Driving America into a Brick Wall – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Back in February, when everyone was predicting a Fed rate cut, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said rates would be going up and not down.  Since that call, the 10-Year Treasury is up more than 30 basis points.  It closed today at 4.67%.  Now, Holter is still calling for higher interest rates that will coincide with higher gold and silver prices.  Why?  It’s called inflation, and it’s not temporary.  Holter explains, “Foreigners are backing away from buying Treasuries.  That is the only thing that has kept the doors open, so to speak, is the fact we are able to borrow an unlimited amount of money because we are the world reserve currency.  Foreigners backing away from our debt is going to lead the Federal Reserve to be the buyer of last, and then, only resort.  So, you will have direct monetization between the Fed and the Treasury.  What that will cause is a currency that declines in purchasing power.  It will decline in a big way, and it will decline rapidly.  So, what I am describing is inflation that turns into hyperinflation.”

But that is not the end of our problems.  Holter points out, “I do think it is going to get worse, and that means interest rates will go higher, and that will put on much more pressure.  We are at 4.65% on the 10-Year Treasury now.  We went from 3.75% to 4.65% (in a short amount of time).  We run through 5% on the 10-year Treasury, and everything blows up. . . . The bottom line here is we are at the end game of a fiat currency.  Young people have never experienced high inflation. . . . Where we are this time around, Paul Volker (Fed Head in 1979) was able to raise rates to 16% or 17% and crush inflation.  He was able to do that because there was not a ton of debt.  The U.S. debt back in 1980 was 35% of GDP.  Now, it is 125% plus debt to GDP.  If you raise rates to 6% to 8%, you will blow up the entire system because much of this debt was put on during the 1% to 3% interest rate time. . . . The inflation is going to push rates higher no matter what the Fed says.”

Gold is hitting one new record high after another.  It’s not greed, but fear, and Holter says, “Big money is buying gold because they are looking for protection.”  The other wild card is war, and Holter says, “War is a way to keep the system propped up.”

In closing, Holter contends, what you are seeing is not a series of mistakes by incompetent people.  Holter says, “This is too stupid for it not to be the plan. . . .This is not a Republican or Democrat thing.  We are being steered directly into a brick wall because the globalists can’t take over the world with the US standing.  They have to take the US down, and if they take the US down, so will the western financial system fall.  If that happens, the globalists can have their way.”

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 4.16.24.

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After the Interview:

Bill also added that according to his former business partner, Jim Sinclair (who died in October of 2023) said at some point gold will start a rally that you never sell.  Holter thinks the rally in gold and silver going on now is the rally Sinclair was talking about years ago.

Bill Holter’s new website is still growing, and it is totally free.  It’s called BillHolter.com.

If you need to contact Bill Holter, his email is [email protected].

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  1. Anthony Australia

    ❤️Love Bill Holter, my number 1.
    Thanks Greg.
    Blessings from Australia 🇦🇺
    Ray @Canberra, Pauly & Boz – please let us pray for the salvation of this Nation.

    • From Armstrong Economics

      Trump will Be Found Guilty in NYC And Bragg Will Try to Imprison Him.


      • stephen

        This is beyond comprehension. Bragg is using what should be at worst a misdemeanor, and out of the statute of at that. So, a nothingness. But instead of a nothingness, Bragg turned this into a felony??? Then says he is not required to tell us what the felony is?
        Yes, get this, this is the destruction of our legal system just to keep one man out of the White House. What surprises me is the ability of the LLM and our social media has to keep this from the general conversation.
        Like typing in the name Eric Ciaramella onto FaceBook, and have the post immediately blocked. Even the name by itself.

        • Tom Powell

          The Demonrats think that they can simply oppress Trump (by actually locking him up for just threatening to lock up Hillary), and rig elections to keep control and their Climate Change agenda going (where three feet of snow, ice and hail is dumped on our homes “because of Global Warming”, and reduce the population by 2 billion with their Kill Shots, and wage World War III against Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea simultaneously, while pushing to terminate all paper money, moving to a DIGITAL dollar to ensure “every penny can be taxed” while they (like Hunter Bribe’n) pay no taxes on their bribes, and recently hired 80,000 armed IRS agents who are now targeting the common people earning under $200,000 (because they can’t afford accountants and lawyers).

    • sam

      What would make alot of people happy is, Mr. Greg Hunter, You ACTIVELY Seek a Position with the Trump Organization as a “CREDIBLE” addition in the Press Secretary Department…..Not giving Mr. Greg Hunter the “Honor” of Serving His Country, representing America’s Finest in Honesty , Integrity; and Knowledge of the Complexities of News Reporting, would be as big a BLUNDER as taking Jarred Kushner into the inner sanctum….the Absurdity of not working with the best is just as bad, if not worse as giving the mediocre the tools of Power that has been Proven so with the Kushner debacle…….

    • John Wingle

      Hey Greg:

      Enjoy most of your podcasts but do have differing opinions about BRICs and the Middle East that do not necessarily agree with the opinions of you and most Americans as I do believe they are the future.

      That said, the one question I wish you would ask some of these finance guys, who I enjoy listening to most, is this question:

      How do they suppose that the globalist are going to take over the world by wrecking the USA?

      To expound on this, the real power in the world now militarily is Russia who is diametrically opposed to New World Order rule… China and Iran are also very formidable forces and want to be their own entities with only China showing aspirations of world domination… That being said, I think China is seeing the end results of empire and may adjust it’s thinking and I am solidly of conviction that Russia and Iran want their own countries and nothing more… Key here, is that to my knowledge, none of these 3 countries is owned in any such way by the IMF, the cause of all this when you really boil it all down.

      So my point here is that the BRICs alliance, which will represent most of the geographical earth, is not going to play along with the NWO IMF crew of the empire that never ended and they will have absolutely no means to enforce this financially or militarily leaving the U.S., U.K., Australia and part of western Europe as spent and empty vassals…

      • Timber' Run FerYerLives

        Timbo, I agree too!

      • Pete+only

        Excellent post John. What makes the BRICS so brilliant is that many of the major players don’t necessarily trust one another completely, so they have made pre nuptial agreements with the others.
        You are so right when you say that Russia and Iran would like to really be on their own, but are more willing to be a part of the BRICS as a way to prosper, as an alternative to the recently weaponized SWIFT system and the corrupt NWO among other organizations, and the U.S based Deep State can’t do anything militarily about it.
        Now, dozens of countries want to join the BRICS to prosper and seek shelter from being bullied by the deep state.
        I am not so trusting however of China’s role in the BRICS, but it’s own demographics may eventually catch up with itself going forward.
        Even Japan has been rumoured to be clamouring to join the BRICS.
        Vladimir Putin is the 2024 BRICS leader, and they will be meeting sometime this summer. Who’s to say that they won’t all agree to stop using the U.S dollar for conducting business…

      • Lesley

        No one country is exceptional
        Never has been
        Never will be

        • Greg Hunter

          Not true Lesley. No country was ever started the way America was.

      • Citizen1988

        @Wingle and others

        Something to ponder: the BRICS is being setup by the same banking scum that run the petro dollar. So its not just foreign nations looking for an alternative to the dollar, which is true (gotta sell it to them somehow!), but in reality, BRICS still serves the interests of the banking cartels.

        Parasites need a host to live, and the petro dollar is about sucked dry.

      • AJ

        america will be back. never count them out! trump or biden do not represent real america, they are creation of politics. the country is different.

        • Galaxy 500

          Amen AJ
          We ARE an exceptional nation which is why we are hated by the elites and why the ner’do’wells seek our destruction.

    • Anthony Australia

      Spot price Gold to AUD $3,713 Oz (Less commissions, handling & freight).

    • sam

      Whats UP with the “SILVER BEAR CAFE”…?…………………no activity since March 18,2024?

      • Ray

        Agreed Sam……
        I have seen the same and wondering what is going on?
        Johnny Silver Bear had been a great source of information for many years……a hero in my estimation.
        Good to see you are onto this Sam.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

    • Chris

      Can I suggest you read RFK Jr’s latest book “The Wuhan Coverup and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race”. The only conclusion you can reach after reading it is that the US is basically a military industrial CIA pharma full blown Fascist state in practice if not name. The real enemy of Americans isn’t China or Russia (they’re a by-product of the US “security state” and its geopolitical thuggery). The book is a horrifying read and frankly you’d better pray for humanity, not just the US, because these people want WWIII and they’ll use chemical and biological weapons in a heartbeat even though no one can control the effects of those things. They’re that evil and deranged. Could Trump be a circuit breaker? I note he suggested RFK Jr join him as VP. Unfortunately the latter declined. I feel that might have been a game changer. Otherwise, the future is bleak for mankind.

    • Ray

      I hear you Brother…….
      It’s a nice sentiment, but I reckon this nation will be rightly punished for being the Lap Dog that it is.
      A Lap Dog that is only too happy to go along with endless wars, endless bullshit, endless financial chicanery, endless destruction of freedom, endless woke imbecility…….
      This nation is lost mate.
      It’s going to get worse and worse.
      It’s Revelation Time.
      We are going to get what we deserve.
      Take care Brother.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

      • Galaxy 500

        My nation too. Run by corrupt men and women. Women? Can I say that word any more?
        I pray for both our nations and each other.

  2. Joseph leo sacco


    Word was usa didn’t have money complete wall
    This lomg before wars
    Please take moment think about this
    Ffff. Up

  3. Tom C.

    Bill Holter is one of your best guests, Greg. You always have great guests.

    A very important survival tool is, if possible, to surround yourself with like-minded people.

    Greg, thanks so much for all you do!

  4. Dave Scrimshaw

    Speaker Johnson is a “Christian” like Alexander the copper-smith was in 2 Timothy 4:14.

  5. Anita

    Siler eagles went for average of $32.?? and some as high as 37.50 at local auction tonight. That’s per 1oz. & on top of that the buyers pays a 13% buyers fees. And there were not just a few up for auction but many. That’s here in Pa.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Anita, for sharing and reporting.

    • Tom Powell

      China told its people to buy Gold a few years back (when it was cheap). Now (just the other day) China has told its people to begin buying Silver!! Wouldn’t it be nice if the US had such concern for its own citizens the way China does? Instead, we Americans are told to accumulate Fed Paper IOU’s (the US dollar) that just keeps going down in value as the government prints more and more and more dollars to fund their incessant never ending wars!!

  6. David Gordon Dunne

    As this unfolds, tens of millions of Americans are going to be dead. Most can’t prepare
    for this. We are finished. God wins but Satan is winning until Jesus comes back soon.
    The Internet will be cut, food cut, energy cut, supply lines cut, our throats are slit then. Throw in Civil War, Nuke wars, only ants and grub worms will be left alive to spend all that gold and silver. Bill and you Greg are the great truth tellers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up! Jesus never gave up.

    • Don W.

      David, you are so right. I and four others did a year study of the ONE WORLD GOV. or what they are calling today, Globalist, back in the 1980’s. At that time we were looking at the end times because they had been formed a number of years before that and the Bible tells us that we will be a ONE WORLD GOV. at the end times. The Bible also tells us than about 1/4th of the world population will die because of this time frame.
      Well it is happening and happening FAST. I am 90 and I may still see the signing of the Peace agreement that will start the last seven years.
      So we, as believers, need to be out there talking to our friends and family about this and make sure they know the Lord. Even our neighbors and people we see on the street as there has been such a falling away from the Church in the past number of years.
      And Bless in Greg for having Bill Holter on again and helping point out about what is really happening in the US today as well as around the world. Your guest Bless us all with their information.

  7. Robert Dziok

    Jim Sinclair – GOOTS – “Get Out Of The System”. Gold and Silver GOD’s money for thousands of years. Need physical form of and in own possession. Central banks and countries buying massive amounts of Gold (e.g. Russia and China) and Silver (e.g. India and China). Cryptos an illusion in Cyber Space backed by nothing like fiat paper “money”. Nothing but binary zeros and ones stored in “La La Land” in fancy ways with fancy ways to get to. Internet or Grid go down they go “Poof” Like “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

    • Pete+only

      Robert, right on. If you don’t have it in your hands, you don’t actually own it.
      You also need to try to minimize your debt, have some food and water, and a means to protect your things. Making peace with God, and building a network system with people you believe that you can trust is also important.
      I wanted to share with watchdoggers the 2024 annual report put out by the silver institute which is about many aspects of the silver industry, which forecasts the coming year’s supply and demand, and breaking down the many uses of silver, and so forth among other things, such as how diverse this commodity is being used for.
      In the past, this annual report even acknowledged that silver was being used to create precipitation in Texas, but I believe that this was taken down shortly after it had been posted.

  8. Art Cookson

    Rand Paul: Fauci, 15 Agencies KNEW About Wuhan’s CORONAVIRUS Research—Interview
    The Hill 120K views 5 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqbeyB20b9M

  9. jane doe

    Woman Reveals How She Snuck Ivermectin into Hospital to Save Dying Father
    Infowars.com April 15th 2024, 1:36 pm
    ‘He kept saying he was dying. I stayed up all night trying to figure out how I could possibly get the ivermectin to him that I had IN MY HANDS.’
    A woman, whose father was dying from severe COVID complications in the hospital, detailed how she snuck in ivermectin treatments to him, crediting the medication with saving his life.
    The woman explained that as her father’s health deteriorated and as doctors discussed potentially putting him on a ventilator, she became increasingly desperate to get the medicine to him.
    The woman’s story was shared on X by Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, who had previously been “permanently suspended” from the platform for criticizing Covid injections for children and for promoting ivermectin as an alternative therapy for COVID.
    Did you sneak ivermectin into the hospital for a loved one?
    Here’s a story from @LostMyFlipFlop who saved her father’s life my taking matters into her own hands:
    I wanted to share with you how I was able to save my dad’s life with ivermectin while he was in the hospital,… pic.twitter.com/uHv2inHZw2
    — Mary Talley Bowden MD (@MdBreathe) April 14, 2024
    Here’s the woman’s story on how she saved her father’s life, excerpted from Bowden’s X post:
    I wanted to share with you how I was able to save my dad’s life with ivermectin while he was in the hospital, even though I wasn’t allowed to see him.
    He was one of those who got incredibly sick when he got Covid. His doctors were talking about the possibility of a ventilator but he wasn’t on one yet. His doctors would not even give me a prognosis or a guess. He was still able to talk and understand me on the phone but they wouldn’t let me see him. I already had the ivermectin for him but didn’t know how I would get it to him.
    One night after talking to him on the phone, I could tell he was declining. He kept saying he was dying. I stayed up all night trying to figure out how I could possibly get the ivermectin to him that I had IN MY HANDS. I wanted to hide it in some clothes and get the hospital staff to take him his things but they wouldn’t allow anything that couldn’t be wiped down.
    I stayed up all night long and tore my house apart trying to find something I could put the ivermectin in that was acceptable to the hospital, but not something they could easily open up and see the contents.
    I found an old laptop. I disassembled it and put the ivermectin in tiny bags for each day and put them under the laptop keyboard. I put it back together, prayed, and then took it to the hospital. I left the laptop with security. They wiped it down and said they’d make sure he got it. They took it to his room having no idea they were personally delivering to him the drug that ultimately saved his life.
    I don’t mess around when it comes to the wellbeing of the people I love.
    mSee Dr. Bowden’s appearances on Infowars:

  10. Prospector

    You will own nothing . . .

    “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.” | Report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Vancouver, May 31 – June 11, 1976

    “The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamor for such laws if the personal security is threatened.” Joseph Stalin

    The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.”
    Mikhail Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

  11. Guy Smithers

    Putin’s Men Capture Ukrainian Stronghold Near Avdiivka; Russia Releases Dramatic Footage
    Hindustan Times 86K views 11 hours ago
    Russian forces have claimed to have captured multiple Ukrainian strongholds along the frontline near Avdiivka and Kupyansk in eastern Donetsk region. The Russian defence ministry released several videos showing how Vladimir Putin’s men used diverse weapons to detect and target Ukrainian troops in this region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43wjuXDxIXc

  12. tess

    Please ask Bill to consider having a memorial kind of reflective session/service on Jim Sinclaire’s one year anniversary since passing – late Fall 2024. I would appreciate hearing a memory log about Jim’s many calls for the future.

    • sam

      Maby you should get in touch with the Pope…with that idea….he has a bigger audience…

  13. Tom

    Gold was at $2,059 spot on January 2nd, 2024, NOT $1,951!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not according to Kitco and this chart: https://kitco.com/charts/gold

      • JTW

        Greg, think you made a mistake -check the chart again for January 2, 2024.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yep. I made a mistake and read it wrong: https://kitco.com/charts/gold
          My bad. Thaks for the correction Still a big move up since Jan 2nd.

  14. geo

    What scares me is a sudden devaluation of western currencies. Imagine a loaf of bread tripling in price over night, along with everything else. The western currencies unable to buy the same amount on the world stage in a massive drop in value. Food, products, spare parts and everything will have to revalue.

  15. Peter E

    The Fed Will Raise Interest Rates , Forign Countries Don’t Want to Buy US. Sebt. Cold War with China and Russia is Bad. BRIXKS Looks Like it IS Gaining Strenght with the Orig. Members Plus. 20. Othe Countries wanying to Join .. — GREG. — WE. BETTER. GET. MBS. / SAUDI’S TO. STICK TO THE NIXON KISSENGER PETRO DOLLAR AGREEMENT. — NO. MATER WHAT. WE HAVE TO. KEEP THAT DEFENCE RELATIONSHIP EVEN IF BY FORCE.. I. HOPE OUR. POL. AND MILITARY. LAEADERS AND CIA. HAVE A PLAN TO. KEEP. THAT. AGREEMENT. IN PLACE. OR WE GO. DOWN THE TUBES FAST. EVERYTHING ELSE IF WINDOW DRESSING. I AGREE You can’t go. wrong w/ silver and Gold.

  16. Really Awake

    Regarding “what the average man should do to prepare” for the critical times ahead.

    Build up treasure in Heaven. Read the Bible daily. Pray often. Ask Jehovah for help. And understand that Jesus is your savior. No politician can solve the very serious spiritual problems which you and I will face in the days, months and years ahead.

    I own outright and actually live inside a real bunker. I will know when WW3 begins, because I’ll see a massive mushroom cloud over Los Alamos which is a primary target.

    I have gold, silver and seven years of supplies. To me none of my material possessions are worth more than my spiritual possessions. And if a fire took everything I own, I’d still have Jehovah and His Son, The Glorified Jesus Christ.

    Secular wisdom is good for some things, but spiritual wisdom is good for all things. And the wisdom from above is what both you and I need now more than ever before. So I say add daily to your treasure in Heaven. That’s you and I’s #1 priority right now.

    • Speaking the truth


  17. Harold Hummel

    Russia’s army is learning – here’s why it should worry the West | Defence in Depth
    The Telegraph 274K views 5 days ago
    There is a bit of a myth about Russia’s army in Ukraine. That Moscow’s soldiers are inexperienced, ramshackle troops sent into hopeless charges at well-defended positions at the behest of inexperienced and brutal commanders. They have little tactical sense and even less strategic vision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOigviXwKCU

  18. Don Ho Howe

    Yellen Visit to China BACKFIRES. Exposes US Trade Weakness | Lena Petrova
    Neutrality Studies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MGEtd5mNVI
    🔴 New Allies: How CLOSE will CHINA and RUSSIA Become Amid Escalating Tensions? | Dr. Pascal Lottaz
    Lena Petrova 40K views 13 hours ago part 2

  19. Mop Up Time

    How thousands of Ukrainian men are trying to dodge the conflict | Ukraine War
    Sky News 415,039 views Apr 11, 2024
    Thousands of Ukrainian men are trying to flee the country to avoid getting drafted into the war with Russia.
    It comes as the country lowers the conscription age from 27 to 25 due to a lack of soldiers fighting on the frontline.
    Sky’s John Sparks spoke to a draft-dodger who is preparing to flee Ukraine through the mountains and the smuggler who’s helping men out before they get conscripted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXhC8WREVKM

  20. regaleagle

    Without Jesus Christ the entire world is toast to Satan’s “temporary rule”. Even with Jesus Christ, Satan will have 3.5 yrs and unbelievable turmoil before that time is ushered in. So in the grand plan of His Story (history as written in God’s Holy Word the Bible), ultimately Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer and that is why He is called Savior. Savior of what??? Savior of humanity against all things evil. Amen and Maranatha.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to Jesus!! Matt 28:18 tells you who is really in charge.


  21. Seer

    New Zealand $ metal prices today-
    NZ$4037 oz AU
    NZ$48 oz AG
    Premiums starting to rise.
    Best prices at Perth Mint.
    Insured allocated storage
    for volume accounts as don’t
    keep more than willing to lose at home. Best for use in the aftermath. Use various items to barter with instead such as alcohol, nicotine, soap, shampoo, hair color, vitamins, extra food from your vegetable garden, home baked breads, batteries, solar chargers, solar lights, etc etc
    Open accounts online and start ordering directly from farmers. Buy organic/biodynamic to avoid glysophates and heavy metals to prevent brain deterioration.
    Met Bill and Sinclair long ago. Very reliable and knowledgeable!
    Great repeat guest!

  22. Dusty Dude...

    As part of their preparation people should have some amount of 90% silver. Pre 1965 junk silver. It’s what you will need to barter when the system goes down. If you don’t have any get it Now!!!
    Thanks for all you do Greg, Bill is one of my favorites…

  23. Craig

    So, how did the U.S. economy collapse? “Gradually – then all of a sudden!”

  24. Steve Carter

    A COMPLETE CLOWN SHOW put on by the criminals in DC and their associates. NOTHING IS REAL……..JOHNSON IS JUST ANOTHER PUPPET

    • Anne Marie

      Satan disguises himself as an Angel of Light. M Johnson was so enamored that he was in the situation room with the most important people who knew just how to manipulate him. M Johnson bragged about it in the halls of Congress. Revelations 3:15-16 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you that you were hot or cold. Vs 16”So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold , I will spit you out of my mouth. He was deposed and rejected by men. Your word is dishonorable therefore we don’t trust your word and don’t want you making wise decisions for the country we live in.

  25. Nancy McDaniel

    It is the 100 year plan to destroy the US by all the usual criminals–CFR, Trilateral Commission, London banksters. Bilderberg, Rothschilds. You must read the book “Committee of 300” written 20+ years ago that tells all–the history of the plan, the outline of the plan, how it has been implemented and by who. We are exactly where they want us to be.

  26. Eileen

    Scare Scam?

  27. Stan

    I’m about to make a killing on shorting gold!

    We’re getting close to at least a 25% correction.

    Goldbugs like Holter and the poor suckers who’ve been listening to him predict the end of the world for 40 years will be left holding the bag!

    • Albert

      He’s Back,last i heard he was shorting $1900,i guess he made a killing there too,you have to laugh

      • Tom Powell

        A slight “period of consolidation” (if Biden can’t get WWIII started) will only help set Gold up for a run to $3,000 when Biden doubles his efforts to get the Nukes flying!! Stan will look like a genius if Gold falls a bit from here (if Iran is not attacked) but will Stan use the opportunity to cover his shorts?? Probably not, as I believe he is still holding the short positions he made back when Gold was at $1700!!

      • Daniel 9:27

        Albert with the kill shot on Stan, lolol. Hey Stan, wanna make a bet? Your gray poupon against my 1oz American Gold Eagles, what a schmuck…paging Robin Leech to a white courtesy phone. Lifestyles of the (allegedly) Rich & Famous

        • Stan

          Daniel, my work car is worth more than your home/trailer–faster too!

          I have no desire to bet (rob) you of your entire life savings, so don’t bother digging your gold coin out of the ground for little old me!

          WHEN gold goes under $2000/oz, I’ll be back to remind everyone that Bill Holter has been predicting financial Armageddon since Jimmy Carter was President.

  28. Michael Lee Shirey

    Just WHAT did you people think the ‘End Times’ would look like? Well, look no farther than your windows! Remember, Satan arrives BEFORE Jesus Christ disguised as the Messiah! God will allow those who are deceived to believe a LIE! NO RAPTURE! Satan arrives in peace and prosperity. The whole world will be deceived. THIS is our test to see if we are worthy of entering the Eternity. Ephesian’s 6 will prepare us for the first Tribulation. See: Shepherdschapel.com

    • sam

      Michael Lee Shirey….Right you are…Arnold Murry (R.I.P.) and his kid Dennis are going to go down in History right there along with John the Baptist…..first there must be a call for PEACE! PEACE! PEACE…then Satan disguised as Jesus…. then 5 months later……BOOM,SHAKA LAKKA!….thousand years of PEACE…..we will have NO MORE than 10 days of Persecution during the 5 months Satan is here pretending to be Jesus trying to convert the ones who knows what is happening…
      HOPE my Wife and I AM HERE when that goes down!

  29. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Have always liked Bill – he is a straight shooter. I think this November 5th is America’s last Stand – if we lose the world will be in total chaos. Every Patriot must do his or her part to protect the integrity of the election. Please get involved – it is now or never !!!
    In God I Trust

  30. Joe

    Greg, Jim Holter says you are going to be on your own and to know your neighbors. What do you do if you are on your own and all your neighbors are bad?

    • Greg Hunter


      • Joe

        Can you or anyone here recommend some places (especially where the local politicians are not too corrupt)?

        • sam

          Joe…go to Dollar_Vigilante …… Jeff Brewick is a thinker WAY AHEAD of his time…a little arrogant….but…. entertaining…and right about Alot of things…..not an idiot like some people here on the net.

        • sam

          Joe…Mr Greg Hunter is CORRECT…..Move! the middle of Mexico is nice this time of year….but ya gatta have the resources to do it..Money wont buy ya Love…It will buy you Safety…..

          • Galaxy 500

            Middle of Mexico?
            Missed Greg saying that.

    • Jerry

      At this point how is moving remotely possible? Interest is high. Is it safe to assume most of us are “stuck” where we are?

  31. Marie Joy

    President Trump isn’t the one who’s on trial. It’s us, you and me, on trial.
    Population collapse will reduce inflation, a lot. I think CAF said that.
    WE are not doing enough to help President Trump.

  32. Bill McFarlane

    Hey Greg,

    Electroculture Gardening – Amazing Results! Grow great food check it out on UT

    Will come in handy some day, soon.!

  33. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with Bill Holter as always.

    Are you planning on having John Williams on again to talk about the real inflation numbers? I would be curious to see his take on all of this ridiculousness.


  34. Bennet Cecil

    The value of cash is reflected in the gold price and the interest rate. The death of the USD became inevitable when Nixon closed the gold window in August 1971. He said it would be temporary; he lied. Gold was $42/oz then and now is $2,381/oz. The USD has lost more than 98% of its value in 50 years.

    Paul Volcker was able to rescue the USD in the 1980s by pushing interest rates up to 18%.


    With the huge federal debt, the US needs to default and reboot. They won’t do that of course. They will stagflate like they did in the 1970s.

    There is going to be a huge transfer of wealth, when stocks, bonds, and cash are stolen by the central banking families.


    Go to minute 28.

    • Tom Powell

      How does Biden plan to reduce inflation if spending trillions on war and raising tariffs on imported goods will only exasperate inflation?? I think Biden’s plan is to create a Nuclear War that kills off half the population (probably figuring that with less people around to do any buying the inflation problem will resolve itself)!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Nixon didn’t lie. Hence, the deep state had to get rid of him with “Watergate”.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree. There was no national security threat, and NO money was taken in bribes. We all owe Nixon a huge apology. The Lying Legacy Media was lying then!!! Woodward and Berstein should give back their Pulitzer. Watergate was a total bull crap story blow out of proportion to get rid of him. By the way, JFK and crew cheated Ninon in 1960. Nixon actually won.

        • Tin foil hat

          When Gerald R. Ford took the oath of office on August 9, 1974 as our 38th President, he declared, “I assume the Presidency under extraordinary circumstances… “, then he signed a bill on August 14, allowing American citizens to buy and sell gold after Dec. 31 for the first time in 40 years, officially turned real money into an ordinary commodity.

        • Paul from Indiana

          If so, it turned out to be a pretty expensive “victory”, didn’t it? Best always. PM

    • William Goode

      Fear not my friend

  35. Susan R

    Back in the day when Gregory Mannerino was a frequent guest, I became enlightened on this subject. It became clear this was vital. I had been educating myself fervently using USAWATCHDOG as my premier channel and before that, your youtube channel.
    I had a call from a brother earlier today, a recently retired architect in Boston. He has opposite political beliefs. I saw this morning on Zerohedge that RFK Jr will run as Trump’s VP. That triggered my brother, and it was extremely hard to listen to him. He said Dems think of RFK Jr as traitorous. I do not argue with him as he is easily lit up, but I hear from him the other voices. This coming election will be the most volatile we have perhaps ever had. My brother talked civil war, so that is being seen on both sides as very likely. How did we get here? I have heard we go to war when all other options are irrelevant. Our fake money (dollars) has lost most of its value and our military has lost most of its influence. Our population has been degraded with programs to enroll our youth in gender derivatives that consume their souls. If left to play itself out, we don’t have to do anything, just wait for this next generation to dismantle every strength we had come to define this country by and added to the migrant invasion, it is absolutely guaranteed. All this, true as it may be, does not mean I give up, Hell No!

  36. f reps

    Globalists ? Who are they ? Why Are Globalist goals so inimical to Traditional Culture. ? Since the Public gets their information from the Media ; Who controls the Media ?. The Organizations that control the Media ; and influence our behavior are easy to identify. What are their Leaders names ; and where is their National Loyalty.? Dual National Citizens abound in the Media. Our problems can only be solved when we identify the causes.

  37. Matthew

    Hello Mr. Hunter
    I want to start by saying thank you. I have been watching your broadcast for nine years. I really do not know what kind of shape I would be in if it was not for you and your message. Combine that with the information you and your guest present. Amazing and bombshell knowledge! I watched the Bill Holter interview, who is one of my favorite guests. I think his no nonsense approach is refreshing. During the interview he brought up the 2024 World Silver Survey. That report was released today. A guest that you had on in the past Bix Weir is reporting the numbers are a complete fraud. Could you interview Bix Weir? You two had a really good interview last year with all that is going on in precious metals. I think it would be a great interview. Thank you for everything.
    Matthew Hanna

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt.

    • Bonnie Robinson

      If you’re interested, Bix Weir also appears on X22 Report (Spotlight) from time to time (on Rumble).

  38. Howard Baele

    WOW! No Mo $Biden Billions!
    US. & Israelis Handed Dupa Back
    Iran Shown Off They’re Deterrence & Supremacy
    When the American taxpayer finds out they’ll be HELL to PAY!
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice you’ll be dead and targeted?
    Blinded_ “The Dome” COMPLETELY FAILED! – Scott Ritter
    The Jimmy Dore Show 137K views 9 hours ago

    • Tod Shaw

      “The Dome” COMPLETELY FAILED! – Scott Ritter
      The Jimmy Dore Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7n1QVrc0N8

      • Tom Powell

        Fear of war was always good for strengthening the US dollar but “Actual War” (with Iran) will shut down the flow of oil in the Middle East and create such huge inflation (like $15 dollar per gallon gasoline) that the US dollar (instead of being strengthened) will become “even more worthless” and that means even higher food prices and gold prices (even though the charts are saying gold is overbought and Stan is selling it short because it looks like it needs to correct). Go to war with Iran and Gold “will ignore the charts” and skyrocket upward along with the gasoline price at the pump and food prices in the stores (as food needs to be transported across the nation)!!

  39. Scott

    Yesssss! Holter rules. I included the importance of silver in my book Paranormal Beagle. A metal exchange should sponsor it as an educational aid for kids. Thanks Greg great show!

  40. Sylvia Plath

    THESE ARE OLD MEN! Die you suckers till November, Bidens reelection!
    On Cam: Ukrainian Soldiers Bash Zelensky After Surrendering Before Russian Army In Donetsk Hindustan Times 154,294 views Apr 16, 2024
    Nine Ukrainian paratroopers from the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade reportedly surrendered to the Russian army near Avdiivka in Donetsk region. The incident, captured in footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry, shows the troops accusing Kyiv and expressing their decision to surrender rather than face uncertain circumstances. This latest development underscores the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, highlighting the complexity and challenges faced by Ukrainian forces in defending their territory for over two years.

    Russian Forces ‘Attack French Mercenaries’ In Ukraine’s Slovyansk; Macron Locks Horns With Putin /Hindustan Times 6295,646 views Apr 15, 2024
    Russian forces have reportedly struck French mercenaries in Ukraine after the Foreign Ministry warned that Emmanuel Macron may send 1,500 troops to help Kyiv fight in April. The alleged strike took place in Ukraine’s Slovyansk over the weekend. Sputnik reported that the first batch of 100 fighters from the French Foreign Legion are in Ukraine and they mostly consist of specialists in artillery reconnaissance. It came as Russia continued to pierce Ukraine’s defence in the Donetsk region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53-A3XL1BpY

  41. Rational Monster

    Warning On America’s Collapse, Don Lemon vs Elon Musk, Racism, Hitler & Rising War | Bret Weinstein Tom Bilyeu 189K views 1 day ago

  42. Marie Joy

    Invaders will be much more vicious than soft Americans know how to be.

    • Coal Burner

      It won’t take long for actual Americans to remember. Let them start in Washington DC and the biggest city’s. Who said Depopulation slows inflation? That is what the elites want, they just do not plan to be included.

  43. Jeffrobbins

    It’s nice to have Stan back. It’s like having a kid brother come visit. Maybe he’s a meat head, but that makes it more fun.
    BTW the last couple weeks I’ve had problems playing the interviews, but not the WNW. Strange.

  44. Greg Leeds

    The Government’s New Spying Powers Are TERRIFYING!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 2,062 views 23 minutes ago
    The people can’t spy on the CIA/NSA/FBI, The peoples so called representatives, congress & senate can’t spy on the CIA/NSA/FBI. But the CIA/NSA/FBI can spy on us the sheeple and our president. It’s time we started spying on the CIA/NSA/FBI and figure out what they’re up to! Where’s Sean Connery when we needs him?

  45. Paul in oz

    Listen to the man himself wrt to the clot shot https://t.me/TheOfficialSantino/52076

  46. Jeffrobbins

    If we get big inflation there are road signs. There is historical evidence of some type of government confiscation of savings that kick starts hyperinflation of a currency- it becomes a hot potato. Our question is to spot what version of confiscation, or series of confiscations the governments put in play? Inflation is one, but there are haircuts on bonds, delays of paying back foreign holders of debt, maybe a requirement to shore up 401ks with a mandatory 10% of US Treasuries, enemies of the state and individual criminals (Jan. 6ers?) to have assets seized, and others. Some way the state becomes the criminal, the bully, and everyone will want to protect themselves.
    Bill did say it: i whole heartedly agree in being able to produce some food. Prepping is a short term answer for some shock event. Being able to grow food is a better high ground for a new normal/ a sustained reality.- i got my wife a doper sheep with a nursing baby and it was so cute. First sheep- and exciting! One of our dogs jumped the fence and killed the lamb over night- as temped as i was to use lead therapy, I’m trying to contact shelters. None of this is easy. Thought I’d share some of my struggles- we all have them.

  47. Coal Burner

    Tanks You Bill and Greg!
    I admit Bo put it in my head. But I keep thinking Monday and Tuesday is Passover, the Death Angle will be on the prowl. Keep Watch!

  48. Ron Hyman

    Nothing to BRAGG About!
    Caged Animal vs. Under Cover Liberal Activists
    Tyrus: We’re seeing a ‘living martyr’ in real time
    Fox News 20,315 views 31 minutes ago
    ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss former President Trump heading to a NYC bodega after his hush money trial to rail against DA Alvin Bragg’s handling of crime.

  49. Bob

    Youtube: Jim Willie: 20 Reasons For Gold Price Breakout
    Foreigners are selling US treasuries at the record pace. US treasury is obliged to buy it back. Treasuries are deposited with FED to be monetized. Same time FED is report they are reducing their balance sheet. Liars. Goofy, corrupt, neurotic nation.
    East keeps increasing gold reserves to make use of Gold Token for trade settlement. Gold Token requires parties to have adequate gold reserves behind token. Russia, China, Persia, Saudi provide gold for this new form of international trade settlement. In view of that oversupply US treasuries slowly become risky investment. Watch major US banks start accumulate gold reserves to stay relevant in world banking system.
    With western help Ukraine Russian Orthodox Church was desecrated by Ukraine Bandera Nazi ideology people who were installed to run Ukraine after US financed coup 2014. Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine will be reinstated and church property looters punished. This is guaranteed to happen like tomorrow’s rise of the sun. The west is powerless to help Ukraine besides throwing at it the wads of printed Euros and dollars.
    Norway, Sweden, Finland did not settled account with Russia for their participation and support for Nazi Germany. Stalin merely forgave this trio. The hope that NATO article 5 will make US fight Russia is false. In the worst scenario there is no army in Europe capable to challenge Russia.

  50. Cytek

    What in the World is a HIVICRON?

    Geert is anticipating the evolution of a “Highly Virulent Omicron Variant” (HIVICRON) within a short period of time. This is expected to be devastating to the highly vaccinated population.
    Watch the analysis with Dr Rob Rennebohm here:

  51. P Hester

    Absolutely excellent interview Greg.
    Keep up the great work!!

  52. Nina

    If there is high inflation all hard assets go up. That includes real estate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not if rates go up. Nobody has any money.

      • Nina

        Look it up. In the 1970’s the value of real estate went up significantly as inflation rose. Along with gold is a hard asset and it goes up with inflation Real estate is local. In some areas the demand held while in other it softened. That is the main reason wealthy people are buying real estate .

        • Greg Hunter

          Look at CRE. We did not have this sort of bust in the 1970’s. You will not have a tanking CRE market and a rising residential real estate market. NO WAY.


        • Tin foil hat

          Inflation in the 1970s was not a hyperinflationary event. In contrast to cash and fixed income securities, which are certain to get obliterated in an inflationary environment, equities and real estate do offer protections against ordinary inflation. As bad as the 70s, it wasn’t hyperinflation.

          While a well-diversified portfolio of top international companies should offer some protection, owning real estate proved disastrous for many people in a hyperinflationary scenario such as Weimar Germany. Rents were regulated by law and in the rapid inflation of 1922 and 1923 could apparently not be adjusted quickly enough. Real estate became a zero-yielding asset while maintenance costs exploded.

          In 1922 and 1923, because of the rapid depreciation of the mark, the old house-rents became ridiculous. Consequently the value of houses fell considerably. Many landlords, for whom houses were now valueless because the rents did not cover maintenance expenses, were forced to sell them.

        • Galaxy 500

          Totally different world from the 70s. USA was a manufacturing powerhouse. National debt to GDP was low. The US Dollar was king.
          The world of the 70s doesn’t exist anymore

    • Tom Powell

      Real estate is not a hard asset (it is a liability) that is made “ever more worthless” as more illegals are brought into our country by Bribe’n (thus increasing school taxes that can’t all be written off on our tax returns because Trump put a limit of $10,000 dollars on the amount homeowners can deduct on home taxes)! Gold and Silver are the only “hard assets” that will counteract the politicians of our Demon-Rhino Uni-Party who want to take our wealth and leave us owning nothing and eating bugs.

  53. Paul Seward

    I love Bill Holter. Any chance we can chip in and buy him a better camera so we can see him?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a speed problem with his internet connection. He’s working on improving it. Holter is not in town.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Wise man not to be “in town, not even in Texas. I had satellite internet for years. Expensive but good. Now we have fiber internet through our Rural Electric Mutual Co-op. Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Paul, Most Satellite Internet is great on the download but is super slow with the upload.
          I think this is Bills issue. Things are getting better internet wise every year.

  54. howard beale

    Biden Orders Zelensky To “Leave Russian Oil Refineries Alone!”
    The Jimmy Dore Show 29K views 13 hours ago

    Pelosi Flip-Flops & Turns AGAINST Israel!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 70K views 2 days ago

  55. Keith wilson

    You have no understanding how a modern monetary system operates. You are always referencing some medieval concept like gold.
    Stan comment May 24th 2020. Gold price $1600. Today $2350.
    Wake up and smell the coffee Stan ??????????

  56. Saved by Grace

    “Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology, called the printing press (or, today, it’s electric equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.”

    -Fed Governor Ben Bernanke, AD2002

    Remember that you are Loved

  57. Bonnie Robinson

    Thank you, Greg and Bill.
    If I may say, someone summarized why Trump had to support the vaccines like this: “Trump set up Big Pharma for massive liability, ended the lockdowns, saved our economy from being destroyed, and put off the great reset so they couldn’t implement socialism. It was a trade off he had to take. He didn’t have a choice. He was either going to champion the vaccine, or let capitalism be destroyed. He made the right choice.”
    Trump took a lot of flack for promoting HCQ (he even took it himself) and other therapeutics in order to encourage people to think for themselves.
    They wanted us locked down for years. Trump prevented that.
    Trump said: “YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!” They wanted us locked down for 12 years! Think of the lives that would have been lost.
    Operation Warp Speed totally wrecked the plans the NWO’s agents had in mind for us.

  58. Hang 10

    Watch: Young Woman Slams Inflation After Buying $7 Apple at Whole Foods
    Infowars.com April 17th 2024, 1:14 pm
    ‘What economy are we f**king living in that it costs seven dollars to buy an apple?!’

  59. anti-atomist

    Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Take handfuls of soot from the brick kiln, and let Moses throw it toward the sky in the sight of Pharaoh. It will become fine dust over the entire land of Egypt, and it will become boils breaking out in sores on man and animal in all the land [occupied by the Egyptians].” So they took soot from the kiln, and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses threw it toward the sky, and it became boils erupting in sores on man and animal. The magicians (soothsayer-priests) could not stand before Moses because of the boils, for the boils were on the magicians as well as on all the Egyptians.
    Exodus 9:8-11 AMP

    Brick Wall Crash Test (3:35)


    How to Check the Quality of Brick | Brick Test | Quality Checking | Brick test report


    Compressive Strength of Bricks | Test on Bricks | Digital Compression Testing Machine



  60. Shiloh1

    Whoocoodanoode that a CIA agent disguised as a Starbucks barista would be instrumental in bringing down the Republic? I guess JFK would.

    “Yikes”: Impeachment ‘Whistleblower’ Was In The Loop Of Biden-Ukraine Affairs That Trump Wanted Probed


  61. Justn Observer

    Greg and Bill…is this option for gold investmemt sound and still viable or has Biden admin. changed it?
    Donald Trump Left Americans the “Greatest Retirement Gift” =

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      NEVER let anyone hold your gold.

      • Galaxy 500

        Totally different world from the 70s. USA was a manufacturing powerhouse. National debt to GDP was low. The US Dollar was king.
        The world of the 70s doesn’t exist anymore

  62. Peter

    Bill is best!

  63. Pete+only

    Does anyone have any information about the rumours of Klause Schwabb’s untimely death? Greg, how about you? By the way, can anyone please tell me who pays the salaries of the fact checkers? That would certainly make a good t shirt or ball cap to wear “Who Pays the Fact Checkers? along with “Real Science Allows Debate!”

  64. Pete+only

    Edward Snowden exposes bill before U.S Senate late this week that will force tech companies to spy on its citizens….thus making it legal (and forced upon tech companies) unlike the past years of activities.

  65. Pete+only

    According to Edward Snowden, the NSA is just days away from taking over the internet, and it’s not on the front pages of any newspaper..because no one has noticed…

  66. Bonnie Robinson

    “FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY – President Trump touts hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID…”
    Video – 2 Minutes:

  67. Donna

    Jeff, just wanted to say I’m sorry about your lamb. Sheep can be cool–I hope you’re graced with more lambs in future.

  68. Led Skeletor

    Looks like Joe is going to get his reason to send Americans more rounds of stimmy checks come July through October, this economy is going to get ugly. Got to out spend each year-over-year or else the economy goes into recession. Joe needs to blow a quick three trilly$$ or else Joe screws the pooch come November.

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, now that more than 15 members of the Kennedy family have unbelievably endorsed JOE the headless BIDEN biblically on MSM…

    CAN WE NOW finally get your disavow-ment of the Democrat party?

    Please include admission of resentment for campaigning for AlGore, Mike Soretoro’s Houseboy, Clinton and Wifey Clinton, John the Dumpster Kerry, and Joe’s Hindend; send along an additional speech regarding all known criminal acts by sitting Dems, Nancy Pelosi’s criminal inside trading and “give us the inside poop” on all of the other wrong headed Dems in DC.

    Turn the lights ON so that America can identify the swamp parasites.

    Then I think you would earn a spot on DJT ticket.

  69. Paul from Indiana

    Tim, will wealth disappear or will it merely change hands? Best always. PM

  70. saperavy

    A very strange statement. The globalists are the masters of the money, if they lose the dollar and the US they will simply become nothing. Isn’t that obvious?

  71. Galaxy 500

    Another great interview with Bill H. Thank you Greg.
    He said You need to be prepared to go your own way. To me that’s Food, water, PewPews, shelter, meds, communication (say phones, two way radios, Ham radios, power generation, a Bible and a library of how to books a good dog or two and hopefully a group of like minded prepared Christian friends.
    Prepare to go it on your own. Arm up. When seconds count, the police are minutes away in the best cases. In my country, if you are away from the county seat, 30-40 minutes is considered fast.
    Ready Made Resources have long lasting good tasting food. Stuff you could throw in the car and run with if needed. Me, I will be making my stand here. My night vision is on rifles, I have one of the ones you have on my wish list. These guys at ReadyMade are honest and sell quality products.
    There is plenty of water where I live and none of it safe to drink without boiling… if that’s your plan, how in the heck are you going to do that with no power? Dry Element is the way to go. Stop buying the bottles water after you have 50 gallons and get one of their systems. I have seen people that drank the water in Mexico and they would have died without modern antibiotics and Lamodel (Rx anti diarrhea meds) Same thing will happen if you drink creek, pond or rain water with out boiling. But why boil if you can just pour water in a bucket and get potable water out in minutes.
    Power generation: You need this. Greg says a layered approach is the way to go and he is correct. You need something to keep your fridge and freezer running several days. To run your Sat phone and AM/FM radios. Your air purifier (I own several Weston units). This is one aspect I am ill prepared for but working to rectify.
    Communication: if things are bad, no cell phones, Uncle will cut all that off. You need several two way radios for your team. Test out the range and get rechargeable batteries in addition to down and dirty lithium. Did I say power generation? Solar to keep simple stuff charged. I haven’t done this yet but when I buy, it’s gonna be from the Satellite Phone guys. Why? I have looked the specs over and they meet my needs. And I know Greg can’t be bought.
    Don’t forget layers of defense, just like layers of power generation and layers of clothing.
    Guys, I am no one’s paid spokesman, I haven’t received any freebies from any of the listed companies. I have told you what I have and my plan to acquire on power.
    Silver is a deal but how to use. Try to buy a min of a roll (20 coins in a plastic container) when you buy. If you are starting out and can only buy 2 or 3, hey that is a good start and best done at a local coin shop. IF they say that they need to Order it, thank them and leave. Then give Discount Gold &Silver a call. I have bought small amounts local when I started out. Have had people that did the ORDER thing with local companies and it didn’t go so well. Discount Gold and Silver will send you what you buy. If you are looking at a local coin shop and they don’t have 2 or 3 Silver Eagles in stock, don’t prepay, tell them to call you when it comes in. If you are going to ORDER, use Discount… kinda went off on a tangent didn’t I?
    Cash is going to work great if you have it for a short time. Can’t tell you how long that is going to be. The Kroger, Walmart and chains are not going to take your silver. But if you have dinero, when the debit cards are limited like they were in Cyprus, Cash will be king. During the gas shortage, a local convenience store stopped selling to people. He had to pay cash on delivery and prices were going thru the roof IF you could get it. He is a legal resident. To make a long story short, I got a little over 30 gallons of gas for 3 silver eagles. I won’t tell you the greenback rate if he knew you. And I understand his position. He had something that no had in 40 miles and he didn’t know how much or even when if he could replace it. I buy some food stuff etc from him ever couple weeks to make sure his business stays around. Sure, I could get it cheaper but convenience cost and I want to ensure he’s happy and still around. As a foreigner who saw his local currency go from 5000/USD (1990) to 600,000/USD in 2000 and 1,200,000/USD in 2001. He laughs when he says everyone was complaining about inflation in 1990. It went from 500/Dollar in 1988 to over 5,000/dollar in less than 2 years. In 1980 it was 80/$. His country is a poster child for Government spending money they didn’t have. When I was in his homeland in 1990, people pulled out Deutsche Marks, Pounds Sterling and US Dollars to buy things. Why? Because it retains value… or it was perceived to in those days.
    People, this is what is headed our way. We are seeing it now at the grocery store. My froufrou sugar for my coffee is now $7.49/44 oz. Florida Crystals Turbinado cane sugar. When Trump was in it was $3.99/48 oz and $3.49 on sale. I bought butter at Aldi’s for $1.99/lbs. Meat, eggs, milk, butter, white sugar, cooking oil, bread… there is no one today upper middle class down buying groceries and gas that doesn’t understand Beijing Bidenomics. Stuff we used to splurge on, take our girl out for a restaurant meal at a fancy place is now out of reach. Heck, McDonald’s is getting priced out for me as well. Before an extravagant evening to celebrate us being us was $150. Looked a menu online a year later and she said NO. Good thing too because I couldn’t afford to celebrate there again.
    But 3 silver eagles bought in 2017 ($20 each) bought me 30 gallons of gas when the local friend of family discount was substantially higher.
    So have cash on hand, silver eagles on hand, PewPews that feed on CuPb and enough food /water for you and your dog for 6 months. Add extra can goods on sale. Rotate you can goods etc. keep you car gas tanks topped off. Have a couple of 5 gallon cans full with Sta-bil seafoam etc and rotate that out every 4-6 months. For storage buy the non ethanol variety
    Wow… really to long of a post. Sorry

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

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