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Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb-Jim Sinclair

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release)

World renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair is worried about the crisis in Ukraine.  Sinclair says, “Welcome back to the cold war that can get hot overnight.”  It appears President Obama has brought back the Cold War, and Sinclair contends, “He’s brought it back by changing to a new normal diplomacy, making outrageous threats on a continuing basis rather than seeking a solution.”  The referendum vote in Crimea that is overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia, and yet, officials in the West say it is illegal or illegitimate.  Sinclair says, “To say that is to deny the reality the government in the Ukraine is a government created by a coup.  To say that is to bring us to the brink of war. . . . Mistakes can happen.  War can start anytime you have two entities together with weapons of war looking at each other with lots of hate.  I am concerned about the mistake of aggressive machinery and aggressive people looking right at each other.”  

On possible U.S. sanctions on Russia, such as excluding them out of the international payment system called the SWIFT system, Sinclair says, “The use of the SWIFT system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to create a difficulty, almost a prohibitive difficulty in doing business by preventing bank wires, that would be one of the possibilities.  Already, the BRICS nations are developing their own SWIFT system.  So, the mistake of using the SWIFT system, short of absolute war, is that it has created a competitor that all the BRICS will be using.”  Sinclair also thinks, “To sanction Russia is to forget that Russia supplies Europe with its gas supplies.  To sanction Russia is to forget there are many U.S. and European corporations operating within Russia right now.  I honestly believe sanctioning Russia is the same as shooting yourself in the foot.” Sinclair goes on to say, “When you think you can push an ex-colonel of the KGB, you are not making a proper analysis of the personality of the person.  The whole idea that Russia is only a regional power–where in the world did that come from?  Anybody that is nuclear capable to the degree that Russia is with its delivery systems is a world power.  We hear constantly Russia is only a regional power.  We hear lies.  We hear untruths.  We don’t have a clear picture to what is taking place.”  

On Russia countering Western sanctions, Sinclair says watch the “struggling dollar” and Russia accepting any currency for oil and natural gas.  Sinclair explains, “It’s struggling . . . because it smells the real teeth of retaliation for sanctions being in the simple acceptance of any currency whatsoever for payment for gas to Europe.  Believe me, they will settle in other currencies. . . . It makes energy cheaper.  Why in the world would anyone want to pay in dollars if they can pay in their own currency?  Russia could retaliate in a way that would have phenomenal impact on the U.S. dollar. . . . Russia has the upper hand.  They have it in their ability to turn the U.S. economy upside down and into collapse.  There is no question whatsoever.  Putin doesn’t need a nuclear bomb. He has a nuclear economic bomb that he can set off at any time.”  

What would the price of gold be this year?  Sinclair predicts, “Gold has $2,000 an ounce in its sights in 2014.”  On silver, Sinclair says, “Silver is gold on steroids.  When gold takes off, silver goes up faster. . . . So, the idea you are going to get an old high on silver or better is a given.” 

Last year, Sinclair, predicted gold will hit $50,000 an ounce sometime in the next several years. Is he still sticking with that prediction?  Sinclair says, “I am still sticking by that, and the $50,000 per ounce is predicated on a shift in the mechanism on determining gold’s value from the paper markets to the physical markets.  Should that emancipation take place, it is a possibility and could become a reality.”  Sinclair goes on to explain, “Something has to happen.  Emancipation of gold from the paper market will be a product of the drawdown of the inventories of the warehouses.  I don’t believe for a moment that the COMEX is going to default, but I believe quite certainly that the COMEX will go from settling in gold to settling in cash.”  So, how can the gold market be manipulated up or down in price?  Sinclair says, “I can tell you exactly how it’s done.  You just offer or demand supply . . . that is beyond any capacity that can be met.  We’ve already had one day where two and a half years production was offered for sale.  It couldn’t be in a physical market that has to deliver within three days.  It can only be in a paper market that doesn’t have to deliver.”  

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair of JSMinset.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview) 

After the interview: 

Sinclair added, “We’re in a hell of a mess.  If the world drops the ‘Petrodollar,’ we’ll have a hot war in a week.  We will go to war over the Petrodollar.”   To visit Mr. Sinclair’s site click here for JSMineset.com.

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  1. Krystal

    Thank you so much for putting something out there other then the propaganda that I am currently having to endure. Even as a novice. The story in Ukraine does not add up. Everytime it is reported facts have been edited out of the timeline of this crisis. A coup created government is legitimate but a longstanding autonomous crimean government and vote is not. This conflict is proof people are sheep. It doesn’t even sound like the truth but everyone’s nodding their heads and calling it democracy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective. You are correct it “does not add up.” Thank you for putting it succinctly.

    • Rediron1

      Wondering if Putin ever came across this….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVAXqKugXkg&feature=player_detailpage

    • NVE

      As it looks from Russia the new Cold War is not a very bad idea for us and for USA too.
      During the past Cold War our countries had made a big number of technical investigations, the technical progress was very big. And we not made a war conflict. Now there is not cold war… and the economics are in bad conditions – i mean the REAL economics, not the finansial speculations. Working real plants and factories are not a bad idea… preparings for war but no real war – ok?

    • NVE

      The Krim conflict itself is only a method to prevent a joining of Ukraine to NATO (according to rules of NATO).
      Trust me, Krim is 50 miles from my home.
      There is no any war at Krim, because all Krim speaks russian – no ukrainian. Referendum was a joke, but joining of Krim to Russia was useful for all.

  2. Jerry

    Greg, Jim Sinclair is right on several levels in this interview about the power struggle in Ukraine. In my lifetime I have never seen so many interconnected lines of economic strain all diverging to one focal point. This is for all intensive purposes the “fuse” that will explode the petrodollar . Whether planned or not, the outcome will be the same. The End of the Dollar. This time the Chinese have laid down the challenge to cross the red line, and have sided with the Russians creating a tremendous kickback, should the Bank puppets in Washington decide to cross it. The question is, will they take the bait?
    I guess we’ll find out Monday if the they intend to back up the rhetoric that Kerry has been spinning all weekend.

    Greg watch the dollar index this week. I think it will tell us which way Gold will be heading. It has been on a steady downward track the last three months. Granted it was at 79.44 in 2008, but that was before we were facing a conflict with global superpowers like Russia and China who both hold large amounts of our debt. Jim Sinclair is right, They don’t a nuclear bomb. They already have an economic one. God help us all with all the psychopathic narcissus’s involved.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this week will be pivotal in U.S. and world history.

      • Dmitry

        A new term for the so-called American democracy: the Military-Police democracy.

        Yanukovych invited opposition for talks. He is a dictator and a tyrant.
        Yatseniuk sent against the people army tanks. He is a Democrat and a liberal.
        How to call it? Military-police US-democracy.

        • Galaxy 500

          Not by the little people here my friend. We disapprove of the USA’s interference in Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Egypt. And our mucking around has made life there so much better for everyone. Much has been said here about how the Ukraine Pres. run out by demonstrators was robbing the country living a lavish lifestyle. Kinda like our Congress .
          Obama has stolen our democracy, and I apologize that have messed up yours.

        • Denis

          Yatseniuk sent tanks? Where and when exactly? Olny one, who moves his army is Putin!
          His friend, so called prime minister of Crim Aksyonov, former local criminal, took the office with the help of his gunmen/militia, by force. On 2010 Crimean parliamentary elections hes party Russian Unity got only 4% of votes. On so called “referendum”(in front of russian gunmen) suddenly 95,7% voted for independence. I must say wow!! I´m sure, in this kind of elections, even Scotland would choose to unite with russia.

          • Sergey

            Denis, have you ever been to Crimea? I suppose you haven’t..Unfourtunately your Media managed to arrange effective public brain-clean and sensationon of reality is absolutly vanished with major part of ordinary Ukranians..Just to let you know the so-called Russian propaganda has always been a baby in comparrisson with western one (to a greater extent USA’s one)..

    • Galaxy 500

      nice post. What is your breaking point on the dollar index?

      • lastmanstanding

        It was 72 ish in 2011. (April I believe) and most thought it would go then.

        If it breaches below that, silver and gold will blow by their highs like it was standing still. People were watching last time. (2011) Those in the know were running for the protection of pm’s like there was no tomorrow.

        I believe that the elites knew this and that is why they smashed the hell out of metals…this last 3 years has been brutal on the little guy. Weak hands have been discouraged and are out for good. Mean while, the bastards have been stealing all the metal at the low prices all while trying to keep some availability and the continuance of biz as usual.

        This time, few will get pm’s. History has shown that no one is interested in pm’s when they are cheap. AS soon as the $ blows, it will be beyond insane. That is what my gut tells me.

        This time they are out of powder, there will be no disrespect for tangible items…buy anything tangible like a mad man or woman. Like GH, I believe that this week will be one for the history books.

        Hope to see you all on the other side. lms.

      • Jerry

        80.0 is traditionally the firewall. My guess is 78.0.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks Jerry
          my number is 70. I bet you and Lastmanstanding a euro. Lets hope we are all wrong

          • Paul from Indiana

            70 will definitely do it. But the world can stave it off simply by buying dollars. It’s the ultimate game of “chicken”. The system should have already collapsed, as $17+ trillion is a staggeringly unimaginable sum. No one has the nerve to light the fuse to the dynamite. Not yet, anyway. Best always to all on this forum.

          • Galaxy 500

            Great observations Paul…however, outside of the un-Federal Reserve , who would be stupid enough to suck up our toxic swill ($) ? Obama has alienated our allies and good friends. The Saudis could but they are disposing of the greenbacks. The EU? I agree with what you are saying but I dont know who would bail us out. A bankrupt America would suit China and Russia. Yes they would lose on their investments but would become the big Dogs

  3. Ugly

    Dudes. The times of so-called easy preparations are about to end. So I will write it again.

    .get debt down, so that your lifestyle becomes simpler
    .get a garden ready, or keep going if already doing so
    .buy PMs
    .have at least 3-6 months in food storage
    .know food in the wild, such as dandelion greens
    .know a farmer or a CSA group

    • Greg Hunter

      Beautiful advice!

    • Galaxy 500

      Let those who have ears listen and those who have eyes see… time is fleeting. Ugly’s warning is heart felt and serious and I believe it to be correct. Even if you have a year (does anyone think the amateur President isn’t going to muck things up?) It will not be long enough to fully prepare.

    • allen ols

      this week i went to lowes and HD and loaded up on organic seeds for 5 yrs. I do have heirloom in #10 cans from pleasant hill grain. Piked up another 14 cubic ft freezer, loaded it with roasts, tilapia, chkn breasts, and sleeves of hamburger, as well as 4 inverters. working on 3 more barrels of reg. gas all this for a 4th location. diversification, 🙂 lol keep it up.

    • pessimist

      According to Clif High, creator of the web bot, things won’t start picking up speed until end of March … coincidentally with the new moon.

    • Diane Ryan

      Yes Ugly, your advice bears repeating.

      Excellent interview Greg. We have squandered our Founders’ Republic. It’s spoils are being divided amongst our enemies. An interview with a survival expert could prove very valuable; someone like James Wesley Rawles, Joel Skousen, even Brandon Smith focusing on survival.

    • Cheri

      I am a Christian and obediently sold my home and bought an RV. I have water filters, solar panels, organic grain and heirloom seeds, dehydrated dairy products, PMs, and lots of “how to” books. When I sold my home I paid my debt down to 80% and left a balance so I had more money to invest in real estate and farm land. I feel led to go to Austin Texas and expect to be there by the end of the summer. However, I feel distinctly vulnerable without a homestead of my own! Is there any suggestion you can offer or tweaks you can make to what I have done? If I do have debt, what is the worst that can happen beyond a quick rise in interest rates?

  4. Todd

    Mr Sinclair is a knowledgeable and experienced analyst and I think he is correct in his analysis. However, as idiotic as these guys in Washington are, they have to know that the outcome of pushing Putin too far is the collapse Mr Sinclair speaks of. Unless they are suicidal when it comes to the US economy, they will be forced to back off.
    Sometimes hope is all we have!

  5. gerald

    Another best for you Greg. If I may ask, what is the reason Russia deals in the petro dollar anyway if they don’t have to. Do all countries use it just to please us? I don’t know , but I would think maybe everyones economy might follow ours if the petro dollar is scorned. Anyway, a superb interview. That Mr. Sinclair is one intelligent man. Thanks Greg.

    • JC Davis

      Gerald once the whip lash of pride begins it will not be over until total humility is revealed. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

    • Galaxy 500

      The U$D was the big dog on the block. Not just oil but currently, all commodities are settled in U$D. Silver, gold, zinc, wheat, corn and oil are all settled in US dollars. When these morons used the SWIFT system as a weapon a year or so ago it got not only our enemies looking for an alternative but also a lot of our so called friends. As two faced and self-serving as this administration has been our most ardent supporters have been shaken to their core. We have outed Israel and the UK over issues we disagree on. How adult and ally like are we. Before we would have never gone to the media and release our allies secrets if we disagreed but as Obama is a community organizer with no real world leadership skills he uses political infighting skill from Chicago. These skills may win you an election but it destroys your allies trust in you and can cause a schism that will result in a much deserved “knife” in the back when the time is opportune.

      • Anne Elliott

        Not only does Obama come from Chicago, but also Christine Lagarde… Who got her job the Chicago way too. Keep that in mind next time she makes the news – lots of backdoor deals going on, I’m sure.

      • JC Davis

        500. I cant apologize enough for having voted for …… in 08. Both sides would have done the same thing, yet I still feel some what responsibly. If nothing but for being fooled.

        • Galaxy 500

          My wife still makes fun of me about my 08 vote. Never again will make a protest vote, I’ll stay home.

          • Galaxy 500

            But I am going to pull a straight republican lever in 2014. No I dont like them but at least they are not socialist/communist

          • JC Davis

            500 I am not sure we will see a vote in 2016. Yet I already know I will not vote democrat again. Not sure if I will even vote. I do feel the only way to stop the controllers from a rigged election is for all Americans to vote. By doing so they ( May ) be exposed clearly. What else can we do short of a gun revolution.. That is not the answer. I know how you feel about everyone voting. We have a decision to make . Should we want all voters voting or have a rigged election by oligarchs. I think voters stand a better chance of saving the country. . At least a chance.

  6. Rodster

    Excellent interview Greg. Guys all I can add is to prepare because what this administration is doing is purposely trying to start a war with Russia.

    • Rodster

      Ukraine IMF Inside Job – Charlie McGrath

      Charlie succinctly describes and explains in 4 minutes who’s behind and pushing the buttons of TPTB.


    • Concernee

      From my observations of our present MUCK; appears highly unlikely we’ll ever see another election….I’m really surprised this RUSSIAN CRISIS didn’t pull the plug for martial law in the U.S., which of course would halt any elections, would confiscate all weapons, food, money, and/or other valuables: to wit: Recent Executive Order # 13306, which will give the administration free rein to do all these depravities with no due process….Slam in your home, conduct a military inspired STEALING all your valuables….Google it! , then hustle you off to a F.E.M.A. camp. Who knows what zip code? Folks, it no longer is If but WHEN! May already be too late to prevent this!

  7. Snorky

    Excellent interview! Excellent! Thnx, Greg.

    I attended Mr. Sinclair’s Q&A session in San Diego last Sunday and I was surprised that there were perhaps only around 100 people there (and almost all of them were senior citizens or borderline senior citizens). People still don’t seem to be paying attention. I suppose they will when they finally get ‘hit over the head with a 2×4’, figuratively speaking. Or maybe not, who knows? I haven given up trying to talk to people about this. (it is a waste of my energy). GLTA.

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point, everyone will know what we know now.

      • smaulgld

        I understand the reaction. You get a visceral unthinking reaction from many supposedly smart people when you mention potential scenarios. I guess they are used to hearing about inflation scares and just write it all off as gold buggery. The main stream media and warren buffet just confirm their point of view (or give it to them).
        I understand the lack of concern but can’t fathom the hatred some people have toward hearing anything that has to do with inflation, gold, dollar weakness etc. (what this site has plenty of!)
        Would love to see Greg interview a Keynesian respectfully and see how well they do. Liberals seem to shut down when faced with facts and logic. I remember watching Krugman just quit after the first segment when he was on TV with Ron Paul.
        Watch how this guy Jan Helfeld gets Nancy Pelosi all flustered to where she ends the interview and kicks him out of her office!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pFC3LKMIQo&list=PLD9795C3A157DC6C3

    • JC Davis

      Snorky, I am with you. How can people not see the deadly spider in there nose.

    • Eileen K.

      All I can say is this: If Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) and his handlers try starting a war with Russia, they will be on the receiving end of the biggest ass-kicking in history. They won’t be dealing with Russia alone, but with China and whatever other allies these two nations may have – including US citizens willing to rise up.

      • Charles H.


        I appreciate your candor – but they’ll call Martial Law before anyone can get to them. Imagine throwing the whole country ‘under the bus’ – because you won’t man-up. No bets here.

        • Rick

          Someone has to be willing to enforce martial law. Will they leave their family to enforce martial law? They only have the power we allow them to have, either by ignoring what is right or taking part of what they want for our individual benefit.

  8. Aniket Bhave


    I am speechless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Aniket Bhave,
      Please prepare, and do it soon.

  9. Bullrun

    Spot on my friend, enough said.

  10. Noel

    Of course they know this in DC. Yet they persist in threats. Occam’s razor: DC is ready to support the petro-dollar the old fashioned way.

    They are mad. Utterly, monstrously mad.

  11. thomas winston

    Great interview!!! The best I have heard in months! Thanks, Greg. You are on top of this stuff——love your site! CIGA Tim winston

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CIGA Tim!

  12. Calgirl

    You must have a lot of clout to net these big fishes! Another fantastic interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sometimes you get lucky.

      • donald driks

        Greg, Hard work and persistence makes one lucky. Thank you for your hard work and continued good luck.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Donald!

      • AL. Hall


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Al Hall for your support and kind words!

  13. Galaxy 500

    While the people of Crimea have the right to vote to succeed, can it be called a legitimate vote if there is not an option to vote against leaving the Ukraine? I just read there was no “No” on the ballot.

    • Galaxy 500

      can you check on that? I would love to see e a ballot. I’d hate to be taken in by the MSM yet again.

      • Max

        I can confirm that there was an option in the ballot for Crimea to remain part of Ukraine. To view the ballot please google ‘photo of Crimea referendum ballot’ . Although it is not in English. First option says ‘Are you for Crimea joining Russian Federation?’, second option says ‘Are you for re-enactment of 1992 Constitution and for Crimea remaining part of Ukraine?’

      • It's me

        Galaxy 500, I posted a pic of a ballot that was used at the Crimea referendum (with translation)

    • tsuki

      There were two options on the ballot –

      1. Return to the Russian Federation
      2. Restore the 1992 Constitution where Crimea would have freedom of association.

      The “status quo” talking point of the West was not an option in Crimea. It would require that Crimea recognize the illegitimate regime in Kiev as legal, which it is not. I am not defending the former Ukrainian President, but the vote in Parliament fell short of removing him from office. That made the transfer of power a coup, not a legal impeachment. Crimea would not recognize the coup as legitimate, therefore there could be no option on the ballot to remain in a country with an illegal government.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks, the way it was portrayed just didnt make sense and then I couldn’t even find a story about it on the website of the news organizations that reported it ( news org used with all due lack of respect)

        • Cass

          You do realize that if president abandons his country then he abandons his post, right? The Rada in Kiev was elected back in 2010- 2012, what is illegitimate about them? If something happens to president and vice president in US then speaker takes over…guess what happened in Ukraine? President abandoned his post and speaker had to take over. That’s why the presidential elections are called for so fast.

        • It's me

          Russia Today usually gives alternative points of view that discribe events in more unbiassed manner

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s me,
            RT will NEVER criticize Russia–Never. They do present a perspective that is useful. “RussiaWatchdog.com” would never be allowed to operate in Russia. Let’s be real here.

  14. smaulgld

    Great interview. I also covered the Ukraine/Russia situation in a podcast on Friday noting the Russia has the ability to set off massive inflation in the United States:

  15. Solomon

    Just another reason that the barry administration is irresponsible and foolish OR intentionally and nefariously attempting to destroy the US economy.

  16. Michael Thurston

    Thank you for telling it like it is.

  17. Seen Too Much

    Thank you Greg and Jim.

    God help us all.

  18. Galaxy 500

    Go to Google earth and type coco islands…out of way and nice runway

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice place to land a 777 and turn it into a really big pipe bomb.
      who was on board and what was the cargo. Was it loaded with PMs going to Beijing?
      And please call your Congressman and tell them not to turn over the internet to the UN. I mean damn who is running this country making these dumb a$$ decisions over and over again? Its like a bad dream. If only the Obama administration would turn into that season of Dallas that turned out just to be a bad dream! Please God, save us from these evil men in DC.

      • JC Davis

        Exactly. In the mean time the NSA is staring at the fly on my wall from space.

      • Galaxy 500

        Finally got up with one of my best friends, who flights for United. He said that it would be interesting to see what the cargo was. He’s had 50mil in the cargo hold. He believes that they wanted the plane, and that the 45k ceiling meant that there was a struggle in the cockpit. He guess the plane is at a pre-prepared landing strip…iF they made it and in the ocean if not but if in the ocean there should be some debris.
        Just his opinion but he flushed them so I thought it would be interesting to hear his take

        • Galaxy 500

          Hateful spell checker. ..flushed equals Flies them…he flies 777 and other Boeing’s plus rotary wing

    • Greg Hunter

      Is the plane there? Who knows.

      • Bill

        Why would someone hijack a plane and thereby warn everyone if you wanted to use it as a weapon. If they had any resources at all why would they not just charter a plane and take some time to really load it up with some ordnance. You could even file a flight plan coming as near to your target as possible then veer off course at the last minute. If this plane is used for something I call “false flag.”

        • Galaxy 500

          My guess if its still in one piece it will be hidden until its no longer in the news

      • Galaxy 500

        Good question. You have to wonder what Malaysia is trying to hide. Another evil group of moslems the extremists?

        • JC Davis

          I would love to know what Edward Snowden knows. The missing plane could be a test to see how much people know.
          I am sure with the radar tracking systems, the Satellite magnifying cameras, drone cameras,the NSA, and all the information being recorded threw nanotubes. NOTHING CAN HIDE.

          • Galaxy 500

            Satellites outside of looking for IR signs of missiles launch, they dont photo every every where all the time. You’ve got orbits to syn, its not like the NSA tracking your cell which is basically a radio transmitting your exact positions the entire time its on.
            if they want to look at a place they can count your freckles but they have to be tasked. Sure there are some areas like N Korea and Iran that are basically always watched

          • Galaxy 500

            I agree with you. I would love to know what Snowdon does

  19. Jonathan

    James Kostohryz wrote an excellent piece on the so-called “nuclear option” re: Russia dumping US treasuries:


  20. Galaxy 500

    Great Interview. You have on our side a community organizer that misunderstands the world and a KGB Col. that has real world experience and understands the world. What could go wrong?
    If you cross this red line….well that wasn’t my red line that was the world’s red line.

  21. Brady

    Really appreciate the early Sunday video release along with your passion for seeking the truth and sharing with others!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brady!

  22. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview Greg.
    Sounds to me like its going to get messy this week.

  23. DKH

    Thank you Greg for an excellent interview. I am saddened to say I do not think our US leaders actually understand whats at stake here. I know how ridiculous this sounds, but in my opinion it is Arrogance to Infinity in Washington DC.

  24. Matt

    Very good and eye opening interview, Greg. Regardless of what Putin could do re SWIFT, I hope cooler heads prevail. Putin has home field advantage.

    For those who believe the global economic system is on the cliff’s edge, may the push
    be avoided. My bias is for a deflationary event or structured default, not a currency destruction event.

  25. Marshall Peters

    Greg, once again, you have released a remarkable interview. A tip of the ‘ole Top Hat to both you and Jim Sinclair.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marshall!

  26. Fraser

    Thanks Greg, a really good interview, with a very smart man, well done.
    I must admit that it also gave me some hope that, without another shot being fired, America could be quickly broken down and returned to a democracy. But history shows us that the Junta in charge have too much at stake and will not go quietly. So I think we should expect the worst and I just hope it can be confined to the Northern Hemisphere.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are correct sir! There is a lot of good still in America if we could only shed the bankers in charge.

      • Fraser

        Sorry – I meant to say “quickly rebuilt as a democracy” – but I rushed the comment and then there was no way to get it back.

        My frustration has always been with your Adninistration, which (for some unknown reason) thinks it must lead the rest of us around. In fact, after “Pivot Asia” (I think) Australia now has more US military bases than our own, which is an absolute outrage for an old pacifist – patriot like me!

        From Clinton (start Term 2) onwards, it has been all downhill – with ever increasing war, poverty, crime, violence and selfishness. I keep thinking that the average American must be blind, deaf and dumb! How can things get worse EVERY year for eighteen years without any reaction? I also see the same war-violence culture spreading outwards around the globe and I don’t like it! What was ever wrong with peace and love?!

        • Galaxy 500

          when I believe in peace thru superior firepower, I disagree with the policy to send Americans all over the world at US taxpayer’s expense to protect another country. Why is America spending so much in S Korea when the Koreans aren’t? Why do we have such a presence in Japan. If the japs want us there… and they likely dont…let them shoulder part of the burden.

          • Fraser

            500 – I think you have it the wrong way around. WW3 has not declared in 1963 with the assassination of JFK, but American bankers have ever since sought to establish “one world” under their control. Every year they occupy another country and set up military bases. Then they infect those countries with JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, which take over their banks, stock markets, mining and agriculture. Then they loot those countries and send the profits home. Countries that resist are destroyed with economic then traditional war. America makes enemies out of allies and now about half the world knows that Americans are no longer “the good guys” and must be stopped and sent back home. I believe that resistance will continue to grow until nukes start flying.
            I think this can only be stopped by crashing the dollar and defunding the US military,

          • Galaxy 500

            We must have resisted because we are surely destroyed

          • Galaxy 500

            The US military is not the problem mate, its the idiotic, evil politicians and bankers that are the problem.

      • Fraser

        Congratulations Greg! – this incredible interview is being referenced and discussed everywhere, world-wide. History books will (or at least should) note your outstanding contribution to “Truth, Justice and (eventually) the American Way”. Well done Superman!

        • Greg Hunter

          You are vey kind Fraser!!!

    • tROT

      Hey Fras,
      Can you find me a cheap place in Coober Pedy? I’m expecting the worse. So if i go down unda, get a place in C.P., i’ll really be under and you never know, might find some PR”s. People up here got precious rocks in there heads, not me of course.

      • Fraser

        Southern tip of Tasmanian with a fishing rod – you won’t notice a thing!

        • tROT

          Wow, I’ll be in like Flynn!

          • Galaxy 500

            In like Flint

          • tROT

            In my day it was Flynn, Then Coburn stole it! Errol always got away with murder, with his Aussie charm and if you ever read his book “My Wicked Wicked Ways” you’d understand why. He was the real deal, a fair dinkum Irish Australian. If you watch his best film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” you can see where we are at now, waiting for King Richard the lion heart’ed to return to the throne and rid the realm of all the crooks and cutthroats! That’s why we have to trust in Jehovah that his Son our King Jesus Christ will restore to the earth what Adam lost! That’s the beauty of it, we don’t have to be Robin Hood and take matters in our own hands, Jesus the Christ is our Robin Hood. So all you crooks and cutthroats, give up your evil ways, or your time is out!
            PS> “Captain Blood” wasn’t bad either!

          • Galaxy 500

            I grew up watching Flynn. I am a fan of both Capt. Blood and Robin Hood. They sure dont make them like that any more

  27. M

    Do it , let us see how 35 % of the world that horks down american produced calories , likes paying for it at hyperinflated gold prices.
    Or how china fairs when the unemployment rate jumps to 65 % over night.
    Or how petro countries which import most of their calories and rely on oil for most of their goverment spending money . Get turned into round robin death zones over water and food.
    So any time you ready to back up your s$#@ talk with some action BRICsters , do it up. It will not end well for you )

    • Galaxy 500

      Sounds like a fair appraisal but instead of a Washington, Lincoln or Reagan we have a “Caligula”. He is liable to do it just to see the world burn.

      • JC Davis

        Biochar. still useful

    • tROT

      It’ll happen on it’s own when we cant even pay the interest to the bank of China, and like you said they wont be hot cot-ting it anymore! So either way PREPARE!

  28. dean

    Greg ,

    Thank you for having Jim on your show! I love that man. I love that he really cares about the well being of mankind.
    Like Paul Craig Roberts said those people in D.C. are insane . He is right .

    I used to be able to click an E mail link on your site and e mail some of these interviews to friends, what happened to that ?

    Great job on your part Greg in keeping us abreast of the truth.

    Thanks Dean

  29. richard

    how do we prepare when we are just the nobodies?

    • Greg Hunter

      Buy food you can store and water first and foremost. Get you vehicle in top shape. stock up on motor oil and filters. Buy anything you think you might need because it is all on sale now. Cut your cable and data package . Don’t go out to eat. This is not going to be easy but those who prepare will have a better road.

      • JC Davis

        Greg that sounds like the Obama plea to sign into obamanocare.

    • Anne Elliott

      You can also go to thrift stores and buy things you will need; even Dollar stores have useful items to use or barter with. A good website for beginners is: Thesurvivalmom.com
      Also – get a GOOD heavy duty non-electric can opener. 🙂

    • Galaxy 500

      Harris Tester Progresso soup 8 for $10. A month ago it was 10 for $10. A 25% increase but we only have 2% inflation. If you can spare $20-$50 a month you can start

  30. Jus'Say'n

    America is (Soon: “Was”) Babylon – the “Golden cup in the Lords hand that made the World Mad through Her Excessive Luxuries” that is sneak attacked and BURNED (NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST) in “One Hour”!!! When the Economy Collapses, Civil Unrest Starts and Martial Law is instituted – you’ll have just over a year to “FLEE the Country”.
    May those with eye’s see and those with ears hear!!!

    This conflagration with Russia begins it – the Clock started today with the Crimean Refferendum!!!


    • Galaxy 500

      I am just saying that the Bible says no man know the time of the second coming, not even the son. The original 12 Disciples thought they lived in the end times so forgive me if I laugh when I hear people talk about it. I’ll be rapture out if it comes so its not a concern. What I am concerned about is what evil men do in the meantime.
      I remember a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the mid 1970’s that we’re convinced that the world was end ona ccertain day and spent every dollar they could borrow. Imagine their surprise when the time passed and the world was still here. I understand that the guy re-examed his number and said he was off a day….there’s a sucker born every minute. The ones that I went to HS with parents filed bankruptcy. The first clue that they are wrong is when they start pointing to an event, date etc …just my two cents. God will does as he promised and he didnt promise to tell us when. There have been war and rumours of war for two thousand years .

  31. Liquid Motion

    Kudos Greg…for paying attention … 🙂
    “Sanctions = the fuse that starts the global financial war”.
    You want a Black Swan event ……here it is on a Gold Platter.

    Someone has to make a mistake (and they can do that)…to trigger this catastrophe. Mistakes are the “new normal” of the Government. We shouldn’t expect anything more. Diplomacy is not part of their vocabulary. I see also that the UN vote only just managed a confirmation of the US desires to strong arm the Russians. UN, being a western construct, is truly showing its colors.

    While on the topic of Cold War and Sanctions, James Rickards said recently that any financial warfare that materialises would not go far. He uses the phrase “MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction”, to quell any fears of armeggedon because there exists a known state of Lose – Lose (no one wins) which stems from the power that each possesses to destroy the other and so Financial Annilhilation comes to both countries. He is quick to point out nonetheless that an act borne out of miscalculation or stupidity (mistake) cannot be discounted.

    Keep in mind also that we are only talking about Russia here….in terms of “Retaliation”. Should we forget China and what was said last week by them to the US and EU (avoid sanctions against Russia) ? Whilst Russia may be the Bear sitting in the opposing corner, China is the Elephant sitting on the sidelines (ready to tag for the next round).

    I find this article absolutely hysterical (for all the wrong reasons):

    All we need now is a former President of the US to come forward and say something eloquent about Obama’s actions…and its game on. Chances of that happening ….ZERO.
    But I would bet that the Elite Bankers are having a quiet word with Barak.

    • Greg Hunter

      This says it all “Sanctions = the fuse that starts the global financial war”. You want a Black Swan event ……here it is on a Gold Platter.” Thank you for your comment and link!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post
      Does this sound like the wacko environmentalists, a crazed dictator… no its the democratically elected govt of Germany.
      “An attempt by the German Green Party to ban Mr Schroeder from speaking in public about Ukraine was narrowly defeated in the European parliament on Thursday”

    • tROT

      Just keep yours ears open, for when they say”peace and Security” and you see the earth being ruined, head down to Coober Pedy! If your raptured put in a good word for me, so the grapes can grow and I can make more wine, in paradise of course!

      • Galaxy 500

        Got 8 nice vines outside now. Looking to take up my Daddy’s mantle as wine maker. I’ll save you a glass for here and we’ll have a jug up there

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you need any forensic accounts down there?

        • tROT

          No, I see on ABC-TV, they already started the Resurrection, so send all forensic accounts to them. People will be popping up like mushroom clouds!

          • Galaxy 500

            Got it. Wine making it is

          • JC Davis

            500 I do my own wine also.. That is why some of my comments seem wacked out..lol

          • Galaxy 500

            I might have to get some tips from you. And I believe in a lot of quality control

  32. The Heart

    Greg, all this might already be a moot point if it is true that the US has caved into the Russians. Like, what’s next in the endless game of false flagology and distractions extraordinaire?


    • tROT

      Heard they only slapped 11 Russians with sanctions so maybe well get by a little longer, more time to prepare? With sites like USAWatchdog, they knew the gig was up, so there holding back, no doubt.

  33. Jeroen

    Thanks Greg, again from The Netherlands I have to say that you are the only one out there that provides real unbiased information on what the MSM does not want to show. I am very thankful that I started reading stuff about the economy and the principles of money three years ago. Since then I know that we are up for a real painful change and I have been adapting my life since then. I fear that we are getting very close to the precipice now. The history unfolds in front of our very own eyes, for everyone to see. I think, after seeing your interviews with Jim Willie, Jim Sinclair, Paul Craig Roberts and John Williams, that the events in Ukrain will mark the Waterloo event for the US and for the western world for that matter. I sincerely hope that people who read this blog are prepared for what’s coming in the US. I am not religious but I will pray for you. ALL THE BEST

    • Greg Hunter

      Prayer is always a good thing. God hears you and I thank you!

  34. Calgirl

    I think Congress and the Obama administration are seeking different purposes. Congress is trying to fill its coffers by supporting the military/financial complex and diverting our attention from their abundant failings. Could any government representative purposefully poke the Bear in the eye and possibly start a nuclear war just to be re-elected? Certainly they know some of the real facts of the Ukraine situation, don’t they? Do they not consider the millions of lives that would be lost? Do they not see that all the wars from Viet Nam onward have been destructive for all involved and gained nothing but hatred for America?
    Obama, on the other hand has, since he was elected, done everything possible to degrade the U.S. and our standing in the world. I believe it is his mission based on his hatred of America and Christians. However, I don’t believe for a second that he is as intelligent as reported…did you know that he “voluntarily” gave up his law license during his first presidential campaign? So too, Mrs. Obama gave up her license. There is no reason I can think of that they would voluntarily disbar themselves other than as a settlement for some grievance.
    Putin on the other hand seems to be much more of a leader than our feckless crew!

    God help us all.

    • lastmanstanding

      Calgirl. Why would they EVER need to be lawyers again after this gig?

      I’ll leave it at that.

    • It's me

      *Certainly they know some of the real facts of the Ukraine situation, don’t they?
      Of course, they do. US have been spending $5 bln (officially spoken figure) and have been prepared the coup in Ukrain for many years (aren’t you interested to know how much taxpayers’ money was spent for that????)
      *Do they not consider the millions of lives that would be lost?
      Just think of Serbia, Siria, Iraq, Iran, Libya (I believe you can go on with it) Have you ever thought of how many people (including children) died in the course of those events (performed by US and called ‘defence of democracy’???) Would you like to have THAT democracy been brought in your place? Serbia have been bombed for 78 days. Whose eyes in US gvt were steeped in tears???
      *Do they not see that all the wars from Viet Nam onward have been destructive for all involved and gained nothing but hatred for America?
      That’s the point. 1) US need external enemy 2) places to suck money from 3) etc etc etc

  35. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. I disagree with your Guest only in one point. Putin does have conscience, if not then we would have a full blown war in ME in which USA and Russia would be directly involved.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you are correct but in a war Putin or anyone else will be ruthless-that’s war. I hope we can avoid it.

      • Oracle 911

        For Russians, reflecting the fact Ukraine is somehow Russian territory (at least the southeast Ukraine and Crimea), this is a self-defense war.
        And if you look at the history of last 1000 years, they always won, for example they won against Napoleon’s and Hitler’s army, which were the strongest of their era and were utterly defeated (this is a fact).
        Now they are waging a war on moral, economical, ideological and intellectual ground against some circles of the West, and it wont turn into a hot war (I hope), but these circles will be utterly defeated.
        PS: You may wonder who are these armies operating on Russian soil, for example US gov funded NGOs (like Golos), US gov funded medias, corrupt bureaucrats or oligarchs with strong western ties like Kchodorkovskiy, who tried to sell shares of state owned oil/gas firm to Rockefellers.

  36. Watchdog

    sinclair has lost whatever is left of his mind which is nothing.

    He says Putin has acted ‘gentlemanly’ in invading a country and violating the sovreignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Sinclair is an idiot of the first class. Sinclair is a bigtme WIMP who gets down on his knees and kisses putin’s ass. Hey Sinclair, how does it feel to bend over to a KGB agent? Sinclair is a disgrace to be called an American. Sinclair is just an old man who lives with 30 dogs and a pig. Those dogs must keep him very warm at night. Ain’t no fool like an old fool is Sinclair.

    John McCain gas the courage to call out Putin and tell him that Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country. Thanks John for standing up to a murderer and a thug. With #@##@##@ like Sinclair in America we should ship ship his dog ass to Russia where he can give a 10 hour french kiss to putin.

    • Greg Hunter

      You must be a paid troll. When all you can do is name-call with zero argument, what else can we think? Let me get this straight, you think the way to fix this problem is go to nuclear war? You really think the USD is not vulnerable with $17.4 trillion in debt sinking it? As far as McCain goes, you are talking about the guy that got his picture take with al-Qaeda last year in Syria? Really? So if you Kiss the ass of al-Qaeda you are OK? I’ll say it again TROLL. Correction PAID T R O L L

      • Galaxy 500

        Or it was his turn to get on the computer at the mental health facility …
        you have to admit that what he writes strains credulity.

      • tROT

        I don’t think they will even pay him, he couldn’t come up with anything except what we hear the neo-conmen gin up and frame-up, all the time in the maim steam median, somebody tap watchdog’s bone so we can expose him too, on youtube! Good thing, good, eventually wins in the end. When with the greatest generation that fought the big one, they always complained about the language in that film, Saving Private Ryan. They had class, no common, trash mouth for them, that’s why they won, they were good. We got to start raising good kids in this country, we might need somebody to lay down there life for us one day. Nobody’s going to lay down there life for a foul mouth!

        • Galaxy 500

          They won by wearing away at the moral fabric of our country making the reprehensible common place and when you object they call you small minded, judgmental or worse yet Christian. I’ve had people after asking me what I thought get mad and say well I dont live by your rules or morals. My response was they were Gods rules not mine and he allows all of us to go to Hell the way we choose.

    • Galaxy 500

      Watchdog…you write more like a affable golden retriever instead of a watchdog. Did you miss that the EUROPEAN and USA caused the unrest in the Ukraine that overthrew the Democratically elected government of the Ukraine? You support McRino so I cant say much about your reasoning skills or powers of observation. Ever hear of the Keating five?

    • Jerry

      I think Greg is right. You are a paid government troll. I have a message for you and your handlers . When the Banking puppets are done crapping on us, they will crap on you to, and you will be just another face in the breadline with the rest of us. The only difference is we didn’t betray the American people. You and your ilk did.

    • JC Davis

      OOOOOOOOOOh That was beautifull. y Igornant. John mickey mouse. Really?

      • Galaxy 500

        if McCain the McRino is a hero (he was fifty years ago but not today) then America is doomed. Its hard to believe any good man could support NDAA much less a former prisoner of war. But then some one told me that there were rumours that he had a much better accommodation in North Vietnam and was buddy buddy with the Vietcong. I guess we’ll never know.

      • JC Davis

        I find it insane for any congressman to call Russia a gas station.

    • Chip

      Watchdog, McCain is a loser and needs to go already. He is a big government republican and horses petute…

  37. dave

    Everything Mr. Sinclair says makes sense. Gas has already started to surge back up in price. And Summer is still months away. I’ll bet Obimbo and those idiotic EU leaders WILL put sanctions on Russia. Better get ready for 10$/gall gas !!!!!!!

  38. John

    I’ve been following Jim’s gold and silver commentary on JS Mineset since the crash of 2008, great interview Greg.

  39. William Betts

    I never thought I would say this in my life time here in America, but we have to get these psychopaths out of Washington and quick while we still have a country. Putin is going to grind up this fool in the White House and spit him out. The quickest way is for a military coup. Bring in people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Sinclair and Paul Volker to run this economy until we can sort this thing out before there is really terrible trouble around the world. The first order of business is to abolish the FED tomorrow and appoint a Secretary of the Treasury that can run the monetary system without Wall Street getting in the way. We need to get rid of our entire gov’t now. The congress is worthless. The Supremes are worthless. We have a very short time here before the whole world economy blows apart. How do we pull off a military coup? Where is that leader now?

    • tROT

      Read your Bible, you don’t have to do a thing except warn the wicked (which is all of us) That soon, our big brother (son of God)will be playing the knockout game, heads will role, just pray it’s not your own! ROLLING, ROLLING, ROLLING, KEEP THOSE HEAD’S AH ROLLING RAWHIDE…….

      • Galaxy 500

        I disagree. I believe God expects us to struggle with evil, not just call them out

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Mr. Betts,
      Having been stationed in Europe courtesy of the USAF for a number of years –I can assure you that Russia also has its fair share of sociopaths. I met a Russian Col. (much like Putin) who told me “You American cowboys think you are so bad…but we who rule live by one rule: What is ours is ours and what is yours is ours. I foresee our inept community organizer getting a lot of OJT in the upcoming weeks from his reality-based counterpart, comrade Putin.

  40. Al

    WOW! WOW WOW WOW!!! Oh My God! And this info is free? It’s PRICELESS!!! Thank you Greg.

  41. Roderick

    If Americans only were exposed to this interview. Maybe a small percentage of people would demand sanity from our leaders. Instead the lap dog media will use John Kerry and John McCain as the little barking dogs for more intervention. If this goes further we will soon hear the new national patriotic chant born from lies once again.. “USA, USA!

  42. Nathan

    Wow Man ! The Dow is up 83 points on horrific news that World war 3 is about to begin ? Gold has fallen .13% because it’s about to go to 50,000 dollars an ounce ? Seriously Greg ? I know you won’t post my comment ……But seriously ? I used to come to your website because I considered you the best .

    • Galaxy 500

      Do you think the Fed is going to go quietly? You dont see the widely reported market manipulation? God help you

    • lastmanstanding

      Nathan, based on the amount of QE, tarp, money printing, political favors, bank bailouts, subsidies, wealth redistribution, free s$#@, food and shelter given to supposed humans who do less than nothing for humanity…

      I think $50,000 for gold and $1,000 for silver is conservative.

    • tROT

      life is precious, handle with prayer and find a real job!

  43. JC Davis

    Greg I title this the whip lash effect. Fresh farms eggs went up to 3.00 a carton. I started collection buckets from a local bakery free. Raised my mill worms from scraps. Now I trade worms for eggs. Meanwhile, John McCain calls Russia a corner gas station acting like a country. So what will I be called ? I don’t care as long as I am getting free eggs.
    One more thought, How long do you think it would take for other countries to follow a better system when it is shown to work better ? My free buckets are getting harder to get. Others have figured out the same think as I did. Glad I stocked them up rooms full.

    • tROT

      We the US. is just starting to become a gas station once again and most think that’s all right. No thanks to all the golfers and neo-conmen and women and spy’s in D.C. If they would only just get a real job in the real world. How bout ah job in Fargo, pumping gas, you guy’s, out ah the ground, we just might be a super power once again like the Russka’s.
      Then we can talk about kicking butt!

    • Mike in Chicago

      Here is the problem with $50,000 Gold. That $50,000 will likely be the equivalent of today’s $2000. In other words, things that you might need to buy for daily living, such as gasoline, might cost $97.50 a gallon, when gold is at $50,000/ounce. Or a loaf of bread might cost $120.00. Depends how and where its made.

      And instead of hyperinflation, he’s probably talking about a complete currency reset. Maybe $25 now = $1 in the newly reset currency. Hard to say, but certainly not out of the realm of discussion.

      What the currency reset does, that is different than hyperinflation, is also reset US denominated debt. Thats the entire problem right now with the US deficit running, and massive debt, and unfunded liabilities that essentially represent debt.

      The foreign holders of said US debt, however get royally screwed. If you are a US person, and hold a mortgage, the reset doesn’t improve or harm your situation financially from a debt payoff perspective. Neither would it harm US banks. But costs of imported goods, would sky-rocket. The only thing to help with that, would be a massive re-shoring of many products that are made outside of the US. Its happening now, whether that is in anticipation of such, or principally just a coincidence. This process of re-shoring really got well underway post 2008, and really ticked up a lot last year. Its under-reported though. There is just so much stuff not made here, so its hard to see it happening. Therefore, I wouldn’t get too excited about Sinclairs mention of $50,000 gold. You all might want to get excited about any talk of a ‘hot war’, and that could be a lot more radioactive ‘hotter’ than anyone of us dare to think. There are many elements and stages that can occur between no war and mutually assured destruction (MAD), which is a highly mistakenly implied given if just one country puts its figure on the red button for an ICBM. MAD is no longer the deterrent it was once dreamt to be, as cyberspace and satellite enabled communications, have created faster than speed of light communications between not only humans but entire systems. The various possibilities are unlimited if not mind boggling, but just look to Fukishima as an example, and all of the continued hot radioactivity that spews out to this day, and its largely being ignored by the world’s media. Snowden’s leaks notwithstanding, you have no idea how much information is completely and instantaneously vaporized or whitewashed from cyberspace on a nano-second by nano-second basis. Its not what we think we know or can see or hear that can harm us all – its what we are not knowing or not seeing or not hearing that has the most potential for damage and destruction. I leave you with this – at any given moment, how many congress people are not only not in DC, but no where to be found on the ground of the continental US ? That a whole lot of this bs is going on while Congress is on recess, how does that make you feel about whats happening behind the scenes ? Prepping anyone ? Maybe any prepping mentioned here, needs to include prepping to be on another country’s soil or perhaps another planet in the not too distant future ? Im not here to be an alarmist, but seriously do you really think food storage for a few months, or bug out vehicles, or whatever it is you fancy to make you somehow feel safe, would do any good if Russia launches any one of a number ICBM’s at any city in our country ? They are the only country in the world that still has this ability, and there is simply no US technology available in enough quantities to intercept those missiles. They are mobile too, from land and sea.

      • Galaxy 500

        if nukes fly we are screwed but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for economic upheaval. The majority of Americans lived on farms during the Great Depression and it was tough but they could eke out a living. Chicago asphalt and concrete are going to be hard to till.