Massive Secret Money Printing Will Shoot Gold Higher – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says $21 trillion in “missing money,” discovered in late 2017, is now a “national security” issue but is not a secret to the leaders of the rest of the world. Kirby explains, “The national governments around the world have become all too aware of the shenanigans that have gone on and the poor stewardship that has been illustrated by the keepers of the U.S. dollar, the world’s reserve currency. This is what is at the root of all of our international economic tension. This is what is really at the root of the difficulties and differences between the American regime, the Chinese regime and the Russian regime. These people are aware of what has transpired, and they are not going to tolerate what’s been done in the name of keeping the U.S. dollar propped up as the world’s reserve currency and the criminality that’s been involved in doing so.”

Kirby warns, “Nobody could come to grips with the criminality that was present in our system. . . .   The slow burn is probably not in the cards anymore. We are likely to see very significant change in the very near term going forward. . . . We are starting to see signs of admission that things are not as we were told they were . . . . The system is critically broken. It’s like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. They can’t put the pieces back together again. People are going to have to come clean to what has truly transpired or they are going to be hung. The reality of what has transpired is coming to light whether people want to hear it or not.”

With massive amounts of secret and not so secret money already created, what will happen to gold? Kirby says, “The price of gold will revalue itself once the carnage and the pieces are all on the ground and people around the globe realize the true enormity of the crimes that have been committed. The price of gold will revalue. It will revalue to a dramatically much higher price than we have been accustom to. That’s coming whether we like it or not. . . . We could see something like a real Roman candle in the price of gold. We could see the price do things we could have never ever imagined in the very near future. We are headed for a very, very serious round of inflation and probably a hyperinflation coming to the West. We will live to experience it, and this is baked into the cake. . . . The people in control of the U.S. dollar are very aware that this is coming too. This is why they are muscling up and talking more about gun control and putting in more pieces to implement a police state in America. They are very aware of what is coming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert and macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby.

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After the Interview: 

Rob Kirby also said that he thinks what President Trump is doing right now is buying time to set the country up for a massive financial reset and economic reorganization. Kirby says, “President Trump has parachuted onto the deck of the Titanic just before it hit that iceberg.”

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  1. jack

    Have to agree with Rob that the slow burn over. Here in Aust they are hitting the panic buttons our property markets collapse and people become aware that GFC number 2 is coming with much more devastation. It is now being openly talked about in our media. Our Central Bank wants to decrease rates and somehow increase wages to let inflation eat the debt away and keep the real economy functioning. However, people who are eligible for loans are not taking them up, for fear of a collapsing property market. So there will be less money in our economy to service debt. Both Milo Yianopolous and David Icke have been banned from entering Australia in the last two weeks. The police state is here too.

    • Anthony Australia

      Milo may get in just yet. Icke is more than likely in June, following the federal elections in which Liberals are out on their bums.

      • jack

        The Labor Party will be no better with high taxes and more debt via big spending. They have committed to giving $500 million to the UN and are into this LGBT nonsense. They have said just recently they believe in “Global Governance”. They are a bunch of corrupt communists along with the Greens.

        • Anthony Australia

          That’s democracy for you.

    • TSI

      David Icke is great at describing the system and what is wrong with it. However, a lot of his writing borrows heavily from Theosophy so he claims to be against the New world order yet espouses the spiritual impulse behind it. Problem, reaction, solution as he would say.

      • TSI

        Hegelian dialectic –
        Dialectic comprises three stages of development: first, a thesis or statement of an idea, which gives rise to a second step, a reaction or antithesis that contradicts or negates the thesis, and third, the synthesis, a statement through which the differences between the two points are resolved.

        This I believe is the globalists’ playbook.

        • William Stanley

          Some observations/suggestions:
          1. Maintain contact with jack: you two are able to communicate.
          2. Further analysis, IMO, may show that ideas that appear incompatible may not be in a larger or different context. Similarly, ideas that appear compatible may not be. This implies that the Hegelian dialectic has limited usefulness and that its application may not lead to convergence upon a “solution” compatible with truth.

      • jack

        David Icke needs to stay away from alien lizard people ideas, to improve his credibility. There is so much deception out there you have to cross reference everything.

    • Rob

      The G7 is made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, but countries such as Australia, China, and the European Union are being sucked into this exponential debt bomb! This is being done by the BIS, the IMF, the FED and all their central bank stooges in those countries who are forcing huge public and private debt till it all implodes in one massive debt crisis that takes down all fiat currency:

      Unlike the two previous manufactured economic crises in 2001~2003 and 2007~2009, this one is going to include the 1st four seals that Jesus opens during the 1st half of the tribulation:

      1st seal ~ white horse ~ spiritual war ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly 2021
      2nd seal ~ red horse ~ physical war as peace is taken from the earth ~ possibly 2022
      3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly 2023
      4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly 2024

      We are in the morning of the 3rd day from the birth of Jesus when the manchild is born and the spiritual war is brought to the earth as these 3 passages prove when studied together:

      2 Peter 3:8 But forget not this one thing, beloved, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

      Hosea 6:1-3 Come, and let us return unto Jehovah; for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. (2) After two days will he revive us: on the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live before him. (3) And let us know, let us follow on to know Jehovah: his going forth is sure as the morning; and he will come unto us as the rain, as the latter rain that watereth the earth.

      Revelation 12:5-9 And she was delivered of a son, a man child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and unto his throne. (6) And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that there they may nourish her a thousand two hundred and threescore days. (7) And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels going forth to war with the dragon; and the dragon warred and his angels; (8) and they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. (9) And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

      Is the church preparing for this spiritual war that He must bring to them to cleanse His body?:

      • Paul Atreides

        Hey Rob
        Great post! Did you recognize the astronomical alignment last year!?! I can’t recall the verse but it describes the woman with the crown of stars, she gives birth. I’m terrible with actual scripture, but I know the story. I do my best.
        Regardless that alignment happened last year and I believe that was the start of the end. Idk I just connect dots as I se them. Ty for the awesome post!

        • Rob

          Hi Paul!
          Thank you for the compliment bro! The scripture your referring to is found here:
          Revelation 12:1-2 And a great sign was seen in heaven: a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars; (2) and she was with child; and she crieth out, travailing in birth, and in pain to be delivered.
          Please feel free to visit my website:

          And contact me via my email on the top right hand corner under “contact” with any questions you may have :o)
          In CHRIST! Rob

    • William Stanley

      Well done!
      Going off topic somewhat: You’ve raised a couple of ancillary questions (for me):
      1. Although your indicated modes of cognition have not been incongruent, linguistic analysis indicates some anomalies from comment to comment in other dimensions. Are you the same “jack” who has posted over the last two weeks?
      2. It’s interesting that you have chosen this channel to communicate your thoughts. Does the term “code division multiplexing” have meaning to you?

      • Paul Atreides

        Those are some rather pointed questions to be sending to a man who is obviously doing his level best to bring awareness to people who have not been taught truths.
        I’m sorry, but I’m feeling that some ulterior motives be manifesting themselves here.
        Enjoy your day.
        Christ be with you.

        • Paul Atreides

          Please accept my apology. Your post was placed after Rob but you were referring to to jack who wrote a reply to the post prior to robs. You placed you comment in the wrong spot and this is what happens.
          I guess you’re not as smart as you project yourself to be after all m

          • William Stanley

            Sometimes I make mistakes to test the character of responders as well as to provide an opportunity for opening up discussion. But then again, sometimes (most of the time, actually) I just make mistakes.
            As for trying to appear smart: yes, I often do try to do that, although I almost always also try to connect with people on a deep level.
            Do you have other problems with my character or my thoughts? If so, let’s talk: I’m one of my favorite topics.

          • DB Cooper

            Moad Deeb, I am missing something here ?? … You apologize and insult in the same post ?? DB

            • William Stanley

              I’m impressed!
              Thanks for the info.

  2. Mark James

    Great to see Rob Kirby looking so good! Excellent information!!! Thank you Greg & Rob!!!

    • jack

      Totally agree.

    • Diane

      Yes! Welcome back Rob

  3. Dave

    Great interview Greg but Kirby should take things easy. He still doesn’t look 100%
    and we don’t want to lose him.

    • Major Payne

      I didn’t know about his hospitalization. What happened… a heart attack?

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Good to see you back. Glad to hear you have gotten your health back to a functional degree. Keep up the healing and thank you so much for the great information you are giving us here.

  4. Derek Sinclair

    Good to see Rob back, one of my faves. Hope he continues to mend.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Thoughts and prayers go out to RK. Wealth is nothing without health.
    Stay strong, honest and vigilant USAW community.

  6. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Have you ever asked Katherine Fitts or Dr. Skidmore if they have looked at agencies other than DoD and HUD ? You’ve referred to Rumsfeld’s speech of Sept. 10, 2001 and the then 2 trillion dollars missing so this has been going on for a long time. Could it be even bigger than 21 trillion? Rob has spoken about the Exchange Stabilization Fund before and his talking about it has prompted me to learn more about it. The power and lack of accountability of this agency is mind boggling. I wonder if the government is stockpiling gold quietly right now like other countries. Are they paying for it with dollars worth 1/1300 th of an ounce of gold so that when there is none left they can deflate all those dollars they paid for it down to , oh say, 1/10,000 th of an ounce of gold? They did that once before and then printed a whole bunch of dollars to adjust the money supply to cover the devaluation and … “ouella”,,,with the swath of a pen they had all the dollars AND all the gold. If that happens we’ll be paying $20 for a loaf of bread. Wish Rob Kirby a speedy recovery!

    • jack

      I think Bill Holter has said ,this $21 trillion being just a small example of what could be happening. It is beginning to get scary and I see no leaders with the courage to take on the present system.

  7. Orlando

    Rob, Thanks for the informative interview. We know you are passionate in sharing information but please protect yourself and rest up. Pamper yourself during the healing process. Be Well Sir, and Thank you!

  8. Marie Joy

    Start growing your own food, inside and outside. Sprouts and microgreens are easy and fast. Have wood stoves with a lot of wood. You lives may depend on it.

  9. Allen Starr

    Beautiful -10C sunny peaceful day, wife still in Krasnoyarsk, go out for a big 120 ruble early lunch which includes a T-bone steak, and come home to Rob and Greg. Nothing like being totally blown out of the water. It couldn’t be any plainer and why the 21 trillion is such an important piece and there is no other solution other than a financial catastrophe or a nuclear war. The 21 trillion is why nothing made any sense on what was happening with the economy. The Fed and the Treasury Department had to be involved in this which means the Rothschild’s are also involved. Putin hates them and threw them out of Russia and will not guarantee them the 60 bcm of NG they want to go through the pipelines they own in Ukraine. Russia and China will not bend to the West and the rest of the world should get down on their hands and knees and thank them for being saved. No one else is powerful enough. I just converted the last of my $’s into rubles last month so all I have to worry about is how bad the ruble is going to get hit when the SHTF. I’m hoping the ruble won’t be destroyed because of all the gold Russia has and because of all the gas and oil contracts they have. If things get real bad I can always go to the Dacha and grow potatoes. Good thing I love the taste of these Russian potatoes and we also grow the Idaho Russets.

    • Tin foil hat

      Allen Starr,
      Yeah, Russia will not bend to the West but I don’t know about China. I think China is prepared to go either way depending on which way the wind blows.
      As far as converting all of your dollar into rubles and hope the ruble won’t be destroyed, why don’t you just convert all of your dollar into gold.

      • Allen Starr

        Tin foil hat
        The bank here tells me I can’t buy gold but I just saw something in the last few days where I think Russians can buy gold. I can’t have a ruble bank account either so my wife has one which we use. I think we need to go to the bank and see if they will sell her gold. China has more than a trillion $’s in US Treasury notes and I’ve been hearing that Russia and China are keeping the US alive for now to avoid a war. The trade deal was supposed to smooth things out but something blew up in the last few days where the US pissed off China and they won’t sign a deal. The Chinese have a lot of money to loose so they may have to act a little different from Russia when starting a new financial system. Russia is on auto pilot already and won’t change anything.

        • Paul Atreides

          There are lots of places that sell gold. Buy 1/10 oz it’s much easier to liquidate and store/carry. National, us money reserve etc.
          good luck

    • DB Cooper

      Hi Allen, I spoke to David and he was very helpful .. Thanks … We have been getting into the hi 30’s F and it is about time … everyone is past ready for spring … and day after tomorrow we will be whining about it being too hot !! Got to go flying yesterday for a while but the weather closed in and it was MVFR … got some landings in though.
      Take Care, DB

      • Allen Starr

        Hi DB
        If you don’t mind, send me an e-mail and let me know what you decided to do as I am curious. We’ve got 1,500 seed potatoes to go into the ground this year and the Idaho Russets should go in the first week of May if possible as they need 140-150 days which is a long time here as Russian potatoes only need 90 days which is June, July, and August. Strawberries ripen about July 10th and last 2-3 weeks. The wife loves her strawberries and gets good money from her 600 plants. How are your chem trails? Wife home this evening on train from Krasnoyarsk so my unsupervised time is over with.

  10. sheryl

    I think Rob Kirby looks great! I think he will continue to heal and by the grace of God it just wasnt his time to go Keep on fighting the fight Rob but dont overdue on yourself on your workload Greg you are just a Godsend to us out here!

  11. Matties

    You have a nice football stadion. The drainage is blocked.

    You throw a bucket of water in it. Next day you throw 2 buckets. Next 4. Go further…
    One day the stadion is filled with water.

    How much water was in the stadion the day before it was filled ?

    Answer : It was half full. Exponential growth is a beast. Inflextion points are part of % growth, no matter how high or how low.

    • Freebrezer

      M – the analogy is good but if the stadium can change sizes, then all bets off. The powers to Be cheat, change the rules, and discard the law, thus it is any ones guess as to how long this corrupt system can work.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – a great person to get back on is Karl Denninger .. one of the smartest dudes out there. He had a great synopsis a few weeks back ( I wish i could find it) on trying to stay whole in this corrupt system. Basically he said the math said the system should have gone bust (!), it didn’t. thus he had it wrong and had to re-evaluate where he was wrong. It is like craps … if the dice are ‘loaded’ all traditional odds mean nothing … thus we need to understand how to play in rigged system. Again it would be great to have Karl on to discuss this.

      • Ray

        The corrupt system will continue for as long as the United States is not taken over (either by internal forces or external forces) via people who see it for the global problem it represents, and will continue to be, without some sort of massive, radical change.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog to America Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your country spied on Trump to try to knock him out of office. You should worry about your 80 tons of gold you are never getting back or all the violence happening in your country at the hands of refugees.

          • Ray

            Greg…..your country spies on THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!…………WITHOUT APOLOGY!!
            Please don’t lecture me about these things.
            Your nation is the PROVABLE #1 THIEF of gold across the planet, via unlawful military subjugation of her sister nations.
            Sir… are WAY out of your depth on this argument, and I ask you please, as a thinking gentleman, to politely apologise and withdraw.
            The United States of America was once a magnificent nation among the nations of the Earth… it is the Cancer of the Earth.
            Your website and the excellent guests you interview PROVE IT, WEEK IN & WEEK OUT.!
            What other nation steals $100 Trillion from its’ people (Skidmore / Austin – Fitts analysis) and then calls it a “matter of national security”???
            Fair Dinkum… much more can you take?
            All that is left now is for you to acknowledge what America is doing…..THAT IS THE ROLE OF A REAL WATCHDOG SIR.
            Shame you can’t………blinded by unbelievable allegiance to a nation that places itself above every other living person also born on this world, and unable to see the untold damage wrought upon your fellow Humanity.
            Christian indeed…………!!!
            You are better sir…..YOU ARE BETTER.

            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation To America.

            • Greg Hunter

              So your country does not commit crime and what crimes it does commit is smaller and not important?? What a clever argument–NOT. I am telling you to look in the mirror man. Your banks have trillions in derivatives and your country does plenty of evil crap too. Do you know how long your country is going to last without America? And it’s $21 trillion in “missing money” and not $100 trillion. And don’t give me that “You are better” crap because I don’t agree with you. I put out lots of negative crap on USA can you do the same4??? Can you start a website and openly criticize Australia using your real name? Don’t answer because you know you cannot.

              • Ray

                Haven’t I said from the start that Australia is complicit in America’s bloodlust, deceit and crimes across the planet?
                Why do you think I sign off with “Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation”?
                You really do need to pay more attention to the things people post on your site before firing off your sharp edged retorts!
                Occam’s Razor: Is the United States currently a nation practicing honesty and peace across this planet…..NO!
                Occam’s Razor: Will those people who will not call out America’s detestable behaviour to her fellow Humanity (and call themselves Christians) find themselves inside the Pearly Gates come their day of death…..again….NO WAY.
                You can’t be welcomed into Heaven whilst at the same time bragging about how many nations your country subverted and how many innocent families your nation bombed over decades just so the USA could bring “liberty & freedom” to the Earth…….Jesus doesn’t like that stuff….and THE BIBLE makes it pretty clear!
                Have a think about good sir, and get back to me.
                Love the debate….thanks for allowing.
                Ray, Canberra, LAP DOG NATION.

              • Anthony Australia

                Not anymore I am afraid. VPN use is very popular here nowadays..

            • Donald

              “Your nation is the PROVABLE #1 THIEF of gold across the planet, via unlawful military subjugation of her sister nations.”

              Nope. The ruling “elite” from Britain have proven to be the greatest criminals the world has ever seen. They perpetuated the US Civil War, the Boer War, WWI, the Bolshevik Revolution and on and on. They have ruined country after country after country and have stolen tens of trillions of dollars of wealth from many nations. read and remember this:


              These people from Britain have corrupted the USA, Canada, Australia and other nations. And in all of this, they have managed to pass the blame onto everyone but themselves. The fact that you believe so much of what you do is proof at just how successful they have been in fooling you.

          • Ray

            I will retract part thereof in my statement, as my numbers were incorrect…….not $100 Trillion…..$21 Trillion (Skidmore – Austin Fits analysis).
            My apologies to Greg and his community for my over representation of figures.
            We of course are talking about $21 thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand dollars that the “one Nation under God” (guffaw, guffaw) conveniently created OUT OF NOTHING so that it could continue on its’ merry way across the planet….without being subject to ANY review by The People it collects taxes from.
            WHAT A MIRROR!!!!!!!
            AND ABOUT TIME TOO.

            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation to America.

        • Freebrezer

          Ray – You had better pray that America does not go down! If so, I hope your Chinese is really, really up to par. And I am sure that the Chinese would love to import tens of thousands of ‘guest workers’ from Australia, along with properly managing/harvesting Australia’s natural resources … I am sure the Chinese love of the English connection and How England screwed China at the turn of the 19th century would be completely forgotten … ummm – Nope!

          • MICH aH gUN

            HEY GUY’S, CUT THE CRAP, were family! The foreigners [non-English speaking] love us bickering and thats all it is. Because, when the poop hit’s the fan, we will fight to the end, for each other and history proves it! And thats a big fair dinkum!
            From the first English speaking government to outlaw capitol punishment, the great state of MICHIGAN!
            The Fair Dinkum, Ridgy Didge, Dinky die, True Blue, Dyed-in-the-wool Michigander, a real loon of a honker

            This is what an invasive species can do to us Loonie’s, if we let them get in, between us!!

          • Anthony Australia

            Not with 300 Million Muslims on our doorstep and a stones throw to Darwin.

  12. al

    Rob looks great, prayers work!

    He said something in the interview that was very sobering, (I paraphrase) “a man that has nothing to lose is very dangerous”. He was referring to the powers that be but then he shifted to the man on the street. This is why they want our guns.
    Here is a little thing for the powers that be to think about. The 9/11 hijackers had no guns. Those people had nothing to live for and look at the damage they did. Yes they were helped by the government standing down while they did their dirty deeds but my point is Look At What Damage A Few Men Can Do Without Guns!!!

    It was great seeing Rob again and he looks better than he did before.

    • TSI

      Do you really believe those newly trained amateur pilots could perform all those complicated world-class manoeuvres to land on their targets?

      • al

        No, I was just making a point. You don’t need guns to kill.
        9/11 was a total inside job.

    • Ewe&I

      Al..? WTC #7 friend. YouTube and get back to us.

  13. Jon

    Well done Rob . Fantastic to see you back on the circuit . Thanks Greg for getting Rob back on . He has always been one of the best . What a man .Truly great man. He has always told us what has really been going on . Inspirational as always .

    • Ben Johnson

      Gerald Celente said when you have nothing to lose you lose it.

  14. NH Watcher

    Think of it this way: if the U.S. dollar reserve currency has now been exposed as a criminal enterprise, then going into debt using U.S. dollars makes you an accessory to a crime. That is why getting out of U.S. dollar debt, and not getting into any new U.S. dollar debt is the number one course of action, apart from stocking up, preparing, buying precious metals, knowing your neighbors, etc. To believe that there will be “debt forgiveness” for everyone is unconscionably naive. There is only one true forgiveness, and that is spiritual; never expect lasting forgiveness in this world.

    Before you believe that Trump will solve everything, ask yourself what you will do after a natural disaster and Trump’s only offer to you is to go to a FEMA camp for an “undetermined” amount of time. Better to know your neighbors and trust your neighbors than to believe that Trump will save you. He was the lessor of two evils; all of his billions are part of this criminal enterprise too, and so will he give up his own billions to see all those we want to see in jail, in jail? That remains to be seen.

  15. paul ...

    Bottom line … allow the crooked commies to get away with printing up $21 Trillion for themselves (and then hide their theft under the cloche of “National Security”) … and there is “absolutely nothing to stop them” from printing up $210 Trillion for themselves … this is like a Mother telling her rotten spoiled kids: “I want you all to stop stealing cookies out of my cooky jar” and the rotten kids “simply steal the entire cookie jar” (so their mother can’t do an audit to see what was stolen) … just like the rotten Clinton and Rubin kids stole the entire Fort Knox cookie jar which can’t be audited!!

  16. Da Yooper

    Good to see Rob is doing well following his medical emergency.

    I wonder how much dark money has been invented since 2015 when CAF & Mark Skidmore ended their accounting of the 21 trillion ?

    So Gold becomes a tier 1 100% asset on April 1………is this a sick bankers April fools joke the date selection makes one go hummmm.

    Thank you Rob ………..

  17. MIKE

    Greg, please look at this shocking report.

    65 Toxins Found! All Risk, No Benefit!

  18. Doug

    I don’t know where I’ve been but I didn’t realize that Rob had been sick and he does look like he has been through a trial. He didn’t mention what the issue was but to be in ICU for five weeks is pretty serious.

    Praying that he fully recovers from his ordeal and he is a very important voice in our community along with Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair and many other guests that you have on that keep us apprised of what is going on behind the curtains.

  19. Neil

    Greg, I am happy Rob is doing better. Please give an update on his further progress in a couple weeks on your WNW. Canada can’t lose a man like Rob Kirby.

    Especially now with the cracks showing for all to see in Canadian govt, thanks to Trudope, through the PMs office, his foundation, and his private dealings. Canada is Humpty Dumpty and also has no Gold. Also thanks to Trudope!

  20. BobT

    Hi Greg,
    I am so thankful for Rob Kirby. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. I command all sickness from Rob’s body, in the name of my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

    Wonderful interview also.

    Thanks Greg for your work.

    • BobT

      Hi Greg,

      My apologies for a second post. I am usually hesitant on some stuff. Anyway, this does not need to be posted but is for Rob if you want to get it to him.

      Dr. Jason Fung lives and has a practice in Toronto. He has helped many people including myself. He operates outside of standard medical procedures. He does not use any prescription drugs. All natural, just allowing our bodies do what they were meant to do. He can be found and contacted at the links below.

  21. Ben Johnson

    Just a small point Greg, Rob said that a middle class income was 20 ounces of gold, equivalent to say $25,000 approx. Back then to mine an ounce of gold was very labor intensive, even though it is harder to find gold today, we have big machines to dig for us and a much higher technology. I will still be buying gold Monday morning. Hope Rob is on the road to recovery.

  22. Damon m Deslondes

    Good Day Greg,

    Always enjoy your interviews. All I can say is that I am so sick of the Gold sky is falling interviews. I have been investing in Good and Silver for 15 years now and I have done nothing but loose loose loose, Same message year in and out. Gold will break loose. When will it ever happen, When will we ever get a honest interview. Physical medal is hard to get is the worst lie I hear over and over and over. As this interview is happening, They have sales on AMPEX for gold, Sales, Not mark ups. Sales. Please address that.

    I person gets get the feeling at the end of the day that honesty is the last thing you hear in these interviews. Never in the 15 years have I ever heard this bull shit Medal is getting scarce line has there been a hick up in the ability to get it. I dare you to pose the Question like this to all the Gold Experts. Bullshit, Stop the lies.

    I am grateful for you Greg, Just sick of the bull…..

    • Donald

      “When will we ever get a honest interview.”

      Seems to me you more or less missed the focus of this interview. It was about all the behind the scenes corruption of the financial system. Worse yet, Rob mentioned the extreme response that may come from those about to lose everything. I suspect that this point has already been reached and soon major developments will unfold on the scene of the world. The Trump administration is going after these people, and they will not get away due to some legal technicality. Should one of those dozens of black swans circling overhead come in for a landing, everything will change in a big way and will change very quickly. In such an environment, there will be no opportunity to do much. What you have in hand is probably most of what you will go away with.

    • Paul Atreides

      Idk where you buy or what you pay but I’m assuming you are getting ripped off. Do not buy numismatic coins. But 1/10 oz coins. I get them for market. Plus shipping. I don’t understand how u can write that unless you are overpaying got your gold.

    • Doug


      Your comments show that you really don’t understand the purpose of the metals whatsoever. Neither do you understand what is meant about supply shortage. Rob sources metals by the TON for his upper end clients and is not talking about your ability to go to the coin store right now and get a few ounces for your own use. And he is also talking about the global situation and not in the U.S. where metals are deprecated.

      The metals ARE MONEY and are NOT investments. You make the mistake in valuing your metals by the quoted price. I could care less if silver is quoted at $5 or $50 or gold at $500 or $50,000. It’s all immaterial to me. In Venezuela right now metals prices in Bolivars are off the scale but what does it matter? I own the same number of ounces of each regardless of the quoted price. I value my metals in ounces and not in dollars.

      A one ounce gold coin 100 years ago could be traded for a $20 bill at the local bank and vice versa. That coin or paper bill would of bought you a fine business suit or a beef cow. Fast forward to today and that gold coin will still buy you that suit or cow. The $20 bill buys you a take out pizza without tip. The metals preserve your purchasing power….nothing more. They are money and they are savings.

      Tis true that because of price suppression games at some point they may jump to way over intrinsic value but that is not why you own them nor is it why you buy them. Once you have them put them in a safe place and forget totally about quoted paper prices. Once you come to understand what they are and their purpose then the quoted prices are immaterial.

  23. iwitness02

    I salute you Rob Kirby. Your dedication to the truth, and your desire to share it, is praise worthy. Chilling, but praise worthy. Thank you sir. May our Father in heaven bless you and keep you in His constant care.

  24. DB Cooper

    Greg and Rob, Good interview and glad you are still with us Rob.
    Watching this financial situation implode is in my opinion akin to watching the Democratic party shoot itself in both feet. People who lie/ cheat/ and steal tend to think that everyone else also lies/ cheats/ and steals and these folks are so used to getting away with their shenanigans that they do not seem to know how to deal with getting caught. So lets just make it illegal to see the numbers !! Oh Brother !!
    On a more positive note … from the homestead … For those who are wanting to find your little place in the country to hunker down … think in terms of the basic essentials that a piece of ground can provide … water: having a good year round spring is important and bear in mind that it does not have to make a whole heck of alot of water… a gallon per minute is around 1400 gallons per day! I am not a big fan of a river or stream as it is not concealable and other people tend to think that they own it . Having some elevation rise is also a good thing as you can construct a water cistern above your cabin to provide gravity water. Having a supply of fuel is important so you want ground that has some timber. Security is also important so think in terms of ease/difficulty of accessibility and field of fire. We are watching the conflagration ramp up … get out and settled down while you can .
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  25. jack

    gold is going nowhere. they will continue to print paper shorts and boost the dollar while they create more war, nobody will care in a few years as the nukes will fly and 90% of humanity dies, the “elites” are already getting set up in the southern hemisphere where they might have a chance of survival when TSHTF . all this was planed 100+ years ago. that’s why they don’t care how much money they print, or the BS statistics they release , they know time is short so they will just keep doing the same . until the nukes fly

    • Better Chetter

      even if gold surges, they’ll likely raise taxes on PMs’ sales, so it will cut into any profits

      some of this falls under what is called “d0om porn” – the idea of perils approaching, so we should, ought or would do better by buying one more thing, as our consumer economy has us to do for health and beauty aids, or consumer goods

      I believe it was Catherine Austin Fitts who noted that the largest gains are in the last stages of a market peak – so rather than trying to find the bott0m of a market, better to wait to see market “buy” indicators, and get in when you can be sure of making a decent gain (& more importantly, selling to take a profit, and not holding on till some mythical nr is reached)

      • jack

        gold is going nowhere . this is now an issue of “national security” and if and when they get called on it they will get immunity . the banks will paper short gold , no matter the leverage . if anybody big wants to take delivery , well they get a nail gun to the head. If a sovereign like China stands for delivery on the CRIMEX , they will have to raise interest rates again, making a stronger dollar so the Chinese can buy cheaper , now since the west is out of gold , China might just say to hell with it , and dump their dollars , but more likely theChinese are extremely patient, they think in terms of 100 years or more , the uS thinks about the next election, so if you are a young person , yeah buy and hold should pay off over your lifetime. For old guys like me , gold will be capped at the “stated ” rate of inflation and will never be allowed to trump stocks . for old guys other tangible assets , off the radar might be better .

    • Paul Atreides

      I really hate to write this but I feel you are spot on there jack. But it won’t be tonight. I pray Jesus! But assuming it’s not tonight the game will go on. So prepare yourself, don’t take the “it’s too terrible & it’s gonna end so I won’t try attitude”. Because we don’t know when it will end and if we’re one of lucky ones to go. We might live through it. Think on that.
      God bless and keep you

  26. MK

    Outstanding interview. Thank you both for your knowledge and courage. I am a woman who has tears in her eyes right now. God bless.

  27. eddiemd

    Good to see Mr. Kirby.

    Replace the minerals/vitamins. Spinach, borscht soup, beets, other root vegetables. Foods for your GI tract; apples, papaya, other fruits with Vitamin C. One month laying in the ICU will alter the passage of food in your gut. Get some fiber.
    If they were giving you antibiotics then add in some Kefir probiotic.

    Food is medicine.

    • eddiemd

      I would also add turmeric/ginger. There are different brands of tablets that can be purchased. I use a brand named Vimerson that can be found on amazon or through their own website. Two tablets with food.
      I would also consider Maca. It is a root found in the Andes. I used to drink a bowl of it when I lived in Chachapoyas Peru. It has healing and wellness properties. I take it daily.

    • Better Chetter

      I follow the Touch for Health system … those sensitive to their body pains can pinpoint which of 14 meridians are atrophied, then supply the missing nutrients to diminish the pain … I’m sure I’d have been on pain killers/opiods for dental pain, if I hadn’t know about the link to the stomach meridian, and need for lean proteins, green leafy vegetables (in addition to whole grains) for B vitamins

  28. Diane

    My concern about gold is the government is so power hungry that they could confiscate our gold.
    Roosevelt did it. I know it was very different circumstances but it could happen.
    For that matter…I suppose they could confiscate any asset we had.
    Very scary.
    Only silver lining here is that there are a lot more of us than these globalist bad guys .
    There could be a civil war.
    I sure pray it never comes to that.

    • Paul Atreides

      You don’t put it in an institution. You put it somewhere only you have access to. Say a hole somewhere. Idk I’m just thinking outside the box.

    • Paul Atreides

      You don’t put it in an institution. You put it somewhere only you have access to. Say a hole somewhere. Idk I’m just thinking outside the box.

  29. Sue Robinson

    Thanks to Rob Kirby for his great work AND, all of us USA Watchdog folks are thrilled to hear that Rob has emerged from the hospital looking Goooood! And Greg, thanks for sending Rob your message of support on behalf of all of us.

  30. GrayEagle48

    🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Gold has a 6000 year track record, and has never been worth -0- Cant say that about the Dow. Build that commonsense border wall. Clever commentary. Click my name

  31. Fred

    Great to see our brother in Jesus Christ, Rob, up and atom. Smile, laugh, relax and smell the roses because Almighty God always wins!!!!!. The infinite Keynesian fiat money experiment is finally breaking down hard, has no more economic impact and is finally at it’s end. The Central Bankers and their global banking network cabal have successfully destroyed the entire global financial system and the global economy is now in extreme contraction everywhere. The Central Bank carnival barkers will try to blame Governments for out-of-control Fiscal deficits and sovereign country debt and the finger pointing to blame will be a public carnival barker scene.

    It is here and it is now!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Paul from Indiana

    Anything that brings about the demise of the current system is welcome. Change does not come without challenges and difficulties, even hardship. Did the US free itself from British Colonialism by voting? Did we win the Cold War by wishing it away? Will we save our republic by surfing the internet? Absent what Mr. Kirby is describing, we are on our way to collective serfdom. Best always. PM

    • Judith

      Yes Paul, actually we did free ourselves from British Colonialism by voting. That is how all change begins.

      • SOD

        Actually Judith, the Crown ignored all our staid efforts at the ballot box or with peaceful diplomacy. England only sat up and took notice when the colonies got off their collective arses and sent a message via the Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. When the political elites chooses to be “tone deaf” freedom fighters have proven the efficacy of a standing militia and yes at times even the guillotine! SOD

      • Paul from Indiana

        Get real! Voting without action is pointless. And what happens when the losing side of the vote ignores the result? Study US history from 1776-1783 and report back to class. Best always. PM

  33. Dave Beach

    Cynthia McKinney is back
    With the fracturing of the deep state into newly formed zeocons battling the neocons and old guard crooks, basicaly, she is saying the same thing Catherine Austin Fitts said in her most recent commentary on FASAB Rule 56…..that it now is up to people to get educated and take action with their elected officials to turn this around. Time to have Cynthia McKinney on your program

    • Tin foil hat

      Dave Beach,
      I second that notion. Cynthia McKinney and Ilhan Omar have a lot in common. I can’t stand both of them but they seems to have a lot more gut and integrity than most of their peers.

  34. JC

    Greg, whatever happened to the diabolical she/he creature commenter “affectionately” known as Gina M. Mancarella? Was she permanently banished to the depths of hell where she belongs? I’m guessing that you doused her with digital holy water and that’s that. Good for you. Keep up the good work. Somebody has to do it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I keep blocking it/her/him. It’s usually some vile crap of something in favor of communism or any of the other lies she believes. I don’t fine these comments worthwhile.

      • Diane

        Greg she may be AOC!
        They are both stupid.

    • Tin foil hat

      Witnessing the disintergration of her party in real time, Gina M. Mancarella is probably having an orgy all by herself to release the stress.
      I will send her an emergency package of Energizer C Cell Batteries if she needed it.

      • Mike Huff

        I actually laughed out loud reading that!!!

  35. Mark

    Great interview Greg. Rob is awesome!!! I wasn’t aware that he wasn’t well but great to see him back. Been listening to thousands of interviews from all over for years. Rob is top 5 and a must listen. All the best!!!

  36. regaleagle

    Most Americans don’t have the means for self-sufficiency or a different kind of lifestyle…..that costs lots of time and money. They are trying to stay afloat on a month-to-month basis with whatever little they have managed to save or earn. With prices rising and the dollar devaluing, money stagnating and opportunities dwindling, immigration escalating and food/water supplies becoming scarcer…….looks like the USA and the world as a whole will be forced into civil unrest like we have not ever seen in our lifetimes. Regardless of how well-off the few are……they will be drawn into the chaos that is bound to occur. Without the unity of the American people fighting for justice against the Washington bureaucracy and supporting Trump in cleaning the swamp ASAP…….we will ALL pay dearly with a civil war. Forget the price of PM’s……just hope you can live to see some positive changes take place in your lifetime and that your lifetime is not cut short beyond your expectations. We are all in a big mess……all of us.

    • Paul Atreides

      Most people don’t know how to handle their money. Their broke bc they waste much of their money. Do they cook ALL meals at home? Do they forgo expensive after school experiences like sports? Children can learn all the good things sports teaches wo the $$. Does everyone have phones? Cars? Brand new $$ clothes & countless other ways people throw money away wo even realizing. I’m 50 i was raised by a single mom of a single mom of a single mom. So I know poor. I’m now 50 & live the opposite way I was raised n I can pay my bills.
      Oh yea I’m disabled.

    • Tin foil hat

      “we will ALL pay dearly with a civil war. Forget the price of PM’s……just hope you can live to see some positive changes take place in your lifetime and …….. We are all in a big mess……all of us.”

      I concur with your sentiment 100% and that’s why I’ll never complain about the price of gold. I want to ride the wave for as long as I can.

  37. Jimmy Carter


    Trump has kept his promise. If you take a look at your 2018 Form 1040, you will notice a number of changes. One such change is the reduction in your tax due. Tax Reform effectively reduced your taxes by about 3%, at least in my case. So, promise kept. This means more disposable income to spend in the economy, causing more growth. No matter how much debt we accrue, the ultimate driver of the economy and stock markets is public confidence and sentiment. Both are positive at this juncture. So, who want’s gold?

    Gold has NO Momentum whatsoever. Why buy it today? Wait for a better set-up and price point. Perhaps when AOC becomes president you might want to sell-out of your stocks and buy gold, then buy a surplus missile silo in North Dakota and move underground, waiting for the Apocalypse.

    • Tin foil hat

      Jimmy Carter,
      “Gold has NO Momentum whatsoever. Why buy it today? Wait for a better set-up and price point.”

      Are the Russians and Chinese waiting for a better set-up and price point?

  38. D70inilm

    To expand on Mr. Kirby’s wage of 20oz gold per year ……

    1914 gold was $20/oz. Henry Ford paid his workers $5.00 per day.

    Doing the math:

    $5/day X 260 days/yr = $1300.00/yr

    1300/20 =65 oz gold per year.

    Or $84,500 salary per year todays dollars.

  39. Jerry

    The other end of The Working Group.

    The Silk Road links more than 65 countries with China and ends in London. Frankfort is the central hub of the RMB in Europe. The Silk Road is China’s backup plan to replace trade with the United States. What’s our plan? Oh that’s right. We don’t have one. The globalist inside our government have already decided who’s going to be the world reserve currency. Can you guess who it is? Oh that’s right the Chinese have been buying gold, because they like bright shiney objects, and will be more than happy to continue buying our bonds which are nothing more than a pile of IOU’s.

    No, nothing is going to happen, because nothings happened yet. Now that’s the kind of thinking that makes the globalist gush with pride on what good little sheep they’ve created here in the good ol U.S. Rob is right. They’ve hid the theft so well that no one could figure out why normal metrics no longer applied. But guess what?When the Chinese can’t get their gold from the cartel, the game is
    over. In fact I’m so sure of it, that I would be willing to bet that the ISIS gold that left Syria on military cargo planes, landed in China.

    • Jerry

      After this news, I’d love to have another hour with Rob.

      Questions galore. Who’s selling the gold? How close are we from nondelivery? If China is in financial meltdown, how can they afford this level of purchase? Are they selling off the remainder of U.S. bonds to buy the gold? Will the Shanghai gold exchange FINALLY reset the benchmark once they’ve cornered the market? Will the Chinese back the Yuan with gold when the reset comes? These are just a few questions that come to mind.

      Greg, I will be the first to admit that we’ve all been wrong about the timing of this event, but it doesn’t change the fact that all of the fundamentals for a global currency reset still remain. I fully believe that President Trump knows that in order to fix the banking system, you have to get rid of the criminals that are in it. If we don’t see the FISA documents come out in the next few weeks, followed by arrest and prosececutions, then I fully expect in the coming months that the Chinese will launch a reset using their own currency. In my opinion, the meeting with President Xi at the end of the month will lay out which way this will end. Let’s hope President Trump has the guts to pull the trigger on these criminals.

    • Diane

      Jerry.. I have a question about the new currency backed by gold.
      Wouldn’t all other countries have to agree to the price of gold?

      • Jerry

        It’s the golden rule. He owns the gold makes the rule. The free market will set the price, once the central bank controls are removed. Go to usdebt clock to get the real market value.

      • Nick in UK

        Answer : Other Countries would not have to agree it’s called arbitrage.

        China could offer $5000 dollars per ounce in an attempt to offload its enormous dollar holdings and traders worldwide would buy locally and sell onto China and profit from the difference. The worldwide price would be $5000 in hours (probably minutes).

        Next Question. Would China do this ?
        No as they don’t need to. Idiotic Western governments and central banks are suppressing the precious metals prices with their paper games so that their FIAT currency Ponzi schemes are maintained. China and others can just keep offloading dollars for physical until physical supply runs out. More physical for less cash, why rock the boat, they are winning anyway with a long term strategy.

        You can research this at where the current gold price to cover USA debt is over $5000 dollars, silver is over $600 dollars and the paper claims are gold over 100:1 and silver 190:1 .

        This is where THEY claim we are, and the information is clearly in the public eye so nobody can later say we were not warned !

        Bearing in mind there are other massive issues such as $21 trillion missing (at least), plus possibly hundreds of millions in unfunded future liabilities, no documented gold audits in generations, QE money printing at will worldwide etc etc etc.

        To sum up things are far far worse than we are told in all Western countries.
        And before you jump all over me for having a go at the USA, (which I am not) I am English, our situation over here in the UK is identical. Same for Germany, France, Australia, Canada, NZ, and everybody else bar a handful.

        Research is everything. This is why sites such as USAW are so important as they put great guests in front of those awake enough to start asking more and more questions.

        • MICH aH gUN

          Thanks Nicholas, love your commenting. Your the adult in the room!

    • DB Cooper

      Jerry, you mentioned FEMA gearing up for an event in the pacific northwest … can you expand on this ?? We heard that Russian scientists are predicting a LARGE earthquake on the west coast soon any connection? Thanks for your response, DB

      • DB Cooper

        Jerry, Ok, I read the Principia link and that in itself appears somewhat misleading as some commenters say the article dates back to 2011 … but my thought is that if TPTB are now preparing for something huge then the Big One might be in the offing … We shall see (and perhaps feel) !!
        Yours, DB

      • Jerry

        DB Cooper,
        It is for the earthquake. The sizemic readings are off the chart. But putting a date on it is a fools erand. FEMA has been preparing for several months for this event. The Russian scientist seem to think they have the date narrowed down with their technology, but I am skeptical. Being prepared is better than being scared. Thanks for asking.

        • Jerry

          DB Cooper,
          Here is more information about the earthquake predictions on the west coast.

          When I tried to access more pertinent data about the event from the site I was blocked access. They did publish info that it was eerily quite, so I smell coverup. Either they screwed up on their prediction or they’re trying to hide something?

      • Nick in UK

        The Russian scientists predicted the large earthquake within a two week period back in March 2011. It is a seven year old story !!

        It did not happen. Scientists are humans who also make mistakes and bad predictions.
        Research everything even if you think the source is good.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” The Silk Road is China’s backup plan to replace trade with the United States (bingo!). What’s our plan? …”

      We do have a plan, it is NAU. However, it’s no silk Road.

      • Jerry

        Mexico and Canada? It’s like two baby pigs sucking on a sow. Personally I think we should buy Mexico, fix it up and flip it.

        • Gary C

          Jerry, since Montana wants Canada to buy them for a trillion dollars, how about we trade you Quebec and then you can flIp them, after you take their maple syrup.

          Montana gets free health care, better hockey, and a airforce that can’t fly, plus a whole bunch of beavers.

          Win, Win, al the way around.

  40. JK in Ireland

    Well done Greg again
    Rob Kirby is right. If your credit card stopped working tomorrow and you had to run home to collect something valuable to buy food, what would it be ? A toaster? A lawnmower? Your wedding ring ? The only thing of value is the “family silver” or “gold”. How many of us have anything of real value after years of working ?
    Excellent to see Rob back. As an MD, I can see he’s in better shape and looking good.
    Keep up the great work Greg!

  41. Open Eyes

    NYC approaches Judgment Day.


    New York City is edging toward financial disaster, experts warn
    By John Aidan Byrne March 9, 2019 | 10:10pm | Updated

    New York City is careening closer to all-out financial bankruptcy for the first time since Mayor Abraham Beame ran the city more than 40 years ago, experts say.

    As tax-fleeced businesses and individuals flee en masse, and city public spending surges into the stratosphere, financial analysts say Gotham is perilously near total fiscal disaster.

    Long-term debt is now more than $81,100 per household, and Mayor de Blasio is ramping up to spend as much as $3 billion more in the new budget than the current $89.2 billion.

    …“New York City could go bankrupt, absolutely,” said Peter C. Earle, an economist at the American Institute for Economic Research….

  42. Jimmy

    Hey guys,
    In his most recent interview, Rob Kirby mentioned that interest rates will shoot up. Not sure about that statement. We are at around 2,5% and I think the next move will be south towards 0% or even negative. What do you think?
    I am about to renew my mortgage and I am going with a variable rate.

    • Tin foil hat

      Well, it all depends on what you think, how long do you think you’re going to stay in the house and how long do you think foreigners will keep buying the U.S. Treasury and how long we can get away with the ESF buying our own bonds with funny money.

      The fed can’t keep interest rates low if ESF were disabled for whatever reason and nobody else are buying the Treasury bonds.

      You will definitely lose your house if rates were allowed or forced to normalize. You may keep your house if you picked fixed rate when inflation raises its ugly head. However, if you wanted to ride the wave on the magic dragon, you should Puff away with a variable rate.

      • Gary C

        My kids just took out a 30 year mortgage @5%, they wIll loose in the short term, however in the long term they win.
        Would not let them use the Gold Maples for a down payment, I emphasized that is your life insurance policy .

    • gregd

      Even if you are right that doesn’t mean that interest rates will go down with it. The fed has nothing to do with long term interest rate, they do the short rates. And you’d be taking an unnecessary risk if you went variable. But then again this use to be a free country so you may still have the choice.

  43. Mr. Lee

    Fantastic interview Mr. Hunter. Can you get Warren Pollock on again

  44. paul ...

    Digital currency affectionatos who think Bitcoin is better then owning physical gold (or silver) in your hand … better look at what is happening in Venezuela … when the Deep State wants to get rid of a President it doesn’t like … it will create a power blackout … … so you Bitcoiners better put on your thinking caps and consider this … what other President does the Deep State hate? … and wants desperately to get rid of?? … does Donald Trump come to mind??? … when the lights go out in America … you Bitcoiners better have some “real money in your pocket” to buy food for your family when ever it is available!!

    • Jimmy

      Bitcoin is a digital SoV, not so much to be used for daily transactions. It is perfect for transborder paiements, final settlements and escaping tyrany . Diversification is key.

  45. paul ...

    AOC is right … “crony capitalism” is irredeemable … we just have to convince her that crony capitalism has to be replaced by “real capitalism” … not commie-nism!!! …

    • gregd

      Are you kidding me??? We have to convince AOC? I have a pimple on my ass that’s older than her and much wiser and it’s still more likely to change its mind than her changing her mind.

  46. paul ...

    Bibi’s really screwed up big time … by supporting ISIS and overtly pushing against the Russians … thus forcing them into aiding the Syrians to such a high degree … that the Syrians are now powerful enough to ask for their land back …

  47. paul ...

    Does Facebook really think “end-to-end encryption” is a viable solution to countering the NSA’s quantum computers?? …

  48. Robert

    OT- Greg, you need to watch this. Its very insightful into what’s happening in the Democratic party and who the real string pullers are. AOC literally auditioned for her role as congresswoman. The Young Turks are also involved.

  49. jeffersonian

    I can empathize with those of you who are discouraged with the lack luster performance of the precious metals, been dragging for years. That we can all agree on. I think of it this way. Ron and others are right–there is a limit to what they can print–mathematical
    certainty–called finite.

    What we, he, others don’t know is when the petro dollar collapses and everything else with it pops and goes up in smoke. And a new system/currency is implemented.

    In the meantime, think of the S curve. Those of you who have purchased physicals are the innovators and way ahead of the masses. Purchasing at excellent prices while the dollar is king. Eventually the masses will get on board and finally the laggards but for them it will be too costly if they can get any metals at all.

    Yes, the government may confiscate gold like it did in the 30’s. But where I live, I’d rather have physical silver and gold than debased fiat. In tough times, I think it will be valuable for barter or otherwise. Worst case scenario I pass it on the my children.

    I’m in it for the long. No third party counter risk. Just the way I like it.

    Excellent interview Greg and Rob.

    • Major Payne

      Highly doubtful that they will even try to confiscate gold. So few citizens own any, and those of us who do own it do so because we don’t trust the government. People trusted the government back in the 1930’s. Anyway, if they do try to confiscate I will not comply.
      Carry on.

  50. The Canuk

    I’ve noticed this past week that the ECB has announced that they are reversing course and have decided not to raise interest rates for the remainder of the year. Probably because there are no buyers. I’m surprised that the analysis’s have not picked up on this news.

    Also, I was completely unaware that Rob Kirby was ill and I watch all of the mainstream interviews on the net. Glad to hear your on your feet again Rob. Have a shot of maple syrup or 41 yr old Canadian Club. That will get you going strong bud!

  51. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  52. steve

    “Russian Warship Packing ‘Vomit Weapon’ Sparks Fear After Sailing Down English Channel”
    These are International Waters, Russia is practicing freedom of navigation, for which it has the right? Good enough for the goose (US) then good enough for the gander!

  53. Judith

    Glad to see Rob Kirby is back on his feet. He’s a smart guy and a good analyst. Generally I can accept his insightful findings, though not always his politics. Thanks for having him on, Greg.

  54. Anthony Australia

    I have found some guys here that seems to be honest and knowledgeable on metals.
    John Adams might be worth an interview Greg?

  55. Ross Herman

    Hello Rob,
    Unfortunately the whole world will accept the fraud as it seems there does not exist a single uncorupted agency with the will or power to stop any crime, as a matter of fact, the greater the crime, the more suffering and death produced the least likely it will ever even be discussed. Where a child selling leamonaid could easily bring the full weight of the police state. And we know what happens to any regular person found carrying cash. Anyone who can look into the sky can see that the genocide programs are in full swing and have been for decades. The “smart” people I know won’t even discuss the issues as I am a delusional paranoid. So who will wake and make a difference? Not going to happen. But at some point they will pull the trigger on chaos that will them give them some impitus to form their prison planet.
    So the fake system will just continue, especially as some wealth can still be extracted even if it is only a trickle it will successfully impoverish many people.
    Lastly, if gold and silver never appreciate it is still vastly superior to giving your money to the banksters. If enough people just took there money out of the bank, even to buy dirt it would be a wonderful to see, but I think to many people are permanently hypnotized?

  56. John M.

    So glad to have you back Rob Kirby.
    May God give you a speedy recovery.
    We need you.

  57. Ross Herman

    Also, what kind of world we live in where Supreme Court Justicees are just murdered or disappeared, and it’s not a story! And none of the other Justices say a word! This is definitely “the week-end at Bernies”.

  58. Mohammad


    Tomorrow a meaningful vote for PM deal, likely will go nay.
    Day after will vote for no deal, likely will go nay.
    Day after will vote on extend, likely aye.

    And Brexit is aborted.
    Unless the queen drops the hammer.


    • Keith wilson

      Yes. The globalists. the new world order and the banking cabal together with there European puppets in Brussels have played Theresa May and the conservative party like a violin. Still the British public don’t understand who there political masters really really work for. Theresa May should have spoken to the Rothschild banking cabal two years ago regarding our British exit from europe. Jacob Rothschild could have explained to her how things are in the European union and who is running the show. She has wasted all this time and achieved nothing. Time for the next clown to step forward and become our new Prime minister ?

      • Mohammad


        I have a different take on it from following the events closely.
        Please keep in mind that Referendums never brought good and its track record is scary from Hitler to ruthless dictators, those ref. are meant to trick the public into ONE QUESTION that they will vote on which opens the pandora box to all kind of agendas to be pushed.
        The Brexit referendum has ignored Scotland’s wish and Wales wish and Ireland’s wish and had empowered the London city with the South east England at the expense of the rest.
        The grenade of northern Ireland hard border was thrown in the mix that is meant to derail any attempt to break loose from EU.
        Options now are grim, but the powers in UK have a plan with China that only breaking free from EU is the first step to manifest and unfold.
        Keep in mind please how the Babylonians in UK worked on being the hub for the Renminbi long time ago, and how they made Canada and Australia a hub too.
        We are witnessing the SUBSTITUTION of the dollar as the reserve currency by the Renminbi by not other than the babylonians in London, and Brexit is a MUST for that to materialize.
        That is why am following with a hawk’s eye the debates in the UK Parliament’s house of commons and the house of lords.
        I have NEVER EVER SEEN THEM LOST as they are now. That is a clue that the master plan is by the queen forced down on them and eventually to be shoved down the Brits’ throats..


      • Mohammad

        And Keith, it appears that what is under the Cox’s Codpiece is not in working order like the AG Mr. Cox had suggested in one of those recent heating debates.


    • Mohammad

      As per expectation the vote went NAY tonight.
      The resolution of No Deal was tabled tonight & will be moved to vote on tomorrow, no one in the parliament will take the heat from their constituents on voting for Brexit with no deal, that will leave UK in a very odd position:
      If they extend article 50 the following day (March 14th) that will require the approval of EU which clearly said they will not have an extension for the sake of extension, it has to be meaningful and short, both sides will run into the wall of the EU parliamentary election that will change the negotiating team and EU 27 members in negotiation, so EU is keen on finishing the dilemma ASAP, the status of the UK will be in DEFAULT automatically if the parliament does not agree a deal put by the PM that was already shot down twice, so it is interesting to see how that unfolds , still likelihood of a hard landing Brexit is valid. It will be a defacto after March 29th.


      • Mohammad

        Scariest part of the matter is:
        March 15th is the IDES OF MARCH….Goose bumps…!!!!


  59. oneno

    What if the DEBT is written down by repeatedly poisoning people by the 100’s of millions?

    Glyphosate, a herbicide, works by binding the minerals in the soil so that the plant cannot absorb minerals causing the plant to die. The same action occurs in the human body so that over time there is not only mineral loss, but an inability to absorb minerals in food and fertility is compromised. This has been in place for decades.

    Trans-fats, a by product of heating oils including cooking with oil leads to high cholesterol. Most vegetable oils are hydrogenated and loaded with trans-fats. Heating any fat above 300 degC will produce trans-fats. Trans-fats have a 51-day half-life. Yes, 51-day half-life! Anyone eating all those burgers and fries and potato chips should have concerns about stroke, ADHD, Alzheimer, and heart disease.

    Carbs are sugars and most Western diets are loaded with carbs. These lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer..

    The GUT lining renews itself every 1.5 days. How many practice fasting for at least 2 days and preferably 4 days to restore the GUT flora as it was at age 17 ???

    What about all the toxins in our water: fluoride, chloramines, nitrides, pesticides, herbicides (including Glyphosate), hormones, volatile organic compounds, ….

    Let’s not forget radiation in our food water, milk, Fukushima, and more than 100 leaking nuclear reactors the so-called authorities want you to believe are clean and safe.

    Vaccines anyone? It used to be that mothers would have their children play with other children infected with those childhood diseases so that the children would naturally develop an immunity to those childhood viruses. But nowadays, mothers are clueless and there is legislation FORCING vaccinations on the young and elderly with BOOSTER shots.

    Lots still trust the CDC. They slept through that novel “Fahrenheit 451” where Firemen would go out to torch homes under the pretense of fighting fires?

    Did you know that Monsanto has vast global GMO Corn farms producing animal feed toxic to humans? Well, if the animals are eating it, don’t you think you are also eating it also when you eat animal flesh?

    Do you know how difficult it is to get organic heirloom seeds to plant in your own backyard greenhouse?

    … and all of this is facilitated (actually forced) by human over-population!

  60. Timm Buck Too

    Prepping 101’s prepaussie
    What Are You Prepared To Do For Yourselfie?

  61. neville

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    That is how bad the financial affairs in america are today !!!
    The u s a gave the world economic H I V incurable and if you don’t believe
    just have a look at the debt clock which only goes forward and never stops
    or goes backwards.
    The Clock shown here >>> is just an indication ….

  62. Tom from VB

    I am really glad to see that Mr Kirby is recovering and doing well. I always enjoy his commentary. Just goes to show that God is in charge and not done using him as an instrument of truth!
    Sadly, I have not heard you mention/seen you comment about “your good friend” Greg Mannarino for some time. Hope you two have not had a falling out.
    I admit that I have not checked out his YouTube postings in quite awhile (due to death/illnesses in my family).
    Will you be having him on a guest in the near future?

  63. terry reps

    Thank you Mr. Kirby, You are in our prayers. Be good to yourself. What is coming our way is out of our hands now,. The { not so hidden } purpose for that 31 Trillion in fake currency is quite evident for all to see. Look up in the skies and see most of it being burned up all across the Globe ; as evidenced by the cob web like particulate trails being sprayed on us like mosquito larvae on a “twenty four seven” frequency.

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