Next 6 Months Completely Insane – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Back in August of 2023, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted there was a long list of financial trouble coming to America. A short list of problems is the commercial real estate implosion, CV19 vax injuries and deaths, deposits leaving the banking system and war all coming to a head between now and the 2024 Election. Holter starts with the CV19 bioweapon vax, “It turns out it was a kill shot. I guess you can say it adds to the timeline where they have to kick the table over because . . . they are going to have to hide that.  That has to become back burner. Once you get a majority that is awake to that, you are going to have people pissed off all over the world. This is an election year, and I think the next six months are going to be completely insane. The deaths are increasing, and the knowledge that the (CV19) vaccine is the cause is spreading. They are going to have to bring something up to put that on the back burner, and that is probably WWIII.”

Holter goes on to add, “We have an election coming up, and I still believe there is less than a 40% chance that we even have an election. From a financial standpoint, you have commercial real estate that is imploding. You have bank deposits that have fled the banking system. You have the financial system really on the rocks. . . . Somebody had better start cutting rates because just in the past six months, China’s debt growth has turned negative, and so has their money supply. That is a recipe for complete disaster in an over-leveraged system. It’s not just China, it’s the whole world. The whole system is over-levered. Somebody had better cut rates to inflate; otherwise, Richard Russell’s ‘Inflate or Die’ comes into play.”

It seems the Fed is freaking out over interest rates. The Fed is not talking about cutting, it’s talking about raising rates in its last meeting. What’s going on with the Fed? Holter says, “They are fearful of a fiat collapse. They will more than likely cut rates, and then $15 a gallon gasoline and $25 for a cup of coffee is going to become a reality. In the intermediate to long term, interest rates are going to explode. . . . Interest rates need to be much higher to support fiat currency.”

Holter also predicts that gold and silver have already broken out to the upside and will be going much higher in price. Holter is especially bullish on silver after it broke through $30 an ounce, which it has not done for a decade. Holter says, “I think silver is more important than gold because silver is the fuse for gold. Silver is a tiny market compared to gold. The gold market is 10 times bigger. . . .They are losing control of silver . . . . If they want to keep gold under control, they better keep silver under control. The Achillies heel to all fiat currencies is gold. Again, if they want to keep gold under control they damn well better keep silver under control because silver is the fuse to the gold market.”

Holter thinks both gold and silver are going much higher in 2024 and beyond, and this is the breakout year for both.

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 5.25.24.

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After the Interview:

Bill Holter’s website is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s called . 

If you need to contact Bill Holter, his email is [email protected].

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Love you both so much. Thank you for making a wonderful Sunday.

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, wants his message to reach Pope Francis urging him to withdraw the letter that reportedly permits blessings for same-sex unions. The video highlights the concerns of many traditional Catholics and Orthodox Christians who believe that the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality is clear and unchangeable. Bishop Mar Mari argues that any deviation from this teaching would be a grave error and would cause confusion and division within the Church. The video also touches upon the importance of upholding the Church’s traditional teachings and values in the face of modern pressures and challenges.

    • Anthony Australia

      3 Billion Baby Boomers are now entering their retirement years, no matter what they are not going to be paid out. They can’t because the establishment is broke & evil.

      • Anthony Australia

        One of these sermons I have ever heard.

        Bishop Mari Emmanuel

      • Glenn

        3 billion baby boomers? I hope you mean in the world and not just in the U.S. Regardless it is much less than that. More like 1 billion worldwide and many of them are not now entering their retirement years because many have already done that.

        • Anthony Australia

          Worldwide but perhaps over stated figures. In Australia our retirement age is now 67, pushing for 70.
          I know France are also under increasing pressure to bump the retirement age to 64 from 62.

          Who Stole My Pension?

      • Galaxy 500

        OK, so at least 2.5 billion are in Asia, Africa and India… no pensions there LOL
        No paying there.
        Sorry, your numbers are off several orders of magnitude

    • spanky

      the “catholic church is the most corrupt institution in all of history and is run by the globalists . The “pope” takes his orders from higher place like the “black pope”

      • Kentucky Couger

        God has a way of making fools of those who attack the Catholic Church. With a chosen name like “spanky” you need to be informed that the Catechism of the Catholic Church stipulates that masturbation is a sin. You should pull the log out of your own eye, before you go about judging others. ( Matthew 7:5 )

        Furthermore, the US government, communist China, the City of London, Ukraine are thoroughly more corrupt; nothing they do is good. Whereas the Church does do a lot of good such as hospitals and schools despite the current regime at the Vatican.

        • LoriQ

          Was the Catholic church doing good when they allowed their priests to molest children?

        • Galaxy 500

          God YHWH protects the pedophiles?
          At this point, Satan is in charge of the Catholic Church…
          Stop throwing stones at Christians who seek to bring those away from Satan’s grasp. Or do you honestly believe that you can be part of this organization that has lost it’s way, follow the directions of the the Satanic Poop, and still be considered the Chosen… like Pelosi and Biden?

          • Dewey DeMarco

            The Catholic Church, as founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete, is eternal and incorruptible. My Faith and beliefs are traced back to this lineage.

            What Man does with Man’s version of the Church is irrelevant to me.

            The Church Fathers of Antiquity, those most close to Jesus Christ, and the authors of the Bible practiced a Faith most closely resembling the Catholic and Orthodox Churches of today…historical fact. Their practices resemble very little to what Protestantism was or is now.

            The Faith continues on. I hold dear to the Faith of my ancestors, and most likely of your ancestors too. They and the Church Fathers, I believe, are looking down and praying for you.

            In all humility, do you feel you are more knowledgable than the Church Fathers in terms of who is a Christian?

            Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto

            • Galaxy 500

              Hi Dewey
              You wrote,” They and the Church Fathers, I believe, are looking down and praying for you.”
              Can you show me where in the Word of GOD YHWH, that is written that people pray for me after they’ve good and dead, waiting on resurrection and Judgement? Is it that same section that it says pray to Mary and Saints instead of to YHWH in His Holy Son, Jesus’ name.
              Really curious and honestly want an answer. Never have seen this in scripture but I do see scripture saying “Don’t do it!”

              • Dewey DeMarco

                Book of Apocalypse. 5:8
                2 Maccabees.
                I am fully aware that many Protestant Bibles have removed Maccabees from their Bibles.
                I also believe that Protestants may use the KJV or something derived from it. KJV originated in the Church of England, founded mainly due to the King’s dissatisfaction with an inability to be granted a divorce. Same King who chopped his wife’s head off.
                Does your Bible originate from that tradition?
                The Catholic Church, as founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete, existed before the Bible.
                Please remember it was the Catholic Church Fathers, who being nearest in physical and spiritual presence to Jesus Christ, who wrote the Bible.

                • Galaxy 500

                  Thanks for chapter and verse. For a moment I feared it was that Mormon fiction. but it does not say dead people pray nor does it say pray to saints or a good women. Could be my reading comprehension
                  2 Maccabees 2:5-8
                  New American Bible (Revised Edition)
                  5 When Jeremiah arrived there, he found a chamber in a cave in which he put the tent, the ark, and the altar of incense; then he sealed the entrance. 6 Some of those who followed him came up intending to mark the path, but they could not find it. 7 When Jeremiah heard of this, he reproved them: “The place is to remain unknown until God gathers his people together again and shows them mercy. 8 Then the Lord will disclose these things, and the glory of the Lord and the cloud will be seen, just as they appeared in the time of Moses and of Solomon when he prayed that the place[a] might be greatly sanctified.”

          • Bob

            Money for nazis in Ukikeraine, money real money for fat illegals that’s bidenomics

      • Michael

        There is a very long Catholic history of messages from heaven delivered primarily to children warning of a schism in the Catholic church that would immediately precede a period of tremendous global upheaval and persecution of the faithful. The most famous of these are Fatima, Akita, and Garabandal but there are many others going back 400+ years. The message is consistent: if people do not repent, turn to prayer, and turn back from their behaviors that deviate from God’s commandments, a global chastisement will descend. The Catholic church leadership will lead people into sin and be torn by a schism between plaity, priests and bishops who refuse to violate God’s commandments and those who follow the leadership who betray Christ. We are seeing this now (e.g. Bishop Strikland, the latin mass, cancelled priests, etc). If people still do not repent, there will be tremendous wars, plagues, and cataclysm, and the faithful laity will need to maintain the faith without the support of the outer structure of the church.

      • Michael

        More details on the warnings delivered in the Catholic tradition can be found in this excellent book: It is a worthwhile read for Catholics and non Catholics alike. One message from Bernadette of Lourdes, France: in the 20th century, scientists would be elevated in stature and authority, but during the period of upheaval that will occur in the early part of the 21st century, people will turn on scientists and doctors. With the misuse of science and medicine witnessed with Covid and likely the forthcoming bio weapon plagues, this sounds not just probable but likely.

      • Adam Munyard

        Hey spanky, i dont disagree with you the Catholic church is the most corrupt institution… although i do believe there are countless equal opportunity organisations that entirely fit the bill
        You said the ‘pope takes his orders from higher place like the black pope’. Did you have any further information you wish to collaborate ? Both pope’s are Jesuit, and this most certainly has been a Jesuit infiltration into the highest levels of the Vatican
        As far as i understand Black pope Arturo Sosa is not ‘above’ Pope Francis, but instead has a different set of agenda, and most certainly a principality fallen angel of the highest level with him. I’m not saying i’m correct, but i’m just saying this is what i believe to be truth.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I went to Catholic school for two years. And I’m not even Catholic. There were some positive things about it. Uniforms, discipline, etc. Overall a good experience. However, outside of my mom paying tuition, I never gave the church a dime.

      • Katy Bar

        Spanky: What “unvaxed” women need to worry about (more then worrying about the Pope giving the OK for two Bishops to get married and have sex with one another) is to make sure that “They Don’t Have Sex With a Vax’ed Man”!! All un-vaxed women who have sex with a vax’ed man can have the Kill Shot spike proteins injected right into them “making them infertile and never being able to have a child”!!!
        Bottom Line: As the CDC says: “Putting distance between yourself and others can help lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission” … so to lower your risk of Spike Protein transmission Keep Your Distance From The Vaccinated!!

      • Waylon Clyde

        Well the Way had Judas, who handed the Jesus Son of God over to the Jews to be crucified. It will never get more corrupt than that.

        When it comes to needing an exorcism or relief from demonic oppression & obsession, the Roman Catholic Church is where to go. They have the Queen of Angels at their side. But also they have a solid exorcism theology and practice.

        …. Much of what you see Evangelicals doing ad hoc is endangering themselves of satanic retribution, but also it can harm the victim because an exorcism incorrectly performed (and one lacking subsequent sacramental) can result in many more demons returning soon thereafter. Jesus warns about this in the Gospels. Beware the street preachers you see on youtube. They are doing more harm then good.

        We get a hint of there being a protocol when St. Paul warns Timothy about laying on of hands (1 Timothy 5:22). But much of the Rite has been handed down through the Tradition, which Evanglicals not only lack, but foolishly mock.

        USAW should host Fr. Chad Ripperger to discuss the state of the church (the broad church incl all sects/denominations) vis a vis the demonic. This is now impacting economics and social stability. Demonic oppression & obsession is through the roof. It is now very common. And possession is also increasing.

    • Ken

      Thank you Greg,
      that was a great journalistic interview.


  2. Better Chetter

    I just got “The Big Short” DVD from the library, to watch over the long weekend, & it is hard to fathom how they allowed the market to actually work, unless they were front running the price hike with the options-markets. Continuing with the shorts of silver seems like what will happen, as Mr. Holter notes, though if the amount of players in the “buy silver” market has increased beyond the 100th Monkey-effect, maybe it will stay up as the PTB turn their deceit and manipulation into other markets that the common men & women aren’t aware of (yet).

  3. Bill Heuschele

    Great job again! Thank you both.

  4. Tom C.

    Greg, thanks, as always.

    The only thing that will save us is Divine Intervention.

    • Bosco


      yeah that’s about right. Divine intervention. The messiah should–NEEDS–to return!


  5. Jeffrobbins

    Mr. Holter is always a solid interview. Thanks Greg. How many Chris Coumo-s are there in other countries. Forget the Dems, when the rest of world figures out this (the shots) are a bunch of lies- the very next thought is to question how many other lies there are. I have been wondering about how many and where are the lies too. The bird flu? Are we so dumb to not hatch out birds from those that survive bird flu to have disease resistant birds? That used to good animal husbandry. Lies all around.
    —-we haven’t gone Mad Max, but we are really considering food production for some things and ample supplies for other things. It’s a heavy lift, especially with a family. We are starting to ask how much coffee, toilet paper, mixed grains, noodles, etc is needed for a years supply. As time goes by, more boxes get checked off. And i still say God has given the warning with grain changing to corn about the time of covid starting. Very few are prepared for anything.

    • Katy Bar

      Bill Holter tells us that “the Globalist’s need to put the Kill Shot on the back burner”. To do this without Nuclear War the Globalist’s need to come up with a damn good excuse for jabbing us. Perhaps that excuse will be that they did it “to make human meat uneatable”!! But this will require disclosing that space aliens actually exist and that these alien creatures have been cultivating humans for food (the same way we humans cultivate cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc., etc. for food and then eventually harvest them in a big taking of their poor souls). The Globalist’s will likely use the Lying Main Stream Media to convince us that space aliens have been allowing the human population to grow and multiply “so that we can be harvested when the time is right”!! And that the Globalists were thus “forced to take countermeasures” (like reducing the world population and poisoning our flesh with m-RNA spike proteins that create turbo-cancer, heart attacks, dementia, etc., etc.) to make humans “Untouchable As An Alien Food Source”!! These Globalists will probably figure in their warped minds that humanity “will then overwhelmingly thank them for making people sick” and that only they deserve to be “Put in Charge of Running the World for the Benefit of Humanity”!!!

      • Jeffrobbins

        Thanks Katy, and just when i thought i had extreme ideas.

  6. Gene Louis

    You could have two years worth of food with your own water well, and still run into impossible problems. What do you do for building and plumbing materials? How could you anticipate medical problems or health emergencies? What if you run out of money with no job?

    The idea is NOT to give up. But planning has to be realistic. It seems to me that it would be better to have a solid affordable plan for four months of survival rather than try to anticipate and finance things that you might need to live through hell for the rest of your shortened life.

    • Bosco


      great brainstorming here. The one thing that must be stated here is COMMUNITY. No one–I mean, NO ONE–can do it alone. There’s only so many hats one can wear. Not to mention someone needs to have people of like mind and spirit close by and those who are not to be pushed to the periphery (no matter how long you’ve known them). If they’re not on the same page, give them quiet distance.


    • Galaxy 500

      With 2 years of food and water…
      You don’t have to worry about eating…

      No job… that’s coming
      Sickness… that’s here

      But you need to control what you can.
      You seems to think it is silly to prepare…

  7. Gordo Piper

    RECESSION, depression, inflation, stagflation, zero growth, negative growth​—all of these are dismal words used in what one man called “the dismal science” of economics. But what really lurks behind these intimidating terms? Does the science of economics have any solution to the problems most of us are facing?

    Lionel Robbins, an English economist, defined economics as “the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternate uses.” All of us have “ends,” that is, things we need or want. And these “ends” are virtually limitless. On the other hand, our “means,” such as our income, are usually very limited.

    Take, for example, a man who sits down with his family for breakfast and finds that there is very little sugar to go with his coffee. He is now faced with an economic decision. How will their scarce “means” (the sugar) meet everyone’s “ends”? He may decide that everyone should take just a little. Or then again, he may decide that he wants it all. Mother, however, may want the sugar for cooking. So economic decisions are not solely the domain of an intellectual elite.

    When you are discussing economics on an individual basis, such as for households or consumers, you are studying what is called microeconomics. When the same principles are applied to broad groupings of individuals such as a nation, you are dealing with macroeconomics. But do not let the technical jargon fool you, for economics is hardly a precise science. An observer once said that if you ask six different economists for their opinion, you will get seven different answers. Nevertheless, it is worth learning something about this science.

    • G.Piper

      For much of history, the average person’s economic options were very limited. Usually if you were born poor, you died poor; and if you were born rich, you probably died rich, unless some noneconomic factors (such as invading armies) came along.
      Then came the Industrial Revolution, and for the first time in history, people in general could look forward to improving their economic situation through their own efforts. As the feudal system gasped its last breaths, governments were now faced with making the economic decisions. Leaders started wondering how they could control the economic future.
      Then in 1776, Adam Smith wrote the first work of modern economics, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.” He expressed confidence in both the marketplace and the individual’s abilities to bring about economic progress. Smith theorized that man’s inherent self-interest would be the driving factor behind development. The desire for a good wage or a big profit would move people to invest their capital or talents in the market system. Two other men​—David Ricardo and Thomas Robert Malthus—​joined Smith in pioneering the science of economics.
      It was these three men that Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle called the “Respectable Professors of the Dismal Science.” Why “dismal”? Because these men held the gloomy opinion that while the economies of different countries would expand, the lot of the common worker would never rise above the subsistence level for anything more than brief periods. Malthus further concluded that any prosperity would be offset by an increased number of mouths to feed.

      Then Karl Marx came on the scene. He was not only an economic theorist but also a student of human behavior and political thought. He shared the same pessimistic attitude that the rich would get richer and the poor, poorer. Marx concluded that as long as there were unemployed workers, or an ‘industrial reserve army,’ competition for work would always drive down wages. ‘Why should an employer give a pay raise when there is a hungry and unemployed man willing to work for less?’ he reasoned. But Marx also saw within capitalism the seeds of self-destruction: Riches would accumulate into fewer hands, and the misery of the working people would increase until they would be forced into open and bloody revolt.

      But while socialism was gaining popularity, another movement was growing​—social Darwinism. By applying Darwin’s theory of evolution to social problems, one of the leading men of that movement​—Herbert Spencer—​coined the phrase, “the survival of the fittest.” They reckoned that those who won in the battle of the marketplace would get the spoils, and as for those who lost​—well, only the fittest should survive, anyway! This sort of thinking led to some very unscrupulous business practices and the amassing of tremendous fortunes by the most aggressive.

      Thus, since the earliest days of economic theory, battle lines have been drawn between those who believe in the free market system (and hence limited, if any, government economic control) and those who want more or even absolute government control. The Great Depression of the 1930’s, however, caused many to reconsider the possible value of government intervention in the marketplace so as to prevent the suffering that the collapse of the free market had brought. So it was that another prominent economist, John Maynard Keynes, declared that state control of interest rates and government influence through taxation could prevent the economic cycles from bottoming out too low. Variations on his theories still prevail in the Western world.

      • Seer

        And, Austrian economics (Carl Menger et al) theory is superior to Keynes.
        Austrian not taught in universities.

  8. Joe Wong

    This conflict in Ukraine will end the same way the war in Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires) ended on August 15, 2021 when Kabul fell back to the same Taliban that the Americans tried to get rid of since October 7, 2001. Always remember that Empires RISE & Empires FALL !!! and the USA is really no exception at this point, and the demise of the EU & NATO will happen and go along hand in hand with this afterwards as well. Ukraine became a FAILED STATE back on February 22, 2014 thanks to the actions of Victoria Juland’s policy of REGIME CHANGE in Kiev on that date. Ukraine may also cease to exist as a nation as well. THIW’s and have a nice holiday weekend as well.

    • Ken Yu

      The demise of the US is near because the Fed’s failed banking experiment has brought the value of the US dollar down to “ZERO”!!
      Isn’t it an odd twist of fate that China who so dutifully helped fund our US debt expansion (by buying our treasury’s) “Now Gets Screwed In Return” (with ever worthless US dollars and Taiwan being held away from them with the full might of the US Navy)!!!

      • Katy Bar

        The US needs enemies to justify its huge military budgets. So the neocons in both Parties rolled out sanctions, tariffs and massive support for the war in Ukraine (to ensure more military spending) and now their monumental greed requires the re-institution of a Draft (so American boys can die for their greedy profits). But, this is the least of our problems because the US neocons have now driven the Chinese and the Russians into a significant alliance (creating the strong enemy they have always dreamed about – but have also created a New World Order that will no longer take orders from the drunks, deviates and Kill Shot proponents currently running our US Government!!

  9. Marie Joy

    I saw an actor wear a shirt on X. It said, “If you still hate TRUMP, after this Biden shit show, your commitment to stupidity is impressive.”
    If people are shedding, it makes sense to stay away from people.
    With all that goes on, in America, if you’re still anti gun, you’re a damn fool.
    It will be interesing to see how long Cuomo lives.
    Junior is a rabid democrat who supported obama, killery, open borders, etc.
    The fact that Jr is anti vax does not make him a good American.
    Pope Francis is a communist/globalist/Depopulationist.
    Store your dry, nonfood items in the dry/clean attic.

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg, can you find out if DRY ELEMENT takes these out of the drinking water via their filters? =
    Forever Chemicals Have Polluted The Entire Planet – Rainwater Everywhere On Earth Unsafe To Drink =

    show notes=
    PFOA, PFOS, and Related PFAS Chemicals
    Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink
    Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe
    Based on the latest US guidelines for PFOA in drinking water, rainwater everywhere would be judged unsafe to drink.
    EPA’s Revolving Door
    GMO revolving door continues
    N-acetyl cysteine abates hepatorenal toxicities induced by perfluorooctanoic acid exposure in male rats
    N-acetyl cysteine co-treatment abates perfluorooctanoic acid-induced reproductive toxicity in male rats
    The Devil We Know (2018) Hazards from perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, also known as C8)

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      Dry Element Contact Us
      Monday through Friday
      9-5 PM MST

      [email protected]

      • Justn Observer

        Thanks for the link Greg.
        Hope people look into the many ””side-effects”” and injuries becaause of these…which are many…in many parts of the body and organs including memory and brain fog as well. Have been a taker of NAC for some time…so if others are not…might be a good thing to add to one’s protocols along with investigating how to get adequate filtration of one’s water, and better understanding of which products one might be using or around to reduce one exposure. = SAYS =
        N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a familiar antioxidant shown to be an effective disulphide linkages disruptor in various models -in vitro and in vivo (Aldini, Altomare et al. 2018). NAC is a safe and affordable medication, that is accessible as an over-the-counter supplementation (Mokhtari, Afsharian et al., 2017). NAC serves as both a nutritional additive as well as a medication for its antioxidant properties. It also possesses mucolytic properties (due to its ability to break disulphide bonds) when inhaled as a mist. Metabolism of NAC to L-cysteine, a glutathione precursor, enhances the activity of glutathione-S-transferase. Consequently, NAC promotes detoxification and protects against the harmful effects of free radicals’ species primarily by scavenging action and increases cellular concentration of free glutathione. NAC’s potent antioxidant properties make it a conceivable management choice for diseases associated with the production of damaging free radicals.

        NAC’s sulphydryl group (-SH) interacts with the electrophilic groups of reactive oxygen species (Kerksick and Willoughby, 2005) and prevents ROS-mediated toxicity and inflammation. For example, NAC administration with acetaminophen effectively blocks acetaminophen hepatotoxicity (Owumi, Andrus et al. 2015). Over the years, NAC has been useful for the treatment of diseases by directly or by addition to other medications (Mokhtari, Afsharian et al. 2017). NAC can averts genotoxicity in endothelial cells associated with by increasing glutathione (Amin, Shaaban et al. 2008). Also, NAC and vitamin E or essential fatty acids, is reported to substantially reduce cellular ROS (Mokhtari, Afsharian et al. 2017). Several reports have proven that NAC exert its impact against chemical toxicity by acting as a nucleophile, as well as a thiol (-SH) group donor (Wang et al., 2013). These in vivo antioxidant activities demonstrate the precursor role of NAC in GSH metabolism, a recognized antioxidant and a substrate for some antioxidant enzymes. Till date, studies exploring the role of NAC on PFOA toxicity in the hepatorenal system has appeared in the literature. With this premise in mind and the reported oxidative-mediated toxicity of PFOA, we examined the effect of NAC in averting PFOA-mediated injury in the kidney and liver of cohort of rats. Specifically, we examined rat’s antioxidant and oxidative stress, changes in levels of inflammatory mediator and histopathological alteration in experimental rats treated for 28 consecutive days to PFOA and NAC. Our findings suggest that NAC protected against PFOA-mediated toxicity in the liver and kidney by improving antioxidant status, and abating pro-inflammatory responses and tissue injury.

        • Katy Bar

          Justn seems a lot of rats were used in these NAC medical experiments for the benefit of mankind. Similarly a lot of humans were used in the Covid-19 Experiment for the benefit of the Globalists (seeking immortality). But don’t these Globalists know we humans are “not all Demon Rats” to be used so casually in their medical experiments and that they should have logically given saline solution to all the registered Republicans, instead they gave the Kill Shot “to everyone” (including pregnant mothers and babies) considering all of us to be “Rats”. Is it any wonder they are now hated so much and are resigning their positions in great numbers before the ax falls “on their heads”!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Greg
        Layered approach on communication?
        Just got in two (2) hand held Ham radios from those guys at Ready made resources. I know you are snowed under. Just think this is something that should be pointed out.
        Satellite Phone /Bivy stick Must Have
        If I am miles down the road watching one of way’s into my little community and require an alarm be raised.
        Handheld radios way to go.
        Think we are getting down to short rows here…
        And Brother Bill drives that point home

  11. Mike DeCoker

    Poor ol Chris Cuomo. Now he is getting a taste of the covid fraud . I remember how he trashed trump and moved many covid patients to nursing homes with many weak and elderly residents ending the lives of many residents unnecessarily. Now Crissy is worried about saving his own bacon. Isn’t it something how badly he trashed Trump and now look at the predicament he is in. Yep, he is basically a real nice guy.

  12. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)!

    I was fortunate to purchase 90% pre 1965 US coins at around 18 x face at the beginning of the year. Silver continues to be the most undervalued asset on the planet 🌎
    Bill Holter is one of my favorite guests – he is down to Earth and usually has very good insights
    In God I Trust

    • Galaxy 500

      I believe copper clad lead is the most underrated undervalued asset on the planet

  13. andrea

    when the Powers that be ” lose the USD fiat and have to deal in gold and silver all wars will stop , and all bribes will stop , lots of people will walk away since no one has enough gold/silver to pay off us government senators and congress. the USD will buy you nothing . and no one will bend for pieces of paper that buys you nothing , the POOR have nothing to lose , so they will again be “carried” by the real Americans , OR they wil come to your house trying to ” take ” what YOU worked for all your life.,But the middle class and the upper middle class will have to close down because of this .

  14. Benjamin Johnson

    Klaus Schwab, just retired after getting his family into key positions. Klaus Schwab you will own nothing and be happy, just retired with 200 Million Euro’s, you’ll have nothing but he will have plenty. The elite are pure evil.

  15. Jeff Martin

    Has anyone stopped to think why the US government is giving YOUR TAX DOLLARS to mad scientists to increase the mortality rate among humans through gain of function of viruses? Simple answer: The kill off humankind on planet Earth. These psychopaths seem to think they will be protected from all this. Wrong. No one knows what the consequences are from tampering with genetics, nanotechnology, or biology – or even AI. “Oh, that seems like a good idea – let’s do it!” Keep it up and they’re going to find out.

    Concerning China. In most ways China has a worse economy than the US does. They are barely able to keep it together. One way to do it is to go to war. China state television has announced China will TAKE Taiwan as early as early June. The US is ready to take the country to war. Europe is on the verge of bankruptcy. Where do you think this is all going?

  16. Joseph Boudreau

    There are a few now saying the same thing… shyte’s about to hit the fan. Get prepared NOW, NOT LATER!
    Thanks Greg and Bill for another great interview!

  17. Michael

    Blessings to both of you & every human being on planet earth who refused to bow to the pharma gods.

    • Roger Hubbard

      Greg, it has taken so long to get where we are now! I figured it would have happened by now.
      We all need to take a break every once in a while and recharge , you too Greg!
      The big “it” will happen when , it, happens!

      Again another great interview!

      Your Friend

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Roger.
        Everyday should be put to good use. How much time do we have left?

        • Roger Hubbard

          Greg, that’s a good point! However, I have been on this bend for probably the past 6 years. My family on the other hand has not. We all need to take a breather now and then and make sure we are still connected to our spouses and children. Yes, It’s a juggling act for those of us in the know!
          Prep for 6, rest for one! Hmm, sounds like I’m kinda quoting someone😉

  18. Pete+only

    Key takeaways are that everything is coming to a head in the world of economics, and wars the Elites want all at once..including what Bill Holter aptly points out was the “experiment” with expanding credit, and let’s face it, the Elites have always survived from people’s misery all this time, and are terrified of what may happen when people stop fighting amongst themselves and start to point at the man behind the curtain as the actual problem.
    Imagine an economic system that expands because of actual hard work, as opposed to Elites making money up out of thin air in order to enslave the masses..
    The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa + dozens of other nations), are developing an economic system that rewards such a things as hard work, physical commodities, and so forth using block chain, which prevents the present corruption we see in the way markets now function in the west.
    Bill is correct when he points out that you need to be thinking of looking after your own expanded family when the sht hits the fan…a larger scale of survival, and using hand tools among other things.
    On a personal note, we need to learn how to forage in the forest, such as eating dandelions in your salads, (give it a try) learning how to make stir fry meals that can feed people using 1/3 the meat, storing food in jars by removing the air in it to prolong shelf life, and lessen the need for refrigeration.
    Take as much money as you can out of the banking system. Downsize and live without any debt if you possibly can..and may God be with you!! Thanks Greg for all that you do…

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg, a report about delinquency and the attack on middle class homeowners many are NOT aware of….very eye-opening. The home availability numbers are also RIGGED = FREDDIE MAC just might NOT be your friend….anyone surprised?

    The WORST PLAN YET to Take Your Money – U.S. Housing Market’s NEWEST Disaster with Melody Wright =

  20. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    Last week on EBay I bought BU Silver 1 oz. Silver Eagle lot of 5 for $97.95 it had been discounted from $130.60 on May 21st. After the Friday rise to $32.00 per ounce I went back to the same seller and each coin was selling for $29.99. I bought my coins at $19.59 a piece. I got a great deal! I have been buying from EBay a little at a time and may not be able to find anymore bargains. This was the cheapest I found in the last year and a half.

    • Johnzoly

      I’m sorry to say you bought fake coins. No real ASE sell $10.00 below spot. Take them to your local coin dealer. He is able to test them and most likely will test then for free. Then go back to eBay and get your money back.
      If not, then it reminds me of the Mark Twain quote, It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.
      God bless

    • Glenn

      I am sorry to inform you but there is a very good chance that your Silver American Eagles are fake (almost 100% certainty). The sellers that usually sell them for that much below spot are sellers from China. Some even state that they are located in the U.S., but they really originate from China. Many of those kinds of sellers have little or no feedback or a lot of bad feedback. Please have them checked out when you receive them. I know a lot about buying on eBay. I have made over 2500 purchases on eBay in the last 12 years and have seen my share of fake coins on there. Hope that is not the case.

  21. Justin

    RNAi pesticides in 17% of USA Corn!!!!
    They are posing us


  22. Susan R

    Much respect for Bill Holter and a long-time listener of him and the late Jim Sinclair. His scenario sounds right on all levels including the food for all who show up at your door. Both of you are doing the work of God to help save as many as possible. This has to be a demonic attack on humans including the altering of DNA. The warning of six months to a different reality is not surprising especially with elections coming. Watching a series on Netflix taking place in Europe where a woman and her child are on the run from a very large group of an Arab run area of Madrid. I see this as what we will see here in this country, perhaps many different ethnic run areas. Our freedoms will be GONE!!!

  23. James Durkee

    Trump did just this past week sort of speak the truth concerning the vax on his Truth Social. He posted. that we will not be fooled again. we will not have any mandates. We will not comply. I will defund any school that requires more shot mandates. For him that is at least a step in the right direction.

  24. Galaxy 500

    A This isn’t moment…
    Glory be to YHWH in the Highest…

    Thank you for everything.

  25. Galaxy 500

    George Floyd
    Patron Saint of Fentanyl

    A group honest cops had their lives destroyed and some put in jail in a major miscarriage of justice…

  26. Galaxy 500

    Better cut rates to re-inflate…
    Same old dodge… rob people…
    Risk of default my ass… we are past defeat
    The system needs the crap written off and burned

    • Ken Yu

      Galaxy, the Fed says it can’t inflate and must keep interest rates high (and perhaps raise them more) because they don’t want to create inflation that may reduce the value of the US dollar (thus preventing China and others from buying our US dollar denominated Treasury debt instruments)!! However seeing how well the Fed has managed and maintained the purchasing power of our US dollar over the last century [] it makes me wonder that perhaps “their true motive” for raising interest rates (now 30% on our credit cards) is to help their bankster buddies and leave the common people to suffer with one tenth the help they give to their bankster buddies (manipulating the CPI so we common people only get a 3% Social Security increase)!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes, that is what the Fed said, but Holter said rates need to cut if you listened.
        Banking, Fiat currency and Bonds are like Church. They are faith based institutions.
        I think Holter wants rate cuts so the credit market stay up longer (his opinion I think as my opinion is lowering rates will hasten the crash, not postpone it)

  27. Jerry

    With all the concern over power outages, I am always looking for ways to mitigate what I can and in the event make life more bearable. Solar floodlights (the ones you get from homedepot) are great for this. You stick them out in the sun all day and bring them in during the night. You have light to light your homes interior with the added benefit of no sound i.e. a gas generator.

  28. Galaxy 500

    Bill sounds just like Chuck Schumer…
    Drop rates, Trump bad
    Trump didn’t make the damn things but the did write a good contract and then he was gone. He didn’t mandate a single shot…
    Bills talking like a guy trying to perpetuate the scam.

    Now, he gets to the real point… we live in a credit world. I am considered a SME on Letters of Credit.
    Very little of anything in the world is made and paid for, then shipped to market…
    That will be the big problem, trust, credit is trust. Trust I send you my stuff and you pay me…

    • Jerry

      The whole thing started under Trump! All he needs to do is come out against it, that’s it but he does the exact opposite. You must ask yourself why would a man sit idle when he know (he knows), what is the angle for his inaction? He is perpetuating the scam by his complicitous!

      • Tin foil hat

        I suspect Trump wants to join the club but the Deep State doesn’t trust him. Hence, I concur Trump did perpetuate the scam by his complicitous even though he didn’t participate in the scam.

        With that said, I will vote for Trump.

        • Galaxy 500

          Trump wants to join the deeps state.
          Which cheek did that come out?
          Can’t tell if it’s the left or right side but the smell tells the general vicinity… LOL
          Yeah, Trump bad…
          So let me guess you’re voting Biden? Are you one of those people that wants the world to burn because you think you are in a much better position prep wise?
          Good Luck. Life is hard. Stupid makes it unbearable

      • Galaxy 500

        Whole thing started while Trump was President. He isn’t a scientist but he’s a damn good businessman so he got an iron clad contract that Pfizer et al violated and defrauded the public and government.
        He never mandated a shot or closed a business.
        Just where does this thinking put you on Election Day.
        Trump worked hard me and paid in blood, sweat and tears… Trump has my support and my admiration. A good man albeit not a perfect one but he is without a doubt the best President since the Founders

      • Galaxy 500

        No Jerry I must ask what you think all started under Trump. The only thing that started under Trump was the return of honorable men to that storied building.
        He did start restoring honor to our nation.
        Jerry, have accounting background, we’ve been bankrupt, and I can prove it, for well over 2 decades.
        So what exactly started under Trump with the except of people developing wide ranging mental illnesses brought out by a righteous man in the office of President. A man that started NO new wars. And a President who did the job for Free, took no bribes. Damn that Trump, he’s a scammer

  29. Galaxy 500

    2 years of food is light…
    Bill I apologize for going down rabbit hole of dropping rates…
    Hand tools, check
    Complex issues… world manufactures on credit
    World ships and transports good on credit
    Even 150 years ago banks used letters of credit for trade.
    Who am I to say that Bill is wrong about rates…

  30. David H

    Given the current environment, do you think it’s better to have your money in a regional bank or a too-big-to-fail bank?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t trust “Too -big-to-fail.” It’s really “too-big-not-to bail-in”.

      • Saved by Grace

        Take a piece of paper and fold in half. On top right BANK: one side write good; other side write bad;

        Take another piece of paper and fold in half, write CREDIT UNION on the top:
        On one half write good;

        Other half write bad;

        Think, seek facts and write everything you know, that you know, that we know about BANKS, and Credit Unions(FACTS).

        Brothers & Sister’s, why are we doing business with the enemies?

        Pray, seek counsel, and pray again and expect God to answer our prayers because He will in time.

        You are Loved-dje

        My God bless you and keep you and your loved ones brother Greg.

        • Glenn

          What you suggest would be not be the right way to do it since all banks and all credit unions are not the same. It would be best for each person to analyze each bank and credit union in their area to find the best one for them. If I did that, my current bank would win out over my local credit unions and every credit union in the U.S. But that is just for me based on my needs. All banks are not our enemies, and all credit unions are not our friends.

  31. Paul Seward

    Where can we donate to get Holter a new camera?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not a camera issue it is an internet speed issue. Holter lives out in the country–on purpose.

  32. Diana

    I think Cuomo coming out is interesting, only because he was paid to lie for a living and had to know it yet he believed the vax was real. Hmmm…..

  33. Richard Longacre

    Just these two news stories alone proves Steve Quayle is right about imminent war.
    All of these leaders (including ours) have agreed together that now is a good time to kill off a large portion of the world’s population.
    *** FLASH *** URGENT*** Russia Early-Warning (Nuclear) Missile Radar ATTACKED

    The last thing you ever want to do is blind your enemies ability to assess an incoming missile attack. They are left with assuming the worst and acting accordingly.
    The entire world is being set up for a slaughter. Nukes or not.

  34. Richard Longacre

    Some street reporting about the Claremore OK Tornado last night:
    My brother got hit by a tornado in Claremore OK last night. His house is not damaged because he had previously cut down two large oak trees in his front yard.
    His next door neighbor had two large oak trees fall on her roof (crushing it) right before an hour long heavy rain. Had she been in her bed she would have been dead but she was not in bed and is uninjured. Her house is destroyed.

    The wind sheer was between 170 and 200 MPH. Debris was lifted 30,000 feet in the air.

    They will be without power for days (at least) and just like my brother-in law that got hit two weeks ago by a tornado in Joplin MO my brother does not have a generator. He will lose all the food in his fridge and freezer, same as my brother in law did.
    People just refuse to listen. He is able to charge his phone and cell phones are still working for now.

    I think every Oakie owns at least one chainsaw and that is all you hear around his house. Oakie’s don’t wait for government help and complain when their internet is out (not in Claremore anyways), they take action right away and will have this cleaned up quickly. Power may take a while to restore. Get a generator if you don’t have one already.

    The same tornado was heading directly to my house but then changed directions and hit Rogers Arkansas where it did a lot of damage there.

  35. Paranoid

    Greg; Did Jim Sinclair have family?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. He and Holter ere friends and business partners.

  36. Jt

    If you want to stop bird flue in cattle stop feeding cattle chicken waste because it is cheap.

    • Holey Cow Brain's

      Very profound Jt! Goes to show you, today’s cattle men, are full of you know what!
      Not just Chicken scratch, mind you.
      “The west was built by cattlemen, fer cattlemen and by golly, it’s gonna be run by cattlemen”.
      Judge Roy, full of beans, Bean
      Now you know the rest of the story. The country has not only gone to pot, but to Shiite!
      Put that in yer pipe, an smoke away your pipe dreams!
      As you all die of mad cow disease. . .
      Cow puncher’s unite!

  37. Felix

    Love bill holter smart guy but what I don’t understand is how can the fed be insolvent,when they print fake money from the beginning .Another great interview keep up the good work.YWWEH loves us all what a wonderful thing to know

  38. Nina–0cjkMtg9LNaom

    I think the globalist ” company store” plan is falling apart but things are changing. I think we are are going to understand how the Russians felt when the Soviet Union fall apart. Just remember, we are a Spirit with a body and God knows what He is doing.

  39. Dean Backer

    Everyone knows if someone shows up on your doorstep you shoot them and eat them. 😂

  40. Shiloh1

    My interpretation was that Bill didn’t say lowering the rates was a good thing, merely page 1 of The Fed’s go-to playbook.

    I’d like to see rates go at least to 6.5% to see it destroys Europe, sort of Luongo’s thesis.

    • Tin foil hat

      Europe is not the target but collateral damage. The target is China’s “One Belt, One Road” and the expanding BRICS.

  41. Keith

    I heard recently that there was a barrage of over 100 cruise missiles used against the Houthis. That would be the equivalent of 50,000 ounces of silver- poof.

    • Ken Yu

      The US uses 500 ounces of silver in one cruise missile!!
      So obviously the US keeping the price of silver cheap helps (considering all the missiles they will need to fight both Russia and China)!! Back during the global nuclear arms race the US and Russia conducted a total of 2,088 atomic detonations (each utilizing a conservative estimate of 1,000 ounces of silver per blast) this amounted to Two(2) Million Ounces of Silver “vaporized” during these nuclear tests alone. When WWIII starts all the nuclear weapons the US plans to explode over Russia and China “will vaporize even more silver”. China is now telling its people to “Buy Silver” (guess they know they will need a lot more silver within their nation that can be easily confiscated to produce all the nuclear weapons and cruise missiles they will obviously need to retaliate against the US Warmongering Neocons trying to get WWIII started)!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Don’t know that I buy that for a dollar. Reddit is seldom credible. We talking Tomahawks here? Do you have any real sources. You caught my attention until I followed the link

  42. Jeffrobbins

    Just to add for the community- be careful of your gold purchases. There are fakes you can get on the net. I have thought about getting some just to have in my dresser drawer for decoys. Maybe a few more somewhere a bit more secretive. However, i can easily see someone pawning them off as real. I saw a youtube video of people getting scammed in China with fake gold, interesting and sad.

  43. Factboy

    LOL McDonlds trying to hide the fact that their sales are down mainly due to people boycotting them (and many other companies, Starbucks, Coke, Pepsi etc etc) for their support of the USA backed Israeli genocide in occupied Palastine.

  44. SnapFactor

    China isn’t buying gold. They’re selling dollars.

  45. Gordon Piper

    Have economists, with all their theories and charts, solved the world’s money problems? In recent years, much has been said about economic theory. There has even been talk of going back to the teachings of Adam Smith and to trusting completely in the free market system. But most people realize that we face problems bigger than individuals or economists can handle. Thus, some government control is seen by many as a necessity.
    An article in the Saturday Review once said: “A humane economy requires more than prosperity and economic growth, more than efficient allocation of resources. It demands changes in the framework of economic institutions to achieve greater equality and freedom. . . . It requires a social environment that brings a sense of community and fellowship into human relationships. It demands compatibility among man, his technology, and the natural environment. And all of these things must be done on a worldwide scale.”
    But achieving such “a humane economy” is far from easy. Today, wealth still tends to gravitate to the rich and away from the poor. A lasting solution based on human efforts alone eludes man. Recession, depression, inflation, stagflation, zero growth, and negative growth thus remain familiar words to those who follow the economic news, even in the richest countries.

    The Future​—Dismal?

    Will there ever be a more efficient allocation of resources? Or a social environment that brings a sense of community and fellowship into human relationships? Will we ever see the day when economics will not seem “dismal” for the workingman?

    Please open your Bible and look up the 65th chapter of the book of Isaiah and read Isa 65 verses 21 through 23. The words are simple, but the thoughts are profound. Imagine each person having his own home and being self-sufficient economically. No monotonous jobs but constructive, satisfying work. An economy that provides bountifully for all! And all of this under a worldwide government of God.​—See also Psalm 72:16; 145:16; Isaiah 25:6.

    We therefore need not be dismayed at the dire predictions of “the dismal science.” The future that God holds out is very bright, indeed, for those who put faith in him and in his purposes for this earth.

    So, will the day ever come when economics will not seem “dismal” for the workingman?
    What do you think commentators

    Malthus concluded that increasing population would offset any temporary prosperity, why the need for Dr. Fauci’s mRNA weaponized gain of function virus? A virus, in need of an even deadlier killer clot shot jab?
    Has the dismal science gone rogue?
    By means of rogue mad scientists and Dr. Fauci’s band of dismal cutthroats? All for gain of wealth, not just function?
    Proof positive that man cannot even direct his own steps, let alone other men’s!
    Dismally yours,
    Gordo’_ Jabba Dabba Do!
    In memoriam, “Jabba da Hutt”, Star Wars
    He took ah lotta jab’s!

  46. Galaxy 500

    Watched this several times…
    My take is that even very smart people don’t have a clue to fix this. There will be a crash which I think all of us know. But how long and how bad?
    Unknown for both but the bad looks like a social Darwin event.

  47. Galaxy 500

    30 years ago I thought that the Libertarians would be up and coming… they are just a weird bunch of drug crazed deviants these days… guess I could say Demoncrat wannabes

  48. Galaxy 500

    Freedom is slavery…
    Peace is war…
    Diversity is strength… ROFLMAO

  49. doug martens

    we are at war. the first “shots” have rung out and the bodies are falling all around us.
    never mind the war is quiet. it is still a war and each of us need to first of all recognize this fact. the enemy that wants us all dead is using medical, financial, educational and spiritual means to thin us out a bit, making it easier for them to gain wealth for themselves more quickly.
    if we do not realize the full extent of what we are up against we will not survive, physically or spiritually.
    it’s time to put on the full armor of God folks…. and fight back!
    support the truth-tellers and do whatever you can to cut the ground from under those who want us all dead.

  50. Galaxy 500

    He died protecting a friend… I hope that he is part of the Elect.
    The Elite identified our strength, Christ, Family, Freedom and sought to destroy it all. They taught our sons weakness and depravity as we looked on. We did not believe that they would injure our children and kin. Our mistake. A big one. And we will have to do as King Saul was commanded… no one can escape justice or continue in this world. Not one! Man, woman or child, dog cat cow or chicken… All must be brought to desolation without exception or mercy. We can forgive them afterwards and let YHWH judge their twisted souls. Forgiveness doesn’t mean they are not punished in this realm.
    No quarter given, none asked. I will fight for YHWH, my God. I will fight for America, my Country. I will fight for my clan, my family and community.

  51. Mordecai

    The “do what ever you want” gutless yellow belly pie slingers aka Libertarian Party nominated an openly gay ‘something’ as their nominee. So wear your rainbow clown wigs and support your party. There goes another 7 million votes from Biden, but he’ll still mange to get over 100 million votes, and the MSM will not suspect a thing.

  52. Sean

    SILVER has been used as money far more in history than GOLD. Old coins 1960s and older all had silver in it all the way back through known history. SILVER is the people’s money and is the most CONTROLLED because it is the path out of FIAT currency.

    • Ken Yu

      You know all those US dollars our parents put under the mattress in 1913 for us children to use for a rainy day in the future? Well that rainy day has arrived. But the Damn Evil Fed has been working very diligently to make sure that those US dollars our parents saved away under the mattress for us “Are Now Completely Worthless”!!!
      And the Fed Goons having done such an excellent job destroying our US paper dollar now actually believe that the American people are so blind that they will trust these Incredible Sleazy Crooked Banksters to create a new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for us to use “that they will have the power to decide how we will spend them” (i.e. they will not allow you to buy meat with them but only allow you to use their CBDC’s to buy “artificial meat” grown from cancer cells and worm bugs)!!!

  53. Galaxy 500

    So we don’t have enough electricity nor raw materials… just like climate change an big stinking poopy lie

  54. Pete+only

    I just wanted to say a few things that were not discussed regarding silver demand in the Bill Holter interview.
    The Shanghai exchange in China has recently started paying a premium on the Comex silver price that started out at $3 per physical ounce, but is now as high as $6 a physical ounce, to encourage arbitrage between the 2 markets and thus higher silver prices in the end, while at the same time, the Chinese government has also been encouraging it’s people to own both physical Gold and Silver.
    Another bullish event for silver taking place is the fact that India’s total population has now surpassed that of China’s, (at close to 1.5 billion), yet only 1/2 of the people in India currently have electricity, and solar panels are being preached as the answer to this problem, and as we all know, the average solar panel contains 2/3 to 3/4 of an ounce of silver in them.
    All these events with virtually a flat line on silver mining production forecasted for 2024 vs 2023..

  55. Galaxy 500

    Remind me why we pay taxes, again? Oh, so the Demoncrats can practice corruption and destroy American society

    • Chico De Mayo

      why we pay taxes…

      so that half the population doesn’t have to work for a living,
      because that half of the population can’t find work that pays anything above minimum, because there is a line of hundred and thousands of illegals ready and willing to take any/all jobs!!

      (1) Eliminate all welfare for all non-retirees;
      (2) make it illegal to hire an illegal (fines start at $2,500,000 per occurrence, no exemptions);
      then sit back and watch 40 million illegals return to their “great countries”.

      When act (1) happens there will no single males available anymore as the buffalo-women will all get married to any guy with a job so they don’t have to work. The birth rate will double within five years as another excuse where women won’t have to work a job, thus eliminating the need for illegal aliens to fill jobs that most people refuse to work due to low pay. We must bring back WORK OR STARVE. We must bring back ASYLUMS for the idiots and THE DEATH PENALTY for those that take a life. We must bring back DEBT PRISONS for those that ‘Can’t Understand Normal Thinking’.

      With the elimination of non-retiree welfare and “the cost of providing services for” the 40 million illegals, this will easily save the WORKING American taxpayer trillions of dollars.

      I have relatives that spent their entire adult lives not working any jobs at all, and one of them was golfing most of his adult life, yet claiming a disability. AND they will piss and moan that “it isn’t fair that people that work for a living have far more stuff than what people that don’t work have”, it is so unfair they will endlessly complain. Just sayin’

  56. War Monger

    Next 6 Months Completely Insane?

    News Flash: it’s INSANE RIGHT NOW.

    The US Submarine Force is Sunk:

    Washington Attacks Key Element of Russia’s Nuclear Umbrella Threatening Entire Global Nuclear Security Architecture:

    Stoltenberg Joins Calls for NATO Weapons To Be Used on Russian Territory
    Blinken is reportedly pushing for Biden to lift the restriction :

    • Pete Ustinov

      We should assume that the plan to strike the Russian early warning system facility was concocted and authorized at the highest level of government, perhaps, President Jill Biden herself. Certainly, no low-ranking officer would risk his own career and possible court martial on a venture so audacious and potentially catastrophic. Also, the fact that the media has largely swept this blockbuster story under the rug suggests that corporate journalists are, once again, colluding with government officials to prevent Washington’s transgressive shenanigans from being revealed to the public. Aside from slandering any and all opponents of US foreign policy, the media’s primary duty is concealing the crimes of the state.(which are too numerous to count.)
      Russia’s early warning network is part of the country’s broader nuclear deterrent posture.
      “The conditions specifying the possibility of nuclear weapons use by the Russian Federation” include any “attack by [an] adversary against critical governmental or military sites of the Federation.
      Most of the escalations by US-NATO in connection with Ukraine have boomeranged and resulted in a stronger Russia. The economic sanctions which were supposed to cripple Russia only pushed them to exit the US dollar system and emerge as independent and untouchable economically with BRICS and trade alliances elsewhere. The US did them a favor. The Ukrainian offensive only degraded their own military even further and has been reversed. They hoped for Russians to turn against Putin but he’s gained in popular backing. Now, with this increasingly reckless behavior the Russians may decide to get it over with more quickly and deny NATO-US any territory within Ukraine that can be used to shoot missiles from. Once that’s gone NATO-US wouldn’t dare fire anything from their own territory. They rolled the dice and lost. All this is schadenfreude and terrorism, not a viable policy.

    • Prospector

      A second Russian radar site has been attacked. Things are heating up.

      Ukrainians have now attacked a second critical Russian nuclear strategic early warning radar at Orsk.

      This radar looks towards the Indian Ocean and has some overlap with the radar fans from the already damaged radar at Armavir.

      The initial indicators are that the amount of damage to the Orsk is likely limited, but it cannot be ruled out that the radar is not functioning for the moment due to the attack.

      This is a very serious situation

  57. Galaxy 500

    So how much did they pay Gov Hobb’s for this?
    How much has AZ pension funds have invested in the illegal organ trade? Things that make you go… Hmmmm

  58. Robert

    There is a reason why Bill says that the western model is a never pay model… because everything is pre paid since the bankruptcy of 1933. It’s just that no one is discharging debt… or better put allowed to discharge one’s debt. Research this info!

  59. Jerry

    As I type this comment, it has been hailing for 15mins straight, started off as pea size then to golf ball. North Texas! Weather manipulation is real!

  60. Galaxy 500

    YHWH thank for those that fought for this once great nation. I pray Lord that you will smit these evil men who seek our subjugation and annihilation. They seek to rend us from you Lord YHWH. Protection us and strengthen us. Please bless those that gave all for our safety Lord and bless their families.

  61. Son of a Marine

    Rev. Scott Jonas, of Glendale Lutheran Church in Missouri, said in a sermon yesterday that he had a debilitating stroke one year after being “vaccinated” for COVID-19, and now he limps.

    Why do Jesuit-led Roman Catholic & Lutheran Churches fly the Satanic Swiss Savoy Swamplar flag, inject church leaders with deadly bioweapons, and deny anointing oil to the sick in their own so-called churches in the name of Jesus?

    Knights Templar Commanderies in Germany

    Sorry, X-BOX pyramid-scheme enthusiasts, “AMEN” was the leader or their motherweffing Egyptian religion and the Satanic Swiss-German Nazi Templar Swamplar mass murderers AKA Freemasons who occupy all KEY positions are NOT going to anoint you, nor tell the truth, after systematically corrupting Western churches with their Atlantean-Egyptian-Roman-Fabian, sexually immoral, pedophile military dominator culture.

    YOU ISLANDS! DON’T FORGET: Hitler retired in South America

    The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
    Revelation 12:9

    Happy Memorial Day

    • Glenn

      Hitler did not retire to South America. Hitler died in 1945. You are probably confusing Adolf Hitler with Adolf Eichmann who was found in Argentina.

  62. Galaxy 500

    Their hate and contempt on display. They hate YHWH people. They hate Christians, Jews, the people of YHWH. Us little people…

  63. Galaxy 500

    Just like giving the Demoncrats control we allowed Satanic flying monkeys to gain a foothold

    We will have to do what YHWH command Saul. There is no other way to handle these demons. While democrats worship Satan in secret, moslems worship Satan for all to see

  64. Marie Joy

    Throwing the J6ers in the clink and treating them horribly, over nothing, is meant to scare Americans and it’s working.
    When someone wants to kill you, protesting, no matter how peaceful, does not work.
    They want a civil war to reduce our population numbers.
    They want as much murderous violence, as possible, to reduce our population numbers.
    All war reduces population numbers.
    We are at war now but most Americans don’t know it.
    They want kinetic war.

  65. Galaxy 500

    So IF a NATO country attacks Russia, is US obligated to defend?
    No, but the shortsighted narcissistic Napoleon wannabe Macron thinks we will…
    These people are evil

    • Ken Yu

      NATO needs an excuse to attack Russia so the decision was made in Washington to provoke Russia into attacking NATO by blowing up their Strategic Radar Sites just like they blew up the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline. Russia (to its credit) is showing unparalleled restraint and is not falling for the Washington Neocons “Insane Scheme to Start World War III” and is Patiently Waiting for Trump to be Elected in 160 days to Put an End to the Warmongering Demon Rat Neocons Madness!!!

  66. Led Skeletor

    The first official western military troops arrived in Ukraine from France and the Baltic States as “instructors.” Sure… like the US doesn’t already have military and contractors there.

    Don’t be surprised when Russia destroys western targets from nations that fight/or lend support, Russia will be rightfully justified in doing so.

    You supply Ukraine, you now have become a target. I think Russia will first destroy bases and supply depots in Romania, after that, NATO will supply from Germany and a few EU countries. These bases and supply depots too will be destroyed. At that point USA will escalate by US destroying much of Russia military bases, and from there… just a few more moves until … adios Joe Corn Pop Turdgis Horse Snatcher!!

  67. Galaxy 500

    Looks like they plan to do the phony conviction thing, kill him like they did Epstein and see what we will do about it. These slimes want WW III and the Second American Revolution…

  68. Galaxy 500

    Guess what. This cracker is no longer an organ donor…

  69. Billy H

    because of this foto Evangelical kingpin Pastor Hagee will persuade Trump to take Nikki as VP choice

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not think so Billy!

  70. Galaxy 500

    Dreamers… Their dreams of rape, robbery and murder are our nightmares… the Elites, the Demoncrats, all dream our demise. I pray for their desolation.

  71. Bill Holder

    Got back from a trip to Canada. The living cost is at about 3x on what is in the US and people make roughly what we make here in the US.

    Imagine all the sudden, yout wages sit at the same as of today and you have to pay 3x on anything that you buy. A $35 USD meal for 3 adults in the USA is at about $90 USD in Canada. Fuel is at about $1.45 a Litre, multiply that by 3.8 and is at about $5 USD a gallon.

    That is what we are facing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting from Canada!

      • Bill Holder

        Forgot to mention, their social free healthcare is a joke. It is too expensive, takes forever to recieve care too. I would not be surprised that Canadians will be emigrating to the US and is sooooo easy to cross the border. All you need is a small boat on the north eastern side.

        I would not be surprised that people are going to take matters on their own hands to control migration once the system comes crashing down.

  72. Son of a Marine

    If you can accept pictures of JFK’s doppelgänger as evidence of his death in 1963, then I see why you have no problem with the official bankster story of Hitler’s triple-agent death in 1945.

    Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick – Full Documentary


  73. Richard Gould

    True God Jehovah – The true God is not a nameless God. His name is Jehovah. (De 6:4; Ps 83:18) He is God by reason of his creatorship. (Ge 1:1; Re 4:11) The true God is real (Joh 7:28), a person (Ac 3:19; Heb 9:24), and not lifeless natural law operating without a living lawgiver, not blind force working through a series of accidents to develop one thing or another. The 1956 edition of The Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. XII, p. 743) commented under the heading “God”: “In the Christian, Mohammedan, and Jewish sense, the Supreme Being, the First Cause, and in a general sense, as considered nowadays throughout the civilized world, a spiritual being, self-existent, eternal and absolutely free and all-powerful, distinct from the matter which he has created in many forms, and which he conserves and controls. There does not seem to have been a period of history where mankind was without belief in a supernatural author and governor of the universe.”
    Proofs of the existence of “the living God.” The fact of the existence of God is proved by the order, power, and complexity of creation, macroscopic and microscopic, and through his dealings with his people throughout history. In looking into what might be called the Book of Divine Creation, scientists learn much. One can learn from a book only if intelligent thought and preparation have been put into the book by its author.
    In contrast to the lifeless gods of the nations, Jehovah is “the living God.” (Jer 10:10; 2Co 6:16) Everywhere there is testimony to his activity and his greatness. “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling.” (Ps 19:1) Men have no reason or excuse for denying God, because “what may be known about God is manifest among them, for God made it manifest to them. For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable.”—Ro 1:18-20.
    Jehovah God is described in the Bible as living from time indefinite to time indefinite, forever (Ps 90:2, 4; Re 10:6), and as being the King of eternity, incorruptible, invisible, the only true God. (1Ti 1:17) There existed no god before him.—Isa 43:10, 11.

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