Kill Trump, Inflation Up, China Sells & CV19 Vax Wake-Up

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 635 5.24.24)

The Biden Administration had a plan to kill Trump.  This seems like a huge conspiracy theory–but it is not.  New documents recently released show the FBI and DOJ gave themselves the right to use “deadly force” on President Trump, his family and his Secret Service detail.  This was a “raid,” and you can use deadly force in a “raid.”  Experts say it was all to spark a gunfight and kill Trump.  There was no reason for a “raid” as Trump and his attorneys were cooperating.  There was zero chance of anyone getting hurt or resisting the FBI and DOJ.  AG Merrick Garland says this was just “part of standard operations.”  Experts, like former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, call BS on the entire Mar-a-Lago operation.  Bongino thinks the intent was to try to kill Trump.  Trump thinks the same thing as he said this week, “The Biden DOJ was authorized to shoot me.”  It was and that is a fact.

China sold a record $53 billion in US Treasury debt in the first quarter of 2024.  It is also buying record amounts of commodities, and that includes gold and silver.  Maybe China can see the inflation coming, and it does not want to be paid back in dollars that are losing buying power at an alarming rate.  “Losing buying power” also means inflation, and Americans are getting hit with lots of it in every aspect of their lives.  This is why the Fed is NOT cutting interest rates.

The CV19 bioweapon vax wake-up call is picking up speed, and there is no stopping it.  Perfectly healthy young people are dropping like flies.  22-year-old Brody Cameron dropped dead unexpectantly in New Zealand recently.  Cameron was a rising rugby star, and his family is devastated.  Nobody will mention that this was, yet, another CV19 vax murder.  14 billion injections of the CV19 vax were given worldwide, and the day is coming when everyone will know the crimes done against them.  The injections did not help a single person.  Japan’s most senior cancer doctor recently called the CV19 shots “essentially, murder.”  There is no stopping the CV19 bioweapon wake-up call. 

There is much more in the 53-minute newscast.

There is an 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any terror attack or extreme storm.

You can get more information at or

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.24.24.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Precious metals and financial expert Bill Holter will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  This is the first time Holter has issued a warning about the extreme rise in both gold and silver that is coming and cannot be stopped.  Holter will lay out his case for a metals price explosion coming soon.


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  1. Marie Joy

    Stopped at about Minute 2:07. Went to Rumble.

  2. Chris Gail

    Is the end of the human race as we know it soon?
    With wicked old white men, like Merrick Garland’s desperate unjustice department and FBI. G.Man, Chris Fay Wray and such unintelligent, so called intelligence agencies, rum running the bribery, always on the take, Beijing Biden crime family run amok!
    Will planet Earth become a lifeless wasteland or be destroyed completely in a nuclear war and 10 year nuclear worldwide winter?
    What Will Not End?
    What the Bible says: God “did not create [the earth] simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited.”​—ISAIAH 45:18.
    What the Bible says: “A generation is going, and a generation is coming, but the earth remains forever.”​—ECCLESIASTES 1:4.
    WHAT IT ALL MEANS: According to the Bible, the earth will never be destroyed and it will always be inhabited. So, what is meant by the end of the world?
    CONSIDER: The Bible compares the coming end of this world to what happened in the days of Noah. At that time, the earth was “full of violence.” (Genesis 6:13) However, Noah was righteous. So God preserved Noah and his family, but He destroyed the wicked people by means of a flood. Referring to what happened back then, the Bible says: “The world of that time suffered destruction when it was flooded with water.” (2 Peter 3:6) That was the end of a world. Yet, what was destroyed? Not the earth, but the wicked people on the planet. Thus, when the Bible speaks of the end of the world, it is not referring to the destruction of the planet. Instead, it is referring to the end of wicked people on earth and to the system of things they have put together, OR WANT TO PUT ASUNDER!
    What Exactly Will End?
    The Bible says: “Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; you will look at where they were, and they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”​—PSALM 37:10, 11.
    Looters with face coverings, coming out of a store with stolen goods. A man offers another man a briefcase full of money. THAT’S a No, No!
    WHAT IT MEANS: The Flood of Noah’s day did not wipe out wickedness once and for all. After the Flood, wicked people once again made life miserable for everyone. Soon, though, God will bring an end to wickedness. As the psalmist said: “The wicked will be no more.” God will put an end to wickedness by means of his Kingdom​—a world government that rules from heaven over a righteous human society.
    CONSIDER: Will those presently ruling the earth welcome rule by God’s Kingdom? The Bible indicates that they will not. Foolishly, they will oppose God’s Kingdom. (Psalm 2:2) What will be the result? God’s Kingdom will replace all human governments, and “it alone will stand forever.” (Daniel 2:44) But why does human rulership need to end?
    WANTED:​ DEAD or Alive—An End to Human Rulership
    What the Bible says: “It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”​—JEREMIAH 10:23.
    People walking past a wall covered with political campaign posters, or election workers using pizza boxes blocking the view of ballet box stuffing.
    WHAT IT MEANS: Humans were not created to rule themselves. They do a poor job of governing other people and solving even their own problems of infamy and infidelity.
    CONSIDER: Britannica Academic notes that individual governments seem unable to “handle the universal enemies of poverty, hunger, disease, natural disaster, and war or other violence.” It then continues: “Some . . . believe that only a form of world government can make decisive headway against those evils.” However, even if all human governments united, the world would still be ruled by imperfect humans who are unable to overcome the difficulties mentioned above. God’s Kingdom is the only government that has the power to solve all global problems permanently.
    Therefore, according to the Bible, the end of the world​—the present wicked system of things—​is not something that good people should fear. Instead, it is something to look forward to because this ruined old world will be replaced by God’s magnificent new world!
    When will this all happen? Spoiler alert, Revelations will explain the Bible’s answer.
    “The End”​—What Does it Mean?
    Did you know that what the Bible says about “the end” is actually good news?
    Planet Earth shattered to pieces?
    Will the Earth Be Destroyed?
    What the Bible says may surprise you.

    • Rob

      The human race as we know it ended in 2021 when they started injecting people with DNA altering poisons. They are now Homo Borg Genesis.

      • Jerry

        This is the following search result for Homo Borg Genesis –

        • Rob

          I heard lawyer Todd Callendar use that term. Not sure where he got it. He is on a Tik Tok video in your link.

          He might be a good guest for USA WatchDog?

          In any event if about 80% of the population got the vaxx then most of the population is no longer Homo Sapien. And there is most likely going to be legal issues whether a “vaxxed” person still owns their body or a corporation now owns it, according to Todd.

          • Jerry

            I have listened to interviews with Todd Callendar, he has quite lot to say. Greg he would be a quest to have on, discuss the legal side of this. I believe this is his website.

    • Really Awake


      Thoughtful comments of which I mostly but not completely agree, e.g., I think you and many other good Christians miss the main point Jesus was making about the wicked people of Noah’s day and their mindset. The main point was this: the wicked people really didn’t understand that the end of the world was upon them. Jesus said, “they” [all the wicked people of Noah’s day] took no note until the Flood came and swept them all away, so the presence of the Son of man will be.” ~ Matt 24:39

      They took no note. They paid no heed to the times they lived in. That’s the main point.

      “Violence” was indeed one of the primary reasons why the wicked got destroyed by a flood so great that it wiped out ALL life that lived on dry land. All of it. And yet, you claim that the the coming Great Tribulation and subsequent Armageddon and the Second Coming including the revelation of the Glorious Jesus Christ with His invincible angelic army engaging in battle with a desperate, violent Satan and his army – all of this- and somehow these coming events won’t be worse than the Great Flood?

      The coming events will surpass the historic Great Flood.

      Which is worse? A nuclear war or a Great Flood that kills off everything? I think you better reconsider just what is ahead. Unless Almighty God saved Noah and his family, no flesh would have been saved…. Just as then shall be God’s coming wrath during the Bibical events ahead which no man knows the day or hour: “no flesh shall be saved” unless Jehovah and Jesus saves the flesh during the most momentous events in all of history.

      What could happen in the Last Days? No man knows for sure. But we can extrapolate some ideas:

      Unimaginable plagues could happen, for example, which are caused by Satanic Science and all of the gene, DNA, mRNA weapons. Nuclear weapons could kill billions. Space weapons could annihilate entire countries. What insidious secret weapons do will probably shock the ignorant public? The food supply could be destroyed and unimaginable famine could occur. There’s much, much more, but this is just an idea or two.

      What is happening is just as Jesus said would happen: the vast majority of people have no idea, no clue and therefore take no note of what’s going to happen.

      Luke Chapter 17: “they were eating, they were drinking, men were marrying, women were being given in marriage until that day when Noah entered into the ark, and the Flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise, just as it occurred in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building. 29 But on the day that Lot went out of Sodʹom, it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be the same on that day when the Son of man is revealed”….

      Before the Great Flood all except Noah lived their lives up until the moment of destruction. So, too, shall the Second Coming be – just as the Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Word of God, has warned it shall be.

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Stanley
        What a load of tripe you’re shoveling. This Sheikh is evil and spreading misinformation about moslems.
        No where in the Koran does it say this.
        You wrote, “ By the way, he says that it actually says in the Koran that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah and he will return.” Jesus the the Only Begotten son of YHWH. Jesus is just a prophet.
        Allah has no son. Mohammed is a higher prophet than Jesus.
        You say you aren’t a moslem but you don’t appear to be part of the Elect.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have deleted those comments. Stanly do NOT put that “Sheikh” on this site. We believe Jesus is Our Lord and Savior and the SON of God (YHWH/Jehovah.)

  3. Neville

    And AAcrime is always quick to point fingers at foreign countries about the way they run their countries.Greg what you have been telling us about the events in your country ,I’d say AAcrime lives up to its name and has “THE” worst administration of any any country since the creation of this world. Sans doute !!!
    Scumbags is the right terminology for the trash that run/ruin AAcrime.
    2:46 PM

    • robert keenan


  4. Guardian Angel

    The Death of Journalism in St. Louis

    Within 48 Hours of telling my food trucker neighbor in St. Louie that I could prove the 2013 aborted Obama bastard theory of Revelation 12 using River Front Times covers from November 2023 to May 2024, “an undisclosed buyer” purchased the alt-weekly newspaper and the digital archive:

    “Funny, not funny” how the federal government, CIA/FBI, and the lawfare weasels in the DOJ fund, target, and destroy journalists (including documentary filmmakers and “whistleblowers”) WHO “know too much:”

    “Don’t be afraid. The man who wants to kill you is trying to kill me too.”
    1 Samuel 22:23

    • Thomas Malthaus


  5. Vernon Tart

    “I’m a roadie for Jesus.” Greg Hunter
    Good one.
    “We Claim the Shelter of JESUS”

  6. Scott

    You forgot to point out that there would be no Bible without the Catholic Church. when the books of the Bible were canonized into existence, and declared to be the infallible truth of God, there was no such thing as a protestant, all Christians accepted that if the magisterium of the Catholic Church said it’s infallible then it must be true; without this infallibility, many today may not accept the Bible as infallible.

  7. Lynne

    As always, a great report Greg. Keep them coming.
    I look forward to hearing your interview with Bill Holter. The very noticeable increases in the price of precious metals were predictably smashed down over the past few days. Those that hold shorts had to do it to cover their butts. One important fact is that the smash did not take all the gains away. The physical shortage of silver is starting to become obvious. Jaime Dimon speaks of stepping down & the head of the FDIC steps down too. The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. They don’t want to be holding the bag when the fecal matter hits the rotating device. God’s money will always out-do paper. Millenia have proved it. God bless you & yours Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynne for your astute comments & Blessings & support.

    • wayne rutt

      and I guess Peter was the first pope, also.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hearing from another clown? Hey, we hear that every time you post.
      Keep the smiles coming and I will donate for you to get a spare big red nose

      • Greg Hunter

        I deleted that too. I off my game missing this sort of troll crap.

  8. Mike

    Excellent show as always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike for your support!


        Hi Greg good reporting today ⭐ Both of my Earth sons Daniel and James ( I have 3 Heavenly sons miscarriages) got a degree in Communication at Holy Family College/Univ and worked on the school News 🗞️📰 paper the “Trilight”? Holy Trinity Dan was the editor for a couple of years they loved it. Dan was always looking for “a scoop” James and I would quickly get to a fire if we saw smoke and he’d call it in. Dan would go out and follow up on stories and take a few pics. Great fun!
        Anyway I found 2 scoops
        1) “The WELLNESS Kit” that patriots are selling with IVERMECTIN in it are being unknowingly enriching RINO SUPREME “MITT ROMNEY” the turncoat from Utah. Mitt Hates Hates Pres Donald John Trump. By selling his products they may be told to back off of some stories. Saw it on America Intelligence Media.
        2) I went to my doctor last Tuesday and three people were talking and the one a woman was telling how she doesn’t know what’s happening she has had every Covid INJECTION and she and her husband keep getting Covid and out of the blue she had triple bypass and she and all their families are trying to sell their homes because they can’t take care of them they can’t even walk up the driveways because it’s on a slight hill. The woman said her friends and family are also getting dementia out of nowhere and going into nursing homes. What a mess plus she was saying she couldn’t stand “THEM TRUMPERS (Wildwood had just happened) AT WILDWOOD their like Jim Jones cult people ” . I live in Jersey my doctor is in NE Philly I live 1 1/2 -2 hrs from Wildwood so it was a big deal here.
        3) Everyone that was talking about Pres Trump’s visit to NJ kept on saying BLUE NEW JERSEY BLUE 🔵 BLUE, BLUE WE HAVE SO MANY REPUBLICANS here but our STATE IS SO CORRUPT THE DEMOMS RUN IT. PHILLY is right across the Delaware River and the DEMONS HAVE ALWAYS RUN Philadelphia you should check out the list of Phila Mayor’s the Who’s Who of the MOB 😳 and right across the river is Camden NJ. The signers of The Declaration of Independence would be doing a Whirling durbish in their graves if they knew what was going on and Betsy Ross would be running around her cute little house in Center City (every year our grade schools visited her home) God bless Betsy what a wonderful thing to be remembered for the USA flag . Flag Day June 14,1777 Congress passed an act stating
        “That the flag of the thirteen United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white ,that the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a NEW CONSTELLATION ” and it’s Pres Trump’s 78th birthday 🎂🎈 and the Earth quake was just 7 mins from Pres Trump’s ⛳ golf course in NJ at White House Station. It’s fitting together like a big 🧩 puzzle our Heavenly Father is so awesome. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men what GOD JEHOVAH has for those who LOVE HIM”. And I love Him ! PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 OUR KING, OUR MASTER ,

  9. Richard

    How does anyone know that is actually Donald Trump and knot a Rockefeller paid actor-

    Just like in the movies, Gregg-

  10. Graham Leadbeatter

    So the MSM reckon that election fraud is just a conspiracy theory. Since 1982 there has been 1,413 proven cases of election fraud in the USA, and 1,220 convictions for voter fraud. Also, since 1992 there have been 25 election results OVERTURNED by the court. So, it sure looks like election fraud is real and not just a conspiracy theory after all. In the majority of cases democrats were found guilty. Source : The Heritage Foundation.

  11. Da Yooper

    Nice wrap up Greg do not ever hold back

    IF you have not already done the interview with Bill Holter ya may want to ask him about the 6 dollar premium that has developed between Shanghai & the corrupt Comex.

    Went to Amazon to order some parts for my vehicles. Found what I needed listed as in stock butttttttt
    They had a delivery date 2+ weeks out for items they have in stock.

    So I called Amazon & the customer service drone who barely spoke english told me the reason for the 2+ week delivery date is because. “the parts have to come from very far away”

    Soooooo is Amazon listing items as in stock when they are not in stock & have to be ordered from the manufacture ? Or why are they slow walking peoples orders?

    Went to ebay & got what I needed will be here Tuesday.

    • Earth Angel

      I have often wondered why people use amazon? I think I bought something 1ce or 2ce from them since their inception and only because a friend suggested doing so. I never used them again. Why support companies that are assisting globalists in our demise? I like to buy local and support independent small businesses when possible as opposed even to big box stores, though I do use them. I like to go and see what I am buying and pick the product out personally. Of course I do buy some things online or from catalogs. Thrift stores can also be good places to make a great find. We kept our land line (and boy are we glad!) and don’t own a smart phone or use facebook, X, etc. Never have quit using checks and cash ( CAF should be proud ) and never bank online. Looking forward to using Goldbacks & silver in our State- sooner rather than later- if we can keep waking up legislators here and keep them moving on it. We’ll see how much of a sense of self- preservation they have. KOKO everybody..

      • Da Yooper

        Why do I use Amazon

        Because I live 48 miles one way from the nearest town of 25,000 people . It really sucks to drive into town & be told they dont have the part I need but will order it for me when I can sit at home & order it myself & have UPS or FedX bring it in a few days .

        That is why

        • Earth Angel

          Well in your case it does makes sense. You are saving time and gasoline costs. I suppose they have their place. I just hate making corporate goons like Bezos (isn’t it he who owns amazon?) richer and richer as they cozy up with WEF creeps working hard to squelch the middle class and our freedoms. To each his own friend.

  12. Jay Bonner

    If I hired a hit man to kill my neighbor, would I be guilty of murder? If I hired the Congress and two presidents that funded the creation of biological weapons that killed tens of millions across the globe, would I be guilty of murder?

  13. Galaxy 500

    Snap, Greg. Home RUN!
    The Pope is truly a tool of Satan.
    This may sound harsh but people are known by the company they keep. How can anyone that is a Christian (big C) claim to support the Demoncrats? For surely they are all demonstrably F#(king evil.

  14. John French

    I understand that Trump was not at his Florida home when the raid occurred. So I have to question the plan to kill Trump. The FBI knows Trump where a bouts at all times. they knew he wasn’t home.

    • Chris's Gall

      Wow, goes to show you the truth keeps marching on! Here I written off Merrick the Eric Garland and Christo Fabian Wray as murderer’s in cheap suits and Frenchie comes up with a good one, they’re keeping a good eye on the Trumpster and how they gonna kill him if they knew he wasn’t there at marla’Maralago!
      But it could be, because now the congress gave the cheap suits permission to keep a close eye on all the people, they’re supposedly representing. Namely we the sheeple, the Amerikan people! That’s too, big a job keeping track of ALL, us rug rats now and not just former presidents!
      So they could have flubbed it up keeping track of everybody and his sister and just been wanting to see just what Melanja, had in her underwear draw. You never know from these James Bond wannabes! Time will tell, look we found out who killed JFK, now that the deep state is all LGBQRSTUVWXY-Zed+, maybes they needed some undies for they’re transgender undercover black lace op’s?
      Now we know the rest of the story?

  15. Prospector

    DRAFT registration goes on automatic for all men. Could it be that people are refusing to register for Selective Service ? You bet !

    They would not do this if a hot war was not coming.

    Lawmakers move to automate Selective Service registration for all men
    By Leo Shane III and Bryant Harris
    May 22, 2024, 08:16 PM

    Defense News . com

  16. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    I am still somewhat a Catholic that is been awakened. When the CV-19 came in they closed our Church. Then after some time they allowed you to be 6 ft. from your neighbor and leave a pew in between you and the next neighbor. Communion in the hand ONLY! NEVER have I done that…Then they took away the masks after a certain time. I went back after about two years and when the sign of Peace came, I reached out to my neighbor, and they shank from me. They changed the Liturgy, so no one was singing. It just hit me this was NOT my church any longer. I remember what Mark Taylor said if your church is 501C-3 you are under the state.
    When this so-called pope was elected rumor was that he was elected by the homosexual cardinals. Now he says well it is okay to bless homosexuals couples THH@ll??? That is like saying well if you have committed any sin say adultery well come on down and get your blessing. I will be part of the Remanent. Have not found another church just watching different preachers on the internet. Julie Green Amanda Grace, Kent Christmas, etc.

    • Dewey DeMarco

      Great points on a lot of things, but please do not abandon the Catholic Church. We, the Church, historically were able to withstand any external attack, including heresy and apostasy. The most challenging attack was the one from within…the infiltration culminating in Vatican II and Bergoglio.
      The Faith of our forefathers can only be found in the Traditional Latin Mass, not the “New Mass” of the New World Order.
      We, along with our brothers in the Orthodox faith, are the only Churches who can directly trace our roots back to Jesus Christ and the Paraclete.

      • Galaxy 500

        We have not abandoned the Catholics, just their leadership structure, which once revered as Holy is now revered for Evil. The Holy See has abandoned YHWH.
        If you are Catholic, don’t tell me not to give up on you, I am a Christian. Either fix the mess or join /become Christians again. You can not be part of the evil, and the Catholic World Organization is truly, demonstrably evil, and think you are untainted

        • Dewy DeMarco

          The Catholic Church, as founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete, is eternal and incorruptible. My Faith and beliefs are traced back to this lineage.

          What Man does with Man’s version of the Church is irrelevant to me.

          The Church Fathers of Antiquity, those most close to Jesus Christ, and the authors of the Bible practiced a Faith most closely resembling the Catholic and Orthodox Churches of today…historical fact. Their practices resemble very little to what Protestantism was or is now.

          The Faith continues on. I hold dear to the Faith of my ancestors, and most likely of your ancestors too. They and the Church Fathers, I believe, are looking down and praying for you.

          In all humility, do you feel you are more knowledgable than the Church Fathers in terms of who is a Christian?

          Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.

  17. Lady Au Stackers United

    Athletic Senior age 72 Dies Suddenly. My brother’s longtime friend who was active for decades in long distance bicycle racing died suddenly while biking from a cardiac arrest. No prior medical evidence of heart disease or heart condition malfunction.

    I suspect the cause of his heart attack was from latent adverse effects of COVID-19 injections.

  18. Mike

    I see on bo polny twitter he claims he nailed the top on the Dow on Pentecost. However, I’m pretty sure when you had him on he said bad times, bank failures etc from passover to Pentecost. Did I totally get the interview backwards? Thanks, great show as usual.

  19. Prospector

    Greg wrote : The CV19 bioweapon vax wake-up call is picking up speed, and there is no stopping it.

    Covid crimes awakening by the public and WW 3 may not seem related but I think they are. Their only hope to escape accountability and prosecution for the bioweapon shots is a very very big distraction. Do not underestimate that level of crazy by your ” leaders”.

    ” US House speaker Mike Johnson wants Ukraine to be allowed to strike military targets inside Russia with US supplied weapons. ” – Igor Sushko
    @igorsushko – X / twitter

    Putin has warned this will not go unanswered.

  20. J.B.

    In the 70s I was a friend of Maria Dylan, and she had a little house that Bob bought her uphill from Barbara Streisand, in Mailbu, and I bring this up because old Barb had cardboard cutouts of herself that she would put in the windows, and all around her house, and in her patio, for some odd reason? I bring it up, because ‘resident bitten’ is the same thing for the treasonous traitors (Barry, Michael, not Michelle, and the whole evil consortium of et al devil worshipers), he is a paper cutout, a mindless, corrupt, evil boob, that these scumbags move around, and it is done to humiliate Americans, and makes us all look like boobs….
    One of the comments here mentions evil white men, because, obviously, this person can’t see clearly, and is obsessed with PC nonsense: it is the lovers of evil and fallen angels which drive the insanity which we are witnessing: call a spade a spade: it isn’t evil white men causing problems, it is evil people, period, people who lie, with a pathological tendency to do so. ALL evil begins with a lie, whatever that lie may be, so lets be kind to each other, and look at what the real problem is: wickedness in high places, so we may see clearly, and form a plan, together, We the People, and refuse to comply with evil, and do whatever is necessary to remove this evil from our midst… You know, do the hard things, like the great generations that existed before us did, before We the People became lazy, chronic complainers…with no inclination to do fruitful works. God bless you, Greg. As usual, thank you for your integrity, and honesty.

  21. venus transit

    Mary’s prophetic warning given in 17th Century regarding the 20th Century and forward (today):

    “In those times the atmosphere will be saturated with the spirit of impurity which, like a filthy sea, will engulf the streets and public places with incredible license. . . . Innocence will scarcely be found in children, or modesty in women. There shall be scarcely any virgin souls in the world.

    “Masonic Sects, having permeated all social classes, will find ways of introducing themselves into the very heart of homes to corrupt the innocence of children. [LGBTQP, tranny kids … vacating rights of parents]

    “Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church [e.g., the Vatican] will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding.

    “But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground.”

    ~ prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success, Quito, Ecuador 1594 through 1634

    This is why the Vatican issued a paper this month (May 2024) effectively banning apparitions and private revelations. Too many are revealing the corruption by Masons.

  22. Catrice

    I just signed the petition Your Last Chance to Stop the UN’s Pandemic Treaty – The 3 Million Petition and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    The goal is to reach 5000000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

    We should do all within our power to take a stand against tyranny.
    Even if they proceed, you have let it be known before the God of Heaven, Yahweh that you stood against evil. Psalm 2 King James Version.

  23. Susan R

    Greg, you talked about B-21 Raiders and those may be what I saw last year. I am a sky watcher and saw a formation so small, three dots .’. traveling at a very high altitude. Thank you for your devotion to help us as a former msm reporter exposing everything we need to know. It is hard to debate this, only use it to our benefit. Much gratitude, always.

  24. Michael Smith

    My oh my Greg. You just keep getting better. Have been tuning in to your show for what…6 years? You were hot today, as always. I respect your sincere righteous indignation, calling a spade a spade with no holds barred. Glad you are no longer Catholic too, though like you I cannot judge those who are and love and pray for them and all my fellow mankind. May I recommend for you and your viewers to listen to/watch online prophetesses Julie Green and Amanda Grace. It took me some time to overcome my skepticism plus bias that a woman could be a leading prophet of God. Check out also the late Kim Clement prophecies on YouTube. His daughter and wife also rerun his many amazing prophecies at their website. Just Google those names. God IS talking plainly to all who will listen NOW!

    • Dewey DeMarco

      Perhaps you shouldn’t be glad.
      The Catholic Church, along with its Orthodox brothers, are the only churches founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete.
      The religious practices of the Church Fathers, those closest to Jesus Christ, resemble most the Catholic and Orthodox Faith. Nothing near to what Protestantism was or now is.

      • Greg Hunter

        Have you been listening to the Pope recently? That’s your leadership???? NOT Christ-like at all, and I am a former Catholic.

        • Dewey DeMarco

          The Catholic Church, as founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete, is eternal and incorruptible. What man does with it and how Man corrupts Man’s version of it, is irrelevant to me. This includes the Pope. He does not claim to be the “Vicar of Christ” so why should we listen to him? Is he an imposter?
          Why is the Traditional Catholic Church and its Faith one of the greatest target of the New World Order and the Deep State?
          Answer: Because it holds the Truth.
          What was the result of Vatican II?
          Answer: The slow but near destruction of the Catholic Church.
          Then why was it implemented?
          Answer: To drive people away and into other churches, mosques, and/or Buddha temples.
          On a side note, I want to thank you sincerely for all of your efforts. You were practically the only one who remained steadfast to speaking truth during the entire COVAIDS nonsense. You helped save the lives and health of my family and I from the ongoing genocide.
          Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.

          • Greg Hunter

            Brother Dewey,
            Jesus Christ is my LORD and SAVIOR. Be the elect Jesus said He would “Shorten the Days” for.
            Brother Greg

        • Catherine Cronin

          I am also brought up Catholic and been a catholic for decades….however, about 6 months ago I went to mass and noticed that the gospel was rewritten regarding the persecution of Christ by insinuation the jewish Sanhedrin was responsible for killing Christ, but also added that we must accept “homosexual lifestyle or anyone who is different.” Well I read the missal and reread it. Yes it actually equated Jesus Christ persecution to the homosexual lifestyle persecution!
          However the deacon, in his homily, addressed this by saying that even though we should accept different lifestyles and choices its still important to follow the laws of God regarding the purity of marriage,,,,,blah blah blah.. I was not able to continue going to mass after that because to be honest, after teaching after school religion for that parish for ten years, I am very aware of the pedophiles and the coverup which is still going one, but now I know the homosexuals have completely taken over the church. So if you need them for a sacrament ie, marriage, baptism, last rights then use them for that. But be aware it’s literally up to the individual person which path one must take today. Do not rely on the priests, rabbis and ministers for advice. they are human and only God can one rely. pray, do good things, and help others. be kind and honest and live a moral life, and then I believe you will be considered righteous because in todays world. humans have fallen far far from purity.

  25. Richard

    Does anyone actually believe inflation is 3.6%? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    • Earth Angel

      Yeah- It seems more like 36 %! Somebody must have got the decimal point misplaced. Hah!

    • Dewey DeMarco

      I think you just proved the point I am making.
      The “Catholic Church” of today was born after Vatican II in the 1960s. It lacks, along with all Protestant Churches, Apostolic lineage tied to Jesus Christ, the Paraclete as well as the Church Fathers.

      You most likely took part in the New Mass which is what 99.9% of the world view as “Catholic”. The original Mass was amended and is now more Protestant than Catholic.

      The Catholic Church of my ancestors (and most likely yours) still exists in the Traditional Catholic Church.

  26. Don Doerr Sr.

    Unless God intervenes, our Catholic Church – as started by Jesus – cannot survive under
    Pope Francis and his “Good Catholic” Crime Boss Joe Biden who is consubstantially dismantling our pre-November 22, 1963 America. The “Holy Father” Francis is appointing LGBTQ Sodomy Worshipers like himself, and they will control the Vatican and Catholic Education when Francis is gone. There is some hope to be found in the recent Commencement Address by Football Star Harrison Butker (use your computer search engine to listen to this Message of Hope). Perhaps More threatening is the fact that most members of the clergy appear to value Francis’ Pension Plan more than they fear Jesus’ command to “GO AND SIN NO MORE.” Thus, few have the courage to defend Jesus from the pulpit.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why does this take YHWH’s intervention?
      Oh, hmmm… shouldn’t that be up to The small amount of Christians left in Catholic Leadership?
      Either fix the broken festering pile of feces at the Vatican or break away rebuilding…

  27. Richard Longacre

    Silver hit a limit up stop in the Asian silver market @ $35.25 on 20 May. The criminal market riggers have spent all week trying to smash the price back down below $30 but have failed. The Chinese and Indias are willing to pay $4-$5 more per ounce to get the physical shipped to them and paying for it by selling UST bonds.

    Who is winning this financial war?

    They dump the failing USD and get all the physical metals in their possession right before we default All metals and commodities.

    Long weekend here in the USA. I suspect the Asian markets will explode again this Sunday night and Monday while our markets are closed. I bet we see $36 + silver in Asia before our markets open on Tuesday.

  28. robert keenan


    Please watch this our country is being destroyed and we are paying the way!

  29. KG

    Particularly truthful cartooning this week, Greg. The same phenomena is happening to persons in power all over the world, though this false Christ opened his mouth to say so.

  30. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg; No one can deny they wanted to kill Trump, they are killing at least one innocent person each week with these kinds of raids. They killed an innocent unarmed person at the Capitol during their entrapment scam on Jan 6. No, no, without massive numbers of Federal Agents inciting rioting no one would have broken into the Capitol. It was all a dirty setup to kill and prosecute innocent people. This amounts too massive Treason by Government Criminals starting with the fake illegal President. That is what Garland better thinking about. Not too mention Cov Vx and the stolen election.

  31. Tom Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    Just finished watching the WNW, and the part about Chris Cuomo reminds me of a Substack I posted in March, 2023 – analogizing the 1976 movie classic Network – this time about a network journalist going rogue on the air, confessing about his role in peddling the clot shot crime against humanity – a confession prompted by his and his peers vax injuries:

    “But justice comes in many ways. And there is divine justice. Many of us, to maintain our status, our rarified media heights, went along with our corporate masters’ edicts to get the Covid jabs. And now, many of us have died. Or are now sick and dying. Or are watching colleagues – and loved ones – sick and dying. Due to crimes-against-humanity-level ‘mandates’ that we helped peddle.”

    Chris Cuomo hasn’t gotten there (at least not yet). But (not to toot my own horn) I believe that my Substack from over a year ago, and that before long we’re going to see some vax-injured journalists “go rogue” and become (so to speak) “deathbed truth tellers.”

    The (Arguably) Prophetic Movie “Network” – Part I
    “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

    Part II:

    I hope folks like these. As for me – I wish no one harm, but I am looking forward to what I think will be an inevitable hue and cry from the apparatchiks once they realize that the elites have marked them for death as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I agree. I was taunting them with the WAPO article.

      • Tom Wigand

        Yes, come to think of it, AI at this point is probably perfectly adept at regurgitating narratives as instructed – which is all that is required of a corporatist media journalist these days (the good ones like Lara Logan have been expelled).

        Before long, the annual White House correspondents dinner is going to be held on a server farm. 😉

  32. Patty Pancake

    verification of Clif High’s latest forecast about nuclear war underway by June

    One of Russia’s absolutely key over-the-horizon, nuclear-early-warning radar sites has been hit by drone attack, blinding Russia from missiles launched at them from . . . the Middle East [aka Israel].

    Hal Turner reporting: the Armavir Radar Station located in Krasnodar Krai, Russia is now knocked-out.

    • Seer

      Socrates (Armstrong site) predicts 2026-2028. Two days before his report in meditation I saw 2027. Updated to 2027-2028. CH dates haven’t been accurate. Neither have others professing. Don’t live in fear of the future. Live in trust of the true real divine and real intelligence.

  33. Coal Burner

    Greg; Concerning Bo discussions, I was thinking all along about what was going to happen over Pentecost. I had repeated his prediction several times and feared it for Americans. My thoughts were the Death Angel is on the prowl and Bo was right. I thought about it in church and was afraid to mention it. I am a believer in those big days in Jewish life. I very much dislike the UN and their move against Israel may cost them plenty.

    About that insurance on your home. My prices have jumped and we are in a sweet spot for little damage. They were not going to insure until I put a new expensive metal roof on this spring.

    Yes, Road Rage, Karen’s, Kenny’s and Nitwits acting out: It is Vax injury!

    • kellyringtree

      the Lord Jesus Christ has in a subtle way informed the world He is fixin to shake things up:

      2017 eclipse 7 town “Salem”
      – 7 yrs –
      2024 eclipse 7 towns “Nineveh”

      Harrison Butker ( Chiefs jersey #7 )
      speaks in Kansas at Benedictine College on May 10, 2024 day 1 of Pentecost novena. Butker rebukes the lukewarm laity & clerics, but also castigates the apostate clerics in the Church.

  34. Anna

    The absolute best website for news on crimes of immigrants and coverage of boarder breaches is He used to have a yt channel but has moved his reporting to a website and twitter.

    • kellyringtree

      the address is:

      ya don’t need that .com

  35. Galaxy 500

    The Banana of Consequences seldom arrives peeled.

  36. Jonathan Scott

    AND GREG, Hillary said that the election was “stolen” from her when she lost to Trump

    She never accepted the results. and then as you said they lied said Trump was a spy, he was guilty of Russian collusion, the Hunter Biden Lap top was false –a lie– Brennan and Clapper lied– they should be in jail both of them for lying to congress.

    All the Liberal scum and legacy media lied to us.

  37. Guardian Angel

    Music Legends – Drunk History

  38. Old Greg

    Greg, so I am a retired Canadian veteran who got out during the scademic as I would not take the clot shot! However, many of my colleagues put the gun to their heads and took the poison; one of them is my age (38ish) and is still serving in the Navy. He went to sick bay onboard ship and died suddenly, still trying to piece what exactly happened as this is coming from friends who are still in. No cause of death as of yet but let’s be serious here! It’s a sad day but this story is becoming all too commonplace, keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, OG, for the reporting! So sorry about the murder of your friend.

    • Jerry

      This is horrible OG, I to have served in the military – the US. I have been out for a long time now. A childhood friend of who was near the end of his 20 took the jab because “they” told him to. Even posted it on FB wearing a mask, I fear for his health. All these stories are saddening.

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Kory is treating people for vax injuries with Ivermectin (IVM). IVM binds to the spike proteins that are constantly being made and removes them from the body. This is a gene edit and you cannot turn it off. Removing the spike proteins is the best you can do for now and it does seem to work well for most people. Send this to your friend and have him watch the interview or AT LEAST read the third paragraph. If your friend is not treated, he will die much earlier than the treated. This is a fact, not political science that turns into science fiction. This is the actual science. I hope you can reach him.

        • Jerry

          Greg, thank you for your continued info. The other day at work, one of my coworkers who voted for Trump in 2016 then voted for Biden in 2020 ((he is of Mexican decent) became upset about the tweets Trump made about the illegals coming up from Mexico) was making jokes about Ivermectin and how it was horse paste… Mind you he took the jabs and boosters. This is simply another example of the public buying what the LLM reports and to this day still believes the lie!

  39. Lucas Lucidity

    private revelation indicating Catholic Church will schism soon:

    Our Lady Queen of Peace to Pedro Regis on May 18, 2024:: Dear children, the great vessel [the Church] will stray from the safe harbor; it will not withstand the great storm and will break in half.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am in the Jesus half already.

  40. Jez

    FYI Vince from Arcadia economics points to some poignant geo political news falling over 18th & 19th May.

    Listen from 10.45m.

    The videos are genrralky market news & precious metals biased but he also covers some geo politics.

    Thanks Greg for your good works. Truly appreciated!


  41. helot

    ‘Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara’ did another rough inflation tracker for regular people. She looked at rates of increases at some major fast food joints since 2019 & of numerous items at grocery stores more recently.

    ‘Fast Food Inflation Eating You Alive!’

  42. Jeff

    No shot, no booster here. Told my CEO he’s a piece of shit for telling people to get the shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have been proven CORRECT!! Let me back you up a little too: It’s becoming obvious to all the CV19 was a murder and disability program. You cannot stop what is coming with the CV19bioweapon vax wake up. It will be rough and dangerous for many in power who took bribes to kill and injure people. I do not wish violence but how many people can you murder before somebody gets really pissed off? The CXV19 vax DID NOT HELP A SINGLE PERSON!

      You should be the CEO!!!


  43. Galaxy 500

    And the wicked prey upon the old and weak… being ignored by “Justice” until righteous retribution is brought upon Satan’s minion.
    G500, why do you call evil men Satanic minions? Who exactly do you say they serve? It isn’t my Lord YHWH and HIS Only Begotten SON, Jesus. Read the Rulebook, read the WORD of YHWH.
    This fight is between the Chosen and the Principalities of Power, the Dark one and his rabble.
    You can not compromise with evil. You can not reason with evil. And that is what this is all about.
    This mighty Nation of ours was Forged on the Anvil of YHWH and had many impurities hammered out. “We the People” prospered and became soft. We liked soft so we listened to demonic whispers that IF we just gave in a little to Evil that things would continue to be soft and all would be right in the world.
    My Father told me long ago that Americans should be brought up to a standard instead of what the Demoncrats did… lowering the standards for all and using the Bigotry of Soft expectations to destroy and re-enslave a newly freed (from Jim Crow… yea, the Dem Jim Crow). The Dems murdered MLK to remove a righteous leader and shoved the race hustlers into an intolerable prominence. 60 yrs later you have people declaring that blacks can’t be racist and that I should be taxed to pay people compensation for things they never suffered. Not happening. The weak minded that follow this siren song will be destroyed, likely by their evil partners.
    My Father warned when the Homosexuals were brought forward, not as poor abominations but as people that just wanted to “love” their way. Queers were slipped into places of power much like the race hustlers and started by redefining homosexuality as natural and good. My Father predicted that they hated normal and sought the destruction of our families so they could feast upon our children. My Father was right again. Pedophilia is being redefined as wholesome and natural. We must bring those that promulgate this evil as good to desolate.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Good Morning Team America, Followers of YHWH.
    Really piled up the soapbox high today.
    This all distills down to good verses evil.
    You can not sit this election out and say you are a follower as you were told by YHWH’s SON, Jesus, to rend unto YHWH what is YHWH and unto Cesar what is Cesar. That mean vote and vote for the Good. AND if you falsely claim you can’t tell who that is then you are truly lost and seek to cloud the minds of those who need help.
    Some smugly think they are prepared, can sit things out and even welcome the coming chaos believing they will be elevated among the elect. Poor deluded fools.

  45. Galaxy 500

    Does Big Pharma really believe the great unwashed masses will buy there poison all the while they suffer from the planned damage of the Covid Bioweapon jab? These people really lack self awareness and the ability to see reality…

  46. Stanley

    Greg, you mentioned weird weather.

    Could it be due to the Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption in 2022, which I believe was the most powerful volcanic eruption ever recorded and at the time, meteorologists said it would change the weather..

    “50 million tons of water vapor from Tonga’s eruption could warm Earth for years”

    “CLAIM: Hunga Tonga volcanic explosion in January 2022 was STAGED by globalists to unleash Operation Heat Wave

    “PROJECT HUNGA TONGA: The Ultra-Secret Back Story”


  47. Stanley

    Greg, about that UK MP you mentioned – vaxx injured and said that the deaths are worse the the Holocaust.

    He is Andrew Bridgen. @ABridgen on X.

    He wrote to the Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, asking for a meeting in which he will present evidence of very serious criminal offences, to name but a few, misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, gross negligent manslaughter, corporate manslaughter, fraud, murder, manslaughter and grevous bodily harm have been identified along with conspiracy to commit and aiding and abetting the aforementioned crimes by the vax plotters. He has assembled a team of medical experts, including Mike Yeadon, to go with him to the meeting to back him up. Sadly, I don’t think he will get the meeting.

    “Breaking News: MP Andrew Bridgen Summons Head of Met as a “Matter of Urgency” & has “New Disturbing & Damning News”

    In a remarkable interview he tells of the sort of shameful ways in which the British parliament operates.

    He is gathering a lot of support in his quest for vaxx truth and he is seen as a threat. In the interview, he tells of how they tried to buy him off. They said “Tell us what you want” [to shut up about vaxx harm]. He said “What do you mean?” – “Tell us what you want, anything in the world”. He wasn’t going to be bought off, he asked for the Prime Minister’s resignation letter.

    He has sacrificed a lot for his quest for truth, including his marriage. At 1h 44m Doc Malik asks what Andrew will do if he doesn’t get re-elected (we should have an election this year). Andrew says that he went into parliament as a multi-multi-millionaire and he had a huge mansion, but if he doesn’t get re-elected, he will be homeless.

    At 1h 35m \ 36m – he tells us that we are at war with Russia, but they aren’t going to tell the people until July or August and possibly later. He was told this by the Russian ambassador to Britain.

    The interview –

  48. Stanley

    Greg, that is a very long interview, here is the moment when he says we are at war right now –

    “UK MP Andrew Bridgen: We are actually at war with Russia now, they just haven’t told you”

  49. Galaxy 500

    They want war but where do they think they will be when it’s over?
    Never question the power of the insane to not understand consequences and reality…

    Time to end the fiscal drain of these 80 yr old organizations. There is no need for NATO and there is no need for UN

  50. Diana Brown

    Good weekly report as usual Greg. I would respectfully suggest you research and evaluate those within USA that were EXEMPT from COVID 19 shots. I would question why those individuals within those organizations got a pass. I questioned it when I learned Congress was exempt. If it was so lethal why would THOSE important people be EXEMPT from the brain fog, myocarditus and pericarditis? t would seem logically they should have been prioritized. We must always be vigilant in these important issues. The truth is often very evident even at the outset. You just need to learn to ask the right questions.

  51. John Maskell

    Well done Greg, excellent reporting! Here in the UK , our lovely treasury politician Graham Hunt has said on Wednesday that our inflation rate is 2.3%. Rubbish , two years ago it what was touching 10%. On Thursday our pathetic prime minister ( Rishi Sunak ) announced a general election on July 4 th. They know dam well that the Tory party will lose . They want out because inflation is going to be significantly higher this year and the truth about the vax bio weapon deaths and disabilities cannot be ignored any more ! Also Ukraine has lost with our taxpayers money funding the cabal. So many government politicians are quitting now . They know that war and the economy crashing is upon us . I hope they get hunted down, the murdering scumbags. People know that something is wrong, it’s just a matter of time . Thanks Greg , John .

  52. Vitex

    exactly as forecast by the data of Clif High:
    the Khazarians are expanding their wars (Gaza & Ukraine)

    Lithuanian Foreign Minister confirms Lithuanian military WILL BE SENT TO UKRAINE!
    This is a NATO country!

    • Greg Hunter

      Fake Jews. Rev 2:9 and 3:9.

  53. Stanley

    Another “died suddenly” case –

    PGA Tour golfer Grayson Murray dies aged 30 – just 24 hours after withdrawing from this week’s event in Texas due to ‘illness’

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s another “Murdered Suddenly.” The CV19 bioweapon injection wake up is happening and cannot be stopped.

      • Galaxy 500

        Parents say suicide

        • Greg Hunter

          What happens to your brain when you are vaxed? We will someday find out.

          • Galaxy 500

            You may be right. My point is that they had an explanation for the died suddenly and he didn’t drop dead.
            Just pointing out the difference.

  54. Paul Anders

    Good show Greg…as usual.
    It is getting hard to feel sorry for any of the old administration when nobody does (or did) a damn thing about any of this. We are to the point where if they don’t care, then I don’t care. I’m too busy prepping for the final blow myself and many I know are too busy fighting to survive to even care about a crooked Judge, Politician. Governor, etc…
    Prepare Prepare Prepare
    God Bless


    Ivermectin may be a clinically useful anti-inflammatory agent for late-stage COVID-19

  56. Jim Griffin


    The next time you interview Clif High, remember to ask him how he would pay-off the national debt. Please see your last interview with him.


    • Bill Holder

      Jim, the national debt is Odious Debt. The members of congress are on the hook for the debt, because they are the ones that created the debt, not the people. Also, Bonds is one thing, the real backup for the debt are the so called Federal Land. The natural resources of such land is the collateral of the debt.

      I believe the US will be in a big war when the creditors come nocking on the doors on capital hill.

      I think, the biggest allies of the US will be the Russians, they are history buffs and the were allies before. Have you noticed how we get pinned against each other trying to keep us seperated?

      What is about to come next, we are going to need the Russkies to help us out.

  57. Bill Holder

    Humankind is getting diminished because when humanity wakes up, the forces behind us cannot contain all of us. Therefore, we are getting reduced to a more manageable flock.

    Q last post, Nov 27, 2022.

    What is coded in your DNA?
    Who put it there?
    Mankind is repressed.
    We will be repressed no more.
    Information is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Information is power.
    How do you protect your DNA?
    There is a war for your DNA.
    Protect your DNA.

  58. Timothy

    When the praetors attempt to kill the Emperor & the pretenders, and the Visigoths & Vandals either outright invade or otherwise cross over the legal moat via stratagems of political impresarios then one knows the time is short for the dissolution into something unstable, unstoppable, and not normal for the plebs — even as the invasion is conceptualized in the terms of historical experience.

    The Devil wears the cloak of communism & China for reference, but he should be wearing the monadic pin and the grey business suit of Technocracy.

  59. Galaxy 500

    When do we take care of these monsters in our midst?

  60. Galaxy 500

    Lost a lot of respect for Ron Paul and Rand Paul… they are not the answer but part of the problem

  61. William T Westenberger

    PGA professional golfer Grayson Murray died Saturday after completing 2 rounds (Thursday & Friday) of unknown causes at the age of 30. Wonder if he was vaxxed?

  62. Galaxy 500

    So they authorized deadly for to assassinate Trump over kitchen knives and barbells…
    These evil turds need to be brought to justice

  63. Elwood

    The Good German – Official Trailer

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