Past Point of No Return –John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer and book author John Rubino sees the world careening toward a debt reset at an increasing pace. Rubino explains, “The coming monetary reset and what that means for gold and what that means for the rest of the global financial system, you don’t need a war to bring that about because we are making enough financial mistakes that will get us there in no time flat now without geopolitical turmoil. If you add a big war in the Middle East into the equation, then anything can happen. A scenario right now that is very, very feasible is we start shooting in the Middle East and Russia and China is on the other side of this in one way or another. They help Iran, and we have our allies helping us, and we start using these next generation weapons that are breathtakingly powerful. Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen when we start throwing these things at each other. . . . Oil spikes to $100 – $150 per barrel, and that tips the already extremely fragile global financial system over the edge. So, we get the ‘Greater Depression’ or the monetary reset or a hyperinflation or whatever we get sooner rather than later. It’s a disaster for everybody when it happens that way.”

Rubino says the monetary masters “tried to fix the financial system but could not do it.” Rubino says, “If you think you are beyond the point of no return financially as an individual, you borrow as much money as you can, and then go bankrupt. . . . Governments in the world are starting to do that now or behaving that way. . . . There is nothing they can do to fix the system. In the U.S., they tried to fix the system and scale back and they found out that is impossible. The central bank in the U.S. cannot raise interest rates without the economy collapsing. . . . So, they basically gave up. . . . They are printing a lot of currency electronically and dumping it into the banking system. . . . The consequence for the currency is to make it less valuable year after year . . . then you get the crackup boom . . . where people just lose faith in the currency because they see the government is going to make it less valuable year after year. So, there is no point in holding that currency as savings. They spend it as fast as they get it.”

In closing, Rubino says, “We have entered a new stage which feels like one of the end stages of this process—when governments just give up and don’t even pretend to try and control their finances anymore. Well, we are there. That’s when it will be clear to everybody that is the case, and then your gold goes through the roof. The investment thesis ends with you loading up on precious metals and then riding the inflation and/or monetary reset that has to happen because of past mistakes. . . . The nightmare scenario is if we are already having a financial crisis and then we have a war with China and Russia, it’s unimaginable. I cannot factor that into a scenario for financial asset prices because it is too crazy.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, founder of

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  1. David

    Hi Greg,

    Is something strange going on with stock trading? I bought stocks this past Monday through my online stock trading account with …… (BIG name). The stocks cost me less than 25% of cash I have in the account. Instead of taking the money from my cash balance, they took it out of my margin account. This has never happened in 11 years. I tried to call the company but couldn’t get through. I live chatted online with the online account, but the answer the “person” gave was vague and unhelpful. I have e-mailed them directly and am waiting a response. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing trouble with online stock trading? Could it be they don’t have cash to settle the accounts, so the companies are resorting to “borrowed money” of which, of course, the interest is paid by the customer?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info David and thank you for posting it here!!

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – I had the same thing happen, what I found out was the cash is automatically swept in to a money market or similar looking vehicle (Which looks like cash on the balance sheet, but it is not!). Then when I bought some stock, the transaction charges against the margin account and they (crooks) get to charge interest!!! … Why – Well the interest on the margin money was around 9%, and this is charged daily. It is a scam way in which the brokerage gets extra income from unsuspecting customers.

        • Freebrezer

          Plus, the cash account at the brokerage pays a whopping 0.01% interest vs. the other money accounts that pay ~ 1.0 % to 1.5 %. On $2000.00 bucks that is the earning difference 40 cents vs 40 .00 + $. Think of all the accounts at brokerages in cash that they sweep in to short gov. interest and collect the spread. The answer is when buying something, sweep the money out of the interest bearing cash account in to cash. Though it could be worse (!!) … in Europe with negative interest rates you pay (the masters) every time you put currency in to an account.

          • paul jr.


            I have a brokerage cash account with Vanguard. I pay $0 (zero) commission to trade stocks and ETFs online. The sweep account used is the Vanguard Federal Money Market which currently yields 1.54%. My advice: change to a different brokerage.

        • paul jr.


          Why not just have a cash account instead of a margin account?

          • K.Wayne

            Can we say that we are currently experiencing/witnessing all three of those latter “financial repression” toolkits?
            The former toolkit (Savings Tax) comes with NIRP…..or alternatively can be viewed as already being here with low nominal rates offset with Inflation – thereby providing real negative rates.
            What follows now is the Debt haircuts and closing of accounts across the spectrum. Brokerage/ Cash/Savings Accounts, PM accounts, Coin Dealer accounts….all clearing houses…will be subject to bail ins. Your access will be denied or at best closed for an indefinite period.

          • tim mcgraw

            I agree. NEVER buy stock on margin. You are gambling with money you don’t have.

    • le fusilleur

      There are a lot of annecdotal (nonmainstream media) stories on bulletin boards of various kinds of websites about delays in cashing checks at banks. And don’t forget there was the nation breakdown in direct-deposits couple weeks ago.

      ps. instead of hoarding paper FRNs, people should opt for Sacagewea dollars, quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies. The FRNs are printed with “Federal Reserve”, but the coinage is stamped “United States”. This will make a difference when the Federal Reserve system finally goes down for good. … The other thing in case of a new currency, a currency reset, the coins will still be used because they are costly to mint. The paper will be burned.

      Greg is ALWAYS asking guests “what can the little guy do to protect himself”, the answer is he can squirrel away his pocket change. ….. But most will not because they lack the hope that Jesus provides.

      • paul ...

        Good advice le fusilleur!!!

      • Casey Hawkins

        About check cashing. Up until recently we were able to “cash” cash any check that was from our bank, BoA. This is our bank, and the bank our pension comes from. Recently we went in to cash our current pension check, and were told “they no longer cash checks, but our money would be available by tomorrow afternoon. They’ve also said they can’t cash checks from my brother (once again same bank), even though the funds are in his account, and the branch is the same.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for posting this street reporting!!

    • William Stanley

      You may be on to something. I had different-but-similar experience last week.

    • steve

      Close your margin account and get your cash out

      • paul jr.

        Yes, David should close his margin account if he does not need one and instead open up a cash account.

    • paul jr.


      I am a little confused with what you said. It sounds like you are saying that you have a margin account at the brokerage that had enough cash to buy the stocks, like you normally would if you just had a cash account, but instead they used margin. Is that correct?

      • David

        Yes. That is correct.

        • K.Wayne

          Are you aware of the nifty scheme that Brokerage Houses employ with their clients shares held on account?
          “Leaving your stock with your broker (incl. a margin account) will allow them to lend these shares out to short sellers who will sell the stock and negate your demand. In effect, your broker via lending the shares will negate your purchase and to put it bluntly, TRADE AGAINST YOU”!
          Legally, your broker cannot lend shares that are not in a margin account, or in a retirement account. Brokers are requesting clients with retirement account to borrow their shares for this very reason.

          • paul ...

            Exactly K. Wayne … by buying stock in your margin account … you are effectively putting downward pressure on your own stock … as the brokers lend your shares to their buddies who sell them in the open market “and take your cash and put it in their accounts” … they continue selling your shares (taking any new money “out of the stock” you are buying on margin) … then when you have no credit left in you margin account (to purchase more stock) the stack price begins to fall as it is under the brokers “relentless shorting attack” … then after the price drops in half the brokers take the cash they got selling your stock “at the top” and buy it back at “half the price” and place the shares “they borrowed” back in your account for you to take the losses on your tax return!!!

    • Rob

      David you have just proven how little to no control everyone will have in this decade when they collapse all fiat paper a person can at least hold in their hand and give you a digital currency they can take from your account at any time and then send you off into electronic hell to try and get an answer! Welcome to the reality that will be full blown lawlessness this decade:
      Revelation 13:15-17 And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    • Jerry

      Liquidity in the system is drying up.

      I too am beginning see to payouts slow down, in the corporations I do business with. I find this very troubling considering that these are multi billion dollar corporations. I’ve been drawing out as much money as I can out of my accounts, converting it to cash, and then buying silver from a local dealer in my area. It seems obtuse, but I don’t believe in leaving a paper trail for the powers that be to follow. In addition, I have paid off all my debts and transferred titles to trusted sources. I only leave enough money in my personal bank account to pay bills, and have access to cash. My investments are run through two separate corporations. Since most of my accounts are direct deposit, it’s a monthly ongoing task that never ends. At least until they cut me off from my money, which could happen at anytime.

      The Fed has once again increased its injections (see attached), so that tells me that nothing has changed in the banks. The next money velocity report that comes out at the end of January should give us an idea of how much time we have left.

    • AndrewB

      Talking of “something strange going on with stock trading”, I often wonder if on-line share purchases actually involve the purchase of any shares . . .

      I recall the days – way back in the 1980s when buying and selling shares (equities) was completely different to today’s electronic trading and ‘instant gratification’. To purchase shares in a company, I was required to contact a ‘stock broker’ and inform him (rarely her) that I wished to purchase x quantity of shares in company y. Even though the buy and sell prices were published in the daily financial newspapers, the stock broker needed to contact a ‘market maker’ to ask: 1/. If the quantity of shares I wished to purchase were available? and 2/. If so, at what price? The broker would then call me back and ask if I wished to proceed with a purchase at the price quoted. Bear in mind that market makers held shares in various companies on their own account and at their own risk. Your broker would know which market maker to contact based on the company shares you wished to purchase. Sometimes, the shares you wished to purchase would not be available unless you were prepared to pay over spot, in which case the market maker would contact an investor with the target stock and try to negotiate a price.

      Fast forward to today. You can go on-line with your brokerage and purchase any quantity of shares at the ‘buy’ price. Even shares in lightly traded and obscure companies can be instantly acquired – which begs the question; How come the shares are ALWAYS available for purchase? Every stock purchase is supposed to be matched against a sale – the quantity of shares in issue by every company being fixed. So, does anyone really own the shares they think they do or has the whole stock market morphed into a giant Ponzi scheme?

      • paul ...

        AndrewB … The answer is “a giant Ponzi scheme” … brokers rarely buy stock for you (especially penny stocks) … they simply take your money … and then “just print on your monthly statement” what you think you bought … instead they use your money to trade derivatives “in their private accounts” … the way to keep them honest … is to ask them to send you the stock certificates … and see how much “static” they give you when you put in such a request … they will tell you “there are outrageously expensive fees to do such a thing”, etc., etc.!!!

        • paul jr.

          To avoid the kind of problems that you mention, just deal with a brokerage that does not have their own private accounts.

  2. Mike R

    Gold at $1592, and actually reached $1611 earlier this evening. (1/7/2020).

    If it looks like a bull, runs like a bull, and huff’s like a bull, its a BULLMARKET. Shorts are getting pummeled. Especially those who shorted below $1400. and there were a TON of them. Commercials are heavily short, and in heavy pain. Expect this to run above $1700 soon, with a lot of shorts covering. When it dips again, the shorts will scream to short more, which is the exact wrong move. You want to buy hand over fist on this next dip, which will look scary at first, and everyone (like Stan) will yell its a ‘top.’ LOL.

    • Mike R

      Daily cycle top is likely in now for gold. Now it’ll correct for about a week t0 10 days. That will be your cue to buy some, for the next leg up, which is part of its intermediate cycle up, to then go above, and stay above $1600.

      • paul jr.


        Are you following Gary Savage, who said that the daily cycle top is in for gold and to look for the daily cycle low in a week to 10 days?

    • GaryD

      Jim Sinclair has suggested (highly) for years that a stock holder must obtain the paper ownership certificate of their owned stocks. Cut out the middleman. I cannot recall the terminology for all this but he insists that you are only safe when you hold the cert.

      • K.Wayne

        Holding your shares in Certificate form (not with your Broker).
        It is worth revisiting this piece from Sinclair/Holter at this juncture.

        • paul ...

          How ever holding the certificate is only half the problem … because corrupt CEO’s “can still make your stock certificates worthless” by loading up on company debt … or issuing more shares diluting your percentage holding in the company … or just out right sell the company right out from under you to some other corrupt corporate entity when the stock is low … or declaring bankruptcy … none of this can happen if you you own gold in your possession!!

  3. Mike R

    Ukraine Boeing with 180 people, ‘crashed’ coming out of Tehran. Became a ‘fireball’ in mid air. Not much left on the ground.

    • FC

      Flight PS752 is it only a coincidence that the last 2 numbers are 52?

    • paul ...

      Likely someone important on that plane “was taken out” in revenge for the assassination of Soleimani … anyone have a passenger list???

      • paul ...

        Look for a general or some high political official on the passenger list … why else would the US say the plane shot down was an accident??

        • paul ...

          Why is the US being so nice to Iran? … saying it must have been an accident?? … it was a ready made excuse to go to war??? … anything in the papers about who was on that plane????

  4. le fusilleur

    this man, Heshmat Alavi, is good to follow if you want to know about what is happening in Iran; he speaks their language, but he is pro-Trump.

    been reading is tweets for over five years and so far have found him to be a reliable man of integrity.

    • leo

      thx for the link on Iran you are right it seems a good one for an inside view of Iran. I have never been to Iran but from what I have seen in videos on utube I can say I rather like the people they seem humble and intelligent . I would like to visit that country if it were not for that oppressive government. It is to bad the common man must suffer so much because of the sanctions it hurts the people but not the mullahs .There is no way that 737 crashed due to mechanical issues this was not the 737 max that has had 2 crashes but rather the 737 trusted older version my all time favorite boeing plane..

  5. Stan

    Well, I was going to provide some commentary on this video, but Paul, Jerry & others will probably attack me as usual. So you’ll have to do without my input.

    • Greg Hunter

      Be bold Stan but be right.

    • paul ...

      That’s too bad Stan … I was looking forward to attacking you like the Deep State is looking forward to attacking Iran!!

    • Jerry

      Come on Stan,
      Step up to the plate and take your best swing. Lord knows you’ve been knocking it out of the park with your gold predictions.

      • paul ...

        Jerry … what Stan doesn’t understand when he looks at the huge Cot short position of the commercial players “is not that gold has topped” … but that gold is in the process of making a strong advance … he thinks because the commercials have added to their short position he should as a contrarian naturally expect a pullback after a price rally … especially when he sees the big players adding to their short/hedge positions … but what Stan does not realize is the big players are buying gold and simply hedging their new position … this is “very bullish” … Stan needs to look at the following chart … … which shows that gold is always in the mist of a powerful advance when the commercial COT short position increases!!!

  6. R.Patrick

    John Rubino is exceptional in the way he delivers the information. Thanks.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks again! Mr. Rubino exudes immense credibility and his words have the “ring of truth.”

  8. JC

    Isn’t it interesting with all that’s going on, that Martin Armstrong, quite some time ago identified January 20th of 2020 as the turning point for his ECM (Economic Confidence Model)?

    “This turning point in the ECM on January 2020 appears to be the turn in public confidence on a global scale. Much of what I write about from false flags to civil asset forfeitures are all issues that are blending together in undermining the confidence in governments. This next wave should be inflationary. That also means we should be in a position where people lose confidence in government, but the central banks are trapped and the pros are starting to see that as well. The financial market will respond accordingly. This is also why we have gold and equities rising together. I warned that this is what must unfold for the next cycle. I have called this the Great Alignment. These trends are not based upon my personal opinion. That is just not analysis from my perspective. Science is the process of experiment and proof — not conjecture and assumptions.”

  9. JC

    Very suspicious….

    “Ukrainian plane carrying 180 crashes in Tehran…”

    • paul ...

      Lots of US political officials fly Ukrainian plans “to make deals” that bring them in millions of dollars in bribes (Biden, etc., etc.)!!!

    • Gary C

      JC, I subscribe to his private blog, well worth it for his take on the big picture, very accurate information.

      We are approaching the Jan ECM, it all ties in with the Repo markets, which are not fixed.

  10. Jerry

    Contrary to the sunshine pumping trolls that grace your site, the world financial system has been moving to a gold standard for quite some time.

    By moving to a single gold purchasing platform, the central banks have set the table to back the entire financial exchange system with gold. While the details are still being worked out by the world bank and the IMF, it is clear what the blueprint will look like.

    • Montana Guy

      Jerry, a ‘gold standard’ is not a ‘gold standard’ unless you can prove that your ‘money’ (digital, paper, or coin) is in fact backed by physical gold. Do you really think globalists would create a system that the people could ‘cash out of’? These people clearly don’t want us possessing fiat cash. Do you seriously believe they would want us walking around with gold again?

      • paul jr.

        “a ‘gold standard’ is not a ‘gold standard’ unless you can prove that your ‘money’ (digital, paper, or coin) is in fact backed by physical gold”

        Very true.

        • paul ...

          Right on Paul Jr.

  11. paul ...

    Rubino speaks the whole truth … says everything I’ve been trying to say … but even better … a most excellent guest to have on at this critical time!!!

    • paul ...

      You know … Trump nuking Iran “is like nuking China’s oil supply” … China needs to wake up to the fact that Trump is going to war “with them” (although he was elected saying he wanted to stop war) … China needs to understand what they are doing to America and its people (like taking away our jobs, stealing our technology, drugging our people with Fentanyl to destroy our kidneys (so we have to go to China for kidney transplants that they get by slaughtering their people) … it is not right for Trump to nuke the Iranian people for what China is doing to America … Trump should simply send those B52 nuclear bombers to China to destroy all the Fentanyl plants inside China … and also invade Mexico to destroy the Drug Cartels down there who are mixing Fentanyl with Heroin to kill our children!!

      • paul ...

        If we are going to fight a war to keep the Deep State parasite alive … lets at least do it to benefit the American people … and go after those who are hurting our children … the Chinese and the Mexicans!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure that’s going to happen. The ball is Iran’s court. They started this round with the attack on our embassy in Iraq. What do you think would have happened it they did that to China or Russia?

        • K. Wayne

          I disagree.
          There wont be any de-escalation (DJT hopeful rhetoric).
          In fact Major General Dehghan speaks quite the opposite.
          Why would we deploy 3500 Airborne’s and 2000 Marines if there was no threat?
          Six (6) x B52 Bombers being stationed in Diego Garcia (out of reach of IRAN’s missile range) is not something I would assume the MIC would be doing as routine military exercises.
          War is front and centre and per usual the masses are ignorant.
          Listen carefully to Trump – who is intentionally playing down the assassination……AND …..wanting to introduce harsher sanctions on IRAN. The true intention (of Trump and his Administration) IMHO, would be divert attention away from the Military build up, whilst planning for continued first strikes. A possible False Flag event and it goes HOT very quickly from here.

      • eddiemd

        Fentanyl is metabolized in the liver and excreted through the liver. It has no effect on the kidneys.

        • paul ...

          eddiemd … Although fentanyl is metabolized by the liver and excreted by the kidneys … fentanyl causes renal failure with increasing frequency as we age!! …
          0-1: 1.64 %
          2-9: 1.34 %
          10-19: 1.82 %
          20-29: 2.37 %
          30-39: 2.55 %
          40-49: 9.91 %
          50-59: 21.52 %
          60+: 58.84 %

          • eddiemd

            Nice try.

            Read the studies that you are referencing. Perhaps if you are over 60, male, have had coronary artery bypass, are taking a fibrinolytic or heparin, used protamine to reverse heparin, etc, etc. Qualifiers outside the group of users commonly associated with addiction ie ages 18-45. Fentanyl itself does not directly damage the kidneys. Perhaps in very rare circumstances.

            People over 60 have normal age related deterioration in renal function. That is life.

          • eddiemd

            Fentanyl is preferred as an anesthetic adjunct during cardiac surgery. Less toxicity to the myocardium and works well with volatile agents reducing the required amounts of the agents. It has a relatively short time to peak analgesic effect and can be terminated rapidly after small doses.
            Sometimes it can cause muscle rigidity which can cause rhabdomyolysis. The rhabdo can be harmful to the kidney.

            • paul ...

              So that’s why Trump is telling China to stop sending Fentanyl to the US?? … because they are sending “a very good harmless product” to the US that is being mixed into Heroin for our kids to consume??? … I bet you think dental x-rays are also harmless … and that taking flue shots doesn’t give you the flue!!

  12. Jerry

    It’s pretty clear to me that the Fed is pumping up the banks. Yesterday the fed pumped 100 billion back into the banks and look what happened to Deutsche bank stock.

    How long can this continue before someone calls B.S. ? The markets are so manipulated that it is impossible to even try to chart stocks, and make a sensible investment. It’s all fraud, and money laundering.

    • Mike R

      They’ve actually dumped more than $1 trillion in since September. People have lost track, and now the bean counters can’t keep up. They are trying desperately to both keep stock market propped, and keep several major banks from going under all at once. They each dwarf Lehman by orders of magnitude with their derivatives.

    • JC

      Jerry, yes it’s all fraud and money laundering. I’ll never forget what Ben Bernanke once said when he was head of the Federal Reserve.

      “We’re learning by doing.”

      Yes, they learned how to engage in fraud and money laundering on a scale never before imagined.

      • JC

        Speaking of good old Ben….

        Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said over the weekend that the central bank should consider using negative interest rates during the next downturn.

        • paul ...

          JC … Same thing both Greenspan and Trump are saying … and negative rates will weaken the US dollar relative to gold!!

          • Tin foil hat

            Negative interest rates will not only weaken the dollar, it will detrone the king dollar’s global reserve status.
            U.S. Treasury will no longer be considered as an asset or safe heaven, it will become a liability! That’s not going to happen and it can’t happen until we are ready for a free floating gold back standard.
            Money flowing out of financial instruments bearing negative rates will cause a great flood or out of control hyperinflation if not contain or absorb by a dam made out of gold.
            The last thing we want is out of control prices in energy, food and housing. Citizens will not riot in the street when an ounce of gold cost $30,000/oz.

  13. DJW

    John Rubino is a great source of information for understanding markets, he is such level headed guy and I appreciate his input very much; thanks for the interview Greg.
    Greg I hope you can find a guest who can shine a light on the situation with the UN and the ‘climate crisis’ social engineering agenda we’re seeing. This is such an important topic and the psy-op is so pervasive and effective that vast majority of the public is cannot see the treachery couched in the high sounding language of ‘sustainable development’.
    I know you focus mostly on finance and economics but it is ‘climate’ that is capturing the hearts and minds of the masses for the globalists…this agenda must be exposed for what it is. Please find somebody who can break this important subject down for beginners.

    • Chip

      Here’s a primer DJW…

      #1 CO2 is not the primary greenhouse gas. Water vapor is and contributes 90% of the greenhouse effect. Man is responsible for only 5% of all CO2 emissions. Mother nature is responsible for the other 95% through plant and animal decay on land and in the oceans along with volcanic activity across the planet.

      #2 CO2 is plant food. Without it plants die, animals die, and humans die. The balance chemical equation for photosynthesis is…

      6CO2 + 6H2O + SUNLIGHT —> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Note that as plants absorb CO2 they product oxygen which humans need to survive.

      #3 Our current geological period (Quaternary) has the lowest average CO2 levels in the history of the planet.

      #4 More CO2 equals more plant growth. Greenhouses pump CO2 in to increase production and there have been thousands of peer reviewed experiments that prove that doubling the CO2 concentration increases crop yields by 45%.

      #5 More CO2 means moister soil. Pores on the bottom of plants leaves open to absorb CO2. With higher CO2 concentrations the pores remain open a shorter amount of time which reduces evaporation from the leaves. This results in requiring less water for plants to grow when there is more CO2 in the atmosphere.

      An excellent read on the subject is “Inconvenient Facts” written by Gregory Wrightstone a geologist with 35 years of experience studying the planet and the planets geological processes. Hope this helps… Chip

      • DJW

        Thank you for the post, those are indeed some very useful points to reference, which I will do so in the future. I also hope Greg will interview someone who can accurately portray the psychological operation end of the things and why it is being global governance…and HOW it is being done…plus the reality of weather modification…UN ENMOD Treaty….HAARP etc.

  14. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent interview. Once again, John Rubino takes us to school — from Geo-Politics to the Gold Standard.

    Yes, a war with Iran would almost certainly close the Strait of Hormuz and the price of oil would rocket higher. What does that do to derivatives based on the price of oil. Fragile system and then oil derivatives crater it.

    OTOH, there are good Sci-Fi movies out that show it could be worse.

  15. Jerry

    This is the main reason why Iran will use proxy armies and terrorist cells to attack the United States.

    As I posted for the past few years, these are the weapons of the future. Standing armies will become useless against these weapons. The only defense? Gorilla warfare, and cyber attacks. The main mode of attack currently being utilized by Iran. Recommendation.
    Prepare for grid down. Planners expect more casualties with that than any conventional weapon.

    • Jerry

      It now appears that the deep state will use the United Nations to try and remove President trump from office as a war criminal, now that the impeachment attempt has stalled.

      This is no surprise considering that the governor of Virginia is mulling over whether or not to use the United Nations to form disarmament units to disarm American citizens.

  16. Mike

    Why were we in the Middle East? It was called the petrodollar system. That system is ending fast and we will not need to be there anymore. People confuse the term “We” with action taken by the elites to steal money from the “useless eaters”. The American people did not ask for military bases all around the world. That decision was made by the elites. I expect redistribution of wealth from the criminal elites back to the “useless eaters”. The only real war is with the elites that want nations of “useless eaters” at war to hide their criminal activity.

    • Montana Guy

      Mike, you are closer to truth than most. Voting is a fraud. Americans are allowed to vote. It’s simply a frivolous exercise so they think they are free. Mercy, they were infinitely freer under King George III than they are today.

      Look at today’s Welfare State, Warfare State, Torture State, Police State, Prison State, Security State, Surveillance State, and Abortion (now infanticide) State?. That’s 8 Evil States. Which one did you vote for? Mike, your vote (and mine) doesn’t count because you don’t count.

      You are right that evil global elites must meet ‘their Nuremburg’. But first we must start thinking like free men and women and then take action to regain Liberty. The Hindus and Muslims did it (with little loss of life). We could too.

  17. iwitness02

    When I was a youngster, I remember hearing stories about grandparents coming west in a covered wagon. These pioneers went on to witness many new inventions. Radio, black and white TV, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, farm equipment and paved highways. Such wondrous things! Now we witness all of the electronic technology, all the weapon technology, Medical, recreational products and the grandest crime sprees ever to be witnessed on the earth. Widespread poverty, depravity, and disease. Now we live in a rumor filled world where it is impossible to find the truth, for all the propaganda. With this kind of progress, the future looks troublesome. The best part is, nobody truly knows what is going to happen or when. This is a tough environment to find peace, happiness and fulfillment. These are times that try men’s souls.

    • iwitness02

      Not my grandparents, my parents grandparents. I’m old, but not that old!

      • iwitness02

        I can’t get this right. Friends from school. Their families. My people arrived by boat.

  18. JC

    Greg, it was nice having Michael Pento and John Rubino on, one after the other. Good stuff, thanks.

    Any chance you will have Martin Armstrong in the near future?

  19. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great report. Mr. Nenner has every right to be worried. The war cycle has peaked in 2020 and will only increase until Spring 2023. But, like I tried to explain to Mr. Nenner, Bo Polny and some others, this is the last iteration of cycles so the outcome will not be what it has been in the past.

    Vulcanism, earthquakes and bad weather will increase globally, food production will be hit or miss and America will pay a very high price.

    I tell people I survived 4 countries collapsing and one of them is Iran. The people of Iran are very resilient and resourceful. Grown men and women sold themselves into slavery in order to get out of Iran ’78-’82. Some were able to buy their freedom, escape by running away and some were not so lucky but, they used the slavery network that runs throughout the Middle East to get trafficked out of the country during the upheaval of those days.

    On the other hand, the leaders are nuts, so who knows what they will do.

    Mr. Rubino, great interview. Remember the last of my articles that you reviewed, it will come to America. ((Lev. 26))
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • paul ...

      Interesting … sell yourself into slavery to get the criminals to transport you out of the country … then once out … run away to get your freedom … this should be kept in mind … just in case you don’t have any gold to bribe the border guards!!!

      • paul ...

        If you do have gold and don’t want to give it to the border guards … sell your gold and buy “a quality rare diamond” that you can sew into your under garments (which the border guards metal detectors can’t pick up when they scan you) … or you can do this (which is a little more complicated) you can sell your gold and buy a Treasury Bond … then burn the bond in your fireplace after you memorize the number on the Treasury Bond certificate … then once out of the country you apply for a “replacement certificate” saying your original certificate was lost!!

        • paul jr.

          Earth calling paul… The U.S. Treasury does not issue paper certificates for it’s Treasury bonds. And why would you tell people to sell their gold to buy Treasury bonds in the first place since you believe that they will be worthless?

  20. Tom

    Wouldn’t you actually be better off with lots of debt if the currency gets depreciated? You both are apparently of the opinion to be debt free. I would never do it, but theoretically we should all borrow as much as possible and buy gold and wait for the dollar collapse, right?

    • Montana Guy

      Tom, many guest here have predicted a ‘dollar collapse’ resulting in chaos. Remember the ‘Survival Rule of Threes’. It means, you can live 3 minutes without AIR. 3 days without WATER. 3 weeks without FOOD. I might add, 3 decades without GOLD.

    • paul ...

      Tom … borrowing money to buy gold “is sound advice” but you must be part of the elite banksters who can borrow at the Fed window at 2% … if you are borrowing money on a credit card at 17% to buy gold “you are playing in dangerous waters” because even though interest rates are falling and going negative for the elite banksters … while rates are going down for them they are raising interest rates on ordinary peoples credit cards to 20% or more … what is stopping them from raising rates to 30%, 40% or 100% to bankrupt you … so although theoretically it is sound advice … it only makes “cents” for the banksters to do it … and the banksters are buying tons of gold with “cheap borrowed money”!!!

  21. JC

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    “Even inside Iran, Iranians see Soleimani and internal Revolutionary Guards forces in a very different light. Many Iranians loathe the internal IRGC and their para-militaries, the Basij. Internally, these are seen as deeply involved in economic corruption, and for violently crushing open protest against that corruption. But when Iranians think of Qassem Soleimani, they see a stoic warrior who in his 20s fought and was wounded protecting them from Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran in the 1980s, and in his 60s was still at it, protecting Iran from ISIS attacks by meeting the enemy inside Iraq and Syria. They credit him and his men with the fact that ISIS failed to mount the kind of widespread attacks inside Iran they have launched in Iraq and Syria.”

    • K.Wayne

      There are always two sides to the coin. Unfortunately our beliefs are somewhat framed by the propaganda machinery. Thank you for providing this link.

      • JC

        The “Axis of Evil”, remember that?

        Iran’s Deep Distrust Of America Is Rooted In History

        “Much of the problem America has with Iran stems from the perception that we have created over the years by portraying Iran as a larger than life boogeyman that threatens our very way of life and existence. Iran was elevated to this level when President George W. Bush included Iran as a member of the “Axis Of Evil” in his State of the Union Address in 2002. Unfortunately, Washington and the politicians who reside there often mislead us as they allow agendas of special interest to influence policy. When it comes to Iran’s official stance towards America anyone saying that Iran has good reason not to trust the American government is making an understatement. America through its foreign policy has wreaked havoc upon many countries few have been affected or suffered from our meddling as much as Iran.”

      • JC

        “When we look back at Globalist-owned America’s long history of making war against various “Bad Guys” from A-Z, the discerning student of history can’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of “the other side of the story.” Why is that? ”'bad-guys

  22. Justn Observer

    Now…lets get on with the prosecutions, the release of the JFK files AND a new investigation of 911 ( WITH a grand jury and not a stuffed commission of insiders) !
    Time the Odessa network collaborators and Mafia linkage be waved good bye to …including Nancy Pelosi and her dad TOM TOM friends. Appreciate their help in WW but the Nazi import/rat-line? = a bridge too far for the now aware U.S. public.
    Those alive still need to find justice for what they did to those Jews taken to slave and death camps…and their and their families wealth confiscated and the families that lost loved ones and lost limbs in your contrived endless wars given relief…as well as the families and people your drug peddling to the youth of the U.S. have caused!

    • Justn Observer

      Getting closer to the right answers…a list of the passengers in the downed plane might be helpful too.. as will the names of the other 4 Iranian Generals that were part of the Iran no deal deal …

      • K.Wayne

        A “UKRAINIAN” plane taking off from IRAN ….with a destination to ” UKRAINE”…seems somewhat coincidental….especially in terms of what is the considered basis of the so called Trump Impeachment !!!

  23. eddiemd

    You wonder what is going on behind the scene with Trump and the Iranians?

    Some people are saying that this is a ploy to destroy the Saudis. The real sponsors of terrorism in the MENA.

    The Russians, Turks, Israelis, and Chinese have not said much. Not much from the Vatican.

    Wonder if the 12th Mahdi is still inbound as part of the immediate future. Trump wants NATO to be involved.

    Still waiting on the prophecy concerning Damascus.

  24. Peter Dunican

    Hi Greg,

    Love the show. Great talk by John Rubino. Just a few questions & comments below.

    If the dollar collapses & an ounce of gold goes to say $10,000 would the relative cost of goods & services go up by the same amount or is it the case that trading with gold would mean being able to keep ahead of inflation?

    I can’t see how realistic is would be for the US to issue a currency backed by precious metals without a major war preceeding it. If there is 8k tons of gold at Fort Knox then maybe but this is questionable as we know and some countries (Russia, China, Germany, South Africa and others) have large deposits that could gain a significant advantage over the US. I think the US would go all ‘Japanese’ on the big holders of gold first- Kill, Burn, Loot.

    Something unrelated to the interview but a major talking point is that I think the whole climate change issue can’t be tackled when there is so much disarray in the world and potential for civil unrest and war. I don’t know how governments can do anything significant to reduce carbon emissions when most economies are driven by oil and the petro-dollar. How will the oil exporting countries function? How will US power be projected if countries become energy self sufficient and the petro-dollar ceases. If there is a currency reset and countries renege on their debts what will the world order look like then? And what about all the dollars that the Saudis currently recycle back in to the US; this will stop if they can’t get a return on their investment & hence the US could reverse its security arrangements with them.

    So many questions Greg! Keep up the good work.


    • paul jr.


      To answer to your question about the price of gold rising enough to keep pace with the cost of goods and services if the dollar collapses, the answer is that gold may or may not keep pace with inflation. Normally the price of a good or service goes up or down at different rates from each other. The same is true during periods of hyperinflation. However during hyperinflation, necessities such as food, usually becomes scare and therefore they rise in price much more than other things do. So gold may rise in price to keep pace with inflation overall but not rise in price enough to keep pace with necessities like food.

      We seen this happen during the hyperinflation period in the Weimar Republic (Germany) between 1920 and 1923, with hyperinflation becoming very severe in 1923. For example, in January of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was 250 Marks. One ounce of gold was 372,447 Marks. So one ounce of gold could buy 1490 loaves of bread at that time. However by September of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was now 1,523,000 Marks. One ounce of gold was 269,429,000 Marks. So one ounce of gold could only now buy 177 loaves of bread. So gold lost about 88% of it’s purchasing power when compared to the price of a loaf of bread from January to September of 1923. The same was true for eggs and I am sure for other food items as well during that time. For things that were not necessities or things that were more in abundance, I would think gold did do a good job of keeping pace with any price inflation for those goods or services.

      However from how it sounds with the most recent cases of hyperinflation, that being Zimbabwe (2007-2009) and some South American countries like Argentina (1989-1990) and currently in Venezuela, gold and even silver seemed to do a good job of keeping up with inflation, including to some degree even food inflation.

      There are a number of videos on YouTube about the hyperinflation in Venezuela that I found interesting.

      Here is a series about Venezuela that I just started to watch.

      • JC

        Here’s something interesting about inflation.

        Inflation Surge Will Be Driven By Fees, Tolls, And Taxes

        “When we look at where inflation has occurred during the last decade or so we find it centered in areas where the government has expanded its influence.”

        • paul jr.

          I can certainly can see that happening. You do not have much control when it comes to paying fees, tolls and taxes so they can pretty much charge what they like. When it comes to other things like food, clothing, etc… there is competition which keeps prices somewhat in check. For most areas of the country there are many grocery stores and department stores from which to buy from. Plenty of auto dealers around. Plenty of restaurants to eat out at.

      • paul ...

        If someone in Venezuela bought a one ounce gold coin a few years back they could sell it now for $1500 US dollars … which would help them greatly (as they currently earn about $5 US dollars per week in their inflated currency) … so that one ounce gold coin is worth 300 weeks (or 5.77 years) salary !!!

    • Chip

      Point being we don’t need to do anything about carbon emissions. CO2 is plant food. Now we certainly don’t want to pollute the planet with other toxins. But CO2 is not the enemy you’re looking for. TPTB WANT it to be CO2 so that they can institute a global tax on the use of fuels. This is for unelected globalists to exercise power and control over sovereign nations… Chip

  25. Anthony Australia

    Most of the fires in Australia have been deliberately lit. Authorities have known since September.
    So much for climate change.

    Talking Heads classic

  26. David

    Hi Greg,
    Last thursday I asked HSBC (Vancouver) to get $9500 CDN cash and was told 5 business days. Will go tomorrow to see if they deliver. Over last year have taken on 5 separate amounts of $3000 no problem.

    Love your interviews, am listening to you and John Rubino now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David, Please update us on how you do on the withdrawl!

  27. paul ...

    Einstein once said: “Insanity … is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” … the Deep State neocons have been bombing and bombing and bombing for 29 years now expecting a different result … I think it is time to call them crazy … and bring our boys home … before more American boys blood is spilled in the hot desert sands of the Middle East (to no avail) … the crazy Deep State under Bush hung Saddam (who was keeping the Shia in control) … and crazy Deep State under Trump assassinated Soleimani (who was keeping “the Christian killing ISIS terrorists” under control)!! …

    • paul ...

      In May 1787 … 55 Delegates to the United States Constitutional Convention set off to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania … James Madison (the Father of the US Constitution) was among them … while waiting for the others to arrive Madison began drafting his thoughts for our Constitution and wrote: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare” … Madison explained: “of all the enemies to public liberty war is the most to be dreaded” … “as War creates armies that produce debts and taxes” … “the very instruments that bringing the common man under the domination of the few” … today our Nation has been co-opted by greedy defense contractors, corrupt politicians and incompetent government officials … America’s expanding military empire is bleeding our country dry … we now have over 800 bases in 160 countries (to protect the financial interests of the corporate elite) … and it is costing us taxpayers more than $32 million dollars per hour … “we need to bring our boys home from Germany, South Korea and Japan … bring them home from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman … bring them home from Niger, Chad and Mali … and bring them home from Turkey, the Philippines, and northern Australia” … not only will we save billions to make our Nation strong again … but doing so will return America “to the ideals that nourished us from the beginning” when when the Father of our Constitution (James Madison) first penned his ideas on that sacred document called the “US Constitution”!! …

      • paul ...

        And just as it is insanity to continue to go to war over and over and over again … it is insanity to continue to put your money in corrupt banks run by banksters … or continue to put your money into a corrupt stock market run by immoral CEO’s “who water them down” for private gain!!

    • paul ...


    • Chip


  28. paul ...

    As we can see from the way the Iranians are “Targeting Troop Barracks” and “Not Military Equipment” (like helicopters) … they are out to generate big “body bag” counts … to screw up Trump’s election chances!! …

    • paul ...

      This Iranian General is lying … … the above photo clearly shows they were out to kill American boys in their barracks (to generate a lot of body bags) and left the helicopters alone!!!

      • paul ...

        Notice … the US Generals “put a lot of space” between their helicopters!!!

      • paul ...

        Our US Military commanders should disperse our troop barracks (leave at least 3000 feet between each barrack) … rather then concentrate our children together (which just makes it more easy for the Iranians to slaughter them)!!

        • K.Wayne

          That is one way to interpret the missile strikes. But I don’t believe it to be a correct one.
          Another very pertinent observation is that the Missiles launched by Iran, had pinpoint accuracy…to the extent that no collateral damage was observed in either Equipment or Personnel to the American Military stationed on the ground. This was not an accident (given 12 missiles inadvertently “missed the mark”).
          To me that is the big TELL. IRAN by this action has provided clear evidence to both America and Israel of their sophistication in Weaponry. Clearly if IRAN wished to cause extreme retaliation in terms of body count, then those American Troops and countless other targets would have been taken out.
          FWIW…. America and IRAN have both de-escalated and Trump has done an about face (stand down) with his sanctions card to give credibility to his previous actions.
          Who knows how/what the MIC is now thinking.
          Removal of Troops from Iraq/Syria in the near term could be the key to unravelling of this puzzle.
          One thing is clear in my mind is that POTUS is not out of harms way.

          • paul ...

            Good observation … if the Iran’s have weapons that can strike with pinpoint accuracy (right exactly in the middle of all the barracks) … then they can also take out barracks that are spaced widely apart … however spacing them widely apart will require them to use “more missiles” … so in that sense it is still helpful to disperse our assets!! …

  29. paul ...

    The Iraqi attempt to mediate a lasting peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been upset by the US assassination of Soleimani (so as to prevent peace in the region and instead create chaos and instability) … seems Trump and the Deep State have threatened to use snipers “to kill people on both sides” to create chaos … in “a desperate gamble” that could have disastrous consequences (leading to a nuclear world war) … the prospect of Saudi Arabia gravitating towards the Sino-Russian camp (both militarily and in terms of energy) is simply unacceptable to Washington and the arms dealers who sell the Saudi’s billions of dollars worth of weapons … but Washington’s numerous strategic errors in the region (from Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011 and more recently Syria and Yemen) … has countries like Iraq and Qatar gravitating toward the Sino-Russian camp!! …

  30. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  31. Michael

    Greg, YouTube took your video down.

    • Greg Hunter

      I see it playing on my end Michael.

  32. eddiemd

    Iran and impeachment have served their purposes: take the attention away from the Durham investigation. Also the repo market scam.

    So much happening at the same time. And that is apart from the natural phenomena such as earthquakes, fires, pestilence, and soon the worldwide famine.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The only answer. Messiah. El Shaddai. Anointed One. The Alpha and the Omega. Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Name above all names.

  33. D. Cook

    To paraphrase what has been said by various guests before ‘if you don’t hold it you don’t own it. And that goes for far more than gold and silver.

    As a young army officer during the 1980’s we were preparing for the annual REFORGER exercises or return of forces to Europe our brigade commander who was a grizzled Vietnam veteran and full colonel told us something. He said to get out of our heads of flying to Europe during a war and expecting to fall in on brand new tanks and equipment. He said that war stocks would be quickly used up. He then said something that has stuck with me to this day..


    When this unleashes upon us your not going to have time to get gold and silver. Your not going to have time to get your money out of the bank. Your not going to have time to get storage food ect. Your not going to have time to spiritually prepare. It’s going to happen so fast you won’t be able to prepare.

    When ‘it’ happens you go with what you got. Are you ready?

  34. Mitchell Bupp

    Greetings Greg and John, Greg could you do an update on the Iranian Nuke no deal-deal. I have been looking for the “No Deal-Deal letter” and I can’t find it. The current trend by Democrats of using the crimes of others to strip the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens has turned America’s basic principals 180 degrees. Once upon a time in America, you were not held accountable for the crimes of your forefathers; You were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; Money was backed by physical metal … just to name a few …

  35. Papa Randy

    Thanks again Greg for another excellent interview. I to am a big fan of Johns site and visit it daily. I can’t Thank you enough for your work it just goes to show how much a difference one man can make.

  36. paul ...

    The Deep State and Trump violated the most important principle of strategic warfare … which is to “divide to conquer” … not … “unify your enemy (so they can conquer you)”!!! …

    • paul ...

      Trumps strategy of “imposing economic sanctions along with assassination” has now pushed almost all Middle East States (from Iraq and Iran to the Saudi’s and Qatar) right into into the Russo-China orbit!! …

      • K.Wayne

        Weren’t they already there Paul ? Drone Strike was a giveaway.
        The KING Petro-USD hegemon is something the MIC will not give up easily. All of those that oppose or instigate plans to avert or avoid its use in International Trade will be subjected to Sanctions, Tariffs, Wars. History is littered with prime examples.

  37. David

    I did get my $9500 out in hundreds this PM but was asked politely asked ‘what it was for’ and ‘can we not supply you a bank draft instead” I answered ‘play money and only cash please’ with intention of putting it ‘under my mattress’ I was prepared to ask: ‘doesn’t it seem rather odd that you, the bank. should be asking me one of their customers what I want I to do with my money?’ After returning home my wife suggested I explain: ‘Craigs List and garage sales!’

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

      • JC


        “Your bank is also allowed to ask you why you want the money. Refusal to explain the need for an unusually large cash withdrawal can result in a denial. If the withdrawal is large enough to require IRS reporting, your bank’s report must include the reason for the withdrawal. If you refuse to provide one, the bank can refuse the withdrawal request and report you to the authorities.”

        • paul jr.


          That was a pretty good article that covered a lot of ground.

          However it says, “they can’t stop you from accessing your own money”. Actually banks today have the right to temporarily deny people from taking most or all of their money out of the bank. The Federal Reserve’s Regulation D allows banks the right to require that the depositor give at least 7 days written notice to withdraw or transfer all or part of the balance of any savings accounts, negotiable order of withdrawal accounts (NOW), or money market deposit accounts (MMDA).

          Demand deposit accounts, such as checking accounts, are not subject to the 7 days written notice. However many checking accounts consist of two sub-accounts – a checking sub-account and a money market sub-account. The bank has the right to require at least 7 days written notice prior to the withdrawal or transfer of any funds from the money market sub-account.

          Certificate of Deposits (CD), which are time deposit accounts, could require advance notice in cases of an early withdrawal prior to the maturity date. However the bank goes has the right to deny your request.

          Granted banks normally do not require depositors give them advance notice to withdrawal money from their account but if there is a bank run, the banks could exercise their right and require that the depositor give at least 7 days written notice for most accounts. And in the case of CDs, deny any early withdrawal requests.

          The same also goes for credit unions. Regulation D applies to any state or federally chartered financial institution that is federally insured or eligible for federal insurance.

          Some credit union websites that I have seen state that they have the right to require at least 7 days and up to 60 days notice of any withdrawal from certain accounts. One example is below:

          “SECU reserves the right to require a member intending to make a withdrawal from any account (except dividend checking, non-dividend checking, HSA or CPG accounts)
          to give written notice of such intent not less than seven days and up to 60 days before such withdrawal.”

          Another example:

          “We reserve the right to require you to give not less than seven (7) and up to sixty (60) days written notice of your intention to withdraw funds from any account except checking accounts.”

          This is why I would only have a checking account at a bank or credit union, especially the way that things are today.

          • paul ...

            Seven days written notice can be extended indefinitely by having the post office (a private company) shut down for months … all Americans should keep the $400 dollars they have … “in ordinary US coins” at home!!

            • paul jr.

              You do not need the post office to be open for you to give someone a written notice.

              • paul ...

                Jr. …When things get bad and the banks close their doors … putting your written notice under their front door is not going to be as effective as them getting a written notice from you sent “certified” return receipt requested!!

                • paul jr.

                  I was talking about their right to require 7 days written notice when they are open not about the bank being closed. Of course you can’t give them written notice on Sunday either since they are closed also.

        • K.Wayne

          Capital Controls are part and parcel of the Financial Suppression being imposed by the BANKSTERS. Next off the rank are account closures or access denied rules being imposed.
          The REPO madness (liquidity shortfalls) indicates this shouldn’t be too far away. Electronic money is just around the corner….along with absolute control over your access and spending habits.

    • paul ...

      David … The banksters ask what you are doing with it … because “it is their money” … created out of thin air!! … it must be given to someone (i.e like Stan, etc.) for gold … for it to finally become “your money”!!

      • paul ...

        And because it is “their money” … they can do anything that want to it (like make it worthless) … they can’t do that to “your money”!!!

    • paul jr.


      I am glad to here that you got YOUR MONEY in cash.

    • tim mcgraw

      When I withdraw cash from the bank, I tell the tellers that I’m going to Las Vegas. No problems.

  38. Craig

    Love your podcasts, I have been watching you for sometime now. One thing I would love to hear you ask all your guests if you had 100,000 dollars ( how would you divided your assets up). I have heard some people say 10% in physical Gold, but the way your guests seem to imply it’s almost 100% because of the coming reset.
    Greg have you ever thought about hosting a two day speaking conference with your top ten guests. If you are interested in this I could help you set one up in Branson Mo. this is a great family venue with lots of rooms, entertainment, and large meeting rooms.

  39. tim mcgraw

    Why do humans keep making the same mistakes over and over again? You all know the examples. I don’t have to list them.
    At least the germs learn from their mistakes and get stronger and more viable. Humans are going in the opposite direction.
    What an odd world we live within.

  40. Tommy

    Greg, where’s your Weekly News Wrap Up? The last one I saw was 12/20. I really need your common sense take on the week’s news.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been cutting back so I can take a break. I did not want to totally stop all production so I just cut back the wrap up and missed posting a few interviews.. The Wrap-Up is the most time consuming thing I do (Yes, I know it is very low tech) because of all the content I have to vet and understand to give the report. I have been including things I would bring up in the Wrap-Up with the interviews I am still doing. I have Kevin Shipp on for the Early Sunday Release and he and I talk about many of the very big stories I would have included in a wrap-up. I will be back at a full production schedule week after next. Thank you for your support!!

      • JC

        I too was wondering about the WNWU, was a little worried you might be in some kind of trouble or might have been targeted by the dark side … glad to know all is ok.

      • Tommy

        Thanks for your response. You do provide a valuable service to people looking for the real news. You are greatly appreciated.

      • Mike R

        You deserve a huge break Greg. The amount of work you must do to keep this up has to be mind boggling. Take a good R&R period so you don’t burn out. May God Bless.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mike!

      • Brooklyn

        Thank you, Greg.
        I was just in the process of scrolling down to ask the same question posted by Tommy, hoping that you were not sick, or other personal reasons for not publishing your weekly wrap up. We actually like the low-tech format, of the wrap up, except when your out in the field with too much wind feedback…;)
        Looking forward to your Sunday morning interview with Kevin Shipp.

        Here again to a successful new year and thank for all you do for us, Greg. As you also are well aware, your commenters herein are the best of any of my many ‘must visit sites’…


        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll be doing the Weekly News Wrap-up soon. Just taking a break. Thank you for your comment and support Brooklyn!

  41. Elliot Ness

    Donald Trump on Letterman, 1986-87

  42. Diane

    This is shocking!

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    “This Plane Was Designed By Clowns, Who Are Supervised By Monkeys” – Shocking Boeing Emails Reveal Contempt For Management, FAA
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Fri, 01/10/2020 – 06:51
    We have never heard a more damning description of the relationship between a corporation and its regulators than a line that has been plucked from a batch of company emails that Boeing has just handed over to the FAA (and which the FAA has, apparently, leaked to the press).

    Per the New York Times:

    “This airplane is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys…”

    In recent weeks, a series of reports claiming Boeing neglected to turn over critical information to the FAA regarding the development of the 737 MAX 8, Boeing’s new “workhorse” model that has been grounded around the world for the last 10 months, after a pair of suspicious crashes raised suspicions of possible flaws in the plane’s anti-stall software.

    According to more than 100 pages of internal company communications (which were apparently withheld from the FAA during the certification process for the jet) Boeing employees could be heard mocking federal rules, openly discussing their deception of regulators, and joking about the MAX’s potential flaws.

    The most shocking messages were sent by Boeing pilots and other employees who can be seen discussing software issues and problems with the flight simulator software for hte MAX, which is particularly disturbing since it was issues with the plane’s MCAS software that were found to have contributed to two avoidable crashes and the brutal deaths of 346 people.

    In one message, one Boeing employee openly admits to deceiving the FAA on behalf of the company.

    “I still haven’t been forgiven by God for the covering up I did last year,” one of the employees said in messages from 2018, apparently in reference to interactions with the Federal Aviation Administration.

    In another, a group of Boeing test pilots agreed that they wouldn’t want their families flying with pilots trained on the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight simulator.

    “Would you put your family on a Max simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn’t,” one employee said to a colleague in another exchange from 2018, before the first crash. “No,” the colleague responded.

    As the New York Times explains, the release of these communications, both emails and instant messages, is “the latest embarrassing episode for Boeing in a crisis that has cost the company billions of dollars and wreaked havoc on the aviation industry across the globe.”

    It should go without saying that these messages “threaten to complicate Boeing’s relationship with the FAA” at a time when it’s still unclear when the MAX might be cleared to fly again.

    Yet, as we mentioned above, this is only the latest and perhaps most jarring of a string of revelations citing internal documents and communications. Forget “regulatory capture” – a term that’s often used to criticize the revolving-door nature of Wall Street compliance officials and the regulatory agencies supposed to keep their firms in line – this is regulatory irrelevance.

    And any Boeing shareholders who experienced an escalating dread as they read this post – it’s okay, you can relax.

    Because once again, the market just doesn’t care. Plane crashes have been normalized in 2020, and so, apparently, has gross incompetence and contempt for both government regulators and the broader public.

  43. JD KIRK

    Gregg I get it prenting and prenting eventually weakins or destroys a currencys value,however the USA economy is much better than other countrys around the globe also the USA dollar is the reserve currency.point is the dollar is strong and has strengthened over the last decade,foreighn countrys borrowed cheap gorging on dollars betting they could repay at a bargan as the dollar because of excessive dollar prenting would make dollars cheap.point the exact opposent has happened ,these boeeowing countrys are struggling to repay and refinance and may default due to there weakening currency and the USA dollar strengthening.

    • Greg Hunter

      For now.

  44. Steven


    I’ve been wondering about this for some time now: With the stock market hitting new highs, college tuition exploding, housing prices rapidly increasing and health care (via insurance) advancing, could these indicators be the first harbingers of hyper-inflation? I remember Peter Schiff used to say that Zimbabwe had the best performing stock market around the time it blew its currency into a hyperinflation.

    This present American economic climate makes me wonder…and similar to what you say about Trump, I like him, and his policies; so not to demean him or his contributions to our welfare; but do you think this the beginning of the hyper-inflationary depression we’re expecting?

    How would your excellent guests i.e. Schiff, Holter, Austin-Fitz, Pento, John Williams etc respond to that supposition?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know how exactly they would respond but they would factor in this:

    • paul jr.

      College tuition exploding? I would not call a 3% to 4% average annual increase, “exploding”. That is what it is based on the data from a number of websites like the one below.,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600/v1/AverageCostofCollegeHist_azhzrx

      I checked a number of the largest colleges in the U.S and several of my local colleges just to confirm this and they were around 3% and 4% also.

      • Russ F

        Tuition may not be exploding, but the student/parent borrowing to pay it is!

        In the 70’s it cost about $240 per quarter for tuition for me to go to a highly qualified California state university.

        Wonder what that cost is today?

        And we paid for it, no student loans!

        • paul jr.

          Yes, about $1000 per year for tuition only at a public state college back in the early 70’s sounds about right. Then normally most students would also have to pay for room and board and other fees.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Heads up… imminent threat mentioned…from who where , = deep state possibility?
    analysis – assassination attempt might now come against POTUS on campaign trail?

  46. tim mcgraw

    IF Iran wanted a war, they would have attacked the US Navy in the Persian Gulf or assassinated Pence or someone similar. Maybe take out USA infrastructure with a cyber attack. Iran did not do this. Instead Iran send some missiles towards two US bases in Iraq after warning the Iraqis (who then warned the US) when and where they would happen.
    Trump then had his belligerent speech with all those military bozos behind him talking tough, but basically saying, “It’s over.”
    Iran knows that it can’t win a war against the USA. Iran saw what the USA did to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, etc.. Iranians are smart.
    Israel and Saudi Arabia want the USA to attack their enemy Iran (at no cost to them of course.)
    But Iran just showed Israel that Iran’s missiles do have pinpoint accuracy and Israel is a small country in range of those missiles. A fifty missile barrage on Tel Aviv would wipe the city out.
    So let us HOPE that all these sociopaths make peace with each other and back down.

    • john

      But Iran just showed Israel that Iran’s missiles do have pinpoint accuracy and Israel is a small country in range of those missiles.

      Yeah, and Israel has Iron Dome – perhaps augmented with lasers at this juncture. Also, although a small country – they have nukes. Perhaps Iran should stop calling for the destruction of Israel – perhaps then the whole area will cool off. If they were to launch “a fifty missile barrage on Tel Aviv” its not going to go well for Iran.

      • tim mcgraw

        John, Iron Dome failed in Iraq. The USA could not shoot down the Iranian missiles. (Maybe the military was told NOT to shoot them down.”
        Israel is a small country. Destroy Tel Aviv and Israel is destroyed. Doesn’t matter how many nukes the Israelis launch in retaliation.
        Israel is dead. Iran will survive.
        Look at a map.

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to read the Bible on what God thinks if Israel. You are in conflict.

        • john


          – iron dome worked in Israel – now enhanced with lasers. Tim, Israel was surrounded in 1967 – how did that play out? It will not go well for Iran if they launch missiles at Israel – the gloves will be off and it will not be like the last time when the US intervened to stop Israel from responding to attacks. Please do look at a map yourself – now imagine the entire area around Iran surrounded by US SSBN’s and conventionally armed destroyers along with various air wings…Iran will survive? Really, Tim – all Iran has to do is stop threatening Israel and the world becomes a better place in 24 hours.

    • paul ...

      The last thing Trump should wish for is a war with Iran … as it has been “the Iranians who have almost completely destroyed ISIS” who have been killing all the Christians in the Middle East!!!

      • tim mcgraw


    • JC

      “tim” , I couldn’t find the right words, but you did.
      “Military bozos.”

  47. Robert Dziok

    Deep State thought President Trump would return missile fire on Iran and he did not. Indeed, he waited until next day for public address thus downplaying Deep State/MSM WW III propaganda. They want war to distract from their criminal treasonous behavior. Some 140,000 sealed indictments now ( Barr and Durham investigations, Declass, FISA abuse etc. Their attempt was to blame President Trump for the downing saying a US missile did it. Another Deep State blunder. How “convenient” someone was taking video of the dark sky just as the missile hit the plane. If you buy “coincedence” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Iran now admits their military took down Ukraine plane with a missile by “mistake”. Ground at impact being plowed over to hide evidence. No barriers to enclose area. No Black Box released. President Trump/Patriots/”Q” aware of Deep State scam and steps ahead of them. Iran “flipped”. Only face saving tactic/measure. They back channeled notification to Iraq hours before of targets and thus US. US Troops out of bases hours ahead. No US casualties while Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM Propaganda Machine reported 30 US soldier casualties trying to stir up conflict and WW III. President Trump wise to them and steps ahead.

    • tim mcgraw

      Thanks JC. That was one damned weird press conference. Trump looked uncertain. I’ve never seen him that way before. And that beady eyed military bozo behind Trump’s left shoulder looked like he was expecting a bullet.

  48. paul ...

    You know … closing the 40 military bases surrounding Iran is “a sore point” with the Deep State “who hates Iran who has been killing ISIS and saving Christian lives” … so perhaps Trump should show the Deep State “he is working with them against the Christians” by increasing the number of US military bases surrounding Iran by another 10 (boosting the total number of US military bases surrounding Iran up to 50) … but then … close the other 750 military bases the US has around the world … to help balance the US budget, put our trade deficit in balance and strengthen our economy here at home instead of squandering our money overseas!!! …

    • Gary C

      “How dare they put their country so close to our 40 military bases”

  49. paul ...

    If Iraq was smart they would have kept their money in gold (at home) the way we gold bugs do!! …

  50. lightning

    Mr Rubino is a voice of reason. Thanks for getting excellent guests.
    Its clear we are only waiting for the reset.

    In other news….
    The State of New York will allow illegal aliens to vote as all who have drivers licenses are automatically registered whether its legal or not. They actively recruited illegal aliens for drivers licenses (no insurance required!) and now Governor Cuomo is continuing with his organized crime ways

    Why should we even allow the State of New York’s votes to count in the next presidential election when the Governor and State Lawmakers are literally pushing fraudulent votes.?

    The outcome of the election impacts all of us, not just the idiots in New York State. We who live in other states , should be demanding their votes be excluded if they disregard the law.

  51. Deano

    You need to get either one of these two guys back on:

    Andrew Maguire or Charles Nenner. Preferably Maguire

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