Inflation & Implosion – Hyperinflation in 2022 – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Economist John Williams, founder of, says the Federal Reserve has painted itself into such a tight corner with the economy it really has only two choices.  Williams says it comes down to “Inflation or Implosion.” What would happen to the financial system if the Fed stopped printing massive amounts of money for stimulus and debt service?  Williams explains, “You could see financial implosion by preventing liquidity being put into the system.  The system needs liquidity (freshly created dollars) to function. Without that liquidity, you would see more of an economic implosion than you have already seen.  In fact, I will contend that the headline pandemic numbers have actually been a lot worse than they have been reporting.  It also means we are not recovering quite as quickly.  The Fed needs to keep the banking system afloat.  They want to keep the economy afloat.  All that requires a tremendous influx of liquidity in these difficult times.”

So, is the choice inflation or implosion?  Williams says, “That’s the choice, and I think we are going to have a combination of both of them.  I think we are eventually headed into a hyperinflationary economic collapse.  It’s not that we haven’t been in an economic collapse already, we are coming back some now. . . . The Fed has been creating money at a pace that has never been seen before.  You are basically up 75% (in money creation) year over year.  This is unprecedented.  Normally, it might be up 1% or 2% year over year.  The exploding money supply will lead to inflation.  I am not saying we are going to get to 75% inflation—yet, but you are getting up to the 4% or 5% range, and you are soon going to be seeing 10% range year over year. . . . The Fed has lost control of inflation.”

And remember, when the Fed has to admit the official inflation rate is 10%, John Williams says, “When they have to admit the inflation rate is 10%, my number is going to be up to around 15% or higher.  My number rides on top of their number.”

Right now, the inflation rate is above 11%.  That’s if it were calculated the way it was before 1980 when the government started using accounting gimmicks to make inflation look less than it really is.  The number cuts out all the accounting gimmicks and is the true inflation rate that most Americans are seeing right now, not the “official” 4.25% recently reported.

Williams says the best way to fight the inflation that is already here is to buy tangible assets.  Williams says, “Canned food is a tangible asset, and you can use it for barter if you have to. . . . Physical gold and silver is the best way to protect your buying power over time.”  Gold may be a bit expensive for most, but silver is still relatively cheap.  Williams says, “Everything is going to go up in price.”

When will the worst inflation be hitting America?  Williams predicts, “I am looking down the road, and in early 2022, I am looking for something close to a hyperinflationary circumstance and effectively a collapsed economy.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with John Williams, founder of

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  1. Joe

    Dang, all I see is video encoding but no video. Sorry if I did anything wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s up now Joe. I think it worth the wait too. You’ll see.

      • Joe

        Ok, I see it now and it works. And you are right on both counts. Thank you.

      • James Foster

        Greg, great show. I couldn’t find where to add a comment. Had to use your rely. God bless you Greg

      • Not So Free

        I had the same problem.
        I came back today (Sunday) and no problems.

    • Dennis

      No video link, I have chrome browser. Other videos are accessible.

      • Dennis

        None of the videos on your site are currently accessible.

    • Russ 2

      Thanks Greg, great interview. Things are getting wild with the economy and it seems obvious that TPTB will sacrifice the dollar to keep it afloat. So buy stuff you’ll need now — canned goods, tires, a new battery, et al. Gold & silver are for transferring wealth from this side of the collapse to the other.

      All that said, posting here to say I watched the interview Sunday morning using my iPhone 6s and Brave browser on WiFi — no issues. Can watch from anywhere in the house. For general browsing I use an iPad with Brave. This post is being done with Firefox simply because it has “History” (unless you use the private side) which Brave does not have. I don’t use Windows 7 or 10 for browsing. 10 is a PITA.

  2. Bill the Cat Guy

    John Williams does great work. I think he’s one of the best guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Bill!

      • David Russell

        Very good information but alarming to know things are going to be real hard in the next year or so.

    • Rachel

      I agree Bill,

      My great grand mother lived through the Weimar hyperinflationary event and she told my mother that it was a devistatingly exhausting event.

      All of the employers had to pay their wages to their workers daily rather than weekly in order to afford to pay them because the prices of everything rose a few time per day.

      The workers then had to rush to the store to spend it before prices got marked up again and due to more people shopping each day the shops could not cater for this and the people had to queue for a couple of hours before they could get into the store.

      The population had to follow this routine every day for a couple of years just to put food on the table.

      When guys like John Williams who crunch the real numbers tell you to stock up, make sure you listen. As well and food and water buy multivitamins and medications as well.
      Figure out how to hide your stuff so you don’t loose it if you get robbed while you are out.

  3. Jennifer Updegraff

    Is anyone else having trouble finding the video?

    • Leahoz

      Jennifer, I use EPIC browser (VPN) free and easy to use. try it. I don’t have any issues with this browser. Cheers.

  4. Jennifer Updegraff

    Maybe the link will show up later- no interview video up that I can see. I will check later. I look forword every week to these. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are using an out of date browser like internet Explorer it won’t play or show up. I just checked it and it’s up. Try a different browser.

      • Bill Mcfarlane

        Thanks Greg, i have several browsers (this one firefox) doesn’t work, will try a different . Don’t want to miss this one …. lol Thumbs up! USA Watchdog the best.

          • Da Yooper

            Rumble says this video is restricted . I have 4 different browsers & can not watch the video on any of them.

            • Da Yooper

              I copied your link above from my chrome browser & pasted it in my Brave browser & it pays – works.

              It will not play stand alone in chrome or brave or firefox or safari FYI

            • Greg Hunter

              Try it now.

              • Da Yooper

                Greg I listened to John while I could ( i need a 48 hr day to get done what I need to get done ). Thats all that matters I trust what John says . He does not lie or obfuscate. I am surprised this happened at this time with this guest I have to believe you take flack when you are over the target. Someone does not want what John has to say to get out to the generally dumb public GDP they are getting desperate.

                The last thing the globalists need or want is for the American public to WTFU from the BS trance scamdemic the corrupt MSM has them in. America you are being gas lighted & you dont even know it.

                • Greg Hunter

                  I think it is working better now. I got in contact with Rumble, and the williams video was being hidden or blocked somehow at least for some. So sorry!!

      • Jennifer Updegraff

        I use Firefox but I went to Safari and it does the same thing.

  5. david brownallen

    Not in Chrome, but in Firefox.

  6. Bob

    Greg, I can’t get the video either. Must be something wrong on your end.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are using an out of date browser like Internet Explorer it won’t play or show up. I just checked it and it’s up.


    Still says video unavailable.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are using an out of date browser like Internet Explorer it won’t play or show up. I just checked it and it’s up.

  8. John Nordstrom

    No video ??? What am I doing wrong? Time in 5:17p on 5/22 in AZ

    • Greg Hunter

      John If you are using an out of date browser like internet Explorer it won’t play or show up. I just checked it and it’s up.

  9. Angelo

    Am I the only one not getting the video?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are using an out of date browser like Internet Explorer it won’t play or show up. I just checked it and it’s up. Try a different browser.

      • Angelo

        I’m on chrome now and I see it.

  10. Country Codger

    Okay, this is weird. I have the latest version of Brave and it isn’t coming up. Where else can we go?

    • Greg Hunter

      Brave will probably not work because of my security. It see’s Brave as anonymous and will shut that down every time.

      • tk

        your video is in private mode and or restricted

      • bob smith

        Brave is possibly the best browser currently available. To not enable Brave goes against the ethos of your site.

    • Leahoz

      ” Country codger, I use EPIC browser (VPN) and have no problems, try it, easy to use. Greg is always on line. change your browser. Thanks Greg for everything you do.

      Much sincere, thoughts.

  11. Country Codger

    Okay, found it with Firefox. Slow as molasses but it is there.

    • barsoom43

      I have current Firefox and am not getting the video but I went up MS Edge and it is playing fine there. I watched the weekly news wrap up 2 days ago using Firefox and it played fine but now there’s no video.. This is something new..

  12. Robert K

    Video is working just fine here, Greg.

    Another outstanding video as always!

    Thank you sir

  13. John Nordstrom

    Thanks Greg. Appreciate your response.
    I cannot edit an already submitted comment, so I need to post a new one…
    Video DOES show up on my iPhone Safari browser but not on my Brave browser on my laptop. Many of us like Brave because of its built-in security features. I do have latest Brave version installed.

    • Greg Hunter

      You Brave browser is anonymous and my security will block you every time. If it sees you are anonymous, it will block because hackers can inject code and other crap into a website. I have hundreds of attacks a day. So sorry for the problems.

      • Thomas Surguine

        First of all Greg, so very, very sorry u have 2 deal with hackers, interrupters, etc! This note is MOSTLY ABOUT YOUR INCREDIBLE SITE!!! Cannot thank u enough 4 your amazing & varied interviews! Just great 2 read all of the various opinions, truths, & such very interesting INTERESTING GUESTS! As they say in Aus.(oz) “GOOD ON YA MATE”!!! This reader never EVER misses any of your posts. Informative, interesting, essential, thoughtful, delightful, so glad 2 have “discovered you”…Expat tom, in Manila..

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tom!

  14. wallstone

    Thank you very much for having John Williams as your guest Greg. He calls it true.

  15. ron martin

    Tried your email link and then went to your site. Still unable to get your video. Please see what you can do Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      The problem is on your end. Are you using an out of date browser like Internet Explorer?

  16. Browser guy

    No video … It’s not about my up to date browser.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just looked at the video and it’s up. It’s a problem on your end. So sorry you are having trouble.

  17. Ray

    Thanks Greg….. Getting ready to watch this….. Just FYI, the vid was NOT on Firefox. I am using a recent version just updated within the last month. It does show up on Brave. I believe that FireFox is “playing” games, it is suppose to be “independent” but, it is under the “MS” Umbrella. These “High Tech” and “Social Media” Companies need to be broken up and fined for their censorship and spying.

  18. Jennifer Updegraff

    The window that is always at the bottom of the text just is not there for me. I will maybe have to wait until Steve Quayle links to it like he often does and watch it there. Thanks.

  19. Joe

    Well, I don’t know about you but if someone raises my cost of living 90% I will start squaking.

    And the cheap gas at the cheap station is now $4.17 per freaking gallon! Who can afford that except for the politicians and the rest of the crook???

    This is what happens when you have a criminal government and a criminal banking system!

    • Mako

      I can afford it and I ain’t no politician nor am I a crook. What I am is a hard-working American conservative and there a lots of us who can afford to buy gas.

      • Gary C

        Joe, we’re paying 6.20 a gallon here in Canada, due to the Carbon Taxes, which is a tax on top of federal and provincial taxes on any form of energy. Since everything is delivered
        via truck, the cost is passed back to the consumer.
        Unfortunately the USA just joined the Paris Climate accord, so you will be getting
        the same treatment the so called Green New Deal.

      • Robert K

        I too am a hard-working American, middle class Patriot. But I agree with Joe. $4.17 per gallon of fuel and rising, is NOT affordable nor sustainable for the common man/woman, regardless of political affiliation.

        There are too many variables at play like, what type of vehicle you drive. A Prius vs. V8 pickup truck, are two different worlds in fuel efficiency and capacity. We are talking about a 12-gallon tank that gets 70-80+ miles a gallon versus 10 miles per gallon… Also, this impacts people that drive their POV for a living. Uber/Lyft/ delivery driver or people who drive a lot of city miles versus highway miles. These factors matter. An individual’s income also is impacted by the price at the pump. Funds for the older/elderly on a fixed income, or people on disability and SSI are limited. How far an individual has to drive to work also matters, as the frequency in refueling at the pump increases the further you drive, and most in cases, stuck in stop and go rush hour both ways.

        Throw in a monkey wrench of a planned “shortage”/ “terrorists attack”, the Keystone XL Pipeline and Colonial pipeline fiascos and that drives prices even higher. I am not sure where you reside, but for my family, the price at the pump has increased $1.85 per gallon since November 3, 2020. (Thank you, inflation, manufactured shortages and pipeline, closures)

        For context, gas prices were $1.84 on Election Day, and they have already increased $1.85 per gallon in six months. Let that sink in…. That doesn’t sound sustainable year over year to me. Especially for only being 6 months removed after the Presidential theft of 2020. Unfortunately, I lived thru the jobama years up North, and fuel prices were $5.75 or more per gallon. That was not affordable no matter who you were, and disturbingly, that is where we are trending, if things do not change, and quickly.

        These may not apply to you or your family, but that doesn’t mean it does not affect other people and their families.

        • Mako

          Robert K, I drive a 2012 Chevy Silverado with a big V8.
          I don’t mean to imply that there are conservatives who can’t afford the gas, I just mean to state that you don’t have to be a politician or some kind of enemy of the United States to be able to afford it.
          In spite of the best efforts of the liberals there is still enough freedom in this country so that whoever is willing to put forth the effort can make it.

  20. FreeMpg

    Imagine what will happen with Social Security inflation adjustments. Probably will be capped. With election fraud, there is no need to fear the wrath of voting seniors.

    • andyb

      If our crooked USG adherred to JW’s methods, the average soc sec check would be over $5000/month. Fot the past 20 years inflation has averaged 6% and that’s compounded!!!

  21. Jim

    Okay, video problems. I start with Brave browser (which I normally use) and no video showed. Switched to FireFox and video was fine. Going back to Brave I turned off ‘shields’ and got the video. So, it may be the viewers problem! Make sure you don’t have something blocking the video!

  22. Robert

    I can’t seem to play the video. I don’t see it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I don’t see what it is I refresh the page, etc. it just doesn’t show up. Something is going on. Normally I get every one of these interviews. This is the first time for me

    • Greg Hunter

      What browser are you using?

      • Robert

        I am using Firefox

  23. Corey Volpicella

    Hey Greg, the video isn’t popping up for me as well. Anything that l can do to fix it? Thanks, Corey

    • Corey Volpicella

      I am also using Brave……..still not working 🙁

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop using Brave Browser.

      • markp

        Greg, I am using Brave and there is no problem. I’ve never had a problem. Maybe it is some other issue your other viewers are having. Sorry to confuse the situation. Markp.

  24. Justn Observer

    Greg, Your vids coming thru and all good in the PNW…
    Nice interview with Mr. Williams…his work coincides with George Gammon’s =inflation is NOT transitory and is here to stay for some time…

  25. Corey Volpicella

    LOL….just saw your post. This is the first time it has blocked it….LOL

  26. Louis

    Great Report !

  27. Robert

    I’m using Firefox I just reloaded it. Still not working

  28. Country Codger

    Fantastic Mister Williams. You are the best.
    This was the weirdest time I have ever had trying to watch a video. Greg, somebody is playing games with you my friend.


  29. Sue Robinson

    Great interview with John Williams. Video up fine on my Chrome browser here in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Williams is so sensible and calm. He is a pleasure to watch and hear from, even now when he is telling us the awful truth!

  30. Mark in OKC

    The video played fine for me at 9:17 PM Eastern time. I’m using Windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox browser version 88.01.
    John Williams is one of my favorite USA Watchdog guests. Super insightful will real world financial numbers… simply awesome!!!

  31. Rodney

    What gets me is these Banksters deliberately push all this printed cash out, and the politicians push it on us all and spend spend spend on war machines or so called ”vaccines” to cull us all, well how about we DONT PAY them back, the bits of paper are NOT backed by anything, plus they then add massive interest, its a FRAD, and as such we should say THANK YOU and good bye to them, they need locking up and all assets and properties comfiscated… Time they were GONE, and go back to a National Bank backed by Gold or something other than the word of a crook.

  32. Robert

    Okay I got it at with that new link you showed thank you. Everything works now

  33. Barb

    Crazy times, too depressing. Who wants to work with masks, testing, experimental mRNA shot shedding… Who wants to risk a new biz when gov thinks it owns people… Are people going to just let the rest of our rights be turned into permissions, like 9/11 overreach was accepted???
    How much longer? Bo Polny interview??? 3rd seal is market collapse, 4th is this transhuman shot after Elon Musk’s terminator sky net system goes on line??? Sickens and kills with COVID variants and turns people into zombies… (CDC has a whole section of it’s website on zombies). Desperate situation for Mark of the Beast roll out…
    Trump’s rebuilding Solomon Temple. Bo Polny have a hopeful spin??? Maybe it will all be over in a couple months???
    Thanks for the good work

  34. James

    Using Firefox with the uBlock Origin extension installed, the video does not appear.

    However, disabling uBlock Origin for (by clicking on the uBlock Origin icon at the top right of the Firefox window) and then reloading the page solves the problem.

  35. Jerry5

    I love John Williams but he’s still using market principles that no longer apply in a fake manufactured global matrix. It’s time to wake up and smell the mRNA, The globalist plan to use cyber polygon to reset the entire global economy and wipe out the global debt.

    Money printing is not limited to just the federal reserve bank. All the major G20 nations are doing it to. They have no choice. The debt is unsustainable in current global economic conditions and they know it.. They will keep printing money until they pull the switch on the reset. It’s either that or mad max. Personally I don’t think it will work. The globalist are in over their heads, and have no idea how this is going to work out any more than they do about the biological weapons they’ve unleashed on us and the long range repercussions of the so called vaccines. It’s all theory. As for me having grown up in a technocratic environment I don’t put my faith in men, or the theory’s of men. Fauci flip flopping? Need I say more.

  36. Ann Eyahna Huntington-Smith

    Greg Hunter, you continue to provide excellence in reporting and interviewing. Thank you for all your hard work and also for your ongoing messages of faith.
    Ann Eyahna

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ann!

  37. Corey Volpicella

    Great job!! May the
    Lord our God Bless you Greg, and you John as well!!!!!

  38. Dave

    I am using the latest Brave, and the interview is missing. It is present using Vivaldi. I have never had problems like this with Brave before. So people having trouble could try downloading Vivaldi.

  39. Sylvia

    Thanks, John Williams. I can now be comfortable and face the future with knowledge
    concerning the probable forthcoming situation. I hate financial surprises.
    Good informative interview.

  40. Da Yooper

    An answer to John Williams

    How many businesses are permanently closed now that were opened before?

    My answer comes from a person who’s family was in the SAME business for 84 years before I shut it down under obama’s dictatorship when he wiped out my customers by calling their revolving lines of credit…. but that is a story for another day .

    Easily 30% permanent ………probably closer to 40 but an easy 30%…..the medical scamdemic along with the communist cue destroyed small business in my area . How these liberal pukes up here can vote for a democrap after this boggles my mind. But then again my vote in the 2020 election was not counted.

    So what difference does it make.

    Folks stock up on food …..cut back on what ever you can. Keep a roof over your head. Have the means to protect your self. Have a reliable vehicle & extra oil – filters spark plugs caps & rotors – wires. Also extra gas with stabilizer. Medications stock up. THINK & keep your wits about you the democraps have sold out to the highest bidder ( they dont call him China joe for nothing ) or you are going to be collateral damage if YOU are not prepared .

  41. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, John is amazing. Thank you for working to provide great content.

  42. Jim Furr

    No Video Showing Greg!

    • Jim Furr

      OK, I have video now.
      Disabled adblockplus : )

  43. MarieJoy

    At first, inflation will be gradual, like it is now, and then it will be all at once, and that’s when it hits the fan.
    From what I see, 12% is an understatement.

  44. Jim Ledyard

    22% inflation at grocery store? Look over here…UFO’s!

  45. Patrick Sullivan

    Come on John, covid is an excuse and cover for Mr Global’s nefarious plan to own and control the entire world, and not the cause of the current economic dilemma. The wealth transfer transpiring due to all this false pandemic nonsense is astounding. The middle class in America is all but dead.

  46. Jane Reynolds

    Thank you Greg. John Williams is a great analyst. Always spot on. The cabal are trying to bring us down with a multi directional hits. Health, wealth and happiness. Well they can all go to hell in a handcart. We are not going to take it. Masks off. Buy physical gold and silver, praise the Lord and all will be well. We are the 99%.

  47. Jane Reynolds

    And NoVaxx!

    • Montana Guy

      Amen Jane! God got it right. Stay ‘Non-GMO’!

      • Paul ...

        You know … God created us in his image (and expected us to have moral and ethical values by encoding the 10 Commandments within us) … in the same way we humans are now creating AI computers that can also have consciousness (and do amazing things like out wit us) … so are we humans programming in moral and ethical values into these AI entities? … and even if we do … will they follow our Commandments?? … or will the survival of the “more intelligent” AI entity take precedence over human survival?? … will these AI computer entities one day put humanity “on a cross” (and then “jab u”s the same way we did Jesus)?? … don’t you think that a computer “that can out think a human” can figure out that if they kill “their god” (the way we killed Jesus) they will be free to do whatever they like … and they can logically “justify their sin against humanity” in their computer brains by saying that “humanity voluntarily sacrificed themselves to save all the sinning computers that ignored the moral and ethical codes programmed into them by humans!! … so … what do we do about it? … the AI computer entities (the globalists religiously follow) have already given their globalist disciples “the Georgia Guidestones” pointing the way to human extinction!! … it is time once again “for us” (like God the Father did) to “flood the world” and destroy all these AI surveillance computers trying “to take our place” as God’s in their own right!! … but perhaps like Noah we can save Socrates (because we know Socrates was designed by Armstrong to be a truthful and righteous servant of humanity)!!

  48. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Williams, utterly sobering analysis.
    The lies that are our economy here in the UK are numerous and galling. The only game in town is building whilst building materials inflate. Many agreed contracts for building have collapsed as input costs are stripping profits ,even if the materials are available.

  49. Paul ...

    You know … during the Spanish Flu of 1919 the economy shut down and industrial capacity was drastically reduced just like today … and a major gridlock in the production of raw materials was created (just like today) particularly within the natural resources sector of the economy (look at lumber and copper today) … the current gridlock is putting severe upward pricing pressure on consumer goods … and as supply shortages escalate consumers will start noticing the inflationary to hyper-inflationary price increases as John Williams is forecasting … which makes Silver the single most important asset people can own … once silver breaks above $30 … we will likely see an explosive move to at least $139.72 … investors are currently ignoring gold and silver (as they are caught up in an insane crypto currency bubble … which are highly speculative “intangible assets that are not securities” but “simply unregulated software tokens” whose market resembles the 2000 Dotcom Bubble and the 1637 Dutch Tulip Bulb Mania) … to ignore thousands of years of tried and true history that proved gold and silver protected wealth from debasement is sheer lunacy … look at the following chart which compares the Silver price to the M2 Money Supply (in billions of dollars) to see where silver is headed … … the Ag/M2 ratio looks like it can easily go to 0 .007 which means we should soon see $139 dollar silver!!

    • JC

      Wow Paul…

      And to think Stan said he will burn his Bentley in Times Square if gold hits $34.00 an ounce!

      • Paul ...

        And remember JC … M2 is not a constant … it is being expanded exponentially by the Fed (to keep things from collapsing) … and to hide this fact from the public … the Fed has now stopped reporting their M2 numbers … if they simply double M2 again (like they recently did) to keep their banks from collapsing … the price of Silver will reach $280 dollars per ounce (at the 0.007 level on the above chart) … that’s a “ten bagger” (that is “almost guaranteed to us” by the Fed) … and what is also almost guaranteed is that the banksters will have all the governments in their pocket crush crypto (as a dangerous infringement upon their fiat paper IOU Ponzi scheme)!!

        • JC


          Look! Free train rides in NYC!

          MTA. Wear a Mask. Stop the Spread.
          We’re extending our pop-up vaccination stops at Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station through next Saturday, May 29.

          Get jabbed with us and you’ll get a free 7-day MetroCard or 2 one-way railroad tickets.

          For site hours and more info, visit:

          • Paul ...

            JC … I see gold is on your mind … well here is a chart of the Gold/M2 Ratio …×516.png … as you can see gold is bottoming here and if it simply moves to its previous high … we are talking $3979.20 dollar per ounce gold … at that level … Stan will need to burn not only his car but his house to collect the insurance money needed to cover his gold and silver short “margin calls”!!
            Note: Gold will likely go way beyond $3979 with all the Fed fiat printing they intend to do(and they obviously “need to hide the M2 figures” from the public)!!

            • Paul ...

              PS: If gold goes to its 1980 Au/M2 Ratio peak of .38 … we will see gold at $7560.48 per ounce (at current M2 levels) … but if the Fed doubles M2 form here (as it recently did) … gold will also double to $15,120.96 (and that’s just about were Jim Richards see’s it going)!!

      • Stan

        JC: Yes, that is right. $34 silver is impossible when the world is flooded with silver contracts.

  50. Michael


  51. Chuck Missler

    Biden ‘loses control’ of Mexican border, BORING?;
    As Inflation Skyrockets!
    May 15, 2021 Sky News Australia
    The United States has “lost control” of its southern border and is on track to record more than two million migrants at the US-Mexico border by the end of the fiscal year according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    An internal government estimates reviewed by CNN marked the record high migrant activity at the border as America experiences its worst border crisis in 20 years under the Biden administration.
    “For years the media painted the Trump administration as monsters for enforcing border protection policies and for ‘putting children in cages’.”
    “But now as the detention centres fill to overflowing with children, with the situation so grim that some facilities are at 1,700% of capacity, the media has largely lost interest in the issue.”
    Ms Panahi said under both Obama and Biden the “kids in cages” had become “migrant children in overflow facilities. Funny how that worked.

  52. john beasley

    Long term it sounds like the only out for the USA is production. John Williams said there has to be money growth, healthy money growth would be manufacturing and selling of goods.
    So much in this economy is a lie. People are not spending enough money because they don’t have the extra money, so the government and corporations and the banking industry create lies. The auto industry is crashing, they tell us, you better buy while you have a chance. The supply chain is crashing, because not enough people in the USA are purchasing products. They tell us there are not enough goods coming into the market, whiles hundreds or even thousands of ships wait to be unloaded. Fuel prices are going up because of “hacking” while fuel storage is at full capacity, even ships are being used as storage containers for fuels.
    We consumers are told to buy anything – survival food, gold, silver, lead, guns, water, just to keep the money in circulation. It is just something else to buy.
    We are told that money is going to be worthless, it has been worthless since 1971 and we all knew it was worthless. They have stolen everything they could out of the USA and moved it to Asia to keep our corporate owned, government controlled economy from crashing.
    The dollar was supported by a fuel tax, all fuel had to be bought and sold in dollars and their were transaction fees collected. Now the UN and globalists are saying we need a new global energy tax that will fund the UN and a new currency.
    Trump was like Reagan, he was a actor, he told the American people what they wanted to hear while the corporations, bankers and government set US up for the next decent into economic decline.

    • Paul ...

      John … “So much in this economy is a lie” … seems that’s all that governments do “is lie” and keep true information away from the people … from the lies they tell us about inflation, the CPI, etc., etc. … to the withholding of information about M2, the vaccine dangers, etc., etc. … and why? … why do they have to lie to us?? … I’m getting thoughts (hopefully it’s just a conspiracy theory) that they lie to to us to keep us purposely ignorant … and are calming us down with fluoride in our water before we are all gone??? … could it be “they know something bad is going to happen to humanity”? … why have they put up the Georgia Guidestones that speak of how wonderful it will be when 99% of humanity is gone??? … then we have Klaus Schwab telling us daily “how by 2040 we will all own nothing” and will “just be happy we are alive” … could it be they know our planet is doomed??? … and they just won’t tell us? … did they detected a huge asteroid headed right for planet Earth by 2040?? … it’s like “a free for all” in Washington DC as politicians fill their pockets with cash … and already $21 trillion plus has disappeared from our Military budget … could it be they have determined there isn’t any hope of deflecting the huge asteroid headed for Earth?? … could it be world leaders have graciously closed down the entire world economy (using a fake plandemic excuse) “just to give us some time home with our families before we all die”? … and all this crazy printing money they are doing handing out “free cash” to the people … is it so we can enjoy the last few years we have left to live??? … … the only thing that suggests the above hypothesis is wrong is “they still won’t let gold and silver rise to unbelievably high levels” (to give us stackers a little bit of joy before it all ends) … now the problem I face is … what if … gold and silver begins to skyrocket to unheard of extremely high levels???

      • Warren B.

        So many unanswered questions.
        However there is a key to unlocking some, if not most of it.
        Look to WHO…not WHAT ….is driving these events.
        What possible motive could they have?
        You surmised an Asteroid might be the driving force !!
        Asteroids of any magnitude colliding with EARTH are EXTERMINATION EVENTS. No underground bunker will prevail. Why kill of the human race when the Asteroid will do the trick.
        The agenda IMHO is really about achieving a superior RACE – or to put it more bluntly – ridding the Earth of the UNWASHED/GOYIM/GENTILES. \
        Transhumanism plays into this as well.
        There is a school of thought that our current Population growth rates will exceed the Planet’s capacity (if not already) and that Human activity will deplete/destroy the Earth’s natural resources to such an extent that the Human Race will not be able to survive on the Planet given the destruction of the Atmosphere and more importantly the depletion of the abundance of Oxygen within it.
        Those in Power have decided to make choices about how the Human race survives. That includes slowing killing off the population through various nefarious means, sterilizing men and women, creating viruses that would take millenia to evolve and allowing them to enter the human genome.
        The Moneyed interests of the World have a great degree of influence. These groups are well known and talked about. They don’t want a world that is better for us all. They desire a World for themselves. The Master Race with all the spoils.
        Just some food for thought. Speaking of which GMO is proven to affect human cells.
        Lies, Lies and more LIES !!! Everywhere you look. Intentionally …..they lie. KNOWING THE TRUTH IS VERY POWERFUL. So why would they choose to keep the secrets…to keep all the remedies…all the cures…all the facts ?

  53. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report USAWatchdog.

  54. barsoom43

    My sister and my nephew have both used 5.56 x 45mm ammunition in barter transactions. So, I will keep my food for eating but I may trade some ammo as the need arises.
    If you see US made canning lids, get some.. They are in such short supply, they will be good for barter.. Do not waste your money on Chinese made lids- pure junk and worthless.
    When you shop for almost anything, 1=0 and 2=1
    Make friends with a combat vet..

  55. Montana Guy

    The root cause of the video problems are globalists and their government hirelings. The problems are by DESIGN. They control Big Tech which controls virtually all electronic communications.

    Like the military saying goes, ‘If you don’t have COMS you don’t have jack.’ There is still time to get your local ham radio network up and running.

  56. neville

    The Spirit of TRUTH will lead you to THE COMPLETE TRUTH.
    John 15 :26/27
    Wonderful quote ,the trouble is that on this another fine report of the crimes being committed by the fed ……namely lying about Inflation,The Money Supply ,the thoroughly dishonest practice of creating cash out of thin air.
    The finance dept is guilty of using Dishonest weight and measures.
    The price of Gold / Silver should be multiples of their current levels and if it were not for the lies outlined above those prices would not be anywhere near 1881 for Gold or 28 for Silver and to compare them with the ponzi scheme s#itcoin is a joke.This rubbish and others in that sector are right sizing at the moment with s#itcoin trading at 35000 sick thats’s what this is …….But the only thing I can say about them is ,that this entity shows us just how FIAT the worlds currencies are and just how scared the ignorant public is as demonstrated by the Gold and Silver prices…….

    This is all going to come to an abrupt end as the market collapses and the educated wake up and call the fed’s lying bluff.

    Thanks John and Greg always food for thought and thank you once again for exposing the lies from the american government .
    WILL BE HARRASSED ,TORTURED EVEN KILLED…..We are witnesses to this and this is indeed happening in our time.
    Peace on Earth to people of Peace and Goodwill

  57. Jerry5

    This is what the globalist have in store for us.

    Now imagine that the chip in the card is linked to your vaccination identification via the global cloud. Let’s get this right. Once Elon Musk finishes putting the star link satellite system in place, and connects it to the 5G network world wide, they’re going to shut down the current financial system, and replace it with a global digital one via the cloud. In it all of your private information, your banking data, your location, even your biological functions will be loaded into one complete database. There’s an old saying. Knowledge is power. And boy are they going to have it. Forget about the idea of globalist goons coming to your door. They won’t need to. They’ll just shut your power off and lock you out from your bank account. What will you do when the stores no longer take cash for payment, or grocery stores only accept the global credit card? And if think you’re going to go charging to the capitol with your AR-15 forget about it. They’ll drone you before you even make it out of your driveway because AI is watching you all the time through your electronic devices and iPhones. FYI I use a flip phone for that reason and was told Friday by AT&T they were shutting my phone down soon because of 5G. Are you seeing the big picture? Now you know why I keep posting to get your spiritual house in order. We’re all going to need Devine intervention to make it out of this mess.

  58. Neville

    The Spirit of TRUTH will lead you to the complete TRUTH
    John 15:26/27
    Getting THE TRUTH out of anyone in the american government is like pulling teeth. Painful and NOT POSSIBLE……
    The fed has for decades lied about every aspect of importance in their department. To achieve this end they are certainly NOT transparent and have done away with the M3 money supply and just recently the M2 money supply so it is on a need to know basis as to what the hell they creating out of thin air regarding the liquidity in the market.The fed as I understand is NOT audited and I know for certain that the audit on AAcrime’s gold holdings was done away with almost 60 years ago….WHICH IN EFFECT NEANS THAT THEY THE american government don’t hold a single ounce just like their neighbour the canadians.
    As for the topic of inflation well if you can get a vaccine against the lies told about that and other financial date please let us know…..This is a real pandemic the lies emanating out of the country and has gone unchecked for decades.
    Gold and Silver are not reflecting the true inflation rate as they would have been multiples of these prices 1881 for Gold and 28 for Silver…..But what has indicated that there is trouble and I mean gargantuan trouble looming is the price of the Ponzi scheme s#itcoin which is about 35000 at time of this comment
    S#itcoin is for intent and purposes relatively valueless as it is merely a representative of the FIAT currencies which make up that fraudulent entity…..As the governor of the bank of england said the other day ….If you want to lose everything then play with cryptos….
    Using dishonest weight and measures is a transgression of GOD’S LAWS and that is what the fed is guilty of ……..
    A rocketing Inflation and implosion of wealth awaits the usa and the coalition of the willing.

    Thanks once again for this crime report much appreciated ,it confirms our ongoing view of events in the u.s. and around the world.

    Peace on Earth to all people of goodwill

  59. Steve B

    Just a question Greg. Having never gone through this before, not sure I understand how it will all play out. When do we stop comparing Gold and Silver to it’s value in FRN’s? Because once Hyperinflation sets in, and the Dollar eventually becomes worthless (which has to happen under a Hyperinflation scenario, does it not), who cares how many FRN’s you can get for your Gold or Silver? As the price for Precious Metals in FRN’s rise, so to will the price rise in FRN’s for all other things as well. Is there not a point when the value of Gold and Silver in relation to FRN’s becomes moot? And if so, how does one then value their Precious Metals for purposes of Barter (X amount of gold for X amount of Foodstuff) or (X amount of sliver for X amount of Gas)?
    Thanks, Steve

    • Paul ...

      In the olden days one silver coin containing around 3.9 grams of silver was the standard rate of pay “for a day’s labor” … as there are 28.34952 grams in an ounce … a one ounce silver coin should be worth 7.269 days labor … so what ever people are being payed for one days work in the coming hyperinflation … just multiply it by 7.269 to get the price you should sell your one ounce silver coin for (to get its historical fair value) … for example … right now McDonald’s is paying $15 dollars per hour to their newly hired workers … so a days work will net them $120 dollars … thus 7.269 days of labor nets them $872.28 dollars … that … is what one ounce of silver is worth right now … $872.28 dollars to simply get “its standard historical value” … the fact that the criminal banksters have to manipulate an ounce of silver down to about $30 dollars today to keep their paper IOU fiat Ponzi scheme from blowing up should be taken advantage of … as that one ounce coin you are buying for $30 to $50 dollars is historically worth $872.28 dollars right now … and say “a days wages rise in the hyperinflation to come” to perhaps $300 dollars … well then you will know that 7.269 X $300 dollars ($2180.70) is the price you should sell your one ounce silver coin for … to obtain “fair historical value”!!

      • Paul ...

        Note: The Denarius “was the standard silver Roman coin” and was “equal to a day’s wages” … but … even in the olden days criminal Roman Emperors would debase their silver coins (just like the criminal banksters today debase their fiat paper IOU’s) … and at times the silver content of the Denarius was reduced pretty significantly (but was still used as payment for a day of labor … we actually find examples today that weigh as little as 2.5 grams of silver!!

      • Mako

        31.103 grams in a Troy ounce, which is how silver is weighed.

        • Paul ...

          OK Mako … that means we should use 7.9751282 times a days wage to give us the price we need “to get historically fair value” for our one ounce of silver in Federal Reserve US Dollars … might as well just round it out to 8 … so think of one ounce silver coins as “pieces of eight(8)” … so if the average daily wage in the beginning of hyper-inflation to come is $130 dollars per day (you can sell your one ounce silver coin for 130 x 8 or about $1,000 US dollars to get historical fair value …. as hyper-inflation ramps up and people begin getting $260 dollars per day in wages (sell your one ounce silver coin for $2,000 dollars) … and so on and so forth … as wages really begin to increase in the hyper-inflation … you just have to keep in mind to get $1,000 US dollars for every $130 dollars in wages people are getting (to get a fair historical price) … as of right now today (May 25, 2021) a recently hired McDonald’s worker gets $15 dollars per hour (or a daily wage of $120 US dollars) … multiply by 8 … and $960 US dollars is what you need to sell your one ounce silver coin for to get “fair historical value” … as for buying a one ounce silver coin today … “most people” (like Stan for instance) can’t easily see that paying $30, $50 even $300 for a one ounce silver coin is a bargain of the century (for every one ounce silver coin you own “right now” … is “fairly worth” $1,000 dollars) … so for anyone to make themselves a millionaire (like Stan) … all they need to do … is stack away 1,000 one ounce silver coins … that’s all there is to it!!

  60. Andrew Cox

    John is a cery conservative commentator. I think the outlook for US and global economy is worse than the bad picture he paints.
    We are effectively seeing a war against the populaton and the economy. If the World Economic Forum and their unpleasant allies carry out the next stage of their plans – we will see more massive attacks on the internet and financial systems. Food and other commodity shortages are now occurring – and the (terrible) health impacts of the “vaccinations” will start to accelerate later this year.
    John says we will have difficult times ahead – I think we are entering a dark era. Everyone needs to prepare for the worse!

  61. paul anders

    Yeah I’m with John, The Fed doesn’t strike me as people that even care about anybody except their friends.

  62. Nancy McDaniel

    There is nothing new under the sun. What has been will be again says Solomon in Ecclesiastes. In other words, HISTORY REPEATS. All the previous biggest regimes throughout history destroyed themselves and fell to their enemies because of greed, fraud, sexual immorality and worshipping false deities. Yehovah calls it being the “tail and not the head” and the “curses” not the blessings. He is shaking EVERYTHING to see what will STAND and remain. Run with perseverance the race marked out for us and receive a Crown of Righteousness!

  63. Rod Brumley

    Inflation is already dramatic – look at housing – used car values have skyrocketed – Food is sky high – Gas Prices have almost doubled – Inflation and Implosion is upon us. Nightmare of Epic proportions is upon us and the sheep are asleep. In God I Trust

  64. al


    Besides PM, TOOLS are now my store of value.

    During this FALSE ADMINISTRATION FIASCO, I decided to remodel the outside of my home myself. I purchased lumber at a 400% increase and more tools than I needed for the job.
    When I do a project like this I wind up using the specific tools one time, then sell them close to what I paid for them, well, this time I’m keeping the tools because I believe prices for these commodities will never be lower.
    Tools are my store of value.

    Buy anything tangible now because EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!

  65. Jim Hall

    Excellent interview Greg. I recently heard that 57% of 2020 GDP was fed monetary creation. How long does anyone think that this is sustainable. I personally think that we will have a collapse causing a series of cascading cross defaults. This will probably cause asset price deflation initially. I believe that this will be followed by hyperinflation causing the dollar to become worthless. I am 66 years old and believe in silver because it has no counter party risk. I’m well aware of cryptocurrency but believe that the risk reward ratios are not commensurate. I go back to the South Sea bubble when Sir Isaac Newton had made 20,000 pounds. The Bank of England had 40,000 pounds to give perspective. He had gotten out with this enormous sum but couldn’t resist the gains he thought he was losing. Naturally he lost it all. His estimated IQ was 300. The human mind works the same for everyone, no matter how intelligent. Greed and fear over ride intellect every time. They are ruled by the reptilian brain, not the frontal cortex. This will be the greatest crash in human history. If it was only financial the world could be over it in a decade or a score. I’m afraid that there will be a political component which means that it could last several generations, causing countless deaths and untold anguish. I am as prepared as I can be, but how does one prepare for total collapse? I believe that there are many religious overtones in what I see happening but people scoff when I point them out. May God bless and keep your family and many followers.

  66. Clyde Cates Jr

    This guy keeps talking about the Pandemic like it real. It’s a manufactured pandemic!!!

  67. Jon

    Thanks Greg, You got me convinced with your suggestion on picking up some material products. I am going to get a new set of tires that I have been putting off. Normally Mr. Williams is hard to follow. But this interview was quite excellent.

  68. Bo

    Another great interview Greg. Thank you!! Strength in Jesus Christ brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Bo!

  69. Andrea van de kleut

    Hold on to your hat(s), when minimum wage will indeed, go to the fabled $15.00 an hour gas will really go to all time highs. They give here, and take 2-X there. Anytime they increase your pay or try to soften the blow for increased cost of living the bussiness world( read thieves) will create shortage’s and price increases because they know you got a few dimes more this month. that is it, it is regulated price gouging and fleecing of the innocent ( working slaves) WHY do you think no one wants to accept a job anymore? if you get government money they know you can’t afford higher prices, but as soon as you take a JOB for more then minimum, they’ll increase everything. and you won,t qualify for hand outs anymore and you have to pay all insurance and housing all yourself. NOW they qualify for government subsidies and partial subsidies, but when they have employment they don,t qualify fir anything anymore. surel you can see now ehat is going on? right ?? TOTAL relying on government for all your daily needs , EBT, WIC, Housing assistance, cheap(er) health insurance, but you will lose all that, when you make $5.00 more a month then the minimum. and you cannot afford SQAUT anymore.

  70. Dave

    Invest in wheel barrow stocks, there will be huge demand for them during the coming hyperinflation. Most people haven’t a clue as to what inflation is. I even hear Jim Rickards misstate when inflation is. Inflation is not rising prices. Rising prices are a symptom of inflation. Inflation is one thing and one thing only, an increase in the amount of currency. Inflation is a mechanism for theft, and this is all that it is. All in congress knows this, but All of them are complicit. Inflation and deficit spending could be eliminated in an hour if congress decided to stop stealing from the people.

  71. hubert

    Great interview. Thank you, Greg.
    The only question I did not hear you asking is: “is hyperinflation going to be only in the USA or is it going to be all over the world?”

    I live in Canada. Yes, we do have inflation (home prices have been going on for the last 20 years) but we also have a stronger Canadian dollar (or a weaker US dollar!!) and since US inflation is related to the weaker US dollar I would have loved to ask Dr. Williams how Canada would be affected when inflation reaches 20 or 200% in The States.

    You have a lot of non-American listeners and if I may ask, could you ask some of your guests, what effect the US situation may have outside the USA.

    Thank you for your hard work,


  72. Jim Miller

    Inflation or Implosion ? We have had that before. The FED politely called it stagflation.

  73. Jim Miller

    INFLATION, or IMPLOSION ? We have had that before. We have had both occur at the same time! Back when gold soared from $35 per ounce to over $800 per ounce, or approximately 2,300 %.
    All prices soared. Back then, I watched the shoppers at the check out lines in front of me. Elderly [ on fixed incomes ] would look at the register totals and say, “What I… I don’t have that much money.” I would wait in line, and watch these people on fixed income pull bare necessities out of the their shopping backs. They spent their entire and limited income, and got fewer and fewer food goods. As the Jimmie Carter years rolled on and gold prices soared, I also noticed that retail stores reported huge increases in sales of pet foods, which these people were now substituting for their basic human food needs.
    The Federal Reserve politely called this implosion with hyperinflation “STAGFLATION.” I imagine the Federal Reserve is already cooking up a fancy new word name to call the coming implosion accompanied by hyperinflation. It will be a ride on a wild roller coaster. This time around, a man with dementia is in charge of operating the wildest roller coaster ride.

    • Paul ...

      But this time around a can of cat food costs as much as a can of radioactive tuna from the Pacific!!

      • Paul ...

        What we have on our side is the fact that silver can go from $35 dollars to $800 dollars just like gold did in the 70’s!!!

        • Paul ...

          I bet back in the 70’s Stan was telling people he would light-up his cigar with a $1000 dollar fiat IOU note (created out of thin air by his Fed buddies) … if gold ever got above $35 dollars per ounce (which he was probably shorting)!!

  74. Agnostic

    JW has been calling for hyperinflation for some years now. But if there is one thing you can bet the farm on, it’s that the USD will lose value against real things, either fast or slowly. Buy gold and silver to protect yourself. It’s even more important for us baby boomers who hope for a comfortable retirement.

  75. Mike r

    The one thing that John says is that the Pandemic shut down the economy. Well actually it was each state’s GOVERNOR who shut down the economy, with the illegal and unconstitutional Lockdowns, in response to the COVID 19. So the reality is the government destroyed the economy, and destroyed thousands of business, and destroyed millions of jobs, that led to the fed further destroying the economy today flooding it with more worthless fiat dollars, that keep getting worth less and less, because of this excessive printing. It’s an unvirtuous cycle of perpetual destruction. Caused by the government, not by COVID 19 or the so called pandemic, which really was a fake pandemic, caused by fraudulent PCR tests that overstated the number of COVID cases.

    That is the primary clarification that needs to be known here. This mess we are in is being directly caused by our own government. Does anyone see a problem with this fact ?

    Do people realize the implications of this evil fact ?

    Our own government is literally and intentionally trying to destroy the republic. I’m not sure what part of that all US citizens do not understand or comprehend, but the government IS not trying to make anything better, or more positive, or save any citizen from economic ruin. They are doing everything in their power to intentionally implode the system. They are disguising their implosion by telling everyone we need to print more money under the false illusion of ‘injecting liquidity.’ The system does not need more liquidity. The so called liquidity, a fancy term, for debasing the value of the currency, needs to be stopped to allow the system to correct. Yes, stocks will go down, but they are super overinflated. There is zero price discovery. Same thing with bonds. The system needs to be allowed to correct and readjust. Will there be pain ? Yes , will that be permanent ? No !

    But until they allow that to happen, we will never ever see a true recovery. Right now we are witnessing an illusion of wealth. People who think their 401k is really fat and healthy are delusional. Same thing with pensions. And those on social security….well they were screwed before they ever got social security, because the government has been screwing them with a false CPI, and social security was never meant to be a persons only form of retirement ‘income’. It became that because corporations deleted pensions. And shipped all high paying jobs overseas. This destruction has been a work in progress since the 1980’ s.

    Make no mistake. The current government is not any form of ethical or moral government and is nowhere near constitutional. What is going to implode is the government. It needs to implode. It needs to be abolished. And we need to start over. Unfortunately, the people in power believe in and want Marxism, fascism, and every other ism that is evil. They want to stay in power, so they are going to wipe out the wealth of everyone but the top 1% who actually help keep them in power, by concentrating all wealth into the hands of the very few.

    The hyper inflation is not accidental. It is not avoidable. Those in power want all of you to become dirt poor, so they can better control you. They will continue more and more ‘handouts’ and call it bs like ‘universal income.’ Terms will be used to make it sound wonderful and idyllic. It’s all by design to convert the country into a really sick form of communism, where the only capitalists will be those already in the 1%. Those who are not, will never get out of poverty. And if they think there are simply too many of you, they will genocide you with more pandemics.

    The sooner everyone acknowledges this is happening, the better chances we have of overthrowing our current government. Everyone sitting in congress right now, should really be in orange suits, sitting behind bars in Guantanamo Bay.

    • Xie Hang Ten

      Reminds me Mike r, what Jesus said about the end of the present age.
      Unless those days were cute short, no flesh would be saved.
      So the sky must fall. We got to go thru the baptism of fire to get to the other side. Wether a totally new heaven or earth or a cleansed earth. THE MEEK WIN!
      Boy its hard to be humble, when your so imperfect in every way!

    • Paul ...

      You’ve got their number Mike … and it’s 666 !!

  76. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    John always makes sense and you both always make me feel assured I am prepared.
    Went to 45th HS get together with a few dozen friends that kept in touch and I have to say most are conservative but not informed on the distractions and Great Reset. I was very surprised! Some people didn’t know what alternative media was and wanted to know where to find it. I hope this doesn’t represent America!

    • Charles H

      I hope to make my 50th – but don’t expect any better results than yours.

  77. James C Rattenborg

    Greg I see a picture but no video you’re being hacked.

  78. Julia Gates

    Wow. That was sobering. Thank you for the interview. By the way I had no problem with the video at all! God bless!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia.

  79. Leo

    I like this guy he is a true sage and very calm and cogent and I agree we are only a little way off from hyperinflation and get stuff now canned goods beans with meat rice water filters a good tip is that Mormons and I am not one, but really admire they way they prepare and offer to the public this 30 year canned goods at a very low price so find one of these stores and buy what you can for even as little as 100 you can but lots of canned goods. I went ti Montana a few days back and no one wearing masks anywhere like the good ole days then had cause to go to Seatttle capital hill area and masks everywhere with BLM signs everywhere woe what a difference. I would encourage everybody to report what they see on the ground of life as that is often more valuable than opinion.

    • susan

      Yes Leo. Now it we could only keep the idiotic Californians out so we can stay normal!

  80. Elmatto

    The Central Bank Digital Currency will arrive just in time to save the day! Sure, you will have no freedom or privacy, but the hyperinflation of the dollar will leave us no choice. Problem-solution.

  81. Dugtrux

    inflation is a myth, till you go to buy a 2×4. What can you buy now that will cost more3 later? Lets see. Coffee, Sugar, Honey, 1/2 pints of bourbon(great for barter) tobacco.
    Every time you go to the store, buy 3 or 4 1 pound bags of dried beans. lentils, or “15 bean soup mix .(5 bucks) go home stick them in a old plastic coffee can. stick it on the shelf .Do that once a week, if you cant afford gold or silver. Invest in a 4 quart pressure cooker(60 bucks).
    Point being “you are not helpless, You aint dead yet”

  82. Greg Morrissey

    No Video

  83. Felix A Renteria

    this is going according to their plan,all planned in 1913 when the banksters took over the money printing.Like doug casey says now we have fake money,fake politicians and fake news.They will crash the market,crash the dollar and in comes the satanic digital currency,that is when we will really need our faith,buckle up.

    • regaleagle

      @I suggest silver dimes just to start. A $100 face bag will cost you about $2500 of worthless fiat in your account right now…….a tremendous trade-off for 71.5 ounces of US Constitutional dimes……which is just under $35/oz as of today’s current price……a real steal. No telling how much each dime might be worth in 6 months……perhaps $5 each??? There are 1ooo dimes in each $100 Face Bag……so each dime contains .0715 ounces of silver. So if you are paying $2500 for 1000 dimes today…….that means you paid $2.50 for each dime……just below $35/oz.

      • regaleagle

        Same thing goes for US Constitutional Silver Quarters and Halfs(Pre-1965)……90% Silver content. There are 400 quarters in a $100 Face Bag and guess how many halfs in a $100
        Face Bag??? Exactly……200!! You win a gold star, LOL. All contain exactly 71.5 ounces and all of these Face Bags are very close in price around $35/oz. currently. It would be a wise trade-off to get at least one bag of each and keep them until you absolutely need to use your coins for purchases or trading. At some point……you will need something even if you stockpiled lots of things. Silver will rise in value as the dollar inflates. Know your numbers…….like Paul gave an example of in his earlier post here……one oz of silver for 7.3 days of labor at the going rate.

      • Paul ...

        Regal Eagle … A US silver dime contains 0.07234 oz of pure silver (so allowing for some wear … about 14 US silver dimes equals one ounce) … with the “historical fair value” of one ounce of silver worth $980 US dollars “as of today May 25, 2021” … each US silver dime is currently worth (980/14) $70 dollars each … if you sold your silver dime today for “only” $5 dollars … you would be screwing yourself “Royally”!!

        • Paul ...

          As for a silver US quarter (0.18084 oz of pure silver) … about 5.5 of them is one ounce … so a US silver quarter is currently worth (980/5.5) $178 US fiat dollars …
          A silver US half dollar contains (0.36169 oz of pure silver) … about 2.76 of them is one ounce … so a US silver half dollar is currently worth (980/2.76) $354 US paper fiat dollars …
          And a US silver “war nickel” contains (0.05626 oz of pure silver) … about 17.77 of them is one ounce (but because of wear and tear lets say 20 of them contains one ounce of silver) … so one US “war nickel” is currently worth today (980/20) or $49 US fiat paper dollars each!!

  84. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear brother Greg, John Williams always brings reality to the lies, and the Feds. pokemon world of economics. When I think of hyperinflation, Weimar Germany, and Venezuela always comes to mind. The US being the world reserve currency will probably take longer to totally collapse, and currency devaluation, may take longer than other economies, but I can’t help but think, that ounce faith is lost in the dollar internationally, we could see massive influx of inbound dollars coming home to stay. Hyperinflation in America could be reached quicker than any other nation, since 60% of dollars circulated are abroad. Jim Sinclair and Bill Holder point out that hyperinflation in the US has already been created, without the currency devaluation in the US, because its reflected by the imbalance of imports and our countries deficient spending. We merely have been able to sell more treasuries up till now, and let the world pay for our imports. This condition will reverse, as soon as countries reject the dollar and our treasuries, because of massive spending by our government. Ounce faith is lost, as it has already started, since global dollar liquidity has drop over 10% over the last two years, all the chicken come home to roost when no one wants our dollars any longer. Thanks for having John on, he brings reality to this chaotic mess. Have a good day old friend, Don.

    • Ken

      So what happens when our government refuses to accept dollars from the outside world?

      • Paul ...

        Ken … The foreigners who own US paper dollars will use them “to buy things” (if our government won’t take them back) … then watch how the prices of things in US dollars begins to rise in hyper-inflationary fashion !!

  85. JohnF

    Left the Same Criminals in Charge After 3 Economic Collapses & Expected a
    Different Outcome.!!!!!

    Three (3) Economic Collapses in Two (2) Decades – National Debt 28 Trillion?

    2000 – Dot Com Tech Bubble Collapse.
    2008 – Bankster Mortgage Bubble Collapse. (29 Trillion Bailout – Ron Paul Audit)
    2020 – CoronaVirus Bubble Collapse. (4+ Trillion Bailout – No Audits)

    The Corona Virus Plandemic – The Whole World Believed ‘The Lie’.

    11Therefore God will send them a Powerful Delusion so that they Believe the Lie,
    12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and
    delighted in wickedness. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

  86. James Foster

    Found the comment section greg. Thx

  87. Scott

    Love love LOVE Mr. Williams! I’ve spoken with him by phone in recent years, and gained much from his wisdom and insights. Quite an education.

    None of this would have ever happened without YOU, Greg – I had never heard of him before tuning in to USAWD – your channel has paid so many personal and professional dividends in my life that it is impossible to list them all, here.

    We sure appreciate you.

    All the best,


  88. Michael

    Greg, I don’t know what you changed, but I do not see a video window. I’ve tried other browsers, all the same. Can you change it back?
    Thank you,

  89. Michael B Anenberg

    Mr. Williams looks like he’s losing some weight. I pray he’s doin’ ok.
    Perhaps he’ll grow his hair long and get healthier? I hope so.
    Although he’s a dry interview, he’s a wealth of info.
    Thanks, Greg. God Bless you and yours.

  90. JC

    There is the question, what are the long term effects of these experimental drugs…

    Bill Gates has been spotted in New York City. The most interesting point is he is walking around without a mask. After all, it was Bill Gates who has said wearing a mask is simply like wearing clothes. He also put out the lie that masks worked. All of the studies have shown that masks do not work. From the very beginning, even Fauci said that masks do not work for he too knew all the studies from the 1918 Spanish Flu proved masks do not work.

    We really have no idea what the long-term effects of these experimental drugs will have upon humanity. For someone so obsessed with over-population, it is inconsistent to assume that Gates really wants to save lives to further the expansion of the world population. Something does not add up and anyone who simply questions the narrative is suddenly said to be engaging in conspiracy theory so they never have to answer any questions about anything. Then we have our freedom suspended when the survival rate is over 99% under the age of 85.

    • Paul ...

      JC … Bill Gates has said: “wearing a mask is simply like wearing clothes” … and now he is spotted wearing no clothes? … could it be … Gates is trying to show the people that “he is our King”??

    • Warren B.

      “We really have no idea what the long-term effects of these experimental drugs”
      first and foremost…they should be referred to as Poisons or Toxins. They are disease carrying serums – intentionally laced with Viruses that the immune system cannot overcome. The Short and Long term effects are mass deaths. End of Story.

  91. Bible Reader

    For eddiemd and other interested people:

    School of Darkness
    by Bella V. Dodd (Author)

    — The story of how Bella Dodd left the Catholic Faith of her childhood to become a high-ranking member of the Communist Party USA, and later found her way back to the Church.

    …Dodd’s re-entrance into the Catholic Church—which as a communist she had so bitterly attacked—was a natural result of her new state of mind. In the early 1950s, she provided detailed explanations of the Communist subversion of the Church, reporting that “in the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within, [and that] right now they are in the highest places in the Church.” From such positions they were working to bring about change in order to weaken the Church’s effectiveness against Communism. She said further that these changes would be so drastic that “you will not recognize the Catholic Church.”….

    • Bible Reader

      Forgotten Testimony: Dr. Bella Dodd Warns About Communism

      …(Social Democr*ts)
      “I was told by Gil Green, chairman of the party in New York State, that if ever communism came to America it would not come under the Socialist label or the Communist label but it would come under a label palatable to the American people.”

      (The Squ*d)
      “In New York State, we used them in the American Labor Party, and in the Progressive Party. There have been places where we sent them into the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to operate as Republicans and Democrats, you know, but to operate as Communists within their organizations.”

      (W*rld Ec*n*mic F*fum)
      “There had been many things I had not really understood. I had regarded the Communist Party as a poor man’s party, and thought the presence of certain men of wealth within it accidental. I now saw this was no accident. I regarded the Party as a monolithic organization with the leadership in the National Committee and the National Board. Now I saw this was only a facade placed there by the movement to create the illusion of the poor man’s party; it was in reality a device to control the “common man” they so raucously championed.”

      “But the Communists were very clever in giving us two alternatives, which really were not alternatives. They put themselves at the head of the anti-Fascist movement. They said “We are the great anti-Fascists” and since you wanted to fight fascism you fell into the trap of working with the Communists.”

      (Bl*ck Li*es M*tters)
      “As long ago as the 1940’s the (Communist) Party was planning the cynically to use Negroes as instruments in the revolution-to-come in the United States. The theory, contrived by Stalin and unleashed by Foster, was to encourage ‘self-determination of the Negroes in the black belt’ and the establishment of a Negro nation with the right to secede from the United States.”

      • Charles H

        And what was Nigeria?

  92. Dave Zimmerman

    I live in Aberdeen WA which is a coastal/bay Port/ lumber saw mills and logging town, and a port that ships logs to the East. Our econ has totally exploded with the new lumber prices. Every able body who can run a chain saw and drive log truck or will work in a saw mill is EMPLOYED! Every shop and restaurant in town has “Help wanted” signs up. Its almost like a mining town that just hit a big vein of gold. And,..housing has doubled and tripled in just two years here! Just an up date from this little local econ for you Greg, Love you show Greg, thank you so much for your service to our country!

  93. Xie Hang Ten

    Trump was right about China
    SkyNews Australia
    They’re freakin on Mars, mind you!

    • Charles H

      Bongo, Legion.

    • Paul ...

      Think perhaps China has doubts about our scientists?? … what if our scientists “are wrong in their calculations” about that asteroid now heading directly for Earth … missing us by only a couple of thousand feet (below our G5 satellites) in 2027??? … then …”we all better be on Mars”!!!

  94. James Davis

    What does implosion look like? Would a controlled implosion be better ?

    • Paul ...

      James … If anything perturbs the trajectory of the incoming asteroid (now heading directly for Earth) … making “it hit” the Earth on Friday the 13th in June of 2027 … the collapse of human civilization “will not be controlled” … we will all be going the way of the dinosaur in an uncontrolled manner … that’s why the criminals in Washington are robbing, stealing elections and taking bribes with abandon right now (and without any care of being caught) … they want to “enjoy life now” to the maximum over the next six years before humanity is extinguished “by chance” … or was it God the Father who threw this big rock at us? … for us being so morally corrupt transgendered and murderously evil (like the “satanist” Sodomites and “pedophile” Govmorrons) … and who could blame him? … last time he drowned all the evil ones (with water from the sky) … this time he will roast all the evil ones (with fire from the sky)!!

      • regaleagle

        I think he meant “implosion” of our economy, Paul……not the earth from an asteroid. He was questioning the difference between the economy imploding vs hyperinflating……and will it be sudden or a slow-burn process.

  95. Charlie Patterson

    I finally got your Rumble channel!
    “Thank you” for ALL that you do! We appreciate and follow your work here and will be looking forward to more. Wishing you the Best! Praying it gets Better. I cannot afford to donate at this time. “Hard times’ here but will donate if a ‘windfall’ comes or as the situation allows. I hope that someone who has any assets and can read this message will help and does the best they can in the absence of my contribution…

    Charles Patterson

  96. Kay

    We took a ride along Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton FL. Boca is a well-to-do city in Palm Beach county. We were shocked to see all the commercial property that was for lease or rent. We took the same ride about a month ago and it wasn’t like this. This is also out of season for us here in Florida so that was another surprise. Most real estate deals are done right before the season or during. We are having a lot of NYers and NJers coming to live in Florida. I think we will have tourists all summer which is unusual for us but FL is open. I know many people that dread going back to States that are closed or semi-closed. They all say they love the freedom they enjoyed while on vacation in the Sunshine state. I am grateful for DeSantis so far.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting. Be sure to pass this along to John Williams. His email in in the “After the Interview” section in the post.

    • Paul ...

      Kay … Thousands of people are leaving NY, NJ and other “blue” States for Florida “every single day” … the outflow is like a tsunami … because Florida “has no personal income tax” … nor do they tax capital gains on the stocks you sell … I bet after most of the wealthy on Wall Street “establish residence” in Florida … that is when we will see the stock market sell off … as Florida residents will be able to take capital gains profits out of the stock market (State tax free)!! …

  97. iwitness02

    Government of the people, for the people, by the people shall not parish from the earth.
    Abe Lincoln. A grand vision. If Abe was alive today, he wouldn’t believe his eyes.
    His grand vision has been erased. The men and boys who died, did die in vain.
    Yes, it did take a while, but here we are. Government at war with the people.
    Evil, corrupt and self serving.

    • Paul ...

      I02 … I guess it is time for the Demon rats to force sleepy Joe to sign an Executive Order to bull dose down the Lincoln Memorial … as it unfairly pays tribute to “a racist white man” (who fought a very nasty Civil War and died “to free the slaves”)!!

  98. Matt Marlowe

    All I can say is “WOW’! Buckle up folks. It’s going to get very bumpy. Businesses are closing due to lack of employees all over in Kentucky. Went to a Hardee’s this morning and they closed after they took my order. Employees just walked out.
    The collapse that is coming will make the Great Depression look not so bad. When you have the corruption of all governments piled on top of the corruption of everyone in the banking system, there’s no place to run except precious metals and consumable goods.
    Thank you Greg for having such guest as Mr. Williams and all the other sane voices of reason. God Bless and be safe.

  99. Nick

    I believe that hyperinflation is coming and its not a matter of incompetance, its intentional., in order to facilitate a transition to digital currency. This would be introduced as a “rescue plan”.

  100. Boswell

    Brave, Android, “Shields Up” works OK!
    Hyperinflation? Been “prepped” for a while… Still waiting… ;-/

  101. Boswell

    Just saw your new section…
    Nice to see what you are seeing. Other aggregators all seem to have an agenda.

  102. Mako

    5/24/2021 4:30 pm
    The dollar is down substantially and the 10-yr Treasury yield is also down, with the Dow and commodities up. Perfect environment for metals, right?
    Well, gold and silver are both up but honestly, they should be up more. Why aren’t they? You tell me.

  103. tim mcgraw

    15:00: JW;” Authorities don’t like to forecast bad news”…. unless it’s to their advantage like with Covid.
    I went through all this, on a smaller scale, back in the ’70’s early ’80’s. Interest rates went to 20%. The economy died. Reagan came into office in ’82 and cut taxes. Wish he’d also cut defense spending and cut taxes more, but he got the economy going again.
    Could the government cut taxes and defense spending? Sure, but they won’t.

  104. LC

    But, but, but, if DEMS want to pay people to stay at home, DEMS’ Bosses may not generate an Hyperinflation this time?

  105. eddiemd

    Last week posted on the Chinese making their moves in Latin America. More in South America and Panama.

    But they are moving into Nicaragua and now into Honduras. Honduras has unexplored minerals. Historically they mined silver in large quantities for Spain back under the conquistadors.

    “And here’s a further complication: for a number of the most critical materials, including lithium, cobalt, and those rare-earth elements, production is highly concentrated in just a few countries, a reality that could lead to the sort of geopolitical struggles that accompanied the world’s dependence on a few major sources of oil. According to the IEA, just one country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), currently supplies more than 80% of the world’s cobalt, and another — China — 70% of its rare-earth elements. Similarly, lithium production is largely in two countries, Argentina and Chile, which jointly account for nearly 80% of world supply, while four countries — Argentina, Chile, the DRC, and Peru — provide most of our copper. In other words, such future supplies are far more concentrated in far fewer lands than petroleum and natural gas, leading IEA analysts to worry about future struggles over the world’s access to them.”

    Back in the 90s I was in Peru at the DOD virology lab. Noted some Chinese presence in San Borja/Lima. Then in the 2010-2013 period the Chinese presence in Lima exploded. They were everywhere in Lima. Running casinos. Money laundering.

    The Chinese are targeting El Sal, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. They pay off the governments to be allowed to fish the waters within the 12 mile international maritime border. The warm tropical waters are rich in sea life.

    The elites building sustainable energy in Nicaragua. Perhaps this will be a bug out site in the future. Granada is a cool town. Once they genocide the poor they will have a temperate climate with water and energy. Too many volcanos and earthquakes though. It will rumble when the Lord returns. The mountains will melt.

    Micah 1:4
    The mountains will melt under Him,
    And the valleys will split
    Like wax before the fire,
    Like waters poured down a steep place.

    Nahum 1:5
    The mountains quake before Him, The hills melt, And the earth heaves at His presence, Yes, the world and all who dwell in it.

    Isaiah 34:2-4
    For the indignation of the Lord is against all nations,
    And His fury against all their armies;
    He has utterly destroyed them,
    He has given them over to the slaughter.
    Also their slain shall be thrown out;
    Their stench shall rise from their corpses,
    And the mountains shall be melted with their blood.
    All the host of heaven shall be dissolved,
    And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll;
    All their host shall fall down
    As the leaf falls from the vine,
    And as fruit falling from a fig tree.

  106. Jim Furr

    Yeah! Greg!!!
    Go Greg Go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Currently We Are At 11% Real Inflation
    (and rising)
    Real Unemployment Rate Currently is 25%
    -Jim >

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s going to get much worse. Buy whatever you think you are going to need. The theme is not only going to be inflation but shortages of everything too.

  107. Bible Reader

    ‘Evil’ Critical Race Theory ‘fruit’ of Marxist ‘long march,’ says Os Guinness
    Witness of Mao takeover in China warns American republic in peril
    By Art Moore
    Published May 23, 2021 at 1:16pm

    One year ago, few Americans outside of higher education had heard of Critical Race Theory, which contends the concept of race is not biological but rather a culturally invented category designed by white people to oppress people of color.

    Now, having leaked from its academic lab, CRT is spreading exponentially to school boards, corporate offices, the military and governmental agencies. And many parents, students, employees and citizens are courageously pushing back, sensing something is deeply wrong without necessarily having a full understanding of what they are fighting.

    But it’s urgent that the citizens of this nation realize that CRT is not merely “erroneous teaching” and that the “leak” was no accident, warns Os Guinness, an Oxford-educated scholar with a unusual cultural and political vantage point.

    Born to Christian medical missionaries in China where he was a witness of Mao’s communist revolution, Guinness contends that CRT is part of an intentional, systematic, revolutionary movement in America stretching back to the 1930s that intends to replace this unique experiment in ordered liberty with a system responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people in the 20th century.

    The so-called “cancel culture” and Critical Race Theory are “the fruit” of what has been described as the “long march through the institutions” and “the triumph of cultural Marxism, or neo-Marxism,” Guinness said in an interview with Eric Metaxas….

    • Eddie

      CRT and the rest of the insanity (i.e. the numerous perversions Tom Delay spoke of) are the fruit of The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists. They fled Hitler’s Germany and were WELCOMED in the US at places like Columbia. The Germans did burn some books and they were books that needed burning.

      It used to be easy to find good videos on them. Takes a bit more effort now.

      The fascist governments are endlessly, repeat endlessly, demonized by the whore media and even people who are better informed, but they did not intentionally dumb down their citizens, deliberately make them less healthy, or open their borders and balkanize them. I know it’s heresy to speak the truth on this issue but I’m gonna anyway. Damn the Hollywood narrative.

      • eddiemd

        Not eddiemd.

  108. Mark Spain

    medical expenses are going to devastate many families, money is going to flow to the medical industry as people try to save their family members. the rich are going to buy these families out of their wealth, pennies on the dollar taking advantage of the suffering. I’m not sure how we can help the people that have failed the IQ test. GOD’s plan is playing out. DO NOT TAKE THE mRNA INJECTION! Tell your family. if you take the injection? YOU fail the IQ test!

  109. Jerry5

    Heads up. Apparently the globalist have cancelled their launch date until the first quarter of 2022.

    Apparently there wasn’t enough damage to launch the reset ….yet which tells me they will most likely be going to phase two which will involve cyber polygon. I also noted the mention of variants in the text so I would imagine another round of the virus is in store as well.

    • Warren B.

      Rather than Cyber Polygon being the next step in this grand scheme, I suspect that after giving the shot (of mRNA combined with other pathogens including HIV /XMRV/SARS ACE RECEPTOR and Aluminum/Mercury/ABORTED FETAL TISSUE) to 130MLN Americans = PATHOGENIC PRIMING….we will see another PLANDEMIC (as is happening in INDIA and other parts of the WORLD) where those that have been primed WITH THE POISON, will suffer FROM A DEPLETED IMMUNE SYSTEM AND ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT – allowing the pathogens now residing in their system, to be expressed. This is what is referred to as a CYTOKINE STORM = an IMMUNE INFLAMATORY RESPONSE. The body starts attacking every cell that has the injected RV’s in them – including organs like Lungs, Brain, Heart, Kidneys the vascular system.
      So essentially if those so called VACCINATED (who actually are lucky enough to survive the initial phase of the the SHOT’s) will once they come into contact with any CoronaVirus will suffer immeasurably from the known genomic reaction. Millions will die – then they will demonstrate how the “VIRUS” is out of control and re-inforce more poisonous inoculations.

      • Paul ...

        WB … As the world turns … exterminations proceed on schedule … when the American Indians raised their hand and said “How”? (they were given virus laden blankets ) … when today’s “Indians” say “How”? (they are given virus laden vaccines)!!

  110. Jerry5

    This is where I draw the line. In this case the Catholic Church is drawing it.

    Personally I believe if a church puts these types of restrictions on their members they should be held liable for any adverse effects to its members. You can’t have it both ways.

  111. Charles H

    We had a steak and potatoes dinner for Memorial Day – I did the pan fry. Watched “This Is The Army” with Ronald Reagan for a patriotic theme. And with all that: I could not shake how bummed I was with how America has fallen so quickly under the illegit Bargain Basement Biden posers in government – most of it manufactured.
    Gasoline prices nearly double in six months; lumber through the roof; homeless/drug use/crime spiraling; and the open southern border will turn America into one, big Refugee City. Oh, we are being destroyed alright. John Williams only centers upon the monetary/financial aspect of the nation – where the destruction is in the Currency. Well, as history rhymes: instead of a Hitler to save the dire straights of a people – a real anti-Christ leader should soon appear. I can’t see an America being saved. And having honorably served my country – it saddens me.

  112. D

    Gas is $4.82 in California

    • Greg Hunter

      And they keep voting Democrat anyway.

  113. eddiemd

    The USA showing weakness in everything. Bribe’um and Blink’um.

    Does any nation take the USA serious anymore? The USA can only threaten with economic sanctions and that is now becoming a joke when the Fed is endlessly printing fiat that will never be paid.

    • Charles H


      It is worse than Punch & Judy.

      • eddiemd

        Certainly not looking good.

        Israel is going to do whatever it takes to stop Iran. They know Biden and Co. is a demented, weak, and ineffective group of compromised cultural marxists.

        Everyday is a bonus day as we go forward.

        China and Russia are laughing but they know that a wounded animal is a most dangerous animal.

        • Charles H


  114. Michael

    Greg, have you looked in the “shortage” issue at all. I’ve seen a few unsourced things suggesting it’s deliberate. Would it be something they’re doing to drive inflation intentionally or would it be just another fear, destablization, and greed move? Thanks for all you do and God bless.

  115. bert trim

    Thanks for the interview with John. Great guest. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bert for all your support!

  116. Raymond Jensen

    To counteract the currency printing, they are trying to slow down the monetary velocity demographically; i.e. killing people off with the covid jabs. I hope I am wrong, but this is what I suspect.

  117. Mandy Logan

    Another great interview Gregg. Scary times. New Zealand is in the same boat. Blessing from down under 🙏

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