Market Crash and Civil War Possible-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says do not be fooled by the stock markets at or near all-time highs. Friday, the tech heavy NASDAQ suffered a massive selloff late in the day after hitting all-time highs. What happened? Mannarino explains, “There is no doubt that we are in financial fantasyland. It is epic. So, have we just witnessed the bursting of this bubble? It is very possible, and the reason why is because it came out of nowhere. It wasn’t driven by a geopolitical event. It wasn’t driven by a downgrade. It wasn’t driven by anything, it just happened. . . . There is going to be a moment of reckoning. If this is real. If this is an actual bursting of a bubble here, the tech bubble, we might get a follow through on Monday or we might get a bounce, and that will lead to a follow through. . . . I am telling people to watch out because the fact this came out of nowhere and driven by nothing is a big tell.”

Even if this is not a sign of a meltdown, one is baked in no matter what, according to Mannarino. Mannarino contends, “Nothing is real here . . . . You watch these financial commentators talk about this market like it is real. If it were real, the Federal Reserve would not be taking the largest part of this market for the better part of a decade now. They are artificially suppressing interest rates and creating bubbles like we have never seen. These are the worst distortions that have ever been seen in the history of the financial world. That’s a fact. It’s worse than the Dotcom bubble and way worse than the 2008 meltdown. This one has the potential to make the last two look like walking through Central Park with an ice cream cone. Are they going to use this against President Trump? They are going to twist this, and we need to be ready for anything.”

The so-called Deep State has been trying to take President Trump down, and nothing has worked. If the Deep State cannot take Trump down, what are they going to do? Mannarino says, “They are going to collapse the economy. They are going to wipe out the economy, and they are going to hurt everybody. Housing is in a bubble and it’s cracking. . . . The markets are in bubbles that are truly epic. This is all being supported on the back of a debt bubble. That’s what they are going to do. No doubt about it. If they can’t get Trump any other way, they are going to collapse the economy. . . . We are going to see a wave of wealth go from one group of people to another group of people. This is the setup that has been going on for a long time. . . . There are those on the inside that are determined to bring down this country. If this thing comes apart, we have the potential for civil war right here in the United States.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks Greg! I really enjoyed this one!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for coming on Gregory!!!

    • frank di cicco

      we short sellers are having a field day with your readers.
      I offered you an insight into these markets but you obviously are not inclined to take advantage of 43 years of experience.
      I love the inexperienced longs……

      I suggested to mr. holter to sell every rally but the idiot did not listen….too busy selling bullcrap. 2 years ago.

      • CBC

        It is now 1.5 years later, and your comment was incorrect and smacked of envy of those that you were criticizing.

  2. Robbie41

    Hello to you Greg, I saw this headline on Steve Quayle’s home page & thought you could look into this & hope this is NOT the BIG Black Swan Event that starts the big crash.

    The United Arab Emirates has declared they will withdraw all money from Qatar Banks immediately

    Don’t forget, Nibiru / Planet 7x is still comin inbound..

    • Robbie41

      Yes, Also your interview was very good too..

    • Corleone

      Some infos from Nibiru Leaks (June 2017 edition):

      — ISIS will send 1,200 fighters to crush Anti Sharia Law movement across America.

      — Husein and Michelle will lead a big rally in California to promote the foundation of a gay caliphate in west coast.

      — About 400 members of Free Syrian Army will be the agents of the government’s Syrian Army and greatly harm ISIS forces in various places.

      — George HW Bush will die in September 2017.

  3. Paul ...

    If the deep state is going to take down Trump by crashing the markets … what choice does Trump have except to use his Goldman Sachs buddies “to fight the deep state” and keep the markets up (until he can get American jobs back and America producing products that can be sold to reduce our balance of payments deficit) … so it seems to me we are heading for Zimbabwe like inflation ahead … as that is what it will take to keep the markets going up (until Trump gets American jobs and workers back on their feet again) … seems to me that if Trump allows the deep state to crash the markets now America may not get back on its feet … so I think we are in for a little more inflation of the money supply to keep things from immediate collapse … however … once America is producing again … that is probably when the crash will be allowed to happen!!

    • Paul ...

      I hope the US treasury bought at least 20 bit coins at $3 dollars each … so they could pay off the US national debt for us when their bit coins reach a trillion dollars each … as the Fed makes the US dollar more worthless … the US Treasury will likely find it easy to sell 19 of its bit coins for a trillion dollars each … and our national debt problem will be solved … I see that gold, silver and even the S&P 500 is being sold off now to buy bit coins … this mania must be a side effect of all the aluminum fluoride put into our drinking water “to damage our brains” and cause a rapid shortening of our telomeres (which shortens our life span) … so “aluminum drugged” American people are now rushing to sell everything they own to buy bit coins “like cabbage patch dolls” … and thus get rich quick before they are programed die at 65 (by drinking the aluminum fluoride and breathing aluminum particle “chem-trail” dust the government provides to save Social Security)!

      • Paul ...

        A question that comes to mind is … who are greedier men or women? … can it be determined by who is buying bit coins? … probably … as scientific evidence now shows that feeding male babies “soy formula” feminizes them … and since more then half the babies in the US are fed “soy based” formula instead of breast milk altering and damaging their brains and making them into women … the question above can be easily answered … sorry ladies (the real ones that is)!!

  4. John woodhead

    Good interview,thanks,be your own central bank…a great quote and very true

  5. dlc

    Imagine — Janet Napolitano (DHS) for president to replace Trump. She’d be deep state perfect for taking a wrecking ball to what’s left of this country.

    During her AZ governance (2003-2009), she ripped the door off the border, pushed her aberrant lifestyle, then got rewarded for turning AZ values inside out with a plum job as head of DHS, and then her current cushy job in the California college system — and we can see how that’s turning out. That horse face would be the perfect Hillary replacement. She has had a second bout of cancer, but libs, it seems, can outlive a flurry of hollow points.

    If they are successful in tossing Trump, can you just imagine the chaos? Not all of his supporters are just going to sit around muttering “duh.” The Trump voters are hanging by a thread as it is, trying to hold in place if not recoup.

    And all who look forward to such an event should be very careful what they wish for. The elite usurpers won’t be asking if the rioters voted R or D, won’t be impressed if they are flat-out Bolsheviks. The malcontents in the street, who will have served their purpose, will see how fast preferential rights, any rights at all will vaporize.

  6. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    All over the same story.

    I WANT TO SEE FIRE, kill those rats!



  7. Tim

    This has to be one of the best interviews by the (G & G Plunge Protection Team) that I’ve seen to date. Great job…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim.

      • Frank

        buying puts in a crashing market will get you…nothing…as the markets will close….like: shut down…disappear!
        I have been trading silver and gold for 43 years straight (think about that) and I can tell you for certain that ALL markets are rigged …especially bonds and the s&p. I had to stop trading them because the forward spreads are against you on purpose to discourage you from shorting them.
        Shorting the PM’s are extremely profitable for the traders as the longs are puppies. They do not have the staying power and will not stand for delivery.
        If either of the ‘Gregs’ want to know what is really going on my e-mail is below.

  8. Aurele

    Gregory Mannarino has some good opinions but I stopped following him ever since he predicted a solid market top at 18000. I’m not sure he’s fully on top of things. Greg, I like you interview Andrew Maguire if/when possible. Andrew has grater / clearer insight in the markets and especially the precious metal market.

  9. Dr Darryl Jewett

    The last time Greg H interviewed Greg M, there were many posts in the comment thread below disparaging the report by Greg M. But I learn a lot when Greg H interviews anyone, including Greg M. For instance, with this interview, I learned about the sell-off in tech stocks.

    I do want to take this opportunity though and correct Greg M. There is no left and right anymore. They’re the same sides of the same evil coin. Both want to enslave and exterminate men. They just promote different mechanisms. I believe men should be choosing among different mechanisms to do great things. Not different agents of their own demise.

    Second correction: an increasing number of men have been denied passports and aren’t allowed to leave the country. And many (most if not almost all) countries require a passport for banking (at least by foreigners). And a man needs a bank for reimbursement of medical insurance claims. Without medical insurance, care is unaffordable. Governments in the US have denied a growing number of conscientious men the necessary mechanisms for escaping their persecutors. And if they can’t prevent them from escaping, then it’ll deny them the mechanisms for survival. Until they’re dead.

    A great cartoon for the next weekly wrap-up: Bozo the Clown juggling chain-saws, swords and hand-grenades while riding a unicycle on a diving board over a swimming pool populated by giant great-white sharks that shoot lazer-beams from their eyes. You can’t make this shit up.

    • Donald

      “I stopped following him ever since he predicted a solid market top at 18000.”

      There are many knowledgeable traders and analysts out there and I would say 100% of them have been wrong so far in predicting developments. But NOT ONE of these analysts/traders (nor anyone else) had any idea just how far the central banks could and would go to prop up the system. Probably, even the central banks didn’t think they could go this far. When the financial system collapses, it will be stunning. There will be no warning when things start to come apart, and no opportunity to get out. Its as Bill Holter says – what you have in your possession is what you will have. Time will tell what the central banks will do – will they print even more money to keep things going? This is my guess, but only after everything has seized up. At some point, a new currency will have to be issued. How all of this will unfold is anyone’s guess.