Mannarino Market Analysis, Mueller Exonerates Trump, FISA Declassification Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 363 12.7.18)

The stock market has made wild swings this week. Gregory Mannarino from comes on in a special one-on-one interview to make sense of it all. Mannarino gives his analysis on stocks, bonds, interest rates, gold and silver. Is the market setting up to go higher or fall on its head? Mannarino breaks it all down.

The biggest story of the week barely got any coverage from the mainstream media (MSM) because the MSM did not like the outcome of the Muller investigation. Mueller personally signed off on giving General Michael Flynn zero prison time and basically said there was no collusion between the Trump team and the Russians.

The funeral of President George H. W. Bush (41) took up a lot of coverage this week and postponed Congressional testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and DOJ Prosecutor John Huber, who is looking into the FBI’s handling of investigations of Trump and Clinton in the 2016 election. This was a failed coup against President Trump, and it will all come sooner rather than later.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  Pento is an expert on the financial markets, and he tells us why he sees big financial trouble coming our way.

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  1. Lil Ray

    I’ve been a listener and reader of alternative sites but rarely post. Its been predicted for many years by various individuals about an impending collapse or hyperinflation but they’ve been constantly incorrect in their timing and calls.

    I found this video on youtube which gives some background on: Why Economic Collapse Never Comes 2018 Edition and thought it might be worth sharing with everyone.

  2. Steve Read

    Hey your video cuts off right when you get to the good juicy part.

  3. Joe

    Hey, no fair! The youtube ended before Greg was done!

    • Greg Hunter

      You Tube cut it off and now it is now back up uncut. YouTube also demonetized it, and I do not know why.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        If you were wrong, they wouldn’t put so much effort into shutting you up.
        They’re pathetic: while beginning to panic, they still think they have a chance. In truth, however, they are losing the war. Unfortunately, that does not mean that things are going turn rosy any time soon. As you have warned us with increasing urgency, things are likely to become desperate for many millions of people. Indeed, there is a non-negligible chance that the grid will go down and the trucks will stop running, at least for some period of time. Making sure that we have the basics is our priority now: e.g., community, shelter, food, water, sanitation, and a means of self-defense. Thanks for the heightened sense of urgency; it inspires us to make the effort to do what we can to prepare.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks William. They say you take the worst flack when you are over the target.

  4. Chip

    Wow Greg it was just getting interesting right before you got cut off. Hmmmm… Are you going to repost this video in its entirety? Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Chip it is up uncut now. You Tube put it up uncut but demonetized the video.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – Like yah! you spoke a simple truth … The globalist would like a communist system like China where the elites control everything (including the “evil” google behind the curtain). In addition, per the economy collapsing – not soon … Greg M emphasizes that the Fed (the big dog of the deep state) manipulates and controls the world economy and this in collusion with other central banks around the world. I listen very closely to Greg M because he points out the obvious THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED & CONTROLLED! This is why all your guest that say it should fail soon (which it should) does not happen. Greg M is smart and has his thumb on the pulse of this rigged, fake system … And I pray that he can recognize the crack that will eventually tear this system apart … and if so – please get him in front of us little guys to give us a few weeks warning … I think of the super computers the big traders have to make a buck … think of how much bigger, faster, better programed (i.e. AI) the Fed’s computer are to create a buck and how to use the fake created buck to booster their A$$es . It is all game and it is @#!&#$# !

  5. gregd

    Greg& Greg,
    Is it possible that the ESF is starting to lose money now at an increasing rate and they are in danger of losing all the missing 21,000,000,000,000 by propping up all the markets, manipulating the bonds and suppressing the PM’s? If they were really buying stocks and bonds they may not be losing all the money but it may be tied up like the FED’s houses. If so, don’t you guys think it will end much worse than the great depression?

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Mannarino,the frustration of this fake economy is reaching the momentum and profitability of traders.They know what is going on,is there a possibility that they are loosing money whilst the elite are guzzling it down like a donkey in a strawberry patch?
    We peasants are not in the inner ring,part of the golden fleece and every other acronym of elitism.Even the elitists henchmen will be sunk,look at France where the police sided with the people,for now,knowing full well their wives and children live in communities who will loathe them and their family for generations.How do you protect against the cold shoulder?
    Sadly cut off just as you Mr Hunter were just get going!
    Our economy here in the UK still sucks,property is beyond decency and landlords are making out like bandits-for now!
    The sollygosters in parliament are at each others throats and are betraying us aided by Oliver(Nolly)Robins a pro European minister-go think!He was meant to get us out of Europe.
    Meanwhile the Euro/Dollar complex is like a collapsed spider’s web without any US Dollars,so long to liquidity and momentum.Serious money is fleeing to the USA,yes even out of China,connected money only,smart Indians and Asians and the brighter Aussies and New Zealanders,as for Canada,who knows?Whilst the US Dollar may look like dross to you Americans the empires coin is a breathe of fresh air to us trapped in the commie hell hole of Europe and the UK.The prostitutes in Chelsea,London,are now demanding US Dollars for their services and the American secret service guys and gals are very popular at moment.

  7. Roger D

    Which will come first, a true market collapse or impeachment proceedings? Wouldn’t the former support the latter? Or maybe just start more war(s)?

    I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about this. Avoid crowds.

  8. Robert P. Dorn (Bob)

    Hi Greg!

    The latest interview with Greg Mannarino, as stated by you, has been cut in half by You Tube. I’m sure that you possess a copy of the full interview. Is there any way you can get this out?

    Thanks, and…


    Bob Dorn

  9. OutLookingIn


    Supposedly free public access to social media? NOT!

    You Boob Tube, Fake Book, Twitster, etc. All are now following a line of public censorship, that borders on criminality. Denying freedom of speech to many, who don’t agree with their version of the story. This has the foul smell of the deep state all over it. Otherwise, why would most right leaning posts be targeted, while those of the snow flake right be granted free-wheeling access?
    If you use these so-called “free pubic social media” sites, you are a fool if you think they offer you a channel of unfettered discussion and free exchange of ideas. They don’t.

  10. OutLookingIn


    Should read: SNOW FLAKE LEFT, sorry.

  11. gregd

    I remember when BTC passed gold in currency a while back. It was a big deal at the time. Do you think it will be long before gold surpasses BTC and do you think the currency in the sell-off in cryptos are going into gold and silver?

  12. Cornell

    Getting cut off ?
    That’s what happens when you speak truth to power.

  13. Stuart McBurney

    will there be a chance to hear the rest of your broadcast?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s back not Stuart. It was a You Tube thing and they also demonetized it.

  14. paul ...

    The right to Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment is now being “cut in half” by You Tube!! … you useless eaters out there who want to give the Commies in Government the right to dis-arm the American people … better watch out … give the Demon-rats and their Commie Judges the right to “cut” in half our Second Amendment Right to dis-arm us … will find out too late what that really means … as they will then say: “you know … it’s really not guns that kill people because knives, cars, trucks, etc. can be used to kill people” … so they will schedule appointments for all patriotic Americans to report for surgery at their nearest hospital … TO DIS-ARM THEM … this is the way Demon-rat Commies “will serve man” … they will cut off our arms … before they “eat us” for real along with their hotdogs and pizza!!!

    • paul ...

      Well if this was an innocent “glitch” … it doesn’t mean the Demon-rats don’t want to dis-arm us!!

  15. George Eddleston

    Greg: The yellow vests in France, hard working people who cannot make ends meet, riot in the streets against the liberal leadership directed by Brussels. Some of the police have taken off their hats in solidarity the rioters. What happens if Micron calls out the military and they intern refuse to use force against their fellow countrymen? The government of France collapses, no power to control or govern. Will Micron use the Ukrainian solution with paid shooters on roof tops to kill individuals on both sides? This could be the end of the European Union.

  16. iwitness02

    This can’t be good. Looks like is on the media chopping block. Censorship right before our eyes. It’s time to put on our yellow vests. This earth is overrun with vile scum, and it is becoming obvious. These criminals are going to provoke a fight of some kind. I wouldn’t mind slapping the dog poop out some these characters.
    In a disappointing way, this is one of the most intriguing wrap ups ever.

  17. paul ...

    Here is where Greg gets cut off … “and on top of that we have those whistle-blowers …………” (I’ll finish it for Greg … and on top of that we have those whistle-blowers like Andrew Kessel (CFO of the Clinton Foundation) admitting that Bill Clinton has been commingling his business and personal expenses for a long long time) … so you can clearly see how You Tube is in the pocket of these criminals who don’t want word to get out about how the criminal cabal operates in our country … so did Clinton commingle all “our gold at Fort Knox” into his own private bank account??

    • paul ...

      Well if this was “just a glitch” at You Tube it doesn’t make Clinton innocent!

  18. iwitness02

    Dec. 7, do you believe in coincidences?

  19. paul ...

    As Mannarino states the missing $21 Trillion has probably been leveraged up to $210 Trillion … and as people begin to wake up to this fact it will create a credit death spiral …

  20. David S. Larsen

    Hopefully you can re-upload the complete WNW. I’ll be checking!

    • David Larsen

      I’m seeing the whole video now for what it’s worth.

  21. paul ...

    And why is Mueller starting to play nice? … could it be because he was found to be laundering drug money along with Comey for HSBC??

    • paul ...

      The delay in locking up the crooks and traitors is probably trying to figure out how to absolve Mueller (if he flipped) and still lock up Comey and the others!!

  22. ED1

    Greg, not sure if you know it or not but you were cut off while you were still giving your WNW.

  23. brian

    Wasn’t it Catherine Austin Fitts that said years and years and years ago that we should defund these assholes?

    We should prepare ourselves to face the reality that most of what we think we have is not there, take what little truly remains and put it into something honest, Godly, productive and sustainable…or of course we can simply brace for the consequences of ignoring decades of warnings and clear evidence that the world is run by a bunch of sick, degenerate pieces of Godless shit.

  24. Mike Davis

    Many conservative YouTube posts are being cut down. I watch many and I can only get partial shows as of about a week ago. I tried to sign up for your newsletter and was blocked from your link…at least for now.

    Great shows.

  25. Da Yooper

    Nice rap up Greg & Greg

    The GDP ( generally dumb public ) have to wake up to the fact

    The Emperor has no clothes

  26. Carl

    Too short!

  27. David H

    Brother Greg,
    Thanks for helping to make sense out of what’s going on. It’s confusing and frustrating to say the least.
    David H

  28. Mike R

    too funny. i was just thinking yesterday you should have Greg M on. He was on a ‘roll’ this past week. I just hope he doesn’t ‘pop a vein’, bc his intensity is off the charts.

    Oh, and Clif High is back, making a prediction for Bitcoin to hit around $1200, before it goes parabolic again. Apparently he said he almost died back in July. Glad he is in better health.

  29. john hassion

    greg saw on you tube dave janda reported rothchilds moving out of paper assets.

  30. Major Payne

    Why were the markets closed for Bush’s funeral? Mediocre president, war criminal, drug trafficker, liar… Did they close the markets for Reagan’s funeral. I’m confused.

  31. Mark James

    Is there some way to get the rest of the video. Very interested in what you have to say.

    Thanks Greg and Greg!! 🙂

    • Mark James

      Glad I checked back! Ironic it cut off right when you talk about all the Clinton and other corruption! It was worth the wait!!

      Thanks Greg and Greg!! Awesome WNW!!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s the magic and splendor of You Tube.

        • WD


          Do you post on other sites?
          Gab,D tube etc…..

  32. Gordon Bockert III

    Looks like your video got cut off in mid-sentence. Will you re-post?

  33. R. patrick

    How subtle was that little message Greg? Cutting off your broadccast is unlikely to be accidental. Real losers in my opinion.

  34. andrew

    The video was prematurely cut in about half by You tube??? Right on the word “whistleblower”? Do u believe in coincidences? 😉
    Btw: your contributions are among the BEST in the alternative media. I spread them widely among my friends and family. Thank you, Sir.

  35. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Mannarino.

    Mannarino is incorrect. Wealth isn’t being transferred from “the masses” to the one-percent.

    Wealth is being transferred from one demographic in “the masses” to another demographic in “the masses” by slavery (for satisfying the addiction to power and control of the one-percent – and some of the masses allow it and enable it). For example, from conscientious men to feminists. Using the traffic of children as the mechanism. These feminists and their malevolent familiars claim that they’re impoverished and the wealth transfer is necessary. But they aren’t impoverished (they just manage their excessive wealth irresponsibly). The conscientious men and slaves from whom the wealth is transferred are truly impoverished. Ninety-five percent of all homeless in the US are men. Ninety-nine percent of all impoverished are men (not women and children). The problem in the US isn’t the one-percent. That’s just a distraction from the real problem. A bogeyman that feminists (and other demographics in “the masses”) bring out every once in a while to rationalize and facilitate their fraud, theft and enslavement of others. The real problem isn’t the one-percent. It’s the masses themselves who try to steal from other demographics in those same masses. Using the one-percent as an excuse. Feminists call this the Patriarchy.

    Let me give you an example. I work in an organization. Some of those people in the organization no matter how much they get paid and how little they work believe that they don’t get paid enough. (Even if you added their debt to that pay, with me paying off a significant part of the principal and almost all the interest they still don’t get paid enough – you can’t make this shit up.) And they tell me to my face frequently over and over again, day in and day out. And not just that they are over-worked and under-paid (even though they don’t actually do anything) but that someone who actually does work (a lot) like me and has a tiny fraction of the income (one-tenth to one-twentieth and that’s not including the debt part of the equation but just take-home pay) that they do is over-paid and under-worked.

    Seriously, these people simply are divorced from reality. They can’t add two and two and get four. They have no sense of proporiton or logic and no analytical skills. They literally can’t connect the dots in front of them and understand where their money comes from. Who’s paying their bills and paying for all their excessive life-style choices. And why. They believe that their participation in a Bernie Madoff Enron styled Ponzi-scheme at the expense of conscientious men who actually do real work critical to maintaining civilization is work. I like the way CAF phrased it: these senseless miscreants just want to be handed a pay-check and told they’re good. Even when they’re not. Which is most of the time.

    The entire foundation of our economy is based upon the delusional belief of these shiftless con-artists that they’re good just because they get a pay-check (in large part from the gov’t as a mechanism of deciding who lives and dies). When the exact opposite is true – they’re not good. And they’re responsible for the premature death in the US of millions of conscientious men. Doug Casey used to say and write this: These idiots don’t just fail to do the right thing but they do the exact opposite of right (you know shit’s getting real when I start quoting Doug Casey in a thread beneath the video for an interview of Greg Mannarino by Greg Hunter).

    Stay alert, people, and keep your powder dry.

  36. 1776

    Rand Paul Rages: “The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress”
    by Tyler Durden 12/04/2018

    [me or you] 2 days ago
    Where are the American patriots? 😱 Oh I forget they are too busy getting high on dupe.

    [Idiocracy’s Not Sure] 2 days ago
    It behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober understanding and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest. (At Jamestown Exposition, April 26, 1907.

    The people are no longer sovereign. The deep state is! And that is terrifying! That is an indication that this current government is EXACTLY what the founding fathers warned us about.
    Comment from, Idiocracy

    The Congress and Senate take our money, with inordinate salaries. Then fail to represent us? Having abdicated our representation for the protection of plausible deniability? In other words, in letting our deep state intelligence services public and private, complete cover, with their black operations and unknown amounts of money to perform such operations, our representatives are allowing themselves to be left in the dark. So that they cant be implicated in any of the shenanigan’s that our Intel community engage in, making them our shadow real government, denying us, we the people our representation in our government. In other words taxation without representation. What we fought the British empire over.

    Our Revolutionary War began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen united former British colonies on the North American continent, and ended in a global war between several European great powers.

    The war was the culmination of the political American Revolution, whereby the colonists rejected the right of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them without representation. It stretched over the time period of 1775 to 1783. The American Revolution lasted for only 7 years. It is considered to be an anomaly among wars that involve the use of guerrilla tactics and ungainly militias. Although there was no dearth of equipment on the part of the British, they lost the war to the passion of the Americans.

    So to all traitors, Rand Paul as our lone representative in the swamp that is now Washington D.C., of today, of we the people of the United States of America, refuse to let the deep state intelligence community, both public and private, govern us without representation.

    They will have to learn, they work for us and not vice versa and tell this to your Tokyo Rose pit bull, Phil Mudd! Ask him, if he has ever read the history of the United States?
    That’s the story of a whole people’s struggle for freedom, from it’s very beginning until now, fore were still struggling to be free. It’s quite a story, Mudd.
    How we all got together, to set up a government. Foreby all men pledged to defend the rights of each man and each man to defend the rights of all men. We call it, Phil;
    The government of the people, by the people and for the people!

    • Roger D

      @1776, this old coot can tell you (sadly) from the heart of the Liberty Movement that ‘patriots’ are NOT going to fight. Well, that’s ‘on offense’ at least.

      Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the Commie State of California to take the boldest action toward reasserting ‘State’s Rights’. They voted to become a ‘Sanctuary State’’; effectively a step toward secession.

      Keep your eye on California and also Portland Oregon. Game changers may arise from either. With chaos come opportunity.

  37. Anthony Baldry

    I Greg watch your weekly rap up religiously. Some interesting things happening in Australia. Our federal reserve is talking quantitative easing policy. The liberal party (republicans) behind closed doors ousted prime minister turdball and foreign minister bishop but replaced turdball with another Paris agreement supporter Scott Morrison. The fight was said to be over electricity prices this is bs . I believe that they were ousted because of there involvement in the placing of the false dossier on Trump into the intelligence community by high commissioner Downer. The thing you don’t know is that Downer was the attorney general that stopped the Royal Commission into Port Arthur the event they used to disarm the country. Downer than got the plum foreign office job of high commissioner to the UK . Under Australian law it’s illegal to close a murder investigation Evan solved they remain open and the law states that more than 17 deaths in an incident requires a RC none of this happened. It’s also come out that the Howard government covered up pedo perpetrators in high places including a former prime minister. Go to my Facebook page to see the RC speak

  38. Shana

    Do you have the last half of today’s interview? You probably were getting into the secrets of the media is hiding

    • Greg Hunter

      Shana it is there now and it starts a little after the 28 min mark.

  39. Tom E

    Thanks for the video and sorry that it was cut short. If you want someone else to look at your video, let me know. Keep up the good work! Now back to my financial house….

    • Greg Hunter

      The rest of the video appeared and I do not know what happened at You Tube. It just appeared.

  40. 1776

    Plausible Deniability+for Dummies
    This guy’ed make a great operative for some ilegale family crime foundations!
    Rep. Cartwright: “Governor Snyder, plausible deniability only works if it’s plausible.”

    Mattis Tells All Without Any Evidence
    General, the only vote influenced was yours! Were stupid, yes. But not that stupid! Give us some credit, where credits gave you Donald J. Trump, not the Russkies!

    Adams/North: Parliament Nervous As Australia’s Economic Illusion Begins To Crack
    Oz, the canary in the coal mine?

  41. Genocidal Politician

    It’s Christmas, when narcissistic sociopaths shine and unleash their full blown horrors across the lands

  42. jim

    I need answers, My wife works at a bank, she works in derivatives, (I don`t know what kind) But she say`s she is getting busier and busier every day. Can anyone tell me if it has to do with everything collapsing like I believe. Thank you.

    • jim

      Ok she say they are interest rate swaps and commodity .

      • Open Eyes

        Interest rates might be changing holdings due to Jay Powell slowing down hikes. Commodities might be buying gold and oil because their prices are increasing. Derivatives are like orange juice to oranges or a second mortgage.

        Not a collapse yet. Greg Mannarino says to watch for interest rates to spike then the stock market is going to crash.

        Hey, Greg Mannarino, you dance like Max Headroom!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I’d suggest delving into the nature of her work and her department’s work a bit more.

      For example, is their workload increasing due to greater risk of counter-party failure? Or due to decreasing quality of risk of the underlying instruments?

      Or, maybe her employer has simply cut staff, leaving fewer and a lesser-skilled team (not implying your wife, or your wife’s colleagues, but the overall institution in which she works) to accomplish the same work. Or, perhaps they are simply trying to maximize revenue by doing more of the same that they’ve typically been doing, with the same staff level.

  43. Tad

    I’m not sure the Russians are overly concerned about the $6 billion loan repayment.

    Not knowing the particulars, I might say acquiring most if not all of Venezuela’s gold amidst a moonshot uptick in PM prices might guarantee loan forgiveness. Whatever Maduro receives from Russia in military hardware might amount to half a dozen S-400 units along with wheat imports. In addition, Russia may gain foreign ownership of real estate and the right to base ships and submarines in a Venezuela port of Mr. Putin’s choosing.

    Some people will choose a Bay of Pigs or Cuban missile crisis reference, but the facts are Russian subs are nearer to our coastline than Venezuela.

    Washington and the CIA didn’t need to make President Maduro paranoid or threatened, but this is the nuclear scenario they’ve likely engendered.

  44. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good conversation with Greg M. Strange though how the wrap-up initially terminated shortly after 28 minutes. It musta been a glitch because I opened it back up and now it goes to 45:09, so it’s all straightened out.

    I agree that there is something going on. Just look at the oscillations in the Dow Jones. Those are some fairly abnormal swings, smart money bailing and not-so-smart money (imo) catching the falling knife to prop it back up. This market is wound so tight these oscillations are going to result in a catastrophic failure. We’ll see. At this point I’m just a spectator and sleeping well at night.

  45. Michael Anenberg

    Good Job Greg. Too many people are still asleep in America.
    More people need to watch your news broadcast.
    Hang in there! I am a big fan. Have been for years and years.

  46. iwitness02

    Oops! Jumped to the wrong conclusion. Saw the balance of the WNW on you tube.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know what happened. It was a YouTube problem they fixed.

  47. Tim McGraw

    So you sell your stocks, IRA, 401k and then you take that cash and… what… put it in a bank, right. So then what? Do you buy real estate? That gets taxed and regulated up the kazoo. Do you buy silver and gold? Where you gonna hide it?
    Do you buy a fortress in St. Kitts and hire a team of security guards? Or do you bring down your family, if you can stand them, to live in a guarded family compound?
    There is no way out of this. The time to stop this madness was long long ago.

    • Galaxy 500

      Naw, Tim. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You will be fine.

    • John


      I think you just have to mitigate the potential carnage that could happen at a moments notice – diversify your financial assets with some gold exposure and move into stocks with proven products that people need. Next, pay down debt and hold some cash! Have the means to protect yourself and your family against home invasions. This does not always imply that a firearm is the best option. I will be hiking the AT in a few years and pepper spray against a bear is pretty effective – and cheap!I am not an advocate of the “bug out” plan – stay where you are and store some food/water and fix your house making it secure and efficient. Get to know your neighbors. Learn to make do with less and be satisfied with what you have. We can’t stop this freight train but we can get off the tracks!

    • Jerry

      There’s the perception of reality, and then there’s reality.

      The ESF has shuffled the deck as long as they can. Now it’s time to deal. The hand you get will be decided by the choices you have made. If you’ve done nothing, you’ll get nothing. Denial is the drink of failure. Bottoms up!

    • Gary C

      All you can really do is have cash, bullion, essential meds, and as much food as you can store, buy a extra freezer, this is basic stuff for preppers in case SHTF. If it does not go down then you still have it to use.
      If you like dogs get a BIG ONE and remember that sooner or later a Black Swan will hit
      impossible to time it.

    • jc

      Right Tim Liked it.

  48. Tim McGraw

    A very good interview with Marrino and wrap up. This is why I kinda made fun of the alien space ships in the rings of Saturn. Who cares about the secret stuff and conspiracies. What these evil people do to us right in our face e.g. bailouts of trillions for banks in 2008; an endless war(s) in the Middle East, the destruction of the middle class….. I mean, isn’t that enough to be concerned about? So who knows what happened on 9/11. I know what’s happened since like the TSA police state bullshit.
    Please…… when do we put on our own yellow vests and take this country back?

    • DB Cooper

      So Tim, do you fly a round engine? We fly a straight tail. DB

  49. Will

    Nice wrap up Greg. Great when you have a guest to add an to your critical warnings and advise for the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks will. I tried something new and I think t worked.

  50. Elusive Joseph

    If no indictments are brought against the Clintons, Obama, Holder, Comey, et al, I won’t be voting in 2020. Trump won’t win reelection because his former supporters will realize he was always protecting his own elitists. The rich & powerful protect the rich & powerful. The “left vs. right” paradigm is a dog and pony show. It’s WWF wrestling. The elite continue to get away with iniquity, while us “useless eaters” get imprisoned and property taken away for the littlest things. I hope Trump is reading these comments.

    PS. omit my first two comments as this last one is an edit to them.

    • RTW

      You’re not alone in your feelings about what’s been going on, not only now, but for quite some time. The Left gets absolutely orgasmic everytime Trump so much as burps, hoping that will be the event that ends his presidency. The Right gets the same way whenever a new “blockbuster” or “shocking” report appears that gives irrefutable evidence that everyone, except the Trumps, in DC, were conspiring to thwart his election and after all the breathless itemization of the facts are laid out, what happens? Nothing, Nada, Zilch! Big things were going to happen…..but not until the mid-terms. Well the mid-terms have come and gone and guess what? The GOP lost the House, thus ending any hope of an honest investigation into anything. The republicans had their chance and they flat out blew it or maybe not. Now they won’t be under pressure to “do something” because they aren’t in control anymore. They will resort back to their default position.
      Both sides, are beholding to special interest groups and the money men and couldn’t care less what the “voters” think or care about. Trump is not. So therefore he must be dispensed with and made an example of, so no one else, who isn’t in on the gag, gets the idea that they can run the country. So you are right in feeling that both sides have blurred into one.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Trump may very well win reelection without any meaningful indictments. It IS WWE wrestling, and even though TPTB announced as much, Trump’s supporters, by-and-large, believe he is somehow outside of the left v. right dog-and-pony show.

      • brian

        The only shred of “evidence” indicating that Trump is outside the paradigm and actually the president he said he would be during the campaign is some annonymous cryptic chitter chatter that has some convinced all they need to do is post memes and enjoy the freaking show…..if thats all we got we are truly screwed and should make appropriate preparations for the slow slide into some failed state hell.

        Circle the wagons, preserve what you can and pray for the strength to represent your God well.

  51. Mark Langston

    I hate to say it, but the “failed coup” hasn’t failed just yet. The American public remains grossly ignorant of what has actually been going on, and the media continues to act as a co-conspirator by lying wholesale about every piece of news that comes along. If Trump doesn’t declassify the FISA info very soon and use his executive powers to forcibly disseminate this info to the public in a manner to where it can’t be ignored, then he is toast. At the first opportunity, the Democrats are going to impeach him. It won’t matter that the articles of impeachment are all false, they will still pass the House. And the public will assume that with all that horse dung, there must be a pony there somewhere, so they will support the impeachment just to get this controversy over with. When that happens, Trump’s globalist enemies among the RINOs in the Senate will smell blood and join in with the Democrats, eager to get rid of him and restore business as usual. At that point, anything Trump does to fight back, such as carrying out mass arrests, will be ballyhooed nonstop as pure desperation on the part of a tyrannical despot, and the result will be open civil war. That kind of conflict will be something that even if we win, the country will still be seriously disrupted in the process and left ripe for Russia, China, and all of their allies to take advantage of. I don’t know what Trump is waiting for, and I don’t pretend to be smarter than he is. Even so, he needs to take action against these traitors in one fashion or another very soon, or he may never get to act at all.

    • Rich M

      I agree Mark. In 3 weeks they will be seated in the house. He needs to do something now or immediately 1st quarter I would think before they take over with false narratives screaming for impeachment.

      As far as the RINO’s smelling blood, I think they always have and are scared as tgey are as much the deep state as anyone. Due to these RINO’s, I think Trump has not been able to act already.

  52. Liberty

    Hi Greg for your information in case you didn’t see this

    From Kevin Shipp Twitter account.

  53. Major Payne

    Greg – The cartoon depicts several Grinch like characters. Interestingly, Michelle (Michael) Obama bears a striking resemblance to the Grinch.

  54. Ken

    How long can you listen to Tucker Carlson/Shawn Hannity go on and on about “ She acid washed and bleach bit ect ect. I am sick and tired of hearing the reporters on his show talk about all they have uncovered with this and that. Where the hell are the hand cuffs?????
    Now it comes down to this unless POTUS mounts a banzai charge/ Kamikaze attack. The dastardly bastards will walk! Declassify the damn papers NOW and let the chips fall where they may!
    Look this story below will repeat over and over and over. No body can get a strait answer on anything PERIOD!!!
    COMEY gave them the one finger salute!!!
    Rep. Gaetz told Lou that James Comey did not tell the truth -repeatedly lied during his testimony today.
    And then Rep. Gaetz dropped this bomb,
    “I think that the Republican leadership did not want us to get to the bottom of the facts. They did not want to truly unearth the extent of the Deep State and that’s why we’re here, with the clock running out and the Democrats about to be in control.”
    If this was a failed coup against President Trump. Who was arrested for treason?
    It has not failed yet.

  55. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg.

  56. Derek Sinclair

    Anyone who thinks this “failed coup” is tin foil hat stuff might like to consider that individuals like Victor D Hanson are using the same phrase and have been for some time. And if you think that Victor D Hanson is a crackpot then you are simply outing yourself as one. Greg is one of the few truth tellers out there these days.

  57. Justn Observer

    As always you two do well together… Can’t say I know where the missing $21T went or where they actually get the money to ‘buy back the corporate stock’ , and all those ‘profits’ that was supposed to be coming back from overseas…is not draining the accounts of those banks overseas? But as Lynette Zang has pointed out…the insiders have been dumping their stock which will leave someone else’s money/liability holding the stock they passed off. Likely they are the one’s running to buy gold with their skim/shares they converted to debt currency so ‘they’ might now themselves be out of paper. Or might be holding some currency to buy back the stock or bonds once the stocks fall to 30 cents on a dollar…if the market does drop as much as Nenner suggested may occur…
    That said…as to who the real players are…and the possible depth of the swamp, and it’s history the viewers here might take the time to review these links…and test the validity of the content for themselves… What rings true or more likely than not?
    62.1 thru 64.3 = how they tied up Gen. Flynn?
    Does it not sound like there are 19 Senators and Representatives that need to be put under oath?
    As for those in the dark…with the lineage above…and the MSM and the ‘never Trump’ crew…is it not odd how many are in the CFR…and include many that work or are contributors at FOX NEWS as well… if their names are not there than look at who their spouse/significant other is?
    Bartiromo, Nauert, Regan, etc
    for instance=
    Greenspan’s wife Andrea Mitchell, Charlie Rose, etc…
    Always the ‘reporting’ only goes so far… never to the root of what Gen. Smidley Butler;s ‘War is a Racket’ exposed long ago.
    Look at the picture of Jeb Bush’s face when Laura Bush was passed something at H.W. Bush’s funeral…and his glare at POTUS Trump — Does that not make you wonder what it said?
    Just can’t help but think George Webb’s theory has something to do with all the redactions in the Gen. Flynn papers about the 19 unmentioned conversations and why the Deep State might be upset with his outing during the Obama admin…that exposed all the weapons/uranium/drugs and whatever else the ‘insiders’ have been up to for all these years… Indictment = what 63,000 ish? Is that just in U.S. ? or international?
    Good Grief ! Leaving the people of the U.S. liable for the debts is one thing…Having all this done in this nations name? Let us pray…! Maybe when we are done…and we get off our knees…we should stop the quips about the French…and ourselves put on some yellow vests and fill the streets not just in D.C. but in NYC at the FED, Stock Exchange, and MSM offices. Wars are theaters of operations…the World is the stage… and all the leaders of the leaders are in on it?

  58. Zen

    If all life became extinct overnight but power to the algorithmic trading computers remained on share pricing trends would probably continue as normal.

  59. donna s.

    I can’t help but notice all the innuendo about Ivanka and kushner in the news. Implying they have done illegal activeties like a private email account to do government business etc. It was at that time the President comes out with the statement that the People don’t need to know all the crimes that government has done as we couldn’t handle it. That isn’t the exact statement but close. I don’t think kushner is squeaky clean and I can just hear Ivanka crying to daddy to protect him.
    The threats being thrown around to me are obvious, if you try and take us down we will do the same. I am hoping that Trump releases the FSIA documents etc but it is looking less likely. There is talk again of him getting rid of certain people and replacing them with known deep staters like Haley. I get the feeling there is a real nasty fight going on behind close doors . I am hoping and praying that they are just so desperate cause the deep state is loosing control but as we get closer to jan. and the house switching to dem and no release it is looking less likely. I am praying daily for evil to be exposed and the truth to come out.

  60. Rick Hester

    George H.W. Bush…..promoter of the “new world order” and the United Nations, both of which I consider abysmal failures, and a threat to freedom all over the world. Here is the original “new world” revisited….”Don’t Tread On Me.”

  61. Roger Dodger

    Clinton Foundation Investigation Complete, Operators Are Active – Episode 1735b

  62. Roger D

    Greg and Watchdogs, just an FYI : Patriots now have an alternative to youtube and facebook. It is Matt Bracken is vouching for it and that was good enough for me. You might want to take a look.

  63. Roger Dodger

    ~”The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress.”~
    Really? “Trying”? Dude, they’ve been driving the bus since the 50’s. Methinks Senator Paul is trying to “break it to us gently”.

  64. Robert Dziok

    The effective date of changes from Trump’s March 1, 2018 Executive Order related to military tribunals and civilians is January 1, 2019. Thus, the gloves are off then and there are over 60,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 ready.

    Mueller has found NO Russian collusion by Trump. Flynn received NO prison time. Flynn had been recommended by Mueller for NO prison time due to Flynn’s extensive help/info in “other” unnamed investigations. Gee, I wonder what those might be? Think Clinton, Clinton Foundation, etc. Mueller has been touted for over a year now as impeccable by the Globalists, MSM, Democrats, Socialists and Neocons as he continued the “Witch Hunt” attacks on Trump. Now they cannot make bias claims against Trump when they find these other unnamed investigations by Mueller are directed at them. They walked right into the trap! Trump has increased his “tweets” to prepare Americans for “The Storm” he mentioned at a White House press meet 10/5/2017 (While surrounded by top Generals and Admirals) to the Globalist Controlled MSM Propaganda Machine Press. The pieces are now in place to move forward legally ( e.g. Supreme Court ). Much goes on behind the scenes to establish and prepare the evidence/facts/legal basis/procedures etc.


  65. Lake M


    Regarding the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, I think you should have spent a bit more time discussing this incident. Imagine if the Chinese were to arrest say Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or say Virginia Rometti (head of IBM)? Didn’t Microsoft have a
    built-in backdoor to one of their products. That issue has been discussed for years. The hypocrisy of the US government is so overwhelming. We spy on the whole world. Some how that is OK? Yet if others play the same game, they are criminals. I can imagine this is not going over well in Bejing.

    When I first heard of this, I said I detect the smell of John Bolton. Later it was reported that Bolton was aware of the action against Ms Wanzhou but Trump wasn’t. Who at the State and Justice Dept is front running this play.? Seems like the neocons are still in charge.

    The actions by US getting up close and personal all along the Russian western borders and political and militay meddling in the Ukraine and Crimea, sanctioning China and many other countries and individuals left and right, acting like a global bully is not in the interest of the American people. This war mongering puts all of our lives in real danger.
    It needs to stop now.

  66. Waiting on a Wall

    Taking a quick tour of markets, it’s pretty obvious where every single bit of
    trading action is taking place, and has for some time … granted, since the
    FED stopped the “easy money” program for the 0.001% elites, and have
    pulled the plug on overt propping up the U.S. stock market, things in the
    stock indices have come a bit unglued, and action has gotten back to historical
    norms … however, this is due more to FED & “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT]
    schemed manipulations over the last decade since the 2008 financial crisis,
    than anything else … if they had let the markets “trade” instead of propping up
    every “Hoover Dam” squiggle to the downside, we wouldn’t be having the
    volatility we see taking place now …(or all these new mega rich) “but hey, they’re the smartest people in the
    room, so they know best [snark]”!
    Thanks, Maria! Don’t forget. Never ever pee in a dream! If not sure, pinch yourself or find someone to slap your face. Once you wake up, carry on!

  67. Aussie

    There has been NO evidence provided to support ANY illegal actions by the China CEO of Haweui , but there IS evidence that PROVES the US charges are ILLEGAL, and so is Canada by not releasing her! It is called International Law, something America CONTINUES to abuse! Sorry, but that is the Truth!!

  68. Steve G

    Hi Greg,
    I have been concerned about the mark of the beast. Is it possible to receive the mark of the beast now or can it only be received during the tribulation?

  69. Tad

    With any “luck,” the systemic collapse might occur on or around December 21.

    Not normally a fate wished on any country, but the 21st is the day Congress goes on holiday vacation and the presumed day the president will shut down the government if he doesn’t receive substantial wall funding.

    If the markets and the president provide non-events that day, we’re basically assured
    of a Democrat assuming the presidency in 2020. The average citizen could almost plot out their next two years with some trepidity. The long-term isn’t much rosier.

  70. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report, in spite of the boo boo. Bush 41 was evil. He was complicit in the Kennedy assassination ((please read the Warren report before you criticize me)) he ran the poppy fields in Burma and the distribution into Laos ((P.O.J.)) and Phenom Penh, Cambodia. All bodies went through the Panama Canal Zone, where they were taken off ship (out of respect?) and at the end of the canal they were replaced back onto the ships. The head of the Panamanian secret police ((Manuel Noriega)) and his detail would remove the bodies, and also remove the drugs from the chest cavities of the bodies and place them aboard PHI (Petroleum Helicopters Inc.) helicopters where they were flown to Zapata Oil Drilling platforms in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and from there flown to Houston, Lafayette(La.) Mena(Ark.), Tampa and Miami(Fla.). All of this I witnessed. He was not a good and moral leader.
    ((Also, please research the fact that Ronald Reagan was shot with a .22 caliber FLECHETTE pistol. There are still a few of us alive who can verify this. What is the purpose? Flechette pistols are built solely for the CIA(G.H.W. Bush).
    Lo Iyrah

  71. Kerry

    Lots of statements about YouTube and that is why I always go to your URL. The Communist URL YouTube like FB, Tweet, etc., are all garbage. I have become disillusioned by the Q movement as there is no major arrests and the crooks are still running the farm. Lots of posts about what is going to happen but no happenings at least what I can see.

    The one thing I am confident about and that is Jesus is Lord and with my last breath and heartbeat by his grace I will be in his protective presents forever!

    Thank you Mr. Greg Hunter

  72. H. Craig Bradley


    One of Gregory Mannerino’s comments was particularly interesting, the one in which he said “limit orders were not being filled because there was no bid(s)”, hence the waterfall decline in the overall markets. I would have liked it better if Gregory had offered just a bit more explanation about what kind of orders he was referring to and some example stocks (with a chart). It would have made the statement more meaningful.

    So, here is some insights into how and why limit orders go unfilled with no bids in options trading.

  73. jan kruszewski

    I had become so disgusted with the “Clinton” democrats over the years I couldn’t stomach voting for Hillary. Trump was the anti Hillary candidate, but to me a terrible choice so I gave my protest vote to the Green party and let the cards fall as they may. Again I do not care for Trump but from the beginning I knew it was a witch hunt. I’m, like your readers, concerned about the truth. This is going to hurt the good Dems in office (yes there are). The problem is the both parties no longer represent Americans. There needs to be a great house cleaning to restore morality and faith in this country. That goes for the Military Industrial Complex, Security Agencies, Bankers and Politicians. I got Trumps back. I just hope he does it.

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