Vote Fraud Proven, Trump at Supreme Court, BIG Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 612 12.15.23)

A new survey done by top polling company Rasmussen reveals voter fraud in 2020 was “stunning.”  One out of five surveyed admitted they committed voter fraud.  This is not opinion but actual people admitting fraud by mail.  The US Census Bureau said a record 154 million Americans voted in the 2020 Presidential Election.  If this survey is correct, that means up 30 million votes were total fraud.  This also means the Biden Administration cheated themselves in, and we can all see how this has turned out for America.

Donald Trump’s so-called “document” case is headed for the Supreme Court.  The Court can rule in Trump’s favor, and the entire Jack Smith prosecution case against Trump can be thrown out.  The two big issues the High Court is considering are:  Does Donald Trump have 1st Amendment rights, and does former President Trump have immunity for this type of prosecution?  Let’s hope the answer to both are a resounding YES.

The Fed looks like it is ready to surrender to inflation.  A few weeks ago, Fed Head Jay Powell was saying there is a possibility interest rates could go higher.  This week, he basically said interest rates could go lower.  Is this what happens in an election year to help out President Biden win a second term?  Or is this some sort of trial balloon that took gold and silver prices higher and the dollar lower.  If rates really are going lower, bank on inflation to go much, much higher.   

There is much more in the 55-minute newscast.   

 Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.15.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Professor Miller is an expert on propaganda, and he says the Lying Legacy Media is working overtime to gaslight the American public on everything, including massive deaths and disabilities being caused by the CV19 bioweapon vax.


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  1. ― Robert A. Heinlein

    “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

    • Katy Bar

      A 35-year-old “White Christian Terrorist” was arrested Thursday for daring to be-head, break and take down a Demonic Statue erected in the Iowa Statehouse right where Statues of Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln would have once stood. So our founding fathers get removed and melted down by the Demon-rats in Government so their founding father “Satan” (with big horns) can be erected?? These evil Demons in our Government who have killed 20 million of us “so far” (by promoting the Globalists Killer Clot Shot) probably wanted to give tribute to “their founding father” SATAN this Christmas Season (for helping them be so successful in their depopulation efforts)!!

      • Russ

        Since the Satanic Demons can create earthquakes I guess as payback their next move will be to create one that knocks down Mount Rushmore – – if they dare do it – I bet another Christian Military Veteran will stand up and launch a missile at the UN Building and take it down, just like Demons do whenever they feel it is necessary (i.e. Demons launched a missile at the Pentagon on 9-11 )!!

      • Jerry

        Can you believe this??? I found out about this a few days ago and was in dismay that our country had sank to this low!

      • Fred Daake

        Two wrongs do not make a right. Destroying someone else’s property is a crime and should be punished, not rewarded. If he does not like the promotion of Satan by the State, a better solution would be to witness to the legislators as he stands in front of the sign. Or just knock on doors and get new ones elected.

        • Sheila Munn

          Hey Greg,
          What happened, I don’t see your podcast on Rumble!
          Where are you?

          • Greg Hunter

            Try this Sheila:

            (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like


  2. andrea

    can,tt play the video keeps bring stuck on ” Encoding video”

    • Greg Hunter

      It was processing on Rumble at the time of you trying to view it. It is up and playing now!!

      • GarryT

        Greg Bo Polny said TODAY the 15th, will be a day to remember…….

        • Mario

          That’s why you shouldn’t give dates… your credibility goes for a poop!
          Bo has been correct on a few things but has also made some statements that something major would happen of Biblical proportions and nothing transpired.
          We are definitely at the start of the end times. It’s going to get only rougher. Don’t give dates though for when God is going to do something.

  3. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  4. kay Kieser

    Zelensky Delays Kiev Return, Putin: No Ukr Peace Until Rus Fulfills Objectives; Ukr Defence Crumbles /Alexander Mercouris 92,899 views 14 hours ago

  5. Robert J. Gargasz

    Thank you for reporting TRUTH!
    May you and your Families have and enjoy the Peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    MAGA Christ wins in the end! The gates of hell will not prevail against the One True Church.

  6. Derek Sinclair

    If you believe the twaddle that Raytheon is spouting you’ll believe that the Patriot system is a good anti-missile system. Everyone in the know knows it’s rubbish. And if anyone believes it shot down hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, then I’ve got a bridge to sell them.

    • Greg Hunter

      You if you have a source to back up that claim, please post it. Your opinion is not a fact.

      • Jerry

        Greg as a side note to defense contractors, Bell is laying people off due to the supply chain issues as well sourcing the raw material to make the parts. In addition Lockheed Martin is in talks with IAM about a layoff in their FW plant. Of course management is saying not to worry about it.

  7. Shirl

    The illegitimate deep state Glo-BULLists are desperate, expect anything…

    • Tom C.

      Cyber attacks would kill 300 million within months in the USA alone and billions around the world . That would help meet their population reduction and take over completely.

  8. Dennis T. Rehrig

    Greg, If you haven’t heard about “The Great Taking” by David Rogers Webb, check it out.
    Bill Holter mentioned it on SGT report. Know this would interest you.
    Love what you’re doing.
    Love your show.

    • Linda

      I posted the link days ago to “The Great Taking”. Glad you’ve seen it.

  9. Don.W

    Thank you for getting all of this info and putting on your site.
    Already in the 1970’s, I started to study the One World Gov. that we now have heading up this Nation and using biden to be the hit man. When President Trump, Trumped them and won, I said that we would NEVER have another honest election. And we have NOT and we will NOT. These people will do anything to make sure Trump is NOT elected again, and they may even go so far as cancelling this next election if they have to, to make sure he does NOT.
    Blessings to you and your staff.

  10. The Good Guy

    The United States of Amnesia works by manipulating their feelings and voting with their wallets. The Ds will pull some, anything to move the sentiment of the people, and during election time, tbey will play the last card to stabilize the economy.

    What I want is for them to play that card now, and have nothing left to play with.

  11. Jack Capone

    Love this website.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jack!

  12. Katy Bar

    One out of five (20%) of “living” people surveyed may now admit they committed voter fraud – but 100% of the Dead People who took the Covid-19 Kill Shot “VOTED FOR BIDEN” and the “Upshot is” these dead voters who took the Kill Shot “Would Have Voted For Trump” ( in death Trump supporters were made to vote for the Demon-rat Bribe’n since the most deadly “vaccine” vials were deliberately allocated and distributed into the most conservative Republican States and Districts where the Trump supporters lived) so that all these “White Christian Terrorists” (who would have voted for Trump) were deliberately killed by the evil Demon-rats and forced in death to vote for Bribe’n!!

    • Russ

      They came for the Jews and the people did nothing, they came for the Palestinians and the people did nothing – so they have now come for the Christians (the Chief Demon-rat Bribe’n now wants to remove “White Christians” (calling them “Terrorists” who need to be removed because they have the balls to stand up to Demons)!!

    • Porter

      “Living” people, that’s funny. However, I believe Greg got the numbers wrong in the video. 20% of mail-in voters is not 30+ million people. Correct me if I’m wrong, but everybody didn’t vote mail-in.

  13. Frank Murphy

    Greg I agree with 90 per cent of your commentary and applaud your delivery of it. Your powerful prestation of the ills of the World is so necessary in these crazy times. However, I disagree with your approach to the current Middle East issue.
    Firstly, you do not express any disagreement with the non discriminatory Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. Apart from the manner of their displacement over the past 70 years, the current violent manner in which they are being hounded is not justifiable by any standard.
    More relevant to your current opinions on the demonstrations at Campuses, I thoroughly agree with your opposition to expressions of hate. However, if you think that Obama became President of the US without Zionist support then you do not have any understanding of the money power that runs your Country. These guys, George Soros is an example and so indeed Joe Biden who says that he is proud to be a Zionist are the people with the money and the power. Just like BLM these Campus protesters would not exist without under lying support from those who pull all the strings. That aside a shout out to the beleaguered Palestinian people who are being obliterated from the map would not go astray. I call that balance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Call balance too. Please admit Hamas conduct war operations from civilian areas top get a high civilian body count. None of the Hamas backer can EVER do that. The “beleaguered Palestinian people” also might want to take that goal to “Kill all Jews” out of their charter and stop teaching their children to Hate Jews and teach them to want to kill them. Yeah, I agree there should be balance.!!!


    • S. Revere

      Frank, are you aware that well over half those ”beleagured palestinians”
      were applauding what hamas did on oct. 7? And that their schools have
      purposely taught the children to hate israel and their people, and will grow
      up to be the same way in the next generation, ad nauseum?
      There are also a majority of palestinians who, even if they did not necessrily
      approve of the slaughter, who indicated their contempt for their israeli
      neighbors. It is generally not a good idea to make decisions based on
      emotions; try to step back and look at the Facts.
      Also keep in mind that the enormous amouts of money that have been literally
      thrown at the State of Gaza, has been enough for them to have built Gaza into
      paradise on earth, a very lucrative Resort, but instead Hamas used that money
      to build all those tunnels for their own nefarious deeds which we are now seeing.
      All the same time, this is the reason for any poverty their citizens endured – –
      even though the citizens there do not look underfed, or unhealthy, nor do they
      live in shacks, like we see here in the usa. And the schools I see there are much
      facier than ours are.
      Ultimately, I would think one would wish to get totally rid of such a ”contageous
      disease” so as to be done with it once and for all, as well as to send a message to
      others who have the same nefarious notions.

  14. Linda

    Greg, I called Ms. Cedarstrom and she actually answered the phone. Though I haven’t received the product yet, the service was very personal and I appreciated it. Thanks. I recommend her.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Linda, for the positive feedback. I never hear complaints. Melody (at Discount Gold and Silver Trading) is a gem and totally honest.

      • Linda

        Got my order today, right after I wrote that comment

  15. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for changing my mind. These people are dead men walking BUT they can be saved, just as Saul was saved… just as I am saved . I need to pity them, not hate these people that called me stupid for NOT getting the kill shot. I ain’t willing walking in to the cattle cars or the “showers” either.
    Diversity is not strength. And Diversity hires are NEVER the most qualified (Claudine Gay) and in most cases, they are not even minimally qualified… ie They are not qualified at all.
    The company I work for puts out reports every concerning attendance (who is out sick vs preplanned vacation).
    I have emails from when I first started 5 or 6 years ago because of other information that are also attached to this same daily email. Unexcused absences are way up. What are those? People who are out and have no paid time off to cover it. We’ve had more people die this year than the previous years combined. A good friend of mine passed. We talked regularly. Good Christian. They were fine Friday and died “unexpectedly” during the night. They were a decade younger than me… but unlike me, they had taken the Kill shot. And it worked. It killed them.
    And if when I cut on the Tv or Radio, there are all these ads to get the kill shot. There are reports that I am just to stupid to understand HOW Great the economy actually is…
    Weapons grade propaganda. Satan is working OT.
    Satan’s minions are claiming Trump is a would be dictator, all the while a real unelected dictator sits in the WH. Praying that YHWH smites these evil bastards, that HE shows His favor and pours his Blessing upon America and its people.
    And the Principalities of Power, the High Minions of Satan, surely don’t want you to see the J6 video.
    YHWH bless you Greg, your Family and your viewers.

  16. robert messina

    Lie lie lie . . . .
    Greg, you are going to get a kick out of this

    • robert messina

      I don’t mind if you remove the YT link;
      I was searching for a song with a string of LIEs in it, and this popped up and I thought it appropriate comment ; because the lying Joker represents LLM and their lies cause horrible destruction upon citizens
      but I only watched about a minute of the beginning before commenting
      after watching more I was sorry I recommended it . . . it is way too graphic

  17. Katy Bar

    With the Fed’s recent interest rate actions we can count on inflation going much, much higher so the Fed will be looking for all kinds of ways to manipulate the price of precious metals down, so the value of the US dollar can be made to look higher – but people are awakening to the Fed scam and are now driving the price of Gold and Silver to very near “their breakout points” of $2100 and $26 dollars respectively – soon – most everyone will see the true (actual/absolute) value of the dollar for what it is – – “Basically Nothing” – and now a breakthrough technology is on the verge of “Really Driving Silver Demand” – as Silver has been found to be able to replace Palladium and Platinum in Hydrogen Fuel Cells – a more cost effective Hydrogen Fuel Cell (using Silver instead of Platinum or Palladium) makes for a more affordable and sustainable power alternative that can actually replace battery-powered electric vehicles – but Silver’s “really big move” won’t occur until the Big Auto companies (now disgorging their Palladium and Platinum) begin to buy and store Silver instead!! Imagine the staggering demand for Silver (if used to power just a small portion of the cars on our planet)!!

  18. Robert from Alabama

    These evil people think that they can get away with what they are doing. I was on a list of people that gave money to the Trump Election Campaign. They documented my name, address and the amount I gave. My widowed out of state Aunt donated $200 and they also listed her. I was very vigilant at night for weeks worried that may home might be attacked by some of their thugs. Why don’t we turn the tables on them and list the people that helped them cheat. Can you imagine what would happen if the cheaters in Georgia that pulled votes out from under the tables were identified. Just list their names and addresses and let “nature take it’s course. People would be afraid to cheat if that happened.

    • Earth Angel

      That may be a good idea- but Rudy Guilliani (sp.?) has just been sued and lost a lawsuit for doing that very thing. I don’t know if he identified the wrong people- but 2 ladies of color were just awarded around 150 MILLION$ by claiming they were not guilty of commiting the frauds that WE KNOW occurred in Georgia with the 2020 election process. They stated their lives have suffered terribly because of the false accusation. Perhaps they WERE misidentified; I do not know enough about the case. So the lesson is- if you’re gonna name the names- better make darn sure you’ve got them right with CLEAR evidence to prove it!

  19. John Pick

    They are using Cloward and Piven to collapse the U.S. Economy.
    Thanks Greg..

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree John. This is all too stupid to be stupid.

  20. Dave

    Greg, the photo of the black women you pointed out as racist is Carol Swain not the prez. of Harvard (big boo boo)

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Dave and I Said “Swaine” should be the President of Harvad not Ms. Gay. Listen again.

      • Dave

        My bad, (apologies)

  21. Nathan

    Paramount is for sale, or majority stake anyway, per the Hollywood Reporter. I pray a patriot like Max Kaiser buys it!

  22. Jeffrobbins

    I never miss the WNW- good reporting sir. Or actually mostly it’s bad, but if the truth gets out- then we know. I keep asking ‘Where is the high ground?’. It certainly looks like a coordinated take down of our country. It’s also a good question to wonder what will the ‘Pawn Army’ do – you know all the young men (millions) coming over the southern border.
    One of the best books i ever read was ‘The Good Earth’ – At one point there is a famine and the family has moved to the city. The husband is pulling a rickshaw while the wife and kids are begging on the streets, and there was a line or implied idea- when the divide between rich and poor becomes to great- revolution happens- like a slow boiling anger of the masses that all of a sudden goes to a high boil. It’s not too late to get out of the big cities and set up on some small acreage.

  23. historyrepeats

    Paul on the road to Damascus was like Clif High now, making an audioblog attacking Jesus Christ and Christianity while on the highway to Seattle to do shopping.

    • stanley skrzypek

      I thought that too!…I kinda stopped listening to all that dribble, hoping that his talk will change back to the Entertaining mode.

      • res cogitans

        the big event Clif High fairly recently said he foresaw in his data, thought to occur prior to April 2024, an event so huge many multiples more shocking than was 911 —

        — could instead be the elsewhere prophesied “illumination of conscience”, which is a life review that shall be given as an act of divine mercy to all humans during these days of Sodom. (breaking news – Video emerges of staffer for Dem Senator Ben Cardin engaged in sodomy in the Senate hearing room)

        It would show each person how God views them and the hitherto trajectory of their eternal life. It is said that for many it would be too much for them to bear–that they would perish. (Hebrews 10:31)

        Such an event ‘rhymes’ with the possible Rapture, which would also be an act of divine mercy though narrowly bestowed, not upon all humans simultaneously.

        Bo Polny has suggested that God is ready to throw down the gauntlet and suddenly shift the direction the world has been headed.

        Recently, the newagers keep harping on an awakening or upgrade of consciousness. In a way it sounds familiar. However, they do not fathom the possibility of the Almighty Jesus Christ placing each of them upon the scales just like everyone else. (Daniel 5:27 )

        Altogether, diverse sets of people are sensing a paradigm shift of great preponderance is nigh.

  24. Brooklyn


    Have always been a reader, rarely a commenter anymore; but, your third (3rd) paragraph saying, “Is this what happens in an election year to help out President Biden win a second term? “ would have been more relevant with your first paragraph, if you had included the term, “ help out [the Fraudulent or Fake] President Joe Biden”

    Sorry, that Evil SB is Not my President, regardless of the new Rasmussen poll.

    Onward & Upward,


    • Akdave

      Good point

    • OersonaNonGrata

      Hi Brooklyn,
      Great to see your alive and well and commenting here again.
      Best wishes and Happy Christmas to you and yours.
      PNG aka AndrewB

  25. Karl Thistle

    And don’t forget what a great job Newsome has done for Cali so why shouldn’the be president?

  26. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Greg Hunter
    The Ultimate American Patriot
    Merry Christmas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks LTC Brumley!!

    • Galaxy 500

      YHWH Bless you for your Service. You are a patriot as well. You made Lt Col when they didn’t give it away. Great accomplishment and a lot of hard work. Thank you again for your service. I am about an hour or so from Lejeune.

      • Phil

        What has happened to all your videos???

        • Greg Hunter

          Try this:
          (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  27. Mark in OKC

    As a paralegal, I do not understand 1) why the grand jury indictments were not challenged (Motion to Quash Indictment) because the defendants were not notified and allowed to present their case before the grand jury, which is part of the Federal indictment process; and 2) Why no one filed Writs of Habeas Corpus with the U.S. Supreme Court to release the J6’ers for due process rights violations.

    I emailed a couple of attorneys who were raising money to defend the J6 defendants, but never heard back from them. I wonder how much money these attorneys made off this travesty of justice.

  28. Akdave

    Awesome as always. Thanks Greg. My 16 yo niece took the deadbabyclotshot against my advice to her father. She immediately felt sick. They said oh that’s normal you’ll be fine. She went to her friends house and dropped dead. But hey it was just a coincidence I’m sure. As someone once said, coincidence is what the mind tells itself when it can’t accept reality.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Dave! Awful!! It’s another CV19 vax murder.

    • Coal Burner

      So sorry from here to Dave and most everyone who reads this! Heartbreaking!

    • Jeffrobbins

      It should be automatic for the county coroner to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death. You should inquire if the coroner did that; if the elected officials saw several deaths with the same cause- prosecution and law enforcement could begin. At least at the county level.

  29. Otto Partz

    Catherine Austin Fitts. Where has she been lately?

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF is coming back soon.

  30. Paul D Anders

    The Fed lowering rates does Two things. It makes the current set of Criminals look good, and it is the last hurrah for us useless eaters.
    Many will chose to leave by their own hand by the time this is over

  31. stanley skrzypek

    My 2 cents…and it is just a thought…..That the CORRUPTION…..and I Mean the Traitorous kind…….The kind that Warrants EXECUTION.. ALL Governments around the Globe……is so delirious and insane that it has the ………INNOCENT people caught in the Middle and the Minions of the Insane Politicians and Main Stream Media (are just as Crazed)……….Trying to Convert or Destroy (MURDER)…..It has to run it’s own course, until they are Destroyed by their own Stupidity……and the 4 Culprits of this Destruction are………… #1) Politicians ………….#2) Educational System’s Churches of satanic Indoctrination……………..#3)Religion, keeping a Noose around the Gullible Church going attendee’s….eg.(the rapture)…….. and FINALLY………….. #4) the MONEY CHANGERS!…….aka the FAKE Jews…..they are IMPOSTERS.
    And to CMA…..I go to….. Ag……XRP…..XLM……and just in case we Might Need it….THETA TOKEN…..(all the crypto goes in a TREZOR and a LEDGER) that I learned how to use with a LOT of self teaching………

    • Galaxy 500

      What do you mean Fake Jews? Money changers?
      I understood up to that point

      • stanley skrzypek

        the Fake jews are actually Kenites, sons of CAIN as in the Book of Genesis…they are a people that have taken over alot of the Planet throughout the Centuries…the Modern Kenites are mostly the “Money Changers”..”BANKING SYSTEM”, but they can be almost Anyone in POWER….Satan is their father. it’s in the ancient Manuscripts that were translated throughout history by the SCRIBES who infiltrated the Priestly Class of old….who happen to be the Kenites also.who subtly twisted some of the Manuscripts into the Bible to fit their own satanic agenda…which is to subvert Humans to do evil… the way it is TODAY for instance….

      • Henry

        See Rev. 2:9 for the Lord’s statement on these fraudsters.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Henry….THANK YOU!

    • S. Revere

      Stanley, Im just curious about your #3 where you say
      ”the rapture is a noose around the necks of church
      going people” and is one of the 4 culprits of destruction.
      Can you tell me how that is a noose and a culprit of
      this destruction?
      I dont understand how that all connects; maybe you
      can clarify….? And why you seem to be so anti-rapture?

      • stanley skrzypek

        the Rapture was instigated in (Circa 1833?) by two preachers who heard a demented woman in England (McDonald i think her name was) spewing things like any moment we will be raptured out of here…Totally Nonsense…it was twisted around in the Bible by some FAKE jews (scribes) who took over the Priestly Class from the LAZY priests who let them…and the errors are still in the bible books that they Publish today….RAPTURE is NOT in the Ancient Manuscripts..hence it Should NOT and Is Not be in the Bible..
        SO,… Modern Day “religion” who teaches the “rapture” is BOGUS….just look and see how many people today are BAMBOOZLED by the “Organized Religions”…..pure craziness!

        • S. Revere

          Stanley, I once read that same scuttlebutt you are referring to, and I still cant stop laughing at the writers of it. Its an old old
          excuse put out by those who hate God and work for satan.
          Still you gave no backup for the validity of what you have posted.
          So let me ask you then: Why is it that the bride of Christ, those who are saved, are suddenly not mentioned anymore after the end of Rev. 3? What happened to them that they are so obviously missing from the entire 7 yrs. of the Tribulation?

          What does 1 Thess 4 v. 16 and 17 mean then, by saying first the dead in Christ shall rise, then the christians who are alive at that time, will be caught Up to meet them in the air?

          What is the ”blessed hope” that the bible speaks of?
          Since you say there is no rapture, then what hope do you have; what is your ”end game” then?

          You also failed to tell us just what you find so objectionable about Rapture, and Im still curious

      • S. Revere

        Stanley, Here you have Two of us who are questioning your vicious diatribe
        IF you are going to make such claims, then you are responsible for answering for yourself with some reasonable backup.
        We are waiting.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Reasonable BACKUP….is HONEST RESEARCH into the MANUSCRIPTS. not the New World Translation written by some Kenite….I am NOT RESPONSIBLE to you…..I am Responsible to my Heavenly Father…

          • S. Revere

            Stanley, you are responsible for making sure what you post, is valid and true, and provable. I am responsible for holding peoples feet to the fire, and I will absolutely do that.
            You have shown no proof of your entire post; what you post is from what you have read in some persons’ book. You also have called Gods Word, the bible to be a lie, by saying it has been changed and ”needs to be corrected”.
            Satan would agree with you because he too hates the idea of anyone knowing the savior has brilliantly designed an ”escape plan” for the true believers.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “the FAKE Jews…..they are IMPOSTERS”……one example is the Rothschild’s clan another is the Soros people…there are more Nobody hears about but they are behind the “Curtain”…pulling the strings..

  32. Scott

    There is another possibility regarding Judge Chutkins delay and Smith’s run to the Supreme Court. As you observed, some people in the judiciary may be getting cold feet that their reputation will be tied this dog of a case. It could be very possible that the referral to the Supreme Court is done in hopes that the Supreme Court will block the prosecution into Trump. Were the court to strike down the prosecutions, the Democrats would run around screaming that a partisan Supreme Court saved Donald Trump from what were surely crimes. This could be more useful during the election season than a Trump conviction. This approach would allow them to continue to vilify Trump but also validate their demand that the court must be reconfigured/stacked.

    Also bear in mind that there could be another president very much in need of protection from prosecution once he is out of office. I don’t think the left is that concerned about Biden per se however they do not want discovery which may enmesh many of them in wrongdoing/treason

  33. Slav Jackov

    Zelenskyy’s clique is self immolating with hand grenades. This is like the second or third story of its kind recently.

    perhaps they heard and couldn’t handle the depravity of the Obama, Macron, Trudeau and Zelenskyy cocaine orgy; or was it the loss of a half million men for the sake of increasing the financial wealth these abomination freaks.

    • Russ

      Here is how it (WWIII) will be done – the Globalists will declare Ukraine “a NATO country” – then because Russia attacked Ukraine (now a NATO country) ALL OF NATO WILL DECLARE WAR ON RUSSIA (and American boys and girls will be drafted to go die for the Globalists wet dream of seizing control of Russia and all its natural resources)!!

  34. PersonaNonGrata

    Based upon the official data released by the New Zealand whistleblower: “The COVID vaccines are the deadliest vaccine of all time, killing an estimated 13 million people worldwide.” “ I estimate that the vaccine killed, on average, about 1 person per 1,000 doses. That means an estimated 675,000 Americans were killed by the COVID vaccines.”

  35. Trinacria

    looking forward to hearing Mark Crispin Miller on Saturday. In the meantime, a Canadian journalist who recommended that those refusing the Covid shot (I refuse to call a vaccine) be put in concentration camps just died suddenly at age 33.
    Remember Greg, “vice president” for Biden, not “president”…. he is without a doubt one of the most immoral and moronic people in the public eye of the last 50 years. And the press tries to present him as this “grandfather/Mr. Rogers type. What a evil joke!!!

  36. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg:
    You are hot today! Yes it is Obama’s third term and a whole bunch of people voted for it. And I bet they are not at all happy how they got screwed over. No Obama hates Israel just like he hates America. Bit I do believe big foreign money is behind him.
    Oh yes DOJ and fbi committed criminal acts and treason. Every one involved in the scam should spend that 20 years in jail.

    • Henry

      Do you actually think the people behind the RINO majority of Republicans don’t hate America? The UniParty is owned by the international bankers – the ones who set up the FED and who own the global media. Obama is a gay puppet and nothing more. He formulates ZERO policy.

  37. FromThe Russian Front

    “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.”― Robert A. Heinlein

    “Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

    “You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, The Green Hills of Earth

    “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

    “Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.”― Robert A. Heinlein

    Ron Johson tells Laura Ingraham that Joe Biden is creating ‘game plan’ to destroy America because Ukraine can’t win


    WW3 Alert! After Biden Threatened Direct War with Putin, NATO Announces Plan to Attack Russia / INFOWAR December 15th 2023, 10:56 am
    If European nations allow Ukraine into NATO, WWIII will break out!
    MarkBullock comments 4 hours ago
    The majority of We the People say, “READ OUR LIPS, NO MORE WAR!”
    If the domestic enemies and criminals embedded in American government engage Russia in a war, they are going to find Russia on their front and We the People on their rear.
    Frankly, I do not think them sane enough to realize the meaning of that.

  38. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg:
    Rathaeon is telling that much because it was already sold to the world. No I don’t know details of any of that but it is logic. The tell is for us not Russia or China, they would already know. A lot has been made of the hyperspeed rockets but little about why we never spent a ton of money on them. Well, they are telling us ( us civilians) here to not be afraid of those things. For the most part politicians are never told what we can actually do because either don’t need to know and they will blab it. Think about it. Remember those $50 hammers, well those were paychecks to invent what you are hearing about now. It is only logic. The new problem is that fbi is involved, that used to be an advantage, now no one trusts them. Not too mention deep cover spys like Diane Frankenstein, and FangFang Boy. Imagine 200 fbi crooks at the J6 inciting rioting. And they barely were able to get people to come in after opening the doors. What a bunch of stinking crooks.

  39. Quagmired UKR. Front

    NY Times Prints STAGGERING LIES To Keep Ukraine War Going!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.27M subscribers 22,670 views Dec 15, 2023
    The New York Times wants you to know that Russia is on the ropes in the Ukraine War, and now is definitely not the time for American taxpayers to stop funneling billions of dollars to keep the conflict going. That’s certainly the gist of a recent Times piece focusing on how many soldiers and how much military hardware Russia has lost in the war.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Due Dissidence host Russell Dobular about the level of misinformation spread in the Times piece and why the establishment is vacillating over whether Ukraine needs to be given up for a lost cause now or not.
    @user-vy4xx2qp3d 4 hours ago
    ”I have two rules I live by; I don’t believe anything the Government tells me, and I don’t take the press seriously in this country” ~ George Carlin

    The Doomsday Clock Is Now Closer to Midnight Than Ever Before — What That Means for Humanity / Story by Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga • 3h

  40. James jj

    Longtime follower …i tried msg you …but it lookek like a sign up scam of some sort . Greg we are on the cusp of a epoc ….the rise of AI . In the 50’s , we critiqued the news by the hardcopy newspapers that gave their slant…. In the internet age, we have an infinate supply of news slants , so we have to be critical of our sources ….but wit AI, we can no longer trust any of our sorces…the AI can fake all …….
    Unless we have some way of filtering ‘real human sources’, then we can no longer huve human intercourse ….it is the age of machines and humans arev ….what?

  41. wayne hardin

    Taking peoples souls has always been satans desire .
    and he is doing a good job getting people to put things before God .
    The things of this world has blinded a lot of people .
    But as the word says the whole world is not worth our soul /
    there are only a few that can see that / just like the word said it would be .

    Wayne Hardin

    He is bringing all the lies to the for front to give people a chance to repent .
    but it is looking like most just double down / or move the goal post .

    It is a sad thing to watch .

  42. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    opinions vary:

    I think the real good people will suffer the most in the coming time – they will be purified by the fires they go through so that they can help those others who are having a lot of trouble finding their own souls –

    those that suffer the most will have the most spiritual strength to help those that are close to spiritual death in the times ahead. I don’t think the physical body stuff matters all that much – since we all die because the body gives out soon enough.

    and most of you will die a physical death in that war to save souls.

    you are on the cross with Jesus. like it or not.
    you cannot even pass the cup.
    if you have the real god in your heart = that is how it will go for you

    maybe it will surprise you = that you are of the chosen
    many are called few are chosen.
    lucky you
    soul wise.

    we say God has given us free will – why would we even question if God has free will to whatever he wants – take someone creepy like trump and use him to change things for the better — and maybe trumps soul don’t even get to go to heaven – would you question God on that? Argue with him?

    and you might say to god – no I don’t want this – I mean I went to church – I wore a cross and I had a bumper sticker for Jesus and everything – can’t I just go to heaven
    without suffering?

    and God looks at us and says

    and to quote the song
    The baby on the bus goes, “Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.” The baby on the bus goes, “Wah, wah, wah.” All through the town.

    • S. Revere

      Tolstoy, well not quite like you have described here. In fact it sounds like you are relaying what you read in somebody’s book you read……because it is not biblical. And what is not
      in the Word, is simply not true.
      I have met the ”requirements’; I know this from knowing what the Word says.
      No, I am not going through any ”fire” because that is not a requirement.
      And no, I am not going to hang around for the Trib ”to help others”. ”Others” dont want any help, and I know this because I have experienced their reactions. In fact I even posted a free PDF quick study of the entire book of Rev. and not one person asked for it.
      No, in no way am I going to risk a hair on my head, to get anyone ”saved”. Jesus gave his very Life in a very gruesome way, to provide a way of salvation. That was more than sufficient for me, and if it is not sufficient for ”others” then TB.
      No, the Bride is getting on outta here, and so is the holy spirit. We are turning the job over to the Two Witnesses, and they will have Power to blow away anyone who gets in their way. Rev. 11. There will also be the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel; and they will do some run-thru for the hard-headed slow learners, lol. Rev. 7:4

      • wayne hardin

        You said // No, in no way am I going to risk a hair on my head, to get anyone ”saved
        What you said has to be the most self centered comment i have
        ever read .
        You say you have met the requirements at the same time you say
        you would not risk a hair for someone ?
        I have not seen that in my bible was it in some book a nut wrote ?

        Wayne Hardin

        • S. Revere

          wayne, read my LIPS: NO way would I put myself at any kind of risk to get anyone else saved. You can call it whatever your little ole heart wants to call it; it does not bother me one bit.
          What is it you dont understand about The One who shed His blood? What is it you dont understand from the Word, that tells ”us” our only job is to speak the message? It is not our job to save anyone; that is the job the holy spirit does.
          ”We” are to tend to our own household, for whom we are responsible. Otherwise, it takes the holy spirit to draw a person and make them ready TO receive that messenger who He will send their way. If God isnt IN it, then messengers just waste their time on folks who dont want to be saved anyhow.
          We are not to go around pushing the gospel on people either.
          We wait upon the Lord to either put folks in front of us and open the conversation in that direction, or to set up the scenario. He Leads……we only follow.
          And yes, there are many people who want nothing to do with the theocratic environment of heaven and salvation. It is too rigid and confining for them.
          I can tell you for a fact, from expeience, that God sets up the time and place for a messenger to do his job, and Ive never known Him to arrange that in the midst of a risky situation.
          The holy spirit is a ‘gentleman” who is quite considerate.

          A friend of mine from Detroit, was a catholic who worked in a factory many years ago. Two christian fellow workers would speak to him about the Lord, here and there.
          Then one day when my friend went to the mens restroom, he all of a sudden was so touched by the holy spirit, he began to cry profusely, suddenly saw everything so clearly, repented right there and really got saved.
          You see, the holy spirit would not let that happen at his job, but took him to the restroom when there was nobody else in there. He was one of the strongest christians Ive ever met; he went on to write many wonderful songs which got stolen from him. My favorite is/was ”Beyond My Comprehension” (what Christ did for me.) R.I.P. Rick, my friend.

          • wayne hardin

            What your lips show is you are a know it all
            that runs around telling everybody who you
            are . And thinks your opinion is the gospel .
            Get ready to be tested all seeing one .
            I forgot forgive me / watcher on the wall.

            WATCH .

            Wayne Hardin

  43. Marty

    Speaking of obituaries…the local pulp fiction news rag now uses the upside-down Orwellian term “Celebrations of Life.” They are all reduced to Name, City and Age. That’s it. Never any details, including family members that used to be mentioned in obits, back in America 1.0.

  44. Morgan Larsson

    BARA JAG OCH MITT PIANO 11 views Dec 16, 2023
    Here comes a Christmas song on request. Received a message from Siw Jönsson from Skåne, which reads: “Hi Morgan. Almost time to play some Christmas songs…Can you make a wish? Blue Cristmas, for example, or you may be surprised because the vast majority are good songs. Thank you in advance”. Since I have a weakness for people who want songs on request, here comes “Blue Christmas” in Elvis Presley’s version. Piano cover.

  45. WW3

    Ukraine War Underfire: 19 Civilians Injured by Rockets & Cluster Bombs In Frontline City Of Donetsk Patrick Lancaster 21,277 views Dec 14, 2023
    Ukraine forces have been firing western supplied Rockets , Cluster bombs and artilery into civilian areas of Donetsk killing and injuring civilians evryday. I went to investigate the facts with the people that have been injured in these attack. I went to the center Donetsk trauma hospital to Interview the Deputy Director for Surgical Work of the Republican Trauma Center, Vadim Igorevich Onoprienko., and 2 children victims of Ukrainian shelling and their families. 7 children and 12 adult victims are currently in that one hospital. All Victims I interviewed said Ukraine shoots into civilian areas everyday.

  46. Cease FARTING NOW!

    Protesters block major LA freeway and clash with commuters

    Sky News Australia
    3.82M subscribers





    40,667 views Dec 13, 2023
    Demonstrators blocked the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles, causing traffic to come to standstill on Wednesday, December 13.

    Commuters were stranded in their vehicles, unable to travel to work, school and medical centres as protesters sat on the busy road.

    The protesters were demanding politicians call for a ceasefire in Gaza amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

    Footage released via Storyful shows protesters and commuters clashing on the busy road.

    The group chanted “let Gaza live” and “ceasefire now” before they were confronted by drivers attempting to pass.

    One commuters was heard saying: “I have a wife who is in the hospital”.

    The California Highway Patrol said 75 people were arrested at the scene.

    Philly cease-fire activists detained for blocking I-76, others protest above on Spring Garden Street The Philadelphia Inquirer 7K views 1 day ago
    More than 30 Pro-Palestinian activists with Jewish Voice for Peace were detained on Thursday after blocking westbound lanes of I-76 for half an hour to call for a cease-fire in Gaza. Hundreds more protested above on Spring Garden Street Bridge for several hours.

  47. Cliven Bondi

    WHOOPI IS FIRED?! The View SUED After Whoopi Goldberg Just Said This About Trump And Rudy Giuliani Retro Stef 24,892 views Dec 15, 2023
    40,667 views 12/23 standstill on December 15

  48. Clive

    Whoop Whoop!

  49. Tommy

    Here’s hoping that your special guest for 12/30 is Nomi Prins. Haven’t heard from her for quite some time.

  50. A Coon's Age
    War don’t like Christians!
    Ask Putin, Zelinsky or York!

  51. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    9:20 am Saturday – Still no video???

    • Greg Hunter

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  52. R. Gould

    IN THE 1920’s, as Germany struggled to recover from its defeat in World War I.
    Love of neighbor is what compelled Christian Witnessing to warn the people of Germany not to be fooled by the grandiose vision of a glorious thousand-​year rule by the Third Reich. “We must tell the truth and give the warning,” said the booklet Face the Facts, published in 1938. “We recognize the totalitarian government . . . as the product of Satan the Devil brought forth as the substitute for God’s kingdom.”

  53. Bennet Cecil

    The USD is overvalued after losing 99% of its purchasing power. The other fiat currencies are worse as Martin Armstrong has pointed out on USA Watchdog. It is a race to zero.

    Almost all of the value (utility) of the USD is the fact that it can be easily exchanged for goods and services. The gross output of the US economy is huge, $47 trillion.

    Americans like to spend their USDs. Saving USDs is like saving water in a bucket with a hole in it. Prices are going to continue to rise. The average inflation rate from 1968 to 2018 was 6.98%/yr. Inflation now is about 10%/yr.

    Monetary inflation is a flat tax transferring assets and income to the central banking families who own the Federal Reserve. These families own 99% of the world’s wealth. They are grabbing the last 1% now. I hope that they fail.

  54. T. Bullsferth

    Pace, William B-17 Ball Turret Gunner
    Raymond McFalone 341K views 3 years ago

    Victor Davis Hanson: Biden is in a ‘doom loop’
    Fox News 47,470 48 minutes ago

  55. Jeffrobbins

    I had another thought to throw put; the cross currents in bond land are unprecedented. Record interest rate inversions, and now the FED is signaling they will lower next year. We should have known rates would go down in an election year, but i want to know when the inversion will end. 100% of the time a recession has followed. However, if the fed is already in easing mode and taken rates back to say 2% fed funds, then what? Maybe they go to 0%. Can we get an inflationary depression? I can’t get my mind around what that looks like. I still have deep reservations about a famine type scenario out in late 2026 into 2027.

  56. Corn Pooped

    If We Lose Ukraine, We Are On Our Way To A Global Catastrophe
    Forbes 45,122 views Dec 15, 2023
    Steve Forbes warns that the U.S.’s inability to punctually fund aid to Ukraine is a testament to the dangerous fecklessness of our foreign policy—and warns both President Biden and Republicans to stop playing games and help stop the threat of totalitarianism.–seFbJn7o

    Steve Forbes, is either full of it? Or more brain dead than our commander and thief, Beijing $3.8 billion Beijing O’Biden! While we were fighting ground wars the past 45 years, developing depleted uranium anti-tank munitions, cluster bomb lets and Javelin man-pads, some which were photographed in the hands of Mexican drug cartels already. Russian, not involved in any ground wars to speak off, since WWII. Has been in none, but developing state of the art SuperHypersonic nuclear capable missiles, of which we have none, Nada! Russia still makes vacuum tubes, we can’t even make a Heathkit radio set, let alone a mere tennis shoe! Sorry Vold Zelinski, were woke, broke busted and disgusted, along with tens of millions of DP’s, or displaced persons overrunning our border. How are we to fight with boots on Ukraine ground when Poland wont. Don’t believe a word Corn Pop says and nobody cares how blond his hairy legs got in the sun, he probably cheated anyways and used Sun-In! Heck Vold, we can’t secure our own US. border north and south?

    Why Ukraine can’t beat Russia’s ‘elastic defence’ | About That
    CBC News- Canadian public broadcast service 299,678 views Dec 4, 2023
    Progress on the battlefield between Russia and Ukraine has slowed in both directions. Andrew Chang explores Russia’s “elastic defence” tactic and why Ukraine is struggling to find a strategic edge. Nobody in this country or Poland is willing to give up they’re life or pension funds and schools, for NATO to remove Russians in Eastern Ukraine? Serbia tried that in Kosovo and we bombed them, that’s all Russia don’t want. Who in the hell would want to take eastern Europe too? Let alone basket case western Europe. Hell, all Putin has to do is wait for the debt bubble to burst after housing bubble two and we’ll all be begging him to save us from the Chinese hordes coming for whats owed them and rightfully they’re’s! China US. farmland and bought and paid for Holly-weird and Washington D.C. and some meat packing plants! Russia has so much land they gave us Alaska, remember? When the poop hits the fan, China will be in the cat-bird seat because they’ve been prepping for the past twenty years!
    Like Ron Johnson says, Biden’s handlers want to destroy the US. to cover up they’re crimes. They’re more afraid of we the sheeple than Russia’s supersonic hyper-sonic missiles that can take us out before we know were even dead! If we win in Ukraine Steve, we’ll be in a nuclear winter for ten years! A much bigger catastrophic disaster than if we lose. So it’s a stalemate! Lets stop the hemorrhaging, stop the insanity and sue for peace!

  57. CornPopper

    Oop’s, forgot. Got carried away. Sorry.
    Why Ukraine can’t beat Russia’s ‘elastic defence’ | About That
    CBC News- Canadian public broadcast service 299,678 views Dec 4, 2023
    Progress on the battlefield between Russia and Ukraine has slowed in both directions. Andrew Chang explores Russia’s “elastic defence” tactic and why Ukraine is struggling to find a strategic edge.

  58. puny human

    Open, fair and free elections are the bedrock foundation of the republic. The United States has the most expensive government in the world and this is what we get for our money?

  59. Godfinger

    Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in the power of their hand. They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them away; they oppress a man and his house, a man and his inheritance.

    Micah 2:1-2

  60. zaporaza

    The truth about Israel, same could be said about Trump and Trump derangement!

  61. Oscar Dollar

    Bill Maher Should Have To Shut About Ukraine After Saying This!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 67.259 views Dec 16, 2023
    It’s the eternal question when it comes to Bill Maher and foreign policy: is he really this dumb or just pretending? The latest discussion of the Ukraine War on his show did nothing to solve the debate as Bill brought on two uber-establishment shills from the mainstream media to regurgitate long-ago exhausted talking points about having to deter Russian aggression and not appeasing power-mad dictators.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Due Dissidence host Russell Dobular about Bill Maher’s thickness and why he’ll never bring on guests like Glenn Greenwald and Thomas Frank again.

  62. Dean Backer

    Countries ate smart to be so transparent with leaving the dollar, their transparency really leaves the United States with there hands tied.

  63. William Mitchell

    My guess is your unannounced guest will be Catherin Austin Fitts

  64. S. Revere

    FBI Christopher Raye stated there are 80,000 terrorists who are in our country via the southern border. And currently, there are thousands more on their way; AZ National Guard has been called out to the southern border. Convergence is converging, getting very interesting.

  65. Russ McMeans

    Hey Greg and everyone; I seem to still be ok since 3 Moderna vaccines back a few years ago. No issues whatsoever. Maybe I got duds.
    I’m not doing anymore of them obviously.
    Now the nerve roots to my legs and feet are another matter. I had back surgery 1.5 years ago and it was successful but the nerves are still angry and I’m hoping they will calm down just a little more. Some days are pretty good then I want to eat a lethal dose of fentanyl on the bad days. Please pray for me! I’m miserable half the time now. Not full time, but I need to get a little better or I’m going to lose it. Been in emergency rooms a total of 23 times now. In 3 years. Russell.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are guessing and hoping and that is not a strategy. No way you got 3 “duds” in a row–no way. I would be taking Ivermectin and Nattokinase on a regular basis, but I am not a doctor. I will tell you this is what Dr. Pierre Kory gives his patients.

    • A_Friend

      The shot works in mysterious ways because is a mix and match of many different things. The best way to kill people without knowing is by what seems a random act.

      All vaxxxed people experience them differently, some by heart, some in organs, some in the nerve system. Kerry Kingston said it, Lipid Nano Particles. The Nerve System is coated with Lipids. Cholesterol meds are design to inhibit such coating.

      People forget, we went through this before after the Gulf War.

  66. michael burton

    Ressurection of loved ones
    Will one see their loved ones again? Ever wondered that? Learn how this will happen in a future. It will be very exciting to see loved ones again. Here is your free copy on how this will take place

  67. Dana Webb

    Nice Night vision setup; I’ve got some. Gen 3. When the moon is out, I’ve viewed things clear across the desert for miles with those; there way cool.

  68. A_Friend

    I say the Covid Vaxxx is the same crap that was given to soldiers during the Gulf War. That is why the pharmas were able to deploy such quatities in such small period of time.

    This is off the shelf product.

    The symptoms are identical.

    Keep in mind, this can be passed on via Sexual Contact. Spouses of Gulf War Vaxxxed soliders gave it to their spouses and newborns. It is not a good deal.

  69. cjonsson

    Rasmussen is pronounced RasmUssen. The U is pronounced like “you.”

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