One-on-One with Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned forecaster Gerald Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal.  Celente has a history of spotting trends and predicting future events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the financial meltdown of 2008 long before they occurred.  Celente is spotting new trends, and things do not look good. Gerald Celente thinks, “The banks are taking over the world.”  That’s what is really happening in Europe with the sovereign debt crisis. 

Celente says, “America has already turned into pre-World War II Germany,” and “A war with Iran will be the beginning of World War III.”  Celente is predicting America will not fare well in this conflict.  Celente lost money in the MF Global bankruptcy and says the lesson learned is “You don’t own your money unless you have it in your possession.”  Greg Hunter goes “One-on-One with Gerald Celente.”

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  1. jay

    I just love celente.
    If we americans must get angry , celente,s anger is a good example to follow. Smart before the cart.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay, Edafe and George for the comments!!

  2. Edafe mukoro

    GC is always a delight…with his provocative but insightful comments…thanks for bringin’ him on…

    • Jeff

      Thanks Greg for the interview.
      Its important for people to listen to other on what is going on.
      Times like today, the more news the better

  3. George Too

    Damn…We are on the train. Read Dante’s Inferno. Money changers have a special place in hell.

  4. George Too

    Wow. Follow our leaders? Like Lemmings? Isn’t that what most people are doing? If you have more than a 7-day supply of food and a gun, Big SIS considers you a terrorist. It looks like most are asleep at the switch and the train of America is going to miss the “track” of Liberty. Does Big Sis really need 450 million rounds of 40-caliber ammo? This ammo is not to protect the people but to subjugate them and keep them in line.
    I think I am going to move to the side of the pack and out, before they plunge into the abyss.

  5. Brent

    I absolutely love watching Gerald Celente. I have been following him for a long time, and I am glad to see you got an interview with him.

    • Greg

      Thank you Brent and Seajay for weighing in. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Celente too!

  6. Seajay

    Great interview Greg I have tremedous respect for GC and yourself! Thank you!!!

  7. Joe Martinez

    Keep it up Greg , People like you will open the eyes of the sleepers out there . We will take back this county and never fire a show.
    This was a great video.

    Thanks for your hard work sir.

    • Greg

      Well one way or another folks are going to wake up. Just hope it’s in time for folks to protect themselves.

    • Al Martinez

      Two great Americans talking. This is pure bliss! I’m sharing this link with my friends. BTW, I’m not related to Joe but I wish I was.

  8. matt


    Great interview with the one and only Gerald Celente! I have made this site one of my go to sites for the “real” news. Keep up the good work Greg! Hopefully we can wake up more Americans from their slumber and they can show a little emotion, like Gerald always does, with regards to how bad the American people are getting screwed!

    • Greg

      Thank you Matt for the comment and for supporting this site on The Fourth of July!!

  9. g.johnson

    i like this guy a lot!!
    i hope mr. celente will take hear to hear that the ndaa of 2012 has been tested in federal court and lost. preliminary injunction has been handed down and reps are working on reforming (shudder) the bill.

    story is here:

    dunno where you find these guys greg. but this one is a keeper.

  10. LSW

    Greg, another great interview. I have always liked and respected Gerald Celente – passionate! In fact I am a subscriber to his Trends Journal. Bravo!!

    I was sending e-mails back and forth with a friend of mine last Saturday, after the week the US Constitution was destroyed, finally. He was a combat Marine and hero in the first Gulf War with the (real) medals to prove it. Finally, what I wrote below just came out in a flow of thoughts, feelings and words. Please believe me, I am not the only one who thinks this. On the 4th of July, 2012, I believe tis is apropos:

    “…Hey Bro. To preface this letter, I am very pessimistic and negative, but write it with a good attitude and love. My thinking below is based on logic, reason, and most of all, evidence.

    I do not agree with what is written below and all the “positive” afterthoughts and reasoning from various “shocked” individuals since Robert’s decision. He was 100% wrong in what he did, and in fact, was unconstitutional (only congress has the right to tax and make law, not the judiciary. Roberts changed the wording and therefore wrote the law) The Right, the Conservatives, and the Republicans, are putting all of their faith, efforts and energy into a silver lining. What folly. The Silver Lining is a very, very, small part of a very, very large black cloud that has all of the power – the Marxist Left. Again, it is folly in the face of evidence.
    We, the Right, the defenders and protectors of the US Constitution, the Conservatives (to conserve the Constitution), JUST KEEP LOSING! BO and the Left, the Marxist, just keep winning – they never lose, not once, ever. Oh yeah, they incur a few setbacks, lose a few battles (the 2010 Congressional), but they win the wars. Evidence the US Congress today – just another group of sophists who are controlled by Pelosi and her gang regardless of what party is in power. They flaunt the rule of law, violate the Constitution on every front, say black is white and bad is good and are never held to account – and if they are, nothing comes from it. BO is a Marxist, fascist dictator and, again, he never loses, he has never lost, once. Look at his record. Is he a demon, or worse? I don’t know. I do know we are living through a conscious nightmare and we are the frogs in water that is 2 degrees from boiling.

    Roberts utterly and completely betrayed the US Constitution and the people of the United States this last week. He was the swing vote and chose the death of federal illegal immigration law (our number one problem in this country) and individual sovereignty. He ended the Constitution for decades or more. It is now only selective law for the selective few.

    From Lee Rodgers last Saturday:

    A judge who follows the law considers the facts, makes his decision based upon the applicability of relevant laws to those facts, then reaches a decision. A politicized judge begins by deciding what outcome he wants, then finds a way to twist laws in order to get that result. In which category does Chief Justice Roberts belong? We know the answer, don’t we?

    I do not have faith in Romney and zero trust in the Republican Party Politicians for doing what they must do – to fight the just fight and win. They are too weak, too stupid, too cowardly, too inept, too corrupt, and not mean enough street fighters to win battles. Remember, all those in Washington drink out of the same punch bowl. I base my reasoning on evidence and evidence only – something the Supreme Courts should have done this last session and especially this last week. Even if Romney wins, what is he, the Bushes, Karl Rove, John McCain, John Boehner, and all the others, going to do TO us as well?

    The US Federal Government has done nothing but grow monstrously and hugely over the last 100 years – certainly since 1913. This Government has never shrunk in size or power. It has never given the people more freedom and liberty, only less. It has done nothing but tax everything and create laws on a daily basis the makes criminals of us all, when they want to enforce those laws against us. The US Government is now utterly corrupt and rotten, and “rotten” is the word to use, the word “corrupt” is too nice and civil.

    God is not going to come down from the heavens and rescue the people of the US or the world. It is up to us, the good people on the earth. You can have faith in God but, if we are to survive free, we will be called to employ other than godly tactics. That is what it is going to take. Tyranny is not overturned or destroyed at the ballot box. It never has, not once, ever in the history of man, and it never will be. It is not in the nature of powerful, tyrannical men to relinquish power peacefully. The trumpets are now blowing and urging a “William Wallace” for leadership. This time, not just one man, but many. A battle of brave hearts is going to be called for to fight against the enemies of individual freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and what is good on the earth. It will be called for to fight against the internal enemies of the United States Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Again, this will not, and cannot be done at the ballot box. There are too many, a majority in fact, dependent on the addictive drug of government dependency. The result of too many takers, too many leaches, too many weak, too many stupid and not enough producers and patriots with courage, will be even more power and tyranny against us. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is not a novel but rather a prophecy. I pray I am wrong. I fear I am not.

    Preserve and protect your earned wealth and assets – for as long as you are allowed to keep them, and then fight for them and yourselves. It is now time to prepare.

    Love you my Brother!…”

    • Greg

      Thank you LSW for sharing your story and this email. Powerful!!!

  11. Rick Szymanski

    What a super charged interview with Gerald, Greg. Thanks again for your great journalism regarding our financial system.

    • Greg

      Thank you Rick for weighing in on the 4th!!

  12. archivesDave

    Celente has it correct but the Banksters/European Ministers, by formulating somewhat of a European Federal Reserve template will have a few more jokers and aces to play now before the ‘house of cards’ finally collapses over there.
    It also appears the Chinese are going to do what they have to do to
    support all of this as well and with the recent act of the SCOTUS doubling down on Citizens’ United, look for them getting more involved in local politics, business, and land grabs over here.

    • Greg

      Thank you archivesDave for the comment and analysis.

  13. BigTom

    .”The Banks are taking over the world.”…..?? The banks, along with the political side shows, have controlled the world since money began amassing in central hands. How many millennia has that been? What is new is the why and how this massive force of financial destruction is accumulating momentum. Bankers do not intentionally destroy their renewable source of money as it is not in their singular nature to do such a thing. Yet somehow this is what has been done! And oddly the banks could find themselves separated out from each other and individually isolated, and could be turning upon each other for existence. The banks IMHO are actually loosing control! Not that I have any secret password to get into the back rooms to find out what is going on; but it’s all out there in plain sight if one chooses to see it….Though the money changers are taking the pummeling for the financial misgivings presently going on, it is not the banks at all that are the prime movers in this slow motion spinning out of what appears to the eye, to be ‘financial control.’ And that is what may be perhaps the really odd thing with what is happening now considering the history of things….Caliente is a great post here today Greg. He always has an interesting and often new perspective on events. thanx for all you do…

    • Greg

      Thank you Big Tom for supporting the site and for your comments.

  14. Pierrot

    Super excelent intervue !

    Isn’t there something in history that tells them that one day people will have enough and that their heads will roll off. It happened multiple times before !

  15. slingshot

    Happy Independence Day!

    The problem is that most have very little understanding of what they would be Celebrating today. Can you name at least Five Founding Fathers of our Country and what are they remembered for?

    Thought Gerald was going to fly off his seat.;0)

  16. Mike

    Thanks Greg for allowing Gerald Celente to speak the truth on so many important issues.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and kind words.

  17. Don Johnson

    Hello Greg:
    What was said today was what I sent on May 30th 2012. Since then things are becoming more defined. What will a hungry, angry, silver spoon in the mouth generation do when faced with the realities of what the situation really is? I fear for the safety of all. Your guest stated quite clearly that the present monetary system will be replaced. We cannot expect for a moment that the governments and financial giants are unaware of what we are facing. Two things will happen. Radical responses by governments to radical conditions. Angry,hungry people frustrated by realizing that their future has been sold. Some practical steps will be taken by some and that is store some cash and supplies. During Hyper-inflation what is left will be stripped along with most peoples rites. Will most individuals be ready? A quick look at popular YouTube videos on the economy such as Tony Robbins comments on The US Budget have garnered only 200,000 views and even if we were to be double that it shows that not many are aware and as such will be unprepared. The reality is that individuals on the whole really don’t want to know. They trust that governments will provide an umbrella or a soft landing. When serfs through the ages suffered did anyone really care? Some of those in vaulted places actually feel that now is the time to cull a few in the world since it is too full. That is their solution. Here are my earlier comments of May 30th
    Hello Greg: Of all the info I receive no one really talks about the possible solutions. For our monetary system it is obvious.As soon as there is a downgrade of the American economy and a default then the monetary system as we know it will be gone. What will replace it? It will be made to seem that America will miraculously come to the rescue however the solution will be the final step to strip the wealth and Freedoms of possibly the whole world. The reason protect the wealth of the wealthy. Most will be on board because desperate measures require desperate solutions. Does history have a pattern? Yes, and not that long ago! Germans are still singing the praise of a madman who was able to give them financial stability and jobs. In Germany they say they need a little Hitler The price that Hitler asked though was the loss of freedom and the destruction of a generation. Don’t think that it will not happen in a corrupt system with weak leadership. We have all the building blocks in place. All we need is the emergency and the leader that can invoke his vision.
    No one want to hear this though!

    • Greg

      Thank you Don, Mike and Al!!

  18. Mike L.

    Paul Revere is alive & well at

  19. Jan

    Thank you for the interviews you are bringing to your site. I cannot agree to not vote in November. Is Romney my first choice? No, but I do believe he at least likes this country and does not want to see it destroyed. Can he stop the banking cartel and special interest? I am not sure at this late date it can be done before it all comes crashing down.

    I do agree with Mr. Celente, we need to stop feeding the corporate beast. Support local business with your hard-earned dollars and pay a bit more knowing your money is supporting a local family owned business,employing local people, staying in your community and supporting your local economy. All merchants sell imported goods they have too, that is all that is available to them for now. We can change that with our shopping dollars.

    We still own our money for now and we choose where we spend it. Every time someone buys from a big box, banks at one of the too big to fails, uses their credit or debit card and supports businesses that hire illegal workers, we are paying for our nation’s destruction.

    America is 236 years old today, I want it to survive free for the next 236 years.

    This is a good and informative link:

    • Greg

      Thank you Jan for the comment and the link and as for you Stan, me too!!

  20. Stan

    I feel sick in my stomach as I think about my kids and their future. Thanks Greg for this interview with Mr. Celente.

  21. Jim H

    Thanks Greg

    You have some real heavyweights lately who in the past have given us good information. I repeat myself, and say the old rules (if there ever really were any except for the 99%) no longer apply so maybe we need to quit using them to explain anything. Brezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” has come closer than any supposed financial or freedom rules we could use to see where this is going. If they want a cashless society where people work longer hours for less pay and benefits or a fascist state, the numbers (with no oversight) can be skewed to bring this about and nobody goes to prison. For several years the Elite have had this in your face attitude regarding their activities. There are times I feel the only hope is for some Elite to grow a conscience. Still life is good and America is full of good Souls. Won’t let a few bad apples ruin my day any longer.

    Enjoy & hope your birthday was a good one fellow travelers.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim. I think the site is improving with these interviews.

  22. David

    Thanks Greg, Gerald Celente is top notch. I always wonder what he’s not telling us. Items and trends he thinks MIGHT happen.

    Colorado Springs

    • Greg

      Thanks David for the support and kind words man!!

  23. Pieter

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with good humor. As you are a real journalist you have
    never wondered why on the forbes list not a single member of Rothschild,s are on this list? Clearly the real wealth of the rottenchild,s must be hidden at all costs. We don,t have to ask of course who is the owner or controls the Forbes magazine anymore.

    Keep up good work,

    Flying Dutchman

    • Greg

      Captivating point my friend! Thank you for making it here. Insightful!!

  24. The Dark Side.

    How dare you peasants lift up your heads and look around. How day you question.

    Your enslavement is just beginning. The parts are in place. The “enabling laws” are ready.

    We have worked for this for 200 years and we will control you. 1815 was the year our fortune was made. 2015 is the year we take it all.


    Hi!, Greg & Gerald Et Al:

    Your report was very dissapointing like telling us not to vote and stuff like that; when I have this great idea of following my Morman President, Mitt Romney’s, advice regards serving and saving our country hoarding food. I sure hope President Mitt has a few thousand shares of CostCo huh from which he will benefit, after we take on fulfilling his Morman advice to buy and hoard food? No other candidate for President could possibly have a better National Defence/Reconstruction plan to save our bankrupt country than storing food could they? Maybe the White House could send us their FREE verson of Save The Nation recipies? Nothing written by Helicopter Ben though pleae!

    [email protected]

  26. Dan

    Great to see GC on USAWatchdog! Nice Job Greg! Guns, Gold, Getaway. Nuff’ said.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Tim

    EX-Celente!!! Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg

      Clever comment Tim!!

  28. s

    hitler was a genius

    • Greg

      I agree S, Evil, but very smart.

  29. jeff

    WOW what an interview, and greetings from the Isle of Man, British Isles. I admire the work you are doing here Greg, a lot of people are beginning to wake up all over the world, I believe the renaissance is underway, social, spiritual, children of the planet taking their home back from the money changers and their assistants. Look around you at those you love and decide right now to store enough food and medical supplies and water filters to help them (and yourself) in the event of a collapse because its really difficult to wake people up, they like being asleep and some day soon you will need to help them! Honey, grains, dried foods last for years and its better to be 10 years early buying them than be one day too late!!! good luck and courage to everyone out there who feels in their hearts that something wicked this way comes.


    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff and Marcel.

  30. Liz S

    That was one of Gerald’s best rants ever.

    • Greg

      Thank you Liz!!

  31. hoaxcaust

    used to like this guy until keep hearing this guy keep pushing the lies about hoaxcaust.
    You just can’t trust any of them.

  32. Super

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview!! Celente is the best, especially when he’s fired up. I just flipped the link to this interview to family and friends. Please keep up the great work-people need to be properly informed. Thanks.

  33. Chris Thomas

    Great interview. This will serve as a perfect tool for purposes of distributing info through link shares.
    I began to understand the state of things many years ago. Though I was very pessimistic in the beginning , even somewhat depressed, I have since had an opportunity to come to terms with my mortality. In addition to that, I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to reflect on the things most important to me (friends, kin, dedication to unbiased justice in all things).
    I now have a new found optomism. Like most of my good neighbors, I’ve made great efforts to do the right thing my whole life. Seeing as how there exists a group of people with values in diametric opposition to mine, seemingly hell bent on the domination of my life and soul, I guess I’ll just have to take Ex-Celentes advice and “GET READY”. But, I don’t intend on ever being ready to give up what the founding fathers, my ancestors, and God have chosen to bless me with, without resistance via every definition of the word.

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