Negative Rates for Next 10 Years-Buy Gold-Axel Merk

Alex MerkBy Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Axel Merk says you simply must own physical gold in this risky environment. Merk explains, “Many people say why invest in a brick that doesn’t pay interest? When you look at cash paying negative interest rates on a real basis, after inflation, then a brick suddenly doesn’t look so bad anymore. . . . I would allege the Fed is all but promising to be behind the curve. Even if the Fed is trying to raise rates, emphasis on trying, they will be behind inflation. Yes, they will raise rates, but net inflation, real interest rates are going to continue to be negative. If I look out a decade from now, I don’t see how the U.S., Europe, Japan, or any other country can afford positive real interest rates.”

Merk thinks stocks are “expensive and way overdue for a bear market” even with the recent rally that we are in and thinks the market can “crash.” Merk contends, “What the central banks have been achieving in recent years is they have been breeding complacency. . . . When volatility is low and prices are rising, what could possibly go wrong you buy stocks? What has happened is instead of buying the dips, people are now going to sell the rallies. We’ve had these amazing rallies, and that is exactly what happens in a bear market. . . . With rates going back away from the zero level, risk premiums have to rise. That means fear has to come back into the market, and volatility has to go up. With the economy, if you base the recovery on asset price inflation, you have a big problem on your hands.”

One of the very bad signs Merk sees is banks are not wanting to take any risk. Merk explains, “Liquidity is drying up . . . . If you look at earning in the banking sector, they are shutting down their trading. Banks are no longer risk takers. All the risk is moving to the corporate sector. We see that on the commodities with Glencore. These are now risky institutions that are not regulated by the Fed. Maybe we don’t have to bail them out, but ultimately, the bank is the counter-party to many of them. So, the next crisis is going to be different. I happen to think that, yes, there are going to be very sharp moves in the stock market. A 1,000 point down move is something that is going to become more common. Central banks can provide liquidity. They cannot provide solvency. We are going to have risk flare-up in pocket that we don’t even know about yet.”

On the U.S. dollar, Merk says, “The dollar is supposed to rise when the world is in crisis, but what happened over the last year and a half or so is whenever there was good news, the dollar was rallying, and every time we had a sell-off, the dollar was plunging. The dollar rally has pretty much evaporated, and people aren’t aware of it yet. The dollar isn’t as healthy as it used to be. The story line was rates were going to go through the roof because everything is fantastic in the U.S. The dollar, just like the stock market, is way over extended. . . . The environment is very supportive for the price of gold right now.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Axel Merk, founder of Merk Funds.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Axel Merk has two websites: and There is free information on both sites. You can also sign up for the free quarterly webinar for an economic update on October 22 (Thursday) that Axel Merk gives by clicking here.

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  1. Coalburner

    Interesting Greg;
    Hum!!!! Ten years, Slow Burn???????

  2. paul

    Merk says “bear market in stocks” … but Dr. Copper is saying: … “inflation is ahead” … “not deflation” … just as John Williams has been warning … and inflation drives stock markets up!
    Look at the recent up volume in FCX (a major copper stock)
    … it is noteworthy that $3 billion was put into this copper stock on an uptick impulse move … which clearly suggest to me that the global storm “has passed” … seems all the QE being done worldwide is “having effect” … and is beginning to drive inflation stocks higher as markets begin to anticipate “inflation … not deflation”.

    Looking at the SP500 … … CLS may think things are headed lower  … but based upon what copper is suggesting … the SP500 chart may be giving “a false signal” … as the rise in copper stocks “is showing evidence” the storm has actually passed!

    We know the powers that be “want to push up growth in the world economy” … we know this by the fact that they manipulated the price of oil lower to achieve economic growth … and we know the powers that be want to create inflation … all we have to do is look at what Japan, Europe, etc. are doing with money printing … what I would suggest is concentrate on accumulating “depressed stocks” in the two areas that have inflated the most recently … namely Japan and Europe! … then once China fully inflates the yuan … and the US does its QE4 here in the US … these countries can be looked upon as places to invest (and John Williams will likely begin seeing some “real growth” numbers by then) … according to my theory of buying into the downturn created during a Shemitah and “holding six years” means the next top in the world stock markets should occur around 2021 … with Dr. Copper speaking the way it is … means people like CLS, Dent, Armstrong, Nenner, etc. will all have to begin modifying their predictions at some point very soon!

    The US and China will “lag a bit” behind Japan and Europe so some more downside could occur for a little while but the printing of money without limit by governments around the world will ultimately drive “all stock markets up” in the devalued currencies that are being printed without limit … which will drive stock markets to infinity … the only problem is the currency you get when you sell your very high priced stock … will be worthless, nothing! … at such time both infinity and zero become one … just as God himself binds together our infinite universe with a zero point singularity from nothing!

    Keep watch of the US dollar index … once it drops below its 65 week moving average (at 92.48) … gold (and silver) will go crazy to the upside! …
    and so will most of the world the stock markets! … as inflation becomes the more accepted path in peoples minds (as Dr. Copper is suggesting) the Fed will then raise interest rates to moderate the dollars fall … controlling its collapse so that it does not fall out of bed too quickly!

    • 8Ball

      Once upon a time I considered residing in Europe, a very nice place in many ways, but quickly found out that they do not want productive, intelligent, Caucasian people immigrating there. They prefer ignorant & impoverished Africans and Arabs.

      There is a definite plan in place there to destroy the indigenous cultures of various regions by importing large numbers of blacks and Arabs. This so called “crisis” in Syria is being used as another excuse to increase the influx.

      • frederick

        İ live part of the year in Warsaw and would highly reccomend eastern Europe if you are looking for a homogenous population İnexpensive great beer and great girls if you are into those old fashioned things 8ball

      • Art Barnes

        Yes, Yes, and Yes, I am standing up and clapping, you got it right 8ball, you are seeing the last of Europe as indigenous countries. Wait until the religion of peace has enough little Syria’s around to create havoc, then you will see them burn Europe down.

        • Art Barnes

          I forgot 8ball, its best for an infidel to stay out of Europe for the near future, the new soon majority won’t play by the rules of a civilized culture, can you say “infidels must die”?

      • WD


        Its called socialism, they have a seething hatred of:

        1) Christians
        2) White people
        3) Capitalist
        4) Individualist
        5) Gun Owners
        6) Free market
        7) Wealth
        8) Property owners

        And not necessarily in that order….we are in a war for our freedom,,,,that is why they must be destroyed!

      • hoopshound

        Quite the stereotypes.

    • Sven

      I always enjoy reading your perspective on things, Paul.

    • WD


      Please read “The Coming Deflation”…it explains how this money printing leads to inflation then ” a bubble burst” and then deflation….its a great read and less than 150 pages.

      SO they are both right

    • paul

      Harry Dent is going to have his hands full re-calculating his “cycle predictions based on population demographics” if Paul Ryan is made House Speaker … about two-thirds of the approximately 40 House “Freedom Caucus” members just voted to back “Open Borders Ryan” for the Speaker position being vacated by John Boehner … Ryan recently formally outlined his plan for “open borders” … basically he wants to make it “National Policy” to allow US companies to bring in and hire as many foreign workers as they would like … this “free movement of people across national boundaries” is the centerpiece of his “open borders ideology” to which Ryan has devoted most of his career!

      • paul

        Harry Reid gave Paul Ryan his endorsement for speaker … what does this tell us??

        • Angie


  3. Something Dark and Foul Hurtles towards the Fan

    But gold? Who would have thought of that? Okay, I’m in! You’re a genius, Axel!

  4. G.Berkshire

    ‘Golden Rule,’ iconic Norman Rockwell mosaic, rededicated at UN Headquarters

    Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson speaks at the rededication of the Norman Rockwell “Golden Rule” mosaic. UN Photo/Evan Schneider

    “At its core, the work is about narrowing the gap between the world as it is and the world as we want it to be,” he said.


    REALITY; China’s Master Gold Plan, Restated

    “It all comes down to the Golden Rule. They got the gold; they make the rules.”

    “Gold serves as political chips on the world’s financial stage. It doesn’t mean that you automatically have a gold standard, but that the gold you have will give you a voice among major national players sitting at the table.

    “Here’s the problem: If you took the lid off of gold, ended the price manipulation and let gold find its level, China would be left in the dust. It wouldn’t have enough gold relative to the other countries, and because their economy’s growing faster and because the price of gold would be skyrocketing, they could never acquire it fast enough. They could never catch up. All the other countries would be on the bus, while the Chinese would be off.

    “When you have this reset, and when everyone sits down around the table, China’s the second largest economy in the world. They have to be on the bus. That’s why the global effort has been to keep the lid on the price of gold through manipulation…

    “The price is being suppressed until China gets the gold that they need. Once China gets the right amount of gold, then the cap on gold’s price can come off.”

    And if your not on the bus by then you blew it, should have bought silver at least. GET ON THE BUS OR BUST!

    Ask, Seek, Knock
    …11″If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him! 12″In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets. ◄ Matthew 7:12 ► [real gold] everlasting

    • Diane D

      Re ‘The Golden Rule’ in play at the UN. Satan is well versed in using the Bible to support evil.

    • jack

      the US has no gold…… ZERO. . China had 30k tons.

      • frederick

        @Jack İm starting to believe that “conspiracy theory” as well otherwise why not allow an audit and lest all see the truth right?

  5. Jim

    Merk is Walter White in Breaking Bad when Hank said “You know for someone who knows so much science and brainy stuff like that you are pretty slow on the uptake”, or words to that effect. He doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue about the crisis in Europe.

    If Merk knew the truth and just felt unsafe speaking the truth he would have just shook his head and said “it’s very bad there”, or maybe even requested that you not ask that question in the first place. Instead of that he repeats the standard liberal nonsense that grows around such concepts like a fungus. You know it, that standard stuff about how Germans need immigrants to do jobs, etc (but in reality it is to replace all their abortions – oh dear, population dropping but we can’t keep Germany too German now can we?).

    Watch this German politician – do you think he likes immigrants or Germans better?

    It’s no use asking Germans at ground zero either because they won’t give a straight answer and most have no idea anyway.

    Nobody even questions the “refugee crisis” properly. Sure there are the ostensible reasons (a million of ’em) but what about the one real reason?

    The question is simple: why are large numbers of people being *pushed* from Africa into Europe?

    And the answer is also simple: to get them into Europe.

    It’s like 1 + 1 = 2 almost.

    Still, why? Why are a million Africans suddenly making a bee-line for Germany? MSM will say ISIS or some rubbish like that. No the answer is even simpler – and it’s so simple no one will even understand it much less believe it. Could it be that the people doing the pushing hate Germany? See my link above for proof that at least one of these people exists.

    Whatever happens, thank you for all you do.

    • Sven

      TPTB in the US need to keep Germany and Russia weak as they fear what these two countries, if united in their ambitions, could achieve, and where that would leave the US. The way I see it, this attempt to weaken Germany through mass immigration etc will result in Germans (and the rest of Europe) waking up to the nefarious US administration and the US will, eventually, be left isolated. There are good people in the US, as many of the posters here can attest, but I have to say the need for US citizens to retake control of their destiny is fast approaching the point of no return.

      • WD


        It was funny that I was thinking of this week that if Russia and Germany united they would be unstoppable. Good point this is what they may be sacred of…. No doubt we will have some type of World War!

        Good call….

      • Sandy Beach

        Germany is weakening, Russia gets stronger. You’d think Germans would throw out Merkel and her thugs, but they are also oppressed by all the US military base presence. Not to mention, they like to follow the rules. So, Germany will be consumed, and then the US people will be next, but that’s ok- Americans will hardly feel it since they are so unconscious.

    • paul

      Push a million Africans into Europe … and you change Europe’s demographics … that should put a “kink” in the cyclists forecasts! … that … along with lowering the oil price and printing money like crazy should squash the deflationist’s who predict an economic downturn and a lower gold price … rising copper, easy money along with a lower price for oil and a younger population spells growth and inflation to me!

      • paul

        Lets not forget that continued exorbitant military expenditures (like the printed money spent to buy trucks and weapons for Al Qaeda terrorists and all the money spent to protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan) will also add “an inflationary kick” to the military/industrial side of the economy.

        • paul

          The money being printed “is actually increasing” … for as the Syrian government and their Russian and Iranian allies push their offensive on Aleppo this week … several rebel terrorist groups say: “they are receiving new US-made weapons from their Washington allies … even more supplies of ammunition … in greater quantities than before … including mortar bombs, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles”!

        • frederick

          Poppy fields ahh yes those pesky poppy fields

    • Art Barnes

      The refugee crisis of Europe & the U.S. and Obama wants 200K of them as well is nothing more than the Religion of Peace on the march, so smart they invaded without a shot fired YET. Can you imagine how many “no go” areas in Germany will be created as in Paris. Little Syria’s will spring up, breeding hate, anger, all the while getting their entitlements making and making the Europeans pay for them, all the while they breed like flies and destroy the host country like a infected deer tick on its host. But don’t worry, its all good, maybe they will buy some designer shoes to kick the crap out of the infidels. Christians, hold onto your guns and Bibles, your going to need them. (did enjoy your post, & yes it so simple)

    • al hall

      Jim: you are correct- the invasion into Europe(soon America) is all a planned event by the global elite’s. this video which I have posted several times explains the Muslim world takeover. This is a scary truth, and Muslim Fag Obama is part of this.
      Muslim Demographics –

      • Jim

        They are doing to the US what they did to Germany in WW2 – forcing it to do some of their dirty work, then they will abandon it and let it take all the blame – and pay for it. This will come. So much thought now is anti-America and pro-Russia. Why is this? Propaganda of course!

        Al, the invasion of America started decades ago. We are always so behind, so asleep. They opened the door to hell in 1965!

        This amazing video explains exactly how they seek to destroy us. It is the exact method used by Merkel, Obama, and all our misleaders.

  6. Arnold.Jagt

    Worst guest ever. What you have in this guy is why Europe is being destroyed. A Merkel supporter with no character.

    • Art Barnes

      Yea, those poor German people don’t know what opens borders do to a county, but all they have to do is look at the United States since about 1975 or so when our politicians decided they wanted to end what was once a very exceptional country. And using the old “huddled masses” pictures of the pre-WWI of Ellis Island when the immigrants came to work and not steal the entitlements & to assimilate and actually wanted a new country they could call “home” as an excuse they made their plans and passed new liberal immigration laws and quit enforcing illegal immigration as well; so, their plan worked. The Germans & the other European countries will look back and see the folly of their ways, the Middle East and North Africa with their religion of peace will burn Europe down, that is after they make the Europeans work harder to give them their demanding handouts. Little Syria’s, & little Jordan’s & Lybia’s will spring up all over Europe, preaching hate, anger, anti-Semite & anti-Christian, death to America, death to the infidels all the while they take from the hand that feeds them. The liberal press will find a Syrian family who is working, law abiding, & trying to assimilate and do cover stories about the struggling people trying to get by and paying taxes as good citizens and ignore the millions who are building bombs, spouting hate at Friday’s prayers, etc. So, as the U.S. has already gone without borders, visa checks, sanctuary cities so goes Europe.

    • Jim

      Merkel won the Coudenhouve-Kalergi award a few years ago. The prize is the top award for instituting the “Pan-European ideal”. They only award that prize once every two years.

      Coudenhove-Kalergi (and even Wikipedia is forced to admit this), advocated the total destruction of the white race in Europe.

      Therefore, Merkel wants the destruction of Germant. It’s as simple as that.

  7. Jerry

    Greg I received an alert from Rogue Money on Monday that the U.S. Roosevelt Battle Group was leaving the Persian Gulf. I immediately vetted the alert with this report.

    This is significant because the United States has always maintained a military presences as part of the Petrodollar Agreement with Saudi Arabia. I find this move very suspicious in light of the fact that tensions are high in the area, and the BRIC Alliance is moving their military assets into the middle east into Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

    What it tells me is that our agreement with Saudi Arabia is coming undone, and that they will most likely be de-pegging the dollar from their oil in favor other currencies including Gold in order to save their sinking economy.

    Now for the carnival barker end of my post:) If your looking for a warning shot of impending danger, this would be it. Since the United States went off the Gold Standard in favor or the Petrodollar, what do think would be used to back the dollar with if the Saudi’s strike a deal with the BRIC Alliance? Gold? Fat chance.

    • Jerry

      More Carnival Barking.
      If you thought the Blood Moon passed without incident on September 28th, think again. According to RT news (unlike CLS I show my sources) President Obama was told by Vladimir Putin at the United Nations that Russia would default on over 1.5 Trillion Dollars in U.S. Business loans if there was any more economic tightening on Russia from NATO.

      FYI I think Russia is going to default anyway, to fracture the EU and force members of NATO such as Germany, France, and England into the BRIC Alliance and solidify the move to make the RMB reserve currency from the upcoming IMF meeting. This is a classic checkmate move. Either way the dollar is toast.

      • Macray

        (unlike CLS I show my sources)

        CLS “Again, look to the 2016 NDAA. It will be signed by Obama. He will not veto it. This I know.
        How I know it, will have to remain with me for right now.”

        Nice job Jerry.

        • Greg Hunter

          President Obama vetoed the 2016 NDAA today.

          • paul

            The Republican Congress does not have enough votes to override the president’s veto on November 5th … so the House and Senate Armed Services Committee will have to cut a deal with Obama and the Democrats to allow greater “non-defense” discretionary increases … all pointing to a bigger budget deficit … which the Fed will have to cover by printing … leading to more inflation … and higher precious metal and commodity prices!

        • Jerry

          NDAA vetoed.

          Even Gthomas will appreciate this article. Its a disgrace to anyone who has ever served in the military. My father was a NCO. Thank God he gone and does have to see this.

      • WD


        This is exactly what PUAL CRAIG ROBERTS said to a tee. This gives Russia tremendous leverage.

        Great Catch!!

      • Gthomas

        More Carnival Barking.
        If you thought the Blood Moon passed without incident on September 28th, think again. According to RT news (unlike CLS I show my sources)

        Lol. You make outlandish prophesies based on your “sources” as if you have some inside super secret info because you want folks to believe you are “in the loop.” Doesn’t quite pan out, all good CB.

        “Your” funny cb.

        • Jerry

          This is for you.

          Once a sniper. Always a sniper. You’re wasting your time. From your post I can tell that you’re not intelligent enough to insult me.

      • OutsideIn

        Jerry you are spot on, and you back it up with links. This is the most important issue at hand, once the dollar is toast the economy slides into depression over the next 3 years. We will bounce along the bottom for years to come, then we will rebuild once the corrupt Gov, wallst, lobbiests, bankers either die off or are removed from power. Change is good, just gotta get thru the hard part. NO COLLAPSE, USAWD has been wrong on all predictions but one, that’s really a poor %.

      • matt

        See Kyle Bass video about the dollar being killed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep em coming. Everybody will be growling soon.

    • aussie jeff

      Jerry your carnival barking is appreciated,i dont have the time or patience to search out all the trends and financial info you present to us w/doggas.
      So a big thankyou for all that you do, keep barking friend!!

    • Gthomas

      their sinking economy.

      If your looking

      It’s you’re; a contraction of you are. It is not a possessive pronoun. Hope this helps. Ironically, I’m on your side but wow on the discourse. Who’s sniping who(m)? You critique interviewees do you not? Do they respond to your critiques? “Your” funny.

      • Jerry

        Sorry Gthomas.
        I’m not retired like you. I have a business to run and don’t have time to proof read my post between phone calls.

      • FC

        Well, well, well we have a Gthomas, obviously a professional student who has been indoctrinated at the school of liberalism………………..your comments demonstrate to me that you have never contributed anything worthwhile to society, be it service or product.

        And the only way you know how to deal with your inadequacies is to criticize small mind matters like correcting Jerry’s spelling. At least Jerry, takes the time to inform us of any information that he has sourced………….not like you Gthomass.

    • Jerry

      Big IMF meeting in November.

      I have said for months (check my post) that China is setting the table to take down the dollar. And it now appears my timing for November might be just about right. It is no coincidence that PM Xi is in England right now. The Europeans know what we refuse to admit. China is the future of world economics.

      • Jerry

        Addendum to my last post.

        Looks like England is prepared to buy RMB bonds after this deal. The Federal Reserve just lost another market.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          I’m not trying to be contradictory, but, to be clear, this has nothing to do with Great Britain buying RMB bonds. This is a currency swap agreement.

          Probably, this has to do with allowing Great Britain to issue RMB-denominated bonds.

      • Faith

        @Jerry: I agree with everything you have posted about China. It is tough to name a date, but I too, have said that November 15th is going to be a very important day. As to when China unveils their real gold holdings to the world, along with the Renminbi as the single currency in the world backed by gold, I don’t know when this will happen. I suspect that once China opens their gold market as competition to London they will also make multiple moves and declaire their physical gold holdings and declare that the Renminbi will backed by gold and the gold price as it is set in China and not London.

        I have to qualify my comment by adding that I hope I am wrong.

        Once China chooses this course of action the US dollar will take a nosedive. Perhaps this is what the US wants. Yellen and the Federal Reserve have made it clear that they do not like it when the dollar is strong. President Obama seems to have little concern about the US remaining as a world power either economically or militarily and has been working as fast as possible to push the US into oblivion.

        In the end once China declares their gold reserves the real question, for me, is what will the US do? I don’t know. Perhaps nothing.

        The sad thing for me is that most Amercians are unprepared and will have no clue once this change happens. I can imagine the MSM and MSM financial media swooning and exclaiming about how this was so unexpected, that is was impossible to predict, and then go on to spend hours on what can be done to remedy the new reality.

        Those of us that are prepared and informed will be ready but also disappointed. There will be no joy for me to see my fellow citizens, once again, thrown under the bus and stripped of their savings after having been lied to and deceived by the MSM media.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          As Jim Willie (and likely others) have taken great pains to make crystal-clear, China nor any country will introduce gold backing for their currency, outside of a true “reset” involving many currencies, or as Jim Willie puts it, “critical mass.” (Which I don’t expect.)

          The link posted above by Jerry about additional currency swaps is STRONG EVIDENCE to the contrary. Would YOU be signing an agreement to swap your to-be-gold-backed currency with any fiat currency? I don’t think China would, either!

          Backing their currency with gold would immediately decimate China’s 7% GDP growth target.

          Yes, China, with most of the rest of the world, is working feverishly to wrest away from the US the power associated with the USD, and effective control of the world’s monetary system. They will not be doing it by backing the yuan with gold.

          • JC

            Occasn. Do you think there is a operation to replace the Dollar? Without Gold backing I just don’t see it.

        • Jerry

          Faith. You get it. The key to unlocking the reset is the Chinese Gold Fix. I’m hearing they will make their move before the end of the year. I’m watching it like a hawk.

          • Faith

            I don’t take notes like you have so when people ask me how I have reached this conclusion, my singular reply is observation and logic. When I started observing this trend last year, and posting comments, I was mocked and ridiculed. I watch the big picture. I read lots of different news sources. I have a quite old degree in basic philosophy which included Latin, logic, and required reading from ancient times to the modern era. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t want to be right. Finding someone that agrees with me is a horror.

            Prayer and preparation are all that are left while we watch the present unfold itself into the glorious future.

  8. Art Barnes

    Greg, Putin in Syria, he is upstaging Obama on the world stage. Maybe Obama could go on Saturday Night Live and catch a photo opp or two, that would at least make Vanity Fare wouldn’t it? When I think of Obama the Peter Principle comes to mind. Looking forward to his retirement to Hawaii, I’m sure he can improve his golf game better than he did our Country.

  9. ConcernedAmericanDad

    It’s beginning to feel like analyzing a wrestling match with a room full of people and realizing they all think it’s actually real.

  10. Paul

    Good interview and I have to agree with 90% of what Axel said. But the Greece situation is incorrect. The Greek people voted to leave and NOT agree to austerity. The EU blocked the exit. And nobody seems to want to say why Greece was put in the position they’re in. Goldman Sachs used MBS, had them securitized by the rating agencies as “AAA” when in fact they were junk. Sold them to a corrupt Greek Government which was later found that the leader’s Mother ( Popendrou ) had over 700 million squirreled away in an offshore Bank account. Goldman then shorted the Greek Bonds. Thus triggering a panic. The people have a referendum and vote “NO” ! and the EU says sorry, your vote doesn’t count. And then the head of the German Finance Ministry Wolfgang Shauble has a private firm that is now the overseer of the liquidation of Greek assets. Another Bank heist right before our eyes and nobody wants to speak the truth ?

    • frederick

      Goldman Sachs destroying yet another nation and impoverishing its populace When are these countries going to learn to NOT do business with vampire squidlike organizations that lie and steal to enrich themselves Pathetic actually

  11. Jerry

    Question for Greg.
    How can the ECB increase QE without reserve currency status like the United States?

    I thought countries had to sell bonds in order to print money? If that’s the case who’s buying the European Central Banks Bonds? Please don’t tell me its the United States.
    If that the case then we are truly divested in the biggest Ponzi Scheme in world history on multiple levels.

    • Greg Hunter

      Swaps my friend in the tens of trillions of $’s.

  12. don

    Axel Merk is so wrong on the refugees in Germany. Wave one is 1.5 million Muslims, to be followed by 6-12 million blood relatives…in a nation of 80 million. These people are uneducated, uneducatable, Muslims (to compare them to Catholics and Protestants is insulting and ignorant). The reality is the unemployment rate among these groups is sky high, several times what it is for Germans. Their draining on welfare assistance overwhelms the taxes they will ever pay totally destroying the notion that this invasion will be a net plus for Germany. The last point is key…8-10 million Muslims in two generations could well be the majority in Germany as they have many more children than native Germans. While this process continues the successful, educated Germans will be gin to leave, going to other countries in Europe, or Canada or the USA. Islam is the greatest, continuous threat the world faces…other problems, like World Debt pale in comparison.

    • paul

      As God said: “the meek (without Planned Parenthood) will inherit the Earth!

    • Art Barnes

      Just wait and see what 5 million religion of peace young radicals can do to a country of 80 million, in just 10 years they will burn Germany to the ground, you will find 5 million plus 15 million more of having babies & bringing over their two cousins twice removed like they have done here will happen in a relative fast time frame. Parts of Europe may well be the new caliphate State of ISIS. I wonder if we will want a European ISIS State in NATO; probably, LOL. P.S. your astute comment(s) are well taken albeit just a little soft as to the realities of the Ismael decedent’s real intention as to what they are planning. One thing is all too real, the “Religion of Peace” is at war with the West & most of the world pretends it isn’t so; they simply are on the march!

    • Angie

      Agree on the insulting Protestant to Catholic comparison. Makes me question where this guys head is at.

    • Anne Elliott

      Two things – saying a person is “uneducatable” due to their religion is amazingly biased and extremely ignorant; and saying that the Muslims will overtake the European population due to their higher birth rate may be incorrect as well. Once they start getting free birth control, taking mandatory children’s vaccines laden with chemicals, eating GMO foods, breathing air under skies filled with chem trails, and drinking fluoride laden water, they might not be so prolific anymore – even if they wanted to be.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Your comment…
      “These people are uneducated, uneducatable, Muslims”
      What an absolutely appalling thing to say.
      You absolutely take the cake when it comes to religious bigotry and intolerance.

  13. Art Barnes

    Hey Greg, I have been saying for months Hillary will be nominated by the Democrats. The reason, as always, is that Hillary knows where the bodies are buried by Obama and SHE WILL KISS & TELL! Biden bidding out today just backed my theory up, Obama couldn’t let Biden run because the Clinton’s will unload on him, after all she was in most of the e-mails, Benghazi, and all the rest of the anti-American, anti-Semitic, & pro-religion of peace agenda and probably a lot of jokes about all that as well. If Obama put Biden out there he and Biden are finished, yes Greg, Hillary has that can of information in my view and they damn well know she will go public with it or at least leak the crap out of it. Remember Obama screwed her once and she tight lipped and sucked it up and waited 8 years, this is her last parade and I think she called in the cards she was holding and told the religious Muslim in Chief that she was going to out him; and, Obama knows she will. So all is well, Biden sucked it up, gave up a life long dream, fell on the sword for his buddy and all will be well. One more thing, they better be out there in droves supporting her cause if she loses and thinks they didn’t do enough they may sill get outed. Don’t dismiss this diatribe as mere moron babble, this is simply how the Clinton’s play politics; a scorched earth policy.

    • FC

      I agree with you Art Barnes………….Teflon Hillary, the non-stick politician, will unfortunately be the next President.

      The path for her has already been paved, while Main Stream Media, whispers in her ear, tap your shoes 3 times and think to yourself, there’s no place like the White House.

    • Linda louin

      Our POTUS has inflicted quite a lot of damage to AMERICA by his own accord, but don’t forget the power house of those behind the scenes (POTUS’s handlers), who in the long run may not give a darn what Hillary has on Obama. If these handlers find Hillary’s decision making abilities in question or in contrary to their goals….
      anything is possible. The way this country is headed anyway, we may be experiencing MARSHALL LAW during election time and Obama could remain in office for an extended length of time. I think it’s over for HILLARY.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree. Her being tagged with lying about the Benghazi attack to America saying it was a anti Islamic video when indeed (in her own words and emails) it was not. Is very damaging to her presidential run. That said, Clinton has very serious problems with the private server under the Espionage Act, possible perjury and Obstruction of Justice charges. I think she is damaged goods and this is simply not going to get better for her.

  14. Calgirl

    I can’t take it anymore….this month, next month, collapse, well maybe a slow burn………manipulation….
    Russia, Iran, Israel……..another item on my agony barometer are the intrusive, loud, sexual, dumb commercials infesting television. I canceled my TV service months ago, then regretted what I had done. I don’t watch any programs other than the ones from the 50’s & 60”s and some selective news/business programs. So I gave in and got TV service again only to become incensed anew. My latest venture is Roku 3 and I am really pleased. Via Netflix (and maybe I’ll add Amazon) I can watch a variety of programs for less than $8.00 a month vs the $40 I soon will be canceling from Xfinity. I get many free channels and they are mostly in HD. So in a little more than 2 months I will recoup the cost of the Roku. I also get Youtube thru Roku and NO commercials except on Youtube occasionally. It’s amazing to watch TV without commercials. Now, if I could just cancel the political, economic aggravation I’d be set!

    • frederick

      İ wish that İ could buy some software that would block anything Clinton or Bush related from my computer screen That would be priceless now wouldnt it?

    • Art Barnes

      TV is a joke, a marketing too for the political class and the elite. The best we could all do is cancel it & live very frugally, not buying into their next plastic items that ends up in the landfill all the while lining the elite’s pockets with gold. Along with cancelling the “indoctrination devise” start buying real food not packaged in a box or using a gallon of gas waiting for a McChicken in the drive thru. There is lots we can do but we have to start with each other, vote with your pocketbook; give up the plastic credit life the elite wants us to continue. Dropping out is harder to do than it sounds. I spend a lot of time trying to find farmer’s market to purchase my food from small farmers eking out a living, cheaper, kind of fun, and healthy.

    • Faith

      I have been looking at options to commercial TV. Roku and the HDFire from Amazon look like good options along with a Netflix subscription. Have you tried one of the little digital antennnas so you can watch local TV for free? I am going to rig up a system that suits me and cut the cord. The commercials and all the channels I don’t watch make it so that the packaged channels that are sold are too expensive and a waste of my time and money. I took the time to call Comcast and asked about a-la-carte pricing. Nothing has changed so I am cutting the cord. Except for the internet service (which is still overpriced and slow compared to every Asian country) buh-bye Comcast.

  15. pat the rat

    They are running from war 10,000 or more that is an easy answer? The only thing I can’t understand is why it didn’t happen sooner? This reminds me of the ww 2 stuff you see on P B S lots of people running from war.

    • Art Barnes

      They are not running from anything, the cowards should stay and fight for their country, they are on a military campaign to invade Europe taking their infidel hate with them; this is going to get interesting in Europe, wait till the home made bombs start going off in their malls. Little Syria’s will spring up and be “no go” areas of Berlin and other German cities where police can’t go, Bush & Obama’s religion of peace will burn Germany down, its just a matter of time.

  16. paul

    Update on the Syrian war front … the battle for control of Aleppo that is taking place this week is vital to Russia … as controlling Aleppo will cut off military supplies being provided by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US to ISIS … Russian backed forces are advancing a pincer attack on “six fronts” with close air support from both warplanes and helicopters … slowing the Russian advance are American made anti-tank missiles .. but as Russians and Iranians die on the battle field it will likely only make them more determined to win and completely destroy the ISIS mercenaries … these “terrorist mercenaries” who fight for a “paycheck” will likely find their numbers decreasing rapidly as the Russians advance … and as the odds of dying become greater these mercenaries “like sunshine soldiers” may begin to desert the battle field.

    • paul

      Wednesday, October 21 2015 … Assad makes an unannounced trip to Moscow … Putin called Assad to Moscow to discuss not only their joint military campaign but also a “political transition” in Syria … so it seems … Russia is ready to not only fight against terrorism … but also ready “to effect a political settlement of the conflict” to bring peace to the region … I bet Mr. Assad is not too pleased!

      • Art Barnes

        Paul, Putin’s map of the Middle East will be a lot different that the present day Bush’s plan. One thing is certain, who ever goes into the Middle East comes back without much gain, generally with the ass whooped. Bush didn’t understand that, his tail should still be swollen from trying to reason with his coined term the “religion of peace”.

      • paul

        I wonder if “the chilly Assad meeting in Moscow “may simply be a carrot and stick chess move” by Putin to keep the West off balance?

    • frederick

      Thats what paid mercenaries do when the going gets tough They run and hide because what good is all that money if youre dead right?

  17. Steve Matthews

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for your follow up regarding the books. Thanks also for the insightful interview with Axel Merk. Keep up the good work. This is my Blog:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve.

    • john

      Steve, the Bible alone is obviously not the sole source of salvation because every Christian denomination has interpreted it differently, hence the many churches that scatter the globe. There is only 1 true church. The rest of the churches are nice but flawed.

  18. paul

    Walmart recently raised the pay of 500,000 of its workers … which is currently hurting its bottom line … but putting more money into peoples hands is “the correct strategy” to generate future sales … people making $10 dollars per hour instead of $7.25 per hour are more likely to begin buying things … which will contribute to overall economic growth!
    Although Walmart’s stock is currently “taking a hit” it should be temporary … as $2.6 billion dollars in the hands of 500,000 of its workers (that will likely spend a lot of that money at Walmart) will eventually boost their bottom line!
    So just like Henry Ford who increased his workers salaries and created the buyers for his cars! … Walmart is following the same strategy. Now all we need the government to do is increase Social Security and Civil Service retirement payouts if they want to generate more economic growth!

    • JC Davis

      Paul. That nice what Walmart has done. Way too little ,way too late. We are in a state of government sponsored depression. The latest stats from SSI

    • Art Barnes

      The problem is if they don’t increase enough it just goes for utilities, gas, & basic necessities and not for the Chinese plastic trinkets crap they sell at all their stores. That being said high wages have always made strong economies. If you look at the union wages of the 1970’s, which was a living wage, one person working at a union job could buy a small home, a new car, & save a little for a rainy day, just try that now with the basic pay around this country. Walmart may also be experiencing the downturn of an economy without very many jobs. We shall see, the Christmas season is almost upon us. I predict that it will not be that great for the discount stores, as they will discount their profits so deep that they will only be turning dollars and not profits. Lets face it, you may well be seeing the end of plastic trinket America, if so, that would be a good thing!

      • JC Davis

        High wages have always made strong economies. It would appear the middle class is taking a hit from the government on one hand, and inflation on the other hand. Those who believe deflation can happen are not looking at all prices to keep a standard of living. When in a state of depression like we are, taking money away for the system only increases the price of standard goods.

  19. paul

    Finally … Texas (a state with some moral principles) issued a letter to all Planned Parenthood locations in Texas on Monday that they were being cut off from all Medicaid funding because “they were liable, directly or by affiliation, for a series of serious Medicaid program violations” (like selling fetus body parts for profit) … Executive VP of Planned Parenthood Dawn Laquens blasted Texas for eliminating funding to all Planned Parenthood Centers in the state stating: “It is completely outrageous”!

    Completely outrageous? … is she Implying that Texas officials using videos (showing doctors making deals to sell fetus body parts) to cut off funding … is more outrageous then women killing their own babies … and more outrageous then selling the fetus body parts after the evil deed is done?

  20. Chris

    I like AM and USAWD
    But with the PTP buying every dip with unlimited fiat, this correction could many many years out.

  21. San Diego MD

    Can someone answer me this: if there is going to be a collapse and gold will eventually skyrocket, as all of the gold promoters claim, why do these people seem so eager to sell gold as opposed to keeping the it for themselves? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      There is a difference between selling gold and knowing about a collapse in the dollar.

  22. San Diego MD

    i mean if I am truly convinced that gold is going to 50000 an ounce, wouldn’t it make sense to keep it for myself rather than sell it at 1150 an ounce and get “worthless fiat money” in exchange?

    Thanks for answering this question.

    • paul

      San … they don’t sell gold at the market … they “add a premium” to generate a profit so they can pay their rent and other overhead expenses … but most of them have a sign outside that says “WE BUY GOLD” … and they pay you spot or a little under “with fiat paper” to replenish their gold holdings … what the gold the promoters sell is really coming from the uninformed public who see the big sign outside and bring their grandmothers gold to the promoters store … and sell it for soon to be worthless paper!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      A Chevy dealer’d love to keep his Corvettes, too, but he isn’t rich enough to do that. (Although maybe he can buy one every now and again.)

      Of course the beta on gold is a little higher than it is on Corvettes, so the PM dealer also has the overhead expense of hedging.

    • Darren

      SD MD,
      Those people don’t actually OWN the gold. They are only middle men making a commission on the sale.

  23. Donna S. from Arkansas

    SO………CLS………Obama vetoes $612 billion defense bill in rebuke to GOP!!!! I thought you said he would sign the NDAA?!?!??! Plus up the amount for defense to the Ukraine???!!! What happened to your so called “inner circle knowledge”?!!!!!

    • Beligarant

      Gotta laugh. I’ve seen so many people on the internet who claim to have inside information about an imminent gold revaluation, force majeure in the silver market, dollar decline, bank holiday, food shortage or massive stock crash that I’ve lost count. I have yet to see even one of them come true.

    • Linda louin

      Hello San Diego MD
      Remember that these folks who …make their living…by selling precious metals, obtain a premium on each coin that they sell, and so they can also use a portion of their profit margins to buy for themselves/investment purposes if they desire to do so while supplies last. But I envision a time not too far down the road when supplies are no longer available/cut off to these dealers, and then they’ll hold what they have left until after a reset. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is how I see it.

  24. Cryptic Little Sister

    Be patient. Watch the bill going forward.

    It is very difficult to see something this large so far out in time.

    In the immediate future, Congress will attempt to keep the budget as it is, with budget caps, until a time early next week, when, as far as I can tell, Obama will raise the amount of aid without congressional approval. It seems that this congressional demand to keep the budget caps is what caused the president to raise the amount himself in the next few days.

    Hang in there. And give a prayer for NC Gal. She may be having some difficulties after yesterday.

    • Greg Hunter

      I heard a Congressman say the House was going to try to override the veto in early November. I don’t think they have the votes but that is the timeline.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I don’t see it happening that far out. Watch it closely starting tomorrow. I have learned that the event does not always come with trumpets blaring. The German crash in September happened early in futures trading. Gold rose last week but it was difficult to get people to trade on it ahead of time.

        There will be no decision from the IMF this year on the Chinese currency. That comes next year.

        Europe will get the brunt of this crash, but they will come out of it ahead of the United States.

        Remember: where the markets are going up that is where the trouble is. There is a sea of red beneath the green. It will come out that central banks were buying the highs to prop up various funds that were about to crash.

        • tim

          You have to be an absolute idiot to believe this person. CLS, you have absolutely no credibility.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            I knew you would say that. Know that you are loved. Walk in peace.

          • Faith

            @Tim: I agree. CLS has proven themselves to be a complete flake. Oh well. Good for Mr. Hunter for allowing this person to continue posting. It is up to each person to judge for themselves.

      • WD

        Obama just vetoed that bill! What now?

  25. paul

    Interesting … guess who just said: “There are significant risks to our forecast for Gold price weakness” … GS … no it does not mean “God our Savior” although they do think they are doing God’s work!

  26. Calgirl

    Putin Accuses World Of “Using Terrorist Groups” To Destabilize Governments

  27. Calgirl

    Interesting site where you can position a nuclear bomb anywhere in the US, set the size of the bomb, and see the the number of causalities and the fall-out area:

  28. OutsideIn

    CLS is a complete joke, kinda like this site. Chicken littles, lmao

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