Normal is Over – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Analyst and financial writer John Rubino has been warning for years that a systemic crash was always in the cards because of the enormous unpayable debt buildup.  The debt for America has never been more extreme.  Now, there is a new wrinkle in the equation for an elite class wanting to hang onto power, and that is war – a nuclear war.  Rubino says, “These neocon chickenhawk psychopaths who are running Biden’s foreign policy are going to try to extend U.S. domination around the world.  5% of the world’s population is going to rule the other 95% of the population in perpetuity.  They see this as a ‘New American Century’ to be imposed by force, and they are willing to risk nuclear war to do that.  It’s baffling.”

Even if there is no wider war, Rubino says a systemic crash is closer than ever because of the massive amount of debt that even the common man knows will never be paid back.  Rubino says, “You cannot borrow the amount of money we have borrowed, it’s something like $700 trillion if you add everything in . . . it’s many times the GDP.  You can’t take on that kind of debt and then go back to normal.  Normal is over.  This would be like you or me borrowing $20 million on credit cards.  There is no way you can go back to normal.  The guys in charge of monetary policy are pretending they don’t know that or they actually don’t know that. . . . You can’t tell whether they are an idiot or an evil genius. . . .It is clear that they are not correct when they say they can give us a ‘soft landing’ and get us back to organic sustainable growth.  You cannot borrow this kind of money without a gigantic crisis to wipe out that debt.”

There is some good news as Rubino contends, “They are telling us bigger and bigger and more ornate lies.  More and more people are starting to see through those lies.”

Rubino says this is a phenomenon called a ‘trust horizon,’ and it is shrinking for most people.  Rubino explains, “Right now, people are trusting fewer and fewer of those big distant systems, and they are looking closer to home.  Would you trust the governor?  Maybe not, but you might trust the mayor because they can meet the mayor and shake hands with him.  You might trust the local farmers because you don’t trust the big food companies anymore. . . . And that’s what is happening in society right now.  The trust horizon is shrinking back to a local level.”

When it comes down to it, Rubino thinks we will all be facing only two choices to get rid of all the unpayable debt.  Rubino says, “When the first domino falls and starts knocking the other dominos over, the government is looking at a 1930’s style deflationary depression as everybody defaults on their debt, or they come back with a gigantic bailout because it is the only other thing they can do. . . .They give up on inflation . . . and create as many new trillions of dollars that it takes to stop the bleeding.  Then currencies start falling and inflation starts spiking, and basically, it’s game over.”

One of these two choices is coming sooner than you think, according to Rubino.

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called for 7.8.23.

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After the Interview: 

Rubino is watching the new BRICS currency that is going to be launched around August 22 of this year.  Rubino says this is a huge deal with very big negative consequences for the U.S. dollar.  Rubino is coming back next month just before the BRICS currency launches and promises to give us a deep dive on how it will affect you and the rest of the world.

John Rubino is a prolific financial writer, and you can see some of his work for free at  There is even more cutting-edge original information and analysis if you subscribe.

You can also support John Rubino at the snail mail address below:

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  1. dan

    Hey Greg get on Rumble also.

    • Ron

      I was talking with a customer who bragged on being some big banker. He stated that he wasn’t concerned with the debt at all and that the U.S . Would force the world to stay with the dollar using it’s military. He said this very smugly, I think you can only have so much debt and keep going. Even if we end up with a CBDC I still wonder what they will do with the debt. I’m more concerned about our debt than foreign powers military. Eventually the bill is due. Bitcoin and silver are the answer for me.

      • FC

        Obviously, you have met Stan?

        • Rick

          The US dollar is an international Ponzi scheme that enables Globalist elites to seize the hard earned wealth of US (and foreign) citizens and funnel it into gold that they then hold in their private Swiss Bank Accounts!!
          Note: To protect their Ponzi racket the Globalists in the US will even go so far as nuclear war with Russia – as insane Senator Lindsey Graham now calls for both the US and NATO to intervene directly “and attack Russia if anything occurs to the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant” ( which is simply an ill disguised open invitation to a false flag)!!!

        • Stan

          He sounds like a smart banker

      • virginia clark

        He apparently does not know or is too stupid to realize that the BRICKS alliance is not doing business on our terms anymore. He is going to find himself out in the cold one morning with no clue.

    • Anthony Australia

      He is Mate.
      I wanted to point out how bad the real waste market is here and the amount of non-complaint works is staggering. Yet the MSM – LLM continue to spread propaganda and how great it is to still borrow money which they print out of thin air and there’s never been a better time to buy.
      Check out these inspections and it highlights the corruption within the building industry here, so many building inspectors are passing obvious shonky work.

    • American Mothers Against Wall Street and Federal Reserve and Supreme Court and Congress and 17 Intelligence Agencies Gone Nuremburg Level Criminal

      Go ahead and try to collect Student Loans and Mothers will defend their children from Wall Street. Watch out! Americans owe you nothing. You owe America.

  2. Rant

    Its Everything about America??

    • Greg Hunter

      Youb are on a comment section for a website called

      • Tin foil hat

        Lol, I almost spill my soup.

      • sam

        EXACTLY ….its about the U.S.A….. and not about the ….the…Foreign actors who stick their nose in Americas Business…Thank You Greg Hunter…@ USAWATCHDOG underscore USA

        • bill

          Really. These foreign countries should mind their own business like we do. 😀😁😅🤣

    • sam

      you wanna read this in Farsi?

    • Derek Sinclair

      As Greg says it’s but if you live in the West (especially) it’s very relevant to us all. Where the US goes the rest of us invariably follow – that’s just a fact. I’m in the UK (Scotland) but I know more truth about my country from Greg than from the lying UK media.

  3. Sir Wm

    A couple thoughts…the killing of the economy and the resulting Bank failures will force CHAOS!! Then our Leaders will announce a plan and bring CBDC’s and UBI to the screaming dumbed down public!

    Then there’s the imminent WWIII coming (amazingly profitable for the Military Complex)
    but resulting in the death of our young Men and Women!! BUCKLE UP! Pray!!

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur with the CBDC but disagree with the imminent WWIII.

      WWIII is an economic war which began when Russia took the bait which is Ukraine. It gave the Deep State an excuse to initiate the economic war against Russia. China has already been defeated in this economic war even thought the Deep State doesn’t want us to know about it.

      • Bradley

        We shall see what happens when the BRICS initiate their common currency unit 8-22-23. That’s the date I am paying attention too.

        • Tin foil hat

          The Deep State didn’t want us to know what happened in China in 2019 even after Trump raised the alarm – Travel Ban. Now, they don’t want us to know about the current ongoing economic collapse in China. Why?

          Perhaps they want to repeat what they did to us in 2020. Instead of Covid, they want us to be caught with our pants down with the Greatest Depression.

          If the BRICS initiated their common currency in 08-22-23, that would mean Russia has also submitted to the Deep State and the NWO is behind the new BRICS common currency.

          The barrel will then finally turn inward against America in order to bring forth the phoenix out of the ashes.

    • crystal quartz

      That is sooo right Derek! 🙂

    • Freedom-4-All

      I agree with you. Is the CBDC that scares me most. That’s the main reason I started Freedom-4-All, to try to wake people up before it is too late.

  4. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thanks Greg
    Two common sense guys trying to figure out the truth as we go. Sadly, common sense has been lost and it has become uncommon in the past two decades.
    Keep prayed up and make sure Jesus knows who you are. Your brother in Christ!

  5. Justn Observer

    Greg, YUP…we are there, or should one say HERE =
    Jekyll Island Author Declares Revolution Is Only Way to Escape the Fed’s Planned Crisis

    Timing when A POSSIBLE crash in relation to historical INVERTED yield curve appears it is within months? =
    This Chart Reveals When Stocks Are Likely To CRASH!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Justn and thanks for the link to G Edward Griffin interview.
      I note, toward the end of the interview, he opines (and I paraphrse) that ‘hunkering down’, getting out of the system, will only provide temporary relief from the totalitarianism ‘they’ have planned. Only kinetic action to overthrow the ‘elites’ will save us.

  6. Mike

    I really like John Rubino. Love your show Greg. We are run by a Capitol of liars. Hunter dropped his stash. And the foxes will investigate the hen house. All of the criminals walk free. Fauci, Gates, and the alphabet agencies. Congress has its fake investigations which are a laugh and strokes the ego of the politicians involved. We have about 4 good politicians in DC. USA. The joke of the world.

  7. Justn Observer

    Greg, More planned JENGA BLOCKS being pulled in the food production/supply agenda by the psychopaths Rubino alluded to?
    35 minutes, technical, had to listen twice by Blaze Media
    Now, USA Today reports that two companies, Upside Foods and GOOD Meat, were recently granted a “rubber stamp” from USDA to manufacture and sell their laboratory grown chicken products to the public. FDA announced in 2022 that laboratory-grown chicken developed by Upside Food, is “safe to eat,” clearing the way for the public sales of cell-cultured chicken product.

    MAYBE Gates estate will own large tracts of farmland…but when this all goes the way people think…Gates and his X-wife will be on the ‘hunted’ list along with many others like Soros, Fauci, and those who sold out the U.S….for their complicity. MAYBE trials and executions will be the new Roman Colosseum for entertainment to replace LLM/MSM?…

  8. nicholas condon


  9. Lyon Barbara

    Not only is the system beyond repair but so is the planet.

    • Shirl

      There are so few of them, that once they are removed the entire planet will be freed, safe, & secure.

  10. Diana

    Thank you Greg for bringing John on. He has always been honest just like you. Blessings.

  11. Coco

    The US is finished…the new kid on the block is China! You had Blinken running there in desperation and now you have Yellen! Musk is sucking up big time to China because he knows it’s the future with the Bricks organization! The US are afraid of China… it’s been proven that in a direct conflict they lose big time!
    As far as nuclear war is concerned I have this to say… Obama reports to Schwab and Schwab reports to Jacob Rothschild the evil entity responsible for the COVID and injections depopulation plan…! It’s my belief that Jacob who runs the show…a very powerful man… doesn’t want nukes flying destroying the architecture! Think of all the effort he’s made to depopulate and why is this if there’s going to be nukes flying…? I say no… Jacob who controls just about everything doesn’t want nuclear war and it won’t happen on his watch…!

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father is not going to turn his planet over to a bunch of godless punks.

      • Ken Mazel

        Jesus comes back sooner , he says that because no flesh would be left alive. God the Father shortens the days. The great deception is here, it started with operation paper clip, progressed through operation Dominic and fish bowl to oh my here comes aliens. It’s all lies my brothers and sisters, all lies.

      • Ken Mazel

        Maybe not the plane(et) but the US has earned destruction or God needs to say he is sorry to Sodom and other evil cultures.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you just vengeful, sadistic or just stupid?

          In Genisis 18:26 “And the LORD said, If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.”

          Do you think there are more than 50 righteous people in America?


          • Mak


          • Rick

            Greg – Fifty (50) righteous (well armed men) is all it will probably take to pick off just one Globalist leader – which will put the fear of God or the fear of Judgement (if they are atheists) into the rest of the evil Demons and thus perhaps have them back off on their Plans for Total Human Extinction (by use of poisons in our air. food and water combined with their induced plagues, famine and war) – if we can’t find just fifty (50) righteous men in America God will likely allow Russia (or China) to Nuke all the Demon Rats “who are now totally infesting America”!!!

    • Tin foil hat

      The new kid on the block is the NWO, they are not even hiding it any more!

    • Ken Mazel

      Interesting Coco, many others agree with your assessment.

      • Greg Hunter

        The One that has to agree id God the Father and Jesus. They are not going to agree.

        • Ken Mazel

          (This is Greg Hunter I deleted your comment. You had your say and I had mine. Why don’t you “calm down” and show peole some hope instead of telling everyone to give up. Yes, give in to Christ Jesus totally, but then there is hope and faith and (the most important according to Jesus) Love. In don’t see any of that in your comment. I get the last word on this site and not you.)

  12. Nat

    “Trust Horizon” new operative phrase. Love John Rubino and Bill Holter…well done Greg!

    • Ken Mazel

      NASA is a total lie , actually pretty crummy CGI compared to most top notch movies and tax payers give them 64 million a day

  13. Tx

    John Rubino is a treasure. He works very well with you , Greg. John has a very positive calming effect where both of you can take us down the rabbit hole and bring us all back out. With a positive light on the journey.

    Always enjoy when you two chat.

    • Ray

      Excellent comment Tx.
      Fully agree with your concise and accurate assessment.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • Anthony Australia

        Hey Ray, I have totally had the same experiences as you.
        Mate I went to Woolies and the cashier couldn’t give the right change, I asked here where’s my other $20 bucks. She looked at me with a blank stare and said “Um, yeah, na, oh um, yeah wow your right Dude.
        Then across the road at Coles and it was worse, there’s no checkout staff anymore and you have to do it all yourself.
        AI = Death of humanity.

  14. Don W.

    Greg, I was one of five people that studied about what is going on today. But that was in the late 1970’s until 1982. We saw this coming then and like John, we have been saying it will happen and NOW IT IS. We will have a ONE WORLD GOV. very very soon. If???? we have an election next year, it will NOT be honest. The ONE WORLD GOV. people will come out on top.
    When you mentioned trusting the Mayor. When Republican Mayor followed the city laws and said NO to the queeeer flag being flown on the 4th of July, a couple of Rino’s on the city Council got together with the others and voted the Mayor out of office, even though the Council had voted several years ago NOT to have any flag flown except the USA flag, the State flag and the City flag. Yet is was the city council that broke their own law they had Passed several years before.
    But there is GOOD NEWS. ALL of these things are told to us that read the Bible, that these things will happen in THE END TIMES. Read Matt: 24. Rev:6,7 and 8. Plus others that really tell us the real story of the days to come. As I have said before, I will be 90 next year and I may yet go straight up before I go down 6′. Yes that will be at least 4 years away, but the Trib. may start next year.
    Get ready for that as well as putting up with this world we live in today. I have seen a lot of changes around the world when I flew as a PANAM pilot for a number of years. I saw changes in many of the counties that I flew into then that we can not now.
    I was also a Special Weapons Pilot that was qualified to drop Atomic bombs back in the mid 1950’s. And we almost did and it was top secret until this year.
    Well Greg, the only other thing I have to say is I WAS TOTALLY BLESSED in my life from having the best parents to still being alive to share the Bible with others.
    Blessings to you and John Rubino this day and many to follow.

    • Rick

      Don – Would you have really dropped atomic bombs on innocent people years ago if ordered to do so (the way doctors today injected us with the Cancer/Clot Shots)??

      • Rick

        Will Americans today blindly follow orders (sadly 70% took the Cancer/Clot Shot) so we are most probably doomed!!
        Past Overview – The US aided South Korea (at the head of a United Nations force composed of more than a dozen countries) and Communist China joined North Korea in the war (in November 1950) unleashing a massive Chinese counter attack against American and UN forces – but sanely those in power “did not use nuclear weapons”!!
        Today – The US is aiding Ukraine (at the head of a NATO force composed of more then a dozen countries) – if China joins Russia in the war unleashing a massive Chinese/Russian counter-attack attack against invading American and NATO forces – those in power today (being insane) “will most likely use nuclear weapons”!!

    • Andrea

      Beautifully said. You’re an inspiration to us all. God bless you, Sir.

    • Missy

      Don, I also worked for Pam AM, 69 to 89, loved that company. We flight personnel saw a lot of changes, heartache, destruction, and there were times I’d come back to US soil and want to kiss the ground. But not now…. I wish you well.

      Heaven will be better

  15. Jake Swarr

    Good evening, is the Deep State trying to get Putin to shoot off a nuclear weapon ?

    • Rick

      The Deep State is trying very hard – but Putin is resisting their efforts (even though the Deep State is blowing up non-military structures like bridges, dams and gas pipelines) – so the evil psychopathic Demons in the Deep State now feel forced to blow up the largest civilian nuclear reactor in the world in order to get WWIII started (which must stated before the 2024 election) – because the Deep State figures the American people (if forced into a major war with a nuclear power) will then “keep the current Demonratic leadership in power”!!

  16. Cheri Rodriguez

    Big question: What happens to Silver once the BRICS unleash their Gold-backed currency? Speculation is that once the price of Silver hits $50, there will be a lot of selling (especially people underwater since 2011). Maybe not though. If Silver is going up $1 or $2 each day, why sell when it’s going to be worth so much more next week? On top of that, JP Morgan didn’t load up on all that physical Silver just to cash out at $50.

  17. Charles Tas Maniac


    • Greg Hunter

      No link Charles.

      • Charles Tas Maniac

        Sorry Greg, looking into the why?

  18. robert

    Good documentary 2010 called Flash crash… data dump sites suprised it is still on you tube.

    People in the fed no real degrees and they never ran a business

  19. jomer

    I am going out on a limb and say they’ll lower interest rates, or at the most keep it same.

    My reasoning is to protect the bond market. The government funds it’s self by selling bonds, which no one is buying. Most countries are dumping their bonds.

    Then again, the Fed has been one of the biggest sellers of bonds this year. They might be dumping in anticipation that they will be dooming the bond market.

  20. Justn Observer

    Greg, Looks like a push to change the Constitution is coming so they can ‘legally’ impliment CBDC’S? People is the U.S. tolerate that and it is over ! Time to hit the bricks like France?

    • Rodney

      Why would this they bother, I mean it’s not like the Consitition has stopped this bunch yet has it?

    • Rick

      The Constitution stating that “only gold and silver is legal money” gnaws on the minds of the Globalist traitors who want to completely destroy our Constitution (in the same way we Patriots succeeded in completely destroying their Georgia Guidestones) – but American Patriots will never allow these Demonic turncoats to succeed!!

      • Rick

        Every American should show their disdain for the Globalists “digital currency” by buying one(1) gold coin or one(1) silver coin and proudly display it to everyone they meet and also tell everyone that the Globalist bankers who are imposing “digital currency” upon us are in fact “buying gold by the ton for themselves”!! –

    • Freedom-4-All

      I think one of our issues is the people no longer know the Constitution. Go to this page on my site. It has a few links to better understand the Constitution, as well as a link to the Constitution Museum. I also write about it once a month on my blog.

      Everybody should work to better understand this powerful document before it’s too late, and we lose it completely.


  21. Lucy H F

    the good sign about Rubino is that he is not lecturing us from a poor strategic location choice such as an island (Hawaii, P.Rico,) or urban Alaska or NYC … places which are very much dependent upon a trade economy, imports. And in the case of Hawaii & NYC there is a drug addled violent population that will go ballistic when the EBT cards stop.

    There are several experts that have appeared on USAWD and elsewhere that do live in these foolish for these times places. Ed Dowd prides himself on being smart but is in Hawaii. Charles Hugh Smith is in Hawaii. Mike Maloney & Peter Schiff in Puerto Rico. … And who could forget Gerry Celente in Mad Max ground zero Staten Island NY/NJ.

    Jesus warned, judge the prophets by what they do not by what they say.

    • Shiloh1

      I used to check in on that Quoth The Raven guy, Chris Irons. Cool sense of humor, but ‘c’mon – lives in Philly!!!

  22. Prospector

    ORDER OUT OF CHAOS , was always the plan.

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” | David Rockefeller

    “The CFR, dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax-exempt foundations, and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education and mass communication media, should be familiar to every American concerned with good government and with preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation’s right to know machinery – the news media – usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities.” —– CFR is the Tavistock Institute , London / WEF / Club Of Rome.

    Read their own words.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Prospector,
      I agree.
      And here in the U.K. we have the leader of the Labour Party (similar to Democratic Party in US), Kier Starmer, waiting in the wings to become the next Prime Minister. The Conservative Party (similar to the Republican Party in US) – the government that oversaw the scamdemic, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, mass innoculations – is being ridiculed by the controlled LLM in order to usher in a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing as Prime Minister, Kier Starmer – member of the Trilateral Commission!

      Here is an extract from ‘Labour Heartlands’:
      “It should, therefore, be very concerning when we find that the Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer is a member of an organisation that believes, we the people have too much freedom. Too much democracy. An organisation that believes the working class and the masses should be removed from any democratic process leaving the issues of democracy and government to the elite, the establishment. It is therefore incumbent on all Labour Party members to understand that Sir Keir Starmer is a member of such an organisation, a very powerful undemocratic organisation that advocates a ‘New world order‘ one in which the people’s role in government and democracy is greatly reduced.”

  23. Elias

    I can remember one of the first conversations I had with my ex’s dad, God rest his soul, concerned his desire to sell several of his residential investment homes and purchase a big commercial real estate property in Boston.

    This was 2008, when commercial real estate was considered a “sure thing,” much more stable with tenants than residential, and bigger rents, of course. With well to do tenants (big companies, generally), who always paid every month. At least, that was the conventional wisdom, at the time..!

    My how things have changed..!

    We’ve got to be ready for anything out there. Commercial RE is but one example that no one knows the future, or can predict what is a “stable, sure-thing.”

  24. Elias

    I stand corrected, don’t know if it was one of the first conversations, but it was an early conversation, for sure lol.

  25. Alyce

    Wow, John Rubino just said exactly what I just did. My bone density scan showed some minor density loss and my Dr offered me 4 different drugs (very dangerous drugs that are not even proven to work). I just sat there and said “No” to all of them and left.
    Instead, I’ve been working out….harder, lifting weights with a personal trainer, changed my diet completely. Taking responsibility for my own health (I always had, just not quite enough) of course, no vaxes for me. Funny he should talk about how people are starting to do that, yes we are!

    • Southern Girl

      Just wanted to tell about my experience. In 2012 I broke my leg and had to have a metal plate and 6 screws put in. My Dr. wanted a bone density check. Then two years later he wanted another. Mind you I was 62 at the time. He came into the room and said he could not believe what he was reading. My bones had gotten thicker. My solution was I upped my Vitamin D to 10,000 IU. My body cannot absorb much from the sun anymore, so I supplemented. Regular range is around 99-100, last blood check mine was 130. He asked me to get off for 6 months, okay my Vitamin D went down to 67. So, I have upped it again. I think that is why I didn’t get sick when everyone was getting sick during the Plandemic. Hope this helps maybe look at your blood work and see if you are deficient in anything. Good luck!

  26. Jay

    I would like for your guest to go into depth about inflation and deflation. Which is it? And if it’s both, who benefits from each and who suffers from each? It appears to me that they are happening simultaneously with the government spending all the new money to hold off deflation while enriching themselves and their cronies while the consumer is struggling to keep up with the inflation of everyday necessities. Does this come in ever deeper and steeper cycles, or is it one and done like the wheelbarrow money in Germany?
    Feel free to jump in there Greg if you have additional information.

  27. Robert

    Let’s play pretend. Let’s pretend the BRICS announce at their upcoming August meeting that they are putting their finishing touches on the new gold backed currency and are about to pull the trigger on the implementation stage. How will that effect the current fiat monetary system? The result may be comparable to the 1971 event with Nixon. The rest of the world is fed up with our digital crap we pass off for their labor and scarce resources that are ultimately for our benefit. BRICS+ will comprise the majority of the population and they will usher in a new mutually benefitting currency that will help them not us. Even our neighbor Mexico is on the 20 country list asking to join BRICS in pivoting away from the dollar and the vast majority of Americans have no idea what is coming. The status quo may change dramatically.

    • Randy Best

      Lets hope that the BRICS know what they are doing and their new currency is not a dud.
      Since 1971 we now have two generations of people that have blindly placed their faith in worthless Government/FED fiat money.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Robert,
      IMHO, the upcoming BRICS+ meeting on 22-23rd August, as informed some time ago by Jim Rickards, makes the intervening days and weeks even more dangerous to ‘we the people’ than usual. The non-BRICS powers that be are highly motivated to protect their Federal Reserve Notes – with which they have subverted world governments, the media, and purchased the world. They are not going to meekly stand by and watch Putin and Xi launch a viable competitor currency. Expect fireworks, including serious attempt/s to assassinate Putin before the meeting . . .

      • Robert

        Hi PNG,

        We blew up Saddam when he threatened to accept Euro’s for oil. We blew up Muammar when he was threatening to have a gold back currency. We can’t blow up the rest of the world this time. The largest “non- European” countries are lining up to dethrone the corrupt dollar. The soulless/corrupt freaks in charge of our monetary system did this to themselves. Brace for impact.

  28. Ronald Lasal

    Greg, If you are truly a christen start listening to Julie Green. Her post are also on Rumble. Her post are on every Monday – Friday between 08:30 – 09:00. Lately God talks through Julie. God says the evil people will soon be gone, and the Rich evil people will not only be taken out, but will lose all their money. War at this time will not happen. The dollar will collapse and the gold standard will take over. Wall street as we know it will shut down. You really have to get her on your show. Julie is a special prophet through God.

    • Richard Longacre

      Ronald, you are questioning Greg’s faith (and everyone else’s faith) based on if he/we listens to someone claiming to be a prophet and talking directly to God.

      Next time try just making a recommendation and leave your “If you are truly a Christian'” garbage to yourself. Very few people are as open and vocal about their faith than Greg.

  29. Anthony Australia

    JB strikes again on USAW!

    We need to resist this banking criminal cartel and refuse the CBDC.

    Banks Behaving Very Very Badly: With Robbie Barwick

    • Richard Longacre

      Anthony, personally, I believe the total life control CBDC system will also be linked to the DNA altering injection status and is the Biblical MOTB. Refusing to bow down and use their system may well cost us our lives but save our souls.

      Say no to their CBDC and their injections.

      • Anthony Australia

        Warning! Banks Now Refusing All Cash Withdrawals & Closing Accounts (Video)

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Anthony,
          From a distance, Australia appears to be the globalists’ test-bed state. I was appalled to witness the degree of police brutality applied to anyone and everyone not fully complying with the scamdemic rules and regulations. Based on USAW commentary, Australia has lost all sovereignty and is being run by the Anglo-American globalist alliance. Such a shame that the sun-kissed free-wheeling peoples of Oz should be subjected to Nazi tactics!

  30. Pete

    Someone said on the current leaderships in Europe, US, Russia that President Putin was the only adult in the room, and I agree with that.
    The leaders of NATO seem to be demented, illogical, and not living in the real world.

  31. john lance

    Alex , I will take runaway inflation for a million .

    • Rick

      Not a million worthless paper dollars – what you want during runaway inflation John is a million silver coins!!

  32. Doug

    Greg I have never heard a interview with John before. One of the best I have heard in a while. Part way through I stated to hope you would ask him on his thoughts about the BRICS meeting August 22-24 now that they have admitted about a gold backed currency . Maybe next time, soon I hope as I feel things like that are way more important than the Vax shots at this time, it has been beaten to death that they are kill shots and uptake has dropped off, so your listeners already know this. Like preaching to the chior yet this deal with BRICS is upcoming and very important to peoples financial survival

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Doug,
      I take your point – the upcoming BRICS+ meeting is hugely important. However, to suggest that the intended murder of vast swathes of the world population is an event that “has been beaten to death” (not sure if the pun was intended) is psychopathic in nature. You go on to state that “this deal with BRICS is upcoming and very important to people’s financial survival”. How about the important matter of survival – period?! IMHO, ‘we the people’ were handed a weapon of (mass) destruction when TPTB unleashed the scamdemic. Martin Armstrong opined that TPTB overreached when they launched the scamdemic. Everything about it was / is so fantastical that it has woken more people than the globalists worse nightmares. They can only prevail if ‘we the people’ allow them to remain in the shadows. We must not allow ‘Covid Dialogue Fatigue Syndrome’ to take hold. We must continue to shine a light on this, their most foul of deeds . . .

  33. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino a truly enlightening interview.
    What is more enlightening are the comments section of your interview. The anger and angst that ordinary people are having to live with is laid bare in this section.I can only urge others to read and think on many of these comments.
    Here in the UK our Neo-Con directed politicians and bureaucracy are in full prostration before the Washington Neo-Cons.The ghastly freedom grabbing Schwab from the Neo-Cons is blackmailing those who have a little influence and using billionaire money to bribe so many more like the London School of Economics,perhaps Pol Pot had a point.
    Mr Rubino,suggests the big pharma may be bribing Doctors of Medicine,here in the UK big pharma are using lawyers like the most vicipous dogs to demand their way or the independent minded Doctor is destroyed by his fellow medics. Your fellow medics are not your colleagues they are your spy, rather like the Nazis during WWII who had over 50% of German Doctors on their team. Today here in the UK anyone trusting their Doctor is at a horizon of micro-dot proportions. Rather like our currency and economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!

  34. Tee

    Hi Greg Iam stun to see this headline Lee Sang Eun Discovered Dead in bathroom Minutes Before Her Performance She was a talented Soprano singer, had an illustrious career. She graduated from Seoul National University Where her exceptional musical talent was nurtured A beautiful woman with deep black eyes Shocking.

  35. James Hascomb

    Hey Everyone,

    First, love every Greg Hunter interview and Wrapup. I watch them all these days.

    I’m a Christian and I wanted to share a recent publication from my Substack with you. The video can be viewed here:

    This video is about Revelation 14:20. This is part 1, and a discussion about how the passage has been misunderstood is discussed. The final part of the discussion will be published this Friday at 3pm est, and that is the one you really need to watch. Well, incredible things are happening now that all Christians need to understand. Now is the time to get started.


    Thanks Greg!!!

  36. Randy Best

    More and more it appears that the USA is indeed Babylon as stated in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Come, Lord Jesus.

    • Richard Longacre

      Randy, I agree except I would say the USAinc system of corruption is Mystery Babylon, not the American people. Their system must be brought down and this will hurt all citizens, regardless of our faith, for a while.

      Unfortunately the MOTB total life control CBDC system is very likely what will follow when this current global system collapses. All part of Satan’s plan but we know God wins in the end.

  37. john holmes

    Have a look at Tim Cohen’s videos on you tube
    about the antichrist. Satanic influence in the WEF
    You will be suprised who he says ia the antichrist

  38. Frank Murphy

    How in Gods name are Gates, Fauci, Clinton, Tradeau, Soros etc not shuffling along hands outstretched in front of them? Because the media act’s as a buffer between their criminal deception and reality.

    • Rick

      Not for long!!!

    • 5 Deep

      Frank, if you ever need to vomit quickly, watch this Fauci video.

      • Rick

        This guy (Fauci) tells us “not to accept the normalization of untruths” and then publicly tells us to accept his “science” Without Question – when we can see “his science” is killing millions with Heart Attacks, Strokes and Cancer – “double speak” is the hallmark of a Demon (like the forked tongue of a reptilian snake got Adam and Eve thrown out of the Garden of Eden)!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        5 Deep,
        Tried to watch but became violently sick . . .

  39. Jerry Digerie

    Vax Spike Protein
    here’s another tool in the toolbox that Dr. Kory & Eads can check out:

    Protecting Against Spike Protein Toxicity With Sulfur, Selenium, and Sunlight

    • Rick

      Garlic (containing high concentrations of of both Sulfur and Selenium) along with Sunlight was a well known cure to ward off Vampires throughout the ages – so even though the devious Fauci created microscopic vampires with fangs (spikes) and had Biden forcibly inject them into 70% of the American population (to feed on our human blood) – “we can still kill them off” – by simply eating garlic and getting out into the sunlight!!!

  40. Roger Stamper

    tks for post john greg

  41. Galaxy500

    Great newscast. “Normal is over”
    Damn, once he said it, I realize that it: A) It’s true
    B) It’s been over for a few decades and we were too busy to actually get involved to fix it.
    And when he says, “It isn’t fixable”, anyone with a number 2 pencil and a 6th grade classical eduction can do the math and mathematical prove he is correct.
    As Greg relates the word of God, “Fear Not.”
    We could have things 20 or so years ago and we didn’t. We can prepare to take care of ourselves and our loved ones now. Are you going to let this opportunity?
    Food and water
    Protection, if you can’t protect yourself/Family you will be swept away by the tide of easily preventable criminality. This is going to take a little effort.
    Source of trade: Silver, Gold, ammo, spices, alcohol , aspirin, oil… but if you can’t protect it, you aren’t going to be able to keep it.

    The list is much longer… but start with the basics. Medicines, shelter , etc. Time is running out. And have a dog or two. Good company and a great early warning system.

    Greg is preaching the Gospel and he is letting you know what is happening in the world. Thanks Greg. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.
    And people, if you are preparing, don’t forget the First Rule of being Prepared, “Don’t talk about it to others.” This stupidity will put a target on your back.
    Sincerely G500

  42. conservativeinmass

    It sounds like there are only two fiscal policies in the ever tightening box
    The policy makers need to pick between deflationary collapse or hyperinflation meltdown
    History tells us world wars is the next best alternative to fiscal options. It certainly does not bode well for the next economic cycle worst than the 1970’s or relive the 1930s

    Keep strong in pray

  43. Jeff Barron

    Great show Greg! USA is the modern day
    Babylon! Jeremiah 50& & 51 Rev 18.
    Trust the Lord🙏The USA is not the country I grew up in. We are the modern day Sodom..

  44. Freedom-4-All

    Morning Greg.

    Love to listen to John. Very levelheaded. Is there any way to fund a guest to talk CBDC? To me, that is a big fear. And I personally don’t know what to do.

    Just a thought.


  45. Bradley

    Your guests are top notch Greg. Rubino carries a persona of Trust every time. A soft spoken man which sticks to the facts and presents them in a logical manner. He is an asset to this country and why people are flocking to his sub stack for his wisdom and viewpoints. He described to the Tee how I have lost faith in all institutions. “The regulatory agencies have been captured” he states. A great way to put it.

  46. Thomas Malthaus

    John Rubino used the word “psychotic” to describe neocons and nuclear war.
    If we’re aware of mass depopulation through the COVID vaccinations and the attendant economic upheavals, it’s easy to reason a US-initiated nuclear exchange.

    A time and circumstance of their choosing. They’ll all be safely ensconced in bunkers while Biden gives the order.

    What follows is the New World Order.

    I articulate this without a hint of paranoia.

    NATO can extend and pretend with cannon fodder in Ukraine, but they don’t have the systems and logistics to defeat Russia without sustaining horrific losses.

    If the exchange is limited to Russia, Europe, and North America, the first-day losses may approach 1 billion. The subsequent economic and human losses, including power and food, are beyond my pay grade.

    • Rick

      The life span of any soldier fighting in the Ukraine is about 4 hours – this means the NATO countries and the US will soon have to begin drafting our normal 18 year old children (who escaped being aborted in the womb and did not self castrate themselves to become a transgender) and sent them to their deaths (in accordance with the Globalists plan for Total Human Extermination)!!

      • Jeth Tulliston

        First of 827 Comments @hamesh3474 5 hours ago
        I couldn’t find anyone better than Biden for doing that. Biden is the charlie brown of presidents… This war should never happened.. diplomacy could have saved all those lives

        ‘Biden Could End War In 5 Mins’: Zelensky’s Statement Echoes Russia’s ‘U.S. Puppeteering’ Charge

        Hindustan Times 57,930 views Jul 10, 2023
        Russia’s hellish onslaught has given Kyiv no chance to retaliate. Ukraine’s weapons, which were sent by the West, have been blown up in a Russian fusillade. This has made the Ukrainian President make another big admission amid the war. Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Joe Biden can end war in 5 minutes by conceding defeat to Russia.” He also said some dangerous signals with regard to reducing aid to Ukraine are coming from particular politicians in the United States. Volodymyr Zelensky’s “Biden can end war” statement seems like a confession that the United States administration is directing Ukraine to fight Russia.
        WOWSER! Some Real Skinny Here Mate!

  47. cust.

    My bank, a fcu, is a surveillance system. They blocked my debitcard for attempting to purchase a Christian childrens book online. I had to have it unblocked thru their fraud dept which is probably outsourced by Yellen.

  48. Scott

    Ed Dowd reported US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate new record in disability among working age Americans. The rate is accelerating. Further all cause death among the young jumped in the second quarter of 23 with no evidence of the trend slowing. As I have said, before, back in the 80s when I was in public health service, the idea of reducing the lifespan by 5 years as a tool to make Medicare and Social Security, cash flow was openly discussed. The question is, how would you go about doing that? I think we have a front row seat to how that strategy is playing out: induce mass panic over a virus, that you created; leverage the panic to introduce a therapy that would damage immune responsiveness; then introduced a second engineered virus that will disproportionately kill those who have been damaged by the first treatment.

    • Rick

      Exactly Scott – when the Demonrat politicians under Roosevelt developed their Social Security Scam they knew the average lifespan of humans was 65 years old and figured all the money they collected could be put into their pockets and never have to paid out – we screwed up their scam “by unexpectedly living longer” – so now they need to kill us off with poisons in out air, water and food along with abortions, transgender castrations, plagues, famine and wars!!!

    • Rick

      What is very interesting is that the Globalists probably feel they have killed enough Americans with their Cancer/Clot Shots to give $4.48 million from our US Social Security Fund to the Kiev Government!!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Rick,
        Great observation! Not too many people would have joined those dots. Kudos to you my friend . . .

        • Rick

          Here are some other dots that don’t make sense to me – when the Cancer Clot Shots were first brought out “everyone was told to take it by the paid off Media and Government officials – To Protect Themselves, Their Families, and Others” – and if you refused to take it “you were vilified, lost your job, had your church shut down, etc., etc., etc.” – Now – we are finding out from Pfizer that more then half the vaccines they administered were “simply salt water”??? – one would think (if people just used their brains) that if “these vaccines were truly developed “TO PROTECT EVERYONE” – Then why was Pfizer injecting some people with “NOTHING BUT SALT WATER”??? – the obvious answer to me is “they didn’t want everyone they jabbed to immediately drop over dead” as it would have scared off the 600,000 people lining up to take the Kill Shot – so they did a “Controlled Kill Off”!!!

          • Rick

            This opens up the question as to what they will be planning to inject into us when they release their Marburg Virus (obviously to make the virus more lethal to people then their Covid 19 Shot they simply have to give less salt water injections)!!

  49. david hodges

    Obviously the banks need to fail and we need to run the finances like the founding fathers set it up………… Woodrow was a power hungry fool guys.

  50. Martin Luther

    Poison ain’t kosher.

    Masonic poisoners, thieves, murderers, terrorists, liars, pedophiles, and their enablers aren’t Christians, nor repentant. In the name of “science,” they subvert language, mislead everyone, and lie about ancient history in order to cover up their alien Vinča ancestors’ agenda. Catholics are full of it: Ferraro Group LTD infiltrated the Boy-Girl Scouts of America in church basements with the communist/transhumanist agenda long ago after they corruptly, underhandedly Masonized church leadership. They often programmed their victims to accept genocide, sexual abuse, and/or near-death programming from leaders, and to eventually buy and sell “cookies” made with non-biologically-derived RoundUp, insecticide-soaked sugar beets & sugar cane, gylphosate-finished wheat flour, yeast of the Pharisees, glyphosate-soaked GMO corn, and practically gay GMO soybean oil like it’s NORMAL, in order to destroy human health, ignore traditional Rabbinic balsamic medicine, control minds, disrupt hormones, control sexual reproduction, extort Congress, manipulate our economy, systematically end traditional agriculture, and exploit the next generation with their atheist/communist/transhumanist agenda in the name of Satan – the real leader of their alien-Vinča-Masonic-Egyptian chvrch – NOT “ORGANIC WHEAT” JESUS!

  51. Think About It

    “They” lie about pretty much everything… is it possible that nukes are just as fake as the Moon landings & Covid?

    Before you dismiss the notion remember how easily “They” were able to use predictive programming and propaganda to terrify the populace into locking down, masking up, and injecting experimental ClotShots into their bodies.

    People over a certain age were severely traumatized as children by nuke drills and massive propaganda campaigns which affect them to this day…

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi TAI,
      “‘They’ lie about pretty much everything”
      And to think, back in 1969, I held my newborn baby daughter up above my head and proclaimed to her that man had landed on the Moon. Little did I realise that I had been taken in by a Stanley Kubrick movie . . .

  52. BioWreck

    I would like to know why my prior comment was removed.
    I disagreed with Mr. Rubino and was respectful.
    Why is my opinion being suppressed?

    • Greg Hunter

      Number one you post anonymously. This Makes you look like an AI/troll. #2 You feel you have a need to discredit my guest with your nutty anonymous opinion. #3 Nothing is stopping you from starting your own platform and posting your nutty anonymous crap there. Now go away.

  53. Kathy

    Greg, can you repeat that link to the Max Blumenthol video you referenced? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks for all you do! Love your reporting!

  54. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Greg and John. So many wonderful and helpful nuggets in that interview.
    I love how he calls our monetary policy/system what it really is, a “fiat currency” system, and only precious metals (Gold and silver) are real (and Constitutional) “money”.

    I agree with John that when this system does finally collapse on itself it will be a “Deflationary Depression” for jobs and the things we already have but don’t need, but I also believe that we will continue to see hyperinflation on the things we need to survive like food, energy, gas, propane, LNG, medicines, water, etc.

    Taking control and responsibility for our own health and well being is a must from here on out. Just like we have lost all confidence in our so-called leaders and our economic system we have also lost faith in our doctors and the medical system. How many times can you be lied to before you wake up and learn to discover the “truth” for yourself? Reagan used to say, “Trust but verify”. Now it is, “Don’t trust and verify everything before taking any action”.

    • Kathy

      Thank you. That Blumenthal vid is excellent! Disgustingly interesting facts.

  55. Jackie Pollock

    “Normal is over.” “The system is beyond repair.” This sums up our economy. But we can do some things to save ourselves and that would be buying gold , silver, farmland, gold and silver mining stocks, oil drillers and other choices. Those who can do these things will likely be able to survive the economic collapse and chaos. John Rubino is very smart and he is correct of course. These valuable tangible assets have always held value over fiat currencies.
    We still have the geoengineering destruction elephant looming over us.
    We still have nuclear war right outside our door, any of our doors.
    “Normal is over” – it really is!

  56. Wendy Cranberry

    Democrat voting women watch this Joe Biden clip and blame the girls

  57. Rolanda Ybriham

    seer Penny Kelly (in a month’s) ago Look-See) foresaw for this year a major roadway in Chicago being seiged by violent thieves and barbarians. It looks like now they are now working up to that big job.

  58. Petor Strokamoore

    Wow, just heard Miranda Divine on radio tell Charlie Kirk, Louie Free could very well be one eye!

  59. Led Skeletor

    More Than 105 Million Working-Age Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now

    And guess who is paying to keep them alive,

    and guess which political party will be getting these 105 million votes?

    • Rodster

      And what’s really odd is that in my neck of the woods i.e. SW Florida, businesses are still begging for workers. The US Postal service is also begging for workers with street signs and I have been told, that they no longer require the federal exam for hire. So if you apply, interview and they like or need you, you’re in.

      Gerald Celente hit the nail on the head when he says, the damage done by the Covid lockdowns, is incalculable”.

  60. Bernard

    The Fed will LOWER interest rate NEXT year because ofcthe Election year 2024. They need to throw free money for the Dem to win.

    They WANT the dollar to collapse, but now yet. Next year they will do it.

  61. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the interview guys. Excellent commentary about folks not trusting the big systems. I’d add, there has been a trend of less and less people being members of all kinds of civic organizations over the years- kind of odd that with all the connectivity we are more isolated.
    I’m not a financial advisor, but small acreage is always a solid investment. If i had a few million i would by buy small acreage properties in a number of states. If it’s vacant, the holding cost is cheap property taxes, and if you live on it, you have the opportunity to grow and produce some food. Adam and Eve were originally tenders of the land. I have my own story and will tell you that God blessed us with a 10 acre place. The small double wide isn’t anything special, but it serves our needs. Slowly, project by project we are creating a homestead. It is real enjoyment to watch the chickens or look at something planted. We decided to forgo a garden this year (had too many unfinished projects) and yesterday i saw a covey of quail fly into the weed patch we have instead. That’s way cool to me and i can sleep good at night. The world/ news is getting repulsive to even look at. Maybe that’s when Jesus comes back- when the world is repulsive to Him- that means there is still beauty to see for now.

  62. Shiloh1

    Today Karl Denninger post (‘Incoming’) shows government data (graphs linked) for huge increase of workforce age disabilities).

    This is what Ed Dowd has been saying for 18 months.

  63. PersonaNonGrata

    Off topic:
    I live under an international flight path in Northern Ireland and can faithfully report that as many as 90% of high altitude large passenger aircraft are dispersing chemtrails that stretch horizon to horizon. Chemtrails that do not evaporate in the heat of the sun – unlike the minority 10% that leave genuine vapour trails that last only seconds.

    Dan Wiggington informs us that modern ‘by-pass turbo-jet’ engines should not leave ANY trail. Yesterday, for the first time in many years, I witnessed a high altitude (36,000ft) United Airlines passenger jet, Milan to Chicago, doing just that – leaving no trail whatever. Just a shining bird traversing a clear blue sky. Wow! It seemed like a minor miracle . . . In a sane world, that’s how it should always be.

    P.S. You can identify and track flights anywhere in the world at ‘flight radar 24’.

  64. James Crown

    China just SHOCKED the world with this move and the U.S. is trouble | Morris Invest / Morris Invest 296,798 views Jul 9, 2023
    China just shocked the world with a move that will have dramatic ramifications on western economies. In this video we’ll discuss how the western governments are creating self-inflicted wounds that are devastating their economies while China and Russia are making moves to expand their economic power.

    • Marie Joy

      Western governments have turned against their populations to the point of democide/treason for money while the people bend over.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi James,
      This move by China seems like a prid pro quo after the US placed an embargo on export of unique semiconductor manufacturing equipment, specifically from ASML Holdings, to China.
      As you sow – so shall you reap.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Here is an excerpt from the linked-to article. It’s dated 01/27/23, and it appears China has decided to hit back by restricting export of raw materials essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

        ” . . . China like every other country relies on ASML (Holdings – sic) to supply the complex EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) machine, required to create advanced semiconductors. EUV is used to mass produce the most advanced microchips (7 nm, 5 nm, and 3 nm nodes).
        Under the current sanctions, ASML is not allowed to sell the EUV or share related technology, material, or personnel with any Chinese company. However, the country circumvented this issue by using the DUV lithography system, which is still imported. Now, US wants the Japanese and Dutch government to further widen their sanctions. Talks are going on to ban the exports of DUV lithography machines and related technology. If approved, these sanctions may cripple China in the short term but will actually have a worse effect on Dutch and Japanese companies as they stand to lose more than China in this bargain.”

  65. Marie Joy

    Theaters are making it difficult to see the movie, “The Sound of Freedom” by turning off the AC and saying it’s broken. They don’t want you to see this movie.

  66. Justn Observer

    Greg, Amazing how the LLC/MSM never quite get into the ‘inside’ banking minutia, nor do they want to?
    What’s the old adage, Birds of a feather ?

  67. George Berwash

    U.S. Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine – Good Idea? w/ Tony Shaffer
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    177K subscriber 5,811 views Streamed live 56 minutes ago
    USA has announced that it will supply CLUSTER BOMBS to Ukraine as part of a new $800 Million Support Deal that takes the total amount of support provided by the USA to over $40 Billion. Cluster Bombs have been BANNED by over 120 countries and their use is highly controversial.

  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, This should be a total disqualifier for anyone even remotely thinking about Pence. How at odds with his X-boss POTUS Trump can one be?

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, Checked in with Dr. Nenner lately? WHAT the heck is going on with the collapse in the Netherlands?

    • Shiloh1

      StyxxHex (Tarl Warwick) podcaster living there now, (ex-pat from Rutland, VT) but I haven’t heard much from him about it.

      Perhaps don’t want to end up like Gonzalo Lira?

  70. Prospector

    Awakening. The people see clearer than ever before.

    CIA Conducted Secret Mosquito Experiments in India To Spread ‘Rare and Dangerous Diseases’

    Dr. David Martin: ‘For 58 Years, the United States, the UK, in Collaboration With Researchers Around the World, Planned to Use Coronavirus to Instill the Most Tyrannical Reform of Society That This Generation Has Ever Seen’ [VIDEO]

  71. virginia clark

    Col. McGregor answered the question of when does the war end. He said to look at when England left India and why? They had overextended themselves into bankruptcy. They could not afford to keep trying to rule the world. They went broke. They were forced to go home. Consequently, the lost their hegemony, and declined. Our psychopath leaders are not learning from the past. Plus they are drunk and addicted to the wealth being produced and lining their pockets from any war. Screw the people, they need us for fodder for their profits.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good comment Virginia!!! Brilliant in its simplicity and that’s a complement!!

  72. PersonaNonGrata

    Paul Craig Roberts, 07-09-23:
    ‘UK NHS Director of “End-of-Life Care” Confirms Doctors Lied About COVID Being Cause of Death to Create Illusion of a Pandemic’

    Here is an excerpt. “Here is the most important report of our time. Read it. If people cannot escape their insouciant existence and achieve accountability for this mass murder of humanity, we will all be killed regardless of nuclear war.”

  73. Joseph Boudreau

    I believe in the whole honesty / integrity way of life. I buy from local farms. I know where my food is coming from. A lot of it is growing in my back yard :0
    Keep up the great work!

  74. Marie Joy

    WE have 2 choices. Act or die.

  75. Marie Joy

    The purpose of the fires is to destroy Canada and America to bring in a different digital monetary system. They will be moving very fast, now. and will know everything you have.
    IF you can, bring your family together, preferably, on a farm.

  76. Justn Observer

    Greg, This speaks for itself…HE is working on the problem thru people, justice is coming =

  77. Jaun Valdez

    GOP rep. warns Biden family: We’re taking things ‘to the next level.’
    Fox Business Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., details next steps in the Biden family investigation as House Republicans return from recess this week.

    House Oversight to release ‘disturbing’ Biden family details this week.
    298K views 21 hours ago
    Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va., discusses the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes and his family’s involvement.

  78. Jelly Jackson

    Republicans Slip Massive Foreign Worker Expansion into DHS Funding Bill

    Americans are getting hit from all sides. By the time Trump gets back there won’t be any America only Calcutta.

  79. Martin Luther

    December 7, 2018

    19 crazy facts about Bill Gates’ $127 million mansion

  80. Stephen

    Certainly the “ policy makers “ globalist …. have used the vax as part of the financial systems salvation.
    Financially what’s the total effect ?
    Got to be so much more than freeing up Social Security .?

  81. i: a man; travis the seventh trumpet; the fall of Jerusalem; a whole lot different take on prophecy than what the 90% of people believe

  82. Hugo


    Dirst of all, thanks for the lovely interview. I just want to add my 2 cents on the cluster munitions issue.

    As I understand American law on these munitions, they have to have <1% of unexploded sub munitions to be allowed to be used. The government admitted that the ones they are supplying the Ukies with has a percentage of 2.6%. That since they are quite old versions of it.

    Independent reporting on the failure of explosion is from 10-40%. What % is true I do not know but considering the unreliability of government statistiscs I go with (as a guess) of around a conservative 20%.

    The consequense of this means that it hinders the offensive of the Ukraine offence. After all, if you fire these munitions on Russian positions in offensive actions you create an minefield in Russian positions. If you, as Ukraine soldiers, finally break through Russian minefields into their positions you face a minefield because of your own shelling.

    This on top of the evil of it. These unexploded sub munitions of a cluster bom cause danger to the local population for decades. Untill this day, people in, for example, Vietnam, still die from them. Mostly childeren by the way, since back then, they were designed to look like a toy.

    Pure evil if you ask me to use these munitions. Sadly, the Ukraine, the US and Russia did not join the 123 countries that banned these munitions.


  83. Vernon Locke

    Judge Stops Biden From Censoring – Corporate Media MELTS DOWN!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 10,610 views Jul 12, 2023

  84. strych9

    I’m a complete contrarian on most of this.

    I find precious metals to be a hedge, not an “investment” in the classic sense. The PM market to me contains a lot of what it’s supposed to suppress, irrational exuberance. Just look at the people hoping that the new CBDC Ruble in Russia is gold backed or talking up the BRICS+ CBDC as gold backed.

    LOL, do these people THINK at all? A CBDC is meant to provide maximum central bank control while a commodity backed currency is meant to entirely remove control from the central bank and force it to follow the market(s). A mix makes zero sense from any direction because the base concepts are mutually exclusive. Can you say “honeypot”?

    Further, the idea of “metal as money” just doesn’t seem like something that is workable to me. It hasn’t been since the late 1500’s. The Spanish found this out 400 years ago and they controlled Potosi at the time and it couldn’t save them. Metal is a PITA to move for large transactions and the amount of gold and silver known means the revaluation the goldbugs pray for would be unworkable. Take your base numbers and you’re talking that the whole value of a human’s entire life averages out to ~31.5g of gold. So, what’s a lunch? A couple nanograms? How does that work? It doesn’t.

    A look at the history of currencies shows that currencies evolve to solve problems. They don’t go backwards. They go forwards and create new problems and then solve that in yet another iteration. There’s no reason to think now is any different. Going back to gold just re-creates the problems of 1600 without solving any of the current issues or those from 1600-present.

    A gold peg providing faith in the currency and a currency pool larger than the available gold supply but floating on the fact that there’s no particular need to go to bullion is about the best you can do at this point without going to CBDCs which are a flat-out form of slavery. They only improve things for the bankers… for a while and then things get very French, like 1789 sort of French.

    Personally, I’d recommend land and skills as your primary investments in such a world but YYMV. You do you. Personally, I bought a farm and I know how to run it.

    As for the Fed, I think that if you read some of JayPow’s older stuff where he criticized Bernanke, you can kind of see, if you read between the lines, that he knows he has a choice between the dollar and the financial system and he has picked the dollar.

    The reason is obvious. If you lose the financial system to a great degree that’s clearly bad. However, if you lose the dollar you will lose 100% of the financial system as a second order effect. If you have to pick ONE, you pick the currency because it’s the basement level.

    And if you think about how that works over the next few years I think JayPow’s made a bet that I’m not sure I’d want to make but which I don’t think he feels he has a choice on. Truthfully, I don’t think he does. He goes all-in on this and hopes it works because there isn’t another choice.

    Raising rates will constrain the Congress eventually by default and bring them to heel, thereby reducing the strain of the insane juxtaposition contained within the Fed’s own mandate. At the same time, most of the rest of the world’s countries with currencies worth talking about are in the process of destroying them. The Russians going to a retail CBDC, the Chinese have too many problems to talk about, the Euro? Ooof, the poor Euro. The Pound? Yikes. The Yen? Ouch. What’s left? The Swiss franc, the rupee and the HK dollar?

    If that happens on a decent timeline, which JayPow seems to be trying to force, then the US suddenly and shockingly becomes one of the more fiscally responsible nations on the planet and that attracts capital from all the other failing systems. The tallest midget in the field gets a massive capital injection from the entire world (except China which will work hard to prevent capital flight as they always do and which they have no choice about now or they’d see 80% of the currency flee their shores in months).

    The result, if all goes to plan, is the US gets hurt but everyone else gets destroyed. We’re the only currency left standing to settle serious accounts or international trade, at least for a bit. The debt becomes something far, far easier to deal with under those circumstances.

    The second order effect of that is that it actually tames the inflation no one wants to talk about coming down the road as the world goes back to being multipolar; the cost of reshoring critical industries which is highly inflationary. This effectively gets the rest of the world to foot the bill and we come out the other side with brand spanking new domestic industries of national importance (drugs, computer chips, rare earths, equipment etc because, mostly we have the resources we just don’t do any of the processing). Sort of a twist on Japan’s policy in the 1990’s where they bought the infrastructure they knew they’d shortly not have the capacity to build.

    Heck of a bet to make, as I said, I wouldn’t want to make it. But there honestly isn’t a better choice and, if you really think about how badly everyone else has screwed themselves too, it just might work. I mean, the BRICS+ countries are mostly basket cases looking to have a currency reset via BRICS.

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