One-on-One with Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned forecaster Gerald Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal.  Celente has a history of spotting trends and predicting future events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the financial meltdown of 2008 long before they occurred.  Celente is spotting new trends, and things do not look good. Gerald Celente thinks, “The banks are taking over the world.”  That’s what is really happening in Europe with the sovereign debt crisis. 

Celente says, “America has already turned into pre-World War II Germany,” and “A war with Iran will be the beginning of World War III.”  Celente is predicting America will not fare well in this conflict.  Celente lost money in the MF Global bankruptcy and says the lesson learned is “You don’t own your money unless you have it in your possession.”  Greg Hunter goes “One-on-One with Gerald Celente.”

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  1. jay

    I just love celente.
    If we americans must get angry , celente,s anger is a good example to follow. Smart before the cart.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay, Edafe and George for the comments!!

  2. Edafe mukoro

    GC is always a delight…with his provocative but insightful comments…thanks for bringin’ him on…

    • Jeff

      Thanks Greg for the interview.
      Its important for people to listen to other on what is going on.
      Times like today, the more news the better

  3. George Too

    Damn…We are on the train. Read Dante’s Inferno. Money changers have a special place in hell.

  4. George Too

    Wow. Follow our leaders? Like Lemmings? Isn’t that what most people are doing? If you have more than a 7-day supply of food and a gun, Big SIS considers you a terrorist. It looks like most are asleep at the switch and the train of America is going to miss the “track” of Liberty. Does Big Sis really need 450 million rounds of 40-caliber ammo? This ammo is not to protect the people but to subjugate them and keep them in line.
    I think I am going to move to the side of the pack and out, before they plunge into the abyss.