9/11 Conspiracy Theory–Insane or Insightful?

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

I keep coming back to one question in the 9/11 conspiracy story: How did two jets knock down three New York City skyscrapers?  The jets only hit two buildings, and that is a fact.  I have posted a video from the group “RememberBuilding7.org” on the USAWatchdog.com site.  (Click here to see Building 7 implode.)  It clearly shows Building 7 of the World Trade Center imploding straight down, as if it was a controlled demolition.  I am not an expert, but it sure looks like that to me.  I, also, ran across this video from Corbettreport.com that summarizes the entire 9/11 conspiracy in less than 5 minutes. It was done on the 9/11 ten year anniversary.  I found it very well done and factually spot on, although it goes by fast, so you must watch closely.   Give it a look for yourself.  Do you think the 9/11 conspiracy theory is insane or insightful?—Greg Hunter.

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