MSM Covers Up $21 Trillion Historic Government Fraud – Dr. Mark Skidmore

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore has revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He and a team of academics used publicly available government accounting reports and revealed their results in late 2017. Now, the mainstream media (MSM) has picked up the story. Instead of sounding the alarm to the public, the MSM says it’s basically all a big mistake and is discounting the biggest accounting fraud in the U.S. government history. Is the MSM trying to cover up and kill this story? Dr. Skidmore says, “They are trying to kill this story, but I don’t think they have killed this story. . . . Basically, what they said was this was just all ‘plugs’ and there is a mix-up in the transactions. It’s really not that big of a deal. They did say it was $21 trillion in transactions that cannot be verified, but discounted it fully.”

Now, the government will not give any information on this “missing” $21 trillion. Skidmore goes on to say, “When you start looking at the mess that could possibly generate $21 trillion that are unverified, ‘missing money,’ it’s so big, so huge, it is inconceivable that it could just be a comedy of errors. . . . I think there is a high percentage of fraud. I believe there is a tremendous amount of fraud embedded in there. . . . When we get to these numbers, the odds there is not fraud in $21 trillion is mind boggling. . . . There is zero chance there is no fraud.

So, this is a huge accounting fraud? Dr. Skidmore says, “Yeah, in my mind, I cannot come to any other conclusion. I just don’t see how you can come up with those huge numbers based on public budgeting without something terribly gone wrong. It’s not just ‘plugs.’ You want to go back in and look at those transactions, and we are not given access to do that.”

Not only is Skidmore being refused access, but the entire federal budget has been turned into a national security issue. There is literally no more public access to what the government spends your tax money on. Skidmore says, “Now, as of October 4th, we have effectively two sets of books. We have a set of books that can be manipulated and changed by a group of people that determine it’s a national security issue. They can alter the numbers and move things around within . . . or shift funding all the way to hide it. What we are going to do is produce a financial statement that is fake, and we will have no idea how much money was moved around, and we are all going to pretend we are going to have a real report. We will also have an actual report that will remain hidden. . . . It seems self-explanatory that if the government can’t track $21 trillion, there is something deeply wrong.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore, who discovered $21 trillion in “missing” money at the DOD and HUD.

(At the beginning of this interview, I mistakenly said $25 trillion in “missing money.” I meant to say $21 trillion.)  

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After the Interview: 

The post Dr. Skidmore referred to that was co-authored with renowned Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff from Boston University can be read by clicking here.


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  1. Charles

    Another fantastic interview with Dr Skidmore.

    • Charles

      Dr Skidmore is so squeky clean the prostitutes in fake MSM have nothing to bash him with.

  2. Paul Anthony

    I have an answer for Greg’s last question.

    You know what the biggest issue of that missing 21 trillion dollar is ? Our sovereignty. Has it all ready been stolen? Have our Congress, senate, and executive branch all ready been captured and Trump was never ever suppose to happen, and Hillary’s emails are nothing compared to how bought off our country all ready is? Is a full on revolt the only way to get our sovereignty back not only in this country but world wide.

    That missing money is probably bigger than any of us can imagine.

    When Mark Taylor talks about military tribals I think and hope and pray he’s right. We need them.

    My 2 cents


    • Tad

      What tribunals?

      • paul ...

        Tad … it is not that easy to get the traitors to GITMO when they stick together as a unified block … as Trump stated: Nancy Pelosi and some of the Demonrats turned down my offer yesterday “before I even got up to speak” … (for) “they don’t see crime & drugs … they only see 2020 … which they are not going to win”!!!

        • Tad

          I only see them occurring under martial law or national emergency. Someone could provide the legal basis or are we to await an executive order which supersedes the Ninth Circuit?

        • paul ...

          Tad … Trump’s schedule “has slipped a bit” but according to Robert David Steele the head of the snake (the Rothschild’s) already had it’s head cut off … and now that the government has been shut down for more then 30 days Trump can legally do a Reduction in Force (RIF) and fire half of the embedded Hillary commie lovers in the FBI and Justice Dept … and Steele believes Cheney must be hung for 9-11 “before” he takes out Hillary (or gives her the McCain or Bush option to die without a Show Trial) … GITMO is now totally refurbished and Military garrisons are now stationed there … this Concentration Camp for the Demons among us was set up outside the US so the Fake News Media “will have no access” to the Military Tribunal Trials going on and therefore “can’t put a negative spin on the trials” to mind control the public into protesting in the streets to stop the necessary hangings of all the pedophile Demons killing our children! …

      • Will

        Lets all understand something. Once we understand these two points all changes. Ready? There is no America, and we are not American citizens.
        We are expendable pawns, living in a Godless, immoral, corrupt, corporate, police state. Conclusion, stay informed, stay alert and be as best prepared as you can.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s what they (Deep State/Globalists) want us to think. “Fear Not” and don’t let fear corrupt your faith. They are not that tough!!

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter,
            Agreed. That the depth and breadth of our enemies’ perversity is being unmasked does NOT indicate that they are getting stronger; rather, it reveals the opposite. We are definitely in the early stages of winning this war.

            • William Stanley

              Still, I agree with Will on his point about staying prepared and alert.
              The real pain hasn’t yet started. It’s entirely possible that even many of the winners of this war will die or get pretty dinged up in the process.

          • Will

            Well, I’m afraid we have past the point of no return. Its over for this country, it has been for some time. And, we know that it really doesn’t matter. Praise be to God that the only thing I know and that does matter is Christ and him crucified. That is all one needs to know.

            • Greg Hunter

              It’s not over Will. Please give up some place else. Far from over!! “Fear Not”!!!!

              • Will

                Greg your the guy still working the bilge pump on the Titanic when its on the bottom of the Atlantic. I like you and your site but I wish I or someone could get through to you. Well, you do have a living to make, so I understand why you have to keep the flame burning. Glory to the Lamb of God!!

          • Will

            Greg, fear has nothing to do with it. It has all to do with conclusions after seeing the truth.

            • Greg Hunter

              Fear has everything to do with it which is why the term “Fear Not” is used in the Bi9ble over and over again! We will have to agree to disagree.

    • al

      Paul. 3 words…
      France Yellow Vests

    • paul ...

      “Is a full on revolt the only way to get our sovereignty back” … it seems so PA … as Al says below “get out the yellow vests”!!!

      • paul ...

        err: above

        • al

          Paul, I don’t condone violence but sometimes a little counter-force gets the message across.
          I saw that Zerohedge article and looked at all the videos. Where’s the Enemy FAKE NEWS Media on this Worldwide movement?

      • Tin foil hat

        paul …
        Folks are awakened in both parties of the existence of the Deep State. Before we put on the yellow vests, we should identify exactly who is our enemy.
        Cynthia McKinney is reaching out to the right for unity against the oligarches or the Deep State. I used to think she is a female version of Al Sharpton but I was wrong – she may be a crazy leftist but she has integrity.

        • Freebrezer

          TFH – That was eye opening … If only she can get a (big!) coalition of the blacks to listen to her and (a very big AND), unite with the middle class America to rid ourselves of the filth that runs and pillages US government … there might be hope. Right now to many black Americans are peasant/serfs/slaves to the elite that run the Democratic party (and the same can be said to whites that bow and bend a knee to the Bush republican party)! Very interesting viewpoint that the Newbees to the Deepstate are in war with the old guard deepstate … All about power … and there just are not enough seats at the deepstate table!

        • Tin foil hat

          Perhaps I’m getting really Tinfoil paranoid but I’m sensing a trap. The MSM got the talking point to exploit the Covington kids on Friday without checking the facts. Why didn’t they check? Are they really that stupid or they were just following orders?

          The MSM is too stupid to not see hundred of videos would surface the next day on YouTube repudiating their madeup story. Perhaps the Deep State is putting up a dog and pony show to get Americans, right and left, to demand the end of the republic.

    • A Bird In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

      Paul Anthony,
      You got to look at the bright side…………. At least our so-called representatives can plausibly, deny it all. Hopefully, before their all, crucified!

      Trump Will Take Back Our Sovereignty By Getting Rid Of The Central Bank?
      Published on Jan 20, 2019

      Alway’s Look On The Bright Side Of Life!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Okay, so we have a secret budget with sham accounting, and the MSM is, essentially, burying the story. How, then, can we have a government of, for, and by the people?
    It also means that nobody can trust the finances of the US Government . . . or anything it does because nothing happens without the expenditure of money to make it happen.
    That this is not a huge story for the MSM is a huge story in and of itself.
    Luckily a few alternative media sources, including USAW, are reporting on it. Here is an interesting article in Rolling Stone Magazine which also cites Dr. Skidmore’s work:

    Apparently — as we all knew based on other travesties — the Government is operating without much regard for the Constitution. Here is the Appropriations Clause of The Constitution:

    “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

    • William Stanley

      Oh, I see it now: the Constitution (wrongly) assumes that the Government would operate on money “drawn from the Treasury.” So, I guess, money acquired from other sources doesn’t need to be accounted for (at least not under the Appropriations Clause). Everything is fine . . . Oh, I forgot about the money that IS drawn from the Treasury and the accounting related to that. Maybe everything isn’t fine after all.

      • paul ...

        William … the Freedom of Information Act is a powerful tool in truthers arsenal … bet the Deep State is working overtime on how to stop such info like that below … from ever being released …

        • Arrowflinger

          Open Records Requests to state and local governments are seen as being on equal footing as a subpoena by most county attorneys, IMHO. The Federal might be less respectful.

      • iwitness02

        Thank you William, for pointing out this nuance. “drawn from the Treasury.” Bingo!

    • Paul Anthony


      Amen! We need to start something similar – or heck – just throw on a yellow vest and join them right here in America

      • al

        Paul Anthony, in my view the reason why we don’t see this movement here is because Trump is doing the job. We had the Tea Party during the last days of the Bush Admin so it can happen again… but the DemonRats and globalists are running scared and the gubment is still shut down. Trump knows he has to move forward and tighten his choke-hold on these monsters. I trust Trump.
        However, God help the movement that harms our beloved President.

    • Freebrezer

      WS – I wonder what levels of fraud are going on in other western governments that have even less accountability when compared to the USA. I would have to imagine that the pillaging of Europe, Australia, England, etc could even be worse!

  4. Anthony Australia

    Huge! Greg you are on fire in 2019, the countdown has begun.

    • al

      Paul Anthony, in my view the reason why we don’t see this movement here is because Trump is doing the job. We had the Tea Party during the last days of the Bush Admin so it can happen again… but the DemonRats and globalists are running scared and the gubment is still shut down. Trump knows he has to move forward and tighten his choke-hold on these monsters. I trust Trump.
      However, God help the movement that harms our beloved President.

  5. paul ...

    Let’s just pretend is the name of this game … let’s pretend we have a legitimate budget … but an illegitimate President … and for national security reasons we don’t need to fix the budget … but we do need to fix the Presidency (by arresting Trump and Pence for colluding with the Russians and putting in Pelosi as our new President and Hillary in as our Vice President) … and let’s pretend we are simply following the Constitution to allow us to do this regime change legally … and yet pretend the Constitution is no longer valid when it comes to owning a gun or speaking freely … and lets pretend (in this Alice in Wonderland like world) that we are simply sitting down for a cup of tea at the White House with President Pelosi … and the Mad Hatter VP serves us “pizza and hot dogs” made from little children … and where the portrait of George Washington that hung on the wall has now been changed to a portrait of Satan … and posted below Satan’s portrait is this sly message as a big joke: “Do You Know Where Your Children Are”?? … “Well Neither Do You Know Where Your $21 Trillion is!! … PLEASE WAKE ME UP FROM THIS CRAZY DREAM!!!

    • paul ...

      But I am awake … this is not a dream … but as I look around … I see everyone around me is asleep!! … I shout out: WAKE UP … WAKE UP YOU PEOPLE … DEMON-RATS HAVE TAKEN OVER OUR WORLD … AND THEY ARE ALL PSYCHOPATHS!!!

      • paul ...

        THEN A SHOT RINGS OUT … and I see a light … and out of that light JESUS REACHES OUT HIS HAND and put’s it on my shoulder … and I’M SAVED … saved from the unholy grip and torment of exceedingly immoral degenerate pedophile transgender child eating Satanists!!

  6. libertarian jerry

    The next time someone tells me that “taxes are what we pay for a civilized society” and that we all have to “pay our fair share” I’ll have them watch this interview with Dr.Skidmore.

    • Tad

      A not so evident economic school of thought might make a case that moderate taxation controls the rate of inflation.

      If we substantially reduce middle-class taxes because we can spend (print) our way through life anyway, why not do so to stimulate economic activity they claim we have now?

      People will either spend or pay off debt. For redundancy sake, why place them in worse financial condition.

      Depopulation by subtle means.
      Send this video to Nancy Pelosi.

  7. Maria das Santos

    hanks Mr Hunter and Dr Skidmore,just astounding how silent Americans are on the issue of such grand theft from themselves!
    Mr Martin Armstrong,richer and cleverer than I ever will be,through his Socrates computer algorithm has concluded that America has until 2032,that is 13years away.I always wondered what information that wretched computer had,now I know.It was picking up the open theft from the very treasury of the American people,by the watchdogs who are paid to warn and make a fuss when things don’t go right.No wonder people in the know have moved into the stock market.
    As an aside,has any journalist bothered to look at the sheer number of fancy car dealerships that litter the landscape near Washington,and other cities with large government teats above?It is astounding to see the lovely lives government agents have up close.
    Those of us outside the golden inner ring know how hard it is to earn a living,yet here the sweat of the American people is being squandered on what we are not allowed to know.Yet that sweat pays interest on government bonds of $6.5Billions per week.Just the interest payments paid each Friday,now that figure is being jacked a lot higher so that government and its henchmen can do what,but that jacking will be needed to protect the Dollar.
    Just in case you are wondering,glorious China increased their spending by $50Trillions in the last FOUR years,so no problems there just further largesse for the eight families of Mo’s inner ring.
    Europe is a joke and no accounting of our budget has passed any committee .
    Here in the UK our accounting standards are made in some play room of theft and we are deadly silent whilst our bonds barely pay interest due to jawboning.
    By 2050 our grandchildren will we claiming how “cool”America was as they try to warm their buttocks at an open fire and wonder why grandma allowed it to disappear.
    When America won the second world war it returned home with scientific discoveries and political ideas.Those ideas have become our government everywhere,yes in Europe,and the Fascists are in our midst.

    • Justin Tup

      Quot from ArmstrongEconomics
      The Economic Confidence Model

      Could you explain in a future blog the difference between these dates and what you (Socrates) expect to happen during these points in time?

      We will be running the computer models on the 2020 election. But preliminary indications show that we will see a sharp rise in violence. Neither side will accept the results.

      Maria das Santos,
      Heretofore, many have pointed out here on, that the great battle of Armageddon, the antitypical one, is near, that it will quickly follow the start of world war.

      Similarly in the great Armageddon near at hand it will not be human might that will prevail, but the disconcerted hosts will effect the complete disruption of the present order of things; for “every man’s hand shall be against his brother and against his neighbor”. Ezekiel 38:21, Zechariah 8:10, 14:13
      Each of these systems will utter /he same things, and these utterances will have the effect of gathering the kingdoms of earth together to the Battle of Armageddon.

      The cloudburst of Truth and the rising waters of knowledge are bringing to pass this great human catastrophe — which the Lord will overrule for the blessing of the world.

      Deborah and Barak vs. Jabin and Sisera
      High Tech Cannot Defeat God
      “From heaven fought the stars” (Judges 5:20 ASV).
      by Michael Costelli

  8. Derek Sinclair

    What better way to support the stock markets and the bond auctions than to secretly print trillions in currency to do the job. And don’t think for one second that this isn’t going on throughout the world. I don’t believe that any currency is now even worth a fraction of the paper it’s printed on. The fact that this fluff can still be used to buy hard assets like gold and silver is the only upside especially when the banks are being allowed to manipulate the prices of those assets to support the value of the trillions in currency they’ve admitted to printing.

  9. Nick de la Gaume

    Wild applause!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Greg for your unrelenting persistence.

    Thank you Dr Skidmore for your courage!

    3 cheers for Catherine A Fitts!

  10. Neil

    Yeah well… you made a spectacle of aggressively going after a story you wanted to publicise with little regard of the individual telling it. You have told about this many times to no great effect. Although he is honest in his work he obviously he was reluctant to be as visible above the parapet as you wanted him to be and probably for good reason. If he turns up in a box now you can be quietly satisfied your reporting style contributed to his early demise. Probably your worst bone gnaw yet among a few unfortunate excursions.

    • William Stanley

      Seemed to me that, in the end, Dr. Skidmore was grinning like a Cheshire cat and praising Mr. Hunter as a Patriot.

  11. allen ols

    Mark Levine interviews Dr Paul Kengore, on Ted Kennedy colluding with the kremlin to stop R. Reagan from becoming President.

  12. paul ...

    “The real goal of the globalists is an economic system in which they can monitor every transaction no matter how small; a system in which there is eventually only one currency, a currency that can be tracked, granted or taken away at a moment’s notice” … where every penny of the public spends is accounted for … yet what the globalists do with the money under their control “is private” and hidden under the cloak of “national security” … such is the new world order economic prison they intend to lock us in!! …

    • paul ...

      And not a single commie newspaper from the New York Slimes to the Clinton News Network (CNN) will ever report the full truth about the missing $21 Trillion … like they never reported the truth that all Hillary’s e-mails were not forged documents but “real” (released by Putin to help Trump) … these commie news organizations immmediately concocted and blasted on the front pages of their newspapers that Trump must have been “working with Putin” … just like Obama “was working with Brussels” to alter the BREXIT vote (to destroy British sovereignty) … now Pelosi is in Brussels … likely scheming on the best way to get rid of Trump … but not one word is printed in US commie newspapers that Pelosi must be a Brussel’s spy (trying to destroy American sovereignty by doing a regime change to put herself in charge of the US without an election)!!

      • paul ...

        Ever wonder why the CIA controlled “anti-war party” is so intent on keeping our US troops “overseas” as they prepare do their regime change here in America? … perhaps they don’t want any patriotic soldiers over here on American soil that can interfere with their treasonous regime change plans!! … Trump needs to get our boys home fast to protect America … screw the Middle East, Afghanistan, etc., etc. … let them solve their own problems … we have a dire emergency to take care of right here in our own country!!!

        • paul ...

          Do you realize the warmongering neocons of the Deep State have American military and support personnel engaged in eighty(80) nations on six(6) continents and has spent $5,900,000,000,000 of our tax money on their continual non-ending wars … while skimming $21,000,000,000,000 ($21 Trillion) off the top for themselves … is it any wonder General Butler called war “a racket”!! …

          • paul ...

            Let’s put a balls and chains on the neocon warmongering racketeers, the greedy banksters and the pedophile politicians … let’s get them all out of our government now … which means we have to bring our troops home, get rid of the Fed and indict the perverts … is it any wonder Trump has so many enemies!!

            • paul ...

              And lets close down the entire Deep State controlled “fake news media” for blasting Hillary’s fake forged documents about Trump all over their front pages as being “real” … when we have in hand thousands and thousands of Hillary’s “very real e-mails” that is conveniently ignored by these commie slime’s!!

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – A one world currency … All that comes to mind is the bible and the story of the Tower of Babel …

  13. Peter

    Democrats prove they don’t care about dreamers by refusing to consider Trumps latest offer. We already knew they only care about power and lining their own pockets with money. The DNC is 100% responsible for the govt shutdown now.

    On a positive note, the US stock market is now on fire, let’s pray it continues. Celente, Pento, Nenner all were wrong it seems.

  14. jack

    In the interview with Catherine Austin Fitts ,Greg Hunter asked about the currency reset, to which Catherine replied. “That’s irrelevant. They will steal from us whatever they need ” In other words there is no rule of law as evidenced by this secret money printing. Steve St Angelo said that the total US Govt debt is $30 trillion + this $21 trillion + unfunded Govt liabilities.
    I can see why Dr Mark Skidmore seems a bit reticent . This is monumental and he needs a lot more backing to lighten the load.

  15. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Fascism is what we now have.

  16. Peter Sanford

    I’m not sure that I understand this correctly.

    These were already appropriated funds that disappeared.

    How can it be counted twice as national debt?

    • paul ...

      Interesting thought Peter … seems “all” appropriated funds “disappear” into the pockets of the Deep State … and everything else (all the money needed to run the government) is simply printed out of thin air by the Fed with no records kept … wow … w need to buy gold and silver fast!!

      • paul ...

        And this “Horn of Plenty” provides no spice to the common man … … all the money goes to the racketeers … what we need is “Patriots” who can ride the Government Cornucopia Sand-worm and bring power (spice) back to the people …

        • paul ...

          Hey “Fed” … it’s the end of your “day”s helping only your “kin” … we Patriot will ride a Sandworm that provides “real spice” to the people (gold and silver) … FED DAY KIN !!!

          • paul ...

            Come on America … lets take back control of the Government Cornucopia and have the Fed provide more-deb (t) paper money (Muad’dib) for us ordinary citizens instead of just printing it up for their bankster buddies!

    • William Stanley

      My take is that the $21 Trillion is not some sum of “appropriated funds” that has disappeared; it is the sum of (some) undocumented “transactions.” The so-called “transactions” included revenues as well as expenses. However, it now appears that these numbers don’t even represent actual transactions. The “accounting” is a complete sham and fiction representing nothing real, not even circular flows of “double-counted” money sloshing around the bureaucracy.
      IMO, what has been revealed is a gigantic money-laundering scheme designed to hide where the money really comes from and where it really goes. There may well be lots of revenue (say from drug and child trafficking — as well as “secret” Government-owned businesses) that is laundered in this scheme as well. Moreover, we have little or no idea where a lot of money really went — so, to a large extent, we don’t know what the Government is doing (or not doing). Moreover, some of that may be completely off the books (both the sham and the “real”) and not even part of the $21 Trillion.
      (As an aside and a totally separate issue, in a sense we don’t even know the overall size of government as a portion of the overall economy, since lots of income reported in Government statistics as having been generated in the private sector really represents — indirectly, via multiplier effects –activity in support of government activities).
      Furthermore, shouldn’t we suspect that the Federal Reserve funds some black operations with money that shows up nowhere in the “official” numbers. (I’ve heard indications from one well-placed source that, as I interpreted it, such has happened in the past).
      IMO, you are right about not counting the $21 Trillion of undocumented “transactions” as a measure of hidden additional national debt. It is better characterized as a measure of the size and deviousness of the smoke screen that has been thrown up to hide what the Government is doing. The scandal isn’t so much about theft and fraud — although, no doubt, massive amounts of that are involved — as it is about unaccountability and the loss of the sovereignty of the American people.
      We have a government that is out of the control of the people, and that — as Dr. Skidmore said — is an existential threat to the republic. Yet the MSM not only buries the story, it twists and mischaracterizes it.

  17. paul ...

    This is an interesting twist with regard to denying Huawei 5G access to US markets … supposedly the real issue is that Huawei categorically refuses to install NSA backdoors into their hardware to allow unfettered NSA intelligence access to all the data that crosses US networks (but Huawei likely wants to keep just their own backdoors)!!

    • paul ...

      As I said before … “The New York Slimes, the Clinton News Network (CNN), etc., etc. must be put out of the business of disseminating fake news … Trump is doing his part … now it is up to us to do ours (don’t buy what they print or listen to what they spew out over our TV sets)” … TV sets that spy on us “every second of the day”!!

  18. andyb

    Greg: excellent interview. I suspect, as many financial experts have postulated, that the money has gone to the ESF (plunge Protection team) to buy USTs being discarded by the rest of the world.

    I came across a very disturbing article on written by Larry Chin exposing Bill Barr as the deepest of Deep State operatives who has significant CIA credentials, was involved in Iran/Contra up to his eyeballs and was a key participant in the Clinton/GHWBush drug running through Mena Arkansas. I strongly suggest you and the other patriots posting here read this article.

    • William Stanley

      Yes, very disturbing. Still, I think the article understates the breadth and depth of the present situation with CIA (including, I suspect, its links to the Federal Reserve and other globalist players such as the Council on Foreign Relation, George Soros, the UN and NGOs). Perhaps, due to confirmation bias, I was particularly intrigued by the following excerpt.
      “As described by Mike Ruppert:
      ‘It [CIA] stood, and still stands today, isolated and immune from the operating principles of democracy. It is autonomous and it operates through self-funding via narcotics and weapons trafficking. To quote [former CIA director] William Casey it is ‘a completely self-funding, off-the-shelf operation.’ It, in fact, dictates a substantial portion of this country’s foreign, economic and military policy from a place not accessible to the will of a free people properly armed with facts.’

  19. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great guest – but – you mentioned “plugs” several times without any explanation. I inferred that ‘plugs’ were used by the MSM to explain away the missing $21tr dollars, but I long since curtailed my exposure to the MSM so I did not read any of their propaganda relating to this issue. What are ‘plugs’ in this context?

    • William Stanley

      Documented revenues often don’t match documented expenses. To make the books “balance,” a “plug” number is just inserted and (sometimes) identified as such. I assume that is what they are talking about.

      • William Stanley

        I often say “expenses” when I should more accurately say “expenditures.”

    • Arrowflinger

      Accounting has historically been double entry, with every debit amount having an equal credit amount. A “plug” is an entry to force the accounts into balance when the transactional documentation is unidentifiable.

      Generally, auditors and accountants have a “threshold of materiality” beneath which they won’t go looking for the missing detail. Greg did a great job of handling this concept in the interview by mentioning his corporate accounting friend’s $15 threshold.

      $21 trillion is close to the official national debt SINCE THE INCEPTION OF THE US! If such a number is not “material” then neither is the total of all deficits, or the official debt. That is how criminally absurd Fitts and Skidmore’s findings are!

      One-legged (single entry) accounting, like a one-legged man, has trouble standing, with even a single attempted step potentially catastrophic. (Visualize the one-legged man toppling forward, landing on his face and crushing his nose.)

      • Arrowflinger

        I think you misunderstood my meaning about the “absurdity” of Fitts and Skidmore’s findings. Those two did an incredibly brave and monumentally PROFESIONAL job exposing fraudulent accounting so immense that it can only be described as absurd.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am retracting (deleting) my statement. My bad. Sorry.

          • Arrowflinger

            Understood, perfectly, sir.
            Fitts and Skidmore’s are in my bailiwick.
            Following the money trail to huge stories is fascinating and this is the biggest ever.

      • Tin foil hat

        I believe the current global economic comedy show consists of at least three (China, EU and U.S.) one-legged men. Somehow, they have managed to tie themselves together and march forward like a three-legged Frankenstein since 2008. The problem with this Frankenstein is that it also has three heads.

        • William Stanley

          Pretty funny image! (pretty scary reality as well).

  20. Jerry

    The missing 21 trillion is kabuki theatre compared to the real theft that’s about to take place. The forced removal of a stitting President.

    We’ve all learned from sad experience that debt doesn’t really matter anymore, when you live in a fake financial system controlled by globalist manipulators. Theft is nothing new. Go back and look at the piece Frontline did in 2008 called “ The Warning”. Even then Treasury officials couldn’t account for trillions of dollars that were missing to a congressional committee. And what happened then? Nothing.

  21. Russell

    I may be way off base here, but does anyone remember the arbitrary $750-$800 billion bailout supposedly required after the great mortgage collapse in the Fall of 2008? They pulled that number out of thin air. The American taxpayers bailed out European banks! Bloomberg seemed to be the only news outlet tracking it at the time. I remember during the dark days of 2009, Bloomberg had tracked it all the way up to a total of $24 trillion that the USA was on the hook for. At the time, that was twice our GDP. There’s no telling what shell games they played with free reign to do whatever the hell they wanted, and all the hot checks they could write.

    I’ll try to find that Bloomberg article from 2009 about the $24 trillion and link it here. Hopefully it hasn’t fallen down the memory hole.

  22. Ron

    The numbers are so large that both Mark and Greg verbally misrepresent the translated amounts i.e. “two thousand one hundred billion”. Just thought it was funny. Mark did it earlier as well where “1% of 21 trillion is 21 million, er 21.1 billion”. My point is these numbers are so tremendous that even those covering the story can’t even properly grasp those amounts.

    • paul ...

      It is 210 Billion!!

  23. Roger D

    Dr. Skidmore’s position has the precious ‘ring of truth’ to it. I am happy that he was able to get his message out into the light before harm came to him. I’d be happy if he was in my new republic.

  24. Russell

    And I just want to add this… According to William Black, a thousand people went to jail over the Savings and Loan scam in the 1980’s. 2008 was 75 times larger, and no one went to jail other than Bernie Madoff, who had nothing to do with the 2008 financial collapse. Yes, he was a Ponzi scheme criminal, but a drop in the bucket compared to the largest swindle in the history of mankind and money.

  25. Arrowflinger

    As a sort of 7 year penance I was a hub in a band of corruption fighters in Georgia. What Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Skidmore revealed nationally exists in local and state governments. The denial in official media is the same. The issues we DOCUMENTED via open records requests are perhaps more chilling. The resistance came from friends and family whose hopes for their children now center on diminishing opportunities, the most promising of which are seen to reside in cozying up to corrupt, failed oligarchs. Georgia was number 1 in mortgage fraud 5 years running in the early 2000’s, then number 1 in bank failures during the Great Financial crisis, yet the people do not accept the reality that corruption is the center of the political economy in this Bible belt state.

    We took blows from the media, who directly benefitted from the corruption in myriad ways. I had contributed over $2 million of time at my 2005 billing rates. I got chastised at nearly every turn BUT IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT because folks that we helped showed gratitude and because what the greed wrought was, and is, OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! Perhaps a comedy routine would work?

    I simply have gotten too old to fight any more against friends and family. I decided to hunt, fish , and walk in the blessed woods of the Lord’s creation for my remaining days here on earth. May God our Father bless you, Greg Hunter, and Patriots Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts. He indeed is in charge! As, for me, I am touched by Angels in a biblical story that might never get told, but one that restored me to Christ’s fold.

  26. Brad Skiles

    Thanks Greg! Great interview. Not hard to see why Russia, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Africa, Venezuela, and the European Union are all moving away from dollars. It looks like a monetary change is coming.

    • paul ...

      When the American people finally wake up … and also move away from the dollar … the warmongering neocon bankster pedophile cabal will be smashed … but lets not stupidly allow the SDR racketeers to take their place … screw them all and buy gold and silver instead!!

  27. Claude

    Greg, you are the best interviewer on any airway medium today. You do what others do not; that is, first of all, you allow your guests to talk and get all of their information out. Secondly, you make the interview about the topic and the guest, and not about your show, a bad habit the mainstream media has. The one question that I wish you would have asked Professor Skidmore is if anyone (University, Government, Military, or otherwise) has asked him to shut up, or find another area of research. If this has not happened with a story this big, it can only be due to the level of complete confidence in the degree of unaccountability that those at the highest levels of out government have in knowing they will never have to answer for their crimes.
    Thank you for shining a small beam of light on these cockroaches

  28. Country Codger

    Dear Dr. Skidmore,
    I am a disabled Vietnam War (FUBAR) and early Middle East (more FUBAR) action veteran with a Ph.D. in Divinity and also Theology, M.A. History and I can unequivocally state that you sir, are a patriot. I will go so far as to state you really are the Paul Revere of the 21st Century. You saw the fraudsters coming and you sounded the alarm. As Greg so passionately stated, this has the potential to bring down the dollar worldwide and that in and of itself should worry every American.
    Thank you for what you have done and your bravery in bringing it to light. Salute.
    Lo Iyrah!

  29. jay logo

    Hope the interview gains traction on at least Zero Hedge and Breitbart. Ashame that a few outsiders pull back the curtain and find a cesspool of malfeasance and the USA population is so fearful their little fake lifestyles will be ruined that they over look it. Leverage buyouts are done all the time to companies with the purpose of saddling the entity with debt and pocket the assets ultimately bankrupting the company. Might as well secretly print a load of dollars and use them while they still have value to maintain the illusion and assure the luxury of the insiders. Yes the USA is an LBO loaded with promises of future prosperity and security all based on insurmountable debt. This fraud will never see the light of day unless citizens break out the yellow vests as it is a matter of national security. My grandfather always told me that mother earth can support our needs but not our greeed.

  30. Paul P.

    So 21 trillion $ goes missing ! The apparatus called the deep state cleverly and deceptively covers it up until Dr. Skidmore and his team uncover the massive fraud. The deep state cannot allow this to go public so they go about to discredit Dr. Skidmore’s findings. To be succinct, they – the media- go out of their way to be dismissive! And shockingly ( we shouldn’t be) the deep state changes the accounting rules via Accounting Standards 56 which permits this deception to carry on. Don’t look here …look over there! There meaning Trump is unfit to govern; Trump colluded with the Russians; Trump is evil; Trump is our problem. Fortunately, people like you Greg and others like Dr. Skidmore are sounding the alarm. The voices of concern are growing stronger and louder each passing day. The corruption, deception, malfeasance is so rampant in government that only someone who is powerful enough and outside the establishment can attempt to right the ship. That person is Donald J. Trump. If Dr. Dave Janda is right about the unsealing of Grand Jury indictments then hold onto your seats. This is about to go MAD MAX. Thanks Greg . Keep up the great work.

  31. Arrowflinger

    There were at least 3 mega stories that fit hand-in-glove with national and international events. It started with the intent that it would be a demonstration project of what goes wrong in municipal contracts and governance, with the media, with whom we had cordial, even personal relationships, publicizing our found FACTS. Alas, one of the first blockbusters involved public-private partnerships to which the regional newspaper publisher/oligarch was a party with interests. (The publishing empire was in the throes of a $150 million bankruptcy filing). We fought the operating agreements to a halt for months. The media cameras stayed dark. One heroic TV reporter had the temerity to show my copies of liens on some property under city -owned buildings on camera. Soon afterward he left town. The video footage of his reports and others are no longer available,

    It is most curious when main stream newspapers, media blogs, and newspaper forums see published works changed or deleted in the middle of the night.

    Using absurd underage sexcapades when the politician targetted was a minor, like Judge Kavanaugh? It got done there first. In fact you might call the Georgia victim a political prisoner today.

    Remember Maxine Waters suggesting physical intimidation of opponents? We saw that from a talk radio host who said an activist should be beaten close to death who had singlehandedly beaten a new stadium project (not the issue prompting advocacy of violence)

    Civil Asset Forfeiture is now the only funding source to get rural police in about 130 counties raises. That beast came virtually to my doorstep.

    And while I am at it, it wasn’t just the New York Wall Street Banks doing bailouts, either.

    What makes the Fitts/Skidmore revelations so powerful here is that they use old fashioned AUDIT TRAILS AND COST CONTROL PROTOCOLS in proving them. Down here we found protocols in contract administration, law, accounting, procurement, engineering, land use, title administration, fixed assets control, and ordinance adoption to be thrown out the window by local governments whosee citizens cannot afford the excessive costs.

  32. Mike Curry

    Greg, we love you friend, but need to tell you that you were a complete bully to Mark Skidmore. It was so egregious I wanted to turn off the interview. I felt empathy for Mark and concern for your inappropriate style.
    It is known you get excited about some issues but you should apologize to Mark and to your loyal followers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop with the baby, social justice, “bully” crap. Skidmore and I are both men and friends.

    • al

      This loyal follower thought Greg acted appropriately. Dr. Skidmore is an adult and showed empathy to Greg’s frustration, let’s face it, Dr. Skidmore was more than reserved in his choice of words about this major fiasco because he’s a PHD and has to tow the line. Knowing this Greg basically said what Skidmore wishes he could say.
      Greg was more than appropriate and spoke for us, the non PHDs who don’t have to tow the line.
      You want to see bully? Try the enemy media with their sound bites and constant loud interruptions.

    • William Stanley

      Dr. Skidmore is a very cautious and difficult man to interview, and he needed help in articulating the meaning of all this. I noticed that he became happier once he knew he was starting to more clearly express what all of this is really about: i.e., that this “accounting” scandal is an “existential threat” to the Republic.

      • Arrowflinger

        Dr. Skidmore is understandably cautious. I am astounded that he put a team on this matter, it is so contrary to the bought off financial accounting establishment. What he did within the environment in which he did it is incredibly brave. Why? Because everyone else is DEAD WRONG and I do mean everyone not named Catherine Austin Fitts.

        My impression when Skidmore sought to validate what he initially thought were stunning, incredible claims by Fitts when she was at the $6.5 trillion number was that he was skeptical, but wanted to get to the TRUTH. Those with much greater “credentials” are not, were not, and never will be trifled with the TRUTH. Nor would they ever put a team on finding it.

        • William Stanley

          Agreed. Dr. Skidmore is a hero.

  33. AL HALL

    Greg: You really know why this story is buried. Because all media is owned by the globlist- and this story can not be looked into.

    Is is it $21 trillion or $25 trillon- you mentioned both amounts??

    • Greg Hunter


      At the beginning of this interview, I mistakenly said $25 trillion in “missing money.” I meant to say $21 trillion.


  34. al

    BING!!! BANG!!! BOOM!!! Awesome!!!!
    If FASB56 is taken seriously Dr. Skidmore’s and others like him will lose their relevance and their job. Why have a public accountant when the numbers are fake?
    Fascism? This reminds me of 1950s Soviet Russia! Communism! Collectivism! Total control!!!

    Since FASB56 says the board has the right to TOTALLY hide their accounting and put out FAKE NUMBERS, I’m looking at my tax report for 2018… can I do the same thing? By all rights I should.

    I totally understand why Dr. Skidmore is so reserved in his choice of words, I have 3 PHDs in my Family and they all have to “tow the line” in public, but get them in private with a few beers and they are different people.
    I’ll bet Dr. Skidmore sheds his prim and proper exoskeleton at times, but not on your show.

    Since this revelation of the missing $21 Trillion has come to light, the FASB is now deciding to hide everything so that the next $21 Trillion cannot be calculated or divulged.

    TO Dr. Skidmore:
    Dr. Skidmore, as I understand it Public Accounting is what you teach, if you are not given work to do you have no more job. Keep fighting the good fight! YOU ARE A PATRIOT! (even though that is a curse word in academia)

    Greg, every WNW, every show like this is another dagger in the Enemy Media’s back and they are bleeding hard. Soon the monster will be dead.

  35. al

    I used to wonder why past Regimes taken over from revolts in other countries would line up every government official and either jail them or shot them. I now know why.

    • paul ...

      Why is the Deep State giving Trump so much trouble funding the Wall … when they gave Trump no problem funding the expansion at GITMO?? … something is very coo coo with our government officials appropriating funds … so all these government pedophiles had no problem voting to expand GITMO (so they could be hung) yet they are giving Trump a hard time funding a Wall that is not an immediate threat to their life (only a potential threat to their jobs way in the future without more aliens voting)??? … the only thing I can figure is … perhaps they think it is Trump and his patriots who will be sent to GITMO … once they do a regime change impeachment and put Pelosi in as President and have her choose Hillary as her Vice President (which seems appropriate as Hillary is the Queen of Vice and has it in for Trump just as much as Gina)!!

    • Free Slave

      Have you ever noticed how many countries celebrate, as a national holiday, the last time they threw out their government.

      • paul ...

        Can’t wait to celebrate the “Deep State Day” national holiday!!

  36. Gary Boyd

    Does America Have a Shadow Government? Are they manipulating the elections? Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd
    Excerpt from JFK Speech“…And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. … For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” A few years later he was assassinated by this cabal….

    Government Cabal
    Does the U.S. have a shadow government? Absolutely! People no longer question the existence of the CFR, the Bush’s One World Order, the Bilderberg group and others or the influence that these shadowy groups have over the U.S. government.
    Does this shadow government influence the policies of the Republican and Democrat parties? Absolutely! They have secret meetings with candidates were they plan strategies to have their candidate win. So they can continue their steps toward a one world order. Just recently Obama tried to shut down speech against the climate change deniers. Why? Well because they want to institute a one world tax on every living person to help install this one world global debacle.
    They have lobbyists, foundations and political action committees that give large campaign contributions to candidates that they can control with their monies.
    Money is a Heavy Influence During These Recessionary Times
    Is this shadow government influencing the current U.S. administration? Absolutely! Many U.S. citizens don’t think a relatively unknown Barack Obama could have become president of the U.S. without their help. He supports open borders, unhindered immigration, trade treaties, global governance, a global economic system, a surveillance society, climate change, and more.
    These are the same goals that the shadow government supports. They show up in presidential executive orders, treaties and agreements that the elite in the Republican and Democrat establishment push for their benefit and profit.
    Elitists Trying to Control Who is Elected
    Is this shadow government trying to influence the campaign that is currently going on to select nominees to run for president of the U.S.? Absolutely! It was recently reported that the CFR doesn’t usually support anyone, but this time around the CFR is supporting Hillary Clinton because it will be business as usual while continuing the Obama criminal enterprise.
    Is anyone seeking the nomination for president that this shadow government cannot control or cannot buy? Absolutely! Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign and rejecting the contributions of the lobbyists, foundations and political action committees. Ted Cruz has a strong Christian faith and some think he is too principled to be bought or controlled and many say the Washington establishment does not like him.

    • Tin foil hat

      Gary Boyd,
      I used to find it difficult to accept such conspiracy theory – no more!
      What is CFR?

  37. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    Want a great interview? Invite PCR on to talk about 911 and the new investigation

    Thanks Dave

  38. Mike

    What would be a bigger story than the missing $21 trillion? How about a story about who created all this counterfeit money and the 2 quadrillion of counterfeit money created around the world?

  39. Larry G Carter

    Greg, you questioning of Dr. Skidmore at the beginning of your interview was an attempt
    to make Dr. Skidmore accept the fact that his investigation of government spending
    and his finding of $21 trillion of government fraud and facing that truth. Being a college professor it was not easy for Dr. Skidmore to see things as they are. His world does not easily accept the truth. College professors live in an Alice and Wonderland World. Good job in making this professor a realist!

  40. Sayonara

    This where we are:
    At no time in our lives have we witnessed the country so divided. If one looks back in history, the divisions today between the left and right (coastal socialist elites and patriotic middle Americans) are more severe and deeper than they were in early 1861.

    There seems to be absolutely no way that either side will compromise for the sake of our country. The only thing that we see happening is both sides are digging in deeper and becoming more extreme. Sooner or later, they must face the consequences of their positions and the reality of what the future of the United States will be.

    It was said by Abe Lincoln that “A house divided against itself cannot endure” and that is exactly where the United States finds itself in 2019. It is no longer slave states versus free states, it is the politically hardcore left against traditional Americans. Tribal mentalities and identity politics are rampant across the country.

    The hardcore left will not bend or compromise any of their beliefs, which are essentially a religion without facts or historical perspective, and neither will the conservative right. Sadly, only the folks in middle America see what is coming.

    The coastal elites, who make up the majority of the leftists in this country, are wearing blinders and will even consider this country is on the brink of another civil war. I would imagine that a similar view was held by their counterparts in Yugoslavia just before their civil war.

    To remind those who do not remember, in Europe Yugoslavia was considered the “Paris of the East.” It was prosperous and even sponsored the winter Olympics at Sarajevo in 1984. Now, after the war, there are seven separate countries where one used to be and none are as prosperous as Yugoslavia once was.

    The American left considers it to be acceptable behavior for their minions to call for the assassination of the President. They find it acceptable to depict him as being beheaded. They find it funny when one of their kind threatens to blow up the White House and they turn a blind eye when their followers compare the President to Adolf Hitler, one the vilest butchers of all time.

    If the above remarks were not enough to disgust you, what about the newly elected congresswoman who called the President a “mother F***er.” For the record, she is also a raging anti-Semite.

    If that was not enough to convince you of the bad intentions of the liberal elite, their current socialist rising star wants to take up to 70% of your income in taxes. She and the other radicals in this country ignore the fact that socialism only works until you run out of other peoples’ money. in other words, socialism always fails over time.

    The above remarks are NOT the behavior of patriotic Americans. They represent the behavior of (treasonous) agitators who seek to destroy the United States. They would convert our country into a western hemispheric “Euro-style-nation,” supporting UN-globalism and open borders.

    The future does not bode well for our country, because we are so deeply divided. The mainstream media, which shamelessly panders to the left, will not acknowledge the horrible prospects that await our country. Neither will the educational system, which has long been dominated by leftists (progressives, liberals, Socialists, Marxists and Communists, whatever they choose to call themselves this week). However, in their private moments, they know what the future holds. We hold them equally responsible for the storm that is coming.

    There is no question in our minds that civil war is coming. It will be a war that will tear apart the very fabric of this country and result in tens of thousands of deaths (probably more). It is no longer a question of if the United States will break apart in a civil war, it is only a question of when.

    With the storm rapidly approaching, the leftists and socialists will redouble their attempts to disarm all law-abiding citizens and gut the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It would be foolish for anyone to turn in their guns or magazines, because of the liberals “common sense” gun control initiatives.

    Remember, in a liberal’s mind, “common sense gun control” means all power concentrated in the state; no guns for you or me. Hang on to your firearms and ignore the unconstitutional anti-gun laws, because you are going to need them in the near future. In fact, it is probably a good idea to pick up some extra ammunition. (You can never have too much!)
    courtesy of:
    Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

  41. Tin foil hat

    What I can’t understand is that why do the Chinese or anybody else still want to trade with us? What leverage does Trump really has in the current trade negotioation with China if this were true?
    I infer China is pretty much in the same boat (Ponzi yen) as the US (Ponzi dollar), and we are like two whining and moaning drunken cripples holding each other up.

  42. iwitness02

    Scandal, fraud, corruption, national security, cover ups, lies, theft on a stupendous scale, hidden criminals at all levels of government, including politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, and bankers. A soft coupe on the presidency, destroying innocent lives, left and right. An economy that is slowing down. Our nation is being run down. The people are being oppressed under fraudulent laws and suffocating taxes and regulations. This all leaves me wondering if I should be concerned. The answer is yes. We all should be. That is, concerned enough to take action to prepare to live on our own without modern infrastructure.
    I think I caught a small misunderstanding during the interview. Sounded to me like Mark said that his own research, and his own efforts to shine light on the issue of the missing money, “was a drop in the bucket.” Not that the issue, or story, itself was a drop in the bucket.
    At any rate, it is all very thought provoking, and my thanks to both Greg and Mark for keeping this story alive. Have to give Catherine a shout out at the same time. We can’t talk about this, without mentioning her name too.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great interview and the emphasis on THE DECEPTION AND COVER UP is essential for the sleepy sheeple to understand…and the odds that it is NOT err, that it is intentional…to led to who, why, and where it went… I tend to believe it is not only some space programs…but underground facilities more in line with my more recent past posts.

  44. Craig

    C’ant thank you enough Greg— mind blowing interview. This is the biggest story in the last 70 years. You, Skidmore, Austin Fitts, and Kotlikoff are doing incredibly important work. Keep it up!

  45. KD

    What does the missing $21 trillion mean? That we are under fascism, tyranny, and the stuff has hit the fan.

    • Arrowflinger

      It means that the US government has taken the power inherent in the fiat money system to monetize past, current and future labor of its citizens beyond prudence and perhaps past the breaking point.

  46. frank kapplow

    Its the money they use for chemtrails

  47. Matt Jaymes


    That has to be the most profound interview of the last 100 years, no, since the inception of our republic!

    To anyone out there that wants to understand what real, genuine no BS journalism is – watch this interview and learn!

    I would like to suggest that the “Patriot’s Choice” award for authentic and integral news go to Greg Hunter! The sum and substance of this interview is nothing short of Earth-Shattering! It clearly (but sadly) demonstrates that this once great republic has been usurped by diabolical megalomaniacs.

    Can we get it back?!

    Standing Ovation Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!!

  48. Prophet

    Interesting Interview,,, if correct this could explain why the markets seem to recover again and again…. This is a uncomprehending amout of money , to just disappear without a trace…. Skidmore and Fitts are the only sources covering this that i could find, Are Marks records available to to the public? Would be nice to see some actual documents confirming this. Basically this would be the biggest bank robbery of all time , why is their so little coverage and so few available facts ?

  49. tony

    Dear Greg Hunter , This is the Left’s take ,
    Here it talks about Hillary Clinton shielding most of the swiss bank accounts , why , is it because this will show where the 21 Trillion is and who has it ???

    Is this why we see the Clintons , Bushes and Obamas such great friends ????
    LOL peasants and subjects we the people are ???

  50. R. patrick

    Annoying when you repeatedly interrupt your guests! I call it how I see it. Work on that Sir!

    • William Stanley

      Your comment reminds me of a joke about three umpires:
      The rookie umpire said, “Some are balls and some are strikes and I call them as I see them.”
      The umpire with a few seasons under his belt and feeling pretty confident said, “Some are balls and some are strikes and I call them as they are.”
      Then the veteran umpire spoke up, saying: “Some are balls and some are strikes, but they’re NOTHING until I call them.”
      R, your comment was annoying and impertinent.

  51. Tad

    And a chunk of that $21 trillion probably went to conducting a Congressional– unauthorized war in Yemen.

    It would seem that to conduct a psyop against the American people, the military defines winning as never having to physically depart from fighting in a given nation. Nick Turse at wrote a recent piece to that effect.

  52. Tad

    The article by Nick Turse to which I referred to earlier.

  53. Arrowflinger

    Greg, Thanks for making the crucial distinction between the FASOB and the FASB, although both have been used to deceive the people. Had the FASB 157 Mark-to-Market accounting rule not been gutted, the bailouts would have to have been many multiples of the $24 trillion expended in TARP, the credit lines to European banks, QE, ZIRP and AIG insurance rescue. One huge question remains – How can anyone believe their 401 account statements?

    Back in 2008 folks with 401 plans offered by most employers had “Stable Value Fund” plan options if they wanted to stay out of the stock market. Friends asked me to look at the composition of their stable value accounts. They all held MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES WITH A ‘WRAPPER’. The wrapper was a credit default insurance like AIG provided. Hence, the people who purposely avoided the market risks actually owned the most toxic of assets! When a US Senator feared there would be “tanks in the streets”, I suspect he feared the fearsome wrath of those so outrageously deceived.

    • Arrowflinger

      FASAB……..SOB was a Freudian slip.

  54. Dave

    I’ve come to the conclusion MSM don’t give a shiet about making
    a profit because they are owned and controlled by the CIA so their only
    job is to keep the sheeple uniformed and in the dark. The hidden
    government within the government controls everything and most
    elected politicians are just talking bobble heads that have been bought
    and paid for. I still have hope Trump will be able to expose the
    corruption because if he can’t the west is doomed.

  55. bill

    $21 trillion equals 21 thousand billion. At first I thought greg misspoke, but apparently he is confused. The “one per cent for wall funding ($21 billion)” is actually one tenth of one per cent (0.1%) of the missing $21 trillion.

  56. A Bird In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

    __________Avoiding Truth

    There is a principle
    which is a bar against all information,
    which is truth against all argument,
    and which cannot fail to keep man
    in everlasting ignorance.
    That principle is condemnation before

    That is the goal and intent of US. intell agency’s, in regime changing and their present coup d’état, against the American people!
    They provide the condemning information/disinformation, then bar any investigation, mission accomplished? UNTILL TRUMP!

  57. Michael214

    Greg/all, I am not sure why this huge piece of information has not been discussed as well!

    Please take the time and listen to an interview over at Wall Street for Main Street from Trader Vic, a few months ago. He has uncovered that the too big to fail US banks have been given the ability (more laws modified to hide accounting) to print currency out of thin air, buy ALL US Treasury DEBT they want, and place it in Special purpose vehicles “off books” !!!

    So, does our US DEBT (currency) really matter???

    Got GOLD?

    Victor Sperandeo: Large US Banks Rigged the US Treasury Market For More Profits?

  58. Robert

    I am wondering what happens to the massive fines imposed upon companies and or individuals who are convicted of criminal activity. Every time this happens we should all be receiving a check. It’s our money as a government of the people.

    • Arrowflinger

      The trouble is that they never enforce the law. Sarbanes Oxley was supposed to beef up enforcement after 2000. Dodd Frank after 2008. In the Georgia banking case we examined, junior and senior executives seem to me to have ignored very strict SEC ethics rules that were incorporated in the banking standards represented to the SEC and the public.

  59. Bob Rohrer

    Thank you for another excellent interview with Dr Skidmore! I would be most interested in the potential flow of a significant portion of these funds to politicians, to control their voting behavior in the Congress, and to the media as their propaganda arm and cover! These transactions would be a fraud and felony on both the Government, and the complicit recipients for accepting the bribes. The objective is the secret control of the direction of our Nation! In addition, I stress “secret” as the operative word, and the reason there are no answers, audits, inquiry or admissions!
    The alarm bells for me have been the subtle, elusive, insidious, and pernicious direction of our nation. Euphemistically called Progressivism, we are now shifting into an open admission of Socialism, with the reality being but one final step to a Communist Revolution. The act that could precipitate this is so heinous I am not going to go there here!
    The behavior of Democrats, who claim they are just progressives, or Republicans who are just ignoring the existential drift of our nation, does not answer the question as to what is driving this behavior. Follow the money! The ship has sailed on the idea of Republican and Democrat parties. Politicians in America are now either Constitutionalists or Communists, with the latter in the majority. My suggestion is they have been bought, are complicit, and as the majority they have control of the truth. Moreover, with the murderous, and economic disaster of Communism around the world, the only reason so called Democrats and Republicans would support this concept, would be surviving as protected “Elites”, while the rest of us suffer under their control! This is the rubric of Communism!

  60. Brian Marsh

    What can we all do to get the word out?

  61. Emanuel Olword II

    I echo Peter Sanford’s question. If the $21 trillion were appropriated by Congress, then how can these “unsupported adjustments,” as Dr. Skidmore identified them, be counted in addition to our national debt instead of just being considered stolen appropriated funds? Of course that would mean that our entire debt is comprised of these stolen funds, which doesn’t seem possible. It’s confusing.
    *** We have to assume that if this theft is happening at DOD and HUD then it may also be happening at other departments. That would mean that our government lying to us about the size of our national debt.
    *** The implementation of FASBA Regulations is an unconstitutional action which has allowed bureaucrats to bypass the US Constitution and lie and conceal the truth about the use of taxes they levy on us and the dollars they borrow in our name.
    *** The other question raised by this interview is who are the persons that the FASBA regulations (or possible secret congressional laws) have vested with the power to determine which funds can be concealed from the citizenry for natters of national security.
    *** The real question is, why isn’t Congress responding to any of these questions? We know why.

    The only way to control this tyranny is to significantly reduce the US Government by 30% to 40%. Then we go to the states and localities.

  62. Da Yooper

    Greg thanks for the update with Dr. Skidmore.

    Have you seen this? Was she leaving to USA to come back as President after a False Flag attack on Trump?

    Pelosi’s Secret Overseas Mission Included 93 Family Members? Why?

  63. Paul in oz

    Sports, Hollywood, music etc consume the collective mind set of Americans, those are the opiate of the masses. The Russian revolution displaced the Czars who had everything and gave people less than crumbs … sadly it was replaced by tyranny and not communism which intends to give people what they need but rather with fascism … everything was done in the interests of state owned machine of businesses. The crumbs given to Americans will soon be reduced … FASAB 56 makes it impossible to see misappropriations, the extent of them, the beneficiaries of them. The oppression of Americans is in its final stages … 2019 will result in the final step of total human servitude to the deep state machine or the re-institution of the rule of law … should Trump fail, the absolute smartest thing a person can do is leave what was once the land of nearly endless opportunity, where people were able to enjoy the highest standard of living ever known by the masses; because the future will be nothing but BLEAK! WAKE UP EVERYONE TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY NOW!

  64. Mike R

    The $21 trillion was all the money the US had to pay to foreign central banks, JBC, ECB, CNB, and regular large banking institutions like DB, foreign corporations, and so on, after the 2008 financial implosion. Previously it was talked about that the estimate was around $16 trillion, and then all of that discussion on the internet suddenly disappeared for a few years. So we didn’t just do QE out the ying yang for our own country, during the financial crisis, BUT we also had to bail out and pump money into numerous entities around the globe. The numbers were simply astronomical, to keep everything ‘solvent’.

    They had to shovel this money via other US entities and US government agencies, so as to ‘hide its’ eventual destinations. Americans would have impeached Obama, had they known what we did way beyond our own borders. Yes, ‘its’ gone and been ‘spent’ or call it ‘missing’ and destined to prop up the world, so our nation wouldn’t have collapse economically from the chain reaction of derivatives that were interlinked, and cascaded like dominoes. They kept a lot of that very well hidden. They plugged a lot of holes, but the damage that was done will be unrecoverable. Worse, are all those who made the utterly bad and stupid ‘bets’ (derivatives) who really should be spending their lives in prison. There are thousands of those people in corporations and banks, continuing to make even worse bets, and re-leveraging way beyond what occurred in 2008.

    This will only ever come out during a next financial crash, where no one can be bailed, and all of US society enters into a real depression, where their housing ‘wealth’, and ‘401k wealth’ (all on paper), evaporates over night. The sheeple will still do nothing, just like they had no chance of doing anything to prevent it, after 2008 occurred. Politicians are all embedded with these criminals who perpetrated the financial crimes, as those people have been paying massive lobbying dollars to all of congress for years on end. Just so they can get away with all of this. Not only do we badly need term limits, but we really need to wipe out all the big banks, and make them all much much smaller, and re-instate Glass Steagle.

    • Diane

      I agree Mike R.
      Makes sense..

    • Russell

      Yes Mike R, you articulated it better than I could. Those trillions of dollars may very well have gone toward TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) back in 2009. There is plenty of documentation on the web that tracked TARP to at least $20 trillion and more. What a scam!

  65. Mike R


    So she went from several cancers over the years, to tumors removed recently and ‘recovering nicely’ to now has pneumonia, and going to ‘retire.’

    Dems are going to be DESPERATE and anxious to remove Trump, BEFORE he replaces RBG.

    • Arrowflinger

      Mike, the Bible says the world will end in FIRE.

      The STEM economy that should save us cannot do so, as it is subsumed and consumed by FIRE.

  66. Arrowflinger

    Doctor Skidmore,

    Don’t self-doubt your findings. They are FACTS! In May 2010, I told FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair on CSPAN that she made a horrible mistake rolling Wachovia into Wells Fargo. I recall saying “You decided it was Too Big to Fail. Shouldn’t a bank like that be considereal Too Corrupt to Survive?”

    Just look at the epic frauds that have rolled out of Wells Fargo since then!

    When the governments here in Georgia and there in DC make the records disappear it is all the confirmation we citizens ever need.

  67. A Bird In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

    Thank You For Your Service!
    S.O.S.! S. O. S. !
    Watch The Water, Prisons Activated, [DS] Coded Messages
    Published on Jan 20, 2019
    Very interesting but very stupid!

  68. ERIC Sterling

    Greg, I certainly appreciate the interviews and the good guess that you have on there including Dr. Skidmore but I have to say that I think I’m going to have to stop watching and unsubscribe from your YouTube Publications because it bothers me greatly when I’m sitting here trying to hear what your interviewee is trying to say while you keep interrupting. You know that you’re interrupting and being extremely rude and then apologizing over and over and over again that you don’t mean to be rude and interrupting but yeah you keep doing it. It’s very frustrating to watch.

  69. Lady Jay Bird

    THE Wall’s are closing in?
    Mueller Contradicts BuTTFeed’s “Bombshell” True Story?
    Government FAKE TODD

  70. Anthony Australia

    You are a journalist of integrity Greg, o our lot here just copy and paste.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have the same Marxist media Down Under as we have here.

  71. Stell Crittenton

    How will God bring about the final phase of the “great tribulation”?
    After the destruction of the great harlot Babylon the Great, whom commits fornication with the kings of earth. There will be an all-out assault on God’s people, and at that time we will need to be under the protection that he will provide for his servants. Since this attack will trigger the final part of the “great tribulation,” it is Jehovah himself who will set the stage and choose the moment for this showdown. (Matt. 24:21; Ezek. 38:2-4) At that time, Gog will attack “a people regathered from the nations,” God’s people. (Ezek. 38:10-12) That attack will be the signal for the execution of God’s judgments against Gog and his hordes. God will magnify his sovereignty and sanctify his name, for he says: “I will certainly . . . make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they shall have to know that I am Jehovah.”—Ezek. 38:18-23. AST

    When Gog begins the assault, God will tell his servants: “Go, my people, enter into your inner rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself, but for a brief moment, until the wrath has passed by.” (Isa. 26:20) At that crucial time, God will give us lifesaving instructions, and the “inner rooms” might well be connected with your local Christian congregation.
    If, therefore, we wish to benefit from God’s protection during the great tribulation, we must recognize that he has a people on earth. We must continue to take our stand with them and remain closely associated with our Christian congregations and we mustn’t forget our spiritual brothers and sisters, in Cyber Space, throughout the earth and even right here on With all our hearts, may we join the psalmist in proclaiming: “Salvation belongeth unto Jehovah:
    Thy blessing be upon thy people.”—Ps. 3:8. American Standard Version

  72. Jerry

    Once again, I have to wonder about whether my sources are right about an attempted coup coming in February when I see tweets like this.

    Why would someone tweet something like this? Especially someone who is so deeply embedded with the main stream media to the point she manipulated a presidential debate and got away with it? If it were anyone else ( say Alex Jones) she would be facing jail time. Who knows, maybe that’s why she did it? In either case an assignation attempt WAS foiled with a man who was preparing to launch an antitank RPG into the whitehouse. FYI you can’t buy one of those from your local gun shop. This was a planned deep state hit.
    Brace yourselves. February could be a bumpy ride.

  73. Tad

    Big pharma trying to take out Mike Adam’s Natural News domain site. And anyone else who questions vaccine safety.

  74. Archie Leach

    No Creator-God, No Rights
    Trying to argue for your rights without a Supreme Right Giver is like trying to score without the ball, no Jesus, no rights—Game over!
    Jake MacAulay — January 21, 201

    • Roger D

      Whoa not so fast. Our Founders believed that “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” While most were Christians, they never tied these rights to Christ.

      All men have these right, both believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ who was God in flesh, and non-believers. Man does NOT lose these unalienable rights if they do not have Christ. They do howerver forfeit everlasting life in heaven with Christ.

  75. Bogdan Tatarsky

    There goes confidence in USD. Missing amount $21trn is roughly equal to national debt of $23trn. It is only possible due to falsified US accounting standards and USD world reserve currency status.
    It is not just US. Most countries worldwide with central banking systems run local currency ponzy schemes. Protect yourself.

  76. Percy Sledgehammer
    Donna Brazile arrives at hospital with Seth Rich?

    Former DNC head denies ‘report’ she was at hospital night of Seth Rich murder

    Police: Donna Brazile Was In DC Day Of Seth Rich Murder
    Former head of the DNC Donna Brazile lied about her whereabouts on the night DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered, according to police.

    Donna Brazile and DC Mayor at Hospital With Seth Rich?


  77. robert wallace

    mr hunter

    I only watched the first 10 min of your dr skidmore interview…your constant interruption of his replies was a complete distraction…never once was he allowed to finish a thought…I think a good interviewer guides the direction taken and not by stepping on the answers given by the guest…you should listen to the tape …
    best regards

  78. Percy Sledgehammer

    This is the tweet in which Christine Assange pointed at Seth Rich (not Russians) being the Leaker

  79. robert wallace

    I apologize for my previous comment …the segment at the 10 min mark caused me to become very anxious…I hate interviews that don’t allow the guest too respond to rapid fire questions…the watched the remainder and found it to be quite professional…I know you don’t need my approval but keep up the good work
    a loyal fan

    • Greg Hunter

      We are good man. Just to let you know, I record the interviews and edit very little. I could make myself look smooth and a lot better, but I don’t. I give it to the public the way I record it. I am also switching this as I record. This is like putting a camera in the control room of a broadcast facility and get the director to switch the segments, monitor the audio and ask the questions at the same time. That’s what I am doing, along with writhing down the time code of good sound I can transcribe for USAW and You Tube. I know I simply suck sometimes. I get pissed, make some mistakes and miss some stuff but do not edit it out. What you see is what you get. No BS even when I suck. I was really upset with what the Washington Post and other MSM did to Dr. Skidmore who is a HUGE PATRIOT!!! Dr. Skidmore has put his life on the line (along with his family’s) not to mention his career at Michigan State. The MSM made it look like he was less than and made a mistake. SKIDMORE DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE. He got it right with the information and data he and his team got from OIG at HUD and DOD. This is the largest federal government accounting fraud by orders of magnitude in the history of the nation. THIS FRAUD COULD DESTROY THE REPUBLIC and certainly will destroy the U.S. dollar as we know it. I could have handled the beginning of the interview better, but (as I said) I record it and send it out without much editing. (I usually only clip the front of the interview and the end of the interview to make the heads and tails clean.) So thank you for your support and comment. Please “Fear Not”!!!!


      • Prophet

        Greg your a good man for explaining what you do,,,, I was a little annoyed myself….But I have heard hannity cut of guests so many times iam used to it…keep up the good work

  80. Norm

    You’re making it obvious how passionate you are about all the lying in the fake main stream media… dial it down dude…. lol….. joking.

    • Greg Hunter

      When the MSM hides a $21 trillion fraud (The BIGGESTY is U.S. history by orders of magnitude) they truly are the enemy of “We the People”!! Thank you for your humor and support!!

  81. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    Thank you for your continuing efforts to bring truth to light. I’ve got a small bugaboo, that drives me crazy: When someone characterizes people as ‘leftists’, or ‘Alt-right’, or any of the the many other ‘titles’ in vogue, it gives lie to the fact there is no such person….there are people who share some convictions, and don’t agree on other convictions ….but one cannot point to one of those people and say “This is the ‘leftist’, i was referring to….” …because then all of the other people don’t fit that mould ….therefore one cannot name such an animal. One of your readers commented “The MSM always represents the ‘Leftists'”
    I beg to differ. The MSM are owned by people, and that is who they represent. Now if you want to say much of the MSM is owned by people worth a Billion $ …that would be a fair and provable (disprovable? ) characterization. The same to do with the ‘Alt-right’ …i have put up with people throwing around this title …and it means absolutely nothing to me….and i’ve tried to find out what the common understanding of ‘Alt-right’ is …..but i just do not agree there is such a person…and with the poison that passes for discourse now a days, it might help if one could identify exactly who is the target of such acrimony.
    Otherwise i may be learning to hate the wrong people.

    • William Stanley

      Unfortunately thought and communication necessarily involve the use of categories. Political speech, especially, often involves the use of broad categories because a high degree of precision requires so much time and space that it, in itself, becomes a hinderance, and can easily lead to pointless nitpicking quibbles about the definitions of words.
      I vaguely recall the comment to which you refer and I agree that “leftists” is a broad category. Yet, I didn’t find the comment unintelligible.
      Frankly, I’m having more trouble understanding your comment. Are you claiming that the MSM (whatever that is/are) are NOT predominately “leftist” in their choice of stories and the spins they put upon them?
      IMO, the problem we are having communicating here is a good example of why the growing use of the term “Globalist” has so much potency and is such a threat to (please excuse me) “the left, “the progressives,” “the socialists,” “the fascists,” ”the neocons,” the “neoliberals” . . .). “Globalists” is such a darn useful category and its meaning has yet to be corrupted by the Marxists and their various progeny and coreligionists, e.g., the Democrats, the Fascists, the Progressives, the Trotskyites, and the Frankfurt School.

    • paul ...

      We just have to hate all the “evil” people … I call them the Demon fascist neocon warmongering pedophile commies for short!! … but they can be called right or left or alt-right or alt-left Democrat or Republican … but what characterizes them is they are “evil”!!!

  82. Thomas Dixon

    we love yah and your interviews are great but you need to calm down and let your guests speak.
    You have overpowered the Dr. in this interview.
    p.s. many thanks for what you do and God bless.

    • William Stanley

      IMO, Dr. Skidmore did speak; and with a little help from his friend, Mr Hunter, he said what he had to say more clearly than he would have otherwise. A good-faith interview, as here, is a joint effort.

  83. Aussie
    From sources inside the vaccine deep state, I’m being told that this declaration by the World Health Organization is just the first step in a major assault being unleashed against Natural News and other independent journalism sources that rightfully question the lack of safety in toxic vaccines. With this declaration in place, the next steps will include:

    Passing laws in Australia, the United States and Europe that criminalize all online speech which is critical of vaccine safety.
    Arresting and imprisoning individuals who discuss the truth about vaccine ingredients such as Thimerosal, squalene or aborted human fetal cells (i.e. aborted human baby parts).
    Blacklisting all scientists who study vaccine composition.
    Seizing all domain names of independent publishers who report the truth about vaccines.
    Censoring all “anti-vax” content across all search engines, mobile devices and social media.
    Banning all “anti-vax” films and movies by claiming they are “spreading disease” when, in reality, they are spreading the truth about vaccine dangers.

  84. brian

    Somehow I get the feeling that the beatings will just continue until we get it. We should not submit to degenerate godless trash nor should we tolerate their moronic antics lest we have our faces shoved into the giant stinking pile of shit that results from all this fucking nonsense. I for one have just had it, I’m fuckin done with this.

  85. Tad

    His news headlines for January 21, 2019, speaks volumes, especially what the MSM doesn’t provide about Afghanistan.

  86. Tad

    It would be easy to consider Afghanistan a lost cause. It is by every metric.
    The Taliban has infiltrated every government and military department. Taking out 40 trucks full of military equipment and ammo tells me a story.

    The US is not capable of negotiating a peace if they entered the territory with false pretenses in 2002. The US might consider doing a complete or gradual pullout while other parties discuss the piece. I believe the framework for such an agreement with Iran and Pakistan leading the cause appears to be gaining quick traction.

    I don’t think we’ll see the CIA immediately depart, but the drug ratlines are another matter, as are the agents’ lives.

    The Taliban may ultimately be compelled to develop political legitimacy, as in shared (dominant) ruling in executive or legislative quarters.

    That may mean drug production becomes the top national export. I can’t see Iran giving that any credence throughout the discussions.

    Or the Taliban will play puppetmasters to President Ghani as a means to end the conflict and ease toward a workable version of democracy.

  87. Tad

    I think if President Trump consulted with Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, he might find better candidates to carry out foreign policy agenda.

  88. Open Eyes

    If you’re wondering where 21 trillion could disappear to, it could disappear to underground bases.

  89. Galaxy 500

    Another homerun Greg.
    God bless you and your family.
    Keep doing what you are doing and beware of those that see to do evil to you in return for the good that you do.

  90. Wendy Bryan

    Just a thought, you don’t need to post this. I was wondering if maybe some of that missing 21 trillion was used to build the secret underground facilities for the elite and high ups in government.

  91. Ex Officer

    Mr. Hunter, could either you or Dr. Skidmore elaborate upon whether 1) any of these transactions represent disbursements which were above and beyond those properly budgeted for by Congress (i.e. unconstitutional), or 2) any of these transactions merely represent improper classifications under McNamara’s “colors of money” appropriations categories (i.e. improperly accounted for according to internal rules and procedures). Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      The government has locked the information and has called it a national security issue. Can’t find out what you want.
      Not allowed.

  92. Eric Beckmann

    thanks Greg, Interview Dr. Ben Carson the current head of HUD. His a devout Christian and a true patriot. I think if you work at it you could get an interview.

  93. Just_Sayin'

    Also, (((MSM))). You have to factor in (((who))) is (predominantly) FINANCING those ‘former’ (CIA) spies (who are well-placed throughout the MSM) as well as (((who))) OWNS the MSM: Rothschilds OWN both Reuters & Associated Press (AP)…(((Sulzberger))) OWNS the “Jew” York Times. (((Jeff Bezos))) OWNS the Washington COMMIE- or COM- Post. (((They, the .001%))) own and contol the (((MSM))) narrative. Facts like this, need to be HAMMERED into EVERY American’s consciousness in order to undo the past century of (((lies/propaganda))). AND, the ONLY way this will happen is if the relatively FEW Americans who ARE AWAKE, begin to AWAKEN OTHERS within their sphere of influence, by spreading the TRUTH, such as by sharing the information that I just provided.

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