Trump Raid Coverup, Cheney Blowout, Inflation Increasing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 543 8.19.22) 

It’s another phony investigation into everything Donald Trump to try to make up another fake crime.  They are so scared Trump will take control of America again the Dem Deep State globalists are doing everything possible to try to derail President Trump.  AG Merrick Garland does not want to even reveal the contents of the affidavit that allowed the FBI to ransack Trump’s personal Florida residence nearly 2 years after he moved out of the White House.  Why the secrecy?  They are simply making it all up as they go along—again.  Shame on the DOJ, and double shame on the FBI for trying to frame Trump–again.

Liz Cheney is a registered Republican that says she voted with President Trump 93% of the time.  I guess voting for Trump’s impeachment for yet another made up crime just does not count as disloyalty.  Trump had the last laugh by supporting Harriet Hageman in the GOP primary for the only House seat in Wyoming.  Hageman destroyed Cheney, and that marks the eighth House Republican who voted to impeach President Trump to be removed from office.  Cheney now says she is going to run for President in 2024—I know you are laughing, but it’s not a joke.  It’s more like an embarrassing delusion for Cheney, who is now worth more than $30 million.  That’s some strong savings with only a $174,000 a year Congressional job.

Enjoy the slightly lower gasoline prices while you can because all indications are inflation is coming back with a vengeance right along with some sort of market crash.  How can both happen?  It all hinges around the dollar remaining the world’s reserve currency.  If Saudi Arabia (SA) ends up joining the so-called BRIC countries, you can kiss the US dollar good bye.  That means SA will no longer sell its oil exclusively in dollars, and the dollar will tank because many will not need to have them to buy oil.  Is this why the Fed is hell-bent on raising rates and fighting inflation?  Is the Fed really just protecting the dollar?

There is much more in the 59-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.19.22.

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After the Interview: 

Bill Holter of is coming back on as time is short for a very big financial shakeup this year.  Holter will give us an update on the coming financial crash.

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  1. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to listening to WNW543.
    I hope you will permit a re-post of last minute post to Dane Wigington comments. Clif High has some positive ‘predictions’.

    Latest from Clif High podcast – 8-18-22:
    ‘When Will It All POP OFF?’

    • Sheryl Pardue

      Thanks for the link to cliff high. He makes sense

    • John Williams

      Cheney will try to disrupt a Trump presidency by running third party. Remember, the goal for her backers is not to win the Presidency, it is to stop Trump from being President. This is why she hinted at a Presidential run in 2024.

      Cheney will lose but still siphon off a percentage of the Republican vote, and line her pockets in the process.

      • PL

        John, I think that’s why there is a big push for DeSantis. Split the “base” and separate President Trump from his supporters. Pay attention to all the alt media personalities seeding the DeSantis agenda. Divide and conquer.

      • Ray

        Her pockets wouldn’t be of much use to her…….iffin’ for some reason she were to lose both of her hands.
        “Buster Scruggs…..Buster Scruggs…..service required in aisle 4 immediately”

        Just a thought……
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Not So Free

        Some are saying that Tulsi Gabbard is planning to do the same thing, for the same reason.

    • Michael

      You realize, of course, that Clif still believes in “Mantids” which he encountered while young and peaking on an overdose of magic mushrooms. If you think that fact grants him credibility, then, yes, by all means, “he makes sense.”

  2. Sasol Vogel

    Col. Macgregor – Ukraine & Russia Latest News
    18,079 views Streamed live 7 hours ago 7/18
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

    Colonel Macgregor discusses the following article:
    That; US must arm Ukraine now? before it’s too late
    by Debra Cagan,… #Ukraine #Russia #Putin

    Royal Irish Ranger 7 hours ago
    As always , insightful, accurate, and enlightening. I no longer bother with the MSM their credibility is zero , I rely on Col MacGregor and the Judge to give a realistic appreciation of the Ukrainian tragedy. As an old soldier I feel very saddened at the losses, so many young men maimed and killed in such an unnecessary conflict. The consequences of this disaster will be felt by millions for many years to come. Thank you for telling the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      USA and Ukraine started this war and they now keep it going. It should have never started, and it should have been stopped long ago.

      • Rodster

        Agreed !

      • Sally herbert

        I just heard the digital dollar will come maybe in the first months of next year. No one in gov. Is talking about this why they went to Trumps place. A distraction. I heard this on the pillow man’s blog by Leo someone..they were pretty sure. This is war.

        • Paul from Indiana

          It’s only war if two sides are fighting. So far, and I’m 70, I’ve only seen one side actively delivering blow after blow, while the other side keeps turning the cheek over and over. 60 years and counting, lots of talk and posturing, little action, and NO RESULTS, except the little hiccup with Mr. Trump, and that only happened, because it caught the other side off guard. Best always. PM

          • tim mcgraw

            Paul from Indiana: I agree with you. I’m seventy years old as well. When do the bad guys go to jail or even apologize? I’ve never seen it in my lifetime.
            But we’ve both seen the bad guys kill, KILL, good guys like JFK, RFK, and MLK Jr.

      • suki causely

        It looks like some level heads are realizing that Greg, the writing is on the wall for the neo-conmen and woman, “one being Liz Cheney and her father of course and don’t forget the other dumb bleached blond neo’con, Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski and her even dumber husband, scare faced chicken-hawk Scarborough. ” These neo-cons are delusional! Taking us into nothing but, a nuclear nightmare and no escaping!

        The troubling question haunting US foreign policy

      • Wayne Barstow

        Do we have the wrong nuclear weapons to deter Russia and China?
        Putin’s nuclear threats show he knows America does not have the right weapons.
        HYPERSONIC?_And Beijing knows that as well.

        Boy, are we in some king of an end time pickle, or what? $64.000 and much more riding on it!
        Greg we do, need a new world order. But not the same old same old dis-order, since Eden. Maybe we should put our hands in the hand of the one that stilled the…..
        This passing generation is talking to us youngsters!

        • Coal Burner

          Almost sorry to tell you but we do have them. The fools are being baited.

          • Paul

            Coal burner,
            I agree as the stacking is ruining their end product.
            Stacking referring to sequential build of variables to achieve the end product. In micron precision Cnc machining, tolerances I run all day , one sixth the diameter of human hair, that being considered nominal.
            The stacking to achieve that end result, physics and practical sense has to be employed, such as tolerances of material, work holding and tool deflection, tool tolerance, thermal expansion, machine linear way perfection, environmental temperature etc…All these factors stack up and determine success.
            Pure physics.

            Applying this stacking method to our political and corporate oligarchy , their end results and goals , their product is trash and will be discarded

            WHO, UN, NATO
            Biden election, Jan 6
            Binary people
            Modern economic theory
            Politicians, etc

            People are seeing, the lying or stacking of their vision, falsehoods as it defies all natural and physics laws

      • Bob 'Spikey' Hockney

        Crying Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell HUMILIATED AS HE IS CAUGHT IN LIE AFTER LIE UNDER OATH! Likely Committed Perjury at January 6th Criminal Trial! MUST-SEE VIDEO of Officer TROLLED Outside Courthouse!
        By Cara Castronuova
        Published August 20, 2022 at 8:00am
        A liberal Democrat public defender destroyed Crying Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell in cross examination and in closing statements at a January 6th defendant’s trial this past week.

    • mark deacon

      And why more than 2 people to vote for destroys democracy by dividing the vote too allow less popular individuals get elected. It also drops the threshold of votes need to get elected.

      Once you have seen it like in the UK with multiple parties and peopel bieng elelcted on only 20% of the vote you stop voting. France does it far better where they have a run-off against the 2 with the most votes each to see how other people want too vote.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Sasol,
      Very informative interview of Col. MacGregor by Judge Napolitano – the true situation in Ukraine revealed. Many thanks.

  3. Brian E Jones

    Guys this Mar-A-Lago thing seems like such a psy-op I really don’t trust Trump at all anymore… well haven’t since he wilted to Big Pharma in 2020 honestly. David Icke has a good speech on Trump go check it out… we really have to not fall for it again and back DeSantis all the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Psyop? Really?? I am not so sure about DeSantis. Why is he not talking about child trafficking and really fixing 2020?? If they want Trump this bad, then I am for him. DeSantis does not have a prayer if Trump runs.

      • Linda Majors

        I agree with you Greg. If the thieves in DC are that desperate to keep Trump from getting re-elected, they are convinced that he will take them down, if he gets back in office. The raid on Mar-a-Lago was a fishing expedition, snoop around to find his stash of incriminating evidence that will hang all of them. He has the goods. Hopefully, the FBI thugs didn’t find it. I like Gov. DeSantis, but now is not the time. We need President Trump to take care of unfinished business!

        However, President Trump needs to apologize for going along with Pence (who was in charge of Warp Speed), Fauci and Birx. Appologize and move on. Nothing can be done to change what has happened. But he needs to get those vaccines stopped.

        I heard an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. today. He said that the reason they’re going after infants and children is because the “emergency mandates” will not last much longer. If they can get that poison approved for babies and children, Pfizer and others will automatically be off the hook. It all hinges upon getting the FDA to approve that poison for children. It’s chilling to think that we have such evil people in charge of things.


      • Janet

        There is an old saying that “he who is over the target – catches the most flack” and there is no doubt “everything” is being thrown at Trump (which is a positive for Trump) – but Biden is probably right now “re-classifying documents up to Ultra Top Secret (that Trump previously declassified)” just so Hilary’s Gestapo at the FBI can have an excuse to “lock him up”!! – but what bothers me negatively about Trump is his support the “jab” – something is just not right with the man!! – I could make up a crazy excuse that Trump is just being cold and calculating and figures only “swamp creature” idiots (who are mostly Democrats) will take the “jab” – but then I say – “that can’t be right” (considering he has taken millions in contributions from Pfizer – and his daughter is one of Klaus Schwabs “Young Global Leaders”) – which does not seem anti-Deep State – and thus gives me pause!!!

      • Ed Siceloff

        Trust Trump? Trusst DeSantis? Looking for someone to trust? I would not ever trust a politician. Don’t they all have agendas? Trust our heavenly Father, His mighty arm. His might really does apply to this, His world. Satan is an invader, with limited operations.

        • Johnny Cool

          “I don’t know who to trust.”

          • john

            Trust yourself. We all have been hoodwinked into trusting “GOVERNMENT” instead of trusting ourselves.
            We need to take back responsibility for ourselves and our LOCAL COMMUNITY back from the stranger politicians making decisions over us from hundreds and thousands of miles away.
            See this book:
            By Larken Rose.
            Note: It’s not from a religious perspective.

      • Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

        For me… that sounds like a sensible conclusion!!
        Infact, sounds a bit like another Great man… Lin…

      • Michael

        I am sorry, Greg, but have you considered the possibility that the Deep State actually wants Trump to win so they can have their so-called “Civil War”? This is not to say that Trump is part of this plot, but he could be a useful idiot.

        The objective in all the nonsense we have been watching could certainly be part of the plan for depopulation and an invasion of UN troops to “quell” the disturbance. I wish we had decent people to choose from. Trump, to me, represents a collapse of civilizational values, such as decorous speech and a high standard of lived morality. He was another of Epstein’s “friends” and he promoted Fauci’s vaxx. I have more respect for Melania than I do for Trump.

        • Greg Hunter

          Stop it. They had a global team to take down Trump in 2020. Lets start with the DNI Ratcliff report on Jan of 2021. Read it for yourself and yes China was involved and 17 intel agencies agree. Then look at the elaborate ballot stuffing scheme carried out with the coordination from the U.S. Post, office FBI, DOJ with Dems and RINO’s alike. The machines cheat too but nobody could EVER look inside of one!!!!

          They also made UP a Fake Crime–Russia collusion. Did you forget that??? This fake crime went on for years and they every tried a fake impeachment twice to try to get rid of Trump and keep him from running again.

          Now, they are trying to make up, yet another, FAKE crime while raiding his personal home and prosecuting top people in the Trump organization and getting them to roll over. I could go on but it ain’t worth it. So, spare me the total bull crap here. I actually know what’s going on. I cover it every day and use actual sources and not my f ing feelings. I think you are a thought shaping AI bot or human troll. Don’t comment again.


          • Rae

            I love you, Greg!
            Thanks for being a Truth Teller.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Rae!!

          • Gunny HiWay

            Hi Greg,
            I Love when you speak to truth with fervor sir.
            They want us dead.
            They have for a long time.
            They just don’t need us to make stuff anymore.
            Their killer robots have come a long way since 2005. They will use them if they have to.

            They killed my daughter with their Gardasil vax and are still handing it out and mandating it in some places!
            Be well,
            #GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I don’t trust Trump either since he pushed the Warp Speed Vax and fell for the Birx/Fauci con game. Trump also went to the CIA on his first few days in office to bend over and say, “You guys are great. Please don’t kill me.”
        Trump is better than anyone else, but I think he’s out there catching flack for DeSantis or whoever will run in 2024. Trump keeps threatening to run, but never does. He keeps the Democrats and media in fever pitch as something else is going on….

      • Native Virginian

        Read Conservative Treehouse. He wrote an article about DeSantis, all indications are, from what I’ve read elsewhere too, he is backed by Israel. He is being made to look good to get Trump out of the way. CT said he disappeared during the Trump raid, he is being groomed. Sundance can see the routine happening. Look at DeSantis background, he is from the same old pot, Harvard, Yale, US Navy.

      • Sally herbert

        DeSantis belongs to the Puritan club. If he is…,he is loyal to England only. Wouldn’t that be a triumph for the British…

    • Garfield

      If you don’t find the sudden push by the usual controlled oppositions (Alex Jones and the like) suspicious then I don’t know where you’ve been for the last two years.

    • Marie Joy

      Last I knew, DeSantis was pro jab. Has that changed?

  4. Windell Stiefer

    Ol’ Joe better arm the IRS janitors too. He WILL double the income tax to fight the climate given half the chance.

  5. Jerry

    Liz Chaney is bought and paid for by the deep state. Not even a whimper about conflict of interest by the fake media on the J6 committee.

    Hunter Biden is as dirty as they come. Besides business deals in Ukraine with his daddy, he got a stripper pregnant in Arkansas and refused to pay child support for three years until he got a court order from a judge in a lawsuit. Then you have Liz Chaney’s husband representing this piece of rat filth ? That tells you all you need to know about the Chaney’s and the deep state. Of course Chaney took the money. She sold out the people of Wyoming a long time ago. My contacts in Wyoming say the vast majority of the people there hate Liz Chaney and would never support her again in ANY election. She’s delusional about running again. It’s hard
    to imagine any possible way of winning an election when you can’t even carry your own state. But then again maybe she’s using Joe Biden’s mule train?

    • Jerry

      Donald Trump is being made an example of by the deep.state using a well known method of mind control called panopticon.

      The deep state is using Donald Trump as bait to try and launch a civil war , and with it the need for direct intervention by the United Nations. You can bet the surveillance community is harvesting as much information as they can about any conservative that reacts to the MarLogo raid in Florida. With the newly weaponized IRS and FBI they will come after us with a vengeance. Liz Chaney sold out for a reason. She knows what we are all up against. Rather than make a stand for freedom she took the money and bowed down to the NWO. Between now and the November midterms you will see things you can’t even imagine.
      Just remember it’s all part of the panopticon mind control strategy.

    • Faith

      Hey Jerry, been a while! I spent June in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Drove through the state afterwards. Saw a few Cheney signs in Thermopolis. There are poor people in Wyoming with no sense willing to wait for a handout. Typical dems.

  6. Linda Majors

    Greg, W

    Thanks for your weekly wrap-up!

    Programmable Digital Currency.
    I’m incuding info re the programmable digital currency that is expected to be implemented in December 2022. It sounds like a nightmare, especially for those of us who refuse the vax and refuse to obey. Perhaps with the “Red Wave” expected in November election, we can get it stopped. It was an executive order signed by that mean little imposter in the WH. I’m not sure if anything can reverse it, unless Trump is reinstated. In any event, Americans need to be aware. (Ref. link below.)

    Programmable Digital Currency. Executive Order 14067, Sec. 4, signed on 3.9.22.
    Transition is expected to be implemented in December 2022. Federal Government will get total control of your money, purchases, and expenditures. This is all part of the Great Reset/One World Government being ushered in throughout the World.

    • Laura McDonough

      Linda: should we pull most our money out of bank (s) now? Use the cash to pay for things instead of debit?

  7. Linda Majors

    Greg, please edit my comments. I noticed a “W” that doesn’t belong. Thanks! Linda

    • Terri Tripp-Warren

      Linda, I agree with you wholeheartedly: I like Gov. DeSantis, but now is not the time. We need President Trump to take care of unfinished business!

  8. Rob

    Brian E. Jones,

    The Establishment Stalinist DemonRats and RINO’S have been after President Trump for the last 6 years, Greg is absolutely correct about their intentions too. All of it’s common knowledge now with undeniable proof of how unjustified unwarranted and unAmerican it has ALL been as ALL of the whacky set-ups and empty accusations have ended in the same way from the spying before during and after to electioneering.

    Now, some 14 FBI/Justice Dept Whistle Blowers are bringing explosive information on the latest Illegal Tactic with that Outrageous Home Invasion RAID upon President Trump. Allegedly, as it is breaking information, the RAID was a cover-up for their own crimes documented in previously sealed under a Classified Lid all of which that President Trump had already “Declassified without redactions”…the latest too looks to be such an outrageous desperate over reach to GET TRUMP through a multi pronged lawfare attemping to keep a lid on the documents exposing the CROOKS who appear to really be stepping in it BIGLY …

    Have a listen from Benny Johnson who posted this on Twitter where you can look it up if my link attached below doesn’t function:

  9. Johnny Cool

    Rick Ackerman has Covid, he calls it “Joe Covid”. Took two jabs, no booster. He expects many boosted people to die in the coming years…

    Listen at the16:00 mark.

  10. Sylvia Sires

    Satanists are Freemason’s who worship Satan, control the world. Their Royal Art is Witchcraft. They practice ritual sacrifices. Satan tempted Jesus and said “I will give you all the Kingdoms of the world and their splendor if you will worship me.” Jesus said, “It is written, thou shall worship the Lord God only”. Every President of the US were Masons as well as other world leaders. They make all the movies and write all the songs. ( notice Trump plays music at all his rally’s). We are living in hell. New World Order IS Babylon that God destroyed because it was “EVIL”! Satanists are LIARS! Masons are a secret religion that’s hidden, a secret society! BECAUSE they swear an oath and sign a contract of death! If anyone breaks their oath their throat will be cut, their tongue will be torn out by the roots and the tops of their head will be cut off and their bodies laid in the sun to bake their brain. Remember JFK? He broke his oath and told Americans he needed their help because there were secret societies that were infiltrating instead of invasion and were monolithic. All members have to marry another Mason member. They shot JFK in the throat first and the second shot blew his brains out in front of the WHOLE WORLD! Jacklyn Kennedy crawled out on the back of the trunk of the convertible car screaming “they killed him…they killed him”! I posted a 5 hour video to you, I hope you watched it! We need to warn Christians because the NWO is coming after us! Revelation 13 verses 9 & 10. Nothing can stop the NWO!

  11. MostlyMuted

    Social ostracism is so ingrained in my psyche at this point I walk around thinking “stfu, no one wants to listen to you.”

    God Bless Greg, your righteous anger is rejuvenating.

  12. Tom Herzog

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for your honest and clear eyed exposition cutting through the lies, lies and more lies (popagandistic and lies of omission) of the main stream media.

    I’ve noticed how, now that the official big lie Covid narrative is falling apart there are NO apologies. No apologies for the vaccine injuries and deaths; no apologies from the pharmaceutical companies; no apologies from the complicit media and no apologies from the government hacks and enablers.

    Nothing but absolute and utter contempt for the American people.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Even if the COVID narrative falls apart completely and is exposed 100%, they win, because the damage is already done. We’ve been had; it’s that simple, but, hey, don’t worry, be happy: we’ll VOTE our way out of this for sure, right? Best always. PM

  13. stanley skrzypek

    BRAVE……..Calling out President Trump on the KILL SHOTS…….BRAVE……..Mr. Hunter… American Patriot!……

  14. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter just depressing how we plebs are the target of the communist/fascists and are utterly silent and compliant.
    Sudden additional deaths “not due to Covid 19” supposedly,
    Doctors in our cancer hospitals here in the UK are being confronted by dramatic disseminated cancers that there is no cure for and death is within weeks.
    Why do the military hate us plebs so much as soon as they put the uniform on? They are willing to spray and spray us with poisons and deprive us water and food.
    Do the HAARP technology capable of attacking deep within Russia and China without a trace? Suspicions abound.
    The military and the police and the spy agencies and now the tax agencies across the West are the strong arm of the communists/fascist globalists and these globalists WEFs are so embedded in our bureaucracies that they don’t need elections now,Obama set the
    technique and the rest followed rather like Saul Alinsky. All these agencies are deeply compromised and weapons against us plebs .The new star chamber is here and now and we refuse to recognise it. Yet our farmers are at the front of the attack at moment and we are silent. A revolution is coming and the globalists are just itching to slaughter us !

  15. Robert Coleman

    The USSA is becoming more and more a place like the Old USSR or Germany from 1923-1945. By the Grace of God will the USA remain free with liberty and justice for all.
    The Deep State is waiting for push-back from the Real American Population so they are able to institute Marshal Law and eliminate all opposition. It’s not working in China, Russia or any other country where freedom loving people are tired of tyranny. They will lose in the end.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Friend, it’s “MARTIAL Law”. We already have “marshall” law and have had since Pres. Washington instituted the US Marshall Service in 1791. Martial law is direct governmental control by the military, with suspension of due process. Try it again: MARTIAL LAW. “Martial” means “of, by, from or pertaining to Mars, the Roman god of war”. Best always. PM

  16. Rodster

    Liz Cheney is another delusion politician or as Gerald Celente likes to call them “Poly-Tick-Shun” because just like a tick, they suck the blood out of everything. So another Washington politician is rich from a 6 figure job? How is it that you can go to jail for insider trading but Nancy Pelosi and her husband gets to benefit from insider trading?

    As Gerald Celente likes to call the government, a “Crime Syndicate” or as my favorite 80’s bumper sticker used to say: “DON’T STEAL THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION”.

  17. Rodster

    “Tent Cities Are Taking Over Vast Stretches Of Our Major Cities (And It Is Only Going To Get Worse)”

    • Paul from Indiana

      Part of the plan. Best always. PM

  18. PersonaNonGrata

    Neil Oliver: ‘It’s hard to tell yourself you’ve been taken for a fool but open your eyes’. Not a message for Watchdoggers – but perhaps one worth forwarding to those on the cusp of awakening . . .

    • Paul from Indiana

      There’s PLENTY of denial here, too. Best always. PM

  19. Joe rocco

    A humble thank you Greg. I remember you on tv from the 90’s when I lived in Atlanta. Then found you on YouTube been following you for many years. Thank you for always being there every week. ❤️🙏

  20. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘The Duran’ talk about Putin’s latest ‘gloves off’ speech, where he openly calls out ‘Western Globalist Elites’ and their desire to create chaos. Video is blurry but voice is clear. Listen to extracts from Putin’s latest speech from the 4 minute, 40 second mark . . .

  21. Paul Anders

    “Covid” is just a basket of symptoms

  22. Lawrence

    COVID has never been isolated, via Koch’s postulates, in humans. I sent a FOIA to the CDC asking them for all the information they had on COVID isolation. They sent me one study that used swabs from one patient, PCR and GenBank simulation, not Koch’s postulates. They did find CPE in a monkey cell. You say your doctor said you have COVID? What variant do you have? And, they can’t answer what variant. Only state labs can test for these so-called variants. Sorry, you have a cold. COVID-19, the biggest hoax ever pulled on the human race. Here is confirmation:

  23. Mark

    Hi Greg, Regarding the CDC: They are a vaccine/drug company. They should go bankrupt and criminal charges brought for crimes committed. There is no ‘restructuring’ solution. No apologies will fix crimes committed. This isn’t a pay a fine and do better next time situation.

    End it, don’t mend it.

  24. Nick

    Chancers go for round five in the booster
    Fight. To be rolled out 5th September in U.K. along with the flu jab….

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Nick and thanks for the link. What an utterly sickening (pun intended) piece of MSM propaganda. And how about this for a proud boast, “NHS (National Health Service – sic) chief executive Amanda Pritchard said: “The NHS was the first healthcare system in the world to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials, and will now be the first to deliver the new, variant-busting vaccine when the rollout begins at the start of September.””. Here’s the CEO of Britain’s ‘health service’ taking credit for being the FIRST in the world to deliver a vaccine OUTSIDE OF CLINICAL TRIALS!!! You can’t make this s**t up!

  25. Bill Weber

    Greg: You’re looking so sad and haggard these days. I know that your guests, much like a choir, have not had much positive to say lately, and that must weigh heavy on your chest, but don’t take it so personally. You’re doing all you can to get the news out and, like me, many of your audience are forwarding your postings to their family and friends! You’re doing fine. Hang in there!

  26. MLK

    What the FBI raid is telling the Presidents – “If you conduct policies we don’t like; we will prosecute (for anything we can pin on you) you after you’re out of office”.

    So, what’s really the solution? A situation where people like Hunter can conduct any criminal operation while in office and after? Or, a situation where Presidents are figure heads of the Dept of Justice?

  27. Lorraine George

    Greg, Kudos to you for continuing to keep the weather modification horror as a topic of importance. Many of us lost credibility with friends, family, and communities during the past 10 years over the word “Chemtrails”. Our tin-foil hats are weathered…just like the clandestine program of snuffing out plant life. Elana Freeland is also a fantastic reference for this topic.

    • A Anthanovich


      Yes, Elana Freeland has written several books…including this one:

      Geoengineered Transhumanism, How the Environment has been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology

      This book is extremely well sourced, and even if only 10% of what she has documented is true, humanity is in serious trouble.

      I believe that all of this technology is being used to cull the world’s population along with an arsenal of other weapons including mRNA injections, perpetual wars, GMO foods, prescription and illegal drugs, fluoride in the drinking water, inflation, increasing taxes enforced by 87,000 new armed agents, destruction of food processing plants, killing cattle, and the destruction of farms and farmers. Of course, the ultimate weapons haven’t yet been deployed…nuclear war…and the take down of the power grid.

      Like Dane Wigington has repeatedly stated, our biosphere is rapidly collapsing. It doesn’t matter if you believe this to be true or not, the globalists believe it’s true, and are using all of these technology tools in their democide toolbox to create their twisted version of a New World Order with far fewer “useless eaters.” Their plan to save the planet…”Build Back Better”…a green, sustainable, and carbon neutral nirvana for them to play god…while the surviving plebs will “Own Nothing and Be Happy.”


  28. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  29. Mike

    My brother in law just got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and wasn’t vaxed but got covid bad about 6 months before his diagnosis. Im unvaxed and got covid and was bed ridden for several days then about two weeks later I became anemic to where I would pass out. still not fully better two months later. Both of us in our thirtys and were super healthy types that never get sick. Its like covid does something to very healthy people

  30. David

    Biden blew it with Saudi Arabia. He insulted Muhammad bin Salman al-Saud by calling Saudi Arabia a pariah state. Like Saudi Arabia or not, like MBS or not, Biden blew it and he might as well have spit in the face of MBS.

    Diplomacy is like an elephant dancing on a pin head. Now the petrodollar is at risk.

    • mark deacon

      Had covid 2-3 times I think it is how you handle it too the consequences.
      If you do not keep it on the backfoot then it probably does organ damamge etc.
      I nebulize on a cold now I do not want covid in my lungs.
      I use zinc ionophore + zinc to slow its prgress in my body.
      I also use nattokinase this is useful to prevent blood clots.
      My positive tersts came from a t-cell test not the PCR one as I wanted too know if I have had copvid for my own information.
      Final point covid mutates so be prepared for repeat infections due too the mutated part but the core imunity from infection is a good start.

  31. Randy Avera…USA Supplier….
    Probably from one of the few states that allow over-the-counter…
    Not terribly expensive…$2/pill…Must spend 100-200 Dollars.
    Randy Avera

  32. ww

    Could we have a Trump versus Obama in the 2024 election? They want to destroy the Constitution, and are, so this would become a referendum on whether the people want the Constitution or not. No third terms allowed even though what we have now……. Even if Obama lost in a close election, which I think it would be, they would use it as a springboard for more rhetoric and division. And be careful for what you might wish for as far as DJT. Do we think he would not use this referendum as a means for dictating. Remember the “Apprentice”. This would also be a very Biblical possibility/probability. 2Corinthians 11:12-15. He who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying. The win by either would not be our country’s salvation. DJT, when in office, did many things not in our best interest. And we know what Obama has done and is doing. It will all be fixed by WE THE PEOPLE who believe in Jesus Christ and obey His commandments, statutes, and ordinances. Better days are coming. WE WIN.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Obama is not constitutionally eligible to run again. At 76, Mr. Trump SHOULD not run again. Mr. Trump will be 78 in 2024. All of this is nuts. Best always. PM

      • ww

        My case in point. As you say this might be nuts makes it all the more possible in today’s world. The Biblical possibility is there. I wouldn’t call that nuts.

  33. Tom Deplorable


    You hit this weekly wrap up out of the park again! Keep up the great work!

  34. Paul

    Thanks Greg,
    For your armor and weapons of truth.

    Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Paul: I know you are sincere and mean well. Here’s some truth for you: Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) said, “Political power proceeds directly from the barrel of a gun.” So, it’s simple: no fight? no victory. No victory? no power. That’s the story of the Left and why we are in the straits we are in Got it? They fight while we vote. Best always. PM

      • Paul

        Hi Paul
        Thanks for your comment.
        The left and their handlers lie, cheat and steal more than any other tactic. Conservatives and freedom loving people have really gotten wiser how bad it is. Sure we vote as we expect the rule of law.
        I think most fighters are conservative as the MMA has shown.
        Those days are over with this administration regarding truth.
        Those record sales of gun purchases starting with Obama have shown that.
        It is always better to live your dream than their nightmare.

        Always working for a better tomorrow for the family and our country.

        Paul from arkansas

  35. Thora Pomicter

    God bless you, Greg.

  36. J

    Greg I love the show, fantastic! Question for you all regarding retirement funds. What is the general consensus on 401ks and letting it ride in the system. I am on the fence, considering pulling it all out and putting it into metals. I’m not sure if I want to cash out – take the tax and penalty hit, hold the metals myself or roll them in metals IRA and have them stored.

  37. Randol Lee Larson

    How many Americans anticipate an income tax audit because of all the new IRS agents they will hire? There will be more for the middle-class audits; however, I think it will apply to other audits. Stay tuned, it’s a carbon tax folks. How many square foot is your house? What vehicles do you own? How many miles do you drive? Your utility company will be required to send you your yearly consumption. Enter that total. Get the idea? All governments in history will take every average citizen’s assets before the government goes bankrupt. The New Green Deal isn’t for the people, it’s the deal for our government, bankers, and Federal Reserve.

  38. ww

    Biden didn’t go to beg Saudia Arabia. He went to threaten. Effectively threatening Russia who protects the Saudis now.

  39. FreeBirdJohnny

    Saw a pretty good meme (joke), said…
    “Hey, Let’s send all of these 87,000 heavily armed IRS Agents to Ukraine , pretty sure they’ll find Billions $ of our tax dollars over there”.

    Also, watched Tucker C last night, He’s concerned that we Will NOT re-take the Senate said they’re not communicating the message that the Dims have brought about Lawlessness, Open-Borders, Murders, Arson, Fentanyl, etc and that Repubs need to contrast that with bringing back security to the people and once again providing police protection. To stress the Inflation mess and Biden’s incompetence just don’t move the needle like the former does.


    I am a Trump supporter – despite him ignoring the facts about the jab. But, I think the election is in danger because all the RINO’s that actively are trying to hurt their party. They literally don’t want to win the election because that would mean they’d have to DO SOMETHING! There are too many people that are just voting AGAINST Trump instead of dropping their TDS and realizing the DEMS are destroying this country! If you throw on top of that all the cheating, we could be in trouble! I hope people come to their senses!

    • Sam

      Here here!!!

  41. Steven Allen Pool

    they cant say it was a bad idea and wrong because it would effect the stocks of those companies and because of saying it was wrong then that means the emergency use act will be void and open up the possibility of massive law suits

  42. Trinacria

    Greg, you are always hitting the proverbial bullseye and, your plain and direct speak is so refreshing – Thank you.
    A couple of thoughts and questions. Any feedback by you or anyone is appreciated as maybe I am missing things:
    1. HOW did Liz (who looks like Dick Cheney with a wig on) enrich herself by over $30 million in 6 year on a $174K salary???
    2. In fact, HOW do any of these people do this, especially the demon-rats?
    3. Liz Cheney and her ilk drape themselves in democracy…boy did she get an “enema of democracy on Tuesday night !!!
    4. Why aren’t these people audited to kingdom come ??? We need to break down this two-tier justice system. They should all be subjected to the “colonoscopy of financial audits” and see where all this illicit wealth is coming from. HOW is this allowed, let alone legal???
    5. I pray in November, the demon-rats receive the ultimate “enema of democracy” at the ballot box.
    6. Finally, thank you for bring on Dane Wigington. He is an amazing hero for bring this out in open. I hope that more people jump on this bandwagon as it is of utmost importance. One question, aren’t the people behind this geo engineering also hurting themselves and their families? Aren’t they breathing the same garbage? Is this some kind of crazy Jim Jones/Jonestown Kool Aid suicide thing? Talking about cutting off your nose to spite your face as the old saying goes.

    Take care and stay healthy!!!

  43. Matthias

    Revenge for Pelosi’s Taiwan visit?

    Zhao Lijian, the official spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has 1.7 million followers on Twitter, tweeted out 9/11 Truth!!

    The beginning of his tweet consists of a series of images that show various countries that have been attacked by the US empire, then goes on to show a picture of Superman with the caption “What I [the US empire] think I do” underneath it, followed by a picture of the attack on the South Tower on 9/11 with the caption “What I [the US empire] actually do” underneath it, pointing to 9/11 being an inside job (and the operational starting point of the Neocon’s claim to World Hegemony a.k.a. “The Project for the New American Century”)!

    Zhao Lijian, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 9/11 Truth Tweet:

  44. John

    Trump deserves to be in prison for Treason for his role in the Plandemic (a WEF ‘Great Reset’ strategy) and pushing the KillShot on humanity.

    • L.

      @ John….. Trump, the same as most or possibly all Presidents, rely on what should be “trusted” advisors that are supposed to be the “experts” in each category of expertise. It now appears that “experts” that “advised” Trump were wrong or possibly involved in a hidden or self serving agenda? The blame is mostly or totally on the so called “advisors” as I see it.

      • John


        If you really believe the BS you wrote then you can ever criticize or praise ANY President—advisors are the only ones responsible.

    • Shirl


      Your Stage 4 TDS is kicking in…AGAIN.

      President Trump entrusted the Warp Speed initiative to save millions of lives first and to obviously do it with both a SAFE & EFFEXCTIVE “vaccine” who in their right mind wouldn’t Beyond reasonable comprehension though…what we ALL got instead is becoming more clear by the day…A GENOCIDAL BIO-WEAPON.

      Tell us, do you or would you blame yourself when the waiter delivers you something you didn’t order ????????????

      Unplug from The TeeVee Constant 24/7 FAKE NEWS Blame Shift Get Trump NARRATIVE…

      • John


        Trump conned you, stop making pathetic excuses

        • Shirl

          Hello John,

          How is it being “conned” when given a choice of a multitude of options or none at all? You make no sense. You obviously don’t recall so let me enlighten you, President Trump recommended HCQ as well as many other therapeutics that were ALL Safe and Effective that the FAKE NEWS, Dr Fraudci, and others went ballistic over. Absolutely Apey…as usual the screaming to the skies, crying with their Favorite zpresstitute on the TeeVee etc…Now, when they rolled out w/the Clot-Shot He didn’t denounce the other therapeutics nor did he denounce the Clot-Shots…seems to me he treated people like adults to make up their own minds with their own doctors and stated as much as it really should be he never made demands or “conned” pressured or anyone to take it or else, again, quite the contrary….that’s not being “conned”…and quite frankly no one knew about the “vaccines” being a Bio-Weapon, did you?

          Not being “WOKE” I choose to think for myself on the advice of President Trump and avoided the NOT NEEDED even it were to work Clot-Shot and stock piled some therapeutics he mentioned, just in case. All is well in my household with President Trump’s advice, how about you and yours?

          BTW, how about an answer from you or any of the WOKE – those that need to be told what to do and can’t think for themselves – to that simple Q above?????

  45. JOSEPH Aiello

    The CDC’s idea of a reset will be, ” We didn’t lock down long enough and not enough people got shots.”

  46. Janet

    Deep State globalists are doing everything possible to try to derail President Trump and derail the United States of America and our Constitution – they do it by making the Good people look bad (Jan 6 for example) – and they do it in many other ways – for example – consider the Carbon-12 atom – it can be made to look bad by relating it to 666 (because it is made up of 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons) – but mankind and all of life created by God is made up of Carbon-12 (which is a good thing – just like 2/3rds of the angels were good)!!
    Then we have Ionic Lithium-6 a stable isotope of lithium that can be related to the Masonic Order 33 (as it is made up of 3 protons, 3 neutrons and no electrons – this LI-6 ion is a very reactive and destructive element)!!
    So – should we be striving to achieve the highest Masonic Order (33) – or striving to keep what God considered “Good” in Genesis 1:25-27 when he said to his 2/3 good Angels: “Lets make man in our (Carbon-12) image” – and God “saw that this was Good”!!
    However the Satanic Globalists turn around and portray 666 (Carbon-12) as something evil?? – while their Globalist Masonic Order (associated with a reactive and destructive LI-6 Ion) is made out to look good (yet these Globalists are intent on destroying all Carbon-12 based life forms on Earth (with their “jab”, starvation, nuclear war, geo-engineering, etc., etc.) trying to convince us how exterminating humanity and all Carbon based life forms on Earth “is a good thing”???

    • Janet

      Enriching the Earth’s atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial to plants it is their food and the basis for our life as the plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe and creates the ozone layer which protects the DNA of all life on Earth – don’t let the Globalists tell you carbon is bad – CO2 is not a pollutant – it is essential for all life on Earth – we need to be greening our planet rather then burning down our forests trying to create smoke to block the UV rays of the Sun – greening our planet (by putting more CO2 into the air) will promote growth in global plant biomass and regenerate the ozone layer – it will also increasing crop yields worldwide preventing famine – look at the following chart of atmospheric CO2 over millions of years – we are so low now that all life on Earth is threatened (we are at starvation levels) –,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ – we need to rapidly get our clean coal electrical power plants back into operation – and get the Satanic Demons shutting down all CO2 generation on planet Earth off our backs – as their real goal is “human extermination”!!!

  47. Janet Pickel

    Thank you Greg . You are the most trustworthy name in TheNewMedia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Janet!

  48. Fred Engel

    That Wisconsin primary Ron had 563,227 votes Barney had 389,942. Ron had 173k more votes do the math. They’ll have to cheat. If the patriots and those who had enough of dem garbage, get out and vote no way. Look at Kari Lake voters overwhelmed the system and won. Officials did take few days, like contemplating it. Get out vote avoid mail in. Take your mail in on voting day to where you vote. Submit it in the machine, throws the system they use to cheat off. Greg have a great weekend.

  49. Cheryl

    While I understand that there is cheating going on with the voting, I’m beginning to reject the theory that it’s The Democrats doing it. We are erroneously ascribing the cause of outcome (Democrats win) to The Democrats (who must’ve done it) because it’s the party that seemingly benefitted. But in reality it’s The Corporations that are doing it by incompetence and corruption and gaslighting us about their crap products. An everyday example that most people understand… Windows? I haven’t spoken to anyone who doesn’t know that Windows is not about efficiency and productivity and making our jobs easier. Pharma? Government? Medical care? Hospitals? Insurance Companies?

    Don’t ascribe to malice what can be plainly explained by incompetence. ICYMI see this interview with the Clerk Candidate Peter Lupia for an in-depth illustration — Colorado recount.

  50. Doug W

    It is good that Trump is helping getting rid some of those “SWAMP THINGS”, ( Liz Cheney). ” WE” should all support Liz Cheney running for President. ( JOKE.) Here’s why, When Trump runs, he’ll need a punching bag, what punching bag would be better ? I can hear him calling her ” SWAMP THING”, in stead of the next line, “YOU MAKE A HEART SING,” he could say, “Why don’t you crawl back underneath your rock” Also, we might be lucky, that the swamp thing, Zoro, or Soro’s , that rich dumb bastard might spend and give her money for your campiagn, so he waste his money for a worthless cause. May she’ll spend some of her 30 million dollars. I hate to say this, ” WHOEVER” drank the ” KOOL -AId ” on their own, deserve what they get !!

  51. pbd

    An emerging theory is that the FBI has been directed by the DS to get documentation held by Trump that (a) would exonerate him re. Russia Gate and (b) incriminate the FBI, CIA, DOJ and others regarding the same. If there is shift in power away from Congress being controlled by the DS – future investigations would be looking for evidence of criminality, treason, and sedition regarding DS attacks on Trump. Obviously, a new Congress will find probably find that the culpable DOJ, FBI and CIA and others will be non-responsive to subpoenas and not produce requested documentation and evidence. However, Trump will be more than willing to produce the documentation that he has – therein lies the driving motivation for the DS to use the DOJ to block disclosure and use the FBI goon-squad to conduct militarized raid and take Trump’s documents.
    It is important to note that before Trump left office, he by executive order declassified a large swath of information that would (presumably) exonerate him and incriminate the DS players (DOJ, FBI, CIA, Biden crime family, Clintons, Obama et al. re. the stolen 2020 Presidential election and coup, fake Jan 6th insurrection narrative, and jailing and persecution of people exercising their First Amendment rights, and the politically motivated corrupt Congressional inquisition into the same) however the DOJ has failed to comply with the declassification Executive Order (which is itself potentially evidence of treason and sedition).
    The stakes are extremely high for the DS players – and if doubling down does not work, you triple-down – because the alternative at this point for many appears to be facing the day of the rope (of course after the rule of law is reestablished without violence and there is appropriate objective legal due process).
    The endgame now for the DS is to instigate violence by false-flag or otherwise that will putatively justify pivoting immediately to an open authoritarian militarized police state that will aggressively hunt down and neutralize peaceful outspoken dissidents and political enemies of the state.

    • JB

      By George, you got it! The prevailing analysis makes total sense, especially considering everything blowing up in the faces of the real crooks, Makes Complete Semse.

      Don’t forget, there is the Blame Trump useful idiots out there stuck on stupid…they will always be among us.

  52. Pi

    TV Guide Listings

    The View [Vaginal Sci-Fi] scripted show written by the woke worldwide trillionaire sponsors; this weeks panelists: Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen.

    CNN [Confused Neutered Nazis] the show where freaks go to suicide their careers.

    ABC Nighttime News, AM radio [Fictional Satire] “This is ABC News, I am Richard Can’t-tell-the-truth.” Since 2015, A five minute hourly non-stop hit piece on President Donald J. Trump.

  53. Scott

    This week in my patient base, 4 aggressive, treatment resistant lung carcinomas in non-smoker/non-comorbid patients all under age 60. One aggressive,treatment resistant lung carcinoma in a 60 yo smoker, His wife had a stroke 2 days prior to her second Pfizer. All five carcinoma patients have died within 12 months of their initial diagnosis. it may be interesting to put up a survey to your listeners and have them report how many carcinomas they are aware of that have come up in the last 12 months within their family and friends.

    • Janet

      All these “jab” deaths – seems like some type of human sacrifice to Demonic Gods (just like CERN sacrificed a young girl to a Demonic God) – think back to before the Plandemic – before the Corona 19 virus was released – many world leaders were traveling down to Antarctica (i.e. Kerry, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, etc., etc., etc.) – who were they negotiating with (penguins)?? – well according to the Book of Enoch – it states that the Fallen Angels where imprisoned in Antarctica by God the Father – so were our world leaders down in Antarctica in 2017 “negotiating with these Fallen Angels” for high technology?? – were they were lead astray by these Demons to sacrifice millions of humans with the “jab”?? – just to prove their loyalty to the Fallen Ones who want man to worship them like Gods??? – – If our world leaders are under Demonic Control we need to immediately get rid of all these leaders – forego the weapons and technology these Demons offer us – and leave the Demons locked up where God the Father put them – and definitely don’t provide them any weapon that will allow them to escape from their prison (like the Russians may have done)!!!

  54. rainer Baudrexl

    Thank you for your exemplary efforts to wake Americans up. Fitts ; Wigington ; Armstrong ; Paul Craig Roberts; as well as Cliff High ; Kingston and several others are needed ….and you have given them a forum. A major Foreign Policy issue that seems to be ignored is the number of people in our government who happen to be loyal citizens of a Foreign Country that could have National Interests that conflict with America’s interests. Blinken ; Feinstein ; Bolton ; Garland and others { close to forty individuals in our National Government happen to have Dual Foreign Citizenship} and could have National conflicts of interest. Russia forbids any members of its government to have loyalties to Foreign countries. An additional concern is that there is Only ONE Foreign Nation in the World ; where Dual Citizenship for American Government people is allowed. That Foreign Country happens to be Israel.

  55. pbd

    One of the potential reasons Trump is not reversing himself on the Clot-shots that were created by his WARP SPEED program is that he cannot easily explain and shift blame to others because it is possible that there is evidence that he imprudently/improperly ignored advice from advisors (like Birx) that counseled against WARP SPEED and the danger a Covid “vaccine” (see the “Birx Bomshell” news). For this reason, Trump is a flawed Presidential candidate for 2024 and is the same reason that the DS will do everything possible to keep Trump in the game in the spotlight – to block DeSantis – and to perpetuate TDS, create chaos and division that can be leveraged to block expansion of a populist unification – in order to solidify, extend and maintain power captured from the 2020 coup.

    • Janet

      You may be right pbd – DeSantis is bad news for the Deep State (at least with Trump they know how to manipulate him to do their bidding) – so they likely sent in their Gestapo to raid Trumps home to boost his ratings and keep DeSantis from capturing the Presidential nomination !!!

      • pbd

        Janet, I absolutely agree with you that the raid on Trumps personal residence was to keep him in the game (and force him to run in 2024) but also the purpose may have been to capture and control potential documents that if released by Trump upon request by a Congressional investigation would exonerate him and incriminated FBI, DOJ, CIA et al.

  56. Gary Allison

    Probably are trying to save the dollar by raising interest rates. I think also, to destroy the NWO’s EU. Their system can’t handle higher interest rates.

  57. Jeffrobbins

    The Dane Wigington interviews are hard to watch because there isn’t any actionable things the common man can do. However, the truth is the truth. It would be like knowing the world ends on some date. It is good you have him on, not any different than a preacher telling folks they are either going to heaven or hell.

  58. Tim Toroian

    I want to see Liz grow a beard.

  59. Anti Atomist

    MaSS murder is a team sport!

    Over 600,000 Americans die of cancer every year because the food and drug supply has been corrupted and deliberately poisoned since 1980 by George H.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and YOUR NAME HERE….

    42 x 600,000 = 25.2 million American cancer deaths since 1980

    Go Jesus + true anointing oil!

  60. alfy

    if I understand. the enemy is hitting us with poison jabs, political turmoil, food crisis, banking/credit collapse to weaken and demoralize us. while at the same time, the enemy has placed 200-250k enemy combatants within each of our major cities. what I wonder about, when does the enemy plan to unleash hell and seize our major cities. appears we are going to be in for fight.

  61. Joel

    We should have as much loyalty and concern for Trump as he had for the patriots who got shafted on 1-6

  62. John Brown

    Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, a monument puzzling from the start, only has heightened the mystery
    Amanda Pérez Pintado, USA TODAY – 1h ago
    Atop a windswept hill in rural Georgia stood a 19-foot, 3-inch-high granite monument with a series of instructions for living in a future “age of reason.”
    [By throwing the middle-class steerage overboard?]

    How Amazon Consumed All of Commerce
    Over the past twenty plus years, Amazon’s gone from bookstore to everything store. Here’s all the companies it swallowed to make that happen.
    ByShoshana Wodinsky 8/05/22
    Net time you pass an Amazon warehouse, think about the guy who lost his biz and working inside there!
    Cab driver ‘beaten to death by passengers as they tried to rob him’
    Zachary Folk – Yesterday 3:57 PM
    A New York City taxi driver was killed after he was brutally beat up by multiple assailants who tried to rob him.
    Old world order falling apart at the seems? Future IRS agents? No justice?

    The FBI ‘lied’ about taking Trump’s passport
    22,299 views Aug 17, 2022 James Morrow
    Following the raid of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence last week, new information has come to light about the FBI’s suspicious handling of the findings.
    Sky News presenter James Morrow revealed that despite the search warrant indicating FBI agents were not to take Trump’s passport, they did in fact take three passports and then lie about it.
    ‘The FBI completely lied and denied that they had taken the passport’ he said.
    He highlights the double standards
    ‘It’s all well and good to slam trump for lying, even when he is right,
    But when it comes to the Justice Department, they can make up their own rules as they go along’

  63. Susan R

    There is evidence on this earth of ealier civilizations who had advanced technology and dissapeared. Perhaps advanced technology was their downfall and may become ours. The ideologies attempt to usurp God’s provenance will implode.

  64. Marie Joy

    In all past genocides, how many of the perpetrators were brought to justice? My guess is, not many. This genocide is mass murder with a secondary profit motive but none will be punished. They, almost, never are.

  65. Slide Bitterman

    A famous jazz saxophonist in London, ON, CA was a “70” golfer and as healthy as a horse. He had two inoculations of the bioweapon and was dead from massive organ failure two weeks after the second inoculation! These sudden deaths are real.

  66. Linda Majors

    Docs at Mar-a-Lago NOT Classified.
    Patrick Byrne explains why docs confiscated from Mar-a-Lago were NOT CLASSIFIED.
    (Ref. Link.) Patrick met with President Trump on 12.18.22, along with Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell. The classification issue was addressed.

    Former Overstock CEO Files Motion Urging Release of Trump Raid Affidavit (

  67. Lady Au Stackers United

    87,000 “ARMED” IRS Agents???

    • SoreassStooge

      Lunch box Joe. 😂

  68. Frank S.

    An article (8/17) stated that the US gov’t has stopped buying COVID vaccines. Its cold comfort for the mass maiming and genocide that they’ve used our taxes to perpetrate.

  69. Larry Serflaten

    When you mentioned long blood clots, this crossed my mind – are they a result of the vaccine or from the geoengineered toxins we are all forced to breathe? That certainly would be another reason to actively suppress autopsy reports. Perhaps the next time you have an informed doctor available you might try to get clarification.

  70. Marie Joy

    Wood/coal stoves with a lot of wood/coal, just in case.

  71. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, I listened to that interview by Quoth the Raven with Andy Schectman, President & Owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.

    For those readers that didn’t hear this conversation, here is a link:

    I think Mr. Schectman’s comments about why Biden flew to Saudi Arabia were insightful. And correct.

    Basically, his conclusion, is that the US dollar (USD) is dead as the world reserve currency (WRC) or on its way out. That is stunning. Sadly much of the US population has no idea that the USD is the WRC and what that means let alone what it will mean when the USD loses WRC status.

    The era of the USD or petrodollar is coming to a close.

    God bless you, Mr. Hunter. Your work is priceless.

  72. John Stuart

    Mr. Hunter, my co worker over the last 4 months ago died in her sleep after getting all the boosters, My dad got the Johnson – Johnson shot and 8 months later gotten aggressive lung cancer, he is now getting treatment, he is 80 years old, my doctor’s tells me now I’m overdue for my COVID shots, top gun at Pfizer admits they made 80 BILLION in profit from the injections & says harm from these shots are conspiracy and only one in a thousand may have had a side effect that may be uncomfortable , I simply told my General practitioner I refuse this injected poison. Now the media is pushing young children to take it and Dr Fauci wants infants to get the lovely shots, Greg, is this honestly a depopulation scheme on the world population?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. Pfizer hid 1,200 deaths in the first 90 days, and it should have stopped then.

    • Native Virginian

      Fauci should be put in front of a firing squad. —My niece had a baby in February. Every OB visit the doctor tried to pusha shot on her. The doctor is a woman who has her own toddler and can’t wait to put him in a vaccine trial. I told her she needs a new dr. big time. These fools are going right along with the program!! People have GOT to learn these people are mini Frankensteins, & learn to speak up. My parents are in their 80s & have been ill many times from drs. “trying” meds on them, my father nearly died twice, heart dr. and colon dr. Their generation apparently considered drs. little gods, my parents would never argue, just go along. Even they have learned to SAY NO LOUDLY. No shots.

  73. Jeffrobbins

    Another thought: There can only be one reason why the IRS is going to be armed. Initially the extra staff will conduct extra audits- that’s a given. The answer has to be that later on it will be expected they are field agents and need to be armed. Personally i would think you will either get accounts that aren’t very comfortable carrying side arms or you get people with attitudes that aren’t very good accountants. Aside from that, there will have to be some kind of wealth tax. It will be ‘needed’ to balance the books, aside from less spending on social programs, the military, or some type of default. ( monetizing the deficits works until the numbers get to big) It will be sold as a tax on the rich, but inflation will make us all rich by the numbers. It should start by looking at people with large brokerage accounts, multiple income properties, and likely living in certain zip codes. Physical inspections will be needed to decide if interviewees are being truthful. Assets with titles are easy to track- assets without titles and registrations are not so easy to track. Imagine having a large umbrella insurance policy- there will need to be some explaining if assets are not visible in a data base. It’s my humble opinion this would dovetail with Agenda 2030, unpaid taxes would lead to confiscation of the same assets in question. Don’t forget, the inflation of the assets would increase the tax due regardless of the cost basis. We better hope the ‘wealthy’ can head this off.

    • The Seer

      Probably mean to confiscate metals so no safe haven.

      • jr

        it is legal thru a little known banking act for the irs to confiscate weapons in lieu of payment – thats why they have shirts that say police and are trained on a range with human shaped targets

  74. Ray Doodson

    My wife had Covid and took Ivermectin and 3 days later she was just fine. My wife’s children and a grandchild got Covid and took Ivermectin and 3 days later they were all fine. I have a rental apartment and my two renters got Covid after they got the Jab and took Ivermectin and 3 days later they were fine. I never got the Jab and even though I was around all these people every day I never got Covid and never took any drug except vitamins . I am 85 and never had a flu shot and not even a cold in over 12 years. Vitamins
    do wonders but be consistent in taking them.

  75. Greg

    Greg: You have become an American hero for your efforts to inform us.


    Every morning before we have our morning Bible study, in our prayers, we pray for you Greg. Colossians 1 vs 9 thru 12. We are ALL sinners in need of a Savior. How much time do we have, only God The Father knows. When we by genuine faith, Confess, Repent and Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, having ALL of our sins Atoned for and covered with the blood that Jesus Himself Shed on the Cross, we are Truly Born Again and have Eternal Life. THAT IS THE GOSPEL, that we need to be getting out to the world. A lot of people that listen to you. What a wonderful chance you have, to spread the Good News, (Gospel) of Jesus Christ. There is a Free Gift of Pardon for all who Receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. ALWAYS BE READY AND WATCHFUL.

  77. j

    He gives Uk billions and gets his thru his kid- he leaves billions in arms in Afg for Xi and gets his kick back thru his kid – dont you think its time we get a taste by not paying taxes en masse this year and next and the years after that? Might be the quickest way to end this bullshit fake pandemic unconstitutional pedofest they’ve turned us into – NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ! ABOLISH THE IRS! DEFUND THE ALPHABETS – LET THE BAUERS, SOROS & GATES FUND THEIR OWN DAMMED CRIMINAL GOVT. with their worthless fiat paper. Peter Schiff’s dad was a prophet -let’s finish the work he started – or all move to PR;

  78. Karl

    Dear Greg, performing my morning routine and the only content producer that buffered was this broadcast…. YOU my friend are over the target!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Karl!

  79. Paul Harris

    Expecting dem(ons) to flip the preverb8 table over before November

  80. Elinor Saunders

    Trump signed the warp speed document before COVID came to America. He is responsible for allowing Fauci (A clear criminal) not to be exposed for all his financial dealings. All he would of had to do is talk about all the revenues the CDC makes from Vaccines, or how many Congressional members owned stock in Big Pharm and benefited from the lockdown.

    I just don’t know how you can continue supporting Trump…He is responsible for millions of deaths, along with so many others. Please to many people DEAD or injured to say Trump wasn’t responsible. As you said “WHY? That’s what they wanted!” That included Trump.

    • jr


  81. James

    West Virginia has more problems than people realize. They continue to push the shot no matter what!

  82. Jeanne

    God Bless You, Greg. Thank You for everything you do. You are a very good person. I hope you know that. Please have a nice evening.✝️🇺🇸✝️

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Jeanne!!
      Brother Greg

  83. Trinacria

    Forgot to write earlier in my post…your comment about mortality rates going up and insurance payouts increase. Big insurance has lots of funds, why don’t they pool some monies and do a class action suit against Big pharma and related dirty players???

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Trinacria,
      The answer could be that Blackrock / Vanguard between them probably own the majority of the voting shares in ALL large US insurance corporations. The insurance actuaries may have divulged increased ‘all-cause’ mortality but my guess is the insurance corporations will do as they are ordered. NWO / WEF / UN are all based on Corporatism – the combination of the political administration with big business. Mussolini defined it as Fascism.

      Political / Economic system in which power is exercised through large organizations (businesses, trade unions, their associated lobbying efforts, etc.) working in concert or conflict with each other; usually with the goal of influencing or subsuming the direction of the state and generally only to benefit their own socioeconomic agendas at the expense of the will of the people, and to the detriment of the common good.

  84. elle

    Everyone needs to vote in person and hang out and watch.
    I think the IRS thing is a threat.

  85. Joseph

    Will Mr. Holter be on tomorrow? It wasn’t clear to me. Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Saturday Night Post 8/20/22.

  86. Jerry

    Do you see any hypocrisy here?

    What ? I thought we were one great big happy family. What happened to being a good global citizen and opening your doors to the less fortunate? Personally I feel like writing a letter to the governor of Texas and asking him to make Joe Biden’s beach house
    a drop off destination for the illegal aliens flooding across our borders.

  87. elle

    My x friend got 2 shots. She went to and her batch is baaad….She said thats propaganda……Craziness

  88. Barb T

    Well, here’s some good news! Our WO4 Marine Corps son is represented in this lawsuit and the Judge just issued an injunction. This means that until this case is decided in court, he is safe from any adverse action from the MC such as separation, and/or dishonorable discharge. He has 18 years invested in this career, and likes and is good at what he does! His request for a religious exemption was entered about a year ago, was denied and he appealed, and his family, including 3 small kids, have been sick with worry that he would be removed. God is good, and has provided for him in this matter and we cannot be happier!

  89. John Mahoney

    Greg i just wanted to let u know, the water filtration system works great, so glad i bought it. and thanks for bringing this to us, most of these systems, r so expensive, like 200 or more. just wanted to give u, my opinion. much love brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother John!!
      Brother Greg

  90. PersonaNonGrata

    Excess deaths being ignored by ‘health’ authorities . . .

  91. tim mcgraw

    Donald J. Trump is a good man. He’s honest and loves his family. He’s a good businessman. But he’s not strong enough. Trump has NEVER been tested by fire. He’s led a spoiled life.
    JFK had his PT boat cut in half by a Japanese destroyer. JFK went out into the shark-infested waters at night with a lantern trying to flag down a PT boat to save his crew.
    JFK did save his crew. JFK spent half his life sick and in pain. JFK wasn’t afraid of death.
    Trump is afraid of death.
    JFK fought the CIA, Pentagon, and the corporations. They killed him.
    NO ONE has paid for this crime.
    America is doomed until someone does pay for it or at least acknowledges it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. He built building in NYC and that meant he had to deal with organized crime to get things done. Trump was naive to think he could negotiate with evil aka “Art of the Deal”! What he needed was “Art of getting Medieval” and go full caveman on them. That’s what is coming if he gets back in, and this is why the deep state is fighting so hard against him.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I agree with you that Trump knew how to deal with Organized Crime, but he didn’t know how to deal with the bureaucracy, CIA, Pentagon, etc. Those are the biggest gangs.
        Will Trump go “Medieval”? JFK tried it and got his head blown off. And then the Big Gang killed RFK. The Big Gang is on the record as saying a Kennedy cannot enter politics. JFK Jr. died under mysterious circumstances when he started talking about running for office.
        I think secession is the only way out of this nightmare. The “united States of America” is how it is written on the original founding documents. The states are supreme. Not the central government.
        Time to go back to that, or forget it. The American Experiment will be over.

  92. Native Virginian

    I just want to see somebody, anybody, go to jail. The politicians, the warmongers, the money launderers, the communists, the vaxx phonies, the murderes, the nutjobs. The Repubs don’t seem to know how to do that. I recently watched a YT video by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, in conversation with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, a blogger at GizaDeathStar website. Dr. F said get Trump in & the Repubs better put somebody away, not just have their hearings, or else the Republic is over. We are definitely teetering. Just getting the neocon clan out of government won’t work. We need to take a cue from Saudi Arabia—if you don’t punish these people they always come back.

  93. Native Virginian

    We need Trump in because HE KNOWS STUFF. And some of it goes back to 9/11. He would not have made the remarks he did about 9/11 at that Saudi golf tournament if they had been involved. It may have been in a write up by Alexandra Bruce at her website, Forbidden Knowledge Tv, about 9/11. (I read so much I can’t keep track & can’t bookmark everything). Like a virus US intel infiltrated Saudi intel, & used them as a fall guy. Of course the Bushes were involved with them. By doing what he did at the golf game, Trump tacitly implied that Odd Fellow in The Middle East was involved. There were no dancing Saudis that day. All the communication lines in DC at the time were owned by Israeli companies. And look who got the payoff—-sorry—-the insurance payout for the towers. —Comey & Mueller & others have been covering up for 9/11. I’m tired of the scum of the Earth being protected. Also I’m sure Trump has a bone in his craw about JFK Jr.

  94. Native Virginian

    Mr. Hunter I hope you don’t mind this, but I believe knowledge is power. I never understood the connection between Bush & Obama. This is from Alexandra Bruce’s page, and makes sense to me.
    It’s either the Republic or we cave to these people. As I said in a previous post, just getting them out of government WILL NOT WORK. They need to go to jail (and I think some of them deserve a firing squad). Thank you for your excellent reporting.

  95. Gail Kindstrom

    Another lie we have been raised with is real scary to me. The Oops my bad death bed confession get out of jail and go to heaven is NOT in the scriptures. It comes from the good old Roman Catholic Church. I pray often people wake before it’s to late.

  96. Randy Avera

    My daughter’s father-in-law was in a local hospital. He was diagnosed with blood clots and a nurse said the hospital was full of folks like him. He does have farm related COPD
    Randy Avera, along the central Gulf Coast.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting, Randy. Keep us informed please.

  97. Richard Longacre

    Greg,. On 10 August the entire Japanese congress resigned. There is a complete media blackout and total censorship on this. The Deep State is afraid we will demand that our Congress resigns as well I suppose. Japanese have lost all confidence in their government and currency(central bank).

  98. Ebolan

    Lord Austin, General Milli Vanilli and Uncle Joe Bitem all got all the shots…and they all got Covid mulitple times…and these tyrants want to demand that everyone get these shots…and keep getting them!

  99. Lynn

    Greatest overview ever….you are emphatic, you can feel your anger and pain….and it continues…today a Mobile Covid BUS here, with table out front. They are free the sign says!!!! FREEEEEEE…..Covid heroes, you don’t see them because they are not allowed on media sources except Pierre Kory……Trump, Biden, traitors, paid off shills, billions matter more than lives, because no value for life any longer…..all doctors, colleges, hospitals, businesses….promoting shots….THEY WILL BE SUED AND PROSECUTED. So where are the WHITE HATS? Waiting for the Chinese to take over in the next few years when millions are dead, mamed, the youth sick….PRAY and USE CASH. And realize your days of freedom are gone, and what is coming besides famine, death, is a takeover by a foreign country WITH NO FIGHT, cause they have all of us by the ……..SHAME ON ALL OF US FOR ALLOWING THIS.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not allow it Lynn. I told everyone here from the beginning NOT to take the CV19 injections. I was kicked off YouTube for that and locked out of Facebook. This cost me money, and I had to start over on Rumble, (I had 90 million views and 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and poof they were gone.) but I don’t care. I am not going to look the other way when MURDER is taking place. I still think Trump was hugely lied to because that is the only way they could do this. Trump should suck it up, swallow his pride and say he was lied to, and this is a huge scam. He should tell the military (and everyone else) to STOP injecting people with this bioweapon.

  100. Trinacria

    Greg: you mention that Trump should “come clean” of this so called “vaccine” (we know it’s NOT a vaccine). I agree ! In fact, not only should he do that ASAP, but he could actually pin it on Biden and the demon-rats. After all, the demon-rats are the ones who championed making it mandatory and trying to jam it down everyone’s throat. Trump did not do that. I think this is an excellent opportunity to further crush these evil clowns.
    Also, keep in mind that the CDC is to big pharma as the FED is to big banks. Yes, the CDC wants to restructure and they are admitting failures, however, to “solve” this they want more money and more POWER!!! They are doubling down on evil!!! The director, Wilensky, is a total buffoon !!! She is a puppet.

    • Greg Hunter

      He should have done it the Day Dr. Brix came out and said, “DR. BIRX: I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection.”

      This proves they lied to President Trump and Birx is going to say she told them all it would not work to save her bacon for this genocide and treason.

      Wilensky is doing the same thing. Trying to save her bacon for mass murder and huge crimes.


    • Lynn

      Greg….I know you did what you could and are doing what you can to alert, awaken, and save all of us from the disaster and death. Since Trump did not come out with a reversal of opinion, he too and his family will suffer the consequences and it will be too late. Or he is smarter than that. We will find out in the coming months…You have taken us over the finish line with your fight for truth, for us to wake up and stop the madness. For that, no one here could ever thank you enough.

  101. Jackie Pollock

    Hi Greg, Your weekly news wrap-ups are terrific!
    Just heard elsewhere that Mitt Romney said if Liz Cheney does run in 2024 she will Not be the Republican nominee. So there – Mr. Mitt shows a little contempt toward her self-proclaimed Abraham Lincoln “similarities.”
    About 30 min in on your report you said “they just scared you to inject you.” They did and they got millions duped into believing the jab was our wonder drug to save us from Covid.
    Now we pay the price for trusting them and their plan. Even if some of us did not take the jab, we are around those who did and are receiving their spike protein attacks. So we are all in this covid thing no matter what. Thankfully, we have ways to attack this evil, thanks to you and the many guests you bring on to tell us all the truth of this monster story. I too hope Trump does come clean on this Covid genocide.

    We all are outside for a few minutes to several hours every day and are hit with the same contaminated air as all the insects, animals, trees, crops, oceans and waterways are subjected to – we are not going to go unaffected by all the geoengineering going on above us. The truth is the truth and scoffers will soon really see how bad things have degraded all around us and the world. So we are all in this geoengineering thing too, no matter what. Thank God you are one of the very few who will give Dane Wigington an opportunity to explain the seriousness of the realities coming at us.
    Best wishes to you Greg and God bless you and your work!
    Jackie Pollock from Texas

  102. Eric

    I have been a pharmacist in Texas almost 30 years. During the pandemic, for the first time in my practice, I was told I cannot dispense certain products. This came from the Board of Pharmacy. I don’t want to get specific enough in the open but myself and my wife ( pharmacist) were scratching our heads. Physicians were prohibited from trying to save patients by preventing us from dispensing FDA approved medication. Yes it was off label but we just contact the prescriber, get an explanation that makes sense, document and dispense. That was prohibited. WHY. How many lives?
    God Bless, Eric

  103. Joan Maness

    I am glad you had Dane Wigginton on your show. I have been listening to his information for a while now. We have a lot of chemtrails being sprayed in NC and have taken many pictures of them . I show people and they are so surprised so I tell them to look up once in a while.

  104. Laura

    I’m in Argentina. There’s still plenty of food in the supermarkets but Argentinians are angry and many have migrated to other countries because of immigration and welfare plans for immigrants. They work, pay no taxes, usually are independent and manage to own business and pay little or no taxes, drive expensive pickup trucks and vans and Argentinians are oppressed with high taxes so Argentinians can not take it anymore. Lots of people moved from Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay because you have access to free healthcare and education here.


    Greg ,brother. You might want to check out ” Inventor Lee Wheelbarger ” on yt but not for long .! He has built his own private secure networks of which consists of 2 separate but connected systems. Both are not connected to the internet quite as yt ,twitter,Facebook etc.His first system is working off the data network from the cell towers but not the voice .It also is integrated with the ZELLO WORK app .So when you sign up to this network, all your messages are scrambled and there is access to what is called the “ALL CALL ” channel which rties every signed up member to communicate with others on the system.
    Now this is the 1st step of his network. The other one is UHF radios that are specially encoded with your personal frequencies so to keep in touch with family and friends. Lee was the top senior adviser to the US ARMY at Fort Benning Georgia. Greg ,my friend, I would not tell you about Lee unless I believe in what he has done .Now yt is about to pull the pin on Lee’s channel, and he is totally prepared for this with his completion of his systems. Please email me so that I know you have read this message. Otherwise I don’t know what else to do.
    [email protected].
    Thank you again and thanks be to God .😊

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