Greatest Crash in History Coming in 2019 – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst Bo Polny made a huge contrarian call on election night 2018. He predicted the stock markets would not rally but sell off by the end of the year. He was right, the DOW was down nearly 20%. What is he predicting now? Polny says, “The reason the stock market crashed in the month of December is because, basically, we are leading up to the greatest crash in history, which is going to hit this year. The crash that happened in December is only a prelude to what comes this year. So, that was only leg one down, and leg two is going to be much, much worse. It’s a replica of the great crash of 1929. That massive crash is about what is to be experienced this year but worse.”

Polny thinks the next stock market selloff will start in June, but not everything sells off.  Gold, silver and cryptos are going to spike higher. Polny explains, “The crash that comes in July is going to blow away the crash that comes in June. Then there is going to be a rush to safety. People will flee to safety. Remember, how much money have they printed? How much money do we not know that they printed? You know about that whole game of the $21 trillion in ‘missing money.’ With all of this money that has been printed, all of this money has to go somewhere. People will lose faith and confidence in this paper based system. The cycle . . . foretells the end of the paper based monetary system beginning in July. . . . Gold is going to jump in June initially. They are then going to try to hammer it back down. Once it jumps, they are going to start to lose control. When July hits, that’s when it will get pretty epic. By year end, Bitcoin, gold and silver will all, all be at new all-time highs.”

Polny adds, “When you do time based analysis, you have direction and time. So, what I know is the stock market has a down cycle into the end of the year. What price the stock market hits by the end of the year, I don’t know. I will tell you it’s probably a 40% crash from the top as a guess. . . . One of the things out of being here today and get out of this is to protect your family. Protect your family with an ark of safety. What is an ark of safety? Having food and water in your house and also having means. They have kept down the price of gold and silver because if it goes up, it’s the end of the paper game. This is also going to bless God’s people. You can’t have that because this is a fight between good and evil. Moses said to Pharaoh, ‘Let my people go,’ and that is where we are. These are Biblical times. . . . God says prepare. We are going to see gold and silver explode between year end. I believe the fireworks are going to hit in July, but I also think the start of it will hit in June.”

Polny says the changes in the financial system will be vast. Polny explains, “A new financial time point will begin, a new era of time begins before the end of this year. The world will change into a new system.”

Polny says the new system will not be paper based. Polny says, “What is paper? The U.S. dollar, the Treasuries, the stock market, 401(k)s, IRAs, derivatives, and all of those instruments were used to control the price of gold and silver. When events happen that destroy the paper based system or the faith based system and confidence breaks, you are going to have massive fleeing into something that actually holds value. . . . Blockchain will become the next ‘go to’ in terms of monetary transactions. So, blockchain . . . and major crypto currencies, gold and silver, those three things are going to be the three huge assets in the future because the old dies. The whole point we are talking about is prepare, prepare and prepare.”

Join Greg hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst Bo Polny of

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After the Interview: 

There is some free information on To see Polny’s latest free video that lays out his many correct calls on Bitcoin, along with specific future calls on cryptos, as well as predictions on stocks, gold and silver, click here. To become a subscriber to Bo Polny’s cycle predictions for crypto currency click here.  For gold cycle analysis click here and here.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    Let’s celebrate life and freedom of speech.

    • paul ...

      AA … We may come to regret charging Assange with espionage … soon we may not be able to celebrate freedom of speech any longer!! …

    • John Galt

      I dont understand….nothing has changed no major dollar devaluations, no opec stance on golfd for oil etc etc. Why all of a sudden a fiat currency collapse. It would take something huge and catastrophic to make such a quick turnaround and prediction. Makes no sense. Surely we are Rome and will one day wipe with dollars but June and July, seriously. Thats BS…..

  2. Boris Badenough Badenoff


    The collusion delusion is no longer
    But the criminal, constant delusion, of never ending war must! Trump is now free to do just that and yes, he will! Mark these words!

    He is our president, who can and will, do it. Like Bond, there are heavenly forces, not unlike Hollywood, that will make sure he succeeds! But in reality!


    When they say peace and security. . . .?

    What is this present world system coming to? An end, for yours and our, sake!

    It will be the greatest disaster movie, coming in reality, beyond 3-d, to see and live through, with all sense’s! To a neighborhood and your neck of the solar system soon!
    Bon Appétit!®

  3. Country Codger

    Good interview.
    Don’t mean to toot my own horn but I called December in the summer of 2018 and also , at the same time, warned of July 2019 +/- 2 weeks of July 9th.
    Bo, I hope both of us are wrong and Mark Taylor is right. Good luck.
    Also, if you do not have a year’s worth of food and water for each and every member of your family put aside forget gold and silver. Lay up stocks of food and water first and THEN go into gold and silver. I speak from experience when everyone is starving gold and silver will not buy food and water. Bank on it.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Dennis

      Hello Country Codger: Amish and Mennonite farmers grow tons of produce and meat. They have to sell it to someone or give it to somebody. Why wouldn’t they sell it for silver and gold? or perhaps the Federal government will confiscate all the food and nobody gets nothing?

      • Country Codger

        Hello Dennis,
        In times of true scarcity people won’t sell anything, it will be stockpiled for their family and friends. It will take time for the people to “test the water” before they begin turning loose of what they have put away. My wife and I put up about 1,500 jars of food a year that we have grown and preserved. We sell or give away surplus to our family and friends. But if shortages kick in you won’t know how long the situation will last and you would be a fool to sell or give away surplus.

        We also have more than a year’s worth of freeze-dried, dehydrated and dried beans, legumes, rice, wheat berries, etc. America has not experienced a national food shortage in the last 75 years. I have been in countries that have and it is not pretty.

        Look at some of the videos on Youtube of what is happening in Venezuela. Hundreds of people chasing after a couple of chickens and then dogs chase after the people and the people turn and chase the dogs for food. They have already eaten the animals in their national zoo.

        Look at history. In times of true scarcity people have eaten their children. It is even recorded in the Bible. It was widely reported in 1922 that women and children ate a man alive in Russia. It turned out to be false; the man had already died before they ate him. Same thing happened in France, Belgium and Germany after WWII. It has even happened in this country during the French & Indian War of the 1760’s.

        That is why there is a saying, “Civilization is only 9 meals from chaos.”
        Lo Iyrah!

        • iwitness02

          Country Codger,
          The concept of true scarcity is to abstract for many people. They can not put themselves in that scenario, having no life experience where true scarcity exists. When the lessons come, it will be to late for anything but panic. I wish government around the world would start focusing some time and energy on food production, and ways to preserve that food. (without refrigeration) Promote self-sufficiency, independence, and an honest work ethic. At the school level. But, NO! Government does everything assbackwards. At least from the point of view of the working man, or woman. CC, I know I’m singing to the choir here, but I felt a need to talk about the empty life experiences, of so many people today. Many seem to equate a digital experience with reality. Feeling they know all, and in reality, know nothing. But they CAN drill down and find more info on their selected program. Open up that tool box, you know. As long as there is an internet connection, and the mouse works, they are good to go.
          What good is a sharp knife? Many people would have a short answer. Doesn’t mean much now, but it will, unless paradise falls from the sky, and changes the earth in the twinkling of an eye. As you know, Scripture does not support this scenario.

          • Country Codger

            My wife and I are approaching our seventies, and since our childhood, we have preserved our food, that we have grown ourselves, and consumed it most of our lives. I am a Vietnam veteran with Agent Orange damage to my heart and several of my organs, including my skin, but I am much healthier than my comrades, most of whom are dead and/or dying of cancer or Type 2 diabetes.

            We are facing the perfect storm. Most of the people in America have never missed a meal. Most of the people in America are not aware of what it takes to grow their food. Many people think that corn comes from a can and not a corn stalk. Meat is to be found in the freezer case, not raised and fed and slaughtered, heaven forbid.

            My personal belief, and I am going on record here, that by 2023 that 90% of Americans alive now will be dead and by 2030 another 90% will be dead, leaving about 30 million people in America. I don’t like saying it because I am a veteran but when look at the “raw materials” of our present generations we will be left in trouble.

            Prayer is not the least you can do but the most that you can do. Amane!!!
            Lo Iyrah!

            • paul ...

              If the storm that is coming lasts only a year or two individuals with their own food stockpiles will survive … but what if the storms lasts seven years or longer? … communities of people working together will be need to work together to survive … so get together with neighbors “now” and start “just for fun” growing a mushroom garden … it will begin to bind the community together in a common undertaking … set aside a common acre of land in a shady area and cover the ground with straw and wood chips and soak the chips in water that had some mushrooms soaking in it … and watch as hundreds of pounds of mushrooms grow up almost over night … mushrooms “are a good meat substitute if you are adverse to eating humans, dogs and cats! … the following video shows how one mushroom farmer does it but spreading wood chips on the ground and seeding with spores should be the easiest method …

              • Country Codger

                Hi Paul,
                I hope and pray that the bad times only last a year or two but I believe that they will last at least 7 years. I use not other source than Scripture for making my predictions, not prophecies but, predictions based on my limited knowledge of Scripture. We know from Daniel 8:14 that this part of the “bad times” will last 2,300 days or about 6.3 years. This is just the beginning and not the end of the hard times coming. Please prepare the hearts and minds of your family for the times ahead of us.

            • iwitness02

              Country Codger,
              We are about the same age. I was attached to the First Marine Air Wing, Da Nang. Then attached to the Oriskany. Working as a brown shirt on the flight deck. Gulf of Tonkin.
              My wife and I are doing surprisingly well. We are grateful everyday. The both of us anticipate hard times ahead. So we totally agree; Prayer is not the least you can do but the most that you can do. Peace be unto you and your house.

              • Country Codger

                I was airborne above but just miles out of Da Nang when it blew in late March or early April of ’75. It looked like a nuke had been dropped when the fuel depot went up. A huge black mushroom cloud went up and we were all trying to figure out what had happened. Our pilot told us that the depot was blown to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Thank you for your service. You and I are brothers and have never met.

                • iwitness02

                  Thank you CC, for your service, and for your thoughts. I appreciate both, good brother.

                  • Country Codger

                    I just want to pass on: “From this day to the ending of the world,
                    But we in it shall be rememberèd—
                    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
                    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
                    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
                    This day shall gentle his condition;
                    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
                    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
                    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
                    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”
                    Shakespeare, Henry V, Act IV, Scene iii

                    There is something that creates a bond between those in combat. It is un-explainable but as strong as any familial ties known to man.

    • K. Wayne

      I support your theory about PM’s. Food, clean water and shelter are keys for survival in the craziness that lies ahead. “Bank on it” !!!! ….nice pun.

  4. paul ...

    Bo Polny says: Blockchain will become the next “go to” in terms of monetary transactions … I disagree … blockchain is highly inferior to gold as money … once gold is mined “it is money forever” … whereas with Bitcoin the infrastructure required to maintain it as money is exceedingly cumbersome … unlike gold … for a Bitcoin to remain money it needs a specialized network containing computer chips, racks to support the computing infrastructure, electricity, transformers, telecommunication equipment and a stable electrical grid … without all this basic equipment existing somewhere and consuming energy and operating at all times Bitcoin as a unique mathematical “abstraction of money” … ceases to exist … whereas gold once mined “is money forever” … as an owner of gold you don’t need to have passwords to access the latest version of the electronic ledger that says you own some money … and you are not dependent upon the continued operation of massive computational servers to prove you own some wealth … why would anyone want to put themselves in such a precarious position where (when you need your money the most) you are dependent upon a network composed of complicated computer chips and equipment existing somewhere consuming energy and operating at all times (constantly creating unique mathematical abstractions) for your money to exist … when you can be safe (from all the things that can go wrong with such a complicated system) with a simple physical gold coin in your hand!!

    • paul ...

      Polny also thinks the next stock market selloff will begin in June … the only “fly in the ointment” contradicting Bo’s prediction is the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) which is now rising … the BDI usually precedes market moves … so a rising BDI suggests the stock market can actually begin to rise in June? … but of course if Deutsche Bank goes down the BDI will likely mean naught!! …

    • paul ...

      Go figure … Crypto currencies are rising at exactly the same time earthquake activity is rising ?? … crypto investors seem oblivious to the increased earthquake activity that is taking place on the West Coast (which could be a precursor to a Yellowstone super volcano explosion) … a massive Yellowstone explosion could spew ash for thousands of miles across the United States … damaging buildings, smothering crops, shutting down power plants, computers and telephone infrastructure … in such conditions crypto currency will “cease to exist” exactly at the time when cash in hand (like gold and silver coins) will be needed the most!! …

    • Uncommon sense

      USA watchdog needs guest of the quality of Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Mannarino back on.

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll work on that.

        • R. Patrick

          Why not bring on Grant Williams for a clear perspective Greg. He is very well spoken, intelligent and unlikely to make statements without proper foundation to support the time line and why!

    • Randy Best

      I think you make excellent points here. But I also think transacting in Gold is too cumbersome as well. It still seems like a gold backed currency is the most efficient way to go, even though there is chance for fraud to creep back in. The best thing about blockchain is that is removes central bank control.

      • paul ...

        Randy … If only governments (made up of crooks) can keep their word … then we could use “paper gold and silver certificates” to mitigate gold’s “weight problems” and still foil the central banksters shenanigans … but no way can block-chain ever be as stable and redundant as gold (as a central bank killer) as central bank crooks are “already infecting” the block-chain with their own crypto currencies!!

  5. Joe G.

    I don’t put it past the international money changers who run the world to pull the rug out as a means of getting rid of Donald Trump.

    • paul ...

      The international money changers probably also want to pull the rug out from Trump by using psychology … that is try to make him “look like an idiot” by doing exactly the same thing being done to him by the Demon-rats (regime changes) … but luckily I believe Trump has caught on … and now seems “not to be pushing for regime changes as aggressively” as his warmongering neocons Bolton and Pompeo!!

  6. chuck

    Well, I hope Bo is correct. It has been a very depressing time, living on a government disability allowance, trying to sell a very unique history book [] and trying to gauge exactly how much silver I need to save in order to get by the next 20 some odd years considering the rate of dollar depreciation going on.

    • Galaxy 500

      How about the Word of God instead of a mystic shill?

  7. jack

    what is this guy smokin’?…. he seems to think there is no doubt about his thesis. You should ask him to come back on your show in 1 year, and ., replay this interview , and then ask him why none of it happened . I remember a few years back when this guy GUARANTEED that gold would hit$2,000 by year end , I think that was 2015.

    • Tim

      Yeah, a lot of his predictions have been wrong. I agree that a great crash is coming, but we don’t know when. As for his predictions concerning precious metals, I won’t hold my breath. I mean, I hope he’s right, but we’ve heard these kinds of predictions before.

  8. Sam

    Buddy, Bo is a great guy, sure, but he didn’t get this right the first time around. Remember? I do.

    Guys, until accountability is in place within in the realm of government and markets, along with righteousness and justice, none of what you say will happen.
    The markets will tell you the day before a big name IE: Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan ect. ect. is to be personally held to account for their actions. Then and only then will the world know that the gig is up and the lie we have been living under for so long is now dead. Until that happens, the market, the economy and life as we know it will continue.

    • Richie

      Every crash is followed by new growth. It’s slash and burn capitalism.

      Chicken Littles have been predicting the Great Crash for decades and like a stopped clock I suppose someday they will be able to point to0 some disaster in the market and claim they were right. Some deal. They can’t be proven wrong, they’ve got no skin in the game, and they are not accountable if you act on their predictions to your detriment.

      Folks, chronic anxiety will make you sick. It will negatively impact your health far more than any invisible elites ever will. (Even if I’m wrong about this, you will be better off acting as if it’s true.)

      Tune out the doomster crap and live free of hate-filled demons and baseless anxieties. Do it today, and things will start getting better for you.

  9. Kenneth Walsh

    The idea that crypto currency will be big is a fallacy that the infrastructure Will hold.
    This is money bassed in electricity,in any finacial collapse infrastructure will fail and continue with rolling or permanent blackouts.
    No electricity no crypto currency.

  10. JC

    Yes, there is big trouble coming, in more ways than one, that’s for sure. If anybody wants the details of our grim future it is available at the incredibly low price of only $10.00. I’m presently up to chapter nine in the book.
    G.A. Stewart is a truly a genius, to put it mildly.

  11. paul ...

    Polny says: “The changes in the financial system will be vast” … like what happened in the Great Depression … and the real wealth in the world is going to change ownership … the new rich will be those who own gold (and silver) … the new poor will be those who own paper IOU’s (that can’t be paid back)!! …

  12. paul ...

    No doubt about it Huawei is a crook (see I don’t always take China’s side) … … … but let’s not forget … that almost every company on Earth steals in some way … to really level the playing field on Earth … the Galactic Federation of Aliens should be kicking the ass of all the American, European, Russian, etc. companies “who back engineered their technology” and stole their fiber optic, laser, computer chip and anti-gravity technology “without paying royalty’s” to the Galactic Federation!!

  13. paul ...

    You know … a Donald Trump – Dianne Feinstein ticket for 2020 may not be a bad idea … to really clean out the CIA swamp creatures!! …

    • paul ...

      Big changes are taking place … the English and French have cleaned out a couple of swamp creatures … May in England is out … and Macron (one of the biggest presidential screw-ups in modern French history) is also out (as the yellow vest protesters show “people power” and vote in Le Pen) … soon Merkel in Germany will be out … the Italians have already voted in Conte and we Americans have voted in Trump!! … the world is now on track and is heading “toward a better place”!!

  14. suzy

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for all the interviews, I watch your site every day.
    I live in London uk, my question is how comes that God only speaks to American and no one else?

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe he speaks to people in the UK and they are afraid to speak out.

    • Cassandra calling...

      lucifer will attempt to impersonate the divine using demons masquerading as angels of light or perhaps god himself. I believe this is where many Americans are going wrong. Yes, they are more religious than those in the UK but there is no discernment. Do not be fooled by Satanic impersonations of the divine.

    • Jerry

      It’s all part of the plan.

    • Jerry

      As much as I enjoy Bo’s economic theory’s, we are well past the point of any fundamental market principles being at play. In fact I will go as far as saying we’ve entered the dark world of the deep state. How about retaliation by intervention? Or in this case assasination of a sitting President?

      It was chilling listening to this interview, just a few days after Nancy Pelosi threw out the intervention word. To have John McCane sit there and calmly discuss the assasination of John Kennedy like it was no big deal was mind shattering. This is what the deep state does when you get in their way. President Trump is clearly in the crosshairs of the deep state with the release of the FISA documents that are said to be released before June 2nd.

      I find it ironic that his scheduled stop on his way back to the United States is in Great Britain just about the same time, the proverbial poop hits the fan? Lest I remind you Britain was at the center of the Russian hoax , and that the City if London Corporation is the epa center of the entire global banking system.

      Greg I am extremely nervous about the possible false flags that could wave between now and the Fourth of July when President Trump has asked to speak to the nation. These are truly dark times.

      • Greg Hunter

        We all should be on guard and a bit nervous. The Deep State players that tried to take down Trump look cornered and you what happens when you corner a wild animal?

        • Jerry

          I fully agree Greg.
          We are headed toward a full scale war between the justice department and the alphabet agencies.

          I have always believed that the CIA was behind the Kennedy assasination. Can you guess who later became president?

      • Freebrezer

        Jerry – I can not agree more and it needs to be emphasized “we are past any fundamental market principles being at play”. Amen … If the guests do not address that the markets are extremely manipulated, I pay no attention. Case in Point – Greg Mannarino … He makes no bones about it, ‘the system is corrupted and there are NO(!) fundamental principles at play’ … then, he gives input to the guy on the street on how to survive in this corrupt system. I always sit up and pay attention when Greg M. talks … Likewise with Catherine A. F.

  15. paul ...

    For those who don’t believe in the economic analysis of John William’s … here is additional proof that the CPI is under-representing food inflation … and by a whopping 40% … when will the American people stand up and tell “our representatives” in Congress to “break the chains on the CPI” and give us “useless eaters” the truth about inflation … are we going to wait until we are “eating maggots” for protein?? …

    • paul ...

      Americans have to begin standing up for what is right … for if we don’t become “agents of change” … we (and our children) will become victims of circumstance!!

  16. chuck

    Hey Greg.
    Please try to have Lois on.
    Bo mentioned her a number of times.
    Always enjoy Bo, Mark and Janda.

  17. paul ...

    As Jesus taught … lying can have consequences … … but to the evil neocons … telling lies can lead to great profits for them … like lying (doing a false flag) that would start war and lead to many lucrative contracts for them … a much better result “for them” than telling the truth … so they will tell themselves every night that it is good to tell a lie … and this is what Hillary, Brennan, Comey, Lynch, etc. all do for a living!!

    • paul ...

      With all the fraud, lying, dirty dealing and cover-ups going on in the world today is there “any hope” of avoiding a collapse of civilization? … well it seems the people of the UK with Farage, France with Le Pen, Italy with Conte, The US with Trump, etc., etc. have something else in mind … collapse the evil neocon/bankster civilization trying to steal our future … but have a truthful and honest government rise from the ashes! …

  18. Ron

    I’ve heard hundreds of predictions like this, but they never seem to happen..

    • Michael

      What Bo says seems to tally (or close to) with Jim Sinclair’s prediction that the system would fall apart by June of this year.

      • Randy Best

        Yes, Mr. Sinclair did also mention June. What I am confused about is that the Holter/Sinclair stance is that it will be a 48-hour event. i.e. You will go to sleep on a Friday evening and wake up to a brand new world on Monday. They may be referring to the eventual great reset, whereas Bo and Nenner are charts and graphs people that analyze the run-up to the great reset.

        • Uncommon sense

          I think some financial collapse would have to precede a 48 hour reset in order to justify it. The only way they could reset over a weekend without a financial crash is by saying the Russians hacked us and shut the system down.

      • Mike R

        Ironically, Bo and Sinclair seem to have a similar track record in terms of forecasting ‘crashes’, and massive gold price increases. Eventually, one or both of them could be right.

        Now I’ll give everyone a HUGE tip. If when June comes along, and even July, and Dennis Gartman predicts a huge rally, THEN you know for sure Bo will be right. Dennis is absolutely the best FADE ever, in terms of market timing. If you do the opposite of what he says, you will make a fortune ! I’m dead serious. Ive never seen anyone be so precisely incorrect as Dennis, as far as public calls. Its almost like they are to the minute. He says up, the market goes down. He says to short, huge rally comes. Its like clockwork. Every.Single. Time.

    • Luis

      Greg, Charles Nenner is more realistic than Bo Polny. Charles sees dangerous ahead but he also calls the up moves while Bo Polny has been bearish for many years hoping one day he will be right. Bo always finds every year a new tool to call for the crash. This year is 124, last year were the seasons and so on. Bottom line, a broken clock will eventually give the right time!

    • Mellowbird

      Oh but this time it must be right because God told Louise about the coming of the third seal of revelations. Excuse the sarcasm but all of these predictions make me a cynic. I think we have the business cycle in play which IMHO Martin Armstrong does a good job of explaining.

    • Robert

      I was thinking the same thing. I guess eventually it might happen. Who knows, maybe these upcoming inquiries that should lead to treason charges against some top level Obama era officials, could be the triggering event.

    • Rodster

      Yup, i’ve been following this stuff since 2010 and here we are. Someday i’m sure it will all blow up but for now I quit worrying and just living life. All I can say is, whenever that day does arrives that the SHTF I won’t be surprised it happened.

  19. James Hastings

    Always enjoy Bo Polny. He admits his mistakes and try’s to base his research from a Biblical prospective. Now we wait and see.

    • st

      Biblical? What he is saying is NOT biblical.

      “They shall fling their silver into the streets, their gold shall be treated as unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them on the day of the wrath of the Lord. They shall not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity.”

      • Norm

        I agree. I used to believe in Dominion theology. I didn’t want to think about going thru the Great Tribulation. Many “Dominion thinkers” will be part of the great falling away when they discover that 2 Hrs of Christianity on Sunday wasn’t enough.
        5 seals and 5 trumpets have already opened/sounded. The vials start the last 3 1/2 yrs of this world.

      • Bill

        ST, The reason they throw their gold and silver in the street– there is nothing left to buy. Until then, PREPARE

      • The Zionist

        Yes, the Bible does say that but when exactly is “the day of the Lord’s wrath”?
        Not yet. And before “the day of the Lord’s wrath” gold and silver may very well be able to save those who have it.

        The wrath of God is announced at the end of Revelation 6, then begins at the beginning of Revelation 8. In between – Revelation 7 – comes the Rapture of the Church: because God will not pour out his wrath on his children.
        Further, the opening of the first six seals of the scroll (Revelation 6) occurs before the Rapture (Revelation 7), meaning that the Church will be here in those days.

        • st

          I am not disagreeing that we should own gold and silver. I own some myself. I was making the point that nothing Bo Polney said could be biblical.

          • Mike R

            maybe he meant ‘religious’.

      • JR

        In Old Testament times they didn’t have currencies – i.e. paper IOUs, receipts, or notes for real stuff. That would have been gut-splitting hysterical back then – to accept a receipt in exchange for real tangible goods or services. Today, WHEN SHTF, the holders of paper IOUs will indeed fling them into the streets because they’re only worth the paper they were written on. I don’t know how many pastors quote that passage, yet how many of them or their sheeple actually hold real gold or silver money? How many of the population at large actually hold real money? I’d bet VERY FEW indeed. That, in itself, tells you that the passage doesn’t apply to the holders of real money, but to the holders of phony money and to the practitioners of money manipulation shenanigans, i.e. the money changer types.

        • St

          I agree and hold silver myself. I was just making the point that Bo wasn’t being biblical as was suggested he was trying to be above. Gold and silver probably represent physical wealth in general and how it is nothing compared to spiritual wealth.

      • JR

        In Old Testament times they didn’t have currencies – i.e. paper IOUs, receipts, or notes for real stuff. To attempt to exchange paper IOUs for goods or services would have been hysterical back then – they would have laughed you to scorn. Or they might have been insulted and tried to take your head instead. In any case, back then gold and silver was money and money was gold and silver and NO THING else. There was no term for currency back then as they didn’t have any such thing. So when the passage says gold and silver, interpret it to mean money. If you reread the passage substituting on-the-fly currency and/or paper-promises-to-pay for gold and silver you will come up with a better rendering more applicable for this “modern” enlightened world in my opinion.

        Today, WHEN SHTF, the holders of paper notes, receipts, and IOUs will indeed be flinging them into the streets because they’re only worth the paper they were printed on. I don’t know how many pastors quote that passage, yet how many of them or their sheeple actually hold real gold or silver money in their possession? How many of the population at large actually hold real money? I’d bet VERY FEW indeed. I doubt if 99% of the population holds any gold or silver money at all – not including jewelry. That, in itself, tells you that the passage doesn’t apply to the very small percentage of holders of real money, but to the greater population at large who are holders and worshipers of phony money, and to the practitioners of its acquisition and manipulation, i.e. the money changer types.

        As for pastors who promulgate that claptrap, I put Monopoly Money in their collection baskets. What’s the difference between that and Federal Reserve Notes or other central banks fiat phony money? Very little.

        The paper promises-to-pay, IOUs, receipts, notes, etc. are indeed “the stumbling block of their iniquity.”

        The first step towards wisdom and understanding is to call things what they are.

        • Galaxy 500

          So you do not support your church?
          You are writing an ANTI-fiat screed. Fine put hold or silver coins in the collection plate.
          God’s house needs money for upkeep and mission work. Even in Jesus’s day, His Church needed money.
          Other than your objection to Fiat, what was your point?
          God tells us … No, God Commands us to tithe to his Church. Other than an excuse not to tithe, what was your point?

          • se

            Jesus never had a church. Man invented it as away to control and fleece the people.

            • Occasnltrvlr

              “And I say also unto thee, That thou art
              Peter, and upon this rock I will build my…” happy social club?

          • JR

            I will support any Christian church which preaches the truth – which, to date, is none. They are all social organizations. People attend church for many reasons, but when they are confronted by truth they run away. It scares them. Which church was Jesus associated with? Accounts state: He preached in THEIR synagogues. Being a member of an organization gives them a leash on you. If you don’t toe the line they’ll yank your chain. Why would you want that? Jesus had no leashes on him. He came to speak the words of the Father, not for any other reasons. True seekers of the truth aren’t going to find any in any organized religion. As Jethro told his son-in-law Moses, appoint men who fear God and are seekers of the truth to be judges in Israel.

  20. tuesdayissoylentgreen day

    Like your article, BUT , how about saying what items to get, to prepare…

    • William Stanley

      There are a number of people here who are experts and can advise you (I’m not one of them) . . . if you are not already one of them. Tell them roughly where you live, your family situation and size, your age, your willingness to relocate, your skill set, how long a time period for which you are preparing, and how much time and money you are willing to invest in training and gear.
      There are many video channels and books devoted to the topic. As a rule of thumb, IMO, you can get about 80% of the effectiveness in any area of endeavor by putting in about 20% of the effort/money needed to get the best. For example, a very good knife can be had for about 20% of the cost of a great knife. But don’t acquire cheap junk. Just don’t go overboard on some items while ignoring others. Similarly for firearms and ammunition. Nevertheless, remember the adage concerning redundancy, “two is one, one is none.”
      The same goes for the duration of the disasters for which you might prepare: being able to survive three weeks in a grid down situation will cover a lot of contingencies. Three months of survival is way better. After a year, about 90% of the population will have died. Surviving years of grid down takes a full commitment of time and effort and is much more expensive.
      In no particular order, here are some things to think about.
      1. Finding and building community with likeminded people (crucial).
      2. Knowledge/skills, i.e. first aid, medical, dental, self defense . . .
      3. Water purification, filters and storage (you’ll use a minimum of 1 gallon per day per person).
      4. Storage food: Mountain House freeze dried meals are expensive but good, and can be prepared with some boiled water. MREs (military Meals Ready to Eat) can be eaten cold, although are more palatable when heated. Many other companies are in the business of providing 25-year shelf life storage foods at lesser cost and convenience. Google “storage food.” You’ll need a stove of some sort that works when the lights go out (that means fuel). Rice, beans, lentils, salt, powdered milk (canned meats and vegetables have much less shelf life, but can be rotated into you normal diet) . . . .
      5. Sanitation and medicine (with the electric grid down, many water systems won’t work. With running water out, your toilette won’t work). Keeping clean is crucial to keeping healthy.
      6. Warm clothes and sturdy boots.
      7. Sources of fire, light and heat.
      8. A bug out bag (in case you have to bug out). Lot’s of videos about what to have in your BOB.
      9. Shelter.

      • susan

        WS, you have about covered everything. The only other thing I think is important is to have a plan B and even C if you can. Everyone should go down your list and print it out. Work on everything until they can check it all off as best they can.

      • Galaxy 500

        How are you planning to keep that without firearms and ammo? Plus training and regular shooting. It isn’t enough to just have weapons, it is being proficient with them.
        If you think that things are going to be bad, the Police, Fire and EMS won’t be there.
        CLINT is the man.
        If you want to survive, Clint will help you with skills to survive and protect your family.
        Here is sage advice from Clint.

        And First aid. You need a good supply of any meds you are taking. Plus aspirin, tylenol and benadryl are cheap now but will be worth 5 to 10 times their weight in gold. While William mentioned medicine, that is not going to help much unless you have knowledge. Plus you need chest seals, clotting agents, tourniquets, and how to use it. Combat first aid is a lot more than just having some meds on hamd.
        Grain alcohol is cheap and it’s a good drug to have on hand. It will make good trade to.
        You can buy a few half pints or pints every payday. Again, worth its weight in gold.
        Good Luck Dude

      • paul ...

        William … 10) here is another very important community or individual project that will provide a “meat substitute” for survivors … take a few portobello mushrooms and soak them in a pail of warm water for a few hours … then sprinkle this water (that now contains the portobello mushroom spores) over a 100 x 100 foot patch of ground covered with wood chips (located in partial shade and kept damp) … soon you will have plenty of mushrooms “every day” … to eat with your eggs from the chickens raised in individual or community chicken coops!!

        • William Stanley

          paul …,
          What a great idea!

    • Darren

      Tues Day,
      Do your research. If you sit back and expect someone to tell you exactly what to do to keep you safe and secure, you haven’t been paying attention.

      No one knows the day or hour. No amount of prepping can guarantee a safe outcome.
      Do as much research as you can, form your own opinion. Because, you will be the one that has to live with it.

      • Galaxy 500

        There are people that can help.
        There is as much BS on line as enlightened help.

    • Stanley

      Peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks.

    • The Zionist

      Kerosene heater/fuel

    • Bill

      Tuesday, One more suggestion along with the good advise of others, prepare yourself for a defense against peoples pets ( dogs ) who will have been abandoned for lack of food and will become vicious

    • Keith wilson

      Tuesday. First thing is to get a few episodes of walking dead . Watch how these people who have lived a civilized life struggle in coming to terms with there new world. What would you do in there situation. Bug in or bug out ? Start watching Prepper princess is also a good source of valuable information. Don’t waste time. You have not got time to waste before the SHTF.
      Good Luck. Also them dogs your neighbours will have as pets. They will be a good meal in a stew. Shoot them and eat them and don’t tell anyone your a Prepper because that is the first golden rule as a prepper. Tell no one your survival depends on it.

      • Galaxy 500

        Food for thought. What you suggest is idiotic.
        Also consider if you shoot your neighbor’s dogs that they may damn well kill your wife and children. That is before they kill you.
        Harm my dogs and you don’t have to worry about your next meal

        • Keith wilson

          Galaxy 500. If you go to Venezuela today the population has eaten most of the animals in the local zoo. You will find no stray dogs or cats in most communities. They have all been consumed by the starving population. Before my grandfather died he told me horrific stories when he was in a German labour camp during ww2. How starving Russian prisoners turned to cannibalism to survive and live for another day. When your hungry. really really hungary you will do things to also survive another day. People in Venezuela have already eaten there own dogs . When time comes and you have no other options you too would consume your beloved dogs. You say you wouldn’t but trust me you would. People in Venezuela are no different to people anywhere else. When the SHTF you throw away your civilized ways and do the unthinkable just like the people of venezuala.

  21. Sylvia Sterling

    What an interesting analyst, Greg. He gives us some hope for the future.
    Thank you very much.

  22. Rob

    Thank you Greg for this timely interview with BoPolny! I was thinking there is a possibility that they were going to keep the system afloat until Trump was reelected but this interview has convinced me the “Level Playing Field” Trump talked about in his first month after his inauguration is going to begin to take place this summer:

    Jesus is about to open the seals from the book out our Father’s hand! Please read Revelation chapter 6 as it is a snap shot of the 7 years of tribulation in which Jesus opens the 6 seals that bring us to the end of the tribulation and the beginning of the year of wrath that commences immediately thereafter:

    1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly 2019
    2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ possibly 2020
    3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly 2021
    4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly 2022
    5th seal ~ the promise to finish the congregation of God in heaven!
    6th seal ~ the great day of our Father and His Son’s wrath is announced with a great earthquake; and the sun becomes black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon becomes as blood!

    The purpose for the tribulation is to allow the whole world to prove whether they will stand in the congregation of God or the congregation of satan:

    • Norm

      Not sure where you’ve gotten teaching on Revelation, here’s one to consider.
      1st Seal – White horse = United Nations
      2nd Seal – Red horse = Communism
      3rd Seal – Black horse = Great Famine
      4th Seal – Pale horse = ISLAM (pale is green in the greek). We sure see that now, don’t we?
      5th Seal – Not sure how to get “the promise to finish the congregation of God in heaven” from that verse. If its from Dominion Theology, that’s false.
      In Rev 6, I read that the martyred are asking God how long He will wait until He judges & avenges the earth for their blood being shed. Believers have been killed for centuries.
      6th Seal – The Great Day of God’s Wrath – The LAST day… The church has been taken up right before this is opened. [Ch. 7: vs 9]
      7th Seal – SILENCE ….. Heaven is quiet after Gods wrath has been poured out….. like when we were children and watched as dad has dealt out his discipline. (Best example I could think of)
      Some teach that the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls (vials) are to be read chronologically. However, some teach they are each their own story. There is really no way they can be “In Order”.
      With that, 5 Trumpets have sounded, next is the 6th Trumpet War. The Bowls begin in the tribulation period. Note that they are NOT directed at the Church.
      Pastor Dean Odle has some great teaching on this.

      • Rob

        Hi Norm!
        I derived the seals straight from the Word of God as precept upon precept when necessary!

        1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ derived from passages such as this:
        Zechariah 9:13-14 For I have bent Judah for me, I have filled the bow with Ephraim; and I will stir up thy sons, O Zion, against thy sons, O Greece, and will make thee as the sword of a mighty man. (14) And Jehovah shall be seen over them; and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning; and the Lord Jehovah will blow the trumpet, and will go with whirlwinds of the south.

        2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ derived straight from text:
        Revelation 6:4 And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

        3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ derived straight from text combined with Matthew:
        Revelation 6:6 And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.
        Matthew 20:2 And when he had agreed with the laborers for a shilling a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

        4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ derived straight from text:
        Revelation 6:7-8 And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, Come. (8) And I saw, and behold, a pale horse: and he that sat upon him, his name was Death; and Hades followed with him. And there was given unto them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

        5th seal ~ the promise to finish the congregation of God in heaven! ~ derived straight from the text as the brethren wait until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, who should be killed even as they were who are waiting in heaven for them:
        Revelation 6:9-11 And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of them that had been slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: (10) and they cried with a great voice, saying, How long, O Master, the holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? (11) And there was given them to each one a white robe; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little time, until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, who should be killed even as they were, should have fulfilled their course.

        6th seal ~ the great day of our Father and His Son’s wrath is announced with a great earthquake; and the sun becomes black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon becomes as blood!

        I suggest you study the truth of when the day of the Lord commences:

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Bo Polny’s June/July timing for the crash and transition to a new financial system is very interesting. As mentioned in my comment on your WNW, “Too much stuff happening, but the coffee was good this morning and life goes on…” seems even more true after listening to Bo.

    The June/July crashes he forecasts will seem like too much happening to anyone invested in stocks (IRA, 401K…) and getting repositioned will be extremely difficult for the patient investor who waited for the chaos to turn around or was “buying the f’ing dips”. I no longer give free financial advice, but consider selling into the next short term rally (if there is one) and just take the market price, don’t get cute. Once the crash hits, you may not see a no-bid situation occur and at that point fugetaboutit… stick a fork in it, it’s done. But that’s just my opinion and I’m heavily biased against over-valued and over-bought stuff. Peeps staying in the market now are trying to glean the field in a situation where their losses could be catastrophic.

    I’m out of stocks, carry no leverage and virtually no debt (my CC is paid off twice a month) so when this carnage comes my only issue will be keeping food in the pantry — for that I have cash.

    Remember the rule rule of 3’s — 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food and 3 seconds without thinking.

    The coffee is still good.

  24. Russ

    Correction: you may see a no-bid situation.

  25. Gina M Mancarella

    Thank God !

    Greg, ….. The economic crash will force Trump out of office contrary to what you think !


  26. Tom Wigand


    Re: the questions about why the market crash won’t mean Trump loses in 2020. It occurred to me while watching that the catalyst for the June – July crash(es) — that are then predicted to continue through 2019 — may be the declassifications and cascade of revelations that come slithering out from beneath the Progressives’ / globalists’ rocks as time goes on. The electorate won’t blame Trump for the economic distress, as he will be seen as the target of the economic perpetrators, and the champion of the average American (and average citizens across the globe). Instead, he will be seen as our (secular) savior.

    I’ve alway been skeptical of technical analysis — equating it as something like the financial world’s version of astrology. Also, if so effective, why haven’t quants / AI taken it to near-perfection. And finally, if everyone started doing it, to a degree for awhile it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy at the beginning, but in a market everyone can’t do the same trades at the same time for long and everyone be profitable, so that technical analysis would eventually self-correct and revert to the mean (so to speak) — fundamental analysis (such as value investing).

    In any case, Polny makes some compelling cases — in spite of my skepticism I found myself nodding my head “yes” most of the way through the interview. Perhaps the intersection of faith, along with what (to me, you and most of your viewers) is an emerging period of (what I’ll call) “Divine activism” gives his analysis something well above run-of-the-mill technical analysis.

  27. al

    Bo is not the only person saying this market is toast. Many others, even in the enemy media, have uttered that fact.

    Cryptos have signaled a bottom, that is for sure. Calling the low was a fool’s game back in December but hind sight is 20/20 and Bo hit it out of the park on that one.

    Thanks for having Nenner and Bo on. They seem to agree on multiple things which says a lot.

    By the way, I’m not worried about Trump and a market crash, he is blaming every downturn on the Fed and it’s working.
    That may be the last blow to the nonFederal unReserve and they know it!
    To save face they postponed the $20.00 change from 2020 to 2028, why? Because they know they will be gone so by then so it’s a moot point.

    PS: Greg, Communists don’t have open borders, dumb-munists do.
    Suddenly I have an appetite for cauliflower… that don’t make me racist do it?

  28. Larry G Carter

    Bo Polny ‘s interpretation of Gods wishes makes all the sense in the world. Citizens of the
    world will be brought back into the world God intended all of us to live in. The Devil will
    be shown to be the evil purveyor of hate and averous . And God will be done! God bless
    you Greg and Bo.

  29. Mike Haller

    June 10, 2019 is Pentecost, a national holiday in Germany. It would be a fitting day for the beginning of the end of this fiat currency Ponzi scheme.

  30. Frank

    One thing that nobody seems to be mentioning is that ALL these “crypto currencies” are digital currencies and ALL will be lost if the Internet goes dead. This is entirely possible if we’re hit with and EMP event which is a distinct possibility. Like Steve Quayle has always said, “if you can’t touch it then you don’t own it”.

  31. Canadian Prepper


    In the past I have tended to disregard Bo’s predictions but you really captured his methodology, record and humility in this interview. He makes sense. I think our faith and determination is being tested by the low gold and silver prices. I’m hanging in.

  32. Dr. Clive Roffey

    Actually, this 4-2-1-2-4 pattern he talks about is what all technical experts such as myself refer to as a Reverse Head and Shoulders formation. This clearly a bullish formation forcasting a longer term uptrend and perhaps a blowoff top within the next few years.

    Precious metals as well as the Cryptos will also benefit in the massive increase in money supply that must happen over the next several years. Diverse investing will be the key but as far as market indices go they will continue to rise overall for the foreseeable future even accelerating as we approach the mid 2020’s. Debt levels will reach astronomic proportions and this debt structure will be backstopped by the central banks. If you are waiting and hoping for a 1929 style crash, you will be sadly disappointed I am afraid.

  33. Russ

    It appears that Egon von Greyerz (another former guest here) agrees with Bo Polny.

    Greyerz – Don’t Be Fooled By The Pullback, Gold Is About To Spike Above $1,350 On The Way To $1,600 As Stock Markets Crater
    …”So we could now be on the verge of a major downturn in stocks and a resumption of the gold bull market. Whether these trends start now or later makes no difference to the longer trends of collapsing stocks and surging precious metals. But what is more important is that global risk is now at all time historic highs. In order to avoid a total destruction of asset values, investors must now focus on wealth preservation…”

  34. pointe Grosse

    crypto is backed by nothing why would you invest in that product.

  35. R. Patrick

    That is a BOLD PREDICTION!
    IF Dr. Polny is correct then he is genius? If nothing occurs well then credibility comes into question Bigly! I’m taking big money and throwing it in hoping he is right. It must be true if Greg Hunter allows the interview to air.

  36. MK

    Greg: Thank you greatly for having Bo Polny, the “road map” on. I’m typing this comment feeling shocked. 124 timeline wow!! As a little girl, I remember telling my mother that I was going to be in a revolution. I had no idea what that meant. Now I do.

  37. bernie

    I place no faith in bible prophecy or investing. If you believe that stuff then successful investing will be hopeless. A bible financial advisor should be avoided.

  38. Fred D

    I tried to forward your link to this interview to some of my contacts. But my emails are being returned as (“spam”). I do not know if this is happening to anyone else, but it would be a good idea to watch it to see if the spam filters used by internet providers are censoring this information. I hope that this is just a fluke.

  39. Andy

    So Bo finally admits to market manipulation in the metals, hallelujah ! We now have Bix, Bo, Catherine, Jim Willie, Jim Sinclair, Turd, and Clif High all saying the same thing. I think that’s a pretty good list and when you also have psychics saying it as well…………
    Bring on the derivative collapse!!!!

    • Mike R

      is clif forecasting again ? where ? I’d like to hear that. I thought he got out of that, since he was so wrong so many times.

      • Greg Hunter

        Cliff was also right on many calls too.

  40. SilverHawk

    In Venesuela right now, 90% gold jewelry is going for 181,000 Bolvars a gram. (Don Efectivo). That translates to 6,172,100 Bolivar per Troy Oz .999. Using 85:1, silver should be around 72,613 Bolivar. Keeping in mind Alan “Road to Roota” Greenspan saying “We’re next”, and the normal dollar to bolivar ratio of 1 to 10, that puts silver at around $7,261 per troy ounce. It can very well get that high, or higher. Ten ounces of silver will buy a nice $72,000 house, there, now. Keep stacking and sleep well.

    • JR

      I don’t see the Venezuelans throwing their gold or silver into the streets!

  41. Martha Strangeways

    She Nearly Drowned in a Flood. Then Came the Tornado.
    John Hacker 14 hrs ago
    Call it a divine test of will.
    It’s said, Australia has the best weather on earth. Clearly we here in the US. have the most deadly!
    Olivia Rogers graduated from high school last Sunday, and a day later, she thought her life was over.
    Her car was swept off a road in a blinding rainstorm late Monday evening and she would spend hours fighting to stay alive.
    Two days later, she was huddled in a friend’s shelter as a tornado tore through her neighborhood, flattening homes.
    “I’ve always had a strong faith in God and I feel like each situation he keeps putting me through is just a way to make me stronger and be able to help others through this,” Ms. Rogers, 18, said on Friday at her home.
    Cities across much of the central United States were on edge on Saturday, days after thunderstorms and tornadoes strafed parts of the Midwest and South. Several rivers and tributaries have flooded neighboring communities. Ms. Rogers has lived through it all.
    The tornado on Wednesday was not even her first. Exactly eight years earlier, she and her father were caught in the tornado in Joplin, Mo., which killed 161 people and leveled a third of the city. Her home demolished, Ms. Rogers, then 10 years old, took shelter from hail and driving rain in a destroyed car.

    But the whirlwinds did not compare with her struggle in a raging creek in heavy rains and wind on Monday.
    Olivia Rogers story of faith and courage;
    If Olivia can do it, we can too! In the darkest day’s ahead. Of the end of this wicked, wicked, present world system of things, soon to be replaced by the hand of God!

    • Anthony Australia

      Not sure that’s the case anymore. Australia’s weather is all over the place nowadays.

  42. H. Craig Bradley


    True, recession or even Depression may be coming later this year or next year ( Its always that way- “next year”). If not, just revise your forecast and claim you got it right along. Right now, the ongoing economic “slowdown” is not yet across-the-board but only partial. (We don’t officially allow for recessions any more). However, it could easily morph into a recession or even a depression/collapse or just another slow-down that was eventually bailed-out by the FED taking interest rates back to Zero and/or suppressing the entire interest rate curve from 1 year T-Bills to 10 year T-Bills ( keeping the 10 year rate at 1% indefinitely) by buying all the debt.

    Russia and China are no longer buyers of U.S. debt. Instead, China and Russia have been buying record amounts of physical gold bullion in the past year. I think they are stocking-up their war chests for a prolonged trade war. We will have to debase the dollar to keep in the game. Time to ante-up ?

    Auto sales are presently decreasing and inventory is going-up this year, so production cuts and reduced factory hours is probably in the cards soon. However, price cuts are not in the plan for now. In addition, real estate is starting to roll-over, beginning at the high-end in the past two years. This is especially true with luxury high-end second homes in rural vacation locations. No bids at all above a certain price point ( $ 2-3 Million).

    To sell, the price must be reduced to at or even below cost for a large home built or purchased 18 years ago. Turns-out, all the baby boomers are cashing-in their second homes at the same time and in the process depressing certain regional markets to some extent. I see this housing theme moving downstream in the future to Middle Class Suburbs in time.

    Right now, small service businesses from plumbers to HVAC contractors are experiencing a liquidity squeeze. Not enough working capital or liquid cash, reduced cash flow, no credit line or short term loans from the bank and customers who can not pay. To survive, most of them have changed their business practices in the past year to require payment immediately at the time the work is completed or no deal. A liquidity squeeze is apparently in-progress.

    This is especially going to be the case here in Calif. after a new California State Inheritance Tax to be placed on the Nov. 2020 Ballot. Any estate over $3.5 million, including your home, will be subject to a -40% inheritance tax on your heirs. It will likely pass, as the voters are dupes and don’t have any money themselves anyway. California Gov. Gavin Newsome proposes giving all illegals and individuals over 65 Medicaid for free. Depending on which proposal is adopted, the estimated annual cost to California taxpayers ranges from $98 Million per year to as high as $250 Million per year. A low ball estimate in all cases for sure.

    Since there is no money tree to fund this new state entitlement expansion, the rich must donate more of their estates to the State of California. (“Gavin the Pilferer”). How much you want to bet many of these wealthy Calif. homeowners may sell-out within a couple of years and move to a lower tax state? In the meantime, state income tax revenue is coming-in way below estimates, putting a cash-flow squeeze on the State of California. Prediction: Morgan Stanley land other Investment Brokers will be calling clients this July to sell them short term State of Calif. paper for a 1.5% yield. I will decline, as usual. Can’t trust the State of California or any of its political officials. Mal Pagars.

    Again, a new theme: Spot Liquidity problems in the overall economy. Talk about being out-of-step and a dollar short. I see a state government budget crisis here in spendthrift California by THIS summer. The Great Migration is going to be making headlines in 2-3 years, I predict. Increasingly, I hear: ” I’m Outta Here !” instead of Trump’s old tagline from The Apprentice: “You’re Fired”.

    The real estate market is going to freeze-up eventually. This time, its is starting from the very top and slowly working its way down to the core urban markets across the U.S. America, just like Japan has an aging population where old houses stand deserted for lack of young buyers. So, Its all about Demographics from now on. So, Its inevitable real estate will decline for many years to come. I predict that instead of appreciating 100% in 12 years, it will instead devalue by -50%, especially in more remote or small rural markets that are inherently weaker.

    • Diane

      I’m from So.California, and I always read your posts!
      Thanks for sharing.

  43. cris

    “June” also highlighted in Greg’s interview of February 3, 2019 with Jim Sinclair, “Flash crash to hell” in June! Bo nicely fleshes out the idea with detail.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Yep, the word that comes to mind next would be asset “DEFLATION” ( not cost deflation). However, if we were to get a major flash crash this year ( June or not ) then the market response would naturally be lower stock prices ( -10% in one day would be a red flag to go hide-out somewhere). It could happen, or worse, as was the case back in 1987.

      If an ’87 market crash does reoccur then the market won’t come back near as fast, I predict. The FED would PANIC and quickly take interest rates to European Levels ( that is, negative real rates) by year-end and in addition, start buying directly into the U.S. stock market via S&P 500 Index futures or DOW Index futures (Buyer of last resort).

      In the process, Public Employee Pension Funds would also take a hit and in-turn and so would state taxpayers, as well. I am not so sure this would help President Trump get reelected. What it would do is make China Great Again by comparison. China has the biggest “fortune cookie” after all.

  44. Norm

    I started listening and was quite fascinated but I heard the Holy Spirit say, “listen closely”. I waited, then I started hearing things. Just ONE example for brevity. Bo said Lois prophesied that the 3rd seal is a balancing of the scales?? That isn’t in the Bible!!
    Plus we are past the 4th seal now, probably the 5th seal.
    The next event will be the 6th Trumpet war. After that hold on tight.
    The Bible says to “test the spirits” so I looked at Lois’s “predictions” and she’s not so accurate. Anyone else do that ??
    Gods true prophets dont EVER get something wrong. Old testament prophets were killed if they missed Gods word for the people, right?….. Lot’s of false prophets are out there now and it’ll only get worse as the mis-directed & the false prophets get things right and draw people away.
    We are not ushering in the church age… That’s new age. It’s not in the word. Gods people need to be ready for great tribulation.
    Sorry, just being obedient Greg.

    • Bill

      Norm; There are times in the bible when God the Father said something, and then changed his mind. Example, God was very angry with the Israelites for their turning to idols. He spoke to Moses that he was going to destroy the people of Israel. Moses reminded him of the results of his doing so and he changed his mind . There are examples of is speaking to prophet and changing his mind. He told Jonah he was going to destroy Ninevah, they repented, so he changed his mind.

      • Albert

        Bill, those examples you are giving of God changing His mind are examples of the mercy of God! But one thing is for sure, God will NOT change his mind about the end times prophecies. Everything that God said about the end times in the old testament was ratified and clarified by Jesus. Moreover, the Book of Revelation has the following big warning clearly saying that God will not change His mind during the end times:

        For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
        Revelation 22:18-19 –

        • Norm

          Well said Albert.

      • paul ...

        The criminals of the world would just love having a “fickle” God that changed his mind … so people like Hitler and Hillary and all the “unending war” neocons “would be forgiven of their sins” and allowed into Heaven with the good people (who lived by the moral code of the one “true God” all their lives (instead of the teachings of a “fake God” called Satan) … our “real God” wrote: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Hebrew: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני) … and is one of the Ten Commandments found in the Hebrew Bible at Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6 … and it establishes the true nature of the relationship between man and our real God who wrote the Ten Commandments “without stipulations that allowed forgiveness for murder, rape, incest, etc., etc.” … only a “fake god” like the “fake news media” would promote such lies “that the 10 Commandments or our US Constitution could be modified at the whim … so that evil that was thrown out of Heaven by God the Father could return to Heaven “under the guise of the forgiveness of sins”!!

      • Norm

        Bill, my blurb about the prophets was an example to the standard back then. It was about the prophet, not about God. God is more than welcome to change His mind of course. But if a prophet didn’t relay Gods true word it was “Life changing” for them.
        What you wrote is a great example of how we take Gods word out of context to fit how we feel. God have mercy on us.

      • JR

        If/when God says something once, He MAY change his mind. If/when He says the same thing two or more times, His mind is made up and He is going to go through with it. The principle is called the “double witness”.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      AFTERSHOCKS or TREMORS FOR 2019-2020 ?

      For end time guidance, see the Book of Enoch. Free money and easy credit have allegedly distorted economics and inflated markets. Oligarchs have reaped millions and millions while everyone else such as work-a-day Americans got the shaft of Stagflation. Wealth inequality in the U.S. is approaching the breaking-point and destabilizing the Welfare State.

      With so much easy money, we have created a false prosperity built on the sand castle of massive new and unpayable debts, both sovereign debt and corporate and private debt. Lots of hedonism has been enabled and in this twilight, we are being tested individually. Thus, Enoch’s ” hour of temptation” has arrived. Those who pass the test will be prosper and be blessed, we are promised ( I have no idea how).

      However, in this cycle until 2032 A.D. according to economist Martin A. Armstrong, its primarily govt. debt or bonds that will eventually “blow-up” causing interest rates to quickly rise (spike) at double digit rates to compensate for when the market realizes all the bad govt. debt out there or in their portfolios. This will overwhelm the best efforts of all central bankers including the FED. Money will then flee the bond markets and rush into the “only other game in-town”, the U.S. stock markets, as stocks, the U.S. dollar, and gold all rise along with interest rates at the same time. Unfortunately, real estate will go down hard in this environment. So, be careful. Interesting Times we all are living in.

      I expect this drama to play-out between 2020 and 2032. If we get a flash crash this Summer or Fall, consider the volatility a preview of the future or what is yet to come. As the late President Ronald Reagan once said: ” you ain’t seen nothing yet”. When we crash, everyone is automatically involved. Interesting times, once more.

      • Norm

        Craig, my comment isn’t about the monetary system. I was remarking that as a Christian, we need to know we are in the literal last days.
        Many parts of Revelations has been fulfilled. In America we need to understand that God’s judgement is coming ON OUR NATION as well !! Abortion, Pedophiles, Perversion, flat out wickedness in our country.
        I would expect NOTHING LESS from a Righteous & Just God.
        Anyone else??

        • H. Craig Bradley

          TOUGH LOVE

          As you know, trends can outlast many individuals, but in the end, they suck-in nearly everyone. That’s why they are known as trends or cycles, be they financial, political, or climatic. There is really no escape. Those who move out-of-incompetent states like California think they can. Unfortunately, the Decline of America is nationwide to a relative degree, and its really picked-up steam since 2007, as well. This national (Federal) decline is going to ruin many American’s lives or make their lives much more difficult and in fact, already has. Sure, you can get relief by going to a lower cost state with lower taxes and for awhile, it seems O.K. again.

          Just wait 10 more years or so. Moving to another state or electing a different personality is not a permanent solution. Neither is President Trump, just a fleeting hope. The system, like “Humpty Dumpty is broken and can’t be put together again”, I am afraid. If you depend on the political system to save you then you are going to face disappointments. Eventually, everything you hold dear will be ruined or burned-up be it your financial investments, your cash (banknotes), your possessions (car), or whatever.

          Jesus warned us that your possessions (Idols) do not constitute your life and will not save you. Without God, you are dead and have no life, no hope and most especially, no future (no eternity). This awful situation would be the contemporary State of the Union, as well. How many politicians can come-out and say it? Not a one, so who cares if they lie. What else can they possibly say or do under the circumstances?

          Each individual must choose for themselves what they believe in. Most are just going to die or waste away from whatever ales them. Thus, the World will Go On regardless, but everyone else has a shelf-life. In response, we make stuff-up to suit ourselves and just as often, fool ourselves in the process, at least collectively. Not surprisingly, many versions of the Bible since the King James have been printed, each claiming to be the most accurate version. New and Improved, as in the video below. This proves Christians can market new ideas and make $ as much as Muslims. Problem is they are not “new” and are only Man’s Ideas, not God’s. Tough rub.

          Even today, many retirees I talk with feel things will get better and the “pendulum will swing-back, as always”. Clearly, many residents have a “recency bias”. Its really just another psychological coping mechanism relied upon for survival and most people I observe in my neighborhood are just keeping their heads above water financially. Any major surprise and they are immediately in-trouble. Trouble is relative too.

          We are all still free and mobile and so is capital or investments. Its a pretty big world the last time I looked but its better to have good specific reasons (goals) established before you make a geographic relocation. Think it out, plan it out, then execute your plan and ignore everyone or everything else.

          In the end, only YOU can take care of you, not the government or your neighbor or your cousin . All strangers. This is the way it always has been too. Its reality, whether America is doing well or whether times are not so good. Really matters little on an individual basis ( What “everybody” is doing or thinking is irrelevant or N/A.) Just Saying.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      End Time Guidance from the Book of Enoch

    • Albert

      Norm, thank you so much for your comments! Indeed, God’s true prophets NEVER make mistakes and this lady has made several mistakes in the past. I have tested her spirit and reached your same conclusion. So, God’s prophecies are being fulfilled!
      And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
      Matthew 24:11 –

      • Norm

        Just trying to help some folks wake up.
        Thank you brother.

    • Galaxy 500

      Look for King Saul going to the Medium.
      I am more concerned about her being in touch with the abyss than God.
      Describing what seems like possession.
      I guess I need to research her to have an educated opinion

  45. Bill

    I am beginning to hear financial advisers speak of gold silver and bitcoin as investments as Bo Polny has. Up until now bitcoin has been considered with some risk, while gold and silver are solid investments. For what reason is bitcoin now equal to gold and silver?

    • paul ...

      Bill … As written in our Constitution “only gold and silver are money” … Bitcoin “is totally inferior” to physical gold and silver … but then again … so is the US dollar … and so is all the other types of “paper certificates of promise” (from junior gold mining stocks, options, derivatives, etc. to US Treasury bonds) … “all are inferior to physical gold and silver” … but … it doesn’t stop people from investing in these risky “non-money” paper or electronic things … just like they will buy “tulip bulbs” if the pumpers and dumpsters manipulated the price upward … while at the same time manipulating the price of “real-money” downward … people are born with more greed in them then common sense … and must slowly learn the hard way to control “taking risks with their wealth” (for a perceived outlandish profit) … whether it’s at Las Vegas … or the big Wall Street Casinos (run by more sophisticated mafioso’s called banksters)!!

  46. Bill

    I have been to several conferences where Bo was in the line up. Of all the public TA advocates, Bo is probably the least followed. I now understand why. He doesn’t fudge anything, so his misses stand out, no equivocating like most. He puts it all out there like no one else. If he is right , he is right, if wrong he is wrong. As a very honest man, I give him credit for that.
    We will see shortly if his latest reading of the “chicken bones”, is any better than past efforts.

    • Cassandra calling...

      he is reckless and irresponsible. those rash predictions discredit more responsible analysts.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s wait until at least the end of July, shall we?

        • Cassandra calling...

          Greg, I will give you and Bo a full apology if this comes to pass.

  47. pat the rat

    Just found out the chief investment officer for Deutsche Bank just quite his job,if this is true the rats are leaving the ship.

    • Don Parker

      The man let his job in august of 2017.

  48. Glen Singley

    I see censorship is alive and well at USA Watchdog!! What a hypocrite you are Greg!!! If you had been following Bo loney’s career you would know his forecast accuracy is about 5%. Are real people refusing to come on your blog these days.

    • Greg Hunter

      The facts and the record say you are way off. He puts out a news letter and makes public calls on YouTube. Has Bo made some calls in error? Bo would be the first to tell you this. Of course the manipulation and intervention in ALL markets has made the game tough to play. All games come to and end and this one is no different.

      • Will

        Greg Bo seems to be a bit foggy on things. Might be drinking too much wine, as it looks from the back ground he tips the bottle all the time.

        • Greg Hunter

          The bottles behind him are all full. Polny was specific on the timing of the coming crashes. June and July.

        • Galaxy 500

          Have you considered the value of anything with alcohol in it after an economic upheaval?

    • Galaxy 500

      I know one thing, Bo’s predictions are ahead of yours

  49. iwitness02

    My oh my! That is a lot to think about. Pretty fascinating outline.
    This is why I am so grateful to be alive. Seems as though there will be much to witness in the months and years ahead. A transition from corruption to honesty. (I truly hope)
    The day will come when Satans power over the earth will be broken. Why not now?
    (probably a few opinions on that) Thank you Greg and Bo, for a most interesting discussion.

  50. Ken

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for interviewing Bo. It was very interesting and I think he may be correct about this summer. I have heard other similar ideas from other spiritual, non-Christians. I have to say however, that I am very bothered by his “124” date number theory. When I looked into his claim that October 4 fit the 124 theory, I found that he derived the “1” from October being the 10th month (that makes sense), but he derived the “2” from the fact that October is 2 months away from the end of the year. That seems like a real stretch to me.
    I have found that I can pick almost any date at random and figure out how to get 1’s , 2’s and 4’s from it.
    I am continually trying to understand our world and what is going to happen. With this interview of Bo, I thought I had found someone who might be right on. However, his “124” theory has created serious doubts in my mind. I’m very frustrated.

    • Donald

      “I am continually trying to understand our world and what is going to happen.”

      In a nutshell, the whole world is purposefully being misled – hook, line and sinker. This has been an ongoing process for centuries of time. There is an intelligent psychopathic entity that has always had as its principal objective the destruction of as many people as possible before he himself is put out of action. And it will have a high degree of success. You can see it now. The unbelievable rigging and control of nation after nation and the unbelievable idiocy of people the world over abounds like never before. Everything is being very carefully controlled, and as some other poster indicated, when the time comes the system will be collapsed. Presumably that time is rapidly approaching (as soon as a few weeks from now?). Of course this collapse is going to made to look perfectly legitimate based on an “uncontrollable” “unseen” “act of god” (i.e., a black swan). However, there is an infinitely greater force out there that supersedes everything this “it” thinks it will do. The warning of what is about to happen is now about 2,000 years old, so its safe to say people/nations have had more than enough time to get ready by now.

  51. Donald

    “How much money do we NOT know that they printed?”

    That’s exactly right. I strongly suspect that those that own the private banking system (a small number of related families) print a large amount of free money for themselves every year. And with the amounts they can print, they can buy-off any auditor. Better yet, who gets 100% of the blame for this inflation/theft???? Yep, all the hapless governments. In fact, these governments are simply too clueless to even know what the banksters are doing. In addition, virtually all of them have been bought off by illicit funds from the banksters for what amounts to chump change. Think about this, lets say you have 1000 people in a country and each has a $100,000 in wealth. How is it possible for one person (who happens to own the only bank authorized to print money) to become rich? The ONLY way is through theft. This bankster also happens to own the media and has bought-off the university so that he can have his own man in the position of writing and teaching economic theory. His university man tells everyone that government borrowing causes inflation which his media is only too happy to parrot. Mr/Ms clueless politician he bought-off aptly believes everything he/she hears from the media and higher education, plus Mr/Ms clueless politician won’t say anything about the banksters because they are so enamored over the chump change they got for being corrupted. But in secret, the bankster is adding money to the system – say 1 to 2 percent a year. And over say the next 20 years he winds up owning 1/3 of the country’s wealth. All the people say – oooh what a brilliant business man!!!! Actually what they should be saying is how stupid we are to have let this person steal 1/3 of what used to be ours. Over more time the bankster more or less winds up owning most of everything, all the businesses, all the property, you name it. All the while everyone is blaming the government for their poverty while the real culprit is looked at some sort of business hero.

    • Donald

      Got lost in the comment… forgot this part….

      So the 999 people that each have $100,000 before Mr Bankster starts covertly stealing from them (by secretly diluting the value of their wealth). After 20 years, they still have $100,000. But look, Mr Bankster now has about $33,000,000 – a full quarter of all the wealth of this “country” of 1000 people. But look again, Mr Informed Citizen figures this out and writes about it. The media, owned by Mr Bankster, denouces Mr Informed Citizen as a conspiracy theorist and a “nut” since “everyone” knows that all of this inflation is the government’s fault, and that Mr Bankster is simply a skillful business man. Why even the Economics University Professor (secretly owned by Mr Bankster) confirms this. Most people, having been dumbed down for so long, do what dummies do best – they believe the lies. They reason, “nobody is that smart so as to have fooled us – no way!!!”. “Were way too smart for that.” So Mr Informed Citizen goes away dejected. But look, Mr Informed Citizen No.2 shows up and confirms all that was said and even more. Unfortunately, he mysteriously dies and nobody knows how or why. Apparently, the police messed up the investigation and are too busy with other matters to waste time on a supposed “conspiracy theory”. And so it goes….

      This folks is your world. This folks is democracy in action where he who has the most money controls the government, who (for what amounts to as chump change) willingly give control to the bank, and will never touch the bank, or the media, or the university, or the justice system. This may sound like fiction but this is far truer than you can imagine…

  52. paul ...

    This is why the neocons have to build robots “without morals or Christian teachings” to fight all their continual non-stop wars to do regime changes … as “normal moral human beings have problems after raping and killing women and children”!! …

  53. paul ...

    You know … it took me awhile “to get it” … but I’m thinking the way Trump “does deals” is … he appoints “the meanest baddest people he can find” to push the other side at the bargaining table to the utmost extreme limits … where Trump can then come in at the end and “compromise” … and thus get the “best deal” possible!! … hope I’m right about this!! …

  54. Casey

    So with the world’s largest silver hoard JPM must be the godliest of all?

    • paul ...

      If only the banksters would use this wealth to bring justice and peace to all the world … instead of the continual wars they profit from that brings “vile death” to humanity … you know … if I rearrange the letters in “vile death” I get two other words … Devil + Hate!!

  55. breamrod

    Martin Armstrong also has June as a turning point for gold and July for silver. It looks like Nenner. Pointy and Armstrong are on the same page. I wouldn’t bet against them!

  56. Jerry Falsetto

    How is this guy still making a buck off of new subscribers. “God” knows he has completely crushed his old ones with horrible bet everything calls. Check with your friend Jim Sinclair who had his reputation tarnished betting with this guy. Can any Chiropractor become an analyst? Yep it’s sensational and you are safe Greg because you have the CYA’s but is this really a good idea?

  57. jeffersonian

    Bo knows–maybe,maybe not. Regardless you got to give him credit for not sitting on the fence like so many so called pundits and instead making some blatantly bold predictions.

    We will know in six months or so if he is right or if he is wrong. If he is right, and you took precautions–you will be way ahead of the curve. If he is wrong, well–he will have lost most if not all of his credibility and he will be dismissed just like the fed shill, Dimartini-Booth(sp). Let time dictate the outcome and then judge.

    But when he says silver(14.64) is a good value, he is spot on, especially for the long haul and physical gold ain’t bad either at 1286 an ounce. Close to a 90 to 1 ratio

    Having water, food, and other essential items at home for an emergency is also excellent advice regardless if disaster strikes–eat it up before it goes bad. You lost nothing.

    As for 124–I’m as skeptical as you are. Who knows? I emailed Bill Holter back around 2012 and asked him why the feds couldn’t keep this thing afloat til 2020 or longer. His exact words with no explanation: “Mathematically impossible.” The rigged financial markets will implode when they are good and ready and no sooner.

    Finally, I’ve been telling people for years the corporations are destroying your physical and mental health thru geoengineering, g-5, wi fi, and GMO’s to only name a few. Glyphosate, found in commercially grown crops like canola, sugar beets, corn, cotton and soy is a known carcinogen. Interesting that the jackals, I mean attorneys, are now going after Montsanto .

    Hey, but who cares? Put that cell phone up to your head all day, sit in front of that computer screen 24-7, and make sure you get plenty of good, safe, healthy GMO’S in your diet. Everything will be fine. Right? No, dead wrong.

    PS: This afternoon I’m installing a transfer switch so I can run electricity to my house from my propane 10 k watt generator and also run the well pump in case of power outage.. Have a good day from down here on the farm

  58. Michael M Brennan

    This was all foretold in the Strauss & Howe book: The Fourth Turning
    Mr. Strauss died in 2007, but Mr. Howe still lives on.
    Please attempt to get Mr. Howe as a guest to discuss their work which was originally published in 1997.
    For the Republic,

  59. Icarus

    January 2015. Jim Sinclair called for $2000 gold by the end of the year. Within 3 months, Bo Polny, James Turk, Craig Hemke, Bill Holter, Harvey Organ, Egon Greyertz and Andrew McGuire ALL called for the same $2000 by the end of the year. Charlatans all of them. It closed at $1250. NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING. It’s all guesses in the land of managed markets and managed expectations. With due respect to your guest Greg, Bo has been historically the worst of the bunch. No cred what so ever in my book. It amazes me that we continue to give this guy a platform, when he has been so consistently wrong, only because he says what we want to hear. Now ban me and call me a troll…again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to ban your comment but you are simply factually wrong. Polny has both his good and not so good calls documented, and he’s been right more than he’s been wrong especially in the Crypto market.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Is Bo a “51%er”? Another words, over the long term, do over half of his positions turn out to be profitable? Does he have nay real positions at all? Either you have a verifiable track record managing assets or you are just a pundit. Bo is a pundit, good or bad.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes he ha a news letter and that is documentation as well as a public you tube channel.

      • Donald


        Actually somebody does know something and its the insiders controlling this mess. But you can be certain they are all under the threat of immediate assassination if they come forward. As it appears their strategy is to financially decimate the west, what has likely happened is virtually all the allocated gold and silver the LBMA is supposed to have, has been sold. Everyone who thinks they own something with them will find out otherwise at some point. The warning of this situation is now well over five years old. How many have responded??? It would seem that whatever one has in hand when the system croaks is pretty much anything one will have – other than for other tangible assets such as a home.

  60. K. Wayne

    Great contrast in styles between Nenner and Polny.
    Same conclusion (Market Crash and Timing) is more than coincidence.
    You’ve piqued my interest.

  61. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    When Bo said at the 17:20 mark that “this is the year God promised He is going to do things for His people… because this is the year He raises His church…and He cannot raise His church before He raises His money… because He needs to get His people wealthy so they can prosper and build His church” immediately these scriptures came to mind:
    1) “knowing that it was not with corruptible things, with little coins of gold and silver that you were redeemed out from the vain manner of life handed down to you from your fathers, BUT WITH PRECIOUS BLOOD as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot, the blood of Christ; Who was foreknown before the foundation of the world but has been manifested in the last of times for your sake, who through Him believe into God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God” (1Peter 1:18-21)
    The price which the Lord Jesus paid to redeem fallen mankind from which He is building His church was HIS SINLESS INCORRUPTIBLE BLOOD not “little coins of gold or silver” or any other corruptible means of exchange.
    (1Tim.6:5-10) which is why I say to you Greg, and to all who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son (This is MY BELOVED IN WHOM I DELIGHT), the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind!!! (2Tim.1:7).

  62. Galaxy 500

    Nice interview.
    Here is an interesting bit of action in Congress. And Hank Johnson of Guam tip over fame acts like he is truly mentally ill or a minimum of severely retarded.

  63. Doug

    Your guest was somewhat of interest until his ridiculous rendition of our creator. He blew it royalty and should consider keeping his nut bar theories to him self. Making a mockery of our maker iS punishable by you know what.
    Otherwise have been enjoying your show.

  64. Paul Schmaker

    Wow, another crash prediction. I look forward to coming back in August when yet another prediction fails to materialize so I can read about the next prediction. After all, when you’ve been predicting an imminent crash year after year after year after year, eventually you may be right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep Paul and keep pretending the markets are legit and real.

  65. Erika Miller

    I was just listening to Simon Parkes most recent webcast in which he stated that President Trump will be out of the country starting beginning of June and that there is a good likelihood that Barr may be releasing information while Trump is away. The thought came to me that if that happens, the deep state may be pulling the plug on the stockmarket to divert attention from the news released by Barr. Just conjecture.

  66. iwitness02

    There is a new Froglegs out, for anyone that may have a taste for such things.
    The spies who shagged themselves.

  67. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello there Greg,

    This bit of information is for one of your hearers called The Zionist , this person in the comment section put and was talking about the Rapture ? I would ask this person to look in to the 12 year period that happened in the city of Trento in the Dolomites in northern Italy.
    What happened here was “The Counter-Reformation” , that was run by the Jesuit Order.

    This Counter-Reformation was lead out by the greatest minds in this Jesuit Order, and this Rapture teaching came from the Jesuit concocted theology called “ Futurism” and this false teaching called the Rapture involving a 7 year period, was formulated by these Jesuit theologians and fooled and sold this to the Protestant Reformation !

    This was done through the seminary centres in the European Universities of higher education, that trained the Pastors, and Ministry of the Protestants churches.
    Of which the teachers of these higher centres of learning, were taught by Jesuit professors. Not many Bible believers in the Christian churches, since when the Jesuit Order stopped the Protestant Reformation of the 15/16th Century, really see this grand deception that has been given to the many churches in the Christian world of today !

    To check online even through the many search engines online, such as Google, to check what I have said about this fake Rapture ( Jesuit) teaching, that has deceived many, many Christians of today, please run these names to help your research in this mass delusion ! The three main theologians that duped and stopped the Protestant Reformation with not just Futurism, but also with Preterism, which makes the Anti-Christ and its system to be put in the past with the last of the fourth part of the late Alexander the Greats empire, the Seleucid dynasty! Which is old Syria, these three main exponents of these two streams of Jesuit lead and invented fake theology that is still being taught today in 99% of the theological university’s of the world !

    Here are these Jesuit theologians by name :-

    Cardinal Belermine, Reberia, Alcazar., so there you have it, these amazing Jesuit educators that have deceived nearly all of Protestant churches of Christianity please ask there church leaders to study the two books of Holy Scriptures that have been numbed and distorted by this false Rapture teaching from the Counter Reformation from the Council of Trent, I did not just study all this from books, I have personally been there in Trento person to do my own research!

    These two unique books of Bible Prophecy, that the Jesuits used to stop the Protestant Reformation was the Book of Daniel and the last book of the New Testament, The Book of Revelation, I have also done my research on the small island of Patmos, May the Lord of Glory, through the Holy Spirit show you all the deep things of God is my pray.

  68. paul ...

    Now “we will hear the wailing cries” of the supporters of the immoral abortionists … who “were deaf” to the cry’s of babies who’s innocent beating hearts were torn from their defenseless bodies”!!! … … let us give thanks that the Lord’s words have finally welled up from deep inside us … to forcefully move us to take action … and give the gift of life back … to yet unborn children!!

  69. paul ...

    I see a lot of truth in this article by Brando Smith … who writes extensively about the “psychology of globalists” as well as “the strange cult-like beliefs that drive their philosophies” … in his article “Global Elitists Are Not Human” he outlines evidence that “globalist motives and behavior are directly comparable to the ideals and behavior of narcissistic sociopaths (or what some people might refer to as psychopaths)” … he theorizes that “globalists are in fact a highly organized cult of narcissistic sociopaths, that look for the inborn character trait of sociopathy in the people that they recruit” … and he feels that these neocons “are like a separate species from normal human beings” and that they “lack most of the traits that we would associate with normal human behavior such as empathy and self examination” …

  70. paul ...

    Seems the conflict in Palestine (This is Greg Hunter and I cut your comment. It’s called Israel NOT Palestine. It’s Israel and that has a “everlasting name” according to the Bible. Psalm 41:13)

  71. WD


    CNN just killed an entire division…
    Its health division had massive layoffs…

    • Greg Hunter

      They also laid off about a dozen overseas in the UK. I feel sorry for the people laid off. CNN should start at the top with the stupid anchors like Anderson Cooper. He made a reported $7 million a year when I was there in 2008. CNN = “Very” Fake News.

      • Diane

        You got that right. GREG.
        CNNs anchors are shameful

  72. Carol Smith

    I tried listening to Lois Vogel Sharp from King of Glory Ministries this evening. Video on May 28, 2019 – a question and answer video. This is my discernment as well as my husband’s. This particular video was quite harsh. The entire video was scolding her viewers. Maybe if you could get past these types of videos and hear a prophecy, you might enjoy her more.
    I have long sense gotten over believing that I need to listen to ministries.The Lord draws us away to Himself.
    When Trump was elected, the Lord asked me to Pray that the entire Democratic party would fall. This word He gave me is in direct conflict with what Mr. Polny said concerning the Democrat party reaching a point where they would work with Trump. If they are going to fall, they would, I think, disappear.
    After all of this, I am seeing that we really need to Pray for the Lord to show each of us the way He wants us to go. (direction)

  73. Keith

    Year after year…month after month..biggest crash in history!!!…subscribe to my website…rinse repeat….thousands of predictions…just like the lottery someone eventually predicts correct…oh have you subscribed to my website yet???

    • Greg Hunter

      We feel your frustration Keith, but that does not mean you don’t have to prepare. The Math is terrible and the manipulation and intervention can’t make the math look any better–just prolong the inevitable.

      • WD


        You are so correct…The math doesn’t lie…it can’t!!! I am sure many of your trusted experts are frustrated also….Even when I have doubts I always come back to “the math doesn’t lie”

  74. Rachel from Australia

    Awesome interview Greg, so good to hear that from a biblical perspective

  75. Gary

    Investor advisor ISS urges no-confidence vote in Deutsche Bank (May 7, 2019)

    Deutsche Bank CEO speaks of ‘tough cutbacks’ at contentious shareholder meeting
    (May 23, 2019)

    Deutsche Bank sees support dwindle at shareholder meeting (May 23, 2019)

  76. Grace


  77. Marek

    Why don’t you get some simple equipment to show the charts in a proper way so that they are easily and clearly viewed?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you start your own site and show us all it’s done and do it without charge.

      • Rob Scigs

        amazing how you can’t handle criticism and how you sensor comments on this site that don’t only praise your guests. Shame on you! I’m sure this won’t be viewed by anyone but yourself too.

        • Greg Hunter

          I sensor paid trolls and comments that are void of truth and accuracy. Start your own site. Put it out there for free, and show us all how it is done man. Nothing is stopping you.

  78. Sally A.

    I never watch the actual interview, always read the summary. But this was the exception. Mr. Hunter, you got world-class interview skills – thanks for this. And Bo, the beer’s on me (N.A. if that’s your preference) when June bumps up the metals, and July seals the deal . Helen Keller could testify to the fact that the metals have been manipulated from here to kingdom come since the 80’s, until, hopefully, now… And I want to give a shout out to michael lutin, from the website of the same name, who has also been predicting for a good long time now, that we ain’t in Kansas anymore regarding the status quo…

  79. Country Codger

    Hello Mr. Polny,
    Hopefully you will see this text. Please remember as I told you on your website that there are only 120 complete cycles (Gen. 6:3). I also called the December drop using a different formula and I took it from Scripture. Also, I called the cycle of July 9th +/- two weeks in the summer of 2018 right here on Greg’s channel. I agree with most of what you said but please remember that we are in the last cycle which is a terrible cycle to be in and it is much more volatile the anyone can imagine, you and I included. We will have war by 2023 and America as we know it will be gone. By 2030 it will be a ghost nation. All of this comes from Scripture. I wish you all the best and keep up the great work.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    p.s. This is the third time I have listened to this interview and I think it is fantastic!!!!

  80. Bill

    Hey Greg,
    Maybe I was too harsh on Bo. So far Bo has hit the gold action right on the nose. Fortunately that is the way I am positioned. His prediction on the market crash has yet to materialize. Since the Street is Fed happy it’s hard to see his scenario developing as the Fed reduces rates, short of a black swan such as a war.

  81. Randy Best

    Bo stated we are going to see a stock market drop in June. We have one more week to go.
    He was right about gold surging in June.

  82. Rob

    Please think twice before having Bo Polny on again. It’s embarrassing and it makes your site/interviews less credible. I respect you and your show too much. Here we are July 1st and the S&P is near an all time high. Quite the opposite of what Bo said would happen by the end of June. He also said we’d get a 40% market correction in March. Didn’t come close to happening. The guy’s a charlatan!

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s see what happens in July. Polny said gold and bitcoin would rise on the May 26th interview on USAW — they did. Let’s see what happens in July as far as a stock market sell off.

  83. Erika Miller

    Today is July 2nd at 8 pm EST and gold today has gone up $45.30 on Kitco. That is a lot. Apparently gold went up because Trump tweeted he is nominating Judy Shelton to the Fed. She is a gold standard supporter. Obviously Bo Polny’s predictions did not materialize in June but let us see how his predictions are going to play out in the coming months.

  84. keram

    He predicted “The crash that comes in July is going to blow away the crash that comes in June.” July is over and nothing happened…

    • Greg Hunter

      the markets puked -333 points today WITH a rate cut. Let’s see how August turns out.

  85. Erika Miller

    Looks like Bo got his timing wrong but he got the direction of the market right. Looks like the crash that started July 31, 2019 and is now in full force in August is going to take out the crash that ended in December 2018. The Dow has now completed a megaphone pattern from 2017. A megaphone pattern is a reliable forecast pattern in technical analysis. When the crash happened in the last quarter of 2018, the megaphone pattern was not yet complete. It is now complete. Batton down the hatches. Perhaps Gregory Mannarino can provide some insight on this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bo said gold would go up at the end of May on USAW and said the crash would start in July. 333 down on July 31st and many more down days into Aug. Sound pretty right to me.

      • Realist Analyst

        Looking back, he’s wrong again.
        Another guy who has called 9 of the last zero crashes.

        Are you guys really this gullible?

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