Impeachment 2.0, Swamp Revealed, Incompetent Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 467 2.5.2021)

Impeachment 2.0 is gearing up for the trial in the Senate next week.  The Democrats want Donald Trump to testify, and his lawyers say–not going to happen.  They have to prove their case, and they ain’t going to be able to do it says the Trump impeachment tag team of lawyers.  This is another phony impeachment for a guy no longer in office.  The country burns while the Senate fiddles.

If you did not really know how deep the corruption was in the D.C. swamp, you certainly do now.  Just about the time I feel we are finally hitting bottom, another trap door opens and we sink further.  The one thing we have seen in all this fraud with the elections is how deep the swamp really is.  We also now know there is really only just one big criminally, compromised and corrupt party that hates “We the People.”

The economy is still sinking, and it’s not going to bounce back anytime soon.  The incompetence in Washington comes when an illegitimate government is put into power by fraud.  On its face, it is incompetent, and the world knows it.  How long can the confidence game with the dollar and the Treasury market last with the inmates running the asylum?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

John Rubino, founder of, will join us in the Saturday Evening Post to talk metals, markets and the biggest financial bubble in history.

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  1. JC

    The choice is yours…

    CNN: The network that arguably did more than even Fox to turn cable news into an infotainment-powered anger binge, radicalizing middle-aged centrists and stranded air travelers the country over, now has second thoughts about its particular racket, or at least it has second thoughts about other people participating in its racket now that Donald Trump isn’t around anymore to goose its ratings.

    • Louie


    • Ed Hill

      I just watched the documentary by Michael Lindell on Proof of the fraud in the 2020 ele tion. The most stunning and shocking part begins at 1:36 where Mary Fanning shows the forensic evidence of the most massive cyber attack in history. Watch it here, or on the

  2. Stan

    Looks like the silver short squeeze was a big flop. Hey Paul, didn’t you laugh at me for shorting silver last Friday? Silver is headed a lot lower.

    • William+Stanley

      I’m glad your silver shorts worked out for you.
      I considered selling some silver mining shares after their recent run up, but didn’t. I just don’t trust JPM to defend its friends forever. However, I’ve been nibbling away at Bitcoin and, as of now, I’m back in the green. At about 0.5% of my portfolio I’m not in too deep, and I really don’t intend to get much more of it. Wish me luck, though.

      • Paul ...

        Bill … I see you are being cautious and realize that Bitcoin “is a speculation based upon greed” … but others need to realize that the Bitcoin they are buying “is not backed by gold” (the way Government crypto’s now being developed will likely be “backed by Gold”) … also notice … how the Plunge Protection Team have told their billionaire buddies “to begin massively buying Bitcoin” … and to project a $600,000 dollar price target for one Bitcoin … … they need to do this … to draw the common peoples money “away from Silver purchases” … which is causing a major squeeze on their Silver short positions … the banksters need to hold the Silver price down … until they can create their Gold backed crypto replacement for the US dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency … I don’t think they will succeed … as industrial users of silver are beginning to panic (especially in China) … and are now accumulating silver stockpiles!!

        • William+Stanley

          Paul …,
          It’s always good to hear from you; thanks!
          I agree that the case for PMs is overwhelming, especially for silver. IMO, that’s because silver’s industrial uses support its price even more than its “more-future-than-present” function as money, particularly as a medium of exchange.

          As for gold, I agree that it’s hard to dismiss its historical staying power and its prospects given the fiat printing orgy presently in progress.

          I think we may disagree about Bitcoin, but with different emphasis in our reasoning. IMO, Bitcoin would potentially be a great form of money . . . if it didn’t threaten the Globalist elites (especially central bankers) so much.

          I think we probably agree that much of the danger with Bitcoin also lies with the “millennials'” (and other younger generations’) vulnerabilities to Globalist psy-ops due to those generations’ fascination with technology . . . as well as their concomitant (but, essentially, false) sense that clever financial engineering is economically productive and wealth producing.

    • Self+Exiled

      Yep Rachel’s assessment was correct. We wait. I don’t think we will see $12. silver as you mentioned in the last interview. Usually silver is now compresses to $24. It doesn’t seem to want to go that low this time. Hanging in there at $26.

      • Paul from Indiana

        I remember when it was $1, so I guess it is a matter of perspective as to whether silver now is “low”. I remember buying “junk” (non-numismatic) silver coins in the 70s. People thought I was crazy when it got to $5 for one dollar “face”, meaning it cost $5 to buy 4 pre-1965 quarters. Best always. PM

        • Paul ...

          Paul … Stan probably laughs at me when I mention the Debt Clock value of Gold and Silver … without realizing that back in 1980 (at the peak in the precious metal market) Silver reach “as high as” its Debt Clock valuation back then … so although Jim Rickards only projects a gold price based upon about 40% of the current Debt Clock value for Gold … keep in mind that the market can (in a speculative blow-off) push the precious metals up “as high as their Debt Clock valuation” … at that point … you should sell your gold and silver … yes … take the “almost worthless fiat” for it … but then “immediately” buy something of “real physical value” with it that has not appreciated as much (like perhaps farm land, or an antique car, etc., etc.)!!

          • JS

            Paul you are on target. I have stacks of $35 silver from the last fake run up. But my junker $500 VWs are all worth over $5000 making more money sitting in the barn faster than my silver ever did.. and I can drive around in them or sell them or easily restore them for ‘$15k of profit. JPM can’t make an old VW bug worthless but they can shaft your silver hopes whenever they want.

            • Greg Hunter

              You cannot trade that bug at will. To me it’s worthless. You have to find someone who thinks that it’s some pricey piece of junk. Silver has universal appeal as wealth and money. Your bug does not.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … You need to stop listening to the rumors being spread by JP Morgan “that they are going to crash the silver market” (while they are secretly buying silver hand over fist knowing that confidence is being lost in their fiat paper) … with all the money printing the Fed has been doing both consumers and businesses are losing confidence in fiat and are seeing more printing ahead under Bribe’n … and when confidence is lost … velocity of money picks up … as fiat paper is dumped in exchange for current consumption or hard assets (like silver and gold) … as the velocity of fiat increases … it first turns into inflation … and once people see inflation ramping up … it turns into hyperinflation … hope you enjoy holding your short position through the coming hyper-inflationary storm Bribe’n, Yellen and the Fed will be fueling with extra trillions in fiat paper … they need to print to eliminate debt (by making it easier to pay off with devalued paper money) … keep the big picture in mind Stan … our politicians and the Fed “need to continue to debase the dollar” to keep things from collapsing “by destroying debt with worthless money” … I know you worship paper fiat dollars Stan (but to do so is like trusting in a prostitute not to rob your wallet when you are not looking)!!

      • Paul ...

        To everyone else (other then Stan) … keep up your silver buying … as it will panic the industrial companies that need to use silver in their products … they can’t afford to shut down their production lines because they don’t have the silver they need to manufacture their products … and they will soon realize they need begin to stockpiling 1000 oz bars of silver … if you own a bitcoin … trade it in and buy a 1000 oz bar of silver … as the short sellers are desperate to keep silver prices down … they will try to prevent silver from rising not only to prevent huge losses on their silver short positions but also the huge liability they will face from lawsuits by people who lost money in silver due to their criminal manipulation … listen well to what Butler has to say … and act in a positive way to destroy the evil ones in this world!! … … just keep buying … and force those 1000 oz bars the industrialists need to be melted down to create more silver coins!!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … I see it being reported that Chinese companies … that use Silver in their manufacturing process (like building solar cells, etc.) are right now beginning “to panic” (and are buying up stockpiles of 1000 oz bars of Silver) … I also hear the Silver ETF (SLV) can’t get the Silver they need “to back up their shares” (and are actually leasing the Silver from JP Morgan) … this is very bad … they are setting themselves up for big problems (as Silver gets even harder to get hold of) … the Fed, Janet Yellen and the whole Plunge Protection Team “are in a panic” as they are seeing demand for Silver overwhelming supply (even though they crashed the world economy using the Corona virus) … as the Silver price pushes higher so will the Gold price … leading to the rapid destruction of the US dollar (but they want the dollar to be destroyed gradually) … however as demand overwhelms supply … the banksters printing up paper Silver short contracts “only puts them into deeper hole” when they eventually have to cover (like what happened to Palladium when they had to cover their short positions in that metal when demand exceeded supply) … there is not doubt in my mind that the price of Silver “will rise significantly as the industrialists panic” and begin buying 1000 oz Silver bars to keep their manufacturing production lines from grinding to a halt (their “just in time supply lines” will prove to be an albatross around their necks) … keep in mind that the banksters “can manipulate the Silver price lower using paper contracts” … but they can’t print “the real physical metal that industries need to manufacture their circuit boards, their cell phones, their solar panels, etc., etc.” … so Yellen and the Banksters must re-set the US dollar backed monetary system (RIGHT NOW) … and since the banks have been buying Gold hand over fist (just like Russia and China) … Gold will likely be used to back up the “New World Reserve Currency” that will likely be “digital” … will this be good for Bitcoin? … probably not … because “the government crypto will be backed by Gold” … Bitcoin is not backed by anything “except investor greed” … so remember … the banksters “can’t print Silver” … and because selling it short using paper contracts to lower Silvers price only produces “more demand” (from Silver-bugs and industrial manufacturers) … the play book is clear … what happened to Palladium will happen to silver (no doubt about it) … the silver shorts “will be squeezed” … and this time around … the upward movement of the Silver price will most likely lead the price of Gold!!

    • Jerry

      Look at silvers 5 year performance.

      Sorry dude. You’re working off an outdated investment strategy. The chart doesn’t lie. Stan you know as well as I do that the fed has to keep printing money to keep the dollar propped up and the moment that they stop it’s going to pop like a ballon. Enter the “ great reset” .

      • Stan

        Jerry: Silver was $50 in 1980. Today it is $27. Need I say more?

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Stan you do need to say more. Silver was $17 per ounce in July of 2020 and today it’s $27 per ounce. Did not you say you were shorting silver last year along with gold as you say every year??? $50 per ounce Ag in 1980 was equivalent to $600 today, using 1908’s CPI. One heck of a bargain.


    • Faith

      @Stan: Silver is holding steady. Glad you made some money.

      This is year ten for me, buying and stacking silver.

    • Mike R

      Stan, not sure what . . . you are watching that’s really messing with your brain, but man you seriously gotta get some mental acuity pills real fast, before your faculties completely fail you. Silver is at $27 buddy. That is nowhere close to any ‘flop’, especially what was needed to counter the heavy surge of buying across the board. Have you even seen the premiums over spot ??? You can’t get no metal. Nobody is selling. SO PLEASE, go ahead and short it, as you will be adding more ‘fuel to the fire’ and will lose your shirt.

      The paper market for silver is so badly rigged, that when this thing blows, there is going to be HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS lost by many big banks. Not just hedge funds. You have NO IDEA of how levered these short silver dummies are. NO IDEA.

      And the entity that will get hurt the WORST is going to be the FED.

      Geez, its hard to know where to begin with how utterly clueless you remain. Can’t quite figure out why you even bother to post here, bc you are making such an utter fool of yourself, and you have zero recognition of how far you are off on every single comment. I can only imagine, Greg is just giving you all the rope you want to proverbially hang yourself. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you, as Greg is showing no mercy by letting your postings come thru.

      • Stan

        Mike R: Dude, silver was $50 in 1980. Today it is $27. Please explain why this metal is a safe haven or a hedge against anything. Maybe Paul can help you.

    • David Lynch

      Yes, the comex price is lower, but the physical price just went to $ 35 – $ 40 plus range , where you can get it. The comex price rigging game will end as true price discovery is unleashed. What a freak show they have turned our once free country into .

    • Jack

      geez you moron , you play with fire , yeah Morgan and the rest covered most of their shorts last week and now they are long. of course if you were smart enough to own physical silver the premiums were raised to 65% on eagles @ $43 , didn’t matter what the paper market did, if you want REAL silver eagles they are $43 , and there is a long wait to get any . I just sat and watched the paper comedy show ,and sat back with my physical and laughed . This should be a lesson for you people who buy paper silver or silver stocks , those can be taken down anytime, now wait til delivery day comes up I think possible COMEX default . PSLV and SLV trade based on the paper price , they have no silver , and if they do have any you have to by a BIG players to get delivery something like $1m , otherwise you eat paper. as Bill Holter once said we would see a day when there was “none offered” , that day has come , and pretty much the same for gold which went to a $300 premium for eagles this week , no matter what the paper price did . game on , you either have REAL PM or you hold the bag. if Morgan can’t delver it could take down the whole banking industry down . the rumor that Morgan has like 6m ounces of silver is false, they inherited Bear Sterns short position in 2008 , and are now desperate to get out of it. Eric Sprott says he has like 6 million ounces , but again unless you are a big player you can’t get delivery , so what good is that. Holter told me that Paper silver does not trade at a premium FOR A REASON, now you idiots know what the reason is

      • Stan

        Jack: Just take delivery on a Silver contract and you’ll pay $27 per ounce

    • Boz From Oz

      Paper silver might go lower but try buying physical. The physical market breaking free of the derivative price, watch out if you are shorting my wake up one day to a short squeeze to remember.

  3. JC

    It’s only a matter of time before Greg will find himself in a re-education camp.
    (see below)

    Will you be able to organize a rescue team?

    Fake news is not limited to the United States. The press has joined the governments 100% around the world. Journalism is dead. It is now all about just indoctrination. The very foundation of democracy is to encourage a debate. But now, they just label the opposition as a conspiracy and condemn them. Since the New York Times supported Stalin and that whatever he did was for the greater good (see: film “Mr. Jones”), we should expect mainstream media to advocate terms of imprisonment for anyone who disagrees with their political views or objectives. This is shredding the Constitution and eliminating everything America once stood for. The press is finished.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … if I can find enough “real” Patriots who will be willing join me to free Greg … but sadly … I will probably only find “Trump Patriots” (who will not join the fight to save Greg) just like Trump would not act to free Assange!!

      • Major Payne

        Free Greg.. (and Save Ferris.)

    • Diane

      Terrifying, JC

    • Paul from Indiana

      The New York Times has never been trustworthy in my experience. In the late 50s, they often referred to Fidel Castro as “The Robinhood of the Caribbean”. The struggle has been going on quite some time, more than 60 years, but they have finally gained the upper hand, and we let it happen. President Trump was the last serious resistance, and it was a sight for these sore eyes to behold. Best always. PM

  4. Ted

    thank you for everything that you do Greg
    and thank you for being a voice for light and reason in these dark times

    I have been a fan for many years and always look forward to hearing you say those words at the end of every single one of your videos. I believe it is the best advice you can ever give someone

    God bless you my friend

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

      Ditto Ted. Greg remains steadfast until the end!

  5. Jim Yost

    Hello Greg,

    I thought you might find this quote to be interesting:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.” Alexander Fraser Tytler

    Also, over two hundred years ago John Adams made the statement that there hasn’t been a democracy yet that didn’t die by committing suicide. It looks as if that’s what we’re witnessing now. The good news is that after tyranny gets going full-swing people will turn to God, which will result in them having great courage, which will lead to them having liberty. But in the meantime it looks as if things are going to get worse before they get better.

    Please email me back and let me know what you think.

    Your friend,

    Jim Yost

    • Paul ...

      Jim … you say: “people will turn to God, which will result in them having great courage, which will lead to them having liberty” once again … but you are assuming that Bill Gates will not next release his “gain of function” Atheist virus on the world (that he was trying to sell to the US Military as a way to reduce religious fanatics in Afghanistan) that will make it almost impossible for Liberty to ever return to the peoples of planet earth!!

    • Diane

      Thank you for your comment Jim Yost

    • John Fast

      Come Armageddon, Come Armageddon Come !

  6. MickieKnows

    Ted Cruz is doing optics. It works better for Trump if he looks real weak and all his friends have left him. When I first heard that Cruz did that I was upset, but I dug a little deeper and realized that Trump and his closest and best people are all acting weak, and I think on purpose. What that does is make all the leftists feel free to do even more evil crap. And, it makes the Never-Trumpers feel free to show themselves completely. But, it only works if everyone surrounding Trump is perceived as weak. This is really a good thing.

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

      Yes Mickie. I too believe that Ted Cruz is one of the good guys. Optics are everything right now.

    • Paul ...

      Or … it could just be a way of “putting a good face on cowards” who will not take a stand against evil!!

  7. Fredrick: Getzschman

    Defacto Officer and Defacto Office Fraud is baked into the municipal corporation county government. Over 3100 former county courthouses (State Courthouses occupied by State Employees) are stacked from the bottom floor to the top floor with official frauds. You are only realizing this fact because of the 2020 election fraud was in your face. Those tactics that have been used against Candidate Trump, then President Trump is the same tactics used against the average American for decades. Now they are using the same type of fraud tactics that they used against us and then using them on President Trump. Judges benefit from election fraud, that is why they are not going to hear cases and ever get to the evidence, the judges will keep saying they saw no evidence because they refuse to hear the cases, the establishment democrats and establishment republicans are bought and paid for and benefit from election fraud, now they have to brainwash the masses with the “Official Establishment Story” that no election fraud occurred. They will pump that bs story to the masses repeatedly until the people quit talking about it. Judges and Politicians are one and the same bad actors. The swamp starts at your local courthouse and always has.

  8. Self+Exiled

    Common sense:grass roots authority: here it is. Listen to their experiences and positive expression of self identity.

  9. Karen Kemp

    Greg I am so glad you are still here reporting and keeping us up ! You are a good Christian man. Every where we turn is false news and leading us to false hope. Stay the course …. hold the line … what we are being told. Lord can come back anytime …. we are ready ! You stay well and with us …. god bless you and yours. God be with us all ‘ thank you sir!

  10. Robert Dziok

    The Military are in control via Military Code 11.3 and National Emergency declaration March 2020. Code 11.3 was put in place during the McCarty years over the concern of a Communist takeover of the government. It was put in as a last line of defense and requires the military to remove an illegitimate government and have a legitimate one. FEMA also has emergency powers.

    We are transitioning back to the Republic under the original Constitution of 1776 and away from the corporate one of 1871 that took away our sovereign right. President Trump announced at his July 4th 2020 Mount Rushmore speech we now had our sovereignty back. Since then some 25 volumes each 5 inches thick have been put together for the transition when it takes place. Such things as laws, executive orders. etc since 1871 have been addressed by that massive effort to determine if in line with the original Constitution. The illegitimate government will be removed and Constitutional Republic restored. General William Walker the Commander of DC National Guard said during an ABC interview on Inauguration the National Guard was in DC for the peaceful transition to Military Power (not Biden Administration). No government plane ever picked up Biden for Inauguration. He had to fly on a private plane. First time in history that happened. BarsdFM verified Army, Navy, USMC, FEMA do not follow @POTUS on Twitter but follow @45. BardsFM also points out Biden does not receive military briefings and has not even flown on Air Force 1 yet (Bards,FM Episode “The Double Squeeze” – 20210204). All this is covered in three interviews with Jim Pugh by Bardsfm. Go to “Bards.FM” to listen to. Scroll down to the three interviews with Jim Pugh using older episodes button as needed. There will be additional interviews with Jim Pugh in the future including another sometime this week. “It will be Biblical” as Q has often posted and that looks how things are turning out in the end!

    In addition, in a 1/30/21 interview with Jim Pugh points out that last Friday Trump gave Pelosi a foot high stack of documents with a note on top saying “This is your last chance”. Bet that made for a nice weekend for her. It is also pointed out in that interview that Trump has notified the Governors of Oklahoma and Georgia arrests are set to start. In the interview it is pointed out the National Guard has been mobilized in 40 states with one hour notice. In the eleven states acquired since the 1871 Act they are active.

    We know there is video showing National Guard units turning their backs on Biden motorcade to White House. There is video showing Marines not saluting Biden as he enters a Congressional building or White House. Biden’s “Oval Office” setting has been shown peculiar. No button on desk to summon Secret Service as all Presidents before had. Windows, wallpaper, drapes not as Trump just had up to day of Inauguration. American and Presidential flags in reverse position to protocol. We know there are several tens of thousands of National Guard troops, military equipment, anti missile launchers and military aircraft over DC. This is obviously not for some protest. Even the fencing around the Capital district is said to have the hinges on the outside. This seems more indicative of a border wall now surrounding the foreign owned land of the Capital district from the Act of 1871.

    Q has posted since October 2017 that “The Military is the only way”. Q has also posted at times “Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!”. Q has also posted this is not just about another 4 year election but returning power back to the people. Q is a Military Intelligence operation/group consisting of personnel (some civilian) with highest military security clearance of degree Q. There are moves and countermoves. So some posts are not correct to deceive the enemy and also to see how they react. Seems we are now seeing and about to see the end results of “The Plan” unfold before us.

    • Robert Dziok

      I forgot to mention there is recent video where someone approaches President Trump on the golf course and says “Mr President, thank you for your service”. President Trumps response was “We are not done yet”.

      • Paul ...

        So are you saying that the Military that stood down on 9-11 when New York and Washington was bombed are now going to have the guts to remove Bribe’n (when the cowards didn’t have the courage to remove Bush under Code 11.3 … “that requires” the US Military “to remove an illegitimate commie controlled government” and replace it with a legitimate one)???

        • Robert Dziok

          Bush was duly elected so was not illegitimate! No pro0f of voter fraud etc so cannot say otherwise even if there was. Military are cowards? Maybe you should visit Arlington and walk among all the white crosses there and say that. It’s because of their sacrifice you can say what you do here. Better yet, why don’t you join the military yourself and show them how it’s done. Easy to be an armchair “warrior” isn’t it? Doesn’t take much backbone or sacrifice to “Talk the Talk” but not “Walk the Walk” does it? I was drafted during the Vietnam War Era and characters with your attitude toward the Military (even with its’ problems and imperfections) are not worth the time of day!

    • NC Gal

      Here’s a video showing Biden’s “oval office” mockup at Castle Rock Stuidos in Culver City, CA:

      Also, in his interview with Doug Billings of Right Side Network, Simon Parkes gives his views that things ARE taking place and that he expects more coming very soon .

    • Jeannette+Rowden

      I agree with you, Robert. Most people are doom and gloom, thinking it is all over. I think it is just beginning. The “steal” looked as easy as taking candy from a baby. But the election is not candy and Trump is not a baby. Trump doesn’t win a landslide and walk away defeated: NEVER! Watch for the days ahead to be quite exciting.
      The facts are coming out:

    • Bob+Lamb

      I think people are addicted to hopium.

      • Robert Dziok

        People are NOT addicted to “hopium”. They only are trying to find the truth in a difficult time and situation. Don’t forget any “Plan” cannot ever be revealed or the enemy knows it and then it is useless. Your trite comment shows you do not comprehend the facts presented or even listened to the audios recommended. BardsFM points out there are Good Faith people presenting information and Bad Faith people presenting information. Good Faith people may not always be correct but their intentions are to help and provide truth. Bad Faith people intent is to deceive. and not help. BardsFM points out ways to tell the difference. What I have provided is NOT “hopium” but facts with sources provided from their hard and insightful work. I spent a lot of time over the last two weeks digging around like many. I stayed up all Thursday night till 3 am or 4 am in the morning putting it together etc to try and get it posted by Friday morning so it would benefit the most by early posting as I had to go out of town the rest of the weekend to help family. Try doing some of the work yourself instead of just making trite remarks. Look at how hard Greg is working and you can see how hard these current times are and have been on him.


    Hi Greg. Just wanted to let you know what I would like you to take a peek at . If you go to YT and type in Amazing Discoveries with Walter veith and Martin Smith on the What’s up Prof? You will learn what the events of today are shown in biblical prophecy.
    I hope you will look at what he shows in the bible tells us what will come.

  12. Madeline Gerwick

    Mitch McConnell is likely to be arrested by the military long before he finishes another 6 years in the Senate. (Hopefully he’ll be arrested by the military before some American Militia finds him. They won’t bother arresting him.) I imagine he’ll be tried as a Traitor, as well as for corruption.

    In terms of a nuclear war, although it sounds crazy, there’s actual proof that ETs will not allow nuclear weapons to be detonated any more on Earth. ETs have even shut down the US nuclear missiles in their silos in the past, and intercepted nuclear missiles (remember Hawaii?). Military officers have testified to this.

    • Paul ...

      If I was an alien … I would look upon the humans radiating the atmosphere with nuclear fallout, the land with depleted uranium and making our fish food supply in the Pacific ocean radioactive … as a direct threat to our conquest of the planet … and that evil Bill Gates (spreading all kinds of viruses) will make our takeover even more difficult if we have to wear masks … and him infecting humans with all kinds of viruses makes their meat inedible … but try as they may … they will not succeed in stopping our alien takeover … and our imposition a One World Government under our rule!!!

      • JC

        The aliens are surely coming…
        From a planet yet unknown to us…
        Please be ready, and keep your disintegrated gun adjusted!

        • JC

          Sorry, “disintegrator” gun.

      • Paul ...

        I keep wondering why Satan has it in for all mankind?? … is it because Eve gave him syphilis or some other venereal disease??? … if the pervert wanted to screw around with an animal “not of his own specie” … it serves him right to get infected … but you don’t take it out on the entire human race!! … when perverted humans screw with sheep and get infected … they don’t try and kill 99% of the sheep in the world (like Satan has declared on his Guidestones in Georgia)!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        “Make our takeover more difficult if we have to wear masks…”

        Paul…, thank you for that one!

    • Robert Dziok

      Many years ago when I looked into UFO’s etc more I saw/read about the nuclear weapons being shut down in a couple of silo locations while a UFO was just outside perimeter. Internal codes were actually changed when later checked and military there actually said so. I have also seen film where a UFO took out a missile launched. Some 10 to 15 years ago I attended the “X-Conference” at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Retired Military and Government officials have spoken at such back then. What you point out has happened. Seems a message was sent that such weapons were not going to be allowed to detonate again. I think I read back then where similar happened in Russia.

  13. Fredrick: Getzschman

    Establishment republicans are in fact sissies, I have watched the weak knee republicans lay down for official fraud, crimes and fail to act when they should have. Establishment democrats are devious and ruthless to get what they want, no amount of fraud, felonies or facts will get in their way and they have the courthouses sewn up with the worst members of society aiding and abetting establishment democrat criminal conduct with judges, attorneys aiding and abetting every type of crime known to man. Election fraud is old time fraud that has been used for decades, I first recognized it in the early 1990’s. With republicans as sissies and democrats with unbelievable drive to get what they want, those republican sissies in the Senate and House all stabbed the American people in the back by their continuous aiding and abetting to rig the election against President Trump and all the people who voted for Trump. All I can say to them is good luck with that, I can not see how that will ever work out for any of them. The truth is the idea of American has collapsed to mob rule, politicians robbing the treasury through schemes, fraud and outright theft. We have mob rule by the establishment which in my mind is seditious and treason all in one. I see no way out now that they have engaged in massive election fraud that all the world can see.

  14. Gerald Lambert

    I loved your comment about Christ
    Coming back’ I do now!”.
    I hope someday you talk about what our Decloration of Independence says “ -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,” We are there and it says any form of government which is ours today. Is it time for the people to take over and reestablish our government as it should be. It’s as though our forefathers knew this could happen to our present government. David Bartlet of Wall Builders is a great person who knows the constitution and would be great to talk about it on your show.

  15. Technologist.Live

    Much of your newscast is about the massive election fraud. Then claim mcconnell should be worried about the next election! Please think through your logic. Only action by people will change anything.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize that McConnell was just elected to a 6 year term in the Senate don’t you?? This is why he’s not worried about the next election at least not until until 2026.

  16. Rodster

    “We also now know there is really only just one big criminally, compromised and corrupt party that hates “We the People.”

    But Greg, there in lies the problem. Both parties are two sides of the same coin. The Republicans voted in Obamacare, when Trump wanted to abolish it, Republicans defended it. Republicans joined the Democrats to go after Trump. The two party system is basically Good Cop vs Bad Cop and the people are being played like violins.

    Trump was naïve thinking he could change Washington and fire all the bad guys like on “The Apprentice”. The Swamp was playing chess while Trump was playing checkers. They eliminated his inner circle by getting rid of Bannon and Flynn. Once that happened they infiltrated his inner circle like a Trojan Horse. Then Trump began hiring Swamp creatures into his cabinet and at that point it was over.

    So no, for me both political parties are being run by criminals. There are some honest good Democrats as there are some good honest Republicans but the ones at the top are where you find the criminals.

    • Allen+Starr

      If you understand the City of London and how it operates then the total corruption of the whole system in the USA as well as the rest of the world makes perfect sense. All the central banks pretty much controlled by the same bankers makes it possible. The only way out of this mess is to destroy the central banks and start over and this is going to kill billions of people. The truth of the situation is that the financial system is already past the point of no return and the catastrophe is near. The wife got a phone call from the main bank is Moscow today telling her that her order has been executed. We just had a big chunk of Rubles invested at 14.5% at four banks mature at the end of January and the new rates are 7.71% for 3-5 years which isn’t very good and also risky because of what’s going on with the $. More Rubles will mature over the next 2 years and we will have to deal with it as it comes. The Nord Stream II gas pipeline will be finished this year and Russia has a very strong position in oil also. The farming sector of the economy is very interesting to watch as it grows. Don’t worry about a nuclear war as no general is crazy enough to think they can attack Russia and survive. Just a Russian submarine loaded with Zircon missiles on each coast of the US can destroy the whole US in less than 8 minutes. I feel much safer here in Siberia in Russia and if you know the Russian people, the dumbest thing you could possibly do is try to invade Russia. We have a good sized Dacha here and can grow everything we would ever need. We put 1,500 potatoes in the ground every year and sell most of them. We also have over 600 strawberry plants which produce over 250 liters of strawberries every year and the wife loves her strawberries and the money they produce for her. We grow all kinds of stuff which is fresh and really tasty which you will never get in a store.

  17. Jane Reynolds

    The swamp is behaving like a kafkaresque kangaroo kourt. The dems have returned to the kkk. They are all compromised. They have all been threatened. The sooner Trump returns and these vile villains are locked up the better. Thanks Greg. God bless all patriots worldwide.

  18. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    I think most of us here are positioned as well as can be expected under the circumstances. I know you’ll keep us posted as the situation develops.

    (BTW, my nephew just had a severe reaction to his second shot of the Moderna vaccine (like about 20% of people). I think he’s going to be okay . . . at least in the short term. My sister and brother in-law are getting their second Moderna shots tomorrow. All of this is against my advice . . . which is their usual practice, and they have, thus far, survived. I’ll let you know).

    • Paul ...

      Bill … I feel your pain … how can a battle against evil ever be waged … if we have to mobilize a bunch of dumb clucks … to do battle against Satan???

      • William+Stanley

        Paul . . .,
        And these people are the conservative side of my family; I have two other siblings who are outright liberals! (no snide remarks about my family genes, please).

      • Freebrezer

        P – This is my opinion per the general public … extremely informative: …. Why would any parent let their kids get an experimental vaccine? Especially when the odds of covid hurting someone under 30 is about zero! God only knows what the vaccine will do in a couple of years … scary, scary stuff!

    • Self+Exiled

      Please keep us informed, I too have people I’m concerned for. Their comment ”Don’t worry we’ll research it”.

      • William+Stanley

        Thanks for your concern: My sister and brother in-law seem to have survived their second vaccine shots with only minor symptoms (so far).

  19. Jane Reynolds

    This kafkaresque nonsense is endless. The sooner these vile villains are locked up the better. Trump’s return is awaited. God will prevail and the evil will be dealt with. God bless you Greg. God bless all patriots worldwide.

  20. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    In this instance, I hate to be proven right. Do not look for revelation of election fraud, truth, or justice in the Senate impeachment hearing. It will be a show trial. The only thing that matters to TPTB is to cement the narrative that the 3/11/20 election was the fairest ever!

    In the predictive novel, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’, the central character, Winston Smith’s job was to pore through old news archives and to rewrite the historical records to ensure that they aligned with the political narrative pertaining at the time. The author, George Orwell, worked for British Intelligence as a propagandist during WWII so he was well qualified to know the power that the ‘narrative’ has on the perceptions of the public.

    P.S. Old perceptions die hard. IMO, it is inaccurate any longer to talk of any person, or party, losing at a future election because ‘they have lost the trust of the electorate’. It should be abundantly clear that those chosen to win will win, and those chosen to lose will lose. The electorate no longer determines the outcome. Did they ever? At this juncture, one is inclined to wonder . . .

  21. Self+Exiled

    Simon Parkes claims Trump is still signing executive orders———–and has good opinions of Americans.

  22. Allen Sachetti

    SO TRUE GREG – The criminal corruption in our government today is absolutely heinous and I believe we need a Righteous Military Leader to take over and set our Country straight.

    THE EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD IS OVERWHELMING and we the American people know it. We have people now serving in Political Offices who were NOT elected. They cheated their way into POWER particularly by use of the Dominion and Smartmatic voting machine softwares that allowed them to DELETE votes from their opponents while creating FALSE VOTES for themselves!!!!!!

    These FACTS on Election Fraud are TRUE. The system is rotten to the Core!! Direct computer manipulation of vote tallies to put EVIL, Deep State, Globalist actors in Political Offices and carry out their agenda against tbe American people.

    So when are the America. People going on National Strike qnd Boycott all Biden Executive orders until the Election Fraud is properly examined and investigated. When are the people going to organize?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Allen, they’ve had 60 or so years to do it, and they haven’t done it yet. I wouldn’t hold my breath. We Baby Boomers dropped the ball, and now half of us are headed for the nursing homes. Best always. PM

  23. Allen Sachetti

    Lyndsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Romney and other Rinos are all SUCH ABSOLUTE LIARS.


    OF COURSE!!!!!!!

  24. Brad Calhoun

    Thank you Greg. I followed you here from BlueTube.

  25. Allen Sachetti



    So the only solution is that the American People MUST unite and organize in great number to Strike and Stop all work and function within the United States until ALL voting machines and their software are thoroughly exqmined without the Swamp taking out hard drives and other parts of the mqchines.

    Not to mention the direct physical FRAUD of individuals working in polling places.

  26. neville

    Donald John Trump was the the last and final president of AAcrime. What he did during his presidency is all a matter of record but what we do know now is that his presidency was dogged by criminals who double crossed him throughout his administration.
    His ambition to drain the swamp/cesspit which is choked up with trash on both sides of the political spectrum.The dreamocrats/demonocrats who cling onto the word “democracy” from whence their misnomer of a name originates was /is just a smoke screen of their true identity and that is paid criminals who changed the constitution of the usa by just blatantly doing what they did.Some examples of that were going to war on a pack of lies,meddling in the running of the fed creating cash out of thin air more commonly know as counterfeiting which under normal circumstance would be punishable by law which is non-existent in AAcrime.
    Just a short note on the recent election which they RIGGED to the hilt and are currently screaming the place down that Donald lied …..No point a finger and three are pointing right back at you.The Free World just looks on bemused by the going on’s coming from the so-called richest country in the world….what a sick joke.In reality AAcrime is HOPELESSLY BANKRUPT AND TOTALLY INSOLVENT with a currency backed by nothing but rotten DEBT which is escalating by the nano second.The pace is nothing but a ruinous wreck.
    Greg,quite rightly mentions that OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST will soon be coming back.
    YES FOLKS that is is the very best news we can be patient and wait for.
    The reason for JESUS’S return is now patently clear that there is not a competent to be
    found anywhere in the world,that’s number One…Secondly just have a look around you and see exactly how we have TRASHED what was once a PARADISE when it was handed over to our perfidious care.Then there all the sickening vices which would take up lots of time to describe sufficed as to say that AAcrime and indeed most other countries around the world have sunk into lowest point of depravity since the evil in Pompei was destroyed by Mt Etna.
    Punishment awaits us all and we can count on all the Prophecies to come to pass and in this regard I want to mention these cretinous lowlifes that talk of and are attempting to bring about a one world government will all be destroyed when JESUS returns to put in place an Orderly ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under HIS administration ,HIS army of Angels will see to it that we will ruled with a rod of Iron with absolutely BO PLACE for the evil filth better known as the underworld which was changed to deep state.What an evil carry on…….

    Peace on Earth to all people of Goodwill

    • Paul ...

      What I worry about is Jesus coming down and “forgiving” Hillary, Bribe’n, Obama and all the rest of the Deep State Demon criminals … like he did with those two criminals on a cross next to him (just because they said “I believe in Jesus”) … I hope God the Father also comes down and puts some controls on his “liberal” son (who wants to forgive all sinners) and creates a flood or something to wipe out all the evil ones!!

      • Paul ...

        Why do you think most priests rape and sodomize young alter boys? … because they figure all they have to say is “I believe in Jesus” and they will be forgiven!!

  27. WarProfit

    Exposed as cheaters, liars and warmongers, open borders, destroyers of the American way of life.
    Americas 45th president actually gave a damn about the people and the country. For 4 years he was attacked and maligned while working his ass off, giving away his salary, working for free.
    If the fraud is allowed to stand, then not only is the United States finished, the hope for the rest of the nations on earth is finished as well.
    God gave US a 4 year reprieve. If the unjust are allowed to remain in power, we will reap the whirlwind.
    God Bless You Greg and your family. You have kept the faith, told the truth when the whole of the media is beyond corrupt.
    We love you brother!

  28. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    I think this is about it. “ Where we go one, we go all”. They didn’t lie. They just didn’t tell the truth. Get in line and roll up your sleeve and the pandemic will be over. And then the “ great reset”.

    Never mind that:
    1. The pandemic was planned.
    2. The vaccinations have never been tested.
    3. The vaccination (mRNA) has never been used before in a vaccination.
    4. The drug companies are exempt from liability for the vaccinations.
    5. The vaccination ( mRNA ) is a computer program.

    Folks it’s your choice whether to take the vaccination or not. But just know this.
    1. It is a biological agent loaded with nanotechnology
    2. It will take months to know the long term effects. ( death for many)
    3. It’s been part of the NWO global reset from the beginning.
    4. It will compromise your immune system when the next strain comes.

    Just imagine. Most of the military and front line medical personnel have all been vaccinated. What do you think will happen when they start getting sick and start dying? You guessed it. We will be ripe for the picking, and our enemies will pounce. What? You thought that Bill Gates and the globalist who developed the vaccine, were looking out for your best interest? Wrong! Now you know why millions of body bags that were recently filmed in a Fed Ex warehouse are on transit to locations all over this country. They know what’s coming. And guess what? When people start dying from the vaccine in a few months from now, they will blame it on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc, etc, etc,….but it won’t be the vaccine. It’s a perfect cover folks. It’s a fool proof plan.

    Get your spiritual house in order. You will not survive what is coming without the Holy Ghost. Say goodbye to many of your friends and neighbors who have been conned by the vaccine.

  29. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Let me get straight few things:
    -The US economy is in the gutter and unemployment is all time high or near it.
    -Everybody can see now that the system is rigged against the average Joe.
    -Everybody can see now how the mainstream media is spreading blatant lies.
    -Everybody can see now how they are stirring up political instability on global and domestic level.
    Now my question is:
    At what point comes in the US military and does the Myanmar treatment to the swamp creatures aka establishment?

    And yes hard times are coming and it will be scary because the whole systems will goes up in flames and down the drain alongside those who were relying on it for their carrier/personal advancement.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  31. Jerry

    Say what you want, but they’re really not hiding anything.

    Software program? Now you know why Bill Gates was so invested in this vaccine. Gee I wonder what they upload in it next?

  32. Mitchell Bupp

    The “SEA OF SEWAGE” is 1000’s of people deep; greed and grift as far as you can see… Our “SWAMP” is just a small mucky area compared to the Sea of Sewage!

  33. Ryan Veirs

    I have never been so disappointed in anything as when I finally realized there are no good people in Washington. Term limits must happen for the sake of the Republic but it must be done through the states in a Convention of States. These swamp rats cannot be left alone to govern. They have ruined our republic. Mitch McConnell is at the front of the line. They think they are royalty and they are ALL compromised and being blackmailed constantly. Enough is enough.

  34. William Betts

    Thanks Greg for your great column – let me say this- if Biden sticks around until 2024 there will be no America left. With the RINOS and the Communist the free enterprise system in America will end. There is only one way we patriots can get back our government after it was stolen in 2020, is to convince the military leadership to execute a coup against this illegitimate half brain and install Donald J. Trump as the legitimate PRESIDENT OF THE USA. We may be the deplorables but we are proud AMERICANS Betts

  35. Mark Lanctot

    Q “The Military” is the solution.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’m not buying the Q story, but I’ll post it.

      • NC Gal
        When Doug Billings asked General Michael Flynn if President Trump had signed the Insurrection Act before he left office, General Flynn said “No.” When Billings asked if there were two governments operating in the USA right now — the military and the office holder — General Flynn said “No.” Flynn called both of those ideas “nonsense” and said there was no “Plan.” Either Flynn was lying to provide cover for something that IS going forward (as Simon Parkes claims) or he is telling the truth and Simon Parkes is being played as a fool with his belief in “Q.”

        Time will tell the truth of all things. However, every day that goes by, Biden is signing orders that are destroying our country and placing it in the hands of the globalists, who WANT our country destroyed. The damage is already massive, so if there isn’t a Q or some other kind of military intervention, I don’t think this country will survive.

        See Mike Lindell’s documentary “Absolute Proof” to get an idea of how much resistance there is to getting this mess to be addressed. ( (2 hours long) I don’t know if we have enough people in the military to accomplish this. It seems to be too big for even them.

      • Jerry Saylor

        Q is our only . I say only Hope for justice, you may not believe in it but you better pray for it.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Q” got Jeff Sessions totally–100% WRONG. “Trust Sessions” said “Q.” “Trust the plan” said “Q.” That was total bull crap. Sessions started the entire Mueller “witch hunt” that the Dems were going to use to get Trump impeached the first time. Sessions set up this scam, and then, “recused” himself which turned our President over to a pack of evil Democrats that made crap up. Sessions was fired the day after the 2018 mid-terms by President Trump. Trump endorsed Tuberville for the U.S. Senate in Alabama and NOT Sessions. Trump told Sessions via Twitter to drop out of the Republican primaries. The only way to explain the entire “Sessions” fiasco is to say “Q” had a HUGE miss and it was a miss too stupid to be stupid. “Q” followers are good patriotic people. They know powerful things are wrong in America. In this case, wrong information by an anonymous source is NOT the answer. I don’t post from behind the curtain and “Q” should not either. I risk my life and capital, and “Q” should step out into the light and join me and others who risk it all. “Q” risks nothing, and we don’t even get to know who he, or she really is.

          “Q” is NOT our “Only hope for justice,” far from it. “The Just live by faith” and DO NOT hide in the shadows!!!!

          Greg Hunter

      • Jerry S

        Q is not a story was not a story it was never about a story it was about an intelligence asking the public questions ,that’s it ,plain and simple ,and in that process it woke a lot of people up and then there’s the misinformation and all the speculation from those who followed Q drops. that’s where the stories came from with their grand tales in made up theories people trying to steal the spotlight and then those that attack the movement, because of Q shedding light on all the corruption by just asking questions never claiming anything all the claims came from people who speculated on the the questions that were dropped it’s really pretty simple and ingenious

        • Greg Hunter

          Please Jerry. What kind of “truth” is there in “Trust Sessions”??? Total failure!!!! Please explain and address. You can’t!!! Who the hell is “Q”??? Why does “Q” get to fight from the shadows while people like me risk it all?????

      • R. Glass

        Q was, and still is, a psyop and political strategy to placate people with mindless hopium, while they stare at their belly button lint and try to decipher fortune Q-kies and their Lucky Numbers. Notice how quiet the Wizard of Oz and Q got when their fraud was exposed. Still winning? Got them on the run? 200,000 sealed indictments, and they are already in custody? Balderdash. That operation was transparent from the beginning.

        • Greg Hunter

          General Michael Flynn said yesterday (In heard him say it) that the Insurrection Act was “NOT signed”…”Nonsense.” He also said “We have what we have” and there is “no plan.” Also: that the “Military is NOT in charge” also “Nonsense” according to General Flynn.

      • dclinde

        Hi Greg, I looked into Q when it first came out. You can read anything into it that you want. It’s like the modern day version of a horoscope.

    • Jerry

      In case you missed it, “ The Plan “ is dead. It died when Trump booked out of town to his new island.

      Just remember, he’s the one that turned the technocrats loose on us with operation warp speed. Did you notice he didn’t take the vaccination? Q is part of Operation Pogo. Listen to David Goldberg.

  36. Annaliese

    They have to impeach him to get him out of office because he’s still President and they know it. Greg where is your faith?

  37. ellen alston

    Watch some of Dr. Charlie Wards material. God bless and let’s pray he is right.

  38. Harold Swift

    Well, we know all that. When is the coup detat?

    • Jerry Saylor

      What are you talking about where when it already happened

  39. Steve Carter


  40. Ebenezer Scrounge

    Two possibilities: One, there will be a military intervention after it’s plain that the Demopublicans and Republicrats are selling us down the river; Two, that the Matrix is and was always fully in control.
    I’m now 50% convinced that Trump is a Deep State operation to betray and demoralize patriots. Reasons: Trump got feted by bin Salman, a month or so later, seizes power for life; Trump gets feted in Beijing, a few months later Xi Jinping appoints himself President for Life. Coincidence? Or Deep State/Globalist machinations? Let’s not forget that Trump authorized the declass, but never moved to get the docs released until it was too late.
    I desperately hope and pray for military intervention.

    • Self+Exiled

      Trump and the cure for cancer have much in common.

  41. AzMountaineer

    Greg ! Great to see you are wise to youtube. They are the ENEMEDIA. God bless …

  42. Rick

    How can the United States solve any problem when the courts themselves are so corrupt?

    Answer: It is impossible.

  43. mel

    I have pledged to never vote for another R or D, unless it is someone that Trump endorses.
    They hate him because he’s honest, and because he is cleaning up the mess these criminals have made.

  44. andyb

    Interesting that the CIA is promoting use of its facilities and personnel to root out domestic terrorists although the CIA is strictly prohibited from engaging in any domestic activity which is the province of the FBI. Felony, sedition or even treason? Inquiring minds want to know.

    You should all be aware that the adverse reactions including brain and lung damage, and death now total over 10% of all those already vaccinated globally. But crickets from the MSM. Enormous risk. It’s not a vaccine folks. It’s a biological experiment containing potentially life threatening ingredients. Prominent epidemiologists world wide predict many deaths within a year or two. Certainly will bring a smile to Gates with his eugenics agenda of world depopulation.

  45. Nancy McDaniel

    The 4 horsemen: white horse of false religons and corrupt church “leaders”, red horse of world wide wars, black horse of starvation, manufactured famine in a time of abundance and injustice (corrupt judicial and governments), pale horse of death by starvation, mass genocide and bio weapons. ALL THIS IS HAPPENING NOW AND GOING TO GET MUCH MUCH WORSE. Look for the antichrist to show up at A PASSOVER season to commence the final 3.5 years which will end on A FEAST OF TRUMPETS RAPTURE for those remnant believers who are still alive. Hold fast to the Word, persevere and receive a Crown of Life and the invitation to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! See you soon on the sea of fire and glass!

    • Paul ...

      Nancy … Demon-rats will most certainly feast on Trump’s rapture!!

  46. Nancy McDaniel

    All you need to know about the future of America under obidenbama is freely stated in the 45 planks of communism and Saul alinsky rules for radicals dedicated to lucifer.

  47. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,you are indeed a brave man you know as well as I what is coming for you and many others. I can only pray for you and your team. The reality is a guerrilla war from the people on the swamp and political class is a necessity if the American people wish to survive, many suggest it will not happen.
    Now science run by lawyers is the order of the day,
    The real money is fleeing Europe and us here in the UK as negative rates haunt the economy.

  48. Art Barnes

    Greg, love the cartoon. What we need is a new party where RHINO’s need not apply. Your podcast this Friday clearly outlined the reasons for it. Dump both parties and start a Patriot Party from the grassroots. I believe it would have countrywide support. If we don’t move in that direction then “we the people” are doomed to continue on their quest for us to be their oligarchy peasant slaves.

    On another note there are many who now believe that you cannot state what I just did above any longer due to possible repercussions of the deep state. I and fed up and don’t care to go underground or lay low because to do so just plays into their criminal unconstitutional games.

  49. Alannon

    Getting a better idea of why you and Gregory Mannarino parted ways after watching his latest video.

  50. Todd

    Greg, Your the best! I love you. Thankyou for the truth.

  51. rod brumley, sr

    You are 100% correct – they have something on these Republicans and that is the reason they have backed off!!! Watch the series The House of Cards it shows exactly how our corrupt our government is. Ronna Romney is a piece of Shit!!! The Election was stolen and they are going to get away with it. We are moving toward Communism at a Rapid rate – Republican Party is done – but it doesn’t matter they control the voting machines and Ballot stuffings. Newsmax sucks too!!!

  52. AJ

    DEMOCRAT SOLUTION TO THE RACE PROBLEM: I am a ham radio operator and during the winter months spent most of my time talking with Europeans during the cold season. I heard an interesting conversation last night between a Liberal ham in New England USA and a like-minded person in Portugal. The Liberal in New England explained that the main issue with Trump was that Trump was incentive to the racial issues. He said that the reason he voted for Biden was that Biden’s program is to heal the racial divide by giving the minorities a guaranteed income to buy peace. That was a new one on me. Never heard that before. I have an even better idea: Give conservatives a guarantee income and they will abandon Trump. That is the solution. If we all have a guaranteed income we will have no reason to quarrel and we all can live in peace in a people’s paradise. Why didn’t someone think of that before? The person in Portugal said he believed that what happened in the US affected the rest of the world and that is why Europeans are so interested in American politics. His candidate was Bernie.

  53. Marie+Joy

    PCR just announced his website is under attack and he is working on it.

  54. Fred Engel

    The Space Force that President Trump instituted also includes cyber space. They have it all. Didn’t Mark Taylor say God told him there would be military tribunals on the order of Nuremburg ? The world will be shocked.

  55. OOTB Jerry

    Great Job again Greg…..

  56. Michael Moore

    Initiative, referendum, recall. Three tools given to Americans 100 years ago by the populists of that time.

    We need recall elections against all of the deep state politicians.

    Please explore this and report it, this needs to happen!

  57. Diana Brown

    Greetings All and thank you Greg for another weekly recap. I appreciate your email notifications to alert us to the new format posts as well.

    In so far as the perceived weakness with respect to #45 goes, I know it is once again, the Art of War demonstrated. When this fraud comes fully to light of day, I suspect it will be, as Greg would say “Biblical”. This corruption cannot be terminated by overturning one federal post in an election. Hence the goal to be obviously much bigger. We will never return to way we were. It will be much, much better for All of us …without masks.

  58. john+duffy

    At least 271 deaths, 9,845 adverse events after COVID vaccination so far: CDC data

  59. Carol

    Greg, excellent article!
    “. . . another trap door opens and we sink further.”
    An absolutely perfect description of what is.
    Greg L.: Yes, we could stand up and Fight, but gee, so many otherwise sane
    Americans would have trouble keeping their face diapers on! And how do you
    ‘fight’ keeping the phony 6 ft.?
    This is the time of the End; Jesus Christ is returning soon. In the meantime,
    let’s keep our eyes and hearts on Him, while we share the Really Good News:
    Our Savior Is Coming Soon!!

  60. Andrew

    Hi Greg, Alex Newman is a regular guest on America Media Periscope. Lots of good information here thought you should check it out. Thanks for all your good work we are your biggest fans here in the Illinois Swamp!

  61. john+duffy

    Evil always tells you what it is up to: Bill Gates “predicting” forthcoming plague 10x worse than CoronaScam. Clearly this is the intended result of the Quaccine – boosting lethality of the common cold

    Bill Gates is priming the propaganda pump for a soon-to-arrive any-minute-now mega-plague “ten times worse” than Corona Scam.

    Now… if CoronaScam really were a once-per-century event like the Spanish Flu, how could Bill Gates know that ANOTHER event is about to happen?

    How did Gates know in MINUTE DETAIL everything about the CoronaScam on October 18, ARSH 2019 at Event 201? Because Event 201 was a FINAL PREPARATORY BRIEFING for the media and government before launching the CoronaScam war on humanity.

    He “knows” because the vaccine is intended to do what all previous attempts at a CoronaVirus vaccine have done: cause enhanced viral uptake of Corona Viridae when encountered in the wild subsequently. Yes, that’s right. Gates and company are fulfilling their Luciferian (and I strongly suspect erotic) fantasies to inject people with a concoction that will, with full malice aforethought, make the common cold a lethal proposition for healthy adults.

    That’s how he “knows” a plague “ten times worse” is just around the corner.

    Because it’s the plan and has been all along.

    Evil ALWAYS announces itself and its plans.


    The preceding commentary may seem over the top, but consider that Bill Gates parents were both heavily into Eugenics and were involved with the set up of “Planned Parenthood.” Now please watch this very important video from “America’s Front Line Doctor’s”, that has the same warnings about the new RNA vaccines. The whole thing is worth watching and very revealing, but especially from:

    23:00 minute to 35:45 minute mark and

    46:00 minute to 51:00 minute mark.

  62. Jerry

    I appreciate your honesty. Especially as we enter the darkest history that America has ever known. Many people are engulfed in the false delusion that if nothing happens immediately when you take the vaccine, you are in the clear. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doctors and scientist who have worked with mRNA vaccines have noted that the long term effects of the vaccines may take months to
    appear. Aside from the fact that the vaccine is a biometric receiver, according to their studies with animals, it has shown the ability to weaken your overall immune system. Could this be the reason for the body bags?

    Don’t waste your time trying to find the research by doctor Simone Gold and others that support this statement. It has been removed by our overlords because it is interfering with their agenda. What agenda ? In case you’ve been living under a rock, the pandemic was planned? That’s not conspiracy theory. That’s a fact. Do your research on event 201 and you can’t deny it. So the next question is why? The answer. To get the vaccine in your arm for agenda 21 and the great reset.” Lockstep” get it? We have to be like the borg collective in order to accept the NWO. Say goodbye to many of your friends and relatives who have rushed head long into this agenda never knowing the globalist have no intention of returning things to the way they were. They want to “ build back better “ but with a lot less of us who no longer serve a purpose in the NWO.

    Don’t blame congress or Donald Trump. They really had no choice but to go along with it, since the plan had already been put into motion before many of them were even in office. The current system is in its final phase and there really is nothing they could do. Get your spiritual house and order, and prepare for our lords return. Because right now he is the only one who can fix this mess. Once the vaccinations reach herd immunity, the globalist will pull the trigger on the reset because they think they are firmly in control. But guess what? The jokes on them. We know how this story ends, and it doesn’t include them. Sorry! They’re not invited to this party. They get to sit in the corner at the kiddy table and wait. Like they say. It’s going to be biblical.

  63. Cathy

    well all I can say is since God is in charge…one must know…that JUDGEMENT looms. God will exact measure for measure an accounting of deeds. Only He can stop the immense worldwide tyranny that will affect all of us, no matter what we do, and where we live…there is NO escape. Many people will suffer. But at the end just before he judges the world he will favor the righteous that survive because He has made a covenant with the people who respect and fear HIM> Vengeance is the Lords.

    • Bill

      You are spot on, Cathy! Unfortunately there will be many believers who will be apart of the collateral damage. These next few months will be very telling as to how hard things will get. I hope you have prepared for very hard times.

  64. Rob

    Greg, thank you for being an advocate for truth and justice. It’s becoming apparent that our Republic is broken and I fear the only hope we have left is some sort of rebirth after a dramatic fall. Our founding fathers recognized this could happen and warned us repeatedly, leaving us a blueprint to rebuild was their greatest gift to us. I particularly appreciate your mantra of “fear not”. If I may add to this:
    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” Dune, The Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear FYI, I plan on being a regular supporter this year, long past due. God speed patriot!

  65. Dave

    The truth is there is effectively one party and there has been for a long time. The Democrats and the GOP play the game of being independent parties but they are controlled by TPTB. The corporate oligarchs. NAFTA was foisted on Americans by Clinton and the Gingrich Congress. It hollowed out middle America jobs. The Iraqi war of Bush 2 was a disaster for the remnant Christian community there. It was a reckless neo-con effort and one Liz Cheney’s father was at the forefront of. Like father, like daughter.

    Why anyone is surprised by what Cruz did is baffling. He ultimately gets his marching orders, as do the others, from the corporatists. Note that Liz Cheney insisted on a vote of confidence and remained adamant in her criticism of Trump. That vote saw the GOP overwhelming support her and was a slap at Trump by the majority of GOP House members – about 70% of the caucus. That is telling as it indicates Trump’s hold on the GOP Congress is not as strong as some assume.

    Bottom line is that the GOP remains wedded to TPTB and those who talk of taking the GOP back in 2 years are either naïve or part of the game to keep conservatives neutered at the national level. A 3rd party is needed as Mark Steyn has been saying for years now. The vote in the House in support of Cheney and McConnell’s maneuvering to place Deep State corporate friendly individuals as the GOP nominees for the open Ohio and Pennsylvania Senate seats in 2022 (Portman and Toomey retiring) tells it all.

  66. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    My wife believes, as do others, relatives/friends that I have lost my mind! I can’t help that these individuals, for the most part, are woefully/willingly uninformed.
    After listening to this morning’s commentary, I am somewhat relieved that I have like minded company during this EVIL time 🙂
    You want to advise loved ones of the clear and present danger, but they will have no part of it!
    It is a choice; it is an ETERNAL CHOICE! Choose wisely. God bless

  67. Jimm
    This info should shock the core of this nation. MUST viewing.

    • Lightning

      The video provides verifiable internet data showing connections between foreign computers with unique IP addresses and election computers in USA (again with unique IP addresses) along with a timestamp and action taken (specific number of votes changed/added etc).

      Besides the most visible election race (the office of the President)….. outside foreign actors also influence and change down ballot votes… in effect, the government we currently think we elected, was likely elected by foreign actors.

      That’s why the Democrats and Republicans are acting essentially the same…..they will be exposed themselves if they acknowledge the legitimacy of the fraud.

      Note that the complete hackability of these systems was shown to the “Freedom Caucus” of Republicans after the 208 interim elections. Many of these same Republicans voted against the possibility of election fraud on January 6th.

  68. Jerry Chandler

    You should look into the hosting site used by Gab. The site could be removed if the elites decide to take it down. You would also be supporting the infrastructure Gab has built for Christians.

  69. Jonathan

    The Gateway Pundit just released their FOIA obtained video of van loads of ballots being dropped off in the middle of the night in Detroit, Michigan Nov 4th. It’s the top story right now (2/5/2021) on their site. TheGatewayPundit dot com
    This proof right here would most likely give T the win in Michigan not including dead & out of state voters etc. Even if it somehow isn’t enough votes to flip the fraud, ITS DEAD ON PROOF OF CHEATING! On another video!

    All they can do is try to not acknowledge this information, but its the absolute truth.
    NavarroReport dot com for a good, easy to read breakdown of illegal votes etc.

  70. Paul R Veenendall

    I appreciate your news about whats really going on because its to the point makes a statement of fact not lies. Thanks for being one of those we can count on for truthful news.
    You are a true Patriot and so am I. Looking forward to Trumps victorious return and see the swamp drained big time because this is going to be huge. How huge? I understand
    when all said and done after all the arrests about 20% of the house and Senate will be left not to mention Govs, secretary of states of the swing states arrested for treason. Because they voted to certify electoral vote count they knew were fraudulent. All I can say this is going to be huge and we are going to have front row seats with popcorn watching the show before our eyes. Long overdue.

  71. James Hastings

    I have been sharing on your site, for more than a year, the United States must collapse for the Revised Roman Empire to rise. I understand, where we are headed.

    I think you took a step forward in enlightenment. We are completely corrupt.

    God does not turn a blind eye to our corruption and sin. Our country will pay.

  72. john+duffy

    Whatever happened to Tiffany Pontes Dover? Remember the nurse who fainted after she received a covid shot on MSM. There were rumors that she had died, but they were denied. It is all most two months later and she is no where to be found.

  73. Mike

    Don’t be myopic and miss the big picture regarding election fraud. The Dominion vote machines and Smartmatic software have been used for election fraud worldwide. The military has taken control in Burma for a year because of election fraud with those machines. Are people in the US ready for military control where 90% of congress may be hanged for treason? I think there is some kind of plan being worked by the military but it is not obvious by design.

  74. Juli Barbato

    Aw, that little NYC moron first calls to defund the police and now chastises them because she wasn’t protected on January 6. Not that she needed protection being two buildings away from what I wouldn’t even term a melee! Target on Black Friday is a thousand times more dangerous than conservatives standing politely between velvet ropes. Please, God. Right these terrible wrongs. Inspire our military, because I heard they have an Office of Diversity and that when new trainees’ feelies are hurt, they wear a red patch so they’ll be left alone. Give us the Myanmar troops!

  75. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    As you have pointed out, the Articles of Impeachment have explicitly alleged that President Trump, “repeatedly issued false statements asserting that the presidential election results were the result of widespread election fraud … .” Among other statements made by the President, these assertedly led to an insurrection, and are thus the basis for his impeachment.
    Now, prominent Republican members of the Senate are pressuring the President to refrain from presenting evidence tending to disprove the allegations that these statements are false. This suggests that the Senate will refuse to permit the presentation of such evidence at the President’s trial.
    To do that would be equivalent to denying a defendant in any criminal trial the right to present evidence in his defense.
    The concept of “due process of law” is fundamental to any civilized society. It is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution. When due process can be denied to the President of the United States, it can be denied to anyone.
    Where due process can, as a practical matter, be withheld, it is undeniable that the institution of the law in such a society has utterly collapsed.
    Any senator who acts in any way to prevent President Trump from presenting evidence of voter fraud is thus denying the President his right as guaranteed by the US Constitution and is, therefore, failing to live up to his oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. Any such senator, therefore, has violated his oath of office and should be removed from his office for a readily demonstrable “high crime or misdemeanor”

  76. Jack

    not china , here is the real problem:

    • Self+Exiled

      Have you seen/read my graveyard story on USA Watchdog. Greg has posted it several times.

  77. Dushan+Belgravich

    Joe Biden is a ‘weak President’
    201,906 views•Feb 4, 2021 Sky News Australia
    President Joe Biden is a “weak president” who is making China and Russia the two “most dominant countries of power” in the world, according to former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop.

    Something’s wrong. We can feel it.
    Our debate is too heated; our attacks too personal.
    Our news outlets are too biased; our social media too censored.
    Ideology is tearing apart friends & families; corruption is crippling governance.
    Does this all stem from the organic debate of a diverse population,
    or is there something more specific fueling all the anger and division?
    We can’t solve the problem without fully understanding it first.
    UN-Civil War?
    21 And brother shall deliver up brother to death,. ..

    55 Days at Peking (1963) – Full length movie and historical war film dramatizing siege of the foreign legations’ compounds in Peking (now known as Bidens Beijing) during the Boxer Rebellion, which took place in China from 1898 to 1900. It is based on the book by Noel Gerson and produced by Samuel Bronston for Allied Artists, with a screenplay by Philip Yordan and Bernard Gordon with uncredited contributions from Robert Hamer and Ben Barzman.
    Starvation, widespread in China, is affecting more than 100 million peasants by the summer of 1900. Approximately a thousand foreigners from various western industrialized countries have exploited their positions inside Peking’s legations, seeking control of the weakened nation. The Boxers oppose the westerners and their Christian religion and are planning to drive them out. Now with the west on the verge of economic collapse and starvation, have the tables been turned? Go back in time and you be You be the judge…

    • Mike R

      Biden will be replaced by Harris before the year is out. He is losing his mental faculties, at an exceedingly accelerated pace. He was bad long before the election, which was why they had him ‘hiding in his basement.’ He was used as a prop, and anyone could have been installed in his place and the fraudulent voting machines would have had them ‘win’. Trump got enough votes in the right states to garner 415 Electoral votes. Period. This is not over. It’s probably going to take longer than a year, before enough arrests can be done and the ‘right infrastructure’ put in place, before Trump resumes the Presidency.

      Notice how Biden has not had one single visit or even an ask by any other country’s leader to meet. That is just not even close to being acknowledged as a President.

      Bezo’s is now gone. No CEO just steps down like that suddenly to pursue ‘philanthropic’ interests. His arrest has basically taken place. As have many others just like him. Gates has been arrested as well. The list of arrests that need to take place is mind boggling. But it needs to be done, while the MSM and everyone that is in pretend roles, are seemingly acting like they are ‘in’, so the masses don’t go stark raving mad. the E.O.’s by Biden are all a mirage. Not a single one has been actually executed INCLUDING the KeyStone Pipeline one. Even the impeachment has to be allowed to proceed, as its purely staged.

  78. Miegell Honebrink

    Hello Greg,
    I really appreciate your work and dedication to pointing out the truth.
    I was wondering though, what does Bo Polny think about what’s happening

  79. Bill

    Great video Greg! Yes, the swamp is very deep and it really stinks! For President Trump to end up back in office it will take a real miracle. I am believing in what the prophets have said. However, my concern is that the senate will jam through the impeachment. They have already shown gross disregard for the constitution. So what will stop them at this point? Oh they don’t have the votes you say, the corrupt will make something up to jam it through. Before Jesus’ returns we will be going through some hard times, some very hard times! Read Matthew 24:15-31. Be blessed, Greg!

  80. Thomas Wigand

    Finally some offense!

    Mike Lindell’s new two-hour documentary “Absolute Proof” about the election steal is now up:

    Reportedly OAN (One America News) is going to help by running it (7:00 p.m. EST 2/5 and maybe again this weekend?)

    Also, Gateway Pundit has video supporting the witness affidavits of middle-of-the-night deliveries of fake ballots in Detroit:

    With interesting timing (pun intended), Time magazine has released a propaganda piece attempting to portray the coup / election theft as protecting the integrity of the election process — 180 degrees from the truth:

  81. john+duffy

    I tried to post this video earlier, but it was taken down by U-tube.

  82. Robert Veklotz is where you can find the My Pillow Guy showing reams of data of voter fraud. Near the end of the two hours they present a spreadsheet that shows the IP addresses of who interfered (China mostly), which US counties that were affected and the total number of votes per county that were stolen from President Trump.

  83. Deb

    Hi, We’ve been watching your Youtubes for a long time. We appreciate you telling the truth and giving encouragement. Unfortunately, we’re having problems watching your videos with Rumble. They keep stopping & pausing. Is there anything that we can do to correct these issues? Many thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Deb working on delivering it and doing it for free. Hang in there and thank you.

    • Bill

      Hi Deb, Saw your message, and I haven’t had any problems. What browser and internet server are you using? I am using Firefox for my browser and Duckduck go for my internet server. I hope this helps.

    • Thomas Wigand

      FWIW I’ve been streaming USAWatchdog (amongst other things) through Rumble via a Roku with no issues.

      These days I’m trying to find stuff first on Rumble — only going to YouTube if it’s the only platform available. I look at it this way – every little bit I can do to reduce revenue for Alphabet – Google – YouTube is both a faithful Christian and patriotic act.

  84. Lathi Bowen

    I rather lost respect for Newsmax for what they did to Lindell. It was uncalled for and in poor taste. Especially when Lindell proved without a doubt there was voter FRAUD!!!! He was on OAN today.

  85. Julie A Cohick

    ” I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for THOU, LORD, only makes me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8 and “O LORD my GOD, in THEE do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.” Psalm 7:1

  86. Gary Burkholder

    Its an age old story of having to see the worst to appreciate the past/present. My wife and I share your feelings for sure. Your comments on biblical faith are absolutely on point. That is where we are at this point but with calm and confidence. My wife and I have visited West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy and we are quite aware of the deeply ingrained U.S. core that has been instilled in our military personnel. This has been the case for a long time and for a purpose as we will see. I need not say to you to keep the faith but….keep the faith. You are more than what you know. There are many of us in this world and try not to forget that. You are more than a journalist!!!! We are all being watched and our next chapter is just around the corner!!! JC and GW are proud of you for sure. Our best to you. G&J

  87. Dave

    It is interesting that the Democrats challenged most of Trump’s EO’s. The GOP has hardly challenged any of Biden’s. That is telling. So too is the rapidity with which Biden’s nominees are going through with most Republican senators voting for them. As was not the case with Trump’s nominees. How can Schumer get so much done with a 50/50 Senate while McConnell complained he couldn’t get anything done as he had only 52 senators?!. It’s a charade – the GOP is playing the role of being in opposition to the Democrats but in actuality they really are lackeys of the Deep State and corporatists.

  88. markymark

    Hi Greg, great content!
    I wish you would read this book ‘Days of Vengeance’ by David Chilton. Say the word and I will ship you a copy. Jesus doesn’t need to come back. The church needs to stop being so timid. Pastors are afraid of losing members or their 501c3 status. It is written somewhere, ‘Judgment begins at the house of God’. They are afraid to talk about the intersection of our faith and civil responsibility. That’s our core problem – there are many others. It wasn’t so in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, when America was great.

  89. G L

    Mitch McC. is married to a communist agent. She is a member if the Council Of Foreign
    Relations whose members have worked for years to take over our country and merge us into the One World Socialist Universe!

  90. Jay Dee

    It will take a civil war to restore America.

  91. Self+Exiled

    If Congress is going to treat domestic terrorism on an equal plane as international terrorism these guy’s will come in handy. The president has been set according to this 2020 article. I suspect proprietors of websites would also be targeted.

    ”US continues its long history of using death squads, this time in Afghanistan. This is nothing but horrifying”

  92. Self+Exiled

    ”Bank of America Secretly Flagged Purchase History of Customers and Sent the Data to Feds After Capitol Riot”

  93. Self+Exiled

    If nobody complies how can they enforce it. Even liberals who have bought guns now won’t comply.

  94. Jim Furr

    YEAH GREG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Greg Go : ) : ) : )

  95. Just Thinking

    Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are hoping everyone forgets about the voter fraud when it is time for them to run again. Think about it! That’s how these people have stayed in office!

    • Dave

      Bingo!! McConnell and McCarthy are not just hoping people forget, they know they will. That has been the pattern forever – these guys keep getting reelected as people do forget. Mark Levin has railed against McConnell for years yet each election cycle Levin tells his listeners to vote for McConnell. There is always some lame excuse Levin uses to support McConnell’s reelection even though he claims to hold McConnell in complete contempt. What did Einstein say – words to the effect that to repeat something over and over again and expect a different result is the height of stupidity.

  96. IVAN

    (Absolute Proof) A documentary on 2020 presidential election

    • Not So Free

      It’s also on Brighteon.
      I’d like to see a downloadable MP4 of this to save.

  97. sylvia

  98. Randy Best

    China and Russia are not the enemy. The enemy is within.

  99. wayne hardin

    So me hear all the ultra rich bullion dealers saying people need to call
    for delivery of silver .
    My ? is why don’t they call for delivery .
    They say they manage millions or billions of product .
    The only answer that i can think of is they are making a LOT of MONEY .
    Just the way it is .
    You take 4 or 5 of them they could fix it .

    Lets see some auction big money .

  100. JC

    Permanent Medical Martial Law?

    Biden Administration has made it clear that they are stripping us of all our First Amendment rights which include the freedom to assemble. What was just made clear that even if you take these questionable vaccines, you will forever have to wear a mask and continue to social-distance for the rest of your life. So what is the point of these vaccines?


    You are right Greg.

    The world is watching.

    We are watching a group of psychopaths running the most corrupt western Government on this planet (with support from their zombie legion of WOKE followers and corporations) who now control the worlds’ most potent military.

    i/we are concerned for the patriots like yourself Greg. But we are also concerned
    about what damage these lunatics will inflict on the rest of the planet.

    Really scary times!!

  102. John

    Greg can’t wait to here what ya think about this article about the election……stay safe

  103. dclinde

    Here a few thoughts regarding WNW 467:
    I can’t remember which particular incident of Republican backstabbing precipitated it about a month ago, but I went on line and changed my party registration from Republican to NPA (no party affiliation). Greg is right. In the final analysis, there is really not much difference between R and D. They both hate the working and middle classes.
    I like to describe the leftist running things as unimpressive (just look at them), incompetent, and EVIL.
    A few people have been asking me if I am going to get the vaccine. My response next time is going to be the following: Hopefully I don’t get sick since I am always wearing a supplemental mask (5000 IU vitamin D, 10000 IU vitamin A, 1000 mg vitamin C and 6 iodide drops daily). If I do get sick, I will use Dr. Shiva’s vitamin A and D hammer for two days. If I still need more help, I will take HCQ and zinc. I am not giving medical advice. Everyone needs to make their own medical decisions. But given the fact that there are essentially no excess death in 2020 compared to 2019 and I don’t get the yearly flu vaccine, why would I start now? A vaccine is not really necessary.

  104. Joel Chaffin

    Another great news show!
    Have we been totally gaslighted about the Capitol shooting of Ashli Babbitt? I think so. I believed Ashli Babbitt was dead until I watched this video. If she was shot at close range, six feet, with a .45, there would be blood everywhere. Shot in the neck, blood would be squirting everywhere. t
    Two Capitol policemen committed suicide and the Capitol police chief resigns Jan 7th. No obituary, no funeral, paramedics load her into a truck and she disappears forever. What do you think?

  105. H.Craig Bradley


    When the Republican Leadership turned against President Trump last August, it signaled maybe its time to establish a new (conservative) party. Mitch McConnell is just keeping his personal status quo and his view of traditions in the U.S. Senate. We have seen the “fruits of his labors” in how easily a 50/50 Senate vote down party lines is quickly settled by V.P. Harris. I don’t think Republicans without Trump can make it in a Socialist world. They don’t stand for anything I value anymore. Time to let go of them.

    Other, more important fish are to be fried. For example, the House is busy codifying National Election procedures, such as mail-in votes, voting machine usage, and other practices which were alleged to have been behind voter fraud last Nov. We may never see another free election and what are the Republicans talking about? Not much that I can detect.

    Today, the Republican Party is passive, divided, and ineffective after their stinging defeat last Nov. Now, they want a majority first, but they had a majority ( all 3 branches of govt.) and could not do much with it except pass a politically neutral tax reform bill in 2017. Not much else to show in 4 years. Time to let them (all) go in 2022.

    Plus, a new massive gun control bill came out of the House Judiciary Committee on Jan. 6 ( H.R. 147 ). Its title is: “National Gun Registration and Licensing Act of 2021”. If it passes, it will cost you hundreds of dollars to comply, even if you already own guns.

    Where are the Republicans? Where are the conservatives? Where is “America”? Obviously, totally lost without President Trump. Its now all up to “the people”, alone.

  106. Jason

    Trump had clear Republican majorities the first two years in office. Did funding for the wall get passed? No. Was Obamacare replaced with something better? No. Were any of the key Trump promises fulfilled? No, no and no. There are always enough Republicans to vote with the Democrats on every key bill. Republicans are the key enemies starting with Mit Romney and Mitch McConnell. Then there is Trump who surrounded himself with swamp rats who advised him to never use a veto to block all the funding bills that specifically denied funding for the wall. Or you could look at the three sorry RINOS that he appointed to the Supreme Court. Did even one of them stand up to Republican John Roberts and say “We have to look at the gross fraud in the vote count”. No, no and no again. We need to stop blaming the Democrats for everything when the real enemy is the squarely in the middle of the Republican party.

    • Greg Hunter

      Two words: Paul Ryan.

  107. Ed

    It’s NOT enough to just have faith. God helps those who help themselves, the founding fathers knew this and were men of action. They took on the most powerful nation in the world and won…through action. The Left will NEVER stop their push for communism, and most of them certainly don’t believe in God. We need action, We need to fight back. Trump only pumped the brakes, their quest is now back on track. This is a pivotal time in history. Will we “Live Free or Die” or go silently into the night?

  108. Rachel

    Great video as always Greg, god bless!


    The STAFF. Multipurpose, Self-defence, Survival Tool (Scottish History and Myth)
    The Great Reset – A Viking’s Perspective | “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”
    Ruling on Overtime Exemptions for Agricultural Workers Could Cripple Washington Farmers
    Microsoft Suspends Donations For Politicians Who Attempted To Disrupt The 2020 Election
    Covid-19’s Food Inflation Risk
    Meanwhile in Australia: Wheat Shipments to Grain-Hungry China Surge
    How to use a speed square
    “Neural networks is black magic really” | Defeating Facial Recognition
    US Corn Exports to China “leaps and bounds” ahead of last year
    NCSC Warns of China’s Efforts to Collect US DNA Data

  110. Charles H

    Greg, et al…

    This MIGHT be one of the LAST comments to post… Wordfence is BACK: intervening – saying there is a fatal problem with your site. I hit the refresh tab and it came up: but they won’t let that slide for long. FaceBook and Twitter behind you? Got your own site? Means NOTHING – if “they” don’t allow connectivity. All your content and building-up of contributors means ZIP-NADA-DO-DO if the plug is pulled. And the Trump/Cheating/Fruadulent Election narrative is just what they want gone.

    There will be no discernable consequence for the ‘Illegitimate Government’. The accomplished fact of power – will use that power. Intimidation, threats, and punishment awaits those nations that won’t get in line with the PTB. Eight years of Obama – remember?

    And forget about “Incompetence” of the ‘Biden government’. He is just a shill, an empty chair for the real heist of installing Kamala the Ugandan -nightmare Harris to come. It isn’t a “deep swamp” we are dealing with: it’s a “sea-change” – a running sewer of characters who view survival and continuation of power as the only option.

    All the “not good for” rhetoric is just backward-looking nostalgia of the lost Republic. Is not Washington D.C. an armed camp now? Nothing less than bring out the pitchforks and tar barrels, to depose and replace the bulk of the political system could save the nation. Both the political and moral will to deal with such a massive scale – I doubt exists.

    My synopsis of Newman’s comments – ‘Trump has yet to act’ (the Insurrection Act); and ‘America turns into Cuba’ – has fully realized. Trump didn’t act: and America HAS become Cuba. All the political theatre now amounts to Kabuki distraction for those who still hope. All investigations will be forged; evidence will not be produced: and those who dared to oppose are now on list to be punished.

    Did Trump win?; or didn’t he win – now becomes a matter of semantics: as I said it would become.

    And, finally – the ‘Jesus is fully in charge’ – coming from the Matt.28:18 verse. Is He fully ‘in charge’? Absolutely: but NOT in the way you have represented it. Those, like myself, that have asserted the power and authority in this world of the devil – with titles and explanations: you threw-down on. Maybe I missed some semi-explanation or apology – as I don’t follow everything. I might have missed the journlistic retraction of the false prophesies you promoted here – or maybe it just went silent, and time and forgetfulness is the recourse? The ‘Duck Rule’ here is one of the two: it is we are proceeding toward justice and honesty; or we are proceeding toward corruption and lies. The One-World Government that the Bible speaks of IS A DEMONIC DOMINION. Jesus Christ has the power: but He is not presiding over the events of this age. Next to the Rapture – the tyranny of the Anti-christ is next up on God’s spiritual calendar. Personally – I am sorry to have to be a witness to it all. I remeber the USA of my youth: but I can’t shut my eyes to the facts as they play-out before them. God DOES answer prayers: but not according to our criteria; and not if it is against the express will set forth in the Holy Bible. Christianity cannot be reduced to picking favorite verses and centering exclusively on just them.

    I am glad you have a new theme to share. It is a right one: but it does NOT give the right impression for the circumstance: it is too short in and of itself. Given alone – it allows for the positive and hopefulness: but does not introduce the reality of what Faith entails. Fairness itself MUST INCLUDE the whole of the Divine Record to sustain the matter of Faith in view of the tempest of current events. So I will include two applicable Bible references. 2Tim. 3:16,17: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine,for reproof, for correction, for intruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” Christianity is not a matter of picking and choosing and over emphasizing verses. Believers are going to tried and tested in the coming days. So here is what we prepare for… John 15:20,21: “Remember the word I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my sayings, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my namesake, because they know not him that sent me.” If people are going to get their spiritual house in order to face the coming days – they need both to be ready to face what is coming and with enough ammo for a fighting chance: the WHOLE Word of God.

    Thanks, Greg. Thanks guys and gals. See you in clown world…

  111. Mike

    No sweat. Relax and enjoy the show.

  112. Jo

    NO ONE is coming to save us. Did they save the Vendee’ in France? How about the Catholic Russians in 1917? Steve Pieczenik has LIED for a LIVING for his entire life. He continues to lie now….no surprise for his ‘kind’. As for Christ returning, He will do so when He sees fit, not when we want Him to do so. And it’s supposed to be AWFUL when He does return, so be careful what you wish for. Love you Mr. Hunter.

  113. SilverHawk

    It doesn’t take a Quant to front run the fools in paper silver. The winners last week are the physical holders of silver. The Kitco Bid started at 26.98 and ended 26.74. Paper loss of .89%. SilverHawk B&T recorded a 16% increase in asset value, due to the premium increase industry wide. Kitco Bid + $6.00 for Eagles, and +$3.50 over for generic rounds. Around half of what the cheapest retailer charges. Want to learn a lot about silver and money, check out “maneco64” on u boob. Guys’ extremely bright. Keep stackin, no slackin…

  114. Coalburner

    Have you seen the Quiet CNN report that after braying the lie over and over to nausium. Now says the officer killed at the Capitol was not murdered with a fire extinguisher. As near as the coroner can tell he died from some kind of reaction to pepper spray. Wow! They said it real quietly because they are liars and cheats.

  115. martin flaxman

    And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

    13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

    14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

  116. Coalburner

    Greg: Ivermectin for humans and Hydroxychoroquin are available right across the border in Mexico. If you make the trip or a friend does it for you, be sure and get some
    Silvidine, or Sulfa LaPlata, it is the unbelievable magic potion for burns. Silver and Sulfadrug for skin application on burns at any level. The only reason I ever heard that it is prescription is to be sure the burn is cleaned completely to prevent infection. Anyone that ever had a second or third degree burn will tell you they viciously scrub the wound and the pain is ferocious but it must be done. The thing is I have stopped blistering dead in its tracks with the stuff before losing a quarter inch of skin. I mean a quarter inch deep. It should be in every emergency kit, no matter what, my opinion.
    Dirt cheap and there is no replacement for instant relief and healing when the ER is not handy.
    Ivermectin is what we give horses for worms, parasites, yes I can buy it for the Ranchero and give it myself. The question is the purity of horse meds for humans but most , not all meds for humans transfer to animals. Some dog meds are deadly to humans. But it is common knowledge that barn jockeys never have such problems. You give it to a horse you will wear some or eat some involuntarily once in a while. I amsure that is how Argentina discovered its efficacy against Covid, Chinese Bat Flu. Sorry , I went back and erased half this message so you would not have too. You may edit as you wish, this is for you, it could be helpful to readers but it may draw unwanted attention. That is why I erased some good info.

  117. Coalburner

    Thanks for your great report!

  118. Pedro

    Secession is needed. The federal govt must be dismantled and rendered powerless.

  119. John

    Great video-made my day!

  120. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Subject to your permission, I would like to re-post a link to a presentation that I already linked to in WNW467 comments. The presentation is by Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors. Turns out she is also an attorney – smart lady!

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