Confetti Dollar End of Ponzi Scheme – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says the recent underreported announcement by the UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti in Switzerland that his bank might need a “rescue” is yet another sign on the short road to the end of the global Ponzi scheme backed by the US dollar reserve currency.  Holter points out, “You’ve got a sick bank (Credit Suisse) that is being bailed out by another bank (UBS) that may turn out to be sick.  My question is who is going to bail out these central banks?  You have got the Fed with a $9 trillion balance sheet.  The last time, the Fed went from $900 billion to $9 trillion.  Can the Fed now go from $9 trillion to $90 trillion?  Who is going to bail out the Fed?  Who is going to bail out the US Treasury?  Who is going to bail out the Bank of England, the ECB or the Bank of Japan?  These central banks have completely blown up their balance sheet and have no ability to save anything.  My question is who is going to save them?”

Can’t they cut interest rates again like they did in 2009?  Holter says, “If they cut interest rates from here, you would see the dollar absolutely crash.  The only reason the dollar has not crashed is interest rates have basically gone from 0% to 5%.   They have done that in a year and a half which is the fastest increase in interest rates in all of history.”

So, rate cuts will devalue the dollar.  Can you pay trillions of dollars borrowed in Treasury Bond back in confetti dollars?  Holter says, “Yes, you absolutely can pay back your debt in confetti.  It’s been done many, many times before as currencies get lost.  The US Treasury can certainly pay back in dollars, confetti dollars that certainly will have no purchasing power.  What that does is it shuts the credit spigot off to the biggest debtor in the world.  The biggest debtor in the world is the US Treasury.  They owe more than any other entity anywhere. . . . I have long said this is going to be a credit event. . . . People are not going to buy Treasuries and be paid back in monkey money.  The world is going to shun dollars and shun US Treasuries. . . . In short, confetti dollars are going to shut the credit markets down. . . .  Then, it’s game over because everything runs on credit.  The financial markets run on credit, and the real economy runs on credit.  If there is no credit, nothing works.”

Holter is not surprised by the recent rise in gold.  He also says “watch silver, it is being suppressed because if silver rises uncontrollably, it will be like pulling the silver pin in the gold grenade.”

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 11.28.23.

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After the Interview:

Bill Holter’s new website is still growing in a big way.  It’s called

If you need to contact Bill Holter, his email is [email protected].

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  1. Sheryl

    What a pleasant surprise 😮 thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      As I said, it was fun!!

      • Mike

        Thank you Greg and Bill.
        Great show as usual. Hmmmmmm. Will we make it through December.
        I also am a Believer in Jesus Christ. How the WORLD
        Needs Him. Anyway great advice from you both
        God bless mike

        • Carl L. McWilliams

          Hello Mike, I am also a believer in Jesus Christ. Recently I was given a link to a work that I consider worthy for professing Christians to review. It has been prepared by a young Christian woman named Dana Ashlie for those fellow believers who are grounded in the Word of God – and who are “premillennial”, “post-tribulation rapture” soldiers for Jesus Christ. It is specifically prepared for those who are learning to not fear the first death. [see: Revelation 2: 8 & 20: 4]

          This content was created in 2017 and it is actually Dana Ashlie’s gift to her fellow soldiers within the Body of Jesus Christ. Those sheep who hear their Master’s voice and know “time is short”. It is very mature and graphic and adult supervision is necessary. It is also necessary to have a general understanding of “revelation eschatology”.

          • Cameron Gardner

            Hey Greg,
            When are you going to have Cliff High on again?

            Also, maybe get Anna Von Reitz on the show?


  2. iwitness02

    Things are sure getting interesting. Seems to me, there is a huge confluence of events coming together worldwide. I guess it would be safe to assume that life as we know it is about to change. Forever.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, life-changing, world-changing, but things will go on. Rome fell, but the place called “Italy” has people living there. Best always. PM

    • Katy Bar

      That is for sure iwitness02 “life as we know it is about to change” dramatically – for the evil Globalists who stole our government are watching closely what the common people do and who they support – and will soon consolidate their power by using Digital ID’s and Social Credit Scores to subject the common people to their will (like what they are now doing to our military personnel) – these Globalists recently had the US Air Force alert service members “not to attend any rallies for Donald Trump” (If They Want To Remain In The Military) – actually threatening the livelihoods of our service men and women “if they dare to support an anti-globalist and anti-neocon candidate” flies in the face of our Constitutional Republic and the Freedoms and Liberties Guaranteed under our Constitution – these Evil Commies now in control of our Military have shown us they have the power to threaten the livelihoods of our men and women in uniform (if they dare to support an anti-globalist and anti-neocon candidate like Trump) – this is way beyond “just getting interesting” – It Is Beyond Belief – and shows that our lives “are about to change forever” if we don’t take an immediate stand against these Dangerously Evil Perverted Commie Traitors to our Nation and what the United States of America has stood for since 1776!!! –

      • Katy Bar

        Trump supported the Military and said the COVID-19 vaccine “was not mandatory” – yet U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III issued a memorandum that “mandated” service members complete a regime of U.S. approved COVID-19 vaccines and recently threatened to take away the livelihoods of our men and women in uniform “if they supported Trump”?? – That’s Beyond Belief!! – But what do we call “the taking away the very lives” of our service members (by myocarditis, etc., etc.)?? Cold Blooded Murder?? –

      • Sean

        The more the Cabal take, the closer we are to a revolution. The arrogance and disillusionment of the ultra wealthy over the common people is what leads to the great cleansing.

  3. Shirl

    Bill Holter’s and Mr Gold’s (Jim Sinclair’s) economic assessment have been unaltered for years now….sad Mr Gold isn’t alive to witness this end it.

    Anyway, Got some real phyz Silver Gold yet?
    Or do the LibTarded Radical Marxists have you bamboozled & distracted with Orange Man Bad AKA President Trump with another hundred bogus indictments along with the made up White extremists J6ers (black white brown yellow red) everyone except them who all love America, the Constitution and the rule of law, Traditional Family, Baseball, Apple pie and common sense?

    Great interview with Bill sporting his independence wearing a dear hunting shirt.

    • Tommy

      Hello Shirl, perhaps within the next 11 months, as Bill Holter points out, Gerald Celente’s observation of
      “When all else fails, they take you to war”
      might go global to cover all of the treasonous acts from A to Z that the MINORITY in number of evil ones have committed?

      As I see it, one treasonous crime has rolled into the next while the previous high crime of treason is left to fester like an open wound growing into an infection of pus upon all of humanity. The final Coup de Grace of world war is being engineered as we the people do nothing effectively to stop them in any of their previous treasonous advancement, seems more plausible by the day.

  4. Michael Quick

    RE: Bond volatility, I noticed this recently too in some basic charts I put together, that the 10 year has basically doubled in volatility the past 25 years or so. See image for details:

    Crude, S&P, and Gold shown for comparison. The 10 year is relatively shaky.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Michael, for adding to this post!!

  5. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thank you two.
    Two wonderful men. Telling the truth. Just what the globalist hate!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “MM”!!

  6. Neville

    As AAcrime has been run on the exact same lines as mafia ,with gun running, drugs, larceny,c outerfieting and so on.t they have painted themselves into a corner from which they cannot extract themselves and so they take their fight to the streets via their scamdemics, protection rackets and probably worst of all is the digital currency which is only there to hide or launder their creation of cash out of thin air.
    They sup with the devil and so bring on themselves Karma from which they will never escape.
    Thanks Bill for your in put and confirmation of brother Bo’s fantastic Sunday offerings which are already in a small way bearing fruit and there is lots more to come.
    Relative to the Gold price at the moment the underlying shares attached to the producers are now considerably cheap as chips especially the Juniors!!!!

  7. stanley skrzypek

    IMPRESSIVE!…as a loyal and long time listener of USAWATCHDOG.COM , Mr Greg Hunter is always asking the Right Questions to get to the “meat” of the Subject, whether it is Geopolitical, Corruption in America, ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVASION on the Southern Border, Religion, Medical, Economics, Politics, and the takeover of our Education system by the INSANE Commie Transvestites…..Hunter should be on a NATIONAL STAGE…..but……”Wait there’s More”..we are in the “End Times” that has been proven, and the Enemy is “in charge”…..for now,….but the crazies will be dealt with if and when Americans Wake Up and Take Charge….And our Heavenly Father has Everything in Control….it will end with the humble inheriting the Earth.

  8. Katy Bar

    Holter says: “Interest rate cuts will devalue the US dollar” (yet it seems almost impossible to push the dollar down even more then it’s current value – – but that’s what raising rates is going to do) – and this will make the rest of the world shun US dollars and shun US Treasuries even more – some big Indian jeweler’s are now calling for $2200 Gold by January or February 2024 – of course – the big Bankers (like Stan) “who love confetti money” because they can pay off their US dollar loans in depreciated dollars (in a big debt jubilee for them) will be selling the Gold they bought at $1825 (when they told us to “sell it to them”) – those of us who did not listen to Stan and bought Gold at $1825 will soon be able to book a nice 20% un-leveraged gain (to pay off some of their own debts) if Gold rises to $2200 this coming January/February!!

  9. stanley skrzypek

    I am Commenting about the “Coming of Jesus” by Mr. Hunter and Mr. Holter… at the End of this video conversation….The “First” jesus to “come” will be SATAN in Disguise a Fake, kicked out of Heaven after being chained up for millennia, Pretending to be the “REAL JESUS”….the World will fall all over themselves “Thinking” the he is the “REAL DEAL”…but he is NOT!!!…He is SATAN!……He will be in Control of this world for 5(FIVE) Months…and then comes the “Real Deal” a big Shocker for the ones who bought into Satan’s BIG LIE!…JESUS, the Son of our Heavenly Father comes to the Earth. Wow!…not my Thinking…the Manuscripts tell it like it is…
    If one thinks that the Modern Bible is Fact Verbatim….over 1900 years of interpretation of the Manuscripts….The Modern Bible is “chock full” of …Gross errors as anyone should know after doing Honest Research of the Manuscripts.

  10. Jason

    I believe King Charles owns 98-100% of Canada and all that the ground contains. His image is not on the Canadian coins and paper currency because he had a pretty face. So he probably has some archaic and little known right to take possession of any mining.

  11. Sara

    Thank you Greg for this wonderful interview with Bill Holter! Jus More News to confirm–and now this ==> The Company Signa just filed insolvency, and they own the Chrysler Building in downtown Manhattan! One of the most historical buildings in America!. Oh My! Times are going to be like a thunderous herd when all is revealed! Thank you Again!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sara. Good information and sign posting!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sara, there is no need to fear bankruptcy, unless you believe that the Chrysler Building is going to vanish into thin air along with Signa. In the coming currency debacle, where the Dollar goes broke, wealth (gold, physical assets, real estate) will not disappear; it will merely change ownership. Bankruptcy is merely an indicator of bad management/stewardship. Best always. PM

  12. Neville

    As the valueless dollar is about to crash at some stage due to the measures put in place by tricky Dick in the 1970’s ,he not only nailed the future of the valueless one but also stabbed capitalism in the back from which it has long since passed on thanks to a big helping hand by that erstwhile idiot greenspan.
    So I dug this record out of the history book which is called
    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    Song by Joan Baez(A wonderful singer in her day)
    And we may all be joyful at the event as it has been the root cause of all the financial problems of the world sort of the covid 19 of the monetary system


    • Peter Waroblak

      Robbie Robertson (RIP) Wrote that song

    • evan j trofholz

      “The Band” did that song; one of my favorites.

    • robert messina

      Thanks Neville . . . I never noticed this song nor understood ” . . . don’t care if the money’s no good . . take what you want and leave the rest . . . but they should never have taken the very best” It touched me

    • Mark alan

      Why are they doing this? Its simple. The earth is going to flip, and the sun is going to flare, burning everything facing it.
      It just doesn’t matter anymore. Live well.
      Now you know.

  13. Heidi hansen

    We are headed for hyper inflation where people won’t be able to even buy food. Europe first. Then the US. Get prepared.

  14. Andy

    With reference to your comments @ 53 mins….
    3 Power to regulate coinage by proclamation.
    e)call in coins of any date or denomination, or coins made before a date specified in the proclamation;

    Something for UK residents to consider (very likely ALL commonwealth countries & non-commonwealth countries something similar also?)

  15. Roger Stamper

    tks bill greg

  16. The Good Guy

    You can never go wrong bringing Bill Holter; good interview Greg 🙂

  17. Jim Wade

    Is the world on the precipice of total collapse?

    It sure seems that is where it is at. Looking into the abyss of a politically created Hades. A recovery, if at all possible, could take generations.


    Just a huge THUD!!

  18. S W

    UBS Hands Qatari Sheikh $9 Billion Credit Line in Mideast Push October 25, 2023

    Time to loot the treasures.

  19. Paul

    What will precious metals be valued against-as always, labor.

    Kyle Bass is a good read or listen from broader perspective
    The Metals ship is coming in and supply will be scarce to load.

    Paul from arkansas

  20. Thomas Wigand

    The infamous “by 2030 you will own nothing” still haunts.

    I fear that the “subprime crisis” and Covid were mere dress-rehearsals for the execution phase of “The Great Reset.”

    Systemic collapse of the financial system, and (what I’ll refer to as) a “Satanic jubilee.” All ownership (stocks, bonds, real estate, bank accounts) will be declared forfeited, “in (involuntary) return for” UBI and CBDC’s and social credit scoring.

    I’m not saying that this will occur, only that I believe this to be their intention. And that I believe that the 2024 U.S. election will be the deciding battle. IF then we reinstate our Constitutional Republic after it was deposed via the coup d’etat (stolen election) of 2020, the world has a chance.

    Pray, repent and seek God’s face, the he may heal our land, and by doing so, set the stage for healing lands across the globe.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tom, Just for clarification (not contesting your statement) per paragraph 2 of your post: Are you saying that the Great Bail-In comes first, pre-collapse, or secondarily, post-collapse? And, according to expectation, this comes first in Europe and Japan before here in the USA (per theory Dollar is “Last Man” standing?). Please advise.

      Personally, I don’t think the 2024 Election will produce anything more than the same. The trend since Clinton has been down, with ever bigger government and control. Mr. Trump’s election was a wake-up call to the cabal calling the shots, and they believe they have taken care of that problem. by installing their dupe, Mr. Biden, and accelerating the timetable.

      Thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking post. Best always. PM

    • Mike D

      One major problem with the globalist’s plans to seize all assets is that many sheriffs around the country will flat-out REFUSE to do the bidding of the banks by enforcing residential foreclosures.

  21. Freedom-4-All

    Thanks, Greg. First Polny then Holter. Give me Rubino and it is a trifecta in my book. Thanks for all your efforts.

    Don Conrad

  22. David Bagley

    Any politician still silent about the 💉 ☠️ is complicit including Trump

  23. Gordon

    I figure:
    All the gold & silver in precious metals IRA’s will be easy pickings’ for the government to take (sadly, including mine).

    • Greg Hunter

      Get you gold and silver out, pay the tax and be done with it.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Amen. IRA’s are sitting ducks. Time to bring all electronic “assets” into the corral to weather the storm. You only own what you have IN HAND. Better to be too early than too late. Best always. PM

    • Jerry T

      Yes this is the X Factor………. the damage is real. The deaths are real. To continue to call it beautiful is bordering on the satanic and reveals who you truly Serve. If so then there is no escape as it would prove We The People are being played by both sides.

  24. pimaCanyon

    I suspect he’s right. However, the question that no one seems to be able to answer is: When?

    I’ve been hearing about the US debt being unsustainable since the 1970’s. Doom and Gloomers have been forecasting the end of the world since then. Again, they are probably right, but it hasn’t happened yet, after more than 50 years of prognostications.

    If a weather forecaster forecasts rain for tomorrow, and tomorrow comes and it’s a bright sunny day, then the forecaster forecasts rain for the next day, and that day dawns and it’s bright and sunny. This goes on for 20 days and then it rains and the forecasters says, “See I told you it was going to rain!” So is that person an accurate weather forecaster?

    • Greg Hunter

      We are getting close on “when.”

    • Jeffrobbins

      We should not expect an exact when. We should expect a growing of problems. Like when water boils, it’s not all of a sudden. I expect multiple years of events- maybe even a whole generation latter before we turn the corner. We are morally bankrupt at the moment- need to address that first. The finances will follow.

  25. Norma Gill Holly

    Tears and terror as Hamas rockets hit Israeli town of Ashkelon

  26. Susan R

    Blessings are abundant if the heart and soul are open. This was a blessing to listen to you both. This conversation has many familiar points that have been repeated over many years. Now the reality can be clearly seen. I have so enjoyed Bill all these years and he is a solid block in my wall of defense. Greg, you have brought all these gifts to us over many years giving endless blessings with hearts and souls to listen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Susan.
      Brother Greg

  27. Derwood Rathbone Corby

    Ukraine War is Finished (You Won’t Believe What Happens Next)
    As an Ukrainian, I am filled with tears over the deaths and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and soldiers. Big powers think in numbers while human life has no value. Unfortunately, this is not exclusive to Ukraine. We now have a chance to see how a much bigger conflict in perspective is unfolding.
    Sliding Towards a Nuclear War Where 7 Billion More Suckers Will Die!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very surprised that Zelensky has not been assassinated. I am so sorry for Ukraine. This was a looser from the beginning despite the constant propaganda that Ukraine was winning.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It was plain as day to see. The problem was the government and the Military-Industrial Complex saw $$, and they decided to take the opportunity to ca$h in. Despicable, but that’s where we are. Best always. PM

  28. Geno Cidenmoe

    As Anti-Israel-Hamas War Movement Deepens In US, So Does ‘Genocide Joe’ Biden’s 2024 Poll Conundrum TN World 165,427 views Nov 28, 2023
    A movement calling for an end to the Israel-Hamas war has erupted across the United States condemning US President Joe Biden’s reluctance to push ally Israel for a long-term ceasefire in war-ravaged Gaza. Amid domestic and international pressure, Biden seems to have changed his tone.

    • Greg Hunter

      The genocide is caused by Hamas conducting war from hospitals (Now proven with the tunnels) and densely populated civilian areas. If Hamas cowards want to stop the genocide they are causing, they should crawl out of their tunnels and get out of the civilian areas and meet the IDF on the battlefield.

  29. Marie Joy

    At what point does the American public get angry enough?
    At what point does the American public throw off its shackles?
    At what point does the American public rise up?
    air – air filters
    water – water filters
    spare parts
    Plant once and have it come back year after year… rhubarb, Jersalem artichokes, strawberries, asparagus, chives, herbs, spices. Can you think of more?
    What can you make that you could use or sell to Americans during this time?
    Fortify. Fortify. Fortify.
    Grow food in your attic, window sill, or basement. Start now.
    Bill Holter is my favorite

    • Paul from Indiana

      MJ, as you know I love your posts. Answer to your first three questions: “At no point.” Did the Russians rise up against the Communists? Did the Germans rise up against the Nazis? Have the Cubans risen up against the Castro Communist government? Have the North Koreans risen up against the Communists? Have the Iranians risen up against the Mullahs?

      What happens if a protest/rebellion is attempted? Do you remember Tiananmen Square in China? Hungary in 1956?

      The Americans who would likely consider rebellion are all 65+ now. The chance of their rebelling is slim. Most of the younger Americans are in favor of the way things currently are. That’s why we’re in such sorry shape.

      Plants that produce food which I have planted that are perennial (come back after a year) in addition to what you list are raspberries, grapes, and asparagus. Some maintenance and tending of these are required. Moles love to attack certain perennials. It’s not a freebie, but it is a great possibility. No free lunch in gardening!

      KEEP POSTING. Best always. PM

      • stanley skrzypek

        Excellent!…..Thanks for telling her “Like it Is”…….

    • Hunger


      You ask “At what point does the American public get angry enough?”

      When the EBT cards don’t work in the inner city’s.


    Col Douglas Macgregor:Grappling with Ethical Dilemmas: Technology, Warfare, and Morality Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 10K views 1 day ago

    Does the Deep State & Administrative State write their own laws?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 4,691 12 hours ago
    “They enforce their own laws, they adjudicate violation of their own laws and they punish those they find guilty. Did you hear me mention the judiciary in this?”

    Matthew Hoh : Media Bias and Propaganda
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 3826 views Nov 28, 2023

  31. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Bill

    Heads up

    UAE officially stops using dollar for oil trades
    Story by Jai Hamid •

    • Greg Hunter

      We have an Airforce base and a huge military presence in UAE.

  32. f reps

    No free speech on your website Greg. You are not a “White Man” in the traditional meaning of this expression.

    • Greg Hunter

      Free speech is NOT anonymous speech. Free speech also does not involve propaganda. Constitution says the GOVERNMENT cannot stop your speech. This is private enterprise. You There is nothing stopping you from starting your own site and do what I did. Stopping hateful imbecilic people from having access on to my large audience for anonymous comments is far from “No free speech.”

  33. Papers of Record

    Col Douglas Macgregor:Grappling with Ethical Dilemmas: Technology, Warfare, and Morality

  34. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    I made a significant silver purchase with cash from a CD that came due. I have been stacking Silver for over 55 years and this was by far my biggest purchase. My thought is this – I will be passing down to my kids real wealth not confetti. The timeline on Silver should be within the next year in my opinion. They can’t hide the debt any longer – even the mainstream media is waking up
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing LTC Brumley.

    • Rose Montgomery Sellicka

      Good on ya Rodster! God’s war to end all wars is so close, you can almost hear the clarion call for peace & security! Then as our lord and savior said, sudden destruction will be instantly upon them, our enemies! Chief among them, Satan the Devil!
      We got a lot to look forward too. You got his word on it, because he not only is the son of God, but the word of God! In the flesh, he walked among us, the word Jesus the Christ child, now king of God’s kingdom, raring to strike a blow for England and all the world and it’s woe’s!

    • Paul from Indiana

      You can only pass it on if it’s secure and you retain possession, but I’m sure you know that. What happens if something happens to you? I appreciate what you have done; I have done similarly, starting as a 13-year old kid in 1965, culling silver out of my change. I am on board, but please don’t think that that’s all there is to it. None of us can afford to be cocky at this point. Best always. PM

  35. James Foote

    Concerning the Great Taking Agenda , only God / Jesus Christ can save you from what’s been planned by Satan , so either have Faith and thus rest from all this or be completely consumed by anxiety and worry / fear ! I know which one I have chosen and thus not stressed in the least going forward !

    • S. Revere

      James Foote, neither am I in the least bit anxious or worried
      about any of the crap that is happening or about what is going to
      happen. In fact we are rather enjoying these past 3 years or so
      by focusing on worthwhile nutrition and making meals a family funtime. Even last Dec. when I was hospitalized with ”covid” for 3 weeks, my son enjoyed making my meals and bringing them to me because the food there was so bad, and I do not eat such junk.
      We have no food stashed up, no water other than the filtered tap water, no silver, no gold on hand, not a whole lot of extra cash, no savings, no debts, no garden, no animals, no freezer……Nada.
      Yet we are extremely well ”prepared for what is coming” . In fact we can hardly wait, wish it would hurry up, so we can get on with it. Waiting is the Only thing that is even close to rattling me at all.
      This world has always been a piece of crap; always been ”one damned thing after another” because satan is the god of this world and to expect it to have ever been, or ever going to be worth living in, is living with your head in the clouds. And now, it is heading for the big creshendo; the finale to outdo all finale’s. Stage 5 Cancer is now terminal. And good riddance. I say this even though we have been blessed beyond belief, and have no problems, and want for nothing.
      (Bring on The Kingdom where sanity and righteousness will rule the day and real justice for all, with satan locked away and unable to function. )

    • Gracelyn

      This is excellent advice!

  36. Operation Paper-Clipper Lives!

    REPORT: Netanyahu Privately CLOWNS Biden Despite U.S. Support
    The Young Turks 108,599 12 hours ago
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told members of the Likud party some disparaging things about Biden and the United States. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turkeys.

    Breaking: WASHIGTON D&C.
    Clown Biden turns his deep creepy state uni-party wrath on Moscow? 👓🧨👺

    ‘Western Racists’: Putin Attacks After Russia Lambasts U.S For Planning Coup In Moscow / Hindustan Times 14,702 2hours ago

    • Greg Hunter

      The only way to allow a Palestinian state is to get them to remove out of their charter their stated goal to “Kill all the Jews.”
      The next thing is to require that the “Peaceful” Palestinians STOP teaching in school to their children to Hate Jews. This is deeply imbedded school curriculum. This is a fact and not hidden. Both should be requirements for any state. By the way, it is on video the poor Palestinian civilians (which included children) took part in the massacre in Israel on October 7th. These people do not want a TWO-state-solution. As the genocidal saying goes, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” They want Israel destroyed and that is another fact. I despise the “Young commie Turks” and they ain’t so young anymore.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, WE should stop letting the socialist Left destroy this country via their takeover of education, media, and entertainment, but do we? How can you expect Hamas and Hezbollah to reform themselves? We must deal with what’s in front of us, aka reality. Best always. PM

      • Ted

        Hoping the Jewish people will finally turn away from the left. Surely the last few weeks have been an education for them. With their unassailable control over the key nodes of power in America and the west, they could turn things around in a matter of weeks. Praying for them to repent and finally come to Jesus.

  37. O.P.C.L.

    ‘Western Racists’: Putin Attacks After Russia Lambasts U.S For Planning Coup In Moscow / Hindustan Times 14,702 2hours ago

  38. Kato

    He said the Government can easily confiscate gold and silver.
    I don’t think so maybe back in the 1930’s but today I doubt that there are many that will go along with that.

  39. Lars

    Bill Holter is spot on, the Swedish central bank has admitted they are broke. They will have to ask the government for 80 billion Swedish kroner = 7 billions USD.

    This is official and can also be found on the central bank own website

  40. Brian Kelly

    Police officer empties his 9mm Glock into mans chest and he keeps coming. Very graphic video. Vaccine injury? It’s zombie like…

  41. Blood Of Innocents

    Watch: Hamas’ Rare Joint Roadshow With Islamic Jihad; Gazan’s Cheer As Hostages Freed | Israel Truce Hindustan Times 9 hours ago
    On Day 5 of the Gaza ceasefire, while releasing the fifth batch of hostages, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters conducted a huge roadshow. Troops of the Al Qassam and Al Quds Brigades were cheered on by huge crowds on the streets of Gaza. They released 12 hostages – 10 Israeli and 2 Thai nationals – on November 28. Meanwhile, Israel released 30 more Palestinian prisoners from its jails

  42. Dan Fournier

    Hi Greg,

    Just to back up what Bill said about the Fed being broke.

    Look no further than their own Balance Sheet from Oct. 26, 2023 (Factors Affecting Reserve Balances – H.4.1, URL:

    Matthew Kratter from Bitcoin University breaks down precisely how they are broke analyzing this “BS” (pardon the pun) sheet:

    The sh*t’s gonna indeed get ugly…

  43. Jerry

    Greg, can give some educated guess as to what happens when the Dollar fails
    and what should people do with the Dollars from under the mattress?

    Should we hold on & what would be the max amount to hold? I know that is
    a tough one but Family’s are asking questions, what is your Opinion?

    Thanks and GOD BLESS ALWAYS….. Jerry

  44. Barb

    Thanks for these interviews Greg. Do you have any word, specifically, on how this will effect insurance companies and annuities? I’m about to get an annuity to help my mom, it would pay out over the next year. A crash has been expected for the last ten years …. and called for over the last two years …. but it just keeps going, so frustrating!

  45. Ed

    Hi Greg, any chance on getting our friend Paul Craig Roberts back anytime soon?
    It would be nice to hear his wisdom occasionally on what’s happening in the world.
    Maybe you could slip him in between guest speakers and mix it up once in a while.

  46. robert

    There will be NO CONFISCATION….PERIOD.

    The fools who have driven the country into the ground will be literally running for their lives from the angry masses. I will be watching in my lawn chair with a popcorn bowl in my lap as this unfolds.

    Will everyone please stop with the nonsense.

    Hand over your money now or else.

    Yeah sure.

  47. George Carlienie

    Angry At Saudi Over Gaza War Criticism, Israel Withdrew Expo Bid Support. But It Didn’t Matter / Hindustan Times 3 hours ago 27,014
    Hours before Saudi Arabia won the bid for hosting the World Expo 2030, Israel was fuming at the Kingdom. Tel Aviv withdrew its support for Riyadh’s bid over its criticism of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza amid the conflict with Hamas. However, it didn’t make much of a difference to Saudi, who won the bid with 119 votes against Italy and South Korea.

  48. Old Rancher

    The confiscation of gold in the 30s relied almost exclusively on VOLUNTARY submission of peoples’ coinage. There was a lot taken from safe deposit boxes and other places the government could say “gotcha” to but there was no door-to-door ransacking of homes to retrieve it. My family had a half dozen gold coins that had been kept from that time because they knew it was a bogus program and the subsequent devaluation of the dollar proved them right. Unfortunately my aunt in her addled state of mind at the end left them to her husband instead of the oldest male of the next generation which would have been me. She had other things, though, which were of equal and more value that made up for it.

    Buy your PMs for cash and join the masses that will disobey the law. The government can’t do this without inciting the same amount of Hell, hate and discontent they would if they tried to confiscate guns. Wait for things to die down before trying to use it for payment and then use it very carefully. We will have people snitching on each other but, as they say, “snitches get stitches”. Things will be rough all over.

    • Greg Hunter

      You could keep 5 $20 gold coins per person.

  49. Paul Murray

    Greg, the genius of Bill Holter is the combination of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. He has few, if any peers, in this category. (The late Rob Kirby was another.) It is to your credit as a professional journalist (one of the last on earth), and to the benefit of your constituent Watchdoggers (of which I am proudly one), that you have developed a relationship with this terrific, stand-up, gifted, caring man among men, Bill Holter. Thing are accelerating to a climax followed by the unravelling. Many thanks and best always. PM

    Greg, you are our John the Baptist. I can’t give you enough credit. PM

  50. Strobelight

    Excellent as always, Greg. Thanks to you both.

    Please interview David Rogers Webb re his book, “The Great Taking” if you’re able to. Bill has posted links to David’s site and ebook and it’s critically important to understand what he’s presenting there. See:

    An in-depth discussion would be fantastic, although it is certainly ominous.

    Anyone who hasn’t read it, should do so asap

  51. Hoyle Julian

    Bill Holter is solely responsible for saving TRX financially. He raised money from investors like me until the company began to cash flow. Without Bill, I believe TRX would have become bankrupt, and some large company would have bought it for a song.

    I am a holder of 4.3 million shares of TRX. I consider Bill a personal friend, and I hope he feels the same. Bill had a birthday party in 2020, I met Jim Sinclair and several TRX staff members who came. I told Jim he was the reason I was a TRX Investor. Iam telling you this, because I am sure Bill never would.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sure you are correct. Bill is a very good man and a very smart investor.

  52. Vern Locke

    Who Are the Controligarchs? Author EXPOSES Bill Gates’ Plot to OWN YOUR FOOD
    The Hill 13,524 2 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Writer Seamus Bruner discusses his latest work, Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life.

  53. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg. It’s very interesting that Mr. Holter referenced that book ‘ The Great Taking”. I’ve heard of it, but not read it. Anyone out there- any thoughts?? I find it hard to believe that i couldn’t repay my mortgage as the contract states, perhaps the government could/ would buy up all foreclosed properties. Even if the bond market shut down, each county has a sheriff and county judges that provide order. There’s only so much I’m going to worry about at any one time.
    In any case, a small acreage place where we can grow some food and raise a few animals is where we need to be. Preps are good, but this thing is likely to out last those. When friends and family that don’t have much come to you, what are you going to do? I was thinking of having room and irrigation pipes for a number of food plots. Maybe we take turns guarding the place at night. In the mean time some animals can do some grazing. Kind of like when the shepherds were with their flocks at night and the angels came to them. Hard saying, not knowing.- I know this much, i turned down overtime this weekend so i could spend a bit more time doing some dirt work around the now 2 year old pond- one of my preps.

  54. Shah Shank Redemption?

    Decadence and Downfall: The World’s Most Expensive Party
    Best Documentary 517,990 views Oct 8, 2023 IRAN
    In 1971, the Shah of Iran, the self-proclaimed ‘king of kings’, celebrated 2,500 years of the Persian monarchy by throwing the greatest party in history.
    Money was no object – a lavish tent city, using 37km of silk, was erected in a specially created oasis. The world’s top restaurant at the time, Maxim’s, closed its doors for two weeks to cater the event, a five-course banquet served to over sixty of the world’s kings, queens and presidents, and washed down with some of the rarest wines known to man. Over a decadent five-day period, guests were treated to a pageant of thousands of soldiers dressed in ancient Persian costume, a ‘son et lumiere’ at the foot of Darius the Great’s temple, and the opening of the Azadi Tower in Tehran, designed to honour the Shah himself.
    Every party leaves a few hangovers. This one left a country reeling, never to recover. It crystallised the opposition, led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. More than any other event, this party marked the break between the king of kings and the people of Iran he reigned over.

  55. Gary Grindstaff
    Exactly what you have said

  56. SJ

    I’d be curious to know what Holter thinks will happen to average Joe’s home mortgage when it all collapses. He mentioned paying off debts with confetti money. That sounds great to me but maybe too good to be true (as one who will not be able to pay off my mortgage for 10+ years otherwise). Will the banks suddenly say that everyone must pay the full value of their mortgages at once so the banks don’t go bankrupt and THAT is how we pawns will all end up owning nothing? I think it is possible this could also be how to make the switch to CBDCs…. just automatically convert people’s debts to CBDCs.

  57. steve Azarro

    If the system (credit) is going to crash, why pay off debt, car and credit cards? Buy precious metals and supplies and carry the debt into the biggest ponzi scheme crash and enjoy the no debt reset. Or am I missing something?

  58. TK

    Based on recent events of Mark Cuban selling his majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks, Jamie Dimon selling a million shares, Wells Fargo and USBank closing massive amounts of stores…I’d say the dollar is going, going, goXX. Can’t say gone just yet, but on the doorstep.

    I recall Holter’s last interview, Greg: “What will they call this when it is over?”

    Bill: “The End”

  59. Eli

    Thank you Greg for another brilliant interview.

  60. Jon

    This one’s for Kissinger!

  61. nepenthe

    This black American woman is perfect for USAWD as a guest. Maybe just a cameo on Thursday.

    She is a Rapture Evangelical and is seeing the banking situation as part of the Tribulation. The other guests are missing that aspect.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Rapture is a LIE…a Myth concocted about 1830 in Great Britian by a Margaret Mcdonald..(I think thats her name)….. the Rapture is NOT in the Scriptures, so it is a LIE!

    • S. Revere

      nepenthe, I agree with what she said. I too have been
      saying that everything we are seeing now is a preview
      of what is going to happen during the Trib.

      Reminds me of an old Brenda Lee song ”break it to me
      gently” which referred to unwelcomed bad news.

  62. Ulysses S Gold

    it is ominous that Bill Holter on a day before the fuhrer of the petro dollar dies, Kissinger.

    this prophecy of 8yrs ago, is now pertinent: both because of the dollar and what he says about the splitting of Israel.

    Pastor Shane Warren Vision: Economic Collapse & Silver Increase & major midWest earthquake

    ps. Clif High is leading many through the wide gate into hell.

  63. The Canuck

    Canada has gold, we just don’t brag about it as what we don’t have is a military to protect it. Two things to consider, Eric Sprott was well aware of this approaching storm long ago and purchased the right to manage and administer the Central Fund of Canada and the Central Gold Trust. Assets under management increased $8.4 Billion. The metal was relocated from out of the vaults of the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) and relocated to the Royal Canadian Mint. Can King Charles grab it ? Who knows. Secondly, the Central Bank of Canada is not a private bank. It has no shareholders. It is owned by the people. Very unique amongst the international banking community. If you believe what Martin Armstrong predicts, there may not even be a Canada after 2032. You can see the east/west divide widening right now. Be safe friends.

  64. Crispin Metzler

    As long as the FRN bribe machine lives we have no liberty.

  65. Steve Harbaugh

    Thank you Bill and Greg,
    it is so refreshing to listen to news that is actually reporting what IS happening. I always enjoy listening to both of you, your thoughts and insights.
    God bless you, both… and keep up the great work.
    thank you,
    Until Jesus comes,
    Pastor Steve Harbaugh

  66. DHL

    This video presentation sounds like the 1919-1924 German hyperinflation, except it describes the 21th century event and is world wide. For reference in 1919 170 German Marks could buy one ounce of gold. Five years later an ounce of gold cost 87 Trillion Marks.

  67. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Ecclesiastes 1:14: “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” The key phrase is under the sun, which is repeated throughout the book. Solomon is sharing an earth-bound perspective. He is only considering life “under the sun”; that is, a human life lived to the exclusion of any consideration of God. From that godless perspective, everything is indeed “meaningless.”

    If we are living the right prayer, we are one with each other – if we are meditating with the right effort we are meditating as one – if you are feeling God in the right way, we are feeling God together as one – if you can understand these things, you will understand and we as one will share the ONE God. If we die before we die – we have dropped our ego and made room for the two to become the one – Flesh and Spirit are no longer two things – but they are the ONE thing manifesting into this realm- through us God from the ether into the physical realm of our existence. And our existence is then God’s existence here on this planet – why would he take us to heaven when he could put heaven here? And the thing is WE ARE THE ONLY THING GETTING IN THE WAY. Our ego is the virus that has constantly been attacking our soul.

  68. Don Ho Howe

    EXPOSED: MASSIVE government, military, media campaign to CENSOR YOU
    Glenn Beck 39,370 views Nov 29, 2023
    Journalist Michael Shellenberger has unveiled a new trove of documents that he says dwarf the Twitter Files in scale and importance. The Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL) Files, which were leaked by a whistleblower, detail “the birth of the anti-disinformation sector,” which includes government, U.S. and U.K. military contractors, and intelligence agencies, the media, and “sock puppet accounts.” And it reveals what many have already assumed: Since the U.S. government can’t legally censor Americans’ free speech, it has used public-private partnerships to do so — and also to wage propaganda campaigns against people who disagree. Glenn reviews the shocking findings and explains what this means for you: “I think we have the Stasi, America.” This doesn’t just put freedom at risk, Glenn warns. “This is about the loss of your FREE WILL.

  69. Randy L Avera

    Is bill concerned about confiscation of TRX by the Tanzanian government?
    Randy Avera
    Covered Bridge, AL

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, no love lost with Kissinger’s passing…he was a creature of both William Yandell Elliot,
    Dr. Fritz Kraemer,
    and many others of groups like the Alfalfa Club uni-party in D.C… the ‘big club’ ie SWAMP you ain’t in and most are not even aware of …that brought us to where we are headed today…

    All those interested in who/how/when the WEF and the globalist plans were spawn….might at least spend a fair amount of time considering….these…as they are the roots of WEF globalism, Klaus Schwab and what we see across the world being implemented by the world leaders in ‘their’ pay to play world of compromise and collaborations…for each within their own countries to retain ‘their’ power as long as they go along to get along. or RISK removal or war! That is the essential bases of Kissinger’s use of the Thucydides Trap the world plays by today ?…

    ‘It is clear that the Washington establishment viewed Henry Kissinger as the man who had provided unimaginable wealth to the globalist corporations and that Donald Trump represented an existential threat to their new “World Order”.
    Inconceivably, there is yet more to reveal about Kissinger’s legacy.’

    When one sees FOX NEWS lionize Kissinger with the notice of his death… THAT shows either great stupidity and ignorance OR where ‘their’ real loyalties are? So much for ‘wondering’ why FOX NEWS was so quick to back the Azarov Nazi?

    Alfalfa Club =
    = the club was named in reference to the alfalfa plant’s supposed willingness to “do anything for a drink.”
    As far as some of its members, that motto sure seems to ring true! lol
    Seems like Washington D.C. is NOT the bag full of dogs and cats they hope the people think ‘they’ are! BUT are but crocodiles and alligators sharing the same swamp…’they’ do NOT want X-POTUS DJT to get back into office to finish draining?

    FEELING MANIPULATED AND LEFT OUT ? kind of like, ” It’s a club and you ain’t in it? “, = RIP George Carlin. =

    AND the DAVOS, WEFer club now appears to be the biggest club of all?
    Now IMO, and NOT really a supporter of ROLLING STONE magazine…their ‘rememberance’ of Kissinger is truer and not in line with the FOX NEWS and other media obits. ANY person that deliberately pushed the continuance of the Vietnam war…as many MIA’s languished in prisons and many more patroitic young soldiers died , just for political reasons and to ‘advance’ their own ambitions as Kissinger is reported to have done…deserves NO praise…or fond rememberances. One has to pray God is real, and there are those pearly narrow gates and a HELL for Kissinger to go lanquish, worse that where he left the POW’s

  71. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on Youtube says Dave Hodges has been deplatformed.

  72. Led Skeletor

    2024: Next comes yet another round of taxpayer bailouts, THE US AUTO INDUSTRY, again.

    Some cases there are more than 18 months of US Auto inventory sitting on lots, at prices that are too high. Add this to the ever increasing cost of manufacturing THANK YOU UNIONS, and the increased cost for dealers to finance (floorplan) the cars that are just sitting on their lots rusting….

    Either Biden will have to give steep taxpayer paid incentives for auto buyers, and/or fill the pockets of the automakers with taxpayer bailouts.

    If DC was smart, they’d scrap their plan to have electric autos all together, instead, insist that US makers produce HYBRIDS like the Toyota Sienna, etc. Good luck trying to buy a Toyota with the exact model/trim/addons you want. But if you want garbage cars, American lots are full of them!

    DC will never do the right thing as long as they can print trillions upon trillions to piss down the drains.

    • S. Revere

      Led, yes the toyota is a hot car. Two years ago an elderly
      neighbor gave hers to my son – – yes Gave – -and it only had
      very few miles on it, as she drove very little. Value of it at the
      time was close to 20 thousand. The dealership begged him to
      trade it in as they were desperate for used toyota’s. He chose
      to keep it
      Now the electric cars are in big trouble it seems; not selling
      and the insurance on them is said to be 25% higher.
      Prices on all cars and trucks are out of this world crazy. What
      were they thinking?? Im even hearing that people are now
      having a hard time trying to pay their car insurance.
      Mine is getting near to being ”historic” but looks like showroom
      goods, is on its second engine and nearly all parts have been
      replaced, as well as having some spare parts no longer to be found
      lol. I will not part with it especially since it cannot be remotely
      controlled by ”them”. (love having noooo car payments on either
      of them.)
      Led, I agree with you, DC has backed themselves into a corner;
      botched everything up for everybody, royally.

  73. John Maskell

    Greg , today’s ( Thursday ) financial pages of the UK’s Daily Mail, the CEO of UBS was commenting of huge losses with the merger of Credit Suisse . His outlook for the bank was so negative that the board was shocked for his dire forecast and revealing the truth to the media . This could be the spark that ignites the fuse . Greg, you were right on the pulse when you reported this last Friday . Well done for getting this info out .

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, another additional link of a more concise and focused AND nuts and bolts account of Kissinger along with the CIA mentoring of Klaus Schwab behind the scene history and formation of the WEF…decades ago than posted above. =
    Kissinger, a man that helped plan a policy ‘of endless wars’ as exposed by Mike Wallace in this interview =
    along with the help of a Canadian-American economist, John Kenneth Galbraith and Herman Kahn helped advance Kissinger protege, Klaus Schwab.

    ‘If people perceive you as an all-powerful evil villain, then you may not gain the support of the common man, but you will gain the attention from those who seek power and wealth, or, how Klaus Schwab would refer to them, the “stakeholders” in society. This is very important to understand – the projection of extreme wealth and power will attract and bring the “stakeholders” of society to the World Economic Forum’s table. With those “stakeholders” on board, Klaus Schwab’s main ideological product, “stakeholder capitalism”, will see the transfer of power away from true democratic processes and onto a system of governance by a small, preselected leadership group, who will be trained to continue the agenda set for them by the previous generation’ ?
    CAN WE ALL TOGETHER SAY, YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS! who together planned a sellout of ‘their’ nation’s sovereignty to be ruled by unelected globalist corporate stakeholders? = the whole world being led to serfdom!

  75. john

    the funny is ,i her this predigten 2001 , 2011 .2021 and now 2023 ,
    i sold all my gold ,becouse i am so tired lisent to endtime guys .
    i mean 25jears ,as forcaster expert, you should have some hit .
    but as we know ,harry dent do this since 40 jears . his client must have lost a bunch of money.
    fear is not a god place ,trust is it!

    • Robert Fetcho

      trust the govt is a place of god

      LOL oh my please no more jokes

      i notice you didnt even capitalize God

  76. Mike D

    During the 2008 – 2009 financial and real estate crisis, some sheriffs around the country refused to enforce foreclosures on residential properties for moral and ethical reasons. I believe that if there’s a major financial crisis resulting in a national credit freeze, the loss/seizure of assets, and mass foreclosures, sheriffs will once again refuse to do the bidding of banks by enforcing residential foreclosures.

    • S. Revere

      Mike D, actually foreclosures are a big deception on the
      part of all banks. Reason is, they did NOT loan anyone
      money to buy a house, but rather, the Signature of the
      ”borrower” created the very ”loan” themselves…..TO
      themselves. After the ”borrower” signs the paper, the
      banker swipes it off to another area while you sit and
      wait. There, he stamps the back of your signed ”loan
      document” with ” For Deposit”. They deposit it in their
      OWN bank for themselves, then ”loan” it back to you.
      Yes, just take a few hours and wrap your mind around
      that !
      (This is info from my friend Tom Schauf ‘s book “America’s
      Hope” where he explains the truth about bank loans and
      how they really work. He used to be called as an expert
      witness in many court trials. As an aside, he is a decendant
      of Abraham Lincoln. Ive had the book for many many years
      and I dont know where or if you can get it now anymore or

  77. Randy Best

    Deutsche Bank was supposed to collapse by now, but nothing ever seems to happen….

    • Greg Hunter

      Money printing is a powerful thing.


  78. Native Virginian

    This is a link to an article by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell at his website Giza Death Star. (He and Catherine Austin Fitts have periodic discussions about the money situation also). His latest weekly podcast addresses derivatives. Why do these people need so much money? Dr. Farrell says frankly he is going out on a long twig, but he posits this may be a war budget. He says the same thing happened before WW2. He wonders if some of this money is going toward black projects (space), which is another subject altogether. He links a list, banks are listed by the derivatives they hold. Total derivatives are $224.5 Trillion.

  79. Mark alan

    Why are they doing this? Its simple. The earth is going to flip, and the sun is going to flare, burning everything facing it.
    It just doesn’t matter anymore. Live well.
    Now you know.

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