Civilization & Dollar are Going to End – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Financial writer John Rubino warned two weeks ago that whatever came out of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) meeting this past week would be bad for the dollar.  The dollar did not crash, but the prospects for it remaining the reserve currency of the world took a beating.  The BRICS added a half dozen countries into its group.  Two of the most troubling for the dollar are Saudia Arabia (SA) (where the petrodollar started) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the U.S.  has huge Navy and Airforce assets.  SA and UAB officially joining the BRICS was nothing short of a stunning rebuke of U.S. financial and military power in the Persian Gulf.  Rubino says, “So, now we’ve got the world’s biggest oil exporter and the site of a very big U.S. military presence in an anti-dollar coalition. . . . This is a very big deal because the BRICS are sort of a trade organization dedicated to bypassing the dollar and not living under U.S. rule any longer.  These countries don’t want to be controlled by what they see as a predatory empire. . . . They are looking at what is happening financially in the developed world, and the U.S., Europe and Japan are taking on debt at an accelerating rate in a way that is going to lead to a gigantic financial crisis.  There is no way around that at this point.  If you are in the dollar centric trade system, you are vulnerable to a global crisis that is led by the dollar.  So, you don’t want to be involved with that.  There are a lot of reasons to set up a trade and monetary system that is not dollar based.  One of the big ones is the dollar is going away because there is no way you can take on that kind of debt without a gigantic financial crisis and a currency reset at the end of it.”

Rubino goes on to say, “If we have a huge inflation led crisis that ends up with a currency reset, you don’t want to own Treasury bonds.  Dollars are no longer risk-free assets. . . . The BRICS countries have a lot of different motivations for forming their own coalition that is not vulnerable to the U.S. . . . It makes a lot of sense for them to do what they are doing.”

The term “Mad Max” and the scenarios it conjures are becoming more and more possible with the deterioration of the financial system.  Weather warfare is being waged in places all around the world with the help of geoengineering.  Woke culture is making many cities unlivable and unsafe.  Then add a global monetary crisis, and you have a perfect storm of destruction everything civilized.  Rubino says, “There is a category of real estate called ‘cabin on land.’  It’s where you can buy 50 acres and a 400 square foot cabin with maybe solar panels and a well.  Suddenly, that is hot property.  Everybody wants one of those.  That’s a sign of societal breakdown.  Something where you are all alone in the woods is your preferred lifestyle, that means the world has gotten pretty stressful.  That is the case for a lot of people in the U.S.  We are creating a generation of ‘end of the roaders and survivalists.’  They are looking at this world and saying I need an AR-15, a cabin with solar panels and I will be okay.”

Find out why Rubino says all financial roads lead to gold and silver and why Rubino says the prepper lifestyle is becoming more and more popular.

There is much more in the 50-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called for 8.26.23.

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After the Interview:  

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  1. Rodster

    It was over for the petrodollar when the US began to blatantly weaponize the USD. Countries got fed up with the US strong arm tactics thinking they would be next, so they took action and formed their alliance away from the dollar.

    I have recently met people in their 20’s and they apparently don’t listen to the MSM because they are VERY concerned that the USD will go away.

    • Tim

      I know life here in the U.S. is going to get very difficult as the Dollar loses reserve currency status, but the time has come. This nation has committed the most egregious crimes around the world for far too long.

      • Doris

        The banksters know life is going to get very difficult for them as the US dollar loses reserve currency status – so what can the banksters do “to strengthen their bottom line”? – easy – raise interest rates – they can say they are raising rates to fight inflation and are also trying to help all those countries that are being burned down and ravaged with intense brush fires (set by globalists terrorist gangs) to counter the induced “climate change” which can have important economic effects on many nation’s capacity to produce goods and services – the banks will probably tell us they must manipulate interest rates higher still (to strengthen the US dollar so as to help out Nations like Canada, Australia and the European Union sell their exports) – but by raising interest rates the banksters know they are also helping themselves by making their tier one asset (gold) “rise in price” – a higher gold price will obviously strengthening their bottom line – if we look at the current price of gold in the following chart – it shows a well defined “cup and handle formation” –,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ – such a pattern implies gold can easily move up by at least $300 dollars to about $2250 over the coming months – thus helping to keep the banksters flush (with their rising tier one assets) even as rates are pushed higher!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Not just there Rod, all this is done by design and this BRICS movement is a distraction from the reality that the next generations were robbed before their birth.

      Mortgage Rates Hit Their Highest in 21 Years, Here’s What’s Next
      At least one generation of Americans will spend their lives as renters, denied the satisfaction—and potential financial rewards—of owning a home of their own.

    • Rodster

      This is what John Rubino was referring to: “Home Depot Capitalizes On Tiny House Craze With $44,000 “Gateway Pad”

    • Rubicon

      A great discussion and we’re glad Mr. Rubino oulines some of the problems going on in the world.
      He talks about the BRICS. However, they still have not established a Central Bank to take care of loans and DEBT. As it stands, many of those smaller nations are heavily in Debt to the US $$. Of course, the super wealthy of those nations have made massive profits from that US Debt. They’re not about to give up the US goldmines.
      We view these BRIC nations as still being tied to the US $$ no matter how much trade they do with each other. If they simply stop paying for those US debts; imagine what the US will do with them.

  2. John Barry

    Trump attempted assassination, stock market crash on 9/11, anti-Christ prophecy;

    When the above prophecy is fulfilled on 9.11.23 then this prophecy is truth;

    Fulfilled SEED Prophecy of largest blood sacrifice ever that began in 2021;

  3. Ed

    Of topic,but pretty big information about the “shots” has come out and from a reliable source. Btw, great interview, Mr.R. has always been one of my favorites along with Ms.C.A.Fitts.

    • Doris

      It has been a long time coming, but now it is possible to vaccinate people against ageing by simply giving them a clot shot in the arm, and the government sending out Social Security checks will be a thing of the past.

      • Doris

        What we need to do – to make the globalists “a thing of the past” – and get rid of them the same way David got rid of Goliath – we must not agree to the globalists plan to incrementally steal our world and lock up the few they don’t outright kill in 15 minute city concentration camps – those who swore an oath to protect and defend our Nation simply need to stand up and not allow Biden and the evil globalists he works for to “eliminate our borders” with Mexico and Canada – to see what we all can do to completely defeat the globalists listen to this interview with Todd Callender:

  4. Tinfoilhatted Canuck

    Mr Rubino,
    Pulling your punches ? “ These countries don’t want to be controlled by what they see as a predatory empire. . “

    what THEY see ? What history will irrevocably show was and for a while longer still IS a predatory empire.

    Just admitting being an empire pretty much goes hand in hand with predatory ( economically) blood sucking .

  5. Mr Mike S

    Them: “Let’s time that next plandemic so we have to use mailin ballots as a huge percentage of votes cast…most polls not really open. We will need this bigly even more this time!”

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.


  6. GreenPeas

    Florida man instructs how to fix your rig so it is tactically ready for yonder MadMax situation:

    ( 1-min clip )

    • "Enrico"

      Mad Max The Road Warrior

      Opening narration] My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos, ruined dreams, this wasted land. But most of all, I remember the road warrior, the man we called Max. To understand who he was we have to go back to the other time, when the world was powered by the black fuel and the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel — gone now, swept away. For reasons long forgotten two mighty warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. Without fuel they were nothing. They’d built a house of straw. The thundering machines sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and talked, but nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. Cities exploded — a whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men.

  7. John Galt

    What have you done to prepare for the coming storm? I’m particularly interested in garden, homestead, and community types of preps. Any comments regarding safe location including states would be of interest.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      I’m sure Greg has heeded his own advise – and broadcasts from his family home farm attest to that. Perhaps, though, he prefers not to advertise it? Click the link below for some solid prepper info.
      ‘The Prepper’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency and Independence – Time to go Beyong Gold and Silver’. Lynette Zang.

    • Paul

      People in the present day reading one of their morning newspapers or blogs in a state of lazy collapse is one of the most perfect examples of societal collapse.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Richard Longacre

        Prepping is a state of mind. It is never “done” and you need to do a little each day. Test and evaluate to identify where your weaknesses are and fill those holes.
        While I am planning on a last stand at my homestead the Lahaina mass murder fires taught me that all of my preps can be burned away and I need a better bugout plan. Never done.

  8. Lord Nasdaq

    Another great interview, brother Greg. Great points and topics discussed by you and Mr. Rubino. Made some moves on CAG and CPB as well as RBLX and CHPT in last two weeks. Water and timber holdings are still overvalued but will drop soon!
    Sticking with T-Bills and 1 – 3 month brokered c.d’s play since October 2022.
    NVDA (was until Friday) and a few mega cap tech stock barely keeping exchanges up on light volume plus a dead week coming up.
    Premiums have dropped on precious metals. Debating on this as I see a huge move into precious metals regardless of Saudi Arabia, Argentina, etc. joining the new BRICS currency as you mentioned.
    Keep up the great work and God bless

  9. barsoom43

    For what’s coming to this country, Christ gave some solid advice.. He who doesn’t have a sword should sell his cloak and buy one.. Well…. if one is good, 12 ought to be even better..
    Gold, silver, food and other supplies are good but if you plan to keep them, you’ll need a lot of lead.. Network with like minded friends and neighbors.. Learn a trade and acquire the tools to support it.. After the collapse, we who survive will have to rebuild this country from the ground up..

  10. BrotherGene

    The Federal Reserve Note will soon be gone as well as the FED

    • Kevin

      When? Do you wish to give us the approximate date? You did say it would be soon so you must know enough to be able to do that much.

    • Randy Best

      It totally amazes me how many still have faith in worthless Government/FED fiat money.

      • Doris

        The Son of Sam (the US dollar) will never set on the American Empire until everyone is dead (look at Ukraine if you need an example)!!

        • Doris

          As for gold that people think dead – it will rise just like the Son of God – as interest rates rise – and people flock to 30 year T bonds like back in the Volcker days – look at the following US Treasury 30 year bond chart to see for yourself – whenever 30 yr T Bonds rise “Gold also Rises”!! –

          • Endoris


            Rocky, Rick, IIG, June and Paul… used to say the same.

  11. Alejandro


  12. RB

    Vivek Ramaramadoodle (eye roll) . Another Johnny Come Lately, like Barac Obama. What makes Vivek think he can lean out and grab the brass ring of the presidency with No Public Office Experience for the rest of us to measure him with? No thanks.
    Go run and win a congressional seat first, V.R.
    At least Trump was in the public eye for 30 years before he ran for president.

    • Marie Joy

      Vivek received a Soros award and when he saw which way the wind was blowing, he scrubbed it. One more bait and switch traitor.

    • I Dig Au

      RamaSwampy is just another Soros stooge. Plenty of information on the webs that confirm this.

  13. Paul from Indiana

    De-dollarization could be the best thing to happen to the USA, where we will FINALLY be required to live on only what we produce. That will require tough choices, among them being the realization that we can’t afford all of this enormous government we have constructed, nor can we afford to pay entire constituencies to do nothing and be paid for it. We are going back to the 1930s, and it’s about damned time. Best always. PM

    • Thomas Malthaus

      The 1830s.

    • Randy Best

      The USA is indeed Babylon.

  14. Jeffrobbins

    It would be important for us to remember that the dollar index- DXY is made up of misleading western currencies (also the Yen). Of the six, the Euro has the largest weight. There is no weighting for any of these BRICS currencies. It’s easy to envision a future where the dollar just becomes another currency. That would be high and persistent inflation. ———- i still would guess the Fed will be cutting rates going into the elections next year. My alternate view would be cash handouts or some kind of welfare expansion instead of lowering rates.

    • Doris

      Cash hand-outs is effectively money printing – I wonder what more money hand-outs for wars, banks, illegals, etc., etc. will do to the value of the US dollar??

    • Richard Longacre

      Problem is, the next plandemic cash handouts will be placed inside your MOTB total life control CBDC account. All you have to do is comply and start using it. Free money, in exchange for your foul. Then it will be linked to your vaccine status and digital ID and their trap is shut. If you comply, their tyranny will never stop.

  15. The True Nolan

    Imagine you are a loving parent and have been hearing some very bad rumors about your 20 year old son. And finally one day police investigators come to your home asking questions, searching his room, and they show you incontrovertible evidence that he is dealing drugs, selling weapons, running an auto theft ring and partners in a child sex prostitution group.

    That’s America. We, as a nation, have allowed our politicians and bankers to turn the US Dollar into a weapon, to steal the resources of other nations, to encourage virtual slavery of foreign workers, and to be a party to the murder of MILLIONS of innocent people around the world. We are the bad guys. No matter how much it hurts to admit, we have become the new tyrants. Yes, the petrodollar is failing and in the US it will make the Great Depression look like a Sunday picnic. Thank God the petrodollar is failing. It is a blessing for the world when it disappears.

    • Diana

      All true Nolan and has been happening for decades. The dollar is going to fail, but we as a people must stand, rebuild and do better.

  16. Self Exiled

    Fear God [with awe and reverence], and give Him glory [and honor and praise in worship], because the hour of His judgment has come; [with all your heart] worship Him who created the heaven and the earth, the sea and the springs of water. Revelations 14:7

    Babylon has been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand,
    Intoxicating all the earth.
    The nations drank her wine;
    Therefore the nations have gone mad. Jeremiah 51:7

  17. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg. We need to also consider some black swan event incoming. Another plandemic would be in the pole position, but that could be a distraction (a rope-a-dope) as a debt implosion looks very possible as well. Just imagine how many times debt is used to get food to the grocery store. Either one changes society at a fundamental level. I wouldn’t put it past these evil masters to set off some biological or radiological disaster to get most people to want some federal response. Maybe an alien incident would do the trick? I’ve wondered if we could ever go back to some kind of earlier America where all the news is a week old and local events were our main concern?

    • Pete+only

      Good point Jeff. It is said that revolutions happen when the masses miss 6 meals, and if it’s a question of “trusting” what the authorities are saying, rage might turn against these evil clowns this time, and with that, the fallen justice system might turn against their present masters as they might start to fear the masses more than the George Soros of the world, aside from it being the right thing to do.
      If it’s not a failure of debt for food not to come to the stores, then certainly the fear of truckers on transporting the food may prevent it. And don’t count on the army to be of any help, as they are out of bullets, and police will stay home to look after their own families.
      Tucker Carlson is having 10-12 million viewers on a regular basis on Twitter, so cracks are following in the narratives, and any trust that the masses might have still had in it.
      Here he interviews retired Colonel Douglas Macgreagor on the war in Ukraine.
      The military complex has saddled the average american citizen with $240,000 dollars in debt for their own actions alone over the past 20 years. (discussed at about 25 minutes into the interview).

      • Doris

        The Biden government has miss-calculated by burning down our food production facilities and making meat illegal (to shorten our lives and thus help the Social Security Fund from going bankrupt)!! – science shows that “restricting food intake actually increases the life-span” of people!!

  18. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino.
    Here in the UK our elite have decided that the only game in town is property or foreign elite have decided. Rents are up dramatically as are mortgage repayments for us plebs anyway,the rich really don’t notice this aspect of life.
    Neighbours are barely able to be civil to one another here,people rub along to get along. Religious tensions are exploding particularly in Northern Ireland among Muslims and fundamental Protestants,that’s a change, but it won’t end nice.
    Our economy for us plebs is so stuffed.

  19. Linda Majors


    In spite of the efforts to destroy the dollar and China’s intention to make America a Chinese Colony, in the meantime, we Americans have come up with our own game plan, which includes removing all the frauds that have gotten control of America.

    Plan: (Ref. links below.)
    Prevent the corrupt Biden admin. and RINOs, Blackwater, Vanguard, . . . and the Oligarchs from allowing Klaus Schwab (WEF) and China from bringing down America and making us a Chinese Colony. We won’t be part of Mexico or Canada either.

    According to Todd Callender and Lisa McGee, we have imposters running this country and will be removed. Todd believes that President Trump will be able to “walk back in” and be reinstated as President. No need to wait for an election.

    No one in Biden’s administration, including Lloyd Austin, Sec. of Defense, are legitimate, because they have NOT taken an oath to uphold the Constitution that was notarized. Even most of our judges are not legitimate. Nothing they have done is binding. Another vaccine and mandate? Tell them to take a flying leap!

    According to Todd, who is an attorney, all of them are committing felonies and nothing they have done is legal, including their vaccine mandates and masks. Lisa McGee has been investigating this matter for more than a year, and it appears that we are being ruled by imposters. We need to rid America of those criminals ASAP!

    The agreement that Biden signed for the UN Compact for Migration that kicked in the invasion on the Border is not legal. That invasion will come to a screeching halt, and the invaders will be deported. Further, the agreement that Biden made with Mexico and Canada combining the three countries, and destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights, will be tossed. Not binding. Biden is a fraud. He will be escorted out of our WH.

    BRICs countries: When the people of those countries find out that Xi of China plans to form a one world government, along with Klaus Schwab (WEF), herd everyone into 15- minute cities consisting of tiny pods to dwell, and no one will be allowed to own anything (certainly not gold-backed currency), ruled and monitored like prisoners 24.7, I believe they will drop the BRICs scheme like a hot potato.

    Note: God’s message (conveyed by Julie Green of Julie Green Ministries):
    “Land of My Eagle is MINE, not Obama’s!”


    Link to interview with Todd Callender and Lisa McGee:
    (Fast forward to 29:23 mark.)
    Link to interview with Todd Callender. (Fast forward to 32.40 mark.)

    This DISTURBING Theory About the Maui Fires Makes Too Much Sense — Todd Callender Interview (

  20. "Enrico"

    “Woke culture is making many cities unlivable and unsafe.”

    Times Square overrun with hordes of drugs, homeless people in troubling throwback to crime-ridden 1990s: ‘It’s a sh-thole’…

  21. Robert says no

    Is it possible to avoid defaulting on our nations debt by giving the west coast and possibly the western half of the nation to China as payoff? And use the Keystone pipeline as the dividing line? Kind of like the days of East and West Germany? Who all do we owe these Trillions in debt too? In this scenario would the MIC corporations need to move east before such a deal would be reached? California is very heavily MIC invested. Especially the Los Angeles area.

    • Richard (Skinny)

      Knot our debt-

      Unarguable satanicJewish incurred debt

      Their ill gotten gains will inevitably be clawed back in the backdrop of the mother of all diasporas

  22. stanley skrzypek

    “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine through the land– not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.

  23. Marie Joy

    On his Facebook page, in 2016, Scott Baio, a Trump fan, said Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Mark Mezvinsky is George Soros’ nephew. Baio said Hillary’s 3 top aides were Muslim and 2 were connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t know if this is true.
    Democrats seem to be aligned with Muslims.
    I’m voting for President Trump.
    Communists will never, ever give up. Never, ever.
    Being nice will not save you from homicidal maniacs.
    How can President Trump be protected in jail? He would be in horrible danger.
    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors.
    PLEASE get involved in the voting process. Start now.
    Anyone can see he has lost weight.
    In fire, you lose your preps.
    My father would have had a John Conner bunker by now.
    The normal orgs one would expect to help Lahaina, like the Red Cross and FEMA are absent and possibly traitorous. It is time for patriotic Americans to start figuring out how to bypass traitors to help (for instance) Lahaina.
    It’s us or them. By doing nothing, you choose.
    Putting up with this much murderous crap is obscene.
    I have seen Vivek denouncing President Trump a few times. Now, that Trump has the votes, Vivek is changing his tune. Vivek won a Soros award and had it wiped. I think Vivek is Deep State.
    Have a BIG garden. Learn to preserve your food. Youtube has instructional videos.
    Become a Republican now so you can vote in the Republican primary.

    • Pete+only

      Marie, it is important to note that many Muslims are family folk, and see wokeism taught in schools as a threat to their children. In Canada, there is a huge demonstration being put together in September to demonstrate against wokeism in schools, which was organized mainly by the Muslim segment, and they have strategically aligned themselves with Christians in this cause. They are hoping for 1 million people to attend, but we shall see. The irony is that Justin Trudeau brought many Muslims into Canada to help destabilize things, but he forgot this point about Muslims caring for their families.
      Trudeau is currently behind in the poles by at least 10 percent, (which is a huge number in a 4 or 5 party political environment). In this 4 or 5 party political system in the last Federal Election, Trudeau was elected by less than 20% of the voting population as voter turnout was low. It’s not likely that Trudeau will call for a fall federal election, but stranger things have happened.
      Trudeau has recently separted from his wife, and he cannot go anywhere in public without mobs of people showing up to confront him.

  24. Bill Heuschele

    Right on the money. Thank you both.

  25. Frank Murphy

    A fairly good discussion, that touched on the vast majority of issues facing “us”. John has become a holistic commentator of sorts, regarding the World as it is in crises and all the while in a very relaxed calm manner. I think that we are going to see some pretty dire times, while these while these phyco’s expose themselves. I believe however, that as that plays out that they will be operating in a bubble of disconnection, which will impede their ability to gauge the disenchantment of the masses who have slavishly followed them over the years. The first test of that looks like being an attempted lockdown,. They, it seems are already emerging from the cover on that one. If they emerge too far before having to retreat, the whole thing could fall apart in disarray very quickly. Disarray though, I believe will be some form of Mad Max for all of us. It will be either the Mad Max of reality returning (with perp walks), or the Mad Max of darkness.

  26. Marie Joy

    Do not comply.
    A lot of American debt is odious and illegal. The Federal Reserve org is an illegal org.
    President Trump has an Executive Order that can take all assets from traitors.
    WE are not going to be saved by sitting on our asses.
    God helps those who help themselves.
    Assume we will lose electricity for the long term.
    Eat organic.
    Avoid nitrites.
    We are in the process of being murdered by our government. Your senators and congressmen are, purposely, killing you, for money.

  27. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with JR!
    31:50 “This year . . . we’re adding three trillion or so to the money the government owes”
    Small, but very important, correction. This year . . . we’re adding three trillion or so to the money WE THE PEOPLE owe! Just ask the people of Greece how their national debt default worked out for them as individuals. It was not pretty! Formerly respectable young women resorted to prostitution to feed their children. Deprevation in a modern Euro-Zone country enjoying the ‘protection’ of being a full member of the EU.

  28. GSE

    Inducted into the BRICS, no no no they joined willfully, as the only alternative to financial colonial looting ei. debt for equity swaps. London and Wall st. will forgive debt for raw materials and or debt paid in US Dollars. The Bank of International Settlements, IMF, World Bank and any assortment of looting mechanisms all in the pocket of The World Economic Forumn types. The BRICS is an anti-colonial pro development organization whose primary goal is peace and development not imperialism. Simply put the world cannot continue to exist with one third eating, one third wondering where their next meal is coming from and one third starving, BRICS is an attempt to find a solution. It’s a Rich Men North of Richmond situation word wide!

  29. Roger Stamper

    tks john greg

  30. Kevin Tadych

    Hello Greg,
    Thanks for your work and standing for the truth.
    Had a thought for you, have you considered having RFK Jr on as a guest? He is a brilliant individual and understands the government corruption. His last interview with Tucker was amazing. Just a suggestion

  31. Times Up America

    Remember when conservatives blasted Obama for adding $9 trillion to the national debt in 8 years in office?

    Trump added $8 trillion in only half the time.

    Just thought I’d remind conservatives since their memories don’t seem to work properly—y’all also forget Trump’s primary role in starting the Plandemic/Great Reset/KillShot Culling Campaign in 2020.

    You also forgot all of the awful Republicans and their equally awful policies that YOU voted into office these last 5-6 decades…

    • Doris

      Say an armored truck flips over on the highway and all the nice women Democrats get out of their cars and pick up $9 Trillion dollars in 8 minutes – are you now going to complain about the awful Republicans who are better able (like a transgender male in a swimming contest) to get out of their cars and pick up $8 Trillion in only 4 minutes?

    • Earth Angel

      Where/What is your source on Trump’s adding $8 trillion in 4 yrs.? I have never heard that stated before.

  32. Susan R

    Both of you are professionals and educated on your topics which are right now what is needed to survive. The point being the time is pointing to “this” time, and immediate action watching global movement. There are far too many who are not ready for this. I think most who got treated will not be ready being those who believe the narrative. This group will become unhinged and form our new narrative.

  33. "Enrico"

    “The U.S. Dollar fatalists, as Brent likes to call them, were a giddy bunch this week as the BRICS Summit came and went. The event brought more of the same old claims that the “end is nigh” for the U.S. dollar.

    Although the Dollar’s demise is destined, inevitable is not the same as imminent. When fate finally does arrive, no one, not even the biggest of the BRICS, will be prepared for the pain that is unleashed.”

  34. Trinacria

    Good interview. No question we have become bullies thanks to the neo-cons (emphasis on the “con”). They destroyed Qaddafi and Libya; he kept a lid on things in Libya and migrants were not leaving for Europe under him. But, he wanted to break away from the West and they destroyed him.
    Reminds me of that line in that movie…”are we the baddies???” Yes, thanks to the neo-cons.
    All fiat currencies eventually implode. The dollar is still the best looking horse in the proverbial glue factory. But these neo-cons are doing their best to destroy it. The abuses are indeed egregious and the debt is much too high. I have been buying gold and silver for the last 10 years during dips and will buy more as I believe we are in the middle of another dip. After that, I believe it will go up, pull back again a little but not as low, then it’s off to the races and it becomes “unobtanium” and will be out of the reach of the average person. That’s my belief, but don’t rely on it.
    It is really sad that we are chasing Russia – a Christian country – away (India also as a traditional country). The problem is that the neo-cons want to control Russia because they don’t like the fact that Russia adheres to traditional values. The neo-cons want LBGTQ+/-XYZLMNOP#?&* or whatever 24/7 and Putin and other traditional countries just AIN’T going to wear no stinkin rainbow buttons. Period, end of story. In fact, these countries are passing legislation against this stuff. The African culture absolutely abhors this stuff. We don’t care and we want to shove it down their throats. We (I mean the pathetic neo-cons in charge) don’t respect their cultures. These folks do not want their cultures denigrated and, rightfully so.
    We don’t have a culture…we have the dollar…but not forever. My dad, an old Italian immigrant saw this 40+ years ago. He was grateful, loved the USA, but already was seeing the abuses as he knew because he grew up under Mussolini. He referred to it as “the aristocracy of the dollar”. He would talk to me about this stuff when I was a teenager, but I did not know enough to fully understand yet. When I was a teenager, he was very sure that the CIA killed the Kennedy brothers. But again, was too much to comprehend as a 14 year old. I get it now!!!
    Protect yourselves and heed the advice the Greg Hunter and the others so gracefully provide us with on this site.
    Best wishes to all.

    • Doris

      Probably how the eugenicists figure it – as the number of evil greedy immoral people in the world grow in number (lighting forest fires to roast or choke us or more directly just jab all the sweet innocent people to death with their vaccines, etc., etc. (for a paper momentary reward) – there will eventually be so many of these immoral evil people “competing with each other to kill every last one of us” that “only the immoral will be left” living in the same highly toxic environment they created “to kill us off with” – and thus – these immoral’s who think they will be made immortals will destroy themselves (just like greedy yeast cells seeking more and more sugar a wine bottle – for as their numbers rise – in the highly toxic environment they’ve created to kill us – it eventually “dooms them to death also” – with their mission accomplished it will be time for the eugenicist Satanists to uncork a bottle and enjoy some fine wine!!

  35. GreenPeas

    earlier this year the Evangelical maverick Dallas Jenkins sold out to Lion’s Gate Entertainment — placing the extremely popular The Chosen (a multi season Jesus docudrama) into the hands of Hollywood.

    Many fans, at that time, were very concerned what this would mean going forward.

    Now see this — Lion’s Gate is the leading edge of creepy Joe Biden’s into-autumn 2023 reinstatement of mask-mandates and related acts of tyranny.

    Keep in mind, the studio sell-out happened at the very same time, earlier this summer (2023), when the multi-color flag of Sodom was conspicuous in a camera pan during a Chosen promotional video. Dallas Jenkins rushed to the defense of the camera-man who sported the flag of Sodom and rebuked those who were concerned by it.

  36. Earth Angel

    Another enlightening and stimulating interview. Love all your guests AND your commentaries Greg. CAF called it first tho- they’re going to protect the dollar at all costs- and the people be damned. The only thing the Fed cares about is covering their OWN greedy criminal asses. Total scumbags- the lot of them.

  37. Kareem Abdul Jabarski

    US Government Deception Tactic EXPOSED!
    Stephen Gardner 99,782 views Aug 26, 2023
    Winslow Wheeler is a colleague of Colonel Douglas Macgregor. He and Stephen Gardner discuss the corruption in US Congress, the pay for play schemes, the love of war and the weakness of the US Military. Especially in light of spending over $1 Trillion annually. The US Government purposely breaks up bill to trick the US citizens into believes far less is wasted on war. Sad!

    I NEVER DO THIS, BUT IT’S NOT MY FAULT! | Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Phil French, & MORE! | Huckabee
    Huckabee on TBN 43,601 views Premiered 9 hours ago
    On Huckabee, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reveals his first-hand experience with America’s open border and government censorship. Barry Meguiar is the founder and president of Ignite America, a ministry focused on igniting Christians and revival in our country. Phil French and Veranica provide the entertainment on this must-see episode of Huckabee!

    Vivek Ramaswamy DESTROYS Neocons Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Chris Christie on UKRAINE War The Hill 197,956 views Premiered Aug 24, 2023
    Robby Soave weighs in on Vivek Ramaswamy’s performance in the first GOP primary debate.

  38. Pamela Hankins

    BRICS is not new! This was the 15th meeting, and as I heard the history of its evolution, they purpose for it was to move global oligarchs eastward to greener pastures, as the west has ceased to be profitable to them. All of the swirling rhetoric makes it sound like this is something that just suddenly appeared on the global stage, but its been in the works a long time, and its no surprise to the elite.

  39. I Dig Au

    Evil will only succeed if we allow it. If you’re content with “playing it safe” and not confronting the tyranny perpetrated on the American people, enjoy your shackles.

  40. Stone Phillips

    “The Red Badge of Courage” (1974) – Richard Thomas Civil War Classic
    LionHeart FilmWorks 280,297 views Sep 24, 2022
    Based on the Stephen Craine Civil War Novel – an American Classic – Pvt. Henry Fleming (Richard Thomas) is a nervous young Union soldier in the American Civil War. During what he believes is a lost battle, he flees to the woods. When he later learns that the Union actually won the battle, he becomes deeply ashamed of his cowardice and lies to his fellow soldiers about his disappearance. However, Fleming is given a chance to redeem himself and become a hero when he learns that his unit will be leading a charge on the enemy.

  41. Pamela Hankins

    They have a seven year agenda ending in December 12, 2023. That week they will renew that seven year covenant to end in 2030. So, yes, they are speeding things up. All is in place. Time is short. The Lord Jesus is coming. Don’t be left here to deal with what they plan to do, (as we can know by the Scriptures). Here’s one link that refers to their plan:

  42. Not Complaining

    Vivek Ramaswamy: This Is How I’ll ‘End The Ukraine War’ Using A ‘Modern Monroe Doctrine’
    Forbes Breaking News 99,723 views Aug 23, 2023
    In remarks to the Richard Nixon Library last week, 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy laid out his “Modern Monroe Doctrine” for foreign policy.

    Viktor Shokin makes explosive bribery claims against Joe and Hunter Biden Fox News 316,436 views Aug 26, 2023
    Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin joins ‘One Nation’ to discuss explosive allegations against the Bidens.

  43. Prospector


    Get ready: Restaurants, ballparks, stores all gearing up to digitize their customers
    Taco Bell and several other popular fast-food chains say they are angling to become digital-only, totally cashless businesses in the near future.
    This includes fast food chains Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC and The Habit Burger Grill, which also has units in China. Remember, it was KFC that offered to become the first restaurant to serve fake lab-grown chicken.

    ” I’ve also been told by sources who are employed at large grocery-store chains that the grocery business is also getting ready to roll out artificial intelligence to “enhance” the customer experience while scooping up tons of data on employees and customers.”

    HAL the drive-thru robot says — ‘ I’m sorry Dave , you have eaten to much junk food this week , purchased DENIED “

    • Earth Angel

      My friend in Ft. Lauterdale was very upset telling me that a ‘Whole Foods’ there just went digital and began not accepting cash. Don’t people recognize- WE have the power to BOYCOTT these stores RIGHT NOW and turn this around before it gets too far! After a week or two of NO CUTOMERS and NO SALES these stores will be begging for business and accepting CASH AGAIN. BUT MOST OF US SHOPPING AT THESE PLACES HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO THE BOYCOTT IMMEDIATELY. Same with renewed covid mandates. Picketing in front of offending businesses to let others know what you are doing & WHY can help too. This works. Look at Airline Pilots & Hollywood writer strikes, etc. Just the threat of UPS workers striking gave them the results they were looking for. You have to be SMARTER than what you are working with and organize the solidarity of numbers.. It MUST BE DONE!

      • Prospector

        Load up your shopping basket with goods , if they refuse cash leave it all on the checkout table and walk out.

        They will need to hire entire crews just to put things back !
        That costs money $$$$$

        BOG the system down.

  44. Enrico T. from Pacific Palisades

    Love this guy! John Rubino!

  45. Dan Knight

    Totally agree with everything y’all said, but I would like to add …

    … the people in charge are really, really incompetent, ignorant, and – on the Left – they’re not very smart.

    If someone with billions of dollars and an executive jet tells these people to swallow cyanide and hold their breath for ten minutes to save the ocean from falling off the flat earth … they will!

    That’s why they’re in charge.

    And a lot – I mean A Lot – can be explained by that. The Left’s primary Weapon of Mass Destruction … is the imbecile hired to fail at the job.

    When I was a kid, this had a strong racial and ethnic component – since pretty much the top experts in everything were straight, white, American men, and mostly Christians. But that’s not true today. That’s why they have to attack ‘conservatives’ of any race, color, or creed. When a competent person shows up – he blows up the narrative.

    God bless …

  46. Diana

    John, if President Trump doesn’t arrest these people there will be a problem. We can no longer allow these people to run loose and destroy America. Which left on their own they will do. America needs to use the law to solve the problem unlike what they are doing. I appreciate and agree with you on most things, but we have much to fix before we can mend international fences. Thank you Greg, love you. You are a light in the darkness.

  47. Charlie Mungered

    On behalf of Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response UNIT &
    The Legacy National Security Advisory Group (US) – LNSAG
    PIA Calls for an Urgent Ceasefire in Ukraine

    Putin’s Men Bomb Ukrainian Depots, P-18 Radar Station In Single Strike; Kyiv Loses Nearly 700 Troops Hindustan Times 93,020 views Aug 27, 2023
    The Ukraine Army reportedly suffered big losses in the past day of the counteroffensive. Nearly 700 Ukrainian troops were wiped out, 18 attacks failed and three ammunition depots were obliterated across the frontline, according to the Russian defence ministry. It also released a video showing Podnos Mortar crews stalling Ukrainian troops in the Kupyansk direction, where Russia claims to have advanced.

  48. Judy


    The advice from Spec Ops Lt. Col. Pete “Doc” Chanbers: CONTROL THE CONTROLLABE

  49. Marie Joy

    Christians are taught to turn the other cheek. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t work. In this instance, it’s going to get us all killed.
    Do not comply.

  50. Randy Best

    I wonder what Jim Rickards will say now? Eventually he will be right because all roads lead back to gold.

  51. ExcellentSmithers

    I listen and act on everything. And John Rubino IS the sharpest pencil in the box!

  52. Linda Copping

    I can’t help but thinking there’s a good reason for all this breakdown, other than the obvious, but as part of renewal, as part of a natural order needing to be restored, so all the dead wood needs to be put in a pile and burnt, all the evil needs to be destroyed, and the temporary and increasing chaos is what is making people head to the hills, live in the woods in their cabins, growing food on their land. I did that but did it way too early, 20 years ago, now I am back closer to a city closer to family, thats more important. It has been chaos and there is going to be more of it as the break down proceeds, so being around family, friends, like minded people is going to be really important. And faith and courage, and love. And hope, people of faith have lots of that. These are the end times. What times? The times we have been enslaved, been far away from love and joy and peaceful existence. Just a little longer now and we will be home free.

  53. William T Westenberger

    So, are you still going to tell us to be calm while our country is collapsing around us?

  54. Frank S.

    Being 67, I’ve been around long enough to have seen the Big Picture of all this playing out. Its certainly been going on since the early 60s (Kennedy assassination). Not just since it was “coming out of left field”. but coming from the parking lot behind left field! The younger generations were born into “their normal”, and wouldn’t recognize as clearly as those older that things have gotten ‘bat s..t crazy’, and will never be normal again, only worse. I would encourage everyone to read Revelation for some insights into what’s coming. And to plan their present and future life as if this movie is about at “The End”.

    • Bob

      Read 2 Timothy chapter 3 a real eye opener.

  55. Henry Ford

    John Rubino always provides good content.
    However, he mentioned that if Trump wins and gets Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in handcuffs, we will truly be a banana republic. Nope. Disagree. Putting these real criminals behind bars and returning the justice system to a level playing field for all will return us to a republic and a nation of laws. Unless we make them and others like them pay, they will continue to think they are above the law and continue to do whatever they want. They started it. It needs to be finished, and hard.

  56. James

    John Bolton put on the board of directors of “Nuburu” blue space laser company (Aug.23rd) whose research is on space based weaponry. Where Bolton goes death and destruction follow. Seems like other things like food plants have been catching fire too. Hmmm. And then there were the Chinese lasers over Hawaii six months ago.

  57. GreenPeas

    Verizon is now setting the stage to destroy the people of New Jersey’s boardwalk.

    Dr Goldberg testifies before US Congress how 5G destroys people: ( < 2-min clip)

    • Jamie Duke

      U.S.’ Armoured Vehicle Bites Dust As Putin’s FPV Drones Catch Ukrainian Troops Off Guard | 53K views 1 day ago Hindustan Times
      Russia’s First-Person View drones have become a nightmare for Ukrainian soldiers amid the counteroffensive. The Russian …

      Russia ‘Kills’ 4800 Troops, Dodges Hundreds of Ukrainian Attacks; Week Of ‘Weak’ Offensive For Kyiv 72K views 7 hours ago Hindustan Times
      It was a week of ‘weak’ offensives for Ukraine against Russian armed forces. According to the Russian defence ministry, Ukrainian

      Mandatory Clot Shot Both Sides/ End da War!

    • Nicholas Testa

      Green Peas.
      Putin Bans 5G across Russia, Destroys All Towers
      By Michael Baxter -August 5, 2023

  58. Robert Will

    The Fed has no choice but to raise rates. Otherwise US$ would collapse. Increased rates are definitely the lesser of two evils.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what many have been saying all along. You got it right, and I agree!!

    • Mohammad

      Raising rate is for other reasons:
      Depriving BRICS from liquidity.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point. I did not think of this!

  59. Rodster

    Because the last CV19 Bioweapons were so safe and effective!

    Biden To Fund New COVID Vaccine “For Everybody… Whether They’ve Gotten It Before Or Not”

    • "Enrico"

      “They want us dead,’ said Bond calmly. ‘So we have to stay alive.”

      ― Ian Fleming, Moonraker

  60. Rodster

    Can you say “Banana Republic”?

    “Weaponized Collusion? Jack Smith’s Team Huddled With Biden White House Before Trump Indictment”

  61. Self Exiled

    I want to be there on judgement day when The Holy Father deals with the men who destroyed this nation; that was once a golden scepter in His hand.

    and he went out to meet Asa and said to him, “Hear me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin: the LORD is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him [inquiring for and of Him, as your soul’s first necessity], He will let you find Him; but if you abandon (turn away from) Him, He will abandon (turn away from) you. 2 Chronicles 15:2

    (O Babylon) you who live by many waters,
    Rich in treasures,
    Your end has come,
    And the line measuring your life is cut. Jeremiah 51:13

    Therefore, thus says the LORD [to Jeremiah], (and to all of us)
    “If you repent [and give up this mistaken attitude of despair and self-pity], then I will restore you [to a state of inner peace]
    So that you may stand before Me [as My obedient representative];
    And if you separate the precious from the worthless [examining yourself and cleansing your heart from unwarranted doubt concerning My faithfulness],
    You will become My spokesman.
    Let the people turn to you [and learn to value My values]—
    But you, you must not turn to them [with regard for their idolatry and wickedness].
    “And I will make you to this people
    A fortified wall of bronze;
    They will fight against you,
    But they will not prevail over you,
    For I am with you [always] to save you
    And protect you,” says the LORD.
    “So I will rescue you out of the hand of the wicked,
    And I will redeem you from the [grasping] palm of the terrible and ruthless [(tyrant).

  62. Slide Bitterman

    John Rubino calls it like it is without ranting or raving. Thank you Greg for having him on your show. John can educate us without theatrics or trying to sell us vitamins every ten minutes. When the message is powerful and concise there is no need to raise his voice. Great eye for talent Mr. Hunter. Very well done!

  63. HandsomeHank

    Can Trump take his secret service to prison?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, as a former president, he is entitled to lifetime personal protection by the Secret Service. Best always. PM

  64. Andrew Cox

    Great interview.

  65. Marie Joy

    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors.
    Dominion has to go.

  66. Dawn

    Hey Greg, TY for all you do.
    It is happening just like M. Armstrong said it wood.

  67. John Geis

    You can’t get out of student debt by bankruptcy. Banks cannot survive with rates here. You already have insolvent banks and deposits are running away from banks. The existing 0% interest bonds are being refinanced at 6%. 34 TRILLION @ 6% = 2.4 TRILLION in interest on the debt and all that money has to be printed. On top of that the Ukraine army has been thinned out to push the southern offensive. NATO is now talking about retreating behind the Dnipper River and blowing the bridges. That is the next part of the azovmena prophecy leaving only the evacuation of Kiev, America using 8 nuclear weapons on the Russian army along the river and the huking of the US. Duduman’s prophecy calls from civil war followed by Russia nuking the US. Look at Trump’s picture. Look at Maui. Look at the return of masking and tell me that the regular people are not ready for civil war.
    Azovmena says 8 nukes on Russian troops and then on NOVEMBER !! RUSSIA NUKES THE US! Will that be this year or next? Do you think it probable that we make it to next year or are the Trump indictments the fuze for the civil war and we have to wait till 11/11/2024?

  68. John

    The arrest of Trump was a message to the rest of us slobs. If we can do this to Trump, just think what we can do to you! Don’t step out of line, just comply. We have become a banana Republic over night.

  69. M.Savagich

    This Ones for You Barry!
    Americans ‘turning against’ Joe Biden
    Sky News Australia 22,513 views Aug 28, 2023
    Sky News contributor Kristin Tate says people in the United States are “turning against” President Joe Biden due to his personality and the way he has dealt with issues during his presidency.

  70. Lee Myers

    What is $3.8 Billion Beijing Biden Begging China fer NOW? Where’s Hunter?
    Biden is ‘accelerating’ a war against China with this move, expert warns
    Fox Business 21,288 views Aug 28, 2023
    Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang joins ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s controversial trip to Beijing and its impact on foreign policy.

  71. JJJ

    “THIS generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur,” said Jesus. (Matthew 24:34) But what is meant by the word “generation”?

    In his book The Generation of 1914, professor of history Robert Wohl presents an unusual definition when he states: “A historical generation is not defined by its chronological limits or its borders. It is not a zone of dates . . . It is more like a magnetic field at the center of which lies an experience or a series of experiences. . . . What is essential to the formation of a generational consciousness is some common frame of reference that provides a sense of rupture with the past . . . This frame of reference is always derived from great historical events like wars, revolutions, plagues, famines, and economic crises.”

    “Given the way Stead, “W.T.”) Stead, perhaps Britain’s most well-known journalist, called “the father of tabloid journalism. had earlier disagreed with Cecil Rhodes in the Boer Wars, including being removed as the beneficiary of the Rhodes will, they could not afford the risk that Stead might disclose their plans to fabricate the annexation of the U.S.A., start WWI and take down Russia and Germany.”
    You can see Satan’s moves during the generation he said would not pass away before the end.

  72. donna armstrong

    I was praying for dustin nemos and the Lord told me was being poisioned like Karen Kiingston. Can not acces his site so know you could PLEASE let him know to save his life.

  73. GreenPeas

    Evangelical visionary David Wilkerson’s prophecy just now manifest. Macy’s Los Angeles here we go.

    it was prophesied that when the L.A. Macy’s got robbed by feral youth, that bank closures would follow soon. I.e., the Macy’s event is a time-marker.

    The above video is by jsnip4. View his other recent videos including a prophetic dream by a 10yr old regarding bank closures imminent.

  74. Marz

    Our civilization will never recover from the 1-2 punch of the Plandemic Presidents Trump & Biden…

  75. Franz

    Our civilization will never recover from the 1-2 punch of the Plandemic Presidents Trump & Biden…

  76. Patrick Michael Alaggio

    This analogy is directed at those of you who believe that our Perto-Dollar is unassailable by the BRICS alliance. NOTHING could be further from the truth!

    Once upon a time Big Blue, aka IBM, was the unchallenged SUPERPOWER in mainframe computing. They OWNED the PROPRIETARY technology that spanned both hardware and software. In the 1960’s and 70’s they WERE virtually untouchable.

    Then in the late 1970’s and 80’s, with the advent of mini and super minicomputers, networking, and a philosophy of “OPEN SOFTWARE and HARDWARE ARCHITECTURES” that dominance came under attack. Not only did the software offer far greater capabilities, it did so in far less programmer time due to the structure of the UNIX / C++ tools. Furthermore, OPEN ARCHITECTURE meant that anyone could write and contribute to these capabilities accelerating the acceptance and inevitable dominance of these technologies. The hardware developed ALSO fell within the open architecture structure meaning that everyone’s tools and capabilities could be utilized cost-effectively by the others.

    All of a sudden IBM wasn’t ABSOLUTELY dominant. Sure, they still owned the marketplace and all of the F-500 companies, and they had their customers LOCKED-IN through their proprietary (very expensive) contracts, but the future had IN-FACT changed and would never go back again… the writing was on the wall.

    Meanwhile, concurrent with IBM’s continued dominance, companies of equal size with these new and vastly improved software AND hardware technologies, began to surround the existing islands of IBM MAINFRAME applications. The NEWER, more capable, software that resided on much smaller, more economical, and much more efficient NETWORKED computers would NOT be faced with DEAD-ENDS, that could bankrupt a company when their PROPRIETARY software reached its limit without fulfilling the evolving needs of the organization.

    Now, with OPEN ARCHITECTURES, a new app that may have taken 100 software programmers ONE-year to write (aka 100-man years of effort and billables) could now be done in a small fraction of that time by a team of advanced programmers using these highly sophisticated software programs, which had evolved to make them infinitely more capable.

    It was just a matter of time before all successful companies (that wanted to survive) would write all of their NEW applications in the open architecture world leaving the obsolete mainframes to continue with their (already) written, but obsolete programs running in-place until they too became too expensive to maintain. In effect, the strategy was to surround, NOT replace, the existing applications and let them WITHER ON THE VINE… one by one until they were completely obsolete. THAT fate will befall ALL of our allies that hold on (to their last gasp) to the phony counterfeited US dollar.

    The telecommunications / internet is but one example of this networked world that began over 50 years ago. It serves as a great example of what WILL BECOME of our counterfeited “fiat” currency in the very near future. The BRICS PLUS nations WILL WORK TOGETHER to dethrone our corrupt system from its self-appointed role of GLOBAL BULLY and MASTER OF THE WORLD. 

    Our days, along with our whopping 5% of the world’s population, are not only numbered… THEY ARE OVER! PERIOD!! They WERE shortened significantly by our own hubris when we STOLE $300,000,000,000 ($300 billion!) from Russia by weaponizing our position as the global reserve currency, our never-ending political and corporate corruption, and of course, the apathy of our imbecilic population that continually flaunts its ignorance, naivete, perversions, and cowardice!

    Get ready for the inevitable… you’ve EARNED IT! 

    Patrick Alaggio
    Writer & Researcher

    • Self Exiled

      Therefore thus says the LORD, “Behold I am bringing disaster and suffering on them which they will not be able to escape; though they cry to Me, I will not listen to them. Jeremiah 11-11

      But I will punish you in accordance with the [appropriate] consequences of your decisions and your actions,” says the LORD.
      “I will kindle a fire in your forest,
      And it will devour all that is around you.”’ Jeremiah

      The anger of the LORD will not turn back
      Until He has set in motion and accomplished the thoughts and intentions of His heart;
      In the last days you will clearly understand it. Jeremiah 23:20

      The LORD [acknowledged you once as worthy and] called your name,
      “A green olive tree, fair and beautiful in fruit and form”;
      But with the roar of a great tempest
      He has set fire to it,
      And its branches are worthless. Jeremiah 11-16

      Thus I shall magnify Myself and demonstrate My greatness and sanctify Myself, and I will be recognized and will make Myself known in the sight of many nations; they will know [without any doubt] that I am the LORD. Ezekiel 38-23

      Their doings will not permit them
      To return to their God,
      For the spirit of harlotry is within them
      And they do not know the LORD [they do not recognize, appreciate, heed or cherish Him] Hoses 5:4

      For I desire and delight in [steadfast] loyalty [faithfulness in the covenant relationship], rather than sacrifice,
      And in the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. Hoses 6:6

      Sow with a view to righteousness [that righteousness, like seed, may germinate];
      Reap in accordance with mercy and lovingkindness.
      Break up your uncultivated ground,
      For it is time to seek and search diligently for the LORD [and to long for His blessing]
      Until He comes to rain righteousness and His gift of salvation on you. Hosea 10:12

      In accordance with your statements Michael Alaggio; I self exiled; could no longer support with my life and tax dollar.

  77. John Hudiburgh

    One of the most disgusting things is that illegitimate president Biden shows no fiscal responsibility whatsoever, blows money like it water, and on nonsense. He’s totally reckless. It’s like he’s trying to destroy the dollar and wreck the system.

    • Jake

      Obama added $9 trillion to the debt in 8 years. Conservatives called him a Communist Traitor.

      Trump added $8 trillion in half the time. Conservatives called him the greatest President of all time.

      You’re not serious people.

      • Greg Hunter

        We are at the end Jake. The real question is: Does the USA go into bankruptcy under the rule of law or rule of chaos? That is the only question and the powers on both sides know this very well. Rule of Law or Chaos?

        • Jake

          “I’ve taken the booster and so had Donald Trump. The vaccine is one of the few things we agree on.”

          —Joe Biden

          Greg, I’ll say it again:

          Conservatives are not serious people.

          • Greg Hunter

            Either are AI trolls.

      • Mohammad

        It is called exponential curve, we are passed the hockey stick turn of its end….

      • virginia clark

        Actually Jake, under Trump, both Houses were controlled by the democrats. The Congress holds the purse strings. They black mailed Trump into accepting their money spending/laundering schemes so he would take the fall for it. Still being naive and being surrounded by fake loyalists, he took bad advice and went with it.
        Obama, who is a CIA implant, didn’t care anyway. He also had democrat majorities in his first term. Democrats like to spend money, and of course rinos do what they are told.

  78. Denise Andersen

    I will be carrying a lighter now. If/when the crazies hand me a face diaper to put on. I will be lighting it up right in front of them.

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, per this article =
    as explained by George Gammon, when adjusted for inflation the housing prices is already in a steep decline =
    Sesms to bv confirmed in Calif. =

  80. DAVID


  81. Justn Observer

    Greg, can’t say I’ve seen this in such detail anywhere in the MSM LLM including FOX..? or am I wrong?.

  82. Rodster

    Martin Armstrong is calling for civil unrest in 2024 along with the elimination of paper currencies and switching to CBDC’s. Keep in mind that lockdowns took place around the world by using the Plandemic because of civil unrest that was igniting globally especially in Taiwan and all over Europe.

    In the video, Joe Bidet says “for now we recommend everyone get the new vaccine”. So will this change to mandatory? I would think so just like the first time.

    “COVID -II The Next Fake Plague to Control Civil Unrest”

    They do not care about all the side effects and the number of people who have died. This is all about maintaining their control and power. So get ready for more lockdowns to suppress the rising civil unrest they anticipate will erupt because of their actions next year. As I warned previously, once they got away with the COVID Scam they would add this to their repertoire to impose it whenever they need to control the mob – we, the scum of the earth – the Great Unwashed.

    • Carol Quiqly

      As Marty warned Rodster, since they got away with the COVID Scam they would try to do it all over again and stoop to releasing a killer anthrax type poison, like they tried with the clot shots and basically failed and will fail again, as Alex Jones points out, they are a Joke!
      LOCKDOWN 2.0! FactCheckers Say COVID Mandates Are Not Being Rolled Out As They ARE Being Rolled Out :The Alex Jones Show August 28th 2023, 6:17 pm
      Establishment gaslighting hits new levels!

    • Yasmin Blainy

      Did the Bible Predict the Way People Think and Act Today?
      Yup, the Bible foretold that people in general would change for the worse during our time. It indicated that this change would lead to a large-scale moral decay and collapse of social values. a (2 Timothy 3:1-5) But the Bible also foretold that some people would not succumb to this breakdown. Rather, with God’s help, they would work to overcome negative influences and to bring their thinking and actions in line with his will.—Isaiah 2:2, 3.
      The Bible describes a variety of negative traits and actions that would become commonplace, all rooted in selfishness. People would be “without self-control,” “lovers of themselves,” and “lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.”—2 Timothy 3:2-4.

      True to that prophecy, people in our day are often self-absorbed, focused on self-interest, self-gratification, self-fulfillment, and so forth. These traits are so common that some groups have been called the Me Generation and even the Me Me Me Generation. Many people are so interested in themselves that they are “without love of goodness,” lacking the capacity to love good qualities. Being “unthankful,” they feel no need to show gratitude for what they have or for what others do for them.—2 Timothy 3:2, 3.
      Selfishness is at the root of other attitudes that serve as a sign of our time:
      Greedy. “Lovers of money” are not uncommon—often measuring their success in life by their income or possessions.—2 Timothy 3:2.
      Proud. Many are “boastful, haughty,” and “puffed up with pride.” (2 Timothy 3:2, 4) Such ones brag and exaggerate their abilities, qualities, or wealth.
      Slanderous. “Blasphemers” and “slanderers” are widespread. (2 Timothy 3:2, 3) These expressions can refer to those who insult other people or God or who lie about them.
      Obstinate. Many people are “disloyal,” “not open to any agreement,” “betrayers,” and “headstrong.” (2 Timothy 3:2-4) They show these qualities by refusing to negotiate, to work out solutions, or to honor agreements they have previously made.
      Violent. Many today are “fierce,” readily giving in to anger, which often leads to brutal or savage actions.—2 Timothy 3:3.
      Lawless. Jesus foretold an “increasing of lawlessness” during our time. (Matthew 24:12) He also predicted widespread “disturbances,” or “uprisings.”—Luke 21:9, footnote.
      Lacking family love. Those who are “disobedient to parents” and have “no natural [family] affection” have produced a surge in domestic neglect, abuse, and violence.—2 Timothy 3:2, 3.
      Religiously hypocritical. An increasing number of people have a mere “appearance of godliness.” (2 Timothy 3:5) Rather than submit to God’s will, they follow religious leaders who tell them what they want to hear.—2 Timothy 4:3, 4.

  83. Rocky Meteor

    Martin Armstrong implies that his Socrates invalidates the sovereign will of the Almighty God. This is idolatry. Why does the Evangelical USAWD promote it?

    • Greg Hunter

      NO Armstrong DOES NOT and NEVER HAS “invalidates the sovereign will of the Almighty God.” NOT one time–period. You are making crap up and your opinion is not a fact. I put on many views and they often disagree with one another. Don’t come back.

  84. Slide Bitterman

    The Hawaiian “government” has now admitted that your Ed Dowd’s Blackrock Corp deliberately refused to modernize the power grid, deliberately refused to trim the brush under the Lahaina power lines and deliberately left the power on so it would ignite the brush.
    The khazarian Rockefeller mafia wants that land for themselves and people worldwide are being deliberately burned off their lands and burned alive in many cases. Mark Zuckerberg-Rockefeller lives there and owns a huge tract of land and is preparing a place for the Rockefeller khazarian mafia to hide out during their murder of 90% of the human race. Does your Ed Dowd have blood on his billionaire hands as well?

    • Doris

      We all know the Maui murders were all planned “ahead of time” – just like “the plan to lock up Trump was “planned and conspired ahead of time” – and “son of a beach” it was all done “on the direct orders of Biden”!! – Now if that does not constitute a Constitutional crisis – “What Does”?? –

  85. Marie Joy

    Easy times make people lazy and apathetic and we let politicians and their owners get away with murder, literally.

  86. Marie Joy

    What does that say about us?

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, Rand Paul making too much sense =

  88. Rodster

    The people are resisting!

    “Recent Mask Mandates Lifted Amid Pushback”

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, more common-sense straight talk, this by Candance Owens touting whot POTUS DJT did for black america =

  90. ZMasterFlash

    God bless you Greg!

    I enjoyed John’s take on BRICS and was hoping to hear how the Evergrande bankruptcy was going to impact the Chinese economy as well as US financials ?

  91. Rodster

    Martin Armstrong along with CAF and Greg Hunter have been saying why a cashless society is a very bad thing. Here’s an article on why going cashless hurts the most vulnerable.

    “Australia’s transition to a cashless society raises concerns about financial exclusion, privacy and safety”

  92. PersonaNonGrata

    Mike Adams, ‘Covid Vaxx #1 was an IQ test. Those stupid enough to fall for the upcoming Covid Vaxx #2 will perish . . .’

  93. Nick Reynolds

    If we don’t realize who the enemy is, who’s giving the orders, then we have no chance of defeating them. It has to be the super-rich, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and their bagmen like Soros. The politicians are merely their useful idiots, or in the case of Creepy Joe, their useless sub-idiots. It’s essentially de-population, de-industrialization, and decrypto-ization, all in one tyrannical world government.

  94. Jaun Valdez

    Typical CIA Regime Change Operation::: NORMAL BUSINESS!
    THIS Is Why the Rest of the World Hates Us!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.23M subscribers 109K views 21 hours ago
    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has given his approval to the upcoming Pakistani elections after popular democratically elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was removed from power by the military and imprisoned. Which should come as no surprise, seeing as how the State Department encouraged and facilitated Khan’s ouster.

    Russian Missiles Blow Up Ukraine Army’s Train Carrying Ammo, 30 Soldiers In Donetsk | Hindustan Times 41,092 views Aug 29, 2023
    The Russian Army blew up an Ukrainian military train in the Donetsk region amid the counteroffensive. The train carrying ammunition turned into a fireball after Russian missile strike. The Russian defence ministry said that up to 30 Ukrainian soldiers onboard the train were wiped out. The attack took place when the train was unloading at a railway station.

    Russia ‘Kills’ 4800 Troops, Dodges Hundreds of Ukrainian Attacks; Week Of ‘Weak’ Offensive For Kyiv Hindustan Times 73K views 7 hours ago
    It was a week of ‘weak’ offensives for Ukraine against Russian armed forces. According to the Russian defence ministry, Ukrainian forces faced a series of defeats throughout the last 7 days, in which they lost as many as 4,800 troops. Ukraine’s offensive is set to enter its third month but has yielded no major results yet.

  95. Mohammad

    He was right , absolutely right when he said the neocons are scrambling and itching their palms: Who should we bomb first, and it seems they will ignite Syria AGAIN…this is slipping under the radar when the eyes are on Ukraines and forgetting the pivot of the world, SYRIA, …Reports now coming that southern Syria is starting the demonstrations that ignited the first civil war, also clashes between Iranian backed forces and Kurdish US backed forces in the northern eastern Syria where Euphrates and oil is. If that escalates it will be an all out war between US and Russia by proxies same as Ukraines ( I maintained long time ago on your site saying that the purpose of Ukraines war is Syria, they just want to weaken the Russian grip on Syria by letting them bleed in Ukraines, won’t surprise me if they ignite Armenia at the same time they Ignite Syria).
    I can tell you this: Adding Saudi Arabia and UAE to the BRICS is deemed to fail, Iran will be unleashed on SA after they Ignite Syria and the forces will march south to SA , US WILL NEVER LET THE BRICS_SA_UAE MATERIALIZE PERIOD….!!!

  96. Yahweh OrThe Highway “Oy Vey!”

    Fukushima Radioactive Wastewater Released into Ocean May Produce ‘Mutant Animals,’ Professor Warns by Adan Salazar August 28th 2023
    ‘In the laboratory, with much higher levels of tritium, we see genetic damage, we see effects on reproduction, we see effects on development, and we see effects on longevity,’ warns Prof. Timothy Mousseau.
    WOWSER! Coming to soon, to the great state of Hawaii, Alaska, California down the Humboldt current and down south America way. Over to New Zealand and Australia!
    Who will want to go the beach, or swimming, or fishing anymore? Lets dive in,WTS?

  97. Jane jones

    VYBORG, Russia. Swedish-Finnish-Russian Town On A New NATO Border. LIVE
    Baklykov. Live / 297 watching now Started streaming 89 minutes ago
    Another walk around Vyborg, one of the westernmost towns of Russia. Swedish-Finnish-Russian town, founded in 1283. It is located in 120km northwest of St Petersburg, on the border of Finland, and thus, as the matter of fact, on the new NATO border.

  98. Led Skeletor

    The press covers up the worst crimes ever committed by a sitting President.

    Imaging the crimes the press has also gotten away with while reporting on all things the press hates: Snowden, Lira, successful white straight males, Trump, conservatives, the unjust wars including Ukraine, surrender of Afghanistan, burning of American cities, the hatred for law enforcement, the favoritism of the racist orgy’s NAACP, ANTIFA, BLM, the outright lies re COVERT19 and masks for ugly people that pretend their entire existence believing shit that just isn’t so…

    This press is accountable only to their sponsors. And the sponsors are the rulers of this planet profiting off each disaster, whether real or made-up. That is why the press has more power than any elected person, and the press also has the power to destroy any person that the rulers wish to eliminate, that suits their narrative.

    Sixty years ago no one in their right mind would ever believe the shit that is and has been unfolding in front of our eyes. Sixty years ago there was a press that cared about Americans and the United States of America.

    Many people sixty and over call this reality one big sick diseased freak circus free for all, except for the legal citizens working their asses off paying the taxes so that these pretend-sexual ‘victims’ freaks can be freaks 24/7, professional victim-status panhandlers.

  99. Justn Observer

    Greg, a sober discussion on how big the BRIC coalition announce is it has grown and is MORE SOLVENT than thee G7.

  100. Free Slave

    Robot dogs run on batteries.

    Real dogs run on the meat of intruders.

  101. Free Slave

    You talked about those old-school Democrats who feel their party has abandoned them.

    There are also a lot of old-school Republicans who feel the same way. They are a denigrated subgroup of Registered Republicans called MAGA.

    Add to those people the non-aligned citizens who feel their federal government has abandoned them.

    Is there any other title we can ascribe to the sum of those disenfranchised citizens than Patriot? That is who we are, regardless of party.

  102. Self Exiled

    Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision (judgment)!
    For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision [when judgment is executed]. Joel 3:14

    Greg; to me it appears to be the case for many of earth’s inhabitants. We are either aligning ourselves with evil or good. You and I have watched events progress now many years and His return maybe soon, definitely for me at 74. Thank You for the many hours of work that you put in to this ministry.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am on team Jesus! HE is real, and if we are lucky, we will see him in person. Thanks “Self” for supporting USAW and most importantly — Jesus!!

  103. BonnieBlue2A

    Please consider also uploading your interviews/podcast onto Fountain so those of us so rural that we can only listen using phone data can download and listen via MP3 format. It allows both the creators and listeners to earn Bitcoin sats while listening.

    Greg, I use to listen to you years ago but I just cannot do only these video only upload formats on your website. I miss hearing your interviews.

    Thank you.

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