to influence American elections) … thanks to Doc Janda we now know Magnitsky was imprisoned by the Russians for taking part in accounting fraud where it was Browder himself who stole the money with help from the Deep State in order to fund the Hillary Presidential campaign!

              • paul ...

                Need no spell check to know Browder’s “bacon” is cooked!

      • Frederick

        Yeah sure Paul and pigs can fly

  30. NJ Guy

    Regarding Brennan, hopefully his indictment is for treason and he goes before a court martial. They have the death penalty.

    • paul ...

      And rightly so … he will be tried by a jury of his peers … men who kill for a living … not some easily bribed dumbed down low IQ civilian jury made up of commie snowflakes who support Hillary!!

  31. Suzia

    Wow, a riveting interview. No apologies for the length needed. Very engaging and educational as far as the Russian aspect of it.
    Thank you so much,
    We all need to be on our knees in prayer for Trump and all of those fighting for our country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Suzia. It was so good for me I lost track of time myself. Dr. Janda is fantastic and a real patriot!!!

      • Frederick

        We could use more like Greg and Doc Janda ALOT more

  32. Kirk Oman

    Greg I just want to tell you how grateful I am that I found one of your weekend updates two months ago. I look to you and Dave Janda for the truth… you must know many people are grateful but never tell you God bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kirk. You are very kind to do this!!

  33. Russ

    Outstanding interview Greg. Really great information. I’m looking forward to the indictments being unsealed. Resets of all types — financial, political and a restored rule of law… interesting and tumultuous times … but it’s something that needs to happen. Thank you.

  34. Roland Hovland

    Need link for movie Dave Janda referee to

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s in the After the Interview section.

      • Mike Strohmier

        …and it’s down. Say what you will about the deep state. They do move quickly, and they don’t make it easy…

        Keep up the good work anyway.

  35. wayne smith

    Greg, My name is Wayne Smith I am retired from the Detroit News In 2006 I tried to get a story done about our China Trade deal. This it what it said. and I quote., China for the first 7 years you can put a 19% export subsidy on everything you send to america and for 15 years you can put a 25% tariff on the goods that america sends you. My employer The Detroit News refused to do the story I was told it would rile the people up. I could not believe what I was hearing.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sir are a good man working for a corrupt dying industry that is really simply propaganda and not actual “News” which gives honest facts and analysis. This is why I started USAW!! Nobody walks in my office and sways “tone it down.” I din not know the truth came in “tones.” Lying weasels of the MSM and not giving information to the public is a “lie by omission” which is why I say the MSM not reporting on the biggest failed coup in history is “Too Stupid to be Stupid.” (I actually got this line from the renowned Jim Sinclair at

      • Beverly Kingsford

        It has been prophesied that in the last days the people would turn off their radios and TV’s and quit listening to mainstream news. I see this prophecy being fulfilled. People know the MSM lies and makes up all kinds of crap, so they just quit listening. Too much hysteria. This was prophesied in the 1940’s.

  36. Mark Nash

    Hi Greg,
    I would like to hear a report on the almost 4000 corporate resignations.
    Is this related to the E.O. Human Trafficking and Corruption?
    If so how are these bad actors getting the message, 40K indictments maybe?
    Thanks Watchdog
    P.S. I know about the email issues you are having, so if I don’t hear back from you, I know you consider all posts important.

    • Greg Hunter

      In a word, YES.

  37. Roger D

    Honestly these statements have the ring of gossip to tickle our ears.

    It was 7-1/2 years ago that our Bill of Rights was destroyed by the Republicans’ NDAA. Does anyone actually believe that the tree of liberty can be refreshed without “the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Mercy, just saying that ‘everything is going to OK and we will get our liberties back ‘ is not hope. It is suicide by cognitive dissonance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Roger D,
      “Honestly” you are insulting. You are uninformed. This is NOT gossip. It’s information obtained by sourcing. Stay out of the way please.

      • Roger D

        “Stay out of the way”? Young man, this old coot has been fighting for truth decades before you were born. I can overlook your lack of manners, civility and respect. Maturity in younger generations is delayed compared to mine. But Greg, you will have to ‘disappear me’ just like Apple, Facebook, and the rest who fear what they hear.

        “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin

        • Greg Hunter

          Roger D.
          I don’t have time for niceties. The nation is under attack and evil people are in the process to overthrow our President, Constitution and way of life. Thanks for calling me a young man by the way.

  38. virginia M conway

    Another great interview. All I can say is that my heart would sing if all the predictions came true. From my lip’s to God’s ears.
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Start tuning up for the songs your heart will be signing. I like gargling with filtered water and a little sea salt to warm up.

  39. Anthony Owen

    It’s good for the people to understand the Manichaeism, of the Luciferian Satanic elite. However it is promoting false doctrine to lead them to believe, that there will be a overturning of this Satanic order, and reinstituting of a righteous governance over the People. If you are able to see, and hear, I will refer to two scriptures LUKE 3:6. Read slowly… look at every word. Who is speaking? Give, delivered. LUKE 21:25. Read slowly…. concentrate on the word perplexity APORIA in the Strong’s it is #640 – same as #639 [ as a negative particle] and the base of #4198 TO HAVE NO WAY OUT !

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father can do what he likes and Jesus is in charge and has been since his Resurrection. Matthew 28:18 is clear. God heard our prayers.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        We need to pray and keep praying, but there needs to be more than praying that happens in order for God to go back on prophesies, made by HIS prophets, against this country. We have to face the fact that our nation has been used by international bankers(The Federal Reserve) for evil. Those evil forces have caused all kinds of good men to be killed. Any good man that shows up and tries to make a real difference, is threatened and sometimes they do end up dead. The people of America have not addressed these issues because they’ve been too caught up in getting rich. America is a Land of Promise and a holy land in God’s eyes. So, God is not going to let evil people rule and control this land. But, I believe that God will cleanse this nation because of the passiveness of the people over the years. The Laws of the Constitution have not been followed and government has allowed bad things to happen to good people—like Clyde and Ammon Bundy, like Short Creek Arizona, like mobs killing off Joseph Smith and other Mormon people, like stealing land from people left and right, and using “religious beliefs” as the reason to do so. Banks are stealing mortgages from people and blaming it on “computer program errors.” That’s just bullshit and we all know it, but those bankers are tied into government. God has to clean all this out, and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. And, only those who will NOT kill their neighbors and are willing to flee to Zion for safety, will survive what is coming

  40. Bob from Mo.

    Greg!! One of the best interviews ever!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you my “Show Me” Brother!!

  41. Justn Observer

    Greg….and Dr. Janda…. One of the best interviews….and with the links….EXPLOSIVE !
    All one can say in light of the movie trailer is WOW !
    Seems Potus Trump might have been right to want Browder to be ‘available’ for an interview in Russia? #Browder and HSBC has some explaining to do? lol
    Pretty clear the MSM is part of this cover up!

  42. Cole Davis

    No audio. (This is Greg Hunter I just played it and it’s loud and clear. Check your setting on both YouTube and your computer.

  43. Gary K.


    This has to be the best interview I’ve seen. It was riveting and was packed with great information from beginning to end. Until you said how long it was I hadn’t even noticed how much time had gone by.

    All your interviews are good, but this was really special. You and Janda make quite a team.

  44. Jeannette Rowden

    Great interview with Dr. Dave Janda. He always has so much to share which we need to know. What a surprise to learn Trump and Putin met on Air Force One. Brilliant!
    Sunday is a great day for a long interview. We now know what to watch for in the coming days. Thanks so much.

  45. iwitness02

    Dynamite interview! Sort of a spell binding experience that flew by, time wise.
    Wow! I am truly impressed. Thank you, Greg and Dave, and I mean that sincerely.
    That was the most uplifting interview that I have ever listened to.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not”!!! and thank you. Indictments cometh.

  46. Jess Furnival
    Link to Browder

  47. No Name until I see Justice meted out!

    After the primaries? Why not before? Expose the corrupt prior to their running for election/re-election.

    This article offers hearsay, nothing concrete; other than: We the People are TIRED of waiting to see the dirty corrupt Democrats and Rinos, along with their Fed Masters, and their implanted subversive Deep State traitors, face JUSTICE and prison. The article offers hope….. the Democrats pretend to offer hope….. we don’t need hope, we need action that delivers ‘justice served’ results.

    • Greg Hunter

      The article is not “hearsay.” We call this sourcing and I expect a full verifiable name in the not-so-distant future.

  48. arthur barnes

    Greg, my simple uneducated response to Dr Janda is: We Can Only Hope and Pray!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope is not a strategy but indictments are. I encourage prayer to God the Father.

      • FC

        When I pray I am Hoping and for 98% of the population that’s all we can do.
        So if Hope is not a strategy then what is pray?

        • Greg Hunter

          I hope I get a winning lotter ticket but I don’t pray for it. I buy the ticket. I pray I do the right thing with the money if I win. If we win the nation back from these weasels pray we do the right thing.

          • FC

            Fair enough.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Indictments are a Threat to force guilty persons to admit they did something illegal or immoral. Let GOD Judge them if Man can not.

  49. BLT

    The wheels of Justice huh? Indictments, contempt of congress, negligence or “acted carelessly,” collusion vs tampering, perjury vs obstruction, and the list goes on. Mueller, Brennan, Comey, Louis Lerner, Stroeughck, Clapper, Obama, McCabe, Paige, The Texas Hammer, (aka the Texas Tonail), all still free. Is it just me or could it be that our Founding Fathers were the only lawyers in the history of the world who were not complete blood sucking pieces of garbage?

    Thank you Greg.


  50. james

    GREAT interview, just hop esome of his predictions start to happen after the primarys.

    • Greg Hunter

      “hope” is not a strategy indictments are. Indictments cometh.

  51. Jk

    Unbelievable !
    Spellbinding !
    Are things really that bad?
    If only half of this is true, the backlash will be phenomenal.
    These people won’t go down without a fight.
    Brexit in Europe, where I live, is an attempt to run for freedom.
    The only way is to have them turn on each other.
    Well done Greg
    Awesome as usual

  52. Tracy Welborn

    Greg, that was fantastic. The interview was NOT too long. You and Dave talking about this stuff is super important!
    My question to you in the last post about Q Anon was me wanting you to lend credit to this Great Awakening with your “real journalist” credentials:-)
    Your response that other people are doing a fine job covering it showed a lot of humility. I see that you are needed to report on what patriots in business, government and faith are saying and doing. I do know that you can report on news that you are able to source correctly – like the “unsigned” Iran deal that is really no deal at all!
    Thank you for everything you do, man.
    You’re one of the good ones.

  53. Jk

    PS : the 2 hour film about Bill Browder and his failed attempt to paint himself as a victim is also riveting ! Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes.
    I started watching it at 11 pm and my wife asked me at 1am if I was going to bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Only for people like Greg and Dr Janda (I’m a doctor too), we would be surrounded by darkness. Bravo!

  54. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Hunter:

    One of the best interview you ever have had, congratulations to you.

  55. Southern Girl

    Just wanted you to know our local communist paper the Arkansas Democrat Gazette had an article about the voter fraud. It came form the Associated Press, written by Marina Villeneuve. Caption is “No evidence of rife voter fraud, ex-panelist asserts”. But when you read the article it states that the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, says, “For some people, not matter how many cases of voter fraud you show them, there will never ben enough for them to admit that there’s a problem”.

    Kobach said that the commission presented 8,400 instances of double voting in 2016 election in 20 states. It would appear that this article fools the viewer into their narrative unless you read the whole article. This is just to back up what you ad Dr. Dave discussed.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are socialists. Socialists cheat and lie and steal wealth from other people !!!! The Nazi’s were “national socialists” (National Socialist German Workers Party) Nazi is a combination of that name in German. The lib-tards own the NAZI name and hey the Nazi’s used to call themselves “Progressives.” The MSM are co-conspirators as Dr. Janda said. Of course there is voter fraud and election fraud because the Democrats sure don’t have any ideas normal Americans will voter for. Thank you for the street reporting and the comment.

  56. MCasey

    False Flag In The Making (Maduro Attempted Assassination):

    Watch VIDEO below from beginning…stop when it goes to the parade:
    -Notice man to your right with the baton in his left hand, which remains still at first;
    -Notice when he moves his right arm (1st time);
    -Notice he never acknowledges the drone; although those around him do; especially the man directly behind him in the red cap;
    -Notice when he moves his right arm again (2nd time) just as he prepares to begin the process with the left hand;
    -Notice when he begins to move the baton with his left hand to position the TRIGGER;

    THEN watch VIDEO below and notice the TRIGGER on the baton to “ignite” the drone:
    (ENLARGE TO FULL SCREEN – 2nd video down)

    -Notice how he moves the baton back.
    -Notice there is no “knee-jerk” reaction.
    -For fun, can you spot the “word trigger”….need to know some Spanish.

    To keep this of a single purpose, the “why” is not discussed here.

    • MCasey

      you can actually hear the “click” before the “boom”…..

  57. Southern Girl

    Greg, Had to watch this video twice before I could really understand the bomb shells that were dropping from Dr. Dave. I tried to watch the video and it stopped. I reloaded and will watch it more later on. I had to do research on how the Act came to be in Congress and low and behold was a Photo of John McCain who co-authored the Act. This whole thing stinks to high heaven of our intelligence community. The neocons just don’t want peace.

    Wanted you to know how much of what you both do is very much appreciated. If it weren’t for you guys I would be in the DARK. Thanks

  58. SusanD

    Goodness! What a fabulous interview!! I’m one of those “tired” souls… been waiting 30 years for this! One phrase: BRING IT ON!!! Thanks Greg for all you do!

  59. Andre

    Thank you for bringing Dave the Brave!
    I follow Dr. Janda for years and he is my favorite. He had also great stuff on big Pharma and Vaccinations fiasco which I really liked.

    He raised an interesting point of getting to the head of the snake. But where is the head of this snake? It is buried in the Mistry City – the Babylon the great. The whore with the golden cup full of iniquities and fornication which made all nations and Kings drink the wine of false doctrine.

    “Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

    This is the call of the second angel proclaiming the fallen state of Babylon.

    “Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the DRAGON WHICH GAVE POWER UNTO THE BEAST: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

    The dragon is the “old serpent” the Devil, the Beast is the papal system.

    “Gen 3:5 And I will put enmity between thee and the WOMAN, and between thy seed and HER SEED; IT SHALL BRUISE THY HEAD, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

    Here is a good news: God is speaking to the serpent promising that his head will be crushed. Woman is the God’s church, her seed – Christ, bruising His heal means crucifixion. The story of redemption in one sentence.

    So you have an answer: only Christ will crashed the head of the serpent. When this will happen? Read Revelation 20. To let you know, the chapter 20 of book of Revelation does not describe Christ second coming. This is actually His third coming. Surprised?
    Just a reminder, that I will write nothing related to doctrine that I cannot defend by Bible alone.

  60. Julia

    Hi Greg:
    This is a great interview and please do not apologize for the length. I also appreciate the people who questioned “I believe” as I began to feel uncomfortable also. However, I am glad you addressed.

    Having read some of the comments above stating nothing is going to happen. I am posting this video of Katie Hopkins. I hope people will watch this video of a speech she gave last year to Americans not to stop fighting for their country. The speech is about 24 minutes long. Some of it is funny, some of it very sad, a lot of it not PC. Most of all it is a first hand account of Europe and Great Britain.

    Greg could interview Ms. Hopkins? That is one lady who is not a victim. Keep up the great work. Thank you for everything you do.


    • William Stanley

      Thanks, Julia! Mrs. Hopkins was very inspiring.

  61. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    “Proverbs 11:21 King James Version (KJV)
    21 Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”
    Amen according to Your Work Father in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

  62. Mike Mouse

    Hope some of this is correct, however, nothing Trump has done proves much yet. Official government statistics still all smoke. CPI at 2%; new jobs added 157,000 for July 2018, of which 146,000 were birth death “paper creations”. Big tax cuts when our annual defict is what? A trillion, or considering SS obligations, probably over two trillion. Rigged markets and lying stats prove little.

    Trade war with China setting all our fake markets up for perhaps a rendevous with some reality; a dangerous game. Trump could end the China trade/ currency problem easily: start buying ten billion of gold in Shanghai each hour and bring the gold to America. China could not stand one day of that. Trump not making the obvious move is perhaps a Tell that he is not really doing what we think. If none of the big bankers have sealed indictments that might also be a Tell.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are full of crap and are either a paid troll or are totally uninformed and don’t know what you are talking about. Trump has gotten America out of three gigantic Deep State/New World Order frauds. They are the TPP, the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran (No Signature) nuke deal. This is three big ones off the top of my head.

  63. genocidal politition

    if farm land is turned into toxic waste lands as the conquered depart then there is nothing to seize
    what follows is yet to be determined,
    and where they make a waste land they call it peace….

  64. Paul

    Perhaps the most riveting episode every produced and shown on your website. Thanks to both of you … my greatest hope is the success of the things discussed.

  65. David A

    On “Before it’s News” Locals of Yellowstone are being warned to evacuate in case of an Eruption. Sounding more imminent…But one of your guests said nothing to worry about a year or so ago, right?

    • susan

      David A, I’m a local and we have not received any warning. Unknowing people are always carrying on about Yellowstone. Don’t listen!

  66. flattop

    During the Helsinki news conference, Putin stated that George Soros was he one who attempted to interfere in the 2016 election. To date I have heard nothing more of this. Is Putin correct.

    • Mario

      Soros owns the company that made the voting machines in 16 states I think it was.
      That should tell us something. I heard somewhere a few months ago they were rigged to increase hildabeast by 10%

  67. Sue Robinson

    Another great interview with Dr. Janda. I hope and pray that he is correct about pending indictments and arrests, especially of Mr. Brennan, who is a dangerous man. However, our state level primaries are not over on August 7 as Dr. Janda stated, but in mid-September. Therefore, if Dr. Janda is correct regarding his ‘after the primaries are over’ analysis, the pending indictments will not be revealed until After Sept 13, when the last 2018 primary actually is completed. Between now and then, including on Tuesday, August 7, primaries will be held throughout August and early September in 16 states. With respect, Dr. Janda needs to be careful with his facts. Like many others, I want to believe him. Perhaps he has been told that these first indictments will be revealed after the Aug. 7 primaries, which are being held on Tuesday in four states.

  68. al

    Greg, I believe you will be back to CNN as the head of the operation with full approval and protection of the US Government. The enemy media will be no more.
    My jaw dropped listening to Dr. Janda. What an Interview! WOW! Excellent journalism!
    It’s an honor to post on your site and when the day arrives that the enemy media is fully buried, I can truly hold my head high and say “I posted on this great Man’s web site”, USA WatchDog.
    God bless you Greg and all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!!

    • WD


      Is CNN and rest of MSM bleeding the money you say they are? They do seem very desperate.

  69. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Every day I wake up more appalled at the state of affairs than the day before. Dont you realize what is happening ??? Trump is turning America into a first rate hell hole. Everything he does spews hate. Journalists cant even cover his stmp speeches without being threatened and attacked. All anyone hears from this Nazi . . . (Woah, “Gina” You snowflake lib-tards own the Nazi name. You are socialists right??? Yes you are. The Nazi name came from pre WW!! German and Halters party named the “National Socialist German Workers Party” The term Nazi in German was the combination of the name “national socialist.” Nazi, got it. You own it. This is your history and you are trying to brand Trump falsely with YOUR history and evil. Not going to work. Trump stands for the Constitution which is for freedom and liberty and the Bill of Rights. Your Democrat party is now revealing that it is socialist and that stands for theft, leis, suppression of free speech, atheism and tyranny JUST LIKE THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY OF HITLER NAMED THE NAZI PARTY. Go lie and thought shape and falsely accuse Trump somewhere else. You weasels don’t have a single policy that would make people vote for you, so you never put forth any ideas to make things better. Democrats are running on a platform of hate and lies.)

    • FC

      I try and make a point not to reply to Gina’s comments, but this one here is an exception, can someone please explain to me what she is trying to say?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Greg that is a really confusing hybrid message. Why didn’t you just reply underneath?

      • Greg Hunter

        Because I did not want o give her a platform to call Trump a Nazi, Racist, criminal and all the other lies and brands she is trying to promote.
        The liberal Marxists/Communists/national socialists simply have to lie. They have no ideas that people really want or will make their lives better. Got it??

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Greg, Do you call what you did to my post indicative of journalistic integrity ? What kind of person are you now ? Look at what you are becoming. It’s sad when someone who prides himself on being an upstanding journalist behaves in a manner like this.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Just a quick FYI Greg, that there are people in powerful places who are working on pulling your website off the internet altogether for hate speech violations.

        • Gina M Mancarella

          Your Youtube posts will be nothing but a memory very shortly !

          • Greg Hunter

            So you really are connected to the “Deep State” and are a paid troll. Don’t you feel better getting this off your chest?

            Oh, and one more thing, the national socialists/progressives/Nazis of WWII Germany also suppressed free speech. They could not compete with the truth, so they silenced the truth tellers. They also burned books that did not agree with their evil policies. Isn’t taking Alex Jones down and promising to take like me down simply a new age twist of what the Nazi’s did?

            • Gina M Mancarella

              Greg, You and I know that there is no such thing as this so-called “Deep State.” You have more in common with Alex Jones than you know. Just like the twin towers in NY were taken down by the US government ?????? Your credibility is going straight to hell.

              • Greg Hunter

                And you have more in common with the “National Socialist German Workers Party” that YOU know.

          • WD

            Not only are you a troll Gina, but a left-wing Nazi
            (well all left-wingers are Nazis).

            Whats next Gina, a bunk at a concentration camp? You know you make me believe there are FEMA camps with a bunk and my name on it….God you people are SICK!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          What Hate speech??? Because I use the word weasels for describing paid trolls???

          Oh, and one more thing, the national socialists/progressives/Nazis of WWII Germany also suppressed free speech. They could not compete with the truth, so they silenced the truth tellers. They also burned books that did not agree with their evil policies. Isn’t taking Alex Jones down and promising to take like me down simply a new age twist of what the Nazi’s did?

          • Gina M Mancarella

            “”””What Hate speech ?”””
            Are you really that oblivious ? You claim that democrats are evil, nefarious and luciferian. If that is not hate speech, I dont know what is. And you also say “paid trolls.” Show me my paycheck for taking time out of my day to post honest comments.

            • Greg Hunter

              You see we define “Hate speech” differently. I call what I said truth speech and you simply “hate” it I think hate speech is what the brand new hire at the NYT, Sarah Jeong, tweeted out a few years ago that said things like “dumbass f##ing white people.” The NYT hired her despite her hate and racism. Isn’t that what “hate speech” really is all about. You simply are making crap up, and faking outrage. You don’t have any ideas and this is really all you have. Don’t come here if what I say offends you. Oh, I am sorry, you are the party that wants to decide what is appropriate speech and WANT TO CENSOR AND TAKE DOWN PEOIPLE THAT DON’T THINK THE WAY YOU DO. This is the exact same thing the “National Socialist German Workers Party” did in Pre WWII.
              Peace “Gina”!!

          • WD

            I studied Con Law for a year, no I am not an expert) but if I remember correctly there is a point when an organization or company can become quasi- public…essentially it means that the functions of a private company become so entrenched and crossed with public purpose that you really cant separate the two out after a while…I believe that Facebook, APPLE, TWITTER , TUBE will have a real problem saying they can ban who they want to and claim they are private. When they allow nearly everyone to post on their site. They have essentially become a “public platform”…so how do they pick and choose who gets deleted….its obvious that there is no standard….the point is have these companies crossed over into truly being a public platform.
            2.) Considering that all of these companies banned Alex Jones within 12 hours of each other and with CNN encouraging this. I really believe Alex Jones has an EXCELLENT case for conspiracy and collusion….it may not be a crime but AJ could take these guys to civil court…there could end up being a mass class action against these companies. Which would not be hard to prove.

          • eddiemd

            Don’t be baited by the trolls. Just don’t post anything that they send you. We won’t miss them.
            They are attempting to take you down. Don’t give the an opening.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you EddieMD. I post only a fraction of the troll comments. I just want people to know what they think and expose their tactics. Your point is well made and well taken though.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Maybe she is an animal rights activist defending the reputation of weasels as they seem to get a hard time on here.

      • Greg Hunter

        So sorry you don’t like the truth about where the term Nazi came from (national socialism). Hey do you know what the Nazi’s called themselves before WWII? “PROGRESIVES”!!!

        Oh, and one more thing, the national socialists/progressives/Nazis of WWII Germany also suppressed free speech. They could not compete with the truth, so they silenced the truth tellers. They also burned books that did not agree with their evil policies. Isn’t taking Alex Jones down and promising to take like me down simply a new age twist of what the Nazi’s did?

        • Gina M Mancarella

          I am not a Nazi. Trump supporters are mostly Nazis. (This is Greg Hunter I have deleted most of “Gina’s” comment. Here we go again, with the false narrative and false branding. YOU and the PROGRESIVES (That’s also what Hitler’s party was called) own the Nazi name. It comes from the contraction in German of “national socialist.” The “National Socialist German Workers Party” is fact of history. Their is not one thing that Trump supporters support that is Nazi. Trump supporters support free speech, and the Constitution and individual rights. You Progressives do NOT support free speech and do NOT support the Constitution. Gina, if you want to comment here, please tell us all the ideas that the Democrats have to make our lives better. Stop the lies (Because that’s all you have) and stop falsely calling Trump and his supporters “racists and Nazis.” Give us some ideas that will make our lives better please.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Do you really believe this? Or is this just more of the talking points you’ve heard on CNN. SOD

  70. Liberty

    Great interview Greg.

    I really hope that those elites will pay for their crime.
    I really would like to know from you, Dr Janda or others their opinion, when you spoke about a reset that might arrive over a long week-end what would or might be the situation after this reset occurs? In the last interview with Dr Janda, he spoke about this reset.
    It would be nice to have an analyze of how people might react, do you think that robbery, riots will increase, etc.. ? Unfortunately a lot of people lost their moral values.
    Do those experts think that the supplies chain might stop?
    Can we expect a worst situation than 1929?
    Do those experts think we should go out of the cities, and try to grow our own food?
    How much time those experts think that this collapse/reset might affect our life?

    PS: Sorry my English is not perfect my mother tongue is French.

    • Mario

      Hi Liberty
      Nobody knows when the poop is going to hit the fan but it will. It’s getting closer and closer everyday. Many smart people thought it would have happened by now but the deep state /elite have managed to keep kicking the can down the road. They want a reset and they can do it easily when they want to but it also might happen on its own. The economy is debt based as you should know and fiat currency has always returned to the intrinsic value of zero!
      I don’t think we will see 2020 without something major happening. It could happen sooner or maybe by 2025 but it’s going to happen. Have a listen to Bill Holter sometime.
      Things you should focus on
      1. Get right with God/Jesus
      2. Get out of the city
      3. Store some water and water purification items like Sawyer Mini or Lifestraw and water purification tabs.
      4. Store some food such as rice, beans, pasta, freeze dried vegetables and fruit.
      5. Buy some silver (1 oz rounds and 10 oz bars).
      6. Stash a bit of cash as it will be still accepted at the beginning then it won’t be.
      7. Medical supplies, general stuff plus stock up on any prescription meds you and or family need. Get some antibiotics.
      8, Any supplies you will need for children.
      9. Any supplies you will need for pets.
      10. A rifle, hand gun and shotgun along with ammo.
      11. Crank shortwave radio and handheld HAM radio and set of 2 way radios.
      12. Batteries AA, AAA, 9V
      13. Back up power system. Solar is the way to go. (4) 6V deep cycle AGM batteries, 2-3 250W or more solar modules, 30-45A charge controller and 2500-4000W pure sine inverter.
      14. Seeds (vegetable)
      This is just the a few of the things you should do but is a good start.

  71. Jerry

    Everyone knows there’s no such thing as bailouts? Better check again.

    Like pounding sand down a rathole.

  72. John M.

    The deep state/shadow gov’t/globalist cabal was largely responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991) and they stole many resources and wealth in that chaos. Much earlier in history, the deep state also financed the Bolshevik revolution (1917), killed the Czar Nicholas Romanov family, stole Russia’s gold and wealth, and enslaved the free people of Russia/Eastern Europe with communism.
    I think that nearly all ensuing wars and revolutions are distractions used by the deep state to control nations, pillage their wealth, and conduct highly-lucrative complimentary activities for the elites such as large-scale drug and human/child trafficking. The deep state’s latest psych-op tactic to accuse Russia of interfering in the American political process is way beyond plain silly, as it’s common knowledge that the deep state uses American intelligence and manipulation in the internal matters of nearly every foreign nation, and their elections. Most importantly of all, the globalists/deep state mainly controls countries through their central banks, especially from their major command centers of the Fed, London, and Basel. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that Trump, Putin, and Xi cut the head off of that big Anaconda snake that is sucking the life and freedoms of ALL people in the world.
    For decades, the deep state has been largely successful in fleecing the wealth and freedoms of Americans too, but Donald Trump seems to be frustrating their plans at the very place that freedom needs to make its last stand for the sake of the entire world.
    Christianity and our Constitution are the only major obstacles to global fascism and a One-World Gov’t.
    Please continue praying a lot for our President, so that God may have mercy on America and the world.

  73. Mike Mouse

    I am surprised that you can not take honest questions. (This is Greg Hunter. “Mike Mouse,” I am not getting into a debate or taking your dishonest questions from a paid troll with a very stupid name.)

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Trolls are people too. Listen but don’t agree. Toleration and moderation is Key Here.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trolls are paid weasels and are not welcome or tolerated here.

  74. Tad

    Netanyahu’s case against Iran doesn’t hold water case according to retired intelligence professionals.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are these the same “intelligence professionals” that stood by and allowed the fraud of the no signature nuke deal with Iran. NOPBODY signed it, and yet these “intelligence professionals” never offered a peep in protest or warning. There were c130’s with tons (Yes, I Mean tons) of $100 bills on pallets and these “intelligence professionals” did not know about this fraud???? Nobody not, US Not, Iran Not, Germany, Not France, Not the UK nor Russia and China signed this fraud??????? I call BS on this article and your “intelligence professionals”. I think they are just Iran apologists, and Jew hating weasels.

      • Tad

        I believe I wrote retired professionals. That doesn’t mean they have access to ongoing intel operations. That doesn’t mean they didn’t hear anything throughout the grapevine.

        While it’s clear JCPOA was mostly a sham agreement, I’ve repeatedly asked whether the IAEA has regular inspection teams verifying Iran’s adherence to its “spirit.” Do these inspections come under another UN mandate?

        Perhaps the ultimate reason Mr. Trump has “torn” it up,
        along with the realization that no signatures meant no agreement.

        I’m hoping that direct discussions with Mr. Rouhani will yield at least the US names who’ve received the alleged bribes.

        I don’t think their Jew-hating weasels. They’ve probably read history and the Balfour Declaration differently than you.

        As you are well aware and reluctant to admit, AIPAC and sister organizations control the media and most Washington politicians. To be fair, I’ll throw in Saudi Arabia and China.

        I would recommend interviewing Philip Giraldi. Thought I would throw that out for evenhanded’s sake.

        • paul ...

          Tad … hopefully Yair Lapid will replace Bibi … he is a man who believes in doing “the right thing” even if it has political consequences!! …

          • Tad

            I wouldn’t be too optimistic. Netanyahu is keeping the greenback flowing from Washington. That’s probably his number one function and what will get him reelected.

            Israel is a bit like Mexico, without direct geographical attachment. Essentially, a welfare-client state. A bit more complicated in other areas, but that’s the gist.

  75. DachsieLady

    Here again today is posted what Dr. Janda requested a link be posted to.
    2 house, 5 minutes and 19 seconds video time length
    full English language version

    The Magnitsky Act, Behind the Scenes

    Der Fall Magnizki
    Udo Bastians
    Published on Jul 25, 2018
    Bill Browder und seine Geschichte vom Tod des angeblichen Whistleblowers Magnitski
    thx to CaptainWho and telepolis
    People & Blogs

  76. Dennis Valenty

    Those indictments must include at some point the media whores that lie on a daily basis.

  77. Bill buchanan

    Successor server for DNC?

  78. bob

    god bless you greg, and you’re family

  79. Marcus

    Now that was reporting factual news awesome work Dave Janda, Greg when you stay to the facts you are at your best well done.

  80. AndrewB

    Hi Greg – thanks for a truly brilliant interview with Dr Janda!
    The ‘Magnitski Act’ documentary, linked to in your ‘After the Interview’ section has been taken down. I managed to watch it in full (before your latest Janna interview) using a link provided within a Zerohedge comments section – but it was also taken down same day it was posted. The documentary is one of the most convincing I have ever seen as it clearly depicts the producer’s painful epithany from pro-Browder narrative, to truth. The suppression of this film mirrors the suppression of free speech evident in our so-called ‘western democracies”. . . . Great to hear DJ call out the real villains – those astride the corrupt political class. Trump really does have a Herculean task to reign in this evil.

  81. Fredrick Getzschman

    Another great report. Thanks.

  82. Jane

    Just a clarification, when Trump said “should I do it before the elections or after?” he was referring to shutting the government down over the border wall funding.

  83. Lee

    So many people still asleep and unaware. MSM filtering news keeping their followers in the dark because they know most people are too lazy to do their own research. Many people will be shocked when the truth finally comes out.

  84. leroy miller

    Greg,you do a great job constantly but when Mr Janda said he could not figure out how Mr Trump was able to survive with all the secret societies and groups of people who wants Mr Trump replaced you did not insert the protection that is coming from God,the only one that can keep our president safe who has a covenant.Watching Mark Taylor and believing the word he speaks about is is so positive and inspiring,i recommend to all. Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Leroy!!

  85. dan

    Maybe these “indictments” will happen in a much bigger way then even you expect IF it looks like the Republicans are going to get shallacked in the mid-terms, and trump’s ass is going to be hanging out just waiting to be butt kicked into impeachment proceedings (regardless of merit).

    I’m sure he will want to go down taking as many of these putrid politicians with him as he can, or else maybe do some “horse trading”.

  86. David

    Dollars added to the U.S. debt by recent presidents during their term:
    John F. Kennedy: 23 B, 8% Increase
    Lydon B. Johnson: 42 B, 13% Increase
    Richard Nixon: 121 B, 34% Increase
    Gerald Ford: 224 B, 47% Increase
    Jimmy Carter: 299 B, 43% Increase
    Ronald Regan: 1.86 T, 186% Increase
    George H.W. Bush: 1.554 T, 54% Increase
    Bill Clinton: 1.396 T, 32% Increase
    George W. Bush: 5.849 T, 101% Increase
    Barack Obama: 8.588 T, 74% Increase
    Donald Trump: As projected in the FY 2019 Budget, Trump will add 8.282 T, 41% Increase. If so, Trump will add almost as much debt in four years as Obama did in eight years.


    • Mike R

      Thats called cash vaporization. Aka Hyperinflation. The value of the dollar is quickly become worth less and less. The reason we don’t see it happening in real time, is that other fiat currencies are being vaporized at an even faster rate. Our relative ‘strong’ dollar just isn’t being devalued as quickly. Its like a massive rock and a boulder being dropped from a few miles high. Both are plummeting. One is just dropping a bit faster than the other. Both will hit earth, and be totally vaporized.

      this is why you hold gold and silver.

      Some day, the prices will go so high so very fast, you wont be able to find any to buy.

      • AndrewB

        Mike R
        Sorry to be a ‘nerd’ but both the ‘massive rock and the boulder’ (assuming the same density) will fall at the same velocity and hit the ground simultaneously. This trivial scientific fact is not intended to detract from your observations about the falling real value of all fiat currencies. As Jim Willie so succinctly puts it, “The dollar, the yen, the pound, and the euro are like tu*ds flushing around the toilet bowl. They change relative position but they are all going down the pan.” I may not have the quote word for word but the sentiment is loud and clear.

  87. DerStan

    I wont hold my breath…

    • Greg Hunter

      Please do DerStan.

  88. Robert P. Dorn (Bob)

    Hi Greg!

    Thanks for this interview with Dave Janda! Wow! Hallelujah! As you are aware, the movie has been removed from the internet. Again. I believe that there is a workaround: Make the movie available on DVDs. Distribute it to Churches, and other reputable organizations: For sale, and/or viewing. Churches have large sanctuaries where movies can be shown. Hollywood is corrupt, and the Father is taking them down. Churches can be used as theaters, Christians can start movie companies, and these movies can be watched in Churches.

  89. Jackie Puppet

    Just in case DachsieLady’s YT link is shutdown, it can also be downloaded via Bit Torrent, which is how I grabbed the film.

    I’m already registered at ConCen, but I don’t believe you have to be registered to download (I’ve DLed many a torrent while logged out) (if you do need to be registered, it’s free anyway).

    Think of the link as a backup in case YT pulls the video (BitChute & already have:

  90. Erika Miller

    To the KING OF REAL NEWS and Dr. DAVE JANDA: Thank you for this dynamite show. Where else can you find this type of news? INSTANT KARMA is coming soon. And MOTHER EARTH is getting ready to spiritually cleanse all its children to pave the way for a new Golden Age. I just cannot wait to see it all happen in my own lifetime. Terrific show.

  91. Prophet

    The reason God gave us free will is so thru our failures we can see man cannot rule man…Personally i believe Americas foundation had more hope of perfection than any other throughout history…We as a whole have turned away from God, same sex marriage
    abortion, pick your poison…The book of revelation shows the masses moving away from God not humbling themselves before him…As far as Obama or Hillary going to prison, i dont see it happening….One thing i do know for sure , today is going to better than tomorrow…………….Until our lord and savior comes back, mans justice will fall short of our expectations…

  92. Arthur

    Because of the Infowars situation I deleted my Google account today. I never had accounts at all the others involved such as Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and whatever. Anyway, I plan on never clicking on a Youtube link ever again. Greg, will you consider moving to Gab or at least uploading your videos there in addition to Youtube for the time being? Besides, I figure the tech giant thought police will get around to you eventually anyway.

  93. Jane Farmer

    Greg: you and Dave were on fire. LOVE IT!
    That hour and change simply blew by….I could have listened for another.
    Dave has some incredible insights and listening to the two of you was very uplifting.
    Thank you both!

  94. Jess Furnival

    Good morning Greg,
    This was a great interview, I’ll still be surprised when anyone is held to account. I’ve followed your podcasts for some time now and you are one of the few fighting to save the real America I once knew, however, I have a ‘bone’. You hammer on about the JCPOA not being signed, regardless, it was still a deal. Would you care to hazard your best guess on the number of signed treaties the USA has broken over the last 250 years, my hunch it’s pretty close to 100%
    Best regards,

  95. Marcus

    Greg I have been digging deep into American President Lincoln and Tsar Nicolas 11, In 1857 organised a plan to prevent the British Empire from taking Alaska with Russian intel . These two men should be remembered as the two Liberators. The two leaders wanted to build the biggest rail road system the world have ever seen, Central North America TradeDevelopment Corridor. This was planned by President William McKinley and Russian Tsar Nicolas 11 to break the power of British Empire results in both of their Assassinations……British are the Evil deep state.

  96. Marcus

    Is this what Trump and Putin want to do , they both love building…. Holy smoke why is this note spoken about

  97. Jerry

    Proof the markets are rigged.

    Look what happened to money velocity in the last quarter. Case in point. Notice the uptick just before it bottomed? That’s a clear sign that money was injected back into the system to avoid a seize up of liquidity. The central banks and the fed are clearly in control of the markets and any predictions of market trends using graphs or trading mechanisms are meaningless. Bottom line, the central banks will collapse the system when THEY are ready and not before. The only true indicator will be the crash of the precious metals market just prior to the reset, as the central banks place their orders for cheap gold to fill their vaults with. That’s according to Jerry’s greed indicator.

  98. John M.

    Jerry, you are so right! Everything we see is fake and rigged, so we all must think for ourselves and learn from the many tragedies of the past.
    It’s hard for me to believe that Trump and the good guys are winning unless they can truly break the stranglehold of that octopus called the central bank cabal. We will have to wait and see if they have a good surprise planned for us with a new honest monetary system, which I consider as important, if not more, than arresting all those corrupt traitors and pedos. The corrupt US dollar system is our primary problem because it is the motor that runs the cabal.
    The manipulators can crash the paper price of silver and gold all they want, but will they be able to buy actual physical metals at lower prices? Can they even buy adequate tonnage at premiums of say $1,500/oz? These tricksters and clowns are capable of creating lots of mischief, but I doubt they can source much metal at higher than current prices. I bet they already have their ample stashes that they stole long ago. But China and Russia are the real accumulators that we need to watch as they will probably be calling the shots. You are right to suggest they are greedy, among many other curses on humanity.

  99. ralphie

    I’m so glad that SERENDIPITY brought me here (redirect from thelastrefuge comment section) at this point in time as I’d literally been looking EVERYWHERE for the continually disappearing The Magnitsky Act film. What a great informative website as well. Sherlock at put up an excellent article recently on the wisdom of utilizing military tribunals that I highly recommend.

  100. Hoosier river rat

    G.m.mancarella, Gina if you are a paid troll your a traitor selling out your country and if you are not a paid troll I wasn’t aware they provided internet access at the mental institution

  101. WD


    Things are happening but are buried to shut them down. If you look at the path that got Trump in WH…there has to be a God…just look at this path… more and more blacks are turning to Trump…. He seems to win at every turn ( hope it continues). CNN must be on fumes as many other of these Jurrasic Park Media…they have to be hemorrhaging cash.
    Mark Taylor is right on so many things just look behind the curtain,,,, much is happening and I didnt believe it at first I do now….I sure hope he is right about these mideterms I really do!!!

    If Dem party loses another 5-7% of black voters, they are done!

  102. WD


    If FB, YT etc are SELECTIVELY taking down certain Republicans ads and not there competitors they could have a real problem.. I mean with all the selective deleting they are doing they could be facing years of lawsuits….and if they are doing it to Christian sites which I believe they are….then that is a big deal….

    PS After I saw Dinesh’s movie, I will only refer to the left as the Nazi left now!! I believe we should push this and push this hard…the Nazi Left. Or the Left Nazs!

    Greg I am ready for war with these sicko freaks!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      The term “Nazi” was a German combination for the two names “national socialist,” as in Hitler’s party “National Socialist German Workers Party,” and don’t forget Hitler’s party also called them selves “Progressives”!!!!

  103. Zach Hendrix

    I personally doubt that Trump has the power to over through the very top dogs (Rothchilds, Rockafellers, etc). If any of these criminals are actually brought to justice, as Dr. Janda suggests, what you will see happen is this. Members of Evil Incorporated will gather in a huddle, conspire together to overthrow the government, and they will find a way to end the Trump presidency. Whether it’s by eliminating him or perhaps by crashing the world economy, one way or another they will cause all Hell to break loose. This bunch are not going down without a huge fight… and they have all the power and all the money and own 90% of the politicians in the world. How are the American people going to fight back when Evil Incorporated simply stops the food trucks from rolling or turns off the water supply or shuts down your bank account? They have power to do all of that. People who don’t have food are not going to be in a position to worry about what Trump is doing. I hope Janda is right, but I just don’t see this happening in the way he is suggesting. If he’s right… we have one gigantic mess waiting around the corner.

  104. Peggy Lou

    Here we go. Right on schedule as Dave Janda said. August 8 day after last midterm first indictment dropped GOP NY rep on insider trading within the hour this morning.

    • Greg Hunter

      BINGO and it was on the GOP side. Brilliant and good catch. Thank you.

  105. WD

    Hey Greg,

    Late to this interview….AMAZING!! Absolutely one of your best , maybe your best!!
    How horrible it is that it all drains down to evil Satanic roots..

    Thank you !!!!!

  106. Mike Strohmier

    I know you just had another great interview with Dave Janda, but has he heard (or have you heard) any updates on John Brennan? Keep up the good work.

  107. P

    I hope they cked that whole plane after the meeting.. Russians are known to bug everything and anything they can!

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