Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon -Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Dr. Chris Martenson holds a PhD in pathology from Duke University, is a futurist and an economic researcher.  Dr. Martenson was one of the very few scientists who called BS on the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s CV19 vax back in August 2021.  Dr. Martenson went on the record to say, “Comirnaty CV19 Vax Approval is Actually Fraudulent.”  Now, Dr. Martenson is out warning about a new kind of fraud that could leave you broke in the next financial disaster.  Dr. Martenson thinks financial trouble of Biblical proportions could be coming sooner than most people think.  Dr. Martenson is not worried about a brokerage going under, such as Lehman Brothers in the 2008.  Martenson is worried about the entire system melting down and says, “When the system freezes up, they get really scared.  If you are not a complete moron, you would make that system smaller because it scared you that much, but instead, they made it even bigger. . . . We not only have to worry about a brokerage going down, but we now have to worry about these clearing parties. . . . These are the houses that are supposed to be clearing all the trades with the derivatives and the loans. . . . The law says the brokerages have to hold your shares and bonds you have in a proportional amount.  They don’t hold them.  A higher company does that . . . . and you can’t peer into them.  It you want to see what Fidelity or Schwab has . . . . I found out you cannot see an audit trail.”

In a new market meltdown, Dr. Martenson sees chaos and gives a hypothetical example: “China attacks Taiwan, and there is a 10 sigma move in the bond market.  Oh no, all these derivatives have blown up.  These people are supposed to be winners, and these people are supposed to be all losers.  No, no, they don’t have any money for that stuff.  It’s too complicated.  I don’t think anybody understands how this works anymore.  I could not find anybody who could tell me the whole thing.  I could find people who knew bits and pieces, but they knew their slice. . . . I am trying to stitch this thing all together.  I get uncomfortable when I can’t answer the most basic questions, and that is how much risk is there in the system and where is it?”

In short, Dr. Martenson is worried about the whole financial system going down.  Dr. Martenson says, “Yes, I am worried about the whole system going down, and that leads to all sorts of speculation. . . . Imagine this, we wake up one day, and the markets are not open on Monday.  Oh no, glitch.  Problem.  Then, it’s two days and not open, three days not open.  People are getting worried.  Friday, and the markets are still not open.  Monday comes, and they say it’s a super big problem, and we don’t know how to resolve it. . . . They offer you 100% value today in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) account or you can wait it out and hope it gets resolved, and it might take a decade.”

Dr. Martenson likes gold, silver, land and basically all (clear title) physical assets to protect you from “The Great Taking.”  Martenson has an upcoming seminar with “The Great Taking” author David Webb (and others) to help you to counter the theft that will surely come in the next financial meltdown.

In closing, Dr. Martenson says, “This has been a series of large amplitude blunders that keep getting bigger and bigger.  The Great Taking” is the framework built, that just in case all this colossal blundering blows up, Congress and Wall Street flips a coin and you get heads we win and tails you lose.  This is the oldest story in the book.”

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the founder of PeakProsperity.com, Dr. Chris Martenson for 5.28.24.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Paul in oz

    wow, Chris Martenson, this guy is one of the best … looking forward to this one!

    • Anthony Australia

      Absolutely Pauly!


      William Boot returns to the podcast to discuss the power of the Jesuits. 

      • Maurice Chivalry

        The younger Biden has pleaded not guilty to allegedly having a gun while using narcotics.
        “I’m always very mindful on speaking to that,” Jean-Pierre said. “I will say what I have said many times before: The president and the first lady, they love their son. They are proud of how their son has been able to get back on his feet and continue his progress, (of influence peddling and of ill-gotten gains from such?) and they will continue to support him.” (Ugh?)
        Sounds like witness tampering, eh?
        Could you imagine if the Trumpster did that, for one of his son’s!
        All 50 of Blinkens former intell stooges with security clearance’s, would be calling for Trumps bloody head!
        Lincoln project cry baby George Conway, would be tearing his clothes off on Comcast’s project Mockingbird media NBC and MS/NBC B.S. live!
        Australia’s second biggest state of Victoria’s parliamentary secretary Tim Richardson would committ suicide in drag!
        Remember, as ole lunch box bucket Joe famously said, “Nobody effs off with a Biden!”
        You have Beijing Binden Joe’s word on it, especially with son Hunter’s head on the chopping block! Like Al Capone lost his, for tax evasion.
        Andrew unWiseman and henchman Dave Weiss, forgot. It’s the little indiscretions that nail you and Hunter’s been nailed!
        Sorry Joe. . . .But,
        “Thank heaven for little girls!”

      • Sue Lyonson

        More Truth,
        Reply to Financial Lies / Financialize
        Lunden Roberts, the former Arkansas stripper with whom Hunter Biden has a daughter. Roberts announced on Tuesday that she is writing a book about what her publisher describes as her “tumultuous” relationship with the younger Biden.
        Joe Biden publicly acknowledged their child, his grandchild, for the first time last year, (Under harsh criticism for not doing so for years!)
        It is also unknown wether he has ever met her yet?
        Financial Lies / Financialize,
        The descendants of Gods chosen, the muscle behind the deep state. The Troskelions, Leo Strauss’s and Irving Crystal’s proxies today, are turned decisively right for Trump and have thrown the Biden puppeteer’s under the buss. Realizeing Pennsylvania’s Shapiro and Michigan’s Whitmire cannot save the IDF_but the Democrat turned Republican Trumpster can and will And End WW3 to Boot!
        GOP mega-donor Miriam Adelson to fund colossal super PAC for Trump
        The casino billionaire is planning to back the newly reconstituted Preserve America effort to help the former president. https://politi.co/4516Jjt
        Nikki Haley has signed an Israeli artillery shell with the words “finish them” while touring the country’s northern border with Lebanon.
        The visit underscores Haley’s strong support of Israel, even in the face of international criticism. GAZA, —
        https://www.wltx.com/article/news/nation-world/israel-hamas-conflict/nikki-haley-message-artillery-shell/507-2891809b-13a4-4c6f-bb37-33280cf0ace3 6 hours ago

  2. john massey

    Greg i cannot load either of your last 2 shows ,get the adds ok but no content?? best John

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)


      • Mike Johnson

        I don’t know if this is his problem. But I like to use a VPN and I have observed that some websites act weird when I am using it. I can solve the problem by turning off the VPN and then things will work fine, but then I have to remember to turn it back on again when I’m finished with that site.

  3. Joe

    Chris is fantastic, been following him for a long time. Tried to post this on Rumble, but for some reason Greg has me muted (censored) from committing there

    • Greg Hunter

      Joe what name did you use? I have so many trolls my crap threshold is very narrow.


  4. Geena Gador

    Dr. Martenson’s content is great, but his mike sucks. It is hard to hear him clearly. For such a smart man, he needs better equipment.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was free Geena. You are welcome.

      • Monica

        Greg, thank you for all the valuable, free information! I ALWAYS look forward to your posts. And this is coming from a recently divorced mom of two kids (who didn’t work outside the home during the 20 year marriage in order to raise my family so I currently have a lower earnings ability)…I live in So Cal where it’s very expensive…so I am truly grateful for all the information you & your guests provide at no charge! Please try to keep it available to those who are really struggling financially. Blessings to you.

    • Johnny Nobody

      Sound quality was fine for me. Much better sound quality than Bill Holter – and Bill’s is fine for me too. Watch any ‘disaster’ movie, and the few survivors are THRILLED to get any faint, crackly, response from their beaten up shortwave radio. Focus on the message, not the medium.

  5. Jim Wade

    Greg. Another great interview. The financial system is almost toast! And NO ONE can rescue it. Everyone is at risk. Their stadium is filling fast!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Jim,
      The exponential curve!! The stadium is filling fast.

      • Galaxy 500

        Chris’ example should open eyes. People do linear thinking ok. We use it every day. 1 + 1 = 2. X + 2Y = Z Most people got it that have a true 6 grade education.
        Exponential is harder to grasp.
        And educated population is dangerously which is why the Demoncrat Slave owner had a death penalty for teaching slaves. Another reason the Dems did the welfare thing, broke apart strong black families, destroying black fathers. It worked so well, the Demoncrats did it to the entire public education system.
        Thanks again for having Chris and other guests on.

  6. Cheri Rodriguez

    Gold and Silver are nice but don’t ever believe there’s no counterparty risk. If you own mining shares, just look at Bre-X and Allied Nevada as an example of scams (I had 100,000 shares of ANV that went bankrupt in 2015. Nine years later I’m still trying to get my money back).

    Buying physical metals is touted as safer but then you get ripped off by a Tulving or Northwest Territorial Mint. Or you buy a 100 oz. Silver bar only to discover it’s been drilled and filled (with lead). Or you score a great deal on some US Silver Eagles on eBay only to find out they’re fakes out of China.

    Even if you’ve got real metals, when you go to sell, the IRS is hitting you with a 28% tax on “collectibles.” Who says they can’t raise that tax to 98%?

    And this is all with the system being “up.”

    In a system down event, your counterparty risk only increases. Got Gold? So you go to your local coin shop with that US Gold Eagle worth $3,000 but they only want to give you $300 for it. Everybody else is broke so guess what? You’re taking $300.

    Biggest counterparty risk? You’re bartering with rolls of pre-1964 Dimes and Quarters and somebody sticks a gun in your face and says—“Give me all your Silver!” Now what are you going to do?

    • Johnny Nobody

      So, you got no answers, except GIVE UP.

      Alternate scenario based on historical fact. During prohibition, those able to make alcohol did well. The exchange rate for the genuine article – branded liqueur- went through the roof! Cocaine is an illegal substance yet demands high prices and has made millionaires (billionaires) of those willing and able to evade the law.

      I am not advocating for illegal hooch, or illegal drugs. Just making a point I think you have missed. When the crooks that control the financial system decide the time is right to relieve honest hard-working citizens of their stocks, bonds, real estate, and bank accounts, then gold and silver (minted coin) held in your possession will IMHO increase in exchangeable value – not decrease, as you suggest. The more the authorities use their CBDC system to control every aspect of human activity [FREEDOM] the higher the exchangeable value of gold and silver will become – just like alcohol during prohibition and cocaine today. What price freedom? What price a means of exchange beyond the control of humanity’s oppressors?

      • Galaxy 500

        Smart thinking. Been buying ten (10) 200ml bottles of cheap alcohol… all for $20-30.
        Have bought some good stuff too but I am looking for down and dirty barter stock.
        IF tobacco had a way I could go long term storage, I would have that as well.
        Ms Cheri seems to think I would walk around unarmed and that I am so ill prepared that I would have to take what ever given. I won’t be taking $300 for an ozT of gold. Hell, I won’t be taking $300 for a ozT of Silver either.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Where does it say give up? READ the first line—(a) Gold and Silver are nice (b) but don’t ever believe there’s no counterparty risk. I’ve been loading up since the early 2000s. Made nice profits in Vanguard Precious Metals Fund (and got out before it tanked). Bought physical Palladium at $190 and sold at $1,500. Recently cashed in all my shares of Karora Resources and doubled my money. Yes, Gold and Silver are nice. Just don’t fall for that Bill Holter line—“There’s no counterparty risk.” Yes there is. Scammers, robbers and the taxman.

        • Glenn


          First I apologize for thinking that you are some newbie who maybe got burned buying precious metals or mining stocks.

          But Bill Holter’s line about no counterparty risk is correct. There is no counterparty risk if you are in actual physical possession of your precious metals which means that you are not relying on getting your precious metals from someone else. Here is the definition of counterparty risk – Counterparty risk is the probability that the other party in an investment, credit, or trading transaction may not fulfill its part of the deal and may default on the contractual obligations.

          Scammers, robbers and the taxman are definitely real possibilities. Scammers when buying precious metals. Robbers after you have bought precious metals. And the taxman when you sell your precious metals.

        • Johnny Nobody

          “Where does it say give up?”
          Everywhere after the first five words, “Gold and silver are nice”

        • Galaxy 500

          If I hold a Silver Eagle in my left hand, pray tell where my counter party risk is? OH, the right hand has a really sweet Commander sized 1911.
          People may try to rob us, they won’t fair well. People may try to scam but I am not on eBay buying fake coins thinking I got over on someone.
          Taxes, well they get paid in full and on time

        • The Great Cornholio

          A counterparty is one who can go bankrupt and leave you with nothing. There is no counterparty to holding gold and silver in your possession.

          Yes, there are thieves to watch for, but they are easy to spot. they wither work for the government and claim to own your property, or they are thieves willing to admit they are stealing from you. I prefer the thieves, because at least they take what they take and then leave you alone. Government idiots will never stop because they have no brains.

      • Galaxy 500

        If you came to me and my buddies a few months into the Madmax thingy, I have a store of food, I got water and I am smart enough to keep the feral humans from robbing me. You NEED food, don’t have any. You need water etc. I don’t need your silver or gold. I may take it in a lopsided trade because I understand that your gold may help me in the future. But food I will always need.
        If Cheri is a real person and comes to me with a Gold Eagle and my little test kits says yay, it’s real… she might get a weeks worth of food from me AND only if I think there is chance things will approved.
        But I think that she would be getting full value for her gold. She is eating another week. And that is all useless eaters are gonna get from poor old G500.
        When you batter, you have something I want/need and I have something you want/need.
        Honestly, I don’t think Cheri is anything but a web construct

        • Johnny Nobody

          IMHO; a post-Rothschild-financial-system will not negate the desire to use money as a store of value. [Not fiat currency, but real money] Barter will replace payment by fiat, but this will not negate the need to make change, and/or to store accumulated trading gains. Gold and silver enable uneven barter trades to ‘make change’ AND also provide an unrivalled means to store value.

          True, a starving man will willingly value a few eggs over a hoard of PM coin, BUT this does not represent a departure from current norms – a starving man will willingly value a few eggs over a hoard of dollars, pounds, or yen. This truism does not validate an argument that it’s not worth storing dollars because, during a food shortage, there will be price gouging.

          • Galaxy 500

            You wrote,” This truism does not validate an argument that it’s not worth storing dollars because, during a food shortage, there will be price gouging”
            Cash in hand, Those nasty Fed Reserve Notes will be King for awhile. Stores are set up to take PMs. There will be deals to be had until the wheels fall off. Then, it won’t just be a food shortage, it’s gonna be an everything shortage until and if a new system comes along that can gain people’s trust

    • Glenn


      Most people really should not invest in individual stocks but buy either a mutual fund or an ETF.

      And buying physical precious metals are “safer” than investing in mining stocks as long as you know who you are buying them from. If I buy online I always use a credit card unless it is with a large auction company like Heritage. And if you are in physical possession of your precious metals then there is no counterparty risk. Having your precious metals in your hand and it being forcibly taken from you is NOT counterparty risk. It is theft. Please look up the definition of counterparty risk for what it really means.

      And actually, the capital gains tax on collectibles is not necessarily 28%. It is whatever your tax rate is up to 28%. For myself, I can make up to $14,600 a year in capital gains and owe no tax. Someone would need to have a very good income to pay the maximum capital gains tax of 28%. Also there are ways you can sell your precious metals without the government even knowing about it.

      So what other alternative do you suggest that to do with your money? No matter what you do there is always going to be risk involved.

    • Galaxy 500

      I guess you live in fear in one of the big Demoncrat Shiite holes.
      If I have some food and water, a reasonably safe spot with a good group of like minded people, I think I will be better than average. We just all bought some really nice radios from Ready Made Resources. The boys tested them out 2 weeks ago. We aren’t the Billy Badass types although a couple old timers are retired warriors. This isn’t going to be a video game where you and your loved ones get infinite lives and do overs.
      You have a lot of silly ideas. Buying anything of value on eBay. Damn, girl. And 100 ozT silver bar that to trade for anything the other party would have to cut into pieces to make sure they weren’t getting screwed. Yes, call Gold And Silver and get something REAL at a fair. Idiots look for deals to good to be true on EBay. And being forced to sell gold for $300 out. You seem very irresponsible with financial matters.
      How would anyone with IQ over room temp, continue to have financial disaster after self inflicted financial disaster.
      You wrote, “ Biggest counterparty risk? You’re bartering with rolls of pre-1964 Dimes and Quarters and somebody sticks a gun in your face and says—“Give me all your Silver!” Now what are you going to do?”
      Cheri, when they go to pull out a gun, I will freely give them copper clad 45ACP +P HP.
      I also have a little back up. When your feral Demoncrat buddies show up to rob us, they are going to be shocked because it won’t come with a second chance. We will defend. We flag the Black Flag here as our forefathers did.
      Cheri, get right with YHWH. Buy a little extra storable food. There is still time for a little simple preparation

      • Glenn

        Galaxy 500

        Not sure how to take your comments about eBay. I successfully made over 2000 purchases of precious metals on eBay and some of them have been below melt and most have been less than what my LCS would sell them for. All real. No fakes. Yes, a few packages got lost in the mail and one time someone sent me an empty package. Got my money back each time. However, I am sure you are probably referring to people who buy off of eBay who are not as careful and experienced as I am.

        • Galaxy 500

          I don’t buy PMs from people I don’t know. Glad your purchases on eBay went well. My opinion is it is the scam and counterfeit capital of the web. When I buy PMs it’s either a local transaction where I give cash or it’s someone like Melody Cedarstrom.
          And I don’t do PayPal either. Both of these evil empires are against me.

          • Glenn

            That’s nice. I do not do PayPal either. I use my credit card.

      • Richard Longacre

        Galaxy 500, Black flag is standing by as well. I use .40 Cal SW HP. I’m old and .40 Cal still gets the job done with less of a kick. Now if they ignore the black flag at my home, then they will experience the really big guns.

        If you are bartering with silver or gold in a system down scenario, you better know who you are dealing with and you would not be flashing your rolls of junk silver around town like Cheri mentioned. The stores will be empty so why would you even be “downtown”?

        This year I got to know some farmers and ranchers. I’m getting a 1/2 cow and 1/2 a hog this year and I know for sure what they ate and have not been injected with any synthetic mRNA bioweapons. This is how it will work after the crash so build these relationships now.

    • Jerry

      Cheri, gold and silver come in many shapes and sizes. When and if the SHTF many items that we currently have in our households will become very valuable. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, syrup etc. These items could very well be the “gold” and “silver.” Stock up.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Jerry, don’t forget medical supplies. Even the simple stuff like pressure bandages, a bottle of aspirin or box of tampons will be worth a lot. Of course some things I’d never trade. No way you’re getting my antibiotics or narcotics e.g. Tylenol 3, Oxycodone and Hydromorphone.

    • Steve

      So the system was ‘down’ in the 1930,s did gold have no value? Of course it did, it appreciated based on a devaluing currency and lack of govt confidence. Some of your comments are possible for the nieve but reputable dealers don’t trade in fake gold. For Pete’s sake you have had a bad experience with a miner. So have I and it’s about learning from this and moving on.

  7. Paul in oz

    Heard it now, this man is brilliant most credible person to which to listen to since the late great Jim Sinclair. As well prepared as any Joe average … those who aren’t pay attention … nobody researches things better than Chris, and after listening to him if you aren’t scared you own mega gold in a fortress.

    • Anthony Australia

      Keep battling Pauly!

  8. Mike D.

    I had no trouble hearing him.

  9. Katy Bar

    Dr. Martenson just like Bill Holter and Martin Armstrong thinks financial trouble of Biblical proportions is coming sooner than most people think. The US financial system on the verge of imploding and “This Is Why The US Needs World War” (which will make it possible for the US to default on its debt and stop paying interest to its declared enemies). Martin Armstrong says the debt default will take place sometime about 2026-27 (when war with Russia will likely be white hot unless Trump stops this insane push to world war immediately as soon as he is elected). Everyone knows that War is Inflationary (because it requires that the Fed create and issue even more debt out of thin air to fund such a massive war effort) but who is going to buy US debt if the US can arbitrarily stop paying the interest on its debt securities any time it wants (by simply declaring any nation holding our debt to be an enemy)? So the Fed currently has a big problem trying to control the rapid inflation that will surely come with an expanding war against Russia. Reason being is there are “two(2) types of inflation”, in the first type of inflation supply is readily available and raising interest rates will tend to curtail people from buying, but in the second type of inflation the Fed raising rates does help to stop it because it is caused by supply shortages “due to war spending” (or due to some new “bird flu” pandemic lock-down that curtails manufacturing) where such shortages have the effect of pushing prices higher irrespective of higher rates imposed by the Fed!!

  10. Ken Yu

    Trouble of Biblical Proportions is upon us as NATO desperately needs an excuse to attack Russia. So the decision was made in Washington by the Demon Rat Neocons to provoke Russia into attacking NATO by blowing up their Strategic Radar Sites just like they blew up the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline. Russia (to its credit) is showing unparalleled restraint and is not falling for the Washington Neocons “Insane Scheme to Start World War III” and is Patiently Waiting for Trump to be Elected in 160 days “To Put an End to the Warmongering Demon Rat Neocons Madness”!!!

    • Katy Bar

      If Trump is assassinated (the way the Neocons are now assassinating other world leaders) there will no longer be a reason for Russia to remain restrained and then “We All Die” (in a Worldwide Nuclear Exchange) to the gleeful delight of the Psychopathic Eugenicists who want so desperately to see Humanity Exterminated!!

      • Ken Yu

        Katy – Assassination(s) is the trademark of our Deep State Globalist Mafia. They killed JFK as soon as he suggested that America should begin closing down its huge number of military bases (800) around the world. The recently assassinated Japanese Prime Minister (Shinzo Abe) was taken out by the Deep State when he stopped buying US Treasuries (now after his assassination Japan has once again ramped up its Treasury purchases). Most likely the Deep State’s current push to War with Russia and their strenuous efforts to get rid of Putin is similarly inspired. Our Neocons probably think they can install a new Russian leader who will dutifully begin buying US Treasuries once again (the same way they got Japan to do it)!! China is also becoming a problem for the Deep State Neocons (recently offloading a record $53.3 billion of US Treasuries and Agency Bonds in just the first quarter of 2024). Larry C. Johnson (former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) says: This regime change binge the U.S. has been on for the last six(6) decades MUST STOP!!!

        • Earth Angel

          My question is this- If China is offloading the 53 billion in US Treasuries- (and I am not doubting that they are doing that) then WHO is buying them?? Is the Fed. Res. buying them BACK with more printed funny money from their same scheme? Or are the American taxpayers somehow being suckered into paying for it once again with our blood, sweat and tears as we struggle with paying for OUR OWN basic necessities in this O’biden runaway inflationary mess they call the economy? Does anyone know the answer to this question? Who the hell would want to buy the hot potato (sh*t) anyway?! I’m just wondering..

          • Ken Yu

            Earth Angel – You correctly answered your own question. Yes the Fed buys the Treasuries with printed funny money (the same old scheme that made our U.S. currency worthless over the last 100 years https://www.richdad.com/MediaLibrary/RichDad/Images/charts/usd-purchasing-power-1913-2008.png ) and of course we American taxpayers get screwed struggling to pay for basic necessities with money that has less and less value in a runaway inflation purposely promoted by our out of control greedy Congressional criminals of both Parties!!!

            • Earth Angel

              Lovely! Thanks for clearing that up Ken. ; ) E. A.

    • Rob

      Except now we hear that Trump likes Nikki Haley.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump playing politics. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        • Rob

          Maybe that’s what it is, however when he was in office he had too many of “his” people working against him. And now Paul Craig Roberts thinks Trump has changed because of all the attacks against him.

          • Greg Hunter

            Maybe he does what he wants if in office again. This is high level warfare.

  11. Jon Bisser

    It seems like everyone now admits the truth about the ClotShots—except Donald Trump!

    • Greg Hunter

      Did I miss something? Is Fauci saying he has killed billions? Are the medical boards coming clean. Is Big Pharma coming clean?

      • stanley skrzypek

        Good Thought…Happy you gave it!…100% true

  12. Neville

    Listening to the inimitable Chris Martenson it once again turns the Spotlight onto
    the gross dishonesty which is indemic in the entire AAcrime.Whether its in the financial field or the seat of justice and hey what about the the producers f the murderous bioweapons killing not only the citizens of AAcrime but those around the entire globe.

    Those that ignore the above such as the evil scientists who genetically modify plants and inject chemicals into the bodies of mankind are in direct CONFRONTATION WITH OUR LORD GOD CREATOR.

  13. Galaxy 500

    Did anyone catch the washed up has been Di Niro? A crisis actor on stage out in front of an illegal trial…

    • Pete+only

      Galaxi, Di Niro isn’t entirely washed up…he can always go back to driving a Taxi…

      • Galaxy 500

        Plus 5. Well played

  14. MLK

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. The news that all the animal trials failed was the first clue (Jan 1020). Then the second clue was the removed the animal trials from the new process………

    Again, too little too late. This is another guy who predicted 25 of the past 2 down turns.

    Get someone who can talk about real future events. Not all these people who jump up and down when they are right 4% of the time.

  15. Galaxy 500

    So we have a demented diaper wearing pedo as President. Guy can’t find his way off stage…
    And old Joe’s secret service visit guy who posted wanted to “break into WH to take pictures of Biden’s Pooh filled diapers “
    LOL… these guys continue to show how lawless they are and how they will use every government agency to destroy decency

  16. Galaxy 500

    Deficit spend a cool trillion every 100 days…
    The Quickening…
    System is wobbling, dynamic destabilizing, think you Washing machine in full spin cycle, drum slamming side to side until destruction…
    It can’t be stopped but it can be prepared for a little

    Terminal phase

    • Ray

      Excellent imagery there Galaxy.
      Couldn’t have phrased it better myself!
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  17. Rob

    Been a while for Chris, but a great guest. It is complicated, but everyone should read the book or watch the video of the Great Taking. Thanks for sharing. Jim Rickards was in a debate on zerohedge about this book. In summary, he poo pooed it because there are laws to protect investors so your assets can’t be taken. Yeah, that is true. But.. Here is my analogy to that complicated book: It is illegal for the government to come out with a poisonous vaccine. If you are injured, you can take legal action. So, don’t worry about taking the vaccine. But in my opinion, what good is money compensation to you (if you get any) when you are injured? Same thing here. Where are you going to go to get your value back when they take it? My solution(other than food/water/precious metals in storage). BCH Buy some, spend some.

  18. Jane Hill

    Thank U Greg,
    Excellent information!

  19. Galaxy 500

    Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon -Chris Martenson?

    Let me fix that…

    Entire Financial System IS Coming Down Soon -Galaxy 500

  20. George

    Actually this guy told us that the Scamdemic was real. He’s on record saying that. Check it out.

    • Jeffersonian

      You’re 100 percent correct and now he’s taking advantage of David Webbs ground breaking work, “The Great Taking.” He and Bo are charlatans not to be trusted.

      • Chris

        He interviewed Webb on his Peak Prosperity site. He then analyzed the book and researched the notes and references. Then he worked on a possible solution to what the book says will happen. How is that “taking advantage”? It’s easy to sit on your backside a lob word grenades online at others doing the hard work. I see this with the clowns calling Brett Weinstein a deep state plant or similar idiocy. Social media and the like abound with armchair strategists, keyboard warriors and experts in everything from brain surgery to astrophysics who never passed high school math and can’t read a map of the world, a spreadsheet or a balance sheet.

    • Johnny Nobody

      You are correct. Chris also supported the proposition that the ‘CV-19 vaxx’ should only have been administered the those most at risk from Covid – namely, the elderly. Everyone has the right to be mistaken and perhaps Chris has since ‘walked this back’??

      According to the majority of Greg’s medically qualified guests, the CV-19 vaxx DID NOT HELP A SINGLE PERSON!!

      • Chris

        Chris hasn’t advocated ANYONE get the shot since 2020. And that was well before anyone had any idea what dreadful bioweapons they were. He was one of the first to expose the furin insert in the virus genome which was a dead give away that it was man made in a lab. That was pretty early in 2020 if my memory serves me correctly. He’s been on to the crime from the beginning.

        • Johnny Nobody

          As I stated, “perhaps Chris has walked this back”, and according to you he has. However, it is not correct to say, “He’s been on to the crime from the beginning”, because I clearly remember railing at CM for his oft repeated vocal support of the use of the ‘CV-19 vaxx’ for the elderly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Alot of fake CV19 data was being pushed in the very beginning. Martenson changed his stance and came out against the vax when it was “approved” by the FDA in Aug 2012. Martenson called it: “https://usawatchdog.com/comirnaty-cv19-vax-approval-is-actually-fraudulent-chris-martenson/

      I made this abundantly clear so bug – off you little troll.


  21. CedarOwl

    The Great Taking: How Could It Happen & What Can We Do to Slow The Momentum of Becoming At-Risk? .. article link below presents a flowchart of how it could happen .. and a one slide on risk mitigation measures – can download for free here – like what is a “DRS Transfer” and how can you do a “DRS Transfer” to get full and direct ownership of your equities instead of being held in “street name” with your brokerage .. https://cedarowl.substack.com/p/risk-table

    article – https://cedarowl.substack.com/p/the-great-taking-what-is-it-what-can-we-do

  22. jim

    exceptional interview! thank you both…

  23. Brian Perks

    And that is the best description of exponential growth ever. Well done Chris.

  24. Rick

    The written portion shows up fine. For some reason there’s no link to click on any video. Never had a problem with this in the past.

    Is there a way to fix that?

    Thanks, Rick.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rick the problem is on your end. Big Tech is blocking you from getting the video content. Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)


  25. Galaxy 500

    Pedophiles of a feather hang together.
    Pedo Pope has drag performers for children day.
    What is the Pope’s name again? Pedo X
    Is there any question that the entire Catholic leadership should be prosecuted and the buildings burned to the ground?


  26. PAUL L

    Chris’ book is excellent as regards materials and energy difficulties – more energy needed to extract less of both. The currency inflation is a mirror image of this – which involves an exponential increase in debt on all levels – as Ed Dowd said, war spending serves the function of an excuse to explode the money supply – as did Covid. As Martin Armstrong has said, the 1923 Weimar inflation started with a smaller ‘great taking’ as the government grabbed 10% of bank accounts. Imagine what would happen if they stole bank/brokerage acccounts! All in all, a recipe for converting to tangibles of whatever kind and growing/stocking as much food as one can and so on. I am grateful for the warning. It’s comin folks!

  27. Susan R

    I have been listening to Chris Martenson for a long time, including from down in the Darien Gap. He has a lot of formal documented education and informal, as he digs into our current political and monetary moment. We are being warned of these possibilities as happening any time now. I also like to listen to Monkey Werx US who is warning very soon all young men will be drafted and that Europe is stepping up their draft. A lot of talk about no election because we may be at war. Biden not holding a lot of promise for this one may be the reason war may come soon. If we go to war what else will come in its wake?

  28. Kay

    Great interview. We need T-shirts that say..You may own it, but who controls it? That might get people thinking. Dr. Martenson is right about the powers that be taking control of the citizens.

    We are so appreciative of USA Watchdog!

  29. John


    Ed Dowd seemed to think short term treasuries are safe, but did not say through a brokerage or treasury direct. I would have liked to know what Chris thinks about them?

  30. Jon

    Mr Martenson is a great guest. I just want to encourage people to look up the Photo of the Radar installation and the appearance of damage. We all need to evaluate on our own. There appears to be some irregularities on the Radar Installation Photo.
    1. There is no charring on the structure at impact site.
    2. The hole is blown out, not in.
    3. The photo is taken from the close perimeter of the facility. Check Google earth and see this is too close for a security breach to occur after an attack.
    4. Biggest problem with photo. If this Radar Facility got hit. WHERE are the military personnel, vehicles, security, repair equipment, ladders, cranes etc. This makes no sense. There is Nothing, Nobody loitering around. If real, the area would be saturated with personnel and equipment after a missile/drone hit.
    Just something to think about in our world of fakery, please check and determine on your own.

    • Richard Longacre

      Jon, Great observations about the RADAR site damage. No evidence of an explosion. It appears that something went straight through the antenna without exploding. No emergency vehicles seen anywhere and no repairs being done.

      I spent 32 years in the war business and we learned a long time ago that you never want to completely blind you enemy by knocking out their communications and early warning facilities if you are planning an attack. If they can’t confirm what is being thrown at them they will assume the worst and retaliate accordingly. My red flag/false flag warning indicator went up right away when I first saw this. On the other hand, If the desired result is full scale Russian retaliatory attack then maybe it is true. We are dealing with mass murdering psychopaths and sociopaths in the USA and NATO forcing this escalation.

  31. Felicia Music

    And the CDC is lieing again with claims there’s an H5N1 bird flu that’s crossing from birds to cattle and from cattle to humans. How can they be believed?

  32. John Leigh

    It sounds like Chris thinks things are going to fall apart quicker than Ed Dowd does.
    A few weeks ago, Ed said Warren Buffett was buying lots of 3-month treasury bonds.
    Ed also said he thought the US dollar had probably another 5 year life span.
    It seems like Chris thinks the end is coming up rather soon

  33. Galaxy 500

    Good ole Pfizer and the dead babies…

  34. Pete+only

    In order for the Elites to maintain control of their power, credibility, and their narrative, the financial system may likely go down from a huge financial hacking event, and with the need to take the internet down, and only allowing those who subscribe to Central Bank Digital Currencies back on the internet.
    Whitney Webb has been warning about this for many months now, and I find it a very plausible theory.
    This event would probably halt the election in November, or allow massive cheating to take place.
    With 2/3 of the population living pay check to pay check, the masses would be literally be forced into subscribing the slavery of CBDCs..
    There will be a real premium on assets that can be bartered with. No counter party risk here…all backed by bullets, silver and gold…

    • Galaxy 500

      Bullets, butter and a side order of Silver & Gold Eagles…
      Good plan. The Elites think they can manipulate and maintain power but they have overwhelming lost control and influence. Their own security will be “bussing a cap in air ass” when everything falls to Shiite. The kind of loyalty the Elites needs can’t even be provided in automatons…
      And Evil is never a good trustworthy partner even too and especially so, to other evil.

  35. Galaxy 500

    From the Babylon Bee… Satan asking the Liberal Extremes to pretend and tone things back until after the election… Comedy Gold.


  36. Galaxy 500

    Ok, silly question… if you were a dog, what would you be? Great Dane here, and yes he’s on the bed by me as I type this. Great pups, great friends.

    Now for the serious stuff…

    Democrats picking the winners. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have replaced fairness and honesty, so you white people need not apply!
    The Devil Knows Scripture, indeed. And I grew up watching so called Witnesses (JW) cobble together things for the weak minded. A girl I grew up had her life destroyed when the JW’s decided the world was gonna end think 75 or 76 so they borrowed every dime, mortgaged the houses, C/Cs … they weren’t going to pay it back, the world was ending and they were so much more enlightened that a poor dumb Baptist that could read the Word of GOD YHWH. That entire exchange about no man knowing the time of Christ’s Jesus return, not even Jesus. So watch the cults Kiddies, keep you tray tables closed and your seats upright. For many will be trying to lead you away. Read your Bible, keep your pistol locked and loaded, and watch over your flock, just as Jesus watch over His (us).


    • Freda the Freloada

      If you remember Gal, the Arab oil embargo the recession, we got our ass kicked out of Nam. It looked bad, just where we’re headed now except it ain’t going back this time. So just as then, we don’t know the day or hour but we know the reason for these desperate seasons.

      • Galaxy 500

        I remember it all never heard anyone else preaching end of the world … except the JW’s fellow cultist lead by Jim Jones. LOL
        Yeah, yeah, and the Apostle Paul was convinced he was living in the end times.
        I don’t know. I am part of the Elect with a little food some friends and a pew pew…
        I will be fine regardless
        Those that lead people away from YHWH will be punished.

  37. John Henry Stone

    Greg, Great interview. I look forward to more like Dr. Mortenson.

  38. SchrodingersCat

    I will be honest. I only read the synopsis of the interview, and the comments. It is clear that the system will fail. Nothing can stop it because corruption and the underlying mathematics do not support any meaningful good outcome. The system is broken. Period. Wealth is fleeing to tangible assets be it food, water, energy, precious metals etc., it is fleeing to get off the grid away from the criminal element. Other than the basics of life your most precious assets are your family and those in your locale. I took control of my precious metal stocks years ago as suggested by Sinclair. A painstaking, difficult process. Some years later due to circumstance, had to redeem such certificates. It in itself is not an easy process and requires a functioning brokerage system and electrical grid. That may not be available for an indefinite time period.
    Focus on the tangible necessities of life here and now. Gold will hold value in all likelihood that will persevere, but that may take years to reemerge from the dark days coming. Silver might appear sooner as a medium of exchange but the basics of life will keep you and your family alive day to day. Most importantly, faith in the Almighty and basic knowledge of how everyday life functions will serve you the best.

    An aside. Greg, if Diogenes were walking the Earth currently, I believe his quest would have ended upon meeting you. You are a good man. Thank you.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hey, I am struggling here. When you looked in to the box, what state was I in? Living or dead. LOL
      Love the name. It’s a great one

  39. Irv

    Props to you Mr. Hunter and all the great work you’ve been doing for years , I think we all know it’s going down, I personally have my preps, but as person who has a biblical world view I’m seeing things with eyes wide open and I believe this country is under divine judgment and as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I’ve been reinforcing my bunker on my knees , the more I seek the Lord the more I see apart from him I can do nothing, I’ve been listening to a lot of David Wilkersons sermons and he talks about the secret closet and getting alone with God and telling him everything,this is our rock because everything is sand even Gold and Silver ,Philippians 1:21 , Father God have mercy on us and mercy on America, Lord help us to let go of self and the world,Lord strengthen your people and poor out your spirit that we can tell others about your love ,in Jesus name , God bless you Greg and the USA Watchdog family

  40. Fred Daake

    So – your private ownership of anything is a function of the reliability of the government that you live under. For example, you might think that you possess a $10,000 gun collection – but that is only true until they outlaw guns and storm your home to retrieve them. Or, if you have a government that ignores rights protections, you can wind up like Trump in a kangaroo court that takes everything from you and jails you for zero crimes. How about trying to “own” a home when property taxes are increased to ten times the cost of a mortgage. With the wrong government, you will own nothing – nor will you be happy.

    • Galaxy 500

      When IF this happens will you trundle meekly up to the gallows?
      Just asking, for Good men will resist tyranny like our forefathers. Like the III%

      They are going To have to come take it, house guns food what ever we are talking about and then leave the community alive to enjoy the spoils.

  41. Freda Freloada

    If you remember Gal, the Arab oil embargo the recession, we got our ass kicked out of Nam. It looked bad, just where we’re headed now except it ain’t going back this time. So just as then, we don’t know the day or hour but we know the reason for the desperate season.

  42. George Sutter

    Exponential growth is likened to rolling a hudge boulder off a mountain top. First it rolls slowly, then it bounces and speeds up as it falls it goes faster and faster and more difficult to stop. At the end it will smash and kill everything in its path. The only certainty is that it will stop at one point. This reminds me of the fall of the dollar.

  43. Chris

    He interviewed Webb on his Peak Prosperity site. He then analyzed the book and researched the notes and references. Then he worked on a possible solution to what the book says will happen. How is that “taking advantage”? It’s easy to sit there and a lob word grenades online at others doing the hard work. I see this with people calling Brett Weinstein a deep state plant or similar idiocy. Social media and the like abound with armchair strategists, keyboard warriors and experts in everything from brain surgery to astrophysics who never passed high school math and can’t read a map of the world, a spreadsheet or a balance sheet. It’s too late in the day for that BS.

  44. Laura

    Hi Greg, let me share with you my banking story… About a year ago my husband and I wanted to purchase a vehicle with cash. We would need just under $10,000 and didn’t want to stress the bank so I thought I would take out two lump sums in 2 weeks time. I go to the drive-through, and the teller starts asking me- What am I going to do with this money? I stated that we’re buying a vehicle. She proceeded to say that that’s unusual to buy a vehicle with cash. asked me if it was a reputable person I was buying from. I said yes and she said where did you hear about this auto dealership? Finally, I asked why are you asking me all these questions? She said “we’re just looking out for your safety… There’s a lot of frauds out there.” Happened both times I went to withdraw cash. Anyway, this is my on- the -street reporting… From Virginia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Laura, for the street reporting!!!

    • RK

      Laura, I’m curious which bank this is? I too have had had banking issues for some time.

      • Laura

        Truist ( formerly BBT)

        • Galaxy 500

          OH, crap…. I ditched these guys two years ago… was BBT when I opened account then silly name change and had an account open less than 6 months. I was not happy and took my money else where.
          15-20 years ago they were the Gold Standard. Get woke, go Broke. Big Brother watching OUT for you, LOL… yeah, not so much

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Quite interesting that the part 5 link of G Edward Griffin’s warning is shown to NOT be available ?
    but if one puts =

    The Grand Design – World Government 1968 PT-5 of 8

    into the You tube bar….it clearly is there to be found….so either the pictures and theme is too offensive or the fact ‘they’ do not wish people to see the two spiritual – psychological attributes/fallacies used to ‘sell’ their scheme?
    One can surmise then that DJT …MAGA… plan goes AGAINST the very policies of the UN/MARXIST takeover of ‘their’ WRM, World Revolutionary Movement. ‘THEIR’ plan/design has been then to slowly weaken the U.S. all along…and as seen….in the prior link….LAW …..IS….FORCE. and we can see LAWFARE is being used to stop the MAGA plan from every occurring should by keeping DJT from re-taking the office they spent so much energy blocking and getting him out of.
    ‘THEY’ do not want the U.S. or ANY other nation state to have sovereignty but to remain weak and under the WEFer/ UN planned control?
    The decision then…is up to the people of the world…accept ‘their’ plan and put down your own religious/spiritual beliefs and ideas of self-governing individualism…OR…stand up for one’s beliefs and God given rights. Clearly, as in the bible, THIS is a time where lukewarm will not work….one is in or out…and a time where one must choose and take a stand.

  46. William

    Greg, I see that many recommend purchasing and holding precious medals. Other than a home safe, what’s the recommendations on safely securing them? Are there any recommendations on an insurance company that will insure them? Love your site and the information provided. Thank you.

  47. Galaxy 500

    Do you pray for Trump? I do. I also pray that YHWH pour out His righteous wrath upon the usurpers in DC and bring them to desolation. Prayers are powerful. Call out Trump by name and ask for his protection and ultimate victory against Evil.
    They really want him dead


  48. Pale Rider

    Coming soon, maybe even later today: American missiles fired into Russia destroying infrastructure and Russian citizens, fired by American soldiers from an American base inside the USA, under the orders of the American military and Joe.

    I see America will refuse to stop the war in Ukraine no matter what, an escalation is near.

    The MSM will go full Hate-Russia the moment Russia strikes American targets in Europe and the United States. MSM ought to rally the citizens to gather pitch forks and ropes for DC.

    The vaporization will occur as Wall Street sets new record highs, a superstar Pentagon tranny gets a papercut will be the story of the day, no one will have any warning, those that do know the missiles are oncoming will be too busy trying to find a save space instead of warning the general population. The population is nearly all Joe Labotimized. So very few Americans can see what’s coming.

  49. Richard Longacre

    Dr. Martenson explained perfectly how everything we are experiencing right now is all about control. COVID was about controlling the masses with lockdowns (destroying our economy and mental state), mandates (like useless masks and social distancing), shutting down churches but leaving liquor stores open, etc.

    The CV-19 bioweapon injection was about control as well. Take it or lose your job and career. If you do take it it will make you sick, disabled, or kill you and for sure take years off your life (it is far easier to kill millions of people than “control” them).

    The PTB goal is to take control of all the assets of the world (not necessarily ownership, per say) and “tokenize” all assets into their total life control CBDC system where they “Control” how, when, and if you spend what you thought was your “money”.

    That 401K or bank account you thought you owned and had “control” of will be “tokenized” into the CBDC system and you lose control of the purchasing power. Same thing for your house or vehicle you think you own. They will add digits into your CBDC account and you will spend all of your equity quickly trying to survive because of the hyperinflation that is sure to follow. “And it’s gone”.

    Of course they will demand we all get and use digital IDs, digital vaccine (health status) passports, digital ration cards, limit our travel, and subject ourselves to their social credit score system.
    No digital ID = no access to the Internet, no access to banking, no access to health care.
    No vaccine passport (i.e. refuse their endless DNA altering jabs) = no access to stores, restaurants, or health care (because you are a danger to everyone else and this new bird flu is only spreading because you refused to submit (Total control).

    If this is not the set up of the Biblical Mark of the Beast (total life control system where we can’t buy or sell if we do not accept their DNA altering bioweapon jab/”mark” and worship the beast by submitting and complying with their tyrannical demands and “control”) I don’t know what is. Please everyone, get right with the Lord and prepare as best you can.

  50. Galaxy 500

    We knew this was the plan from the start.
    So do they Epstein hi and think it’s gonna go well for them? Pitch fork, torches? Hmmm… Black Flags, Black rifles and napalm… anybody?

  51. Prospector

    Did anyone really think this distraction would not be used fully ?


    While you’re watching Trump’s guilty verdict, Politico reports that Bullshit Biden “quietly” gave Ukraine the green light to use U.S. missiles to strike Russia…Welcome to WWIII
    5:09 PM · May 30, 2024

  52. Ken

    News Update- Trump found guilty on ALL COUNTS in alleged ‘hush money’ trial. Full Lawfare on display. Sick times we live in. Makes me wonder, now what?

    • Earth Angel

      I was so depressed hearing this. Yet I knew the kangaroo court was out to get him with this frame job no matter what. 37 charges and the jury wasn’t even out 48 hrs.- or something like that? WHAT!! And they find Trump guilty on ALL of these charges? PLEASE! They didn’t even deliberate long enough to make it convincing. What a CROCK! Poor D.J.T. I pray for his courage and resolve to withstand the incredible fraudulent lawfare being waged against our TRUE President who actually won by a national landslide- and should have rightfully been in office the past 3 1/2 years. The REAL election interference has been waged against HIM. I pray these treasouous frauds ALL burn in hell for their crimes against the people of our nation. SHAME on them all.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Cracker Barrel Restaurants destroyed by WoKe Girlboss. The stock has lost half its value in the 10 months the wholly (imho) unqualified boss chick
    So from 2 Billion to a billion and her plan is do away with everything we love about the Barrel and rebrand it for 700 million with out a real plan…
    She a communication major … how do you get a job like this?


  54. David Caron

    Currency is NOT Money! Why? Third party liability! Mr Martinsen -please stop referring to currency as money- it’s not. 2; Your stocks are not yours- the physical shares are held in the DTCC . Only way to make them yours is to have the paper certificates physically delivered to you OR register them at the DRS!!! Direct Registry System!

  55. Roger Hubbard

    I remember as a kid back in the 60’s, being interested in astronomy, trying to fathom where the “edge of the universe” really is and that it’s expanding every second! BUT it’s expanding into WHAT, empty nothingness? It was always a mind bend.
    Now I have a similar feeling once we got away from the Austrian school of economics and on to the Keynesian system. We have this monetary/economic system that is expanding away all the people’s stored wealth, into the untouchable un- conceivable, ever expanding universe of expanding derivative products space…

    To quote South Parks cartoon investment episode ~
    Money into the system…. And it’s gone!

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