Plan to Take Out the Cabal & Globalists – Wayne Jett

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Wayne Jett is an accomplished lawyer who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve and author of the popular book “The Fruits of Graft.” The Fed is one of the financial tentacles of the elite and is the key to their destructive power over “We the People.” Jett says, “The Federal Reserve is privately owned and the enemy of the American people as well as others around the world. They are not our savior, and it is not good to keep them around. We’ve got to shovel them into the ground as quickly as possible. Replace them as quickly as possible and be done with it.”

Jett also says the globalist-cabal is worried and points out, “They have been worried because there is a grand strategy, I am convinced of it, to take them down and remove them from this country and the world. . . . There is every reason to believe that their plan (globalist-cabal) was to eliminate the middle class and, with it, most of humanity.”

The problem, according to Jett, is the globalist-cabal may force a debt reset sooner than later. Jett says, “I prefer to put it off to 2021 if possible, but those that are desperate, according to the events that are likely going to happen in bringing them to justice, they may be desperate enough to try to force a currency reset on us or a financial crisis that will cause it to be done in the year 2020 as opposed to 2021.”

Jett closes and says, “I think we have a turning point in the last few days of this year and then in 2020. I think you are not going to see the President of the United States playing rope-a-dope any longer. I think you are going to see him go from defense to offense.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Wayne Jett, author of the popular book titled “The Fruits of Graft.”

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After the Interview:

There is free information on Jett’s site You can order his book “The Fruits of Graft” right there at the top of the home page.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg,
    Happy 2020 to the USAW Community.
    Somethings coming for sure in 2020, whatever it might be. There something eerie about this new year.

    • Rob

      The same plan has been in affect for over 30 years now as advertised by the globalists and no country or president will stop it for it is written in the scriptures:

      Trump even eluded to the leveling of the playing field within one month of his inauguration:

      The same criminals who helped manufacture and then “fix” the last debt laden crisis that began in the USA now sit on a board in China with the global banks on a “working group” to manufacture the next crisis that will begin on that side of the pond so they can then provide their electronic ” fix”:

      The central banks are already running beta tests on the electronic fiat currencies that will replace the paper fiat that the world is printing into destruction:

      Every country is jumping on board with biometric identity that will be used to access the internet to access the blockchain to access digital money to buy or sell:

      I totally agree that mystery Babylon will hit its zenith by the midst of the tribulation but it will be nuked off the planet 4 years later:
      Revelation 18:8-10 Therefore in one day shall her plagues come, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judged her. (9) And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and lived wantonly with her, shall weep and wail over her, when they look upon the smoke of her burning, (10) standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

      Father has a climactic end planned for the last 8 years to commence within the next decade:

      • paul ...

        Rob … the US dollar has just broken below its 200 day moving average … … GOLD … … and SILVER … … should now rise “significantly” from here!!!

      • mike m

        Babylon, the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes is described in detail in the book of Revelations. It doesn’t take much intelligence to research and discover that all the characteristics, regalia and actions of the “mother of prostitutes” correlate perfectly with the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant and Pentecostal offshoots of the Roman Catholic Church are the daughters of the Great Mother of prostitutes and abominations. The Anglo-American Empire is not Babylon, the Great, but the two-horned wild beast which looks like a lamb but talks like a dragon. Revelations 7:11. The Anglo-American Empire was authorized and empowered by another wild beast with seven heads and ten horns (Revelations 7:1-7) which symbolize the confederation of pope-serving European aristocracies who evolved from the former “Holy Roman Empire.” The Great Mother of prostitutes rides on the back of the wild beast with seven heads and ten horns. All these details and symbols correlate perfectly with the history of the western world since the time when the book of Revelations was first published.

        • Uncommon Sense

          The Roman Catholic Church has much evil in it. Unfortunately too many people have supported it and turned a blind eye to its many abuses. I was abused by a piano teacher who was a choir master in the Catholic Church. This man also worked as a DJ for a local BBC radio station. This organisation has destroyed countless lives, destroyed peoples’ faith in God and has been protected by its wealth for far too long.

          • William Stanley

            It’s hard to know what to say when a friend tells you such a thing. I guess you already knew that I consider you a friend.

          • K.Wayne

            Inimicum tuum.

            • William Stanley

              I’ve forgotten most of my Latin, K: But I’m not an enemy, and I wish you well.

        • Rob

          I suggest you reread Revelation chapter 18 because there is no apostate churches on the earth that are producing organic and inorganic commodities nor contain enough factories to produce enough merchandise to cause the ships of the world with their merchants who were made rich by her to stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning:

          Revelation 18:11-18 And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, for no man buyeth their merchandise any more; (12) merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stone, and pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet; and all thyine wood, and every vessel of ivory, and every vessel made of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble; (13) and cinnamon, and spice, and incense, and ointment, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and cattle, and sheep; and merchandise of horses and chariots and slaves; and souls of men. (14) And the fruits which thy soul lusted after are gone from thee, and all things that were dainty and sumptuous are perished from thee, and men shall find them no more at all. (15) The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning; (16) saying, Woe, woe, the great city, she that was arrayed in fine linen and purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stone and pearl! (17) for in one hour so great riches is made desolate. And every shipmaster, and every one that saileth any whither, and mariners, and as many as gain their living by sea, stood afar off, (18) and cried out as they looked upon the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like the great city?

      • Arthur


      • Uncommon Sense

        Were the founding fathers Christian? Nope, don’t think so. MASONIC luciferians. AMERICA IS run by luciferians as evidenced by the Egyptian obelisk in Washington and the illuminati eye on the dollar bill. These so called good men conversed with demons. The inspirations for BENJAMIN Franklin’s ideas and inventions were whispered into his ear by demons.

        • paul ...

          So if the founding Fathers who created the Constitution were Demon rats … why was a Demon rat (Obama) trying to undue their work (by taking part in a crime that endangered the continued functioning of the Constitution itself … which by definition is treason)??? … Obama is now being actively investigated!!! …

        • William Stanley

          I have known and associated with Masons, CIA officers, FBI Special Agents, bankers, and a highly-placed special operations operative in at least one very large and (now) well known black operation. At least one of them was highly decorated (more than once) in combat for repeatedly placing himself at risk while saving others (yes, one of the Masons). All of them selflessly serve(d) in highly dangerous operations in performance of their duties as they understood them. Neither you nor I would condone all that they did or were involved in; however, none of them were or are luciferians.

          • Uncommon Sense

            I hope you are correct. I was a member of a group that practiced the occult and claimed to be a mystery school. I only remained for a few months but it is enough for me to question what effects it had on my soul. Nevertheless I never considered that I was a bad person, just lost in the darkness. Good people can be used for purposes beyond their knowledge. I

            • William Stanley

              Yes, Uncommon, I agree that many good people are used for purposes beyond their knowledge. Indeed, in my experience and opinion, it’s EXTREMELY common . . . although it’s not common knowledge.

              I also agree — with both you and K — that evil people lurk undetected among us.

              For example, one person that I sometimes played golf with as a teenager was — unbeknownst to me at the time — a pedophile. Interestingly enough, he was a prominent pediatric psychiatrist (retired when I knew him). And his wife actually helped groom his victims! Someone I know quite well revealed this to me many years later. (BTW, I vividly recall the pedophile’s animated response when, while waiting to hit to the second green, I asked him to explain the Freudian “Id.” To my knowledge, he was never prosecuted for any of his crimes).

          • K.Wayne

            How well do you know them all ?
            Have you ever attended any of their meetings behind closed doors ?
            Each one of those groups are agents of the Illuminati. That’s not heresy. The Illuminati is pure evil…hence those belonging to the collective…are thus Satan worshippers.

            • William Stanley

              As you know, K, it would be impossible for me to know them all well. I HAVE encountered some truly evil persons. Who knows, some of them may have been “illuminati” or worshipers of evil or, even, “Satan.”

              However, I’ve been told by a Jewish friend that he was told by Rabbi that many Christians have mistranslated the Hebrew word for “Satan.” Supposedly, it means something like “an obstacle,” not a malevolent deity.

              As for attending meetings: as a boy I once went to a DeMolay meeting out of curiosity. I was immediately encouraged to leave when I let it be known than I was a nonbeliever in any deity.

      • Carol Smith

        Kim Clements, a christian prophet now deceased, has videos on the success of Trump. Trump shall become a Trumpet.
        The Lord has spoken from the beginning that Trump is a type of Moses.
        It is very important to hear His voice. My sheep know my voice and they will not follow another.

    • laura mcdonough

      This will happen in the U.S., likely in Canada too, if the cabal is desperate and time is short for their plans which are no later than ’21:

  2. Free Slave

    “I think you are going to see him go from defense to offense.”

    Hail Trump, twenty first century paladin. Soon he will loose the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.

    We stand ready.

    • François Ducaud-Bourget

      in recent few days, Q-anon has presented some details about a financial crime committed by Obama specifically. He got a $35M kickback for giving the Common-Core book deal to a publisher.

      when you see Obamas run to Kenya for asylum, then you will know Trumpatriots are playing offense instead of defense.

      ps. patriots better rush stack silver & gold sooner than ever. E.g., in Germany they are placing many obstacles before the retail precious metals stores, with restrictions how much can buy. January 1st its down to about ONLY one ounce of gold per customer. (cf. Bill Holter’s post on 29Dec2019 on

    • Mike R

      Trump has everything on HIS side right now. The shampeachment is the perfect set up for him to bring the hammer down. They are so many people who can EASILY be indicted and implicated in the shampeachment, which really is a coup and amounts to sedition, that Trump could wipe out nearly everyone against the middle class and against our form of government which includes the constitution. The senate right away can take up the impeachment vote, and dismiss the entire thing. Pelosi is a total loser, and its a Senate rule that Mitch can change in a heartbeat, right after the first of the year, so her withholding is rendered mute, and silly nonsense in the first place. Americans want the shampeachment over, and also want their country back. Especially the middle class, which Trump has been delivering for them in spades, especially on the jobs front, but also global trade progress unlike we have ever seen in history, and even border progress where Trump has now saved numerous towns and cities along the borders from the onslaught. Notice how the media is no longer talking about borders or the wall ???? thats because Trump is WINNING that battle, so now they have to shut up. Trump’s winning the immigration debate, and made major progress on healthcare. He’s delivered on so many promises, that the people will trust his actions on wiping out the cabal, and taking out people like Obama, Soros, CLinton, Comey, and other world adversaries that participated in the campaign spying, and attempts to overturn an election by the people. The ammunition he has now is MASSIVE, and the timing is right in 2020.

      • paul ...

        Mike … Obama is now being actively investigated … Russiagate which had formerly been focused on Trump … has now reversed direction … and is now targeting Obama (for him trying to undermine our Constitutional Republic by working with foreign powers and American traitors within to sabotage our Nation) … Obama is still liable under our criminal laws (to what he did as President) … like giving the evil Monsanto crooks a “get out of jail free card”, etc., etc., etc.!!!

      • Diane

        I sure hope your right Mike R

        • Carol Smith

          Listen to Kim Clements, a deceased christian prophet. His videos where he prophesied this entire time. The Lord took him a few days after Trump was elected.
          It was almost as if he was born for this time – to get us through.
          We are all praying and believing for the huge revival that will come once this is cleaned up.

  3. Windy in Montana

    Very wonderful guest.

  4. paul ...

    Wayne is correct … the debt in the world has been increasing by $9 Trillion dollars every year since 1999 … if this continues it will cretae a debt crisi s not seen since the 1930″s … now is the ideal time to fortify your exit plan while gold and silver are cheap … and place it in your “private bank at home” … as precious metals always perform well under a globalist/cabal re-set (i.e like the number Roosevelt and Nixon did on us in the 30’s and 70’s ) … we “are due” for another re-set any day now!!!

    • paul ...

      Every millennial knows that Russia, China, India, the Banksters, etc., etc. have been buying gold … while they have been buying chocolate bars and flawed crypto con currency … they see gold breaking out of a flag formation on its way to $1800 dollars per ounce plus … they see the US dollar breaking down through its 200 day moving average … yet (just like Stan) still consider gold to simply be a “pretty rock” … “not so with Russia” … now it appears that Russia’s years long gold-buying spree wasn’t enough … according to Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov … Russia is now considering investing its National Wealth Fund into gold … Siluanov effectively saying: “that it is Russia’s view that investment in precious metals is a more secure investment long-term than financial assets”!!! …

  5. Ronnie Mauer

    What does a reset mean to the average middle class family or to a pensioner on SS?

    • paul ...

      Ronnie … a re-set means the banksters will have to raise the price of the gold they own tons of (so they can cover their derivative positions) … this re-set is needed to prevent the largest and fastest rise in global debt in half a century from exploding …×2-940×627.jpg … but for the average middle class family or pensioner on Social Security it will mean “huge inflation” … as the re-set will entail “an exponential increase in the quantity of money” by the Fed (meaning big inflation in the prices of all things) … except for perhaps “some food items” that are put under government price controls … to prevent people “with pensions linked to the chained CPI” from starving!!

    • William Stanley

      IMO, no reset can occur without some period of major disruption to the economy, including disruptions in distribution of food and other essentials. Obtaining the “insurance” of ample storage food and other basic prepping items seems like money well spent . . . even if the worst does not happen. That is job one.

    • Diane

      I would sure like your question addressed, Ronnie!

    • JC

      RM, it might mean having to eat dog food, but only six days a week. Sundays you get to eat out at Taco Bell or White Castle.

      • Montana Guy

        Actually it might mean having to eat your dog. Ridiculous you say? Tell that to Venezuelans. They were probably as prepared for chaos as the average American.

    • al

      I have done much research on that.
      The reset means plenty of worthless old tired money not worth its weight in paper. Digital accounts will have their “glitch”. Bank closures. Run on ATMs and banks.
      Physical cash will be king for a few weeks then fall from favor as Gold keeps moving higher, along with Silver.
      At that point a new currency will be offered and will fail, gold and silver go higher.
      Another currency, gold backed, will come on line and gold goes higher. By the time you can buy a house for a few ounces of silver, you will know that is the top of the gold market. Time to sell, buy income producing assets and embrace the new economy.

      • al

        PS: Buy cheap monetary insurance in the form of Silver. It will never go to zero and keeps pace with inflation and coming Hyperinflation.

        • paul jr.

          Well in the hyperinflation period of Weimer Germany, gold and especially silver did not keep pace with inflation. For example, an ounce of silver in January of 1923 could buy 93 loaves of bread. However at the peak of hyperinflation in November of 1923, an ounce of silver could only buy less than 3 loaves of bread. That is a loss of almost 97% in purchasing power. So silver almost did go to zero.

          • paul jr.

            And for those that might say that gold and silver does keep pace with inflation over the long-term, well that may or may not be true. It would all depend on the long-term time period that you are looking at. For example, if you had bought gold in 1980 at $850 an ounce, gold would need to be $2,650 today just to have kept pace with inflation over the last 40 years. And I am sure that anyone would call 40 years as being long-term.

            • paul ...

              Jr. … so what’s your point? … people should have held on to their paper money instead of buying silver? … you can’t eat paper (the ink is too toxic) … but you could eat the silver you use to kill the bacteria and microbes on the earthworms you dig out of the ground and enjoy them with those three loaves of bread silver would still buy!!

              • paul jr.

                I think my point is very clear at least to people who have a brain. Gold and silver are not guaranteed to always keep pace with inflation or with hyperinflation. That is a fact as seen in the past. And they may even become worthless in an extreme situation if food and water become very scarce.

            • paul ...

              As for gold … it is on its way to $1800 and after a pause will quickly rise to $3000 – $4000 an ounce … keeping up with inflation “is what gold does” … and very well … and unlike “toxic paper money” that can’t be eaten … gold (just like silver) can be eaten for its curative anti-inflammatory effects!! …

              • paul ...

                Remember Jr. … that the “bread of life” is always going to act better then anything … even gold or silver during a hyper inflation … problem is you can’t store a loaf of bread for years like gold and silver which have no expiration date and don’t get green-molded … but you do make a case for preppers to store away “flour” for making ones own fresh bread and for storing away bags of rice as you don’t want to have to waste your precious metals buying food but can use them to accumulate farm property or income producing property dirt cheap!!

              • paul jr.

                Well gold does not always keep up with inflation as I have clearly shown. You obviously have a hard time dealing with facts and instead just want to continue to believe in fairy tales.

          • David Krenshaw

            A loaf of bread was 10 cents in 1964. If you have a 1964 dime, you can still buy a loaf of bread.
            A gallon of gas was 25 cents in 1964. If you have a 1964 quarter you can still buy a gallon of gas (and actually get about 80 cents change).
            The math is easy to find online.

            • paul jr.


              Tell me where you can buy a loaf of bread for just $1.30, which is what one silver dime is worth today? No where. A loaf of bread today cost $2.00 and up so you would need almost two dimes.

              • Old Geezer

                I will tell you where, Muncie IN. Bread $.79 -$1.54 a loaf. Milk $.99 per gallon and eggs $.38 per dozen. These prices can be found at Aldi’s or Rulers ( a Kroger owned store) I live in flyover area where prices remain reasonable…

                • paul jr.

                  Thanks. That supports what I have been saying on here about how food inflation in most places is low overall. Every city I checked had at least some stores that had reasonable food prices. However those prices you gave from ALDI are much lower than average. In fact they seem to be lower than most ALDI’s stores.

                  Here is a article that compares prices from ALDI, Kroger and Walmart in Atlanta. The prices from that ALDI were almost twice the amount you gave.


                  There are several ALDI’s were I live and according to an article in my local newspaper that compared food prices in my area, the ALDI’s in my area were selling eggs for $.89 a dozen and a gallon of milk for $1.99.

                  But the fact is most places are selling bread for $2.00 a loaf or more so more than one silver dime would be needed.

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. The banks are beta testing for bail ins and will be using grid down scenario as proxy.

    • Mario Borsato

      Hey Ronnie
      I hope all is well.
      The global economic reset , like a reset on a computer, can be a soft reset or a hard reset.
      I personally think when it happens, probably 4th Q of 2020 or early 2021 the system will collapse. The only thing holding the economic system together is confidence and people are losing their confidence in the government, in the banking system, in fiat currency. The USdollar will lose its value. This will triggers other currencies to get re-evaluated and there will be a panic. Banks will close and not reopen until things get sorted out. Billions of dollars will be lost in the stock, bond, housing markets. The problem… as Bill Holter has explained many times, is when the economy collapses (dollar has no value) the supply chain will come to a halt. That’s when the real trouble will start. For the first very short while some vendors will continue to accept fiat currency at grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, Wally World is etc., They will very quickly run out of stock. The trucks that deliver won’t be coming to drop off more product for a few reasons. Firstly how is the manufacturer going to get paid for the goods, remember the dollar is worthless, and the truck drivers aren’t going to go to work. When the system brakes down people are going to want to stay together with their families. Truck drivers will want to stay home with their spouse and children to figure out what’s going on and make a plan to survive. They’re definitely not going to go to work if they’re not getting paid. This will likely end up very bad. A economic depression like no other will result. The government will “come to the rescue” and usher in a new currency, a global currency that is and try to impose a global government possibly.

      • K.Wayne

        That MO is what is commonly known as Hegelian Dialectic.
        Plain and simple….the Unelected Rulers chose to rule to satisfy self interests and passions…with complete disregard for what History has taught them.

  6. Grosse Pointe

    Wayne is the best his book is terrific. I sure hope he is correct about Trump
    Happy New Year
    Wishing you and your family Great Health, Prosperity and good Fortune.

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Wayne Jett! Al la G Edward Griffin, WJ keeps the focus on the Federal Reserve private banking cabal – and its ultimate owners – as the principal root of all evil in the world today. Also, thank YOU for going out on a limb and naming the banking cabal family names. There is a line in the UK version of the series, ‘House Of Cards’ where the lead character finally gets – by fair means and foul – to become Prime Minister. He seeks a meeting with the CEO of a fictional UK bank, only to be informed that he will be granted just eight minutes. His comment; “I have fought all my life to get to the top, and now I’ve got here I find out it’s only the middle.” Sometimes the media reveals scraps of truth, whether intentionally or otherwise.

    I hope WJ is right about prosecutions. Time will tell . . .

  8. Bill B

    On the Presidents flight back from the meeting in England, he indicated he was going to start pushing for the impeachment. Maybe the impeachment is what is holding him back from instituting his grand strategy of debt reset.
    Could it be that’s why Grandma Nancy is sitting on the impeachment documents??

    • al

      Trump lured them in to the impeachment trap, they see the rope and have backed off, but the path they came from has been destroyed. They are stuck like a cornered RAT.
      Expect posturing and spitting from them because they know they already lost.
      Trump’s leather boot is ready to squash the cornered rat.

  9. Mike R

    The Gold rally has MONTHS to run much higher ahead. I just made 25% in 4 trading days on my one gold ETF, and miners are now leading this rally, after the gold shorts ran plum out of gas, and could not take down gold in any meaningful way, so they tried to do it to silver, and that failed, and they tried to do it to miners and gold etf’s and that failed, and so we now have price EXPLODING higher, to the point where anyone short gold in a position below $1500 is gonna lose a LOT OF MONEY in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The rise will be relentless, and gold shorts will be begging for relief and never getting it, and in a ton of pain. We’ll easily see gold pass $2020 in the year 2020, and the gold mining ETF’s will have in excess of 100% gains.
    You had to be a real doofus, and the absolute worst investor on the planet, to call a gold top, while it was bottoming during November, and into December. You are the greatest fade ever, if you continue to short gold over the next few months, and frankly anytime in 2020.

    • tim mcgraw

      al; I hope your avatar is not a real depiction of your current physical condition, though nowadays it could well be. Just my opinion, but I think you are placing too much faith in the “justice” system and the morality and honesty of people in Washington DC, and that unfortunately includes Trump. Trump is not middle class. He’s a rich boy from Queens. He avoided the military draft during the Vietnam War. Trump is smart and he’s sure better than Hillary, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in the guy.
      Dr. Ron Paul is a real hero. Trump is not.

    • paul ...

      Mike … You made 25% in 4 trading days … and a Seven (7) Year Upward Cycle In Gold Has Just Begun … gold has just broken out of a bull flag … and is now rallying (targeting $1800 or higher in early 2020) … at that point … a shock-wave will sound across the globe (and like Eloy hearing a siren call the Millennials will put down their cups of hot chocolate and begin to stare at their computer screens in fear … fear that they are missing out on “The Greatest Rise in Gold in All of Recorded History”!!!

      • paul jr.


        Mike is in a triple leveraged ETF like JNUG or NUGT. These are not funds that you want to be in for more than a few days or weeks. I am surprised that you did not tell him to sell it and get out of the system by closing his brokerage account and to buy real assets that you can hold in your hand like gold and silver.

    • Carol Smith

      Oh, please buy physical.

  10. Rick G

    Mr. Jett seems to know his history about the last hundred years and the Progressive movement to destroy freedom. The election of 2016 was the end of that hundred year journey or so the deep state thought. Donald Tump was the bull that bucked the rider off. Think about it. Never have the Progressives been this big of a crybaby about losing an election before now. So that that tells me that they were this close to grabbing our freedom and stealing our republic forever.
    In regards to the impeachment of President Trump anyone can see the the teachings of Saul Alinsky at work here. Project your own sins upon your enemy. Isolate and destroy.
    However, More important, in regards to the one hundred years of deep state Progressive agenda that I mentioned earlier. Trump is cancelling that. He is flipping who holds the power in the United States. The Progressive want not “We the People” to hold the power but we the elitist power mad better than you to hold power aka the Progressive Democrats. From Woodrow Wilson to FDR to Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi. Thats the way history has been shaped. Not real but we have a way to return it back to its origin by destroying the Progressives. Just my thought. Rick

    • paul ...

      Rick … The elite are currently working to take away any control we have over our own lives … and give those in charge “total control over us” … making us “powerless pawns and slaves” with little choice but to do their bidding “or perish” … hopefully Trump will counteract this trend … but control over the individual is becoming more complete as the banksters move us towards a cashless society … where we will be unable to buy food without a chip (that they can turn off at any moment) if we don’t abide by their wishes … they want to put us in a position where we are forced to blindly accept their crimes, thievery and murder … and allow them to destroy the family unit where the words Mother and Father can’t be used … where “they will be the parent” fostering drug addiction on our children … creating poverty and homelessness … and making us go along with the concept that “only the elite can rise in wealth” … while chains are kept on the CPI to make sure “just a little trickles-down to the deplorables” … they want a global financial system that caters only to the continued health of the “Military/Industrial/Financial/Political Complex” … where our system of governance is geared solely “at getting crooked evil politicians re-elected” and fulfilling their most pressing needs for “perverted sex, continuous unending war and unlimited greed” … all greased by a Fed that prints up unlimited dollars and doles it out only to the elite while keeping “chains” on the deplorables and raising their credit card interest rates in the face of a falling economy!!! …

      • paul ...

        This is why we need to get out of “their system” … close our bank accounts and brokerage accounts and open “our own private bank” at home where we keep gold and silver as money … and get out of the Fed’s private bank where they issue debt paper as money!!! … and strategically “use every opportunity” they give us to buy gold at cheaper prices …

        • JC

          paul… will we have to hire armed guards to protect “our private bank” at home? If you close your bank account how will you pay your utility bills etc?

          • JC

            Ok paul… there you are, with all the gold like Auric Goldfinger…. but do you have a “chauffeur” named Oddjob? You will need one, because when things go to hell, what will you do about “The Crazies?”


            • paul ...

              Most likely in a Mad Max situation many so called sane people will resort to using “the crazies” as a source of food … who gets to define “who is crazy” will be the ones with a gun … and the Demon rats want to make sure they will have a huge (unarmed) food source available to them during the hard times to come!!

          • Rick G.

            I think I know where Paul is going with this and he is right. Do not place all your eggs in the federal banking system. Keep as much as you feel you need privately. Still I would not condemn someone who kept some in a locally owned bank with no ties to a larger chain. When the Fed crashes the totally local banks will at least have a buffered zone. So keep your local account. Pay your bills.

          • paul ...

            “Effectively” close them down JC … you don’t leave any “savings” in your bank accounts or brokerage accounts … only enough cash is left in your checking account to pay your gas, electric, telephone, etc. bills … but all your “long term savings” are taken out of banks and brokerage accounts and put into gold and silver!!

            • paul ...

              JC … You never want to allow armed guards to know where you hide your gold … first thing you do is “light up your yard” with old iron frying pans, motors, metal pipes, reinforcement bars, bear cans, thousands of penny’s etc., etc. burying them all over your back yard … so as to set off thieves metal detectors and make finding your gold “a living hell” on Earth … bury a few 1/20th ounce gold coins scattered around with the pipes, motors, copper pennies, etc. “near the surface so they can be easily found” and thus keep the crooks busy digging in the wrong area while your big stack of gold is scattered around inside air-conditioners, cored out tree branches high up in the air, inside old tires with the rim attached, at the family cemetery plot, in national parks, etc. … simply use your imagination … and also keep a safe hidden in the house that “can be revealed” to crooks (after allowing them to torture you for a while or threaten to kill your family) and have it filled with hundreds of “gold plated” copper coins … while your real gold coins could be simply inside your computer, in electrical outlets, inside gas pipes, inside water pipes (gold does not rust), etc. etc., etc. !!

              • JC

                Wow paul.. very interesting advice, but what if we have a Mad Max scenario? What if you have no choice but to roam the wasteland? If you have to leave your area quickly, your gold is not easily accessible and portable.

              • regaleagle

                Paul……once they get what they think is your gold or loot, then you are toast to them. They will not rob you and then leave you alive. Don’t worry about thieves……you will die anyway as soon as they use you to get what they want. IF you don’t have anything they can find, then you MIGHT survive the confrontation.

    • HotTub Marmalade

      Correct Mike. Check out the bottoming patterns in this Slope of Hope chart analysis.

  11. Coalburner

    Wow, great interview Greg!
    Did you see the fo0tball fan video catching Nancy drunk and unattended at the football game. He speaks nicely to her, tells her he loves her, she gets up and he hugs her while he tells her he disagrees with her push toward impeachment. Obviously a Trumpster being super nice but showing that she was skunk drunk. I bet whoever left her alone and unattended gets their butts raked and ripped to shreds. Saw last night, maybe on Citizen Free Press.
    Ok, going to listen again! Once was not enough!

  12. paul ...

    Stan … It is still not to late to save yourself … you didn’t believe the “bull flag in gold” would ever break out to the upside … but now that it has … … you should logically be taking protective actions … like buying calls to cover your short positions … before things blowup into very big losses you may never recover from!!

    • Free Slave

      The chart paints a powerful picture.

      Thank you for the link Paul.

    • Stan

      I shorted more Gold last week. 2020 is the year of the Dollar and a Gold crash like u have never seen. Remember, you laughed when I shorted Gold years ago at $1874.

      • Mike R

        we are laughing now as Gold keeps rising since you shorted. Keep shorting more Stan. You are the best fade ever.

      • Mike R

        Stan – how are you feeling now, that gold has sliced up thru $1550 (formerly heavy resistance), like a hot knife thru butter ? On its way now to $2020. Keep laughing about your shorts.

      • Mike R

        And if Iran close the Strait of Hormuz, gold would shoot easily to $2500.
        Oil at $150, would be highly inflationary as well.

    • paul ...

      Stan … if you are still not convinced that gold is in a bull market … let me explain the big picture … look at the following chart … … notice that after gold closed the gap at $1550 it did a bull flag correction … that “it has now broken out of” and is heading toward “breaking through” the $1550 resistance level … once it breaks through and gets over $1570 … it will be clear sailing to $1800 … then expect another bull flag correction to develop at $1800 … once it breaks out of this $1800 bull flag … gold will rise rapidly to $3000 to $4000 dollars per ounce level … eventually reaching the continually rising debt dollar level (currently $9681 on the Debt Clock) … so there it is Stan … in black and white … no need to subscribe to expensive newsletters … because it is so clear and obvious to anyone who uses the brains God gave them!!

      • paul ...

        It is up to “all” followers of Christ to do as he did … preach peace not war … fight against theft, immorality and Satanic evil … and help the blind “to see”!!

      • al

        The Fundamentals also back up what you say Paul. Excellent chart !
        How much money printing will there have to be before the system blows up?
        Millionaires turned in to Billionaires and now some Trillionaires are being spoke of. That’s hyperinflation talk. Gold will gap up several times.

      • jim

        Paul, Why are you engaging with that idiot stan, He is not shorting gold, he is just a troll for the deep state, don`t respond to this idiot.

    • Stan

      Paul: Most of the links you post are charlatans who have a dismal track record predicting Gold. I guarantee you will lose money by following them. Do the opposite of what they say. Short Gold now and in 2020 for spectacular gains.

      • Greg Hunter

        You have once again been bragging about trades that are underwater. Gold is now $1514 and you have been shortand you have been killed. What makes you some sort of expert with all these losing trades where you have been shorting gold since the $1280’s? What are your credentials?

        • Rodster

          “What are your credentials?”

          He’s a fraud and a troll.

        • Stan

          My timing may have been off a little on a few trades – but I’ll be right in the long term.

      • paul ...

        Stan … if you sold at the peak back in 2011-12 … why won’t you cover at the trough now in 2019??????? … those bankster “friends” you think you have … may really be “fiends”!!! …

      • Jerry

        Once again you have proven you’re a scam artist, with your hollowed out gold predictions backed with nothing but hot air. Don’t let the facts get in the way.

        Most of my predictions can be prefaced with the term “ not happened yet”. Yours can be prefaced with the term “ never will happen”. Show me one example of anyone historically who has made a fortune shorting gold? You cant. Never has happened. Never will happen. On the other hand, I can show you volumes of people who have lost fortunes investing in paper.

  13. Stan

    Folks, please, I have friends at the NY Fed, JP Morgan and the CME. There will be no crash or reset. Our economy and monetary system is rock solid and sound. The Dollar is more widely used and respected than ever. Enjoy it! Buy some S&P stocks, take on some debt and enjoy 🙂

    • Montana Guy

      Stan, and I’ve got friends in low places. We’ll see whose friends are there to chase the blues away.

      • iwitness02


      • paul ...

        As for the rest of us … we should be unrelenting in our gold buying … continually buying gold on any dip … until it breaks above $1575 … at that point … we can relax … as all the “big money” chart following Hedge Funds will then begin pouring their huge cash reserves into the gold market … driving gold non-stop right to $1800!!

        • paul ...

          We just have to prime the pump … like I did as kid on the farm!!

        • regaleagle

          I will assume when Paul speaks about buying gold……he’s also including silver into the suggestion. The vast majority of us “poor middle classers” no longer have the money it takes to spend on gold. Silver is way undervalued anyway……moreso than gold. I think the ratio to gold right now is somewhere around 85:1 when the historical ratio used for centuries was somewhere around 15:1. And now even less silver is available than ever before since it is used for so many different modern-day techno uses. Nevertheless…….stacking silver instead of gold is recommended for those that are somewhat restricted in their overall financial portfolios and nest eggs, or savings capabilities. So when Paul speaks of gold…..he also means silver as well.

      • Butterfly

        Clicked on the link. Hysterical!!😆😆😆😆

    • Mike R

      First of all Stan, anyone who has to publicly claim they have ‘friends’ in such and such places, is an outright liar and rather insecure individual to begin with, as they have no real credibility of their own in the REAL world, and if they did have ‘friends in such and such places’ they would not be so stupid and condescending as to speak of such friends in the first place. Real friends in those places would not AT ALL appreciate someone like you spouting off on a board like you have here. Second, your imaginary ‘friends’ obviously don’t know jack squat, because they know you. People that work in such places certainly don’t hang out with bigmouth losers like you, who go around saying idiotic things like calling a top in gold or for a crash, when obviously anyone who has half a brain and can read technical charts, can see gold has bottomed big time, and is in the midst of an intermediate move upward. Third, there is no one out there dumb enough to brag they own a ‘Bentley’ so your imaginary ‘Bentley’, and imaginary ‘friends’, are simply part of a rather sick and insecure mind. You actually think saying those things elevate your self importance, and make you sound smarter than you actually are. No one I know who is actually intelligent, would ever think of having to brag about their car, or ‘what friends they have’. Truly you sound much more like a teenager, or maybe at best a 20 something, with some mental issues. A momma’s basement type who can’t get a real job, and has to make stuff up, and post in places like this to pretend to have some sort of life. That is common among trolls, who go on public forums to be an antagonizer, and state not just an opposite opinion (with no supporting evidence) but clearly make fictional statements that troll what the forum moderator, operator, and the rest of the people watching are saying. We know your type Stan, and you likely got bored of visiting those Yahoo finance chat rooms, and so now you come here bc Greg gives you an audience. Personally I think its a mistake that Greg allows you to even post, but that’s his business. We don’t need to necessarily witness or know there are trolls like this that try to post here, that Greg mostly moderates, but lets some of this get through for us to roll our eyes at.

      • Stan

        Mike R: You have such a negative way of looking at things. I feel bad for you.

      • Jerry

        Mike R,
        I think you’ve got Stan figured out. Greg just lets him in here for chuckles. As for me, I’m in Stan’s head rent free. He can’t get me out. But that’s to be expected from someone who lives in lollipop land.

        • FC

          Sorry  Jerry, but Stan is in your head space more than you are in his and the same can be said to the rest of the people who reply to his ridiculous comments that he intentionally writes to provoke a reply.

          This person is more an addict than a troll, he’s looking for his next rush of dopamine and any type of reply good or bad to his comments will give him a rush of an immediate reward that he is seeking, no different to a cocaine addict.

          I’m sure he creamed his jeans over the lengthy reply from Mike R, this is exactly what he wants and you are all falling for it.

          Don’t reply to his comments and you’ll see how this dopamine addict will move on to a new supplier of replies.

          • Stan

            FC: Do you want to debate the merits of my arguments or post useless rubbish?

            • Jerry

              I prefer FC’s useless rubbish. We all know your advice is worth it’s weight in gold. OOPS! I forgot. You don’t believe in gold.

              • FC

                Jerry, I meant no offense to you in my comment, but trying to educate Stan would be similar to trying to explain colors to a blind person.

    • Doug Cook

      Folks, please, I have friends at the NY Fed, JP Morgan and the CME.

      Yeah….sure you do Stan. You don’t troll very well as your way too obvious. You seem to be a Harry Dent acolyte. Harry brings a bit of stability to my universe. He was wrong on gold last year, he was wrong on gold this year, was wrong yesterday and today so it’s not too far of a stretch to think he’ll be wrong tomorrow as well.

      The eastern central banks and sovereigns are acquiring as much as they can source. What do they know that you don’t? A one ounce gold coin will buy you today a fine business suit or a beef cow and that same coin bought exactly the same amount of goods back in 1919 as well. The intrinsic value of gold changes not just the currency it’s currently valued in. And if you think the value of the dollar is going to go up I’ve got some dry land in the Florida swamps I’ll make you a good deal on.

    • Jerry

      I really want to sign a deal with your company, so I can sue you when the wheels come off. You are playing a dangerous game my friend. You are being Fed a lie by your friends at the Fed. Frankly I’m Fed up with the Fed and can’t wait for them to be gone. The numbers don’t lie. The global banking system is drowning in debt thanks to their polices, and there is no way out without a reset and return to gold. Greg knows it. I know it. And the Russians know it.

      Everyone knows it ….but you Stan.

      • Stan

        Jerry: We’ll see who is correct in 2020.

        • Jerry

          Like I said, I’m in your head rent free. You can’t get me out. FYI try posting a link. Your hollowed out opinion is getting tiring.

  14. Jerry

    In 1973 I worked as a draftsman and engineer for a company who specialized in installing lightning rod equipment on buildings over two stories high. The owner of this company was not obtuse about how he made his fortune. During the depression, he smuggled gold across the border from Canada and used it buy political favors for his company, namely government contracts to install lightning rod equipment on buildings. He made a fortune.

    My point is this. Gold is and always has been used as a economic instrument when economies collapse. The banks have no choice but to smash gold prices to keep fiat currency propped up. The problem is eventually to much money printing causes debasement, and when that happens you have to create even more fake money to make up the difference. The debasement of currency has created a liquidity problem in the banks, and that is why they are using repos to buy them enough time to buy what? That’s right gold. They know what’s coming. Bill Holter and Rob Kirby have both said that when gold can’t be delivered to the banks, the banks will take their foot off the fiat gas peddle, and its game over.

    Folks the game is rigged. The banks are run and owned by Lucifer himself. The dream of a new world order is his dream to rule the world, and the deep state, and their puppets in government are nothing but mere pawns in his game to accomplish his goal. I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t going to end well for any of us. The best thing you can do is prepare spiritually and physically for what’s coming. Consider yourself blessed that you have been given more time than any of us ever thought. Use it wisely.

  15. Mike G

    God Bless Virginia, death to tyrants.

    • Montana Guy

      PRAY for a grass roots Liberty movement leading to partition and separation of totally incompatible people suffering under the same tyrannical government. (Example: India’s Hindus and Muslims under the tyrannical British Crown)

      PREPARE for a Kent State II false flag using paid provocateurs to infiltrate our ranks. That would provide justification for the widespread use of brutal force against ‘patriots’ and HEAVY loss of life.

      Mike G, today’s system of justice is as evil as the global elites. They must be meet ‘Their Nuremburg’, but AFTER we secure Liberty and establish a system of true justice.

    • Freebrezer

      Mike – my take … Who is the Governor going to enlist to take these guns? No One!!! It will not be the local police out side the big cities! No way! Most of the county sheriffs say NO! In fact they are voting/implementing sanctuary towns (A Great in the face to leftists). Per the National guard …??? how many leftist do you know where their kids join the national guard … uhmmm about zero. Most national guardsman come form the rural places and they will not go after their own. Thus, who is going to do the foot work? No one.

  16. Edwin

    I don’t understand why Mr. Jet believes that having cash notes would protect assets. Recently in the country of India, for example, the government announced on Wednesday that people had 7 days to turn in their 100 Rupee notes for new notes at a rate of five to one. After the deadline the 100 Rupee notes would no longer be legal tender. This was a huge shock to the common Indian as you might expect, and I always reckoned that this operation was a trial run for doing it other places including the U.S..

  17. Joe. J

    Was a good interview , but I can’t understand his optimism about all that taking down of the deep state and indictments , etc. when guys like Harry dent and Joel skoulson say none of that is going to happen. They even express some doubt that he’s going to be re-elected because of the depth and power of the deep state. I sure hope he’s right. What say Greg?

    • Carol Smith

      Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Take it to the bank. Spoken by the Lord to many people.
      Watch Kim Clements videos concerning Trump. Deceased christian prophet.

  18. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Agreed. Arrests, Charges and Criminal Penalties need to be handed out as soon as possible and as soon as can be organized well. I do believe your guest is right on the money Greg.

  19. Major Payne

    Good work, Greg.

    Happy New Year!

    Carry on!!

  20. Marie Joy

    I hope we go on the offense, in 2020.

  21. Marie Joy

    Wayne Jett has become one of my favorite guests.
    Thank you, Greg.

  22. Jerry

    Has anyone seen this video?

    This is huge! If this information is correct, I would expect the deep state to throw everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump in the coming days to avoid having the public know about the level of corruption the democrats have perpetrated on the people of Ukraine.
    It all make perfect sense now, why the state of California was sending national guard troops to Ukraine. Pelosi wanted to protect her investments. This just keeps getting better.

    • Jerry

      This is for the doubting Stanley’s who think I post made up B,S.–Ukraine_National_Guard_Partnership

      Does it bother anyone that American troops are being used to protect deep state investments? Since when do states form alliances with foreign countries?

      • Freebrezer

        Jerry – Of the billions $$ missing in Ukraine, It boggles the mind to think of how much ended up in corrupt Obama officials (and kids) pockets …. then ponder the hundreds of billions $$$ given to Iran and Ponder how much of that cash ended up in corrupt jerks/government officials all over Europe and America? Sickening!

    • JC

      Pelosi wanted to protect her investments. You’re right Jerry, this just keeps getting better.

  23. paul ...

    It is about time people begin calling out the crooks and perverts running to become President of the United States of America!!!! …

  24. Montana Guy

    You can bet your Birkenstocks that the global elites are ready today to initiate their ‘global economic reset’ (their words not mine). Globalist hirelings have infiltrated the federal government at the highest levels. They simply need chaos (either of our making or theirs) to ‘come to the rescue’. They would love nothing more than to see civil war break out.

    Ask yourselves, TO WHAT END has the U.S. Government created the post 9/11 Security and Surveillance State, Police State and Prison State?

    • JC

      You’re right about the chaos MG, and as I posted below , Frank Giustra calls it an “unknown catalyst.”

      Then again, speaking of chaos, we have to wonder about something from Get Smart…

      An international organization of evil (as it is repeatedly called) bent on world domination. KAOS was founded in 1904 in Bucharest [Episode #38: “Hoo Done It”] but is a Delaware corporation for tax purposes [Episode #59: “A Man Called Smart, Part 2”]. “KAOS” is a play on the word “chaos”, but is not an acronym.

      Their leader is known as Mr. Big, although this appears to be a descriptive term rather than an actual title, and at least two different men have been referred to as such [Episodes #1: “Mr. Big” and #26: “Hubert’s Unfinished Symphony”].

      Only once has an individual been seen identified as Chief of KAOS, equivalent to the Chief of CONTROL. This was when the two chiefs attended the funeral of Yohan, a double agent who worked for both KAOS and CONTROL [Episode #85: “Die, Spy”].

      Vice President of Public Relations and Terror is Ludwig Siegfried.

      • K.Wayne

        I’ve often wondered about that observation for many years.
        KAOS (Chaos) vs CONTROL!! Evil vs Good !!
        But then suddenly I had an epiphany.
        They in fact compliment one another / are part of the same agenda.
        You cannot have “Control” without if first being preceded by “Chaos”.
        Or said differently Ordo Ab Chao….Order out of Chaos (A term aptly owned by the Freemasons) .
        In the muddle through you have the bumbling fumbling idiots partaking in the great plan. The Plan….is in FACT …the Doctrine that Rules the World.

  25. Jerry

    Massive rally planned for January 20th.

    I attended a rally at the state capital here in Missouri back in 2014 when our CCW licenses were lifted from the states data bank by the federal government. We signed petitions, met with state representatives, and filed joint litigation. Nothing happened. The globalist have an agenda, and they’re sticking to it. We have no legal protection. We’re on our own.

    • helot

      ‘We’re on our own.’

      you’re getting up to speed. It’s a terrible insight, but at the same time, it’s been that way all along. that’s why Christianity is so important. we’re surrounded.

  26. Alan

    Great great session Greg, Wayne is a solid guy through and through. Thank you both!

  27. al

    It’s very simple… The globalists get “fed” by the “FED”. Stop the food and watch them starve to death.

    Trump is in it for Life and Family, he is a great prognosticator and sees that after this storm, the clouds will clear and the rays of truth and light will shine on to Earth, and he will go down as one of the GREATEST PRESIDENTS EVER TO RESIDE !

    Excellent guest Greg
    Happy New Year

  28. JC

    If we have this currency reset how will it affect stock and bond prices?

    • al

      Stocks and bonds get reset with the new monetary scheme. If you paid $5 for bread then have to pay $100, bread stocks go up tremendously.
      Study Argentina’s stock market, its index hyper-inflated but individual stocks were a hit or miss.
      Until a new monetary norm normalizes prices commensurate with wages, it’s going to be a wild ride.

      I say be ready with physical gold and metal, some stocks may fly but some may go to zero because no one knows which companies will make it through. Physical metal will back up the new money, it has to, no one will trust any thing else.
      Be ready to buy income producing assets like real estate or apartment buildings.

      • Diane

        I like your analysis. AL

  29. JC

    Frank Giustra: “I believe we are overdue for some kind of accident in the financial markets. Some, yet unknown catalyst will set off a chain of events that will destroy a lot of wealth. Be ready, because at some point, there will be tremendous opportunities to invest in. In the meantime, stay liquid and make sure you own a lot of gold.”

    An “unknown catalyst”. I wonder what it will be?

  30. iwitness02

    Very enjoyable interview, as this is one of my most favorite topics, the FED.
    Remember when the Palestinians were dancing in the streets and handing out candy when the twin towers came down on 9-11? Well that will be me when the FED. comes down.
    I will be dancing in the street and passing out candy, and ignoring my foreclosure notice on the house. We have not been foreclosed on yet, but during any financial chaos, I will no longer comply with any demands from the bank. I will not comply with gun confiscation.
    The bankers and politicians have been found out. Voluntary compliance is terminated.

  31. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Just now able to take a few moments to thank you for featuring the voluntary sacrifice of Christ as that which gives meaning to Christ-mas and for having Wayne Jett on again.
    The bottom line (for me anyway) is that Wayne is one of many, for which I am very thankful, along with yourself who are fighting the honorable fight for the freedom which the Lord Jesus Christ in His own body of flesh paid the highest price to obtain (“he whom the Son sets free is free indeed”- Jn.8:36)
    After reading the comments posted on your Christmas message, I think it is important for us to understand that while the birth of Christ was for His one-time voluntary sacrifice of Himself for the sins of the world (in contrast to that which the Satanic abortionists perform), according to the New Testament Scriptures, we see that ultimately His sacrifice was SO THAT IN RESURRECTION HE COULD RECEIVE THE PROMISE OF THE SPIRIT FROM THE FATHER (Acts 2:33, Gal.3:14,19,22), WHICH SPIRIT HE BECAME AS A LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT (1Cor.15:45, 2 Cor.3:14, ) WHICH SPIRIT WHILE “NOT YET” GIVEN BEFORE HIS GLORIFICATION (John 7:37-39) WAS POURED OUT ON ALL FLESH (Acts 2:17) AT PENTECOST (Acts.2:33) SO THAT ANY AND ALL WHO BELIEVE ON HIM (JESUS) FOR THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS WHICH HAS COME INTO BEING THROUGH HIS FAITH (see Rom. 3:22 where faith “of ” Jesus is literally His faith) RECEIVES THE SPIRIT OF HIS SON IN HIS HEART WHICH CRIES “ABBA, DADDY” (Rom.8:15,Gal.4:6) AND IS IMMERSED IN THAT SAME SPIRIT INTO HIS ONE BODY (Gal.3:27,1Cor.12:12-13) OF WHICH WE ARE MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER IN HIM (Rom.12:4-5).

    • Mark

      Hi Greg, The Scripture 2Cor.3:14 referenced above should be 2Cor.3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty”. Now since “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” then we should “stand fast therefore, and do not be entangled with a yoke of slavery to fear again” (Gal.5:1) and since we were “called for freedom, brothers” then we should not “turn this freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Gal.5:13-14)

  32. Theta Lion

    Time to have Catherine Austin Fitts back on the show…..she’s
    following Russia and the situation with the MIC and the dollar
    appear to be changing….this historic military exercise in the Straits of Hormuz
    took place this weekend……
    thats the fulcrum of the petrodollar. The Iraq and Syria action Mannarino is talking about this morning, IMHO, is just noise.

  33. Rock

    Greg, this is one of your BEST guest interviews yet!!! That is saying a lot!
    I just ordered his book. Please have him back soon to follow up and keep us informed as to the latest developments. It appears to be coming down the pike now….
    God’s blessings to you

  34. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! To kill a snake, you cut off its head. The Federal Reserve is the brain of the snake. The fiat currency is the venom the snake uses to destroy the middle class and fund wars that have killed over 60 million people in the past century+.
    End the Fed. Bring back sound money. Go to small regional banks. End fractional reserve banking. End the IRS and the Income Tax.
    Bring back peace and a prosperous middle class.

  35. Brooklyn

    Thank you, Greg for this wonderful year end interview with Wayne Jett.

    He is a gentleman and a scholar in the truest sense of the word; an extremely rare find today. The fact that he chose the terms “heinous crimes against humanity” and “evil purposes” rather than to lower his standards to say, human trafficking, rape of the innocents, the killing and the sale of the parts of their victim’s young body, all to silence them, to profit from, all for their own greed and self-satisfaction.

    We can only pray that Wayne is correct that President Trump will in fact go on offense in [early] 2020 by arresting (and hopefully convicting) many of our enemies within. I am a true believer that there are only two paths that can be taken: one in a court of law, the other in the street. If William Barr does not SOON begin the legal path, and the cabal is given enough time, there will be multiple false-flag attempts to collapse the economy, which will leave only the “street” solution. Dangerous times, indeed.

    And, on a more positive note: know that there are many more of us then them, and in the end we will prevail. And, a Happy New Year to one and all. Let’s make 2020, as Wayne Jett has suggested, a very positive and successful year ahead. Bring it!

  36. Not So Free

    “Plan to take out the cabal’
    I can hardly wait.
    Hope all had a blessed Christmas.
    Have a Happy New Year.

  37. helot

    I wonder what you guys think of this headline –
    3 years in, no sign of Trump’s replacement for Obamacare…
    I wonder, why was it such a big deal, for so long, but lately, heck, even I didn’t think about it. Why is that? Payoffs?
    i wonder if that is why Drudge has gone anti-Trump, rather than the Iran thing. i can see that.

  38. eddiemd

    Very interesting interview.

    Thank you Mr. Humter and Mr. Jett.

    Have a good, safe New Year. You are a voice in the wilderness.

  39. JC

    Has anybody here read the 1996 book “Slouching Toward Gomorrah?”

    “It seems people today do not respect each other like in the past. Differing points of views are frowned upon by certain segments of our population. Many people today forgo friendships if a friend has a differing point of view, especially in the area of politics. Look what has happened in the world of politics since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. His election was a phenomenon in our political history. All during the run up to the election, it was the universal opinion of the 95% of the media that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency in a landslide. Most polls predicted a Clinton win with the exception of McClatchy News and Investor’s Business Daily.”

  40. Marie Joy

    Food shortages looming in potatoes, rice, corn, soybeans, sugar, flour, onions, pork, chicken, beef, milk/dairy, cooking oils, canned vegetables and more. Strong advice to stock up.

    • paul jr.


    • JC

      Marie Joy, Hal Turner says;

      If we strike Iran — and I personally believe we will — the Iranians have proxies here in the USA just waiting for orders to attack us, here.
      Gas-up your cars/trucks and have extra fuel for your emergency generators and heaters. Make sure you have some emergency food and water.
      If we we go into conflict with Iran, and they start attacking us here, the general public will storm the stores and buy-up everything in sight. There won’t be anything left within a couple hours.

      • Keith wilson

        Before President Trump became president he tweeted 9 times that America should keep out of syria. Stop wasting money on endless wars in the middle east. Well according to our news media America is looking at sending another 4000 troops to Iraq. U.S. General Tommy Franks said years ago he was concerned that a massive WMD attack on America would result in a military take over of your country. A military dictatorship was already being planned by the same team who carried out 9\11 and control your government, media, banking system,and have many thousands of there people working in the US military. Embedded in the most highest levels of your military. 2020 could be the last year of a President before the cabal takes over america. If Trump has been compromised and they take America to war. They could carry out a false flag attack and blame Iran. Then carry out a military take over of America. Which ever way they decide to go Trump could be taken out by a massive WMD attack which would be blamed on Iran. Then the military taking there orders from the cabal takes over America. Sadly 99% of American have no idea who really really run America. Those of us that do are called conspiracy nutjobs and are ridiculed.

        • Keith wilson

          According to many intelligence people Iran has Hezbullah cells in the us. Ready to attack the infustructure of your country. Power stations , fuel depots, train lines and airports could be on there list. If I was living in America get six months of supplies and make sure your SUV is full of gas. Try to avoid New York which has a big Jewish population.This is one place which could be bombed and many people could be killed. Also tourist areas like Washington DC. Could be on there list. 2020 is the year to keep a low profile if you value your life. Also don’t forget they will be the CIA\Mossad teams out there causing as much terror as Hezbullah. Well happy New year America all the best in 2020?

      • Ray

        If the US strikes Iran……then the karma of the US will be unleashed upon her unwitting populace. Terrible……yet completely necessary at the same time.
        The United States stands at the very precipice of its’ own self constructed annihilation. The nations of the world are abused by her, whilst internally, her people are tormented by a bastard government that serves only evil.
        Good people will die in the US…….all because those in power believed the name of the planet was “America”……it is actually “Earth”.
        Strike Iran……..America dies……it really is that simple.
        It’s Karma.
        Nothing stops it.
        People in The US and Australia will soon get their karma.
        Whether they understand it is another issue completely.
        Happy New Year to all here…….wishing you nothing but the best as we hurtle toward our karmic cement wall.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Iran attacked our Iraq embassy first. Did you just forget about that?

          • Ray

            Greg…..I haven’t forgotten anything, my good sir.
            Now let’s come to the crux of the argument here……the US has attempted (and succeeded) in completely subjugating Iran (and the Middle East nations)….for around 45 years.
            So there is no point complaining about having an Embassy attacked, when it is the Embassy of a subjugating, illegal invader nation.
            Did you forget about that?
            A man of your high intellect surely would not.
            You could though, as many choose to, put it to one side completely, and rush to the defence of US foreign policy.
            Happy New Year.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Greg Hunter

              Sorry Ray,
              You cannot blow off the attack. That is an attack of U.S. Soil. You just hate America. Please spend you time fixing you evil government that disarmed the entire population. Complain to those evil bastards and get back with me. Hey, maybe you can help put put the wildfires destroying your country???

              • Ray

                Typical….and sad response Greg.
                “That is an attack of US soil”.
                OF COURSE IT IS!!!!
                And SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP.
                Your nation reserves the right to attack ANY nation on Earth, so don’t whinge when it the same happens to you….GOT IT?
                GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.
                By the way…..regarding your comment on the devastating fires here in Australia…..that’s a VERY low blow from you Greg, and not very Christian of you at all sir.
                I don’t hate America……but I do blame that nation for the predicament my planet finds itself in.
                That fact that you cannot see that is what stands in between us…….otherwise, I wish you naught but the best.
                Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Don’t call my response “Sad” when it cuts to the core of your hypocrisy!!! You “Suck it UP” and get busy fixing Australia. You might want to get your gun rights back “Buttercup”. We still have ours in America. Mark my words, you are going to need yours too. Oh, and Let’s jail that criminal Downer for undermining President Trump!!! It was not America undermining your elections.

  41. Marie Joy


    • dadiz

      With paper ballots…protect the Constitution with paper!

  42. paul ...

    Evil agreement between these two men to attack Iraq (is going to lead to American boys coming home in body bags) “not good” for Trump who needs support from his anti-war base in the coming 2020 election … … the political reality is … Trump needs to be negotiating the US “out of conflicts” with Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea (not increasing American military attacks) and thus needs to put Deep State Pompeo on ice (the same way he did to that other warmonger Bolton) … the Deep State (desperate for an impeachable offense) probably figure having Trump look like he is doing nothing when American boys are being killed (denying oil to Syria) will make Trump look like he is not acting like a Commander in Chief and therefore needs to be removed by Pelosi and her Demon rats … their plan “may work” but Pelosi needs time for the body bags to start rolling in … so she needs to delay the impeachment vote … let’s see how Trump manages to work around this new attempt by the Deep State to find a way to get rid of him!! …

    • paul ...

      This could be the way Trump deflects a war with Iraq … … blame it on Iran (which the US can’t go to war with … as Iran has Russia and China as allies)!!

      • paul ...

        Good News … Trump has averted a shooting war with Iraq … seems Trump has struck a deal with the Iraq militias fighting to destroy ISIS … having them back off their storming of the US Embassy in Baghdad … the retreat was ordered by paramilitary leaders from the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) which is a major part of Iraq’s security apparatus … PMF leadership “ordered the suspension of a violent challenge to the American troop presence in Iraq” … significant is the fact that the PMF also got “the factions who are aligned with Iran to stand down” … the PMF said: “protesters demanding the expulsion of American troops from Iraq (stationed there for nearly 20 years now) had delivered their message” … perhaps Trump finally agreed to remove US troops now occupying the Al-Tanf border crossing that puts a choke hold on oil flowing into Jordan (from the oil fields in Deir Ezzor province) currently denying the Syrian government badly needed oil revenue …

        • paul ...

          Make no mistake … Bolton and Pompeo were placed in the White House to ensure continuity of policy (in Ukraine, in Syria, in North Korea, etc., etc.) … Bolton clearly lost his mind when Trump refused to go to war with Iran over a drone … now let’s see how Pompeo reacts to Trump finding a way out of a war with Iraq … which hurts the Deep States chances of getting Trump impeached (for failing to protect American boys in the line of fire)!!

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, Always great to hear from Mr. Jett…thank you both.
    Can only hope his insights prove out… the U.S. has long been misled and lied to… It is time it’s history is righted…and the true machinations behind the scene come to light = Deceived very early on by not just the British loyalists and their Germanic allies…so in that vain we all must continue to uproot the con… and expose the deep seeds of the deep state…and their ‘trail of tears’ so many of the youth of the U.S. have blazened along the road of ‘endless wars’ for ‘their’ quest of world domination… but for now…the more current look of those behind the more recent events like JFK, 9/11, and the present attempted coup.
    December 27th, 2019. Trump’s Key Defense Will Be Biden’s DIA Blackberries – Pelosi’s Son Had One Too

  44. Stan

    2020 is the year the Fed and the CME gets out the can of Raid and sprays the Gold bugs! Get rid of those pests!

    • paul ...

      Stan … In 2020 it is more likely the pesky CME bugs and the Fed bugs get “Raided” as the dollar falls and gold rises!!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … the falling dollar “is our can of Raid” … and it has just broken below major support (now down below it’s 200 day moving average) … you CME and Fed bugs will be “croaking like cockroaches” caught in a cyanide trap!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You said,”You have such a negative way of looking at things. I feel bad for you.” We know you have been shorting the Au market (according to you) so we also know you have been getting crushed. Happy New Year!!!! WEEEEEEE

  45. Billy

    I have always felt a lot of your guest have knowledge but not wisdom, Mr Jett has wisdom sometime it takes 65-70 years to come, but he is very astute and one of your elite guests.

  46. lightning

    Happy New Year to you Greg and your Family and all the folks on

    Well written article by a former guest on…Jim Kunstler.

    William Barr must deliver BIG indictments or the rule of law and the republic is effectively over.

    • Bill B

      The rule of law and our republic will never be over till you ands I says it is. As long as we defend our rights and demand accountability from our Senators and Congressmen, it aint over. Our problem is getting people to do that.
      Most say, even if I do that, it wont make any sifference

  47. Andrew de Berry

    I love this man – so much more positive and I believe more accurate than anything Gerald Celente forecasts. This is a great message to usher in the new year. Thank you Greg and a Very Happy and Prosperous new Year to all.

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Things developing or ‘unraveling’ depending on one’s point of view…lots of bushes being clipped…starting to be nowhere to hide? or just co-incidences? =
    PFC Bergy‏ @PFC40Book · 31 Dec 2019
    Whom was more likely running the Ukrainian/U.S. State Dept./NGO scams & anti-Trump/Russia influence operation? The Jones’ family of former Marines operating a successful DoD IT contracting company over a decade, or Joe Biden’s crackhead son, Hunter?
    Please, take your time. LoL

  49. Jerry

    I’m speculating here, but it appears the Chinese are proceeding with a reset of their own.

    The beginning of the new benchmark started at the end of August, 2019 at about the same time the Fed repos started. According to this article the current loans will begin being reset on March 2020 and conclude on August 2020. My question is, what is determining the new benchmark rate? Could it be gold? I find it interesting that they are reprising current loans . For what purpose? It looks like a break from the petrodollar to me?

  50. JC

    Check out the new update at The Age of Desolation site.

    With an impending war with Iran possible in the next few days, the potential for Trump’s downfall is immediately on the horizon. As readers of my work know, my interpretations of President Trump’s overthrow is tied to a disastrous war with Iran that will possibly include the support of Russia and China.

    This is now a fact in the latest news.

  51. Kerry

    Mr. Jett is a wonderful guest. Thank you Mr. Hunter!

  52. JC

    Food for thought by Jon Hussman of Hussman Funds.

    “Future generations, seeing the collapse of this bubble in hindsight, will marvel that today’s speculative extremes were ever possible; that they were ever invited and embraced by investors. They will look back on the entire episode, just as we look at the aftermath 1929, and 2000, and 2007, shaking their heads at the utter madness of it all. They will believe that they have actually learned something from history. And then, they will do exactly the same thing themselves, because they will imagine that this time, their time, is somehow different.”

  53. Bill B

    while listening to your interview with Wayne Jett, a man full of wisdom and knowledge, I began to wonder who might replace him and those of his age who have guided us in truth. His book, probably consumed many hours of research and thought, will be a classic for generations to come. We are blessed to have him among us.

  54. JC

    Can anybody here answer this question?

    Why Is The UN Hiring English-Speaking Disarmament Officers In New York?

  55. paul ...

    Interesting … the UN is now hiring “women” as disarmament agents to take away our guns … … so along with Governor Northam of Virginia who is threatening to call up the National Guard to disarm residents of Virginia … the Deep State Demon Rats are moving to enact new laws to ban guns (likely in 2020) and hire “women personnel” (they figure we won’t shoot) to seize the weapons we need to defend ourselves from filthy intruders invading our homes … people now more then ever need to keep practicing their targeting skills …

    • Greg Hunter

      Not Sure the UN hiring has anything to do with USA.

    • Montana Guy

      And email stating to the effect that the New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops for ‘Disarmament’ has gone viral. I believe it is misleading. Read the job description. It is a job opening for one person having a masters degree or higher and preferable female..

      That said, we have know for years that the UN has publicly stated goals for depopulation of rural areas and establishment of a global government by 2030. That is a lot to accomplish in just 10 years. Hopefully folks have used these years to prepare more than buying precious metals.

  56. paul ...

    So who was really behind the Deep State coup that took over the Ukraine Government and tried to get rid of the Turkish Government?? … the answer is the US “oil-garks” … who hate Russia with a vengeance … for stealing away their European natural gas customers with Nord Stream to Germany and northern Europe … and Turk Stream to Italy and southern Europe!!! …

    • paul ...

      These same Deep State US “oil-garks” got us involved in never-ending wars in the Middle-East to prevent Iran from selling oil to anyone (and building a pipeline through Syria to supply Europe) … and destroyed Libya (to stop oil being shipped to Southern Europe) … and they use “our” US Military for their “private business purposes” (when the US Military’s function is supposed to be to defend America “from a physical attack by an enemy nation”) … not to gain “a competitive advantage for private corporations”!!!

      • Ray

        Well said Paul…..well said indeed.

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears there is even more of the dismantling of U.S. assets and selling short to ‘private’ privileged and ‘connected to the government employees and elected for decades now…than taxpayers would imagine? Quite obvious now why the panic and outrage of POTUS Trump’s exposure and will/desire to ‘drain the swamp’?
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 5h5 hours ago
    I never said Nancy Pelosi used C Ellen Gonter, nuke sub leak specialist, to condemn Hunter Point Naval Yard so her husband could pick it up for pennies in the BRAC realignment. But you are going to find C Ellen Gonter ties to Radiological Control at the Navy’s Navsea.
    BUT =
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 2h2 hours ago
    I will be on McDuffs channel at 11:05 AM to talk about Nancy Pelosi and how she got the hunters point Navel yard for a song with a little help from the Navy’s radiological control board at navsea
    Explains why Fox News is running a thru a keyhole narrative of the impeachment coup… Seems now…they are frantic to try and find a scapegoat sufficient to hang the ‘attempted coup’ on…but the crowdsourcing is out running them. And the nooses are having to be adjusted for new necks daily as the onion gets peeled. There is NO DOUBT that at least some minds …this is the same people or their relatives behind JFK, and 9/11 and since the ‘pay to play’ since the WW1 AND WW2 days involving the now well infiltrated of the mafia and rat-lined Nazi’s and collaborators…
    AND WOW on Harry the Greek…the (unreported) news found in documents is shocking? =
    Harry the Greek‏ @thaaak · 16m16 minutes ago
    Press release dated Feb. 3rd, 2017 of $2 million computer equipment theft was deleted from Congress’ web site:
    Who controls its content?
    Speaker of the House.
    Nancy Pelosi
    too much to list Greg. Is the swampy wide and deep or what?

    • Justn Observer

      You can hear Pelosi vacuuming in S.F. now = who got the navy base there for pennies on a dollar? Pelosi’s husband and son? hmmm

      • Justn Observer

        MOVING FORWARD…waiting for the world to catch up?
        and when the light gets shined on the metadata thanks to the DNC and attempted coup go figure?

        • Justn Observer

          who owns who or what MSM? hmmm= it is time to STOP the faux impeachment = STOP THE COUP… it is time for all hands on deck…so to speak…time to take a Clear Pill ?

          PFC Bergy Retweeted
          SHILOH/GEN 49:10‏ @Ps3Shiloh · 12m12 minutes ago
          Replying to @PFC40Book
          [Vatican] “Military Industrial Complex to subvert democracy worldwide, including America’s sovereignty. We can’t allow this to happen”
          *Abide in the truth Bergy, tell your story – proclaim it upon the mountain tops. May your “measure” = metron be like a 2 edged sword: HEB 4:12

          PFC Bergy‏ @PFC40Book · 13m13 minutes ago
          Meghan McCain’s husband, Domenech, is cofounder of The Federalist. Gen. Jones & John McCain go back 40+ yrs. Jones, [Democrat] was McCain’s IT/social media company during McCain’s 08′ primary & was Manafort’s #1 partner.
          I bet Ben has friends @ Fusion GPS/Washington Free Beacon?

          PFC Bergy‏ @PFC40Book · 18m18 minutes ago
          Atlantic Council owns Mika Brzezinski & Morning Joe also. That’s what IIA does. It creates chaos. What better way to create a “controlled chaos” then planting people in competing media outlets!
          PFC Bergy‏ @PFC40Book · 29m29 minutes ago
          Gillian Turner [FOX News] was VP of Jones Group Int.
          Gen. Jones owns JGI & has deep, longtime relationship w/Atlantic Council Chair [14′-17′] Jon Huntsman; father Abby Huntsman [FOX News].
          I built the ShadowNet IIA [social media psychological warfare]
          Gen. Jones owns ShadowNet!

          Harry the Greek‏ @thaaak · 4h4 hours ago
          Sara Lord’s husband, Robert Storch, is NSA IG
          Both worked as Justice Dept. attorneys in U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine
          They helped set up a Ukrainian crime unit there called NABU Purpose?
          Spy on Trump supporters.
          She recruits Ukrainian law students to do some of the work

          TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 52m52 minutes ago
          Peter Strzok in mourning over Soleimani death. Flying the Bell Helicopters at Isfahan just won’t be as much fun any more. I guess the secrets of the Iran Nuclear deal with weapons payola die in the strike too.

          TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 21h21 hours ago
          I am not going to be wrong about Nancy Pelosi at Hunter’s Point with her nephew. There is a connection with Gavin in Cow Hollow. Not just Boxer and Feinstein. Follow the Blackberries. Just like Iran deal. I was at the RIM conference in Golden Gate Park in 1999. Bberries first use

  58. paul ...

    You know … the reason we voted for Trump was because we didn’t want Hillary to bring us to war … now with Trumps assassination of this high Iranian leader (just like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that triggered the start of World War I) we are most likely going into WWIII … so much for Trump being the guy that was going to stop all the wars for us Americans (and bring our boys home) … looks like we elected “just another idiot war maker like Hillary” for President!! … [[As Celente effectively says: “When all else fails … the Deep State oil oligarchs send our children to war to gain for themselves “private advantage to sell their oil and gas products” over the competition]] …

    • paul ...

      Now we wait for Iran’s response … Iran’s Foreign Minister warned that “the US Deep State bears responsibility for all consequences of its rogue adventurism” … denouncing the strike was an “act of international terrorism” … adding in disbelief that General Suleimani’s Quds force was the most effective fighting force “aiding the US in it’s fight against ISIS, Al Nusrah amd Al Qaeda” that the Deep State created and armed to produce havoc in the Middle East … even helping the US against terrorists in Afghanistan!!

      • paul ...

        The Deep State is probably hoping and praying Iran’s Supreme Leader will lose his cool and take “tough revenge” … and close the Strait of Hormuz … driving up the price of oil for the greedy US oil-garks (who are having trouble selling their oil and gas) … and a war with Iran that bombs their oil facilities will further restrict Iranian crude oil sales … and as a juicy side effect for the Deep State … oil prices as high as $150 dollars per barrel will put an end to the Trump economic recovery … and along with “a new continuing unending war” will end Trumps chances for re-election … so now we now we wait to see if Iran’s reaction benefits the Deep State … and their desire for a crashing the world economy with a full-blown Major War “just in time for the 2020 election” … where Hillary can come riding to the rescue … with “promises of peace and economic recovery” (guess she knows better then Trump “that it’s the economy stupid”)!!!!!

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, As Gerald Celente said, ‘when all else fails they will take us to war.’ ???
    Hope not…more dead and maimed American youth with good intentions for what? Would be nice this time they at least replace unit patches with ones of the energy companies they are ‘really’ working for. Appears the no deal deal is now clearly a NO DEAL?
    Who’s idea was it again to put those pallets of untraceable cash on the tarmacs again?Am rather sure POTUS Trump was not in office? … but… might be some of those now pushing for a war to throw so much on the wall no one can see the picture on the wall?

  60. paul ...

    Graham spills the beans … what better way for the Deep State to help the US oil-garks sell their oil … simple … bomb Iranian oil refineries!!! …

    • paul ...

      It is now impossible to walk back what the Deep State neocons have wrought … Trump put up a good fight but it seems Trump is now “as controlled” as Obama was to do the Deep States bidding!! …

      • paul ...

        So is the impeachment of Donald Trump part of a bigger plot by the US Senate and House Representatives, career employees of the US Departments of Defense, State Department, Oil Industry and Weapons Manufacturers “to increase the sales-volumes of US oil and US-made weapons to foreign countries”??? …

        • paul ...

          You know … throwing Trump into the Washington “snake pit” … and expecting him “to clean up the place” … may have been expecting “too much of one man” … just “too many slithering crooks there wrapping their snake bodies around Trumps legs and arms “rattling their tails” … and now a Deep State python has poor Trump in a “vice” grip around his neck making Trump “gurgle their words” and Trumps RICO weapon has dropped to the snake pit floor “useless against the vipers”!!!

  61. Joe

    When a digital currency is backed by gold or silver it will win. It could be Venmo, Schwabb/TD Amreitade currency, Apple Pay, Weedcoin, or Hunter Nation coins; it’s all meaningless. But physical holdings not bullshit paper contracts. You do know most gold or silver is owned in paper ownership. Yes have some gold and silver, always 50% or more in equities, hard assets like nice safe with nice guns, and low or no debt, and you’ll be fine. Fiat currency dead anyway as is fixed income ivesting. Last, best investment – take care of your body. Even me, get cancer, or some serious disease, you’re investments will vanish quickly.

    • tim mcgraw

      Yes, Joe; take care of your body. “Health is wealth.” Your body and mind are the ultimate tools in your took kit. Everything else can be taken away.
      e.g. 40 years ago I was in Airframe & Powerplant schooll learning to be an aviation mechanic. One of my classmates was Ethiopian. He was a fit, handsome, very smart young man. His family was wealthy in Ethiopia, but the Communists took it all and his family fled to America with almost nothing but the clothes on their backs.
      I’m sure that the Ethiopian and his family are living successful lives in the USA.

      • Joe

        Yes sir, Tim. You would be a little younger than my Dad. Yall had it tough. I’ve heard stories from uncles and my dad living in the 1950’s south. My goodness the poverty they endured. I had at least 5 homes under contract for mowing in Ardmore, Winston Salem area at the age of ten in 1981. I also chopped wood for people and worked with my dad or uncles cleaning carpets at empty commercial buildings prior to dinner and homework.
        Also, that 1979 – 1981 recessionary period makes me laugh at both 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 bubbles combined.
        My brothers and I got along fine without child tax credits, air conditioning (until after college in 90’s), one bathroom for entire family, a tiny 900 sq.ft. home, no grandparents as kids, and more. And we were so very lucky looking back. We spent most of our time outside (no internet, no after-school daycare, and one t.v. in home) which resulted in us becoming great workers. My dad at 76 still works at our rug plant and always will.
        So I worked out for 2 hours today at Jack King’s Gym after church and have a six day work week doing physical labor. Even if I make to 76 I will remain active and steadfast just like you and my dad.

        • tim mcgraw

          Hi Joe, Thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply. Oh, yeah! That 1979-1981 recession was HELL! I was 27 with a wife and two little kids in North Seattle working at Kenmore Air Harbor seaplane base. There was NO WORK the winter of ’80-’81. I was “borrowing” Presto Logs from the local Safeway to keep our little un-insulated house warm and dry.
          Interest rates were 18%! Thanks Paul Volcker! FU.
          Your family is strong. My family didn’t make it. I reckon my ex-wife wanted that house and yard. I don’t blame her. Well, a long time ago…
          Glad that you and family are keeping active. My Dad is 88 and caught pneumonia two months ago. He was doing great until then. Dad is slowly recovering.
          Watch out for them damned germs!
          My Dad was in pharmaceuticals. He always told me, “Bet on the bugs.”
          All the best,

  62. JC

    Martin Armstrong warns of “inflationary cycle” ahead.

    The killing of Soleimani is probably the precursor to the turn in the ECM which is due January 18, 2020. This should contribute to the inflationary cycle ahead.

  63. JC

    John Rubino says there is great news for gold.

    Now pretend you’re someone with a lot of wealth to protect. The trophy assets you’ve been buying are not only losing value, they’re costing you time, money and stress to insure, store and guard. What’s the point if, after all this loving care, they don’t actually preserve your capital?

    Still, your money has to go somewhere. So you look around and see that gold and silver are not only cheap in terms of their recent past, they’re easy to understand and buy compared to Maseratis and Monets, inexpensive to store, and have held their value for 3,000 years, something no bottle of wine can claim.

    And lately, they’ve been going up.

  64. paul ...

    A Tale of Two Men … Soleimani killed an American contractor … so it was necessary for Trump to send in the US Military and begin WWIII to take him out … but when Cheney killed 3000 Americans on 9-11 the US Military is ordered to stand down and not take him out???

    • paul ...

      Ever wonder where the missing $21 Trillion went? … the Deep State likely used it to build the zillions of military bases surrounding Iran … … why? … the US oil-garks need to bomb bomb bomb Iran to shut down their oil production … so the Deep State oil-garks can sell “their shale oil” (at much higher prices)!!! … this is how “capitalism is now defined” … the process whereby you eliminate your competition (that can sell a product cheaper then anyone else)!!!

  65. paul ...

    When we vote the evil ones out of office in 2020 … lets remember not to simply vote in the “other party” … you must vote in “independents” unaffiliated with the major parties … see what happened in Virginia … Virginians elected in a new legislature and gave Demonrats a majority for the first time since 1994 … and the Demons swung for the fences on their first time up at bat in over 20 years … to pass legislation on gun control that bans many common firearms and “does not grandfather them in” … meaning gun owners in Virginia would have to sell or surrender their firearms “or become felons” in the eyes of the traitorous crooks (who hate and despise the US Constitution that gives inalienable rights to the people)!! …

    • paul ...

      And make sure the “independent ” candidates you vote for … “are not commies”!!!

  66. Russ F

    Totally agree; I am simply disgusted with our so called government and their determination to rule the world and attack and assassinate non-US countries and leaders.

    Likely many here do not support Tulsi, and she is by now means perfect, but she has it right with regard to our warmongering government – which now definitely includes Trump. Tulsi is the ONLY politician speaking out against these criminal actions.

    Don’t see how I can support Trump any longer, even though he remains the best option we had versus Hitlery.

    They are all bad people.

    As Celente says, a sad day for the America that I was born in.

    • tim mcgraw

      I agree with you, Russ. Tulsi with all of her socialist flaws, is the only peace candidate and as Murray Rothbard said, War is the true enemy of liberty.

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, Harry the Greek live = analysis of the two most important court trials this month and the NABU crime unit…and pictures of the SERVERS in the Ukraine that POTUS Trump said were there? lol Right again ! WINNING ‘so far’? ummm – do wonder…
    and more on what to expect next ? Now since last night a raid of Ukraine office with the servers?

  68. Mike R

    Everyone will be WRONG on forecasting any war with Iran. No one can possibly predict these events, and no one understands the catalysts because they are not involved in or privy to any of the behind the scenes machinations. An all out declared war today is a very very very unlikely occurrence due to the proliferation of everything cyber based. Isolated terrorist attacks, yes. But all war, NO. and a World War ? Even less likely. We live in a phenomenally different world today, than even 20 years ago, and far far different than the 20th century. The globe is so economically inter-connected, and heavily inter-dependent, that it would a very severe economic strain to entice ANY country to consider all out war. Weapons today have been so revolutionized, that its basically impossible to overwhelm any enemy with any ground attack or troops, especially if someone is considering a war with the US. Our present ‘engagements’ in places like Afghanistan, are minor skirmishes compare to war, and many people escalate the rhetoric far too often, especially MSM,and our own politicians. Iran even remotely considering the death of a ‘general’ a declaration of war, is nothing more than Iran attempting to vent and to cause political consternation within our own country, and its like a 2 year old whining about a lost pacifier. Iran is under economic sanctions that are far more devastating than any war, so it would be so incredibly dumb of them consider any real war with the US, that even they have a couple firing neurons left to realize it would be their country’s complete end to civilization and what little government they have left, to even consider a war. So they use rhetoric, as do our own snowflake leftist politicians (mostly Dems), to pretend there is going to be something akin to war. Iran is chicken like Osama was, and will only perform isolated one off attacks in ‘surprise’ locations. We remain in the middle east to keep world wide commerce going. Period. This benefits EVERY country on the planet, not the least of which is our own. Its a fact of life, and a cost we will have to bear forever, if we are to keep global commerce going along as it has been for the past 50 years or longer, and especially since the internet became common place. More and more, it will be done with ‘automation’ and things like drones. It’ll reach out to space, because that is what modernization will keep demanding, where a more pivotal power can be executed and planned to keep our world functioning. Is it perfect ? Nope. But its considerably better than world wars. These drone strikes are unfortunate, but Obama did them way more frequently than has been done under Trump, and Obama did it on way less important and less threatening targets, and even took out way more innocent civilians which somehow mainstream media and leftists and hollywood celebs had no problem with Obama doing all that killing. Its so freaking ridiculous how hypocritical the left is these days, doing all the same bad things in spades in the past, acting like its a nothing burger when they commit such acts, but when the GOP does it, you get to hear Hitler comparisons 24/7.

    • tim mcgraw

      Mike, you are still thinking of war in conventional terms. Iran will NOT fight America in a conventional way. Iran has already attacked the USA banking system once with cyber attacks. The electrical grid of the USA is WEAK.
      Take out the electric grid in the USA and Iran wins.
      We lose. Hope that you are prepared for living with no electricity for months.

  69. Theta Lion

    Greg….please, may I offer the following assessment of the situation in Iraq……
    Soleimani assassination: Trap set for Iran war
    in depth analysis by The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris. After viewing the attached, perhaps your viewers can have a better understanding of the event and situation.

  70. regaleagle

    The real question is not whether some of us in the States recognize, but IF those in power over in the Middle East understand what forces are really behind all of this upheaval and for what greater purposes. Can THEY/will THEY allow some time for negotiations and more information before taking any decisive counteractions against the USA……in whatever form those actions may result.

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