Annihilation of U.S. Dollar Coming-Jim Sinclair

Gold Expert Jim Sinclair: $50,000 Gold, US Dollar Collapse, Hyperinflation and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s  (Revised)

Renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair says financial calamity is just around the corner for America.  Sinclair contends, “We are facing the annihilation of currency.  We are facing the shift of America as the leading and most influential nation of the world to some form of banana republic. . . . If it wasn’t for food stamps, we would be facing long lines of people waiting for free food.”  For gold, everything hinges on the U.S. dollar, and Sinclair says, “I think the dollar gets hammered.  I believe we are headed for hyperinflation.”  One of the many black swans, according to Sinclair, is the possible abandonment of the U.S. dollar by Saudi Arabia.  If Saudi Arabia stopped selling oil only in U.S. dollars, what would that do to the buying power of the buck?  Sinclair says gasoline would be “$10 a gallon very soon, without a doubt.”

Sinclair predicts retirement funds and bank deposits are going to be taken by the government.  How much of your money could you lose?  Sinclair says, “In Cyprus, it was a total of 83%. . . . Cypress is the blueprint, and it’s what we are going to experience here in the United States.”  Jim Sinclair, who has just accepted the position as Chairman of the Advisory Board for the establishment of the Singapore Gold Exchange, says, “The exchange will trade physical gold only and not future gold. . . . You have to make delivery.”  Meaning, there will be no naked short selling or manipulation of this new market.  Sinclair says, “This will emancipate gold from the paper price.”  How high will gold go?  Sinclair predicts, by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.”  By 2020, Sinclair predicts, “Emancipated gold will be $50,000 per ounce.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair of      

Special Note: we are working behind the scenes to see if we can improve the video quality with YouTube. When the video was uploaded, the quality was 480p and then within an hour of being live, it was cut down to 240p. Please stay tuned.

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  1. J.C. Davis

    Greatest interview ever!!! Greg you are the best reporter, with the best questions. This interview should be on 60 minutes,ABC,NBC and all the lame streem news channels.Sorry but i have to cut my compliments short to listen to this interview again.

    • Greg

      J.C. Davis,
      Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I have been working on getting Mr. Sinclair on for a long time and it was well worth the wait.

      • E. Taylor

        I did a 3 Minute Gold News synopsis of the interview here –

        Thank you for the interview. It was really informative.

  2. Allen Ols


    Check out P C Roberts audio inter. KWN.

    He makes profound statement, that the criminals in govmnt will likely make gold illegal, or do what FDR did make us sell it very cheap and revalue it higher–(paraphrased)

    I think there is no limit to what us gov. Will do to screw us –ie obama care, ndaa, patriat act, bailins, spending our ss money, derivitives, repeal glass-steagle, fema camps, etc

    My 72 yr old friend died, gave his body to vanderbilt U. But told wife to get gold out of his teeth and get gold wedding band. She got the wedding band but vandy would not give gold in teeth.

    Lol– he was grad from vandy law school.

    Metals will surge but your gov. Will screw u out of it by hook or crook, probably excise tax.



    • Charles H.


      Point well taken. If they will STEAL your money from retirement and even savings account with a Bail-In: WHY would they hesitate for a second to take what you have left? Socialist ideology states that we all work for the State, and the State owns everything. Under-estimating your adversary is an ill-advised indulgence: those people don’t think or have values like us.

      • Allen Ols

        Gotcha tks

      • Greg

        Ask yourself…. what are you PERSONALLY prepared to do about all of this? we are way beyond the ballot box now. Prepare accordingly or perish!!

        • Allen Ols

          Rev. 3:18

          ”I counsel you to buy gold from ME ‘Christ’ tried by fire , and get eyesalve for your blindness, so you can see clearly”


          Blessings. Alols

      • Liltigerette1

        This go around, when the Nazi Socialist Crooks Even TRY to tax or STEAL what little “wealth” any people have, in gold or silver, the PEOPLE will damn well FIGHT BACK. As Iceland started it–the PISSED off AMERICAN People will FINISH IT. They will NOT get all the guns–‘cept in their faces. With SO much Technology, the PEOPLE now KNOW where the “ELITE Crooks” Live and their Vacation hole-ups. It WILL be like in the movie BRAVEHEART wherein the trusty stead and one pissed up hotshot and his MILLIONS riding into their beds at night to end it. This go around the PEOPLE have the weapons and are the ones supposed to be attacking the people for the ELITE, but word is–it won’t be working as planned. The PEOPLE REFUSE TO BE THEIR RUBBAGE and WILL NOT STAND for ANY MONEY CONFISCATION, be it gold, silver or FOOD. Their are Surprises in the works for all the jamie dimons and Elite CEO’s this time around should they even TRY to hurt the people and take what little of their is left. Their are foreigners even involved this time also wanting the Dirty Dozen Done with. They will NOT get away with “Windfall Taxes” or anything else for that matter–no, not this time. They will be pushing their own buttons of destructions should the elite go that route. Wouldn’t want to be them. They have too many traitors in their own mist–some in their own household staff–and haven’t a clue.

    • Liquid Motion

      FWIW, the Govt did make it illegal to own gold in the 30’s, but during this period the public at large did not own it, it was predominantly institutions. Nowadays if would be extremely difficult for any government to do what was done back then.

      • Allen Ols


        I understand u ..but

        The debt sit.–we having reserve status, dderivitives, no gold or little, we have killed the inocent, and much more, they will put an m1a1 abrams facing eric sprotts gold plated building, order him out and take it. Recall all the gold , diamonds taken from beneath the twin towers. Btw jp morgan sold their building and gold vault to china, lol. We took sadaams, gaddaffies, gold by force, reference jim willie HT letter. They will get your gold by hook or crook, they already have all your rights repealed, on to your gold

        Side note–what is FWLW

        • Liquid Motion

          What JS,GC,ES,JR,PCR,JW….and the list goes on…recommend…is to stack PM’s…in particular GOLD. If anyone could foresee the theft of private gold holdings by the would be these people…agree !!! Why would they recommend buying gold if the purpose for which it is meant is undermined by its removal.
          I understand desperate governments = desperate things equation…but to believe that they would revert to those hard-nosed tactics, implies fascism and communism in a dictatorial environment. Personal property rights don’t exist? There would be hell to pay. That doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the country or the world. So not even the top 1% are safe in your surmise !!
          FWIW = for what its worth.

          • mohammad

            Last thing the powers to be want is to draw the attention to gold as money, they have much better (from their perspective) plans and more evil thoughts than gold. Digital money is the goal, confiscating gold undermines the idea.

          • Allen Ols

            L M

            You stated correctly, ” …to believe we would revert to facisim, communism, dictatorship…”. 🙂

            🙂 —we are already facists ”getald celente”

            🙂 —we have a dictator as president already

            ”The fastest way to communis is through social health car” vldimer lennin

            ”If obamacare is so great why does it need to be forced, mandijtory” Ben Carson surgeon John Hopkins U.

            In the old days b4 cars people eyeballed cars fromm
            Horseback but ford made them anyway bcause heknew a good thing and people would want it automatically” ben carson

            ”The fema camps r complete w/ 2 story ovens and gillotines” jim willie

            Turn in your guns and gold at nearest fema depository, your one world govmnt, and one world currency has arrived, we will feed everyone, everyone will be safe, all wars will stop, everyone will be cared for at the hospital. Obama

            Sure sounds like obama doesn’t it?

            Or anti-christ!


          • Liquid Motion

            Point is, if all of that is true….what’s the purpose in stacking PM’s ?
            You honestly think JS would spend his (Valuable)time encouraging his followers to pursue physical gold…and GOTS. What could possibly be the reason for that and if he believed that FEMA camps is where we all end up, then why waste time espousing the virtues of gold and protecting ones assets?
            I take his word and those of many others in the industry who sit in high places and have inside knowledge, as being gospel.
            Surely they all cant be wrong….best minds in the financial world…singing from the same hymn sheet.
            The USA might be headed to “hell in a hand basket” (thanks PCR for correcting me on that one), but to revert to the hellish nightmare that is Nazi Germany and its concentration camps, is way too fictional, in my e-book.

          • Liquid Motion

            As an addendum,
            JS did allude to the possibility of some kind of windfall tax but only when gold penetrates $3500.
            I think he is on the right track here as this ties in perfectly with the IMF suggestion to put a blanket tax on wealth for US citizens. This would include Gold holdings.

            An interesting set up here is the involvement of the IMF. Again JS talks about this and what it suggests is that we can expect to see more interference from Christine Lagarde and her buddies at the IMF. They want retribution and the Nth American citizens are in the firing line.

            There is so much going on its very hard to decipher what is important and what is literally game changing. These subtle moves and suggestions combined with actual events portray something more sinister is in the making. Be alert..and prepd.

        • Erik

          Institutional gold would be easy pickings if the government decided to confiscate. Going door to door to demand individual’s gold holding would quickly turn into a bloody affair and would send the price of gold through the stratosphere since it is a global market. Unlike in the 1930’s when citizens in most nations were not buying gold.

        • Galaxy 500

          Which is why you need physical possession. If I had any, which I don’t, it would not be in a bank safety deposit box. As a matter of fact, I would secure it in manner that it would be nearly impossible to find. Yes, it would be difficult to get to.
          I hear people say the government will confiscate and point to FDR. THEY FAIL to understand that in the 30’s, most of the gold was in bank vaults as people could carry fiat but at anytime go trade it for gold. At least until FDR stole it from the people.
          Al, if they go door to door for gold, they will steal food, jewelry, tools anything of value. Me, I am going to leave when I see them coming and there won’t be anything worth steal…that is contingent on the intruder thieves being govt agents. If it’s the gangsters rappers and their ilk, my red neck brothers and I will wish them pieces (why no that is not.a misspell) and pray for their souls

        • Greg

          Again I say….. ask yourself what you are PERSONALLY prepared to do about this?

      • OldPoop

        What in the world are you talking about?

        Before 1933 every man, woman, and child in America with money owned gold. The dollar bills in their pockets and savings accounts could be exchanged at 100% value at any bank whenever they wanted for U.S. minted gold coins. The bills were gold certificates that represented gold, just lighter and easier to carry around, but just the same as gold. Some old timers preferred the feel and security of real money, and preferred to carry gold coins. And this exchangeability is the very reason why the government criminalized gold in 1933, and it is the same reason that it will criminalize it again.

        If you look at a graph of inflation in the U.S., for 150 years before 1913 you will see almost none. Then shortly after our loving and caring government jumped into the Fed bed with the banksters you will see a steady increase in the rate of inflation until now it is almost vertical. As we are all now aware, this planned inflation was a scam to steal wealth from the masses. Shortly after the government gave the banksters permission to create new currency as long as it was backed 40% by gold, it became necessary to criminalize gold. They were creating a lot more money than there was gold, and if the people were still allowed to own gold then they could protect their savings from this theft. By simply holding gold coins in a jar a person could trade them in years later for greatly inflated dollars, and the elite class would not get its cut. The easy and necessary answer, no longer allow the people of “the land of the free” to own gold. Presto, the government could spend more than it had and promise handouts for votes, all at the expense of the sheeple, and not 1 in a 1000 knew they were being ripped off.

        In the near, or possibly not so near future, when the dollar is right on the edge of the precipice, and ready to fall over it into extinction, the banksters and government will save it and once again tie gold to the dollar. But until then they are going to continue to milk this fat fiat cow until the last possible minute. Why do you think the banksters are buying so much gold? Because they know what is coming. That’s also why regulating agencies are turning a blind eye to the obvious manipulation, to keep this cow alive for as long as possible (and so gold and silver can be accumulated at bargain prices). But they know this will eventually fail. When it does fail the “hero” banksters will ride to the rescue and save the country and the dollar by selling their giant gold hoard to the government at enormously inflated prices, so that the dollar will have value once again (probably after the “unexpected” discovery that our National Treasure was squandered in the 60’s in the London Gold Pool scam, and in exchange for dollars from France and other Countries). The price won’t matter to the government, it’s just more computer digits floating around the Ethernet.

        This is when gold will once again be criminalized. They will partially back the dollar with gold so they can continue the scam. They will probably give the excuse of why it’s not a full backing with something along the lines of “there’s not enough gold to cover the amount of currency”, or “we don’t want our hands tied by the inflexibility of gold, but we promise we will be good this time”, and the ignorant sheeple will most likely swallow it hook line and sinker. Wash, rinse, repeat, and the scam continues.

        In 1933 it is estimated that only 20% of the population turned in their gold. The other 80% probably smuggled it into Mexico or Canada and sold it for the new inflated $35 price (up from the $20 the government stole it at). IMO, you will not want to be caught “hoarding” gold when the government criminalizes it again. Unfortunately we don’t have a 1933 government anymore, so give up your fantasies of a big underground barter system or smuggling it to another Country (it will likely be a joint venture law). My advice, hand your gold over when asked and immediately put the money into dividend paying blue chips or income producing real estate, they both should be in the toilet at that time, greatly increasing your buying power, and your families’ wealth in the long run.

        Stop waiting for a Super Hero to show up and smash the bad guys (it ain’t gonna happen), and stop paying money to the newsletter writers that say the banksters are on their last legs and are about to be wiped out (they are probably paid bankster shills, JP Morgan is just an expendable pawn doing its part to win the game). The banksters will make trillions off of the coming crash. Either join the real world and start copying what the banksters do, or live in fantasy land and become bankster food.

        • Galaxy 500

          You forget that most gold was in bank vaults. You said they carried silver and gold certificates. Most people didn’t turn it in but then most people had paper as you pointed out

        • Liquid Motion

          “Before 1933 every man, woman, and child in America with money owned gold”…..Really !!!

          I’m glad you qualified that statement…”with money” . What % of people still had money by 1933 & actually owned more than 5ozs Gold? I suspect that those marginal individuals that did own it late 29-33 possibly had to use it for survival. Understand full well that the USA had a Gold standard in place…but the holders of Money=Gold during this time…were not representative of the entire population (hardly every man , woman and child).

          As for confiscation….the 30’s were a different paradigm. We had a Currency backed Gold standard. This does not exist in our world today. It (Gold) is nowhere near being important to the currency or the economy today as it was back then. Confiscation was necessary to allow control of Gold supply. Once in hand, it was then feasible to allow for a devaluation of the currency by increasing the value of 1oz Gold (from $20/oz – $35/oz). All this was done to create INFLATION. I think that’s how it went.

          The Government’s only tool for creating INFLATION today is to debase the currency (PRINT). Very little advantage in acquiring gold (in comparison to what was achieved back in ’33). They (FED)have no other need for Gold other than to allow their brethren Bankster buddies to make billions in the arbitrage game and to re-hypothecate any Gold they may have listed on their Balance Sheet. The only other reason I can think of that the Government would require Gold …would be where the US is officially declared bankrupt. If that were to come to fruition then they wouldn’t stop at Gold….Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds are all in the firing line. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!! lest you want a Global event of destruction and anarchy where markets cease to exist.

          For the government to resort to Confiscation would IMHO destroy the fabric of private property rights and a functioning economy.

      • Liltigerette1

        Agreed. There are several groups working behind the scenes…some even in the elites own mist….in fact, they can no longer even trust those they have for years–their dearest. Word is they will go down, and big. Too much info on them and their secret locations coming from within and several they do business with in secret have all the info they need to call in the reds…..they will back down or else. Word is they will be begging just to get out of dodge, and the People will finally be rid of them. Theres a new boss in town–but they haven’t met them yet–when the whole system get revamped, those thinking to rule, rockefeller for one and several of his ‘pals’ will turn around–they will have no choice…their armies they have built and equipped heavily will be used to round themselves up—and oh the look on their faces will be priceless. Their just waiting for them to even try to TAX the gold and silver as windfall—when they do–the SHTF but on them personally. The people will finally be free of these evil of the round table….and one queen b. Funny they still haven’t a clue what is coming should they do this to the regular folks. That’s why many states are implementing the use of silver and gold as the real new money and it won’t be digital as the thugs plan, that way they cannot manipulate “Digital” currency. When they try this or try to make a “Windfall Tax” on gold and silver—they will be hit and hit hard in their own pocket books and may get out ok unless they continue to wipe out the common man. ITs coming, just watch. The elites plan will backfire BIG time. They just haven’t a clue.

        • Liquid Motion

          Nice comment Lil,
          Tables are starting to turn. The Evil Shareholders of the Federal Reserve System will not prevail. As you say they are being undermined and the house will topple.

    • lastmanstanding

      No one with strong hands that has been thru this bs since 9/11 will be giving the US gubt even one gram of metal.

      If you do, you and satan are one and the same.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Allen Ols


        Before you can buy or do business you must first report to your local gov. Health care office for a special mark on your forehead, or more conveintly used, your forehand, and then you can enjoy the vast business experience provided for you by your new world ordered gov.

        If not report to your nearest fema representetive for processing complete with showers.

        Arbiten machs frie



        • lastmanstanding

          Allen…sounds like you have already given up.

          “I’m so far gone from this paradigm that I can’t even see it in the rearview mirror” lms.

      • Galaxy 500

        What did the patriot say? “Live free or die”

      • Liltigerette1

        The people will NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT…..there are others, BIG ONES…..on the peoples side, to take down Rockefeller and the round table ilk making plans to Rule NWO….it won’t work that way….certain hats are in the wings with Release of INFORMATION that will LOCK THEM ALL UP and FREE up THEIR ASSETS to the PEOPLE of the world….these will end up in their own Gulags…they know their hiding places—hell, they are working with them and KNOW EVERYTHING and where all the GOLD IS. The few bits of gold and silver in the hands of a few people will NOT BE TAXED as WINDFALL for as soon as these “ELITE SCUM” try it—then BUM—its GOING DOWN. Bushs, Clintons, AlL of em will take a HUGE LOSS as their own “trusted” have been keeping records on all of them. Rockefeller and the Rothschilds empire and round table, cfr and UN are all on the line. The Birds going to fly—right into the People trap. Can’t Wait… The PEOPLE will finally be free and free Energy and real Free Trade. They are DONE. And if lucky they cooperate they will go on–but not as leaders of the thugs—but made to undue all they have done and free up the wealth stolen. They will be brought before the People of the world and ALL WILL SEE IT.

        • Liquid Motion

          What starts as a snowflake becomes an avalanche. I too wait for the day, it will be one to beholden.. for it will mark a special place in history.
          Your comments are outside of the majority posted here in timeline scale. They are welcome and well received nonetheless.

    • Sally Ann

      The 3 minutes synopsis you linked to, was not on your website – other Jim (Rickard), not Jim Sinclair?

  3. Amman

    Good show, Greg. I have followed Jim Sinclair on the WEB for at least 2 years. HE practically has zero blind spots AND no one I know has ever got burned following his advice.

    • Heidi

      No one got burned following Jim Sinclair’s advice ? Where were you early in 2013 ? BIG announcement from Sinclair 3 x ….” YOU WILL NEVER SEE GOLD UNDER $ 1600 AGAIN ….THE CORRECTION IS OVER ” ..that was all said before the big drop in June 2013 . By the way , Sinclair was wrong many times about the gold price…too many times . Man, be informed before you make statements about Sinclair . And now he comes out with gold at $ 50,000 ? Whoever believes that stuff will go broke ….honestly .

      • Greg

        You have to get past the “trading” mentality. We are talking about survival of a calamity of Biblical proportions.

        • Allen Ols


          The biblical perportions will include famine, pestilance, persecution and more,

          Buy beans, wheat, rice, and more, then hide it 🙂

          Love this site, we have great comenters of every kind. 🙂

          • Allen Ols

            …..the ”times of israel” reports iran 2 weeks iran will have weapons grade material to put on missle.

            .. what is coming is going to be so vast, ”mens hearts will fail them for fear”


        • Heidi

          Excuse me ? When somebody says : You will never see gold under $ 1600 again “and it goes to $ 1180 – $ 1350 you wouldn’t mind that ? Oh, good for you ! It’s just a trading thing ….great !
          A question for you or anybody : would you praise Sinclair the same way you did here on the boards if he had said : ” Before we get to $ 3200 – $ 3500 by 2016 ( a correct one ) we will have to re-test the support area for gold first ( $ 1180-$1000 ) and no, gold will never get to $ 50,000 by 2020 because there will be no hyperinflation .
          Would Sinclair still be seen as a HERO ?
          They love him because he said what they wanted to hear and not what will be reality …. NO HYPERINFLATION . Or is hyperinflation only to occur in gold and no where else ?
          Sinclair’s way : Gold at $ 3500 and 4 yrs. later it’s up $ 46,500 or 14,250% in 4 yrs. ….ever heard of crap like that ?
          A gallon of gasoline cost $ 490 ? A bottle of Coke $ 140 ?
          Do me a favour : Call me by 2020 if gold hits $ 50,000 . That will be such a sad time for all of us . Don’t wish for it .

          • mohammad

            In this very revealing interview in Dec 2009 Mr Sinclair said his calls were used by the same very interests that manipulate gold and put it down.
            Remember please how naked the naked shorting is now.
            it was not the case even few months ago.
            They called off the CFTC investigations just a short while back.
            His calls are accurate but the degree of manipulation became so absurd and open and faceless that it will get exactly his call through this time with the emancipation of paper from physical.
            last 1650 call was late for few months and he made it many many years before, he even made a wager i guess for 1 million dollar and no one took it!!!!!!!!!! why?
            The answer is clear they knew what Mr. Sinclair knows.

            here is the link to the interview:


            I listen to it many times even now i still did not digest all the complexities of this powerful presentation. please spare time to listen to it.

          • Allen Ols

            Great prospective, evetyone must ponder this tks

          • Randy

            It’s painful to see gold go down. I have seen all the experts wrong on timing and wrong on price. That said they are all 100% correct on fundamentals. We are against the Fed with literally unlimited funds. Understand that once physical gold runs out it is game over.
            No one wishes for what’s coming its just about facing reality.

          • OldPoop

            Heidi, yes he was wrong.

            But if you have been paying attention you know exactly why he was wrong, and if you are honest about it you will not be so hard on Jim. He was talking abut a free market price. The price crashed because 400 tons of paper gold was dumped on the market during off hours. This triggered stop sells for the major funds which panicked the sheeple out of gold. Exactly what was intended. His predictions are based on the market and the economy and the movement of the dollar, etc. He doesn’t have a crystal ball that tells him exactly when the banksters are going to blatantly break the law and get off scott free.

            If you ever read Ranting Andy Hoffman, almost daily he shows graphically exactly what the banksters are doing. Read him once or twice and you will just laugh and say it’s just a coincidence. Read him for a month or two and you will be physically ill from the obvious corruption and manipulation that our government is turning a blind eye to.

            If I was Jim I would not take the chance on getting burned again by the illegal manipulation by picking specific lows and highs. I would just say that no matter how hard the banksters fight and manipulate, eventually gold will be free to reach its real value. But he knows a lot more than I do about what is going on, and obviously he doesn’t mind criticism if he is wrong about specific points, because he sees the big picture. I believe he honestly cares about helping people survive what’s coming, so maybe that is why he goes out on a limb like that, opening himself to criticism, to get their attention, and get them involved.

            Gold is insurance against the government and the banksters, nothing more. If you look at it as a stock investment you will lose big time, and by how pissed you sound, I guess you did. Gold is not a stock investment. The goal is to accumulate as many ounces as you can, the price is secondary, other than that todays’ low prices means that you can accumulate more easily. Enjoy the bargains while you can. If you can’t understand this, then please stay away from gold. Otherwise you will end up bitter and broke and waisting your life bashing gold and Jim on an Internet forum.

          • Excalibur

            Gold was manipulated down $200 in April. How does one predict against manipulation?

            When asked what his short term for gold was in the next 2-5 months. Sinclair said he expects gold try to better $1,650. It will better $1,650 to $2,400, drop, then rise to $3,200-$3,500. He didn’t reference any pullbacks from there.

            Sinclair clearly stated in the beginning of the interview he expects hyperinflation. Nobody is wishing for it, but it will happen on a global scale. And it will be a sad time for all.

        • Liltigerette1

          You are right Greg….the Calamity is set in motion in a near future scenario. However, word is, it won’t go down as the elite thugs hope and plan for—hell, have planned for decades….indeed. They will be lucky to just buy chains as it is per se….too much is hanging on their hanging as such the right numbers….should they not do the right thing—when the time comes….they will not get a second chance. They are in a catch 22. And there is only one way out–the right way or no go.

    • Galaxy 500

      No investment advisor is close to 100%

    • Liltigerette1

      Exactly….. The CHINESE Hang the likes of these for worse….and its a double double cross coming for JP MORGAN, GOLDMAN SUX, CITI, and Bof A….have all been set. The SEC is working with the Chinese Hats…and the SHIT bout to hit the fan soon unless these release their hold on the gold and silver prices manipulations soon—they are to be the EXAMPLES…..just watch…. its coming. They will move those prices up—or else, the others are going to release their END GAME on JPMORGAN, CHASE, GOLDMAN SUX and BofA via Suiss and Exchange have set them all up and have all the books and info to do it…..they are all about to hang themselves unless the Gold and Silver get resets up and where it should be. The new gold and silver prices on the books will save the US Economy when revalued, but if they don’t play on the up and up…folks like Hudes and the Chinese about to release ALL THE INFO Publicly. These stooges holding the prices down with zero reserves and their staff along with their bonuses will all be going down down down PUBLICLY. Then reset of prices to fix US Economy. The only way, but if they do not cooperate–the Chinese and Russians have them setup. Just watch….they will not allow them to keep the prices down as the vaults are empty.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are on fire my friend. Love the comments. Do you work on Wall Street or in Government? Thank you for weighing in here.

        • Liltigerette1

          I cannot say….just keep an eye on JP and the Chinese. Things are moving quickly and quietly in the background…many things are going on–not in the public eye….just yet. Much at risks. The pickle is pickled to say the least. Pay attention to quick moves.

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t care who you are. I know you are smart and connected in some way to government or Wall Street. Please keep commenting.

      • Liquid Motion

        I concur with your comments and suggested impending course of actions.
        There has indeed been a steady stream of events (under the radar) which suggests exertion of control / influence at the highest level. No one has put the pieces into place to form the whole. I see it and understand it. JPM , GS and Citi are dead men walking. They are playing ball for the time being…we shall see what eventuates.

        • Greg Hunter

          Liquid Motion,
          Three Lehman’s!

  4. Justin King

    Made every interview up ’til now look iffy.

    This is the type of interview that will cause people to put their $$ on the table, and stop wondering what the hell is going on.

    CONGRATS to Greg on a major coup of getting Jim Sinclair on USAWatchdog.

  5. Jay

    Great interview Greg! I have been wondering if and when you would have JS on. I saw him at one of his open meetings in London and the mans depth and breadth of knowledge is truly astounding. I think that his self assuredness and conviction in his calls have led quite a lot of gold people to become disgruntled (especially those who came late to the party), however I personally have little doubt that as a whole he will be proved right in the long run. The problem is that so many people these days think of a month as long term rather than years/decades.
    Regard from the UK and keep up the good work….

    • Greg

      In big picture analysis few (very few) are better than Jim Sinclair. He has a track record of big calls. Thank you for your comment from the UK.

  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    Great interview, it seems like the US dollar is either way doomed.

    Question, when will the Singapore Gold Exchange open?

    • Greg

      Oracle 911,
      I do not know when the Singapore Gold Exchange will open but the inference is soon as in months away.

      • Oracle 911

        Thank you for the straight answer.

  7. Vincent G.

    Breaking the gold trading away from the paper market will hurt the banks. I don’t think it will make too much difference in price.

    Hyper Inflation is what Mr. Sinclair is predicting.
    Many others were saying the same thing.

    What has happened so far is two bubbles took place which has sapped the wealth of many.
    The money the Fed is issuing is to back fill the money pool.
    As the pool keeps loosing ( deflation ) they need to compensate.
    But at some point they will need to re-evaluate as the system has become hooked on debt.
    I agree that next year we will see many stores close down.
    Although the Fed has pumped money into the system the average person has less to spend.
    The money is not going to John Q Public.

    As to what to expect down the road – we are heading for a slow death.
    Not a sudden explosion that many like to envision.

    The Petro Dollar I believe has died already.
    Saudi Arabia will make little difference as to what they do.
    So what’s holding the dollar up.
    Too big to fail!

    If the USA goes down the whole world follows.
    The G7 knows that and will do do every thing they can to prevent a major problem taking place.

    We are in a time where one country has forced the whole world to depend on it’s issued money.
    Nothing like this has ever happened in the entire history of the world.
    It’s not possible to predict what will take place and when it will happen.
    Only one thing is certain – we will see harder times each year until it is stopped by those that can no longer go along with the status quo.

    As for holding Gold – holding a small amount is a good idea for the average person but Silver is far better.
    Should a complete monetary breakdown happen silver is far easier to trade with.

    • a. Hall

      I agree with most of Mr. G’s comments.

      My insider said dollar to collapse in about one year, and all currencies of the world in early 2015.

      Silver is a great play after the paper silver goes away, just like gold.

      All aboard the silver train!!

      • Michael

        “My insider said dollar to collapse in about one year, and all currencies of the world in early 2015.”

        I think I may know your “insider” and I wouldn’t argue the point either.


    • Galaxy 500

      Agreed but gold will be a more concentrated form of wealth. If you had to bug out, it is easier to carry 100 ounce of gold than 2,000 -3,000 oz of silver. Silver will be the day to day currency.

      • Heidi

        Galaxcy wrote: ” It’s easier to carry 100 oz. of gold ..” My question : You will carry it to 7-Eleven / MacDonald’s ? to the Mall ? You think all currencies will disappear because of gold ? Man, have you guy’s been brain washed by the wrong people .
        I feel for you. It will not be pretty when you finally wake up – in a few years ?
        I wish everybody the best but dreams are just that … dreams .

        • mohammad

          3000+ years gold/silver worked as God’s money defeat your argument!

        • Brian Thomas

          So why is china, russia, sweeden, switzerland, the u.s., and not to mention germany and every other non third world country buying it in droves? You must b smarter than them i get it! My bad yo!

        • Galaxy 500

          Heidi…Wow, did you read what I wrote. If you and your family had to flee, bug out as it were, my thesis is gold is easier to carry than silver. My wife and I both have “Grab & Go” bags in the event something happens. For that matter, each of my dogs has a pack, too. I also have a stack of Fed Reserve notes in my kit so I am prepared for ” natural” disasters.
          Maybe you think we are huddled around the bunker waiting and worried about the second coming. Hardly. We drive to the beach a few times a month to walk our dogs in the surf. We travel, eat out and play..we just do it within our budget. Having emergencies covers allows us to concentrate on fun, chasing our dreams and enjoying life. As far as dreams go, I want a submarine. 😉
          No, I don’t think that fiat will disappear. There will always be someone trying to pass paper as money. I believe the gov’t will print ever increasing amounts and it will work until people finally awake to the reality that it is a poor store of wealth. IF the economic depression we are in worsens, I don’t think any nation’s debt base fiat will have any useful value for long. You understand that money and banking are FAITH based systems, don’t you? I am constantly amused that atheists believe in our money and banking system but not God ( and no I am not saying you are an atheist, just pointing out how funny the world is).
          If you read a little history, you will find that there has never been a fiat currency that hasn’t been greatly debased. I have a collection of US bank issued bills that became worthless when the banks became insolvent ( now they are worth something 😉 ) Look up the Weimar Republic. There are many similarity between their debt load and ours. Perhaps you should ” wake up” as you put it. I can only assume that you were inculcated by a liberal education and you actually believe the MSM’s reports about the recovery.
          Oh, by the by, I can go down to my local convenience store and the Hindi owner there will gladly take PMs. You seem to forget that unlike stocks or paper money, both of which have been worth ZERO in the US in the last 100 yrs, gold and silver HAVE NEVER HAD A ZERO VALUE.
          Good luck, God bless, dream big and strive for happiness…and thanks for your kind wishes

          • Ugly


            What you say is true. Gold, silver, copper, brass, and lead have held some form of value for 5000 plus years now. Paper currencies come and go.

            The PMs always have value. A paper currency is only a perception of value. If people perceive its worth, then people will use it. But when that perception starts to wane away, as with BRICS, its value starts to fade too. And it begins to fade into uselessness. That is where the USD is heading.

            The Heidi’s of this world cannot see it. Unfortunately, there are Heidi’s in every neighborhood, and those are the zombies we will have to feed. Good luck to all.

          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks Ugly,
            Look at Heidi’s posts. You have to consider that she makes a living being a troll. Do you think she knows gold and silver are mandated to be used for money by the US Constitution?

  8. Charles

    Interview with James Sinclair was exceptional

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles and Rodster. I don’t know what will happen but that will be the least of our problems.

  9. Rodster

    Awesome interview Greg. My only question is when the great reset occurs what will happen to all those US multinational companies who have their products made in China and can no longer find a buyers in the US because our system has collapsed? Can the citizens dependent on low wages in China, India, Africa afford those products that are sold here in the US?

    I just see an all out World War with possible nukes if the West i.e. US sees the grip as the world’s superpower being turned over to the East. We have some really unstable people running Washington.

  10. frosty


    Mr. Sinclair speaks of confidence in a currency as being the primary factor which supports its use in an economic system and sees a coming loss of confidence in US fiat money as being inevitable. He offers advise on how best to deal that event and I appreciate your interviewing the man as he is obviously knowledgeable and provides truly insightful information. What he said at the end of the interview about the possibility of the rise in gold’s price being taxed “at less than 90%” as a windfall capital gain was chilling indeed. As you closed the interview, he brought an elephant into the room and left it standing.

    Whether 80% of our money in banks is confiscated through bail-ins, or up to 90% of our gold is confiscated through windfall gains taxes makes practically makes no difference at all. Ultimately,we are now set up to be economically raped by our legal system whether choose to hold paper or hold gold.

    That a people’s confidence in their currency supports their economic system is true enough, but the same holds true for laws and legal systems. If a legal system is rigged, as ours now seems to be, such that its laws are legislated not only with criminal but malicious intent, then what solution becomes prudent or viable?

    • Excalibur

      He said in the interview that he expects there COULD be a windfall capital gains tax, but it won’t be 90%. Referencing the 83% confiscation in Cyprus. In other words, you’re better off having your money in precious metals than in the bank.

    • Liltigerette1

      There will NOT and CAN NOT be a windfall TAX on physical gold and silver in hand, because we are not currently on the “gold standard”. Besides, those in the Too Big To Fail will be lucky to get out alive according to some in the east….and those of the Public fortunate enough to have the foresight to plan for their ignorance and arrogance will NOT allow themselves to be robbed twice. Nay, tar an feathers will be the rule of law if not worth–should End Game be the cards drawn on force to these twits….it will play out fair to all or nay at all. Word is they are scared shitless, and rightfully so. The people MUST stick to their guns–literally and not allow more of same thievery towards their physical in hand. The PEOPLE will rule the day, not the Too Big To Fail for they surely will fail and none shall come to their rescue but the US Economy can be saved with a proper revalue considering the books at 44 per. Pay attention folks and stick to turn laurels–they can only tax the willing, but en masse they haven’t a chance. The answer is a resounding NO.

      • Liquid Motion

        Resounding agreement. You read my mind. I made the same point. It cannot and will not happen.

  11. mohammad

    Thank you Greg for the great interview,
    Mr Sinclair is a real gentleman and you have nothing but respect to a man who may tell you hold shares since he issues them but yet he goes and says hold physical.
    One of the few honest traders that are one of a kind.
    Thanks again for this enlightening interview!

    • mohammad

      Oh i forgot to add, Israel will kick the chess board and attack!

      • Allen Ols

        I agree told my buddy that today. Gov needs to blame others for our failures

        • mohammad

          Am coming from a totally different angle at this, from Islamic eschatology. with all the respect to other beliefs.

          • frosty

            To me, Sheikh Imran Hosein seems to be a gentleman who is easy to listen to and very well informed regarding Islamic eschatology. What say you?

          • mohammad

            I listened to the guy before and i disagree on many things he says. Non the less i learned to respect all views and his are among them. I tend always to wear the glasses of physics when looking at things and that is where i got a lot of time listening to Dr. Joseph P Farrell, physics and universe have fascinated me since childhood. If you put those glasses on and look at the scripture , any scripture that is, you will be astonished with what your mind can open to.

      • Paul from Indiana

        OK, but do they attack BEFORE they (Iran) have the bomb or AFTER? If before, and according to various sources they (Iran) are 2-4 weeks away, do you, Dr. Mohammad, believe we will have an Israeli move before Thanksgiving? Thanks for your weigh-in; I am always interested in your “take”. PM

        • mohammad

          No one can put any timing since as you know the ground is shaky over there and things are changing by the seconds, calculations to those variables are tough for people inside the circles of decision making , so for us outside getting a piece of puzzle here and a piece there is obviously difficult to tell.
          But my take on this is few points:

          Have you noticed how isolated Israel is nowadays?
          After dictating to the whole world what they want now they are opposed by the east and the west alike and to top it off they are now opposed by United States.
          Israel is cornered and that particular moment is the exact moment you want to super calculate their responses and factor in all the odds of them going solo and dragging the whole world in the inferno.
          On the other hand i believe that Iran per se is not the target of Israel eyes. There eyes are somewhere else.
          Mecca and Al-Medina are the targets.
          IN order for them (Israel) to capture directly or indirectly those two holy cities after they have captured Jerusalem they need to divert the eyes somewhere else, that somewhere else is Iran.
          You have to understand the fracture in muslim society between Sunni and Sheite to understand where am coming from.
          Any external power no matter how powerful it is will not attempt at Mecca and Al-Medina since that will unite the whole muslim world, their tool is the sunni Shite fight that they have been working on for a while and gathering the wood on both side already putting the gasoline over it(Hitting afghanistan,Iraq,Syria,Arab Spring crap….etc) and they are now just waiting for the spark which will be hitting the nuclear facilities in Iran. Then things will run its course and Iran will attack the Saudis and they will do the dirty job of capturing those cities for the Israelis since there is no love lost between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
          After that they will change the face of the regime of Iran to a friendly moderate democratic one and open the channels with Israel and the whole world will find that those nuclear reactors that were hit GENTLY are really Israeli’s reactors.
          But on the borders of Mecca and Al-Medina Israel’s calculations will turn upside down and that i will leave to another post.

      • Galaxy 500

        A nuclear Iran scares me as it should anyone with an IQ over 70. They state they want to bring the end of the world so the prophet Muhammad will return. Mohammad, it been 30 yrs since I read the Koran and the particularly flavor the last president of Iran followed so please correct me. Thank you in advance.
        Hey, IMO, some one seeking to bring about the end of the world and seeking nukes to do it should be given a dozen or two via re-entry into the atmosphere from the launch of a few Minute Man missiles.

        • mohammad

          No Galaxy you erred there.
          Prophet Mohammad is dead and he is not coming back, Jesus will and we will follow him. And do not tell me we will follow the wrong one since that wrong one is one eyed and real Jesus is beautiful and complete so no mistakes there.
          Am just trying to correct a misunderstanding no more with all due respect to what you and others believe in.

  12. John Allen

    You have interviewed many great guests and today you interviewd
    the master of them all, Mr. Jim Sinclair. People who visit your site would be very wise to pay close attention to what Mr. Sinclair has to say.
    Kudos to you Greg, for developing USAWATCHDOG into a top notch MUST VISIT website.

    Thank you,

    John Allen

    • Greg

      Thank you John Allen for the comment and kind words for Jim Sinclair and the site.

    • Heidi

      Hi John, why do you call Sinclair the MASTER OF THEM ALL ? You must have a very good reason . Can you tell me ? Is it this ” GOLD TO $ 50,000 or something else ? Just curious .
      Thank you .

    • Sally Ann

      “If you put all the ‘Great Ones’ in a room together, there would only be Love & Peace”. Paramahansa Yogananda

      It is like the false paradigm of the (fake) 2 party system, Democrats and Republicans. That is the level you are stuck in (egoic thought system). You have to rise above that level to see that both parties are two cheeks on the same bum. They have intentionally been set up to set YOU up and keep you ignorant of the puppeteers behind the curtain. God IS Love. Made in his image as we are, anything other than that is NOT who we are. We have added layers of ignorance around our true identity to keep and enjoy our belief in a separate, unique ‘me’. A Course in Miracles says we project our guilt for ‘separating’ from our Creator thus we have a need to judge ‘the others’.

  13. Galaxy 500

    Sebilus is on the stand. Rep. Waxman (D-CA) is on the job. We are saved!

    Great interview. Wow, Jim is starting a.”REAL” gold exchange in Singapore. That is exciting. The only blemish/anomaly that concerns me about Mr. Sinclair is the Tanzania company that is supposed to have gold in the ground. After reading all of the SEC filings etc (Why yes, with a degree in accounting and a concentration in Money and finance, I have the education and training to interpret these documents) I seem to be missing documentation that shows there is gold there. Curious.
    Mr. Sinclair has made some wild calls that end up close enough to be called bullseyes and I appreciate you putting him on. Jim has so many contacts in physical and paper gold, his information is compelling.
    When gold doubles from here as he is predicting, it will be due to a drop in the dollars value relative to other currencies. When it does increase, what will a gallon of gas be?

    • Galaxy 500

      And what will loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter cost WHEN gold gets to Jim’s prediction of $50,000/troy oz?

      Jeff Immelt is on Bloomberg telling how wonderful and smart he is. Immelt says we can solve all our problems if we (politicians and biz leaders) meet off camera and talk. Sounds like he is proposing Washington and the fortune 100 dividing the spoils and leading us to serfdom…all off camera.
      How in the world has he kept his job at GE after years of incompetence? Well, I guess that is the $64,000 question…how any of these fruit loops in Washington and Wall Street keep their jobs year after year while the country slides into the third world. Outside of food, coal and timber: what do we produce that will bring hard currency (gold & silver…you know, REAL money) into the USA?
      Now CEO of Ernst, Young is telling us that Congress needs to compromise. Do you compromise your principles? If so, are they really your principles?
      LARGE LATIN AMERICAN BANKRUPTCY…3.6 billion in bonds default

      • Arthur Radley

        Galaxy 500 says: “…When it does increase, what will a gallon of gas be?”

        In the interview he predicted $10 gasoline.

        Galaxy 500 says: “And what will loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter cost WHEN gold gets to Jim’s prediction of $50,000/troy oz?”

        Wouldn’t bread and peanut butter increase by an approximately similar multiple? I sort of thought that was point of owning gold (or anything else valuable other than dollars) during the coming event. So we can emerge from it with something left to buy the bread and peanut butter. That’s what I thought anyway.

        • Allen Ols

          Rev 6

          ..a loaf of bread will buy a days wages of gold.

          Notice the oppisite.. it doesnt say a days wages will will buy a loaf of bread.

          Makes one think bread is scarce


        • Galaxy 500

          I think some things will be more impacted by hyper inflation than others. I think food water and gas will go up faster and at a higher %. Just my opinion based on history. And I think Jim’s estimate of $10 a gallon is low by half. In fact, I hope my analysis is wrong and Jim is correct

      • frosty

        “And what will loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter cost WHEN gold gets to Jim’s prediction of $50,000/troy oz?”

        Now that’s the key question to ask. Pricing gold relative to increasingly worthless paper may sound great but it makes little sense. To me, considering the issue from the following perspective helps to clarify it:

        I’ve heard that in Julius Caesar’s day, around 70BC, a fine toga and good pair of sandals could be had for an ounce of gold. Today an ounce of gold will still buy you a fine suit and good pair of shoes. Thus gold holds its purchasing power.

        When gold goes for $50,000/troy oz., I think we can safely assume that a fine suit and good pair of shoes will also cost you around $50,000 and so, based on the current ratio, a loaf of bread or a jar of peanut butter should go for around $165…and for only $52 million you could buy a decent house to live in.

        • frosty

          Oops, the groceries are ok, but make the house a measly $10.4 million instead of 52 million.

          eg (50K/1.2K) x $250K

          • Heidi

            I discovered ONE smart person here …Frosty …at least he THINKS !
            Good to know not ALL are brain washed by $ 50,000 gold.

            • Greg

              Just one? Nice “Heidi”

          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks for looking at it and responding. From some analysis that I did, I don’t come out with a linear relationship for all prices. I have essentials and certain real assets going up faster and at a higher % than other nonessential categories. I based my calculations on several collapses. The problem I have modeling this is we are facing some that is likley to be on a scale that is without presedence. So much has changed that it will be a soul crushing experience.
            I read a lot about Argentina, the Weimar Republic, Elizabethan England, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Yugoslavia, etc, etc, etc (there’s no shortage of failed governments). When people got paid in Argentina when it had run away inflation, the would rush in front of the guy with price gun (remember the.price stickers) whose sole job was to re-price everything, day after day, and rake everything they could into their shopping cart. This allowed the people a small advantage in the ever increase price death spiral. I know it’s not lost on you that with computers, barcodes and centralized pricing databases that they can increase all the.prices.
            In the Weimar Republic, a gentleman ordered a cup of coffee of the menu which listed a cup of coffee at 5,000 marks per cup. He drank it and ordered a second. When the waiter brought the bill, it was for 12,000 marks. When questioned why, the waiter responded that if he wanted two coffees at 5,000 he should have ordered them at the same time.
            I appreciate you taking the time to think about it and post.

        • mohammad

          Forget about FIAT papers, an ounce of gold did and will always buy you a nice suite from a good reputable place in New York!!!!!!!

        • bob d

          Bread is easy to make. Gold is not so easy to find are mine. I think the two have little in common,when inflation and deflation is talk about.
          If you live in a wheat field,bread is cheap if you live down town NY.,different problem.
          Life is about location.

  14. Andrew

    Greg, that was a fantastic interview. Played it twice! Keep up the great work.

  15. Ugly

    Greg, it says in part:

    ‘By 2020, Sinclair predicts gold at $50,000 per ounce’….

    Do you think we will make it to 2020?

    • Greg

      Yes we will make it but most of the unprepared will be wiped-out from the unfolding calamity.

    • mohammad

      Prayers beautiful (I cannot call you ugly i do not know why?), prayers!!.
      Connection with god is our only survival rope, hang on to it!

      • Ugly


        Thanks. Yes, prayers should be number one. I’ll do so. Cheers and good luck with the future.

  16. Mitch Bupp

    Excellent Jim and Greg, I believe Jim is spot on on his description of dollar’s future.

  17. Nam Marine

    In order to collect my Social Security (which is NOT an entitlement,
    but MY money), it has to be direct deposited in a Bank account.
    Very convenient for those crooks in D.C. !

    • Paul from Indiana

      Honored Sir: Thank you for your service. I appreciate your contention that Social Security funds are “your money”, but alas, I regret to inform you, as your government did NOT, that your Social Security contributions, which were masquerading as a retirement fund, were actually merely a tax, and those dollars were consumed by the Federal government as quickly as you paid them. But they did leave a paper IOU in the drawer for you, if that makes you feel any better. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news; it is best that you learn it now than later. It’s like the line out of “Animal House”: You messed up; you trusted us.

      • Michael

        Paul from Indiana,

        Actually, Social Security was originally a retirement fund for U.S. Citizens, which if you bother to check in the IRS handbook it’s defined specifically as: any full-time Federal Government employee, (including Federal Politicians) residents of Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

        The way it became a “tax” and all Americans “volunteered” for the “tax” was hatched by Congress to raise more revenue. The Social Security Card is actually a signed (by you) contract wherein you CLAIM to be a Citizen of the United States. “Check this box if you are a US Citizen” But unwritten is this “We just bound you to a contract in the name of Uncle Sam! And we’re pretty slick at ripping off people who just don’t know the truth!”

        I mean, everyone knows that if you were born in the United States you are automatically a “Citizen” of the U.S., right? Wrong. At least according to the IRS (which by the way is NOT a branch of the Federal Government, neither is it in any way affiliated with the Treasury of the United States. It is a totally independent Private Corporation. Yes, it’s true. There were originally 13 people who signed in the articles of incorporation. Search it out!)

        Also search out (and buy one like I did, in 1992) the IRS handbook, which defines what a U.S. Citizen is. It is just what I quoted from their handbook (above). So why do you think you are a U.S. Citizen if you aren’t in one of those listed categories in the IRS handbook? So you can be drawn into a legally binding contract (though it be by escheat; a legalese means of subordinating you to regulations of the State which should not apply to you) through which revenues can be taken from you under the guise of providing a retirement plan for Federal workers and those residents of non-state taxed “uncovered” people. That’s why the U.S. Territories are included in the definition, along with non-employee residents of the non-state area of the District of Columbia.

        What you are a Citizen of, before you signed that contract and voluntarily submitted to the “tax” is of the state in which you reside. When you move AND you consider yourself a Citizen of the new state, AND meet their minimum residency requirements, you can then legally claim to be a Citizen of that state.

        It’s the same as the IRS Code. IRS Code is NOT Law. It is a subset of the rules, regulations and policies of the Federal Reserve; which is also not Federal; and has NO Reserves! But you signed a legally binding contract when you put your seal on a bank “signature card” which also states that as a condition of your bank account you AGREE to ABIDE BY ANY AND ALL RULES REGULATIONS AND POLICIES OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (which is really a Private for-profit Banking System). That’s how they “bind” you, legally speaking that is. To get unbound is rather hairy, and since all employers are REQUIRED by the Fed and the IRS to supply a SSN for every employee, they won’t hire you without one (unless they’re operating outside the rules). If you think that’s a trip…

        Imagine your surprise when you find out that just about every traffic ticket you have ever received and paid you also volunteered for. Yep. Read the state Statutes. Better yet, watch the video I will link here if it’s okay with Greg.

        When the Judge asks you if you were speeding 70+ in a 55 mph zone, he is getting you to enter a plea of guilty by confessing to a law that doesn’t even apply to you (in most states). Read the Law Statutes for your state and you will soon see that the Speed Limit is actually for Commercial Traffic, not State Citizens. Hard to believe isn’t it. Then the Judge knocks down the fine by $50 or so, so you’ll be thanking him for being a nice guy – while he and your lawyer are KNOWINGLY ripping you off. Why don’t the lawyers argue by the statutes? Ahaaaa! That would bite the hand that feeds the entire legal profession, every city, state and Federal government court (and also the Officers of the Court which are simply the lawyers, who each swore an oath the Barristers (BAR) organization of England), and everyone knows you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and feeds you ALL very well. Hard to believe that one too? It gets better, or should I say “deeper”?

        Guess where that fine money goes. To the State, or the County or the city? Heh heh heh, I don’t want to choke the horse, but no. Let’s just say the Judge has a vested interest in you paying the fine and walking away thinking you got off easy. Several years ago, a man in Van Nuys CA got really angry at some ***** judges (as he called them), heh heh heh, and brought forward his cancelled checks and proved with a paper trail exactly where the money went, in court in a lawsuit and progressively took down several judges from the bench – using the Law and arguing the Statutes. He also panicked almost the entire legal profession because they feared all the cats getting out of the bag, and all America realizing they were being bamboozled by a crooked use of the legal system.

        So when the judge asks you “were you speeding at all, even if it was less than what the officer claims?” You may want to answer something like “Are you, Judge, saying that the Speed Limit, according to the statutes of this state applies to me, a private non-commercial citizen driving a personal not commercial vehicle on state roads?” Or perhaps you may want to spend some time educating yourself about the law and how it works (as opposed to how the professionals work it), legally.

        It’s virtually impossible to live a normal un-harassed life even if you get disentangled and unbound from these “cheats” for lack of a better word. When everyone believes the Lies it’s difficult to be an un-welcomed messenger of the truth. The bottom line of it all is that all these things are frauds, and fraud (speaking in legal terms) vitiates the solemn promise to pay. If you attempt to get unbound and make one mistake or omission, they throw you in jail. Sometimes, even when you do it all right too, according to some cases I have reviewed.

        Wow, this is getting long. But the bottom line about Social Security is…

        Nam Marine is correct, his Social Security is NOT an entitlement. It is a legally binding contract and the Department of Social Security OWES him the stated benefits he had to pay for all his earning life. Quid pro Quo and tit for tat; he is within his rights even to sue for his “benefits”.

        As for SS funding, it is part of the $5 trillion dollars that the Feds are now talking about erasing from the deficit because it is “money owed by one branch of govt to another branch of govt.” according to these shysters who run the Govt. In actuality Social Security wasn’t “robbed” until recently. When Clinton was in office they were actually trying to get to invest the excess funds into the stock market! SS has been funded fully and was not robbed “all along” but was robbed very recently, and “supposedly refunded with Treasuries” which now they’re talking about just erasing and letting that $5 trillion just fail. It includes Medicare, as well as SS funds.

        One more thing and I’ll stop for now. This is something you really need to know. A contract, any contract and every contract has some essentials. There must be an exchange of considerations, there must be good-faith and good-will, and there MUST BE a “Meeting of the minds”.

        When slick shysters refer you to the fine-print in the multipage “contract” they’re liars. That written “contract” as they all call it is not a contract at all. I am not speaking from what I think, or from legal theory, but what I know and have successfully argued.

        That written document is a Testament, not a contract. This is something God taught me when a bank and a bunch of wicked acting lawyers tried to screw me out of many thousands of dollars, on the first home we bought. If anyone’s interested I’ll tell the whole story, but I’ll be brief here now with just principles of Law.

        Remember the “meeting of the minds”? THAT AND THAT ALONE IS the Contract. The terms which accompany a Contract can be oral or written. A written testament along with a contract does not automatically supersede an oral contract either, it depends on which one was First.

        Open your Bible to that great divide between the Old Testament and the New Testament. These two Testaments were originally oral, then penned by the participants. But the written Testaments are not the Contracts, or as the Bible calls God’s Contracts “Covenants”. Some Bibles have the words “Old Covenant” and “New Covenant” printed at the beginning of each Testament, but the word Testament is Correct. Why? It is the “Testimony” of the Written Scripture that bears witness to the Contracts of God, and it is Jesus who bears witness to the Truth of God, actually performing or “executing” the Will of God His (and our) Father in the lives of those He has elected. Without a meeting of the minds between a man (or woman) with God, there is no binding contract between them, facilitated by Jesus Christ who is literally God’s Word. In truth, the Bible even states that eternal life is to KNOW God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent.

        Not unlike the state statutes of law, you must adhere to the definitions contained within the statutes to truly understand their scope, intent, and application. When you mix common knowledge with only part of the statute, you are indicting your self, and the corrupt people who play that against you know what they’re doing – but you don’t realize it. So also with the Bible. Mix in normal human understanding (what you think you know is true) with part of what the Bible says and you’re corrupting the Covenant and misunderstanding the meaning of the Testament. The result is “Churchianity” being filled with argumentative confusion, and ongoing disunity and division – which is God’s wrath against the ways of man apart from right relationship with Him. Just as He scattered mankind at the tower of Babel, He also scattered the Jews, and divided and scattered Christendom too. Even the current divisions because of disagreement over “tongues” hearkens back to the Tower of Babel. Same symptoms, same disease. Man trying to build his own way into heaven instead of listening to God, taking His word seriously, and doing it His Way according to His design.

        For truth seekers, there’s plenty of truth available today in every arena of mankind, which was not available to us all before the internet. And in this current time there are progressively more and more people willing and ready to share the truth they know, just like Greg and even many of his guests.

        I try to encourage them all, and benefit greatly by their insights as they “overcome” the worlds systematic corruption.

        Have a great Day!

    • Ugly

      Nam Marine.

      It is simple. It is called autopay. The formula is very simple.

      (SSN – ACA) = $50

      Spend it wisely.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have heard people claim Social Security is an entitlement like it’s welfare. You and I paid into this program with the explicit promise that we would be repaid. I have been working and paying into it for 40 years and it is unlikely I’ll be getting anywhere near the amount I could have if I had invested it. In real dollars, I doubt I will break even.
      The first clue we were being robbed should have been that Congress exempted themselves.

    • Allen Ols

      nam. Marine

      Mine is put on a visa card, I just swipe it anywhere


  18. Rodger

    In describing gold manipulation as an inside game run by some of the smartest minds in the world. Jim Sinclair, is spot on!
    I have no doubt that gold will reach well into the 5 digit area within several years as the physical surpasses the rigged paper market
    However, isn’t it reasonable to assume that these same clever minds that have manipulated gold and silver also have an end game scenario for the collapse of the USD and the acceleration of gold price? Whether it be excessive capital gains, or an executive order making private ownership of gold illegal. They will do whatever they want. They make the laws and target those who don’t play by their rules.
    As for the resetting of mortgages, this is another example of the little man be taken advantage of the commercial giants.

    • Heidi

      About gold manipulation ..ever notice gold bugs use that word when gold goes down ? What do they call it when it goes up ? And gold always goes up ? Always ? Gee- spoiled gold bugs , it went up for 13 yrs. and pauses . Even the Nasdaq did not run for 13 yrs.
      Everybody wants the USD down – if it goes up instead is that manipulated too because it goes to the opposite than what most thought it would do?
      Gold bugs are weird ….like Martin Armstrong says: listen to the market.

      • Greg

        Or whatever your name is. If you want to continue heaping criticism on people here I am going to require a real verifiable name from you and some credentials. NO more anonymous criticism and analysis. I don’t post anonymously and you shouldn’t either. REAL name and credentials from now on.

        • Allen Ols


          Just checking but is anyone else posting annonomously, sorta reminds me of an old cnn reporter told to always ‘tone it down’


        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg, I post on here periodically as “Paul from Indiana”. In order to get set up here, I had to furnish an e-mail address, so all of
          us, whether using a title or an actual name had to furnish a credential, right? Your blog is the most down-to-earth, sensible, fact-laden, intellectually honest, and informative of all. I appreciate all you do for those seeking an honest assessment of our situation and the thinking of our respected colleague citizens. Just so you know I am not hiding from anyone or anything. I am and remain, yours sincerely, Paul Murray, Scott Co., IN

          • Greg

            Thank you very much for your comment. I do not ask people to supply a full name and credentials until they give investment advice or post numerous critical comments. I let people have their say, but I question someone’s motivation when they do it over and over again. Also, when someone is repeatedly critical, then I think they should use a real name and own their words. You didn’t fit in to either category, but thank you for making a point by posting a real name!!!

      • Excalibur

        In April, 500 tons of paper gold was sold in one day in the gold market. I believe I read a report that it occurred during a 15 minute time frame. Who do you think has that kind of money to throw around recklessly? There aren’t reports of those kinds of paper volume occurring on the buy side.

        • Galaxy 500

          Who has that kind of money to throw around? Easy, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, and anyone else working for the FMOC (arm of Fed that “stabilizes” interest rates and FX).
          Dude, it is a great gig if you can get it. Fed covers all loses and a profit! Only. In America can you be paid tens of millions to lose billions

  19. Daniel Yap

    Dear Greg,

    Greetings from Singapore. I would like to make a small clarification on your article. Jim Sinclair will be announced as the Chairman of the Independent Advisory Board of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange ( The board will convene sometime in November. I hope you can make a slight edit to the article above.

    Best regards,

    Daniel Yap

    • Greg

      Daniel Yap,
      Thank you for adding this to One question is when will the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange be up and running? By the look of the website it looks like the online part is already open for business. Thank you in advance!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I find this new exchange that Jim will be associated with exciting. His reputation will lend credibility and Singapore is currently a country of laws.

        • Greg

          No doubt that is why they picked him for the job. Sinclair told me the target date for the exchange to open is on or before August 2014.

      • Daniel Yap

        Hi Greg,

        The Exchange is operational and we have been in operation since the 4th of July. That said, we have very few trades at the moment on the exchange as investors are on the acquisition/accumulation mode. Most members of the exchange are currently buying through the SGPMX retail store.

        Best regards,

        • Greg

          Daniel Yap,
          Please contact me in the future and keep us all informed of your operation. Also please post a link to your site anytime you comment.

        • mohammad

          Any spikes in the traffic from south america, Argentina for example?

  20. Jerry

    Greg. I really enjoyed this interview. I found Jim Sinclair’s economic philosophies refreshing after listening to Catherine Fitts and Karen Hudes. The only gripe I have is his timeline. Leveling of the middle class in 2014? I’m not sure we’re already there.

    Let me explain. Greg I spend approximately 6-8 hours a day on casenet looking for distressed properties to buy. You can’t even begin to imagine the credit card defaults, mortgage defaults, and tax liens I see on a daily basis. “THESE ARE THE MIDDLE CLASS” ! And right now they are living off of their credit cards, equity in their homes, and anything else they can find to survive with. And guess what? They are passing this debt back to the Banks. This simply can’t go on Greg. At some point the bubble is going to burst.

    What I find somewhat amusing is how Jim Sinclair, Catherine Fitts, and Karen Hudes, all view the reset. They seem to think its just going to be another business day. A miner inconvenience. That in a short period of time they will all be down at the COMEX turning their Gold in, looking for their next investment. Really? It must be nice to have such a sunshine and lollipop imagination. How about a world wide Depression on steroids? Where 47 Million people are fighting for survival because they’ve had their government programs yanked out from under them. That’s reality. The government didn’t just buy 2700 urban assault vehicles, and 2.5 Billion rounds of ammo just to have laying around. That’s their insurance. They couldn’t buy Gold so they bought bullets instead.

    Look, we can all survive this but you have to be smart. Here is my grandfathers survival plan from the depression.
    1. Move to a rural area if you can.
    2. Get out of debt
    3. Store or produce your own food and water
    4. Provide your own protection
    5. Pray

    Jim Sinclair said we are headed for a banana republic reset. I think its going to be more like Katrina. Just my opinion. Thanks Greg.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post. How/why do you think everyone can survive? People starved in 30s

  21. Advanced Living Project

    People often forget that the gold at $3200/oz will buy you the same thing is does now, as today’s $1350~/oz gold buys the same thing it did at $20/oz in the 1800’s. Our opinion is, best to use it to get into a good living situation now, so that when things go wacko, it will just be another day…

    Advanced Living Project

    • Galaxy 500

      It appears you are advocating spending everything and saving nothing . Please advise.

      • Galaxy 500

        I am requesting some info, not attacking you. Do you have a web site? I would love to read your take on things and your suggestions on what to do. Thank you in advance for your kind reply.
        And a lot of places in1800-1840 America, you could buy 40 acres of prime farm land for less than two (2) troy oz of gold in the form of two (2) $20 gold pieces. I’m trying but so far, no takers.

  22. $50,000

    Best interview I have ever heard! Thank you!

  23. Bob

    Wisdom—-so much more valueable than understanding. If I slam my fingers in the car door,I understand not to do that again. Wisdom is having known the consequences by imperical knowledge. I’d listen to Sinclair. He’s been there in life and has aquired the wisdom to save himself and wants us to pay attention. Thank you Greg Hunter for having Jim Sinclair on your show. $50,000 dollars an ounce??? And China buying how many TONS a month? “May you live in interesting times” An old chinese proverb—————–or a threat

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s an ancient.Chinese curse

  24. TJ Jackson

    Great interview. I’m still shaking…

  25. Sam J

    Didn’t Santa mentioned a couple years ago for gold to hit around $2500-$3000 by 2013?

    So is this prediction about gold going up to $3500 by 2016 another guess that came out of his rear end?

    Hey, I hope he is right but he has lost lots of credibility.

    • Greg

      Sam J,
      Sinclair did not lose his credibility. It is very difficult to predict something that has never happened in recorded history. It is very easy to criticize with an anonymous name “Sam J.”

      • Heidi

        Gregg , you made a very good point..” It’s very difficult to predict something that has never happened before ” than why would Sinclair make his announcement ” Gold to $ 50,000 ” ..that is asking for BIG problems ( do the math from $ 1300 now to $ 50,000 in 7 yrs. ) unless he figures he will not live by 2020 and does not give a hoot where gold will be . Sinclair has to be in the 70’s by now .

        • Greg

          Real Name “Heidi,” something I can verify and some credentials. Otherwise this is your last comment.

        • Galaxy 500

          Come on Heidi, I’d

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t expect Sinclair to be 100%. His record speaks for itself. He has made more winning calls than losers. Sam J, what is your record and where can I see it.

  26. Michael

    Even if Gold goes to $3,500/ounce, how is it good insurance if the Govt. places a windfall Tax on the gains?

    It will be worse than dealing with insurance claims now; have an auto accident now and just try to get a fair shake out of the adjuster! Imagine getting only $500 for $3,500 gold. How is that “insurance” against a drop in currency valuation?

    Anyone: please explain how anyone that isn’t a fat cat insider is going to retain any fraction of what they have worked hard for all their life?

    The thieves are determined to steal everyone’s money/wealth. How can anyone escape their grasp? They’re already closing the exits (of money leaving the US).

    Man has no answer for his problems.

    Sinclair’s timeline is off: he is late. It won’t take 6 or 7 years.

    • Jason Emery

      “…how is it good insurance if the Govt. places a windfall Tax on the gains?”

      It is not a gain if it isn’t sold. Barter it for goods and services, or pass it on in an inheritance.

      This is why you want to mix in some silver. An ounce of silver, currently at just under $23/oz, is worth about the same as seven gallons of unleaded regular gasoline. I expect it to hold that gas buying purchasing power. The trick is to find a merchant that will make that swap, metal for gas.

      • Michael

        Thank you Jason Emery!

        You answered precisely what I was asking – and a great answer it is!

        Your answer also encourages us to deal with locals, and establish trusting relationships. Two things that will be a great resource for many in the coming months and years!

        Thanks again,

      • Galaxy 500

        I got a boy here ( eastern NC). Where are you located

    • Arthur Radley

      Michael says: “Even if Gold goes to $3,500/ounce, how is it good insurance if the Govt. places a windfall Tax on the gains?… Imagine getting only $500 for $3,500 gold.”

      Hello Michael,

      Other people above posted similar comments (frosty, Rodger). Maybe it will be so. Who knows. But is that is a reason to do nothing about the threat we KNOW is coming? Not even to try? To sit around and whine about possible further developments that cannot be accurately predicted? Yes, the government is corrupt (and very likely becoming downright evil). The police and many other civilian agencies have become militarized (physically and mentally). I don’t think anybody can predict how those monsters will react when that inevitable day comes. But I still make plans, intend to resist, and will try to survive anyway.

      • Michael

        Arthur Radley, was I “whining”? Heh heh heh!!!

        I truly believe that those questions are some of the ones many people have on their minds. I also know that many people won’t post those kind of questions for fear of being bullied by some insensitive jerk trying to proove to others he’s a real “tough guy”, heh heh heh.

        Nevertheless, I would ask it again, and Jason Emery gave an excellent (and sensitive) answer that I thought was right in the bullseye, as well as encouraging for everyone. Thanks again for your objective and relevant response Jason!

        Really though, Arthur, I wouldn’t recommend resisting God, or resisting evil people either. God says do not resist one who is evil, when he strikes one cheek; offer him the other too. When someone takes your coat, give him your cloak too.

        Job agrees; perhaps knowing more than the average church-goer about God. Job said (after he lost everything, even his own children); “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” And again Job says to his wife: “shall we accept good from the hand of the Lord and not receive evil?” And God says that in all the words Job spoke, he did not sin with his lips.

        You might want to consider that God says not to resist someone who is evil because God sent him. The behind-the-scenes action at God’s Throne proves that. That may insult your world view or even your theology, but it is no less what God says. And Jesus agrees, and so too the Apostles.

        As they explain the reason for fiery trials that come upon us to prove us; God intends good, and it is THROUGH these fiery trials (and what they “burn” out of us) that God purifies us in the process of redemption. God is working His own Character into His true followers, and it’s pure Gold. Consider the end of Job, God restored double to him, and in the process of the fiery trials Job became something he was not before the trials. Job became an intercessor for those counselors of his who weren’t right with God.

        Have a long look at the One whom never sinned; God’s own Son Jesus: He didn’t resist the one who punched Him and ridiculed Him. He didn’t turn away His own face from being spit on. Neither did He call legions of angels to deliver Him when Crucified, though He could have done so. He simply endured it all as from the Hand of God, for of a truth, what happened there was preordained by God our Father to happen, and even the details of the crucifixion were predicted (prophesied) thousands of years before Christ was born as a man.

        What I find so awesome is what He did while He endured all of the suffering – He not only prayed for those who were murdering Him, WHILE they were murdering Him, but He found a valid REASON for His request to God: “They don’t know what they’re doing.” How many men do you know like Him? Rare aren’t they?

        I too have learned through much suffering, even of the same kind. And I’m still learning.

        But I tell you the truth; for almost one year my family was homeless, we had to sell everything we owned but one old car. I had to tell my children to pick out their favorite toy because we had no room in the car for anything else. (but when they brought another, or two, and asked “please Daddy just this one other?” I couldn’t say “no”.)

        Believe me, my heart too has been crushed in many different ways. And through it all, God taught me to draw closer to Him, and through all that time my children never missed one meal, never missed a safe and warm place to lie down to sleep, and never wondered if God loved them. We often ran out of money. The day I taught my son (at 4 years old) how to give a tenth for those who were less fortunate than us, he humbled me when instead of 10 cents he gave the whole dollar. Later that day we went to the riverbank to swim, and he came running up to me and his Mom waving a ten dollar bill in his hand saying “God brought it back to me times ten just like you said; “on the water.””

        I would not trade any of those moments even if God gave me a million bucks to change how that came to pass.

        Now, if you like, you may take your best shot, Free. I’ll even allow you to have the last word! And may the good Lord bless you with the gentleness that comes from Rock-solid strength – in the inward parts.

        Heh heh heh.


        • Arthur Radley

          Michael, my “last shot” will be to apologize. I regret writing something that insulted you.

          • Michael


            Thank you, Sir, for your most gracious gesture.

            However, there is no need to regret anything; there is no record of any wrongdoing in my heart or mind against you. Just the two of us working out the things of life and relationships in a way we can both learn and grow, and someday come to maturity in the most important issues of humanity.

            I receive your extended hand of fellowship, and I am glad to make your acquaintance, Arthur. Good Will to you also.

            May you have a Great Day! And many more.


        • Allen Ols


          U took the words’out of my mouth, and typed them wih no misspells, and eloq.

          I use old android, and have long thick fingers for pecking out words:-)


          • Michael

            Thanks Alols. Fingers aside; there’s an absolutely HEALTHY heart moving them to action!

            When I get my new body I look forward to having all of my fingers again!


    • Galaxy 500

      What is your suggestion? Not do anything. Me, if I get any spare money, I am going to buy some food, protection and after that some PMs. I’ll take my chances on what the tax rate is. The government is going to be in serious trouble due to its unwieldy size.

      • lastmanstanding

        Mike…it’s already in trouble.

        The only ones that don’t know it are about 90+% US citizens.

        It will suck to be them when they finally realize that their whole life has been a lie.

    • Galaxy 500

      I seem to recall that.the.French nobility.didn’t fare.too.well.In the.French.revolution.

  27. 02144pomroy

    Quite a different take from either Hudes or Fitts. Mr. Sinclair knows his stuff and looks and sounds like an honest man. And, he is not “angry” 🙂 Great interview Greg!

  28. Greg

    Anne Elliott,
    With rising prices of gold you will get rising prices of silver and probably more extreme than gold.

  29. KC


    Amazing interview! Truly a feather in your cap to get Mr. Sinclair on. Very nice work.

    • Greg

      Thank you KC. Mr. Sinclair was very gracious to make time to come on and he was amazing!!

  30. Galaxy 500

    Sebelius says she would enroll Obama care if she could…under oath no less. Doesn’t she know you can go to Hell for lying? And obviously, she is unconcerned about perjury.
    And she is frustrated about the roll out and she apologized. How about honorable suicide? SHE SAYS SHE HAS TO FIX IT? How about this…let’s FIRE her for incompetence AND then she can enroll in Obama care. Sounds fair.
    Send in the clowns. Watching this hearing I have a mental sound tract running. Send in the clowns.

  31. Rich


  32. Jughead

    Greg….absolutely GREAT!!….and I’m going to listen to him in Orlando this Saturday….can’t wait….

    • Greg

      I am sure it is time well spent.

  33. Kent Crandall

    Great interview today Greg! Jim Sinclair, a serious dude, but notice no mention of silver… Mr. Sinclair is all for the future hegemony of gold as the guarantor of currencies, but that sets up a system for a bunch of shadow bankers to pull strings and manipulate from behind the scenes, the same as they do today. Competitive currencies, including silver for the common man, is the antidote to the corruption we face. Jim Sinclair, while prescient and a deep insider, seems to be working to create a new global monetary system where his heirs will enjoy the same manipulative power that Jim does today.

    • Greg

      Kent Crandall,
      I don’t know how you can come to that conclusion. The Singapore exchange will be a spot/cash marker with no futures. You are casting dispersions on his character and actions with zero evidence, but thank you for doing it with a real name.

  34. Rich

    I have been following Jim for a while. He states (in other interviews & his website)that when he refers to gold, he is referring to both gold and silver.

  35. Covington

    “The Great Leveling” or layman terms poverty in mass and hence the solution to income inequality. Get rid of income inequality and make everybody equal and you through poverty out the window (as goes the logic).

  36. Oxbo Rene

    The thieves are determined to steal everyone’s money/wealth. How can anyone escape their grasp?

    Simple = go illegal …..
    ie: as like drug dealers ….

    • Galaxy 500

      Can I be pirate? Oh, Please oh, please.

      All I needed is 250 mill. I would the Hans Solo of the Ocean.
      Happy to deliver you favorite poison to the closest beach to your home. Dead serious, you get the money to me and Chewy and I will do the rest.
      It does take 2 years to build but I could pay you back in 5 years with interest (6%)

  37. carl

    Michael @ 12:04 pm,

    I have been a follower of Mr. Sinclair for a while. First, please take time to read his commentary at From there, you will have a better understanding of his timeline. There are also a number of very informed followers there who send him very informative pieces.

    Mr. Sinclair has a “honey” list for those who wish to protect themselves. I believe it is around 9 or 10 distinct moves to make before all of this takes place.

    All of the items make perfect sense but some are complex and harder to implement. They take time and due diligence. And some people just don’t want to take the time to be honest.

    One of these items for example is protecting brokerage and/or pension money including 401k’s, ira’s etc. This to me is the most difficult of all for people to comprehend. It is also the most time consuming. This is my last piece of the puzzle and will sleep well at night knowing that I took the steps. Whether something catastrophic happens or not it really didn’t change my life in any way. I know my $ is safe.

    If you go back and review the video, Mr. Sinclair didn’t say a windfall tax was coming at 3,500/oz. He did say that it might come later at gold nearing more astronomical levels. Would anyone be concerned paying profit tax if gold really made it to 50,000/oz.? Not me.

    The timeline of events may be sooner than what he says so why not act now? Remember how he mentions the re-valuation of mortgages to the new valuation of currency? Well, what is the greatest amount of debt for most people? The mortgage on their house. What if your mortgage revalues from 250K to 400K yet the value of your money has been cut in half? Most people wouldn’t be able to afford the upward reset. If you own gold, then in the very least you could cover a portion/all of the reset. Make sense?

    • Michael

      “Why not act now?” you say…

      Here’s why:
      I am a former US Marine from the Vietnam “police Action” era, honorably discharged A1 as a Meritorious Corporal in 16 months. I was “recruited” involuntarily (transferred isn’t the correct word) out of Uncle Sams Misguided Children to the Company because of my “special skill set” which was in very high demand.

      When I shot the gap from the Far East “Tour” people spit on me as soon as I stepped off the freedom bird at LAX, and called me names like “baby killer”. It continued thereafter.

      4 people (including Greg Hunter) in my whole life have thanked me for my service to this country; my Dad, a Judge (when I testified wearing a USMC T-Shirt), a woman outside the grocery store several years ago who saw me wearing my USMC baseball hat (named Wanda, I asked her what her name was because she was the third person in my whole life who thanked me for my service, and I told her I would never forget her name), and lastly Greg Hunter when he discovered I am a Marine.

      Once I fulfilled all my duty, I went to college on the GI Bill. Being from a family of 9 there was no support available, so I worked full-time as I attended college full time, graduating in six years with a 3.33 GPA. The GI Bill did not come close to covering my school bills, or even help with the rent, but paying as I went at least I avoided loan debt.

      I spent the next couple decades having and raising 3 children with my wife while climbing the ladder in manufacturing firms up till around 2000, when my injuries caught up to me and put me out of work. I turned around 7 mfg. plants in my prime.

      It’s just as well, because once I reached the Vice President level in the Fortune 50 (@ 1990) I was labeled “not a team player” for refusing to violate the law and my conscience at work, so I was fired several times and blackballed too. Sometimes they just refused to pay my earned bonus; based on improved profitability.

      I did not “lose” my home, it was stolen from me illegally by the Bank, and I lost about $200k. We had several houses which we bought and fixed up as rentals over the years, but lost them all later when we were forced in bankruptcy. Much more money lost and years of sweat too.

      I am now 100% disabled, and just found out that next year I can expect a 1.5% COLA raise of between $11-$15 per month. I get nothing from the VA and no longer try. COLA stands for “Cost Of Living Adjustment” for anyone who doesn’t already know. It’s also something more I’ll be able to afford next year, as in a couple of 6-packs of Coco-COLA per month, with my COLA raise.

      I am saying (rather long winded as I am) that I am no stranger to difficult times, unfair treatment, injustice, crooked lawyers, corrupt bankers, cheating bosses, etc… But in every instance God told me to let it go. I didn’t like it, but I did as He said, and I have learned.

      I wanted to sue the Banks that stole so much from us, but God told me not to. He said I should Appeal to Him instead, and since I was obedient to Him, He would hear my case and be a just Judge. So I held the Bankers, all of them, and all the corrupted lawyers and politicians too, accountable to the Highest Authority anywhere: Jesus Christ. When He gave me His verdict I announced it on a world-wide investment forum (of course they all booed and cursed me) and on the eighth day afterwards the collapse of 2008 began, and since then more truth about everything has been brought forth throughout the world than in any other time period in the history of man since Jesus walked the earth almost 2000 years ago. That process shall continue too, and become more intense each week.

      I too have read Jim Sinclair for decades. I have nothing against the man, but he is after all just a man. So his opinions, while they may be rational and wise are not in perfect alignment with what God is doing. One thing you too should remember is that Jim has an agenda, which he has declared, even admitting his biased opinion in the interview. Greg has an agenda too, as does everyone. Nothing wrong with that, but I can assure you that several of Jim’s prognostications shall not come to pass, nor in the time line he puts forth.

      Once again, I’m not criticizing anyone, just reminding everyone to constantly remain OBJECTIVE AND Keep the really BIG PICTURE in mind.

      Thanks for your comments and your friendly advice – and I HAVE already read all of his website. I simply have no earthly wealth to preserve. What “non-essential” money I have I use to encourage the truth to come forth from whatever places one is inclined to share. I even manage to throw a couple bucks to Greg now and then because I greatly appreciate all who work so hard to bring truth and understanding to the masses. They may not even realize yet that they are serving God and His purposes!

      Good Day!

      • brad27

        Michael, May I be number five to thank you for putting your life and health on the line in doing your duty. I regret that our gov’t didn’t allow you to win that war against totalitarianism. It is wonderful to see am man like you stand up for true and righteous principles. Our gold may be an interim store of wealth and a wise strategy for a time but it will not save us in the end. Best of luck to you. –brad

        • Michael

          Yes you may, brad27, and thank you very much for your kindness.

          As for winning that war against totalitarianism, I used to feel that way too. But when I review in my own mind the transformation that I experienced over there, their war really wasn’t my war, anyway. As for my duty, as defined by our laws, and the moral sense of duty of mostly older generations, yes. I did it, and it forever changed me, and my loyalties.

          Very quickly, in a situation like that “war”, many if not most Marines process and personalize everything in a way very different from the uninitiated and inexperienced people we once were.

          In the beginning it was blind trust in the righteousness of our government’s cause – but that belief didn’t live long in the ultra-violent savagery of unbridled deadly force clashing not between two armies, not even two nations, but two, (or more) totally different cultures and value systems.

          Violence could rise up anywhere and everywhere without a moments notice. In the rear area, or at mess, or even while watching an outdoor film – and suddenly an American’s head explodes from a sniper’s bullet. Or in broad daylight a young child selling soda’s runs away, and in that moment you’re wondering “why the rush”, the soda’s begin exploding in your buddies hands.

          I assure you that we rarely if ever thought about totalitarianism, communism, or any political/philosophical perspective on the day-in day-out murders we witnessed… and committed – just to survive.

          Much more compelling to me was trying to make sense out of the confusion constantly going on around me 24/7. I don’t mean the confusion of combat either, I mean the outright lies everyone hides their true motivation behind. I’m speaking about learning how to discern intent.

          What really weighed on my heart and mind, that is, when I didn’t have a quiet moment to think about “home” and the “real world” we all knew and longed to return to, was keeping my buddies alive.

          But war pops everyone’s cherry who’s involved in it – you are not allowed to continue to believe in anything false because the cold hard truth of potential life or death at any second constantly challenges every assumption you have made about right and wrong.

          When I mentioned someone’s head exploding from a sniper’s bullet (above), you assumed I meant that an enemy combatant fired that shot, didn’t you. Welcome to the cold hard truth my friend.

          War IS hell. It is man in his own self interest, at every level, doing unthinkable things to others and justifying them in his own heart – being absolutely convinced he is RIGHT.

          You see, in every branch of service there are non-hackers, and then there the trouble makers. The difference between them is that non-hackers are just a bunch of griping, slow-footed burdens of continual discontent. But the trouble-makers were so-tagged by officers, as ones who at the first opportunity in a moment of confusion (the so called “fog” of battle) would throw a hand grenade into an officers hooch or bunker (fragging is the term coined for that) to kill them.

          Experienced officers were not about to go home in a body bag if there was any way to avoid it, so they got smart real fast. The first action of a wise C.O. was to send out our own sniper teams, keeping others in the rear, and relaxed. Within a few days, (mysteriously to those who do not use the gray-matter between their ears) all the so-tagged trouble makers were on THEIR way home in body bags accompanied by nice letters for their families, so everyone could continue in their own preferred delusions. How is it that those commies knew who to shoot first? Wow, the idiots did us a favor!

          Right? Or, “think again?” You choose what you want to believe, and from a distantly removed (thank God!) position. But when you are there in the s*** you don’t have that luxury.

          What effect would THAT have on you if you were one of those snipers sent out “to protect the battalion”? You would get your “cherry” (delusions) popped real quick – and the reality of what man really is would be staring at you in the mirror for a very long time. ‘Think you would then be contemplating the geopolitical strategies for the conquest of worldwide limited resources? I think not. But the only way to get from where the “uninitiated” are, to that place of true understanding of the utter depravity of war is to go through it yourself, or maybe, learn from someone who has, without having to endure all the suffering yourself.

          As the good Book states: Man is a beast. Anyone who thinks he is not is only deluded and uninitiated, having not listened to what God, in His infinite mercy has already told us – and because they do not know the truth they don’t even perceive the Way out He has provided for all of us.

          Coming to know what I was, and what every member of humanity is, caused me great trouble. Especially when I read the Bible. How can God love us; beasts that we are, is there anything truly lovable in us? Eventually the truth dawned on me: God loves us because He is loving, not because we are lovable. I examined in great depth everything Jesus said and did, and discerned His motives and His intents, and finally realized what it means to be spotless and without blemish. Most of all, His compassion for people so lost in human selfishness – moved me to want to get to know the real Jesus, personally. This He was true to: “No one who comes to Me will I in any way cast out.”

          I hope I didn’t “jolt” you too harshly with reality, and if I did I am truly sorry for that effect. But I still hope that it will help you on your journey into all the truth.

          May you find the Only Way wherein this one of “The Few and the Proud” became one of “the few and the humbled” who follow Jesus in that straight and narrow path to eternal life.

          With all sincerity,

          • Brad Call

            I am pleased that I checked back or I would have missed your comments. I appreciate your time and for having the curtain pulled back to see what you saw personally. God bless you.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thank you and I pray for God to bless and protect you.

        • Michael

          Thank you Sir!

          And may the Good Lord return that Good-Will to you and those you love an hundred fold!


  38. jimmy

    Great interview. Mr. Sinclair is, as far as I’m concerned, right on the money. I disagree that if the U.S. should “roll over” we would drag the world down with us. The BRICS, which Mr. Sinclair referred to often in the interview, are all doing just fine trading among themselves and by-passing the U. S. dollar. We need the rest of the world, much more than the world needs us.

  39. RM

    Hi Greg,

    One of your best interviews ever. An outstanding interview with Mr. Jim Sinclair. Nobody knows the gold market better than Jim Mr. Sinclair.

  40. steve

    Gold is insurance, but the nice thing is you only have to pay the premium once! To answer the question as to when to buy and at what price, think of the parable of the ten virgins. Thank you Greg for having Jim on. We have too few men and women courage, honesty, and intellect left. I’m afraid this is why such hard times await us.

    CIGA Steve

    • Greg

      You said, “. . . nice thing is you only have to pay the premium once.” There is some real power in that statement. Insurance policy is always in force. Thank you for adding your perspective!!

  41. Arizona

    WILL gold go up in value?I doubt it,why because you can’t buy anything with over priced metal,THEY have been able to make pure gold for 50 years,rise the price and watch what happens to the price of gold,they’ll start making it in mass amounts,IT’LL drop like a rock,6.00 oz,expect to see that happen……………..

  42. Michael

    While it’s exciting to hear actual projected $ numbers with target dates, along with a rational approach to who/what/when/why & especially How… from a source greatly respected in the “gold community”…

    Let’s remember that his opinion, no matter how good, along with everyone else’s opinion… is at best just an educated opinion of man.

    Here is the Truth of the matter; First the context is this:

    Luke 12:15
    And He (Jesus) said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses.

    Now the specifics about gold and silver:

    Ezekiel 7:19
    They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

    Have you ever known a wealthy person who is unhappy, unbalanced, unfulfilled and miserable – or insane? It’s not that rare.

    Revelation 3:18
    I counsel thee to buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou may see.

    The REALLY BIG PICTURE is this:

    God is shaking everything in heaven and on earth (besides Jesus; His Word) which man has put his confidence in, or sees as his security.

    When the shaking is completed every lie will fail and every false confidence will have been removed.

    The only true security we have (anywhere) is that we, mankind are highly esteemed and loved by God as His own Creation, and His will toward man is Good!

    The ONLY thing that cannot be shaken in all the Creation is God’s Kingdom

    (it’s not the same thing as Churchianity or Christendom, which shall go through great tribulation) and when the shaking is complete, the only thing remaining standing shall be His Kingdom. THEN everyone will know God, EVERYONE! No more teachers (no more false teachers either), God shall reveal Himself to every human being, Personally)

    For those who do not Treasure the Pure Gold God gives; the earthly kind shall do you no good.

    There are two basic kinds of people who shall experience all of this in the coming few years:

    One kind, the majority of people, will blame corrupt men for these problems. They will not turn to God who is doing the shaking, who is striking down evil, and of these people everyone will be turned one man against every other man. The destruction will be beyond belief, greater than any destruction during human history since the beginning of the world.

    The Second kind, the minority, have already or will turn to God, Listen to what He says (What He has already said) receive His Word (Who is Jesus; clothed in sackloth) and change their minds and their direction, and become the blessed of God in the midst of all that goes on around them. These shall enjoy peace of mind and True confidence because they shall KNOW (with Certainty) the Truth, and nothing will be able to shake them because God Himself protects them, inside and out.

    This is not my belief, this is what I KNOW, because of Who I know, and Whom I am known by. Through these “birth pangs” of tribulation God is Delivering His own out of this world system into His own Kingdom.

    Best wishes in your investments, but please remember that it does not profit anyone to gain the whole world only to lose your own soul. Take care for your soul FIRST, then invest in what is worthy of being preserved whole for the future!


    P.S. Apologies to anyone who thinks I’m lobbying for “usawatchdog preacher”. I really do care about everyone, even those who don’t care about God, and I intend only the best for you all.

    • Greg

      The Biblical reference you made applies to rich people. (I am not a Bible scholar.) I believe this verse (Ezekiel 7:19) refers to People who are Godless and only value gold and silver and other forms of wealth that they put above God. In the world of, most here value and worship God. He and his word come first. When I talk about gold and silver it is not some sort of get rich quick scheme. It is one piece of a survival strategy. Here, I talk about it only as insurance and not a money making trade. Gold and silver coins are to protect you and your family from financial calamity that is surly coming. It is that and nothing more. I appreciate your spirit and your comment.

      • Michael

        Thank you for your honesty and courage to state what you believe. I really do appreciate that. That enables us to clarify what we mean and clear up any misunderstandings.

        First let me say that by your own comments it seems to me that perhaps you have misunderstood me, maybe even God’s words.

        Please allow me to point out that the Bible, God’s Word, was never given to “Godless people” but to God’s very own chosen people, to cause them to become His Holy nation. Even when Jesus arrived on the scene, He came FIRST to God’s people the Jews, as a Jew, and when He sent out the Apostles He sent them FIRST to the Nation of Israel; God’s own Chosen people. I think EVERY scripture penned in the Bible is to people who believed in God, past, present and future and that’s why I think you may have misunderstood what God meant in Ezekiel.

        Neither did I intend (nor can I even perceive where or why you seem to think I insinuated) that anyone, least of all you, my friend, that anyone’s pursuing “get rich quick schemes”.

        As for making money on trades I have no problem with that even if that WERE what you are proscribing. I don’t think God has a problem with making money either. So I have no idea where any of my comments led you to conclude that I do. Really! I used to be trader too, when I couldn’t go to work due to my injuries. I made $1,000 my first day, day-trading the S&P, and gave every penny of it to my local meals-on-wheels charity as an offering to God for the poor and shut-ins. Again, I just don’t get that comment! An honest dollar earned is an honorable dollar of income!

        As for this: “The Biblical reference you made applies to rich people” I won’t argue with you because arguing never accomplishes anything but hurt feelings. But if you want to truly understand what Gold and Silver are intended by God to represent to the true follower of Christ I would be pleased to help you with that. You could even spend some time reading what I have posted on my website at

        Gregg, no need to post this response on your page, just delete it if you prefer. I have no argument to win and no one to impress — I just want YOU to know what I did intend, and did not intend to make anyone uncomfortable or to feel like I’m talking down to them – especially you.

        Still your friend I hope,

        PS if you don’t want me to post anymore on your page I won’t. Just let me know and I will leave. No offense intended, ever!

        • Greg

          I am not offended in anyway by what you said. I simply want to point out what I am doing here. I cannot stop what is going to happen. What I think I am supposed to do is bring people the truth to help them prepare for what will be enormous turmoil. I believe what is coming is Biblical in proportion and has never happened before in recorded history. My only goal is to enlighten and inform people so they will act to protect their families. I hope some people will, in turn, be in position to help others. Please post anytime you want. I am Christian and unashamed. This kind of discussion is needed and you may quote the Bible anytime, and feel free to include a link to your site every time you post!!! I enjoy it. Peace brother. If I came off harsh, it wan not intended.

          Your friend,

          • lastmanstanding

            Amen gentlemen…that is why the founders gave us the 1st Amendment.

            We’ll need the 2nd to keep it.

            Thank you Micheal for your service and conviction…Semper Fi.

            Thank you Greg for one of the most honest sites on the web and also for your conviction to truthful information.

            I to am standing with God…I believe that he is going to need all the help that he can get to bring peace to the earth.

          • Michael

            Thank you Greg for clearing that up. I now understand, and that all your comments were not a direct response to mine.

            Everything you say beyond “What I think I am supposed to do….” is precisely the same as the conclusions I came to about you many months before my first posting.

            I’m all for protecting family too. Family is God’s idea, that’s one thing Israel had forgotten when Jesus came on the scene re-presenting “God” to them as “Father” and Himself as “Son”. Later, He re-presented God to His Apostles as “My Father” AND “your Father” too.

            So I absolutely agree with your motivation, and I believe its ultimate source is indeed God; our Father.

            I am also reminded that just as God created Eve out of Adam, to give Adam a Helper and create the First family on earth, Christ (the last Adam) who came out from God also gave us another comforter, and Helper, to lead us into all the truth as we are born into His Family; a Kingdom of Heirs; the very Offspring of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Yep; it was God’s idea and He setup the pattern for all families!

            Thanks again for the Excellent Interview with Jim Sinclair, I’ve listened to the entire thing several times, and listened carefully.


            For lastmanstanding:
            Oooh-rah! 8652 Whiskey Casper, Battalion Guardian Angel, over!

            Though my weapons and tactics have changed since my service, my goal is still the same, and the same one God gave to Joseph…

            …to save many; ALIVE!

            Decades ago my handle on the net was FirstManStanding, so I really identify with yours!

            Thanks mucho – Now I’m up to five and very blessed!
            Bless you too!

            Casper OUT.

  43. John

    A great interview Greg, i have sent an e mail link to two of my children to come and watch this as it saves me having to explain everything. Mr Sinclair is the type of person we need to see more often as he has worked for the enemy in the past but is now putting people straight on what to do with their money. This is also good news for gold holders who have been wondering how much longer their stake in holding physical gold will pay off, as i am sure many must have thought should i sell and get out now ? Based on Mr Sinclair’s reputation i think more will now sleep easier.

  44. Dig it man

    Do you think Bitcoin is a viable alternative to the US dollar AND gold?

    • Greg

      Dig it man,
      Gold and silver coins are your core investment. Everything else is trading in my book.

    • mohammad

      It is a test pilot to the new digital money, same as SDR to the new bonds will be issued by the new central bank of the world.
      That phase is coming, we will be wired to the matrix. Look at Iphones and apple. Did you ask yourself why is the logo a bitten apple?
      Isn’t it the one bite of apple that got Adam out of heaven????
      The offspring of that serpentine that got Adam out of heaven is here now to get us in the abyss, (kids are walking like zombies, people are driving like zombies….with the same screaming logo…. Bitten apple), last of them and not the least is collecting finger prints.

  45. George Silver

    Another good interview Greg. You certainly are getting the big-hitters.

    Any chance you could let us know in advance who will be on the shows? I’m sure many people here have questions that you might like to take on-board that you might not have thought about..

    • Greg

      George Silver,
      I don’t like to promote too far in advance.

  46. Rod

    Great interview Greg, Your Best Ever! Jim has been a household word around my house for a decade. He not only knows gold but has a clear understanding of world events and their consequences. Wisdom is a scarse commodity these days, listen and be wise!

    • Greg

      Sinclair is the man and I would never bet against him especially in the long term big picture. Thank you for your comment and support.

  47. Heidi

    Martin Armstrong is so right ( he is bearish right now until 2014 ) he see’s NO $ 50,000 gold and NO hyperinflation at all ….all deflationary . Sinclair says what people want to hear – higher gold prices – and now Sinclair is a HERO !
    Let’s check back by 2010 ….shall we ?

    • Greg

      Don’t cherry pick a year my dear. Go to 2002 when gold was trading at around $360. Are you trading this market? Nobody is perfect not even Armstrong (who I like and respect.)

    • Greg

      By the way Heidi, could you point us to a body of work you have created and let us all know your credentials. That includes a real verifiable first and last name. It is just too easy to criticize someone who uses anonymity as a shield. Thank you for your involvement here.

      • Heidi

        All learned from the best and prove it too , may even save somebody NOT to expect $ 50,000 or $ 30,000 in gold …
        If more is needed go to his website or leave a comment and I find it for you .
        You are welcome

        • Greg

          Now all we need is a real name when you heap criticism on people. Thank you.

          • Heidi

            (This is Greg Hunter) I have deleted your comment and I am blocking your comments until you provide a full name and own your words. I don’t post anonymously and with this level of criticism I am requiring you to post a verifiable full name. Only a coward post criticism behind a veil. Take down the veil and let us all see who you are.

        • George, too

          I respect Mr. Armstrong. Martin has made some predictions that were so out there and contrary to other opinions and they were correct I might add. I have read almost everything Mr. Armstrong has written and I have spent months researching his theories. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest minds with regards to understand money flow and economics of our time.
          That being said, he is not 100%. IF you check his history, you will discover that he bankrupted himself on one bet.

    • Liquid Motion

      Rather than bashing and making references to other sites, can you provide us all with some of your own pearls of wisdom ?
      Perhaps you can provide some analysis of the geopolitical backdrop OR maybe perhaps the world outrage over the US’s ambivalence towards its currency, its people, debt, counterfeiting, wars, spying and the world in general ?
      I respect other’s views when they are supported and logical, but I have a distaste for those that attack without reason or qualification. In that regard…are you, do you, can you speak from authority/experience ?
      How are you managing during these times. What forecasts do you have about the future. You come across as being nonplussed about what 150MLN Americans currently face or what the FED has created by way of a debt burden from hell, or about the lies, deceit and manipulation and the fact that the US has been living a false existence for 4 decades through its insane credit expansionist theories. How do all of these (and more) factor into your everyday life, and importantly why do you think that you are impervious to another GFC (when it happens)?

      • Greg

        Liquid Motion,
        I am getting the idea that “Heidi” it a government troll. I’ve asked for a verifiable first and last name and some credentials. let’s see if I get them.

        • Heidi

          OH s…., you got to be kidding ? This is getting better by the minute ” government troll ? ”
          To send comments here it asked for the name – did not say LAST NAME …so I didn’t – yours says only GREGG what’s wrong with my 1st name . Why don’t you e-mail me ? Or rather not ..I think I’m done here .
          Gee and now it’s bashing too because I don’t agree with what Sinclair said ? Here it is : Believe everything Sinclair tells you $ 50,000 gold by 2020 and hyperinflation
          and good luck to you all.

          • Greg

            What is wrong with asking for a real name? You are mad about that?

      • Galaxy 500

        Nice retort LM

    • mohammad

      Only the fruitful tree gets most of the stones!!!!!!!!!

  48. Kirsty

    Thanks Greg for the outstanding interview. I’ve been following JSMineset for many years and it was great to hear Mr Sinclair in person. So thanks agains and keep up your great work.

  49. Praxis

    Smash interview Greg, absolutely monstrous!

    Is it really so hard for people to be level headed and use arithmetic? Raw numbers can’t lie.

    Either Jim knows what’s on the horizon (which I dread and agree with) or it’s the worst call anyone has ever made in history sans the rapture.

    It’s troublesome to me that most people aren’t interested in human relations of all scales. It’s spicy, dangerous, exciting, has constantly changing perspectives and characters. It could get you killed, but also save your rear. Too bad really.

    Thanks again Mr. Hunter. That was excellent!

    • George

      What’s that old adage? Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Sure raw numbers lie if they are the raw numbers the BLS (US Gov’t) puts out because they are sheer fabrications to push Obama’s propaganda as if it were fact. Even in the face of their own anecdotal evidence to the contrary, some people will believe and spout off the BLS BS numbers at the water cooler like they calculated the numbers themselves. Some people have so much invested in this administration and have partaken of the “Communist / socialist ” Kool-Aid for so long they urinate purple. They WANT to believe so bad they dismiss inconvenient facts. You know the ones I mean; the ones that crushingly, disprove their cherished philosophy, programs and / or ideals.
      Think of it as Al Gore’s inconvenient truth…contrary to his predictions of global warming, the planet earth’s temp has moved in over 15 years. And he predicted this year would be increasingly extreme weather wise and it has had the most mediocre weather for decades. Got to love Al, he has invested millions in his phony carbon trading exchange and if he can’t get the government to finish destroying the economy by mandating this carbon trading Ponzi scheme, it will cost him big time.
      Al Gore, the environmentalist with the $20,000 power bill for his mansion. Living large.

  50. Paul

    Great interview. It was good to associate the face with the voice as I have listened to him for years. Despite his excellent and strong arguments I still believe it is always best to diversify. Strengthen your gold and silver positions for sure, but be careful about going all in.
    Thanks again Greg and I really like your site.

  51. Glen

    That was an amazing interview with Mr. Sinclair. Although I do not relish his predictions that we will see hyperinflation. Notice the differences in his thinking and Catherine Austine Fitts. She believes that we will stay in slow burn and there will be no hyperinflation. Mr. Sinclair basically believes we are in slow burn leading to a hyperinflation. Fitts seems to place less emphasis on gold and more emphasis on basic prepping. Sinclair does believe in prepping but doesn’t talk about it so much. I believe that both experts bring truths to the table and both scenario’s need to be prepared for. Thanx again for this interview.

  52. Chuck

    Great interview! I will try to save this one for reference and to be forwarded to those that are open to the information. I would also recommend Mike Maloney’s ( four 20 minute educational videos explaining the history of Money VS Currency. Very well done. Get Mike on also if you haven’t yet. He has a gift to explain complicated topics to laymen like me. Patience is the only other ingredient needed in this PMs game. I would like to see a debt jubilee and a pivot to a gold backed US currency before China backs their currency. It would be wise for us to beat the Chinese to it or we are toast. Wishful thinking at this point. Get into your crash positions and prepare to kiss our rear ends goodbye. Thank you for your reporting and interviews.

    • George

      I would love to see America return to the legal form of money as per the US Constitution which is gold, silver, nickel and copper. However, we would have to default on all of our debt first. If we didn’t, any gold we have left in Ft. Knox would be sucked out so fast it would cause a vacuum that would kill everyone in three state radius.
      We are already “toast” as you put it.

      • Chuck

        Yes George I understand. The Debt Jubilee I mentioned would be the all inclusive default for the public and governments. I mentioned that first before the mention of gold backed currency. It would lead to war. I’m not sure there is any or much gold in Fort Knox. The Germans are waiting five or more years to get some of their gold back because its not there in the New York vaults. It has been leased out and resold to many. I’ve read up to 50 or more claims on the same ounce. I could believe Mr. Sinclair’s claim of $50K an ounce if you simply do the math in relation to the claims on the inventory.

  53. brian wilson

    The calm, steady measured demeanor of this man speaks volumes of his experience and the hard won depth of his knowledge. The man strikes me as someone who is neither afraid nor a stranger to the truth.

  54. Max


    Thank you for this interview with Jim Sinclair.

    I feel that he gives us a level-headed view of the current
    and future economic/political activities of the US and world.

    I would like to see more of his interviews.

  55. M. Smith

    The number one news site on the web. Thank You Greg.

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      You are3 too kind. Thank you.

  56. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    WTG getting Jim and great interview.Here’s a nice read.I know that the IMF has had SDR’s for some time or at least the thought.

    Thanks Dave

    • Greg

      Thank you Dave for the comment and content!

  57. Gabe

    Greg, Thank you for a great,informative interview. The MSM has been shut off at my house! I can’t take the lies anymore.I do visit the watchdog everyday though, thank you again, Gabe

  58. Sally

    This Sinclair interview is hot – as evidenced by the commenters at tfmetals who are as laudatory as it gets. I think this interview deserves to have a transcript of it made available – the world-wide impact will be that much greater.
    Thanks for the great work Greg.

  59. a .cassano

    hi Mr.Hunter
    i go by the handle ” cassanoa ” on YouTube – you recently blocked me from commenting – i am never crude or vulgar and only express my opinion – usually a well formulated opinion – are we not allowed to voice contrarian opinions ? – it would not bother me if i deserved the ban – can you please re instate me – i am a loyal watcher and although i am vocal – i do give sincere opinions – i dont harass – but i will defend my views politely as always


    • Greg

      What did you say in you last comment that got me to block you?

    • Ugly

      to cassano.

      You might want to check the dialogue box before you post comment. Once in a while I’ll notice it is blank where my screen name (Ugly) and email (real one)are gone, and when I post comment nothing goes through. So double check. It happens to me quite often on several blogs.

      to Heidi.

      You need to check the history of the USD Index to defend what you are defending. The petro-dollar and America is about to get a very rude awakening. Including you. Good luck with your stocks, I am getting out at a snails pace (due to taxes).

  60. George

    on the last weekly wrap up, you talked about all the people getting cancellation letters from their insurance companies because the Obama administration wrote rules requiring that the insurance company cancel if there were changes. I just saw a Dem from NJ saying that no one wanted those “crap” policies and that the market place would take care of it. Meg Kelly asked how that was possible when Obamacare mandated that the polices people were promised they could keep had to be cancelled and that the only choices were what the exchanges offered. He responded that they were crap policies and no one wanted them and that’s why they were not offered.

    This guy had what my father would call a “Shi-ite eating” grin. If you look at who the American people have elected to represent them, not just the Obamachrist but the entire group; you know we are doomed and that we deserve what we are getting.

    BC/BS of NC has sent 160,000 letters of cancellation from what I just read. Obamacare is not about insurance, it is about “democratization” of cost. I am a male but Obamacare mandates that I be covered for birth control, maternity benefits and a mammogram. Do you think I will ever need any of these “benefits?” And my wife has to pay for birth control and maternity benefits even though she no longer needs them either.
    Insurance was a wonderful thing. It was based on risk. Now it is based on theft with the insurance companies being forced by Obama to steal from one group so they can give the service for free to a crack head or illegal alien.
    Contrary to what the Obamamites are saying, the “greedy” insurance companies didn’t cancel the old policies; they were forced to by the evil Obamamites to do it. All so Obama can give me free coverage for birth control that I could not get even if I wanted it.

    • George

      I can see that I should not type and talk on the phone at the same time. I apologize for the incoherent post.

  61. Suzanne

    Great interview, Greg!
    The summary we can take from this on a practical level is:
    Don’t keep anything more in the system than you can afford to lose.
    The FDIC can’t cover deposits, and they’ve been testing bail-ins in the US already.
    There isn’t a strong currency at this point… they’re all fiat right now, at least until the Swiss go back to a gold peg.
    I’m looking forward to the decoupling of physical metals from futures spot pricing. I do know that the futures exchanges and the metals ETFs have had massive draw-downs in what little physical inventories they had (and they were probably leased).
    Buy and hold your PMs… and your PMs should include lots of ammo!

    • George

      The IMF suggested within the last ten days that America should take a % of everyone in America with a positive net worth (including real estate)to reduce the government’s debt so they can RETURN to spending on social programs! Greg has the story under “Hunter’s Top Stories”.
      You just cant make this up. They published this recommendation.

      It looks like the smart people are not going to be the ones that scrimped and saved but the ones that spent every dollar they could beg borrow or steal. After all, it is unfair to the spend thrifts, drug addicts and illegal aliens that I saved money, paid for my own college education and have a debt load I can afford.

      • Suzanne

        Dear George,
        First of all, nobody can prepare for everything.
        If anyone, with or without assets, has not made any preparations to get past the coming crucible, they are not going to do well.
        In the Great Depression, the US was mostly agrarian… 90% of people lived on small farms, and we still lost millions to starvation. Now we’re 10% farm and only half of that is self-sustaining. When the currency collapses, so will shipping. People are going to die.
        Those FEMA camps are not going to be giving life-saving support to lots of people… they will kill people.

  62. Greg

    Having followed Mr. Sinclair for some time, I believe in his long term wisdom & insights.

    Based on his statement to hold strong currencies, I’m curious to know which one(s) he advises–Euro etc?
    And where should excess cash currency that is beyond your daily financial obligations be held?

    Finally, does holding money in a brokerage account in a cash position pose a risk when bail-ins occur?
    Or should we have totally no brokerage risk?

    Many thanks Greg for your continued excellence in providing us with insightful information!

  63. Heidi

    Name required : HEIDI
    e-mail supplied as well
    Still not satisfied ?
    Gets booted off the board because she learned diff. things then what Sinclair is touting .
    Like we all know …it’s not a free world and not on the internet either ….pls. say what they want to hear but don’t say the truth .

    • Greg

      When you heap criticism on someone comment after comment, then I ask for a real verifiable name. I want to know what your expertise is and if you are a paid troll or just a visitor. I only ask this when I get repeated comments that are critical. If you are giving analysis then what is the source. I know Martin Armstrong is one of your sources. I respect him and I hope to have him on. I also put many views on the site. I put many of your critical comments on. If you want to be critical then MAN-UP or in this case Woman-UP and own you words. Don’t hide behind some made up name.

  64. dean

    Jim Sinclair can not predict all the ups and downs that the criminals running things can do.

    They manipulate everything. They lie and cheat and steal all the DAMM DAY LONG. And they do not care a TINKERS DAMM who they hurt ,steal from , starve, drug , or even kill . And they love to threaten people .
    They love war the sickest game of all, nothing but destruction and death .This is their stock and trade . Know them by their ACTIONS !
    To me they act CRAZY and they are so STUPID. They are so stupid they think we are stupid and we are not. They think they have all the power and we have very little . This is very STUPID. In the end they always do themselves in.

    However there is too much love in this world for them to conquer .

    Greg cares ! Jim Sinclair cares ! THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD INFORMATION


  65. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,
    Congrats on having this wonderful man on your show. This really has been the piece de resistance of a year of many well credentialed guests that have appeared.
    The level of acumen, astuteness and street smarts that JS possesses is quite rare. Additionally he remains forthright,humble and content in sharing his extraordinary knowledge and those that follow him are quite privileged to have exposure to Jim’s broad beliefs and especially his lack of trust in the banking system. His message has been quite clear where he has mapped out our very disturbing future, save for him actually doing the physical work that is required by us all.
    I must admit that I believe in fate. I was drawn to Mr Sinclair a number of years ago and I did some research on the man and the legendary status that he achieved. Looking deeper into his family tree and discerning his background, where he derived his knowledge/expertise from, I had a “Light Bulb” moment. It had to do with one of the legends of Wall Street – Jesse Livermore (who was partners with Jim’s Father). I wont tell you exactly what it was that I discovered, but I knew at that instant there was a higher connection / something that was pre-ordained. Suffice to say that the connection I have had with Mr Sinclair and his beliefs resonates with me to this day and no doubt for the many years that lie ahead. With god’s speed I am making my family and closest friends not only aware but prepared for what will be unleashed.

    JS no doubt has plenty to say and boy did he. In a nutshell this is it:
    Patterns = People = Sentiment
    Debt = Currency = Confidence
    Policy = Credibility = Gold

    I sat and thought a while after watching the video.
    2 things come to mind immediately:
    1) Singapore Metals Exchange – will become the smartest business model in the world. Why ? = because it will become the “New Bank”. A bank that trades something that will be in very high demand, on leverage and especially where international trade will be heavily reliant on Metals exchanges. This one in Singapore will be the epicentre for Asia gold/silver trade. Absolutely Huge/Massive business potential. You wonder why Mr Sinclair is involved…????
    2) An easy way to become a millionaire/entrepreneur in the future is to become a baker. B A K E R …making loafs of bread…..?

    Greg, you have created a site that is quickly becoming the go to place for honest to goodness truth and reality. I know you don’t have any formal education in economics/finance/accounting/investing….but you have developed quite the repertoire and your business knowledge puts you in good stead. You can hold your own amongst some of the elitist minds in the business. Sincerely well done.

    • Liquid Motion

      One other postscript if I may…
      Jim Sinclair alluded to Hyper Inflation being a Currency Event.
      What he didn’t directly allude to, is that it is also a DEFAULT Event.

    • Greg

      Thank you Liquid Motion for your kind words and analysis.

  66. Hugh

    The commonly held idea that gold will only hold its purchasing power is not true. It has been said many times that one ounce of gold will buy a good suit a hundred years ago and will do the same today, and, why own gold if bread will cost $200 per loaf, etc.

    The fact is that there have been times in history were gold lost purchasing power. This happened during the California gold rush and in Europe when the Spanish brought back tons of gold from their conquest of South America. It is also true that gold has had times where its purchasing power has increased. In 1980, when gold was over $800 per ounce, a very fine Italian suit was $250.

    It is very easy for me to see gold at $5,000 without a corresponding increase in the price of bread, gasoline or milk. This can happen for the simple fact that: There is no real money in circulation today, and this phenomenon is very rare in human history. It has only been 42 years since the world’s financial system was disconnected from gold. (when Nixon closed the gold window)

    Once a large financial crisis hits, a crisis much larger than the last, there will be a frantic flight to real money. It will be this demand for real money that will drive the price much faster than the price of a new suit or a gallon of milk. If this happens, gold could advance to several times its current price while commodity prices remain flat.

    The time is approaching where actual money will be in demand. Paper currencies are not real money, they are money substitutes. When that time gets here, an ounce of gold will buy several fine suits.

    • Galaxy 500

      Gold caused inflation in CA 1849. However, recheck history. Spain was awash more in silver than gold . One mine in Peru sent 42,000 tonnes to Spain. Yes Spain had some gold but the fantastic amounts of silver adversely impacted the silver gold ratio.

  67. Jerry

    Even though I like Jim Sinclair, I think his time table is off.
    This one is more accurate.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for the time table. Who except God really knows or can predict what happens when?

  68. George

    Hello Greg,
    Once again you have the individuals that are at the tip of the spear when it comes to explaining and exposing the fraud and strategy that is(and has been)in place.Your site is amongst the most relevant when it comes to information to help us navigate through these times of uncertainty. Jim Sinclair is as good as they come. I’ve been listening to him for years. Thank you for all that you do!



  69. Alfred

    I think Mr Adiran Salbuchi supplements Mr Sinclair`s interview with some very distinctly different & important perspectives.
    His distinction between Financial Sacred Gold vs Pagan Gold is particularly noteworthy.
    It rings more true to me than most other opinions because its closest to the way TPTB think.

    He may well address the point Frosty made about the elephant left standing in the room
    ( What he said at the end of the interview about the possibility of the rise in gold’s price being taxed “at less than 90%” as a windfall capital gain was chilling indeed. As you closed the interview, he brought an elephant into the room and left it standing. )

    Perhaps Mr Hunter will invite Mr Salbuchi for an interview so he can elaborate on his views for the benefit of USA Watchdog followers. Email. [email protected]
    Surely a presentation of such a candidly original perspective will add some freshness to the usual good presentations but with nothing really new, all over the net.

    Argentinian Financial Analyst Adrian Salbuchi Global Fin Collapse. Part 1. 10 mins.

    Part 2. 5 mins.

    In this video Salbuchi talks about a new $ backed by
    Financial sacred Gold, which will have a chip or a hologram, impossible to counterfeit. This Fed Reserve gold will be priced at $ 20 to 30.000.

    Pagan gold or regular gold will sell in the market for $100 – 1500 oz.

    Salbuchi – Global Meltdown. 10 mins.

    two kinds of money.
    Public – no interest. Private – un payable interest

    Salbuchi – Global Meltdown. 10 mins.
    Noah`s Ark vs the Titanic.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Alfred. Thank you.

  70. Larry Galearis

    As much as I admire Jim Sinclair in many ways, there is one aspect of his GOTS warning that I find incomprehensible. The source of the GOTS concept is, of course, the consequences of a bail-in to the public when (not if?) this policy is implemented. Jim Sinclair is a trader, a stock promoter and a gold advocate. How can one participate in any of these activities if one is out of the system.

    In Canada and the US the banking system is intimately involved with the banking system. One cannot even buy gold in any quantity from dealers unless it first passes through a bank – money laundering/anti-terrorism laws are the cause here. If everyone has fled the system that to me means that in the West the bull markets in anything are a thing of the past. In fact the whole bail-in threat, if implemented, would be so destructively deflationary to the market system that I have my doubts it would be an institution anymore.

    I have asked Jim about this, and have received no answer accept he does admit that there is a possibility of this whole thing being a MOPE ruse…It is disquieting to me how little talk there is out there about this bail-in threat. To me the bail-in question goes beyond throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water; it would destroy permanently the whole financial system and all the peripheral institutions associated with banking. There is little enough reason left for the common man to involve themselves in the present services offered by banks…A bail-in implemented in the West is a threat to the very fabric of our way of life. What can “they” be thinking?!

    Best regards,

  71. George

    Obama says that my insurance plan was “Substandard” and it is the insurance company that cancelled my plan, not the Obama. Sorry Barry, you need to tear out and throw away the page from your copy Joseph Goebbels’ playbook. You know, the one that states if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it. Barry, the problem with your lies is that there is overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that you are a liar and you keep lying. Barry, didn’t they teach you anything in the Indonesia Madrasas you attended? Barry, you and your people are embarrassing yourselves. You see, when you are caught lying, you stop lying!
    I realize I just called his royal Hind-most, President Obama a liar. Even if you believe that he didn’t know ANYTHING about any of the many scandals or somehow missed the memo circulated in a meeting he was in in 2010 about how the regulations had been written to have the effect of cancelling everyone’s old insurance policies, HE DOES KNOW THE CRAP HE IS SO SKILLFULLY READING FROM THE TELEPROMPTERS NOW IS A LIE!

  72. 9pointkid

    “Read my lips no new taxes”.

    “I tried it but I didn’t inhale”.

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

    “We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your healthcare plan you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period”.

    Greg, I trust Mr. Sinclair more so than all of the above.

  73. George

    “So far, no one,” says the Obamacare navigator. “Thus far everybody has taken a look at the rates and they’ve walked out the door. There’s sticker shock. They just can’t afford it.”

    But the insurance is SO MUCH BETTER than that crap policy that you could afford and actually gave you healthcare benefits.

  74. George

    DHS is buying full auto TEARGAS grenade launchers!!! And a 1/4 million grenades. And of course its a no bid contract. I wonder if Michele Obama is getting a kickback…I mean a political donation… for the Democrats like she did by slip her former college buddy the Obamacare website no bid contract?

  75. George

    Is this the same Eric Schmidt of Google that was quoted as saying that if you have nothing to hide you wont have a problem and shouldn’t care if you are monitored?

  76. nm

    If Saudi Arabia stopped selling oil only in U.S. dollars

    Why would the House of Saud that depends on the US military for their personal protection, ever abandon the dollar? Not happening.

  77. Stan

    I am buying gold, but my fear concerning gold is as gold climbs in value, one day the government will tell the masses that the evil rich horded all of the gold and now stand to make a fortune on the backs of the working poor. It is only fair that all gold transactions be taxed at 99% so that the gains can be used to feed children and help the homeless. The vast majority of the population would cheer and clap their hands at the new ruling. They don’t have any gold and they wont like it that you do. No confiscation, no illegal searches, just a “fair” tax on those who stand to make so much off the misery of all the others…

  78. George

    Sources: White House told insurance execs to keep quiet on Obamacare

  79. George

    You have to love our President Barry Soetoro. He only has a passing acquaintance with the truth and based on his many interviews, he prefers fictional propaganda to the facts, even after the truth is out that exposes the talking points as make believe (ok, lies). My theory is that he is allergic to the truth. Perhaps he can be save; but only if he is able to enroll in Obamacare online. Yep, poor bastard…he’s doomed, just like the rest of us.

    “Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled insurance plans”

  80. Brian Anderson

    This ‘genius’ has been talking talking talking for years about the upcoming hyperinflation as defined by the USDX at .70. All this guy does is talk, talk, talk but the investment (gold is not an insurance policy, you get that from an insurance company) has been a disaster. If you had invested in gold or gold equities or the last 3 years you have been wiped out. It has been a terrible performer and a lousy return on your investment. There has been so many other things to invest your money.Gold and silver has shown over and over that it is not the place to put your capital.

    • Greg

      Brian Anderson,
      You cherry pick dates to make your point. That is unfair. If you took Sinclair’s advice in 2001 (and bought gold) you’d be up 400%. Gold took a big dive between December of 1974 ($200) to Aug 1975 ($100 per ounce). It wasn’t until 1978 did gold go back to $200 per ounce. Of course, by Jan of 1980 gold closed at $850 per ounce. Back then the federal deficit was less than $1 trillion. Now $17 trillion. What we face should not be looked at like a trade but an insurance plan. What is coming is change of Biblical proportions. Your comment shows you do not grasp the enormity of the unfolding crisis. Thank you for weighing in here even though I disagree with you.

  81. john

    In retort to comments posted by Heidi:
    The only thing that supersedes your ignorance is your arrogance. I own gold not as an investment, but as indemnity against reckless government monetary policy. I do not relish economic collapse or the privation it would put upon the working class.
    I do not consider myself a “gold bug” as you so judgmentally categorize. But rather a prudent saver. If you presume that the markets, whether  security, commodity or currency are not manipulated to some extent, then you my friend have your head in the sand. Which by the way leaves your ass unprotected

    • Charles H.


      It is late – the next post is up: but the comments on Greg’s site are “the Best”. I hadn’t planned on posting anything – just read until I got here. Yours is such a masterful comment: I just HAD to congratulate you. It covers so much and exposes more – humorously. Wonderfully composed comment. Wow.

    • Galaxy 500

      I love your response. Well said

  82. Ron


    Your dialog with Michael the Marine was great. He brought us to understand that all the talk about PM’s to save our hard earned lifeblood stored in dollars should be secondary to our relationship to God in Christ. Trading dollars for Gold and silver is only a way to prevent the World Banking Elites and government thieves from stealing it all as it is our biblical imperative to be diligent to care for our families. Being wise with your honestly earned money is not evil but in fact Biblical.

    I am recent to your interviews and Jim’s Mindset but have been preparing for this for 15 years. Debt free and GOTS were not news to me and I have the 6 G’s to survive. The 5 G’s to manage survival in this earthly realm; Gold, Guns, Ground, Grub and Gas. Most importantly I have the one G everyone needs for the eternal realm, God in Christ, the free gift of Grace.

    My question that Sinclair did not answer is how “they” will take a persons equity from land or home that is full paid for. I understand the new currency trick if you have a mortgage but if you are debt free how will they steal the equity from ones free and clear real-estate? This is something many of us who have prepared need to know.

    Keep up the great interviews.


    • Greg

      The government will probably convert them into Treasury bonds. You are way ahead of the pack and you should be proud of yourself!! Thank you for sharing your story here.


    • Charles H.


      In the context of “Wealth Distribution” – anything of value which is paid-up and totally owned could be construed as Positive Value Assets. If all assets like land, car, house, savings or checking can be added together as a Total Net Positive Value of Assets – say of 250,000.00 If some jacked figure around poverty-line is used as a baseline differential to compare with your total worth: the ‘Fair Share Government’ could impose a tax that amounts to a confiscation. They could say that you had to reduce your total net positive value to a certain percentage adjusted down toward that baseline, and tell you to decide what you will sell or forfeit. Face it: if they are willing to simply seize your 401K’s or IRA’s, or bank accounts – what stops them from seizing anything you own?!?? Non-compliance labels you as a criminal and forfeiture is automatic? It’s like a game: they make and change the Rules; and they always win? Since Obamacare – I put nothing past them doing.

    • brad27

      Hi Ron,
      How they confiscate assets fully owned by you is through confiscatory taxation. A decent house in New Jersey costs you a thousand bucks a MONTH to live in your own house to support the hordes of broad-bottomed bureaucrats. Thank goodness for California’s proposition 13. Two hundred acres of productive orchards, four houses, barns, shops, etc. costs us $13,000 in annual property taxes. They keep trying work-arounds but compared to some states it feels pretty good. I wish I had a good solution to the kleptocrats.

  83. Bill Sodomsky

    Hi Greg;
    I would also like to thank you for presenting us the excellent interview with Jim Sinclair. There are very good guys that we can depend upon and turn to when the going gets tough. I consider Jim Sinclair and you Greg, to be in that company, regardless as to whether or not, each and every comment or prediction made becomes manifest. As my father often reminded me, “it’s easy to chirp from the cheap seats,” it’s much more daunting to expose oneself down on the playing field. With respect to the negative shots at Sinclair in terms of when events will unfold and what the consequences will be to PM prices, let’s remind ourselves, that we’ve now entered into the domain of speculation and to a greater extent, anxiety relief. We want assurances, we want guarantees, we want someone else to do the dirty work and when we hear prognostications that conflict with our own predispositions, we lash out, even at individuals of Sinclair’s ilk.
    What impressed me most with Jim’s commentary was the general soberness of his understanding of world events and how the current and ongoing crisis will affect our way of life. This is a man who has dedicated himself to deep learning, has traveled the world, operated at the highest levels of commerce, and now in the twilight years of his impressive career, is attempting to help those of us who know somethings amiss, but aren’t particularly certain what to do about it. So, let’s the drop the faux arguments of whether or not we’re on the precipice of hyperinflation, deflation, hyperdeflation, stagflation… this is the hopeless realm of voodoo economics.I suggest we focus on the pursuit of truth, study our history, alienate ourselves from criminal entities, seek out trustworthy mentors that have our best interests at heart and finally, take the appropriate actions to support those efforts.
    Your interview with Jim was compelling and riveting because all speculation aside, it confirmed to me the gravity of our current situation and impending dark road ahead.

    Best regards,
    Bill Sodomsky.

    • Greg

      Agent Provocateur,
      This video is a cheap shot and it warns of nothing. It is a warning about Mr. Sinclair’s lineage. How do you think Mr. Sinclair’s warning to pull your money out of the system is going over with banksters? Mr. Sinclair’s reputation is sterling, and this video unfairly casts Sinclair in a bad light through innuendo. I like and respect Chris Duane, but he is out of line with this so-called “warning.”

      • Agent Provocitour

        How can you say that video was a cheep shot?

        At the 7:40 point Chris show an article that Jim Sinclair IN HIS OWN WRITTIN WORDS stated proudly the he” came from the lineage of Jesse Seligman and a famous banking family…” Did you even listen to the video?

        • Greg

          Agent Provocitour,
          I watched the entire video. The post is titled “My warning about Jim Sinclair.” What is Duane warning us all about? His lineage? Again, What am I supposed to be warned about? It is a very cheap shot.

        • Galaxy 500

          What about Duane’s reputation OR LACK THERE OF? Is there any legal action against Chris Duane for his part of the Milligan Mint scam? My daddy taught me long ago that you are known by the company you keep. Who has Duane freely associated himself with? “Listen to all, follow none” especially don’t follow Chris Duane.

  84. $50,000

    Windfall Tax on the gains? If we reach $50,000 an ounce, the odds favor a windfall tax on the sale of gold in some country’s. Keep in mind that the very rich have the best tax council in the world when it comes to minimizing their taxes. Owning Gold could give you access to the same loopholes that are created specifically for this class. Of course this assumes that you take the necessary steps to store your gold wisely. Perhaps, at another time Greg asks Jim S a few questions about storing your gold at the Singapore Gold Exchange! Our storage facility is ideal for the safekeeping precious metals such as gold and silver. We can also manage your bulk consignments by receiving the precious metals on your behalf and thereafter delivering them to any place at any time in any amount as specified by you.

  85. $50,000

    Also, if we reach $50,000 an ounce, imagine some of the good gold stocks that believe in declaring significant dividends to their shareholders. Such dividends could be extraordinary! Some gold companies may provide the option of choosing between gold and a fiat currency of choice. All things to keep in mind when evaluating one’s options. Again, perhaps Greg could ask Jim S at a future time his thoughts on this topic!

  86. Hank

    I used to think that Sinclair knew what he was talking about. Now I believe he doesn’t have a clue. How many times do we have to hear his ridiculous predictions for gold to go not just to $3500 but now to $50,000.

    • Charles H.


      Total all the fiat money, from all nations; arrive at a Dollar adjusted value of that total; and divide by the historical ounces of gold extant. You will arrive at a figure around $50,000.00. If the Dollar devaluates, and is fixed to a basket of currencies HAVING gold-backed value: you may arrive at the 50 G figure again. Mr. James Sinclair isn’t blowing smoke. He has been off on his time-lime before; he could be a little off here. Considering the last two years of manipulation and personal abuse he has endured: who can blame him for pushing back a little? America has destroyed the Dollar; and it will be the world which decides the value of gold.

  87. Robert Burke

    Jim Sinclair has made some fantastic calls but he also has been dead wrong on big calls to….he never saw the decline back 1,100. But in fairness he said he was wrong and apologized. He sure has a lot of integrity.


  88. Ramos

    So let me get this straight. Mortgages will be revalued upwards, people will loose their savings and food will be more expensive. And you think this won’t spark a full blown revolution?

    What about wages? No one talked about wages. How do they look in the new paradigm?

    No. Here’s my take. People loose their deposits as homes and everything else go up in lockstep. Fixed rate mortgages stay the same, therefore as the little people loose their deposits, banks loose on mortgage values (fair enough?). Short of that you will have pandemonium. Look at what’s going on in Italy now.

    I just don’t see this robbery of billions of people going well, do you? Remember, they are very few and yes, their precious gestapo police have mortgages too.

  89. Bart Exposes Sinclair/Rothschild BANKSTER NYJ control family connection. And now he wants to control gold market from Singapore? Never fall in love and idolize other men.

    • Greg

      Here’s my comment that I made to someone else who posted a link to this video. “This video is a cheap shot and it warns of nothing. It is a warning about Mr. Sinclair’s lineage. How do you think Mr. Sinclair’s warning to pull your money out of the system is going over with banksters? Mr. Sinclair’s reputation is sterling, and this video unfairly casts Sinclair in a bad light through innuendo. I like and respect Chris Duane, but he is out of line with this so-called ‘warning.'”

      • Ake


        THe Video from TruthBeTold a good argument, but that’s about it. I think the argument in the video is against JS Silvers price prediction and reaction that JS stated, and not that of gold.

        John Embry, in one of his KWN interviews made sense of why the silver prices rise dramatically.

        99% is an average joe waking up late with minimal savings to protect his wealth when the time of crisis hits.

        99% run to protect their investments an buy metals always at the last second. By then the price of gold is too high cause the smart Money and some of the first wave of average joe’s bought gold and sent its soaring. The price of gold too high then about 80% of the public heads to silver as it is still not reacting then the those buyers send the silver price of silver shoots up to bring the ratio of 16(S):(G)1. currently at about approx 60:1 today

        The end game is that their will always be fiat currency. The smart money FIFO (First In First Out) is ready to sell and IS selling when they see the line up of sheeple. When there is no one left to buy gold or silver a “BID” the price will drop. The last ones in line stand to loose.

        There will always be fiat currency. And gold will do its bidding. balance the debt.

        I believe if what JS says come to hold water, We will look at banks as we did before and do our research before depositing with them ever again in the sums we did currently. It will take another 50 years to build trust and a client base. The cycle will continue again from China to another until we are all one “Restructured ad recapitalized under a World Government”.

        It’s a game, Without the players “99%” us there are no moves to make. Why doesn’t the 99% just say to hell with you all we ar going on vacation for 3 month, we are not paying taxes and you gys go screw yourselves. I know its easier to say than do but Imagine the attention you will get.

        Max 4 years in office for any politician, no parachute package on your way out either. Once you are done your 4 years “GTFO” and get a job. I do not think I need to tell you what “GTFO” means.

        I once hear a saying which with everyday that goes by is more true by the day. Politicians are “Monkeys with suits”

        So this game of wealth is “Everyone looses, It is a matter of who looses the least” So where do you protect yourself? That will show its true colors when you can not get your $$ or Retirement investments. We can choose to go live in Cyprus for a while and get a taste.

        Keep up the good work in waking a sleeping public.

  90. Jerry

    In regards to your comment about Heidi, just accept the fact that it is easier for some people to live in a make believe bubble world that is about to burst, than to see the harsh cold reality of truth.

  91. Liquid Motion

    Interesting comments on Mr Sinclair’s appearance.
    Some with even a bit more to add than what would have been expected.

    Just as a matter of interest, I would like to throw out there (if you would indulge me Greg) a challenge:

    The numbers $1650, $2400 and $3500 in Gold are thrown around and digested quite regularly (esp. when referring to JS).

    Can anyone offer an explanation as to what these numbers mean (in terms of how they have been arrived at)?

    Mohammad you are excluded, but would anyone else care to offer a suitable explanation (with logical reasoning).

    There is merit in this quest I assure you.

    • Galaxy 500

      Liquid motion,
      I think valid methodology would look like the following:
      Step 1 Calculate the U$D value of all fiat currencies (including U$D), and all fiat based instruments.
      Step 2. Calculate the amount of all the gold mined to date. Adding silver to the mix is tricky as unlike gold, silver has been/ is being destroyed. But if you want, you can decide what amount of silver is in existence, then decide what the ratio there should be between gold and silver. I personally think we should have a free floating system with items priced in gold and silver. If you have gold set to a certain fixed amount of silver, it will lead to problems that caused the Free Silver movement in the mid 1800’s.
      Step 3 Determine the amount of dollars per troy oz of gold (and or gold equivalent of silver)

      • Galaxy 500

        Or you can take our money supply and use the US’s 8,000 tonnes of gold to find value if we had to back all our dollars by our gold

        • Liquid Motion


          Hat tip…some more work to do.

          There are a number of principles used by JS to arrive at his theoretical “magnets”.
          I looked at his theory and I did an enormous amount of back testing. I did this for 2 timelines (1970’s and current).
          What unfolded was that there was an amazing pattern/correlation that exists that helps determine the price point for gold.
          Suffice to say that there is much more to the numbers ($/oz) which JS focusses on.
          These price points are not coincidence. I have a tremendous amount of faith in the model and rationale. It is very well supported.
          Mind you JS did state that in the past his calling of price targets was derived from use of his equation + reasonable trend estimates. Based on the working model that I constructed and the testing and extrapolation I have done, JS’s near term prediction falls almost precisely on the number that I have assumed will be achieved It works on the same principles that were used in the 70’s. We are near the time where gold’s action will start to resemble what it should (and has always done).

  92. Ake


    Amazing the amount of posts here don’t you think? Can you imagine the amount of emails Mr Sinclair receives for help ? Gold will do what it always has done and soak up all the excess debt. History speaks to this. People in North America are NOT asleep they are just numb and refuse to take action to GOTS. I know it’s hard to pull the trigger I went through this but when it’s done you sleep better at night, and I am an average joe. what are banks giving you for keeping money with them anyways? We full them by not taking action and depositing with them. We have nothing to loose by GOTS they are not giving us anything in return and everyday there is another negative financial story JP Morgan takes the cake. What else doe people need to take action. Now your audience should ask themselves when shit hits the fan wil I be ready?
    When it’s too late people will go into herd mentality, and buying gold will be like that seen in World War Z when the zombies climb the wall in Israel.

    Hope everyone does not get “Zero Stroke”!

    Quote by Faber “you keep your dollars, and I will keep my gold. Let’s see who gets to zero first”

    Kudos to your interview, another one we’ll done. The best one yet.

  93. Chris

    Hi Greg,

    As always, you provide some of the best interviews out there and I greatly appreciate your work and information. That said, I can’t help but notice you are becoming more and more gold-centric and seem to be getting increasingly annoyed with anyone who challenges the “gold to the moon” prediction.

    I believe that if you have the means, it is smart to have some PMs in your portfolio along with the other usual “insurance” assets so please don’t think I’m attacking your stance. However, I think that the vast majority of your viewers already believe in the value and positive outlook for gold so there isn’t really the need to continually have guests on to try and validate this.

    While I get the majority of my financial/geopolitical news from the alternative media sphere, I have to admit that it is getting tiresome hearing the same people make predictions on the price and complain about the manipulation. No one knows where the price is going except the groups that control the system and as history has shown, they are going to do whatever fits their agenda for as long as they can. It may be comforting to think about owning gold at $50,000/oz, but I guarantee that none of us would be happy living in that world.

    Instead of gold to the moon or buying bread with an American Eagle, I believe that it would be more constructive for your audience if you can mix in some guests more frequently that will speak and speculate on some other aspects of the financial markets:

    • The geopolitical angle of the gold market (and there is more to it than the flow from west to east)

    • Understanding that manipulation in the financial markets has always been around and is very often official monetary policy

    • The very real possibility that there is way more gold above ground than is being reported

    • The fact that the monetary system is going to go completely digital

    • Confiscation (I spoke to Jim Sinclair about this and he flipped out and basically said that anyone who believes in the possibility of confiscation and/or the nationalization of mines is an idiot)

    A couple of your guests do touch on these topics (Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts, Karen Hudes – she drives me crazy when she continually yells your name and then proceeds to talk over you – and Jim Rickards) but not nearly enough to better inform people. In short, there is more to this story than $500, $5,000, or $50,000 gold and you have the knowledge, resources and contacts to shed some more light on it.

    Anyway, thanks again for your work,


  94. Bill E.

    So what does the price of gold in dollars mean? Not much. But if you hold dollars it’s buying power is important. Since 1913 when the dollar first took on the attributes of a fiat currency, it’s buying power has dropped by 97% {it is now worth 3 (three) 1913 cents} Now three cents is 100% of our new dollar, and it’s value is declining far more rapidly than ever before. So how does gold fit in here?
    Well, the buying power of gold has not dropped since 1913 nor since the height of the Roman Empire. So that should explain why the “smart money” is trading dollars for gold these days, The Chinese are doing it by the tonne.
    But there is a caveat here. Most followers of money supply, the CPI and other parameters conclude that gold today is trading at far less than “fair value”. So gold in dollars should change to gold’s advantage as it trades closer to it’s mean. AND, when dollar holders realize their paper has no future, and scramble for a safe haven like gold, a mania could ensue with gold attaining a value far exceeding it’s “fair value”
    As the Boy Scouts say: Be Prepared

  95. Paul T

    Greg, what do you think of Chris Duane’s video where he’s connecting Jim Sinclair to the Morgan and Rothschild families? Do you think he’s right or think he’s way off base?

    • Greg

      Here’s my comment that I made to someone else who posted a link to this video. “This video is a cheap shot and it warns of nothing. It is a warning about Mr. Sinclair’s lineage. How do you think Mr. Sinclair’s warning to pull your money out of the system is going over with banksters? Mr. Sinclair’s reputation is sterling, and this video unfairly casts Sinclair in a bad light through innuendo. I like and respect Chris Duane, but he is out of line with this so-called ‘warning.’”Greg

      • Paul T

        Sorry Greg, u did mention it earlier in ur comments. So many comments, I didn’t see it. I think Chris Duane’s video about this man shouldn’t be over looked though, although I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but I think if Chris took the time to do the research and come to that conclusion, he has enough credibility with me to at least hear him out and look into it myself. But still, Jim Sinclair did have some good advice. To me, what it all boils down to is just common sense. Banks and govt abuse currencies, go the opposite route with tangible. Simple. Great work Greg, I”ll continue to watch ur interviews. Still waiting for James Wesley Rawles and Daryl Robert Schoon…: )

        • Galaxy 500

          Chris’ video is an unveiled assault on Mr. Sinclair’s character. I don’t hear anything In the video about Chris being sued for his part in the Milligan Mint scam. Sorry, if Chris is so smart how did he miss his partner’s troubled past. I don’t buy it…nor will I ever buy anything his is connected with. Why would anyone pay extra for a Chris Duane round when you can by real money… silver eagles that I know the purity of as opposed to something he is hawking. No thanks

  96. Doug Nusbaum

    Did not read article. Did not read comments. Do not have to. This is why I do not have to: Specify a “when”, such as Jan 2015, or Oct 2017, or any other date within five years. Specify a definition of “annihilation”, as in gold at $5000+ / oz, or gasoline $20.00+ a gallon or some other measurable thing. If I find the premises reasonable, I will bet up to a total of $500, that it will not happen.

    Watch people not take that bet. Becaus the author is a fearmongering turd, and those who believe him are stupid, but not stupid enough to give me their money.

    • Greg

      Doug Nusbaum,
      You said, “. . .the author is a fearmongering turd.” I do not appreciate your nasty name-calling If you had some basic math skills, you would realize the country is in deep economic trouble.

  97. r

    We’re all too timid to do anything about it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Speaking for yourself no doubt

  98. Jonathan

    Great interview, Greg. I do think Sinclair is mostly accurate but I must say that I do highly sympathize with “Heidi” on this one, though. You should really have Martin Armstrong on the program.

    Gold will almost certainly eventually hit $3000 but we will probably not have hyperinflation, as “Heidi” correctly intones, and $3000 could very well happen without any apocalyptic overtones to it. I’ve been “aware” for a good decade now and there were people saying all of the exact same things well over a decade ago (the demise of the petrodollar, $10/gallon gasoline, rioting in the streets, etc.) — indeed, a lot of the same talk has been going on for decades. There were people calling for financial apocalypse in the 80’s and 90’s (remember the “debt clock” in Times Square?) as well. This whole “usury cycle” will come to an end at some point but it will most likely go on a LOT longer than anyone imagines it will.

    When you first start to piece together information that is presented on websites like this, it can seem so powerful that it is frightening, but realize that things unfold at a much, much slower pace than any “rational” person thinks they will and for the time being, about the only game in town is the US dollar and the stock market, and the primary forces are DEFLATIONARY, not inflationary (ergo, why we have not seen the expected high inflation or hyperinflation — money creation is just offsetting wealth destruction.)

    This is not to say that things could not change (and they most likely WILL change) very very quickly — in fact, I’ve staked a good chunk of my (meager by “one percenter” standards, although probably fairly substantial by average American standards) net worth on it. Even if gold “just” hits $3000, I’ll be fairly affluent assume there’s no concomitant hyperinflation… it’s just that I’ve been hearing these calls for collapse of the dollar, hyperinflation, etc. for at least a decade now.

    Again, this is not discount these possibilities, which I take very seriously — but keep in mind they are still _possibilities_ covering a wide spectrum and not foregone conclusions. Take it from someone that’s been there: it’s easy to just keep visiting “alternative” news sites like this one and get stuck in a doom loop — meanwhile, there’s nary a hint of awareness on the part of your average mainstream news viewer. _Perception is everything_, and the “goldosphere” tends to suck people in to the net effect of listening to the same 15-20 commenters (some of whom are “permabulls” that really need to be called out on some of their outlandish predictions that never came to pass.)

    It might be perfectly _rational_ that we’ll get hyperinflation, or a dollar collapse, but then go out to the average financial planner who’s actually managing retirement funds, and you’ll find that he gets his worldview from _Barron’s_ and _The Wall Street Journal_ and most think Ben Bernanke is a trustworthy figure and that the Fed is a benevolent institution. Most of them don’t even think about gold much at all. To these people, the recovery is over, the stock market is just going up, up, up (and it probably will go up well into 2014) and there is absolutely no “crisis” on the horizon any time soon. Is the mainstream correct? Not at all, but this collective hallucination is going to go on for a lot longer than most of us think it will, and the financial news channels would have you believe that everything revolves around Tesla or Netflix — a constant running narrative designed to appeal to the vestigial .com-era get-rich-quick fantasies of the average suburban schlub that makes 80k a year as a project manager — you know, the guy whose world generally revolves trying to bonk his wife a couple of times a month and the bread and circuses beamed to him via the plasma screen heroin-drip in his living room. This guy is REALLY not thinking about gold, and even if there _is_ a crisis, there’s no guarantee that he’ll suddenly “get religion” and join on the gold bandwagon, either.

    Keep in mind that you’d be hard pressed to find a stronger supporter of sound money than myself but my guess is that there’s going to be some sort of new currency or game-changing “revaluation” of fiat money well before we see $50,000 gold. Most likely, the US government will just attempt to continue a policy of financial repression which will slowly erode aforementioned Joe Sixpack’s “money” he blindly sticks in his company’s 401k plan every month.

    • Mark_BC

      Those are some very good points Jonathan, and I admit I have considered them. You essentially admit that the system is built on confidence. Without that, it all collapses. But is it confidence in Americans that is required, or now do Chinese and Indians matter more? From what I am hearing, very credible sources are revealing huge physical gold flows to Asia, well in excess of mine supply. That cannot last. Eventually the vaults will empty, or TBTB will say enough.

      What will happen when the gold runs out? Will confidence be maintained? When no one can buy gold in quantity anymore what will happen to price? How could they possibly hide that? They can’t. When gold spikes, what will happen to the dollar? Will that shift be fast or slow? I doubt it will be slow, since that would give people a chance to sidestep out of harm’s way which I doubt would be allowed. And I can think of no ponzi scheme in history that has collapsed slowly.

      I tend to think that it will continue until everyone’s given up predicting its collapse except the most die-hard believers like myself. Then when no one’s expecting it, after everyone’s been stretched to the limit, it will happen. When? Presumably when the gold runs out. When will that happen? I don’t know, Sprott probably has the best handle on that. I also think that China is fully participating in extending the ponzi scheme because it is in its own best interest to vacuum up as much cheap gold as possible. It isn’t ready yet to take over the role as the reserve currency, but they may be forced to sooner if the gold runs out.

  99. Jason Harrison

    It is most difficult to know exactly what will happen in the future
    Without a doubt surely we agree the financial economy is heading
    south real fast, corruption is at its finest, and nothing seems true anymore
    Just make the wisest decisions for your self , your family according
    to your geographical location and political situation. But do put together
    a protection plan, your own insurance
    A question I raise here I have asked Mr Jim S is this
    Having been and am in the placer gold mining business
    I see an imbalance and wonder how it will play out
    Gold price goes up evenly across the world
    Inflation does not or has not
    Will ALL the countries succumb to the great inflation rate ???
    I doubt it when the country produces its own necessary goods
    One of the places i mine in is Ecuador
    I buy stuff imported ,its expensive
    I buy stuff locally produced ,its dirt cheap
    I hire a lawyer in Quito ,is full rate
    I hire a man in San Fransico village ,for ten bucks a day
    Where am I going??
    You can easily procure gold across this green earth
    At 1800 bucks an ounce in far away places this creates problems
    Murder, sabatouge , thievery ect
    At 2400 bucks it will pit man against wife
    Father against son , it will create wars, strife, and kaos
    And it goes on from there
    At 1800 bucks I had to pull out for my own safety
    It’s becaus of the unbalance of wages verse cost
    This will happen all over the world
    I can pan a gram a day in one spot along with the villagers
    I can dredge 1.5 ounce a day at the same place- spells trouble
    The imbalance occurs
    Inflation won’t hit the #*%^{ river but them people won’t be able to
    Handle the pain that 4000 gold will bring
    It will destroy people across the earth innocent people brought into
    this from modern greed
    Governments will confiscate mines and mineral rights
    If the imbalance is too large
    I have seen it with my eyes already
    You do not need to be scared of the future
    You need to adapt with the future

  100. andrew

    Who will be right Armstrong or Sinclare.

    Gold is in a bearish trend. Despite everything the gold promoters have told you, gold just is not responding the way they have been predicting or should I say promoting. They do not take your economic survivability seriously. It is just like the Bible says – there is a time and place for everything. Mining delivered a lead article – Horror story for gold investors continues Friday.

    We are preparing a very important gold report. As you can see from the cover, gold has NEVER exceeded the 1980 high. It has been the WORST hedge against inflation possible. That does not mean it will never really rally. If the Mexican share market doubled, but the peso fell by 80%, an American will lose money. Gold is no different. Those who are already penning hate mail will most likely lose the farm on gold and the wife will take what’s left. If you want to make money, it is important to understand the TRUTH. You cannot invest and survive on a pack of lies. A fool is always easily separated from his money.

    It is time to stop the bullshit. It is time to open your eyes or you will miss the REAL rally in gold and you will not believe the rally because you lost your shirt on the previous fake rally. It is time to stop being the Pawn of Finance – lied to from every angle be it government, banks, or promoters with conflicts of interest. To survive your OWN financial decisions it takes a clear mind and shedding all bias and prejudice

  101. andew

    Armstrong is looking for a drop below 1000

  102. Mark_BC

    This was a fantastic interview, thanks Greg for what you do. I do, however, disagree with Jim’s prediction that the US will return to industrialization once again after the collapse. This isn’t going to happen to any significant degree; oil production is way down and will continue to drop. Natural gas is in a bubble and cannot sustain these low prices — the claims you hear in the media that we have “centuries” left are pure MSM nonsense. The only hope left is coal, as there may be quite a bit of that left (it is still big question mark). This may provide a lifeline to keep the US going long enough so that it can develop a renewable energy future from solar power. I predict nuclear isn’t going to happen unfortunately, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here.

    Interestingly, most of the problems we are seeing with the US (and world, for that matter) economy can be explained as being the inevitable post-Peak Oil decline the US should have had when it hit Peak Oil in 1971 (coincidentally, the same year the gold standard was dropped — mere coincidence?). It SHOULD have started declining then, but didn’t, because it instead established itself as the world’s military leader and enforced the dollar and trade deficit so that it could import oil essentially for free for 40 years and continue growing using the rest of the world’s oil instead (the US imports almost half the oil it burns). Now the world as a whole is at Peak Oil and the system is falling apart.

    Yes, I know, there is rampant corruption and over-financialization in the system, but the system has always been corrupt. The middle class has always been parasitized by the financial class. Now, the system is collapsing because the economy can’t grow anymore because of Peak Oil, and therefore the middle class can’t be parasitized anymore to extract much more wealth. Instead, the financial class has to resort to extreme corruption to keep the system limping along.

    Unfortunately, I see reality being much worse than even what Mr. Sinclair suggests.

    • Galaxy 500

      The peak oil prophets did not take into account New technologies, oil shale or tar sands. Nor does it take into effect a tremendous amount of oil that is in deep sea or deep in artic. They preached doom and the only thing holding up oil prices is brazen manipulation by evil corrupt fraudsters.

      • Mark_BC

        Ahh, interesting points Galaxy… I have a few for you to consider…

        The entire recoverable Alberta “tar” sands (oil sands — tar comes from coal) deposit is 200 billion barrels, which is 6 years of global oil consumption, or 24 years of North American consumption. The estimated ultimately recoverable reserve accounting for future technology and price increases is 300 billion, or roughly 10 years of global oil consumption. It is about 1/9 of the world’s remaining oil reserves (reserves do continually grow, however, due to new discoveries and increasing prices; what matters is the rate of PRODUCTION). Current production from the oil sands is about 700 million barrels a year, or roughly 2% of global oil production. The problem is it’s very slow to ramp up production because of all the upgrader facilities that need to be built and the fact that you have to cook it underground for months before you can even extract it.

        That’s essentially what Peak Oil is about — all the easy cheap oil has already been taken, and we’re now left with expensive, slow oil like “tar” sands, Arctic, or deepwater, that will never be able to ramp up to supply demand at prices anywhere near what they were historically. This expensive oil then constrains, and ultimately reverses, economic activity, since oil powers most of the economy.

        Ironically, and paradoxically, because of this, the recoverable reserves of oil actually GROW in size as Peak Oil progresses! But that’s only because high oil prices unlock all these slow oil deposits to become economically recoverable — at much slower rates. That’s why total oil reserves today are 1.6 trillion barrels vs. 1.3 trillion 10 years ago — because oil price has gone up, despite production rates basically not increasing over that period!

        Oil shale is not being commercially produced despite practically free natural gas inputs, government subsidies, and near zero interest rates. It never will be, I predict. You have to put more energy into it to turn it into oil than you get out of it. Therefore, even an infinite oil price will not bring it out of the ground.

        Tight oil (what many people call “shale oil” — not to be confused with “oil shale” which isn’t actually oil) has very dramatic decline rates and is definitely in a low-interest rate inspired bubble. Look at the decline rates on page 84 of the following report:

        As I said, the only thing that prevented doom from occurring in the US 40 years ago was its ability to import half the oil it burned, essentially for free. That is now ending. Do you agree that the US is facing doom-like economic problems right now? Do you think that might be related?

  103. Ake


    This man has nothing to gain by waking the public, an ALERT if you will. Lets recap:

    Pre 1980 Sinclair says Gold $900, what happened it hit $887.50 USD

    Sinclair says Gold will reach $1650, low an behold he missed it by months but it hit surpassed and hit Aprox $1900.

    Now he says 2000-2400 then 3200-3500 I m on his side of this call. I hope it does not rise to $50,000 as that will mean chaos to many in western finance. In order for the dollar to fight gold and keep its seat as the reserve status now only by default at the next predicted higher low levels (2000-2400 then 3200-3500) we will probably see a rise in the USD to about 83-84 on the USDX so the fight can happen again before the last and total failure of the USD dropping to levels lower than .7000 on the USDX.

    I wonder what people who say today “He’s crazy” will say when gold hits the next levels Sinclair identifies as achieved by pure logic and Mathematics helped by geopolitical events hitting the headlines as of late.

    A recap as to what people were saying pre $1650 at this point in time see comments under this youtube video when you were at CNN reporting and then your audience needs to think forward.

    Everyone needs to keep in mind Sinclair has not asked for one cent for his service to the public. He is simply whispering the ears of many “Wake up” to those who want to listen.


    • Greg

      You are correct Ake. Sinclair = Hero! Thank you.

  104. Christian

    Bitcoin will be worth 50k in 2020, not Gold… The gold era is over, we are entering the digital era and crypto currencies will be gold 2.0

  105. Rev Patrick

    Do you need a private loan in 2% interest rate email us : [email protected] for more info.

  106. Guy

    It’s 10yrs later (2023) and Gold has breached all time high in some currencies but not US$.
    Calls are now Gold $3,000 by end of year.

    I remember Doug Casey’s call $3,000 on Donahue show that was 47yrs ago.

    Can someone explain why Gold hasn’t yet ?


  107. susan

    WOW! What an interview! This has been so informative. I read Jim Sinclair all the time, but this really brought it all together. Greg, you are the greatest interviewer of all time. Thank you!!

  108. steven

    Fantastic interview!! I not only enjoyed it thoroughly but gained much insight as well.

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