Market Meltdown Already Underway-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says forget about the recent market rally, the markets “have nowhere to go but down.” Mannarino explains, “According to the charts, something big has already begun.  This is not a ‘maybe this will happen,’ this has already started.  The market averages have gained over the past few weeks, but we had an abysmal start to the year.  The only reason we have seen this stock market rally is on speculation of crude oil.  They will not allow crude oil to drop anymore because it is a currency.  There are too many things linked to it. . . . Nothing has changed fundamentally.  What does this mean?  This has been a fool’s rally.”

Mannarino also says, “The world powers are trying to get together to stop this. It can’t be stopped.  They have inflated this bubble in debt, and that is the greatest threat to humankind. . . . People can’t say when is the crash coming?  It’s already here.  It’s already begun.”

The data that Mannarino sees it’s just screaming “crash.” Mannarino contends, “What it is screaming is the market wants to do its sole job, and that is to establish fair market value for assets.  It’s something that it has not been allowed to do since runaway central banks have taken over this entire thing by manipulating the debt market, the biggest market of them all.  They have been successful in creating massive distortions across the spectrum.  I am talking currencies, housing, crude oil, derivatives and the stock market.  This will correct to fair market value.  It’s a mathematical certainty, and it’s already begun.”

On silver, Mannarino says it has turned and is on its way up—way up. Mannarino says, “It’s broken out.  I would expect a slight pullback . . . then we are going to get a much higher move. . . . It’s in an early corrective stage, and it’s going to be epic moving forward.  The same thing has happened for gold.”  Mannarino points out the stunning move in gold over the last three months as proof of a gold breakout.

Mannarino thinks it will be especially bad for people not awake or prepared. Mannarino says, “This is going to get a lot worse.  On an individual level, we have to understand what we have to do for ourselves and our families to get through this. No matter what is happening on the political front, there is no stopping what is coming. . . . We’re going back to a two-tier society. We are seeing it happen.  The middle class is being systematically destroyed.  We are going to have a feudal system of the haves and the have nots.  People walking around blindly thinking it’s going to be okay are going to suffer the worst.”

Mannarino’s advice is to “Bet against this debt and that means hold hard assets; also, become your own central bank. Their system has already failed and it’s coming apart.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Jay Dee

    Last year you had Karen Hudes on the program and she was contending that the US had huge hidden reserves and we would come through the pending financial collapse with flying colors. In other words she was saying not to fight what was transpiring because we were going to like the final outcome. I thought then that story of mass hidden reserves was a lie and told you that I thought that she was a double agent. Well, I smell another double agent named Donald Trump.
    One of the greatest delights of the globalists is to make the public look like fools. They tried to do this on 9/11 but people are learning the truth. Since the FBI files show that there were no homicides in Newtown CT in 2012 we have to be suspicious that the Sandy Hook massacre was a HOAX.
    We will be the laughing-stock of the whole world when it is finally revealed who the Obamas really are. Joel Skousen mentions this in his 2015 review.
    If you look at the last decade of Donald Trump’s life you see that his primary friends were people in the establishment including a whole lot of undesirables. If you look at his financial transactions they show a Wall Street-type cut throat. In the presidential debates he made statements that were contrary to previous public statements. But here is the strongest reason that makes me very suspicious about his supposed anti-establishment claim. When you read about the founding of the Federal Reserve you learn that the local banks made loud opposition to forming the Fed. Of course we now know that this was a planned deception against the public. What we see currently from the “establishment” is a chapter out of the same play book. The establishment is screaming their opposition to Trump. Individuals and groups suggesting that they are going to donate tens of millions of dollars to stop Trump. These people are not stupid. They are “as wise as snakes”. They know that they are driving voters to their man in sheep’s clothing—Donald Trump. They can’t lose whether it be Clinton, Biden or Trump.

    • art barnes

      Jay, Trump admits he was the establishment, supported both sides, he is not there to get Hillary elected, his ego is to win! Frankly, another terrorist attack by illegal/legal/or once legal and now not because of just walking away when your Visa expires will slam dunk any election for him. One thing is certain there needs to be a stop to all this political correctness; the opiate of the people. Another thing is that Trump is not Wall Street, he made his money making/building real things not creating money out of nothing as Wall Street and their god the Federal Reserve/central banks do.

    • David Clumpner

      You make a VERY strong case, Jay!

    • Jim

      There is a good discussion of this dilemma here.

      The gist of it is that even if he is a fake, he can’t be worse than Hillary so the downside is the same. Here is the reason he can’t be worse than Hillary: if he is a fake, he will follow the same script that Hillary would have followed anyway.

      The 2% chance of the upside is worth going for.

      The conclusion is that voting for Trump is worth the benefit of the doubt. What is there to lose? At least the people will have spoken. They are used to being betrayed, but having the opportunity to speak is new though.

      Roger Stone says Trump is the real deal, and he seems legit to me. Look him up. Alex Jones interviewed him and he seems like an honest man to me. Perhaps we are suffering paralysis by analysis sometimes.

      Just vote for him if you like. There is no real downside this time.

      • Goldblueberris

        Cruz is the true real constitutional deal…trump is a proven liar… Alex Jones is a propagandit who is in the tank for trump. Neither can be trusted. Only Cruz is a proven man

        • Greg Hunter

          Ask Ben Carson who the liar is. What happened in Iowa?

        • ConanTheContrarian1

          goldblueberris, Cruz proved who he is when he helped the Gang of Eight screw us on immigration. Wake up.

    • Clarke

      Trump is not a sleeper. It does not matter what ANY candidate says he or she will do. The fact that any of you believe that the “elections” still matter is amusing. Here is what will happen.

      If The Donald wins, he will be given a presentation by the powers that be who really run everything. This will take place before he is ever sworn in.

      The oligarchs, central banking crime cabal, Illuminati or whatever/whoever you want to call them (it does not matter) will say, “Mr. Trump, this is the way things are. We control this country and this planet. You do not. The House and Senate do not. The American people do not. You can pocket the silver or stop the lead, it is your choice. You can be worth fifty billion and be invited to have a real seat at the table. Plata o plomo, Donald.”

      And Donald, after he views the full presentation in living color, will do precisely what he is told, just like Hussein Obama and all the rest of the criminals, traitors and enemy agents – otherwise he will not be around.

      You see, the sociopathic globalists already run the entire f**king place. New World Order? It is ALREADY here and has been for some time. It simply was not recognized because the vast majority were asleep.

      Now it is coming out of the shadows fully because the hierarchy do not have to hide any longer. They won, understand? Do you think they care about politicians? That is one of the easiest variables to control. Do you think they care about countries, borders or economic collapse? They already have the next “financial and economic system” ready to go once this one implodes and they have rid themselves of about five or six billion useless eaters in the aftermath.

      These people operate beyond your reach and they are not concerned with “populism” or “rebellion” or any such thing. See how long a rebellion lasts when they bring out the armed stealth microdrones which are virtually silent, slightly bigger than a large butterfly and which can kill you from 1000+ feet away with guided micromissiles delivering the payload equivalent of 250 pounds of TNT in a package no larger than a #2 pencil. There are several different available payloads, but these are primarily people killers.

      They can track humans by “smell,” you know. Everyone has a precise molecular “scent” that is theirs and theirs alone. That is just the beginning of the tech. This wall of hi-tech imprisonment has grown up around a population who do not even know it exists, much less understand its capabilities.

      There is already a worldwide surveillance grid, and you have not heard about it because the NSA are not the ones who are tasked with using it against you since it is beyond their capabilities. There is no hiding or resisting, though some will try, at least in the beginning….

      We had the illusion of liberty in the U.S. for a couple of centuries, and that is as close as you get to it in this place.

      Here are your choices (assuming that you survive the imminent culling):

      You can fight and die, you can submit and have a semblance of a “life,” or you can go far enough away that they do not care about you. We are waiting for three last indicators to flash red and then my group is bugging out.

      Have a nice life on the prison planet and slave colony.

      • RichM

        To Clarke and others…
        Regarding Trump…..
        If you recall, in 2012 they changed the GOP convention rules requiring a majority win in 8 states to specifically prevent Ron Paul (who had just 7 wins) from having any chance of becoming the nominee. Thus the elite’s got in their man Romney in. They are all out to do this to Trump. In fact you can sure tell that Romney is their man as he has become their shill. The latest plan is that Paul Ryan is orking on a way to assure Trump cannot win the conventiion by customizing the rules. The establishment RNC is also going to change that same rule against Ron Paul but instead of having to win 8 states…. they plan to make it so you don’t have to win any at all. This this allows Romney, Ryan, Bush, Rubio to sneak in there and steal the nomination away even if Trump is just 1 delegate short. Doing so, they will hand the election to Hillary and ruin destroy the Republican party. Also, the Trump supporters may be so pissed that all the sudden, Obama get’s his Black Flag event….. perhaps declares martial law…. and maintains power.
        Anyway, I am thinking if they cannot get this to a contested convention because Trump takes 1237 delegates up front, they will have that conversation with him or just not bother and pull a JFK on him….. which also could be a Black Swan event.
        I believe Trump is different. Let me ask for sake of argument. What if Ron Paul had gotten elected. Do you also think he would cave under the pressure? Trump is already a billionaire. I suppose if they told him they will make him as richer than Warren Buffet, he may be tempted. I suppose every man has his price. I tend to think Ron Paul would not have caved. I see Trump as all about country not all about government. If I recall, they messed with Ross Perot’s daughter to get him to drop out and lose his momentum and then he re-entered. I guess what I am saying is, Trump is a bad ass, and I think he is a patriot and truly does want to fix this mess. He may truly not accept any money or condition. He may truly have to resolve to resist and God bless him if he can and can survive. Imagine the corruption and waste he could expose if he remains his own man. I have to give it a small percentage chance he will be able to do so. I also have to give it a small chance he will be able to turn around the economy because it is already too late in my opinion. Still, no one else but an independent self funding billionaire could possible have a chance of doing it. I hope he can pull it off, not get killed, Ivanka and his family can not be as well, and mess with TPTB the way they have messed with us.

      • Chip

        Wow dude, you’re WAY out there. But I do think you’re right about one thing, the President does get a briefing like you illustrate and gives him the boundaries for which he’s to stay in… Chip

      • Kerry

        Just here are you bugging out to, another planet? There are historical precedence for a small rebellion defeating the major power of the time. It can be done. Why not stay and fight?
        “From the ashes, a fire shall be woken. A light from the shadow shall spring. Renewed shall be blade that was broken…”
        There is still hope.

      • Kerry

        To Clarke-and all others who are planning on bugging out-please stay and fight-we need you.

      • Joni

        Clarke, this is a late comment so I hope you still check out ‘Comments’. After much research over the years, I think you are pretty spot on with what I have learned. My immediate reaction to your last statement is, I don’t think we really have to wait for three last flashing red indicators to bug out. Some already have.

    • Paul

      Jay … we will know Trump is the “real deal” if he chooses Ron Paul as his Vice-President … which will have the “added benefit” of preventing the “powers that be” from shooting Trump to get in an “Establishment Troll” like say Chris Christie!

    • ConanTheContrarian1

      Jay Dee, I also at first believed Trump to be a Clinton plant like Ross Perot. The things that made me change my mind are as follows:
      1- Trump was the only one who made immigration an issue. Cruz stabbed us.
      2- Trump’s story actually makes some sense, because at 74, worth billions, why would he need to curry favor with the globalists?
      3- He is the only one to actually state that the system is corrupt, rigged against us.
      4- He seems to actually be a person, rather than the programmed robots like the rest of them. His “gaffes” are actually the things that a normal man would say on the spur of the moment, and are twisted by the media. If he was a plant, he would do things that didn’t have to be twisted.

  2. allen ols

    Neil Bush, son of former President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is joining Cruz’s national finance team, the campaign said Tuesday.
    Neil Bush and his wife, Maria, were among the 13 new additions to the team the campaign announced in a news release.
    “We are seeing incredible momentum around our campaign,” Cruz says in the release, which notes that he has raised $1.5 million in the past seven days.
    “I am thrilled to welcome these new members to our outstanding team. This race is winnowing down between two candidates and this is further testament that conservatives are continuing to unite behind this campaign.”

    • Ross

      Jay you may well be right. Apparently Hillary was anointed at the last Bilderberg Meeting to be president. Is Trump to rise like a star and fall on his own sword, giving Hillary a clear run ? We already know they rig the voting, so they can anoint whoever they want.
      They need a war to blame this collapse on before it actually happens. Jim Willie reckons they are already doing secret QE. So there may be one more big rally in the markets before they pull the plug. Will they suck the investors in ? Gold may go down one more time in a last desperation of getting the masses to sell it to them.
      Gregory M is improving his presentation. I enjoyed this one.
      Thanks Greg.

      • Grafique

        Ross, how exactly is voting rigged? With hundreds of thousands of poll workers across the country, how do they keep the secret? How did you find out the secret?

        • Celtic Wanderer

          Grafique, with respect i’ts not much of a secret, I think that many people here take it for granted.

        • JC Davis

          Grafique if I may. The source code on voting machines can be flipped. do some research on it is easy to prove, and has been done. Today we send our votes to computers in Spain to be sent back to the USA. The paper ballots have been caught being changed many times. This is why I don’t vote anymore. A senator on the floor admitted the game is rigged. We are run by a Oligarchy not a republic. I could fill Gregs site with proof, but instead I will simply say go to youtube , Bing, Google or any search. It is well known to those who research it.

          • Grafique

            How about this –
            In the very video on this page, Mr. Mannarino says Romney’s speech was a staged event to get Trump more attention (16:27).
            Then he says “they” already know who’s going to be president (17:39).
            Which is it? WHY would the GOP try to get Trump more attention if they already know he’s going to be president?
            This whole idea that “votes don’t count” and “presidents are selected” is nothing more than a silly conspiracy theory. Who “selects” them? Name some names and show some proof.

          • Grafique

            According to SOE (the largest election results reporting company in the US – Tampa based) …before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.”
            So before going to Spain, the votes are evaluated all across the US.

            • JC Davis

              Grafique For many year I thought the same as you until I researched it. Details would take more then I care to do. I have studied this for 6 years now.
              I will add one question. If Banks can give me a receipt that I can double check why is my vote less important ?
              Start here.

              • JC Davis

                Grafique Trump has made a agreement with the oligarchy. He will be the next president. The 12th debate was much nicer. Dead give away. The more things change the more they stay the same.

      • Lake M

        You said “Gold may go down one more time in a last desperation of getting the masses to sell it to them.”

        The masses do not own gold.

        Yes, the financial elite could once again dump 50,000 gold contracts on the market at 2:30am to force the price down and feast one more time on cheap gold. Soon there may be little gold to purchase.
        Gold mining production is under duress and supply is falling. As confidence in the global economy erodes further, it is likely demand for gold and silver will rise. The Keynesian economic model by design dictates a systemic failure if too much debt is accumulated. As Mr. Mannarino says, collapse is inevitable.

        A flight from bonds and stocks due to a collapse in debt and fiat currencies will cause, IMO, a precious metal price explosion. Then the masses of US savers will desperately seek shelter from their rapidly depreciating Federal Deposit Notes. Sellers would disappear. Chaos would ensue. Desperate nations may gather and agree to reset the gold price to perhaps $50,000 an ounce which would produce about $30 trillion for the US (if their stated reserves are accurate) That could perhaps provide some stability while we attempt to correct the serious problems we now face. Wishful thinking…yes.

      • al hall


    • Tommy

      Cruz comes off as a true believer, the heir to Reagan. But he and his wife met while working in GW’s administration and she has been with Goldman for 10 years. And now a Bush is on the team? Something smells a little establishment there. The only hope I have with Trump is that everyone, and I mean everyone, is freaking out about him. I judge him by his enemies more than by his friends. In any event, I believe Trump would not wage war on Americans, Christians, and legal citizens like BO. I believe he would do more than any other candidate on protecting our borders, keeping terrorists out of the country and shipping illegals with felonies packing. And if nothing else, he would sure be more entertaining than the rest. But it has also crossed my mind that Greg M is right in that the whole Trump bashing by the establishment is just a ruse. It is virtually impossible to determine who is telling the truth anymore and most likely no one is telling the truth.

    • Seeking Truth

      Agree! Same thing happened with with Obama, and look at what we got? I’ve felt all along this was a show. Greg M is right about there being no real choice in elections. TPTB pull the strings, and have made their choice. Trump is saying all the right things, but when he gets into power – look out! Just like O.

      • susan

        no! trump is nothing like O was. Night and day difference..Were you one of those caught up in O’s “change”? Not I.

  3. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg I REALLY enjoyed this one! If people want to see the charts in this video, I posted them on my site. Click the following link, scroll down on the page. TradersChoice:

    • Md4

      Hi Greg M.

      I listened to your interview, I respectfully disagree; The Donald is for real.

      What is also real is the angst and dismay the political elite are feeling, and I think they actually are terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

      The old guard has been in power for some time now, and there are a great many “arrangements” that will be stood on ear if he is elected. For example, do we think immigration is the mess it is by accident? Mexico is dirt poor, and if it can extract support for its people as migrants building for, and serving us, it’s grateful. In exchange, maybe it helps on terrorist infiltration and curbs Central American inflows through Mexico. Trump’s wall would trash deals like that.

      Same with the Middle East. A whole host of deals and arrangements may be upended by Trump.

      Then there’s Europe and China…

      Donald Trump is shaking things up, and he has a lot of the public on fire because they’re sick of what they keep getting. And this time, I think they really mean it.

      THAT’S what has the elite on full alert. It’s also what’s unnerving so many on the other side of those arrangements around the world. There scared he might win.

      And none of them knows what he might do.

      If it turns out you’re right though…revolution. Too many of us are fed up, and have had it this time.


    • aps

      Greg, thank you for all you do to enlighten us and warn us. Really appreciate the information that you present. May God bless you in all that you do.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you APS and remember to “Fear Not.”

    • Macray

      Greg and Greg
      Grand slam interview! Some of us are spoiled by these Grand Slam moments.
      Thank You

    • Paul

      Greg (Mannarino) … I think commodities have bottomed and there’s a good chance that the global trend has turned bullish long term … so your chart showing the US market ready to crash puzzles me … could it be the “powers that be” who can manipulate LIBOR, etc. have the ability to make charts look exactly the way they want? … when I think about how all the world governments are printing their fiat “hand over fist” it near makes it impossible for markets to tank (in nominal printed fiat money terms) although in “real terms” the crash you expect will definitely occur … the problem I see with your using a chart (in nominal fiat dollars) to warn of a crash is that the chart may actually be at “higher” levels (nominally) when people lose their money (due to hyper-inflationary fiat money printing) … my point is … we may be better served by you showing a chart of the DOW that has been “adjusted” for fiat monetary inflation using the “true inflation numbers” provided by John Williams and showing that to us WatchDog readers if that is not to much work for you … but when all is said and done you will be proved correct … even if that DOW chart you are showing rises to new heights in “nominal” terms!

  4. George Elwell

    What happend to my post ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Is that the one where you called Trump Hitler? If so, don’t bother with that kind of lying drivel. This isn’t MSNBC.

      • Dale

        There is not a decent candidate left running in the race. The world is in deep trouble. The leaders Trump and Clinton are like candidates from hell. I hope a worthy candidate comes along soon.

      • al hall


      • Jim

        That’s right, Obama was Hitler.
        Hitlery was Hitler.

        Not everyone can be Hitler!

  5. K

    Really enjoy Greg Mannarino. Cheers mate.

  6. Jeff Rogers

    With all due respect, I think you’re wrong about Trump. I think Trump is a legitimate thorn in the side of the profiteers currently operating behind the scenes. What’s happening with all of this negative press on Trump is the corrupt are identifying themselves, so we know who to tar and feather. The people that are afraid of his presidency are the ones that are profiting off of the way things currently are, and probably would face prosecution if he is for real, which obviously remains to be seen.

    As for those who think he’s a double agent, or looking to screw the people once he gets in, you may be right. But we can identify the people that got us in our current situation, and they all hate Trump, and I personally don’t think the media whores could fake this much fear and loathing. Trump’s rise speaks to a populist movement that’s fed up with the way things are going and just want some kind of change. A lot of people see this as the last chance for a bloodless revolution. A chance to take out the trash, if you will.

    However, if things go as bad as you portend, I doubt there will be an election. Either Ofuhrer will declare himself president for life, or the whole government will come crashing down with the dollar. Either way, not much use keeping up the facade of democratic elections any longer. See everybody in the future!

    • art barnes

      If not Trump then who, Jailary? We all know what we will get with her, more of the same, another war or two & more money put into the Clinton Foundation from who knows who that they will accidentally forget to put on the books. Obama = Hillary, Hillary = Obama, same policies different shoes.

      • Jeff Rogers

        You misunderstand me, I would never vote for Killary! I don’t think I would ever vote Democrat again if I were lobotomized! Like I said, Trump could be it, but right now I’m leaning Libertarian. I voted Gary Johnson in 2012 and my conscience thanked me for it. If Killary steals the nomination from Bernie, and the neocons steal the nomination from Trump, the Libertarians could offer a solid third choice if we get rid of all of this “wasted vote” nonsense. A vote for a tyrant who wins is a wasted vote, a vote for liberty is never a waste.

        • art barnes

          Ok, got it, sounds right, I know what you mean about “wasted vote”. If the Republicgods steal the nomination from trump at the convention, which they are trying to do now & have said they will do, the republic party is toast; I am a independent voter. a

    • Greetings from England

      Jeff Rogers
      We have a similar situation in Britain where Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party. His anti-establishment views have led to an all out propaganda assault on him through the mainstream media. They have attacked everything from him not bowing deeply enough to the queen to criticism of the way he does his tie up! When the labour party was divided over the vote to bomb Syria it was the sign of weak leadership, according to the media. However, now the Conservatives are divided over the Euro referendum no one has called Cameron’s leadership into question because he always follows the establishment agenda. Like Trump, Corbyn is even attacked by members of his own party and New Labour gangsters such as Tony Blair and Allistair Campbell. If we are to believe the media it would be a disaster for Britain if Corbyn was elected PrimeMinister as if it is not a disaster already. Cameron has sold us out to the corporations: Fracking, GMO, more wars (Libya, Syria) but the media will not criticise this man.

    • Seeking Truth

      If trump is for real, then we might start worrying about whether he will make it to the election alive. Presidents who don’t go along to get along have a nasty habit of leaving office before their terms are up. (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy), plus all the assassinations attempts – Jackson, Reagan, etc…).

      • Jeff Rogers

        If the recent murder of Scalia is any indication, the people won’t buy a “lone assassin” kills Trump. The more popular he becomes, the safer he is, especially now that we have the internet to combat their propaganda and information control. Personally, and I hate to even say this because violence is the last thing I want in my own country, I think if they do kill Trump, it would spark a bloody revolution. There are lots of calls for his murder, which oddly enough isn’t being edited by the social media fascists, so they may be laying the ground work for just such an event. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.

  7. californiawoman

    Trump Pals around with George Soros

    They are all in the same Club no matter what they stage for the media.

  8. FC

    ‘Free Range’ totalitarianism, is how they allow us to live now, but when negative interest rates on deposits and a ban on cash is introduced, things will change dramatically to an era of ‘Generically Modified’ totalitarianism and Grubberment will proudly sell it as ‘Sustainable Living’ with an ‘Organic Certification’……………..the only true organic matter in this monetary system is the physical procession of precious metals.

  9. Trude B.

    Mitt Romney Is The Real Super-Fraud: Here’s The Proof, Chapter And Verse

    Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog,

    Now that’s a screaming case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one. Mitt Romney has lashed out at The Donald for being a “phony and fraud”, but consider this. During his 16-years at Bain Capital, fully one-fourth or $600 million of the firms cumulative $2.5 billion of profits were scalped from companies which went bankrupt soon after Mitt and his partners got out of town with the loot.

    No wonder the American voters did not believe him when he claimed to be the “job creator”!

  10. Terri McQuown

    The Time For The Devil Is Short;

    We know what this will mean.

    Though living in times of distress,

    We see the things unseen.

    The Kingdom has been brought to birth;

    His rulership will fill the earth.

    For now have come to pass

    Salvation and kingdom and might.

    The Kingdom is in place.

    We pray: “Let it come, Let it come!”

    The angels in heaven rejoice

    And sing with joyful cries.

    The heavens above are relieved

    Of Satan and his lies.

    The Kingdom has been brought to birth;

    His rulership will fill the earth.

    For now have come to pass

    Salvation and kingdom and might.

    The Kingdom is in place.

    We pray: “Let it come, Let it come!”

    Johnny Cash – When The Man Comes Around

    (See also Dan. 2:34, 35; 2 Cor. 4:18.)

  11. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Greg, George Elwell isn’t alone in speaking of Trump as Hitler. Your old sparring partner Gerald Celente does it frequently in referring to Hillary as Hitlery and to Trump as Hitler! I have to say the more I hear and read of Trump the uneasier I become. SGT report seems to think he’s some sort of double agent working towards the new world order.
    Thanks as always for the double Greg interview.

  12. Ed Pool

    Gregory and Greg,

    Thanks guys for another banger. I am of the opinion that Gregory does a super job of deducing the movement of the algos and codes which let’s face it is how these markets work today. Kudos dude as I do not have the tolerance to watch the electronic train wreck but I am glad that you do and can. The hedge had an article yesterday on my favorite thief to hate “The Morg” stating that, “JP Morgan is raising equity in a company with questionable prospects and using the funds to repay debt the company owes JP Morgan. The arrangement allows JP Morgan to get its money out prior to lenders subordinated to it get their $401 million payment.”

    This dovetails directly on what Gregory is saying about a false rally but additionally shows the pump so I can dump theory (especially when I am ahead of you in the line). People have become so programmed that they are hopeless and helpless. Note how the CAD has rallied from 1.47 to 1.33 with this minor move indicating the Bank du Canada has cut lose with the printing press while simultaneously liquidating what was left and it “was not much” of their gold reserves. I sincerely believe the CAD will break 1.50 and not so much in the distant future as soon as oil breaks below $28.00. What a great opportunity for Americans to pick up property and assets north bound at a forty to fifty percent discount!! GET SOME.

    If anyone can help me locate the CRR values for U.S. Banks by institutional name it would be appreciated. That is one way to monkey hammer these pukes and an additional reason they want to ban vault cash.
    All the best

  13. Dan

    GREGORY MANNARINO is my idol, the smartest and by far the best guest on WD! No BS; he tells it like it is. Man I love this kind of honesty. A sincere thanks to you GM!

    Regarding what he said about the Establishment & Trump being all a show is spot on. Most Americans are too ignorant to realize this and day after day continue to think that their vote would actually make a difference; it just wont! As he says Presidents have been SELECTED, not elected for a very long time.

    WhatI think (and most likely COLIN THE FARMER FROM NZ) you guys should be doing is focusing on the CENTRAL CORE of the issue/poison – the FED! Like Colin says, until they are “taken out” everything else doesn’t matter. ACTION is what is needed not useless debate over Trump, the Establishment, and Hitlery. Please wake up once and for all guys. Get off your lazy bums, stop complaining, get out there protest and demand the end of the Fed, protest in front of their owners (the TBTF banks), – do something! What ever happened to the Occupy Central movement?

    Week after week we try to convey this message even though it seems to fall on deaf ears.

    Wisdom is action.

  14. Dan

    Oh, and by ACTION I mean something simple and doable. Read the article ‘Restoring the Lost Republic’ at!J5EEXCDK!_LD4hgaBI3aUqqJc2Ng14A

    and follow the 3 steps therein.

    Good Luck and God Bless. FEAR NOT!

  15. Dan

    GREGORY, I and others may want to know HOW you are protecting YOUR assets (whether cash, PMs, bonds, etc.)? What I mean is that when the SHTF, who says the gov’t, banks, et al, won’t seize your assets (especially money in the bank and shares of stocks that are merely recorded electronically, and your physical PMs).

    Have you moved assets outside of the USA via a bank, brokerage, trust, or other means? if not, don’t you think this could be quite risky and dangerous?

    I’m sure many other readers here would like to know how a smart guy like you is preparing and securing your hard-earned wealth.

    Much concerned and much appreciated.

  16. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Those charts are not scary…they are flat out terrifying!
    I enjoyed the interview.

    • frederick

      Colin Zero Hedge has a story about 911 and there are ALOT of great comments Check it out if you havent already Cheers from Turkey

    • aussie jeff

      I’ll second that!!
      Incredible data that cannot be denied.
      Greg M always has my total attention,a big thankyou to both Gregs;the interview was first class.

  17. Billy

    The entire presidential campaign show is a hoax.
    This is bread and circus’s for the masses. The decision
    as to who the president will be has already been decided.
    Listen to the rhetoric thrown by both sides. The main stream media
    is just another cast member in this terrible theatrical production.
    As far as the economy is concerned, as long as the printing press
    is in control of the Fed this situation can continue for quite a while.
    The amounts of money created in the last 50 years boggles the mind.
    Whom or what will stop it ? When you look at things logically everything
    that the people in finance and the P.M. industries have concluded makes
    perfect sense. Then again when you have control of the printing press
    and a way to enforce the use of the paper currencies the only way this
    stops is when T.P.T.B. want it to stop. Live life, enjoy friends and family.
    In the end we are all on a finite time line and are all gone eventually.

  18. Doug Ferguson


    I have been with you for a couple of years now and I feel blessed that we all have you. Keep up this very important work.

    On a side note, might I suggest you try to get Judge Andrew Napolitano on. His insight into the legal system and what is happening in this country might be very interesting to hear, especially since the establishment finally had enough of his candor and fired him from Fox Business.

    Very interesting times we live in.

    Wisconsin Patriot

    • frederick

      Doug İ agree judge Andrew Napolitano is one of the “good guys” no doubt and he would be perfect

    • Chip

      I second the Napolitano idea. Judge Jeanine would also be a good guest (not sure if that is the correct spelling)… Chip

  19. John D

    If Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech was a staged republican act to bolster support for Trump. Then Romney should be an actor and not a politician. It was a very powerful, persuasive, and passionate speech.

    • art barnes

      Yea, it showed Romney to be the two faced stabber in the back as he really is. Talking money from Trump, getting his endorsement, attend a fund raiser at Trump Tower given to him by Trump, etc. During the election he was trying to get a variance for his proposed 9 car garage with elevators in it instead of on the stump; elitist. Also, if you want an example of how he made his money or what type of business he had go see the old movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas, buy companies by take over (stocks), then crass and burn them selling off their assets for profit & firing all employees. And, yes I voted for him too as he had me fooled until recently when he made his little speech in Utah; “won’t be fooled again” as the song goes.

  20. Russ

    Greg — Great interview with Greg M, The chart shown early in the interview is outstanding, very compelling. Anyone buying into this market is a fool. It’s a wash, rinse repeat process designed to take your paper assets. What happens in a major crash is people sell physical assets to cover obligations in the paper markets. This is just a whipsaw designed to go up and down and every time it takes a cut. The latest cross-over point on that chart is behind us so here we go (way down). Does Greg M, have a rough idea of when the collapse to DOW 5500 +/- will be complete? This summer/fall? Before the election??? Trump needs that crash to occur before November.

    Speaking of Trump and the facade of elections to which Greg M. alludes, is Hillary perhaps the person that has been selected? Or, as I suspect, was it supposed to be Hillary against Jeb Bush/Rubio in November so the PTB get their “guy” no matter which party wins. I suspect the specific individual isn’t known, they filter the options now and then give us an illusion of choice in November. I suspect that Trump is messing with this plan — he’s a wild card they do not control. Then again, maybe Greg M. is correct and Trump is also in on the illusion.

    Dunno, all we can do is go with our gut and mine says Trump is not owned by the establishment. Cruz talks one thing but he’s owned by Goldman Sachs. Rubio is just owned. Jeb Bush is a Bush. Clinton is… pray the FBI comes through and removes that option, or is that part of the illusion too? The Matrix is so confusing…

    Thanks again, regardless of President Wannabes’, that chart was very informative.

  21. Jerry

    The IMF has sounded the alarm. Is anyone listening?

    Greg. What else can this be, other than a CYA moment by the IMF? The banks are imploding all over the world. Italy’s banks are currently in the early stages of collapse, and Deutsche Bank is not far behind. The IMF does not have the money to bail them out this time, and China is sinking all of its assets in its AIIB lifeboat. Who is going to cover these defaults? Certainly not the Exchange Stabilization Fund. They are busying mopping up behind the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Greg Mannarino’s chart confirms my latest theory. The Central Banks do not have a plan. They’re going to run our economic system full throttle until the wheels come off…..period. They’re like parasite’s. They’ll just find a new host to suck blood out of. Most likely the People’s Bank of China and their new Gold backed exchange system.

    • Jerry

      Here is more information on the economic collapse in Italy.

      People can talk about the economic problems in China all they want to. At least they have a plan. What’s our plan? Print money. Spend…………Print money. Spend. Rinse and repeat. Electing Hilary will be like putting a cherry on top of a turd that’s been rolled in powdered sugar. That’s assuming we even make to the elections which is seriously doubt.

      • Jerry

        This is what other countries financial institutions resort to doing when they don’t have the capacity to print money.

        • Silence is Golden

          Boiling frogs….don’t know they’re cooked until they’re dead.
          So much happening that its difficult for the layman to decipher. You Jerry… know it…the truth. We should all know that the so called Elite have lost control long time. They have commenced the final phase of this unpleasant part of history. This one will take us to a hyper monetary inflation moment because every single fiat currency will eventually be destroyed. They will print ad-infinitum satisfying the “running the economy at full throttle”.

  22. Brian

    Keep up the great work informing us with fantastic guests! I need the emotional/intellectual support from your venue to understand how to deal with these troubling times. Thanks so much to you and your guest!

  23. Wayne

    What is so special about the 21 day moving average, except to day traders? The 21 day MA is to short a period to get excited about. Wake me up when it crosses the 50 day MA.

  24. Ken Russell

    Hi Greg, one of the best. Rickards has talked about the Kissinger Cross. Is the crossing point of the yellow line on the chart a Kissinger Cross?

  25. Clare Doll

    Greg and Greg,
    I love the chart but! After each of these cross-overs, what did the stock market actually do? It didn’t go down, it went up! Why? Could the QE’s have anything to do with this? It’s great to make a prediction but don’t our manipulated markets also owe some of their allegiance to the PPT, the TPTB or whatever you want to call the monetary manipulating goons? Greg, it may go up again on the third try just as it did on try 1 and try 2 because of QE1 or QE2. What happens when QE4 is announced? As Gary Savage quips, ‘Folks, this isn’t going to be 2008 again, been there, done that. We are just not going back there.’

  26. David Clumpner

    Gregory’s statement: “Unless the Central Banks pull another rabbit out of the hat”..
    Me thinks that’s exactly what’s about to happen, just as it has several times in the past couple of years when Gregory, Celente, et al stated the crash was eminent.
    Oh sure, it has to happen eventually… some type of reboot or reset but I think we’ll all be fooled by the procedure that finally develops.
    So many ‘Black Swans’ out there as well, such as WAR, candidate ‘elimination’, etc, etc.
    Believe it or not, Kurzweil (and gang) could be a piece of the outgrowth which will involve a new global currency.

    • art barnes

      Yea, every-time its suppose to crash the devil FED pulls out another rabbit out of their hat, just expect some more; that is all.

  27. Country Codger

    Hello Greg and Greg,
    Great interview, as always. I tend to agree more with Greg M. than I do with some of the others. There will be no recovery 5 or 10 years down the road. America will go the way of the dodo in the 2020’s.
    We are waiting to see the barley in aviv to begin the TRUE sabbatical year, not the false one hyped by pastor Cahn. ((The new year begins in the month of Aviv NOT Elul. Check your Bibles.)) It will either be tomorrow or we will have to wait until April. OOPS, there is that darn Mar/Apr. time frame again.
    Also, remember Dr. Steve Puetz’s postulate about a full solar eclipse within 6 weeks of a lunar eclipse. Gonna be a cliffhanger folks.

    Fantastic job.

  28. Moo

    Greg it must be nice having a job that doesnt require wearing any pants….

  29. dbcooper

    Greg/Gregory/Doggers, Thanks for the interview, the charts are a great help for ‘the little people’!! … We don’t know exactly what is in the offing but … watching the indicators inclines toward ‘high pucker factor’ and pushes us toward preparations … the Baltic Dry Index … the US trucking index … the US rail index … all on the skids … when all the blue lines and red lines collide then the big red light will be flashing and the big gong will be gonging and if you are not prepped it will be too late. Most Americans have perhaps three days worth of food in the pantry … when the trucks stop rolling the store shelves will empty in hours and then the mayhem starts … the government will not be their to save you … the police will not be able to contain the civil unrest and violence. My gut says get it together NOW, do not wait and I do not believe it will be a two month ordeal … more like a year … and in that time period the world we know may change to unrecognizable . It is Doom and Gloom time folks.
    Thanks again Greg, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  30. andrew

    In my line of work (gas station manager) I deal with many “everyday Joe’s and Jane’s”. I see apprehension building though most have no understanding why they are nervous. As an old bachelor I have helped the occasional person or family with money in the past until they get back on there feet with it coming back to haunt me on occasion. Recently I am having more and more people from the bailiff in the town court to a crying mother holding baby in one arm and crying toddler in the other asking me for money just so that they can “make it to the end of the month”. For the first time ever I am having to tell people no as they are coming too many too frequently. More and more drifters are passing through my little out of the way town stopping in asking if I know where they can get some “Christian charity” so they can make it to some other state where they have family. These people have gone from asking with shame in the past to making angry demands today. One of the more unusual people to become a regular is an elderly man who has no home and lives out of his truck. He wanders around gathering beer and soda cans for money. He attended private schools in his youth, attended three different universities where he received his masters degree. In the 70’s he lived in South America and witnessed everything from presidential inaugurations to revolutions. He is very quiet but has told me that he is afraid for our country as he sees things here that he witnessed in South America.

    I think society is sitting on a powder keg and the fuse has been lit for some time. Witnessing the people I see hearkens to Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.

    Thank you, Greg for your work. You are a genuine torch bearer on this dark path that lay before us.

    • art barnes

      Out here on the Western Front I see the same, homeless all around, people buying a loaf of bread with pocket change or some milk and don’t quite have enough when they get to the register; hungry children just making it to the next payday of mom and dad. This is real out here folks, just look around and let yourself see the many that are fallen through the cracks. Andrew, just wait till the raise the gas at your station up another dollar so that is coming this summer. The working poor is becoming a class of its own. Thank you for your post of the real world; enjoyed it.

    • Dan

      Dear andrew,

      You seem like a very kind and generous soul. Thank you for being so compassionate to your fellow citizens.

      God bless you!

  31. Larry Carter

    On Fox Business this AM, they were celebrating the 7th anniversary of the bottom for the Dow during the great recession. Its gone from 6,500 back to over 17,ooo today. That is a real testimony to what manipulation and control can do to a market placed in the right hands of the banksters. That is manipulation par excellance!

  32. Andy

    If anyone is the double agent , it is Cruz. Both he and wife worked in the Bush admin. And she is now a Goldman Cronny. I don’t know about Trump. Maybe there is no outsider.

    • frederick

      True dat Andy about Cruz and his wife that is Voting for him is voting for more of the same from Wall Street and we dont need that for sure

  33. Galaxy 500

    There is an million barrels (min) oversupply of oil per day. There is nearly 500 million barrels of oil in storage [“At 487.4 million barrels, U.S. crude oil inventories remain near levels not seen for this time of year in at least the last 80 years,” EIA said in a weekly petroleum status report.]. Storage is over 90% capacity. Demand is not increasing but Iran is coming on line. And yet the price of oil is increasing.
    It boggles the mind the blatant manipulation in the stock and commodities market.

    • art barnes

      500, and, and, and the cars and fuel using industries are getting more efficient daily. Frankly, a complete blind man could see that the Saudi’s & Bush’s were not going to allow oil to drop for very long. Oversupply & lower demand means nothing to the price of oil (or other commodity) if there is a conspiracy to raise it by OPEC, IRAN, RUSSIA, UNITED KINGDOM AND THE GOOD OLD USA as well. There is just too much profit to be made to allow oil to remain very low very long; so, up she goes, nice while it lasted for the working poor but that is going to stop shortly, expect $3.00+ gas by July 4. a

      • Silence is Golden

        Rising Oil prices correlates to a rising stock market which then implies a strong(er) USD.
        All this at a time when the global GDP is shrinking, debt increasing, rates falling/negative and the middle class being destroyed through oppression.
        Pit all of that against Oil traded in NON USD (Russia and China with soon to be Europe and some ME countries). Hmmmm to me the “price makers” will not get their way and that the Petrodollar is dying/almost deceased.
        Until OPEC (esp. SA) decide to reduce Oil production, I don’t believe in the narrative that you put forward. Oil price rally for me …is a short squeeze…just like the stock market. Fundamentals haven’t changed. There is nothing robust about economic activity (OIL) nor for that matter a desire to support UST (foundation of the USD System). There is NO growth in CREDIT alongside a massive deterioration in LIQUIDITY. Anyone in the Bond space would tell you that there is a queue, several miles long, waiting to exit the single door remaining.
        We aren’t privy to the back door bailouts of those BANKS that have taken funds from COVERT QE, to offset the losses taken from the Energy Sector Bad Debt – Shortfall in collateral. But its there…believe me. AND ITS BAD…..VERY, VERY BAD.

  34. Martel

    Agreed, Agreed, Agreed….Mr. Mannarino is spot on with regards to Mr. Trump. I also agree that the President is pre-selected. Like Mr. Celente has said for a while now, “this is the presidential reality show.”.
    Yes, we have seen this sort of thing in history as Mr. Mannarino has stated. The country, for that matter, the West that we know is gone. Please prepare as stated in this interview. For a template, just look back in history with the fall of West Rome with modern characteristics of today. Land, Food, Silver, and Gold….what was currency for thousands of years can not be undone over the long term by this financial alchemy that we are now experiencing.
    Powerful and tremendous interview to both of you gentlemen.

    • Hatemail

      I respectfully differ. Candidates for president are carefully vetted by each party. The candidates that closely align with the party line are then promoted as the favored son or daughter. Each party wants a candidate that marches to their tune. In that respect the new president is “pre-selected”. This is why the GOP is freaking out because Trump is an uninvited party crasher. I am worried if elected, Trump will get the JFK treatment, if you know what I mean.

  35. Mike Haubert

    To Greg Mannarino,

    I love your pragmatic view of both politics and finances.

    You do clearly see through the “Matrix” that we now live in. Since the day Bill Clinton signed the Glass-Steagall repeal, I dropped out of the stock market and was happily laddering CD’s until they zeroed out rates. The last few years I have been stuck in cash and gold. My Thrift Savings account is 100% Treasury (since 1999). When things don’t make sense, “don’t mess around with speculation” has been my motto since 1999. While I missed out on all the stock bubbles I also missed out on the stock dumps. Only those who knew the exit and entry points (we know there were a few) made out while the buy and holds were exterminated.

    Your belief that presidents are pre-selected and not elected is spot on in my opinion. I think the date of November 22, 1963 is when the CB kicked their “pre-selected” part of the plan into full gear.

    Another great GM interview Greg Hunter.

    • art barnes

      Trump is the real deal, not some rubber stamp for the establishment. I worry for him as I know what the elite are capable of. If something happens to Trump I hope you will join me in the streets. a

  36. Linda

    I think I appreciate Greg Mannarino because he gets to the point with concise explanations that even those with minimal education should be able to understand, and his graphs are helpful. Thank you for having him on, and for your dedication in the ever ending battle to find the truth (underneath layers of “criminal, crony” crap).

  37. OutLookingIn


    The basic underlying economic, financial and geopolitical fundamentals continue to degrade. Debt underpins every level of the global system. Financialization is the process by which creditors capitalize an economies economic surplus into interest payments to themselves.
    It is the aim of the elite to further enrich a very small percentage of very wealthy people, allowing their greed and short sighted stupidity to imperil the future well being of entire nations.
    Driving down the price of gold and silver does not diminish their value. Quite the opposite happens, their value increases. There is no ceiling on gold or silver, because there is no floor under the dollar. The dollar is nothing more than a note of zero duration without coupon and is backed by a technically bankrupt government, run by corrupt politicians who serve their banking and corporate master’s who control them.
    It matters not who gets to occupy the seat of power. The left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird.
    All stops are out to prolong and prop up this ongoing ponzi scheme, until after the elites have their chosen candidate anointed and installed in the drivers seat of this crime cartel. The question being; – Can they keep it all together long enough?

    • Dan

      Extremely well said OutLookingIn! You clearly get what’s going on.


  38. HankH


    Thanks for an Outstanding interview; those Manerino charts are foreboding! Time to buy PMs and stock Puts.

    On the coming election, I just don’t trust Trump and I trust Hillary even less!

    Trump seems unstable & never owns up to his failures. He has shafted countless investors as well as those who bought into his university just to name a few. I saw an interview with a NY AG who is suing him for fraud and for not obtaining the proper licensing to operate that *university*. I think they said ~ 1/3 of those students who paid into that university are involved in a class action law suit against him.
    So I can see why he is freaking out the establishment on several levels. Heck, he’s freaking me out as a conservative Republican.

    I just fear that with those two on the ticket (Repub’ & Dem’), we the people are screwed, again.

  39. Marilyn Shapiro

    The economy is on a downward trajectory , and the Fed can never raise rates. Quoting David Icke, we have become the country of: the home of the FEE and the land of the SLAVE!

    • art barnes

      The FED can and will raise interest rates when they want too, or, they can print in incognito as well creating inflation & destroying your nest egg . My point is never say the FED can or can’t do anything, they will fool you ever time. In the last 8 years I have watched as they made fools out of many pundits of the economy, they are evil but they are not stupid!

  40. Justn Observer



  41. Gina Mancarella

    Friends and Countrymen. The good news is that Hillary is here and ready to prevent us from hurtling off the tracks and to restore order to our great country. She has taken up her cross to defend America from the threats we all face. Every day she is out there fighting for us. Lets all stand up and fight for her.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill = Criminal Crony Class.

      • Joe G.

        Greg my sarcasm meter is jumping on this one. I know, I know- hard to distinguish from an actual brain-dead HLC supporter!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Joe G hard to distinguish from the real thing. The Dems would elect a known criminal to the White House.

    • Southern Girl


      Is that you again???? You thought maybe we needed another laugh…okay I had mine.

    • RTW

      Crazy Gina:
      At least your keeping your lunatic ranting short. Thank you for that.

    • JC Davis

      Ok Gina program . You said Hillary will keep us from hurtling 1.move or cause to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly uncontrolled manner. How is she going to deal with the world that will no longer use the dollar? When a crash comes as big as the Great Depression arrives What is you lady Hilary going to do to fix this ? I bet I get no response.

    • Jerry

      Rah. Rah.
      Lets hear it for the Email Lying, finger wagging Arkansas carpet bagging, Goldman Sachs bootlicking , Benghazi death dealing, Pervert spouse hiding, Cattle future scammer, with a fake southern accent.

      • art barnes

        Don’t forget she also made a $100,000 on pork bellies in one month with inside information trading when she was the in the Governor’s office in Ark.

    • frederick

      Evidently they have internet service at Creedmoors psych ward right Gina?

    • DanielSong39

      Thank you for keeping your comment brief.

  42. D2

    I wish I had your confidence that Hillary will be indicted for criminal acts (even treason), but I just don’t think so. Just today, Loretta Lynch (Obama’s AG) said that even if the FBI recommends to indict Hillary, the DOJ does NOT have to do so. Loretta just told us all the outcome. LAWS do not matter to the criminal crony class.
    Frank from Texas

    • art barnes

      Bingo! Also, if there is a Grand Jury convened, it will be made up of 90 percent Hillary supporters from a pool of citizens of D.C. That way even Lynch can convene a dog and pony show yawning indictment and get what she really wants which is “no indictment”; did her job, left it to the D.C. Grand Jury. That said, it is known that you can indict a ham sandwich, but in D.C. and the makeup of that particular Grand Jury, well, let us just say Hilary is no ham sandwich to that particular Grand Jury with their political & cultural makeup. On top of that as you said that Lynch doesn’t have to follow the FBI’s recommendation in any event. Just watch and see this dog and pony show political football play out, its already decided, the script has been written and the ending has been approved by Obama-CLINTON GETS A PASS!

    • Mark


      Listen to this interview. Sounds like Hillary may have some company…

  43. Beano McReano

    Here we go again. When the markets GO UP they scream it will GO DOWN. They have been saying this message ever since the DOW was at 6000!!

  44. R B

    Greg, I appreciate the perspectives of economic analysts,but there is the other problem before the whole world ,which is actually far greater in scope . You know as well,being the moral decay of mankind . We are living in the days of Noah , in which the entire world is turned against the one true God, and imagining what evil can they come up with today and call it good for mankind.One day the cup of God’s indignation will run over .

    • art barnes

      We are being judge now and America is coming up short. Muslim President, what could go wrong?

  45. Steve

    I’m a big fan of your interviews, and I love checking your site for new updates!

    Question: It is my understanding that Mr. Mannarino is predicting a large correction in the U.S. stock market, and that he is predicting there will NOT be a further increase in interest rates… With that, if the stock market crashes, what will happen with home prices? Is now a good time to purchase or construct a new home? Or will the cost of materials and labor greatly decline following a crash?

    I ask because I live in an area where real estate prices were almost completely unaffected by the 2008 crash, but I’m not sure if the same would occur this time…


    New Mexico

    • Greg Hunter

      The money is very cheap when that changes real estate will crash.

      • Steve

        So when interest rates “normalize” and increase, home prices will decrease because fewer people will be able to afford the mortgages?

        Most of your guests are still predicting no further interest rates in the foreseeable future, correct?

        Or would interest rates skyrocket immediately following a large correction in the stock market?

        Do you or your guests believe that real estate will crash, even in areas that did not (and currently have not) experience inflated prices leading up to 2008?

        I understand it’s hard to predict the future, but what would your guests say about the idea of upgrading to a new and much more energy efficient home at this time?

        Thank you,


        • Grafique

          Steve, good questions. My personal opinion is that if the economy crashes (a true crash, as in Venezuela), home prices would collapse as well because very few people would be buying homes.
          In a true crash scenario, interest rates would likely remain near zero to try to stimulate growth.

  46. Southern Girl


    Gregory the Man knows what he is talking about…..You called it in May 2015…I was listening. I am still listening very intently today…made another PM purchase. I believe you are correct in all your information…2 tiered system is what the elite want. I also see that most of the sheepel are stuck in the matrix and don’t want to see what reality is. They want fantasy. You are also correct in that the selection for the next president has been made…not sure we will ever get there…but I think the show and tell stinks.

    I am betting my all on hard assets and have no mortgage or car payment. Pay off my debts monthly. Just paid my personal and property taxes. Don’t want anyone coming to take my house because I cannot pay the taxes.

    Gregory you are such a smart caring individual to help all of us out with your web site and presentation on this site. I applaud your efforts and thanks for being a super kind guy. Know wonder you both get along…same thing in common helping the helpless.

  47. RTW

    I agree with J D. This whole campaign against Trump doesn’t pass the smell test. All these geniuses coming out and professing disdain for Trump, seeing and knowing that it doesn’t do one thing to hurt his poll numbers. Romney, a verified two time loser, gave his best speech, ever, railing against Trump. He looked more like a fool than he did changing anybodys opinion about Trump. Now it has been learned that an elite group, comprised of politicians, wealthy businessmen, and brilliant tech moguls have met on a secluded island off Georgia, to hold a “secret” meeting to strategerise bringing down Trump. Are we to believe that these 1% ers are so stupid, they can’t even get together without everyone knowing it. Not unless it was orchestrated that way to fool us. I think it’s “Operation Chaos” all over again. It’s all a sham. Just like Hillary’s e-mail debacle. Everyday another incriminating piece of evidence comes out against her and nothing changes. With what is known thus far, she should be in Gitmo. However, she continues to parade around the country cackling, coughing up hair balls and barking like a dog, feigning any interest in her plight. Why? Because she knows that Obama will never do anything about her. The Clintons have skated through life accumulating dirt on their friends/opponents alike and I’m sure Bill has had the chat with Obama regarding cached tidbits about him. Hence Hillary will get the chance to fail on her own. Hopefully.

  48. Rock

    Great interview with Mannarino.
    I am really starting to think that Mark Twain was right when he said about voting, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let you do it.”

  49. Justn Observer

    Nancy Regan – JUST SAY NO ! YES —TO ALL THE DRUGS AND DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE DRUGS COURIERED INTO THE U.S. FROM SOUTH AMERICA, FROM THE GOLDERN TRIANGLE – (AIR AMERICA – AMERICAN GANGSTER movies) body bags…Of course we first got into Afghanistan via efforts of Carter doctrine and Congressman Charlie Wilson= opium production has tripled ! Hillary trip to Myanmar = heroin triples,, you need to wake up to the realities of life…
    Might also read – Gladio B , FBI analyst Sibel Edmond !
    Hillary and her ilk = the reason DETROIT AND CHICAGO are as they are and with the huge drug problems ! Halarious those that look to her for help are licking the hand that put them where they are ! WHAT WAS HILLARY’S THESIS IN COLLEGE ABOUT MARXISM AND SAL ALINKY ! WHO WAS BILL’s economic advisor Laura Tyson – a Marxist economist that was warned by Sir James Goldsmith in book ‘THE TRAP”- WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if they pursued their open border GATT/NAFTA POLICIES ! and that is exactly what has happenend ! The dwindling of the U.S. ECONOMY AND SOVEREIGTY ! ( LAURA TYSON @ 4:30) LOL HISTORY PROVED TO SIR JAMES GOLDSMITH CORRECT AND LAURA TYSON TOTALLY WRONG !
    Also might ask all the women being raped in Europe if they enjoy the new ‘refugee/immigration’ policies for all the people Hillary helped bomb them out of their towns and homes ! Only a progressive liberal can think Syria and Libyans are ‘better off’ ! lol
    Only thing that will come out of a Hillary Clinton presidency…is the final nail …and last mile on the road to progressives admiring Mao ! Those that are not part of the de-population plan that is ! I assume by ‘us’ you mean fellow CFR/PILGRIM SOCIETY/BILDERBERG/TRILATERAL friends – eh Gina?

  50. Terri McQuown

    H e y_ B e r n i e_ Listen up, your winning because you took the gloves off and exposed Hillary that she’s bought and paid for, owned by Wall street. Now’s the time to expose her on Benghazi gate, to go where no neo-con [RINO] dares to go. Next time you see Hill ask her why she kept our embassy in Benghazi long after every other country had left because of the danger. Ask her why she demanded Chris Stevens stay and run guns from Moammar Khadafy’s stash to the so called moderate rebels in Syria. Thus bypassing congress like Reagan selling gun’s to the Iranians to supply the Contra’s in Nicaragua. Ask her what she thought of Reagan doing it and his apology for it. It’s a can of worms once opened would give you a shot at the White House. You won in Michigan, let’s wrap this nonsense up and open the eye’s of we the sheeple and take this country back from the Clinton/Bush crime foundation! Hats off to Bernie! Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray! For he’s a jolly good fellow!

    See you in November, [feel the burn Bern] Trump Vs. The Bern, Bring it on!

    • art barnes

      Every time they thought they had a Clinton caught they slipped though and got more money & power, don’t hold your breath that old Bernie is quicker than others with more brains and quicker hands.

  51. Anna

    After carefully observing in 2012 how Dr. Ron Paul’s very name was verboten by the MSM, much less his ideas discussed despite, or because of, his growing popularity (now Ron Paul truly struck fear in the establishment) I concluded it was all rigged. Remember the “debate” between Romney and Obama? Obama was so lackluster he could hardly make the effort to get up off his high chair. He could have done the debate lying on the floor I suppose. He knew it was a wrap. Trump, in contrast, is being suspiciously (reverse-psychology promoted?) successful, and I too wonder if his (very funny and loud) and determined non-establishment stance isn’t seen as a great side-show wind-fall to The Powers That Be, as he has distracted people from, wait for it, Rand Paul, or some other worthy libertarian. Dr. Ron Paul has stated that Trump and Sanders, albeit of different ilk, are both authoritarians, and that there is no candidate for liberty in the running. This is cause for great concern. Just think what would happen if everyone who likes Trump wrote-in Rand Paul for President. Now that would really shake things up. Catherine Austin Fitts would agree, as she said she always wrote-in her candidate of choice.

    • Diane D.

      Anna, I’ll never forget what happened in ‘Bible Belt’ South Carolina when candidate Ron Paul dared to suggest that America’s foreign policy follow the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). He was booed off the stage!

      Blood thirsty Neocons destroyed this country with their perpetual unconstitutional wars in the Middle East. Christians were used as classic ‘useful idiots’. So much deceit. So much shedding of innocent blood. Their day of judgement is coming.

  52. TC

    Greg M. is correct about the big picture but in the near term the likelihood of gold and silver going up here is very low. The probability is for gold to turn here and go below $1000 with silver following it down too. TPTB are not ready to give up the ship yet and they cannot afford gold going much higher here. The U.S. stock market is now closely correlated with the oil price. The oil price has now broken out to the upside and the U.S. stock market will follow it up for the interim with energy related stocks leading the rally. This rally is very likely the terminal stock market rise as Greg M.’s historic chart of the S&P with past and current moving average breakdown signals all hell is getting ready to break loose. This is more true at this time than in past U.S. stock market busts that were just interim precursors to another follow-on stock market boom. This time the U.S. gov and their cronies have no more room to generate a follow-on boom after this coming bust because of the peak debt situation it now finds itself in combined with the huge destruction this system has wrought over the past several decades of its host economy. This parasitic, debt-based, central bank funded fascist system (also combines strong elements of totalitarianism and communism to make this system a subversive and pernicious evil of the worst kind) has cannibalized past/existing industries to generate short-term profits for the selected few and brutally suppressed many potential economic actors that may have brought about new businesses and economic activities (although potential competitive threats to the status quo) needed to constantly rejuvenate a thriving economy. The U.S. dollar, the imperialistic U.S. government, and their corporatist cronies (particularly the major money center banks) are getting ready to be replaced, through their own continually unsound, corrupt, and criminal self-destructive practices, as current world kingpin with a much more multi-polar world that better serves the varying interests of the differing regions that no longer uses or wants the U.S. dollar as the primary world currency. I believe Greg M. is right about Trump being the latest but probably most deceptive pre-selected candidate of TPTB in an effort to have their guy in the Presidency when the SHTF. The status quo is not about to give up the ship without a fight so they want their person in as President during this quickly arriving critical time in an effort to reconstruct the follow on system to continue benefit the self-appointed selected few at the expense of us, the people. Deception and deceit are key weapons TPTB use to lord over us so do not expect anything different in this presidential race from any other that went before this.

  53. dee garmon

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to Greg and thanks for the wonderful interview.
    Please bring him back real soon.

  54. r.j

    Greg people say that there should be protests to end the fed, but i am afraid china and russia will beat them to it.

  55. rahrog


  56. Roman

    Oh my God what an idiot. Romney pumping Trump as if Cruz or Rubio had a chance?

  57. Coal Burner

    Sounds a lot like thirties thru the fifties. Which is what the Cycle guys predict. My family crawled out from the have not and I always said I was never going back. People who fell into that hole, I have quizzed unmercifully all my life. I have been making ready since about 2000 as best I could. If you are a Watchdogger and never read the Fourth Turning or The GReat Super Cycle it is almost too late. Thank you and Greg M for a play by play. I like to tell the story of my elderly friend who paid $45 per acre for 500 ares in 1954, which would fit about 20 to 25 years from now with the cycles guys. In 1999 I helpd him sell for 3750 per acre. Back in the fifties my friend’s relatives &others laughed in his face for buying that worthless land. My point Greg is just smile when they say 300 points up today, tomorrow they will be down 500. IT is coming and it will hurt!

  58. Peter

    Trump is supreme because he is self-funded.
    No sane person would conclude Romney was trying to help Trump, that makes zero sense.
    I agree that the stock market has topped and now is in a downward trend, although
    I wouldn’t guarantee it. I would guarantee we are in an economic recession.
    How do I know? Average household incomes have stagnated or fallen for the past decade but prices on essentials have risen(excluding housing). QED!

  59. RichM

    There seems to be some confusion about Trump. Here you go. Watch this and then decide.

    Yes, I am all in for Trump and believe he is the real deal…. I just have to share this as I think it is so positive.

  60. erwin

    Hi greg, have you ever wondered why they lend money to failed countries like greece?Maybe the answer is: you lend them make-believe money on computers but, collect interest which is real money, in return.There is no loss for them because they give nothing= make-believe! !Only interest is the game now!!!!!

  61. Jerry

    If everything else you’ve tried has Failed, keep doing the same thing. Maybe no one will notice.

    Greg, when this thing blows, its going to look like a tickertape parade, with the mountains of fiat currency that these banks have created globally. You have Banks failing in:
    – Greece
    – Italy
    – Germany
    – Spain
    Meanwhile China and the BRICS are quietly stacking their Gold.

  62. Silence is Golden

    In case there is any uncertainty about how the Central Banks resolve the NPL’s (BAD DEBTS) …the answer is PURE COMMUNISM….
    to wit ….……
    Can we say Moral Hazard and the deafening sounds of CRONY CAPITALISM in the same sentence !!! Welcome to the NEW WORLD.
    All this at a time when CHINA of all the countries….the epitome of the NEW WORLD ORDER…..expected to show integrity in the race to replace the monetary system…..being the great saviour…..CHINA is not the role model…unless of course it is STATISM that everyone desires.
    Next up….Deutsche Bank, closely followed by Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Agricole, then Italian Banks, Spanish Banks and of course the BIG BANKS OF THE USA …all of them technically bankrupt….just waiting the final curtain call. An amazing performance indeed.

  63. art barnes

    Greg, please discuss N. Korea tomorrow. a

  64. Old Dog

    I wanted to believe Trump was who he portrays himself to be. Catherine Austin Fits’ comments that he is just another elitists’ candidate fits the scenario we have been warned about for years: it matters not who is elected. Trump or Hillary, the elitists have their puppet in the White House. I have tried listening to some of Trump talks. He is all brag and no substance.

    He made me think of a lot of people I am acquainted with who can rattle off a litany of complains about what the government is doing. For the most part, we have the complaining down good — it is action we are short on. Talk avails nothing if all there is, is talk.

    Divide and conquer, (perhaps better called “divide and rule”) is what the election process is about this time around, just like the last two presidential elections. Do not speak to the nation as a whole; do not address the problems the nation as a whole is facing. No, single out individual segments of society and pander to them. If they can agitate brother against brother, they have successfully ripped the fabric of society into segregated fragments, none of which will have the power to affect positive change. Hillary is a master at this, and Trump is playing the same game.

    It is a lose-lose situation.
    It matters not who wins, where the American people are concerned.
    The elistists will have won, because whichever of their candidates is elected, they will have so successfully polarized the country that brother will be against brother.

  65. Kip

    Your guest is absolutely correct. The people pulling the strings
    are indeed evil, propagating a global government and a global digital currency on the masses. Revelation 13 declares in the near future all people will hav a form of biometric I’d on their right hand or forehead in which will be tied to the financial system. Those people running the show will pledge allegiance to the antichrist. The world is about to go into the darkest hours of history. Trust in Jesus.

  66. Linda L.

    Regarding the Middle East heating up, isn’t it interesting that Iran can launch missiles with written phrases on them that say “Israel must be wiped out”, AND our Administration granted Iran billions of dollars, continuing to insist that we have a “deal” with Iran? Unless maybe Obama/clan want Iran to do their dirty work for them. I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall to hear all the comprehensive details of this mysterious deal……whole thing makes me sick.

  67. Linda L.

    Interesting article:

  68. Bill Jones

    Trump is the ONLY candidate (with the possible exception of Sanders) but ONLY Republican up there (since Paul bowed out) that will look at Jeb Bush and say that your brother made the worst decision in the history of the presidency with Iraq. TRUTH! Why is that no one else can say that elemental truth that has misguided so many things over the last decade? They are ALL Demuplicans unless they are speaking truth. Don’t care if they cloak themselves in the constitution (Cruz by the way is flunky for GS and Wall St just like Hillary) – check where his wife has worked. Since these comments Trump has earned my interest at least.

  69. Terry

    Whenever I have the choice of “the lesser of two evils”, I choose less evil.

  70. JC Davis

    Greg and site there has been some big changes inside the establishment / oligarchy that controls 2/3 of the world. I am not sure what is going on, but something big has happened. The powers that were are no more.

    • Silence is Golden

      One man will not stop the self elected rulers I can assure you of that. Many have made valiant attempts and failed or perished. Trump may indeed make an agreement with the Establishment, but that does not imply he will change anything for the better. Until there is a clear case of Walking the Talk…..with Bankers and half of Congress being sentenced to Jail terms….and the dismembering/disbanbing of the Secret Societies ….and the FED losing its licence to print money, with Gold being audited at Fort Knox…..that is all it is…just poetic, glorified nonsense that is meant to align with how the “People” have become disenfranchised with their elected Governments. This is not only peculiar to the USA btw……its happening across the globe. As I said …we are on the cusp of an uprising …..I call it Anarchy…..and CAF confirmed it too.

  71. Scott

    Greg I hate to post so late, I’m at the bottom and will never be heard. But…

    man! Mannerino gives another great interview although this time, conveys a much more ominous tone, and is far darker in his forecast.

    Not shocked but I am a little surprised. Nevertheless, his dark characterization of what lies ahead gives me emotional security about my own plans.

    Thanks for bringing him back on…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Scott for the comment. I heard you!!

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