You Will Own Nothing – Because They Will Steal Everything – David Rogers Webb

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

David Rogers Webb (DRW) is a financial expert and former global money manager who lives in Sweden.  Recently, DRW revealed the game plan of globalists like Klaus Schwab who publicly predicts, “You will own nothing . . .”  According to DRW, this is not some idle threat but a complicated active plan demonic Deep State globalist central bankers have been working on for decades.  DRW has explained this theft in a free book and documentary called “The Great Taking.”  It is a stunning plan to steal almost all wealth and legally not be required to pay one red cent for it.  The plan is in the process of unfolding now. DRW explains, “The core of what I am showing here is about securities, stocks and bonds.  I also go into the good old fashion way of doing it, which is taking anything encumbered with debt.  That’s been done for centuries.  They create a cycle where there is a fall in price, and then anyone who is in debt is in trouble, and the collateral is taken.  This was the big hammer in ‘The Great Taking 1.0,’ which was the Great Depression.  In this go-around, ‘The Great Taking 2.0,’ that is taking things that are not encumbered with debt. . . .There is very sophisticated subterfuge that has been put into place. . . . They have worked for half a century to put this in place.  So, it is quite deliberate.  This is not an accident.”

The privately owned stocks and bonds in brokerages are now collateral backing up the massive $2 quadrillion in derivatives in the world.  DRW calls this a “sleight-of-hand” in regulations that changes ownership of securities in a severe financial meltdown, which is already planned.  Actual owners of securities have no idea they are about to be robbed of their wealth.  DRW says, “The public had property rights to these stocks and bonds, and they turned that into a contractual claim.  So, they have no rights or standing in a bankruptcy.  Then, the collateral is transported into the ‘Central Clearing Parties,’ which are set up to fail.  They are actually preparing for that.  When those fail, it is the secured creditors behind that derivatives complex that have ‘Super-Priority’ to take that collateral.  This is what is meant by ‘You will own nothing.’  This is sleight-of-hand to take people’s assets to underpin these financial contracts. . . . I say derivatives are not real things, but they can be used to take the real things through this construct. . . . They are using these vast pools of client securities . . . as the collateral underpinning all these derivative contracts. . . . I think their goal is simply to take all the stuff, and it is taken free of payment.”

This is not just simple greed.  It is war, and we are being attacked in ways we have never seen before such as the CV19 bioweapon vax that has already murdered millions of people globally.  DRW says, “This is a full spectrum ‘Hybrid War’ because it is not a war between nation states.  Russia has been held up as a boogeyman . . . In the book (The Great Taking), I show is a very elaborate structure put in place and implemented by the CIA, The Federal Reserve and the Department of State.  This is not being run by the Chinese or the Russians.  This is the central banks. . . . They are trying to collapse everything . . . we are in a war, and there are going to be big disruptions. . . . We are all in danger now.”

DRW says the best way to protect yourself is to get out of debt and stay out of debt.  He also suggests you may want to sell your stocks and bonds now, and pay off your house or any debts you have.  DRW says, “It’s better to get something now than get nothing later.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 9-minute deep-dive on how central banks plan on stealing everything in the next financial crisis.  This is a crisis that is coming much sooner than you have been told.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks with David Rogers Webb, who is a financial expert and author of the free new book and documentary called The Great Taking for 1.20.24.

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After the Interview: 

David Rogers Webb wants to wake up as many people as possible to get them prepared.  There is also a chance that this global theft of Biblical proportions might be stopped.  This is why DRW is putting everything out to the public free of any charge what-so-ever.

You can get both the book and documentary of “The Great Taking” for free by clicking here.

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  1. Jo Silva

    I watched “The Great Taking” 2x this week in preparation for this interview. I passed it on to everyone in my email address book. I’m sure I’ll lose a few acquaintances afterwards, but everyone needs to see it. Thanks to you Greg & your fabulous guests over the years my husband and I now live a totally debt free and prepared lifestyle.
    It’s so freeing to answer to no one. Will they take even our free and clear titled assets? Time will tell, but they will have a fight on their hands if they try and I fully believe they will fail in the end. It’s something I feel deep within me. We will have quite a few years of chaos, but God loves to throw wrenches in their best laid plans if history teaches us anything!! God bless! Peace to you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Jo, thank you for your very kind words of support. Like DRW, I’m just hoping to continue to wake people up.

      • Mike Myer

        Greg if we are all aware of this next pandemic X ,we are fully aware their trying to kill and harm us,it’s attempted murder,,are we supposed to sit back and do nothing until it’s to late to rise up ,,all nations are dominated because they all let it happen..are we all wimps,they’ve been crushing the male role for years.if they want to take my stuff it will be in an ashheap

        • Greg Hunter

          Brother Mike,
          Everybody needs some of this tech. I do not get paid on sales as I get a flat rate for advertising. I just believe in the Bi-Polar tech in all the Weston Scientific products. I bought one for my living room and bedroom, so I have a zone of clean air 24/7.
          He has a deal until Feb 1st. Then the deal is gone, and prices will go up because inflation is driving up material to build the units.


          • David Poirier

            The NWO has leaders and a real Leader in King Charles. John Kerry, George Soros. Al Gore, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are his knights. Author Tim Cohen, Facebook Craig Bong and American Intelligence Media has this figured out. All organizations have leaders. Why is the NWO different? COP28 was run by the Crown. Klaus Schwab takes orders King Charles who created the Great Reset and handed it to Schwab.

          • David Feinprint

            Operation take over!

      • Mike Myer

        Doesn’t God’s word say the only way evil thrives is because good righteous men do nothing??

        • Greg Hunter

          BINGO!!! You don’t have to be violent either just resilient!!!

          • R.M. Brumley Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

            In God I Trust
            2024 could be the year everything goes to Hell
            The bandaids are coming off

        • robert messina

          I would love to see chapter and verse for :“Doesn’t God’s word say the only way evil thrives is because good righteous men do nothing?? ”
          On the contrary :
          Ecc 10:4 If the SPIRIT OF THE RULER RISE UP AGAINST THEE, LEAVE NOT THY PLACE; for yielding pacifieth great offences.
          Ecc 9:12 For man also knoweth not his time: as the FISHES THAT ARE TAKEN IN AN EVIL NET, and as the BIRDS THAT ARE CAUGHT IN THE SNARE;
          so are the SONS OF MEN SNARED IN AN EVIL TIME, when it falleth suddenly upon them.
          The fix below :
          Pro 29:25 The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

          • Christian

            Jeremiah 48:10
            Cursed be he that doeth the worke of the Lord deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth backe his sword from blood.

            Matt 10:34
            Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      • Mike Myer

        I think Americans could make a HUGE dent in their plan by taking any and all stocks ,bonds ,investments completely out of blackrock,vanguard,and I forget the third one,it would make a big statement but most of mankind will follow follow over the cliff like a sheep

        • Joanne Brown

          Exactly what I was thinking!

        • tim mcgraw

          Mike Myer: The link below shows the charts of who owns the stocks and bonds in the USA:

        • Katy Bar

          DRW is like the child in the Hans Christian Andersen tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where the Emperor (the Fed) has imaginary cloths (money) visible and accessible only to the stupid and unfit useless eaters that the Emperor fleeces! But soon these useless eaters will “see nothing” (as Klaus Schwab keeps telling us) – when the Emperor (the Fed) is finally exposed for having nonexistent garments (the Fed Note called the US Dollar). Where only a child that is brave enough (like DRW) will shout it out in a free book that “The Emperor Has No Clothes” – finally breaking the Conspiracy of Silence that hides the fact that our money (the Federal Reserve Note) is essentially worthless – and that any money put into a Bank Account or into Stocks or into Bonds “is just an illusion” – as you Don’t Really “Own It” (like you own a “real” physical Gold or Silver coin)!!

      • Johnson T

        Greg, this article published in CNBC is big news. It states that the scandemic is a democide and names names. The author also claims that Trump was deceived about the vaccines and is referred to as our wartime president. The article claims justice is coming in 2024 and that fake democracies and politicians will be replaced by military justice. Wondering why it’s in the mainstream media.

        • Joanne Brown

          I just looked up your attached read and video. It was fantastic! To think that it was published on CNBC is unbelievable. I shared it and hope that it circulates far. Thank you!

        • Jack T

          I would not normally waster my time with the likes of CNBC.
          I was curious though, when I saw this Pascal Najadi article attached to a globalist-run network.

          Previously, I have watched a couple of Najadi’s interviews and he certainly ticked all the boxes as an “anti-globalist” firebrand.

          So now he has been blessed by MSM?
          Has CNBC seen the light?

          Here’s a quote from the aforementioned article that deserves some scrutiny:

          “….their [Fauci, Tedros, Gates, Schwab,..] carefully constructed house of cards began to crumble when President Putin unveiled the non-harmful Sputnik V vaccine, claiming it to be the first effective solution against this orchestrated PsyOp”

          So, in other words, there are both harmful and non-harmful covid-19 “vaccines” floating around.
          And Putin is presumably in the camp of the “non-harmful” variety, according to Pascal Najadi.

          From Nov2021-

          ‘Sputnik/Pfizer combo expected to be “very successful,” says ex-Goldman Sachs banker who is financing Russia’s anti-globalist jab’

          From July 2022-

          Acclaimed Russian opera singer sentenced to 10 years in Russian jail following COVID-19 protest that lockdown restrictions would cost many their jobs.

          Is this the same Putin who has called out the West as the “Despotic NWO”?

          Just sayin…

          and from April, 2023-

          ‘Russians Are Also “Dying Suddenly’

          Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange, just how out of the loop Pascal Najadi is about Sputnik Vax considering how well informed he is about plandemic evil-doers?

          Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange that he is basically saying that STRICTLY “non-harmful” vaccines are the answer (by complete omission of ivermectin, hydrochloroquine and other proven remedies).

          Najadi also says:
          “As a victim of three Pfizer Bioweapon mRNA shots, which unleashed an overwhelming number of toxic Nano Lipids into my body, resulting in the destruction of billions of Mitochondria, I took decisive action.”

          So we are to believe that the son of a WEF CO-FOUNDER purportedly took THREE of these jabs??

          Can any discerning person STILL believe that any of these WEF characters or their families took the jab??

          And don’t get me started on the nonsense he is spewing about Trump’s Space Force calvary coming to save the day.

          I think it is fair to say that Najadi has been rolled out as the latest “Q-Anon” 2023-24 model and judging by the attention he is getting, hopium still sells.

        • MT

          I’m pretty sure that is NOT a genuine URL for CNBC. Look closely, it says “CNBCUSA,” while the real website is “” I like Pascal Najadi, and I agree with much of what he says, but This fake website is probably using this piece without permission. So, I would steer clear of fake websites, because we know nothing about the intensions of the people running them. It could be their way to spread this info to people who might never see it, or it could be part of a phishing scam or some other nefarious operation to spread computer viruses, etc.

      • Ghost of Gremlin

        Like CAF said a while back…plant, plant, plant.

        Get seeds, learn to garden. Buckle up folks, it’s getting bumpy.

        Thank you Greg. Take care.

      • christopher Molson

        Thank-you Greg. I had planned to send you the great taking link this morning and presto here you are . So grateful for your spirit and mission

      • sam

        What do we do if we can’t see the video on your web site. I’m in Brazil and the videos are not there!

        • Greg Hunter

          Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

    • Count Metternich

      In The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, however carefully you scheme about a particular undertaking, something nevertheless often goes wrong with it along the way. Like Jamie Dimon’s life, since getting caught with his plans down! In an unholy alliance between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook. Every American who has a bank account or uses a credit card, should be aware of this guy and his bank, JP. Madoff Chase. Classic case of, rob a bank and you go to jail, takeover a bank and you can rob the USA! Now he has the nerve to lecture us on how from now on were going to have to eat dirt because of scumbags like him, who likes to say, he stole his fortune fair and square, my eye!! No, you don’t, Jamesy. Because when Trump is president, you’re going to have to save the country. Like the rich that had to save our fledgling nation, in the Revolutionary war for independence from Great Britain. They put they’re fortune down and risked their necks, like Trump is doing now. If we must stop stagflation by eliminating your huge sums of ill-gotten gains, we will do it, or lose the nation we fought 250 years for freedom. Not to communism and how would you and your fat cat friends, like Maria Bartiromo like that?
      I thought just rich people suffered from the fallout from the Madoff scam. Now I see that the way Chase works, many ordinary customers like me—veterans, homeowners and retirees—were also targets for its corrupt practices. For me, there were some explosive revelations in your schemes Jimbo and your bimbo, including that Wall Street firms, that have basically purchased control of the organizations that are supposed to be overseeing them. The Department of Justice and the SEC could easily have shut down JP. Madoff, but the big banks control them. And as a result, no banker connected with the financial crisis has gone to prison. Yet there’s plenty of evidence, not allegations, for stiff prison sentencing. Without all the terms of endearment being bandied about as in the past, with slaps on the wrists! J.P. Madoff Chase, makes Hunter Bidens lap-top from hell, implicating the Beijing Biden bribery for hire administration. Look like a Sunday school Bible study. Remember Sunday school? I does, duh. ..
      “Elite deviance” refers to a level of elitism wherein someone believes they are simply above the law. They do so because they know they are above prosecution. There was Hillary and Bill for interfering with the Justice Department, and Loretta Lynch for allowing it to happen. Now James Dimon and his JP Madoff lieutenants are going to lecture, us? This also applies to the entire Bush dynasty, from Samuel Bush on down. We are never going to get our country back until we recognize who these people are, what they are doing to us and “put them away” where they belong, in Sing Sing.
      Next Sunday school study, please read;
      Jeb and the Bush Crime Family (Stone & Hunt)
      The Confessions of Congressman X (anonymous)
      Clinton Cash
      A History of Central Banking & the Enslavement of Mankind (Goodson)
      The Tower of Basel (Lebor) and last but not least!
      JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook
      by Helen Chaitman & Lance Gotthoffer
      And the Movement, this is the Moment.

    • Christian

      Agree Jo. At the 32 minute mark He describes exactly what was published in the 1960s by a think tank called Iron Mountain that later was surmounted by Tavistock. It is titled The Report From Iron Mountain. And yes, it says if war is to be replaced there must be another money wasting venture put in it’s place and something will have to be done about excess population. Enter climate change and fake pandemics. Worth a read also.

    • Roxane Premont

      Dear Jo Silva,

      The Great Taking can be thwarted by modifying your state’s UCC code section 8. It is the same in all 50 states. We have had some success in Ohio by sending this letter to our Attorney General and others. Please feel free to modify this letter for your own state. Thanks for doing the hard work of freedom. —Roxane Premont

      • Greg Hunter

        Please feel free to post this on other posts to get the word out. Thank you.

  2. Lynne

    Greg, it’s absolutely insane. So many people asleep about what they think they “own”. I spent some time going over the books & receipts for my church this evening with 2 other women. When I started talking, their jaws hit the floor. We’re Canadians & they had no clue about the state of things worldwide let alone Canada. If Trudeau can freeze bank accounts, what else can be done? Freeland’s speech at Davos is a must watch for Canadians. The passive nature of Canadians is slowly being turned into awareness. I see the German farmers, Polish farmers & the Netherlands farmers coming to life in voicing their oppostion to the cutbacks. Canadian truckers started it all! I’m proud of my fellow Canadians!. The whole world needs to “roll” their wheels. Thank you so much for having Mr. Webb here. I love what you do. Despite the negativity, it is a great time to be alive & be a part of the great awakening. Keep the good news coming Greg. Let us all fight the good fight. God bless you brother. You can’t keep a good man down.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Lynne!! “Never, never, never give up”!!
      Brother Greg

  3. Brianroy

    Just skipping to “The Great Taking” Chapter 8’s “Bank Holiday” on the free pdf hyperlink was a real deja-vu eye-opener to what I had information overload forgotten, and it brings it home of the same order of things that the ruling Banksters will probably DUPLICATE in our own day soon. The small changes from 1933 being perhaps duch as the offering the digital currency program to those who don’t have their wealth evaporated and want to maintain it in the N.A. Banks of the Federal Reserve, and whatever banks the Federal Reserve specifically selected to carry on (removing 35% of the then US existing banks they saw as competition, perhaps?). .
    You will notice gold seizures that made it illegal to own gold for the next 40 years and the Federal Reserve naming which banks were “on the list” to re-open must enter into our own financial survival considerations, regardless.
    Thanks for the link to the free pdf. It affirmed to me that what little I can do, I am doing correctly, which things each of us has to work out for themselves. Again, THANK YOU both.

  4. John Duffy

    Irrefutable proof that vaccinations kill people!

  5. stanley skrzypek

    44:16 mark…….”you don’t have to carry around silver”…….but…..”you could Exchange you’re Money for Silver”…….I don’t Understand…….since I have been doing this since “circa” 2006…….what is the ramification of that?….#2…If we don’t have a MORTGAGE and own our Property “Free and Clear”….will they still take it?…Can they?..

    • Colleen

      Several years ago, when I paid off my home, I said joyfully to my priest,” Fr., I paid off my home”. He responded,” but will you be able to always pay off your property tax?” He was kindly, reminding me that the government always has their sticky hands in everything. With that a relative said to me, I’m sure the government can take your home for nonpayment of property tax, then will gladly rent it back to you for a monthly fee!

      In California, the governing bodies in Sacramento are working hard to illuminate proposition 13, which allows the property tax to be raised 1% annually. Newsom and Company want to work around proposition 13 so as to be able to charge people hundreds of dollars more a year for their property tax. At present, the voters are working hard to overturn what is commonly called, the death tax. Recently, a new law was put in place, whereby family heirs to their parents property, now have to pay the current rate of property tax as compared to what their parents were paying with prop 13. It raises the tax substantially. Therefore, it is called the death tax . These are the ways that the state government can eventually take your home away from you, because you will not be able to afford to pay the taxes on your home/property.

      • Colleen

        Having used dictation, I see that there is an error. It should read Sacramento is working hard to eliminate proposition 13.

        Also, remember that if one has digital banking, and a not so great social credit score, as well as ESG, it will be difficult to pay one’s property tax.
        God have mercy on us.

        • Anne

          I believe you Colleen about tyrants raising property taxes so high that people couldn’t afford to pay them. Even if the mortgage is paid off, or if there were no mafia property taxes. I believe that some people could lose their homes through Agenda 2030, the great resit, the digital currency schemes and other unjustifiable means. I’ve learned to enjoy my possessions while I still have them. We can count ourselves fortunate if we are even allowed to have good health and not be imposed upon by the WHO whose obvious goal is to cause more misery, poverty, suffering and tyranny in the world.

      • tim mcgraw

        Colleen: Well, the priest doesn’t have to pay property tax does he? The property tax is the most hated tax in the USA.

    • John Maskell

      Stanley, make sure that the deeds to your house are in your possession not the mortgage lenders hands . Even if the property is paid up and no debt sits on that building , they can take your house because these lenders have the deeds and legal entitlements to your property . There is a charge to obtain your deeds (£250 in the UK which can vary from lender to lender ) but this is so crucial to hold in your possession . I cannot stress how important this is . Just imagine that you worked so hard to pay off that mortgage debt but don’t have that final property deed so these scumbags can take your biggest asset when the inevitable happens . Get these documents asap , thanks John .

      • Colleen

        Thanks for your comment. It has spurred me into seeing if I can obtain a hardcopy deed of my home. Thanks so much.

        • Mrs Binxy

          We started this process 18 months ago and it took a full 9 months to get our hands on the hard copy title, after paying hundreds of dollars and numerous phone calls to see why it was taking so long. All to put you off from attempting it, I’m sure.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks for sharing Mrs. Binxy!

        • Lynda S

          Hi, Colleen— Are you familiar with Ron Gibson’s LAND PATENT info and class on yt? We can do much of the footwork ourselves to find the line back to the patent and bring it forward.
          Apparently in WW2 time, they passed illegal legislation and stopped issuing a PATENT to those who paid off their home, and issued and DEED or TITLE instead. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
          As to my understanding: A patent cannot leave the family line, whereas a deed or title can be taken from the family.
          (Will come back with more info as I research to full understanding.) —Blessings! Lynda

          Ron Gibson’s Class on LAND PATENTS:

    • James Hascomb

      The way I read what was being talked about in the interview was that it is the debt of the United States Treasury that comes into play with your question. With the U.S. government directly in debt to Central Bankers (the Federal Reserve), in the event that the U.S. can no longer continue to pay on its debt obligation, then at that time it could happen that any and all property that has value could be taken, including homes and properties that are owned by people free and clear. In other words, it is our collective wealth that is being used as collateral when the Treasury borrows from the Federal Reserve.

      When this “You will own nothing and be happy” phrase came out a few years ago, I asked the very same question you asked. All I was told by those I checked with was that it can’t happen, that its against the law, that its unconstitutional.

      But, when I asked what law stated that or where in the Constitution it said that, no one could answer.

      There are a couple places in this interview where he talks about property rights. I need to listen again, but there is a place where he says that you want to be as debt free as possible so they will get to you last, or something like that. I took that to mean that eventually they want to have all property, but that property with debt is the first phase of their great steal.

      He needs to come back on and directly answer your question.

  6. Matt Millstone

    Ignorant Americans Arming and Funding Mexican Drug Cartels | CBS Reports (45:04)

    Deliver US from evil.

  7. stanley skrzypek

    ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS?……is that where XRP comes in?

  8. Dean Fairbanks

    Greg, Thanks for having him on!

    Next you need to bring on Dr David Martin.

  9. Shirley Thompson

    The “Great Taking 2.0” is an excellent historical account of the diligent changes to our govt that supports the parasites in their claims to us and our assets. I encourage folks to watch it… The documentary is little more than an hours but worth every minute. Thanks Greg for bringing Rogers on to discuss this.

    • Mike Myer

      I think Americans could make a HUGE dent in their plan by taking any and all stocks ,bonds ,investments completely out of blackrock,vanguard,and I forget the third one,it would make a big statement but most of mankind will follow follow over the cliff like a sheep

    • James

      The only issue I have with calling it 2.0, is that it isn’t “The “Great Taking 2.0” at least in the U.S.A. it’s the Great Taking 3.0 ” ! The Educational system of the U.S.A. really did a number on the American student and deleted a Major Great Depression in the U.S.A. in 1873 which was purposely executed by removing 50 % of the money in circulation overnight with the signing of the Currency Act of 1873 the Depression robbed anyone that held Silver as money as it was De-Monetized by the Act and of course that was the average guy and his Family and the economy fell tremendously with the removal of half of the money supply it was as Bad as the 1921 Depression if not worse in many ways especially in lost of life and property ! It appears that David Webb isn’t aware of the 1873 Depression either or he would have mentioned it and called it properly 3.0 !

      • Katy Bar

        The Panic of 1873 stands as the first global depression. It began a regular pattern of boom and bust cycles that distinguishes our current economic system and which continues up to today. The 1873 panic started with a stock market crash in Europe forcing investors to began selling off their investments in America – particularly the railroads (back in those days the railroads were a new invention – like the tech stocks of today – and the railroad companies were loaded up with borrowed money they needed to build new lines – today we are in a similar situation (Europe is on the verge of a crash likely induced by a bank failure and US companies are overloaded with debt) – the 1873 depression lasted 5 to 6 years!! The “Crime of 1873” (as well remembered in William Jennings Bryan ‘s Cross of Gold speech) was caused by the forced contraction of the money supply – which the Fed says it is now trying to do (which is giving the gold price some problems) but with the 2024 election approaching the Fed will probably only succeed in getting gold down to about $1875 “before they will need to do QE again” (silver looks stronger and will likely bottom at about $22 dollars per ounce)!!

        • George

          Here is a bit of history: Gold, Silver, and the Miners have often rallied from January to August during US election years – and Republican administrations have a general tendency to be “negative for the dollar” (so Trump when elected will probably favor tariffs on foreign goods “to promote the sale of US manufactured products” which will likely be inflationary and good for gold) all suggesting that by August the price of Gold, Silver, and the Miners will all be significantly higher than they are right now!!

  10. stanley skrzypek

    54:11….’If you own real estate without debt….that should be Safe’……THANK YOU!

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Those without mortgage debt need to have sufficient funds to pay property taxes.

      • Greg Hunter

        BINGO!!!!! That’s like a winter coat and winter is coming. Stockpile everything you thing you might need. It will never be cheaper of more plentiful. Let the power and gas company hold some of your cash on deposit too.

        • Julia

          Greg, that is a great idea. Also, I saw some people commenting on having paid off their home. However, they need to check the title to their home. As there are several different types of Titles they need to make sure they have an Allodial Tiltle.

      • tim mcgraw

        Thomas Malthaus: That is correct. Or the people could go down to the County Assessor’s Office and burn everything in sight. During the French Revolution, the rebels burned the Tax Building on the Seine to the ground. Every tax revenue agent they found, including the part-timers was guillotined.
        Emperor Napoleon lamented the lack of accurate tax records to fund his wars of European conquest.
        I’m just saying, that if people have to choose between food and paying property taxes I know which choice they’d make.

  11. sam

    I gatta tell Ya…..Mr. Greg Hunter….”SCOOPS”…..Everyone!…..America is LUCKY to have him….I like for 2024…the TRUMP/HUNTER Ticket!….somebody with expertise….Start a Petition!

  12. mark

    I have sent the free book and vid this brave man/author has put out to every family member and friend I have as I believe the top defensive tactic ‘We The People’ have is mass education about THE GREAT TAKING.

    We need the GREATER AWAKENING!

    I will also forward this interview to them.

    Thanks Greg

    • Lynda S

      Feels like we need a JESUS AWAKENING because only Jesus can right this ship in a proper and complete way.
      You don’t believe in Jesus you say?
      Okay, you’re a beautiful person in my book and I simply ask that you realize He did not come to condemn the world, but through Him, the world might be saved.
      Also, I ask that you’d be so kind to keep doing the next right thing, the next helpful thing, the next encouraging thing to/for those near you. To see through the fog, and realize that without evil influence, folks would choose a more integral path. My heart seeks integrity within — where no one else sees but Jesus — integrity to put a smile in my LORD’s heart. —Blessings! Lynda

  13. Colleen Marie

    What the hell is he talking about?! Derivitives complex – derivitives are not real but can be used to take stuff – underpinning something – ok – whatever.
    See ya –

    • Greg Hunter

      If you have a 401k with stocks and bonds you better get an understanding of what he is saying. You WILL own nothing. You have been warned.

    • Boz From Oz

      The demonisation of Vladimir Putin with the intention of breaking up and the balkanising of Russia, would mean the end of any obstacle to world domination forever by these demonic central bankers.
      Its a cult that must be broken, thats why the billions of dollars to Ukraine must continue, its the central bankers hill they’re going to die on.

    • Warren B.

      Derivatives are not “real” meaning tangible. They are, as David said, simply contracts. For the most part they are are form of gambling typically used as hedges in futures, options and swap contracts. More often the instrument is used to increase ones risk profile or SPECULATING on a number of different financial outcomes. If contracts cannot be delivered/enforced due to bankruptcy then they are pooled in a clearing house function. Those entering into Derivative contracts are required to deliver capital – that capital is typically what David was mentioning – namely securities/ bonds and any other encumbered assets (real estate) that the masses believe they have good property title to. They dont because the capital is pooled in the DTC with the intention to capture it all and allocate it to all the secured creditors (BANKS) in a financial crisis.
      In essence the TBTF GSIBANKS and other GSIFI’s have already taken and used the capital for their own gains or speculative interests unbeknown to all. They have literally been using / putting at risk everyones assets nefariously. They have it all….Lock, Stock and Barrel.

    • Roberta

      They are contracts who get their value from an underlying asset. Or…just bets. What bugs me, is that there is a pecking order in the event that a bank fails. After a G7 meeting in Oz, it was decided that the derivative contracts are first on the list to be made whole. At the bottom are “unsecured creditors”- which is what people who have bank accounts are-due to a law change, of course. The derivatives value is in the quadrillions of dollars, and the FDIC is in the millions. So there wont be any money left for regular people if multiple banks fail. I worry, because the bank that holds my pension is about the 10th largest investor in derivatives.

  14. Walter Baumgarten

    Wow, wow, wow Greg! You have done one heck of a lot of great work over the years, but this was at least IMHO, your finest work ever! I have always been very savvy in finance but it was not until I listened to this interview that I understood in it’s entirety, what the derivative scam is all about and how it will be used to fulfill Herr Schwaubenclause’s nightmare. You are an amazing individual and a reporter of a caliber of an Ellsberg or a Cronkite. Well done brother, well done!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “WB”!!

    • Pete+only

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself Walter. Greg, you continue to get better like a fine wine…
      Several key points. 1) “Everything gets better when central banks are replaced!!”
      Few people up until now have ever put this idea out there. (JFK had tried to remove central banking powers, along with the CIA and Richard Nixon also tried to remove the CIA, but we have seen what happened to them).
      2) There is currently $2.2 trillion of UNREALIZED banking losses that needs to be dealt with. Could lowering interest rates reduce these unrealized losses?
      3) Which banks will be allowed to survive the next banking crisis?
      4) “Wealthy people think they’re special, but they’re just being saved for desert”.
      5) “Security Entitlement” is a weak definition of securities ownership that replaces 400 years of true ownership by definition.
      6) Knowing how our banking system actually works has been a big secret up until now.
      7) We need to resist Central Bank Digital Currencies, but people in real financial stress may go along with it in order to eat.
      8) Our best defence against all these things is to pass this Documentary on to as many people as we can so that eventually people in critical job positions might be best able to help our situation.

  15. Jeffrobbins

    Fascinating interview. A great big thanks Greg. I can’t believe you got this guy for an interview. Hybrid War?? Sounds like we are going to have all sorts of ‘out of left field’ things coming at us, and have to continually keep on asking where the high ground is- personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. This question sometimes keeps me up. Sadly, i know several people that live in travel trailers due to different reasons, and while not truly homeless, they are without real property and in diminishing assets.
    Those of us that are able and awake have to look out for others- Jesus says so.

    • James Macareo

      Remember that what you have was given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ that being said it what you do with what Jesus gives you determines where you go in the afterlife.
      Alexander the great knew this very early on when he requested what he wanted on his death.
      The road of his burial was to be lined with his riches
      The doctors that tried to save him follow his coffin could not save him.
      His hand sticking out of his coffin showing he could not take his riches with him

      In conclusion you come into this world with nothing and you leave this world with nothing, what you do with what the Lord gives you while you are here in this brief moment in time determines whether or not your name is written in the book of life.
      I am a sinner and when my time comes on the judgement of my soul I will plead to our Lord and savior that I have done nothing good in the flesh and beg for mercy on my soul.
      I have a few things going for me.
      I don’t have a reprobate mind and do not have a seared conscience because I do have mercy and feel for others that are not as fortunate as I and help as many as I can with what little the Lord has gracefully given to me.
      I will never conform ever and even with the possibility of impending death knowing that I will be in heaven, a place that Paul describes in 2nd Corinthians 12 about his out of body experience.
      I was taken to heaven in 2019 and experienced unexplainable joy for a few seconds.
      A feeling you will never know in the flesh and when I returned to the flesh I still felt it for a second and then it was gone.
      Back to pain,suffering and sorrow.
      Believe it or not but I was in the presence or the Lord and angelic being to be a witness to heaven and to tell as many of us who will listen.
      Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord Amen

      • Greg Hunter

        You leave with everlasting life and Jesus. That’s something BIG!

  16. Jeffrobbins

    One thing to remember is that in a crisis, Congress can pass emergency legislation that no one has read. I think it fair to preface all of this as ‘here’s how the game is set at the moment’ and later on- in a crisis- as a very ‘fluid situation’ and ‘this is in the public interest’.

    • Mike Monterrey

      Jeff- In times like these, we might look to the Bible for inspiration. Consider Psalms 22:21
      “21 Save me from the lion’s mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns..” [KJV]
      In addition to the Bible, we can often refer to inspirational artwork, such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel masterpiece “Creazione di Adamo.” This inspirational painting illustrates the Genesis story of God giving life to Adam. While we can clearly see that God’s head is above that of man, God’s hand is essentially on the same level with Adam’s. Sometimes, I contemplate such matters.
      I often worry that in current times our people might perish for lack of knowledge, as was stated in Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” [KJV]
      On the other hand, Greg Hunter shares Biblical inspiration with us when he reminds us to “Fear not!”

  17. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Greg what a fabulous interview with Mr Webb, I’m so pleased you got him on. I totally agree with him that the financial system is on it’s last legs. I think personally it’s going to be some time next year, once they have all these CBDC’s in place by late this year/early next year, then the next pandemic. They need to have them in place before they go again at us with the next pandemic. God Bless you Greg and Thanks for all you do. Vince in London.

    • James Hascomb

      Of course, if you are correct, and I think you are, then there is no way Trump is President.

  18. Trinacria

    Greg: simply superb!!! I clicked on the link to get a pdf copy of the book, but I can’t seem to find any link on the site. I see the video which I will watch tomorrow and will forward link to family and friends. Again, wondering where I can see the pdf of the book. Thanks again Greg, you are hitting one grand slam after the other!!!
    May God (Jehovah) bless you always from the bottom of my heart!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this Trinacria: and then here: h

      • Lucas Mitchell

        The Word of God is eternal. In the beginning was the Word.

        Store it up.

        Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

        The Word became flesh and dwelt with us.

      • Trinacria

        Thank you! That worked.

        • Greg Hunter

          Big Tech is trying to stop me any why they can.

  19. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    David Rogers Webb is right on the money, pay attention to what he is telling you about the great taking that is built into this financial system. I have not read his work “The Great Taking” yet, but I will be. There is quite a bit more that the central bankers and every bought and paid for US politician have been knowingly, willfully and intentionally plundering, robbing, murdering for profit. Basically the State or US federal corporation styled as UNITED STATES a federal corporation holds the legal title to the property, if you apply for a mortgage to purchase a home, legally you are a “tenant in possession” of the real estate is the wording in that stack of paper at closing. You get the use of the property as long as you send the “Thank You Payment” each month on the mortgage and you send the rent payment each month for the rent bill from the Municipal Corporation styled as County of Polk or POLK COUNTY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION in the category styled as PROPERTY TAX in whatever fraudy bloodsucker jurisdiction your real estate sits in. David Rogers Webb is informing you very well in what your Politicians are engaged in with the central bankers, federal reserve and other insiders of the system. You should have started preparing for this 40 yers ago so that you might have a fighting chance at holding onto the property you have worked for. When you go buy a new car, the local stealership in your local town typically orders in the inventory from the factory, when that brand new automobile or truck arrives at your local dealership, the transport company drops off the automobiles, trucks, Suv’s and the paperwork title which is called the manufacturers certificate of origin. That is the actual title to the automobile. When Joe bucket of Chicken walks in to purchase that truck, car, Suv, what occurs is Joe gets a “certificate of title” if he pays in full or makes payments to a bank, it really does not matter wether cash is paid, you write a check or you take out a loan for the purchase of the truck, car or suv. All Joe bucket of Chicken is going to get is a “certificate of title which is not the title”. The actual legal title is going to be sent to the Municipal Corporation County of Crook where the County of Crook is going to charge you corporation fees, color of tax fees, color of assessment fees which is for all practical purposes “rent” for the privilege of registering your automobile. So that is the automobile example of what actually occurs. Now the sane thing occurs with your birth certificate, the hospital creates the original for the new baby, then vital statistics or health department sends Mom and Dad a “certificate of live birth” which is not the birth certificate. It is a certificate of live birth, it is not “the birth certificate”. So the defacto United States federal corporation in a racket with all your US politicians and their private central bank buddies take every original birth certificate and they take out mortgages in the babies name for example it would say JOSEPH KING CHICKEN / MALE. Mom and Dad spell the babies name like this: Joseph King Chicken. The defacto UNITED STATES spells that name in all upper case letters. The birth certificate is not cash, it is the title to JOSEPH KING CHICKEN which is a legal construct invented by the defacto UNITED STATES. Back when the color of law actors did this, the flesh and blood Joseph King Chicken was and is designated as the beneficiary and the defacto UNITED STATES federal corporation public pretenders made themselves “trustees” of that entity JOSEPH KING CHICKEN. What the defacto color of law actors have done is become the middleman and intercepted the vast majority of the benefits, cash, property and control and have left tiny little scraps for Joseph King Chicken. The defacto public pretenders have taken windfall profits from this trust that was meant for you. They do so by offering “services of no value”. What they do is actually legal “theft of service” by taking in windfall financial gains of profit that they are not paying any tax on, what is your beneficial property but intercepted by US politicians, central bankers, scumbags and dishonorable public pretenders that are billing you for color of assessments, sending out presentments for value which means that $10,000.00 USD bill sent by the tax collector is an offer without a valid antecedent contract to support the billing. The tax con man is making you the target and hoping you do nothing or argue about it or appeal it which means you lose in any of those actions. The other option is you can learn how to become a Secured Party that can take the $10,000.00 USD offer for value and return it for full credit as was Intended when the defacto UNITED STATES clowns invented this mortgaged birth certificate scam. Do some research, educate yourself, find other people who study this information to see what type of practical paperwork solutions are being implemented by other knowledgeable people. With every circumstance there is a remedy you can do to protect your property and protect your family. Around the 1980’s farm crisis is when I saw this material and started studying. The powers that should not be have been working this specific scheme since 1933. House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5th made it legally impossible for the people to pay debt. It’s been impossible to pay debt ever since HJR 192. This is not true because I say so, this is all true because most of this in records that can be searched, found and read. Your public pretender politicians enacted every bit of this scam and to keep you all believing in their system, they allow you the privilege of giving your opinion in their private elections, in exchange for you registering your opinion in their private political party elections, you agree to be surety for all the financial fraud, tax fraud, waste, abuse and wars that your dishonorable public pretenders create for you and your kids. All U.S. politicians are the same, they enter into Offices of Profit, to take profit from you for themselves and their cronies. Left, Right, Republican, Democrat is all the same bought and paid fir public pretenders. Now that you know every U.S. politician holds an office of profit, the oath if they ever take an oath of office is like the title 5 oath of office. Now the President takes the oath, the one that is word for word in The United States of America Constitution. The President is the only man that is capable of being the Trustee of the Trust system they created. So the question should be why is the President not the Trustee of the Trust system? I am not sure that the people will get that answer, so in the alternative, if you are organized enough to think you could be the executive trustee of your trust, that is something to consider studying and I agree that this idea is not for everybody, it might be for practically nobody but a few. If you have heard about the “bail-in Provisions” regarding bank accounts, that seems to be in the congressional record meaning the “banks” can just take your account and give you worthless shares in the bank in exchange for taking your accounts to keep the bank from being closed or sold to a new buyer.

  20. Colin Maxwell

    This reeks of being the greatest financial scam pulled on humanity since the incorporation of the US Federal Reserve.

    It turns out that the DTCC (Depository Trust Clearing Corporation) and its nominee company Cede & Company, are now owners of a huge percentage of the stocks/securities/bonds etc around the world and that most of us are merely beneficiaries at best, not owners of these paper assets.

    The very name that the acronym DTCC stands for is dodgy enough, but how sinister is the name ‘Cede’? – the definition of this word – TO SURRENDER POSSESSION!!!

    Cede & Co. is now the owner of record of all of our stocks, bonds, digitized securities, mortgages, and more; and it is seriously under-capitalized, holding capital of only $3.5 billion, clearly not enough to satisfy all the potential derivative claims – this massive anomaly appears to be deliberate.

    Furthermore, the fact that the derivative holders have first call on these assets in any crisis, and can just sell them off without any due process whatsoever, even perhaps simply in a situation of perceived risk, adds another layer of risk to owning/buying paper assets.

    Add into the equation the international bail-in laws and all of this looks like a nasty accident waiting to happen.

    Last year I worked out the nominal value derivative/equity ratios on some of the largest US TBTF banks – what I saw was a shocker, especially regarding Citibank and Goldman Sucks.

    GS 1,117:1
    Citibank 330:1
    JPMC 187:1
    BOA 103:1
    Wells Fargo 97:1

    With these outrageous levels of derivatives on their books, this situation poses an enormous risk to holders of paper assets all over the planet in any sort of financial crisis, let alone a systemic meltdown that will eventuate from the Western money casino facade’s collapse – one that is now a mathematical certainty!

    With the entire US CRE market in tatters and subprimes lurking around every corner, adding in the fact that all of the four major Western currencies rely on the bond market to prop them up, the current situation is a giant train wreck waiting to happen.

    Don’t even get me started on the Fed and its puppet algorithmic traders massively naked shorting gold and silver to protect the dollar. Then there is the fact that the average US taxpayer, when you include unfunded liabilities, owes more than $850K.

    The entire Western world is technically insolvent simply because they allow the parasitic private banking cartels to create ~97% of the money supply when all of this could be created as a public utility, with ZERO interest paid to third parties.

    Imagine these trillions staying in the domestic economies as capital and liquidity to build wealth instead of predatory debt traps that benefit the 0.1% of the global plutocrat, whilst evicerating the productive economy.

    What an absolute gem David Webb is for releasing this watershed of information as a free PDF instead of trying to monetize this wealth of knowledge – BRAVO!!!

    • Lynda S

      Matt 24:42 — WATCH THEREFORE, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.

      43 — BUT know this, that IF THE MASTER of the house HAD KNOWN what hour the thief would come, HE WOULD HAVE WATCHED and NOT ALLOWED HIS HOUSE TO BE BROKEN INTO.

      44 — Therefore YOU ALSO BE READY, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

      Is the LORD of creation allowing us to KNOW the hour of the thief? Is He allowing us to also know the avenue(s) to not allow his nonsense? Brothers and sisters: as Solomon asked not for riches or land, but asked for WISDOM concerning his assignment as king, please consider the example as an option for us too to ask for God’s Wisdom to Discern the times we live in and to show us the path(s) of our Destiny. He is a Creator who built in resilience and fortitude within ALL of His creation. The ability to heal, to see, to love, to receive love. It seems to me that clearly He is speaking…

  21. Naomi from Israel

    Well . . ., thank you very much for this interview. This does certainly explain some things.
    Israel does not really have a constitution. Once when writing a dissertation, I found out that copyright law in Israel changed in accordance with “international treaties” and not according to need on the ground! I was shocked to realize that there was someone pulling the strings in Israel and that was not the elected government.
    These bankers have their hands all over the place! I hope they fail miserably!
    Best wishes to you Greg and your smart guest for this interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Naomi!!

  22. tim mcgraw

    I expect to be robbed by the Big Boys. They rob me every day with almost 0% interest on my savings, taxes, fees, etc. I’m not surprised that now they want everything I have. They will suck the marrow out of my bones.
    There is nothing I can do about it. Nothing.
    Buy gold? The state will steal it.
    Buy real estate? The state will steal it.
    Fleeing the country is an option for younger folk. Capital controls, i.e. “You can’t take your money with you.” is coming.
    Not a single banker (thief) has gone to jail for years.

    • Greg Hunter

      So Tim, you are just going to lay down and give up???? Really??? No fight in you at all??? I am so happy Jesus did not do that. He’s coming back you know and he ain’t going to be hanging on cross. Let’s try to be here to greet Him on his Fine White Charger.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg, I am not going to give up. I am going to be robbed. “Your money or your life.” is the question. I am robbed every day. So are you with inflation, taxes, etc.
        How do you fight that? Voting? Voting hasn’t worked for me.
        Your guest is saying that we are all going to be robbed even more by the Big Boys.
        What’s his solution? Get out of debt? Not enough.
        You want to fight. Fine. Vote.
        I’ll fight with words. IMO voting just gives credibility and consent to the robbers.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sounds like you are giving up. I hear no fight in you what-so-ever, but you do what you think is right.

          • Katy Bar

            Greg – I think the first thing Trump has to do on regaining the Presidency is to sign an Executive Order that makes it illegal for creditors of a brokerage house to take their customers “unencumbered assets” (stocks and bonds) upon the failure or bankruptcy of the custodian holding those assets for us. And instead simply order that the unencumbered assets of stock and bond holders held by the custodian be immediately returned to their rightful owners before bankruptcy procedures begin. Peoples stocks and bonds should not be allowed to be stolen by creditors “who idiotically gave the custodian (brokerage house) loans based upon the stocks and bonds they are holding in their customers accounts. All brokerage houses should be required to act as fiduciary’s with legal responsibility “to return the stock and bonds they hold in their accounts” to their customers. And make it illegal for a brokerage house to acquire loans “Based Upon Someone Else’s Collateral”!!!

            • George

              If the Banks are stupid enough to loan money to Brokerage Houses (that can no longer use their clients stocks as collateral for “their loans”) then let the Banks eat the losses – the stocks and bonds that people keep with their broker should never be used by the broker as collateral for the Brokerage House’s loans!!!

              • Katy Bar

                If the Banksters are going to take everything we own (as Klaus Schwab says) it is REVOLUTION time!! Right now as the laws are written when you deposit money in a bank “you are in effect giving the bank a loan” and if they fail you become an UNSECURED creditor and need to get in line with all the other depositors demanding their money back. Seems the only logical thing to do is to build up Credit Card Debt “equivalent to your savings in the bank” so that when the Bank robs your savings you simply don’t pay back what you borrowed from them!! Problem is people who borrowed from a bank for a home or car probably can’t afford the 20% in interest payments to hold that amount of credit card debt!!

                • George

                  Home Depot just raised its credit card interest rate to 30% while the Fed tells us they have inflation under control and will soon lower the rates you will be paid for buying treasuries or for putting your money in the bank that they can bail in (or simply rob) from you!!

    • Jeffrobbins

      Tim, what i got out of the interview is that we need to mitigate our risk to these vampires. I am always wondering if there is some way to pay less taxes- and certainly I’m not alone in this. I live in WA and we have no state income tax-(sales tax only, for now), so when i make a mortgage payment, pay the electric bill, etc. my money has only been taxed by the feds. We do have high a high gas tax! That helps to explain why most of the population migration has been to states without state income tax. 8 states in total, i believe. People leaving NY and CA are a type of rebellion- and those states are headed for bankruptcy. Trying to beat the feds and duck for cover is a little more thought provoking. I would encourage you to consider it your civic duty to push back on these issues- most people will accept what ever is told to them. The story of settlers coming here and breaking away from the British has some great analogies. It did take several generations.

      On the other hand- There is a little sceptic in me and i do wonder if this is some controlled/ allowed opposition. He sounds legit, so IDK. The easiest way to get me to own nothing is for me to sell it off first and have the blackrocks buy it up. Fascism doesn’t have to be far right, in the purest it is the merger of cooperations and the state.
      Where i am at is; knee deep in projects for a homestead minded ten acre property- which is actually a blessing from the Lord. This is my high ground.

      • Del

        Jeff, I like your thought-process/analysis.

  23. Lachesis Atropos

    Get out of debt and stay out of debt? I’m I missing something? Based on what I’ve heard, watched, and read from David Rogers Webb, they can still take your property, your automobile, home, or land. People who believe they are safe because they have no debt and own land, an automobile, or home can still lose it. Same for your retirement. We already own nothing, and we are simply blind to it.

    • Greg Hunter

      L A,
      You should listen again. That’s not what he said. Don’t give up and get out of debt if you can.

  24. David Gordon Dunne

    God help us. Greg, I am recovering well and thank you so much for your encouragement. My take is like your take Greg. They are going to have a world wide hunt with Gillitenes and will not put them away until all of the WEF/City of Rome/CFR/Dems are all headless.
    God wins in the end and the NWO will receive a deadly wound.

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks david greg

  26. Mike Myer

    I think Americans could make a HUGE dent in their plan by taking any and all stocks ,bonds ,investments completely out of blackrock,vanguard,and I forget the third one,it would make a big statement but most of mankind will follow follow over the cliff like a sheep

    • Martin Katz

      The third one is State Street.



  28. Randy Avera

    So the SIPC means nothing now?

    • Greg Hunter

      SIPS is a Total scam.

    • Tod Mills

      SIPC is meant to lull people into thinking they are safe.

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, waiting patiently for the upload…so glad you could book David Rogers Webb so we can hear directly from him.
    While waiting, always too interesting to see the repeat of ‘their’ MO to steal everything…as was shown in Wayne Jett’s assessment of the last crash (great taking), money grab/depopulation play…
    His summation = PT6

    To listen to full series start =
    in PART 2 @12 minutes is quite interesting as is @35 minutes

    Jett’s book-= The Fruits of Graft = about the last great taking of the ‘planned Great Depressionn’? which now appears to be only a precursor of an even ‘greater’ GREAT TAKING now in progress worldwide/

    as per vids. Spoken of is H.G. Wells a ‘fellow traveler’ so to speak of FDR and the ‘wrecking ball crew’ then…very Fabian socialist who was a friend and advisor to FDR and speaks of what needs to be done to the ‘deplorables’ and feeble minds and ‘useless idiots’ in his book ANTICIPATION. =
    a long audiobook…but just the last 20 mins about says it all =

    also discussed by Wayne Jett is a book of Henry George, PROGRESS AND PROVERTY, a must read.
    pdf here –

    So, AGAIN we thank Greg Hunter for an outstanding interview with David Rogers Webb and his warning as to what has been planned and now implemented— again and on a much larger scale than ever imagined.
    Clearly, when one sees what, how they did what Mr. Webb is outlining, and one can see what has already occurred, it is less hard to imagine that ‘they’ would not repeat it. Just a greater version of what they already have pulled off. But just another bank robbery in process?

    • Justn Observer

      as a bit of a background on H.G.Wells and mentoring of Elenor Rooevelt and her close friend both who had quite an influence on FDR, as he did both FDR and Teddy Roosvelt as a confident and advisor… which planted a seed in the psyche of the elite both in Europe and the U.S. during that period which formed and set the Progressive movement on its path ‘FORWARD !’ as they say in the more Marxist theme, but with its own bent…running parallel to it and hoping to outpace it. For the ‘greater good’ OF COURSE….yet do we not see the same theme’s against the middle class, the bible and gun clingers, the ‘deporables’ , and church going ‘fanatics’ needing to be surveilled?

      • Justn Observer

        of course we too, remember how Bill was reminded by Hillary to mention she ‘ communes ‘ with her fellow travelers and the spirit of Eleanor =
        and her spiritual talks and dedications to Sal Alinsky and LUCIFER? hum
        OF WHICH =
        **Clinton biographer Barbara Olson (WHO WAS IN ONE OF THE PLANES AND DIED ON 9/11) wrote in her 1999 book Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton that, “The contents of Hillary’s thesis, and why she would want it hidden from public view, have long been the subject of intense interest. Most likely, she does not want the American people to know the extent to which she internalized and assimilated the beliefs and methods of Saul Alinsky.”[12]

        **Years after the Clintons left the White House, the thesis still held its allure.[4] For example, in 2005, columnist Peggy Noonan speculated that it was “the Rosetta Stone” of Hillary biographies defining “how to change the American political culture”.[18]Clinton staffers still did not discuss why it had been sealed.[6]

        **Interest in the thesis and in Clinton’s relationship with Alinsky continued during the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries, as Clinton battled Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who had also been reported to have been exposed to Alinsky-style ideas and methods during his time as a Chicago community organizer.[6]
        ABOVE ( ** ) = attributes to =

        One might wonder if ‘someone’ behind the scenes worked out the ‘short comings of Sal Alinsky strategy’ which may now manifest as the BLM and Antifa movements?
        Obama campaign slogan = FORWARD !

  30. Joseph Boudreau

    Janie Dimon is not a stupid guy but he is a crook. Just ask Bix Weir, he’s told us all we need to know about him. Dimon’s words talk the other day was just him trying to save face. He knows, better than most that the system is crumbling and he’s knee deep in it. Never, ever trust what a banker says.
    Thanks for this excellent interview. Truly, one of your best! And thanks to Mr. Webb for sharing his work for free.

  31. Warren B.

    DRW is the Man.
    He is risking his life exposing these banking criminals/ Mafia. He knows this and has stated he is ready to die.
    His work on the Great Taking is synonymous with that of G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece The Creature from Jekyll Island (one of my all time favorites) with both exposing the truly evil Banking cartel.
    DRW has gone next level with his meticulous detail on how they will execute their nefarious plan…whilst providing timely warning of what has been set in motion…..impacting the unsuspecting masses. His analysis certainly connects the dots with regard CBDC.
    I stand firm. I say no. I reject their agenda and will do everything I can to protect what is mine/ my family’s.
    They are a small group of psychopaths….against 8 billion people.

    Thank you David. You are a true human being. May you find eternal happiness and peace. God bless.

  32. George

    Had you read EIR or other La Rouche publications you would have had a handle on this civilizational crises back in the early 1980 or earlier and you would know the science of physical economy. The American System of Political Economy, Real wealth vs speculation.

  33. George E


  34. Anna

    Please please please …this man is a genius but he is very hard to understand as a lay person. You asked the right questions but he answered them with stories/info that lost the answers. Maybe the subject is too big. Can u please draw up some of your visual tools on paper to condense the info ito something we understand and what we should do point by point in your weekly news wrap up. The info is so so important but I lost the subject when he spoke…..I really wanted him to answer ur questions point blank but they were buried in his genius speak (no disrespect) … thank you God Bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please read my write up and you will get the main point of what Webb is saying.

      • Del

        I had the same experience as Anna…Greg, thank you for the written summation…helped me a lot. This alone must have taken you considerable time, thought and analysis beyond your interview…much appreciated.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Del, The interview was complicated and the write up lets people get some big nuggets without watching the interview. If they do watch, then they know where it is going. It does take some time to do this, but I think it is worth it. I get about as many “reads” on USAW as views on Rumble. Thanks again!!


    • Katy Bar

      DRW’s story about how we should keep watch over the people “Without Morals Or Empathy” (by having them help us do the hunting for food but definitely not let them near our children) fits perfectly for the Doctors in our society who are useful at cutting up people in necessary operations when someone gets in an accident – BUT – Keep Them Away From Our Children (Doing Sex Change Operations On Them or Jabbing Them With The Kill Shot)!!

  35. Jochen Knaebel

    bullshit ,buy my book . next please .

    • Greg Hunter

      The book is FREE, IDIOT!!!!! So “bullshit” on YOU!!!

      • TD

        Brilliant reply!

  36. Wayne Swanson

    They, whoever “they” are, always rely on bureaucrats and functionaries to do their dirty work. These people are the weak link in the chain.

  37. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. This man knows a lot. It’s worth listening to him. I read part of his pdf. Very detailed explanation. But it’s obvious that he needs to learn about Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptos. There’s a saying in cryptos, in fact the first rule of crypto, “Not your private keys, not your crypto.” In the analog case of cash or precious metals, that means if you don’t possess the actual precious metal, or cash, IN YOUR HANDS, then you can’t count on it. One possibility to protect your savings is to own some crypto. The government wants their centrally controlled CBDC and would like to make owning decentralized crypto illegal. But it can’t confiscate crypto if only you have the private key. We don’t need to store our money in banks anymore. Store what you want to save in the blockchain. Take away the bank’s power. Don’t put your money there.
    Also, Disease “X” is probably just a cover for the “vaccine” injured. CNN will say, “A lot of people are dying from Disease “X.” No. They’re actually dying from the “vaccine” is all.
    Have him on again, if you can. Please and thank you.

  38. Paul D Anders

    Absolutely an Excellent interview!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul! Webb is a hero for sticking his neck out for “We the People.”

  39. Simon

    “John Kenneth Galbraith, well-known historian and professor at Harvard, has verified that he was asked to be part of the team that put together The Report from Iron Mountain, a think-tank study commissioned by the Defense Department. The purpose of the study was to explore novel ways of keeping the masses in subservience. When a copy of the Report was to the press, the government claimed it was a hoax. Galbraith confirmed it was totally authentic…The self-proclaimed purpose of the study was to explore various ways to “stabilize society.” Praiseworthy as that may sound, a reading of the Report soon reveals that the word society is used synonymously with the word government. Furthermore, the word stabilize is used as meaning to preserve and to perpetuate. It is clear from the start that the nature of the study was to analyze the, different ways a government can perpetuate itself in power, ways to control its citizens and prevent them from rebelling…The major conclusion of the report was that, in the past, war has been the only reliable means to achieve that goal. It contends that only during times of war or the threat of war are the masses compliant enough to carry the yoke of government without complaint. Fear of conquest and pillage by an enemy can make almost any burden seem acceptable by comparison. War can be used to arouse human passion and patriotic feelings of loyalty to the nation’s leaders. No amount of sacrifice in the name of victory will be rejected. Resistance is viewed as treason. But, in times of peace, people become resentful of high taxes, shortages, and bureaucratic intervention. When they become disrespectful of their leaders, they become dangerous. No government has long survived without enemies and armed conflict. War, therefore, has been an indispensable condition for “stabilizing society”…The Report from Iron Mountain concludes that there can be no substitute for war unless it possesses three properties. It must (1) be economically wasteful, (2) represent a credible threat of great magnitude, and (3) provide a logical excuse for compulsory service to the government…The first consideration in finding a suitable threat to serve as a global enemy was that it did not have to be real. A real one would be better, of course, but an invented one would work just as well, provided the masses could be convinced it was real. The public will more readily believe some fictions than others. Credibility would be more important than truth…Poverty was examined as a potential global enemy but rejected as not fearful enough. Most of the world was already in poverty. Only those who had never experienced poverty would see it as a global threat. For the rest, it was simply a fact of everyday life…An invasion by aliens from outer space was given serious consideration. The report said that experiments along those lines already may have been tried. Public reaction, however, was not sufficiently predictable, because the threat was not “credible”…The final candidate for a useful global threat was pollution of the environment. This was viewed as the most likely to succeed because it could be related to observable conditions such as smog and water pollution — in other words, it would be based partly on fact and, therefore, be credible. Predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios just as horrible as atomic warfare. Accuracy in these predictions would not be important. Their purpose would be to frighten, not to inform. It might even be necessary to deliberately poison the environment to make the predictions more convincing and to focus the public mind on fighting a new enemy, more fearful than any invader from another nation — or even from outer space. The masses would more willingly accept a falling standard of living, tax increases, and bureaucratic intervention in their lives as simply “the price we must pay to save Mother Earth.” If a vision of death and destruction from pollution could be implanted into the public subconscious mind, then the global battle against it could, indeed, replace war as the mechanism for control. The Creature From Jekyll Island by G.Edward Griffin. 1994. Page 523.

    • Joe Staab

      no Hoax I have a copy of it (c.1966) what you say is 100% true ex. these idiots thought that hot wars would be obsolete in the future , boy were they wrong we have enough problems with the climate hoax crap.

  40. Liber8tor

    There are 3143 Counties in the United States. According to USA Today, George Soros has donated campaign money for over 3,000 judges and district attorneys.

  41. Joe Staab

    they can pass all the “laws” on paper , but how do they enforce it.? so they come to take your land in Montana , who is gonna do that without getting shot to death ? the don’t have the manpower . the only way this works is they must have a 100% docile , and sickened population , who don’t have the will to fight . maybe that is why Zuck, gates, etc, are building bunkers for themselves . otherwise they can’t pull this off.

  42. Thomas Wigand


    Fantastic interview – I’m going to post it and try to spread awareness about it.

    I’d previously watched Mr. Webb’s documentary, and believe that your interview should be the “preview” that everyone watches before the documentary. The interview is essentially a one-hour “survey course” that explains how and why were are after the Fabian Socialist and Progressive movements of over 100 years, and how we are at their planned consummation phase.

    He provides the “missing link” of how the WEF could declare (boast) that by “2030 you will own nothing.” It was not making an idle boast, but what it considers a statement of fact (that is, if we do not stop those schemes).

    I greatly admire Mr. Webb’s “polymath” knowledge and erudition of finance, history and politics. My own extensive reading over the past 15-20 years on these subjects allow me to say with confidence that he is “spot on.”

    Best of all, he does provide an optimistic (yet plausible) path out. Methinks that his background plays into this – at the beginning of his documentary his description of family and watching Cleveland get hollowed-out I believe informs where he is now, and why he is taking substantial risk to serve as a “watchman.”

    That and, I suspect, some Providential influence.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

    • Greg Hunter

      You are welcome to use my write up on USAW to get the message out. It is simple and concise for mass audience appeal and understanding.

      • Thomas Wigand

        Hi Greg:

        Alas, too late. Shortly after I posted my comment here, I posted the following (with a link to USAWatchdog / this interview after the colon). Posted on Truth, Gettr and GAB (I don’t have an account with “X” or “Facebook”):


        This is akin to a sequel to “The Creature from Jekyll Island” – tying things together about the central bankers, Fabian Socialists and Progressives – and how its consummating in a mechanism to impose global totalitarianism while seizing most of the world’s assets.

        The WEF’s “by 2030 you will own nothing” wasn’t an idle boast, but a statement of what it fully intends, and for which the groundwork is already in place:


  43. Rodney

    Outstanding and eye opening interview, your knocking it out of the park Greg, stay fearless, focused and determined.
    Don’t give this corruption and evil any breathing room.

    • Greg Hunter

      Staying on the wall, Rodney. Thanks for the very kind words!!

  44. Nigel

    Greg, Huge fan you are always spot on with your guests –
    ALERT – CITIZEN EVIDENCE bring Roger Sayles on your show, listen to this interview –

    In 1933 the great experiment, the United States of America, ruled by “We the People”, was administratively cancelled by FDR and his admin. piggy backing Woody Wilson’s admin, when we were taken of the gold standard- PAY ATTENTION….there is no money!

    Long story short is that we are not Citizens of the the U.S. corrupt government, we are Nationals! Once a National, your status correction will allow one to administratively unshackle these government BONDS (taxes, license, fees, certificates, etc.) and live FREE of this corrupt government.

    To become a National takes understanding- start here-

  45. Susan R

    I have been watching and listening to everything I can find that David Rodgers Webb says, thank you Greg for recognizing his importance and further clarifying for us this historical moment in history.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Susan,
      Webb is a hero and is putting himself at risk by revealing this now BEFORE it happens.

      • George

        You know (Dr. Gold) Jim Sinclair was warning us of this same exact thing before the Banksters likely killed him off!!

        • Katy Bar

          Don’t forget Rob Kirby who was also killed off!!

          • Greg Hunter

            I agree, Katy, Kirdy was murdered because of what he knew.

  46. Sara

    Greg, David’s warm compliment to you, how you were one of the original “Off-Mainstream Media” venues was true, and yes, you have had a long standing following, because you are great! Thank you for the years and years of dedication to the truth in journalism. David’s message is thought provoking. I am careful to criticize –for what are the alternatives? We have large systems at work, and I doubt that anyone has the ability to manage them. Not sure how this is going to play out. For now, Thank you both!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this, Sister Sara!
      Brother Greg

  47. Pamela Hankins

    So, how can anyone who stops to think about it, think we can “wind this down peacefully and legally”? If you take Trump alone, for an example, what good is the law? These people have embedded themselves in every aspect of society, and now they are in position to take us all down, and the few who understand it think that somehow we can stop them by being peaceful and legally? The Scriptures tells us that they will have their day. We were blinded because God is going to use all of these things to His glory and for the Salvation of many. He will set up His own Kingdom after these evil men are destroyed during the outpouring of His wrath. That we are now able to see should mean we are also able to discern the times and prepare to go with Him. Jesus is coming for those who trust His Word. The ‘remedies’ of all these experts rely on a change in the human heart, which, the Scripture says is desperately wicked. Only Jesus can change that by the power of His indwelling Spirit.

  48. Erik

    What if you invest directly with a company through a dividend reinvestment program. I have been buying stock in our regional electric company directly through them. Are these shares recorded in my name vs. being part of the pool?

    • Greg Hunter

      That is a good question you should find out. You really should be in possession of the stock certificates.

  49. Diana

    Thank you Greg for an enlightening interview. Though I have been paying attention for decades he made some valid and scary points. I’m off to check out the pdf. ML Greg Hunter.

  50. Merry Piper

    Greg: Good God Almighty. My heartfelt thank you for having David Roger Webb on. I have been following him wherever I can find him and watched his documentary, “The Great Taking”. Bountiful and beautiful blessings to you both.

    blessings to you both.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry!!! YHWH and Jesus Blessings back.


  51. Fred Daake

    Great Interview – Well worth listening.

    I suggest everyone to read Greg’s write up BEFORE listening to the interview. Then the video will be easier to understand and you will see the earth shattering significance of this information.

    I was a fan a Ron Paul for President in 2008 and 2012 – Ron’s theme was “End The Fed”. David brings an up to date view concerning the serious dangers that are upon us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Fred. I spend a lot of time condensing and boiling it down for a concise and easy to understand mass audience read.

  52. Nina

    Check out Natural Asset Companies. Margaret Byfield’s website. She is preventing land grabs based on Biden’s E.O. America the Beautiful or 30×30. This is in conjunction with UN goals.

    Letter sent by Senators and State AGs to stop the Securities and Exchange Commission from approving this new financial vehicle to monetize US land. ( Also a good lawsuit by AGs of 25 states to stop EPA overreach.)

    There is multiple layers to global elites and governments ( fascism) or public/private partnership. Some are regulation in the name of health, conservation, climate change, etc.

  53. Richard Longacre

    Fantastic Interview Greg. So glad you got DRW on. He is another patriot and hero in my book, just like you are.
    The part that caught my attention was when he stated that there will be no debt jubilee or debt forgiveness. All debts will just be rolled up into the new FED currency system even though all of your deposits, savings, and assets have been legally stolen. There is no recent historical precedence of debt forgiveness when a fiat currency system fails, and every single one has failed. There is plenty of historical precedence of debt being used to take assets and financially enslave and control people.
    Too many people are thinking and saying that debts will just disappear along with the assets and you get to keep your asset (like a house or business) without even paying for it. The banks will get to keep these assets without paying for them but individuals (or even companies/corporations) will not, we will lose everything. Get out of debt and stay out of debt.
    Does it make any sense that if you just purchased a home for $300K using a VA loan with $0 down payment and never even made your first payment that this home is now yours? Of course not.
    Unfortunately the same logic applies to a home that you bought for $300K 20 years ago, have made every single payment on time for 20 years, but you still owe $100K on the house. If you can’t come up with the $100K on short notice when the bank calls in your loan you will lose your home as well as the $200K equity. This is the harsh reality of the times we live in. How will you come up with $100K to pay off your house after these demons have just stolen your deposits, savings, retirement funds, and you just lost your job because your employer just lost everything as well (because of personal and business loans)? This is the ultimate set-up to enslave the world and steal every real asset in the world.

    • MIke D

      You’re assuming the police and sheriff’s will be enforcing the will of the banksters that use “sleight of hand” to steal people’s titles and assets. THEY THEMSELVES will be screwed-over by the banksters, so they will not be their allies. If the banksters hire goons without badges to physically remove people from their homes, they’s be cut it half. America is too heavily armed. This will be the closest thing to a REAL revolution in the United States since 1776. Do you REALLY think Americans are such easy pushovers when push comes to shove?

  54. John Maskell

    Stanley, make sure that the deeds to your house are in your possession not the mortgage lenders hands . Even if the property is paid up and no debt sits on that building , they can take your house because these lenders have the deeds and legal entitlements to your property . There is a charge to obtain your deeds (£250 in the UK which can vary from lender to lender ) but this is so crucial to hold in your possession . I cannot stress how important this is . Just imagine that you worked so hard to pay off that mortgage debt but don’t have that final property deed so these scumbags can take your biggest asset when the inevitable happens . Get these documents asap , thanks John .

    • Mike D

      The local police and sheriff’s departments won’t necessarily be cooperating to kick people out of their homes because THEY THEMSELVES will be screwed-over by the banksters. The banksters might steal titles to property using legal “sleight of hand,” but they won’t necessarily have MUSCLE to enforce it.

  55. Lesley

    I believe Martin Armstrong disagrees with a lot of The Great Taking.

  56. John Maskell

    What a fantastic interview Greg . You my friend have the best guests and truth tellers out there. David Rogers Webb scares me with this but awareness and preparation are vital if you want to survive. My family and I have taken the appropriate measures ( thanks to you Greg ) to bolster up on supplies and take other commitments . No one knows how hard it will be but as I keep telling myself , it’s best to be 6 months to early than 6 seconds to late ! I’m going to watch this interview many times because I want this info burnt into my brain for the coming event . Thank you again USA Watchdog !

    • Thomas G.

      I’m with you, Greg.
      I like Martin Armstrong as well.
      However, my main problem with him is that he basically believes (or so he says) that the Federal Reserve has been misunderstood. He says it’s Presidents and other politicians that are driving the economic-confiscatory bus.
      He is quite firm in that stance, as I’m sure you know.

      I’m glad the Armstrong question was brought up. here. I think it’s important.
      I don’t believe that Armstrong did not read ‘The Great Taking’.
      I’m sure he did because his institutional clients must be screaming.

      Reading between the lines, of the links I’ve included, it seems he has given himself some wiggle room, in this matter:

      December 17, 2023

      “This {digitization of the monetary system} is not going to be this Great Taking. That would be an instantaneous revolution. They are not that stupid for even the army would rise up against them”.

      December 18, 2023
      “To suggest that the government is going to take everything you own is just not true. That would be REVOLUTION time, and the government would collapse instantly, for not even the army would support them…
      “The government could NEVER seize everything without the military backing them up.”

      December 26, 2023

      “The proposition of the Great Taking is really a misconception of history and the confiscation of gold. If the government took everything from everybody, they would be overthrown instantly. The only way the government would survive is with the army. Strip them also of assets and their families, and the government will fall.”

      Jan. 11, 2024

      “These people look at us with such disdain. We are to be exploited for their unbridled power. There is no economy without the people. That is why this Great Taking is so wrong. To retain power, they need the military.”
      “There are limits to their power. They are ignorant of that fact, for when they are on top, they cannot see how they will fall – but they always do.”

      To summarize, Armstrong is adamant in his belief that the ‘Great Taking’ equals only unsecured creditors and assets, …
      Unless, of course, the military does NOT rise up against government.

      Just do a search on Armstrong’s own website for “military-aged men” and migrants
      You will find the 800 pound gorilla he excludes from the question of ‘The Great Taking’.

      Many thanks Greg, for the fantastic interview with David Webb.
      You are the best.

      While he is as “independent” as one can be and still operate, as he does, there has to be an unspoken reason for

  57. Catherine Cronin

    Without a doubt this was the best and (equally as important as the kill shot murder campaign played out on humanity) interview you have ever had. Greg, the chilling history to plan to control and harm people to complete the totalitarian’ s dream was so diabolical in its generational endeavor to make sure we are killed and controlled that to me it proves there is evil __there is satanic power and IT RUNS IN THE GENETICS OF CERTAIN FAMILIES.
    So given that knowledge it also proves that God is real and God promises in the Bible that at the end of time He will send the Messiah but He will deal with these satanic powers Himself as Moses did to Pharaoh in the last plague. The Satan gene in human families is able to use them to control and maim people and create wars that “change history” in their favor. FOR CENTURIES !!!! That is NOT HUMAN powers even though it takes a human body to carry it out. There is no rehabilitation for that kind of creature.

  58. Mark in OKC

    URGENT: Just as Martin Armstrong & Socrates predicted on late Saturday night, January 20, 2024. Ron DeSantis dropped out today allowing the deep state to fully promote their war-loving neocon candidate, Nikki Haely.
    “The Fix is In – Trump Goes to Prison” by Armstrong Economics

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, likely you know but…DeSantis dropped out and endorced DJT a bit ago =

    also interesting…in AG Garland’s dressing down of police ….he made a STRONG case AGAINST the left’s anti-2A cause…
    showing that the People CAN NOT trust the ‘reactionary’ efforts of law enforcement…in the moment of tyrany be from whatever source. AND makes a STRONG case FOR the ‘right to keep and bear arms’ UN-INFRINGED to protect family, one-self, their communities, states, and nation from whereever the threat rises …

  60. The True Nolan

    If (for example) JP Morgan Chase seizes so much collateral as a way of keeping liquid while other companies go bust, will stock in JPMorgan be safe? How can they seize paid for stock which they themselves are responsible for if they remain solvent?

  61. Bill McFarlane

    Thank You Greg for this Excellent Video, scary times ahead, and most folks are oblivious or don’t want to hear about the dangers signs.

  62. Tom M

    Can we get around this theft by requesting stock certificates so that we can show private ownership? Then, it’s just a relationship between the holder of the certificates and the company. No intermediaries.

    I asked Ally what the cost would be and they said $1,400!!! The position is less than $10,000. Crazy, but if it can prevent confiscation, it’s better than 100% theft. Please advise. Bill Holter may know.

  63. Jack Phillips

    Hey Greg, David Rogers Webb is correct. Go on CNBC and click on the DOW. On the DOW chart, use your mouse wheel to open the chart up back to 1929. What you’ll see is from bottom of the 1929 crash in 1932, all the way to 1982, (50 years), we had a pretty stable business cycle, up 4 years, down 4 years, there were no booms and bust. Then the FED changed to a Credit Cycle, 1982-2000 Boom/Bust, 2000-2008 Boom/Bust, 2008-2020 Boom/Bust. The first Boom included the crash of 1987. What you see in the charts is every Boom and Bust just keeps getting Bigger. Now the FED is trying to erase the Credit Cycle which means endless inflation, no production and in the end a Soviet style collapse. Are they Stupid or Evil?

  64. Rob

    Most informative interview to date!! Keep up the great work, it will really means a lot!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob, sure thing.

  65. Jeremy

    Dear Greg ,

    Thank you for doing God’s work . So many astounding interviews – that’s a lot of work on your part but you are not only bringing meaning to your life but helping your viewership as well as helping the people you interview to the same extent . This was the most recent of many great interviews . As you say , never give up and in the spirit of the freedom given to us all by Jesus Christ we should do whatever we can whenever we can to help those that need it not least by sharing the information you have lead us all to . It is surprisingly hard to do but I encourage everyone to make the effort to spread awareness of the dangers that lay ahead with a forgiving heart .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jeremy. I agree, “spread the word.”

  66. War Monger

    You Will Own Nothing – Because They Will Steal Everything

    Including your children…


    • Shiloh1

      Recent Dave Collum interview podcast, re pedo gov blackmail, start at about 8 minutes in –

      He mentioned even a darker podcast where Whitney Webb is talking about it.

  67. Liquid Motion

    I noted that David mentioned he’d been a follower of USAWD since the early days with his comment about how he had been an admirer of the early alternative media participants…namely you. That intrigues me ….as I do wonder if indeed he was posting comments on the site back in those days. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. He has a wealth of knowledge which he was/is keen to impart.

  68. Citizen Ship

    Here’s THAT word he implied: usufruct

    “Usufruct is the right to use and benefit from a property, while the ownership of which belongs to another person. The person who enjoys the usufruct is called the usufructuary. The usufructuary shall maintain the property as a responsible owner and shall not cause damage to or diminution of the property, except where the property is subject to natural depletion over time. In modern civil law, the usufruct is divided into perfect usufruct and imperfect usufruct or quasi-usufruct, depending on whether the property is subject to depletion. For perfect usufruct, the property is used without changing its nature. In the latter, the property cannot be used without being consumed, such as money, food, etc., and the usufructuary shall deliver to the owner at the end of the usufruct the same value or the same quantity and quality as at the beginning of the usufruct.”

    Think on this.

  69. George

    I’m with you Greg get some Jesus

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is the only thing you get to take with you when you die.

      • Katy Bar

        And the Globalists (in keeping with their plans for you to own nothing) don’t even want you to have Jesus when you die!!

  70. Coal Burner

    WOW Greg, just WOW:
    If you were not tipped off to avoid the vax you do not have a seat at the table. If you are not being told to get out of debt, you do not have a seat at the table. There are plenty of congress-critters who they consider expendable along with all the average lower classes. They even avoided telling the Techno Wonder People, “don’t take or let their families take the vax.” Now that is a dangerous game they play.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CB!!

  71. Coal Burner

    Greg: This is the first time I have heard anyone put a number, with backup reasoning on the number of hungry years we may have to deal with. It sounded awfully close to seven, a magic number.
    Lets see, in history, 1932 or 33 t0 1939 or 40. That rings a bell.
    LOL, as a kid I thought 1953 to 1960 were just as bad. Now I know better!

  72. Abe Linkin

    ever notice Martin Armstrong is quick to come to the defense of central bankers? And he is quick to gainsay gold-bugs.

    Pay attention. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates never ever professed knowledge, only a love of wisdom. Plato’s dialogues are replete with examples of Socrates deconstructing those who claimed to know something presently, let alone about the future.

    So, it is very peculiar the name of Martin Armstrong’s fortune-telling contraption. It is an inversion of the very meaning of the man Socrates.

    Christians should always be wary of symbolic/semiotic inversions. The Satanists “black mass” is an inversion of the Roman Catholic Holy Mass of Jesus Christ. The LGBTQP banner inverts the rainbow of Genesis found in the King James Bible; the atmospheric rainbow is said to be given by God in the aftermath of the the punishment due the abomination of Sodom. The scallywag Barack Obama inverted the First Lady with the counterfeit Michael.

    • steve

      You are completely wrong. Socrates is his name for his AI computer program. He does not defend Central banks at all. Suggest you spend some time on the blog and learn. he is for individual freedom and liberty. The gold bugs have down a disservice as they only tout the wrong information most of the time. He is for gold at the right time.

      • Tessa Vye

        Anyone who took a credible Philosophy 101 class at a jr. college knows that Armstrong’s computer should not be called Socrates, for it does not profess wisdom but instead knowledge of the future. Call it the Oracle — there was one of those at Delphi during the time of Plato and Socrates.

        Armstrong considers himself something of an expert in Roman history–he ALWAYS writes about it, esp via the coinage. And the Greek history of Plato & Aristotle is usually studied alongside Roman history. So, he should know better.

        This may seem a minor point, but it demonstrates how Americans are woefully ignorant regarding what it means to be an erudite person.

        The other thing is that if someone is a fortune teller, but using technology instead of Tarot cards, this audience worships them like idols. This is true of Armstrong and Clif High. This is to the point of being a violation of the 1st Commandment. Many should repent of this sin, for the Lord is about to unleash chastisements upon earth.

  73. Roberta

    I bought the book, and was shocked. I went to the DMV, and found out that both of my cars, paid off for 20+ years, still had liens on them. My credit union sent me release of lien forms, and I now possess titles without the name of my credit union (which had changed names 3 times in 20 years!)
    I did visit an unrelated bank, and was told that it was my responsibility to take the liens off- so the credit union was blameless. I did have a mortgage with this bank in the past, and was told that it IS the bank’s responsibility to do lien release for real estate. My next step, when the weather goes into double-digit temps, is to visit the courthouse registration office.
    PS I did understand that the car lien thing in the book was an analogy, but I dont trust Klaus and the climate cult to not seize cars in the name of the planet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Roberta, for sharing.

  74. Marie Joy

    Arm up

  75. Marie Joy

    A gun in every hand.
    A reloader in every basement/attic/spare room.
    At least One damn pissed off American in every home.

  76. Marie Joy

    Roger Stone says democrats have to run a black woman to replace the VP so Big Mike will likely run. Stone was on live infowars – banned on Rumble . Stone says Big Mike is formidable.

    • Keith

      If people are worried about losing money on there bank account when they crash the system . Buy yourself a good quality gun cabinet and bolt it to a concrete floor in your garage. Put 15 bricks at the bottom and place your money and gold and silver coins beside the bricks. Most gun cabinets are difficult to break into without heavy equipment. With the bricks they will not be able to shift it and carry it away. When the system crash exchange your dollars for supplies before it becomes worthless. You can take your gold and silver to Mexico or Canada and exchange these for the goods you may need.
      Everyone is waiting for president Trump to win the election in 2024. Everyone is waiting for Trump to save them from the deepstate banking cabal. It is not going to happen ?
      President Trump has not been chosen by your masters who own America and control your destiny. The only person who can save you and get you to the other side of the great taking is you.
      If you have not got your shit together and are not prepared for what’s coming you will have only yourself to blame.
      During covid-19 lock down it was amazing to watch people with 60 thousand dollars SUV vehicles going to food banks and food collection parks to get free food parcels because they could not afford groceries .
      These people did not have any commonsense and never prepared for any emergency because they lived in La La La land. You don’t want to be in that situation when they crash the system. Prepare now while you still have time .

  77. Peter

    If the central banks are trying to crash the system then why did the federal reserve intervene with the regional banks in March 2023? Why is the bank of japan printing like crazy?
    DRW and others never explain this! Their actions at least to me is that they are doing everything to
    maintain the status quo

  78. Mike D

    If the banksters try this “sleight of hand” theft of securities assets on such a massive scale, I guarantee their brains and the brains of their families will be splattered all over the ceiling, and their estates will be burned down to the ground. THEY will own nothing because they will BE nothing. (I’m not making any threat; I’m just predicting what I believe will happen to them.)

    To quote Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  79. Mike D

    Someone needs to compile the GPS coordinates of the estates, other homes, and aircraft hangars of the banksters and so-called elites. This information then needs to be dispersed throughout the internet onto thousands of websites so it can never be completely removed. If the sh*t hits the fan, THEY will fear being targets.

    • Michael Myer

      So true,gotta cut off the head of the snake,,,
      I’m assuming if the stock market tanks the big boys will receive their money while nobody answers the phone when the little guy tries to get out

  80. deMeadville

    One of our more daunting stats as of Friday’s (19 Jan) settle: S&P 500 MktCap $43.2T; U.S. liquid money supply (“M2”) $20.9T.

    • Greg Hunter

      More stocks than $. It that the point you are making? Tell us more.

      • deMeadville

        Were there a serious stock market selling run, ’tis conceivable a broker might not be able to make their clients whole, i.e. issuing an “iou” rather than crediting cash to accounts. ‘Course, the U.S. money supply obviously isn’t the only worldwide source of funds. Regardless, ’tis a scary stat. If memory serves (as we recently did the math on this), at the turn into this 21st century, the S&P 500’s market cap was approximately +25% greater than “M2”. Today ’tis better than +100% greater. However, upon it all going wrong, rather than crashing, the markets likely would simply shut. (The Fed may then print the difference to make everyone whole, and the price of Gold would take off).

  81. Francis m Reps

    Your guest is absolutely correct. All securities that anyone “owns” if held by the Financial Institution are held in their “Street” name. direct registration or actual physical { hands on } control over the securities is a way to protect one’s interest. The Late Jim Sinclair help seminars about this issue ; and when he held up copies of Bank Statements and Brokerage Statements ; he declared that they were not what most people believed they were ; In Mr. Sinclair’s own words ” You are looking at Cartoons”. Weimar on Steroids is coming to the entire world. be well.

    • steve

      Australia and NZ provide holder numbers and certificates for stock buy and holdings.

  82. Groovy Ghoulies

    Clownworld. We have immigration laws already on the books, but certain elected officials BREAK THE LAW by not enforcing the laws.

    Our elected representatives demand an Immigration Bill to a matter that already is a law that they refuse to enforce. I’d love to see several thousand elected officials behind bars for 20 to 50 with felonies. Eisenhower had Operation Wetback. Only sayin’

    Why no Republican ever pushed for mass office removal of elected representatives that broke immigration laws is beyond me. A bunch of clowns on all sides.

  83. War Monger

    Payback ( Karma ) is coming to America and the West…

    Ukraine shells civilian street market in Donetsk; 25 Killed

  84. Sean

    The parasite class writes words on paper saying they can’t steal all your assets from you. Good luck doing a mass taking without a billion people agreeing that the parasites should be hung in the streets.
    BTW- when will you have clif high pr Martin Armstrong back??

  85. Zack Busch

    Trump’s most likely VP pick is trained in Hebrew

    Expect to go to war against Israel’s arch-enemy Iran as soon as Trump gets into office. And do not expect the JPM CEO or the Pfizer CEO to be prosecuted.

    @SebGorka said on an X Space that Donald Trump has chosen his VP PICK! He gave four pieces of information, the choice is:
    —A man
    —A former politician
    —A New Yorker

  86. bill

    “Journalist” Who Attacked Top Tennis Player For “Refusing COVID” Vaccine Dies Suddenly by Tyler Durden

    • prsmith


  87. Nick Turnberry

    remember this, Trump is good at firing, but terrible at hiring.

    Trump appointee, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, betrays Americans:

    • Greg Hunter

      Barrett voted to end Roe v. Wade. This case has not been settled yet. That said it was a dick move to allow the invasion to continue.

  88. prsmith

    Yesterday’s news but…YES!, you’re about to get screwed.

  89. steve

    So the country that I live in provide holder numbers ( SRN ) and mailed certificates for every stock buy via a stock registry. The electronic systems that dont provide this are more risky, as its hard to prove what you own if the broker goes down.

    • Katy Bar

      Trump needs to get Wall Street to issue stock certificates of the companies we by a share in once again – otherwise – “buying” stock is really just “donating” money to your stock broker!! Better to buy physical gold and silver which is the only “real” investment we can take possession of in this evil phony financial system set up by the Fed!!!

  90. tim mcgraw

    I’ve read some of the comments. I know well what the guest is talking about. What I keep thinking of is what Catherine Austin Fitts has said in many interviews. I’ll paraphrase:
    “Sometime in the 1980s the Blob, the Big Boys, the elite, the people who run the USA and the world, gave up on America. They decided to give up on the American Experiment. The Blob decided to milk the Middle Class for all it was worth, steal everything, and then try something new.”
    Maybe the Big Boys think some kind of Chinese economic/societal model is the future of mankind.
    If we want liberty, we are going to have to fight for it.

  91. Trixie C

    * * * solar CME direct hit to earth, incoming !

    ironically, the actor Dennis Quaid was on with Tucker a few days ago warning about the sun CME being overdue and would cause unparalleled damage, perhaps social collapse. This could be the event Clif High and the remote viewers said was coming — they foresaw something 30xs worse than 911 in shock value.

    If you have an emergency solar panel or other emergency electronic gear, you might wanna quickly wrap in foil now!!

    • Justn Observer

      it will not be strong enough although it is earth facing,.=
      oppenheimerranchproject =

      Dennis Quid? hollywood paid ‘influencer’- really not my kind of paleo=climatologist, but for sure a great box office catastrophe fear and narrative monger that pulls people away from actually listening to people that do know the science and planetary histroy and archeology like Willie Soon, who Tucker Carlson interviewed as well…and who was ‘de-platformed’ and shunned by his university for going AGAINST the IPCC narrative…which now says the earth is ‘cooling’ because of global warming – lol

  92. Expat

    David Rogers W. is a great add-on, would like to hear more from him.
    Let me add another issue: According to Martin Armstrong global blog alert they may imprison Donald Trump. This would speed up US/Otan Warmongers.
    I worked once for a armoured tank manufacturer with products active on ucrainian soil. Do not consider feasible anymore a conventional war as in the past, too costly and too long to avoid internal conflicts. Examples are the Hothis with drones at 2000-20000 Usd each cost which need to be defended thru Aster rockets at 1 Mio USD plus each with very long lead times or the swedish Carl Gustav anti-tank weapon compared to a new main battle tank price . However we should expect a surprise thru escalable EMP wars which can leave aereas 6 months without electricity nor celular reds and bring caualities close to Charles Nenner numbers. A norvegian expert seas within 2 years from now a similar escenario. The West is not prepared for that, state of art bunkers are usually for high rank government oficials only , Bill Gates, Rockefeller jr., Buffet and other friends of population reduction are not interested in ordinary citizens, they seems to prefer a club-like befriended environment. We never discuss how chinese/russian billioneeres might think,, what if a chinese billioneere proposes to eliminate human living including drag queens and fentanile adicts on US pacific costs to settle 100 Mio government prone chinese citizens there in a new China with a new party board after a surprise Emp attack. Republican states like Florida and aniotan nations like maybe Hungaria and Slovakia could be eventually spared if Emp weapons can be tailored for requirement. Greg please look at talkative EMP war book authors with up to date knowledge. the only positive thing. Uno/Who might be eliminated too, no vacine requirements anymore.

  93. MLK

    My predictions: The new currency will allow us little people to start even. Your savings will balance out other peoples debt. So you will start off having a defined starting balance.
    You won’t be a stakeholder.
    Only the powerful will have (unlimited) money.

  94. MLK

    A derivative is an item that derives its value from something else. Almost all financial trading items are derivatives………Stocks are depravities, as an example.

  95. Agnes

    This comment is late, so it may never be read. However, I think the best thing we could all do is whatever we can do that fits into our lives. That way, when the SHTF, we will be firing from so many directions that they won’t be able to squash everything. I have been using cash everywhere on my shopping routes for several years. Small businesses seem happy with it, and the lovely checkout clerks in the grocery store beam happily at me (we’re saving their jobs) and say something nice to me. All bills are paid by mail, not internet, with credit union checks. So far it all works well, and the cash receivers (though not all the corporate check receivers who spam me for internet accounts) are happy. Just do whatever it is that you can do and enjoy it.

  96. J. Dickson

    The Ingraham Angle [ Full HD ] BREAKING NEWS
    Lola Home 408,438 views Jan 22, 2024

  97. harold cloud

    Tucker Carlson 1/22/24 Ep.67| Tucker Carlson Tonight January 22, 2024
    KIM OANH Handmade 275,672 views Jan 22, 2024
    Briben Biden, Evil or Senile, is he a head faker puppet? Would Nikki make a more stable PUPETT for the deep creeps??

  98. G Ten

    Do not be deceived by the allure of techno-witchcraft. The more Clif High attacks the Bible & Church, the more he serves this abomination:

    • Johan

      to my understanding, clif high is a paranoid schizophrenia. his heart is good, I think we can all be a bit generous towards him, cut him some slack.

  99. Justn Observer

    Might find some of the ‘inside baseball’ history few every heard of JFK and RFK ‘inside war’ within the U.S. government in this interview with RFK jr , …. about their internal fight with U.S. military leadership attempts to START a war with Russia….both in EU and in LAOS…. Gen. Lemay and the Dulles are pointed out,
    ALSO, few know that RJK jr son went to fight in Ukraine….and now telling him the Biden Admin is LYING and that the Russians ARE killing them 10 TO 1 AND the war all but over…lost ! = @ 37:00 = and thru 50 min but whole interview is good…
    PERSONALLY, with RFK jr anti – vax, skepticism of AI, and use of military rather than diplomacy…DJT might NOT BE ILL-SERVED to maybe pick RFKjr for his VP…= might UNITE THE COUNTRY….and leave both extreme wings out…. Both hate wars = a good thing, and then too. with RJK jr already deep into exposing and dislike for autism and bio-vaxess etc…. with his deep legal work and knowledage as an attorney…might be a great thing for the country at this time in place.

  100. Enrico T. from Pacific Palisades

    Thank you Greg for this was a fabulous and important interview!!!

  101. Elias

    Thank you Greg, you continue to provide excellent analysis and wonderful interviews with the most forward thinkers of our day, I salute you. 💪👏🏻😊

  102. Johan

    excellent interview.

  103. Amanda

    Excellent! Thanks Greg. I have read the book, but definitely got more out of this interview.

  104. Ed Eibling

    This great theft is not very likely. What makes the economy work is having the money (assets) distributed through out the population; so, large numbers of people can trade freely. If the great theft were to take place, there would be no economy and no trade left in the old system.

    People will continue to live in their homes and barter, not recognizing the change of ownership due to theft. The thieves would soon be pretty darn frustrated after they realized they accomplished nothing of value.

    The government would not likely have the backing of the military so the thieves cannot bribe to get their way. What makes a country rich is the productivity of its people, which is still there after such a potential asset theft. Companies would continue to operate and not have to pay dividends or respond to shareholder demands from the thieves. Practicality trumps unjust law. Who would buy the stolen stock? If there were no bid, what value would the shares have?

    The world’s government systems are not fixable. They have to breakdown before they can be replaced. This is just one of many possibilities for how the system can break . . . an unlikely one.

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