Inflation Everywhere, War Everywhere, CV19 Vax Death Everywhere

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 629 4.12.24)

The latest inflation numbers came in this week, and it says inflation is everywhere.  Gasoline is up 6.3%, the Consumer Price Index is up 3.5%, rent, electricity, water and sewer are all up at least 5% and the Fed is realizing it is not cutting interest rates.  Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says you might even get a rate increase.  Bidenomics = inflation.

Where is the inflation coming from?  War spending in the hundreds of billions of dollars in Ukraine and more being spent every day so we can have war everywhere.  Then, there are the billions of bucks spent on taking care of illegal immigrants and poor Biden Administration policies that we would not have if he was not cheated in in 2020.  Yes, I said Biden was cheated in, and the evidence is overwhelming and obvious.  Let’s stop pretending Biden is legit.  The cheating is why so many things are screwed up in the world, and they are doing it again, according to Tucker Carlson who summed it up perfectly and succinctly last week.  Listen to this brilliant description of the nationwide cheating in 2024 for yourself, and you will agree.

Top virologist Geert Vander Bossche is warning of an “imminent tsunami of death among the highly vaccinated.”  Vander Bossche says this will replace the huge surge of cancers caused by the CV19 vax and will be replaced by an even bigger surge of death.  You can couple that with the warnings about “Bird Flu” taking off and transmitting to humans.  This is just in time for the World Health Organization (WHO) to execute its plan to take over the world in the next pandemic and cancel all your rights.

There is more in the 56-minute newscast.

For an 8-minute demonstration on power generators from and, click here.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.12.24.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Financial expert Ed Dowd, author of “Cause Unknown,” has chilling new information on the damage the CV19 injections are doing to society, supply chains, the workforce and the funeral homes.  The data is undeniable and getting worse—much worse, according to Dowd.  He will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.


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  1. Marcus A.

    I came across this article earlier today. ( below )
    I’d love to hear Dr. Kory’s , Dr. Eads or Karen Kingston’s assessment on this article on your next show with either of them. Thank you Greg .,and%20Dec.%2031%2C%202022.

    • Greg Hunter

      Total lying bull crap. It has been proven over and over again. This is why I call them the Lying Legacy Media. These are the same people who told you the CV19 shots were “safe and effective–NOT, and Ivermectin did not work and was and still is dangerous horse paste.

      • Don W.

        Greg, you are right on as it is Bull Crap. I never read anything that they put out as it is always Bull Crap. I am looking forward to your next interview as he is always so good.

      • Bob

        I was told:
        – You will catch covid off your cat when it comes inside
        – If you walk past someone outside on the street you both might catch covid ( Jacinda Ardern said this on TV)
        – The vaccine stops it
        – The second shot actually stops it
        – OK, the booster stops it
        – OK, you might be alright if you keep up to date with the boosters
        – Standing 6 feet apart reduces its spread (but we need to get a sample from right up inside your brain, it’s very hard to detect)
        – It hangs around like cigar smoke (told by prominent scientist in the media, even though he knows masks don’t stop smoke)
        – It’s been proven safe (even though it needs emergency use authorisation)
        – It’s under Emergency Use Authorization (even though it’s safe)
        – Ivermectin is only for horses (even though it was originally developed as pills for humans before being adapted to drench form for sheep and cows – I still remember the TV ads they used to have for it in NZ in the 1980s or so – and then adapted for horses as a tube of paste)
        – A vaccine is something that “provokes and immune response” – (it used to have to actually provide protection against a specific disease, but they changed the definition. You could inject cat pee and it would be a vaccine under this definition.)
        – Covid is a pandemic (no it wasn’t. A pandemic is worldwide death at high rates, which never happened. An epidemiologist told me in 2020 that if they weren’t told about it, they probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.)
        – Herd immunity means 90% vaccination (it used to mean people developing immunity through all means, to slow down the spread, and was usually developed by children’s sterilizing immunity, and had nothing to do with vaccination rates)
        – Covid is a new disease (it wasn’t. It’s symptoms are just the flu and there was no need to create a new disease with exactly the same symptom list)

        I guess if Geert is right, we’ll finally have a real pandemic and the Branch Covidians will chant “told you so” all day long.

        The only real medical effects I saw were all from the vax:
        – people complaining about chest pain and bad tinnitus
        – someone committing suicide because of the side effects
        – vaxed people smelling funny
        – some vaxed people smelling REALLY REALLY BAD, unbearable

        I’m disappointed in humans after all this actually. It was pathetic.

        • Pete+only

          Bob, great post. I too am very frustrated as well about all the lies told by the psychopaths in charge with very little pushback it seems by the masses.
          I came across a podcast today by Christine Anderson who tells us how we can all participate in taking down the deep state in a non violent way on a daily basis.
          You will not be disappointed. There is also a book out there from Germany that she mentions which tells us what every politician out there has said about the unvaxxed people in the past. This podcast will enlighten and empower a lot of people, so please pass it on to as many people as you can. it is about 40 minutes in length.

          • Brian Morales

            I can’t wait till Greg gets her on’ She’s the female version of Howard Beale of Network fame!
            Network- I’m Mad as Hell
            Peter Finch won best actor due to his speech.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Bob, your post made my day. Many thanks. Best always. PM

        • Shiloh1

          Jacina Ardern was the biggest Orwellian Covid-vax gestapo outside of the U.S.

          • Chris

            She was neck and neck with Dan Andrews, the Premier of the state of Victoria in Australia (the other Premiers were all dictators too but Andrews was the epitome of evil). A total scumbag, like all these soulless psychopaths. They all deserve what’s coming to them, hopefully this side of the grave.

      • Bob

        Typo: not up inside your brain, I meant up inside your head, near your brain.

        Another one to add to the list:
        – Chris Hipkins, who took over from Jacinda when she quit, said “there was no compulsory vaccination, everybody made their own choices.”

        Why these people are not in prison yet amazes me. I guess it’s true – make the crime big enough and everyone joins in.

      • Lance King

        About the missing hostages: How many were killed by the indiscriminate Israeli bombing of Gaza?

        • Greg Hunter

          How many were killed because Hamas conducts war from densely populated areas. It’s not “indiscriminate” if the terrorists called Hamas use civilians as human shields for cover to conduct war. It’s very dishonest of you not to admit this is a war strategy, but, then again, if you did, it would expose Hamas as the monsters they really are.

          • Perry

            Great response Greg. Wish you were President.

        • Galaxy 500

          How many were killed by good men trying to save the hostages from sadistic murderous rapists?
          That number is approaching ZERO…
          How many were killed by the deranged Satanic Hamas Terrorists? All of them.
          Only a cretin would attempt to justify Hamas

        • Russ McMeans

          Palestinians already had their own state & they threw it away after Israel gave them the entire southern land. They voted for Hamas and proceeded to build tunnels and wage war on the Jews. They taught their children to hate the Jews. I’m sorry for those people but I would wipe them out personally. Ugly. But it is required if the seed of our Messiah is to survive. Tough poop.

      • James

        There is a statue of the creator of ivermectin in front of the who. No horses in it. Just a young boy leading an elderly man with a stick. He eliminated river blindness

      • michael Burton

        Blame both parties and Biden for inflation they are creating 1 trillion dollars every 50 days .inflation doesn’t effect them they make their money off of us live in glass houses on the shiny hill .the complete Washington DC is totally corrupt greedy and much evil no different then Russia then China

  2. Ken Yu

    Today Gold is closing in on $3,000 dollars per ounce, so how much higher can Gold go?? Is it near the high??? Well, if we calculate the Gold price using the Manipulated Government CPI (that the lying US Government uses to artificially reduce official inflation figures) the old 1980 high for Gold ($850) would today be $3,590 – BUT – when we adjust the Gold price for “REAL Inflation” (based upon John Williams Shadow Government Statistics) we find the Gold price equivalent of the $850 high would be today be $29,200!! (so we are “Not Near The Top”, we still have a Long Way To Go before even reaching the old high point for Gold)!!!
    Next, if we adjust the Silver price using the US CPI, the 1980 Silver high of $50 would today be $166 dollars per ounce. BUT, when we adjusted for “REAL Inflation” the $50 dollar high for Silver in 1980 would today be $1,350!! (so once again we have a long way to go before Silver even reaches its old high point and then goes beyond)!!!
    So how do you become a millionaire? Simple, just buy about 700 ounces of Silver at today’s price of $28 dollars per ounce (which will cost you about $20,000 US dollars). Bribe’n is handing out $10,000 dollars to every “illegal” now entering our country, so every “illegal” can easily be halfway to becoming a millionaire (while ordinary American choose to buy chocolate bars)!!

    • Stan where are you?


      Do you think Stan is still shorting Gold?

      • Ray

        Stan is in the foetal position……..
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘😎

        • Albert

          Stan is busy meeting margin calls

      • William Wilhelm

        I was gonna ask if anyone thinks it’s time to pray for Stan. Haven’t heard a boastful word from him lately. Maybe his friends quit inviting him on their private jets and yacht’s and he has nothing to boast about.

        • Ken Yu

          Stan is so enamored by the rising dollar he can’t see the forest for the trees – the reason the dollar is rising is because foreign nations like Japan and the BRIC’s are rejecting and dumping their US Treasury’s that were used to back their fiat currencies (and therefore foreign fiat like the Yen, etc. is losing value relative to the US dollar “making the US dollar look strong” when in fact it is being totally rejected by everyone)!! This is why we see Silver and Gold rising as the US dollar “artificially rises against foreign currencies” (because foreign nations are dumping their US dollars and Treasuries thus weakening their currencies)!! –

      • FC

        I’m not concern about Stan, but does anyone know what has happened to Paul… ? He contributed at least 20% of all comments on this site.

        • Ken Yu

          FC – I’m sure Paul asymmetrically joined the trans-gender/trans-racial movement as a cloaking device, hiding out right within the Globalists trans-evil movement “to destroy it” from the inside!!

    • Pat

      Martin Armstrong says gold is going down soon on its journey upwards. It seems it will be a good chance to buy in a short window of opportunity before it heads potentially much higher.

    • Glenn

      Well gold is now up about 10% in the weekend “black markets” after the Iranian attack of Israel. Hopefully we will see Israel nuke Iran. Meanwhile *hitcoin is down over 7%.

  3. Paper Tiger

    ‘Apocalypse NOW If U.S…’: Putin Ally Dares Biden After Fresh Ukraine Arms Push | Hindustan Times 78,347 views Apr 11, 2024
    Vladimir Putin’s ally and ex-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has lambasted Joe Biden. Medvedev warned the U.S. President of an apocalypse after his Ukraine remark. The claim that the conflict with Moscow could be ended with more American weapons is a call for slaughter, the former Russian president said. On April 10, Biden reiterated his call to the U.S. Congress to release $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. Biden said the Ukraine war could end if the house leader allows a vote.

    They told us that 1)the “invasion” was unprovoked, 2)that RU would run out of everything,
    3) that it was not able to sustain sanctions and materials, 4) that they lost the strategic edge, 5)that they lost half their forces, 6)that UKR had regained territory,
    7)that RU would capitulate,8)that UKR were succeeding and NATO would triumph.
    They never talked about the UKR shelling of Donbass, the Lensky decrees discriminating against Russian UKR or the Minsk agreement that would have avoided this bloodbath. Nor the huge damage to the EU the effects of which will be felt for at least a decade.

    • Pete+only

      And Medvedev also said “to be prepared for the soon coming unconditional surrender of Ukraine”.
      Most of the larger cities in the Ukraine (including part of Kiev), are now without electricity, and this coupled with a lack of soldiers, ammunition, mortar shells, and batteries to fire them, all point to a total collapse in a matter of days, perhaps a few months at the latest. This, on top of Ukraine having no more air force, and no more missiles to shoot down incoming Russian missiles.
      The ground in the Ukraine is getting almost hard enough now to support Russian tanks, meaning that a large Russian invasion will likely come sooner than later.
      The $61 billion that congress is asked to pass would only be given to the elite who were promised a big pay off for investing in the Ukraine. No amount of money could purchase any needed weaponry and ammunition, as the war will shortly be over anyway, and the it’s beyond the west’s current capabilities to do so anyway.
      The end is near for the war in the Ukraine, and 600,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers will be all the west will have to show for their efforts amongst all their lies with the main stream media.

      • Ken Yu

        Just like in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, etc., etc. we were continually lied to and told we were winning, Until We Lost!!

  4. NH Watcher

    But some people did receive lethal doses of the vaccine, while others only received saline solution … both sets of people unaware. The majority of the Elite, of course, received saline solution, so they could continue to promote the illusion that the vaccines were safe and effective. For all the people dying of the COVID vaccines, the UNREPORTED story is … all the people NOT dying. And it’s “not dying yet,” no, these are people vaccinated living normal lives and continuing to support mass vaccinations, boosters, etc.

    At least one third of all the COVID shots were saline solutions and did little to no harm. And that is why those vaccinated with saline continue to get re-infected with COVID, notwithstanding that even the true vaccine doses do not protect against COVID completely either.

    The majority of Americans are unhealthy period, regardless of vaccination status. Overweight, stressed, and addicted. I see few answers from the media or the politicians to that either.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please source “At least a third of all covid shots were saline” I call bull crap hopium on that.

      • Maria dasSantos

        Agree Mr Hunter,here in the UK our political elites with the WEF have committed regicide with serious attempts against our royal family with Princess Catherine and King Charles III seriously ill and our security services are silent and immobile.

        • Lightning

          If King Charles wanted to extract himself from being a focal point of animosity, wouldn’t feigning cancer be an obvious ploy?

          It would make people assume he is” one of us” when in reality, he’s been seminal in pushing the WEF agenda.

      • NH Watcher


        I have repeatedly urged you to interview the British computer programmer behind this site, Craig Paardekooper, who has done extensive analysis of all the COVID vaccine lots and different lots’ toxicity. He concludes that 1/3 of all doses had to be placebos (i.e., saline) and DID NOTHING.

        His email is: [email protected]

        As someone vaccinated (initial two doses) and boosted (twice), I am sorry to anyone on this site waiting for me to die, that I haven’t died yet … to make all these dire predictions plausible. I have close family members who have received all the doses and boosters without any symptoms whatsoever. Thankfully, they accept my vaccine injury (neuropathy), even though they are all still fine. The only REASONABLE explanation is that a certain percentage of the doses were placebos and DID NOTHING.

        • Greg Hunter

          I hope you guy is right but doctors and Tech analysts I interview paint a much darker story. Ed Dowd is on Saturday and he says so far more than 30 million Americans have been killed, disabled totally or are chronically ill so far by these CV19 injections. They did not do this to only hurt 4% of the population. Oh, and your friends could be lying and then there is also the delayed reaction theory as well. All the best.

          • Ken Yu

            Kill One Person and you go to Jail “for life” or have a Rope put around your neck – But, Kill 30 Million People and you get Billions of Dollars (like Pfizer) along with a Nobel Peace Prize Medal or Upside-down Cross to wear around your neck (like Malinda Gates for reducing Earth’s population and thus “saving the Planet’s rocks and volcano’s that need help from Global Warming!!

          • NH Watcher

            Craig’s site is NOT about promoting the vaccines or implying that they were safe. Quite the opposite. Craig is all about exposing the Elites’ dark agenda of world depopulation. In order to do that, they (the Elite) could not have the majority of vaccines doses be highly toxic, i.e., causing immediate death. Craig concludes that 64% of the doses were “medium” toxicity, causing varying degrees of symptoms, disability, or eventual death. Actually, I am surprised with Karen Kingston’s background at Pfizer that she hasn’t concluded the same. Perhaps Ed Dowd will, as he has expressed on his Twitter feed that some of his early predictions were wrong, and so it is taking more time for the depopulation than what the Elites may have initially desired. I have concluded that the vaccines play only one part in that agenda, along with the mass immigration bringing third world diseases back into the first world, financial instability or collapse which will affect peoples’ mental health and increase suicides, and then finally limited war in various parts of the world. What the Elites cannot control, of course, is our Lord’s intervention, at His appointed time.

  5. Old Pooper

    Folks, coming to a “neighborhood” near you, Move over potheads! the kids are getting high in the supermarket aisles , breathing in the Nitrous Oxide propellant in the whipped cream canisters! Now they’re making little Nitrous Oxide propellant canisters. A manufacturing company of them exploded and killed a teenager almost a mile away with one of these explodable canisters they’re selling in gas-stations!
    Michigan has a Whippet problem Daily News Detroit
    Michigan has a problem with whippets.
    Brought to the front of the collective mind after that gigantic fire and explosion in Clinton Township – Michigan has passed new laws to begin to deal with the personal dangers of inhaling nitrous oxide, as well as to the community by those who sell them.
    This is an important issue in the city of Detroit, the Metro Detroit region, and the state.
    On your Daily Detroit, we unpack it a bit. The dangers. The misconceptions, and what a local group is trying to do get tens of thousands of left behind empty canisters off the streets.
    Joining us is Laura Chavez of the Southwest Detroit Business Association to talk about what they’re dealing with on the streets of the city.

    • Galaxy 500

      With all the problems facing us, this is something for non serious people to waste their time on. College kids were doing this in the late 70s and 80s with cans of whipped cream.
      Fentanyl is killing 10s of thousands and destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands and you are concerned about what the dentists use for anesthesia…
      Dude, spreading manure like a professional…

  6. sam

    Hey Ever body…They are NOT gonna Cut Rates!…Don’t audit the FED…Eliminate the FED

    • Steve Bice

      Audit Fort Knox.
      Audit 40 Wall Street vaults.
      Audit the COMEX.
      Audit the Gold and Silver ETFs.
      They can’t and they won’t, because it will reveal the sham…

      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
      Henry Ford

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. The collapse will do what the audits cannot. They can prevent one but not the other. The debt creation is going exponential. Jim Willie (whom I have not watched in years) said the other day he believes it takes $8 to $10 of new debt to create one dollar of impact on the the GDP. (The interest burden creates a doom loop.)

      If this is so, we are in the end game. The pace of the Weimar Republic inflationary collapse is instructive. Once a tipping point is reached, it progresses very rapidly.

      From Wikipedia:
      “The currency stabilized in early 1922 but thereafter hyper-inflation took off, with the mark falling in exchanges from 320 marks per dollar in mid 1922 to 7,400 marks per US dollar by December 1922. This hyperinflation continued into 1923, and by November 1923, one US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000.

      The first phase took six or seven months. In the next eleven months, the currency collapsed. Once it goes exponential, it is game over. We seem to be in June of 1922.

      When Iranian missiles start flying tonight or tomorrow, all bets are off.

      Not good.

  7. sam

    James Carville is a Complete Package…. of FOOLS…..just listening to him, CRINGE-WORTHY…

  8. sam

    Harvard???….NO CREDIBILITY

  9. D

    Interest rates can go as high as THEY want and they will
    Home prices will NOT drop the FED will backstop the losses of the multi national companies that are ARTIFICIALLY running up home prices and buying/stealing up all the homes.
    That is their plan TOTAL slavery
    Remember: Own NOTHING and be “happy”!!!
    PLEASE come Jesus come 🙌🙏🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fed will backstop the losses” with confetti if they keep printing.

  10. sam

    They are NOT Immigrants…they are Illegal INVADERS…….they are NOT Aliens……they are ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADERS!

    • Ken Yu

      And thanks to Bribe’n we American homeowners now have to pay “Increased School Taxes” so our School Systems can hire Extra Queers “to educate all the illegal children on transgenderism” and provide physical “Story Time” lessons on how young boys should bounce up and down on the Story Time Queers laps and repeat “I’m a Girl”, “I’m a Girl” and “I need to get my penis cut off without parental permission”!!!

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, time for some critical thinking about what money is supposed to be rather than what’they’ turned it into?
    Money: Humanity’s BIGGEST Illusion That Keeps Everyone In The RAT RACE.
    Fractional reserve banking is a created fraud, a PONSI scheme run by the bankers and the governments?

  12. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up!
    Biden gave our weapons away. We armed our enemies. How can you fight a war without weapons?
    Biden gave our oil away to China. How can you fight a war without petroleum?
    Biden and his RINO cronies destroyed our economy.
    How can you fight a war if you’re bankrupt?
    Biden has let, not just one army of terrorist, but many armies of terrorist across the border.
    How do you fight a war when your country is controlled by terrorists?

    • I Dig Au

      Galaxy 500-

      I fear that the Bidenistas will surrender America to our enemies and the U.N. This would explain FJB lack of concern regarding our engineered weakness.

  13. sam

    28 minutes 25/30 seconds in………”will be living in the “GRASS HUT” some where”…..the ones that didn’t buy AG @ $18 / $22 per Troy Ounce Will Be…….but…….the Smart ones who Did, will have a “Bungalow on the Beach”!.

    • Susan R

      Sam, I am hesitant to respond for your history of attacking anyone who brushes against you, but, although I am invested in metals, I know it is no guarantee for the sweet life. When this goes live, there will be no safe place including a “Bungalow on the Beach”.

      • sam

        ALOT more SAFER then where you would be….you think my words are an ATTACK?…..wait till …”When this goes live”…….where YOU live my words will be Shakespeare…..

      • Galaxy 500

        Susan, Well reasoned and well said. Greg has said we are on the slow slide to Madmax. He is spot on there. Unless you have friends and family around you that work with you to weather the coming storm, some feral thug is going to take your beach house and everything you’ve saved, then do really bad things to you.
        I was a Back the Blue guy for decades, but Madame, where in my youth 90+% of the Police were good guys, now the numbers have flipped. The police arrest good God fearing people and let the wild feral humans roam and destroy.
        Just as in Ruby Ridge and Waco, the ATF /FBI murder a family man that the could have picked up at work.

  14. Galaxy 500

    Respected Japanese medical doctor issues warning to the world: New wave of ‘genetic’ vaccines is coming down the pike like a freight train and must be avoided at all costs.
    Read it all here:

    • Ken Yu

      Wonder what will happen to Japan next for giving such “vaccine” warning? The Globalists recently JFK’ed their President when he began to refuse buying US Treasury’s to back the Yen!!

  15. joel

    Thank you Greg. God bless you and your family!

  16. Billy Mitchell

    3 ways to avoid flying on a Boeing 737 Max
    Story by Michael Grothaus • 1w •

  17. Juice Newton

    Book returned to northern Colorado library after 105 years
    Poudre Libraries said if they still collected fines, the tab would be $760, or about $14,000 when adjusted for inflation.
    What will the Fed Reserve adjust silver dollars for? All the printing presses Made in CHINA?

  18. Max Dezara

    We are approaching the end of humanity as we
    know it. Take a look at this video and pass it along.
    Wake up everyone you know.

  19. Sad Sacked

    ‘Leftie losing it galactically’: Congresswoman claims moon is ‘made up mostly of gases’ Sky News Australia 133K views 1 day ago
    Sky News host Rita Panahi has reacted to a “leftie losing it galactically”.

  20. James Hall

    High interest rates are part of the take down. The federal reserve is a private company and can print unlimited funds.

  21. Tommy

    Speaking of inflation…Here’s a snapshot of my household utilities costs from 3/2021 to 3/2024.
    Nat. Gas +46%, Electric +54%, Water +40%, Sewer +15%, Garbage coll. +58%. (the gas, elec, and water is based on cost per therm, kw and gallons, ie “per unit”).
    Add in groceries, gasoline, insurance, health care, home repairs/maintenance and the actual inflation rate is nowhere close to the “official” numbers.

  22. Norlin Gutz

    Greg, Reporting from corn country in the USA, we hear of layoff’s in many of the large agricultural equipment companies as things are slowing out here. I heard of one local JD dealership having a used equipment inventory of $850 million…..I can’t imagine if they are having to maintain it with 8% interest rates…..that would be $68 million! I also can’t imagine if you were their banker and this used inventory is guaranteeing their loan and that inventory started going down in value.

  23. yolanda burl

    Ukraine’s parliament passes controversial law to boost draft

    • Tim K


      I am surprised that no one in the comments section (of the you tube article) asked the following question: Is there any Ukrainian males left between the ages of 14 and 60?


      • Ken Yu

        None – but they will now draft “transgendered women” to throw into the Russian meat grinder that is killing NAZI’s at a faster rate then back in WWII!!!

  24. Dr. No Ah Jr.

    America’s Big Chipmaking Blunder
    Bloomberg Originals 31,312 views Apr 12, 2024
    ASML is behind what’s arguably the most important technology in the world right now: extreme ultraviolet lithography machines. Without these $200 million EUV machines and the semiconductors they make, there’d be no artificial intelligence revolution and the global economy would begin to slow. While the machines made in the Netherlands are sold mostly to companies in Taiwan and South Korea – TSMC and Samsung – Intel was very late to the game. The US government meanwhile under both Donald Trump and Joe Biden has been scrambling to ensure none of the machines are sold to China.

  25. Jeff Budge

    Why Egypt is selling a city to UAE for $35 billion
    CaspianReport 55,077 views 3 hours ago

  26. yolanda burl

    A Coming Recession Worse Than 2008? – Once In A Lifetime Chance To Build Wealth | Codie Sanchez

  27. Thomas737

    The FED may very well not cut rates. The FED is of, by and for the banking system. The banking system has a super power, to be able to create money out of nothing. If the dollar declines enough, their super powetr declines with it. Their super power means a lot more to them than does your economy.

  28. Galaxy 500

    I am slow on the uptake sometimes. I admit I was late to the Geo engineering party. I was thinking how much it would cost and how many people would have to know about it… impossible right? Wrong… Yes I admit I was wrong. The bastards stole at least 20 Trillion dollars.
    Some thing else I was slow on the uptake. You can still get justice… Damn, I am an idiot sometimes.
    Even in the face of overwhelming evidence you are innocent, these evil bastards will punish you for the sin of defending yourself. Proof? Look up the Apple River Stabbing. An old guy with a quadruple bypass was assaulted by a group of teenage football players. He was looking for a lost cell phone in the river. They start making fun of him calling him a pedo. Then they gang up on him and start beating him. He stabs a few of these feral humans in self defense. It’s on video them laughing and then attacking him. They are caught in lie after lie during the trial and the “jury” finds him guilty. What a travesty of justice. So the old guy could have let them beat him to death or he can do jail time… that’s justice right?
    Even in the face of all the illegal Shiite they are doing against Trump, I held on the a silly idea that a little guy like me, if attacked, could defend himself and be ok? What a foolish man I am. The FBI’s actions would make the SS or the Stasi blush.
    A slow slide to madman? Greg, Madmax just pasted me on the highway. Even he is leaving this berg.

  29. Lgbqrst+Times @ WW3

    Nancy Pelosi is Working for Putin + Jeffrey Sachs Unlocked

  30. Galaxy 500

    And that’s how the Satanic Minions win…
    Normal, everyday people can not grasp the banality of evil. We can not imagine the depths of their depravity. These people are pedophiles and child murders, thieves on a planetary scale…
    If you don’t vote Trump, you are voting for the end of America

    • I Dig Au

      We can defeat evil by speaking truth, living by truth and demanding truth from others. Without lies, evil has no power.

      • Galaxy 500

        Speaking is worthless with out action. But speaking is a start as long as you are prepared to act.

  31. john geis

    The F-35 radar coating washes off in the rain, peels off if it goes supersonic. It cannot carry many weapons, is only available 30% of the time and can be tracked and shot down by the Russians. It is so BAD that the Air force is buying NEW F-15’s of 1970’s design. America, THE BABYLON, has been betrayed! They have no urinals on the new carriers because the fighting men have become as women! Our weapons do not hold up in battles against peer opponents and in Ukraine they only option to stop the Russians is nukes and they will use them! God told us our admirals would put on dresses in Jer 51 30 The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken.

  32. Chad

    It has ready started. 1 dairy heard in Texas and last night in a heard in south dakota got it already. And one hired had tested positive at the dairy.

    • Lady Au Stackers United

      Chad. Re testing positive dairy herds. If you saw my rant that Mr Hunter graciously posted to the comments on the last wrapup, I mentioned that we humans should imo stop eating factory farmed animals. Factory farming by Big Ag is alarmingly cruel, filthy, incredibly sickening to the animal herds, and sickening for humans to ingest. Wean off eating animals raised in overcrowded factory farms. Raise your own backyard animals for your personal meat consumption. Or buy direct from small local market farmers. The next Pandemic Will Come From Factory Farms. The next time anyone walks down the meat department aisle of the grocery store, think of the suffering that sentient animal endured just so you could eat a section of its muscle, fat, blood vessels, and internal organs. And the next time you drink milk, remember you are drinking milk that was supposed to be for a baby calf taken away from its mother and slaughtered whilst the mother cow gets hooked up to a milking machine as she cries for her calf which she can never nurture. Buy from small farms. Again, I believe the next sickening spread of frankenvirus will come from factory farms. Remember where swine flu came from. It’s a spiritual revenge by all mass abused factory farmed animals. This post is not directed personally to you, Chad, but for all that read this to think about how our food is raised and to hopefully transcend cognitive dissonance.

  33. Sharon

    I recently finished a book called The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb.

    What is this book about? It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of the current globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle. This scheme is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which is difficult for the mind to encompass. Included are all financial assets and bank deposits, all stocks and bonds; and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment; land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property. Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will likewise be taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses which have been financed with debt. If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.

    Private, closely held control of ALL central banks, and hence of all money creation, has allowed a very few people to control all political parties and governments; the intelligence agencies and their myriad front organizations; the armed forces and the police; the major corporations and, of course, the media. These very few people are the prime movers. Their plans are executed over decades. Their control is opaque. To be clear, it is these very few people, who are hidden from you, who are behind this scheme to confiscate all assets, who are waging a hybrid war against humanity.

    Reading this book was very chilling and can certainly see it coming to fruition soon. Everyone is going to be affected. God help us all.

  34. Paul Rivard

    Why are so many young people getting cancer?
    Cancer used to be a disease of the old. Not anymore.
    By Dylan Scott@dylanlscott Updated Apr 8, 2024
    Scientific authorities around the world see this as one of the most pressing questions for modern medicine and are now funding an ambitious, globe-spanning research project to provide some desperately needed answers.

    This Was All Predicted on the Pages of
    We must stop funding Bill Gates and demand our moneys back!

  35. Derek Sinclair

    Great to see Ed Dowd coming on again. That guy has developed the absolute best possible approach to what these monsters have inflicted on us. His information cannot be challenged by the liars in government, the medical establishment (including most quacks) and big pharma. He’s doing God’s work.

    • Greg Hunter


      This seems to work for many having trouble: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like


  36. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg Always Spot on with TRUTH we Need to Know Great Interviews Yes they do mess with podcasts Change It Up on Another Try on different format location

  37. aaron s.

    Greg, think the world of you ! i truly believe you are looking out for us. love you broski !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brother Aaron.
      Brother Greg

  38. Lora

    Isn’t it ludicrous that Mr. Wray is warning of an imminent US attack, in light that his colleagues (Obama/Biden Regime) gave billions of dollars to Iran, which via proxy pathways is funded terrorism to destroy Israel and ultimately the “big Satan” America. Why are all those in power, who love America not sounding the alarm bells in this late hour, just as Paul Revere did in 1775….2024 is truly the last stand.

  39. Jeffrobbins

    So that we know that we are being lied to about the inflation numbers- to adjust for food and energy being volatile you simple make a moving average of the volatile numbers. Food and energy should be put into a 12 month average number. If you double count the most recent month, or most recent two months, the number generated would give a real number to set policy with- add together 12 months worth of data with a double count on the last two and divide by 14 would give a very real number-that number could be added back into the overall numbers. Any trader or information type person would know this as a very basic technique to view the numbers.

  40. Jeffrobbins

    For some reason i couldn’t get Polny’s interview to play and watched it on Rumble.— And as exciting as it is to see gold and silver run, we should understand that those are safety plays. It means the world is heading into big trouble. Plan for food problems, the government won’t be there to help. Grain changing to corn wasn’t just for a joke, the Father cares for us. A productive few acres of land could be the difference between abundant life and eating animal feed. It would be good to consider Joseph and the land of Goshen. I have prayed( made my request) and have had my brother and his kids come to live with us. I bought a 2019 keystone cougar 5th wheel with a center bunk house. It is in great shape and about the lowest cost living option i can think of. Already have a number of projects for them to help out with instead of paying rent. Dorper sheep are in the future.

  41. Bruce W Vetter

    You can find real inflation per US city here.

  42. Greg [Not Hunter]

    Hey Greg sometimes your explanations sound like a stand up comedy routine. Keep up the truth telling.
    Greg “Not Hunter”

  43. John Maskell

    Brilliant reporting Greg . Here in the UK , ( as I’m writing ) gold has just hit £1954 per oz . We all know that a rapid movement in gold indicates strain on the economy and tensions in the Middle East . Our UK government has just announced that our economy grew in the last quarter , pathetic ! Also , hardly any serious reporting about Iran , Ukraine and geopolitical issues regarding war. Our British population haven’t got no idea how close we are to WW3 . We are in a real nuclear attack. Too many sheep here Greg . The vaxed are dropping like flies . So many people are too ill to work . The NHS is inundated with cancer patients . Two of my neighbours have developed cancer recently but they can’t understand why ? Perhaps two shots and two boosters haven’t helped them . They didn’t listen to me like most of the people I warned . It’s a cruel world Greg but we have our faith and love in our saviour . I’m glad that people like you and your audience are good , educated souls of our creator Jesus Christ . Thanks John.

    • Thomas Nicholas Argyle

      You know John, even though your over seas. It’s good to know your a like-minded brother across the pond. I have a feeling of security that your there holding up the faith. We may never meet on this side of the Vail, but I’m sure on the other side. Keep on keeping on John, your the hope of the world!
      A disgusted American citizen, Michigan USA

    • Ray

      Thanks for the UK report John…….much appreciated.
      I have some dear friends in Llanelli, Wales, and hope they will be safe in what is about to unfold.
      My best wishes be with you and yours mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

  44. Susan R

    This report was explosive. One thought that came to me while you were talking about how Hamas sacrificed their own is that humans are very capable of this, this is not outside our realm. I see it on many levels all around me in my life here in the US. I see it in my own family, not the level of war, but self-interest above others. Jesus tried to help us to be compassionate and feel others pain as their own, but this one trait is seldom seen in my world. Yes, there are those we can look up to who do reveal this compassion, and perhaps we all do at times, but there is a latent evil that does lurk everywhere. This latest outburst just may be the culmination of historical negative human traits that have not been abated, probably because of greed, and have reached a momentum that cannot be stopped. It is a world-wide phenomenon taking place, yet I see those who still think life will go on as usual!!!

    • sam

      Susan R ….You wanna Fantasize about the “Mad Max” scenario and proclaim you are surrounded by it?…..Knock yourself out!….but the “smart” ones don’t “Cry” about it….they saw it coming and they “TOOK ACTION”… about 16 years ago…..and now that all their bases are covered…it’s people like YOU who want to criticize by pretending you are taking the “High Road” .

    • Ray

      Excellent comment Susan.
      Your posts contain much wisdom.
      Thank you for the thoughtful contemplation you bring to USAWATCHDOG.
      I always look out for your posts.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

  45. Karm Halpenny

    We have allowed the pendulum to swing too far towards the corrupt side of the government, and it seems difficult to find a way out of this mess. No matter where we look, criminal activities are rampant and nothing seems to be done to hold those responsible accountable. We must stop their momentum of destroying our country.
    “Your Country Your Choice” is the name of a new Patriot organization that seems to
    have a way to start our momentum to push back hard.

  46. William Nelson

    GOP Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Wants To Ban Public Cannabis Smoking, Sale Of Delta-8 ‘Intoxicating Hemp’ Story by Maureen Meehan • 23h
    In his annual State of the State address on Wednesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) began his speech with a focus on youth and education then moved quickly to a renewed push to ban Delta-8 and keep cannabis away from minors.
    DeWine previously called for a ban on Delta-8 products, which he calls intoxicating hemp. The governor said the lack of regulation around Delta-8 makes it “easily accessible to kids in gas stations and convenience stores.”
    WOW! Is this just a pipe dream? Can Mike DeWine really STOP America from going to POT?

  47. Duke Nukem

    Russians sent warning that nuclear war is now ‘inevitable’ with ‘millions at risk’
    Story by Max Channon, Ethan Blackshaw & Rudi Kinsella • 5h •
    Russians have been chillingly told that nuclear war is now unavoidable and millions are set to perish. Experts stated that nuclear conflict is certain – with Vladimir Putin poised to annihilate 250 million Europeans.

  48. I Dig Au

    Was surprised to hear that Biden’s approval rating was as high as 8%.

  49. Mr. Scott

    Pfizer’s Secret Vaccine Nanobots to Upload Humans to the Internet
    Trump Train Pro 🚅 🥇 Special Guest Maria Zeee ZEEEMEDIA.COM _Beam Me Up Scotty?

  50. Carl

    Is Trump the Chosen One?

    –Witsit Gets It

  51. Rod McDowel

    Putin’s Ultimatum To NATO Nation Over Nuke Trigger; ‘Be Ready To Face Russian Action…’ Hindustan Times 42K views 4 hours ago
    The Vladimir Putin government has issued an ultimatum to NATO member Finland. Moscow said Finland would face Russian countermeasures if it posed a nuclear threat. In an open threat, Russia said that Helsinki should be ready for consequences. The threat was in response to statements by Finnish authorities that the country may allow the transit of NATO nuclear weapons

    When Will People Grow UP? Can’t the US. get some balls and develop Hypersonic missiles? Close those useless bases around the world and let the rich pay for they’re kids college edumacation! We can’t go on like this! Russia is eating our lunch!

    After the Finnish War, the Treaty of Fredrikshamn transferred Finland from Sweden to the Russian Empire with the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Finland, an autonomous state ruled by the Russian Czars. In 1812, the Finnish–Russian border reverted to its pre-1721 location, granting the Grand Duchy of Finland so-called “Old Finland” territories previously held by Sweden.

    Finland and Norway share a 953-mile border with Russia
    Russia’s borders: Scandinavians are masters of the delicate balancing act
    Published: September 29, 2014

    Four maps explain how Sweden and Finland alter NATO’s security
    By Ruby Mellen, Dylan Moriarty and Júlia Ledur March 7, 2024

    The “gist of the matter,” the substance or main part, the central essential point, the tip of the spear, is if Germany and the Scandinavians ever hook up again, with the Russki’s, these white blue eyed northern Europeans will not only be eating our lunch but, breakfast and dinner too! The Anglo-American Banking families know that!
    That’s the problem! Were going down and everybody knows it and nobody’s going to do anything about it! We, the Anglo-Americans have bought the farm.
    As we go under, were grabbing at straws, Russia, Germany, Finland and Svenska. Lets be like little Serbska, learn to get along to get along, build roads like China! Heck we got Alaska, Canada, we can do it! Invest in pulling together. Sure Elon, Outer Space is our future, but if we don’t get it together down here were soon going to be in a Nuclear Winter of discontent and going backwards if we should even survive!! Build that road across Bering’s strait between Russia and Alaska, across the Darian Gap too. I want to be able to drive from the tip of South America across North America thru Russia across Europe to London! Lets give the people hope, a real new world order , not of disorder! Lets unite, peace and security, then we can have prosperity for all. We didn’t start in a big bang, it was a finely tuned event. If you’d seen the the total eclipse of our sun, you’d know the truth and the truth will set you free! Don’t be a Monkee’s uncle!
    Anglo-Americans ditch the pot, our Slavic friends and Norseman don’t do pipe-dreams!

  52. Randy

    Are You Rapture Ready??>> It has started and on the other side of the Rapture in the Tribulation the bible tells you what will be!> During the Tribulation; it will take a day’s wages to buy a one day supply of food. How will people be able to pay for their other expenses? (Rent, mortgages, utilities, gasoline, etc.)
    Not at all. It sounds frightening. In effect, the third seal judgment of Rev. 6:5-7 says it will take everything the average person can earn in a day to purchase enough wheat flour to make a large loaf of bread. (A loaf of bread is roughly enough food for one person for one day.) That means all other expenses, including the cost of feeding anyone else they may be responsible for will go unpaid. Some expert observers believe this could be due to the combination of hyper-inflation and extreme food shortages. Among them are those who say the world could be in the run up to this time of extreme hardship even now.

    • sam

      RAPTURE is a SCAM started in 1832 circa:……..showing a few verses from the Bible taken OUT of CONTEXT is a serious mistake (honest or Contrived)…look to the Manuscripts about a rapture…. but….it will will be addressed by Our Heavenly Father during his judgement day…..just because you heard about it “all you’re life” doesn’t make it so….Satan didn’t just tell one lie thousands of years ago about eating an apple….it was and is still an “Ongoing Deceit” in every level from the BANKS the EDUCATION SYSTEM the so-called RELIGIOUS LEADERS and the GOVERNMENTS!

      • Brianroy

        The Rapture concept dates to the times of King David, Psalm 50:1-6 (KJV) for example. Elijah was raptured. Jesus was raptured in Acts 1 in a way that prophetically requires the sounding of a ram’s horn (Psalm 47:5, KJV). If you want to blame the Apostle Paul for the doctrine of the Rapture, we would only have to discuss the true dating of the Epistles to pin it down to exactly 1700 and how many years more to his concise writing of the event. If you look to Jerome, his earliest manuscripts of the “snatching away” used by the Apostle Paul can also be discussed. So we are now at the end of the Fourth Century that affirms Paul on the Rapture.
        Problem is, there are 2 Silver Trumps in Numbers 10, and the second trump, used as the Trump of Gathering, blown low-level-legato, can be blown more than once. Jesus gives us 3 watches, and 3 times of gathering. Thus, the pre-trib sudden rapture, the mid-trib expected visible rapture of the 2 witnesses et al that goes into a War in Heaven, and the teleportation to Jerusalem when Christ returns. More than 50 examples of the Rapture in the Scriptures can readily be cited. You clearly have NOT done Biblical exegesis. Deny the Rapture, and you might as well say that the Bible lies in saying Elijah and Jesus ascended into Heaven before MANY witnesses each. It is THAT serious an issue. Further, it is to Jesus, the exact image and representation of the Father to whom Judgment is given. He is VERY specific to that in John’s Gospel.

        • sam

          I can “Plant” a seed…..but i will Not throw my pearls in front of the swine….

    • Ken Yu

      Looks like it’s Rapture Time for that “Do-Do Bird” in Canada. We need this Do-Do “Bird Flu” to spread to every nation Klaus Schwab installed his commie chickens to put “yellow yoke” around our necks!!

    • i: a man; travis

      We have realised that the mainstream media is deep state controlled; next step is to realise that mainstream Christianity ( what is taught in the majority of churches, seminaries, t,v, and radio) is deep state theology/ eschatology.

  53. Randy

    A> Greg you say your a christian??> Do you have a Bible??>> Read Jeremiah 49;34-39! I will break the Bow of Elam {IRAN} MMM> what is the power of Iran>MMM> their missiles and if you read there is a nuclear disaster> Prophecy before it happens!!~Enjoy

    • jonah texas

      He probably has got one of these offered by Trump for sixty bucks. The paper is thin and the print is jammed in there; pages stick together. And the Trump bible suspected to have been printed in communist China

  54. Dave

    Hi Greg,

    Obe of your best programs. A sincere thank you for all your research and videos, you saved our family from getting the bioweapon, and we will be eternally grateful. God bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Dave, you made my week!! Thanks for telling me this!!

  55. Marie Joy

    Citizen Free Press has a piece “Merrick Garland announces new rule ending private firearm sales at gun shows”.
    Who gave anyone the authority to make “rules”. This is like some whacko’s power grab but I know, it’s happening everywhere.
    We’re here because we’re apathetic
    President Trump will be in a NY courtroom for the next 8 weeks as stated in Citizen Free Press.

  56. LOREN

    THANK YOU for holding on and NEVER letting go with talking about the lethal covid19 injection– you’re such a unique person in this area; and THANK YOU for being the EBULLIENT ENTITY that you are. You’re a phenomenon. Literally.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Loren for the very kind words.

  57. Johnny Nobody

    Sorry. Found the Tucker Carlson link in the text summary.

  58. Johnny Nobody

    If Geert Vanderbilt Bossche is correct about a ‘Tsunami of death’ coming to the vaccinated & boosted, then TPTB need a cover story. Looks like ‘Bird Flu’ is being jockeyed into position to take the wrap. It’s all so horribly predictable to those of us who are awake, but the ‘normies’ will swallow this huge lie hook line and sinker!

    • Ken Yu

      We caught the Smart-Alec Globalist Queers with their pants down when they implemented their Covid pandemic (to purposely kill off billions of humans). So these Evil Globalists were forced to switch tactics creating a “Bird Flu Animal Pandemic” (which will now eliminate most of the meat, eggs and dairy humans eat, leaving us only Glyphosate Sprayed Bugs to eat “to give us all cancer”)!!

  59. Johnny Nobody

    Geert Vanden Bossche.

  60. J. Wellburn

    Jordan Peterson Canceled: Warning On Good vs Evil, God, WW3, Andrew Tate, Porn & Men Feeling Lost!
    Tom Bilyeu 735K views 1 month ago Impact Theory Podcast
    Disclosure: This episode was sponsored by Ground News. This post may contain affiliate links or links to the sponsor’s website. If you purchase an item using this affiliate link, Impact Theory may receive commission. Go to to see through misleading media narratives.

  61. Sam Tripoli

    Jewish Rabbis admit that Judaism views Christendom (Europe & America) as its mortal enemy & their desire to destroy it:

  62. Russ McMeans

    I know a veterinarian, so maybe I can get ivermectin, but I don’t know. I had my spine fused and I can get and I’m prescribed Morphine, but I can’t get ivermectin here in California or Nevada. It’s actually the least of my problems though. Inflation is the elephant in our house.

  63. Russ McMeans

    This world is a disaster. I’m very close to Jesus and I pray a lot. Severe physical pain will bring you to your knees.

  64. uncle samski

    NATO is Defeated and Can’t Develop a Strategy | Andrei Martyanov
    Dialogue Works

    112K subscribers

    61,100 views Apr 11, 2024 Interviews
    ANDREI MARTYANOV is an expert on Russian military and naval issues. He was born in Baku, USSR in 1963. He graduated from the Kirov Naval Red Banner Academy and served as an officer on the ships and staff position of the Soviet Coast Guard through 1990. He took part in the events in the Caucasus which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the mid-1990s he moved to the United States where he currently works as Laboratory Director in a commercial aerospace group. He is a frequent blogger on the US Naval Institute Blog. He is the author of Losing Military Supremacy, The (Real) Revolution in Military Affairs, and Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse.

  65. Rick

    When I first started following you years ago I liked your reporting but would occasionally think to myself “Greg’s stretching it”. Not anymore. Today it’s like the song “It’s the end of the world as we know it but I feel fine” featured in the 1996 movie Independence Day.
    Only I don’t feel fine.
    Great reporting.

  66. Vernon Locke
    Live Saturday Broadcast: CIA/FBI Targeting of Conservatives Blows Up in Deep State’s Face
    WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? Geoengineering Coverup Exposed
    ‘We Feel Offended’: Entitled Illegal Alien Complains About Taxpayer-Funded Housing in New York
    BlackRock Founder Larry Fink Goes Berserk Over Latest Earnings Amid ESG Fallout
    Migrants Robbed at Gunpoint While Illegally Crossing Rio Grande Into Texas
    ‘Joe Biden Sucks’: Cenk Uygur Scorches ‘Corrupt’ Biden, Says He Might Vote for RFK Jr Instead
    Watch: Illegal Alien Tries to Rob Bank Using Translator to Say ‘Give Me Your Money’
    FBI ‘Increasingly Concerned’ About Moscow-Style Attack in U.S.
    Live Saturday Broadcast: CIA/FBI Targeting of Conservatives Blows Up in Deep State’s Face / Posted an hour ago Join Alex Jones, Mario Nawfal, Jack Posobiec and other surprise guests in this special edition of X Spaces — must watch!

  67. Jack Phillips

    Five years ago, I was in Ashland Oregon. They tried to sell me on a Shingles Vaccine. I said give me the paperwork and I’ll look it up online. When I looked up the ingredients, it was full of mercury, and it had the Abortion Lot Numbers listed. I said No Thank You.

    • Galaxy 500

      Jack, I had taken Flu shots every year for 40years. I am vaccinated against Hep A & B, Cholera and Yellow fever due to travels in my youth. Pneumonia and Shingles 10 years ago.
      I will never have another shot…
      What these so called Drug Companies haven’t realized yet is that they have destroyed their reputation and that anyone with 3 or more firing neurons will avoid any of their products. At my yearly physical the doc offered a flu shot and ever said it wasn’t that mRNA garbage. I told him I didn’t want anything right now.
      So not only is this customer avoiding the bioweapon shots but also the tried and true Pastuer type vaccines.
      Never again…

  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, we are living in a state of social pathology, partly due to our own lack of due diligence, part indifference caused by self-interests devoid of seeing the eventual un-intended consequence = living an illusion, but all at the very inception due to ‘their’ greed and evil intent. ALL but another labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ that turned out to not to be!
    Full Free Documentary | Social Pathology

  69. Galaxy 500

    Two things that really bother me…

    First is the Minions and Principalities of Power wrapping themselves in a facade of Christianity. Like Beijing Biden being called a good Catholic by the MSM. Or actors like this Nimrod…
    These false Christians preach depravity, lust, sodomy , pedophilia but worst of all, accepting these evil depravites as “normal” and not calling out these grave evils.
    And second is the anti-gunner Fudds that claim they are shooters and hunters, then they pontificate on what I don’t need or should not be allowed to own. The last thing the Minions want is the average Joe to be able to stand against evil. To stand against them.
    A friend was over this weekend and saw the MSM playing in the background. He said, “You’re watching that?” Surprised. I said sure I watch some of that to see what isn’t important and what they are trying to suppress and misrepresent…
    Joe had this strange look and then said “Damn… good point “ . We were watching how good the economy was and that we were just too stupid to realize it.

  70. Coal Burner

    People in Gaza are all guilty, there are no civilians or innocent people. Forever, the old women raise the most hate filled kids that they can. They never stop so they are all guilty of the murders on October 6. People need to refute the line that there are innocent people there. They are not!

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