U.S. Financial Death Spiral – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Analyst and financial writer John Rubino has a new warning about being fooled into thinking the economy is improving because inflation and interest rates have fallen some recently.  Rubino says, “If the U.S. government is running crisis level deficits, which it is right now, borrowing money and paying interest on it means we are in a financial death spiral.  The debt goes up, the interest on the debt goes up and that raises the debt even further, and you just spiral out of control.  We are there right now.  The official U.S. debt is $33.5 trillion.  It’s growing by $1.7 trillion a year, and $1 trillion of that is interest costs.  Interest costs are rising as the overall debt goes up.  Then throw in this incredibly reckless military spending in the guise of foreign aid, and you get a society that has completely lost control. That’s where we are now.  We are in the blowoff stage of a 70-year credit super-cycle.  Those things do not end with a whimper, and they certainly do not end with a soft landing.  They end with a bang, and the bang is going to be centered on the currency.  People are going to look at this and say, ‘Do I really want to hold the currency or bonds of a country that is destroying its finances at this trajectory and this scale?’  The answer will be ‘No.’  At that point, it is game over for a deeply indebted economy.  We are headed that way fast, and these wars are taking us that way even faster.”

If the Fed keeps raising interest rates, the economy tanks, but you protect the dollar.  If you cut interest rates, you spike inflation even more, and the U.S. dollar tanks.  Rubino says in the end, we get a “massive reset,” and the everything bubble explodes.

Rubino says the dollar is going to decline and, at some point, it starts to go into freefall in terms of buying power.  Rubino explains, “If a currency starts to decline in a disorderly way, then you have a massive financial crisis on your hands.  That is definitely where Japan is right now.  The U.S. is headed that way fast.  So, once we reach that point, there is no fix.  Then it is only a matter of time that everybody realizes that there is no fix, and they just bail on the whole experiment, and that’s where we are headed.”

Rubino talks about plunging home prices, more trouble coming in the commercial real estate market and why you need gold and silver as core assets during a currency reset.

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called Rubino.Substack.com for 11.18.23.

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After the Interview: 

John Rubino is a prolific financial writer, and you can see some of his work for free at Rubino.Substack.com.  There is even more cutting-edge original information and analysis if you subscribe.

You can also support John Rubino at the snail mail address below:

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  1. Richard Jordan

    What happened to Karen Kingston?

    • Jason

      Tell me Rubino doesn’t look like Billy Bob Thornton!!!
      I love that he’s talking about death and destruction, with a Billy Bob Thornton smile on his face.

      • Splish_Splash

        John Rubino is way more handsome than Billy Bob Thornton!

  2. Sheryl/Ponte Vedra

    I enjoy Rubino but was wondering what happened to Karen Kingston?

    • Greg Hunter

      Karen Kingston just had a conflict in scheduling, and I will re-book her soon. Kingston is OK and doing well by the way.

      • Jeanne

        Thank You, Greg, for letting us know.
        Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God Bless You ✝️

        Watching your broadcast is the highlight of my week! You are a wonderful journalist. Thank You Again.

      • Richard Jordan

        We have been very worried about Karen for some time now. Glad to hear she is doing good. Look forward to listening to her when you have her on in the future.

  3. Mohammad

    Iran is Israel and vice versa….the project is evacuating the land from river to river to declare kingdom of Israel . that is in nut shell.


    • Tin foil head

      Iran back down in about the same time China represents “one of the most consequential relationships” the U.S. has with any nation; these about-face are making my head spin.

      It seems like the Deep State is winning. I’d love to know what will Putin do now.

      • Freebreezer

        Russia is committed to a strategic, long-term approach, in contrast to the short-sighted greed of our politicians. Our leaders prioritize personal gain $$$, leaving the cleanup for those who follow. My take on Putin’s perspective … the strategy involves boosting natural resource sales to further stimulate economic growth; utilizing Ukraine as a genuine weapons development program to enhance their military capabilities/strenght—potentially tripling since the onset of the Biden regime—and patiently awaiting the downturn/chaos in the US. This scenario is a win-win for Russia. However, the wild card lies in the World Economic Forum’s potential loss of control in the USA (Trump), possibly triggering WWIII. It’s worth noting that I exclude Europe from this discussion as the WEF already controls those morons.

    • Ron

      Jimmy Dore did a piece about how it’s the oil and gas discovery off the coast, Israel wants this.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is so totally wrong I don’t know where to start, but let’s start 81 MILES due west of Israel’s northern coast:
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leviathan_gas_field This is the biggest nat gas field Israel has developed. Let that sink in, again 81 miles due West of Israels NORTHERN border.

        • sk

          Greg, with all due respect to you, I read an article that the natural gas field is 19 miles due west from Gaza (about 31 km). Just so you know.

          • Greg Hunter

            Reall what is the name of it? Most of the gas is well north of Gaza. The leviathan field is 81 miles due west of Northern Israel, and it has been that way for years. Gaza is NOT a country. It is part of Israel. Here’s another fact: Countries can claim up to 12 nautical miles from their coasts as territorial waters. More Jew hating bull crap and NO real facts.

  4. Lord Nasdaq

    Great interview brother, Greg. Thank you for the “trends seeing” financial experts such as John Rubino on Saturday nights or other nights.
    Thanks for all you do for the public, and we’re damn proud of you here in N.C.
    Happy Thanksgiving and God (Jehova) bless USAWatchdog.com into 2024 with donations and viewers buying products when needed from the sponsors.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks L N!!

  5. Jim mac

    Did Karen get another threat?

    • Greg Hunter

      No, she just had a conflict, and I will re-book her soon.

      • Lori

        Is there any chance of getting Alex Newman back on to talk about Executive order 13603 as I feel it will be implemented by 2024!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes and soon!

  6. Poochiwoo

    The Roman Empire did the same thing. Towards the end, the old nobility families hyper-inflated everything, and bought everything for pennies on the Denarius. The owners of the US corporation are inflating everything and printing themselves trillions so they can buy everything. We are only about half-way.

    • Earth Angel

      Bang on Poochiwoo.. This appears to be the means to the goal that by 2030 the middle class will own nothing- but I’m sure no one will be happy about it, NO! I notice many of the developments going in as townhouses and retirement communities for senior living (not necessairily nursing home types) around here are offered FOR RENT not FOR SALE. These have to be owned by corporations. And the prices of the new crap homes they are throwing up (packed in wall to wall) that are offered for sale are astronomical. Cracker boxes, every one just alike, starting in the mid $400,000’s- some slightly better looking homes on slightly larger lots in yet another development- from the mid $600,000’s. How can families starting out ever get a leg up with prices like this and high interest rates on top of it? And yet they’re still throwing them up left and right around here with people filling them up.. until they aren’t- and it all collapses, I guess. A sad thing to witness. The Eagles called it in the lyrics to their song; “You call someplace paradise- kiss it goodbye.”

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        A home for $600,000? You do like the invading Hispanics and Asians do: you put 20 people in a house. Okay, that’s ridiculous (even though they do do it). To make it more manageable, you go with six working adults. For that $600K house, it’s $100,000 each. Everyone pays cash. Not a situation six people in their 20s and 30s want to stay in forever. But it’s better than living in mom’s basement. Or two people in a house with a huge mortgage at 8%.

        • Earth Angel

          That’s an innovative idea I hadn’t thought of Cheri R. Good thinking outside the box but still a challenge trying to coordinate 6 individuals or 3 couples making sure all bases are covered and everything gets paid on time- thus proving that where there’s a will there’s always a way!

  7. Edgar J Hartman

    Thanks Gentleman ✌️

  8. Thomas

    “The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency: the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” – Ernest Hemingway

    “Empires fall from grace with alarming speed.” – Doug Casey

    • carl

      To create infinite amounts of “confetti paper money” requires enormous amounts of carbon based plant life to manufacture all the cellulose the banksters require to produce their fiat – but Bill Gates (from Hell) is chopping down the forests, BLM is burning them down, chem-trailists are blocking their sunlight and fertilizer producers (cows) are being methodically slaughtered – giving the Banksters “the perfect excuse they need” to eliminate paper cash and bring in their electronic digital CBDC money “which can be expanded to infinity” – SO THEY THINK – until the “Bell Tolls” for these evil men from Jekyll Island who believe they can serve two masters. A Collapse is Coming which will culminate in the evil Banksters being driven into a Black Hole (from which there is “No Escape”)!! Most Banksters being atheists likely have no name for this Black Hole they will never escape from – however those who read the Bible well know it s name – HELL!!!
      To overcome the monetary HELL the evil Banksters will bring us – one must build upon “a rock” of gold (like Peter in Matthew 16:18) and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against us!!

      • The Seer

        New Zealand cash is a thin plastic material. Also have $2, $1, 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cent and 5 cent coins. They round off.
        A few bank branches no longer handle cash and only dispense cash through
        ATMs. Banks stopped accepting foreign currency so have to use airport currency exchange booths. Plenty of reforestation here and plenty of livestock.
        Lots of oil and gas here to be exploited- heard it’s already been licensed out.

      • The Seer

        NZ cash is a thin plastic material. Also have $2, $1, 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cent and 5 cent coins. They round off.
        A few bank branches no longer handle cash and only dispense cash through
        ATMs. Banks stopped accepting foreign currency so have to use airport currency exchange booths. Plenty of reforestation here and plenty of livestock.
        Lots of oil and gas here to be exploited- heard it’s already been licensed out.

  9. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    Would still like Bo Polny back on soon. He maybe slightly off in his timing, but I think he may be right on concerning the coming financial crisis to the US and beyond.

    Thank you and God bless


    • Katy Bar

      The Globalists love the Big Bang Theory of the Universe with its scientific mantra calling for Continual Expansion – thus the Banksters feel comfortable expanding the money supply in this small segment of the swirling Spiral Arms of the Milky Way Galaxy – but what these Banksters don’t understand (because they don’t read the Bible) is that eventually everything is eventually pulled back into the Giant Black Hole from which the Universe emerged!!
      Revelation 6:13 – The stars will fall from the sky!!

      • Bob

        I’m sure they understand more than you do. 100% sure.

        • Katy Bar

          Did you see the Jan 6 videos now finally being released – I still don’t understand how all these Trump “terrorists” were able to invade the Capital without AR15 assault rifles in their hands? All they were carrying into the Capital were American Flags!! Perhaps the Demon-rats should concentrate on banning “The American Flag” which seems to be way more dangerous to these Demons then an AR15 assault rifle!!!

  10. Jeff Harrison

    All the money sent to Ukraine goes on GDP also. All money sent to Humas shows as GDP also.
    So there is no real number for true money flow in US Population.

  11. Crispin Metzler

    Suppose your “money’ is dying, only 2% fall for your latest vax-scam, the minions are at each other’s throats, but you can’t seem to jin-up a decent war and the ‘cattle’ are figuring out the script, what do you do?

    Blow up the world; simultaneously detonate derivatives, ‘failures to deliver hypothicated “assets”‘ and fake currencies in the quadrillions.

    Is this what Clif High and Dick Allgire are picking up on?

  12. Jeffrobbins

    You guys touched on a couple geopolitical issues and I keep wondering how we look to all the African and South American countries. What will the oil be bought with? We look crazy enough with all the woke stuff.
    I’ll tell you this much, our family feels poorer now than we did 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Used to not worry when my wife went to Walmart each week. Now its down to a trip every two to three weeks.- and with real estate, on paper, we’re millionaires. But it sure doesn’t feel that way.
    There is another deep water issue- God in heaven. I keep thinking about AI- sure looks like the perfect man made deity. It may even fit the definition of ‘abomination of desolation’. When a true self aware AI is birthed, (not just preprogrammed responses), it will be a watershed event. Imagine the arrogance that follows.

    • Tin foil hat

      Akashic records is very similar to the cloud in computer.

    • S. Revere

      Jeff, I can assure you there will not be any AI ”birthed”. Your imagination is getting way out of hand there, lol.
      That ”abomination of desolation” is the Anti christ guy who is a real human being that becomes demon processed, given demonic powers.
      At the 3 1/2 year mark of the 7 yr Trib, he declares himself to be ”God” and moves himself into the newly built 3rd Temple – – and thereby he desecrates its intended holiness, which will be an abomination.
      (I know these things because Im a watchman on the wall)

      • Jeffrobbins

        I used to ageee with that, but puzzle over the words. While you describe ‘abomination’- how would you describe ‘desolation’? It should be lifeless and void. Maybe it’s void of Gods potential as a living person, completely taken over- or as I wonder- a pretend person. We already love our technology. As time goes by it seems that our interpretations to prophecy change. It’s a good thing to discuss these things, especially around the house.

  13. Thomas Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    I like Mr. Rubino – enough so that I subscribe (paying) to his Substack.

    But POINT OF ORDER on some of his geopolitical analysis. He said (among other things) that the U.S. is using Ukraine / Israel as proxies to weaken two of our enemies, Russia / Iran.

    I believe that he’s 180 degrees off on that.

    We have an unelected regime (the Biden-Harris Junta) that, in turn, is run behind-the-curtain by Obama & Co. (In turn, I believe that Obama is acting as middle-management for what I call the “Globalist-CCP Axis” which are forces, including the Muslim Brotherhood, allied in taking-down the USA.)

    Obama has always been pro-Iran / Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not trying to take them down, just the opposite. Hence the “Iran Nuclear Deal” and cash sent there by Obama, and now “the Biden administration.”

    SEE EPOCH TIMES’ DOCUMENTARY “THE FINAL WAR.” It discusses the CCP strategy – developed years ago – of miring the U.S. into multiple regional wars to soften us up for a fatal blow by the CCP. THAT I believe explains Ukraine, the current Israel-Hamas conflict, and the invasion at our southern border importing folks from hostile nations, presumably including sleeper cells.

    Mr. Rubino is a great analyst, but needs to be cognizant of the (treasonous) enemies within.

  14. Akdave

    All things work for good for those that love the lord” This coming crisis will lead people to turn back to God. Celente says when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it. Some do, but some turn to God. Choose now.

  15. Ryan Merritt

    R E V E L A T I O N

  16. Jones

    Saw Karens image wasn’t on the profile and my first thoughts were “oh sh*t what’s happened”!

    • Greg Hunter

      Karen Kingston i9s fine. I will re-book her soon.

  17. Mike S

    Currency reset…couldn’t mean “CDBC” in past depressions. So niwcit’s gonna be ready…by design..to pick up the pieces, and say goodbye to privacy…(assuming nukes, etc. don’t take over 1/2 the population out)

  18. Theresa Lyles

    Thank you Greg!
    Excellent as usual.
    I’ve been a prepper for awhile. NO prepper is gonna take care of a user.
    God bless

  19. Erick

    The Inves.tigatory Pow.ers Act 2016 (I/P/A) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that gives the government and law enforcement agencies wide-ranging powers to collect and retain communications data, intercept communications, and access electronic devices. The Act has been criticized by privacy advocates and civil liberties groups, who argue that it violates the European Convention on Human Rights.

    How the fed.s get around the us constitution. By stupid lawyers who have never read the bible *Luke* or the treaty of paris and king george the 3rd on what took place.

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks john greg

  21. Lyon Barbara

    What good would investing be if the currency becomes worthless?

    • Greg Hunter

      It depends on what you invested in.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Your question needs revision. I think you are asking, “What good would TRADITIONAL investing be, if the currency becomes worthless?”

      It is a law of nature: matter can be neither created nor destroyed. Another way of seeing that expressed is: nothing can be created from nothing, and nothing can be reduced to nothing. Seen in this way, something will always have value. The key to wealth is being able to determine what it is that has value at the time. We are entering a period of the fall in value of traditional measuring sticks, such as currency and proxies of currency: stocks, bonds, etc. When traditional things fail, you must consider non-traditional things. Think of the pre-digital photo process: The film was “exposed” to an image via light through a lens. The film became the “negative” and the picture became the “positive”. Traditional investments are positive images; soon we will be focussed on the negative. The negative will be where the value/wealth is.

      • carl

        The evil Banksters follow their own law of nature where: Nothing (US dollars) can be created from nothing and also be reduced to nothing as they see fit!! So the Key to Wealth is “not to hold” US dollars!!

      • S. Revere

        Paul, in view of what you say here, what do you think will happen with the physical gold during the 7 yr Trib, and do you think it will still be here upon the Return of Christ to earth at the end of the 7, as we realize that He will know exactly where it is. Im thinking it is not just gonna disappear, lol. I wonder about this because I have a very substantial investment to be paid out in actual gold, or its value, presently being held in a depository. I do not want it now under these circumstances, understandably. There’s nothing I could do with it now, anyhow. So I was just curious, as I sit here being both ”rich and poor” at the same time, Lol. What say you to my Q?

  22. db cooper

    I’ll be glad when it happens, (if it happens) then practically every channel on youTube can find some new subject material.

    • S. Revere

      db cooper, why would Israel stand down? Thats bull dung. Just yesterday Bibi said NO ceasefire. IDF is on a roll, finding all those tunnels under the hospital and then some. And in the north, they have hezbos in somewhat of a dither. IDF is a well oiled machine and they do not intend to let the rabbits out of the cage, ever again. Been there, done that; and they only hatch. Try being outraged by the skunks hiding behind the sick and the children.

  23. Da Yooper

    John Rubino talks about our current 35 trillion deficit what happened to the 21 trillion that Dr Mark Skidmore CAF found that went unaccounted for.

    I have yet to see any commenter or their interviewee anywhere other than here address that missing 21 trillion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Youi are on a cutting edge site (USAW) and that $21 trillion “missing money” paper went under academic review recently as all of Dr. Skidmore’s work did and they found NOTHING wrong with more that 80 peer-reviewed papers Dr. Skidmore has done. If the people you watch do not address the “Missing Money” and rule FASAB 56, they are stupid, ignorant or totally dishonest. $21 trillion in missing money (and there is much more off book secret debt) is a total stone cold fact. You just saw the pentagon fail it’s 6th audit in a row with $trillions “missing”: https://thehill.com/policy/defense/3740921-defense-department-fails-another-audit-but-makes-progress/#:~:text=After%201%2C600%20auditors%20combed%20through%20DOD%E2%80%99s%20%243.5%20trillion,Pentagon%20Comptroller%20Mike%20McCord%20told%20reporters%20on%20Tuesday.

      • Da Yooper

        I am just pointing out that despite the revelation of the missing 21 trillion & the academic review by MSU that information has yet to see the light of day included in the defict accounting number. Look even John Rubino does not mention it & I cant believe he does not know about it soooo I wonder why he does not acknowledge it & include it as a defict of 56 trillion ?

        If financial pundits do not acknowledge it does this mean it never happened ? I guess in this current clown world it just may be the case.

  24. Marie Joy

    Credit unions usually have lower credit card fees and interest rates.
    5 million Americans died, most from starvation, during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It will be much worse this time. Arm up, heavily. Fortify your home. Have a spot you can stand behind that is safer to fire your boom stick.
    Who do you think owns the Military Industrial Complex?
    And who owns the companies that own the Military Industrial Complex?
    Will there be a debtors’ prison? What happens to people who owe cc debt?
    Should “regular people” buy food or pay off debt?
    They ARE psychopaths. There a a lot of psychopaths walking around.

  25. Ron

    They were never going to be able to repay the debt, so the plan looks like maxing out the debt short term and then the banks shut down and we get a Fed CBDC and as our system is crashing people will beg for change and get UBI with that CBDC as bait. This is the Reset. The Chinese authoritarian system is the role model.

  26. Joseph Boudreau

    The only reason the U.S. military was allowed to set up bases around the world was because of the threat of using nuclear weapons. Now that so many countries have their own stashes of nuclear weapons, all it takes is one psychopath to press that button. And humanity thinks it is so advanced yet we can barely think for ourselves anymore but thanks to people such as yourself, Greg, more of us are learning to think for ourselves again. Thanks for another great interview.
    John’s Substack is great, btw. Comes highly recommended.

  27. Susan R

    John’s very detailed accounting helps me further refine my vision of what is and is coming. These scenarios have people attached with identities I know well. The part about playing this to profit is proposing there will be a world to luxuriate in with the profits. Fine, we all can choose whichever road we want, however the bet has to include being ready for anything including traveling to the next level of existence. I would love to hear a conversation with a spiritual spine, whoever you choose Greg, most likely a Catholic priest, forgive me if that is not your choice, but I do think we all need to prepare as vigorously for that level as we do for the physical.

    • Michael

      Susan, for a very good look at what lies ahead (and how to prepare spiritually) from a Catholic perspective, I would strongly recommend that you read the book by Xavier Reyes and listen to interviews with him. He has a thorough understanding of the prophecies delivered in the Catholic tradition. Now is the time for deep prayer and repentance. Physical preparedness is necessary but insufficient without the spiritual work. God bless you in these troubled times. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y9cYXp_KUuA

    • Michael

      Susan, see also interviews Xavier Reyes -Ayral has given with John Henry Westin. Search for Xavier Reyes on LifeSite News. Here is an interview from May. https://www.lifesitenews.com/episodes/end-times-timeline-enoch-elijah-and-the-anti-christ-l-part-2/
      LifeSite News brings news from a Catholic perspective an excellent resource for any Christian . God bless you

      • S. Revere

        God gave us His Word and nothing else is needed, especially not any ”catholic perspective”. Also note that catholicism is not christianity. Christianity has Christ and Him alone, nothing else added as the catholics have added. How anyone can just ignore the rot that has come out of the vatican lately, and still cling to such a ”religion’ is just beyond my comprehension.

        • Greg Hunter

          As a former Catholic I dislike this unbiblical pope. That said the Catholic religion has 5 main pillars and You will agree with every one of them: Christ Jesus is deity/Son of God His Father, Jehovah, Christ Jesus was a virgin birth from His Mother Mary, Jesus died on the Cross to TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD, Jesus Rose again on the third day, Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead.

          The above is the foundation of the Catholic religion and that is a fact. This is why it has lasted so long.

          I also want to point out that come of the harshest criticism of this pope (and the Catholic religion in general) comes from CATHOLICS. This according to the late great minister Jack Van Impe. I agree. Don’t be so hard on the Catholics. They are Brothers and Sisters in Christ just like you my Brother.
          Brother Greg

          • S. Revere

            Greg, I too was raised in a catholic family, thats the religion of Romania. However from as early as I can remember, I found it to be naturally objectionable to me. After I grew up and realized sprinkling did nothing to save anyone, that I was lied to by that edict, then I woke up.
            I dont deny they have some of the beliefs within their religion as you stated, however I find every catholic I ever knew, quite arrogantly hold to their ”being a cathhholic” as their guarantee of a free pass thru the pearly gates; no real regard for the shed blood of Christ. They are banking on Mary; Mary is depicted as the adult, and Jesus as a baby – – their significance is placed on her, not on Him. They also believe her to be a co-redeemer; another big lie.
            So in essence, my big problem with catholicism and catholics in general, is they have taken a few truths, and added a huge amount of their own edicts which are quite unbiblical – – quite a long list, in fact. In other words their mixing, adding to and taking away from the true Word of God is not only anti christ, but is, and has, misled billions of people . For one example as I was told ”we had you baptized as a baby, so dont worry, you will go to heaven’.
            Well, that is most certainly unbiblical; it is a very false ‘security blanket” and causes them to not seek True Salvation. I know this as NO aunt, uncle, or cousin of mine would even listen to even one word; they would just throw up a big stop sign and say ”I dont need that; we are catthhholic”.
            I tell you what I have experienced in real life, what catholics have actually said, how they think and their views and opinions. I also tell you what I have learned about the catholic religion from doing some in depth study of that religion. It is not christian at all, more akin to paganism. Sorry to have to say that, but its just true, and truth is not always pretty.
            I must also add that Ive known a very few who have come out of that religion, and really did become true saved christians; they are my brethren .
            1 Cor 10:21 ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord AND the cup of devils; ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table AND the table of devils
            Also, the very last verses of the entire bible, in the book of Revelation give stern warning about ”adding to and taking away from”.
            I highly suggest doing at least an overview of the catholic religion for yourselves. Like the apostle Paul said, ”check me and see if I tell you the truth”.

            • Greg Hunter

              What you were told and I was told as a Catholic were two different things. Remember what the 5 pillars of the Catholic religion are. These have not changed in 2,000 years.
              (Christ = Son of God, Virgin Birth, Died on the cross in a Blood sacrifice, Rose again from the Dead and will come back again to judge the living and the dead.) Be hard on this evil Pope but not Catholics.

  28. Jeff M

    Many conclusions and prognostications are made with using government numbers. How can you do that when the government lies so much? Even without the government lies, even the blind can see where all of this is heading – Collapse.

    Iran has had nukes for awhile. (They are probably working on non-nuclear devices as well.) Israel has had them much longer. Israel is said to have non-nuclear weapons that will make the destruction on the scale of a nuclear weapon. One is the neutron bomb which will leave infrastructure intact while killing every living thing. Making the decision to use non-nuclear weapons is much easier because of world opinion.

    Everything that is being done to the US economy is done to benefit the criminal Banksters and the wealthy elite. Pure and simple. It’s best to let the whole thing collapse and just stay out of the way. Keep things simple in your life and get out of debt. The ‘Barbarians’ are going to sack Rome.

  29. Marie Joy

    According to AJ, on Rumble, on Banned News, no one knows where Owen Shroyer is,

    • Katy Bar

      He is in solitary confinement for daring to speak freely even though the Globalists thought by locking up Assange it would put a lid on freedom of speech!!!

  30. ken miller

    Your last interview with John Rubin0 was one of your best. And by the way. My wife and i are two of the baby boomers he refered to. And we have a Carryon unit and we get some of the best sleep after cleaning the air with the Carryon. Thanks Greg and God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken. Get the 1500 or the 2700 for bigger rooms. I do not know how long this patented tech will be produced, but right now, there are plenty of them and parts to build more. https://www.westonscientificllc.com/shop

  31. Richard Gould

    All of this makes sense WHEN you factor in who controls ALL the earthly governments; Satan. Please read Luke 4:1-8 in your Bible. Satan knows that his time to rule is NOW very limited, and he wants to make hay while his sun still shines (so to speak). This ALL fits what we have been told about the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Buckle up; this is only getting started.

    • WW3 News&Views

      Buckle up; this is only getting started? You betcha Rich! THE WORLDS’ GONE MAD!
      Putin Makes Zelensky Pay; Hundreds Of Ukrainian Soldiers ‘Wiped Out’ In Dnipro, Claims Russia / Hindustan Times 175K views 1 day ago
      Russia has claimed to have extracted a heavy price from Ukraine for its “significant gains” in the Moscow-held Kherson region amid the prolonged war. The Russian Defence Ministry said that 460 Ukrainian Soldiers were killed and wounded at the Dnipro river which the Ukrainians crossed just a day before. Russia earlier confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers made gains in Dnipro after months of lull in the war started in February 2022. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS3dSrRvolc

      Israel says Yemen’s Houthis seize ship in Red Sea, no Israelis on board
      Al Jazeera English 903,590 views Nov 19, 2023
      Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea as it sailed from Turkey to India, the Israeli military says.
      It called the move “a very grave incident on a global level”.
      In a social media post, the military added that the vessel, which it did not name, is not Israeli-owned and has no Israelis among its crew.
      The Houthis, an ally of Iran, have been launching long-range missile and drone salvoes at Israel in solidarity with the Palestinians in recent weeks.
      Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said his country is not involved in the vessel’s ownership, operation, or the makeup of its international crew.
      What we understand is the shipping company is partly owned by an Israeli businessman and this wouldn’t be the first time one of his ships was intercepted. In 2021 one of his vessels was targeted.
      The Houthi rebels in Yemen released a video statement about 12 hours ago saying they will begin targeting ships in the southern Red Sea that they deem to be Israeli because of the situation in Gaza.
      That is a main shipping lane for the whole of the world. The Houthis are really trying to target Israel with drone and missile attacks – and now this. The international community will be quite concerned.

      U.S. Base In Iraq Attacked; Islamic Resistance Targets American Forces For Biden’s Israel Backing / Hindustan Times 46,687 views Nov 19, 2023
      The U.S.-occupied Ain Al-Asad air base in Iraq’s western province of Anbar was attacked. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq launched back-to-back drones to target the American base. The Iraqi militant group released a video of the attack on Al-Asad air base. The Islamic Resistance stated that their drones hit the targets at the air base. However, there were no immediate reports about the extent of damage at the facility.

  32. Mohammad

    Latest piracy of the ship in Red Sea by Houthi’s in Yemen indicating a spread of the conflict in the M.E.


    I read this incident as a spark to ignite the war against SA and I see through the smoke and mirrors US hitting hard BRICS+2.


    • Tin foil hat

      Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman touched down in Beijing last week to begin the last leg of his Asia tour as the kingdom faces a diplomatic chill in the West.

      Since China once again represents “one of the most consequential relationships” the U.S. has with any nation, I’d love to know what Bin Salman will do now.

      Btw, I always suspect Houthi is Deep State’s leverage against SA.

      • Mohammad

        SA put itself in the target dot when they embraced Yuan for oil settlement….think about that and ponder on the ramifications.


        • Tin foil hat

          The BRICS bloc of developing nations agreed on August 24, 2023 to admit Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates in a move aimed at accelerating its push to reshuffle a world order it sees as outdated.

          If the yuan for oil deal didn’t trigger the Deep State, the BRICS plus 6 should did.

          It seems that China and Argentina have already been scared straight.

  33. William J. Greene

    …..and just like that, You and John produced the absolute best video of the weekend! I, fully expect to see it up on ZeroHedge and other high-profile websites.

    Greg, You and John Rubino hit it out of the park with this interview,….video be damned.
    Great Job! Fully agree with the content and appreciated.


  34. 'a' simple horseman

    Good interview!!….. But!…. “As the biosphere goes, so goes the economy”. Those are not new words to you Greg. It really bothers me that NONE of your money guests talk about how the economies around the world are all tied to the biosphere. “You can’t eat that money” and there will not be an economy on a planet that can not sustain life. Pretty fricken simple, yet still is ignored by those who “could have” made a difference. “Most people live in a un-natural environment”. Those of us that live in a completely natural environment can see, “every day”, the collapsing of sooooo many of earths life support systems. Dane is more than right that “we” at the current trajectories, will NOT see 2030.
    War is over, If you want it. “Imagine”……
    Love and strength to ALL

  35. Johnson&Johns'Son

    Modern America?

    MODERNA ADMITS VAX CAUSES CANCER! Huge Development As Millions Die From Covid Injections
    World Alternative Media | Banned.Video November 19th 2023
    Moderna has recently halted trials of their latest mRNA injection due to myocarditis.
    Now, Moderna has shown in their own Covid vaccine patent that the injections cause a greatly heightened risk of cancer.
    Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Moderna essentially admitting to the Covid “vaccine” causing cancer as Dr. Robert Malone reports the Moderna patent in front of Congress proving a massive coverup operation.
    Moderna has recently halted trials of their latest mRNA injection due to myocarditis. Fauci has also recently acknowledged that the injections cause myocarditis in young men “especially.”
    Now, Moderna has shown in their own Covid vaccine patent that the injections cause a greatly heightened risk of cancer. We are seeing so-called “turbo cancer” ravage the world at the same time as so-called “sudden adult death syndrome.”
    We all know what’s causing this. Moderna also had a master patent in 2018 with countless sub-patents which detail the use of injections to give people cell disruptive nano-technology which can be remote controlled.
    It may sound crazy and it may sound like science fiction, but according to their own patents, it’s not.
    In this video, they break down the incredible dangers we’re learning more about daily regarding Moderna injections. Of course, 🅿fizer has some of the same ingredients.

    [And I might add still free and in inner city locations, cash awards available!
    At your local drugstore or the final solution, the fentanyl dope man.
    mRNA, brought to you by 🅿fizer originally and fent’analy, by your south American drug cartels and propagandized by our ‘CIA operation Mockingbird’ brained media whores and our China bought Washington, paid for in advance, thank you Hunter! $Biejing o’Biden Bribed Blinken administration! ]
    DEATH TO AMERIKA❓ Lets hope not, but please don’t blame the messenger, blame the messengerRNA Colt Shot!🔬☣

    • Katy Bar

      The Globalists “clot shot vaccine” was simply “A Test” to see if the world population would “calmly accept the slaughter of millions” by being jabbed to death by the Deep State and dropping over dead of cancer, etc., etc. and do nothing as they calmly watch their children dropping over dead of heart attacks (the new normal) – and “we passed the Globalists test with flying colors” (as Bill Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab, etc., etc., etc. are still walking around free “promoting more death and destruction using mosquitoes, etc.) – so the evil Globalist are eagerly pushing ahead (at Warp Speed) with their eugenics plan for the total eradication of the human race (reduce Earth’s population by 99%) – a recent study by the evil Globalists shows that if they simply bring down the electrical grid (for just One Year) it will result in killing off 90% of the human population (and destroying world food supplies will kill off the other 9%)!! So what can we Americans expect in our near future?? Look for MASSIVE DEATH NUMBERS (as the evil Globalists are now preparing the public for a take down of the power grid and if they can’t do it by nuclear war they will likely blow up all our electrical transformers themselves and blame it on a Solar Flare (or some terrorist Jan 6 Trump supporters waving their American Flags to knock down the nations electrical power lines)!!! https://www.powermag.com/expect-death-if-pulse-event-hits-power-grid/

  36. J&J

    Oop’s, CLOT SHOT! Not the great equalizer, Colt. Clot

  37. Rod Brumley, Sr

    In God I Trust
    The Nightmare is upon us no going back now
    Rod Brumley Sr
    Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)
    Semper Fi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. ColdNight

    Eric, few years ago, I showed this episode to my nephew and he used it as part of his American history report on George Washington in high school, got an A+
    He had two horses shot from under him and bullet holes through his hat and coat. he truly was never wounded in battle he was protected to be the father of America .
    A couple of years ago I bought a CD from a well known historian about George Washington. This whole episode was verified. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard about this event in my studies in middle school, high school, or college.
    The victory of the Continental forces over the British professional army was itself a sign of Divine Providence, in my view. They came close to giving up several times, but Washington kept them going. The defeat of Hessians at Trenton on the day after Christmas, 1776 was much needed.

    One Step Beyond Night of Decision George Washington
    Patrick Davis 23K views 8 years ago

    • SusanR

      George Washington had a devotion to the Blessed Mother. He received an apparition of her, and she gave him a prophetic vision of the Revolutionary war, Civil war and these days now. There is a portrait of Mary that Washington kept at Mt Vernon; it has recently been returned there by an ancestor of Washington. And he converted to the Church while receiving the sacrament of Last Rites on his deathbed. The Scripture commands in Luke’s gospel that all generations shall call her blessed.

      • S. Revere

        Susan, The catholic ”church” is NOT The Church. Not by a long shot. Let me clarify for you: The Church of Christ consists of all those who are born again Christians. It is a group of People, not any building or organization or denomination.
        Mary is to be respected as the earthly mother of Jesus, but NOT to be worshipped as you catholics do. Repent. Jesus does not need a bit of help ”from his mommy”. He is The King of Kings. Mary is NOT a co-redeemer. She is just as dead and buried as my mother is or your grandmother is, None of the dead can hear or respond.
        There are NO apparitions of Mary; those are demonic spirits; Mary has never given anyone any message; it is impossible. Apparitions are a gross spiritual deception. Mary was just as normal a human being as any one of us is. After she was at the Cross that awful day, she was never again even mentioned in the Word of God. The reason for that is to indicate that she is not to be considered as any part of diety, not to be worshipped, but to be set aside, not included in the Gospel.
        Susan, I for one, rebuke you for your sly attempt to sell your pagan catholicism in here and trying to pass it off as being christian, which it is most certainly NOT.
        Galatians 1: 8 The apostle Paul speaks to the Church at Galatia ”But though we or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed.
        And note that none of the Apostles ever preached the edicts of the catholic ”church’.
        Note too,that the very last verses of the book of Revelation adamantly warn against ”adding to and taking away” from the book, He will take away their part of the book of life, and add to them the plagues Your ”church’ is guilty of both.

  39. Myn

    Greg, what happens if a country can not pay its debt? It goes in default. Does the owner of the country’s debt own that country in whole? Own it all? So, is this what it means when he said “you will own nothing and be happy”? I am thinking that the size of the debt/#citizens is the amount to be repaid if you want out of this debt slavery when they do this reset? Thoughts anyone?

    • Jeffrobbins

      Good question. I have given much thought to the WEF “you will own nothing and be happy”. It seems extreme at this point, but there is a possibility of the Treasury and/ or Fed seizing ALL assets in the banking sector. Of coarse, we would need a terrible banking and currency event to facilitate such a thing. That would include mortgages, bonds, equities, credit card debt,- everything. One persons debt is another’s asset. Any money on deposit, money market funds, pensions, life insurance balances, all dollars and dollar denominated assets would also be taken. In theory most of it should zero out. The question would then be what comes after that?? What happens to “ownership”? Que the WEF! There has been some talk about tokenization of assets instead of deeds, titles, and liens. This would spell big problems for the use of time at least initially. This is just my mental exercise- there are other versions, but i would look for some road signs like bail in laws.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Great Reporting Greg!
    Thanks for having John back. Somehow I was confused and thought someone else was scheduled.
    Take csre and keep up the fantastic job you’re doing.

  41. Galaxy 500

    Commercial Real Estate is causing many defaulots. Can’t sell may of these big buildings for half what the loans are

  42. Galaxy 500

    The USA economy is the Wiermar Republic 2.0

    • Paul from Indiana

      Except 10 times bigger and with more effect. Keep thinking and keep posting, Bro. Best always. PM

  43. Damien

    Great interview Greg. John Rubino is always very pragmatic and level headed and just a good dude too. My concern is that as the system falls apart, and the ability to maintain control escapes the psychopaths running the show, that they will flip the gameboard over. Nukes, grid-down, internet down, supply chain collapse and any other evil they can unleash to kill & destroy normal people. God will have to intervene or “No flesh will be saved.”

  44. Galaxy 500

    What will be left that can guve me my investments back? Based on modern banking, ion my opinion, most of these guys are over leveraged and it wont take a lot for them to be insolvent…
    So I made 200 million but the company is insolvent and the use my 200 million to pay their buddies out, I get nothing.
    I am thinking about cashung out my 410K and pay the taxes. I don’t see there being any other good options.
    Pay the taxes, invest a little just in case and bring the rest home.
    And dont tell a damn soul what you did. Not even your significant other. You cant afford anyone else to know. Then spend some fire power, food and water, make sure you have reliable transport.
    I am either gonna look like a genius of a friggin idiot by doing this. We are bankrupt as a nation and this Government will rob your savings accounts and retirement plans before thing go totally to crap. Remember, it isnt fair you prepared and saved money. It isnt fair, that own something because you didn’t eat out all the time and buy the fancy new car and phone, etc.
    It just isnt fair…
    I am putting on my parachute, strapping my dog to my chest and bailing out… Of the markets.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Galaxy, I cashed out of 2 IRA’s over 10 years ago, and happily paid the taxes just to be out from under. I have never regretted it. You know what to do. You’ll be fine. Best always. PM

    • Big Money

      I did just that. It is a freeing felling I got to tell ya!!!

  45. John Maskell

    These fiat currencies are in a death spiral . They have a shelf life if managed incorrectly . These idiotic governments have abused and destroyed your wealth by printing too much. The extreme is here now and I urge you to seriously think about protecting your hard earned cash into other assets such as gold or silver . The dollar will probably be the last one standing due to America’s natural resources but this paper currency will destroy itself . The Yen will go first and the domino effect will begin leading to the Euro then the British pound etc. Do you want the CBDC to dictate what you can have or not. The BIS has laid the path for it already while the Fed has done the same too ! Please , protect your wealth . Do what the central banks have done and buy gold , then silver . Study past financial crashes and work out what’s best for you . There’s too many good people here and you don’t deserve wealth destruction .

  46. Chip's Ahoy!

    JUST IN: Chip Roy Throws Down The Gauntlet In Furious House Floor Speech!
    ______ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZVFof0AG9U

  47. Karen not a Karen

    Good points John. I wonder how all of our politicians and their family/friends will receive their kickbacks, bribes and pay-offs. In CBDC’s? Doubt it. Those will still be paid in cash, as it’s always been.

  48. Jonathan Rudin

    My question is, what should we do? I have plenty of food, water filters and precious metals. What should I do when the collapse hits? No one is talking about this.
    Should I continue to pay my rent? Should people continue to pay their mortgages? Will they kick us out of our homes if we don’t? What good will it be to have all these unoccupied empty homes everywhere? Should I pay off my credit cards, or will it even matter? Please someone tell us what we should do.

    • Marie Joy

      Have a safe way to heat your home in winter.
      Have more canned and dried food and bottled water.
      Pay off your debt.

    • The Canuck

      If a systemic collapse occurs there won’t be anybody to pay, it’s a systemic collapse ! You will simply be on your own or functioning as part of local community, what ever that is going to look like. Take a look at Venezuela, Argentina and Greece as previous examples. Until then, enjoy your life.

  49. bert

    Yes, Joh.
    Thanks for having Mr. Rabino on your show. John is so right. It’s 15 years since he’s been on this. I totally remember this. They are Psychopaths. It has to be really close by now. Keep prepping! God Bless folks.

  50. The Canuck

    Just look at the long term charts. The USD is in an uptrend relative to the Euro, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, The Auzzie Dollar and the Chinese Yuan. Sideways relative to the Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar. Seems the developed world wants the USD. Like Armstrong says, the empire is the last to fall. Everything around it’s periphery crashes first. The USD reserve currency is like a synthetic short in this debt based system. The higher the USD goes the more expensive it is for foreigners to service existing debt. The Fed either supports the Dollar and pops all of the asset bubbles or pivots, sacrificing the Dollar and buys more time with another “risk on” cycle.

  51. AndrewB

    Yale study into Post CV-19 Vaccine Syndrome:

  52. AndrewB

    That link appeared not to work. Try this:

    • AndrewB

      Interesting! Why Yale? Why now?
      Is Yale trying to get out in front of the breaking narrative that the CV-19 shots were / are injurious to health? I’m sure Yale was no exception in demanding CV-19 vaxx compliance- so what’s going on? Any ideas?

  53. Neville

    . The official lie is thatU.S. debt is $33.5 trillion. It’s growing by $1.7 trillion a year, and $1 trillion of that is interest costs. Interest costs are rising as the overall debt goes up.
    Remember folks nothing in AAcrime is audited so you can take it that the above numbers are only THUMB SUCK NONSENSE!!!
    AAcrime is HOPELESSLY BANKRUPT AND TOTALLY INSOLVENT……having said that as our very good friend Gerald Celente has said on many occasions and that is “When all else fails they take you to war” or maybe proxy wars .The neoscums which run AAcrime are being backed up in a corner and when they come out there will be street fighting world-wide. More poverty, more injection murders and whatever else they can get their murderous hands on.
    Thanks John for an interesting interview!!

  54. Vie Cunard

    ‘Nonsense, Video Game’: NATO Nation’s Reality Check For West On Russia-Ukraine War / Hindustan Times 55,484 views Nov 19, 2023
    Hungary, part of both NATO and European Union, has once again blasted its own bloc over the Ukraine war. Budapest has criticised the mentality of some elite EU politicians who it accused of looking at the Ukraine war as just a video game. “A significant part of the European political elite has practically lost common sense. Some people imagine themselves in Fortnite,” Hungary Foreign Minister said, adding that arms shipments can’t resolve the conflict.
    @Dazzxp 6 hours ago
    It’s extremely rare wars can be fought and won out right, and thus at some point diplomacy needs to take over. Then again ” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin traveled to Ukraine to pledge to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian” That part is certainly coming true.
    [ I think Ukraine is finally there Dazzxp? Press gang van’s are wasting precious gas running all over the cities and countryside, coming up with absolutely nothing! We must turn to the young single woman like Israel does! There are no men left for them in Ukraine anyways, but except maybe? Lecherous old guy’s, desperate themselves for marriage, from America and Australia!
    Maybe some of the Yanks and Aussie’s would be willing to fight for Ukraine to be in NATO? Or rid the Donbass of the Russki’s!
    Like the Serbs ridding Kosovo of the Turkish Albanians!! That didn’t work out too, well.

  55. Okie from Muskogee

    Markwayne Mullin Claims ‘Senator Blinken Lied’ About Afghanistan Withdrawal
    Forbes Breaking News 278,885 views Oct 5, 2023
    On Thursday, Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) questioned defense nominees during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zHK28AWUCc [This mans a hero, a champion of the people and Blinkin’s boy’s tried to get him killed! That’s the thanks you get nowadays, when you do as president Kennedy, also rubbed out by the boy’s, “Ask not what your country Blinkins boy’s can do for you, but what you can do for your fellow countrymen and women and children in harms way! “, blimey Blinkin!]

    FLASHBACK: Markwayne Mullin Goes Nuclear On Teamsters President In Fiery Hearing On Unions In March Forbes Breaking News 43,253 views Nov 14, 2023
    At a Senate Health Committee hearing back in March, Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) clashed with Sean O’Brien, General President International Brotherhood of Teamsters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7Rfoh6icxc

    Shock Moment Of The Week: Markwayne Mullin Asks Witness To Fight During Hearing, Fallout Ensues / Forbes Breaking News 12,696 15 hours ago

  56. Marie Joy

    A lot of loud flights over my house. I’m out in the sticks in the northeast.
    We have water delivered and lately SOME of it has a chemical taste. The brands are Stop and Shop and Polar Springs.
    I’m thinking of having solar power installed, mostly so we don’t freeze, this winter.
    Woodstoves are another possibility. Hide your wood and daytine smoke from prying eyes if you can. ALL, if you can.
    Patrick Humphrey on YouTube speaks of a loss of gas and electricity.
    Families and/or like mind individuals need to come together.
    CAF calls this era, “The Great Poisoning”. Eat organic if you can.
    Ths hour winds down.

    • S. Revere

      Marie, I know that many police stations have their own Labs as they test for alcohol and many other substances in their daily work. Maybe you could get them to test a sample of your water if you took a sample in to them. ? Wouldnt hurt to call and ask; they are supposed to serve the public.

  57. Marie Joy

    According to what you use, get a lot of…
    bottled water
    sugar, flour, salt, spices
    rice, beans, pasta, cooking oil, powdered milk
    canned soups, vegetables, fruit

  58. WW3 Continuing

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Russia could be preparing to start a war in the Balkan region to divert attention from the ongoing war in Ukraine.
    Russia may create new crises in the Balkans to create a distraction from the 20-month old war, Zelensky told reporters on Thursday.
    BREAKING: : : : : : : :” :
    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with the Chairlady of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms Borjana Krišto, 454 views hour ago 20 November 2023.

    ‘Just The Beginning’: Houthis’ Deadly Warning After Hijacking India-Bound Cargo Ship Hindustan Times 12,568 views 53 minutes ago Nov 20, 2023
    Iran-backed Houthi rebels seizure of so-called ‘Israeli ship’ in the Red Sea has sparked a storm. At least 25 crew members have been taken hostage by the Yemen group, as per reports. In an alarming statement, Iran-backed militant group said this is just the beginning. Houthis claimed it hijacked the ship over its alleged connection to Israel amid war. However, Israel denied links to the ship & said it was travelling from Turkey to India. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the incident & called it an “Iranian act of terrorism”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoFxfQs1y7o

    NATO Member’s Pro-Palestine Move; Chaos At Biden’s Party HQ; South Korea’s ‘Shoe’ Stir | Hindustan Times 107,661 views Nov 17, 2023
    US ally and NATO nation Norway’s parliament adopts a resolution calling on the government to be ready to recognise an “independent” Palestinian state. The resolution, brought by the ruling coalition, was passed after eight out of the 10 parties in parliament voted in favour of it. Another US key partner in East Asia, South Korea, witnessed symbolic protests against war in Gaza. About 2000 shoes were put on display to honour the deaths in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, and Israel. Anti-Israel protests also erupted in the US, Spain, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

  59. Continuing World at War No.3

    NATO Member’s Pro-Palestine Move; Chaos At Biden’s Party HQ; South Korea’s ‘Shoe’ Stir | Israel War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTdcf1ud7o

  60. Tommy

    Hope Karen Kingston will be available soon. It’s been awhile and want to hear what she has to say.

  61. Say No War!

    US and Russian Fighter Jets Stage Epic Maneuvers at the Dubai Airshow 2023
    Military TV 55,411 views Streamed live on Nov 16, 2023
    The Dubai Airshow is one of the largest and most successful air shows in the world. Get ready to discover the world of aerospace as you have never seen it before. Envision the future of the industry and step into the extraordinary with 1400+ exhibitors from 95 countries, 180+ aircraft, 9 enlightening industry conference tracks led by 300+ global visionaries, the Space Experience Programme, the Advanced Aerial Mobility pavilion and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MghJqpkFa0w
    WOW, Maybe the next time we see the US. and mommy Russka teaming up to put on a air show, is when they team up against the son of God! In coming on the clouds, to do battle! To end the tribulation, or no flesh at all would be saved! It’ll be a really big shoe!

    Like the Serbski ? In the Balkans, the crossroads of Europa. A great mix of peoples through the centuries, together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_o0nCvTkqE
    Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Rodney King . . . . . .NO MORE BALKANS WAR!

  62. Randy

    We belong to God’s family; we are His beloved “children.” People outside of Christ cannot recognize our true identity as dear members of God’s family because they do not know Him.
    Even though our adoption is complete in God’s eyes, it remains hidden from sight because we have yet to fully experience it. This happens at the time of the Rapture when we also receive our immortal bodies.
    “And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies” (Romans 8:23).

  63. Freedom-4-All


    Great interview. I was looking forward to hearing Karen’s story, but I can wait.

    As far as John goes, he is one of my favorite speakers. He is calm and yet insightful. I agree that many of us hope to profit from the coming change. Unfortunately, as much as I want to benefit, I think the coming collapse will be much worse than the coming profits, at least in the beginning. But I also know total forest fires foster new growth, often cleaner and healthier. I hope this is like a forest fire.

    Keep swinging my friend. You are doing good.

  64. Ogden

    It’s being reported by several very credible sources that many, if not most, of the Israeli civilian deaths that occurred during the 10-7 Hamas raid were caused by the IDF firing indiscriminately (and possibly even intentionally) on its own people.

    This apparent “Green Flag” event is looking more and more suspicious as the truth about it leaks out…and the justifications for the ongoing Israeli war crimes are appearing more and more dubious…

  65. Randy Best

    It is really amazing how many still have faith in worthless Government /FED fiat money and sub prime Treasuries.

  66. Fay Wray

    Trump Serves Food to Soldiers and Police, Complains There’s None Left for Him
    Peter Wade Sun, November 19, 2023

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, a bit of a seven year now, circle back, to the 123 in D.C. secret plans including Braverman, and the encrypted cell phones and servers Gerog Webb was exposing for how long? All the way back to the days of ‘yellow cake’ and Uranium One, and Pelosi’s, ‘IMRAN GET IN HERE, NO STAFF!’ ????
    Want To Know How Hamas Got The Money And Weapons From Iran?

    • Randy Best

      I wonder why the BRICS would accept such a member?

  68. HotTub

    Remember the Cycle of Prosperity?

    Hard times make strong men;
    Strong men make good times;
    Good times make weak men
    and weak men make hard times.

    The hard times, they are a’comin.

  69. Shiloh1

    What was/is the vax status of these dogs? If they have no prob killing humans for WEF/NWO/climate change purposes, then the same will hold for killing dogs.


    A potentially fatal mystery illness in dogs is spreading in the US. It starts with a cough

  70. Randy

    A>Greg how did you miss this Russians are slaughtering women on the front lines in the Ukraine!> men have run out now its the womens turnh! Evil all the way and there is no talk about it!~!~

    • Greg Hunter

      Randy. This is a recent development. I know the Ukraine NAZI’s were sending old men and boys, and I reported that many times. The evil bastards are the Ukrainians who keep killing their population in a losing battle and they will not stop and negotiate peace. Putin has offered this many times and Both USA and Ukraine will not talk.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, are all now in a dangerous game of BLACKJACK?
    PICK one’s poison, nuclear, bio, chemical… 123?
    Maybe if Karen Kingston is viewing…she can get a handle on RAXIBACUMA, and give heads up or at least throw a bone to Georg or Peter?
    There are many layers and levels…all behind political, religious, and economic facades. The ole Nobility/OSS/CIA globalist grand Wurlitzer in action? who’s to say…

  72. Rose Mont Sellicka

    The Fabian Society, in their ultimate snobbery, still wants you dead. They have always wanted you dead. The Huxley brothers along with fellow Eugenicists built an alternate governmental system known as the United Nations. It birthed the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. These organizations are actively plotting against and murdering you. Again, these organizations are actively plotting against and murdering you.

    We Are Dying In The Huxley Eugenics Nightmare
    Bowne Report | Banned.video November 20th 2023, 1:10 pm
    The elite have been planning this for decades

  73. Armed_Strong

    According to Jim Willie, the USD will go in value so high that the rest of the world will quit using it. Will become unobtanium. For us that means that will go supernova and tank right after. Imagine taking a vacation overseas and nobody will accept USDs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby was the first to say something like this many years ago: https://usawatchdog.com/?s=super+nova The video was destroyed by You Tube but my post on USAW still lives.

  74. Armed_Strong

    I think the US is run by morons, they are smart people doing all the right steps to destroy the US from the inside.

    What they are doing is running the Credit Cards before declaring bankruptcy and pin the people with the bill.

  75. Cliff Bondi

    Iran Reveals New Hypersonic Missile With Rare HGV Tech To ‘Beat Air Defences’: Threatening Israel?
    Hindustan Times 123,217 views Nov 20, 2023
    As Israel-Hamas war rages on, Iran unveiled a newer version of its hypersonic missile. The new missile is an upgraded version of Iran’s first homegrown hypersonic missile named ‘Fattah’. Iran claims Fattah-2 is capable of evading air defence systems with its high-speed manoeuvres. Tehran’s claim is being seen as a veiled jibe at rival Israel which has several air defence systems. This comes after Israel recently intercepted a number of ballistic missiles fired by Houthis from Yemen.

  76. C.Bondi

    Oop’sy Daisy,
    Iran Reveals New Hypersonic Missile With Rare HGV Tech

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, yes, your interviews with Ron Kirby is quite a loss. Hope at some point they can be retrieved as all passed thru some backup servers somewhere as are all emails via FBI Carnivore program it is said.
    and so MOST likely so are all of Hillary’s as they passed through several NSA, and gov’t servers with backup and redundancy. Many experts in that field have stated so…like Mark Kulacz at Housatonic Its… He has a unique way of sourcing infor and history from days gone by….

    • Greg Hunter

      I have them on a separate server.

  78. Marie Joy

    If TRUMP doesn’t get 4 more years, we’re dead. I’m speaking literally. WE will be dead if he is cheated out of his next 4 years. I am not exaggerating. We are in terrible danger.
    Please, get involved in the voting process. PLEASE.

  79. Jason

    Archaix YT channel:


    This guy has done a ton of research on historical timelines and cataclysms. He believes he has discovered a recurring 138-year cycle (and multiples thereof) of cataclysms of varying location and severity.

    He thinks a big one is due in 2040 that will hit North America and coastal areas the hardest. The ruling faction here on Earth will go under ground to survive—aligns with CAF’s reporting on DUMB’s.

    This has been a recurring for many centuries—they know when these disasters are coming, go underground to ride them out, and reemerge to re-establish civilization and rulership. This could explain how technology could advance so quickly the last 100+ years—it wasn’t “discovered” but simply re-released since the prior event around 1902 (a milder-than-expected return of what Archaix calls “the Phoenix phenomenon”—a comet-like object visible in the heavens).

    Simulation theory proponent as well. Fascinating stuff!

  80. WAR Is HELL

    Hezbollah’s Deadly Missile & Mortar Strikes On Israel’s North; Five Killed As IDF Strikes Lebanon / Hindustan Times 30,020 views Nov 21, 2023
    The border skirmish continues to escalate between Israel-Lebanon as Israeli forces step up attacks on Hezbollah. The Israeli forces claimed to have hit 3 Hezbollah anti-tank missile squads in Lebanon. The IDF said Lebanon launched anti-tank missiles towards Israel’s northern city of Metula. Lebanon said that Israeli strikes killed four people, including two journalists. The IDF action was in response to deadly Hezbollah missile & mortar attacks on Israel’s north. One Israeli woman was reported dead in Hezbollah attacks yesterday in northern Israel.

    ‘Colossal Losses’: Russian Marine Forces Attack Ukrainian Soldiers While Crossing Dnipro River / Hindustan Times 12,303 views Nov 21, 2023
    Russia claimed to have scuppered more Ukrainian troops on the Eastern bank of River Dnipro. Russian Defense Ministry said the Army foiled attempts by the Ukrainian forces to land on islands. The Ministry also posted a video showing Russian soldiers firing a variety of weapons. The video purportedly showed marines from the 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade in action. The Russian Army claimed that most of the surviving Ukrainian servicemen chose to surrender.

    ‘Israel Supported Hamas’: Saudi Prince Rips Netanyahu For Allowing Qatari Money Into Gaza / Hindustan Times 17,849 views Nov 21, 2023
    A Saudi Prince close to de facto ruler Mohammed Bin Salman has blasted Israel for allowing Qatari money to reach Hamas-ruled Gaza over the past few years. Prince Turki Al-Faisal, who is former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to U.S., said it were Israeli Government and PM Benjamin Netanyahu who facilitated the flow of money into Gaza from Qatar via Israeli banks. Turki had earlier slammed Hamas for attacking Israel and also lashed Israel for bombing and occupying Palestinian lands.

  81. Bill

    MAGA Type Firebrand, Javier Mile’ wins the Argentina Presidential Election Watch on the video below, as he Rants on Argentine T.V, as the blonde interviewer sits spellbound by his words!

  82. John Barry


    Christ said give everything away and follow me. We ALL have an empire of dirt!!


    Much love, Elijah

  83. Elias

    Thank you so much, Greg, your guests are great and you are pretty great yourself. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Elias!
      Brother Greg

  84. S. Revere

    I am rather surprised to hear today that there may be a temporary 5-day halt agreement with the hamas to exchange perhaps 50 of the kidnapped for maybe 100 or so Pals, plus to provide humanitarian and fuel needs to gaza. In a way I understand it but I am very suspicious, so I guess we wait and see what nefarious deeds those buggers use this for. (not to begin till maybe this Thursday)

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