Mathematically, Financial System Is Going Down – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter warned in August of financial trouble coming to America sooner than later.  He gave a long list that now includes a global war. Even without war, there is no stopping the financial fall that is coming. Central banks are, once again, the biggest buyers of gold this year. What is going on? Holter says, “The central banks fully understand the math behind the financial system of the West is broken.  The Western financial system cannot survive the math. . . .Once we got to 0% interest rates on the bottom, the rates could not go down any further, and the debt continued to pile up. The U.S. Treasury is going to be paying $1.5 trillion a year just in debt service. That number, a few years ago, had been around $400 billion a year. So, the debt service has quadrupled, and there are no more tricks in the bag.

Holter thinks the Fed is being forced to prop up the dollar and explains, “They have to keep interest rates up; otherwise, the dollar is going to be sold.  You are already seeing that in the Treasury markets. . . . That is the reason you are seeing interest rates spike as hard as they have. We are up to about 5% on a 10-year Treasury. . . . Because interest rates are going higher, banks are losing deposits. JPMorgan Chase has lost over a quarter of a trillion dollars in deposits. The whole banking system has lost over a trillion dollars.”

Holter points out that interest rates were effectively 0% not that many years ago. That has changed dramatically with dramatic consequences. Holter says, “We are in the biggest bear market in credit in the history of the world. In other words, we have had more losses in the credit markets than there has ever been in the history of history. The credit bubble has popped.”

Holter goes on to say, “What happens to the dollar if an aircraft carrier goes down? The value of the U.S. dollar will absolutely collapse. The credit markets will collapse. I do not want to downplay a nuclear war. It is unthinkable, but if you just look at the financial markets, it’s system over. The system is done . . . . Without credit . . . Everything runs on credit. Everything you do and everything you buy runs on credit. If credit stops, the real economy completely stops. That’s where your ‘Mad Max’ scenario comes in. . . .Everything stops once credit stops.”

Holter thinks commercial real estate is a monster problem, and, now, with 8% 30-year mortgage rates, residential real estate is going to start tumbling. This is just one of many headwinds sinking the economy. Holter predicts, “Mathematically, from a financial standpoint only, forget about geopolitical events.  Mathematically, the financial system is going to come down. I think the odds are very good that this is going to happen before the end of this year. Add in the geopolitical events, and that’s just another spark that will create fire underneath the paper the system is.”

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 10.20.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    The champion of them all Mr Bill Holter!
    God bless you Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

    • Ray

      Yep…….couldn’t agree more mate.
      Bill Holter is The Champion of them all.
      A splendid way to celebrate my birthday today as well!!!
      A chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a sunny spring time Canberra sky, and two of The Great Men Of The Galaxy telling it like it is.
      May God bless them both, and you as well Anthony 😎
      Regards to everyone at USAWATCHDOG……..even my sparing partner Sam 🥊😎
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • Anthony Australia

        Happy belated birthday my friend in Canberra.
        🎁 🎂

      • sam

        “A chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc”
        drinking swill.huh?….
        I should have known
        Mateus is a Real Mans Wine!… least it was 25 /30 odd years ago when I drank the whole 750ml bottle
        bi/weekly at my ultimate JAZZ CLUB The Tralfamadore

        • Ray

          Now that really takes me back!!!
          Perhaps I will source me a bottle of that old classic and drink a toast to your continued good health Sam.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • Earth Angel

        Happy Birthday mate! I celebrated mine about 10 days ago. Congrats- we made it through another year, in spite of it all. Remember the best revenge is living well! ; )

        • Ray

          Happy Birthday to you too Earth Angel 🙂
          Your final sentence is splendid advice.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Indeedy do dah.

    • John Henry Stone

      Well said, Anthony. Many thanks to Greg for bringing on Bill Holter. Wise men, all of you..

  2. Anthony Australia

    Shimon Yanowitz from Israel, who now faces potential JAIL TIME and seizure of property for speaking out against the tyrannical Israeli government and asking genuine questions about the war.

  3. Pete+only

    Who wants to buy any U.S treasuries that only pay 5% at a time when stated inflation is at 8%, and real inflation is likely at 12 or 15%?
    Suckers are for Halloween children….

    • Katy Bar

      Many adult suckers with regard to the Middle East, the Vaccines, Climate Change, etc., etc., etc. – Bill Gates is sure getting a lot of help right now with his extermination goals (probably widely smiling as he rubs his hands and raises his eyebrows as he gingerly pushes his Gate’s of Hell open to accept all the new dead from the Middle East) – Douglas Macgregor speaks words of caution!! – – hopefully – sanity will prevail over the evil psychopaths (who would gladly let loose Satan’s Hell Fire and Nuke all of Humanity as easily as Gates releases his hemorrhagic fever infected mosquito’s in Florida and Texas)!!!

  4. Robert from Alabama

    Greg, Bill Holder has a wealth of knowledge and thank you for bringing him on. Our Constitutional Republic is in trouble and we need leadership. I don’t know why these RINO Republicans didn’t vote for Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan is a “Statesman” and not a politician. I believe that he dearly loves our country and tries to do what is best to save it. People know this and that is why they voted in secret to keep their constituents from knowing they are part of the status quo. These RINO’s have about as much love for our country as the Commiecrats.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The so-called RINOs are vested in the system as constituted; it rewards them personally. The Left knows this and makes sure things stay the same. The 25% who are conservative cannot make headway.\; they, and therefore, we, no longer have the numbers. Just as Mr. Holter demonstrates that mathematically the economic system is toast, so is also our political system done for. It is a mathematical certainty. This is no surprise. Our political system in this country has not worked for at least 40 years. Best always. PM

  5. David

    Greg Hunter: What is this going to be called when it all ends?
    Bill Holter: “The End”.

    Tw0 words sum it all up beautifully. Thanks for having Bill Holter on.

    • Katy Bar

      “The End” seems just like the “Beginning” – listen to this and seriously think about what our “devious politicians” did to our young American boys at Pearl Harbor – – but unlike that “Day of Infamy” that succeeded in getting our devious politicians into WWII (just as they wanted) – We Are “NOW” Actually Putting Two(2) Carrier Strike Groups At risk in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf – “TO GET GET THEM SUNK” !!- and – “FINALLY GET THE US FULLY INTO WWIII” (With Russia, China and Iran) just as the Evil Neocon Globalists wanted all along when they overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian Government over a decade ago and began killing Russians!!!

    • Ken

      The Evil Neocon Globalists want our United States “TOTALLY DESTROYED” – they know just bringing terrorists across our southern border will take a long time – but with a “PEARL HARBOR II” – they can Get the US “NUKED “IMMEDIATELY” (by both Russia and China) – and then from the Ashes of a Totally Dead United States of America – these Evil Globalists bring forth their “ONE WORLD DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT”!!!

    • regaleagle

      More than likely the beginning of the end…..of Evil. God’s plan of redemption for mankind includes cleaning the earth of The Harlot(Bill Gates, Rothschild, WEF, etc.), the fallen angels, the demons, the hybrids, and all those that take the mark of the Beast or worship his image. Then the new beginning will occur called the Millennium and give back the dominion of the earth to mankind with Jesus Christ reigning with a rod of iron as King of Kings. Maranatha.

  6. Robert says no

    I find it hard to believe that all the long term stock holders in dividend stocks are selling those positions. And what about about dll the oligarchs with billions? They’re not cashing out and putting that cash in their mattresses. We can’t go into banks and ask for cash in the millions. Too much doom and gloom. I know it’s bad but there’s just no way people are sitting on huge cash in hand. There’s no where safe to put it. All these politicians. Where are they putting their cash..

    • Greg Hunter

      They can afford the risk. Can you afford the risk?

      • Paul from Indiana

        GENIUS reply, Greg! THEY can afford the system; WE can’t. So, the next question is: who wins in that system? They forgot one thing: without us there is no system. Yes, things are going to collapse; it won’t be pretty or easy. The challenge going forward is not to save this system, but to be prepared to restore the original system that worked, and that system is FREEDOM and LIMITED GOVERNMENT. For a while, there will be NO government, and that period has the potential to be among the best times ever seen on this continent. Best always. PM

    • I Dig Au


      The ‘rich’ and people with means are selling paper and buying physical tangible assets like real estate, productive farm lands and precious metals. Don’t be left holding the empty bag.

  7. Pete+only

    War is profitable, but only if you are making things as an economy (not importing things like gun powder and rebar), and have an infrastructure to do so, so now we are in uncharted waters.
    Also, the evil elitists have been making sure that they will be the preferred creditors when everything goes down….even to the point of handcuffing any of the central banks that may want to actually help it’s own people during the crises that follows…Gold and Silver has no counterparty risk, and the real irony is that you can take that one to the bank…but hold it yourself as you don’t actually own it otherwise if it’s not in your hands..

    • Greg Hunter

      You own story says it was a parking lot and not a hospital. It was probably where Hamas was firing rocket into Israel!!!! Hamas love to hide in and around hospitals and schools so when a counterattack happens there are lots of bodies. HAMAS IS PURE EVIL. Don’t take my word for it take the word of a former high ranking Hamas member:
      READ YOUR OUN STROY!!! Now, go away!!!!!
      Hey, let’s talk about the 1,300 murders Hamas did to start this cluster F going!!!

      • sam

        “Hamas love to hide in and around hospitals and schools”….just realized you are Right!…and this latest ploy PROVES it…Hamas is an EVIL TERRORIST ORG…..
        BRING BACK our President Donald Trump!

      • Coco

        Hamas created by the CIA and mossad Greg…that doesn’t say much about the US…!

      • John Duffy

        I didn’t say the story was true, notice the question mark at the end. The author is a highly respected expert in these matters and not some troll.
        “About Larry C. Johnson

        Larry C Johnson is a veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism. He is the founder and managing partner of BERG Associates, which was established in 1998. Larry provided training to the US Military’s Special Operations community for 24 years.”

    • Tin foil hat

      The video is not from a fixed CCTV camera. Why did the cameraman film the night sky? Was he filming the incoming, which he wouldn’t know the time & place, or the glorious outgoing homemade Hamas rockets?

      I suspect he was filming the outgoing rockets heading toward Israel as you can clearly see another streak from another rocket in the video. The rockets Hamas routinely fires at Israel are not precision guided projectiles. Hence, they fire multiple rockets to make up for the low efficiency. Israel doesn’t have a habit of firing multiple rockets all at once. The “Whooshing” sound from the video could be AI or a real Israeli precision guided rocket hitting one of the Hamas launch sites in retaliation.

      Anyway, what difference at this point does it make? The bloodletting has just begun in the new front. The local war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is one front in a regional war between Israel and Iran. The regional war between Israel and Iran is a proxy for America’s rivalry with Russia and China. So is the European proxy for that rivalry, the war in Ukraine.

      I feel sorry for the Jews, Palestinians (only the ones who didn’t celebrate the death and suffering of Jewish civilians), Ukrainians and Russians. I also feel sorry for those Americans who still can’t see the big picture.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Tin, Exactly Perfect description, These Globalists want us all dead so they
        are all sitting around doing drugs and cheering every death. Demons
        Am I hearing Bill in that all currencies will go to 0 or some survive? I know a lot of countries carry big dollar reserves but it seems like many are and have been dumping the dollars already.

      • Ken

        Scott Ritter sees the big picture –

  8. Ken

    Half of insane humanity is bent upon getting a World-wide Nuclear War started (to create a Nuclear Winter and Frozen Oceans) – and the other insane 49.99 9 percent want to chop down all trees that provide the oxygen we breathe (in order to fight climate change and prevent a Hot Greenhouse effect and Boiling Oceans) – I guess that leaves just me to protest it all – knowing in my heart that my God “Jehovah” absolutely could not have created all these insane psychopathic nuts running around in his image – it has to be the result of all the poisonous chemicals the Globalists added into our water supply and the geo-engineered nano particles they are now spraying into the air we breathe!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Where do you see half of all the people on the planet want to chop down all the trees?

      • Ken

        Greg – I “simply assume” about half of the 7.5 Billion People on planet Earth are women “who don’t want to chop trees down” – the other half are men who are currently cutting down 15 billion trees each year!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Faulty assumption and analysis but at least you are civil so, good on you.

        • Avery2

          Whatever you do, don’t plant silver maples near a house, pavement or sewer line.

          • Katy Bar

            If you think about it – Ken has a valid point – about half the world is women and “they want to protect and produce life” – the other half are men “who are mostly eugenicists” (giving sterilization shots to babies, promoting world-wide nuclear war and dress like women [like that wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story] when the true goal of these murdering eugenicists is to “Kill All Life On Planet Earth”)!!!

            • Gerry

              What nonsense. Von der leyen is a psychopath warmonger, as is baerbock in Germany. Canada has Freeland deputy PM Nazi sympathizer. And the USA is blessed with Hillary the hag herself. Woman is foaming for war and motivated by greed as much as men, maybe more.

              • Katy Bar

                Good point – I was talking in generalities – I didn’t mean to come across as bashing only men – I know there are bad women out there like Madeleine Albright who thought killing 500,000 Iraqi children was well worth it – but the men like Hitler and Stalin killed in the millions!!!

  9. Elinor Saunders

    Greg, love you and your work. So much gratitude to you for keeping us “sane”. Egor Von Greyerz said in an interview that Big banks and Investment companies have not significantly increased their buying Yet. He states that gold sales have stayed pretty stable.
    Bill Holter is always a top favorite. We will definitely mis Jim Sinclair. I have learned so much from both of them over the years. Thank you Bill!

  10. David Meek

    Bill’s astute comments about the financial elite blaming the collapse on someone/anyone/anything else after it happens reminded me of this funny and prescient quote from Dr. John Hussman. “If a market collapse happens to fall on the same day that an organ grinder’s monkey throws a coconut at the bronze bull on Wall Street, they’re going to blame the crash on the monkey.”

  11. Jo

    Bill Holter
    Greg Hunter

    This pairing is the reason I am prepared today

    Thank you gentlemen!

  12. Jeffrobbins

    I always enjoy listening to Mr. Holster. Actually all of Gregs guests are top notch. I had a talk with a guy this past week about deep in the rabbit hole things and my interpretation of events from a couple vantage points is that the hard parts begin in 2027. That’s with a Joseph 7 year cycle going on- grain becoming corn and all. Food should prove to be preeminent. I think this winter i want to put a number of issues on an action plan/ build out of some projects, a 3 years plan. We all need an action plan. Finance is the one i am at a loss of- a massive depression is the natural result of the system coming down. But, the goberments response would be to pump things back up and it could turn massively inflationary. Make a plan folks, and take some actions.

  13. Jeffrobbins

    I’d like to say something else; Thanks Greg Hunter. No one in my house got the experimental shots, and at the beginning of the year i took a secure government maintenance job. Both are partly due to warnings and encouragements on this platform. All you folks out there might want to consider how vulnerable your employer is to major economic upheaval.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic Jeff!! Keep taking Ivermectin and Nattokinase to protect against CV19 bioweapon vax shedding.

      • Earth Angel

        I gave a tube of ivermectin to a fine young man making an internet service call at our house. He confided he took the c-vax reluctantly at his wife’s insistence. He didn’t want to take it but did it anyway. His wife was pregnant with their now 2 year old darling daughter he is so proud of. His wife also took the vax while pregnant. Thank goodness their toddler is so far healthy and normal, but he now has a heart murmur which he never had and also said he is often sick which wasn’t the case before the shot. He didn’t mention if his wife has suffered any complications thus far. I gave him the website along with the ivermectin paste and told him the great information provided here by Greg and your excellent guests. I hope this sweet young family will be ok, especially their beautiful little girl.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Friendly warning about that “secure government job”: there is no such thing. History is full of failed governments, and this one you call “secure” is in failure mode right now. Your “government” is running $2 trillion deficits per year. Your “government” is being “led” by a pitiful, bumbling, demented man, who doesn’t even know where he is. That’s secure? Who supports “government”? What happens to “government” if no one can pay taxes? Just asking. Best always. PM

  14. Led Skeletor

    After Biden’s latest farce speech, all I’m waiting for now is the announcement of the draft. With Gen-Z, the government will have to hire 100,000 FBI AGENTS to go after the millions of draft dodgers.

    1941… 2% of the draftees were 4F or unfit to shovel shit.
    And to the Gen-Zers that honor their call…
    2024… 92% will be 4F or unfit to shovel shit.

    Imagine a Gen-Zer without a cellphone or crayon coloringbook time.
    In a draft, because of the shortfall of young willing and capable bodies, It will come down to drafting every available male under the age of 70 that doesn’t have a medical condition prohibiting them from fighting.

    We’re Toast

    • RTW

      They’ll have to include females in the “draft” otherwise 92% of our eligible “external genitalia” bearing populous will put on lipstick and a wig and identify as a woman, thus exempting themselves from military duty.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Maybe that’s what the immigration surge is about? I don’t know, and I’m not trying to rationalize the illegal immigration, which I detest, but maybe those “in the know” are aware of the situation you describe and have seen this as a way forward? Service can be a path to citizenship, or refusal to serve can be a path to deportation? Don’t know, but you raise an interesting scenario. Best always. PM

  15. Glen (Stream)

    This was a tremendous interview with Bill Holter.
    The current and coming events have seemed to take forever to materialize. The proverbial can was kicked so many times more than I thought would be possible. I first started paying attention in 1988 after having opened my eyes opened by Harry Schultz (9/1923-2/1923) and other prestigious and prescient writers. Many were dismissive of their warnings because they were so far ahead of their times. Those who were open-minded would be able to accept the gift and forever see the world through a different lens. I owe a debt of gratitude to those who carried on the mission of exposing reality to all who will listen.
    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Glen!!

    • Katy Bar

      This Nation owes a Debt of Gratitude to all those who faithfully bought US Treasury Bonds – that will never be paid back with sufficient interest to cover the losses due to our “re-elected lifetime” Representatives and their unlimited printing and spending on useless nonstop wars and all their other criminal Ponzi schemes!! – ONE TERM AND OUT (Must be our Motto)!! – before these criminals can figure out how to game the system and become multi-millionaires on a meager government salary!!! And this list of their crimes “Has been shown to be False”: [36 accused of spousal abuse, 7 arrested for fraud, 19 accused of writing bad checks, 117 directly or indirectly bankrupted two businesses, 3 did time for assault, 71, cannot get a credit card due to their bad credit, 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges, 8 arrested for shoplifting, 21 are defendants in lawsuits and 84 arrested for drunk driving last year] – “As It Is Not Comprehensive Enough”!!! – these criminals have destroyed the value of our US dollar, are into child trafficking, etc., etc. and now they are allowing their Commander in Thief bring our Nation to Nuclear War!!!

    • Lynn

      Hmmm… Not a bad idea, maybe. Let them in, seal the boarder, initiate a draft to go defend Taiwan.
      Help spread the rumor.

  16. Jim de Cordova

    Republicans who voted against Jordan for House speaker (partial list):
    You might want to give them a call and keep the list on your refrigerator for future reference!

    Rep. Don Bacon
    (R-NE) — voted for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 202

    Rep. Vern Buchanan (Fl) 202 225-5015 (then went bowling at
    the WH!)

    Rep. Ken Buck
    (R-CO) — voted for Tom Emmer (R-MN) 202

    Rep. Lori
    Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR) — voted for McCarthy (202)

    Rep. Anthony
    D’Esposito (R-NY) — voted for former New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin (202) 225-5516

    Rep. Mario
    Diaz-Balart (R-FL) — voted for House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) 202

    Rep. Jake Ellzey
    (R-TX) — voted for Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) (202)

    Rep. Drew Ferguson (Ga) 202 225-5901

    Rep. Andrew
    Garbarino (R-NY) — voted for Zeldin Phone: (202) 225-7896
    Fax: (202)

    Rep. Carlos
    Gimenez (R-FL) — voted for McCarthy

    Rep. Tony Gonzales
    (R-TX) — voted for Scalise
    (202) 225-4511

    Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) — voted for Scalise
    (202) 225-5406 Fax: (202) 225-3103

    Rep. Jen Kiggans
    (R-VA) — voted for McCarthy (202) 225-4215

    Rep. Nick LaLota
    (R-NY) — voted for Zeldin
    (202) 225-3826

    Rep. Mike Lawler
    (R-NY) — voted for McCarthy 202

    Rep. John
    Rutherford (R-FL) — voted for Scalise (202)

    Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID)
    — voted for Scalise
    202-225-5531 Fax: 202-225-8216

    Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) — voted for
    (202) 225-4301
    (202) 225-5713

    Rep. John James (R-MI) — voted for
    Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)
    (202) 225-4961

    Rep. Doug LaMalfa
    (R-CA) — voted for McCarthy
    (202) 225-3076

    • Joe Wong

      Because they are all in the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex. Their seats in congress has been bought and paid for by same.



  18. Lynn Scott

    Greg if you get Catherine Austin Fitts or Bill on again can you ask them to walk us through the scenario of the collapse. What will take place. We will obviously lose our SSI and retirement. So will we be kicked out of our house because they took our money. We have saved $ and metals. Maybe a mad max world scenario? Thank you Greg
    Follow Amir Tsarfati on telegram. He gives details all day about what is happening.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The cities can certainly go Mad Max; they already are in certain circles. The rural areas, I suspect, will be less so. Most people are armed and are on the same page, culturally and politically, so I expect a cooperative, get-through-this-together, type of attitude. The drug addicts, both those addicted to illegal AND those addicted to LEGAL drugs, will suffer and many will die. Defaults will be universal. Failure to pay property tax is a form of default, even if you “own” the property. Evictions will be suspended, as they will simply be unenforceable. This coming collapse is a blessing; it is our chance to get rid of the rogue government which has poisoned the well. Best always. PM

  19. Self Exiled

    On 12/27/21 after being forced to leave my home in the Philippines due immigration issues and covid lock downs, no home. Outcast, staying with a childhood friend in sadness, despondency, despair and hoplessness I asked the Wonderful Counselor, the great Physician, the Almighty God, the eternal Father should I get the shots. His answer was

    For in this way the LORD spoke to me with His strong hand [upon me] and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people [behaving as they do], saying,
    “You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’
    In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,
    And you are not to fear what they fear nor be in dread of it.
    “It is the LORD of hosts whom you are to regard as holy and awesome.
    He shall be your [source of] fear,
    He shall be your [source of] dread [not man. Isaiah 8:11.

    Thank You Oh Eternal Father. Let this be my continuous mind set. Amen. My prayer for Greg also.

    • Katy Bar

      Self exile is a blessing compared to accepting a shot in the arm from some greedy Demon-rat physician who gets $40,000 dollars for every one hundred children he jabs with the clot/heart attack/cancer shot!! – Blue Cross Blue Shield chief medical officer Vincent Nelson stated: “Physicians (and) providers can be incentivized through their work with independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, but the implication that physicians (and) providers pursue childhood vaccinations solely for financial reasons is false – because under Blue Cross Blue Shield’s rules, pediatricians can lose their entire bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine.” – So it’s false because “it is not just $40,000 on your child’s head — it could be worth much more, depending on the size of his or her practice.”

      • Self Exiled

        Thank you Katy for the information details. I have often wondered the details of these incentives. When I was in US I was pressured by a doctor at Mayo to take the shots. I also saw the division caused by these shots, other doctors comments and in one department I was told half their staff refused and resigned

      • Ken

        And this money to kill children is given to doctors “worldwide” – so “any pediatrician in the world” can rake in $40,000 dollars by simply injecting 100 children under the age of 2 years old – this is effectively “Murder Incorporated” performed by greedy immoral doctors who stand to make a significant amount of money if they have a client list of 500 or more parents willingly bringing their children for the Globalists (clot producing/heart attack/cancer causing/stroke and sterilizing) shot!!

      • Fearless

        All the censorship, psy-ops (a practice which should be a war crime), and AI generated pictures and PAID American spokespeople aren’t going to change that. WE KNOW who the Bad Guys are ( choosenites aka children of yhwh), and all the smoke and mirrors will not change our minds.

  20. Cheri Rodriguez

    To say there’s no counterparty risk with Gold and Silver isn’t true. The counterparty risk is that someone sticks a gun in your face and says—“Give me your Gold.” Beyond that, you’ve got fake Gold and Silver e.g. 100 oz. Silver bars that have been drilled and filled, Gold bars that are actually tungsten, counterfeited coins coming out of China, etc. And then even if you do have something real, try getting a fair price for it at your local coin dealer or pawn shop.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is not counter-party risk as you are not in business with a robber. You are simply being robbed. A shotgun is good insurance for that sort of risk.

    • sam

      “Sounds Like” you want the Gummint to Protect you…from the Gummint…..yer own yer own baby!….like our ancestors said…..Caveat emptor
      Smart People can “Take Care” of themselves…….remember I said it “Sounds like”

    • markp

      Cheri – “sticks a gun in your face …” – ONLY if they know you have it, and how would they know that? Anyway, no serious investor buys PMs on the internet, like on ebay. Get a trusted PMs dealer, they are not hard to find, and pay the dealer’s price – don’t look for internet “deals”. You should be able to sell your PMs back to the dealer, afterall, he’ll have another buyer, and the dealer is a dealer for a reason. I’ve only sold one half ounce [it was Rhodium], but back to my dealer, at a really good price, and I meant REALLY good. M.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        markp, How would robbers know you have Gold? Please! Look up “follow home robberies” about all the people that have been followed home by gangs from high-end stores, jewelers, banks, etc. You don’t think they have eyes and ears around PM dealers to find out who’s buying and selling?

        • Lynn

          Think this through, please. You’re going to a coin dealer with a lot of cash. You buy a bunch of valuable stuff. How might you prevent someone from following you home? How might you prevent a robbery.
          These are problems that have been thought through many times before by many others quite successfully. If you can’t do it then maybe PM’s aren’t for you. get some Bitcoin and good luck with that.

          • Steve Bice

            Yes…starting with four right turns. If they are still behind you, they are following you.

            Taught my bride this long ago…

    • BobT

      And then even if you do have something real, try getting a fair price for it at your local coin dealer or pawn shop.
      Cheri, this is by biggest frustration. The dealers buy and flip in a day or two (or week) and make more money per ounce than I make after holding this sh*t for 15 years. Early is better than late my as*. I have gone bankrupt listening to the likes of Bill and others.

    • sam

      “someone sticks a gun in your face and says—“Give me your Gold.”…..NO NO, baby….they stick a gun in your face for the “CAR KEYS” or your “PURSE”….or maby because you be a Caucasian…and owe reparations…GOLD?….Never, only if ya get drunk and blab

    • Pete+only

      Cheri, Zero Counterparty Risk means that no other financial organization can lay claim to your own gold or silver (or steal it from your possession), however, best not to even keep it in your safety deposit box in any bank, as these banks will likely be closed, and rifled through by the authorities, or other criminal institutions connected to banks, even the government.
      Yes there is risk in everything you do these days, so there is risk of you being robbed at home, so it is best to keep things secret and well hidden.
      Yes the counterfit silver and gold has gotten a lot more difficult to spot recently, but if you purchase smaller denominations of weights, such as junk silver coins, single ounce coins from reputable dealers, you can greatlt minimize the risk of buying something counterfit.
      The goal is to survive the financial crisis with things that will hold it’s value such as gold, and silver, but also keep you alive such as food, water, water filtration, cooking utensils, (even a manual milling device), water, and anything that can you can help you survive such as firewood.
      Even books on foraging in the wilderness could help save your life. Learn how to can and preserve food as well. If you learn how to can meats, (typically you may not need to refrigerate it, and it can last 12-18 months if done properly). Ideally, own a gun with adequate ammo, and get to know how to use it.
      Be careful to align yourself with people who actually know what’s really going on in the world, (but still be cautious about them), as people following main stream media will be the ones coming to you in times of need, and may even try to rob you if they know too much about you.
      Also pray daily and be greatful for waht you already have.

    • Heinrich

      No the counterparty risks are government and CBDC. Once the new system is in place you wont be able to sell any of your precious metals holdings.
      In a few years the EU will force their citizens to register all of their assets. Every item you own will be subject of taxation. What you refuse to declare will be either confiscated or unsaleable.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Gold is money and nothing else.” J P Morgan.

        • john

          what is money is a desision from human and its not fix .
          maby tommorow its milk from goat ,ore potatos ,ore flowers its not fix . allways its like a religion . bitcoin is money ,no ,maby gold is is money no maby . its a transfer medium .thats it! . rest is belive .

      • Pete+only

        Heinrich, I believe that when CBDCs and Governments start taxing people’s property, there will be a premium on assets that are more prone to be able to be hidden, such as gold and silver.
        As well, it would take many tens of thousands of government officials required to enforce such a policy, and when push comes to shove, that’s why you need to be armed, and when people have nothing to lose, look out.
        Hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps many millions have had it up to here the way governments are trampling on peoples rights at the present moment, let alone ruining the economies, allowing manufacturing to leave, and starting wars without any real reasons to do so, let alone being over taxed.
        The EU at the moment is speaking to the Israeli authorities without first having discussed anything with individual nations.
        Hopefully the EU and NATO gets disbanded before too long..the writing is on the wall.
        Europe still has to gets through this coming winter without any stockpiles of energy like they had going into winter of last year.
        European countries may start to disband and make their own deals with Russia and other BRICs nations and the many more nations joining in. Even Japan is contemplating leaving the west, as is Mexico.
        We need to be naming the Elites pulling all the strings, as they are responsible for all of our troubles, as they live on the ignorance of the masses…

  21. SJ

    A couple weeks ago I asked for prayers for my brother-in-law’s sister for her conversion before she dies from jab induced turbo cancer. She’s gotten so much worse, was just in the ER then ICU, and had so little time left so please pray again for her soul. Her name is Mindy. Thank you.

    • Jo

      Sending up prayers for you intention.
      My brother, a cousin & a bowling group member from our league all 3 died from turbo cancers in the last month alone. The later getting her diagnosis exactly 7 days before she died from it. Sad to see this happen over & over—& yet with all of it, my daughter just got a booster & one for my 8 yr old grandson. All I do is pray…

  22. sam

    Believe it or not…..This America we live in was FOUNDED by (Caucasian) CHRISTIANS and STILL is a Majority of CHRISTIANS…..Our Heavenly Father will take care and Protect of his Children……his Children will get what we need, when we need it….and……there will be NO Nuclear explosions in America

  23. Neville

    Jim is correct in all his assumptions but I am afraid that he like so many other erudite
    guests are way off the mark when it comes to the debt of AAcrime .The only one who knows to the exact cent is of course OUR LORD GOD CREATOR .
    greg when one adds up all the debt incurred by the shenanigans’ that AAcrime has found itself in over the years particularly since 1944 one year before world war 2 ended.The
    wordls economy was completely maxed out with currencies of all the major players just about worthless .AAcrime came fresh into the war and soon found out out that supplying weapons to all and sundry was the way to go as they were a major beneficiary of the war .President Eisenhower GOD Bless him was quick to pick up on this fact and the ramifications which it would have on the world going forward.
    In a speech in 1961 Ike D Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial complex
    which as its name describes was basically involved with the manufacture and sale of armaments of all deadly descriptions. This military complex eventually morphed into weapons of mass destruction which included things like Agent Orange which AAcrime used to deadly effect in Vietnam and the latterly into the corvid 19 scamdemic…via the pfiser injections etc
    Notwithstanding all the cash that might have made there were other nefarious things conducted by the military totting up the creation of cash created out of thin air which has leapt from the billions in 1971 to the quadrillions in the 2000’s anywhere between 1,5 and 2 QUADRILLION could be what we are looking at as I say only our LORD GOD knows as there are absolutely NO AUDITS done on any government/military agents whatsoever

    • Paul from Indiana

      Google-search “Eisenhower Death Camps” and see how wonderful he was at the end of WWII. Best always. PM

      • Neville

        What Eisenhower was guilty of during his lifetime he ,like everyone will face judgement ,so, thanks for pointing that out.

  24. The Seer

    New Zealand banks are very profitable. Lots of food and water here. Conservative government voted in last weekend.
    Listen to TNT radio and RealityCheckRadio for more overseas news. Strong groups non jabbed healthy smart people from all over the world including Americans. Tough immigration system limited number per year.
    I obtained residency few decades ago guided in meditation to do so to have when I needed it. Moved back early this year- so free here – don’t believe the fake news re NZ so much safer here and South Island so far from northern hemisphere events…….

    • Joe Wong

      Very true statement you have made here.

      New Zealand only has ONE major geological problem, and that it sits on the Pacific RING OF FIRE, and has six (6) highly active volcanoes that does erupt fairly frequently as well.

      These volcanoes helped create the two islands that are called the North and South Islands of New Zealand some millions of years ago.

      So be well and be safe in New Zealand, and if the volcanoes do erupt, you can go to your neighboring Australia temporarily until the eruption subsides.

    • Justn Observer

      Seer, how are the winters shaping up? and is NZ self-sufficient wth food procduction or do you source food from where in the winters?

    • Colin Maxwell

      What on earth are you smoking Seer? – NZ just has voted in a WEF Klaus Slob and Bill Gates fanboy as Prime Minister – Luxon is potentially just as dangerous as the last two murderous lunatics that “led” the Labour party.

      This cretin also announced during his campaign that his Govt will not be compensating any of the tens of thousands of innocent Kiwis who were coerced and threatened into loading up on multiple toxic jabs.

      Both the leaders of these two “conservative” parties who will form the new coalition Govt were massively critical of the Labour Govt at the time of the rollout for not getting Kiwis jabbed up to the eyeballs anywhere near fast enough! They are also quite comfortable with the WHO takeover of our country’s health sovereignty. Both of these creatures are dangerous beyond belief.

      Yes, these banks are profitable, but only because they have been given license to rip Mainstreet by doubling interest rates, only to send 90% of their parasitic profits overseas into the bulging pockets of the global banking kleptocrats that own them. This is yet another central bank/BIS orchestrated pump and dump scheme that is eviscerating our economy which is already one of the worst performing on the entire planet.

      These kleptocrats reaping these profits are the head of the human food chain which orchestrate and finance both sides of the perpetual wars. The Israel-Gaza debacle is the latest tragic example of this behaviour.

      Watch the video and see this absolute cretin Lxon extolling the virtues of his friend Billy Boy Gates as a “marvellous humanitarian”.

      Zeitgeist Politics 🇳🇿 on Twitter- “Christopher Luxon says that he knows Bill Gates and that what he’s doing around global health and global education is “phenomenal” and “pretty inspiring stuff”. https-//” / Twitter

    • Colin Maxwell

      The link didn’t load properly – hopefull this one will…

  25. Joe Wong

    Great video by Bill Holter, and Greg hunter.

    Yes – Bible prophesy does somehow come into play in the book of Revelation (aka revolution) which also prophesized that the Kings of the North will be RUSSIA, and the Kings of the SOUTH will be IRAN, and the Kings if the East will be CHINA, and finally the Kings of the West will be a 10 Nation Superstate rising out of the ashes and ruins of the former EU & NATO member nations, and thus the 5 eyes which consists of the 5 English speaking Israelite nations such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand , and Israel itself will ultimately be disarmed, enslaved, and will be punished severely by God for their disobedience to his principles and biblical teaching, such as their widespread preaching’s and teachings their practice of WOKEISM, SSM, LGBTQ Transgenderism, Critical Race theory, and etc. Instead of their freedom & democracy dogma that they are used to.

    Look – You cannot have freedom & democracy without discipline, respect, and responsibility as well.

    Also – This is all due to the FAILURE of USA’s Lack of DIALOGUE & DIPLOMACY since May 13, 1948 when the State of Israel was established from the former Mandated BRITISH PALESTINE, with David Ben-Gurion as their very first prime minister. Now Israel must solve this issue with all the brains that they have over there to handle the Palestinians issues in the most humanely way possible, and all of this bloodshed since May 14, 1948 would have been avoided. This was needed since the Jewish People did NOT have a homeland nation as a result of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany from September 1, 1941 till April of 1945 when the advancing Russian forces from the east which liberated many of these concentration camps, since virtually all of which were in POLAND btw., since Hitler did NOT want any Jewish Blood on German soil, and the German people also did not want to get their hands dirty with Jewish blood, so that task fell to the British and the French POW’s to do all the dirty work of exterminating the Jewish population of Europe during this period. The Ukrainians also played a major role in this genocide of the Jewish People of the eastern front as well. Very SAD but true indeed.

  26. virginia clark

    Great interview. Respect and enjoy this guest. All your guests are no nonsense, honest and knowledgeable
    PS: Please reconcile with JIM WILLIE. He would be a fantastic guest. He’s a bit quirky, but his knowledge is off the charts on a wide range of issues. He mentioned in a podcast recently that you two had a falling out. You may not agree or like what he says (i’m guessing about Israel) but you need to present your faithful followers with all sides. Just my opinion.
    Thank you for your wonderful platform.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi virginia,

    • Da Yooper

      Yes Virginia Reconcile

      We have to keep in mind with this situation that both sides can have varying degrees of being wrong.

      Also he is very entertaining. Time to bury the hatchet & move foreword.

  27. Steve Jones

    Bill is wrong. Gold and Silver will become worthless. Food and Water will rule. Ezekiel 7;19.

  28. John

    Bill Holter is the best of the best, and I agree with him fully about Janet Yellen, yes, she is full of shit!

    • Paul from Indiana

      That is precisely why she is in the position she currently holds. Best always. PM

  29. Prospector

    VAXX LIABILITY SHIELD FALLING – But will the courts do the right thing ?

    Steve Kirsch @skirsch
    Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration. The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It’s considered adulteration. I just got off the phone with Professor Byram Bridle and Dr. Robert Malone on this.
    Michigan remdesivir case is very important precedent here proving liability shield falls when there is undisclosed contamination of active ingredients. ( cont .)

    • Greg Hunter

      It already failed according to the trump/Pfizer contract.

      • Prospector

        I see that now. Karen Kingston’s body of work was on the mark back in 2021.

        From her recent substack article on this :

        ” My losses and scars were worth it. I fought against the false narrative that Pfizer has iron-clad immunity with everything I had. Champions of that false narrative are now saying Pfizer can be sued. ”
        OCT 22, 2023

        ” I began organizing and presenting the evidence to prosecute Pfizer in 2021 in order to initiate charges against the Pharma giant. The evidence has remained consistent , so what changed?
        I am excited that the Freedom Movement has gotten on board with the fact that Pfizer is criminally liable (Praise God! Finally!). However, when I was in Florida in July in of 2023, I was advised by many legal entities that the below document violated the Constitution and US laws. How So? ”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Prospector,
      Many thanks for the link – very informative article!

      • Prospector

        Karen Kingston asks ” WHY can they be sued now ? What changed ? ”

        The only answer so far that makes sense is that this recent Brook Jackson case in Michigan may be the first U.S. court ruling on it , thus setting a precedent. I ‘d sure like to know more.

  30. andrea

    it always surprises me that people with gold mines that are all doing very well and producing . are , in fact , diluting my gold holdings? .And , yet they say don,t be ‘IN THE MARKET” ( stocks ) yet they praise they stocks. These people usually live outside the US ( (o otherwise seemed to be :bizzy” elsewhere.). Gold is not going to be for the little person on the street , beside’s, who will have change for 1 0z gold coin ( perhaps 20K at the time)?? NOT joe the plumber , and who will buy your gold when u need paper currency ( if it still is accepted anywhere)?will they buy it at spot or fee’ you to death with only 75 % of vlue? Silver will be the poor mans value exchange .

    • Greg Hunter

      So, stock up on dollars?


      • Joe Wong

        The US Dollar is planned and will eventually be replaced by Cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN & later the MARK OF THE BEAST to create the so-called CASHLESS SOCIETY that the WEF Globalist are hoping for a very long time.

    • Tin foil hat

      Your grandparents may tell you of a time when you can walk into any bank and exchange your gold for dollar or vice versa.

      When that happens again, Joe the plumber will do the job for gold/silver and give your change in dollar. However, that would happen only if we collapsed with a lawful government as Bill Holter stated.

    • Earth Angel

      Andrea, Please look up THIS IS OUR ANSWER to utilizing easily transactable, easy to carry, SMALL INCREMENT pure 24 karat bills. Plus they are BEAUTIFUL to have. 5 states have ALREADY sponsored their own issues- New Hampshire, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and now South Dakota. Get your OWN state going ASAP! It is also OUR ANSWER to thwarting digital slavery planned for us all via CBDC’s. What’s not to LOVE about this GOLDBACK CONCEPT?!… NOTHING so far as I can see. Let’s ‘git er done’ everybody!!!!

  31. Marie Joy

    Banana Republic R Us. Best to have something to barter in a Banana Republic.
    Without a viable currency we will need another currency such as honey, TP, booze, a skill… something to barter.
    Trust nothing this regime says… NOTHING.
    A real estate agent told me no one is selling their house. They cannot lose that 3% money to go to 8% money when they buy a new house.
    When the dollar tanks, how will people pay their taxes? Better have gold and silver.
    There will come a time when, what you have, is all that you will ever have.
    For info on bunker building, see Bruce Beach on Youtube and then move fast. Bruce Beach was the Chief Radiological Officer for Canada back in the day.

    • Earth Angel

      I think when the $$$$ crashes & burns, along with the ‘guv’mt, we will ALL have a tax holiday.. who will be collecting taxes when everybody is struggling to just survive? Me thinks the criminal cartels masquerading as our governments have finally not only shot themselves in the foot.. but in the head.

  32. Neil

    Words from the wise here. Thank you Greg and Bill. Jim changed my life. I miss him.

  33. Robert Watkins

    Greg you always have the best guests on your show. Bill Holter is a wealth of information. I do not have the fiat dollars to trade for Gold, and Silver.
    The best I can do right now is save my U.S. Mint change. I’m hoping the sliver clad coins may have some value in the future. A medium of exchange can be what is accepted by someone else for goods, and services?

  34. Nick Reynolds

    Thanks Greg. I like Bill Holter, but he never mentions Bitcoin. What a shame. Bitcoin is so much like, but better than, gold and will probably reach new highs next year after the next halving of the “block reward.”

  35. Richard Gould

    Greg, excellent information, as always, which is why I have listened to you and your guests for so many years. AND, right on point with this information. We, that is those of us who walk in Jehovah’s Holy Name, have been informed that the end of this system of things is very close, and you and your guest are simply confirming what we already knew. This is the work that we do; Matt 24:14 And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. —- AND that end is here. BUT, once we stop this work, which will continues for a short time yet, we have another task before us and that is the distribution of a notice of condemnation to those who never responded to our message. We are not looking forward to doing that but being obedient to Jesus (why did Adam die?), we will continue to obey him right to the end at Armageddon.

  36. John Duffy

    We have been sensing something very evil taking root quickly in our culture & now Jonathan Cahn explains where the Transgender movement comes from. Great sermon for your Sunday pleasure.

  37. Richard Gould

    There is another element to this; it is estimated that up to 40% of all existing money is in the hands of the earthly religions. That is money that the governments CAN NOT touch OR tax. In the Bible, those religions are called Babylon the Great, and the Great Tribulation begins with the world wide governments being compelled, by Him, to attack those religions. Why? Because they teach lies about Him and the Truth IS NOT IN THEM. Buckle up, things are going to get really interesting, and soon;

  38. Richard Gould

    PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!!: Jesus speaking; John 6:44; No man can come to me unless the Father, who sent me, draws him, and I will resurrect him on the last day. 45 It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by Jehovah.’ Everyone who has listened to the Father and has learned comes to me.
    It is your responsibility to respond…. or not. If you do not respond, the Father is NOT calling you and that…. is that. The end comes, whether you are ready, or not. Richard

  39. john lance

    Virginia , you are spot on . I just read a good article by Jim Willie . He stated that Mr. Hunter threw him , Jim , under the bus so to speak because he had a conflicting view on Israel . Mr Willie stated that Mr. Hunter will not invite him back on USA Watchdog because of this . I am somewhat disappointed in Mr. Hunter taking this position by not allowing other view points .

  40. Lisa Preslie

    the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, and that certainly applies to Clif High’s space alien cult.

    it is uncanny how much Heaven’s Gate (1997) Marshall Applewhite looks like Clif High:

  41. Southern Girl

    Thanks you for having Bill Holter on! I now own my car, house, everything updated and will have my new HVAC paid off in two weeks. WOW! only took me 70 years. Now I know what to do with the savings I will have. Have tons of food stored and water. All that canning from my own garden will pay off. I have been worried how much cash to keep. Thought after a while I will make my funeral arrangements and then my siblings won’t have to worry.
    Have still have been buying small silver on the side. I don’t think any of us really knows what our nation will look like when everything falls. Peace of Christ will be what we need to make it through.
    Maybe I should change my Southern Girl to Southern Old Lady?

    • Jerry

      Hi Southern, you made me laugh!!! Thanks

  42. Karen

    Regarding Ken’s comment about “chopping down trees”. It really is happening. In Scotland, for just one example. Here’s two links confirming the story. Do your own search and pick your own news source if you don’t like these. It’s all over the net.

    If one does enough research, one quickly finds that almost every effort to “Go Green” does far more destruction to the planet than it does good. With equal destruction to humans for the cherry on top.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, Dane Wigington often reports on the devestating tree losses taking place all over our once magnificent planet Earth. Idiots cutting down trees for development, the death & dying of the Amazon forest, the burning of millions of acres of forests and lands from the climate engineered ‘wildfires’ eating up Canada , Siberia and many other places around the globe. DEW attacks burning up California towns & recently Lahaina, Maui. Terrible. If most people understood the gravity of our situation- they wouldn’t cut down a single tree.

  43. Debra

    Hi Greg,
    I just finished watching a video on the Banker wars. I knew about this, but seeing it from the inception of our country was very powerful. I hope you will watch and pass it around.

  44. ROY

    Just to help the” END ” Event. Today Putin has declared that China and Iran are now under the Russian nuclear missile umbrella protection. An attack on these countries, is a direct attack on Russia. Russia will use its hyper sonic nukes to defend these counties. This protection covers China invading Taiwan. To speed up to the ‘END”, Putin has stated if the American carriers that are near Isreal, and they attack Russian allies in the region, then Russia will sink those carriers. Russian MIGS 31 fighter jets armed with carrier killer missiles, are now on 24/7 combat duty over the Black Sea . Those ships have no effective defense against these Russian missiles . All of that aught to shake the markets . this info is only on for now on main stream Russian news sites. Got a bag of silver coins? Got 6 months to a year of rations?? Many countries now, have no fear of Biden. Fun times straight ahead.

    • Ken

      Most people think these nuclear threats are empty threats – but – not when you see solid evidence that nuclear weapons are actually being removed from storage and put on ships, subs and planes (prepared for action)!!!

  45. Bill Wilcox

    Steve Kirsch “broke the news” that Pfizer is liable for the injury, disease and death caused by their mRNA injections due to the relatively “recent discovery” that pDNA is in the vials with genetic sequences that cause cancers).

    yet Trump still has not recanted on his vax pushing. Nor has Mark Taylor demanded Trump repent. And USAWD sits quietly as a church mouse.

  46. Marie Joy

    Arm up
    Train up

  47. Danny

    Greg, thanks so much for having Bill Holter on for interview. I my opinion, he confirms a lot of what Bo Polny has been saying. Bill perspective really brings it home to the kitchen table.
    P.S. Thanks so much for mentioning Gods name>Jehovah< lately, it's nice to see his name used instad of his Title!!

  48. Mark

    With the US sending so many warships to the aid of Israel watch out for Israel to stage a false flag attack just like they did in 1967 with the USS Liberty..:the treacherous Zionist scum…

  49. Jeannine

    And then there is God.

  50. Justis Chase

    Don’t know if you’re aware , but Lim Sinclair has passed away ………..

  51. Anita

    Thank you both. The best thing Bill shared was the stated last ‘The End’ Said it firmly and blunt. Yet people refuse to believe it is so, having no understanding in the times in which we live. They view it as Jesus stated, “the days of Noah & the days of Lot”

  52. Rod Brumley Lt Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Sorry to hear about Jim Sinclair – how did he pass and how old was he? I continue to accumulate pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars – my goal is accumulate an additional $2,000.00 face by this time next year. Best for Barter purposes and easy to liquidate if necessary.
    In God I Trust

    • Jerry

      Hi Colonel, I have been collecting junk for a long time, funny how some many that I speak with think its a waste of time. On the contrary, I think along similar lines as you. I get nervous about confiscation and collecting us minted coinage and 90% is the way to go. Will be very easy to liquidate if the need be. Take care sir!

  53. Robert

    Thank you Greg, another great interview with Bill Holter.
    Here is an interesting report from Mike Adams showing those Hamas rockets flying away from the hospital while a jet passes over the hospital as it is being bombed.
    What do you think?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hospital was not bombed. The parking lot was.

      • Justn Observer

        Likely a delivery truck or trailer in the parking lot….THINK.. shipping container with retractable roof? Smaller version of those ‘container vessel constructs discussed a few years back that some ‘thought’ could be deployed across random areas undetected…inside the U.S. OR its ports? Smaller versions are not impossible, infact would have to be to sneak thousands of such inside Gaza you’d think.

  54. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘Rushing into Catastrophe’. Paul Craig Roberts

  55. Bj

    Small short rally in 10year treasury, small short pullback in gold, then all hell will breakloose fes will pivot and gold breaksout and dollar tanks? Thats my guess

  56. Stan

    I disagree with Holter. My math shows the Dollar getting stronger and more widely adopted for trade.

    • Ken

      I think I’m beginning to understand your reasoning Stan – the world is like a big bucket and is currently filled to the very top with US dollars (like a pail full of pebbles) and the gold bugs think there is no more room in the world for US dollars (and therefore the gold price must go up) – But – by bringing in CBDC (which is like water) the pail full of pebbles can hold an additional volume of “money” – and therefore the gold bugs will become discouraged and sell their gold down to your target price of $750 dollars – but I was wondering – why do you say gold will only go down to $750?? – why won’t gold go lower then that???

      • Stan

        It can go lower than $750, but will take time.

        • Greg Hunter

          You and Charles Nenner disagree wildly. I am going with Nenner.

      • Steve Bice

        Ken=Stan=Katy Bar, etc…

      • Robert F

        Cbdc are not dollar, they are BIS

        how does this help the dollar.

        you make no sense

        Stan is insane, world is moving away from US…what utter delusion

  57. Point Of Know Return

    I have stated over and over to people for years that there’s a huge difference between Israelites and Israelis. Many mega preachers have made Israel their modern day golden calf.

    As we already know, in the end times, even the elect will be deceived. Don’t be fooled by rumors of wars for the khazarians need a distraction to bring down the system, which they created, to install a new one and blame everything on the war.

  58. Ken

    “This is the end…”
    -Bill Holter

  59. Susan R

    Monday, I listened for the 2nd time after trying everything I could to stop interruptions and succeeded. Thank you for the help Greg and again for having Bill Holter on. Love him as much as I loved Jim Sinclair.

  60. Carl

    On one of his latest podcasts Mike Adams ( Health Ranger) said that Covid was an IQ test that the Left failed and that the Israel/Gaza conflict is an IQ test that Conservatives/ Christians are failing.

  61. Bill

    Acting like a Dictator, Sen. Lindsey Graham orders Newsmax Reporter, Daniel Cohen out of the Presser in Tel Aviv yesterday.
    Daniel Cohen, asked Sen. Graham, why asked the senators why there was not a stronger condemnation, especially of those on the left like Democrat Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who have failed to condemn Hamas’ attacks. “I’ve got my own view of what to say — you’re not going to screw this up,” Graham continued.
    Cohen told the senators that Tlaib’s “tweet is still up condemning Israel for a hospital attack we know was a Lie.”
    The senator then pointed to security and yelled for them to remove Cohen.
    “Get this guy out of here!” Graham said. The Israeli security ignored Graham’s request.

    A flustered Graham then explained himself, “I am an American, I believe in free speech” — ironically just a moment after ordering Cohen be ejected from the press conference.

  62. Wile E. Coyote

    We are at the cliff’s edge and the rear wheels are actually over the edge. Hey Biden, there is a little thing called gravity, and you can’t lie your way out of that.

    Our glorious “New World Order” added another $560 billion to the national debt during the past 30 days, with even larger portions month over month are lost on interest on the debt, and that is getting larger every day. I’d say it is already out of control as I know for certain they can not stop the ever increasing rate of additional spending – or the economy is dead.

    Biden stating that the $100 billion in additional spending won’t go to the Balfour invented state of Israel and/or Ukrainian Soviet Republic. The additional $100 billion worth of existing weaponry stockpile will be sent over to the battlefields and a new purchase order for $100 billion worth of so-called low-tech American made [apparently no Asian chips eh?] weaponry will be produced to replenish our arms.

    Biben came out and admitted what Eisenhower warned us about. Ask any DEM they will proudly say: What are a few ten thousand dead when the $100 billion dollars of new weapons manufactured will produce jobs in Arizona.

    The true enemy of mankind. The US ought to execute all corporate lobbyists that try to buy even one red cent of favors, that influence our lawmakers, or influence the elections. It isn’t “We The Trillionaires” And if the EU had even just the tiniest set of balls to tell the IMF/WEF trillionaires to get lost. But it is no hope, money dictates, and we shall die.

    As a barometer, the movie “The Day After”; I fear we are minutes from the movie’s Armageddon scene. With China, Russia and US navies all near the conflicts, all we need is a USS Liberty mistake BY ANY SIDE to occur and we’ll all be gone in less than 45 minutes.

    You can dig many holes but who will be there to fill them in? -Wile E. Coyote

    • Ken

      The “New World Odor” is getting atrocious (as the dead bodies begin to accumulate) now well into the millions!!!

  63. Jerry

    Its really crazy all of it! The little distractions that we all have in life that take our minds off the very present and clear dangers. So many are very much in the dark, living life like everything is going along just fine.

    So many issues from “con” vid, Ukraine, now Israel. How do they not see it, the unequivocally jump on the band wagon, time for more war. I do understand what the bible says about Israel, but my gosh! I ask what are you willing to sacrifice for war??? There are two sides to every conflict! Israel’s worst enemy is just like the US’s: its their own government!

    The US continues to steal our money to fund all these wars meanwhile opening our boarders for the coming onslaught of the American people. When it comes down to it are you willing to send your young sons and quite possibly your daughters to the meat grinder??? I am NOT!

    But hey, as long as the NFL and MLB is on the TV and Bud Light in hand we are good to go!

  64. Mike Myer

    Bill and his buddies have said it was gonna crash for 15 years,?? Japan has been financial bankrupt for 30 years with less natural assets than united states. We know the bible says you won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of money,I do know I bought alot of silver back in 2008 ,it was 26 + at that time so with inflation ,,it was a terrible investment, didn’t come close to inflation but these guy been saying for 15 years it was gonna hit 500$, not overly impressed by a gold and silver pusher!! better than paper for sure but who knows if we will even be able to use gold and silver with this wicked government

  65. Stan

    I’ve been hearing cries of a Dollar collapse for decades. If you truly knew how the monetary system works you would have ignored those cries and embraced the Dollar. BTW, I shorted more Gold today.

  66. Justn Observer

    Greg, a dark story to consider about western investment into China, China’s Grip on America and who sold the U.S. out? =

  67. wanda

    I just learned that 19? States want to pass a gas tax in their State, 17 cents per mile you drive. I learned this from I Allegedly on YT Dan is his name. He has many contacts in the business he owns and he is a good source to learn what’s new. Everyone needs to burn the phone lines/call your State Senator’s, demand this be a non starter. Dan reads the list off, go check it out or google this new gas tax being proposed right now. Ty Greg for having Bill on again, Bless his heart, trying so hard to get a warning out to all!

  68. Caesar Palo

    Clif High who—in his spare time on weekends when he was not inventing anti-gravity machines and free energy generators taught himself to be a premiere Bible expert in several languages including those ancient—is a proponent of unrestricted access to psychedelics.

    “The off-duty pilot accused of trying to bring down an Alaska Airlines flight told investigators he had not slept for 40 hours and believed he was having a “nervous breakdown,” and also admitted to the use of psychedelic mushrooms, according to a federal complaint filed Tuesday.”

  69. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘Sidney Powell’s Plea Bargain Sets Up Trump For Conviction’. Paul Craig Roberts
    Without justice there is NO freedom. America today is no longer the home of the free. Nor can any sovereign state wish to adopt (or have forced upon it) US style ‘democracy’.

  70. Marie Joy

    Bill Holter has been my favorite for years.

  71. Roy Madiaon

    My question on the banks buying gold. Are they purchasing physical gold and vaulting it ? OR Are they buying paper gold on the comex with futures contracts ?? If the latter then they are not really buying gold. GREG do you have an answer ,if not ask your guests . Thanks for all you do .

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