Massive Crimes Will Soon Be Revealed & Prosecuted

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

The FISA abuse report compiled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is finished and will be released soon according to Dr. Dave Janda from the Operation Freedom radio show. The fraudulent FISA applications, using a phony dossier, made spying on the Trump Administration possible. Not long after the release of the IG FISA report, President Trump will declassify the documents surrounding the so-called “hoax” that he has repeatedly called “treason.”

Janda also says there are massive crimes that are going to be revealed that involve data collection by President Obama’s top intelligence chiefs. This data collection was ordered by Obama and involves 600 million pages of information on judges, business people and politicians, including the head of the FISA Court and Chief Justice John Roberts. The illegal data stash is information used for leverage and blackmail on possibly millions of unsuspecting Americans.

Join Greg Hunter as he lays out upcoming extraordinary events that will probably be happening in the next month.  (Program note:  Technical problems have postponed the video interview with DR.  Dave Janda.)

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After the Early Sunday Release:

World renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the next interview.

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  1. Marie Joy

    IF we don’t go after politicians’ owners, it will never end.

    • Cassandra calling...

      “Every one is coming to the future”

      Have a look at Madonna’s performance at the Eurovision final last night. It starts off like some sort of occult ritual and she is wearing the obligatory one eye patch. If you stop the video at 1:25 you can see the stage is flanked by two silhouettes of the statue of Liberty as the actors lie, apparently dead on the steps. In both cases the statue is tilted backwards and the torch is snapped. I believe this is symbolic, for the illuminati want to bring about America’s destruction. A strong independent America is the antithesis of everything they stand for: a one world globalist system. Last scene is a pyramid made of light.

      • Cassandra calling...

        slight correction. She says “not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past”. even creepier.

    • Da Yooper

      If they ALL do not swing for their treason some democrat president down the road many years from now will pardon ……them

    • Rob

      The politicians and their handlers are all foxes that we must ignore as we seek perfection through Christ in this third day:

      Luke 13:31-32 In that very hour there came certain Pharisees, saying to him, Get thee out, and go hence: for Herod would fain kill thee. (32) And he said unto them, Go and say to that fox, Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures to-day and to-morrow, and the third day I am perfected.

    • jack

      yeah wake me up when they lock up Soros and Rothschild ( the puppet masters) all the “criminals” Greg mentioned here are “replaceable. ” if they are going to throw a few of these lackeys under the bus, the REAL power behind the scenes want it this way, possibly as theatre for the sheep while the banksters steal everything that is left and an excuse to flush the “markets” , institute martial law , and start a war with Iran . If the US goes to war with Iran ( on behalf of their Israeli masters) then Russia and China come in and turn Israel into an ashtray, and the US will be wiped out . per FDR , NOTHING ,in politics happens by chance , think for once, about the long term implications ….. Fascist Police state…….

      • paul ...

        We as a nation should be operating under a political system that is based upon a Constitution that protects people (and doesn’t continually send its people to war) … and our economic system should also be Constitutionally based … as James Grant says: Our Congress in 1913 envisioned the Federal Reserve to operate and function in the environment of “an international gold standard” … what this means is … our dollar should be defined as a fixed weight of gold”!!! …

    • Karen

      From my personal experiences,, Senior Executive Services and incorporated political action figures in America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are at war with reality. Lawfare is salient. Use of rent-to-own judges who’re willing to sign or say anything is judicial misconduct. The Federal Bureau of Insinuation targets good, honest Americans for no lawful reason(s). Everyone should be able to see EVERYTHING in their files and correct errors. EXAMPLE: Santa Clara (California) Police created my ‘rap sheet’ with alias names I’ve never used. Court appointed public defenders told me to plead guilty and agree to two (2) years in State prison for the “crime” of bringing my federally protected ADA service dog on public school grounds where my children were attending. I was citizens arrested by SCPD SWAT units for not possessing drugs or weapons on school grounds. I was struck on the head, and suffered body organ failure (filmed by police) when in police custody. Excessive bail, terrorism threats by government actors is no different than what President Trump is facing. I want to drain swamps.
      Hire me, President Trump!

    • William Stanley

      Agreed. The seriousness of all this cannot be overemphasized and it cannot be tolerated for any reason . . . not even in a misguided attempt to avoid war or civil war, which in any event is already being waged against us.

    • susan

      Can you imagine our president’s morning briefings and what he has to face everyday? Think about that. Like Greg said, this is so enormous no one can fathom or get their arms around it. I don’t know anything that can be done, especially by us the ordinary man. So we will pray for our president and our country.

    • Patrick McCool

      Greg thank you I really appreciate you
      Im a long time fan, first time commenter God bless you and all that you do.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your support and getting into the fight!!

        • Patrick McCool

          Thanks Greg
          For my part I count you as a brother. I have been in
          this fight for some time and feeling quite alone. I speak as best as I can to any willing to listen. This last two years after the eclipse across America I have seen amazing things a shift that I could have never imagined. There is a light coming into the world.
          You are part of that. Patrick

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Patrick. Never give up and “Fear Not”!!

  2. Anthony Australia

    One of the greatest parliamentary speeches of all time.

    • Candyman

      I think it was a good speech. Things always have to be looked at in balance. Nothing is entirely good or bad and western civilization has done some great things and some terrible things. What concerns me is that the west seems to be on a downwards trajectory. America has strayed from the advice of the founding fathers by getting involved in more ‘foreign entanglements’ than you could imagine. Are these ‘foreign entanglements’ for the good of the common people or for the benefit of a few elites? When I see the desire for America to enter into a war with Iran for the benefit of a foreign ally I cannot help but wonder if this is another step towards our own destruction.

      • Anthony Australia

        Candyman from the Gold Coast?

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for the link. It emphasizes that the entirety of Western Civilization is under attack from without and within. There is no possibility of compromise with the evil we face. We must eradicate it in our several countries and refuse to trade or have “normal” relations with countries that don’t do likewise.

    • john duffy

      Wow! A politician who speaks truth with courage and intelligence. What a breath of fresh air.

  3. paul ...

    Trump is calling it TREASON … so what is the penalty for Treason?? … DEATH!!! … with a good lawyer? … 5 years in prison!! … but … there is a “hidden gem” in the Law for Treason … … and that is Whoever gave treasonous aid and comfort to our Enemies (like Russia or China) “Shall be Incapable of Holding any Office under the United States” … what this means is … all the Demon-rats and Reptilians who helped the Saudis do 9-11 can be “automatically” kicked out of office (or never be allowed to run for office)!! … so even if Hillary only gets 5 years in jail (she can never ever run for office) … and didn’t Biden take money from our enemy (China)?? … by helping to give “our Enemy China” aid and comfort in getting some lucrative deals “to the detriment of the American people” he should be barred from running for office in 2020!!!

    • paul ...

      So the magic bullet is 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason … “this US Code” is the way Trump can legally and rapidly drain the swamp … simply labeling the swamp creatures the “Traitors that they are” … Trump can have all the evil ones kicked out of Government “in just one day”!!!

  4. Derek Sinclair

    A true Christian response to the still grieving woman who contacted you. Well done Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Derek. I cried when I wrote it and she will no doubt cry when she reads it. I had help writing it. I started writing one thing and another came out. I am not sure how it happened, but I had help.

  5. Mark James

    Obama spied on Americans to blackmail them. Sounds a lot like these “Control Files” that Catherine Austin Fitts talks about. Obama is as deep state and evil as it gets.

  6. H. Craig Bradley


    According to Senator Rand Paul, President Obama’s anti-second amendment treaty with the U.N. is still in the U.S. Senate waiting for ratification. Its a “sleeper” and I believe the Senate is sitting on it, as if its in the attic, but it could be reactivated and passed when another Democratic President is eventually elected. So, as w/Obama Care (ACA), not all the loose-ends have been cleaned-up, as yet. This was all by intent.

    The “Deep State” just went deeper and is hiding-out, biding its time until Stormy Trump blows out. So, it appears we have already lost rule of law in America because of what has already occurred. President Obama was like a busy termite, busily devouring the body politic and ship-of-state quietly from the inside, largely unnoticed by most all Americans while in-office and even still to this day. So, I’m afraid its just all business as usual (BAU). No Military Tribunals.

    • WD

      H Craig,

      Mr Obama’s war was directed at white America, the suburbs, 2nd Amd etc….He seeths with hatred at the Anglo Christian population….and uses those useless leftists that worship him….We are about to be in a war to wipe us out and we have to fight to the death…..somehow these people do mess up.

  7. Jerry

    Even though I would have loved to hear from Dr. Dave Janda I thoroughly enjoy listening to you. There is something about your voice that I find very soothing.

    As far as the deep state takedown? It’s happening now. According to my on the ground sources, military police and DHS agents are seen making arrest in several Midwest cities. This is a covert operation so you won’t hear about it from the MSM. We have seen blacked out DHS vans with satilite devices on the roof, pull up in residential neighborhoods and lead people out in handcuffs. These are NOT local law enforcement personnel. These are Feds. Many of the people arrested are transported to local military bases and flown out. Like I said, these are military personnel making the arrest, and NOT local law enforcement so you figure it out. According to this video this is all part of a long range plan. We will see?

    PS. Greg. Planned Parenthood ( which should really be called “The Human Termination Center”) is being investigated for selling human body parts, and tissue. My question is, who’s buying?

    • Jerry

      Sodom has nothing on us. This is goolish anyway you slice it. The proverbial left mantra. Kill the innocent , and spare the murders.


      • Jerry

        There you have it. Planned Parenthood telling it’s workers what to think. Nice. So much for diversity.

      • paul ...

        We know the Demon-rats will bring the recent rulings by a few States “making abortions illegal” to the Supreme Court … but … remember during Kavanaugh’s confirmation last August … Kavanaugh told Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) that he believes that “the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling is settled law” … this suggests “we may not be able to count on Kavanaugh to vote to overturn it”!!! …

        • Jerry

          I guess the states no longer have rights. We might as well shut down every state capital in the so called…..United States since Washington has the final say.

      • WD

        Is there anything in the Constitution or historical documents that allow the US military to “take over” a rogue government?

        • Jerry

          I’m not a constitional scholar, but I believe the framers created the second amendment for that purpose. There was no better tyrant than king George, so they knew first hand the importance of eliminating a tyrannical government.

        • paul ...

          WD … They could change a few words that may be helpful … like going back to calling the Defense department the War department in our official documents!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Good to know.

      I had no idea the likes of Dick Cheney and Jon Corzine live in the Midwest.

      • Jerry

        Here’s a national map. Missouri has over 800 registered indictments.

        Right here in the Midwest. criminals ? We make the best. Where do you think Billy bob Clinton came from.

      • paul ...

        Occasnltrvlr … What Dick Cheney and Jon Corzine also have in common is that they crash and burn things … Cheney doing the 9-11 take down of the WTC and Pentagon … and Corzine doing the $40 billion implosion of MF Global … with Cheney thousands of people went dead and missing … with Corzine $1.2 billion in client funds went missing … such characters belong in the Mideast … not the Midwest!!

  8. al

    Animals have an advocacy group called PETA (People’s Ethical Treatment of Animals). Who is speaking for the unborn? Is there a PETU in the house?

    Greg, thank you for aggregating Janda’s information succinctly.

  9. David

    The fact that states are putting constraints on abortions 46 years after Roe v Wade demonstrates the power of democracy. Citizens elect representatives who reflect their beliefs and values, and laws change. I cannot think of a more consequential example where people are taking back control. Democracy is a slow and messy process, but it works.

  10. Da Yooper

    Good job Greg

    The American public are generally clueless to the attack by the deep state on them. Through the weather – the immigration invasion – the corruption on wall street – the insanity that is the democrat party with RINO politicians & then the corrupt insane MSM. I have not even touched on the foreign 5 eyes help along with the rottenchilds & other bankers.

    So many criminals & not enough time & prison space to fix this.

  11. Jeffrey Kerner

    Dear Greg, Thank you for a most moving and important report. I am so glad that you fearlessly proclaim Christ. How right you are to speak of the sanctity of human life when the forces of evil try to make life meaningless. For all the evil in high places, I think that the people are ready to rebel against the insanity. Keep doing your important work. thanks GAIN.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeffery!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thomas G,
      Youi are using USA Today as a source????? I don’t believe a word those liars say. I have pointed out their bias and thought shaping propaganda MANY TIMES on USAW!!!!!

  12. Mike

    The public moves against the coup plotters is the shiny object that distracts from the scope of the crimes that will be prosecuted. Do you think 90 thousand sealed indictments is for coup plotters? Draining the swamp is restoration of the rule of law for all the criminal corporations, foundations, politicians, bankers, and anyone else who has been “above the law”. There can be no financial reset into an honest system of sound money without getting rid of the criminals who ran the US as a fascist state.

  13. paul ...

    Why should American taxpayers be on the hook to pay for all the money the crooks in office “supposedly spent for the peoples benefit” … when it was actually spent in “sweet heart deals” to these crooked politicians friends? … “before any money” is given to City Government things must be made right … meaning taxpayers must demand an audit of all these City’s expenditures … to see exactly how all our previous money was spent … and any money stolen needs to be clawed back from these crooked politician’s Swiss bank accounts … and also claw back the money “from the phony companies these crooked politicians set up to funnel taxpayer money into” … lets recover every cent of our money stolen … before giving even one cent more of our good money to bad politicians !!! …

  14. Tom Wigand

    In a way I feel like a kid just before Christmas, albeit this time waiting for all those indictment lumps of coal to appear under the Deep State’s – Progressives’ – Democrats’ “Holiday Tree.”

    My excitement is tempered by the realization that this is going to be wrenching for our country, and the ripple-effects (to the economy and otherwise) cannot be anticipated, but likely not be good. In the short term.

    At the same time, I am comforted that if justice is truly delivered, it will, in the long run, be both cleansing and cathartic for our country (and likely the world); and could well herald much better days to come — far better days than at present.

  15. paul ...

    There are “No Misconceptions” about crypto currency … “It Is Not Money” (real money should not be taxed if it goes up in value) … when the US dollar gets stronger against other currencies does the US Government charge people a Capital Gains Tax on its increased purchasing power?? … No! … how do you think the Government makes gold and silver into “useless relics” (they impose “capital gains taxes” on any increased value of these metals) … so nothing about crypto’s has been debunked “they are useless relics” … but … crypto’s are “even more useless” then physical gold and silver … because computers can be “fried by an EMP from the Sun” at any time … while physical gold and silver are unaffected and will still provide a store of wealth for your use when you need it the most!! …

    • paul ...

      So why is gold “failing to rise” along with the crypto currencies? … we know gold is a better “useless relic” then Bitcoin?? (the likely reason is because Bitcoin is “too small a market” for the Plunge Protection Team to worry about) … so gold is failing to rise while we have Trump imposing a high tariff tax on Chinese goods boosting the prices on products we Americans buy by 25%? … and now we have China retaliating … also increasing the prices on their products sold to us (by an additional 25%?) … and yet gold fails to rise? … shouldn’t a 50% boost in the prices of consumer goods be inflationary? … wrong! … it is not inflationary “if the American people simply can’t buy any of these Chinese products” as the US Government has imposed on us a “Chained CPI” … so gold won’t rise “until the US Government takes the chains off the Consumer Price Index” (which will put money in peoples pockets so they can then buy the more expensive goods being sold to us by China) … but what if Trump “does not break the chains” on the CPI? … the economy will head into a “Great” Depression like we did when tariffs were imposed during the market rise in 1929 … let’s assume Trump (who wants to make us “Great” again) does not break the chains on the CPI … in that case people will need to sell their stocks in order to get the money to buy the more expensive things they want from China … so as the stock market goes down to provide the money the people need to buy “the 50% more expensive” Chinese goods … inflation numbers should begin to rise … only then … as inflation numbers rise (if they are allowed to rise without additional chains being put on) … gold will then begin to rise and act like Bitcoin is now acting … and gold may equal Bitcoins $20,000 dollar per coin price!! … does this mean I’m all wrong about gold being better then Bitcoin? … No! … gold “is fundamentally better” then crypto … but the US Government “keeps gold in chains” and won’t allow it to show its true potential whereas Bitcoin does not have the PPT keeping a lid on it … so for those with a mind “to hold a more risky asset” you can likely make better gains holding Bitcoin instead of gold … however realize that an “electronic” Bitcoin “is not something you can put under your mattress for a rainy day and feel completely confident you will own some trade-able wealth when the entire morbidly corrupt and shaky economic banking system collapses and fails!!

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – you venture in to dangerous grounds per “when the US dollar gets stronger against other currencies does the US Government charge people a Capital Gains Tax on its increased purchasing power??” Do not plant ideas in to government minds! this could become a tax if and when the government bureaucrats figure a way to tax it! … Both going up and down!

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer don’t blame me … Trump already figured a way to tax the US dollars increased purchasing power by imposing tariffs on the things we buy!

        • paul ...

          But lucky for us … there is no tariff or tax on the purchase of physical gold yet! … in fact if the US dollar gets stronger physical gold will get cheaper … which is good for us investors who like to average down … so as long as the government procrastinates about doing a re-set … buying physical gold is a very low-risk strategy for patient buyers who can “wait out the re-set” to be implemented … but “don’t buy gold company stocks” … buy only the physical metal … as physical metal can’t go bankrupt like a company caught up in the coming economic storm and the extreme fiscal turmoil that will ultimately force the government to do a re-set!!

  16. Freebrezer

    Greg – Another big, big element/component is the 4 contractors that were mining the NSA (illegally) during the Obama regime! … someone in the Obama regime gave them clearance ….Who? And Who were these 4 contractors? And what all did they go after and get? It was NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers who spotted the unlawful access of data from the NSA. It is he who blow the initial whistle! What and with whom are these contractors affiliations with??? …. My guess, is most likely they work for the globalist and for the Black Witch – HRC

  17. Mitchell Bupp

    I wonder if “Operation Dragon” was the use of the HAMAR to gather intel on political enemies? And to finance such an operation “off books” would require loads of money. Could the DOJ abuse funds from the banker fines (which we know was done) to pay for this and other political counter-intelligence operations?

    Meanwhile, Obama WhiteHouse lawyer, John Carlin, puts doubts on the Steele Dossier. Carlin politicized the use of 702 intel data and is now trying to rewrite history.

  18. andyb

    “the enormity of the crime”

    Yes, it is called TREASON; punishable, in extreme cases, by death. This is an extreme case! Let’s see how many will face the firing squad, the noose, or the needle. If it’s on pay-per-view, I will gladly pay $1000 to watch, double that if it’s Hillary or Obama.

  19. iwitness02

    Talk about mission creep. The intelligence community is finally being exposed. They are not omnipotent after all.
    The MSM has lost their collective minds. For forty years they were happy as clams. Now they are in constant turmoil. They lie day in and day out, without stop.
    All of this adds up to a fine example of how capable man is at ruling himself. Under mans’ rule, a few prosper and the masses suffer. Gee! Let’s have some more! [sarcasm]
    Very powerful message about guilt. I have never heard it talked about in public before.
    Thank you Greg for overcoming some adversity, and making a solo run at it. Well done.

  20. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Good job adapting and overcoming!
    A couple of other comments:
    1. Prison is totally inadequate punishment for these crimes. We need justice. That means executions . . . and more than one or two.
    2. I have heard what I think is a credible rumor that on Friday, some entity from the direction of Iran briefly locked a targeting radar on a US Navy vessel in the Persian Gulf. That is an EXTREME provocation, which if it had lasted a few more seconds, would likely have elicited a violent response.

  21. Oxfarmer

    Wow, Greg! I really like Dr. Janda, but you brought both knowledge and passion to the long awaited news that something is finally moving on the side of justice.

    I remember when the Clintons helped themselves to many files on political enemies. People were shocked. But nothing was done thanks to the sea of lies it all floated on. Along comes O and ramps it up many orders of magnitude. No wonder Chief Justice Roberts has been so middle of the road! We Oxfarmers have speculated that ‘they’ had something on him and others who have behaved oddly once in their offices. No wonder so many Congresscritters decided not to run!

    Thanks, Greg, for the ray of hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      With God the Father there is a big sunny sky of hope!!! Thank you for your support!!

  22. Uncommon sense

    When is Trump going to declassify 9/11 documents?

  23. Benjamin Golan

    Dave Janda is above reproach. What about you when it comes to chemtrails and global warming? Who are your experts and what exactly are their backgrounds in related science?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Dane Wigington on many times:

      • H. Craig Bradley


        O.K. Geoengineering has changed our climate. It was the cause of the California drought and indirectly the many destructive fires in the Golden State. I accept that explanation at face value.

        This Winter, California got record amounts of snow and rain, even in the desert (over 20″). 58 Feet of snow in Mammoth Lakes in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mtn. Range. Geoengineering no doubt. Not bad.

        Now, major Winter Storms are still buffeting the West Coast and Intermountain West (Utah) this May to date. Shall we also attribute this unseasonably cold weather to geoengineering, as well? To be fair, why not ?

  24. JT

    Dan Bongino’s latest show episode 982 seems to coincide with Dr. Janda’s assessments. Very interesting complex connections amongst the deep state players with the objective of targeting and killing their opponents! ex. Gen. Flynn in 2014 way before Pres. Trump decided to run.

  25. H. Craig Bradley


    Its universally understood you NEVER criminally prosecute a President once he is out of office. However, while still in-office, the Constitutional remedy for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” by a sitting President is removal from office, largely through the impeachment process. Again, once a high level politician leaves office, they are in-effect untouchable ( Hillary Clinton).

    Otherwise, once the other side gets back into political power, there would be numerous “witch hunts” and the process of government corruption would probably advance considerably. “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones” is another, more pedestrian way to put it. So, the first once to “cross this line ” will potentially unleash a Pandora’s box because from that moment on, the other side will feel empowered to reciprocate.

    Afterwards, you just empowered the ongoing trend of further civil unrest and ultimately, risk a total collapse in your central government sooner or later. Just look at what happened after the first Caesar was assassinated by the Roman Senate. From then on, assassination was a more common end of Roman Emperors. If we unleash the whirlwind, we reap the consequences.

    I am afraid that we have been decidedly on this road since Nov. 2012. That may have been America’s last chance retain a measure of protocol and decorum in the Oval Office and our Federal government overall. The future is likely to have much more authoritarian Presidents, unfortunately.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a first time for everything.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Bradley,
      Re: ” If we unleash the whirlwind, we reap the consequences.”
      I was in the process of responding to you when a friend called. I told him of my proposed response. However, his take was more interesting: “We ARE the whirlwind that God has unleashed to deliver the consequences to our enemies for what THEY have sown.”

      • iwitness02

        William Stanley,
        I like your friends perspective on the whirlwind. I see it as a statement of power and justice. Enduring justice. Won by the people, with help from our Creator. Our Creators four main character attributes are wisdom, justice, love, and power. We are created in His character image. Unfortunately, for many, it didn’t stick. The correction is coming.

        • iwitness02

          Been snowing all day on the plains of eastern colordo. A tree in our front yard has snapped and about half of it came down. It is expected to snow all night long. Seen to foxes headed our way, so went out to see if the chickens were in yet. Locked them up and in the mean time I heard two distinct cracks from other trees. A little worried about what we will see in the morning. Next will be the electricity. We have firewood.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        You wish. “Beware of whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee”.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Bradley,
          Yes, we all die. I take it that you are determined to die on your knees while licking the boots of your oppressor.

          • H. Craig Bradley

            He that barks the loudest runs the fastest. Ever notice the real big dogs don’t need to bark loudly and good drivers don’t often need their horns either, but bad drivers are always “running into other people”, it would appear.

            Bill O’Reilly, a practicing Irish Catholic himself (regularly attends Sunday Mass), put the state of America’s spiritual health this way on his podcast this past Winter:

            “Jesus inspired but his stand-ins are tired”.
            Organized religion ( churches) have pastors who too often give boring sermons and the congregation drops-out. Not doing the job and this is THE reason why we are in the sad state of affairs we find our nation in. The Bell Tolls for Thee. You will be squished like a bug by A.I. software after we go cashless and give-up banknotes for only digital money. So, every action/transaction you take is being observed or potentially under surveillance 23/7 at this very moment. Bet you did not know that, did you?

            “You can run, but you can not hide”. To run is futile and to fight is fatal in a one-world global financial and tax architectural, as it currently is shaping-up to be (Roman Empire v 2.1 and Falling alike) . Better go amuse yourself in patriot video games where you can pretend fight and I’ll pretend to laugh at your foolishness.

            • William Stanley

              Mr. Bradley,
              Re: “So, every action/transaction you take is being observed or potentially under surveillance 23/7 at this very moment. Bet you did not know that, did you?”
              I actually didn’t know that, thanks for the info (I had foolishly assumed that the surveillance was 24/7).

  26. paul ...

    You know … it took awhile … but China finally understands that the US neocons “really want a shooting war” with China!! … the US neocons have been brainwashing the American people for a few years now that “China is our Enemy” (so we will more easily send our children to die for them in their next war they have already planned) … seems China has now thrown in the towel … and is beginning to facing reality … they are now on a crash course to rapidly build up their military … everything from “island aircraft carriers” to real aircraft carriers, satellite killing missiles, hyper-velocity nuclear missiles, etc., etc. and now they are beginning to “prepare the minds of their people” with propaganda broadcasts that portray the United States is an “Evil Neocon Empire” … the same way the Iranians have prepared the minds of their people for the coming war the US neocons have planned since 9-11 … by portraying the US as “A Great Satan”!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey paul,
      What if China knows they are screwed and see an opportunity to blame the U.S. for their incompetence and fraud? Who about that? Why convince the people it’s all America’s fault?? It’s not. China went from $10 trillion in debt to $40 trillion today. What could go wrong??? I think we are seeing it now.

      • paul ...

        Greg … it is not so much China’s desire to blame the US for their own incompetence and fraud … but their desire to brainwash their people “into hating America” (so the people will “fight to the death” for China’s leaders in the coming war) … and of course we do the same brainwashing here to make us “hate China” (so American boys will fight to the death for America’s political leaders as they now “Pivot to Asia”!

        • Freebrezer

          Paul – I find your input a bit one sided … having been to China a couple of times, I would disagree. China is building up it’s military might solely because of a strong national pride and in that they can!!!! Period! If the USA had no military might do you think that the Chinese would be at the bargaining table … Answer NO … we would be serving them at their table! All economic strong nations through out history have always had a strong military … this to back up and implement their interpretation of their laws on others. China will be and is no different … and it is delusional to portray that China would be all unicorns and lollipops if it were not for the big bad USA Neocons … China is playing to WIN! Period! That is what powerful people running powerful nations do … they want to win and the populace be damned! 2nd) China has a underlying resentment/hatred against both British and America for the rape of China wealth via the opium wars (1850 – to 1910’s)! Why do you think China couldn’t give a f@#k about selling fentanyl and other drugs into the USA! Side note – how do you think GrandPapa Roosevelt to FDR got all his wealth – yes running opium in to China. 3rd) China has a long history of conquering other nations … Try the Song, Yaun or Tang Dynasties for recent examples. To think that China is building up it’s military because of us – NO … it is in spite of us!

          • paul ...

            Freebrezer … the Chinese have a long history of “not going out to attack their enemies to do regime changes” … they would much prefer to build a Great Wall around their country to keep the barbarians out … but their current military build-up looks to me to be more then “just strong national pride” … I think they are looking out and see the current barbarians “surrounding them with hundreds of military bases” and “Pivoting their Military to Asia” as something they can’t “just simply ignore” from behind a Great Wall any longer!!

        • Mohammad

          And the winner issssss:

          THE DAMN BANKS who finance both sides, and you know Paul who the damn bankers are…!!!


      • H. Craig Bradley


        Fact: The governing members of the Chinese Communist Party are just as corrupt as lifetime Democratic politicians such as Joe Biden or even Al Gore or Hillary Clinton. They are part of the elite and take care of themselves and their cronies, not the general population (you and me). We, on the other hand, are really alone and on our own. Face the music dude.

        The Chinese Communists will do ANYTHING EXCEPT relinquish political power and control, even to the extent to starting a war. So will many of our career politicians, as well. So, based on history, I can see a growing potential for War, not just another regional conflict but a World War. I say we have a 50%-50% chance at this stage of things. The Chinese Leadership will NEVER accept a deal, even a good one, if they are pushed into a corner or lose face. The Chinese make no deals or agreements where they are seen as “Losing Face” just on principle. In their culture, it can not happen. It will not ever happen.

        Therefore, I am afraid a World War is coming in about 10-15 years and we will be in no shape to fight, much less win. This would effectively mean the end of the American way of life and usher-in a very Dark Age for the rest of the formerly Democratic World, as well. Democracy will not last very long if the U.S.A. falls. Ditto with the Roman Empire.

        Your lives are really increasingly at risk. So, its NOT politics as usual anymore. Better come to the party folks. If we lose a war in the future, it means great hardship and probably a much shorter lifespan for all Americans, rich and poor alike. Better start praying. We are fast running out of time. Time is our most valuable commodity. Better start to use it wisely before your clock stops. It always does, one way or the other.

  27. Mohammad


    May be the CIA intervened in domestic affairs because THER WAS A COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP AND RUSSIANS???????
    Is that why Mr Trump gave the military 1,5 TRILLIONS??????
    Is that why he signed an executive order giving the military the upper hand in DOMESTIC affair????
    What the hell is the difference between this and CIA interfering in domestic affairs if Russians are thought to have an influence…IT IS COMPLETELY DAMN JUSTIFIED for CIA since this is their charter, but what the military has to do with all back ground investigations in domestic affairs??????
    That is not their charter…OR IS IT THE COMING SUSPENSION OF ALL CIVIC RIGHTS AND GOING TO MILITARY TRIBUNALS????? Then what is left from the republic?
    How about Mueller saying he DOES NOT EXONERATE TRUMP?
    How about that?
    How about the meeting with Lavrov that no insight was allowed to it???
    How about that?
    How about the meeting with Putin that no insight was allowed to it?
    Why all the bots were hitting facebook 2016 coming from Russia were for TRUMP??
    Why it was not for Hillary?
    Mueller’s report clearly maps all the collusion steps, that is why he said he does not exonerate TRUMP.
    That is why he sent Barr a letter telling him his 4 page summary does not reflect the report and actually it MISREPRESENTS his work.
    I AM WAITING FOR MUELLER TESTIFYING in front of the committee,. I just hope Mr. Nadler presses hard for this testimony under oath and let’s see what he says.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are in a fantasy world.

      • Mohammad

        Not really Greg.
        I am asking the question that all out diversion is playing now to avoid it, and the fact that Trump does not release his taxes to the congressional committee increases my suspicion of the collusion.

        The old say:

        If he does not have any thing to hide why not releasing his taxes, IRS cannot look in things Mueller would look into , they do not have his authority, I BET THEY CARRY THE SMOKING GUN TO THE COLLUSION.

        Mueller report would be more revealing has he been allowed to follow the money trail, but he was stonewalled. the most important document is denied by TRUMP and that is HIS TAX RETURNS, oh boy, you bet you will find the smoking gun there.


        • Greg Hunter

          Trump was audited for 15 years straight. This is a fact. This is another witch hunt by desperate Democrats. There is something called Co-Equal branches of government and Separation of Powers here in America with our Constitution.

          • Mohammad

            You are smart enough to know this has nothing to do with audit, this is MONEY TRAIL, the judiciary committee has the authority to follow money trails to find the Russian collusion, he BLOCKED it, IRS cannot do that they are part of the exec branch and not the oversight committee, this is the real reason why he does not want to release his taxes, not because it has any thing to do with tax evasion rather because of the money trail….


            • Greg Hunter

              You are smart enough to know this is just another attack to try to find some way to remove Trump from office who was elected by a majority of Americans is you cancel all the voter fraud. He certainly won fair and square in the Electoral College.

              • Mohammad


                Think about it, use your investigational instinct, Trump Junior was broke when Russian money through easy loans bailed him out, you cannot get to the collusion without money trail, FOLLOW THE MONEY, don’t you want justice, let us Americans see where Trump’s money trail leads to and you can bet your farm that the smoking gun is there.


                • Greg Hunter

                  I guess the 18 angry Democrats in the Mueller team over a 2 year period missed that.

              • Mohammad

                For you Greg to chew on:



                • Greg Hunter

                  I guess the 18 angry Democrats in the Mueller team over a 2 year period missed that – too.

                  • Mohammad

                    No they did not

                    They are asking for in subpoena but Trump obstructs his financial statement delivery.


            • Tin foil hat

              Your skull has to be so thick that I really think you don’t need any kind of helmet.

              • Mohammad

                I have a thick skin for sure.


        • GoneWest

          I’m not defending Trump – far from it. But having him release his tax returns will make them political fodder because 90%+ of Americans have no clue about the tax code and how it applies to business.

          Trump almost surely has losses – a lot of losses – that is a normal part of business. He is almost surely in compliance with the tax code and isn’t doing anything different than the corporations or small business who take whatever advantages can be found in the tax laws.

          What his political opponents will do is broadcast something like “Trump hasn’t paid any taxes for five years” while ignoring that the reasons are that the tax code allows this to happen. But Joe Sixpack won’t know that. He’ll just know that he paid taxes and the billionaire did not. Pure politics, nothing more.

          Now, if you don’t like the fact that Trump paid no taxes or think it is unjust, then get your representatives to change the tax laws. Trump isn’t at fault for following the rules.

          • Mohammad

            That is not the reason why the judiciary committee wants his tax return, that is not why Mueller wants his tax return, it is possible what you said to take place but that will be a byproduct of the politics, but the real reason is this: Mueller will never get to the bottom of the collusion without following the MONEY TRAIL…
            If you want to know any thing happening especially in politics… FOLLOW THE MONEY,
            Money trail will depict the fact that his fall was bailed out by Russian money, you can look at the link I furnished above in response to Greg’s post.
            Following the money will have the smoking gun.
            That what he obstructed, and he sugar coated it with : IRS is auditing my finances for 15 years, well, IRS does not have the authority to investigate money trials like mueller does, they only look at tax codes and see if any tax evasion took place. totally different arena.


            • Greg Hunter

              Lets see the tax returns of everybody in Congress. Trump was audited 15 years straight. This is a way to try to get rid of Trump and it really is that simple.

              • Mohammad

                That is a different matter Greg, And I echo your request.
                However that does not change the fact that he is blocking the judiciary committee from accessing his taxes, and likely the reason is COVERING THE MONEY TRAIL TO RUSSIA the bailed his falling business with easy loans.


                • Greg Hunter

                  This is abuse of power and a partisan Congressional abuse of power. There is NO CRIME. We just has a 2 year investigation and spent $30 million for zero on Trump. You have factless fantasy.

    • susan

      Mohammad, I am afraid you, sir, have lost all credibility

      • Mohammad

        Just because I am a free thinker?, Just because I look for all the possibilities and think with a sound logic, when Russian’s money bailed out FAILING Trump business isn’t it something needs to be looked at?

        and when he blocks access to his taxes by the judiciary committee bluffing that IRS is looked at his tax return to tingle the public isn’t it something needs to be looked at, what the hell Mueller’s investigation or the Judiciary committee inquiries has to do with IRS auditing transactions for TAX CODES COMPLIANCE? what MONEY TRAIL INVESTIGATION has to do with tax code compliance IRS usually look at.


    • Tin foil hat

      I hate to burst your bubble but your logic simply doesn’t make one iota sense whatsoever. WHY WOULD THE RUSSIAN WANT THE USA INDER MILITARY CONTROL? That would their worse nightmare if it ever materialized.
      I understand your concern regarding an authoritative US government. However, that concern is premature since the military will likely not get involved in domestic affairs unless the democratic terrorist arms such as the BLM and Antifa are call upon again and get out of control.

      • Mohammad

        That what they want.
        Breaking up USA


        • Tin foil hat

          Civil war is possible but not likely unless the Deep State starts arming the BLM and Antifa. Hopefully, Trump won’t overdo the mass arrests which I believe is coming.

          • Mohammad

            Read what Thomas Chittum has written in 1995.
            The gangs are the arm of the deep state, they can converge in a blink of an eye into para military force once their code of conduct changes, his book is worth reading it is called civil war II the coming breakup of America.




          • Jerry

            Tin Foil Hat,
            Oh yes. They are definetly coming.

          • Wade Waters

            More and more I believe Mohammad is a troll. If he really had a thriving medical practice in…Dallas or wherever he wouldn’t be spending so much time here worrying about Trump, the Deep State, Russia, etc. His imagined conspiracies are poorly thought out, if at all.

            • Greg Hunter

              Actually he is a medical doctor and has legit credentials in the medical field.

              • Wade Waters

                Right. And he sent you his credentials? Have you actually met him?

                • Greg Hunter

                  Yes, he sent pictures and told me the medical center he worked at. I did not personally meet him. Yes, he’s real and he’s not a troll.

                  • Mohammad

                    May be one day I will have the honor to meet you Greg, if it happens for you to be in my area for any reason please consider you have a home and a friend here.


                  • Wade Waters

                    Indeed. I would like to meet you too, Mohammad. WW

  28. Skip Barker

    No major players regardless of their treason or crimes will ever be brought to justice. So move on and waste your time on something else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep telling yourself that? Prepare.

  29. Dave

    Went to my early release May 19, 2019 and it is frozen. I really enjoy your reporting and Dave Janda especially. Is someone blocking your YouTube report?
    Thanks for looking into this; please respond to me what’s happening.
    Dave Clement
    Pittsboro, NC
    PS: I would like to meet you some day as I travel West to the NC mountains

  30. paul ...

    This seems to suggest Iran’s northern border is safe from US neocon attack from Turkey … their southern border has aircraft carrier killing missiles … the Iranians are likely trying to do “a regime change” in Iraq … so the only think they will need to defend against is a US neocon attack from Afghanistan or Pakistan!! …

    • paul ...

      Do Americans really want to change the system? … do Americans really want to overcome the Dark Side? … then read what effort is required:
      “No matter where it leads … No matter what abuses it will bring … Tell the Truth” – Dr. King

    • paul ...

      Iran appearing to acknowledge President Trump’s reluctance to let the neocons drag him into yet another useless and futile “regime change war” in the Middle East … appeals to Trump “to resist” the Military-Industrial Complex’s neocon spokesman Senator Graham’s call for War!! …

  31. Arrowflinger

    The Rule of Law is dead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so fast Arrow!

    • Tin foil hat

      If Biden were elected POTUS 2020, then not only the rule of law is dead, this country is dead.
      Trump is the last stand.

  32. Kim Kelly

    Jesus’ death/resurrection not only fulfilled the sin and burnt offerings but the peace offering and the GUILT offering. May the Blood of Jesus pay for YOUR guilt and YOUR peace in knowing you are reconciled to the Father. Your child is not lost and you will see that child again. All will be resurrected one day in one of at least three resurrections recorded in the Bible. All will find reconciliation and peace with the Father, each in HIS own order.

  33. Cole Davis

    Greg, you continue to be an invaluable voice of truth, a light set on a hill. God will not forget your faithfulness. One of your enduring qualities is the humility you have demonstrated by your willingness to embrace your need for Christ and to admit you are not perfect. You fully accept your need for God’s grace. I am fairly certain that, like me, when you make a mistake you confess it, and you ask for forgiveness, trusting God to help you to not do it again. The key here is the radical acceptance that we sinned – accepting the reality and guilt of our sin – and repenting of the same. We need God’s forgiveness and grace. However, no where in the Bible does it say that we must forgive ourselves. That is a fabrication of self-centered human reason and it opens the door for pride (or reverse pride) to trip us up. It puts us in a position of playing God….so, please do not tell those who have had an abortion that they need to forgive themselves. What they need is a radical, unconditional acceptance that they have sinned grieviously, and to trust that God forgives (accepts their sin) when they repent. Blessings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Cole!! I and am a sinner that blows the trumpet.

  34. paul ...

    So you neocons … your doing 9-11 (treasonously killing thousands of Americans) in order to surround Iran militarily … has all come to naught … and now for your treasonous acts of dynamiting the World Trade Center and shooting a missile into the Pentagon office doing an audit on where the missing $21 Trillion went … you will soon pay for Treasonous crimes … along with the other Traitors trying to kill Trump’s family!!

  35. paul ...

    Breaking News … rocket fired at US Embassy … it couldn’t be the Iranians (they wouldn’t have missed) … so it must be “a neocon false flag attack” to get their Iranian war started before Iran does a regime change in Iraq!! …

    • paul ...

      Trump says: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again”! … I guess Trump got Intel “from the CIA” that this rocket (that missed the US Embassy) was fired by Iran … will Trump now use this incident (that didn’t kill anyone) to justify killing millions by starting WWIII??? … or will he wait to corroborate the CIA Intel (knowing how Bush was lied to by the CIA regarding weapons of mass destruction)?? …

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you hate America? Do you always think America is at fault and the bad actor here? It looks that way. What country do you live in?

        • paul ...

          Greg … I live on this Planet Earth in the country called America … but see myself as a citizen of the entire world … I will talk against neocons in the world no matter where they reside , against all the crooks, all the murderers, the banksters, the warmongers, the traitors, the abortionists, the pedophiles, the drug cartels, the Demon-rats, the RINOS and all the racists, the anti-Semites, the anti-Yemenis, anti-Russians, anti-Chinese, anti-Iranians, anti-Turks, anti-Venezuelans, etc., etc, etc. … America has many more good points then faults … and many other Nation do also … I try to “focus my criticism” on all those I perceive to be doing things that are exceedingly immoral (i.e. like killing women and children)!!

      • Mohammad

        Although I am at odds with this president but I can say that he does not want war with Iran, he will squeeze them until they get to the negotiating table the same way he did with N.K.

        He hates wars, and a war with Iran is devastating for 2020 elections. Rest assured, no war with Iran. Not for now at least.


        • paul ...

          My hope is the same as yours Mohammad … but I criticize the autocratic warmongering neocons whenever I can (sort of like the Yellow Vests protesters are doing in France …

          • paul ...

            The Yellow Vests don’t hate France (just like I don’t hate America) … criticizing the government the way the Yellow Vests are doing has already succeeded in shattering their neocons myth of “representative government” in this age of “commie autocratism” … Yellow Vests have succeeded in exposing the duplicity of France’s political parties the way Trump has exposed the duplicity of the mainstream media here in America (which he doesn’t hate and wants to make great again) … it is about time more American’s begin to push back against economic repression (like a chained CPI), suppression of free markets (like the manipulation in the gold and silver markets) and stand against the dehumanization of society by neocons and Hollywood cabal (with their continual decades long wars and their depraved immoral movies always showing people being shot in the head)!!

          • Mohammad

            NO WAR WITH IRAN.
            Reason for that is:
            Russia does not want it, and Putin with Trump will work something to squeeze Iran and make her cave in, that is all in concert with Israel that is still having good relations with Russia.
            They may throw SA / Emirates under the bus but no war with Iran.
            Please keep in mind what I always maintained saying here:
            the intended target if any local small scrims may take place in the gulf is SA.
            Israel cannot tolerate an all out war in M.E.
            It WON’T happen.


  36. Sue Robinson

    Thank you once more, Greg. It is OK that you had to fly solo for this Sunday piece!
    Meanwhile, like many others, I am praying that justice will be done, and soon. We need to have some faith in our once-respected public institutions like the FBI and the DOJ. As of right now, we do not, but I think we remain open to their rescue and reform. So, General Barr, Godspeed. We are angels at your shoulder, sir. Press on! And Greg, keep us all posted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue!! You are very kind to support USAW!!!

    • William Stanley

      I, for one, believe that we have actually turned the corner and that now the DOJ and FBI are beginning to close in on the cabal, including those at the top whose names most people don’t even know.

  37. Justn Observer

    Longer POTUS takes to declassify the less likely he will be successuful to disrupt the swamp…the coup is on going and corruption and bilking of American working middle class will continue…
    The ‘collusion’ between Russia and U.S. interest and other’s = oil and running drugs and guns has an ongoing long history…why does anyone think anything has changed?
    Either POTUS start the Grand juries now…before election season…or next we will hear they can’t be done then because they will interfere in the elections or they are just ‘political’ charges against the Biden’s etc…to stifle their election runs…
    As for this new prosecutor guy Durham…yeah right…he will be about successful as the last ‘well respeeted’ guys they appointed to look into things such as the JFK assassination, 911, Benghazi, etc that never get to a grand jury or actual indictments that go to trials… Am sure that guy is well placed where he is from = Hartford Conn. crew.
    Seems all trails lead back to the same original Patroon land tracts and their original designs for the lands once within the boundaries called America…with their wishes now that the same is but a corporation in a file cabinet in a land without borders but in possession of the same European Central Bankers which caused/took it into receivership and thru now how many endless for profit wars… The only thing missing it this theater is that the ‘soldiers’ patches might actually just have the symbol of the appropriate mining, oil, or drug company.
    If one were honest…one would think they’d at least invest the social security and PERS funds in defense stocks which have gone up 400% to 600% the last 20 years…rather than into now at risk historically low interest bonds…tied to devaluing dollars? Unless- they believe in the end …the U.S. scripted to lose? One shall see…destiny or fate?

  38. John M.

    Greg, your denunciation of abortion was powerful and so contrary to what Americans are force-fed from the lying jackal media. I suppose if Roe v Wade is overturned after 50 years, then anything is possible.
    I want to believe that Trump will soon bring justice against the vast globalist cabal, but the evil corruption is so deep and has been going on so long that it is something that many of us must see to believe. A gigantic false flag would be so convenient right now for the swamp creatures to save their bacons. I’m not so sure America deserves to be completely redeemed with all the wrongs it has committed for decades, but only God can be the ultimate judge of that. Punishments are absolutely necessary and good for us in righting our wrongs, and plenty of those are definitely coming.
    No matter what good or bad moral path that our country ultimately chooses to take, there is still going to be suffering like this country has never seen before. It’s little wonder that you are so sensible and down-to-earth, you are obviously a farm boy at heart with some really deep country roots that knows what the American dream is all about.
    May God save all that is good in America!

  39. Anthony Australia

    The MSM here should be ashamed of themselves.
    They called an election victory to the Labor Party, prior to the official vote, based on opinion polls.
    Well the people have spoken and sent a clear message to the incumbent government to also lift its game.
    A carbon copy of the US presidential election 2016.

  40. Anthony Australia

    Terminating a professional sports contract based on someone’s religious views in itself is outrageous.
    You know that I am tolerant of all faiths, and Buddha gives me guidance, however this attach against Christianity by the elite needs to stop.

  41. Anthony Australia


    Terminating a professional sports contract based on someone’s religious views in itself is outrageous.
    You know that I am tolerant of all faiths Greg, and Buddha gives me guidance, however this attack against Christianity by the elite needs to stop.

  42. Mike and Ann Almon-Halifax, NS, Canada

    Ahhh Greg we just love your reports… and mostly… YOU BROTHER! Lord bless you and your family! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike and Ann!!!

  43. paul ...

    Theresa May is out …
    You know … improbable as it May seem for a … Chicken-to-catch-a-Tory … this chicken did it …

  44. paul ...

    Some say we have an insufficiency of savings that cannot be corrected … wrong! … definitely wrong!! … all Trump has to do is take the “chains off” the CPI … and give every American a pay adjustment that reflects the “true inflation rate” of 10% a year … and see how both the economy and the savings rate begins to boom!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Ever hear of inflation?

      • paul ...

        Greg … the Fed says it keeps trying and trying to get a simple 2% inflation rate and just can’t seem to get it … so why don’t they remove “just one chain” off the CPI (like food costs) … and see what happens to the economy and the savings rate!

  45. Walter Baumgarten

    No Greg, our Father God is not in control right now, for He has given us free will and watches carefully how we utilize it. He certainly WILL TAKE control at the appropriate point in time and straighten it all out as it is written, but right now, Satan is still leading the masses towards their own destruction. Those who see and understand must hold strong right now as time progresses towards that which was written, and your warnings to do so are a sign that you understand that in the end He shall reign supreme. What shall transpire between now and then, well, as you so aptly advise, prepare, for our God is a God of love, and He wants those who keep faith in Him to be well and follow the example set by His Son, our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Thank you Greg, be well, mat the Lord God bless you and keep you .

    • Greg Hunter

      Mathew 28:18 Pray! “Fear Not”!!

    • Bill

      Read Psalm 24, verse 1.
      The earth is the Lords and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.
      He owns it all and he controls it all

  46. john duffy

    You nailed it again, Greg. There are a lot of angry women who go ballistic when you mention abortion. Why, because they don’t like their conscience being tweaked. This is why some go nuts when they see a picture of the results of a abortion. Interesting, although abortion is legal, they want to make posters of it illegal. Does that make any sense. I see some men, who are accomplices, with the same affliction.

  47. Dr Karen Bremer

    Mr Hunter,
    I SOOOO hope you have Mr Trump’s ear!
    May God Bless You for all you do for all of us, as our voice of truth!
    You have been called, and you have royally stepped up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much Dr. Karen.


  48. The Zionist

    So gold’s still falling, way down now.
    At least we know the US Dollar will survive a little while longer.

  49. jennifer ohman

    Hello Greg,

    It is the Art of War when it comes to China. AS you mentioned, China has grown its debt from $2, to $10, to $40 Trillion now.
    China knows that the financial house of cards will likely come down at some point. And they know that the U.S, is unlikely to be able to pay for its growing debt and unfunded liabilities. They know that eventually there will probably be a dollar crisis and a debt reset. And naturally, they do not want to be left holding the bag.

    Like Trump, China has been buying time, too, but in order to protect themselves and to provide for their needs. They have been steadily accumulating gold, diversifying assets and supply chains away from the dollar and dollar dependency, AND they have now grown their debt to $40 Trillion! They did not grow their debt because they are profligate! They grew it because it’s the Art of War! Mark my words, they are providing for their needs, taking the goods, and they will reciprocate by resetting their debt, too!
    Kind Regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis Jennifer!!! Thank you for this.

  50. Ivan

    Greg , she would be a great guest to have on your show .

  51. Jerry

    Old news that still applies.

    If you follow the executive orders, you begin to see the bigger picture. For all the naysayers out there, I have one question for you.
    With all the problems facing this country, why would president trump spend so much of his time signing this particular executive orders if there wasn’t a plan going forward?

    In my opinion, I have always believed that President Trump knows what I know. You can’t fix a broken economic system until you get rid of the criminals that created it. The bigger question has always been how? The beauty of the fake Mueller report is it helped provide the way, by setting the trap for the criminals that have been stealing our country blind through the banks and congress . June 1st, the trap gets sprung. From what I’m hearing, the Horowitz report is devastating. Once it comes out there will be no going back, and the media will be forced to cover it, or be exposed as the frauds that they are. Either way this thing is coming to a head. Most of the ultra conservatives I know have had enough. Either President trump pulls the trigger on these people, or there will be uprising in this country that has not been seen since the revolutionary war. Either the republic will be restored, or this country is finished. It’s just that simple. History is being made.

  52. Russ

    Good synopsis Greg, too bad DJ couldn’t have been with you in the interview.

    Speaking of banks having problems, $7.58 is a wee bit below that $8 threshold.
    “Deutsche Bank Shares Hit All-Time Low After UBS Cuts Rating To Sell”

  53. tsuki

    Sorry about Dave Janda. He is most interesting.
    Off-topic, but – I came across this interview by Mark Steyn with George Papadopoulos that you might find interesting. I am providing the link.
    I have watched it twice. Part 2 is scheduled to be released today. And I am definitely buying Mr. Papdopoulos’ book.

  54. Wally

    More of the Q Anon material. I’ll believe it when it happens. And Trump, so far, is all talk. Yep, he talks a great battle, but never fired a shot. More “buying time” to keep folks in their easy chairs and on their sofas.

  55. Diane

    How can liberals keep pushing “global warming”?
    Oh yeah, taxes.

  56. Diane

    I had a friend who us very wealthy.
    Nice lady my family liked.
    A few years ago I mentioned one of Greg’s favorite rants….the Clinton Global Charity Fraud
    She stopped speaking to us.
    I later found out her and her husband donated a million dollars to the Clinton foundation.
    I knew they were Democrats, but didnt know they were big donors.

    • Greg Hunter

      The money went to fund fraud–period. The foundation never filled out the paperwork to get a “foundation.” It was only for a library in Little Rock, and that never changed. This means every dollar collected not related to the library was illegally collected and written off.

  57. paul ...

    Seems a true invasion is taking place … as the invaders are saying: “France does not belong to the French People”! … sounds exactly like what the white man said about the American Indians (America does not belong to the American Indians)!! … guess the solution is to put the French people on reservations … instead of the invaders having to live segregated (within Fortified Migrant Cities)!!

  58. paul ...

    Wow … remember what Charles Nenner said: “Look out below if Deutsche bank falls below $8 dollars!! … wonder what Nenner will now say with Deutsche bank at $6.66 ?? …

  59. paul ...

    Playing dirty has a way of coming back at you … Xi is now playing as dirty as Trump … he plans to impose sanctions on the US … by banning the sale of “strategic rare elements” that the US desperately needs to build all of its weapons of war … Xi is not as stupid as the neocons make him out to be … Xi probably figures that by completely banning the export of critically needed “rare earth” minerals … he will cripple the countless US military supply chains that rely on these essential commodities to manufacture US weapons of war … and if they can’t be built … they can’t be used one day to target China!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t you think that Trump team stockpiled rare earth material in the last 2 years? I do.

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      IMO, Xi has made a huge mistake: he has forced America to permanently turn away from China . . . and his gravy train will never get back on track because of it. Yes, there will be LOTS of pain to go around. However, Xi has now shown his hand . . . and it’s a loser.

    • Justn Observer

      Zerohedge story followed up with this…
      Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank

      With nationalism to the fore, for a change, talk of a “people’s war”, and with China telling the US it has “unwavering resolve” to fight “bullying” –a change from “imperialism”, which China itself is now accused of in some quarters– President Xi Jinping went to visit a rare earths facility yesterday. That was no accident. Nothing in Chinese politics is an accident. It was a signal that China can turn off the taps on rare earths exports to the US if pushed much further. Yet such a step would devastate its rare earth exporters; it would show the world they cannot rely on China as a supplier; and it would be the final(?) nail in the coffin of a ‘macro 101’ model of how the world works. (As if that is needed a day after US President Trump publicly stated he’s “very happy” with the trade war and that the Chinese economy won’t be number one on his watch.)

      After all, rare earths aren’t actually rare. Lots of countries, including the US, Japan, Brazil, India, and South Africa, have them in abundance. China only controls 80% of global supply because it subsidised its state-owned firms until they achieved economy-of-scale dominance in the same way as it is seen trying to do in other industrial sectors, which has generated the current China backlash. In short, mercantilism–meets-Mr.Magoo-free-markets means Beijing got the whip hand over the industrial global supply chain for a vital input in order to save a few dollars. One sees why it’s time to say goodbye to macro 101. Indeed, if there aren’t governments planning to massively boost rare earths output in Australia, California, India, Japan, Vietnam, and Brazil, etc., then I will eat my hat. China will soon find that its latest economic ‘super-weapon’ is another dud.

  60. Mohammad


    Makes all the sense in the world:

    2020 election is between:

    All puzzle pieces are falling in place. and the picture is crystal clear, we lost USA long time ago and now those two (Russia/China) are dividing the cake.


    • Tin foil hat

      You are a freaking idiot. Btw, if you really believed that to be the truth. Are you with the Chinese? You have to pick either Chinese or Russian since you believe America is already lost!

      • Mohammad

        No, I am American.

        I am mourning the blessings you idiots lost with your stupidity.
        USA is blessed with many many things taken for granted , It takes some one who came from overseas you moron to realize what you have lost.

        I take refuge with some of my older patients and ask them about how this country was, I see some 80’s couple leaning on each other coming to my office and I say to the staff, look, this is something rare to see now a days.

        You lost your country with your eyes wide open. I know it because I came from a different place, you are marching slowly into military government where the hats will rule your ass and you are cheering “the one”.

        Idiocy above and beyond.


        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t get made at “Tin” when he answers you.

          • Mohammad

            I am not mad , I am pointing the obvious you usually omit.


      • Mohammad

        Sorry T.F.H.

        I carried it over a bit more than what I should.


        • Tin foil hat

          Don’t worry about it, we’re all stressed out. It’s amazing that most people have no idea what’s going on and are stress free.

  61. tim mcgraw

    I’m ten minutes into the video. I’ll finish it later. Yes, Justice John Roberts was blackmailed into voting for the ACA being Constitutional. Also Sen. McCain was blackmailed into voting against the repeal of the ACA.
    Will the CIA be punished? The CIA got away with the JFK assassination. The CIA gets away with importing cocaine and heroin into the USA. The CIA has NEVER been disciplined before.
    I hope you are right and that there are more good people in DC than bad ones. But hope is a weak virtue to hang one’s hat upon.
    All the best.

  62. GoneWest

    I cannot for the life of me believe why anyone believes Bill Barr is going to drain the swamp. For heaven’s sake, he is the consummate swamp creature. Look at his resume. He has been in government in some capacity since 1973 at the CIA and DOJ. He is connected to the establishment through and through.

    If I tried to tell listeners/readers that the bankers were going to fix the system they broke by appointing other banksters to clean things up, you would think I’m crazy. Yet, by the comments these same people think that Bill Barr is going to fix the system he is part of, has been for over 40 years and benefited greatly from.

    Come on folks…if Trump wanted to fix the system he’d bring in people from outside to run it. Not appoint career swamp rats to key positions. Look what we’ve got: Pompeo, Bolton, Barr…should I keep going? Please folks, wake up to reality. No high-level person is going to be prosecuted. Some low level guys will get clipped but you aren’t going to see Hillary, Comey, Obama or others of their ilk in cuffs. Not going to happen.

    Greg, I love what you do and listen to your shows every week. I understand the need for hope. Just don’t let hope blind you to how things really are/work.

  63. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Okay, I finished watching the video. My wife and I just flew back home to the Bay Area from Kansas City where we visited my folks who are in their late 80’s and still going strong. The folks of the Midwest are so friendly, kind, and honest.
    It is 66F here in Sonoma County California on May 20th. It has NEVER been this cold and wet here so late in May since I’ve lived here for twenty years.
    The Midwest is being inundated with thunderstorms, rain, and tornadoes. The crops are not being planted.
    Who cares about the DC Soap Opera and the NeoCon’s war games, if we don’t have enough to eat!
    As for abortion…… good Lord! Government should NOT be involved in ANY of our sexual business. No law or Supreme Court ruling should apply to our reproductive activity.
    Abortions can be used to save the life of the mother. Abortions can be used for a lot of reasons. It’s not a black and white issue.
    Do you really want the government involved in that decision by the parents?
    Be careful what you wish for.

  64. Justn Observer

    Busy 24 hours of connections that MSM, including Fox can not keep up on as they all try to spin a story, deflect, and see how much they can hope to omit so the people never learn about the theft of their natural resources by the elite using their government and tech the taxpayers pay for — against them world wide by ALL leaders in on the pay to play !

    • Justn Observer

      all seems to go back to Gibson Island crew…. Mueller’s father, Tugwell, Symington, and MARK RICH? THAT really is rich !
      and for those following these links …more connections of the past meeting up with the present as to the same people and MO that JFK likely had hoped to reign in ? The plunder for profit MIC…
      reading now the books BLOWBACK, AND Crimes of Patriots…after The Brothers and other deeply researched books, which all in history link up to the Walkers, Delano, Russell, Forbes, Rockefellers, and on with their counterpart leaders throughout the world in their pay to play schemes to plunder the earths natural resources for fun and profit while they used the MSM to hide and create false narratives and illusions and fake history? One gets the sense if the full JFK files were ever released, and a real investigation including NOT a commission but a grand jury…that mystery along with 911 and the many false flags in the world would unravel quickly… But then…as one can see the views of such links raises little…so one can see the majority wish to only complain, point fingers, and never invest any time to actually seek the truth… but only wish POTUS Trump will somehow single handedly almost , do it for them? Considering what the founding fathers pledged and many of them sacrificed and lost…how far people have fallen from grace and honor – indeed!
      One wonders if people really want to know the truth….or could handle it?

      • Justn Observer

        The coming indictments might show years of the elite and MIC planning ops and endless wars for natural resources all over the world as well as within the U.S. itself…
        What other agencies will fall from being under the same corrupt influences as we are seeing in the DOJ?, FBI?, IRS?,- EPA? BLM?
        Even the National Rifle Assoc. has now been tainted by Ollie ‘the weapons and drugs runner’ North to set up meetings for Butina to meet ‘targets’ for ‘hunting trips’ to find suspect fracking spots to extract oil and wrestle away oil rights and land from unsuspecting landowners that have valuable resources under their feet? Was that what Burns, Oregon was all about? The Bundy Ranch? How many other western lands with uranium or Gold there under? Time will tell if it ever gets to court and in front of a ‘non-compromised’ judge?
        How many people have even heard about the off-shore oil platforms and deals off the coast of Vietnam during that war?
        Likely you have not been following George Webb or Mcduff on You tube , who are months and years ahead of the Fox News spoon fed pablum offered up to keep the public the least informed as possible to the whole wider deeper truth of just what, who, the Secret Team are and what they are up to….which as HW Bush said , “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” From what these books suggest…he’d be right !
        As we all might see here if this proves to be true?= Uranium one = uranium from the U.S. sent to Iran for their nuclear program =

  65. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. President , Donald Trump has a duty to prosecute treason, sedition and fraud by any and all bad actors through his US Attorney General. Those prosecutions need to happen and happen as soon as possible. Thanks for your reports, one of the few sources of journalism left in the U.S.A.

  66. anthony bona, m.d.

    I am sick of this ”life of the mother” argument in the abortion debate. there is no such thing. every horrible condition [severe eclampsia, malignant hypertensive crisis, horrible flares of lupus, other autoimmune catastrophes, and on and on] does not require murder of the unborn baby. the cure for these is DELIVERY OF THE BABY IMMEDIATELY. if it is viable it may survive, if not he or she will be taken peacefully. as for rape and incest, there is adoption as an alternative to the murder of an innocent unborn baby, although it may be difficult to carry the baby to term, some may elect to do this.

  67. Green Lantern

    As always, your unique “guy next door” truth news is appreciated. You are saying what the majority of us are already thinking, yet in a more entertaining and highly informative way. In saying that, allow me to add another term to your weasel rants.

    Defecrats: Those in the Democrat Party (pretty much the whole cabal), whom continually poo on the public, deliver poo filled comments, aren’t worth a poo, and are simply full of poo. The term comes from blending defecate with Democrats. It seemed like a marriage made specifically for USA Watchdog.

    It rolls too easily off the tongue, don’t you think?

    “Nasty Defecrat Weasels!”

  68. paul ...

    As explained in the attached post … unlike with North Korea … it seems Trumps “maximum pressure” military threats and economic sanctions tactics against Iran doesn’t appear to be working … as the Iranian President announces he is ordering the “quadrupling of its production of low-enriched uranium” to the 300-kilogram maximum limit set by the “unsigned” nuclear deal!! …

  69. paul ...

    If anyone needs an answer as to why Iran would like to do a regime change in Iran this is it … … it is so the “new Iraqi government” can call in Russia (the same way Syria did) to kill off the evil terrorists dropping chemical and biological weapons from the drones now being supplied to them!!

  70. iwitness02

    It has been all down hill since the Tower of Babel. After the flood, there was a single language. During the construction of the tower, our Creator scrambled the language, and many new groups formed, each with their own language. We all went our separate ways. We have never gotten along since. Steady as she goes. No end in sight.
    Everyone gets to choose their own path. It doesn’t seem to count for much here on the earth. But it does count with our Creator. Atheists don’t give a hoot about their Creator. That is the single biggest separation between us. Our Father in Heaven will have to straighten this out. I don’t believe that we can.
    A measure of justice is certainly coming. However, I don’t see peace on the horizon yet.

    • iwitness02

      We got 13 in. of snow. We have broken branches but nothing major. From a gardeners point of view, it really sucks. But no major losses. My back is aching from shoveling heavy wet snow. But all the gates open and we have paths to where we need to go. Paths for the chickens too. Overall, not to bad.

  71. paul ...

    This … … is probably the real reason behind why Trump wants an immediate 1% drop in interest rates!!

  72. paul ...

    Another case of the Comey (pot) calling the Lynch (kettle) black!! …

  73. Mohammad


    Why the hell Trump’s admin is releasing this terrorist 3 years earlier???????????

    Bipartisan questioning the Trump admin on why by:
    Republican Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama and Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan

    What say you Greg?


  74. Bill

    Greg, wake up! You expect prosecutions of all these powerful people for treason and yet John Walker Lindh, the so-called ‘American Taliban’ is being released early ( This man is a known traitor, combatant against US forces, and murderer who was reviled by all. Powerful people with the support of the liberal left will get a get out of jail free card. You can continue your wishful thinking all you want but that will not change how these criminals will walk away scot-free. When the reset comes, no one buys our debt, the dollar becomes worthless and the unprepared are in revolt, prosecutions will be the least thing on anyone’s mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep. I am wide awake by the way.

  75. Faizie

    This isn’t about anybody’s sexual business, it’s about MURDER ! The government has laws to protect you from someone murdering you do they not ? Then why should there not be laws against an abortionist or anyone else from killing (murdering) a child in the womb ?

  76. Dan


    Greg, I recently posted a comment with a link to a video. You censored me AGAIN!

    I have had it. I will NO LONGER SUPPORT YOU.

    You are censoring anything that mentions any atrocities or slightly bad things Israel is doing. I’ve confronted you on this before stating even your guest Dr. Paul Craig Robert calls them out on. He doesn’t even seem to appear on your show anymore.

    Why are you doing this? Are you “Controlled Opposition”?

    I even had you on my HEROES OF TRUTH list of top truth fighters (see

    But since YOU ARE SUPPRESSING TRUTH NOW, you will not figure on the future of this list, nor am I going to continue coming to your website.

    I wonder how many other comments you have censored out…



    I’ve had it!


    P.S.: Your GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT WILL NOT COME TO PASS, EVEN WITH TRUMP! And do some damn research for heaven sake. Zionists who are currently running Israel ARE NOT real Jews!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t put up you comments many times because they are not backed up. (I have put up 161 of your comments. I have a counter in the back end of USAW.) Your “truth” is really just your hateful opinion. Look at what you wrote. You charged me with being “controlled opposition”. Not a fact. You said, “Zionists who are currently running Israel ARE NOT real Jews!” Again, NOT a fact. You say I am “suppressing the truth.” Not a fact. With you I am suppressing Jew hating anti-Semitism and do not want it on USAW. Your opinion is not the “truth”. So, go away and post this stuff on your site and your property.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Dan, Dont feel bad. Greg blocks most of my posts. He is afraid of the truth. He cant defend his assertions and ideas on their own merit so he just controlls your input. Its like fighting a boxing match by apply just the right handicaps to ensure his own victory. Even though I am a woman, he is intimidated enough to make sure my contibutions are metered and drowned out. My question is ….. is this tendency worthy of a real man ?

      • Greg Hunter


        I block you because you cuss at me and my viewers. You make sexual comments, you make sexual offers and you make obvious false accusations on a routine basis. I am under no obligation to put on filth and lies on USAW.


        • Jallen

          Why have you blocked my comments???


          • Greg Hunter

            What did you say?

      • William Stanley

        Re: “Even though I am a woman,” and “worthy of a real man”
        You sexist pig: How dare you assume the superiority of men!

        • iwitness02

          Come for the news.
          Stay for the comedy.

  77. Mike R

    The indictments and arrests must be getting VERY close, judging by all the new daily headlines, about AGAIN renewed impeachment calls (pushing Pelosi to do it in 2 weeks or less), absurd accusations of Barr crumbling under Schiff, new calls for interviews and subpoenas of Trumps lawyers, demands for his tax returns, and the Dems once again going after ANYONE and everyone in Trump’s little orbit. Going after Hope Hicks, Tillerson, ANYONE they think they can get ‘dirt’ from. Clearly no governing or legislating is going on, so congress on the left (all Dems) is not doing any work for the people.

    Its REALLY a disgusting shame how low the Dems keep stooping. Lower than plankton at the bottom of the oceans.

    At least 50% of all Dems in congress need to be in prison, and everyone who reported into Obama, and a large portion of the FBI, CIA, NSA from under Obama, who have committed treason against the country and the coup against Trump, truly need to be behind bars for life.

    The louder the screams from Hollywood, the dems themselves, the MSM, and everyone on the left going bonkers right now, must mean prosecutions are imminent.

    It’s a cacophony of deceit, dishonesty, lies, and crimes against our nation. God speed Trump, Barr, and the Military Tribunals.

  78. John

    Greg, please go on record as to who will be indicted and when.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think Comey, Brennan, McCabe Strozk and Paige are at the top of the list with many others to follow. I simply do not know when but this year.

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