Comirnaty CV19 Vax Approval is Actually Fraudulent – Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s (This interview replaces the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.27.21)

Dr. Chris Martenson holds a PhD in toxicology from Duke University and is a futurist and economic researcher.  Martenson says the FDA just approved a Pfizer CV19 vaccine named Comirnaty, but the public is not getting it.  This is classic bait and switch because the public is still getting the same Pfizer jab they have been getting all along.  It’s still experimental (Emergency Use Authorization or EUA), and it still gives Pfizer total immunity from liability.   Dr. Martenson explains, “For all practical purposes, there are two identical drugs.  One stays under EUA, and one has been given approval.  The problem is the one given approval, and if you are in the United States, you can’t get it.  There is none here.  So, they approved something that doesn’t exist.  This feels like legal wrangling.  People say, oh, they have approved this vaccine, and they have our best interest at heart.  I say if that were true, they would have released a lot more data.  We did not get any new data on the filing, and they would not have given us this legal Rube Goldberg runaround, and we would not still be seeing people being injected with something still under a EUA, which absolves the manufacturer of liability.  That’s the situation we are in right now.  If the FDA was looking to build trust with people who were a little hesitant, I think they completely dropped the ball on that and committed a huge error.”

Dr. Martenson says he looked at the Comirnaty data and contends, “So much of this has been unfortunately conducted.  We would like to see a lot more data coming out around this.  In the FDA release about this approval letter that they just put forward, we can see a lot of things in there that are actually fraudulent in my opinion.  They mention in there a 91.3% effectiveness rate, which was the original rate of effectiveness of data that was gathered way back on March 31, 2021.  The CDC, all on its own, just 5 days before the August 23 approval of this Pfizer Comirnaty thing, the CDC said the most recent data they had said there is a 79.8% effectiveness, but the FDA is sticking with 91.3%.  This is a huge disagreement between the CDC and the FDA.  All I can imagine is inside the FDA, they couldn’t flat out bring themselves to approve this.  I am sure there are all sorts of legal ramifications and bureaucratic ramifications and on and on and on.  Again, if the intent was to make people feel less hesitant and less resistant, they needed to be completely open and completely transparent, and they didn’t.  They actually used data that is old, that everybody knows is completely out of date and no longer true. . . .There is so much data that is not there.  I am not sure if they just ‘lost it’ or it has not been submitted or it’s being hidden.  I don’t know what the story really is, but I can tell you there is a lot of data missing.”

Martenson also talks about the Federal Reserve and how the central bankers have set the country up for a huge economic fall in the not-so-distant future.  Martenson contends this fall will destroy businesses, families and cost a lot of lives.  There is much more in the 40 min. interview.

(Programming note:  The Martenson interview will take the place of the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.27.21)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the founder of, Dr. Chris Martenson.

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  1. Rodster

    Wow Greg, what timing! I asked if you could bring back Martenson to explain recent events and here he is, thanks.

    • Brooklyn


      We too are glad Chris Martenson is back with his learned opinions on the Fake FDA Clot-Jab Approval and our collapsing dollar. But, for most of us Greg Hunter regulars, we got a different format with Greg’s “Weekly Wrap Up?” on Tuesday, August 24th, based on the FDA’s-Fraudulent Approval, and, then Dr. Martenson on Friday in place of the usual “Wrap up”…

      BTW: Mike Adams agrees fully with Dr. Martenson’s dollar collapse, but ties it to the world abandoning the Petro Dollar based on the incompetence and loss of faith in the US Military for our total failure in Afghanistan:

    • Freebrezer

      R – I second that … Greg’s the MAN !!! A big thanks for bringing Chris M. on! Chris can deconstruct very complex subjects and make them seem so simple! What a gift!

    • Thomas P Clark

      Thanks for posting to Kunstler’s blog. That led me here.

  2. Rodster

    As Martin Armstrong has repeatedly raised questions that the Media will not ask. Why doesn’t anyone in the Media investigate the money Bill Gates has been giving to the FDA and he is an investor of BioNTech? According to Armstrong, Bill Gates invested in BioNTech 2 months before the whole Covid scamdemic got kickstarted.

    • Rodster

      Also according to Armstrong, Anthony Fauci has patent rights on one of the vaccines so he and Bill Gates have some skin in the game and why they need people to keep getting the jab.

      Chris Martenson was being gracious about depopulation but it’s well known that Bill Gates is a BIG believer in depopulation.

      Great interview Greg and the video played just fine from your website on my iPad.

    • Steve Bice

      Tell me there is not rampant collusion in the media at the highest of levels, all in support of a global plan to disrupt the current order. Bill Gates was in the news everywhere (and put forward as an “expert” on Covid and vaccine policy) until his divorce exposed potentially sordid behavior. Since then, crickets. He has disappeared from the news, and is obviously being sidelined and protected. He just vanished. If it was anyone else, the “woke” medica would be hounding him to hell and back…

    • Bill

      The following story from ZeroHedge: “Why is the Gates Foundation Funding The Medincines Regulator?”

      Further, I heard Bill Gates will be arrested if he enters India, due to his vaccines given to Indian Children!

  3. Scott

    Friends from Finland informed me COMIRNATY® has been available there since December 2020 so it is being used its just not here in the US. BTW Japan just stopped the use of Moderna due to metallic contamination that reacts to magnets. Looks like another conspiracy theory becomes the truth.

  4. SouthernPatriot

    My family and I will allow our natural immunity and Jesus Christ to protect us. We will stand up to to anyone who want to violate the Nuremberg treaties against forced inoculation’s by the Marxist government that is in control of America.
    We Question your unlawful right to force vaccines on us without our consent!
    Under The Constitution of the United States we are guaranteed that you will “promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution”. If you force me to take a vaccine against my free will you hold no regard to the sanctity of life .
    Should I or any member of my family die from this experimental drug , it is my sincere wish that you will be charged with Murder. If not in a court of law then before a miltary tribunal.
    You in government have made a mess of our country and now you want to be trusted to make medical decision’s about the lives of the American public. I think not !
    Thank you Greg for all you do to keep this country Free and it’s citizens alive! God bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

    • Perry H Gornick

      I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Especially your very first sentence about your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I also put my total trust and faith in Our Lord and Savior to protect us from the evil among us. Trusting in the vaccine is literally trusting in Satan to deliver you from evil and the affects from the poison jab.

      • The Seer

        Thanks Jeff! We have needed a study like this!
        There are many natural remedies and also to block the jab effects and contamination of non-jabbed. I sent the list in to be shared. No license required for herbs and tinctures.

    • Jeff

      It seems God does know better (how to heal)……
      ‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta | ZeroHedge

    • Pat

      It’s best to have some Ivermectin and Zinc on hand just in case 😉

    • Catherine Gilbert

      Very well said. That is exactly how I feel. I have 2 weeks to get the shot or I lose my job. I work for the State of NY in the Court System & it is the Chief Judge who has mandated us to get the vaccine, by September 27, or we will not be allowed in our building there after. We won’t be allowed to take any leave at that time either. Basically, we would be fired. Our Union has filed for an injunction. We are filing the injunction with the same persons that are mandating. 😞 I pray for a miracle to happen that will get this Country back to true Patriotism.

  5. JC

    Florida COVID update: 901 added deaths, largest single-day increase in pandemic history

    Deaths of who? What were their ages? Were they old, overweight and diabetic etc. or young and healthy?

    They never say.

    • Rodster

      Of course they don’t want to say because it keeps the fear level at Defcon 5. That’s the purpose of the Scam-demic.

    • Paul ...

      As of the Thursday 51.9% of the Florida’s population (11,138,433 of the oldest and lost likely sickest people) had completed the two-dose series of the Pfizer-BioNTech “jab”, the Moderna “jab”, or the Johnson & Johnson “jab” according to the CDC … that’s 5,780,846 people … now assuming half the people “jabbed” received a saline solution placebo … then only 2,890,423 people actually got a “real jab” … now lets assume the “jabs” were 100% effective … and all the deaths that occurred … occurred only in the (8,248,010) un-vaccinated and placebo vaccinated people … since there were 43,632 confirmed COVID deaths statewide … we are talking a death rate of only 0.00529 (43,632/8,248,010 = 0.00529) … which is so small … no one should even be worried about it … let alone … close down the entire world economy, put thousands of Mom and Pop businesses into bankruptcy and create a Worldwide Medical Police State restricting the Constitutional freedoms of most of the world population!!
      Yet we know that many many “truly vaccinated people” are dying of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots to vital organs, etc., etc. … so the 0.00529 death rate is even smaller … so this whole “medical emergency” is simply “a scam” to bring about Klaus Schwab’s “New Commie/Fascist Order” where the common people are simply slaves “who own nothing”!!!

      • The Ogs

        Paul it is well known that 1-in-5 vials (20%) of the inoculations are placebo.

        • Jeff

          How would you know without testing every single dose ?

        • Donna May Wilson

          I’d like to know more about this, Og. Any links?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Paul, brilliant analysis. The whole point of the takeover by the ruling class is to bring about a new feudalism. It’s up to us to decide if we are going to allow that. So far, the decision is hanging in the balance. I fear most will simply acquiesce. Best always. PM

        • AndrewB

          Hi Paul,
          ‘They’ warned us all with the movie ‘Hunger Games’. Leaving aside the ‘games’, the movie depicts subsistence level districts having to pay ‘tribute’ to a pampered ‘elite’ who enjoy lives of luxury in a city reserved exclusively for them. The elite maintain order in the districts by deploying a sadistic ‘Peace Corps’. We were warned!

          • AndrewB

            P.S. The ‘Peace Corps’ in Hunger Games wear all-white uniforms. No doubt, to reinforce how peaceful they are – so you don’t mind as much when they are clubbing you. In Hollywood, irony has no bounds. Moral of this observation: Beware softly-spoken central bankers, they REALLY DO want to kill you!

    • Lori

      The friends I know and friends of family members that have died or be side affects from the jag are of all ages. All healthy. Huge blood clots coming out of rectum, heart attacks blood clots, lock jaw, belle palsey, shingles, and my son in law is in the Air Force was basically force to take it ended up with heart issue 2 days after second jab. They are not telling us the truth and just like Covid they counted everyone as a Covid patient even when it wasn’t. These big companies and hospitals take federal funding, like many churches. The government owns them. Fauci and Gates are the riches men in the world, they have boughten off hospitals and big companies by their huge donations. All these Doctors that speak up are bought and paid for. They are about vaccines throughly the world and killing off and experimenting on humans for years. Why are lil kids taking 74 vaccines and we have the highest Autism rate in the world. This nonsense needs to stop. And they need to be accountable with charges of acts against humanity. Read read read

  6. Shawn Brown

    Before you disagree, Chris called the fake virus this generations polio. don’t believe me, read it from his website on your own… He’s just like the CDC, WHO and NIH. Hey Chris, the only thing that resembles polio is the vaccine. Eff off clown, you can’t get away from the student athletes being led to slaughter under your guidance. Have fun taking a walk around the neighborhood this fall…

    • Chozzy


      • Greg

        Agreed as well. I used to like this clown. Bought his books ect.. Now the sight of him turns my guts.

    • Lightning

      I understand the anger at disinformation as it’s been leveraged as a weapon by people with bad intentions.
      I honestly don’t believe Chris had bad intentions and he, as an immunologist, was reacting and interpreting the provided info. Much of that info was disinformation and I think he did the best he could at the time ( may of 2020).
      If you remember, the early info coming from ( then respected) sources were catastrophic.
      I believe Chris believed the CDC, WHO etc. which have now been discredited as clownish disinformation agents.

      He provided a lot of free and educational insights early into this fiasco.

      In short, I’d , respectfully ,cut him a break

      • Shawn Brown

        He still believes in the ‘vaccine’, is there anything else to say? More than 90% of Duke University has been vaxxed under his guidance, simply put, he’s no different than the other famous eugenicists (Fauci, Gates, et al).

        • Lightning


          If he is pushing the vaccine I stand corrected.
          It’s unquestionably poison. That’s been clear for months to anybody with a reasonable mind.

          If he pushed at Duke that’s a serious crime.

          Thanks for the further info. On Mr. Martensen

          Ps. To my horror, my alma mater also mandated vaccines for staff and students. What will become of these schools and their HUGE endowments if this genocide happens?!

          • Shawn Brown

            99.9% survival rate, global economy in shambles, vaccine mandates, 800,000 children go missing EVERY YEAR, Israel biggest export is diamonds but they don’t have a single diamond mind, wtf is going on? This cannot continue, if you aren’t yet aware, we are in the fight for our literal lives. May God bless the entire USA Watchdog community.

  7. Vincent johnson

    Watched the video that you posted yesterday with Karen Kingston giving us the message about this FDA letter and she said it is 100% approved but then she goes on to say it was check mate because they have to present all details within 14 days and she thinks that when they do the game will be up. However I don’t believe it they will lie and cheat and indeed kill to get what they want

    • A. Anthanovich

      There were other interesting observations made by Karen Kingston. For example, she mentioned the huge range of adverse reactions shown in the VAERS data. This is NOT normal!!

      I’m convinced that the vials were most likely filled with varying contents ranging from harmless saline solution to lethal doses of hydrogel containing graphine oxide and other nefarious ingredients. Obviously, if the ultimate goal is population reduction…THEY would never inject everyone with the identical lethal substance all at the same time…it must be managed as in a controlled demolition (like 9/11 deception) to slowly cull the herd to conceal the ultimate goal.

      The vial contents could easily be managed by an algorithm used to control the manufacturing process. No one lower down in the manufacturing process would be the wiser as the vials are filled and prepared for shipping. If THEY can program and control voting machines, why would THEY not be able to control the vial contents? In fact, it would be infinitely easier to control a few manufacturing facilities than to control numerous voting machines distributed all over the country.

      In any case, this gives some hope to our family and friends who foolishly decided to believe the propaganda and rolled up their sleeves for the injections. If they have had no adverse reactions to date…it’s possible they received a harmless saline solution.

      Here is a link to the full interview. While I agree with Vincent that nothing will probably happen in 2 weeks, I’m hoping and praying for a miracle to stop the psychopathic Satan worshiping globalists. The video below is worth watching!!

  8. Andrew Cox

    In my city of Newcastle upon Tyne, the local media reported that a 29-year-old man died suddenly of a heart attack following the “injections”.
    And I keep hearing of people I know who have had the “injections” who have had serious side effects (often life threatening).
    I am really worried about what is going to happen this winter.

    • Paul ...

      AC … Buy a shovel and begin lifting weights to strengthen your body for the coming tasks you will likely be called upon to perform … this is not going to be pleasant … especially if a majority of all the funeral directors, hospital, medical and emergency personal (like ambulance drivers, etc) are incapacitated by the “jab” and its boosters!!

  9. steve

    Sorry Chris but these vaccines and the way they are pushing them have a very good chance of being a sterilization and depopulation agent. Also nowadays there is no such thing as ‘conspiracy theory’, as these predicted agendas from years ago are now all true.
    I felt you were hedging a bit.

    • John Thompson

      Chris, lacks conviction unlike Greg, when Greg asked him would you say don’t take the jab, the dance began. That’s why I get perturbed with Chris, by the way Chris you said we would run out of oil, but new technology helped make America oil independent till Biden stopped that. Chris is crickets on that now. Chris wants to be loved by everyone so he skirts every answer. Smart man but not a fan.

      • The Seer

        The top MDs I work with do not rely on
        PhDs. They rely on licensed medical physicians
        Experience treating patients and being investigators in new drug clinical trials. Trials are not allowed to charge patients to participate. The data can be manipulated if managed by dishonest people.

    • AndrewB

      “I felt you were hedging a bit”. Ditto. Chris continues to advocate these mRNA shots for those at high risk from Covid19 (Covid19 ????) – those, he says, who are old and suffer from co-morbidities. I do not have CM’s qualifications, however, at this stage it seems clear as day to anyone with a modicum of common sense, that these so-called ‘vaccines’ are highly toxic! Why would you EVER recommend them to anyone when there are alternative safe and effective therapies?! My guess is that Chris recommended certain categories of people submit to the vaxx before the full extent of their toxicity was known, and finds it difficult to ‘walk his advice back’. With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that TPTB sought to eliminate the most vulnerable ‘useless eaters’ from the get go. Hence, the first batch of jabs made available almost exclusively for the elderly. Great way to reduce the underfunded cost of Social Security.

      Confession: In the early days, I was taken in by videos of people dropping dead in Wuhan. Of huge hospitals being built in just weeks. Of vast trucks, three abreast, spraying Wuhan city streets. Of daily ‘Covid deaths’ reported from Wuhan, and so on and on and on. At the time, I criticised Gerald Celente (forgive spelling if wrong) for failing to take the ‘pandemic’ seriously. Later, when the mist cleared, I used this forum to apologise to GC. Chris Martenson also appeared to be following the ‘pandemic’ narrative during the early months and published daily stats of deaths ‘with’ (not FROM – another lie by deception) Covid19. The only way to avoid ‘hedging’ is to admit honest mistakes.

  10. Rodster

    Going along with Chris Martenson’s concern that we could be looking at a witch hunt for those who have not been vaxxed. Martin Armstrong put up a story about “Marking the Unvaccinated As they Marked Jews in the 1930s”

  11. Warren B.

    This is an enormous concern for all Americans (as it is for others around the World).
    Not only do we have to contend with the deceit and lies from Public Institutions but BIG PHARMA has ensnared/corrupted all those who are mandated to provide the checks and balances to provide safe and effective medicine and care. The BIG LIE (COVID19) will have devastating effects and we now know they are hellbent on achieving their desired goals…..perpetuating the LIE is their mainstay.

    We should all be vigilant of their MO – especially with regard this misleading / false information concerning “Approval”. It doesn’t change a thing about the ingredients in inoculation.

    It has become obvious to most Watchdog viewers about the adverse effects/deaths resulting directly from these poisonous injections. We may also have concerns about Viral Shedding – I made a point about this in the previous report – and how the 70-80% desired Vaccination rate is essential to assist with the total vaccination of the population(100%). Those Vaxxed people are unwittingly participating in the Vaccine Protocol – via SHEDDING OF THE VIRAL GENE THERAPY (delivered through a Lipid Nano Particle HydroGel – Graphene Oxide) .

    The FDA had a meeting back in August 2015 – concerning A Viral Based Gene Therapy Product – A Synthetic Virus (such as a Modified RNA) – being injected into the body that produces a PATHOGENIC VIRIONIC PARTICLE – allows the production of SPIKE PROTEINS.
    So in essence the meeting discussed 2 critical issues:
    1) How the body could produce BILLIONS OF SPIKE PROTEINS (PATHOGENIC) once injected with a synthetic VIRUS (a modified RNA), &
    2) How the body could transmit (via contact) those SPIKE PROTEINS to other persons bodies through a process known as SHEDDING.

    Here is the link to the evidence of what the FDA conducted well in advance of the onset of COVID19.

    SHEDDING IS REAL AND AS HARMFUL AS TAKING THE JAB for the FALSE DISEASE named COVID. This is especially true for being a RISK to Pregnant Women and Infants.


    ALL of this VIRUS HOAX was planned and tested well in advance – look at the evidence
    – patents for PCR Tests
    – patents for the COVID Virus
    – ordering and supply of test kits in 2018
    – the FDA discussions around SHEDDING in 2015
    – Event 201 (PANDEMIC TABLETOP EXERCISE) which took place in Oct 2019
    – The writings of Jacques Attali – DEPOPULATION ….back in 1981


  12. William Sheets

    Greg we need to talk about the deagle report from 2 years ago, where our conglomeration of intelligence agencies and the military intelligence forecast that the population of the United States in 2025 will be 125 million people!!! Now how in the world did they come up with that figure? Did they know what the globalists plan was or are they in on it as a participant? How are 215+ million people going to die in the U.S. in the next 4 years? Well a shot that kills you over a few years, some almost immediately, seems like a pretty good way to do it. Wonder why the Dems and the government establishment is pushing the poison jab so hard? Threatening your job, your ability to travel or shop or much of anything else. Until the Patriots and the majority of the rest stand up and stop this they will continue to steamroll us until it’s too late to stop it.

    • Wayne Harada

      I read a Chinese general’s speech calling the United States “New China”. China is multiplying people so fast and running out of food,clean water and space that we are all looking at the gun (covid) at the scene of a crime but not the criminal or the object of the theft. The virus is the wounding and the vaccine the kill shot. That would allow any country to walk right into a sick defenseless country that cannot get out of bed much less load their gun. Baja california has built desalination plants that can output millions of gallons of drinking water more than is needed by their people. Why ? All of Mexico’s ports are owned by China. Do I smell a plan?

      • Paul from Indiana

        The vast majority, 90+ percent of the population lives in the eastern 30% of the Chinese land mass. Most of the center part of the country and the west is desolate. Won’t be long before we get the old “Lebensraum” doctrine Hitler used to justify European conquest. Best always. PM

  13. Paul ...

    So lets me get this straight … the Pfizer Experimental “jab” has basically exactly the same ingredients as the Comienaty “jab” … and the Comirnaty “jab” (only available outside the USA) has been in use in Germany … and data registered at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute five months ago showed that the Comirnaty “jab” had already killed 286 Germans (between one hour to 40 days after taking the vaccination) and by now has likely killed thousands … and yet this Comirnaty “jab” is what the FDA has just given its approval to??? …

    • JC


      Can you answer these questions?

      Robert M. Hamburger: My questions of the past many months persist, with no conclusive answers. Are the spike-protein-injections the most effective way to get to herd immunity? Will we all catch Covid at some point – vaxxed or unvaxxed? If we will all get Covid why isn’t the immune system I came with my best option rather than endless booster jabs? Are the jabs worsening the spread of Delta variant? Is the mass injection of experimental technology the right answer when 98+% of those who contract Covid recover and the average American lifespan has only been shorted by 1.5 years since this started? How is FDA Approval superior to Emergency Use Authorization when there is still no long term data yet available? Why do people who have chosen to get the spike-protein-injections consider me to be a heretic for asking such things?

      • Paul ...

        JC … 1) Are the spike-protein-injections the most effective way to get to herd immunity? … No! nothing beats the immune system God gave us!!
        2) Will we all catch Covid at some point – vaxxed or unvaxxed?
        Most likely Yes! … but it will be like catching the flu … our immune system will fight it off and we will get well!!
        3) If we will all get Covid why isn’t the immune system I came with my best option rather than endless booster jabs?
        Our God given immune system is the best option!!
        Are the jabs worsening the spread of Delta variant?
        Yes! … The spike protein and it’s variants are being multiplied by the trillions inside the bodies of the “jabbed”!!
        Is the mass injection of experimental technology the right answer when 98+% of those who contract Covid recover and the average American lifespan has only been shorted by 1.5 years since this started?
        Obviously not!! especially when it is causing blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, paralysis, etc., etc. and is putting HIV, fetal tumor cells , graphine oxide, horseshoe crab blood, Luciferase , etc., etc. into our blood stream!!
        How is FDA Approval superior to Emergency Use Authorization when there is still no long term data yet available?
        The FDA approval of Comirnaty allows for people who are injured by the “jab” to sue the Drug Manufacturers … but the FDA won’t allow Americans to get Comirnaty (they are keeping us Americans taking the Emergency Use Authorization “jab” so we can’t sue for injuries)!!
        Why do people who have chosen to get the spike-protein-injections consider me to be a heretic for asking such things?
        Because they are not true Christians … they believe in many “false Gods” (Fauci, Gates, Soros, Schwab, Bribe’n, the Main Stream Media, Google, and other petty eugenicist dictators on School Boards, etc., etc., etc., etc. … There Is But One God!! (and he created his children with an immune system modeled upon his own)!!

        • JC

          Thank you, Paul.

  14. Paul ...

    By approving the Comirnaty “jab” that is killing many hundreds of people in Germany … the FDA has proved itself to be a totally Corrupt and Criminal Organization!! …

    • Ivan Petrov

      Comirnaty jab = Pfizer jab.


    At 35:24 and the next minute. Very worrying. He’s promoting a vaccine and talking about viruses as if they’re real. If you think so too, read more …

    A doctor who openly questions this pandemic interviews a virologist in this video. If you want details of the hoax, the simple but technical details, then this video is for you. I had to listen twice to really be able to follow all the information given. And refer to it frequently now.

    It’s about an hour discussion.

    Consider all the pensions. Consider how many workers per retiree is needed. Consider that one medical procedure today costs more than the person paid in during previous 30 years. Baby boomers peak retirement in progress. Workers to retirees is about 0.7 : 1, but need at least 3:1 at a minimum. Consider government took all the cash and assets ok it of social security leaving iou instead of something real. All manufacturing moved out of USA leaving low paying jobs to support base of retirees that earned more and get more in retirement payments than supporting workers earn. The system is crashing big-time. So yes it’s clearly depopulation scheme. People are dying, for instance in NY.

    • Rodster

      Martin Armstrong has repeatedly said, the reason for the Great Reset is because the politicians have borrowed so much money and created so much debt that it can never be repaid.

      Covid 19 is just being used as an excuse to collapse the entire system !

      “Build Back Better”

      • Jerry

        I couldn’t agree more. They delayed the reset until they could create a new system to replace it. They’ve got to have top down control to keep the masses from killing them. Thus the graphene vaccinations. The fly in the ointment is Americans are armed. To avoid lunching they’d rather have us turn on each other during “ operation dark winter” when food supplies are cut off, than face us in a stand off. Historically despots launch attacks during winter when the opposition is less.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Jerry, I imagine those who are masterminding the scheme and those put in charge of administering the scheme had assumed that the “fly in the ointment” by now would have been been “taken care of.” Still, I don’t think we can hold them off forever. I think “use it or lose it’ applies here, especially now since the voting franchise, the hallmark of a free people, has been shown to be a scam. Best always. PM

  16. tim mcgraw

    Am looking forward to watching the video interview tomorrow. I call this fraud the “Comin’-at-ya” vaccine. Total bullshit.

  17. Bill

    Awesome, awesome update, Greg!! THANK YOU! If things don’t change soon, this country will be loss. We will be living (or we are already living) in Biblical End Times!

    • Bill

      Remember, what Obomba use to use, “This is the New Normal, Get Use to IT”!

  18. Marie+Joy

    WE are the only people who can stop this.

  19. Paul ...

    I think it is time for the US and other Nations to sign a treaty to shut down all their bio-warfare labs they have set up around the world … the US now operates a global network of biolabs in 25 countries … … this is getting too dangerous to allow to on … America who has maintained the world’s most extensive bio-warfare program should take the lead and begin shutting things down!!

  20. Proff Chaos

    Very appreciative of the analysis and information Dr. Chris Martenson has provided over the years. Thank you. Again. 🙂

  21. earl

    thanks greg. two great guys getting the word out.
    if you get the Chinese virus you can get the best treatment. Just ask for it

    When former President Donald Trump made a full recovery from COVID-19 after using monoclonals, he instructed the federal government to buy hundreds of thousands of doses of the two monoclonal treatment drugs and allocate supplies to the states, which would in turn determine distribution to hospitals and healthcare facilities. The doses were allocated to states and U.S. territories based on their share of hospitalized and infected patients.

    • c

      Comment copied and pasted from the above link.

      The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline who ( by coincidence) owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine for the virus that ( by coincidence) started in the biological laboratory in Wuhan, which ( by coincidence) was funded by Dr. Fauci who is ( by coincidence) promoting the vaccine!)
      GlaxoSmithKline ( by coincidence) is managed by Black Rock finances who ( by coincidence) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation) which ( by coincidence) serves the French AXA!
      By coincidence Soros owns the German company Winterthur which ( by coincidence) built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz which ( by coincidence) has Vanguard as a shareholder which ( by coincidence) is a shareholder of Black Rock, which ( by coincidence) controls the central banks and manages about one third of the global investment capital.

      Black Rock ( by coincidence) is also a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, the property of Bill Gates, who ( by coincidence) is a shareholder of Pfizer (selling the miracle Vaccine) and ( by coincidence) is currently the first sponsor of WHO ?..Please fact check..

      Who is hurting who?

  22. Robert Olin

    Hey Greg………………..Could this be considered predictive programing?

    • Paul ...

      RO … More like brainwashing the people to accept their slaughter!! … when we actually need people to colonize the planets … plenty of food can be grown in space and on Mars … talk of famine is hogwash … the New World Order controlling Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, the US , etc. are spinning lies … in order to gain complete control over planet Earth!!

    • Southern Girl

      That was chilling! It really is more than likely how these sickos really think.

  23. Sasha

    The video player is not shown in Firefox, but it works in Chrome.

    • Sasha

      FYI: In my case, the Firefox’s plugin “Privacy Badger” was blocking cookies from “”. I configured “Privacy Badger” to switch the policy for from “Block entirely” to “Block cookies” and then video player appeared correctly.

  24. Anthony Australia

    We are at War but never lose faith.

  25. H.G. Barnes

    Hey Greg check what I found and figured out,

    TY = Thank you

    Just saying, these bags of demonic pus always show in advance the game plan.

    • Paul ...

      HGB … good work deciphering “Comirnaty” … you found “RNA” planted right in the middle of the word Comity … Comi-RNA-ty … where the word Comity means: “A state or atmosphere of harmony, mutual respect or peaceful coexistence” (like our DNA) … and the evil eugenicists placed “a disruptive spike RNA right in the middle of the word … likely to subtly show “how they are out to disrupt, destroy and break apart our DNA” … these psychopathic Satanists take great joy in flaunting their evil deeds right in our face … and are probably relishing the fact that “we will no longer be human” … once we take their “Comirnaty Jab”!!

  26. Angie

    Just thinking ….. The way they are pushing this vaccine is almost as if they have a timeline in which they have to follow. In addition. this seems to be particularly troublesome and deadly to young males and those in their prime. Now add the fact that they are going to vaccinate our military. We will be defenseless if we were to be invaded. Sorry but the ties to China go way back to when Biden was our VP. I have a very uneasy feeling…..

    • Thomas Wigand

      A lot of the bad guys’ seem to hover around 2030 – Agenda 2030, World Economic Forum’s “by 2030 you’ll own nothing but be happy.”

      Methinks that the “vaccine” push is deemed necessary to reach some interim goal, on the way to ultimate goal in 2030.

  27. LoopGaroo

    Have you noticed all the brave women fighting the good fight? Where are the men?

    • Paul ...

      LG … The men are not having “a continuous non-stop menstrual cycle” … so they are just sitting back (resting their damaged hearts) and doing nothing!!!

    • AndrewB

      Loop . . .
      Yes, I have noticed. Aren’t they great?! TPTB are going after the kids. They should know, you don’t mess with a mother bear with cubs!

  28. Marie+Joy

    You cannot sue vaccine manufacturers but you CAN sue government regulatory agencies and employers who bully you into taking the jab. OSHA says employers can be sued.

    • Paul ...

      MJ … We should also boycott their products and sell their stock (to dive them into bankruptcy)!!

  29. Greg

    91% effective? Perhaps 91% effective in killing the recipients.

  30. Jerry

    I would advise your readers to brace for impact. The next phase of the Rockefeller plan involves a response to pushback. Here is pushback.

    There is a major false flag attack coming sometime between now and October first that will result in lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations by employers. The globalist are beginning to loose control, and they know it. In Japan the chairman of the national medical board has publicly stated that ivermectin should be used to fight covid19 instead of mRNA vaccines. Just remember. This is not about treating the virus, it’s about getting graphene into everyones body to provide linkage to the government cloud.

    Greg I’m glad you covered the FDA information. If you recall I admitted I was wrong about Cliff highs prediction about the FDA never approving the vaccine, after posting the details of the letter. But let’s be honest Greg, nothing is going to happen. I’m as dumb as a box of rocks but yet I had no trouble finding the total and complete line of crap on page #12 of the document. No one else said a word. Not the MSM. Not Congress. No one.
    Cliff was also right about the normies waking up, as evidenced by the pushback that is taking place now, but there will be a countermeasure by the globalist big time. They’ve come to far now to stop. Once fall comes and the death tolls from the vaccine start to pile up, the cat will be out of the bag. What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but psychopaths that have no problem releasing a bioweapon on innocent people are capable of anything. Just remember that these people have purchased underground bunkers, and off shore islands for a reason. My advice. Make final preparations now, and be spiritually ready. There is a reason there was a prophecy about men’s hearts failing them in the last days. I would like to think it’s from fear, but I’m beginning to think it will be from the clot shots.

    • NC Gal

      That’s a simulation exercise, put up by Reiner Fuellmich:
      It’s his wish to see this happen, but wishing does not make it so.

      That being said, tensions ARE rising and the globalists are losing control of the narrative, so nothing would surprise me in terms of a false flag event of some kind, very soon.

      • Jerry

        NC Gal,
        Yes they are losing control.

        But, go back and read the “ Lockstep Plan “ from the 2010
        Rockefeller Foundation “ World in Disorder “. They have a contingency plan to deal with the push back. It’s called “ lockdown”. Those that want go along will get “ locked up “.

    • Steve Bice

      “There is a reason there was a prophecy about men’s hearts failing them in the last days. I would like to think it’s from fear, but I’m beginning to think it will be from the clot shots.”

      What a great observation…

      Fear of the virus is what caused so many to get the shots. And now we have a huge portion of the population whose damaged hearts will be susceptible to the increasing stresses of a world in chaos…

      • Paul ...

        Steve … As effectively stated right in Luke 21:26 … “Woe (to the jabbed women) that are with child (they will see their babies die of the spike protein in their milk while breast feeding) … for in those days there shall be great distress in all the lands … and wrath upon the people as they fall by the (sharp edge of the “jab”) … and they shall be led away captive (into the FEMA POW Camps) of all nations … as for Jerusalem (with the people taking triple jabs) they shall be trodden down (into a Holocaust of their own making)!!

  31. Da Yooper


    ‘Bombshell’ study finds natural immunity superior to vaccination

    A major study conducted by Israeli researchers into natural immunity has found that immunity acquired via infection from Covid-19 is superior to immunity from the Pfizer vaccine.

    Researchers at Maccabi Healthcare and Tel Aviv University compared the outcomes of over 76,000 Israelis in three groups: the doubly vaccinated (with the Pfizer vaccine), the previously infected but unvaccinated, and the previously infected with only a single vaccine dose.

  32. A+Jones

    This is a story Greg should enjoy. Back in 1858, Steven A. Douglas was U.S. Senator from Illinois and the most popular political figure of the day. In 1858, Abraham Lincoln ran against Douglas for the Senate seat and the two men engaged in what became known as “The Lincoln Douglas Debates” that launched Lincoln into the presidency two years later. The two men went all around the Midwest debating the issues of the day. Lincoln was getting a lot of favorable national press because he seemed to be getting the best of Douglas in the debates. A young law student was talking to Abe Lincoln about debating in general and asked this question to paraphrase: “When you are debating and all of the logic, facts and the gravity of the data proves your points, but your opponent continues to deny the obvious, how do you handle the situation.” Lincoln replied: “That is easy. You shove a corn cob down his throat.”

  33. Jerry

    If you have the guts, and want to really know what’s going on, open the attached link, about the patent that Microsoft just had approved.

    Azure will be your new master, once the bio injection program is complete. Could it lead to your death? That depends on your social score and biological worthiness. As for me, I’m more concerned about my own spiritual worthiness than I am Bill Gates evaluation. I’m sure Greg, would be the first to say I’m a hypocrite, and I would be the first to admit it, but at the end of the day, the lord Jesus Christ will be my final judge not these lunatic globalist.

    • Daniel

      one of the most revealing that I have seen are all these false fake pseudo-christians making commentary about things they know nothing about…. the Baptist are the worst they blurt out some nonsense and then run away so you cannot refute them….. these Baptists are in love with those who seek to destroy them…. when Jesus was talking and they asked him where he got his wounds this was a parable in and of itself but nobody listens nobody pays attention because nobody reads their Bible they listen to all these false fake phony Prophets and spout out and repeat all the nonsense all these lies until they get impregnated into the culture and become the truth….. Jesus told you I was wounded in the house of my friends…. you love your enemies you boot lick your enemies you do anything for your enemies you commit suicide for your enemies you destroy your children the schools are destroyed the political system corrupt medical profession destroyed because you worship the false fake phony people you call them chosen you adhere to their religion you adhere to their fake phony raptor they’re fake phony Trinity false false false the ten commandments says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy but you worship on Sunday not not the Sabbath you are a liar to God…. you go to these makeshift wars which are merely for population control to kill Muslims to kill Christians to kill Americans kill kill kill the Carnage is what these chosen people feast on….
      you enrich them while destroying yourself you destroy your neighbors you destroy your community you destroy one another you destroy your own daughters turn them into Jezebel you destroy your own sons turn them into femboys and send them off to die in these makeshift wars come on all you big strong men Uncle Sam needs a help in hand Way down yonder in Vietnam be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box this is what you’ve done this is what you do you love more you have been taught to love war make war you have learned war… you have learned to be mercenaries contract murderers there is no declaration of war… and out of the same mouth you talk about Jesus Christ what hypocrisy what blasphemy

      • Jerry

        Wow Daniel,
        I haven’t heard that line from “ country Joe and the fish “ for a very long time. I had a lot of good friends come home in a box from Nam. My high school graduation gift from uncle sugar was my draft number. Those were the good ole days. It’s to bad that the lib tards who were anti government then, all sold out and became the Nancy Pelosi’s of today.

      • TwoGeese_Flying

        You sound like a seventh day adventist.
        If so, unfortunately you’ve been indoctrinated by extra biblical “precepts” from Ellen White.
        Look up the many former SDA pastors that have since learned the truth. They’re all over YouTube.

  34. JC


    False Flag attack possible on 9-11 for the 20th anniversary?
    2001 – 2021

    • Paul Anthony

      Yes – well I do believe thats been admitted the spying our goverment does to us comes from the stuff we put up in our external hard drive in the skies “Thc Cloud” for some reason they seem to think looking at thet stuff is “Ok” – where we keep our lots of our docs and other important stuff “Safe” as well as stuff to save hard drive space. Better to get many hard drives than to put private things in the cloud me thinks ehhh? As guilty as I am I have all very import docs hard copied and I have nothing to hide – but its still an invasion of privacy and none of their damn business

    • Jerry

      I think you may be right. They need a hard lockdown NOW!
      Whatever it is, it will be blamed on Trump supporters or the unvaccinated for sure. They must whip the vaxed into a frenzy to
      turn up the heat on mandates. October 1st is the target date for employer mandates. It’s coming.

    • Bill

      Socialists/Communists always try to use Psychology to depress their enemies!

    • TwoGeese_Flying

  35. andyb

    No where in the Constitution does it allow a private corporation to make public policy; the realm of the Congress. So how in hell can the CDC, a private corporation (secretly owned by Big Pharma) , DICTATE ANYTHING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Andy, do you think the Constitution still means anything in the USA of today? Really? Even the Supreme Court is in the tank. Best always. PM

      • Kenneth Solomon

        We have not had a Republic under the Constitution since noon on January 20, 2009 when BOTH parties annulled the Constitution by swearing in an ineligible Kenyan from Indonesia. There will be no revolution, no civil war, no large scale uprising to restore the Republic.
        The military will mostly follow orders, it’s what they are trained to do. Cops will follow suit or simply walk away.
        The Election was stolen – did you hear about that? We had 4 years to get prepared, say thank you Trump. It is what happens to a nation in decline. Promises will be broken. Institutions will fail. Government will default. Currencies will collapse. Advise you all to get more food and more cash.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Sol, you’re preaching to the choir here. Did you mean your response to Andyb or to me? The election steal started and was put on display in the Democrat primaries, when the powers-that-be gave last-place, going-nowhere-fast Biden the nomination, bringing about a “miracle” comeback in North Carolina. We should have understood what was waiting for us in NOV. Best always. PM

        • Brooklyn


          Had you said, “There will be no DEVOLUTION…” instead of revolution, we may have taken note. But, you didn’t and therefore we know that you know not of what you speak. You have much work to do Grasshopper. As every journey, the first step is the most important, so begin with Part One…

          Laus Deo,


    • Bill

      Arrogant Govt. officials feel it’s their “Right” to overreach!

  36. David

    Integrity… The only way you lose integrity is to GIVE IT AWAY. No one can take it from you.

  37. Dennis Hair

    FDA Approval Process
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) is a science-led organization in charge of overseeing the drug approval process before a drug is marketed. CDER ensures that both brand and generic drugs work correctly and that the health benefits outweigh the known risks. They review each drug closely using an independent team of clinicians and scientists who evaluate safety, efficacy and labeling of the drug product. After approval, FDA follow-up continues to make sure new drugs continue to be safe and effective.

    It takes over $2.6 billion for a manufacturer to get a new drug from the laboratory onto the pharmacy shelf, according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. The full research, development and approval process can last from 12 to 15 years. What happens during this time period to be sure that the drug you pick up at the pharmacy is safe and effective?

    Your risk (according to the UK office of National statistics Jan 22, 2021) shows a range of percentage of deaths from those infected with Covid (AND having pre-existing conditions) to range from a high of 2.3% for those 80 years of age and older to a low of 0.0001% of 5 to 9 year old children.
    For those with NO pre-existing conditions the percent of deaths drops off to (80+ years pf age) = 0.2% and for (5 to 9 year old children) = 0.00001%
    Healthy adults in the USA are more likely to die from suicide, opioid overdose, falling, choking, sunstroke, or radiation poisoning.
    Dr Fauci will need surgery (along with many others) to shrink their noses as they tell lie after lie and
    the Pinocchio effect sets in.
    This whole manmade Covid scheme is a FARCE, NOT a “pandemic”. It is ONE GIANT FRAUDULANT LIE!
    IT IS NOT A PANDEMIC! It is simply a scheme for government(s) to obtain TOTAL CONTROL!
    agenda 21

  38. NC Gal

    I wish I could be more optimistic about Karen Kingston’s conclusion that the approval “checkmated” Pfizer, but unfortunately I can’t. The thing that caught my attention is that Pfizer has not created a site for the “new drug” Conmiraty, which is definitely not normal, and perhaps has no intention of marketing it in this country until after mandates are established. The wording of the “approval” letter made it clear that the two drugs (Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and Conmiraty) are interchangeable, and can be substituted for each other in treatment protocols. It also said that Conmiraty would not be marketed in the US until present supplies of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were exhausted. Karen was saying that Pfizer has 14 days from the date of the approval to disclose the full ingredients of the Conmiraty drug, which she feels would be the a-ha/gotcha! moment. That would take us to September 6 (Labor Day), if those are 14 calendar days or September 10 if that means 14 business days, and September 10 is the day before September 11.

    There are lots of legalistic loopholes in this on both sides, subject to interpretation, and ultimately only decided in the court system, which drags on so long that people will be dying while they wait. I am of the opinion that only the military, operating under the Devolution Continuity of Government plan, can save this country (and the world) now.

    • Bill

      One of the Socialists/Communists favorite M/O’s (Method of Operation) is if, people become scared of the name Communists, then they call themselves Socialists(which is not so bad as “Communists”). If the General Population becomes afraid of the Group called Socialists, then the Socialists change the name of their group and call themselves Democrats. Most people are not afraid of the group, called the Democrats? Are they?
      Remember, when Socialists use to called Democrats?

  39. Daniel

    wow you could write a book with all this commentary is probably the most commentary you’ve ever had…
    I was talking to a guy the other day who said the FDA Chief went to work for Pfizer he said he emailed you on this but you did not bring it out?

    • Dennis Hair

      Lenin explained, “The goal of socialism is communism”

  40. Marvin

    This is a powerful and important interview. Martenson speaks the truth and that truth is verifiable because he speaks from knowledge gained from real science. Most important of all is that he has the courage to speak openly in the face of tremendous opposition and push back from authorities and a public that is frightened to the point virtual mass insanity.

  41. The Ogs

    I hear so many people saying “I must quit my job” because of some type of ‘vaccination’ deadline…
    Ridiculous. Don’t ever quit your job! Make them fire you. Call their bluff because they probably don’t really want to terminate you.
    Have you been given a deadline such as October 15th for example? You know, a lot can happen between now and then.
    I believe that the damages being done by these appalling ‘vaccines’ are beginning to become evident, hence their frantic push to inject, inject, inject – and quickly!
    I saw they cut a guy’s brain open after he died from the vaccinations… it looked like Christmas cranberry sauce in there. Cannot possibly be kept hidden much longer.

  42. Sue Patterson

    Greg; thanks for another great interview, you work hard for us and I truly appreciate it. That said, I have to say, something about Mr Martenson just didn’t sit right. Maybe more education makes one more gullible. How can he see what he’s seeing and not adamantly say DO NOT TAKE THE JAB? Even his “at risk” over 80 group cannot benefit from an injection of mRNA designed to instigate production of spike protein inside the body. How can he even be considering taking a future “vaccine” after this dishonest FDA “approval” bait-n-switch? Mr Martenson is not someone I will be listening to for insight into our current medical tyranny situation.

    Secondly, will you look into something for us? I’ve heard that in the recent Infrastructure Bill there are provisions to require all supplements must be prescribed by a physician. Please, see if you can get to the truth on this.

  43. Dale

    Greg, Great informative guests! I noticed that you are almost insistent to press
    a point and repeat when you have professionals telling the data. I realize human anxiety. Be a Matter of FACT site! Let us as students that are being instructed (with hopefully facts) gather information. ALL information should be checked and accumulated. Enjoying Truth and facts!

  44. Mike Foley

    Protect yourself at all times.

  45. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, that’s how I read it too. The letter I refer to is the…
    FDA letter to Ms. Harkins at Pfizer Inc. dated August 23, 2021
    ( 2 of 13) …” On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.
    On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA. “…

    No bout a doubt it, the EUA is still active which means the Covid jab drug is still experimental. The long term human test trial continues…

  46. Carol Hudak



  47. Rich Mil

    Thanks as always Greg and appreciation for your often calling a spade a spade when you feel pretty certain about something, rather than “adjust” for fear of repercussions.
    Mr. Martenson is a good guest and makes some interesting points but seems to dance around the most disturbing possibilities…..sure, who wants to become a target like the African ministers who banned the “Cure” and showed the fallacy of the testing. But to refer to the origin as something that escaped from a lab??? Ohh, from a Chicom point of view, wouldn’t spread be a better choice of words?

  48. Catherine

    As soon as he said he would take a jab with spike proteins, well that sort of negated everything else he said. Waste of time. scientists who depend solely on data and not other variables I find to be just as unbalanced as someone who believes everything the government says.

    • Paul ...

      Catherine … Chris Martenson is like a frog in the pot with the rest of us frogs … giving us very useful water temperature readings … but when asked by Greg “when will he jump” (refuse the “jab”) he was non-committal … so as you say … what good is us knowing the water temperature … if we can’t get a clear decision as to when we should jump!!

  49. blumhagen

    The word he wants to say is, Extermination, but because he is safe speaking Chris Martenson, he will not utter the word. We are being exterminated around the globe from leadership at the highest levels in the USA.
    How many times do you need to be lied to before you can see the light.

    • H.G. Barnes

      I had the same thought. Thank you.

    • Angie


  50. Jim Miller

    The loss of data from a “control” group is almost never an accident.
    A control group is used to answer the question, what if we “do nothing?” Is the outcome better?

    For an example from a less politicized topic, a control group is required in surgery studies. Is the surgery outcome better or worse than the control group? This is how we determine that a new type of surgery is truly better than doing just getting rest and exercise?
    This is how we sort out essential surgeries with enormous benefit from sham surgeries that do nothing, or make a medical condition worse.

    So what might be the motive for Pfizer “Losing” their control group data?
    Most likely, the control group was doing equally as well as the Pfizer vaccine, or the control group data was doing even better than the Pfizer vaccine.

    Clearly, Pfizer is embarrassed by their own control group’s data. And they ditched it.

    Dr Chris Martenson revealed in a recent broadcast, both Norway and Sweden have done nothing.
    Chris showed charts of Norway and Sweden. Both countries did nothing about the new DELTA variant. Death rate from the Delta variant in Norway is 0.05 %. That death rate is significantly lower than the death rate from a seasonal flu. Just for doing nothing about the Delta variant.

    Under FDA Regulation the “losing” of clinical trial data is allowed. A few years ago, FDA changed their regulations to allow companies to not disclose data to the public that shows poor results.

    Prior to this change in regulation, FDA rules required that pharmaceutical companies must disclose all of the data from each of their numerous studies with a new drug.

    The FDA is filled with regulator hacks from the same Pharmaceutical companies they are supposed to regulate. The FDA has been corrupted beyond repair.
    The FDA is derelict in their duty to protect the public health. Time to end the FDA?

    Greg, Thank you for your service to our country and to the future of humanity.

    • Paul ...

      Attorneys “lose files” all the time to prevent their clients opposition from bringing them to trial … we must re-construct those “lost files” … and bring the FDA criminals to justice!!

  51. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for having Dr. Martenson on again. He breaks things down in a very meticulous and detailed manner using laymans terms.

    Keep up the great work!


  52. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview. The Google Thought Police are evil.
    Joseph Goebbels would have loved the Google Thought Police.

  53. Steve Bice

    Just my two cents and warning: If you want the supplements recommended for various prophylactic protocols, you should consider getting them now. Prices are rising, demand is growing and efforts to regulate access are ramping up. The FDA apparently just removed NAC from the “supplement” market, claiming it is a drug, not a supplement. Please not that NAC has been on the market since 1963, and this occurred after NAC emerged as part of some of the Covid prevention protocols. 1963! Anything that hinders the “one-way” narrative for Covid control via vaccines is subject to elimination. Stock up, or risk missing out entirely…

    • Paul ...

      Steve … They have not suppressed “or outlawed food yet” … most protein-rich foods, such as chicken, turkey, sunflower seeds, legumes and animal products such as cheese (especially ricotta), eggs and yogurt contain high levels of N-Acetyl Cysteine (or NAC) … for you vegetarians out there … animal proteins are not the only solution … NAC is also found in broccoli, bananas, onions, red peppers, garlic, soy beans, oats and granola!!
      PS: Eating healthy foods containing N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) may be more beneficial then taking “one specific pill” (as there are other very important vitamins and minerals contained in a complete food product) … NAC has been used in clinical practice to treat critically ill septic patients … and more recently for COVID-19 patients … NAC has antioxidant … anti-inflammatory … and immune-modulating characteristics … that is why it could prove beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many “jab” related illnesses!!

      • Steve Bice

        Thanks Paul. We have hedged our bets for crisis intervention should Covid strike the family.

        My view is that a bolus of anti- inflammatories, anti-virals and anti-coagulants for early Covid treatment are indicated in the various protocols published by various groups such as FLCCC. There is no way to know our circulating levels of these substances from food sources. That said, I certainly agree that diet is critical to immune health.

        Most people cannot (or will not) grow their own food, and the nutrient quality of food is often as suspect as is the quality of supplements due to soil depletion and chemical contamination. But those are peripheral issues, as “buyer beware” applies to any product today.

        I do not see this as a mutually exclusive choice. Hedging your bets makes sense to me in chaotic times, and my post was simply to warn others that “if they want supplements” they better get them. I also thought people needed to understand how zinc dosing from thee FLCCC protocols translates into real world application.

        Thanks again. Best to you and all. Hold on tight…

        • Paul ...

          And best to you Steve … we all need to “cover all bases”!!

  54. Fred Engel

    Good report Greg, qualified guest. Fear not! Vaxx not!

  55. Mark Benassi

    Just heard an interview last night with Dr. McCullouch – the Pfizer vaccine is already showing an efficacy of less than 50% which means that it should be taken off the market and lose its EUA. This insanity seems to never end.

  56. Nancy McDaniel

    Read kissingers 2009 speech to who eugenics council where he says EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Trump got rid of kissinger but the plot is in full swing. These demon controlled humans are evil, unrepentant and sold out to baal. Yeshua and the twelve cast out demons and this scripture is preserved for us today to discern.

  57. Steve Bice

    P.S. to my post on supplements. Be aware that all of the Covid protocols are talking about “elemental” zinc. The forms typically available (zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate) are much less concentrated. Zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate are 14.3 percent and 23 percent elemental zinc, respectively. Dosages must be adjusted accordingly to match the protocols. Others may wish to confirm, as this is often overlooked but critical information.

    • Paula Davis

      Not recalling which previous interview our friend Paul listed a number of, wait for it, FOODS that accomplish the same as purchasing expensive supplements. Manufactured supplements are often from questionable sources + the manufacturing process can destroy the desired essential nutrients. Grow your own food as CAF has recommended + Rain Country on Utube teaches the use of herbs medicinally with references & learn from our elders the nutrients in, wait for it, WEEDS that we use Monsanto to destroy the nutrition our Heavenly Father has provided under our feet.
      Should all of the discussions of food shortages come to pass, learn to be a survivalist. Hoard your gold & silver for the things U cannot produce yourselves.

      • Paul ...

        Yes Paula … we can survive very well when the globalists try to shut down or deny us access to supermarkets with their “vax pass control system” … we simply need to prepare to set up local chicken coops (for our breakfast eggs and chicken dinners) and nurture some particularly healthy “weeds” (many of which are even healthier then the vegetables found in supermarkets) … everyone of us need to begin scouting out our neighborhoods now … looking for “secure neighborhood guarded” places to set up chicken coops … and open places to cultivate and grow the “very nutritious weed” known as Purslane …

    • Paul ...

      Steve … Make sure when taking zinc supplements … you take some copper (in a 10 zinc … to 1 copper) ratio!!

      • James+sullivan

        Cmon back with that info pls paul …im taking zinc and i dont want to be missing the bigger picture …10 to 1. , you say?

        • Paul ...

          JS … Both copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) are antagonistic to each other … meaning the more of one element you retain …the less of the other you will have in your body … if you have copper water pipes in your home and you drink water from the tap (that is not filtered by reverse osmosis and you are not drinking distilled water) you most likely are getting “way too much copper” and therefore need to take “extra zinc” … actually “excess copper” is far more common problem then Cu deficiency … especially for people who drink their water from copper pipes (also highly farmed lands are often high in Cu and low in Zn and Cu is usually added into animal feeds) … but those who drink distilled and reverse osmosis water … need to make sure there Copper to Zinc ratio is such that you are getting about “10 times the zinc then your are of copper” … the two two minerals are essential in our bodies as they perform a multitude of functions and processes … for most people Copper (Cu) in excess “is the usual problem” … so try to keep your zinc intake high … but keep the ratio at about 10 zinc to 1 copper … having “too much copper” in your body can cause a range of detrimental health effects … like growth and mental abnormalities, increased age degeneration, increase cancer risk, increase oxidative stress and heart/cardiovascular disease … so the ratio between copper and zinc must be kept in fine balance (it is commonly being tipped toward copper in modern society … to the detriment of our health)!!

        • Paul ...

          JS … One other thing … if you have “iron pipes” carrying water into your home from the water districts “fire hydrant” pipes are usually Iron … be aware that Iron (Fe) can also be running through the copper pipes in your home … and iron “interferes with the absorption of both copper and zinc” … now you don’t want to remove all the iron from your diet as you need it to make the hemoglobin in your blood to bring oxygen to your cells (that will turn cancerous with a lack of oxygen) … actually iron metabolism “requires copper containing enzymes” … so if there is a lack of copper it could result in “less hemoglobin in the blood” … and be careful with calcium supplements (which interferes with zinc absorption) and may exacerbate atherosclerosis … high levels of manganese may also interfere with iron absorption … and … if you are swallow your Zinc pill with orange juice containing Folic acid (Vitamin B 9) … the B 9 and the Zinc will “bind together to form an insoluble complex” which interferes with the absorption of both B 9 and Zinc … thus my original warning was to remind everyone that high zinc intake suppresses copper absorption, and vice versa … now if this is getting too complicated … you may be better off supplementing with a multi-vitamin (that is scientifically constructed in the proper ratios) … but … “This Is Important” … if you feel a cold coming on … “Definitely Hit it Hard” with extra supplements of zinc, vit D, etc., etc., etc. … you just don’t want to supplement with high doses of zinc (≥ 50 mg/d) “over the long term” (which can cause copper deficiency … especially if you drink distilled or reverse osmosis water … too much zinc in the body (due to zinc supplementation) can cause an iron absorption problem … which can lead to anemia … and we all know a lack of oxygen can cause cancer (get out in the sunshine and breathe deeply)!!

  58. Russ 2

    My first post didn’t show (has happened before), so here it is again, but with more from pages 11-12.

    The FDA letter to Ms. Elisa Harkins of Pfizer Inc. dated August 23, 2021 clearly states the the Pfizer jab is not approved.

    pg 2:
    … On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.
    On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA. …

    bottom of pg. 11-top of pg. 12:
    …” Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising,andpromotionalmaterialrelatingtothe use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‐19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:

    Page 12 – Pfizer Inc.
    • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and
    • The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.

    Clearly, the FDA is stating the product (Pfizer jab) “has not been approved”. They did not mince words in the later paragraphs.

    • Elder Son

      But, since the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine and the COMIRNATY Vaccine are one and the same, “and can be used interchangeably”, just change labels and… poof! See? It’s magic!

      See what they did there? It’s all mind games. More gaslighting. Like all the gaslighting they have been doing since they repurposed the flu and called it “Covid”, while exacerbating the flu with lockdowns, keeping people indoors as much as possible, and most of all… compelling millions of Americans to wear face diapers which will create a viral/bacterial overload environment… coof-coof.

      Look, here they are spitting in your face:

      It’s not that hard once you remove their 18 months of incessant Covid gish gallop and gaslighting from your brain.

    • Russ 2

      It gets worse for the pro-Vaccine crowd; the title says it all.
      “ ‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta”

  59. jackieC

    The unredacted emails from Fauci can be seen on

  60. Evelyn L Noyes

    Greg, I know you are crazy busy, but I have included two links that I believe are critically important for you and everyone who is concerned about the vaccines should view. Karen Kingston is spot on. Please take the time to copy, paste and view these in whatever spare time you might have.

  61. Elder Son

    But it does exist. Let me help you.

    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine contains a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 formulated in lipid particles.


    COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is the same formulation as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and can be used interchangeably with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series.

    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA LOA reissued August 23 2021 – Final_Pfizer LOA to issue with BLA approval 08.23.21_v2.pdf

    Page 2.

    They are one and the same.

    • Russ 2

      Comirnaty’s application is approved. It’s actual use is limited “to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA (biologics license application).
      The application has been approved, not the use of the drug outside the protocols of the EUA. That’s how I read it; any lawyers here want to school me, please do so.

      All-in-all, the FDA letter to Pfizer is confusing and possibly deliberately so.

    • MC

      Which one does Trump highly recommend as “safe & effective” . . . He keeps telling us to take the vax.

      Woe to Trump who calls evil good. ~ Isaiah 5:20

  62. Roger

    I am confused Trump took the vaccine and promotes it – why is it not good? He says it is.

    • Myn

      I read – President Trump’s vaccine: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, Zinc.

  63. Rich R

    Great interview.

    this is HUGE news.

    “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” the official told Nikkei, adding “It could be metal.”

    Moderna, meanwhile, has confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vials distributed in Japan, but that “not safety or efficacy issues” were found related to the reports.

    • Bill

      Basically, magnets always attract steel particles. I would think those steel particles would make Holes in your arteries, from a Common Sense point of View!

      • Paul ...

        Bill … From a common sense kind of view … if the “jab” turns blood cells into little magnets … wouldn’t you expect them to clump together and clot?? … makes sense right? … yet all the people running to get “jabbed” (don’t use such common sense) … nor do they adhere to the Bible (like their blood platelets adhere to magnets) … the Bible clearly warns in Exodus 20:3-4 … as it effectively states: “I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the slavery imposed by false Gods … You shall have no other gods before Me” … and … “You shall not make for yourself an idol in “any form” (a golden calf, a syringe , an Owl, etc., etc) and worship these graven things (products of eugenicist jabbing Demons) that will only cause you to lose your very souls”!!

  64. WK Swanson

    Greg, Great guest in Chris Martinson…I love both of you guys. You are always at your best with less coffee before the interview…just an observation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks WK!

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, …some ‘food’ for thought ?

  66. Vincent Osburn

    Hydrogen Peroxide in nebulizer an effective (perhaps THE most effective) treatment for covid-19 ? and a prophylactic ? YES !
    I heard a blurb about hydrogen peroxide in nebulizer as a therapy for covid while watching an anti-vax vid yesterday. So I told my neighbors brother Mike who is fighting covid as we speak. He, his wife, son in law and daughter all contracted after wifes return from a doctors office it seemed. Mike started treatment early with first signs of covid with bovine ivermectin in milk. No one else in family would take it. Then his wife got worse with symptoms and finally took after 2 days. The daughter refused to take the ivermectin though she had symptoms. She is now hospitalized with covid. Mike has many comorbidities but was doing well with ivermectin though still fighting the disease. He tried the hydrogen peroxide in nebulizer and “immediately felt 95% better” and the is best he’d felt since being stricken and was already in an upswing.
    Following is an article on the subject from a real doctor and it’s amazing.,to%20convert%20a%20liquid%20into%20tiny%2C%20microscopic%20bubbles.

    • AndrewB

      Thanks for the info. I am reminded of Trump’s disinfectant recommendation. No so stupid after all . . .

    • paula davis

      Only food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is safe to use this way…it is Very effective as a preventative at the 1st signs of infection. Purchase Food Grade hydrogen peroxide from a local health food shop & get instructions on proper dilution—proper dilution is essential to prevent injury…

    • Faith

      Thank you so much Vincent! I bought a cheap nebulizer last year after hearing that a ratio of 1:30 with medical grade hydrogen peroxide and distilled water was an effective treatment. I have kept this small nebulizer on hand for the past year but haven’t gotten ill.

      Thank you for the first hand account that this treatment does, indeed, work! I ordered my nebulizer from Walmart. Last year it cost $25 so it wasn’t expensive.

      God bless you!

  67. Johan

    I think a few years ago he was pumping up the fear, calling the virus honey badger. I’m of the view he should begin each interview he is in by bowing his head and humbly apologizing for the part he played.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you want from Dr. Martenson. He just went on record saying the FDA approval of the Pfizer vax is fraudulent!!
      Give it a break. What are you doing to fight this evil. Oh yeah, commenting anonymously here on USAW!! Way to be brave!!!

  68. Jerry

    I know I’m posting to much stuff but this is to disturbing not to.

    Is this where we are headed? Starving people to force them to get jabbed? I’ve got to tell, where I live they would need a lot more than a couple of police thugs to stop people from coming in. I won’t tell what the vast majority of the metal protectors are where I live, but let’s just say they’re not the pop guns these thugs are using.

  69. Chris

    I’m leaning towards the vaccine being a bioweapon because of the use of the Spike Protein to trigger an immune response: why would you use the most toxic part of the virus to target an immune response. You don’t want to kill everyone right away so that everyone knows they’re under attack.

  70. Baklykov. Live


    While The West Is In Covid Crashing Reset;
    [Freezing Cold “Berrrr”] St. Petersburg LIVE!

    MAGICOOL Band at “Hi-Hat” Rooftop in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE! Nu Disco, FutureFunk, NeoSoul
    115 watching nowStarted streaming 13 minutes ago

    “Hi-Hat” is the concert hall at one of the most romantic rooftops of St Petersburg, Russia, with the panoramic view to the Botanical Garden and the historic city center.

    • Xie Hang Ten

      Your country is making a mockery of the west for sure! No masks, no vax, no lockdown ever! The biggest, the free’est, coldest country in the world. Is covid free! All the lockdowned fully vax’ed countries are in covid chaos. What does that tell you folks?
      Whenever basic freedom’s are denied, people have always died. While the enforcing bully’s thrived and that cannot be denied.
      So if you want to thrive, become a billy club equipped cop thug, not a protester. Better yet, become a Bill Gates, bank of England buster, George Soros or Taliban ISIS Obomba. Who are pulling the string’s on these thuggish thugs!
      P.s. Enjoy your reset. Your going to lose not only your wealth, but your so called fake vaccine health!
      China is eating your ounce lucky country lunch! You’ll beg the Russki’s, to save you from the Chinese.
      “out of bucks and China bought” Don’t call us, well call you.
      But don’t count on it.😰🗽

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just to en-lighten up the commentary shall we consider the ‘predictive progamming’ game going on some time now?
    Utopia (2013) C-19 Predictive Programming – YouTube
    utopia – illuminati/freemason scene. – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave 9 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave 8 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave Pt 7 – YouTube
    Plato’s Cave Pt 6 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave 5 – YouTube
    Plato’s Cave 4 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave Pt 3 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave Pt 2 – YouTube

    Plato’s Cave Pt 1 – YouTube

  72. Ann

    So grateful for you, Greg Hunter! Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ann and I am grateful you come to USAW.

  73. Bill

    Greg, what do Social Security Recipients do, if Govt. forces you take a Jab in exchange, for your Monthly Check? What other options do Social Recipients have?

    • Rodster

      The courts would get involved because essentially you are being paid back money yo put into the system. That’s much different than Universal Basic Income. That’s what Martin Armstrong, that it’s a strong possibility that they end social security and give everyone UBI, then they can mandate the jab.

      You know what? I still wouldn’t take it. I’d rather be homeless than give in to these global tyrants.

      • Bill

        How does UBI work? Where does the money come from for UBI?

        • Rodster

          Currently UBI doesn’t exist but if it did the Gov’t would send out monthly checks to every individual just like they did with the stimulus checks. That is much different than social security as that would probably be replaced with UBI.

          Again it hasn’t happened yet but the gov’t cannot demand you get vaccinated in order for you to receive your pension. It’s illegal and i’m not even an attorney. They are paying you back from the money they took from your wages.

        • Rodster

          And the money comes from the same place the stimulus checks came from, out of thin air. Just keystrokes from The Treasuries computer. It’s called MMT or Modern Monetary Theory where the government just prints money however much it wants to pay its bills.

    • paula davis

      None of the concerns have suddenly dropped from the sky. If U haven’t started to Prep for these dark days wait no longer. Greg continually advises to stock up canned foods, change fiat currency for gold & silver, learn how barter works ( CAF gave a comprehensive interview USAWatchdog more than a year ago) last but not least get your heart & mind in accordance with Jesus. His promises are true He said He will never leave us or forsake us. Greg reminds us Fear Not, Matthew 28: 18, Jesus said to the disciples, “All authority is given unto me in heaven & earth.” Amen

      • Bill Wilson

        Hi Paula, What does the Acronym CAF stand for? Cans are tricky, because manufacturers put a lot cheap chemicals in those cans, that you don’t even know they are inserting into the cans, like they put anti-Corrisoin chemicals into a lot of cans, but they never put the name of the chemicals on the labels. So, I don’t know what effect anti-corrison chemicals would have, if people had to eat can food every day. I will get some can food and stock up as best I can.Thank you.

        • Paula Davis

          Hi Bill,
          CAF is Catherine Austin Fitts…very smart & genuinely kind lady who empties herself of info to assist us in surviving the dark days ahead. Greg-USAWatchdog- has interviewed her more than once; he always brings us the very best minds to navigate the journey ahead.
          I share your concerns about canned food but in emergencies, it might make the difference in calories necessary to survive one day to the next until fresh food is available.
          God love U & the USAWatchdog family

  74. Charles H

    Greg, Jerry, Eddiemd …

    It has been a while – visiting in Florida. I didn’t archive information or links to the dangers of the Covid PCR nose swab tests. Apart from introducing a foreign object deep in the nasal cavity – which has produced damage like hemmoraging cerebral fluid, or bleeding: I seen to remember that the swab itself may be tainted? Is this a way of introducing hydrogel near the blood/brain barrier?

    My wife’s father is in a nursing/recovery-therapy home -following a mini-stroke. Of course Covid or variant is ‘detected’ and spread among the patients. Their answer to visiting is to stand by a sealed window and talk over the phone from outside with my father-in-law inside. And the time of our stay is ending. They think that we have the ‘time without symptoms’ that speaks well: but in order to visit face to face they want us to garb-up and mask AFTER WE TEST FOR COVID. I would like to give my wife the opportunity to actually visit her father – who knows, it could be their last?!? But I want NOTHING to do with vaccines OR TESTING.

    Can anyone tell me or give links as to WHY the nose-swab testing should be avoided? Thanks. CH

    • Upside-down Flying Dutchman

      I heard that there are 2 brands of swabs (both made in China) and the packaging is labeled with the letters EO. Ethelyne Oxide if I remember correctly. A major carcinogen. Evidently the swabs are saturated with EO.

  75. Rio

    Mr. Hunter, Lovely Greg,
    First let me say that I appreciate the work that you do more than I can ever say.
    In fact, you are my partner and I’s go-to for information.
    A couple of things. I for one do NOT trust Martenson any more. Fine if you and others do, but I don’t. While many were reporting what they had been finding, and commenting, and asking him questions about the so called “virus”–he refused to look at any of it; and instead kept promoting the fear about the Covid. And I find it obscenely hypocritical that he talked about Sweden, when– if memory serves me right; he had nothing but criticism for their way of handling the business of this plannedemic in their nation.
    Now, I also have a comment about this FDA approval. And after doing a lot of research and reading what the letter said; I am becoming more and more concerned about what they are doing. I could be wrong; but to me-it seems like they are getting ready to play the ol’ shell game. You know/ or something from Abbott & Costello–who’s on first, what’s on second. What shot came first? what shot came second? What’s in it? Are they the same? If courts ruling comes in for some of these lawsuits –finding there must be a test done on the ingredients of the vax; which one will they test? (?) Seems down-right odd to me that the FDA would give a full approval for a vaccine that isn’t even manufactured yet; and why the (new name?) Why? Commintry? You see, one of their weapons is that they muddy the water just enough so that no one can tell what is, and what isn’t. Thank you again for your service. I pray for you, and yours. God protect us all. R&B

  76. Joe Boudreau

    Thanks Greg and Chris. I am so concerned about this that I wrote my own article about it. I placed links to your page so my followers can view your video. Word of mouth is very powerful and we need it now more than ever. Keep up the good fight!

    • Joe Boudreau

      Me again… Chris nailed it regarding a financial calamity coming. I’ve been stacking silver for about 10 years, expecting a crash of epic proportions. When Covid-19 first hit, I immediately sensed it was a planned distraction away from the real crisis, endless debt! I also couldn’t help but think it was a conspiracy to kill off hundreds of millions of pensioners. Imagine if corporations (and governments) suddenly don’t have to pay out to retirees anymore. What a windfall for them it would be. I guess it would boil down to the greatest theft in the history of mankind. I thought central banks having stolen all the gold was the biggest theft but something like this, killing off hundreds of millions to avoid paying pensions is the mother of theifdom.

      • Paul ...

        Joe … Now you know why all the Big Corporations are on board with getting everyone “Jabbed”!! … sell their stocks and boycott their products!!!

  77. Self Exiled

    Is this why Jesus said if He did not return there would be no life left on earth?????????????

    • Paul ...

      SE … Have faith … Daniel 7:13 -14 explains it all … the way I read it … he saw in his visions “a human being” coming down to mankind from the Cloud (the internet) … To Save All Of Mankind … “Through His Words of Truth” … and “this man” Daniel saw was more then “an individual human being” … he was “the united moral mind of all of us” (i.e. from Greg Hunter to every one of us who go on the cloud “tell the truth”) … it is this “combined representation of humanity seeking truth and justice” … who will be given dominion over all the Kingship’s of this world … with one purpose … to “Save All The Peoples of Earth” (from the current Satanic psychopathic eugenicists … who like Demons are intent on destroying humanity)!!

  78. tim mcgraw

    Okay, I’m only 2 minutes into the video and Chris says the paperwork to get a BLA is this high (he shows 2 feet). This is wrong!
    My Dad was Chief Operating Officer of Marion Laboratories in Kansas City in the 1980’s. To get his company’s heart drug, Cardizem, approved by the FDA took paperwork in files in boxes 30 yards long! My Dad hates the FDA.
    The FDA should be abolished!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think that was a figure of speech and I agree the FDA should be abolished and the leaders prosecuted to boot.

    • Bill

      I agree they and most other agencies should be abolished. They all operate upon the Deep State theory of Management. American Govt was designed to run on lower wages than the Corporations and other companies. However, the Democrats did not like the Founding Father’s idea of limited Govt. So the Democrats raised the wages of the Govt workers to be equal to Corporation workers. That is why several Democrat States like Illinois, California, New York and Maryland are ready to go bankrupt. However, the Democrats want the infrastructure Bill to Bail Out all underwater States,and Cities in those States. Which is not fair to the states, that did not waste Money and lived below their means!

  79. Steve Bice

    P.S. Peter McCollough, M.D. says hit it early and hit it hard, as no single drug or therapeutic can address all the modes of Covid attack. He cautions against being too tentative or conservative with therapeutic interventions. Apparently, it takes a (chemical) village to slow the ravages of Covid. Ha…

  80. Scott Foss

    When it was said to be like a mass psycosis, had the thought about subliminal messages in movies. TV, smart phone, internet?

  81. Paul ...

    A new study out of Israel of all places (that already “jabbed” 80% of their people) shows that natural immunity from viral infection … offers a much better shield against Covid variant viruses than the “jabs” do … where natural immunity is 13 times more effective then the Big Pharma vaccines!! … … the “jabs” that are killing people “Should Be Recalled” … just as Auto Companies recall defective parts in their cars that result in killing a lot of people!!!

  82. Kurt

    12:00 Exactly. Eat real food, exercise and lose weight. If everyone ate close to the way I do, all the fast food joints, food processors, corn and wheat farmers and corn product manufacturers would all go out of business. So, make it so, number one.

  83. Justn Observer

    Greg, How the vax is affecting the military =

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg, Sorry, must have missed a number in copy/paste = How the vax is affecting the military …

  85. Skip Havely

    Thank you Greg for putting together this particular broadcast. God Bless you!

  86. Phil Zieber

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I will never trust another doctor (or county sheriff) ever again. The damage done here is epic and I don’t see us fixing it. Thy kingdom come, Lord. 😑

  87. Paul ...

    Let’s get real … what Nuclear Nation (besides the US) has ever dropped a nuclear weapon upon a civilian population?? … “No Others In The Entire World!! … … what Israel is doing by continually pushing to have us attack Iranian infrastructure … is “making sure” that when ever they do perhaps get a nuclear bomb … it is going to take “a lot of self control” not to use it on the Jews (the way the US used it on the Japs) … but then again … why would Iran ever need to nuke Israel? … if Israel under Bibi (and the current administration) have already unknowingly “nuked most of their own population with three(3) Clot Shot, Stroke, Cancer, Heart attack, etc., etc. “Jabs” (they have currently “idiotically mandated” upon all their own people??)!!

  88. Paul ...

    You know … as Israel keeps trying to push Iran and Syria into attacking them (so as to drag the US into a Middle East War) … all they are succeeding at doing is making their enemies “stronger” (so that eventually the US “will never go to their aid” even if they are attacked) … Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov recently announced … that as of October 18, 2021 … “any and every” Russian weapon system will be made available to Iran (up to and including their S400/500 and their SU 57 stealth fighters) …… if Israel doesn’t “bit the bullet” and begin to find ways “to make peace” … the Russians will likely just up the ante … and begin giving “hyper-sonic weapons” to both the Syrians and Iranians!!

    • Paul ...

      Israel declares its intent to “step up” covert sabotage and espionage attacks against the Iranians and Syrians … … OK … we know you guys can bomb the Natanz centrifuge assembly facility again … and you can assassinate more of Iran’s top nuclear scientists … and you can conduct hundreds more airstrikes against Syria … but … by doing the same thing over and over again “and getting worse results” (Russia is giving Iran and Syria every weapon in their entire arsenal) is “more then just being insane” … just like it was more then insane to “jab” 80% of the innocent Israeli people with “a known” Clot shot and requiring three(3) “booster jabs” when your own scientists have proven “natural immunity is 13 times more effective then the “Killer Jabs” … you guys better get out of your “hammer” mindset … find a better nail to hammer then just constantly killing everything you can (even your own people) … and think that Killing will lead to PEACE!! … the Jewish people deserve much better … free them from the unending Holocausts (they seem to be continually subjected to by their leaders) … not that our American leaders are any better (we have set up very dangerous bio-weapon labs all around the world) this insanity … and will lead to no good for all of humanity … unless rational people sit down and begin to resolve these pressing issues with their adversary’s (without hotheadedly taking out a gun and shooting your rival across the negotiating table)!!

  89. HEIDI

    Thank you for having Chris Martenson on again. After hearing a Chris Martenson interview, I suggested Ivermectin treatment when my father was hospitalized with Covid in 12/2020. Doctors turned my request down saying Ivermectin was “out of protocol.” Consquently, within days, my father died from Covid complications.

    I recently asked my practitioner to request a prophylactic Ivermectin formulation from an apothecary. She said she could fulfill this request, but the cost would be $25/day for the formulation. This is ridiculously expensive given I buy my horses Ivermectin paste for $8.00 a tube. Ivermectin is not EXPENSIVE!

    It would be very helpful to have guests follow-up Chris Martenson with practical resources for getting effective COVID treatments (NOT vaccines – prophylactic or otherwise) that are reasonably priced.

    Here’s a doctor I recently heard interviewed for starters. He actually wants to fulfill his hippocratic oath and HELP people.

    Just trying to move some great Martinson conclusion towards practical use, as actually getting EFFECTIVE alternative, preventative, prophylactic, or clinical COVID treatment can be expensive, difficult, and / or impossible.

    Thanks in advance, Heidi

  90. HEIDI

    The doctor’s name with practical Covid treament resources is: Dr. Peter McCullough
    He was recently on:

  91. [email protected]

    Thank you Greg Hunter for having on the best and most knowledgeable guests. A gun range in Nevada? Great idea?

  92. Ray Dodson

    The government is killing us . That is the plan. It is the plan and most if not all governments are implementing the plan of of the United Nations. We should also should check out the Pope and his cohorts. Read the Catholic Doctrine going back centuries and it will curl your hair. The Pope say’s he is above God and much more.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Citation, please?

  93. Jeffersonian

    Greg love your enthusiasm and think you nailed the inconsistencies regarding the FDA’s letter to Pfizer —interpretation will be left up to the courts

    Unfortunately the courts are as corrupt as the CDC and FDA no doubt they will say Biocovid and comirnity are one and the same and hence approved line up and get jabbed or else

    I will not listen to Martinson he is a pretender and a front runner. Indeed very early he was on board with the fear porn that covid would kill the world
    Hyped up the hysteria just like the presstitutes shame on him if he had any integrity he would admit his mistakes and crawl under a rock and never come out
    you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time
    Zero credibility

    I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him

    In any event goon Powell today said economy is really good but yet they will maintain qe and low interest rates for awhile. Read between the lines if if they stop qe and raise interest rates the market tanks. It’s all about propping up the markets so the rich get richer and the poor think they’re better off than before call it wealth gap
    Then goon Powell says the economy is healthy but delta variant is prohibiting the feds from raising rates and stopping qe what a perfect pretext. The virus that never ends and allows them to print to eternity just blame the virus hmmmmmm

    Will the public ever wake up most likely not sheep being led to the slaughter

  94. James+sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    An excellent interview. Somewhat off topic, but we the victims of all this information suppression, require a strategy to fight back… say we support those sources that do not censor , and indict those that do. Greg, you use rumble now , i believe. Should we be quarentining utube and using rumble as part of a strategy to fight back?

  95. Jc Davis

    Well. For the first time in my life i have been put in jail. Facebook jail. I said the vax is not approved yet. They locked me up. Feels prety good.

  96. NC Gal

    I just saw this segment of today’s Stew Peters show where “Dr. Paul E. Alexander, the former Senior HHS Trump COVID Advisor, answered the most difficult and pointed questions . Dr. Alexander addressed the deception of President Trump, led by the Pence “Coronavirus Task Force”, revealed that there is NO “Pandemic”, and addressed Trump and the ‘vaccine’ rhetoric. ”
    He lays it all out and shows how what Greg said yesterday is the truth about this so-called approval.

  97. WD


    I believe that when this momentum turns and people are getting very sick from the jabs.
    This will end up being then biggest personal injury case in the history of the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      They already are. I agree!

  98. carter

    It was stated there would be commentary on Afghanistan, and the economy… what happened?

  99. Marion McCoskey

    A theory about the real reason they want everyone vaxed:

  100. Bill

    This article claims that the 13 Marines and 90 Afghans were killed by C4 and Semtex explosive materials, that was left behind during the U.S forces withdrawal from Kabul. So, it looks like we were killed with our our weapons!

  101. jack mathers

    80-20. 80% of the people have no idea what is going on.
    10% have some idea.
    10% are the trouble

  102. Marie+Joy

    Ohio Atty said it first on

  103. Ralph Bruce

    The answer to the question from Greg about whether CM has taken the vaccine was disconcertingly evasive. Added to that, the statement that the ‘risk benefit profile is positive for some groups’ and his answer to the question about Mike Yeardon’s hypothesis were, to me, contentious. You are very polite and respectful to your guests, Greg, but I suggest that sometimes the journalist in you should push, question and probe a bit more. Take the position that no matter who your guest is, they will be ignorant of some things and wrong about other things. Case in point, CM was right about the lab origins but has been wrong about a number of other things concerning this virus and the economy (at least with timing for the latter). That’s OK, as we all make mistakes, but these mistakes need to be acknowledged. Greg, we will not got get to the bottom of this by giving uncritical praise and free passes to people just because they have PhD/MD degrees which (if you have one yourself and work with others who also do, as I do) quite often give an exaggerated impression of insight, acumen and accuracy to those who don’t have them. Many are not as smart and reliable (and honest and rationale) as lay people might think. Simply put, we need to be cautious when listening to so-called experts who appear to steer their audiences towards anti-establishment revelations, hidden truths, mainstream media lies etc. but in reality keep them firmly within defined boundaries, never fully connecting the dots and revealing the true, big picture – either intentionally or through ignorance/denial/fear/conflicts of interest. In other words, filter and question everything.

    • W H

      Thank you for what you said.
      Everybody knows Greg does what not many will and is a blessing to people .
      But it seems he takes it as a attack against him when someone doesn’t agree with someone he brings on .Nothing could be further from the truth.
      I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the people that have been hurt by some people that say something is going to happen and it doesn’t / and as you say it needs to be acknowledged .
      It is said the truth may hurt but it will set us free if we let it .

  104. ron martin

    My only point of disagreement with Dr. Martensen is his opinion that the goal of the vaccinations and fear porn is not depopulation. The puppet-masters like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are well-known eugenicists who control millions of useful idiots who actually do the dirty work of depopulation via the toxic vaxx and the doctors and hospitals who strictly administer the protocol dictated by the CDC, NIH, WHO & FDA which consists of Remdisivir, ventilators, induced coma and death. Martensen, like many otherwise learned scholars will not go that extra inch and realize that demicide is real and not confined to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and many others for 6000 years of recorded history. All of the mass killings of the innocent will pale in comparison to what is happening right now in this former republic.

  105. wildbad

    ….and of course, the original ‘vaccine’, which they still intend to use in the USA is COMPLETELY ineffective against the Delta (if you believe in that spike protein) as proven by the Israeli studies. they still want to profit by getting rid of their obsolete stock of proven ineffective poison.

    Hold the line Greg. Happy to be a supporter.

  106. Peter

    Very grateful for your boldness to confront the approved narrative and provide an alternative voice to the lies being told. No one is perfect, and Chris is no exception – I agree with much of what he claims but have a strong disagreement with his assessment of vaccines. This article does an excellent job questioning if Vaccines did indeed “Save the World.”

    As believers we must constantly be vigilant to the lies and deceptions of the father of all lies Satan.

  107. A. Anthanovich

    Dr. Zelenko has been featured on several recent videos; however, this video is probably the most comprehensive at explaining the entire Covid-19 scenario.

    Please scroll down at the following link to watch this important video.

  108. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    If Greg will allow, this is a re-post of a comment made previously – but this time I am able to add a link to Dr Anne McCloskey’s reinstatement petition. It cost nothing to sign and support her brave truth telling. We desperately need the medical profession to speak out at this time. Please assist if you can.

    Re-post: Yet another brave doctor speaks out. This doctor just got fired for telling the truth. Help this message go viral. I believe there is a petition out to reinstate her – please lend your support wherever in the world you live.

    Petition to reinstate:

  109. Justn Observer


    • MC

      Just a few days left of August before the real action is unleashed in September, which the Feds have dubbed National Preparedness Month—-they have planned lots of supply outages and electricity interruptions.

      Black-market shopping — watch this 35-sec clip from Schindler’s List (1993).. … Whereas today preppers fail to acquire these things which take the edge off,.

      There is coming a time where for a distraught neighbor you might pour a glass and read to them Luke chapter 1. There is nothing like a ‘wee dram’ and the words of Blessed Mary to steady the nerves when all hell breaks loose.

      note: Schindler demands cognac, but in the TV series The Rifleman, Lucas McCain kept a bottle of brandy (i.e., American version of cognac) in the cupboard as a medicinal agent. There must be a good reason why these dramas specifically indicate this spirit, distinct from other liquors/wine that might be on hand. . . . And in that Schindler’s clip, do not fail to notice cash in hand to ply goods — just as David Morgan recently told us here on USAWD.

  110. The Ogs

    “science has pointed to vaccinations as the best way out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
    Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, August 28, 2021.
    Here we have what appears to be a normie who actually BELIEVES the bs he and his government have been trying to drown Canadians in for the last 18 months?
    So it’s possible that he could be stupid but honest, right?
    Because it was way back in May of this year that science first identified ‘spikes’ growing all throughout the bodies of the recently injected, distributed by their blood circulation and killing them! And subsequent autopsies have now confirmed that things are far worse than we thought.
    Yet, here we are a full five months later and this man is campaigning for my vote.
    So what do you guys think – should I vote for him?
    I cannot; it’s not possible. Such ignorance and witlessness must never be rewarded…
    And I weep for the future.

    • Paul ...

      Vote all the psychopathic criminals out Ogs!!

  111. Greg

    I’ve been a supporter of yours for years Greg and we love you here, but this guy is big Pharma scum.
    We watched him with great interest at the beginning of the plandemic. No More!
    Not watching another minute of his face.

  112. William Betts

    I hope this gets out there to all your viewers…. This is important —- mRNA gene therapy was actually developed by the Soviets in mid 1970’s as a bioweapon. We had a treaty at that time signed by China and Russia, but not the USA. From what I can find out the Soviets did nothing with this and soon after the Soviet Union fell apart, but the mRNA found its way to America via Dr Malone. This stuff is what is in the Covid VAXX jab, It is a bioweapon, it will kill you and the GREAT FDA, CDC, and NIH and that clown FAUCI says that it is great VACCINE…There is something going on here that we need to find out about. Why did Biden purposely give away Bagram Air Base and take the troops out before even trying to get Americans out of AFGAN??????? Betts

    • Paula Davis

      William Betts,
      The answer is clear we have an Enemy Combatant in the White House!

  113. Linda Nash

    I’m totally convinced this is literally a kill shot. Your guest is wrong about it being a long way to go to kill people. A whole lot of people aren’t getting that it’s harming and killing people. The media is hiding that. Hmmm wonder why. Call me a conspiracy theorist, I know what I know by the grace of God. I appreciate all the people, like you and mostly Christian friends who are standing in the truth gap. No jab, no way.❤️

    • Paul ...

      Linda … You are in very good company … the “Father of Conspiracy Theorists” (until it began to rain) was a man named “Noah” … from the way he took precautions “to save himself and his family” … I can with almost 100 percent certainty … state un-eqivically: “Noah” … Would Have “Never” … “In No Way Ever Taken” … “The Clot Shot Jab”!!

  114. Bill

    Hugary’s Viktor Orban calls Joe Biden a “THUG” on Tucker Carlson!

  115. Bill

    Since “The Big Guy, won’t go in and get our people out, a group of American Veterans, has gone into Kabul, to provide safe passage to the Airport for Americans, that want to get out of Afghanistan!

  116. Bill

    Glen Beck’s radio audience has donated $30M. So, Glen Beck can bring out Afghan Christians, before they are slaughted by the Taliban/ISIS.
    Glen Beck’s fund is called the Nazerene Fund(?) ! Glen Beck flies his own plane back and forth to Afghanistan to save Christians.

  117. Mikey

    Thanks to you again Greg and your guest. Each video leaves me with optimismn about the current state on things in the US and abroad. Keep up the excellent work. Best wishes from a UK supporter.

  118. Sara

    Hi Greg thank you for all the content you share.. I wanted to know your thoughts on this , I’ve been thinking a lot about these virus tests recently and how now jobs say if you do not get the jab you are required to get the test at least twice a week. Even the at home tests say they are approved under the EUA ( but why ?) I am now I believe that they are poisoning people through the tests too!

    • Greg Hunter

      They lie about everything I would not be surprised, but I cannot source and prove it.

  119. Raymond Jensen

    I tuned Martenson out when he said he was open to taking the “vaccine” in the future. If you are so dense, or you are so lacking in principle, that you would even consider doing so, then you are not worth listening to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Martenson clearly said he would not take the mRNA vaccines. He explained there are some coming without gene therapy. Who knows how far in the future he talking about but definitely not soon.

  120. AndrewB

    Eric Clapton naively took both jabs and has talked about severe side-effects affecting his hands and guitar playing. Just heard his new (protest) song. Enjoy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clapton got very sick after being vaxed. You think he’s pissed about being poisoned??

      • Pat

        Roger that!

  121. Gaylon TeSlaa, DVM

    I did not trust Martenson after he was “all in” and persisted that way about FLATTENNING THE CURVE. Now he refuses to unconditionally condemn the FAKE “vaccine”. I have been a veterinarian for 38 years and called this for what it was (and is) immediately (because I know what a vaccine IS (and is NOT). This is a globalist endtime depopultion agenda which might well be only beginning – with “COVID” being the ‘herald strain’ designed to re-combine with the coming mutageic virus that will have an exceedingly (pale horse) high mortality. DON’T BE FOOLED! Unfortunately Christians are the first FOOLS to line up for farces and set-ups over and over and over again.

  122. Craig Carmichael

    What, mass psychosis? I thought it was only mass hysteria!

    When there’s no food in the stores covid will quickly be forgotten as having being a trivial event. In the meantime, it’s causing economic havoc, combined with the weather cataclysms it’s all causing a collapse of the food supply.

    When people are malnourished and hungry, there is likely to be some real pandemic and x100s millions or even billions will die.

  123. Rodney

    WOW if ONLY we had senators and MMp’s who had the balls to speak the truth to nazi governments as this guy has..

  124. Chris

    My Ex got the Jab on Friday after her doctor pushed her to do it for 3 months and she was dead this Saturday. I and our two children will miss her dearly.

  125. Chris

    My Ex got the Jab on Friday after her doctor pushed her to do it for 3 months and she was dead this Saturday. I and our two children will miss her dearly.
    This is not a duplicate comment.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reporting and the warning.

  126. DAWN

    Creature Comforts animal hospital in upstate NY is refusing to treat the ANIMALS of anyone who is not jabbed !!! Give them a call at 845 625 2474 and tell them what they can do with that policy.

  127. David Dawei

    This is important news

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