They’re Taking America and System Down – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter is looking at what is going on with the financial system and says there is not really an effort to save it.  Holter thinks the moves they are making are designed to take the financial system down, and along with it, they want America destroyed too.  Even though the overall economy is clearly sinking, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is calling for much higher interest rates.  Holter explains, “If you were looking at this with common sense, you would think the hiking of interest rates are done.  Financial analyst Zoltan Pozsar said recently that QT (Quantitative Tightening) has to stop, and QE (Quantitative Easing) has to start–now. . . . If those in control were not purposely trying to take the system down, I would say that is correct.  At this point, my guess is they are purposely trying to take the system down.  So, we are not going to see an easing until something really big breaks.”

What does it look like by the end of 2023?  Holter says, “I would imagine the wheels will have fallen off on pretty much everything by the end of the year.  Even if you had good actors running things, at this point, I think we are too far over the edge. . . . I think what they are doing is trying to steer the bus off the cliff.  Mathematically, the debt can never be paid back.  So, if you had good actors, what does that prolong it?  Another 6 months or a year?  By the end of the year, I see our way of life entirely different than as it is now. . . . We will get at least a 50% cut to our living standard.”

In closing, Holter says, “The ultimate reason to blow up America?  Ask George Soros.  You have good versus evil, and evil wants to tank the United States because in a true republic, God given rights are respected.  With this new world order reset, that can’t be.  That is the real reason they are tanking the United States.  That’s it pure and simple. . . . We are in the stage now where they are looting the Treasury. . . . Think about all the money that has gone to Ukraine.  It gets funneled back to friends. . . . They know it’s the end.”

There is a lot more in the 39-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 5.23.23.

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After the Interview:

Bill Holter’s new website is up and running.  It’s simply called

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  1. Rick

    Bill explains the ugly reality and makes a logical case that a lower quality of life and financial pain are on the way for the majority of the American people and anyone else holding US dollars as a store of value – it is easy to see in the following chart that the Fed “has been planning this default” for a long time – just look at what they have done to the purchasing power of our dollars – – it is now very obvious “to everyone” that the Fed has already defaulted on their obligation to keep our US currency strong – and over 60 countries holding US dollars have now lined up in queue to join the BRICS which promises a more stable monetary based upon gold – as for the budget process – our politicians (who don’t own gold) will have to get a deal done (mostly because their own retirement depends upon keeping the current inflationary system going and because they fear what the common people (they told not to own gold) will likely do to them!!

    • Mat G

      “… and over 60 countries holding US dollars have now lined up in queue to join the BRICS”

      Rick, that means the CIA will have to start the “fun and games” and there will be hell on Earth.

      • Rick

        We Americans in 1913 allowed the evil Fed (private bankers) to take us off our Constitutional money (gold and silver) by driving us through cycles of expansion (the Roaring Twenties) and Depression (the 1930’s) (eventually making our currency worthless on the continent our fathers once conquered) and the private banksters “want to complete their enslavement over us” with their new digital currency – BUT (To The Bankster’s Chagrin) – 23 US States and many foreign countries “are now uniting to shield themselves from the private banksters continual policy shocks and their worthless paper” by moving to reinstate gold and silver as legal tender (and the banksters armies in both the US and NATO are finding it difficult to fight the growing opposition to Their Private World Order (even with bio-warfare plagues and depleted uranium rounds)!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Talk about blaming a Scamdemic crisis and turning credit off, it’s happening in Victoria Australia. Good times have come to an end, no more cheap access to credit for you. You borrow now and you’ll pay through the nose.

      Remember Jobkeeper money and all that free cash during the Caronacon, well you have been shafted folks.

    • RICH


    • Jack

      Actually with all the money printing the metals are way under valued compared to 2010. The Dow has more than doubled since then when gold was $1800. It should be $4200 now and silver is way more under valued. No doubt they will present CBDC’s as the solution but will our Billionaires want to be totally controlled too in this slavery system ?
      Now revealed that Black Rock is buying physical and when the rest of the big funds start, it will happen quickly. Ordinary people will be too fearful to buy in seeing how Bitcoin can collapse. I think this is intentional.

    • Rita. Moran

      Where is John Williams interview?


    I love your interviews.Your latest interview with Bill Holter,made me very sad, but what you and he was saying was so true. There is no use keeping one’s head in the sand when world events are bringing us to a huge crash and an awakening. I have been very aware where all this was taking us for a long time. Bill Holter and you ,and also with other interviews you have had are really clarifying things for me. As you may be aware,here in Canada, we are saddled with the absolute worst leader in our history. All planned and deliberate, of course. Even though ,I may be aware, my family goes along blithely, thinking everything is just fine. My warnings fall on deaf ears. We DO need Our lord to come to our aid. Only He can solve our problems. I am old ,so with the time on my hands,I spend greater and greater time in prayer each day. Come LORD JESUS. CAROL.

    • GERRY

      I too live in Canada and concur with your sentiments re our leader, trudeau. The problem I have with this situation is the myopia of citizens who vote these people into power. So long as money flows, heads stay in the sand. Here in Ontario, most big cities vote trudeau or socialist n.d.p.. The rural areas and small towns conservative. It’s a math. Problem really as big cities, like Toronto, Out- vote small towns. Ttudeau’s father, Pierre, once said re America that living beside an elephant has problems; I.e. if it sneezes we get stepped on. Well, everything that happens to America will have an effect on us. We certainly are not innocent in social or monetary problems current in the world, so if America goes down that sucking action will pull us into its whirl. The solution to our problems, to me, is beyond human control. Therefore the answer is in a sense cosmic. A being that pretends to have answers is obviously demonically controlled. I think that is the reason St. John said many antichrists were afoot that would lead to an antichrist.Only Christ has our answer and his answer requires self- regulation of desires, e.g. living within our means. This was taught to me by my parents who came through a depression and world War. The debt is really an extension of a REFUSAL to live within our means on a political level. To control one’s desires or passions is quintessentially Chritian. Where do we see that happening?

    • Wanda

      Carol, if only more people would see the truth of what is today, and also prayed, daily.

      2 Chronicles 7 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
      I learned of a web site yesterday that is just that, a prayer each day for every one, to heal this land/Mother Earth.
      We all need to pray every day, maybe we will be heard above. My family too, just goes on every day like nothing is wrong. Perhaps, they keep their feelings inside, and the only way for them to remain some semblance of calm is to do just that. I respect that. To each his own. I don’t like to hear the fear in their voice, or even see it on their face, which so far they haven’t. We have to protest the little ones, and this is what they are doing. Bless you Carol, I will keep you and so many others in my prayers!

    • Cassie

      Our Father hears your prayers, dear Carol. The Father seeketh those who worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH. Your eyes are obviously open to receiving truth. Keep praying for Jesus’ return! We need more pray-ers.

    • Mat G

      “Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni tuned out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he attempted to explain to her “democracy.” Is democracy when you jail peaceful protesters and lock them and their associates out of their bank accounts? Is democracy when you force all citizens to stay inside and force them to receive a vaccine to enter or exit the country? Perhaps democracy is when you set up the best-disguised eugenics program in the modern world. Justin mounted his high horse to discuss LGBTQ rights in Italy.”

  3. John Maskell

    Bill Holter is a true speaker . Always liked his views on the economy . He gave me confidence to prepare in many ways . Why can’t this life be simple ? So much hatred in the world . I find this channel ( USA Watchdog ) comforting because Greg always ends on a Friday show with ” Fear Not” and that comment is so important !

    • Wanda

      Carol, if only more people would see the truth of what is today, and also prayed, daily.

      2 Chronicles 7 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
      I learned of a web site yesterday that is just that, a prayer each day for every one, to heal this land/Mother Earth.
      We all need to pray every day, maybe we will be heard above. My family too, just goes on every day like nothing is wrong. Perhaps, they keep their feelings inside, and the only way for them to remain some semblance of calm is to do just that. I respect that. To each his own. I don’t like to hear the fear in their voice, or even see it on their face, which so far they haven’t. We have to protect the little ones, and this is what they are doing. Bless you Carol, I will keep you and so many others in my prayers!

  4. Marie Joy

    Hide your supplies, woodstoves, toilet paper, food, meds, etc from the hungry.
    The reason to blow it up is genocide, yours and mine.
    Time to come together with friends and family.

  5. Miranda

    He said, “first off you need to be RURAL.” No way can I “be rural.” I live in a large major city. I have work, resources and family that depend upon me here. I have a handicapped adult son that lives with me. I also help take care of my traumatically brain injured brother. I’m good with living in the big city and don’t worry about the dangers that Bill foresees because it’s where I was placed in life and I’ll make the best of whatever comes my way.

    • Jim B

      Hi Miranda, sounds like your walking the straight & narrow path, have faith in Christ, continue in your life of charity for charity is the pure love of Christ and it will be well with them who have it. If you do it into the least of these your brethren ye do it unto me, saith Christ. Well done & God bless you.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Maybe there is a smaller city you can relocate to. One that didn’t have any BLM riots? Good school system? I live 20 to 40 minutes from a metro area with 300k and a couple hospitals. I have family that counts on me too. I think the idea is the question of what do people do if the grocery stores and gas stations have issues.

    • Water Bottle

      Not sure if you’re familial with Ferfal. He became very popular on survival forums in 2008. He later compiled all his writings into a book. Since he is not a native English speaker and he self-published it on Amazon it is not the most well written book but it does contain a lot of valuable information. He makes the case that an economic collapse can be weathered in any location, and that there are pros and cons to all of them. He survived Argentina’s economic collapse in a city, as did millions of others.

    • Ken

      Miranda, doing your best is all you can do. Its true for all of us. I hope your able to stock up as best you can, and consider “arming” yourself. Best wishes to you & your family.

  6. watcheronthewall on bitchute,friend of the king on rumble

    when the politicians finish robbing the country of every penny it can get , thats when the collapse will happen . That is the criminal mindset , dont let the mark go until you absolutely have to . Especially when you can control the police and justice system so theres no threat to self , milk it until its dry . Politicians are leach’s and wont stop sucking the life out of society until its a dead corpse

    • Rick

      We are living in Babylon – where our lives are being sucked dry by perverts of all kinds – but we must determine to live our lives for an audience of one (God) – we may have to walk carrying our very own cross (thrust upon us by the transgender queers, criminals and perverts of Babylon) to keep God’s faith (as Jesus did) within us and abide by his moral code – rather then join in the Gay Pride Movement, the Neocon War Movement, etc., etc. which is simply a dwelling place of Demons – just say No (to the immorality these Demons espouse) – say No to the physical and mental castration of our precious children – as these Demon Rats further their eugenicist goal of total population reduction (by plague, famine and war)!! –

      • Lorna

        A great book to read is The Great Controversy by E.G. White. What she said 100 years ago is being fulfilled one prophesy after another. She follows the entire Bible–all 66 books and uses the preceding books to interpret Revelations. The book can be bought on Amazon!

      • Mat G

        Queers That Dodgers Invite Does Sick Mock Performance of Jesus on the Cross…

        Despite the fact that Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts says that his relationship with Christ is the “most important thing in my life,” and the Dodgers pitcher has “Colossians 3:23” in his Twitter profile, the team has announced that it will be allowing an extremely disturbing LGBTQ group to perform at its annual “Pride Night.”

  7. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Awoke early here in the U.K. and checked out to see if you had posted a new broadcast. Being Wednesday, a bit apprehensive it may have been another advertorial (I understand truth telling has to pay heed to commercial realities) and super surprised to see an unannounced interview with Bill Holter. Brilliant!

    Bill’s take is that increases in base rates are designed to ‘bring down the current financial system’. I wish I had not given away my copy of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin, because I would like to post an exact quote from it. Anyway, from memory, the book details how the relatively new Federal Reserve set off the ‘Great Depression’ by raising interest rates. The Federal Reserve knew that a significant rise in interest rates would bankrupt the small and medium and large regional banks that did not enjoy their protection (had not aligned with the banking cabal). This led to bank runs and the rest is history. The misery of ‘we the people’ was of no concern to the Fed – raising interest rates, beyond what the underlying economy could sustain, strengthened their grip on the US banking system. IMHO, what we are witnessing today is a re-run, on steroids!

    • Anthony Australia

      We are certainly all in this together PNG.

    • Sam

      “apprehensive it may have been another advertorial”…..He has to eat, Bubba….If Everybody who tunes in to Greg sent 1 Euro every Month…..he would NOT have to Advertise…. so why even write that into your “Comment”?……….RUDE

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Sam,
        Not rude, just truthful. My commentary acknowledged the need for USAW to garner funding, but please don’t pretend you look forward to the ads just as much as you look forward to an interview with Bill Holter.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Your comment made me think of this quote.
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
      ~ Thomas Jefferson
      (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
      in 1802 in a letter to then Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin

      • Rick

        The American people did not listen to Thomas Jefferson and allowed demonically evil legislators (at a midnight session of Congress in 1913) to create the Fed (a private bank) to control the issuance of money in the United States of America – and first by inflation (the roaring 20’s) and then by deflation (the depression 30’s) the Fed has succeeded in depriving the American people of their wealth – and now all our children have for money is worthless paper – – we children have now awoke broke (on the continent our fathers once conquered) and have demonic queers and transgenders teaching our children in school (that they have no parents) – our children are now HOMELESS (and broke) – and to top it off – are being physically and mentally castrated by evil transgender queer perverts telling them they need to lick themselves the way Biden licks ice cream cones – Jefferson (who drafted our Declaration of Independence) is probably turning in his grave to cover his eyes to not see how “these same private banksters” who took control of our US dollar in 1913 – now want to “Enslave Everyone with their new CBDC currency” (totally removing our independence and freedom) – and actually delight in telling us straight to our faces “You Will Own Nothing”!!!

    • d

      “Creature From Jekyll Island” is derived from a groundbreaking earlier work, “Secrets Of The Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins. Griffin is controlled opposition. So was Mullins, but Griffin is promoted while Mullins was portrayed by media as a fringe character.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi d,
        ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ was largely responsible for my awakening. If it’s author is “controlled opposition” then he singularly failed in his mission . . .
        In these troubling times I have learned not to place absolute faith in anyone, including G. Edward Griffin, but what evidence do you have for framing him as “controlled opposition”?

  8. Fred Daake

    If a foreign government tried to destroy America, we would get out the nukes, crater the invaders land, and kill everyone in site. And most Americans would support it. But if we have treason in our own government, we are not even allowed to talk about arresting them. Something is wrong with a system that does not allow for self defense.

    • Sam


    • Paul from Indiana

      Our system of government, a gift from the Founding Fathers, was predicated on the idea that everyone agreed in principle on the idea of freedom and personal liberty and that the individual differences on the fringes would be worked out on the state level. As the national government grew in size and power, the consensus approach, once a strength, has now become our undoing. We are literally paralyzed, and you see the results. Best always. PM

  9. Astraea

    If you would like to hear a true American who is ready and able to deal with what is coming, like Bill Holter – my favorite – listen also to Mark Koernke on LibertyTreeRadio.
    Miranda, I will keep you in my prayers. I too have a handicapped adult son. God help us all.

  10. James Quagraine

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

  11. Lyon Barbara

    The Ponzi scheme is over.

    • Tin foil hat

      China is collapsing due to massive withdrawals of foreign capitals (factories are closing and the ripple effect is devastating) and China is calling in loans from countries like Pakistan and Nigeria which is not conducive to their Belt & Road Initiative.

      It’s hard to believe China thinks they can escape the dollar Ponzi while still using the dollar to stabilize the yuan – China just bought $200M of US debts.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, finally, but the aftermath is just beginning. Best always. PM

  12. Rob Lindeman

    Like Bill Holter said, “It’s over.” There will be no coming back. The wonderful way of life that we have been blessed to experience in the United States is soon to come to an end. Turn your back on God, and guess what, He will turn His back on you ! Thankfully the real reality is not the reality of our current secular world, but the reality of the eternal spiritual world. Like Greg said, “Jesus is coming back”, and He will straighten out the mess that we have made in this world. If you haven’t entered into a saving relationship with Him, the time to do it is now. He is quick to forgive, so believe in Him and call upon His Holy name for salvation from your sins, and from the wrath which is soon to come.

  13. Erick

    My father experienced what happened in ww2 as a pow. We have freedoms derived from people who died on a beach. Today this generation does not care about the freedoms they have. Today I talked to a man from china and he said very soon what he escaped from this government will become. Already they are survilancing whole cities with cell site data collection with the Dept of Homeland Security without the general public knowing. So many people died for these freedoms my father said our family gave enough in blood and bodies family that died in pearl harbor and abroad why the hell have they f ed up this country the way they have. There needs to be hangings on a daily basis what it was like with public executions. How it was the whole give me liberty or give me death or I have but one life to give my country. Hell they do not even teach civics or the constitution in this country anymore. Look at the Jay Leno Walk a thon and a few others. They need to bring back the sputnik educational system russia is high in education because they do not sugar coat with the bs. Maybe Russia will be the go to place or latin america in the future to escape this country. The nazis invented Interpol and i see soon a social credit score. Friends in china post with a vpn at times and it is scary even 10 min cities are coming to certain cities why the hell are people not awake the go along to get along but again i am one person i have tried writting my senators and local legislators but to no prevail. It is a joke.

  14. regaleagle

    Although I agree with Bill about the standard of living tanking 50%…..a very BIG deal none of us has EVER experienced in our lifetimes…..there will be a wealth transfer that happens also……for those holding PMs. It won’t be something to celebrate, but at least it will allow those who hold the metals to survive and stay alive……hopefully. I know that God Almighty in his infinite wisdom is IN CONTROL…..and evidently these things must come to pass. I hope all of you have your Umbrella of Protection from God Almighty because when it starts raining down hard on us…..we are gonna need it!! Maranatha

  15. Mat G

    If you don’t fight back you will get what you deserve.

    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

  16. Dennisvpryor

    There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in such a manner that not one man in a million is able or wants to diagnose.
    the debauch, is inflation and money printing.

  17. Dennis Pryor

    There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in such a manner that not one man in a million is able or wants to diagnose.
    the debauch, is inflation and money printing.

  18. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.
    “They want to crash it!” ,”It’s on purpose!”
    Sobering words.
    Mr Soros is so sure that he and his family will survive this crash that they are pushing even harder on the people of the USA without little or any pushback,Gates et al must be wondering what will cause pushback and then absolute tyranny. Perhaps an insurrection of disobedience is their biggest nightmare ,a refusal to play their stupid games.

  19. Mat G

    “Compared to many European countries, the U.S. is already in a very precarious position, as Jesse Felder on Palisades Gold Radio detailed (a must listen) a couple of days ago. Compared to Europe, we are only behind Greece and Italy and, in general, we are one of the most indebted countries in the world.”

  20. Stephen H

    Hi Bill, is there a difference between money issued as coins by a national mint and currency issued by banks? Are minted coins credit/debt based instruments like the currency issued by banks? Thanks

    • Paul from Indiana

      The coins, currently copper slugs, but up to and including 1964 were 90% silver, are made and distributed under the auspices of the US Treasury, and as such, are not debt instruments. Still, they are tokens and have comparatively little intrinsic value. That could change in a hyper-inflationary scenario where commodities go sky-high. Paper notes, on the other hand, are the purview of the Federal Reserve and are debt instruments. Your ability to collect on that debt are only as good as the Fed, and secondarily, Treasury want them to be.

      I fully expect a second use for US Treasury coins would be as regular, independent “money” on the several and expansive black markets that will arise when the government goes to digital (non-physical) “money” in the near future. Banks today have only HALF the branches they did 10 years ago, and soon they will have NONE. That will only work if there is no physical money. You can see where this is leading. Bad government and bad laws make criminals out of good people.

  21. barsoom43

    Two words: Tytler Cycle..

  22. jomer

    Mark is still around? been a long time since I listen to the Intell Report and heard his Opening “A Visitor From The Past”

  23. Todd

    This is absolutely terrifying…

    To those that replied; Thank you for the “horse paste / bible info” last week.

  24. Mike S

    Yep the Lord is our ultimate “bug-out bag!

    But Bill. What % of the rural folk in America have a cell phone or are all just “Amish”? IE…still wondering why “barter” won’t work with a smart system …and why with cell phones a DECENTRALIZED digital currency can’t be a part of that system (and no, if done properly, if someone blows up your cell or steals it you don’t lose that kind of currency).

  25. Shirl

    Very sobering interview Greg and I recall the interview “The World Is Venezuela” that got censored off the interwebs into oblivion from 10 years ago by TPTB. Been prepping for the sake of my family with Venezuela in mind and now America is a few heart beats away from becoming a full blown Banana Republic…Amerizuela is US. There is plenty of research material available on this devolving phenomenon from others countries such as Argentina as another example. Its a repeat of history of power drunk crooks in public trust positions, Incredible greed and villainy rotting from the inside out.
    Pray up folks the Lord God Almighty will not forsake you. Stand up Speak Out Take Action.

  26. john beasley

    I agree 100%. The cabal are crashing the USA. Since 1971 they have bought out the world with fake fiat money. They bought the whole monopoly board with fake money.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      “They bought the whole monopoly board with fake money.”
      Well said. And weren’t ‘we the people’ SO GULLIBLE to accept their ‘created out of nothing’ currency for our real assets?! Herd mentality may have (had) evolutionary benefits – but it’s being utilised by TPTB to our disadvantage. Stand in line here for your bioweapon vaccination. It’s great, everyone is taking it!

  27. William R Nicholson

    I hope n pray that my nation will wake up & smell the fresh brewed coffee ! If majority doesn’t jump up out of their worn sofas and immediately demand that the legitimate President of The United States Republic take his rightful p lace , that nation probably won’t remain intact for another Presidential election. We could easily return to the prosperous , non-racist , nation with the low food & energy prices IF we had Donald John Trump …. and all of his Mean Tweets , ……. In office NOW ! 2024 Year’s arrival would be celebrated by people having big bellies from heavy Holiday meals ……. Just like meals we had with granny & her mom ! Right now the nation suffers from a severe shortage of Mean Tweets ! When will we demand More ? ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195

  28. Sam

    IMMIGRANTS?……how bout…..INVADERS!……Whats with this Politically Correct Jargon?…….Why cant we speak like America is a FREE REPUBLIC?

  29. The Seer

    To update incorporate there will be no difference living in a city, town or rural/farm. Why?
    1. 100-600 million ( who knows) projected illegals flooding in across the borders and not just to USA. Quite a few go to rural or small towns of their kind. They can gang together and roam anywhere. How can all boundary of large acreage be protected?
    2. So many compromised their health (including those in service) with jabs and harmed themselves and family and friends and employees are now dead or dying or harmed cannot prepare or defend. These people are in all walks of life and location.
    3. The sky and food spraying and toxic water etc on the depopulation plan, also and without location boundaries.
    4. City street can be closed by residents dual or single road dead end by neighborhood members and cars across the road. Two story houses can look out. Numbers in these neighborhoods to protect it and share their gardens.
    More reasons than just mentioning here so we update what thought orders we are sending out to be created into the world.
    More reasons – we need to redefine rural is equally subject to risks as a cities are, imo.
    In addition, it’s getting late to move out of the USA. I highly recommend for those who can who want to avoid the coming strife in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe and live in softer culture with less intrusion consider New Zealand South Island. Much better than the news portrays and many billionaires already have their redoubts here.
    The currency exchange rate is excellent you increase your cash value 38% more right now. Don’t wait for that to change to 20 or 10%.
    Trust your soul and trust your destiny!

  30. Stephen

    You seen members of Congress got sat phone’s .
    Disruptive Event !

  31. Roger Stamper

    tks bill greg

  32. Bill

    I have a confession to make. I act like a gritty high school girl on prom night in anticipation of your podcasts every time!

    Greg the Hunter, you’re an American treasure!

    No mind can imagine what God has prepared for those who love him.
    1 Corinthians 2:9

    You’re future self will thank you for not giving up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Bill, for your encouragement and support!!

  33. keith

    The rural farmer will NOT trade for worthless paper. Just as in a barter-based system, trade will be in hard assets. Look around you, what do others need in your community. This is what you invest in, for the long haul. As Holter said, a 50% reduction of our standard of living forces new rules of the game. Be wise, be smart, and above all, put Jesus 1st in your life.

  34. Cheri Rodriguez

    So if the mines in the US get nationalized then what? Example: I own 100,000 shares in a gold company based in Nevada and it gets nationalized. Do I still own my shares? Does the price of the shares skyrocket or plummet with a government takeover? Either way, can I get my money out (all of it) whenever I want?

    • I Dig Au

      Cheri – If your private mining shares are nationalized by our corrupt government,the prices, value and terms will be determined by the new ‘owners’. I would look at the history of nationalization of companies in other countries and see what happened. Your shares are not ownership, just a paper claim on future performance. What’s the value of paper in a crisis?… I think you know the answer.

    • Rick

      If you invest in gold companies based in BRIC’s nations (who believe in the value of gold and want to create a fair economic system) and you probably have a better chance of not having your gold mine seized!!

  35. Catherine

    Our Gov. Hockel is making plans for the future of NY. The massive influx of illegals are designated to come to every crook and nanny of our state in SUNY college campuses and NEW structures like public housing in affluent areas. In addition to that they have a bill already passed in the house to take away all parental rights regarding vaccines and sexual education. She is appealing the ruling against her health care push to put whomever she deems as a public health problem in upstate camps already built but stopped by an attorney Ms Cox
    And just last week we all receive our voter registration cards that stated we are registered DEMOCRATS including my deceased parents. The card has a scanning box for a phone to download forms for mail in ballots. I called my board of elections and they said they contracted an outside company and they made a mistake. So they resent cards stating us as republicans including my dead parents. As far as I can tell the road to perdition is being paved with blood and corruption. NO HUMAN CAN STOP THIS. THE MESSIAH MUST COME NOW !!!

    • Sam

      ‘NO HUMAN CAN STOP THIS. THE MESSIAH MUST COME NOW’………Not so Fast, Sister……….Do you know what the Military can be used for?….and….MUST COME???…who says?…you?

  36. Don W.

    This Nation has been heading toward a ONE WORLD GOV. since Rockefeller started the COUNCIL OF FORIEGN RELATIONS right here in the US about 80 years ago. When I first studied about this in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I did not know what we would do. Today, as I look at the world, I can see what we will do.
    The Bibles tells us what and where we are headed. We can see all kinds of things happening all over the world that the Bible tells us about and that we are so close to the end times. That is WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON TODAY. We need to read and understand the Bible. In Matt:24, Rev:6, &7, and a number of others. When Mr. Holter talks about terrible things happening by the end of the year, I fully agree as we will be much closer to the day we see the signing of the peace agreement that starts the last seven years of the time we are living in. But with the Rapture before the end of it.
    Blessings to you Greg for having people like Mr. Holter though letting us also know we are approaching some very very hard times in our lives.
    Blessings to all

  37. Skippy

    Thank you Greg…you and your guests have said for a long time that ‘ the system is unsustainable’ and as Holter’s common sense now. It doesn’t matter at this point but I remember a clip of Pelosi after Brandon got in saying Biden is the perfect president. I thought she was crazy..well…she is , but she sure knew what the plan was/is . Ready or not , Good vs Evil is rockin the world..Fear Not

  38. Roger Boswarva

    The notion and practice of “raising interest rates in order to cut inflation,” is an illogical insanity.
    Umm, let’s face the fact that interest rates are “the cost of money” . . . this as standard doctrine spouted by the money master economists and bankers themselves.
    Umm, the definition of “inflation” is increasing costs-cum-loss of value of “money.”
    So, in actuality the raising of interest rates ADDS to inflation.
    On the issue of “money” . . . I remember when part of the definition of M1 included the word “CREDIT” . . . that is the credit created by our banking system out of thin air . . . well that truth was giving too much truth away to the public . . . hence the definition had to be changed to hide the truth.

  39. Rock

    Bill is spot on. Great interview Greg. It is on purpose. The politicos, all of them, are actors and are lulling the public into thinking there is a way to vote our way out. No sir.
    They ALL have their golden tickets. The takedown is in high gear now. Get ready.
    Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Find peace with God through His Son, Jesus.
    It is the only way, and is our only hope.

  40. Freedom-4-All

    What a great surprise having Bill Holter on the Wed. interview. Rubino and Holter are probably my 2 favorite speakers regarding economics. In my head, I work through problems and issues in a flowchart-like manner. Choosing this will lead to that, which leads to this, etc. Both of these men give me insight into my flowcharts, making them more complete and stronger. And I also agree with a large part of all they share.

    Keep up the fight, you are doing a great service to all Americans and others.

    Thank you,

    Don Conrad

  41. Dan

    “Even if you had good actors running things…”
    Actually, we do have good actors running things.
    Different war, same scenario as World War 2, as Trump has stated.
    Central Casting.
    For those who know, Enjoy the show.

  42. Ron Lang

    Ukrainians aren’t being creamed. Russia is suffering double the losses of Ukraine as documented by many independent sources.

    • Stanley Bolibruch

      I hate to tell you Ron, the Rewskis rule the skies, whoever rules the skies rains death from above.
      Pray to God to stop the killing of both sides of this and all conflicts.

    • Pete

      Ron ..time to remove your head from your a… and smell the coffee.
      If you believe this You clearly have been deceived by the lying whore mainstream media.
      as DAN stated previously enjoy the show. The movie is approaching the climax and the majority are still

  43. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    If you read the conclusion in my book “The Politically Incorrect History of the United States,” you would know why they want to destroy the United States!

  44. Shiloh1

    Go to The Automatic Earth website, post for today, find the poster thing “So in the last week…”

    Yes, as Bill says, “they know it’s the end”.

  45. Thomas Malthaus

    George Soros. The WEF. Mass depopulation.

  46. Valerie

    Yes, Greg, Bill Holter is a treasure! Thanks for interviewing him again! I continue to believe what Bill says! This is an intentional destruction of our monetary system and our country! Sadly, we ARE a Banana Republic now!
    God help us!!!!!

  47. Jackie Pollock

    Greg says at the end – they want to crash this.
    Bill Holter nods yes and says – on purpose.

    Bleak interview on our very bleak and evil times soon to surround us all.
    Thank you Greg and Bill because we need to hear this and take action in all the ways each of us can to get through the coming chaos and danger. Hold true to our Heavenly Father and he will not forsake you.

  48. HappierThanEver

    A couple weeks ago there was a huge explosion at an ammo depot in Ukraine. It looked like a nuke. Whether or not it was actually a tactical nuke, the Western media and NATO could have called it a nuke and used it as pretext to go nuclear but so far they have not done so. It looks like we aren’t having a nuclear war (for now), but the deep state binderburger WEF crowd need a crisis. So the USA uniparty Republicans and Democrats are going for this debt ceiling as pretext financial crisis. They will crash it on purpose. Problem, Reaction, Solution –> Tyrrany. But we will be OK. God wins.

  49. Susan R

    I applaud you both for putting this as simply as possible, even at that, the brain barrier to seeing the reality of this playing out in one’s life is almost impossible. I walked through Pompeii that Mount Vesuvius buried in 79AD. There are casts of people caught in the mud flow which were filled with probably concrete by archeologists which brought me vivid emotions of the terror. We don’t live with impossible outcomes anymore so this will take on the emotion of terror when the realization of not being at all prepared comes home.

  50. Janna

    Are the leather crafters still a sponsor? I was just about to make an order and wanted to do so through your link but couldn’t find it. thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are currently not advertising, but are still very much in business. We Love Chuck and Happy Hollow Farm in TN. Here is the link: You can call them and talk to a real human too: (615) 647-8238 Tell them we said hello!!

  51. Marie Joy

    “IF we don’t know by now, they don’t want us to know”. Mike Tyson speaking of Jamie Foxx.
    Bill Holter is my favorite because he lays it on the line.
    Think “The Road”. It’s a movie and a paperback. Take a real look at that bunker.
    We need to be in better shape for the long haul.
    Nothing stays the same.
    It seems 99% of mainstream medicine/ politicians/ Lying Legacy Media are suicidal and genocidal.
    I haven’t heard anything about a Target boycott. Is it because most Target customers are woke?
    When this happens, there will be no law.
    IF your neighbor dies, will you let his children/parents/wife die?
    At what point do you/we take action? If ever.
    Clean air, water, and food.
    Look at Bruce Beach’s Bunker. Use what you like and save the rest for a rainy day. for radiation detection equipment and information.
    Knowledge is power.

  52. Dave

    Going rural is not possible for many (most?) people. If you can, go for it. I know several people who’ve moved to Central Washington. Local food supply, access to fresh water from a myriad of streams/rivers. Strong community of people who have each other’s backs. People are definitely relocating there from the Bay Area and LA. Mostly well-off; these people are buying up 10-acre parcels and building large estates.

    For those who can’t do such a move the option is to relocate to the periphery of urban areas. In the Bay Area that would be northern Sonoma and Napa counties or south Santa Clara County. Mostly rural, these areas offer local food supplies and cohesive communities.

    BTW, they will come to a deal on the debt ceiling. Those on the right in conservative media are signaling they’re OK with smaller cuts in discretionary spending than they usually call for as long as the military budget and aid to Ukraine is not touched. The deal will be a token cut as it always ends up being.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Agreed. In an unguarded moment in Japan, Mr. Biden admitted as much. Best always. PM

  53. Cliff Bondi

    Col. Macgregor: Ukraine Is FALLING APART As Putin Marches West
    Stephen Gardner 10 hours ago

    Douglas Macgregor: U.S. NATO Council to give the Russians a role in Europe
    Douglas Macgregor S.C. 77K views 10 hours ago

    Why the Fed Secretly Wants the Banks to Implode
    Stansberry Research 148,115 views May 19, 2023
    “This is a trend that is just beginning. It almost as if the Fed wants this to happen,” says Andy Schectman, president and CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals. He believes that the Fed wants all the money to leave regional banks Because, “they could just disallow the ability for the money market to park their money inside the overnight repo market.” He explains that when President Joe Biden nominated Jared Bernstein, who previously supported de-dollarization, it made the role of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency vulnerable. Plus, he argues that instead of tackling the massive debt issue, the U.S. tends to find an unrelated “villain” to blame. “It’s almost as if you’re looking for a villain such as Putin, Xi Jinping, OPEC, and all the countries moving away from the dollar,” he exclaims. “But you have to give them reason to de-dollarize, to move away from the system because how do you pay this off? There’s no way out of this mess. It’s either inflation or default,” he concludes.

    Gravitas: How the Ukraine war could go nuclear | Bakhmut: Has Ukraine’s fortress town fallen? WION 34,299 views Streamed live on May 22, 2023

  54. carlyle

    i’m in the UK. have spent the last 15 years watching the great unravelling. followed greg and bill holter for half that time. if you follow the money this is where it takes you so that we can only hear the truth in the alternative media. thank you greg and bill for your devotion to helping the rest of us get a grip on the real world.

  55. Damien

    You know I love ya’ , but Come now, Greg. It’s ALL Kabuki Theatre. Of course, they will raise the debt limit. Why not? The dollar can’t be abandoned for some time yet, since even ALL the criminal cartels are holding billions in stacks of cash, so why not flood the zone with more? There’s likely, years more of fiat madness left to go.
    Of course, ALL the political theatre continues too? How many times do feckless, criminals like Jim Jordan and Rand Paul need to “Fake grill” other criminals with ZERO perp walks EVER? Trump is the WWF, Trojan Horse installed on the scene to keep everyone complacent, and waiting on a “Savior” while ALL the other evil continues. Trump will win in 2024 so they can go stealthy with Amerika’s destruction again. We are in a post-political situation. I’m also thouroughly, convinced Mr. Polny (though I like & respect him) is wrong and “God’s Money” is going to do ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING before they burn it all down! I’d bet my stack on it! That’s how this viewer sees it. Take care & God Bless Greg.

  56. Farmer Johnny

    Maybe the fix from God is to let the system crash. Our financial system is evil by design. The interest in our system isn’t provided for thus creating a forever debt or Slavery. (Slavery to debt is evil)
    Also, Ukraine is evil. Vaccine for Covid is evil. Election fraud is evil.. and more..

    It is our job to grab the wheel of this country when it becomes possible and stear it back on course. That course is through Christ and his teachings. That is a system that works every time.

  57. F. Brooks

    In 1981, the Federal Reserve published a comic book, titled Wishes and Rainbows! In 2007 it was republished with the same title, but different graphics. The story is written as a metaphor, similar to other books, such as Jonathan Swift, The Wizard of Oz, Moby Dick, and parts of Holy Scripture. An original copy of this comic, in mint condition is currently worth, something north of $1,000. The comic is essentially about what is unfolding now in our economy; and hints at the fact, there are factions trying to defeat the deep state and their money game; and return the US to a constitutional money system. Holy Scripture states, in the end times, people will throw their gold and silver in the streets in an attempt to buy salvation. Is that a metaphor? Scriptures also identifies the final series of kingdoms. If you want to know about the comic book; see Bix Weir @ Road to Roota. If you want to know about where the US fits in with the final kingdoms; find James Lloyd, at Christian Media, in Medford Oregon; and bring your King James.

  58. francis reps

    In Ancient times there was the “Flood” ; which was a way to Cleanse the world of unbelievable Corruption and Satanic People. Given the current state of the World ; would it be feasible that a contemporary “Noah ” will soon preside over some other alternative to the “Flood”. It may be “Fire” this time. Humanity really needs to be Purged of the overwhelming Evil that is now being visited on it. Is it too outlandish to conjecture that Vladimir Putin might just be a Modern Day “Noah” ?. Think about this.

    • Gerry

      I have thought about it, and I believe you are right. Another Cyrus

  59. Desiree D Effner

    Very good interview. Thanks Greg and Bill.
    The reason why the dems have to fund the gibs is because their receipients are the ones who burn down the cities. They won’t be allowed to this time. Americans who deserve the benefits of having worked a lifetime and saved, will put a quick stop to that. Dems know that. They will protect the burners at any cost. Real Americans don’t matter to them.

  60. Really Awake

    Greg Hunter offers good advice, e.g., have extra food, water and other essentials. Have a bugout plan if you live in a big city. Be ready. Be prepared.

    I say that every day that goes by without the SHTF is a good day. Perhaps it’s better to just get this socio-cultural collapse over with, but I’m not looking forward to the death and destruction and heartaches.

    I’ve been to other countries where day-to-day life is a living hell for the majority. Americans aren’t used to living in a tenuous survival situation…. This article claims that “Half of Phoenix, Arizona, would end up in the ER if the city has a blackout during a heat wave, study finds”…..

    Where do you find a hospital bed when the lights go out and a million people need medical care?

    Yes, indeed, once the blackout hits there isn’t enough hospital beds and other resources to save all of the dehydrated, hyperthermic people in that kind of a life-or-death situation. Same situation if the blackout hits in winter. Hypothermia. People’s core body temperature can’t be maintained and the weak and out of shape Americans die en masse.

    I say that everybody should get ready to survive the power grid going down – and perhaps staying down. At least have a survival plan to last a few weeks without power. And while the internet us still up there are good resources still available to guide you through a good and low cost setup…. Start out simple and gather enough resources to survive 30 days. For example, a 30 day supply of dried beans, rice and a few cases of canned meat at Walmart are still only $100 per person. You don’t have to spend a fortune. 30 gallons of water still isn’t too expensive, either. And a $20 camping water purifier at Walmart is great insurance. Greg mentioned a shot gun. If I could only afford one gun, it would be a shotgun. Pump shotguns on sale are less than $200 right now. And shotgun shells are readily available. Americans are lucky to still have time to prepare.

  61. Anti-atomist

    Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” John 3:3

    “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”
    -United States Constitution: Article I, Section 10

    If “no state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts,” then is paper/digital/fiat tender in payment of debts Constitutional?

    • Ron

      Kinda strange having a blackout and having a nuclear plant on the edge of the city with three reactors. Yeah, life without AC in the summer in AZ would suck.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, sir. Right on. 100% correct. It’s down to brass tacks. Best always. PM

  62. Anita

    Thank you both very much. Holter does not always have anything really new to say but hearing his updates, given insight ect over & over and often, are very comforting. It is like being in a train wreck & having a sound mind there with us reminding us we are in a train wreck and we have to deal with it. I would guess the majority of us here listening to USA Watchdog do not have people around us who are seeing we are in a train wreck. They go on as normal, as in the days of Noah. So keep having him on & often, please. It also helps me personal when I sense I may have made a wrong move , like a roofer just hired, that by the end of the year it won’t really matter. What is important is that there’s a new much needed roof. The only thing I disagree with is the fact there will be a digital currency. Whether or not it works is secondary. In Satans system nothing has to work, it just has the further his intended methods against God & His people.
    Again, thank you both.

  63. William Vedder

    Need to get Nenner back on……….

  64. Tom Grier

    Any credence to Bix Weir’s idea that Grand Canyon is full of gold?

    • Paul from Indiana

      No, and General Yamashita’s gold cache in a cave doesn’t exist, either. No bailouts; we’re going to take this one on the chin. Best always. PM

    • Sam

      Bix Weir uses a SOOTHSAYER to get his Information…..he Lost me when he Pronouncet the THETA CRYPTO would go to $888 by circa June 2021…

  65. Natali Hargrove

    TAKE IT TO THE BANK! _Not The Project Mockingbird Brained Media!
    Scaredy Fat Cats!
    “Yes, the CIA and FBI WILL rig the 2024 election” – Former National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland/Redacted 119,680 views May 23, 2023
    Will the 2024 presidential election be fair? Former Deputy National Security Advisor K. T. McFarland doesn’t think so. She says that the Justice Department has gotten away with too much injustice to let democracy run its course. What do you think? Is she right?–5W2QaA8k

    F.B.I. Girl (1952) Crime/Noir| Cesar Romero, George Brent, Raymond Burr

    To bad the F.B.I. seems more like the Federal Burro of Instigation, don’t let them Instigate you! There’s more on our side, than theirs’s, real agents of investigation. Operating under the jurisdiction of the United States. Greg get that letter out, you got from that agent, Obama’s agents drummed out the Bureau! There our hope.

    I Was A Communist For The FBI 1951 Frank Lovejoy, Dorothy Hart, Philip Carey full movie CINEHOUSE 4,225 views Apr 22, 2022
    🍔🍟During the “Red Scare” of the 1950s, FBI agent and Slovenian-American, [like Melania Trump too], Matt Cvetic (Frank Lovejoy) poses as a Communist to infiltrate the U.S. Communist Party, [like Jim Comey]. Unable to tell his friends and family about the undercover mission, Matt is deemed a traitor to his country and condemned by everyone close to him. Although Matt often doubts his dangerous task, he remains undercover to bring the Communists to justice and protect a faltering member (Dorothy Hart) from her vindictive party. Initial release: May 2, 1951

  66. Jerry

    All of this is very troubling! For many of us, we live within the city some smaller some very large but non the less. The option to the hell out is no option at all. Perhaps a foolish question but how bad are “we” talking? It would stand to reason that after a few days of mass power outages would bring forth pandemonium the likes we have never seen in the US. I believe for the masses the only option is to ride the wave as long as we can. It is not going to be easy! I have been running scenarios for a while and no matter how you figure it there is will be challenges, for instance running a generator. The surrounding neighbors will hear it and will want it for themselves, which we all now how that will end.

  67. Tim

    It is my opinion that one of the biggest reasons the Ukrainian war was pre-planned is the necessity for outlets/mechanisms to get rid of/export US dollars as they rapidly make their way back to the USA … particularly from B.R.I.C.S. nations as they “de-dollarize”.
    Otherwise, our inflation would be worse at this point in time. This applies to all of the insane ramped up spending by government. And is at the heart of the debt ceiling crisis. In the end, this only can perhaps slightly slow down the acceleration of the US dollars possibly hyper-inflating.
    But as Bill points out what Richard Russel said … “the Fed must inflate or die”. Keep in mind that there are a lot of moving parts to the demise of the U.S.A. and my above opinion is only one of those parts (but perhaps a big part).

  68. Konstantine Anastasopoulos

    Sounds like the elite are taking they lesson from the French Revolution and how the monarchy looted the treasury back then in frivolous wars and and ostentatious festivities. I guess history rhymes. Very informative discussion Greg. Thanks for all you do. Lord be with us.

  69. Poochiwoo

    The empire is now in the looting phase. Everything they do right now is about looting. It can go on for many years since the entire system is controlled and politicians are traitors.

    • Paul Revered

      How’s this for looting Poochiwoo, our most advanced American fighter, reports are it’s lousy in a dogfight, yet costs us a fortune! Between $89.2 million and the Lockheed F-35B variant, at $115.5 million each and that’s before the recent price gouging hidden tax inflation, of the criminal vote stealing Beijing Biden administration! On top of all that Shiʿah Shiite, now supposedly the F-35’s spare parts have gone mysteriously missing! Essentially leaving our so called state of the art fighter jet, up a creek without ah lot of paddles! So now the dam thing can’t even fight it’s way out ah paper bag! Put that in your top brass, highballs and peace pipe dreams_ stroke it and smoke it!

      Pentagon Clueless as Thousands of F-35 Fighter Jet Spare Parts Go Missing
      Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 147,830 views May 24, 2023
      Pentagon Clueless as Thousands of F-35 Fighter Jet Spare Parts Go Missing
      A big lapse has happened at the Pentagon. [Along with the missing Pentagon 30 billion for the US. led Ukraine NATO war with Russia!] An audit has also found that thousands of spare parts for the F-35 fighter jets have gone missing too. Moreover, the Pentagon doesn’t have an explanation for any of it. Are American jets war ready? [Are the American taxpayer’s feeling ripped off yet?] THE ALL TOO PROVERBIAL

      • Randy Best

        The USA is following exactly in the footsteps of the Roman Empire.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Paul,
        Just a thought, could the ‘missing F-35 parts’ narrative be a cover up for the post covid vaxx unfit to fly pilots?
        Ref. Lt Col Dr Theresa Long on USAW.

  70. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Public Pretenders doing business as government are robbing the treasury on the way down and out of business that has been going on over a long period of time, enriching themselves personally by insider trading, manipulating the levers of government to line their pockets with windfalls of cash, property and privileges that the common US Citizen slave has no access to. Federal United States is insolvent and bankrupt, bankrupts have no standing in law, that is the technical reason the continent is lawless. At some point in the past the dejure government under the republic was pushed out of office in favor of profits, corporate profits, personal windfalls to public pretenders and contracts under the uniform commercial code for personal enrichment of public pretenders like “Assessor”, “Revenue Director”, “Governor”, “President of the Federal Corporation United States.” Every politician including judges are operating commercial businesses for private profits, personal profits. Under the constitutional republic a dejure officeholder was not involved in commerce, for profit activities. Under this bankrupt and insolvent Federal United States scheme that was created and is now occupied and loaded with hogs at the trough doing business as US Senator, Mayor, Sheriff, Dog Catcher, Congressman, Judge Not Really, Governor, Director, Commissioner are all for profit actors. These facts are not because I say them, it is based upon the actually activity of public pretenders who view the US citizen as the enemy, yes the public pretenders you think are government view US citizens as the enemy. The U.S. public pretender allows the US citizen slave the privilege of voting in their private political party elections. Yes their elections are private federal franchise operations and in exchange for the US citizen slave to offer an opinion on who is the most popular public pretender in their private federal franchise US elections, you the US citizen slave agree to pay all costs, fees, expenses, assessments, demands for each public pretender. If Americans understood and had full disclosure regarding these facts, they would no longer offer their opinion on who is the most popular “public pretender”. When a public pretender says they need to appoint a reliable public pretender they are saying we need insiders only who will help the public pretenders continue their robbery in progress of the U.S. Treasury. Public Pretenders are using your name which is your credit to borrow unpayable amounts of debt that is mathematically impossible to pay, their financial liabilities exceed somewhere North of $800 Trillion United States Dollars, that does not include charges for all the felony crimes committed by each and every treasonous public pretender and their criminal debasing of the money. Treason and Debasing of the currency “money” are in fact the acts that they are committing. US Public Pretenders already have the next set of private federal franchise elections rigged. The above are facts and the fact that you are still a registered voter means you agree and consent to their terms and conditions to be surety for their Treason, be surety for their Debasing of the Currency and the mathematically impossible debt your public pretenders have contracted for. Dishonorable is the condition of the U.S. public pretender.

  71. Jeff Kindley

    We are doomed.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Jeff, we have Jesus!!

  72. Sandra Callister

    The real Top Gun: US military in heated stand-off with China | 60 Minutes Australia
    60 Minutes Australia 1.3M views 3 days ago Weapons for Peace (2023)
    It might sound like twisted logic, but military forces everywhere argue that the greater the firepower they possess, the greater the chance of maintaining peace. In other words, massive weaponry is the best deterrent to war. Right now the theory is being tested like never before, and much of it is happening in Australia’s backyard, the Indo-Pacific region. The United States wants the world, and more particularly China, to know of its increasing presence there, and to do that it’s putting on a spectacular show. Reporting from the hotly contested South China Sea, Amelia Adams reveals the U.S. military in full-flight is an extraordinary sight to behold.

    Chinese Researchers Simulate Bombing, Destroying ‘Unsinkable’ US Fleet Using 24 Hypersonic Missiles \ By Kent Masing 05/24/23 AT 12:05 AM EDT
    Military planners concluded the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet could be destroyed using 24 hypersonic missiles
    During the simulation, China’s military used a three-wave attack against the U.S. fleet
    Chinese researchers said lure tactics and patrol missions would help increase the effectiveness of China’s missiles,guided%20missile%20destroyers%2C%20South%20China%20Morning%20Post%28SCMP%29%20reported.
    Hey Ray, mate. No worries, now Oz is a full blown on partner with AUKUS, no longer just a lap dog any mores. Were all one big happy family again. Just watch out for the old Bailey. Maybe we can get some reparation and sixpence, from King Charles?

  73. Stan

    May I offer some advice for y’all? I’ve been hearing the same spiel for decades now – the Dollar will crash, the debt is too high, there will be civil unrest, yada yada yada. Guess what? The crash hasn’t happened yet and there won’t be a crash. Dollar will remain king.

    • Greg Hunter

      So we can do the opposite.

    • Brian

      Did you break into your parents liquor cabinet again?

  74. Bill Bradshaw

    What has happened to Dave Janda and his Operation Freedom site

    • Greg Hunter

      Bill, it’s up and working:

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        Whatever the correct take on ‘The Hammer’ (???), it would be good to have Dave Janda on USAW again. IMHO, he is one of the good guys.

  75. Prospector

    Add the very deliberate border invasion , funded by the US , aided by US TROOPS. Thats Treason.

    Ann Vandersteel

    I did a documentary down at the border 2 years ago called “26 Miles”
    It was called 26 Miles because the US Government has ceded 26 miles of sovereign American land to the UN on our side of the border.
    Where do you think the DHS is building the camps? Along the border. The UN is bussing in young military aged males in white UN busses to these camps.

    The UN is building their own army inside the united States of America. The US government has SOLD YOU OUT to the highest bidder.

    It is time to stand up our own army to defend our country. The WHO will come next with another #plandemic and with that will come the UN troops to lock us down.

  76. Pete+only

    It has been a true miracle that the financial system has lasted as long as it has, especially without any real manufacturing system, and now importing a lot more oil since Trump left office.
    Everything was deliberate, that is definitely true, and with 60% of households living pay check to pay check, my guess is that much of these desperate people might actually embrace a central bank digital currency initially, as the government won’t show it’s true cards until later on.
    As far as living standards being reduced by 50% at the very least according to Bill Holter, that is probably not that far off.
    North America has enough energy to last decades, it has enough fresh water, minerals and food if properly managed; which brings me to my next point, but only with good management, and certainly without our current political set up.
    Fortunately though, we do have enough rope to neutralize all the powers to be in our corrupt institutions, and missing 6 meals in a row as the saying goes are what revolutions are made of.
    And we do have God on our side.

  77. Thomas Wigand

    The Globalist-CCP Axis may be evil, but those minions of Satan aren’t stupid.

    They know the history of fiat currencies, and that central banks + fiat currencies eventually collapse. They also know that most don’t know this history (there are multiple reasons they keep ever-more dumbing down public education).

    Such people would of course develop and then execute planning to come out the other side of global financial collapse … more wealthy and powerful than before.

    They’ve been planning for this for decades; when they say “by 2030 you’ll own nothing” they mean it.

    • Rick

      Well now that we are smart – why don’t we Demand that the excess Social Security money now being collected and held for future payouts in Fed Treasury notes and bonds “Be Held Instead In Physical Gold Bars” – why not protect our excess Social Security money now being collected and put it into gold (instead of Fed Bonds) which will guarantee the Social Security Trust Fund won’t go completely broke when the Fed’s fiat collapses to total worthlessness – and the Good Part is the Government won’t have to keep trying to kill off all the old people with their Kill Shots or come up with new plandemics (take years off the lifespans of the young so they die before 65)!!

  78. iwitness02

    Play Dough: F R N federal reserve note.
    Somebody please take away their play dough!

  79. Andy

    The collapse will happen at 33 Trillion!😂

  80. J.D.

    The way the Democrats control everything is through money. Corporate behavior, media, elections, foreign relations, etc. It is a monstrously expensive method of control and is not sustainable for long. The end result is currency collapse. I think we are at least 1/2 way there.

  81. Ron

    It’s a perfect storm. The WEF and other psychos want power and a CBDC would help do that. The dollar has been on life support for a long time now. The debt is unsustainable.
    I’m curious about what happens to the national debt. For those saying gold is the answer, I bet buying food and energy products with it will be about impossible. Its funny how the same people(bankers) will be in charge of a CBDC.

  82. Casey

    Rural areas will switch to Cardano because they will then all have cell phones and a crypto based trading capability.

  83. Coal Burner

    If the Standard of Living drops half or over half, what does that look like? Are property taxes going to double and rents cut in half? People will die off a lot like a war for food inside country after country all over the world? Where those who survive get to work growing enough to survive? And we lose all those living because they now have the right medications and electricity to run breathing machines? Half the population will be gone in six months world wide. The living need to remember who caused this and the newly surviving Armys best remember who caused this.

  84. Hotrod

    What happened to Jim Sinclair? I know it’s been tough in the Gold mining business. Gold up, Miners no respect.

  85. Pete

    ….under RULE OF LAW the people have PROPERTY RIGHTS.

  86. Warren B.

    Monetary Policy was always about the World Reserve Currency the USD.
    What they (FED Boffins and the member Banks) have done is intentionally weaponise the currency – thereby exporting INFLATION and scorching the planet. Inflation was never about the shortage of goods/services – it was about killing demand. That starts with COVID-19 and the Death Shot, then progresses to pushing rates higher and faster than ever been seen before. They knew full well that those carrying the risk on Commercial Property in America were the Regionals. This is a Cartel moving in and taking control by making those Regionals bankrupt. On a larger scale, the Emerging Markets are laiden with USD Debt – trying desperately to offload as much as they can. We will not only see more Regional Bank failures(read assets shifting for pennies on the dollar) as well as EM’s being bankrupted (sans World Bank assistance). Yes they along with other Nations are lining up to join the BRICS / CNY settlement system and simply de-dollarise and for good reason. The FED has made a conscious decision to inflate the Nations Debt away and sacrifice the Dollar – but not before it has ensured its Houses are in order (read the Breakaways / Grifters have stolen the publics money and crushed what little of it is left in the form of Stocks, RE, Bonds, Retirement Funds/Pensions ).
    Those experts who say the FED is making policy errors with regard interest rates are being disingenuous. They are supposed to be the smartest guys in the room – they know the impact of interest rate rises. Demand was already hitting the skids and unemployment was skyrocketing during 2021-2022….and they thought raising rates was good to remedy the ” TRANSIENT INFLATION”. Excuse the French please… but thats just horse manure!! Call these Bastards out for what they are. CRIMINALS.
    NO!!!!!….INFLATION was baked in thanks to the FAKE-POTUS decision to double the FED Balance Sheet in less than a year – what took the whole of 100 years to accumulate – and hand it out like cookies at a VA conference (no offence).
    These criminals need to stop. What they have been and continue to do – will break America and the better part of the world’s nations. They could’nt stop Russia and China with their pathetic little tarrifs/trade bans/sanctions. So they are sulking and going Nuclear with the weapon du jour …the USD. ……until the last Bubble to burst (USD)….splatters all over the world’s continents. Can you see how the reset works.
    2025 seems like a resonable time on the horizon. If it happens sooner …so be it. But I think we are slowly being boiled- like frogs. Get past the Debt Ceiling impasse – and we see some hints of good times ahead.

  87. Jaun Valdez

    My school friend joined a Russian militia. Here’s what happened.
    Real Reporter 77K views 2 weeks ago
    My school friend recently joined a Russian militia, preparing for a potential NATO invasion amidst life in Russia after the war and sanctions. He’s now training in Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost region, nestled between Poland and Lithuania. Join me as I head to this strategic location to see what my old pal has gotten himself into…

  88. Harold Windsor


    Who Rules America: The Rise of The Military-Industrial Complex | Corporations | ENDEVR Documentary 789,457 views Dec 27, 2020
    Who Rules America: The Rise of the Military-Industrial Complex | Big Corporations | ENDEVR Documentary from 2012
    The corporate takeover and the rise of the military-industrial complex.
    Who Rules America? takes a comprehensive look into the governing system of the United States of America and reveals the behind-the-scene powers that rule the nation. There are two Americas; one in which people have freedom in choosing their leaders within the framework of the constitution living in the land of the free, and another, wherein all is dedicated to the ruling 1% and within which a hidden network of power governs including the media, Wall Street , the Military and Corporations. This expose from Danny Schechter (In Debt We Trust, WMD: Weapons on Mass Deception) lifts the lid on the true decision-makers behind the world’s self-proclaimed democratic role model.

  89. Earth Angel

    Yikes! That’s sobering. Bill Holter is always a first rate interview.. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven.” Get prepared everybody.

  90. john C cope

    Hi Greg , yesterday I saw a Bo Palony piece and the person with him was telling of a dream he had from God about a 50 dollar bill I hope you saw this piece .The person told this story thinking this was a sign that the money was going to lose its value .Grant is on the 50 ,in 1871 he put the U.S. into a corp and all of us into a type of slavery could this tearing up of that 50 dollar bill be the destruction of that corp???

  91. Mike

    I highly doubt governments will nationalise the mines as they have no idea how to run them. Instead, they will impose extremely punitive taxes on the companies and the shareholders.

    Also, as we’re moving to digital currencies, they’ll know when you’re selling your gold and silver so you won’t be able to hide there either. This means you won’t be able to sell if they have nationalised gold and silver and you didn’t hand it over.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mike,
      “I highly doubt governments will nationalise the mines as they have no idea how to run them.” They don’t need to know how to run them. They will continue to employ the mining technocrats to run them. ‘Covid’ has amply demonstrated the extent people (doctors) will go to just to keep their jobs!

  92. Beth Hawkshaw

    Deart Carol,
    I share your hope, as many do here. God’s word is really simple. Because as children of God, he gives freely and what we need to endure these trying times. All that’s required is faith, faith is trust. Trust in the thing, as Joe Biden called him, God. Our heavenly father, father and son. Simple, (John 5:22; Hebrews 6:20) Hence, the Scriptures direct us to offer our prayers through Jesus. He himself said: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) God’s Kingdom is a heavenly government. God will restore righteousness, peace on earth and not just at Christmas time!
    Jesus is an ideal King because he is compassionate. As God’s Son, he also has the power to provide help for all who cry to him for aid and an end to war.—Read Psalm 72:8, 12-14.,nation%2C%20nor%20train%20for%20war%20anymore.&text=The%20LORD%20will%20mediate,train%20for%20war%20anymore.&text=will%20mediate%20between%20nations,nation%2C%20nor%20train%20for
    God’s Kingdom will benefit all who sincerely pray for it and who bring their lives into harmony with it.
    Carol, you will never regret, forever learning what the Bible says about God and his Kingdom, in the hands of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.—Read Luke 18:16, 17; John 4:23.

    BREAKING! Hundreds Of Undercover Feds Were In The Crowd On Jan 6th!
    +++++++++++++++++++ IT WAS A FREAKING SETUP ! ! !
    The Jimmy Dore Show 207,644 views May 23, 2023
    Since the day of the riots, chaos and vandalism that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, speculation has swirled about the presence of undercover federal agents among the protesters. Now the Biden administration is admitting that dozens of Justice Department plants were present on January 6th, as well as dozens more FBI agents, Secret Service agents and who knows how many other law enforcement personnel.

  93. lonni

    South African Politician SPANKS U.K. Reporter About Western War Crimes
    The Jimmy Dore Show 2.3K views 21 minutes ago

    Team Biden Antagonizing Putin – Alastair Crooke fmr Brit ambassador
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 18K views Streamed 4 hours ago

    Russia hits pricey US Patriot systems in Ukraine
    The Grayzone 62,368 views May 23, 2023
    The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the Russian damaging and destruction of costly US weapons systems and NATO munitions in Ukraine and the corporate media’s attempt to whitewash the embarrassing waste of taxpayer money’s!

  94. lon

    South African Politician SPANKS U.K. Reporter About Western War Crimes
    The Jimmy Dore Show 2.3K views 21 minutes ago

  95. Marie Joy

    Target stock is down 15% from
    DeSantis wants a 23% sales tax and is proving he is Deep State.
    Be as self sufficient as you you can be.
    Why can’t DeSantis wait until 2028 to run? He’s a young man. It seems odd to me.
    Prepare for the worst.
    AMMO UP.
    Get in better shape.
    Go organic.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Maybe DeSantis figures there will be no 2028 for which to wait? Best always. PM

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Paul,
        I realise you are being serious – but I had to laugh . . . 😃 😃
        The world has gone mad!

  96. Brenda Shockington

    Girl, 15, allegedly killed baby after giving birth ‘unexpectedly’
    A teenager who gave birth “unexpectedly” while her parents were upstairs allegedly suffocated her baby boy before dumping his body in a bin bag.
    Holly Christodoulou – The Sun May 12, 2023 – 8:16AM

  97. Bizzaro woild!

    Putin Stands Resolute: Kremlin won’t ‘freeze’ war in Ukraine; ‘Will Achieve Our Goals’
    Hindustan Times 145,578 views May 24, 2023
    Adam Shifty Shiff May Have To Pay $16MM For Lying To The American Public!
    World News Report Today 1K views 18 hours ago May 24th 2023!

  98. Marie Joy

    North Face has gone woke.

  99. Pete

    Cant believe how many Americans are still completely asleep in this 5th Generation War.
    These people are in for a shock when the curtain falls on this movie.
    The funny thing is its all in plain sight!!! Clear as day!!!!! All it takes is the correct research.
    I have absolutely no fear about what is transpiring .It must transpire that is part of the script.
    In the words of 32nd degree free mason Franklin Roosevelt “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” Yep you read that right…time to wake up!!

  100. Randy Best

    It is utterly amazing how many still have faith in worthless fiat money.

    • Sam

      How do you expect to buy groceries?…..not even .00001% have any Ag or Au…..until we get another currency……what are we supposed to use?…..Think….THINK!

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