Mega-Drought & Mega Food Shortages – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington contends the severe drought unfolding in the Western United States is only going to get worse.  It’s being called a “Mega-Drought,” and it is no act of nature.  Wigington says this extreme drought is being caused by geoengineering, which is manmade weather modification.  Wigington explains, “The gravity of what’s unfolding on our planet when we have this type of intervention in the Earth’s life support systems is beyond grave.  The threat is very immediate.  The drought monitor data, as bad as it looks (from the U.S. government), is being falsified to the downside.  It’s actually far worse than the (drought) map even reveals.  This is the worst drought in 1,200 years in the U.S. West.  It can be directly attributed to the ongoing climate engineering and aerosol spraying operations.”

Is the United States going to have big food deficits this year?  Wigington says, “There is no question about that.  In California, in my region, Northern California, it’s getting more difficult to grow anything.  We have almond orchards that are being sprayed around the perimeter to try to protect it from UV.  They are trying to use what limited water they have now.  Lake Shasta is in my backyard, and we are here in spring and the lake is nearly empty now.  The Sacramento River has been a trickle because they are letting out as little water as they can to try to retain that water in the lake.”

Wigington points out, “The climate engineers are completely derailing the hydrological cycle.  There is a film of President Johnson in 1962 raving like a lunatic stating we had the power to control the world’s cloud layer then–in 1962.  Then Johnson went on to say, ‘He who controls the weather controls the world.’  Why?  Because he who controls the weather controls the food supply. . . .In light of what’s coming, it would be advisable to keep a full cupboard. . . . We have so many pieces of this puzzle that paint a very, very dark nefarious picture. . . .The cutting off of precipitation in the U.S. West, breaking farmers, and them having to sell their land for pennies on the dollar, who is there to buy it up—Bill Gates.  The foxes are running the hen house from top to bottom, and if we don’t deal with this soon, we are not going to have much to care about.”

In closing, Wigington says, “How many of the pieces of the puzzle do we need before the population wakes up and realizes we are in a fight for life?  They are cutting off our food supply. . . .  We could reach a critical mass of awareness quite soon if everybody would pull together, and in doing so, we awaken out military brothers and sisters of what they are participating in.  It’s literally their own demise.  It’s the collapse of food production in the United States and around the globe. . . . If we could reach a critical mass of awareness, we could have a chance of stopping these programs from the inside out.  Those participating and the families of those participating need to realize they are literally pounding the nails in their own coffins.  Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward, and is doing everything it can to provide the data needed to wake people up.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of

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  1. Randy

    It is an absolute act of nature, it’s a natural cycle called the Grand Solar Minimum which we are on the on-ramp to. I have been asking for years now that you interview David DuByne of Adapt 2030 (YouTube) or Christian of Ice Age Farmer (YouTube). Please consider them now you are off of YouTube.

    • Marie+Joy

      It’s both.

      • Andrew Cox

        Greg – You also need to take into account the other factors affecting the planet – such as the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field. Dane never mentions this – but it is making the planet more vulnerable by the year to the damaging effects of solar flares on our power grids and infrastructure, plus affecting the weather + increasing the frequency of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to more solar radiation and cosmic rays reaching the Earth’s crust. But Dane is right is to raise the issue of covert geoengineering – it is causing severe damage to targeted regions of the USA and other countries.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dane has the scientific proof geoengineering is what is causing the mega-drought in the west. It’s not his feelings or beliefs, but stone cold facts.

          • John

            Does it not give real meaning to Revelation 11:18, ” shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.”

            • Greg Hunter

              Amen to that brother John!!! How did the Bible get this nearly 2,000 years ahead of time. Matthew 28:18!
              Brother Greg

          • Hannah Loveanna

            Dane is correct in his reporting of the evil affects of geoengineering. One only needs to observe the sky & nature to know this agenda has been going on for years. Mike Morales has a YT channel & reports on all of the geoengineering as well. He shows global & US maps with weekly dispersal of all the chemicals & how they are affecting all of us. It’s sad to see so many people who are too closed minded to realize what is happening in our country, throughout the world, & even in their own backyards.

          • Tony Newbill

            Is Geoengineering Weather why there is a Mega Drought in the West ?
            I am a Rancher in Oregon and facing Irrigation water being CUT OFF in August and saw a CBS report on Mega Drought in the west and think we all need to consider this fact below ;

            CBS even reported on this Climate Modification technique THATS been going on for as long as the Drought has been getting worse , So we should be questioning is it Working ????


            Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 17, 2021, #310 ( Dane Wigington )

          • Arizona

            NO ONE will believe their hero’s are trying to kill them,GRAND SOLAR BULL SHIT,.ITS THE US MILITARY AND THE APPROCH OF THE NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM..sadly americans believe anything they see on TELL-LIE-VISION,the death toll from stupid will be enormous in america,ALL AMERICANS HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO BELIEVE “DENIAL IS A RIVER IN EGYPT” and they’ll believe that till the day they die,and that ain’t far off…

            • Doodles

              Well said Arizona!

      • helot

        A third contributing factor might be all the giant windmills. I noticed that in the state I live in, the drought areas seem to correspond with the higher concentrations of windmill farms. I spoke with a person who lives near the trailing edge of some windmill farms, she said many of the locals do not like the windmills because they noticed approaching storm clouds from the West are split by the air turbulence of the windmills, which breaks up the ability of the clouds to produce rain, the result being that rain does not fall in areas directly East of the windmills.
        I wonder how things would match up if you overlaid a map of windmill farms with a map of drought areas.
        One, two, three combo punch by the Power Elite?

      • DD

        I’ve been saying for years that people need to STOP breeding and to get the world population down to under four billion.

        Just don’t get me started on all the messy families out there = children born to different parents

        But most of today’s environmental problems etc will simply disappear if there were not so many people

        Almost six billion people have been born since WWII and most people do not blink at this fact.
        But even DW here failed to mention this.

        • Greg Hunter

          Be the first to cull the herd and step off that cliff. Show us how it is done.

          • charles t manson

            hmmm, ok

        • Hilltop Hillbilly

          It’s the way most people live, not so much the number of people. I think the only people who actually believe the world is overpopulated live in cities on top of each other and ironically are probably the greatest cause of the problem which they demand a solution for. You choose to live in a place where you can’t produce anything on your own due to concreting over your entire world and stacking yourselves on top of each other in the name of convenience. While I don’t agree with your sentiment, if that is the solution that you have arrived at, maybe you should consider whether or not you’re worthy of being here on earth. Greg said it best. Please do jump first, maybe more like you will follow and the rest of us can continue to focus on problem solving and not advocating for genocide and mass forced birth control. It’s amazing that someone can listen to an interview like this and dismiss it all and come up with, “some of you shouldn’t be here”.

          While I don’t always agree with you Greg, I greatly appreciate all you do as well as the diverse group of guest you have on your show. The world needs outlets like this now more than ever. Keep it up.

          • regaleagle

            Greg Hunter is most definitely one of our modern-day saints trying to open the eyes of mankind to all the travesties that have been and are presently being heaped upon us. I look forward each week to Greg’s channel and his interviews with the myriad of expert guests on the many issues impacting our daily lives today. Greg…….you most surely have God’s umbrella of protection over you as you alert the people to all of the evil happening around us throughout the world. May God help us and continue to bless you in your good works of uncovering lies and liars.

    • Michael

      Randy you are correct.

    • Mark Alan

      Cant you see what is right before your eyes? Look up at the chemtrailing. Are you a coward that just cannot deal with the truth Randy? Its NOT SOLAR CYCLING that is cutting off moisture (rains). It is the cabal doing what satanists do.
      Get you head in the fight. Start talking to people who are asleep or scared like you.

      • Rock

        It is rather sick, if you think about it, the Rothschilds are winning, at least for now…until we come together…all this bickering and fighting is why we are falling.

        I believe God will win in the end, but I am not sure he is gonna step in to save people who are doing this to themselves…

        We need to be strong.

        I suggest everyone on this page to read the worksof Eustace Mullins and become fully aware of just what and who the enemy is…

        We have to be able to sit down as members of society and actually get to the bottom of things.

        If we cannot do this as a people, as nation, as a world, then its no sense in deluding ourselves. we will fall. Decades of trust built up between people, will begin to unravel and when the people realize the coming cliff, they will turn on their neighbors. The elite dont even need to do it, we are on course to eliminate one another, as soon as the shortages hit…just wait..then comes war. Round and round, meanwhile they just add more viruses, more chemicals more drugs…more sick humans

        anyone sick of this world yet?

        I am sick of mans world, but I love nature, love seeing a blue sky that is not sprayed, love seeing birds and bees flying from flower to flower. love seeing my dogs leap and play, love seeing kids running around playing outside having fun, love to see families get together, and enjoy the little things.

        I love God, and the things he created to give man a reason to live…

    • Ed Siceloff

      Absolutely correct about the Grand Solar Minimum. The solar engineers are spraying the hydrosols though for their own nefarious purposes. “They” know about the Grand Solar Minimum and are still preaching the gospel of Global Warming. They add their particulates to the stratosphere, and it cools the warming, except the warming no longer exists.
      The earth’s magnetic field waning also has a great deal to do with all this. None of this though is being announced to “ordinary” people.

      • Greg Hunter

        Pay attention. Global warming is not the same as Geoengineering. It’s causing global warming.

    • Bailey

      Wigington is in the same position as global warmers — unable to explain how “this drought” is somehow man made while every single earlier cyclic drought was a natural occurrence.

      Don’t get me wrong — there are plenty of scheming evil people out there. But it’s hubris to believe we puny humans can control something as huge and chaotic as planetary weather. We can’t even control our own finances, a thing of our own creation!

      God and nature have created drought before in that region, and are doing it again. Humans don’t control it and can’t stop it. Imagining that we have that power is whistling past the graveyard — an attempt to suppress the fear and panic that we really control nothing 😵

      • Greg Hunter

        Are you stupid or maybe deaf? Wigington explained in detail how the Mega-Drought in the West is being geoengineered, and he has a website full of facts and data to back it up: Please don’t come here and pass your feelings off as facts–they’re not.

      • Rock

        I dont think they have full control, but they surely are redirecting rain, and they sparying this crap all the time, it cant be good for our health either.

        I think Dane is really close to exposing one of the most sinister agendas…

        But we gotta stop this fighting over who is right…like Greg said, the facts are the facts.

        We know they are spraying , we know they are moving rain patterns around and are seeding or not seeding certain areas to do so.

        We dont know the full scale of these engineering schemes.

        Is it to cause droughts on purpose? Destroy more crops? Is it to supposedly stop global warming when its actually causing climate change effects!

        Is it also a distraction from the next grand solar minumum and possible cooling?

        Many good questions.

        But what are facts.

        Well, for one, waters are not rising, that is false, and the melting ice thing is also totally exaggerated and not true.

        Once again we are stuck, what is the true agenda?

        They actually think they can stop what the planets and sun control?

        or is it simply to poison us, and destroy our food supply chains?

        I am guessing its to poison us and to destroy food chains, while promoting the idea that we need to do this global rest thing, because you know global warming…the same thing they are also causing on purpose

      • Rodster

        “Wigington is in the same position as global warmers”

        I believe that Geoengineering does exist and is being used but Dane tends to do himself a disservice by finding Geoenginnering under every rock he kicks over. It’s similar to the Global Warming crowd.

        You tend to lose an audience that way.

        • Greg Hunter

          Wigington back up every statement with science. Nobody puts out a free website this deep and detailed to lie to people and blow things out of proportion. Geoengineering is NOT global warming science but is causing the warming. You really need to educate yourself. Your feelings are not facts my brother. Oh, and my audience is growing not shrinking. That too is a fact.

      • Bob Martin

        Our military has been manipulating the weather since Vietnam with cloud seeding and now DARPA has control or the weather manipulating HARP antennas , do a little more research and your eyes will be more open to weather manipulation. These programs have been on the military books since the 60’s and regularly talked about by veterans who were part of it and still are

      • Bob Martin

        Our military has been manipulating the weather since Vietnam with cloud seeding and now DARPA has control of the weather manipulating HARP antennas , do a little more research and your eyes will be more open to weather manipulation. These programs have been on the military books since the 60’s and regularly talked about by veterans who were part of it and still are

    • Naioma


    • Dave

      Yes I don’t believe in wide scale climate manipulation any more that I believe that the earth is flat. It would cost a trillion dollars a year to do what Dane says is being done, it would take 1000 planes and 100,000 people. There would be a tremendous paper trail. But I do believe that we are entering a mini ice age as the sun enters a grand minimum and because during the winter of 2024 the earth will be pulled into a wider orbit by the positions of Saturn and Jupiter causing the earth to receive 13% less solar energy than normal, and that will be on top of the grand solar minimum. Texas could have some high temperatures below zero that winter. So get ready now.

    • David P

      I also believe that the idea that man can control the weather is an absolute joke.

      • Greg Hunter

        You can’t fix stupid and you cannot be fixed,

      • Rooster

        Way back in the day they called it “Cloud Seeding” that started 13 Nov 1946 and we have come a long way baby….! Think of this just for a moment.
        All the rain in the sky doesn’t just sit up there….It has to come down somewhere, all we do and others is direct it where to go. Think of all the “100 Year Floods” we have had in just the last 2 years……Start putting all these dots together and you will paint quite a painting. I’m shutting up now because I have to……

    • Trinacria

      I understand the solar minimum which is true…BUT what are those chem trails I see in the sky? What about the particulates in the air? Something is going on here more than the solar minimum. The military, and evil clowns like Gates are up to something. If so, are these evil clowns going down with the ship? Is this part of some evil messianic complex? Jonestown on a huge scale!!! Can someone (Greg) please shed some light on these questions because a lot just does not make sense. Thank you.

  2. James Burris

    Psychopaths in charge want major human reduction to what they say “manageable” 100 million. BUT with this massive damage to our planets, just can’t be turned off and even they need to live here. YES our planet can survive and restart, but how long until that happens? Again they need to live here also.

  3. Steven Farnsworth

    Greg. Helped a friend with getting grass hay here in the Rogue Valley S. Oregon today. Ranchers here either made a dismal 1st cut. or no cut at all. Hay has gone up and it’s getting hard to find. The rancher where we picked up hay from (2020 hay). Did have over a hundred head of cattle and is now down to 30. The Talent Irrigation district has not started the irrigation season until June 1 and hope to make it until August. They state it’s not to bring in crops, but just make them survive. In the Klamath Falls area. The irrigation district said this is the worse drought in their 120 year history.

    • Jen

      Steven…we are here in Rogue Valley too. Regional lake water levels are down. Last year pretty nasty with all the wildfires and smoke. Stopped in to look at Lost Creek Lake last weekend, normal water level way down and was told tough fishing this Spring.

  4. Chuck Missler

    In Case You Missed;


  5. JC

    The solution to climate change is here:

    We have to stop raising beef and switch to insects, as directed by the UN.
    We have to reduce the population by 62%.
    Do this, and we solve all our problems — at least for the survivors. Since they can order vaccines and are completely immune if they result in genocide, they can achieve their goal rather quickly.

    • Freebrezer

      JC – the best way to eat insects is as follows: Take all your old vegetable garden greens and feed them to crickets (you can buy a batch anywhere at pet stores); let crickets grow to an appropriate size and feed most to chickens (save a portion to keep the cycle going, crickets reproduce like crazy when feed good old vegetable garden greens) … chickens love these guys; chickens lay eggs … take eggs and cook in frying pan with a little butter and olive oil. I like my eggs over medium and Wa-Lah you eating insects.

      • Paul ...

        Reminds me of the age old question … “What came first the chicken or the egg”? … of course everyone knows the answer … right??
        Ams: [The egg comes first (for breakfast) … then the chicken (for dinner)]!!

  6. Kevin Osborne

    I’ve bought long term food for three different family members. Will likely buy some more when I can afford it. The monster’s trap closes in.

  7. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Just started watching the interview. Your guest knows what is going on. He lives up by Lake Shasta, we live in Sonoma County an hour’s drive north of San Francisco. We’ve lived here for thirty years and have NEVER seen this kind of weather. Sure it’s been dry before, but not this windy, or cool. (Rain last winter here was 13″ vs. usual 38″). But it’s windy, which is rare and only highs around 70F for this time of year…. Never seen an April or May like this. One or maybe two rainstorms in the past two months. Nothing. And the wind keeps blowing…. Wild salmon finally came on the market from Bodega Bay. $22/lb. Last year it was $17/19. Cheers.
    PS: Just uploaded new Big Sur OS to my Mac. Took four hours! Huge PIA.

  8. tim mcgraw

    PPS: We’ve seen them spraying west of us over the Pacific several times this spring. A hot sunny blue sky day goes gray and temperatures drop ten degrees F. Crazy!

  9. tim mcgraw

    22:00 Aluminum and Alzheimer’s and dementia… don’t forget memory loss. As a seaplane mechanic for 25 years, I know all about aluminum. Cut yourself on aluminum, it gets infected every time. My in-laws ended up with Alzheimer’s and dementia in memory care units. Not pretty. You don’t want to know that.
    My memory at 69 is fading, but I won’t go into those memory care homes. Aluminum is a very common element on Earth, but no one could figure out how to refine it out of the ore. Until someone did. And now we can fly, drink beer and soda from aluminum cans, wrap our food in aluminum foil, and use aluminum in our skies to poison it all.
    But aluminum is in the earth, perhaps not the top soil. Shiny metals…gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. All conduct electricity well. But aluminum is the step child. Mercury is just plain evil.

  10. Marie+Joy

    In my area, of CT, no rain forecast for the next 10 days. Hopefully, that will change.

    • Robert K


      Same here in Georgia, we have not had rain the past four days, and there is no rain in sight for the next 8 more days..

  11. Scott

    Mr. Wigington is without question one of the greatest humanitarians of our era – and he is certainly the most under-appreciated, by far. He’s a dedicated and selfless soul and his work is invaluable.

    While I was involved in California public university education – my 27 year career ending literally this week – I made heavy use of Mr. Wigington’s website in all of my undergraduate courses. I regret only that I never had the means or the following to spread his work to an even greater number of people, and alert more souls to the impending crisis.

    As always, thanks for bringing him on the program, Greg.

    All the best,


    • Art Simpson

      Correct Scott.
      But this shall continue :
      Habakkuk 3:17 Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:
      We have entered the time of the beast system. Next up; 4th seal war, Christian persecution, Planet X and fire from heaven. In that order. Then the 1st trumpet and Daniels 70th week of trumpets. MAKING SENSE OF REVELATION, A VERSE BY VERSE LITHOPHANE, by A.W. Simpson

      • Paul ...

        Revelation 8:7 “effectively says”: After the first Trump … we will see hail in Texas … fire in California … along with the clotting of blood of falling experimental vaccine victims … and approximately 33% of all of the grass and trees in the known world will be destroyed by geo-engineering!!

  12. Robert Olin

    High functioning psychopaths are over represented in positions of power. Their condition gives them an advantage.

  13. tim mcgraw

    Great interview. I only disagree with Dane on his opinion that the Earth is heating up. I think it’s cooling off headed for another Ice Age; but fear not! Either way, what is God’s will? And what is our will?
    Motivations…… Greg, you asked Dane why the elites are doing this poison to themselves. Dane couldn’t answer the question. I can. Short term gain of money and power ending in disaster of course.
    But my real question is for you and Dane, “Why do you care? Why do you care what happens to the human race?” We are all in God’s hands. It is HIS decision when we die.
    And we are all going to die.
    Starvation is an ugly way to go, though. I’ve seen the movie about Mr. Jones exposing how Stalin starved to death the Ukrainians for his own power. Don’t want to go there.
    Guns may be turned inward.
    Why do you care? Why does Dane care? Mankind is mad… or at least the people in power are mad. I don’t expect them to care. They think they can live forever.
    So why do you care?

    • Nancy McDaniel

      The children of Yehovah are told to be “watchmen on the wall” and blow the shofar (warn) the people when we see danger coming because if we don’t their blood is on our heads. BUT if we warn and they don’t listen, their blood is on their own heads. Ezekiel 33

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Nancy, I agree. I sent this link to the woman? (she has all those silly pronouns in her email) who runs our town’s utility conservation blah blah blah. So now I’ve warned her, it, him, ella, someone. How many blasts on the horn do we need to do to fulfill our duty?

    • 1ofthemany

      go to earth clinic you may find your cure, I have found many and still alive at 71, blessing to you and yours

    • Bobby

      I believe the reason Greg “cares” (though I cannot speak for his guest he has been quite straightforward concerning his commitments) is as a Christian he lives under Christ’s axiom to love you neighbor as yourself. Part of the way God cares for the world is through us. You either grieve for the world or you demonstrate that you hate it. If you hate your neighbor you are not born of God 1John 4:7

      • Paul ...

        Lets get 1 John 4:7 straight … “Everyone who loves has been born of God … and we should love them” … but … it does not apply to Demons “who do not love humanity” and want to kill us off … “they” (Satan’s Demons) … “should not be loved” by those born of God!!

  14. Robert Coleman

    In Guangzhou China area where I live they are building High Rise developments on top of land that was used previously for growing of food and in they they are spraying Chem trails over where I live – been here for over 18 years originally from Missouri and food shortages are not spoken of but are prevalent.

  15. andyb

    ALUMINUM: Scientists have long known that aluminum is a neurotoxic agent that adversely affects brain cells. The homeopathic community has warned, since the 1950s, not to use aluminum pots and pans. Many claim that the huge spike in autism cases has been caused by aluminum present in mandatory vaccines given to children since the 1980s. The atmospheric spraying noted by DW icluded not only aluminum but barium, mercury and coal ash all of which are highly toxic and which poison not only the soil but also the animals that graze.
    WATER: Sufficient potable water is the new oil. One of the key assets of Libya was Africa’s largest fresh water aquifer, now controlled by the banking cartel. The Bush family owns the largest fresh wateer aquifer in South America. Desalinization of the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico has been obviated by Fukushima and corexit polution both of which have been shown, through exposure, to cause cancer. If you ingest or inhale just one radioactive particle, the chances of dying of cancer are 50:50 within a decade.
    The incremental genocide of US citizens has been ongoing for at least 4 decades, now being considerably ramped up by the experimental biological agents injected through vaccination. It will be interesting if not horrific to see how many of us are left after 5 years.

  16. Dave

    Wherever you look, the same few names crop up, the people who either want to own everything, and depopulate the planet for their own selfish ourposes.
    Most of the politicians are either bought off, are part of the plan, or too stupid to comprehend anything.
    If people don’t wake up there will soon not be any people TO wake up!

  17. Louis

    Another Great Report !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis!

  18. Marie+Joy

    Terraforming for genocide.

  19. Jim

    I saw e report or two about snow that did not melt normally in a western area of our country. Is there any credible reports and analysis of this phenomenon available.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … Just do this simple experiment … go outside and get some snow and put it into a clean glass … bring the glass into the house and wait for it to turn into water … then filter the water through a coffee filter and look for chem-trail plastic particles, etc., etc. which may be what people say they see burning when they put a flame to the snow!! … don’t ever eat snow (like you did as a kid before geo-engineering made snow toxic to all living things) … the only good thing about geo-engineering is that when children today ask their parents “Mommy … why is the sky grey” … she can confidently answer “because the evil government won’t let it be blue as God intended”!!

  20. Celeste

    When is the last time anyone read Deuteronomy 28? Maybe it’s time for people to question God as to why we see not only drought but so many other things happening to America.
    Science is awesome and I believe we are in a serious drought but I don’t think the true reason has yet been recognized.
    Americans need to repent and turn back to God. There is nothing new under the and what was will be again. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    Why do people not even consider God in all of this and ask Him why?
    Dane has been warning of this for decades and very few listen.
    He who controls the world is God…and he’s allowing this to happen. Why?

    • Trawdaddy

      God’s judgements are waking people up to the fact that they are not in control but He is. Many people will turn back to God through hardships/judgements.

  21. Jerry5

    If there would ever be only one post I would want you to read, this would be it. This is the most comprehensive breakdown of the new world order I have EVER seen.

    Once you realize the depth and breadth of this organization, then you will realize how right Dane really is. Global warming is at the top of the food chain, and the NWO definitely intends to use food as the leverage to get us to agenda 2030.

    There is only one problem. The alternate media has been a thorn in the side of the NWO and contrary to their best efforts to dismantle it through social media, they have failed to convince enough people to take the biosensor jab. On to phase two. Cyber polygon will be to the internet and grid, what event 201 was to the pandemic. Though the timing is unsure, it will definitely be sometime after July 9th. Make no mistake about they’ve been planning this for quite some time and plan to carry it out.

    My point is this. If you haven’t taken the time to get your preps in order, now would be the time to do so. If you haven’t gotten your spiritual house in order, this may be your last chance. Make no mistake, when the grid goes down, the gloves are coming off, and you my friend will have to decide what it is you really believe. God bless.

  22. Jerry5

    How do you explain this?

  23. Cheri Rodriguez

    I’ve been going to Las Vegas for years and it’s well known that Lake Mead’s water level has been dropping (you see it when you’re flying in). It was maybe 2016 when I asked a shuttle driver—“How’s the drought?” Him—“What drought?” Even people who live out there are clueless.

  24. Neville

    The leaders and industry chiefs are ensuring that AAcrimes appointment with our
    The Book of Revelations is replete with events currently taking place in AAcrime .
    The only advice I can offer not only to AAcrime but the rest of the world as well and
    that is before you fill your larder GET BACK TO JESUS CHRIST THE EXPECTED ONE…..
    JESUS ,will not come back with this name as it was the name given to him when he came the first time to redeem us…….Emanuel GOD IS WITH US ……
    of big pharma, politicians, the gate’s of this world will disappear in a fiery blast in
    hell until their souls are are burnt and never to be allowed back to haunt us ever again.
    The above are all mentioned as I said above in one form or another and also what
    will become of them…….I.E. The mark of the beast,not being able trade without a micro
    chip etc etc
    Please read THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS ,It is for your good and that of your families and friendsto know what lies around the corner for all of us.
    Evil must be got rid of at all costs……….It is we that have wrecked THE LORDS EARTH.. with our greed,lies,deciet, fraud,treachery etc


  25. Michael

    Dane is a tireless worker for Humanity. Thanks Greg for having him on regularly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, he is. Thank you Michael.

  26. Charles

    Very informative interview. Appreciated it.

  27. Donnie W Clyma

    Brother Greg, it seems, as though man always seeks to use whatever is available and achievable, for power over others. Johnson was a globalist and connected heavily to the inside shadow government. Bill Clinton, during his Presidency said, there is a government within our government that pulls the shots, and not him. At least he was truthful in that he publicly acknowledged the shadow government working in his administration. He was a bought and paid for President, raised up by globalist hands in Arkansas, who protected him and Hilary from prosecution of Vince Foster. In fact, James Comey was used to pronounce the Foster death as suicide, even though two shots hand been used to kill Fostor, the second one to the head.. Comey stepped in, as a temporary replacement for the real FBI head, who was on a few weeks absents. Comey always was to Hilary protector since Arkansas days. Sorry I got off track here, the issue at hand is climate manipulation isn’t it. Various Prophets of God has seen this coming, one being David Wilkerson, as well as others. The Lord spoke to me in 2011, and said something worst than 07-08 crisis is coming, and he gave me a scripture in Hag. 2:8-9. The silver is mine and the gold is mine, and the glory of later house will be greater than the former. As I looked in the prophets, I realized, both a revival and a currency crisis was coming, and God would use his gold and silver to transfer wealth into the hands of those who heard His voice and prepared. David Wilkerson’s vision, still available on internet youtube, called for a world wide famine, with millions starving, and food supplies dwindled. Not exactly what one would hope for, but certainly fits this alarming guest view. Maybe you should listen to his prophecy, while its still available? Farewell Friend

  28. Nancy McDaniel

    The luciferians accomplish so much for their agendas with the manufactured drought, i.e. blame it on “global warming” to promote the Agenda 2030 LIE green new deal wealth redistribution theft of the sleeping sheeple. The satanists know Yehovah gives the rain in its due season so they try to stop that. They know Yehovah says Kingdom assets and blessings are gold, silver, land and cattle so they try to take that. If a person knows what Scripture says it is UNDENIABLY CLEAR they are broods of vipers, sons of baal, possessed of demonic spirits and the ones who will be “destroyed for destroying the earth”–Yehovah’s creation. They will be the ones hiding in the caves begging for the rocks to fall on them “for the time of Yehovah’s wrath has come.”

  29. Shirley Thompson

    Yes, I’e been following Ice Age Farmer, Adapt 2030, Climate Viewer and several other blog/channels keeping up with the geoengineering, climactic changes due to our Grand Solar Minimum as well as Wigington. They’re all saying the same thing for the past 5-10 years that i’ve been paying attention. It’s because of these informed people sharing their info that I became a serious prepper. The Lord has impressed upon me to continue prepping not only store bought foods but also prepare myself for food production on my homestead. In addition to a year round polycarbonate greenhouse, I have a 16ft and 12ft polytunnels and building a 25ft poly tunnel all for protected growing. I also have a grow tent that I can set up in a spare bedroom and grow indoors if necessary. I have a flock of white Ply rock layers and raise broilers each year for meat. This fall I’m buying a starter flock of cornish cross/Ply rock birds for sustainable broilers. I kplanted 4 years ago 22 assorted fruit trees along with a berry/bramble/grape orchard. The tiny hamlet of folks living on my road are a cattleman, farmer, retired airforce, engineer, physician. We’ve all talked about what’s likely coming and could come together as a supportive community. I could produce food that contributes variety for the group. Others can protect, fix/repair stuff and cae for us. Food I believe is the mechanism the global Cabal will be using for control and domination. If people are not thinking about how to sustain themselves, soon it may be too late to start preparing.

  30. Norlin+Gutz

    How many have seen the pictures of lakes and reservoir’s from California?….record low level’s. California agriculture is only being allotted 5% of what they need. What does California agriculture provide for us in food supply?….a lot! Food shortages and higher prices for sure on the way! Western USA selling off their cow’s….pastures drying up and no other food sources to fall back on…..higher prices? …we got some challenges coming our way!

  31. Shirley Thompson

    Post thought – Here in TN we had wild erratic swings in temp- 75* for a couple days then down to 25* with two hard freezes coming out of no where. Wiped out our commercial peaches, cherries, strawberries and blueberries. Here on my h9mestead I suffered the same – even some structural damage to fruits branches frozen and killed. The plants were moving fluid and nutrients preparing to bud/blossom when the second 22* freeze hit. We had excessive rains, torrential with tornadoes and straight line winds all spring. Now we have a week of no rain and the skies are milky. Here on Cumberland Mtn we used to have beautiful sapphire blue skies – now maybe partly cloudy 2-3 days per week and then overcast milky white skies. Bizarre weather. I expect drought here later this summer. I collect rainwater at two corners of my house – I had gutter work two years ago and have all water flowing into three downspouts with a 274gal Tote at each one. I also collect rain water from shed, chicken coop/run – total 60ft with another 275gal Tote. In all I collect 1200 gal with each 1.3in rainfall.

    • Stan Sylvester

      I’m in Fairfield Glades in Cumberland County. Email me if you like, [email protected]. Greg, thank you for having Dane on again.

  32. Alan Van cleave

    I have Family in CA. and they epitomize the frog in the boiling pot.

  33. Diana Brown

    Holy Moley….we need to spread this like wildfire. Thanks Greg, again, for all your efforts. Ill do my part to spread the word.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diana.

  34. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick.

  35. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr. Hunter and Mr. Wigington.
    Totally unmentioned here in the UK where we are totally food unsafe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria.

  36. Vernon

    Revelation 16:9
    “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.”

  37. Jim Ledyard

    Great guest Greg. Thanks Maybe you can have “IceAgeFarmer” on? Kovid scam exposed and we get gas pipeline crisis and UFO’s. Slimy psychopath Bill and Klaus up to something new…and it ain’t good. 🙄

  38. Albert Dziennik

    I live in West Texas and we’ve had so much rain in the last several weeks it has caused flooding. And I just read that Louisiana has flooding. Not sure I believe there is drought where that map shows. It rained 2 inches yesterday. And the forecast for today is “heavy thunderstorms”. My rain gauge has 2 inches from yesterday’s rain so I’ll have to go empty it after I watch this. This is an area where the normal rainfall is 8 inches per year. We’ve had that in 4 weeks. The Lord God is in charge. May He bless us and keep us and make His face shine upon all of us.

    • tim mcgraw

      Albert, that’s our rain! Please send it back to northern California. Thanks!

  39. MarieJoy

    Online rumors of a possible “vax tax”, for the unvaccinated.

  40. Albert Dziennik

    I’m very tired of hearing about ‘agent orange’ use in Vietnam. Agent orange was the cover for the mixture of other agents that were dispensed to cause various effects including physical and psychological. Ask me how I know this information. Agent orange was also widely used on military bases and other locations besides Vietnam. In fact some of it’s components are being used today in herbicides that are readily available. The symptoms reported, over time by veterans are much greater than that caused by agent orange. And that’s due to the fact that agent orange was only part of what was used. Agent orange provided cover for use of other agents. The ban on the use of chemical warfare caused the need to cover it’s use by stating it was for “defoliation”. Defoliation was the cover. These agents were created to experiment with the long-term effect of these agents on our mental and physical health. There were many “agents” used besides AO. And the effects of them far exceeds those of AO. That’s why veterans report illness’ that don’t ‘fit’ the profile of AO alone. These various compounds were dispensed to determine the effects on humans then and now. Stop thinking agent orange was the only thing used. That is the brainwashing they created to fool all of us.

  41. OutSide In

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Mr. Hunter for your work. I was glad to see that you had Dane on. What you had to say about the planting and water explains a lot about what I’ve been seeing across the state I live in, and others. I’m from 4th generation farm family. I know well that by this time of year I should be seeing the earth disked under at the very least. A LOT of fields still have corn-stalk in them. Wow! The other issue that A LOT of people are not aware of is this: Farmers are being cornered into filing lawsuits against the banana administration because of (and are you ready for this?) The aide that they should be getting to help with losses that were brought on by the plannedemic; is only available to those of certain ‘minority’ situations. Essentially if you are white farmer or rancher you do not qualify for the money.

    The other thing that I sent to Dane recently is little known as well. Check out the Klamath Falls Water Crisis and what is happening to thousands of farmers.

    People, we are AT WAR. WE HAVE BEEN INVADED. The gas, the water, the food, Can you connect the dots. Better start preparing NOW!

  42. Ouside in

    BY the way–the video will not play on Rumble. I don’t know if it’s on my end, or if this is happening to more folks on Rumble. If more people report that to you-there may be more to it.
    I’ve seen others comment on sites like Bitchute etc that videos just continue to buffer.

  43. Rick

    The people running the world don’t give a sh*t about you, me, or the world.

  44. OutSide In

    Sorry Greg, just another comment for you.
    Here where I am at-we’ve had rainy days and I know that folks from places like Louisiana has had an over-abundance of rain. Here in parts unknown Nebraska- ( I am planting a small plot) As soon as I turned over the soil (old school methods) the soil that sat over just a couple of days turned to VERY hard clods the size of plums to grapefruit, just looked like giant cocoa balls. Crazy. So, the water we are getting is almost immediately evaporating.

  45. Paul ...

    Death by starvation and disease is the goal of the New World Order eugenicists … and these Demons will use any and all means from War, to putting “gain of function” viruses into the air, to spraying Roundup on everything that grows, to putting chemicals in our drinking water and aluminum in the air we breathe … to kill … kill … and kill … as many humans as they can … and this includes the killing off of all the other many life forms “that support human life” … like algae in the oceans … and the trees in the forests that produce the oxygen we breath … the eugenicists “are the aliens” and they have an agenda (clearly explained and carved in stone) … we humans must unite against these “alien eugenicists” intent on killing off more then 99% of humanity … our first blow to save ourselves in this war against these “alien eugenicists” should be to immediately take down their alien “flag” they brazenly posted on American soil (the Georgia Guidestones) … to show all humanity around the entire world that we (the American people) will not succumb to our death and slaughter at the hands of Psychopathic Alien Demons “without a fight”!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … with the entire world dying off (by the starvation and chem-trail antics of the completely insane “alien” psychopathic loony tune eugenicists out to destroy humanity) … who is going to be around in such a Mad Max world the eugenicists are bringing … to run the Bitcoin computers (down 14.8% today … to $36,845)?? … only “low tech” gold and silver is “the perfect asset to own” in a starving Mad Max world (where people are starving, burning down cities and shutting grid down)!! …

      • Paul ...

        It’s a Mad Max World in the crypto space “right now” …

      • Paul ...

        It’s a Mad Max World in the crypto space “right now” …

        • Paul ...

          Wooops! … hit the send key twice … JP Morgan listed another reason why Bitcoin is coming off it’s tulip bulb top … stating that over the past two quarters: “institutional investors appear to be shifting away from Bitcoin … and back into traditional gold … reversing the trend of the previous two quarters”!!

          • Paul ...

            You all know what this means for Silver … it will be over $50 dollars before the end of this year!!

          • JC


            Your comment below about Eric Clapton was inappropriate.

            Paul …05/18/2021
            J5 … Clapton is a brainless idiot … he suffers a very bad reaction from taking the first jab … then after he recovers … he takes the second “booster jab” … and now he is complaining that he is suffering further “disastrous reactions” six weeks later?? … where do these dumb bells come from???

            He is in his late 70’s with a number of health issues and he, like many seniors have been terrified by the Covid fear campaign. Give him a break.

            • Paul ...

              JC … Clapton wrote: “I took the first jab … and straight away had severe reactions … which lasted ten days … I eventually recovered … about six weeks later I was offered a second shot … and I took it” … and you want me to say this guy is not a moron??

      • JC

        Will starvation lead to cannibalism?

        Nostradamus Quatrain II-75
        La voix ouye de l’insolit oyseau,
        Sur le canon du respiral estaige,
        Si haut viendra de froment le boisseau,
        Que l’home d’home sera Antropophage.

        Nostradamus Quatrain II-75
        The voice of the rare bird heard,
        Over the cannon breathtaking coinciding,
        So high will the bushel of wheat rise,
        That man will be eating his fellow man.

        • Paul ...

          JC … The Globalist Cabal doing this reset better watch out … as starvation could lead to canni-cabal-ism … where we starving eaters round up all the useless Cabal leaders and roast “them” on the barbecue!!

  46. Geena Gador

    Those HAARP installations are to blame for a lot of weather chaos. Where are the terrorists when you need them? They can blow up the HAARP places and no one will complain.

    Where are the terrorists who can blow the planes out of the sky that are spraying chem trails? Get those terroists on the job. They know how to do it.

    • Mike+G

      Haven’t you heard, all white people are terrorists. Should be done already then.

  47. Robert K

    I am a fan of Dane Wigington, and have recently started reading his articles on

    This is going to sound crazy, I am sure. But in Georgia, every single day, there is a prop (propeller), plane that circles around the sky in all kinds of random patterns and formations, often times over my neighborhood. Maybe this plane is marking where in the sky to spray? I can’t explain it.

    In a matter of 10-15 minutes after the prop place flies its random pattern, multiple high-flying jets are in the sky spraying God knows what into the skies., poison I am sure, and they always seem to be in strange form or grid, once they spray.

    Some days this changes sunny and crystal blue and clear skies to dingy gray colored skies sans sun, and the skies become hazy… It is like clockwork, and I have been keeping track of this for weeks on end. This definitely sounds like geoengineering to me. Either modifying and controlling the weather, or spraying us with poison, or both.

    For what it is worth, I never saw these planes in the skies or running these multi-daily operations from 2016-2020…

    I don’t believe in coincidences.

    • helot

      Sadly, you’ll probably never see this late reply.
      RE: “every single day, there is a prop (propeller), plane that circles around the sky in all kinds of random patterns and formations, often times over my neighborhood. Maybe this plane is marking where in the sky to spray? I can’t explain it.

      In a matter of 10-15 minutes after the prop place flies its random pattern, multiple high-flying jets are in the sky ”

      I noticed the same thing in the skies above the Quadcities for quite a few years in a row.
      A thick black stripe on each wing.

  48. Virginia

    Thank you as always. I also want to thank all those who relay the venue to websites that give a piece of information we might not have attained on our own.. as I have just spent hours today listening to those very sites. That is what this site is about and I am most thankful to you and the real caring people who visit and contribute to this site.
    How we individually or as a country, are we to survive the next years of this REIN of terror, now in power is beyond my compression.

  49. Amigo

    UnBiblical report when he’s using any millions years in his reporting. Sorry, I believe that this godless commies are doing sinister thing but some of your reporting in unBiblical.

  50. John M.

    Dane is great as always, and I agree completely with him.
    Like I’ve stated here before, I’m a farmer right in the middle of California’s Central Valley, between Sacramento and Fresno. We farm almonds, alfalfa, tomatoes, beans, and more, or at least attempt to do so under the circumstances. The water situation here is now dire, although we have watched our normal rainfall cycles being disrupted for decades. Like I’ve probably mentioned here before, I would couple this in-your-face climate engineering (chemtrails) with the deliberate political policies of the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Dems, GOP weasels, and many others, who wanted to shut down agriculture in CA for many years. Of course they never say so openly as that would be a kiss of death. They have done it sneakily under such things as The Clean Water Act, protecting the salmon and the Delta smelt, and a multitude of other pseudo environmental legislation and policies. And they also utilize popular culture to brainwash the masses with fear about global warming, sustainable agriculture, the green new deal, etc. etc. It’s all a bunch of crap and more distractions.
    Meanwhile, California agriculture is systematically destroyed. The farmers who do have some water are watching water costs rise in the multiples. Farmers fight each other for obtaining what little water that is still available for purchase, and water districts are raising prices, dropping allotments, and always retaining lawyers to fight gov’t water regulations. Environmental regulations over the years have added much to these water costs, and to the real reductions in available water. Obviously the dry weather is not helping right now, but that can also be attributed back to weather modification that is controlled by some higher gov’t authority that I certainly do not trust.
    Who can trust the vaccines? Who can accept the results of the last election? Who can trust the chemtrails, or even see them? Who can trust our own government, that seems to be withholding food and water from the people, for starving them to death and possibly enabling them to become a communist totalitarian regime?
    Americans had better wake up soon to what is really happening in our skies and down below on our soil, as this make-believe fantasyland cannot continue forever. We must not be “woke” up, but awakened to reality like reasonable adults who still can freely think for themselves.
    Food will be in short supply and food prices will go to the moon, that’s a given. And I’m not even factoring how the inevitable debasement of our dollar will be adding even greater fuel to this fire of food inflation. That’s an even bigger story of lies and fraud, which will eclipse even this one.
    We are living in perilous times. Thank you Dane and Greg for sharing some truth.

  51. eddiemd

    Don’t forget the Panama Papers.

    CCP running the drug trafficking money from Bolivia north to Mexico. Through the banks in Panama.

    The IRS, NSA, CIA, DEA, FBI all in and getting their cut. Especially in light of FACTA and Swift.

    The CCP has their hands in everything Latin America.

    The canal project is on hold.

    Encirclement of the USA. They run the Panama Canal. They are making deals with Brasil for food. Fishing the deep waters off of South America. Running drugs for profits. Looking to the rare earth minerals from the Andean ridge countries…Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador…

    Supporting the Marxist in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia.

    Meanwhile the USA meddles. The population under delusions engaged in social media nonsense and iPhone mind control.

    The coming judgment is here now. Wake up. Soon you will be slaves to the CCP. They will be ruthless.

    The CCP puppet Biden .gov has sold us out. The 120 flag officers who wrote the letter last week KNOW what is going on. Biden and his CCP agents of misfortune are purging the military now.

    • JC

      Good stuff here Eddie, scary when you connect the dots. On another note, here is a question…

      Is “abnormal” the new normal?

      “In a two-page letter to the media, Lightfoot, the first Black woman as well as the first openly gay mayor in Chicago’s history, praised her own 2019 election for “breaking barriers” and took a shot at media organizations in the city for not adequately addressing “institutionalized racism” in their ranks. Her decision to temporarily only speak to Black and Brown reporters, she said, was part of her lifelong battle to fight for diversity and inclusion.”

      • eddiemd

        More nonsense and insanity.

        Chicago is a wasteland of corruption. It will be epic when the judgment comes.

      • Paul ...

        Speaking only to reporters of color is racist … as is sleeping with only the same sex!!

  52. Ted

    So, what about the happy cows?

    • Paul ...

      They are not always happy … they get damn moo-dy every morning!!

  53. Dave

    I live in the Bay Area – along the coast, and we’ve had a foggier than normal April with cool temperatures and wind. Lots of moisture in the early morning but that is coming from the ocean. The last few days have been clear but the wind remains. It is cold outside. When it’s clear I often notice, including today, a gray/silver haze high up. Not really clouds but almost like a narrow film hovering above the region at high altitude.

    Lake Tahoe is having issues. Some of the boat launches have closed because the lake has dropped so much.

    Also, I’m a Christian and I have no problem with the possibility of aliens. It doesn’t shake my faith in the least. If aliens exist, personally I think they do, it’s all part of God’s plan.

  54. Bill Wilson

    Great Report Greg! How do we stop the aerosal spraying? Do we have to wait for Trump to come back? Mike Lindell (Great Patriot) said, Trump might be back in August! I sure hope, Mr. Lindell is right!
    Dr. Steve Pencenik(?) (another great Patriot) said arrests will begin soon for the Election Fraud found in Maicopa County.
    If possible, please interview Dr. Steve Pencenik ( not sure about spelling his last name)!!

  55. jefferonian

    Thanks for having Dane on and helping him spread the word on geoengineering; however, I believe his message falls on deaf ears as too many Americans are too busy playing on their cell phones to notice the spraying in the sky not to mention the destuction of the environment.
    Here in the northwest the aerosol spraying starts in the morning and continues to dusk. As the spray spreads it also descends to perhaps 5 or 6 thousand feet. Sometimes the aircraft fly south to north then north to south then east to west and sometimes west to east. All at very high haltitudes 40 thousdand plus feet. At times the paths will resemble a snake pattern uncommon for passenger liners.

    When out golfing Ill ask my buddies what is that white stuff up in the sky and they say contrails. Then they get their phones out and give me the plane number and where its headed. End of conversation. You wont convince them otherwise. And certinly not dumbed down main stream Americans. And these guys are university educated.

    Dane and Fitts are correct when they say we are the enemy and the only way to stop the destruction of our society and the environmnet is to stop feeding the beast. So boycott them–how?
    1. Dont bank with the big boys
    2.Dont buy the crap the corporations sell
    3. Dont use twitter, facebook, instgram etc
    4. Dont watch or listen to main stream media
    5. Dont vote
    6.Dont conform to their mandates
    7.Especially dont get the jab
    1. Be self-reliant
    2.Create community
    3. Grow your own food
    4.Learn useful life skills like gardening
    5. Spend quality time with your famiky
    6. Converse with God regularly
    7. Help others learn to rely on themselves not the government

    Case study in point: My daughter whose pregnant and in her mid twenties was asked by her employer if she got vaxxed– she said no. If he mandates she get the jab, she will leave her job and find other means of income and her husband is supportive of her decision. But they have no debt and are able to do this. This is how we raised our children–stay out of debt and you are not a slave to the system.

    But unfortunately I have too many friends who will take the jab to keep their jobs as will the overwhelming majority of sheeples I mean Americans who are being led to slaughter–they just dont know it. Like Dane said the noose is getting tighter by the minute.

    Down here on the farm kale, collards and asparagus still going strong, new potatoes almost ready and sheep have been on green grqss for a month and we will take a few down soon to fill the freezer.

    The emperor has no clothes he just doesnt know it yet.
    Sui luris sum!

    • Robert K


      You nailed it and are spot on.

  56. Jim Furr

    Thanks Greg,
    Unfortunately, if you had a title “UFO Just Landed On White House Lawn”,
    You would get millions of views.
    If you have a title, “Mega-Drought & Mega Food Shortages – Dane Wigington”,
    You will be fortunate to get 20,000 hits.
    Just crazy.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … Gates and Fauci are “alien” Demons who made it to the White House and got Warp Speed initiated against the American people!!

      • JC

        G.A. STEWART:
        If you consider what I wrote in Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, “it clearly indicates that the god of Israel was engaged in a battle against the Archons”. I suggest that the Jewish group known as the Essenes, who were the first Christians, provided the lineal conduit to pass down the traditions and knowledge required to battle the “principalities and powers”.

        Ephesians 6:12 (King James)
        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • jeffersonian

      thanks and cheers

    • Country Codger

      So True Jim. So so true.

  57. iwitness02

    And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
    And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    We don’t know what means our Lord will employ to bring this about, but we do know time is getting short. This makes me think our Lord’s Kingdom is close at hand.

  58. eddiemd

    This is the recent report from SRP. (Salt River Project) They provide water and electricity for most of east central and eastern Maricopa County.

    The Verde system which drains central Arizona up to Flagstaff is way down. The Verde Valley about 90 miles north of Phoenix is loaded with wells which means that those people are pumping on a continuous basis. Flagstaff will be rationing this summer no doubt.

    The lakes along the Salt River are all tanked up now. We will see what the summer will bring. Not much snow this year so don’t expect replenishment of the lakes.

    Lake Powell is at 34% now. Snowpack was 55% of normal upstream. Big problems.

    Lake Mead is in big trouble at this time of year. It is fed by Lake Powell.

    Another factor is the electricity generating capacities of both dams. Once they fall below a certain level the turbines cannot function.

    Las Vegas, California, Arizona all in for trouble this summer and fall. Barely a mention in the local news of the impending danger.

  59. Rod Brumley

    Grocery Stores in Michigan and in Florida are out of many staple items – worse than when the Covid 19 hit last year. Food is the lifeblood of of the world and drought will cause turmoil like we have never seen. Remember the Dust Bowl of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s during the Great Depression. We had starvation in the USA during that time. Epic Nightmare has started and most still are Clueless. Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸

  60. Bible Reader


    19 MAY 2021

    The federal government of the United States is offering farmers 1.5 times the value of their crops . . . if farmers DESTROY those crops! If farmers decline the “offer” that same government will stop all farm subsidies for refusing.

    Here from a farm family member:

    You heard it with your own ears, directly from a guy who whose family owns a farm: “They’re trying to create a food shortage!”….

  61. Country Codger

    Greg, Mr. Wigington,
    Great interview, one of the most important and timely there is. Do we really need to worry about a financial crash if all life on Earth is destroyed? How many years of food and water do you have put away?

    Rev_11:18  “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets and to the set-apart ones, and to those who fear Your Name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    There is a special “wrath” or judgment reserved for those who destroy YHVH’s Earth. Amen.
    Li Iyrah!

  62. Phil

    Dane lays out one of our climate problems in great detail, but he has no answers.

    If we were discontinue geoengineering our atmosphere tomorrow, the aerosols
    blocking solar energy from heating planet Earth would drop out of the
    atmosphere in a few days, and Earth would burn to a crisp shortly thereafter.

    Using geoengineering, the “money printers” stay in control for a while longer.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are stupid Phil and totally uninformed.

  63. Running on empty John

    Not to sound glib but maybe the nation should build a water pipeline from the southern tip of the MS River do the western farm states. I’m in South MS and we’re flooding again, which seems normal for this time of year. But then again, I can’t help thinking the nation is on the edge of breaking apart into separate sovereign entities.
    Come Lord Jesus!

  64. donald mcleod

    The Cabal controls the military and they are the ones behind the chem trails. They are going to kill off Billions of people. They want to destroy you and own and control everything on the planet. Enough is not enough for these insane evil people.

  65. Bible Reader

    Storming of the Capitol Lie Exposed
    May 18, 2021

    In the video Capitol Police Offier Keith Robishaw tells protesters they can enter the Capitol as long as they remain calm and there is no attacking, no assault.

    The Democrats and the presstitute scum lied through their teeth as they always do.

  66. Jeff Robbins

    To say again, I live in eastern Washington and we normally get very dry weather in the summer, but this year there’s been only two rainy weather fronts since Jan. 1. The ground is very dry early. I’d like to know how the dry land wheat farmers are doing. Fortunately there is a robust irrigation system(s) in this broader (lower Columbia Basin) area that has ample water at least for this year- originally started by the bureau of reclamation from the 30’s i think. Interesting bit of national history- back when when we had morals and a purpose. Thanks for your service Greg.

  67. Jerry5

    The tuneup for cyber polygon is under way.

    The attacks are beginning to intensify. Is your money safe in a bank? What money? It was on a computer screen. How about Bitcoin? Poof….and then it will be gone. How about food? Once the scanners quit working they will close the stores. How about cash? It may be good for a while until the retailers realize the banks no longer take it. How about gold and silver? Where will you trade it, and what form of payment will you receive for it? Let’s be honest, if you don’t posses it, you won’t have it, and once others find out you do, they will want it, and then what?

    Jerry’s rule number #7. The things you do when you don’t have to, will determine where you will be when you can’t help it. For you sunshine pumpers who live in denial city, if you haven’t figured out by now that this is all planned, I can’t help you. Get ready to punch your vaccination card on your way to camp FEMA. They will be more than willing to help you.

  68. Rick Larson

    I’ve been producing aerobic compost which binds carbon with these metals to render them inert. This product also feeds soil life and with other practices also mitigates the poisons. But this is not a solution for broad acres as its too labor/time intensive. I’m also planting tree crops, building hugelkulturs and swales on contour to support them. Plant trees and take care of them could be the only way to fight them.
    I’ll make some time to check this fellow out thanks.

  69. Steve Kloppers

    Greg, you ask what can we do about all this?
    The answer is in The Scriptures: “Luk 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

  70. Jim Grant

    With all these heavy metals in our soil and our food chain damaging our physical and mental health and not to forget the experimental injections madness we are in for a heap of trouble. Time to talk less. Time to take action. Time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

  71. eddiemd

    CDC study to be published on May 21.

    Coronavirus in daycare.

    “Implementation and maintenance of multiple prevention strategies, including vaccination, masking, physical distancing, cohorting, screening, and reporting, are important to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in child care facilities and to facilitate a timely public health response to prevent outbreaks.”

    They are coming for your children.

  72. wayne hardin

    I always wondered how slue foot would get people to take his mark .it looks like all it will take is a chicken in the pot . There is a lot of sowing to the flesh going on .

    Galatians 6:8

    “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

    • wayne hardin

      That would be slew foot not slue foot .

  73. Jon

    Hi Greg, thank you for your important briefs. If feasible, in the future with Mr. Wigington. Ask him his thoughts on the Relationship between Grand Solar Minimum Cycles, Sun Spot inactivity cycles and how that might relate to weakened Geo Magnetic sphere, sloppy jet stream, solar energy absorption effects on earth mass expansion/contraction with increase seismic and volcanic construct pressures and if this after 1500 years of tree ring and ice core analysis could possibly be a part of the problem.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Jon. I will ask next time. I will tell you what Dane is saying about current Geoengineering operations is all backed up with data and science. He’s no guessing about what is going on.

  74. Country Codger

    Does it seem like more trolls or naysayers come out every time Dane is on or is it my imagination? People, wake the hell up, animals and insects and ocean species are dying in record numbers. Even the stupid lamestream media will admit that but they attribute it to “climate change” a man made event, which to a certain extent it is but if the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting due to climate change caused by driving SUV’s why are the ice caps on Mars melting too? Do Martians drive SUV’s and get electricity from coal fired powerplants? No. It is the solar cycle and a combination of idiots spraying things in the atmosphere to make things worse, faster.

    Greg, the first person to break the story of “chemtrails” in the very early 90’s was Clay Douglas((The Free American)). He, like yourself and others, is very controversial but he has been at this for 30+ years. I call him a brother for a different reason, he is a Vietnam veteran. That means we chewed the same dirt.

    Check him out. You might like him, and then, maybe not but, do you like everyone you interview or do you like what they have to say? Just curious.
    Lo Iyrah!

  75. Tech Guy

    The drought may be worsening because of the fall of air traffic. The contrails from planes have water and carbon particles that provide cloud seeding to increase rainfall, back in 2006 PBS Nova had an episode “Dimming the Sun” that Sun had been dimming since the late 1950’s as commercial aviation soared.
    Published Oct 1970 (before Global warming non-sense)

    “It appears likely that inadvertent cloud seeding by jet aircraft may be of the same order of magnitude as that attained in commercial cloud seeding operations.”

    If I recall correct the West has cyclical mega droughts about every 1200 to 1400 years and we are likely experience the next normal drought cycle.

    BOTTOM LINE: its not chem trails causing the drought.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tech (anonymous) guy,
      It’s clear you do NOT know what you are talking about. Educate yourself: Wigington has a deep and detailed site that backs him up. You anonymously posted one bogus link that proves nothing.

  76. FreeMpg

    Greetings Greg,
    Wondered if you’ve seen reports on Lake Mead water levels. They’re about to declare an emergency, first time in the dam’s history which will trigger agreements which could have Arizona lose up to a third of its allocation.

    “US West prepares for possible 1st water shortage declaration”

    “Storage capacity at Lake Mead” (When does it become a dead pool?)

  77. wayne hardin

    It is astonishing to see so many so called smart people talk about what needs to be done to fix things like over population when the bible has all the answers .
    As far as over population goes keep your pants on or as God says don’t fornicate . he also said humans are hard headed stiff necked people until they are born again .
    I keep on hearing about a great awakening or revival going on but if you do a search on the internet and look at the people preaching repent or anything about taking responsibly for you own actions you will find they have few views and few comments.
    But if you look at the ear ticklers and God wants you to be rich wolfs in sheep’s clothing
    they have millions of views and comments .

    Mark 8:36

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    The message has been and always will be the same from God repent ye .and be born again .

  78. Mike+G

    Similar in NE, three days of sun, three days of overcast, none to little rain, has been that way all spring. If you don’t water your garden, the seeds aren’t going to sprout.

  79. Subterraneo

    No video appears 5/23/21 at 1:31 p.m. CST.

  80. Bob

    Maybe the psychopaths feel safe knowing about all the underground cities??

  81. Aware

    So what is the answer? What are we supposed to do to stop this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Get involved and don’t hide.

  82. Roseanne Atkinson

    I tried to post this to fakebook. They stated the page could not be found. they fact checked the movie, The Dimming. I am trying to let people know about your information.

  83. Red Orkid

    Greg, I keep hearing over and over, “We’ve got to stop them; we’ve got to stop them.” Agreed. Agreed and agreed again. So where are They? Where’s Bill Gates? Where are the HARP installations? Do only snarky sleepwokers know how doxxing works? Let’s post some names… addresses… locations. Can’t stop them if we don’t know where they are. And I’m serious, damn them. Damn them to Hell.

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