Real Danger Is Violence and War-Catherine Austin Fitts

B7y Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has long said before there is another big financial crash, there will be a big war.  Fitts explains, “If you look at how fragile the geopolitics are, the danger, as I have always said, is that we go to violence, and then things really come unhinged.  So, I’m worried about violence and war and kind of situation getting out of hand.  That’s when you get the really dangerous scenarios.”

What is the biggest financial problem the world faces?  Fitts, who is an expert in the federal budget and a former Assistant Housing Secretary, says, “The reality is the big mother lode on the whole planet, whether you are talking about derivatives, the bond market or the stock market, is the U.S. federal budget.  What is slowly begging to happen is the dawning realization that we are not only going to have to reengineer and cut the federal budget, but we are talking about reinventing the U.S. economy.  There are going to be extraordinary choices, and this is why nobody wanted to be the Speaker of the House.  Paul Ryan did not want to be the Speaker because Paul Ryan knows this is coming.  They will probably be able to delay it until after the election (2016), but then after the election, we’re going to have to sit down and say we can’t keep doing this.  Why is this relevant?  All the markets globally work off the federal budget.  It is extraordinary the amount of cash flows and credit that work off the federal budget.  The credit and cash flows coming out of that budget are enormous.  The reality is it is going to have to be reengineered.  That’s going to be a very shocking experience for many people.”

Fitts says this will come with some negatives, but also some very big positives.  Fitts contends, “In capitalism, winners have to win and losers have to lose.  All across the world you have winners who have been manipulating, cut and stolen from the federal budget, and they are sitting around and not being corrective.  If you switch and start to let the winners win and the losers lose, there is a lot that can go on that’s good.”

The big losers, according to Fitts, are “anybody getting a government check or contract.”

Fitts says there is up to a 60% chance the Fed will raise rates in December, and she says, “We’ve got to do it . . .  and it’s going to be shocking.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, creator of the Solari Report.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Catherine Austin Fitts has some free information and videos on the home page of  She also sells her analysis and information in the form of a newsletter called the Solari Report.    Here is an example of something good happening when the winners win according to Catherine Austin Fitts.

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  1. al hall

    Greg- for your info and your readers- see this article from today(sunday)

    US FED Emergency Meeting Monday, 23 November 2015CONTRIBUTOR: Ilias Bafas . Dated: November 19, 2015 Federal Reserve Advanced Notice of a Meeting under Expedited Procedures It is anticipated that the closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 11:30 AM on Monday, November 23, 2015, will be held under expedited procedures, as set forth in section…

    Click here to read, “US FED Emergency Meeting Monday, 23 November 2015″…

  2. al hall

    Greg: off topic but this makes this other stuff of no matter?? My Black Ops friend W says this is real and will destroy 90+% of anything on the surface. Soon we’ll see this all over the USA, then people will know it’s true and your government has hidden this from the public for over 30 years! They will go underground to the cities they have built with our stolen money!
    NIBIRU With Two of Its Planets Visible Over Mexico. Yes its here and yes its real, you don’t need a telescope and even if you were to use one you cant look at the Sun anyway. Nibiru is in the South West at Sunset so now you know where to look. Its travelling Retrograde so if its in the South West that means its already gone to perihelion and is heading right towards us!

    • Jonny R

      That’s just silly. The link shows clouds, and supposedly 3 planets or whatever shining through the clouds. Why do all these conspiracy theories have crummy pictures. Show us the pictures without the clouds …. Show us the list of amateur astrologers who can verify the claims, not the crazies.

      • al hall

        Jonny- Do some research – this is real and coming in quickly.
        You’ll know soon when you look up and see two suns in the sky. By then your ass is gone! You aren’t invited to the elite’s underground cities- they have built their own death chambers. As the pole shift happens they will be buried miles down.
        W, my friend is a 3 PhD scientist with Black Ops- believe me he know his stuff. Greg H. knows of him. Wake the H up! You’ve drank to much government kool-aid(lies)

        • al hall

          Also look at this info- as I said research for yourself- you’ll see.
          From Marshall Masters, one of the foremost experts on Nibiru arrival – dated 10/1/2015
          We have to trust these independant people as the government will not tell us the truth. Soon, all can see this in our shies- those in the southwest will see it very soon in the evening sky- at sun set. Nibiru came in from behind the sun.

          Listen and learn the truth. There is a lot of new info coming out daily as it gets closer! Also, known as the “destroyer”- it will destroy most everything this time as it passes:

          Nibiru Update 2015 – Date of arrival

          • Jeff L

            Al In most cases one can at least prepare but in this case it would be fruitless. So whether one believes, understands or as you say are “asleep” it’s irrelevant…….. Except that one might party till the last hour….. I wouldn’t even choose to live with the elite underground. That would be hell in itself.

          • Emeth

            Al hall …
            The video you linked suggests, Nibiru, Helion and Arbodo, are inhabited by aliens. These planets circle a Sun whose name is Nemesis, which cannot be seen as it is puny compared to the sun and it (conveniently) does not give off light in the visible spectrum. The Aliens on these 3 planets have communicated with people on the earth, that is how we know that the names of these planets and their moons. When this system comes closer, it will dislodge a large asteroid which will impact earth just off the coast of Europe. …… having catastrophic affects worldwide.

            Others suggest that the Anunnaki are the gods who dwell on Niburu (planet X), and that they are the ones who seeded the earth and or genetically manipulated mankind for various reasons. Some identify them with reptiles, and others with fallen angels (Nephilim) – whose descendants form the bloodlines of the world’s elites.

            Much of the basis of this stuff comes from Sumerian myth, and quite frankly I am surprised that anyone who claims any Judaeo-Christian belief would fall for this nonsense. One only has to read the Sumerian and Babylonian text to see how silly it all is.

            I could go on, but rather suggest you abandon this mythical filter and start reading your Bible for what it does say and not what it doesn’t say.

            • al hall

              Emeth: Wake the H up turkey! Your the one who need to study truth and learn– I can’t waste time one your type. You’ll know the truth very soon-

          • Emeth

            There is also an interesting article in the link to the BBC on the practice of head elongation …. which some conspiracy theorist identify with their conception of alien Anunnaki. However, it does not seem too different to the practice of foot binding which was practiced up until recent times in China.


          • Paul

            Al … I’ve noticed I can’t look at the Sun anymore as I used to be able to do … the light is too intense … I know for a fact that years ago the Sun did not shine as intensely bright … it is probably due to the interaction of the magnetic and gravitational fields of our dwarf star “Nemesis” as it approaches and gets ever closer to our star (the Sun) …

            • Al halla

              Paul and others- as I said- new info coming out daily- here’s todays input

              By MILLENNIUM Reporter
              Views-Last 24 Hours: 14,314

              The Biggest Cover-up in USA History: What Obama and NASA Don’t Want You to Know!
              Tuesday, November 24, 2015
              THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today
              What Obama and NASA don’t want you to know!
              We live in a time when common sense has become quite rare. Likewise, the voice of reason has fled humankind. For these reasons the following essay will be quite difficult for many to understand or believe or imbibe. . . . .

              The primary agent of such massive, global change is usually referred to as a shift, specifically an axis pole shift where the Earth actually shifts on its axis by a number of degrees. In her book Mary’s Message to the World, Annie Kirkwood makes it clear that Mary speaks about the “turning of the earth”.
              12345NextView as Single Page

    • Mark Maples

      I try to be polite on occasion when I comment but this planet x gibberish is insulting to my intelligence.

    • Linda louin

      If a planet (Nibiru) were to impact the earth, I highly doubt that even those who went underground would survive because our entire planet would most likely be destroyed.

      • Paul

        Remember what happened to that planet that was once between Mars and Jupiter (when one of the moons around the three planets circling Nemesis smashed into it years ago) … all we have left of that planetary smash up is the asteroid belt!

        • Kerry

          The asteroid belt is not the remains of a planet that was smashed, but is the result of a failed planet. The debris orbiting at that location in the solar system could not coalesce into a planet because of the gravitational influence of Jupiter

      • Kerry

        The destruction of the earth depends on the size of the impactor. When the moon was formed from a hit to the earth by a Mars-sized object, billions of years ago, the earth reformed and the moon solidified out of the impact debris. It would not be a good day for those living on earth if another impact like that were to happen, but the earth would only be destroyed by a VERY LARGE, planet-sized object. Is this Nibiru the size of Jupiter, or larger? Is it a brown dwarf? If so, we should be seeing impacts to the sun and solar system if it is that size and so close.

    • Sierra Gray

      If such an event is to occur, we are talking about the end of life as we know it. Nothing we could do except hope for a quick death. So relax. Have a cup of non-caffeinated tea. or an adult beverage and try not to despair. There are far more troublesome things that are likely to occur. “Likely” is the operative word. The thought that hidden suns and planets would escape notice by serious amateurs, or that the world-wide world of astronomy professionals would not find it is highly unlikely. Now for what’s likely, historically–wars, rumors of wars, famine, natural disasters, tyrannical governments. Now what’s for sure–your death, probably preceded by suffering. Set your priorities staring with what’s sure, and then what is historically likely. Whether the earth is destroyed by Planet X, it is certain that you will die. So focus on what then becomes important–the life you have here and now. Your loved ones. Most importantly, since you will die, you will deal with the question of what comes after.

    • Jerry

      I am an avid astronomer. I have been watching this phenomenon for quite some time. In the central United States you can only photograph this object during certain times of the year. The last picture I was able to take was two years ago on new years day at sunrise.
      With the use of welding goggles I am able to see the vertical reflection shaft off of the top of the sun at sunset (which is totally abnormal) but that’s about it. I am told it will be more visible towards the end of December. We will see.

      • Al halla

        Jerry- you are correct-. W has told me everyone will soon see this – looks like we have 2 suns. By then – kiss you A-s goodbye !!

    • Kent Crandall

      Hello Greg, I’m a big fan and rarely comment, but I was surprised to see a Planet X thread on Monday’s comments , and Planet X is my number one research area right now, so I felt the need to pipe up. Any online purveyor of Planet X/Nibiru info who doesn’t mention Zetatalk, or credit Zetatalk, is disinfo, pure and simple. Marhsall Masters, Stan Deyo, Bob Fletcher, Kerry Cassidy, all those guys, are profiteering and grandstanding, or just straight-up working for the cover-up. Zetatalk – accurate predictions and science on Planet X since 1995. It ain’t gonna collide with Earth, people. The passage is years away. But the proximity effects will continue to be felt stronger and stronger every year: increased seismicity, volcanism, EMP’s bringing down aircraft, wildly undulating jet stream, rainbow clouds, released methane bubbles killing fish and birds…Zetatalk, explains it all, it’s all there, and has been for the last 20 years. But the powers that be don’t want you reading it, that’s for sure. Keep up the good work and have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Kerry

      Surely, if it was visible to the naked eye, others would be reporting on it? Where are all the civilian and amateur comet hunters and hobbyists with good enough telescopes? Why aren’t they speaking out about it? How could you keep this a secret if it is close enough to see WITHOUT a telescope?

  3. David

    What a great interview! I’m not sure how much we can rely on historical cause/effect of any future political/financial decision by the USGOV or Fed. This country is marching down a road that we have never traveled before. How can we look at past outcomes to anticipate the future? It’s unknowable.

    My personal opinion is that the Fed will raise rates soon to avoid an increase in 2016 as the election takes center stage…. and to do an end run on what will likely be criticism of the Fed after the primaries. Welcome other views.

    • Jeff L

      David My comment is really directed to Catherine……… WHAT ELECTION ?

      • frederick

        @Jeff right very good question buddy

  4. Ranger

    Maybe a little off topic, but as important for the future.
    I hear people say that history has always shown that when fiat currencies fail, that countries revert back to the only real “money” gold and silver.

    That may have been true for the centuries past, but personally I feel, and just my opinion, that the controllers (Central Bankers) have perfected their craft so well and so complete that their control over 95% of the nations on the planet will never allow that to happen again.

    Just look at how they control things now. If gold or silver goes up, they just throw a mountain of paper at it and lower the price. If gold or silver goes down, they close the vaults and the price goes up. It seems that the moment they feel they can no longer control that mechanism, they will make all governments pass a law (1933 sound familiar?) and make it illegal for you to even touch the stuff.

    Today, any investments are not worth venturing further than to buy it today and sell it next week. Holding anything for an amount of time has proven to be a losing venture for anyone not sitting in favorable positions.

    There’s just so much talk, articles, and information, but sadly nobody has any solutions.

    It seems that the only solution is t0 hope that the entire system and government just collapses. Otherwise…………………………..

    Great job as always Greg Hunter. Just another frustrated and tired of all this nonsense public slave.

    • Jeff L

      Ranger How about recent history where in every case those holding gold during their country’s currency depreciation were far better off than any others (to put it mildly). Furthermore gold is higher in almost all major currencies this year….. So my question to you….. do you really believe our collapse or continuation of printing $trillions will keep the dollar elevated ? That has never happened in history. But then now people forget history and can only focus on recent events.

    • Beligarant

      @Ranger : I’m slowly beginning to agree that gold and silver will never be allowed to rise during an economic crisis outside of a black swan event that no one could forecast. It’s dirty. It’s evil. It’s turned the laws of economics, supply and demand on its head. It’s akin to dancing with the devil but that’s the path they’ve chosen.
      Sure you can dance with the devil and think you’re doing God’s Work but just realize the devil never changes. The devil has never changed. The only thing that was changed were those that decided to dance with the devil… And in the end the devil will get his due.

      • jim chudzinski

        Hay there Ranger and beligarant, If you think the powers that be can control the price of silver and gold forever, Answer me this , Why in december of 2014 did they put a collar on silver and gold? Do you think they did this to protect it from crashing ? Heck no. Why didn`t they put the collar on in 2011 at the top of the market? I`ll tell you why, they know that they cannot continue this manipulation forever and PM will skyrocket to to moon.

        • jim chudzinski

          And another thing, do you think china is stupid? Why are they buying up all the gold ? you think they just like the color? why are they building islands in the south china sea? you think they just like playing in the sand? If you can not see that everything is falling apart , your eyes are not open.

        • Beligarant

          @jim : Where did I state they could cap or manipulate gold and silver forever? They are going to manipulate it as long as possible and unfortunately that could be a very long time. They started this outright in your face manipulation back in May 2011. That’s been almost 4 1/2 years ago and it’s still going strong today. Sad but true!

      • 8Ball

        Listen to this interview with Paul Craig Roberts.

        Among other things, he talks about the control of PM prices and goes on to say that, for now, the corrupt forces have most everything in their control.

        IMHO, things will get much worse before they get better and the hearts of mankind will be tested to the limits of their endurance.

      • al hall

        Why do you think the elite’s are buy gold/silver hand over fist. A friend knows 2 of the elite’s and has been told “don’t sell your gold for any reason”. They want people to sell, as they buy more. When the crap hits the fan- you’ll be very glad you didn’t sell. Prices for the metals will skyrocket higher. My friend said the sky is the limit for the gold prices.
        Don’t get sucked into the manipulation of prices- prices are held down only to make the dollar look good.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Al. I believe you and your CIA friend.

          • Joel

            It’s nice to see you have a great sense of humor, Greg.. 😀

        • Kerry

          My only reply to this is that you can’t eat gold or silver. Why not invest in yourself? Update your skills, buy farmable land, or at least, land that you can garden. Have a source of water and wind/solar power, off the grid. I do have some PM but there is not enough emphasis on SKILLS! Hunting, fishing, archery, canning, sewing, bread baking, carpentry, small machine repair, blacksmithing, metal work, and so on……… You would be surprised at the number of people I work with who do not even know how to cook a simple meal, who rely only on fast food, who can’t sew on a button or heaven forbid, if you ask them, do they know how to can food! They don’t even have a week’s worth of food in the house, and I am talking about basics like flour, sugar, salt, oil! The amount of ignorance out there about basic life skills is astounding.

      • Jonny R

        In my opinion, the only one talking sense on the precious metals question is Martin Armstrong. The rest are just vested interests and conspiracy theorists, who lack evidence for their theories.

        The Gold Conspiracy – Martin Armstrong

        “This nonsense that ONLY the metals are suppressed is absurd. It is not true and they are nothing but EXCUSES coming from people who are not unbiased analysts. I am sorry – it is pure bullshit. Oh they will say I am evil, dangerous, or whatever, because they have no concrete proof of anything for what they base their ideas upon are this idea of fair value.”

        “This nonsense will turn off more people and harm the metals because people do not want to be associated with goldbugs who now the MAJORITY see as people with tinfoil hats who project silver and gold at $100.000 and ounce yet everything else remains the same. That is just totally nuts. It seems the more they are wrong, the higher the targets become. This is just not rational.”

        • JC Davis

          Jonny R. Question if gold were produced by a machine at a speed of a ton every 3 seconds would the price go up or down ? Metal holds its value because of demand. The demand today is high for silver and gold yet the price is down. I am not a brilliant man, but I know when demand is up so should the price be.

        • jim chudzinski

          Anyone with half a brain can see PM`s are manipulated. How is it possible that for the past three years, physical silver and gold are being sold at record breaking pace and the paper price is going down? Manipulation thats how.

    • Anne Elliott

      An option for you: Even in the thirties, the government didn’t outlaw gold jewelry. I know of people who bartered with gold jewelry and diamonds during the a Great Depression. Even if TSHTF, an “every day Joe” knows the value of a common 10K gold ring, even if they don’t understand how much more valuable a 24K gold coin is. The ring will be barter-able, and still worth something. Just my 2cents.

    • Benjamin F

      Oil is money.
      Oil Rigs could be run by government bureau’s. Set # of jobs, all on government salary. Sell to market. “National Bank” sets price.
      Revenue – (cost of salaries + cost of infrastructure) = A
      Amend constitution, outlaw yearly property taxes.
      Fund lost property tax income with A
      US needs/could use a middle eastern territory with oil rigs on it.
      US/RUS/CHI coalition overseas each middle eastern nation’s oil rigs.
      Profits from middle eastern oil rigs divided equally into middle east citizens accounts. Initiate capitalism in middle east.

  5. Marvin

    Just read the summary. Will listen now. Surprised she didnt talk about the little green men and the open system og gold. Lulz.

  6. diane s.

    Good interview,Greg. Always like to hear Catherine’s analysis.

  7. Radarnj

    Thank you Greg for all you do! As JB Wells says … ISIS is US’s? Where does ISIS get the funding, weapons and supplies? Some say they are to keep Iranian NG from flowing through Syria to ports helped by Gazprom for Europe. Who would want that? The US and Saudi Arabia? Does the US and the Saudis wish for the NG to flow north from the Arab Emirates to Europe? Israel has new NG discoveries in the Golan Heights. Who would Israel want to partner with to transfer NG to Europe? And Turkey… Russia canceled NG pipelines through their country because of their lack of support. Which side is advantageous for Turkey to choose as a transit country of NG to Europe? Headline news link today on Drudge is Russia says USA helped ISIS. As Ms Fitts and you say the sovereign governments know where the money comes from. I can only hope one of those governments will “blow the cap off that evil well!” That might even prevent another possibility of war. Knowledge removes uncertainty of the unknown. As a Christian like you Greg … We fear not.

    • Paul

      And now China will be joining the war against ISIS … so it looks like the Neocons and the CIA’s terrorists have finally succeeded in getting World War III started as “they” always wanted … so now it’s the Neocons and the CIA on one side against the US Military, Russia’s Military, France, China, Iran, Hezbollah, Cuba, etc., etc. on the other … if there were ever a bunch of loony tune whack -a-do’s … “they” sure do take the cake!

  8. rik

    The Federal Reserve and all the other banks are nothing but frauds like the antichrist idiots that run them.

  9. Tony B

    Here’s my question. Why does Ms. Fitts have a baseball bat to the left of her door? Look at the video; there it is. I have a .380 in my desk drawer right next to my Cialis. I think she needs to upgrade her choice of weaponry.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I’m not sure it’s “PC” to think of Cialis as weaponry. 🙂

      Catherine Austin Fitts has stated publicly that she is a member of the NRA, with appropriate protection at the ready.

    • Faith

      @Tony B: I saw that as well. I wasn’t sure if it was a baseball bat, an oar, or a cricket bat. A bit odd for a home, or office, decor item.

  10. Gert. Berk.

    Russia Says U.S. Policies Helped Islamic State, Interfax Reports

    November 22, 2015 — 6:26 AM EST Updated on November 22, 2015 — 12:28 PM EST

    U.S. actions in the Middle East helped Islamic State to gain influence, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, according to Interfax.
    The strengthening of Islamic State “became possible partly due to irresponsible U.S. politics” that focused on fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad instead of joining efforts to root out terrorism, Medvedev was cited as saying in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. President Barack Obama earlier on Sunday said that Russia is facing a strategic choice as Assad can’t stay. The Obama administration declined to comment Sunday on Medvedev’s statement.
    The U.S. contributed to the strengthening of al-Qaeda, which led to the events of Sept. 11, Interfax reported, citing Medvedev. The terrorist threat can only be fought jointly, he said.

    • Benjamin F

      former head of US defense intelligence agency for some additional perspective
      “changing the economic system in the middle east is vital”
      Mehdi Hasan goes Head to Head with Michael T Flynn

      • Greg Hunter

        This from the network that calls terrorists “freedom fighters.”

        • sk

          Was George Washington a terrorist or a freedom fighter? Depends on your vantage point, doesn’t it? Why is that so difficult to understand?

          • Greg Hunter

            American patriots were not strapping on gunpowder and blowing up innocent women and children or chopping the heads of of people. My perspective is fine.

            • your fan in Japan

              Greg, the US dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki- historical fact. I assure you women and children died- by the tens of thousands in a matter of seconds. (Note, I am not supporting Japan’s position in the war- I’m just saying the bombs dropped by the US certainly did result in the death of women and children)

              • Jeff L

                You forgot to add the multitudes of women and children murdered by drones. Or the innocent sick in hospitals blown up by bomber jets. Or all the women and children beheadings of Christians done by the US arm called ISIS.

            • sk

              You’re a good man, Greg. Sometimes one has to EXAGGERATE to make a point.

  11. Gert. Berk.

    China Pulled Further Into Syria Crisis as Terrorism Threat Grows

    November 22, 2015 — 5:00 PM EST

    The violence swirling out from Syria in recent weeks is pressuring China to step off the sidelines and take a more active role in international efforts to stem the conflict.
    The execution of a Chinese captive announced by Islamic State on Wednesday — the first such killing — showed the country isn’t beyond the reach of a group that has claimed responsibility for recent attacks in Beirut, Paris and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Moreover, Russia’s decision to launch airstrikes to support the Syrian government has left China increasingly alone in opposing military intervention in a civil war that has fueled Islamic State’s rise.

  12. JC Davis

    Greg I feel so blessed to have the ability to hear two great minds in a interview like C. A. Fitzz , and yourself. The depts. of her understanding is astonishing. There are a lot of holes in a search for a plan to fix this mess. Hopefully C. A. Fittz is right, but I am not so confident. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC.

  13. Gert. Berk.

    How Islamic State Makes Money Explained in Three Minutes

    Bloomberg 12:25 PM EST November 20, 2015

    Islamic State differs from other terrorist organizations in that its funds come from many different sources rather than a few small donors. Here’s a closer look at how they make their money. (Video by Jed Rosenberg, Max Rosen) (Source: Bloomberg)

  14. Chuck

    Fitts is a superb asymmetric thinker. She gets the big issues that drive the events. I also must say, Greg, that you are a great interviewer. You place the guests at ease and allow them to express their ideas without ideology or concern about you having a personal agenda. First class job. Thanks!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chuck. Fitts is very smart and connected.

      • WD


        Compliments on this interview. I have had issues with her as I have heard her say one thing on Monday and something different on Friday.

        I really git this one. I know the Govt came after her witha ll their might and she survived and came out on top.

        This interview she was so much more precise and clear.


  15. Jerry

    In light of the fact that the Fed has planned an emergency meeting for Monday November 23rd at 11:00 , I believe that the Fed is planning for much more than just simply raising interest rates, based on this article.

    As I have said for months, there is a plan going forward by the central banks to replace the dollar. I believe the Fed is up to its financial neck in Alligators and see’s the Yuan being added to the reserve currency basket as a way out. There is simply no other explanation as to why the IMF moved up the timetable for placement, that just happens to coincide with the Feds closed door emergency meeting on the 23rd.

    Desperate people, do desperate things, during desperate times. I think the paper pushers are literally trapped in their own scheme and can’t find a way out thanks to the BRIC alliance that have blocked their every move in Ukraine and Syria. In this chess game its “checkmate”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow!! wonder whats going on. I guess we are going to find out soon. Thank you Jerry.

      • Jerry

        I find it interesting that Raghuram Rajan is not only the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of India, he is also Co-Chairman for the Bank of International Settlements. I think we need to pay close attention to what he is saying.

    • Paul

      Jerry … the “emergency” is probably due to the fact that the US dollar is about to break above 100 on the US dollar index … not what the Fed wants to see as it will destroy our export market in a world already slowing its spending as foreign economies shrink because they can’t pay back their loans denominated in US dollars … so the Fed is likely getting together to coordinate plans to push the US dollar down … this can be done by a massive QE4 money printing explosion along with manipulating a big rise in the price of gold and silver!

      • Paul

        Another reason the Fed can’t allow the US dollar to break above 100 is because they want to raise interest rates … for rates to go up they have to push the US dollar down to show the investment community that inflation is the real concern … the massive amount of new cash they must create to push the US dollar down “by diluting its value” will likely be justified by saying the QE4 is necessary to cover losses from massive derivative failures that threaten to take down the big banks!

      • Jerry

        How much of its own tail do you think the Fed can eat? They are the only one buying U.S. treasuries now. At some point, even psychopaths have reality checks.

    • WD


      I think that was a fantastic analysis, I have taken this perspective for a while.

      What you said…
      “Desperate people, do desperate things, during desperate times. I think the paper pushers are literally trapped in their own scheme and can’t find a way out thanks to the BRIC alliance that have blocked their every move in Ukraine and Syria. In this chess game its “checkmate”.”

      Absolute truth!

      This is Ackerman’s view as well ( also- he called-the dollar is going up)

    • Jerry

      I think the underlying reason why the fed is conducting an emergency meeting could be linked to the reality that China is preparing to do its “Gold Price Fix” .!%2016th%20September%202015.pdf

      China has promised that they would do this move before the end of 2015. With the IMF moving up the RMB reserve currency timetable, I can’t help but think that China has decided to do the price fix at the same time, and link it to their currency. I am sure London is panic stricken because they are not prepared.

      • Paul

        The price fix I would like to see is China “changing the denomination” on its 500 yuan gold coin to a 50 K yuan coin … since the yuan is currently worth about $0.16 US cents … a 50 thousand yuan (30 gram) gold coin will instantly be worth $8,000 US dollars.

        Below is a summary of the 2016 shift to “metric weights” of China’s gold Panda coins:

        1) The old 500 yuan 1 oz (31.1 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced with a (30 gram) coin.

        2) The old 200 yuan 1/2 oz (15.555 gram) gold Panda … is replaced with a (15 gram) coin.

        3) The old 100 yuan 1/4 oz (7.775 gram) gold Panda … is replaced with an (8 gram) coin (so this coin will be heavier then before).

        4) The old 50 yuan 1/10 oz (3.11 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced with a (3 gram) coin.

        5) The old 20 yuan 1/20 oz (1.555 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced by a (1 gram) coin … and its “denomination” was reduced to 10 yuan.

        Notice that the Chinese have the ability to “change the denomination” on their coins … and they need to increase the amount of yuan in the world in order to compete with the US dollar … so why not simply declare the 500 yuan coin will be changed to a 50 K yuan coin … now that should instantly shake up the gold market!

    • Macray

      I do not disagree with anything you are saying and posting. The Yuan will be included in some percentage within the SDR Basket in the future.
      I subscribe to Jim Rickards “Strategic Intelligence Report”. You can say what ever you want to say about Mr. Rickards, but he is a very smart insider. The point of my post is that Mr. Rickards is calling for an effective date of Sept. 30, 2016 for the Yuan inclusion in the SDR basket.
      He is also calling for the announcement to come around March 31, 2016.
      It would not be ethical for me to provide further details at this time, as this is a paid service of Mr. Rickards and it was just released this past Friday.
      We are only a week away from Nov. 30th. If your call of an official announcement that the Yuan will be included on 11/30 does not come to pass, it does not mean everything else you have posted is spot on.

      • Jerry

        Watching the globalist make their moves is like trying to analyze three level chess. There are multiple positions being taken simultaneously on any given day. Other than the fact we are all in grave danger, I find myself amazed at their level of skill. They have managed to extend this game much longer than anyone (including me) ever thought was possible. I like Jim Rickards, but I have a deep distrust for anyone who has been in the bed with the Federal Government.

        • WD


          I still see it as throwing spaghetti on the wall. Sometimes enough will stick.

          Through deception and a little luck ( and coercion) they have managed to keep this afloat. These are nothing more than high level bureaucrats the same that you would find in the post office.

          Look how long Madoff pulled it off essentially in the same way. I have said before please don’t give them any credit.

  16. Gert. Berk.

    Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

    Mac Slavo
    November 20th, 2015

    There is no clear or rational thought under fear of attack.

  17. dbcooper

    Greg/Catherine… WHEW… Too much to comment on… “Fear-Porn”… we do not care for the term for multiple reasons… it is not specific semantically, we believe the appropriate term should be paranoia. My father was a scientist and researcher and hammered into my head that if you cannot define a word then do not use it… the definition of paranoia is that it is an ‘unjustified fear and a form of psychosis’
    (fear-porn); whereas we have much to be fearful of in real life… between fear and paranoia is “discernment” very Biblical and very important.
    ‘Fixing the United States of America’ ” Aint’ gonna happen” Has anyone lately tried to hire a young person to help with a project… tried to hire a young person to work??? The kids today are so dumbed down that they can not only not balance a check book but certainly do not expect them to be able to read a tape measure… fractions?? “what’s That??”
    I was in the Merchant Marine for over thirty-five years… Marine Engineer… the western countries started sending our ships to Chinese shipyards for refitting because one of the Chinese selling points was “No environmental controls” and buddy they weren’t lyin!!! It makes Houston in the 70’s look pretty clean!! There is no such thing today as ‘free trade’ or true free enterprise.
    We are approaching single digit temps and the root cellar is in the process of being backfilled/covered-over. The mangles/apples/and corn are stored… anticipating the arrival of a reefer truck box to use for or meat-shop cooler and oh… almost forgot… “WE ARE GOTS”!! We know that not everyone can attain this position but try to prepare starting with repentance and prayer to Our Lord And Savior Jesus whose blood cleanses us and sanctifies us. May the Blessings of Our Lord be upon you Greg and all of your family, near and far. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • frederick

      @dbcooper that’s OK İ hired a high school football colleague to work for me in 1980 as a carpenter and he kept asking me which line was a quarter and which was a half And that was back then so can you imagine the stupidity today And my own son never did any physical work because his bother reinforced him by saying he was “too smart” to do that İ never believed a little physical work hurt anyone but rather reinforced their character

  18. CLB

    It sounded like you had to give her answers that she would agree to, she wouldn’t come out and make a prediction or opinion on her own. Same old same old, and not much substance. Appreciate the effort, but still batting 0% on predictions.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I guess you’ve never heard the words “slow burn,” hunh?

      Somebody’s batting zero on something.

  19. ˈzbʲiɡɲɛf kaˈʑimʲɛʂ bʐɛˈʑiɲskʲi

    Patrick Byrne, the maverick CEO of online retailer, is preparing his company for a financial crisis. His company is stockpiling foodstuffs, along with gold and silver coins. According to Byrne, the Federal Reserve has unleashed a giant unsustainable Ponzi scheme.

    Patrick Byrne: We’ve turned ourselves into a big Ponzi scheme. I don’t think there was even any recovery after ’08. It’s all been fake. It’s been Janet Yellen’s magic money machine reflating the bubble. The best we could get with a reflated bubble is this very mediocre recovery. The air is already going out of that, so who knows how long they’re going to hold it together. Maybe at worst it’s a 10% chance of something deep happening. Imagine there’s a bank holiday now. If there’s a bank holiday, there’s only three days of food in the tip of the supply chain in the cities. There could be all kinds of reverberations and follow-on effects. I wanted to make our company robust so we could survive, say, at least a 30 and maybe as much as a 90-day shutdown of the economy. We’ve got food that would last all of our employees. Everybody has enough food for at least a month, and actually we could probably stretch it out two months’ – or so – full. We have $10 million in gold and silver small coins.

    Thats a lot of beanie’s and weenie’s!

    • Paul

      If we have Earth changes due to Nemesis a seven(7) year supply of food will probably be necessary … as the Bible speaks of such events lasting about that long!

  20. Art Barnes

    Greg, about the U.S. debt your guess discussed, remember when Obama went around saying the debt was a security threat to the homeland and how he was going to balance it? Obama is the reason the Peter Principle hold true most of the time in general terms and all the time when it comes to our so-called patriotic leaders.

    • Paul

      If Obama feels debt is a security threat to our nation … and he is now forgiving student debt … why not “be fair” and forgive $50,000 in debt for each and every American … to reduce the security threat to our nation … why is he just forgiving the debts of bankers and students??

      • JC Davis

        Watch out Paul your making too much sense, and stepping on the toes on oligarchs. As if you give a shinny quarter.

  21. Jack

    Fitts correctly says savers and pension funds have been subsidizing the spenders for years. She is also correct that rising interest rates will cause an emerging debt crisis. So what is it going to be, are they going to save the emerging markets or US pensions and savers? A token rate rise won’t help the latter. The Fed is trapped in a box of their own making. How much longer is this country going to let a group of 12 unelected academics screw up everything they touch and then claim to have saved the day when they bail out the mess on the back of the taxpayers. Bernanke’s book Courage to Act should have been titled Courage to Counterfeit.

  22. tulip

    Excellent. Wish you could have had her on for twice as long.
    She is unparalleled.
    Thank you Catherine

  23. Snorky

    November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX. It was 52 years ago today when TPTB overthrew the U.S. government.

    • frederick

      @snorky yes that is very true frederick

  24. Anne Elliott

    Love CAF! Her grasp of the “big picture” is astounding. She has always been touting “the slow burn” demise of the status quo. I have been more in your camp, Greg, thinking the whole system is going to blow very soon. But so far she has been right. That may change in 2017 if they are going to make the changes needed in the government, as she is predicting. Although I doubt if Hill would allow any of the status quo to be endangered, maybe that is why Trump is still in the lead for the GOP. He’d be just the “out of the system” hard-headed candidate to make such unpopular changes, as well as a swell scape goat if anything went “south” after the changes were made.

    • frederick

      @Anne elliot thats assuming we make it to 2017 with all these loons promoting war with Russia and China like McCain These are dangerous scary people

  25. jim chudzinski

    Greg , please don`t ever have catherine fitts on again, listening to her makes my ears bleed from her stupidity.

    • jim chudzinski

      How can she say if they raise interest rates , nothing is going to happen ( Then why have they been so afraid to raise them?). How can she say that the dollar will not collapse as long as people keep accepting it ( changes are being made as we speak to get away from using the dollar) . One of your past guest said it best: Our economy is like a patient that is very sick, when you have a patient that is on morphine and drugs ( zero interest rates and multiply doses of QE), When you stop the morphine and drugs the patient goes into convolutions and die`s . It is that simple.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Zoom out.

        A fact lost on many folk is that changes have been underway for several years, and continue on track.

        If it was going to happen “tomorrow,” it would have happened “yesterday.” It didn’t. (But, it IS happening.)

  26. country codger

    Hello Greg,

    C.A.F. is a classy lady. She nailed it at the 25+ minute mark. What most Americans, all Israelis and 90% of evangelical Christians will not admit is, that Israel and America will be destroyed. The prophets state that we will have to pass under the rod…that means a 90% destruction rate, in America, Israel, most of western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Germany will become an Islamic state, as will many others. America will be invaded, but what do I know, I just study the scriptures. I know, I’m crazy, but check back with me in 2022 or 2023. Interest rates will be the last thing on your mind at that point.

    Sitting, watching and waiting but above all else, have a nice day,

    • Grafique

      Israel will never be destroyed. I’m not trying to be argumentative, but the Bible clearly states that once Israel has been restored (1948), it will never again be uprooted (Amos 9:15).
      When Russia/Persia invade Israel, they won’t even make it to Jerusalem before they are destroyed by God (Ezekiel 38, 39).
      Revelation refers to Israel over and over again, making it clear that Israel is in existence during and after the Great Tribulation.
      Certainly Israel has some very hard times ahead. God refers to these times as “Jacob’s Trouble”. But he uses these hard times to cleanse Israel, not to destroy it.

      • Paul

        Israel will be fine … they just must get rid of the Neocons in power … just as the US will be fine … if we can get rid of the Neocons in power over here!

    • Linda louin

      Country C:
      America is most likely in judgement, and I suspect that awful things are coming/anything is possible, but the scriptures don’t specifically say anywhere that ‘America’ will be invaded. The scriptures do share that during the Tribulation, the wings of a great EAGLE will bring assistance to ISRAEL. I’m hoping this is AMERICA.

    • Kerry

      Actually, very many prophecies say that Europe will almost be overrun by Muslims, until, at the very last minute, the West gets its act together and raises an army and finally defeats the Islamic army. It seems the West can only see the writing on the wall after Rome has been leveled, the Pope flees Rome (Fatima prophecy) and Europe is over run. At this point, a Great Monarch (descendant of Charlemagne perhaps?) wakes up and gathers what is left of the Western Christian nations to defeat the Islamic army. And yes, the others are correct, Israel has some very hard times coming but God will not abandon His chosen people. The Son of God returns, the battle of Armageddon does not result in the destruction of Israel, just almost, but not quite. Although the Bible does say the blood will run as deep as the bridle of a horse. Not a pretty picture, to be sure.

  27. Neil

    Like most others people Catherine hasn’t really faced up to the ugly reality beckoning the US. I see no indication anyone is going to do anything constructive or responsible to address the situation and certainly not the FED. What I do see is the time is coming when the world is going to have to cut the deadweight of the failed state of America free to save themselves. I see this as becoming an urgent need quite soon or we will all be pulled under to a dark place. It is very regrettable that the US did not face up to its predicament while it had the opportunity and restructure. The inaction will certainly be an epic tragedy. The rest of the world must paddle away quickly while we still can. I don’t see there is a choice in this now….

    • frederick

      @Neil the socalled “FED” or better the group of international banksters that run the fed are not loyal to America or Americans and would probably figure out a way to actually profit from our demise like our friends are Goldman Sachs are so famous for doing Count on it frederick

    • Jerry

      Sad but true. America forgot who it was.

      • Paul

        The “great tribulation” facing both America and Israel will be nullified once we get rid of the neocons in power in both nations and become human again!

  28. Doug

    Fitts says the Fed will “shockingly” raise rates, but they can’t. A 1% increase would raise the debt payments by a trillion dollars (Peter Schiff). I think that Fitts believes the situation can be managed and controlled, when most everyone else is pointing to the fact that the situation is out of control.
    Really enjoy your interviews Greg!

    • Paul

      Never say “it can’t be done” … history is littered with people who said it can’t be done and were then proved wrong!

  29. Faith

    I don’t like CAF point of view. Why? I think she profits from the fear porn as much as anyone. If she wasn’t in the business for a profit why not make her site open to the public and based on donations like USAWatchdog? If she was really interested in educating people and saving them she would be putting out Utube vidoes and make her entire site free and profit from the adverts.

    I am tired of all the people that act like they know it all and then have only one end goal: to sell you their special knowledge. Spare me. If you can’t just put it out there I am not paying unless your knowledge is so top level it is worth buying.

    • frederick

      @faith İ agree with you İf they want you to buy there stuff than it is usually not worth anything in the first place frederick

    • BetterChetter

      Do you work for free? Are you existing on a tip-basis?
      When you do, then you can criticize others for not doing as you.
      Adverts don’t bring in big bucks, especially if the gov’t. pursues you, as it did CAF.

    • Jerry

      Faith I try not to be to judgmental, but I find it hard to trust anyone who has been on the board of directors of a Wall Street Investment Bank, and who has served under the Bush Administration. In some ways her views mirror “The Hunger Games”.

      • WD


        In defense of her she did come out against the Bush administration and the secret budgets etc. “They” went after her with everything they had and tried to destroy her. I am surprised she is still alive.

        That being said I believe that experience has changed her. She is more scattered and sporadic. Many of her colleagues ( Willie, Rupert, Roberts) have called her on the way she changed her opinion on things.

        She is damaged goods….

  30. Rebecca

    Keep those “positive” thoughts coming, folks.
    Don’t fear! when your Social Security checks stop arriving…or other government assistance stops. Just remember, that when all the poor die their deaths will free up those high productive people, like doctors, nurses, teachers and such.

    Some of the losers are large corporations with big government contracts!
    Really, Greg? That is CAF’s ideal of what happens to the losers?

    CAF did not answer your question: What does it look like for the losers?
    I guess “the truth” would interfere with her need to not let negative thoughts ruin her health.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      If one has ten cents, spend it on something good instead of something bad.

      Is this a bad way of thinking?

      • Rebecca

        No, Occasnitrivr, it is not a bad way of thinking.
        But I did not comment on CAF’s sugar and fruit comments.

        CAF knows who the losers are.
        A lot of honest, hard working families employed by small town businesses, supporting their school, attending their kids activities, squeaking by month to month. They made a choice: Family and community over chasing the almighty dollar.
        They trust they are living the right life.
        They trust their government is doing right.
        I know. I live in such a small hometown of good folks.
        They are going to be hurt when the reset comes.
        Somehow I don’t think realigning their lifestyles by buying apples instead of pop is going to help them when the reset comes.

        CAF is not being anymore truthful than our politicians.
        It is not what she said.
        It is the truth that she did not say.

      • Rebecca

        By the way, have you priced apples and grapes lately?
        Tonight the grapes I bought were $3.48/lb. If you are lucky you may find some apples for $1.78/lb.; most varieties are closer to $3/lb. A pound is about two average-size apples. Maybe that is one reason more fruit is not being sold.

        Just an added note: If fear is mostly an American phenomenon, what are all those protest marches in Europe lately? And not to forget the riots in Greece earlier this year during that country’s financial crisis?

    • frederick

      @Rebecca she cant handle the truth evidently

    • doug

      I agree with Rebecca, I don’t understand the point Fitts was trying to make with her winner/loser analogy. I think Fitts exists in the ether of the mega wealthy.

  31. Terry

    My impression is she has not given even a moments thought or care as to the fate of the common man in this world. She is certainly not interested in their fate. Large economies and the very wealthy is solely what concerns her and butters her bread. JMO

  32. Jim G

    She says China doesn’t have the power to stand down the US? I guess she isn’t aware of the special 3000 plus cyber warfare specialists in the PLA that could shut down the US power grid in a heart beat which would wipe out most of the US population in less than a year. Keep acting like the big bully on the block and messing in China’s backyard and let’s see what happens.

    Giving a 50% (or 60% as she later bumped it) is a good way to cover your bet. All that says is maybe they will raise rates and maybe they won’t. Really going out on a limb isn’t she?

    Her reference of going back to 10 people living in a place with a dirt floor hardly applies to the US in 2015. That was a different era when people were more self sufficient and able to cope better than they do today. Once the SHTF all hell is going to break loose and it won’t be a pretty picture. People will fight for their own self preservation and turn on each other and it will become a matter of the survival of the fittest.

    I believe she also made a statement as to new technology improving productivity and implying it will be a good thing.

    Studies are saying automation and robotics will eliminate nearly 50% of the current jobs Americans now have in the future, on top of the nearly 100 million today who are not in the workforce or even looking for a job. If that happens, doesn’t that pretty well spell the end to the entire economy and country in general?

    Things are not going to get better and there are not going to be any great investment opportunities once this house of cards starts to collapse. Anyone who really has been studying and researching what has been going on should know by now the US will not even exist within 10 years. Personally, I’ll be surprised if you even have an election next November.

    • dill mann

      Great Statement Jim G,

      My head is spinning from this….but Greg does get great guest on his show.

  33. Terry

    I am no expert but count on this. The interest rate charade will continue until a conservative wins the Whitehouse and obama is out of office. When a republican can be blamed the SWHTF. Communists [new ones] will be welcomed aboard for 2020. That is, unless America wises up.

  34. Joe

    Greg, Can you see about getting Joel Skousen on. I think you might like to hear what he has to say.

  35. Silence is Golden

    Lets get real.
    How do you allow the Winners to Win and the Losers lose in a Crony Capitalistic World? ANSWER……Only make it applicable to those who are in competition/not an Elite.
    Those that are sponging of the Govt/Fed Reserve Printing Presses through back door bailouts and not being allowed to fail….unequivocally flies in the face of the suggested course of action. Mind you… these are TRILLION dollar amounts …you want to save the budget….STOP PUTTING THE PUBLIC INTO MORE DEBT for a start.
    Kill the FED …..achieves that aim.
    Let the Banks fail / instigate Volcker Rule immediately. That removes the capacity of the Banks to lend the money out (by taking massive risks) to illegitimate /unsound businesses who should not be operating, taking out futures contracts (derivatives) in high risk markets AND removing their ability to MANIPULATE markets.
    This suggestion is nothing more than the OLIGARCHY intentionally destroying business so that the vampires can swoop in and BUY UP ALL THE ASSETS for pennies on the dollar. It is being sold as “CHANGE”… We must embrace change. Foxtrot Oscar.
    Anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain stem cell can see what the real problem is. It starts with FREE money….and goes from there. Clowns, disguised as Ivy League Economists, running the Government gets us to where we are now. We cannot expect the clowns to perform with a higher level of integrity if they just merely change suits….CAN WE ??? Ahhhhh…but the show must go on…!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point. We got into this mess because the “losers” (big money oligarchs) did not want to take a hit back in 2008. I can’t see ow they will want to take an even bigger hit but what do I know.

    • JC Davis

      Well said SIG. I noticed C.A.Fitzz said we should fix it from the ground up not trickle down. When the freebies get handed out they never seem to reach me, so why should I compromise my living to keep the system going. When oligarchs disagree the little man suffers. When oligarchs fight the little man dies. They win either way.

  36. Chip2

    Catherine goes so far as to say that the sovereign nations must know ISIS’ financiers, and that nations may use war as a reset mechanism, but she won’t state the obvious conclusion that the “sovereign” nations must be behind ISIS, and they’re not actually sovereign.

  37. oneno

    This woman has her head screwed on right!

    Chinese Economy grown $7 trillion in last 25 years
    They have a mindset toward productivity
    Cannot ignore Chinese economy

    Chinese trying to assert dominance in South China Sea
    US has to keep lanes free to keep Breton Woods going
    China may not have the military might now but they continue working towards that goal towards multi-polar world.

    Chinese Yaun continues to increase liquidity but cannot replace $ now.

    50 – 60% likelihood Fed raises interest rates 12/18/25 basis points
    Insurance/Pensions need yields to survive.
    Cannot afford 0% interest rate world much longer

    Bond market is looking for places to go.
    Mutal funds and ETFs will see action.

    Largarde is raising caution to European debt crises and against raising interest rates.

    Deratives market is a very serious problem (mostly interest rate swaps) difficult to determine how it unfolds

    Danger is War/Violence.

    Global issue is US Federal Budget.

    US Economy is going to have to be re-invented and become productive.
    Productive sectors have to be rewarded as opposed to unproductive sectors.

    Many people in the US are living in fear and have lost joy of life that covers all aspects – not just working to see no results because it is being stolen by Government money printing

    Raising interest rates within 150 basis points should not be too much of a shock on the equity markets according to history. The earlier the better.

    Gradmother lived in a shack with no electricity or running water. They were able to come out of that.

    (Well that is a little to simplistic. The Early 1900’s was a very productive environment in industry especially engineering and the sciences. Also world population was one-third what it is today. Over-population is central to all the problems on the planet.)

    Misallocation of resources / time is key. Enough money is available to re-engineer economy – (look at the German mindset towards productivity)

    Change is essential and possible with tremendous opportunities. Otherwise prepare to hit the wall.

    Business benefiting from Government (excepting military/defense) contracts will lose. Government getting government cheques will lose. Heathcare bureaucracy would lose. Productive segments will benefit.

    Aim of Fed toward interest rates is to not set off an emerging market crises.

    France war? maybe to spur military industry. But who is funding ISIS. What is underground. Why the bunker buster bombs? The Soverign governments know who is paying for this. Organized crime is involved in this. Soverign governments are allowing this.

    CAF has a positive attitude (which is required). However, the destructive mindset of certain powers is NOT going to come without costs. The perpetrators will have to suck it in instead of passing it on to the serfs as has been the norm for thousands of years – what is the likelihood of that?

    I think Billy Meier pridiction of China supplanting USA as next superpower after 2020is more likely because of China’s attitude toward productivity.

    There has been too much theft, killing, destruction – not just man but productive sectors of the econemy and particularly the transfer of manufacturing to the East to leverage low cost wages. That is short term thinking. The continued move towards Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where you have a few Alphas and everyone else as Deltas (with no Betas and Gamas) spells the death knell for the Western ideal of life and living. They want to educate the next generation to be subservient so as to follow orders than to think. This is destructive and against the immutable laws of Creation of which man is a fragment of that Creation. So this strategy will fail. The law of Karma is an immutable law of Creation!

    There are people in the USA doing things to empower their fellow man. James McCanney with his McCanney Wing Generator for distributed energy grid is an example. Unfortunately, his vision will not be rolled out in the USA because it would be killed. Visit his front page to see the real Russian Space Program and how the West has been misinformed by their so-called authorities.

  38. oneno

    Forgot to comment on CAF stance on taxes. Where has CAF been all this time? All that FED printing is already a stealth tax not only on savers but also on the working man as his income is not growing at the same rate as the supply of growing credit in the system. Income is seldom able to cover increases in cost of living.

    To suggest tax avoiders as a problem raises serious questions. Irwin Schiff is an American hero imprisoned by a criminal corporation called “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

    Abolish taxation for a shot in the arm to the economy. CAF said it “the FED can print”. That together with slowly raising rates will allow for correct allocation of resources towards producing ventures that empower man that raises standard of living and quality of life.


  39. oneno


  40. Frank

    Dear Greg,
    what an interview! Enjoyed it and was laughing out loud at the point you nailed her.
    Nothing to apologize for, as you just did your job – to get information.
    Her face said it all.
    You are topping all news channels I know of!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank for your comment and support.

  41. philipat

    I thought the way you treated CAF i9n your previous interview was appalling. I agree with her regarding Israel and its consistent breach of International law in the occupied territories, which it is supposed to be conservator of, yet keeps building new settlements on occupied land; amounting to a land grab. I sent you a long email explaining this position after the last interview.
    That said, I applaud you for being big enough to apologise to her for your behaviour in the previous interview. Well done.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not apologize for what I said. I apologized for how I handled it. You might remember, in the last interview I said “the Iran deal would lead to wider war in the Middle East.” Did you hear what MS Fitts said about what was going on right now in the ME? She said something like this was as bad as it could be without a nuke going off. If that is not confirmation of my prediction I don’t know what is. Thank you for your comment.

      • JC Davis

        LIKED. If only we could get people in office that can get over disagreements and move on. Seems everyone is looking for the next axe to grind. Apologize or not it got worked out. I am glad.

  42. WKSwanson

    KAF says that Americans are unhappy and fearful…well, there is a reason for that. It’s called government. Their government considers most of them terrorists, tries to reduce their rights day and night, lies to them as a matter of course, and spends money like a bunch of drunken sailors, and is led by a bunch of people who hate the country and its Constitution. Is there any wonder Americans are unhappy considering all of this. No, not really.

    • Art Barnes

      Yea, I read your post with rational thought, no words put together to rely a meaning are more true. Keep posting, you understand just how our so-called patriotic leaders have “treason-ed” their way to the top.

  43. WKSwanson

    PS: I meant “CAF”. (There is no edit function for comments.)

    • JC Davis

      W K. I have done the same thing. We are all the same.

  44. glen

    of 1.5 billion people a single individual is exterminated by the 21st century bogeyman and a declaration of war follows,
    must have been one very important Chinaman,

  45. tulip

    If anyone has doubts about Fitts… her biography is found on the Solari site and makes for very interesting reading…

  46. Mike Gleason

    Catherine says the US lives on sugar, hard narcotics, the lottery, television and processed foods. She also said the big losers will be those who depend on government handouts and payouts, contracts, healthcare, SS and pensions.
    The winners will be the people who are productive.
    The party is coming to an end, time to get back to work. If you are dead weight due to your own ignorance, age, retirement or poor health then expect to die in a short period of time after the SHTF.

    • 8Ball

      Cheery news for the elderly, Mr. Gleason. My wife has a sister who is of a similar mindset as you… She says: “Life is a Bitch and then you die”.

      May your death be a pleasant one. 8

      • Mike Gleason

        Looking forward to it.
        I’m going to keep working till I drop over dead.

    • Art Barnes

      Sure, yea, that’s were we are heading, those grandiose self centered entitlement individuals will be just “collateral damage” when the SHTF, their elected demigods won’t even care about them any longer when they can’t keep them in power. I agree that their life expectancy will be greatly diminished. Imagine a world where you can’t get free transgender surgery, as the late J. Lennon once wrote “I wonder if you can”.

  47. Art Barnes

    Greg, Islam is at war with the west, everybody that isn’t Muslim and some that are, unfortunately for them the West just won’t acknowledge it, how can you have a war where the enemy won’t believe it? Answer, have much more Paris incidents, so many and so often that the West, even as stupid as they are, gets it. I suspect that is just about where we are.

    • JC Davis

      Art. After listening to both Putin , and the two presidents US and France today I can not find the stomach to listen to Scott Pelly on the evening news. The lies are spread thick as we enter a war in Syria. How, and why need not be answered. Why cant MSM tell the whole story on any issue is the question.

  48. NC Gal

    I can’t stand to listen to Fitts, so I just read the summary, just to be clear. Her comments about where the mother lode is are a misdirection, in my opinion (see below).

    I have something else to share that seems more relevant to where we, as a country, stand today and who is calling the shots. The following is from the bottom part of the page at, beginning with the section, “The United States Exist In Two Forms.”:

    “1. The original United States that was in operation until 1860; a collection of sovereign Republics in the union. Under the original Constitution the States controlled the Federal Government; the Federal Government did not control the States and had very little authority.

    2. The original United States has been usurped by a separate and different UNITED STATES formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and its territories, and which is actually a corporation (the UNITED STATES CORPORATION) that acts as our current government. The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial/Public Law rather than
    Common/Private Law.

    … …The rewritten Constitution of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION bypasses the original Constitution for the United States of America, which explains why our Congressmen and Senators don’t abide by it, and the President can write Executive Orders to do whatever he/she wants. They are following corporate laws that completely strip sovereigns of their God given unalienable rights. Corporate/Commercial/Public Law is not sovereign (private), as it is an agreement between two or more parties under contract. Common Law (which overeigns operate under) is not Commercial Law; it is personal and private. ”

    A complete history is given below that, in the section titled “HOW THE CONSTITUTION WAS USURPED BY THE CORPORATION, ” which concludes:

    “In 1944, Washington D.C. was deeded to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the Breton Woods Agreement. The IMF is made up of wealthy people that own most of the banking industries of the world. It is an organized group of bankers that have taken control of most governments of the world so the bankers run the world. Congress, the IRS, and the President work for the IMF. The IRS is not a U.S. government agency. It is an agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.) ”

    This country was declared bankrupt TWICE. WE (the people) are now the property of the IMF, along with all of the assets pledged as collateral to the Fed in 1933. We don’t own clear title to anything, including ourselves. The links on that entire page are worth exploring, in order to grasp the degree we have been robbed and sold into economic slavery.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I for one am extremely grateful for everything I have and the many blessings of my life. How long they will endure remains to be seen.

    • NC Gal

      To expand on what I wrote above, please note that this corporate business agreement that requires you to pay taxes also exists at the state and local levels. Did you ever wonder what the term “unincorporated area” meant?

      For details on how this has permeated all levels of so-called government (which are actually corporations, operating under commercial contracts and regulations), see Anita Whitney’s interview, “YOU Are A Share Of Stock In The Corporation” at Her web site at has a wealth of information and resources, as well.

    • oneno

      The link talks about the term “Soverign Individual”.

      There is no such thing as a “Soverign Individual” as the word “Individual” is used to define the word “PERSON” as a legal fiction having rights and obligations as prescribed in legislation.

      One should not refer to oneself as “Soverign” as that implies other man (male or female) are NOT soverign.

      Best to refer to oneself as man (male or female). Keep the word “PERSON” at arms length to make clear you the man are not one and the same as a person.

    • dbcooper

      NCG, Thank you … you nailed it and we have been aware and involved in the good fight for a long time … that said… time to hunker down and keep your powder dry … BTW … We keep our permit for most everything hanging next to the bed!!
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  49. James Sullivan

    Walt Disney’s Fantasia….the Sorcerer’s apprentice realizes the Sorcerer has left his wand, and so he uses the magic of the wand to avoid having to labor. His incantation goes awry as he realizes he has no way to stop the spell ….all to the music of ‘The Hall of The Mountain King”.
    The symbolism is unmistakable. The apprentice is The Fed, the printing press is the enchanted mops, ….but who is represented by the Sorcerer?

  50. SWRichmond

    Great interview. Adults CAN disagree, even vigorously, and remain colleagues. In fact, this is an essential element of healthy discussion. If the only people we ever talk with already agree with us, what’s the point? Note to PC “safe space” advocates: there is no safe space. As Fred reed so correctly points out, the purpose of college is to prepare you for the real world, in which people will disagree with you frequently, if not most of the time. The purpose of college is NOT to coddle you with only opinions you like in some kind of an echo chamber.

    CAF is right about fear porn and also right about the urgency of the problem. Those of us who have been watching the federal budget become ever more surreal for decades are continually amazed at how long it can go on, how long the bubbles can be maintained, how long reality can be denied. But we know that some day the reality of simple mathematics must reassert itself.

    I too am greatly frustrated by the knowledge of how “money” is being used, and I appreciate CAF’s pointing out the political versus productive uses. The purpose of politics is looting. It has no other purpose. I know that the longer we wait, the more painful will be the “adjustments” we will have to make. I know that if we just got rid of the sociopaths who run the political systems, we could build stuff instead of fighting all the time. But the sociopaths remain in charge of the political systems, and so politics is just about looting.

    • diane s.

      Excellent post SWRichmond

  51. Benjamin F

    One of the problems with the current Federal Reserve Monetary System is that there is more debt than there is money in circulation. Why not have a US Dollar compliment the Federal Reserve Note? $40 US dollars could be “given” to every American citizen on the 1st of each month. Over time, the gap between the debt and money in circulation would decrease and this would “help” the economy. Would Wall Street like this idea?

  52. Larry Galearis

    Always interesting, Greg, and I note Ms Fitts wades into psychological areas with equal alacrity, that Americans are too unhappy and too fearful. “We are addicted to fear”. I think the whole gold bug issue is certainly based on fear – and a righteous one too.

    Did you notice the baseball bat parked at her door?
    None of us are immune.

  53. your fan in Japan

    Greg, CAF seems to think that we will get out of our current dilemma- citing prairie life, essentially TRUE GRIT. No doubt Americans have True Grit. I think her version of true grit is that “we will all pull together” while your version is “take care of big number one, first”. In her version, TPTB stay as TPTB. TLP (the little people) stay as TLP. In your version, TLP do what they think is in their individual best interests. TPTB get “what’s coming to ‘em”.
    I’ve lived overseas for a long time. All peoples have true grit. Whose version are we going to see?
    P.S. Thanks to the commenter who posted the interview with Gen. Flynn. Eye-opening interview. Let’s wake up.

  54. Diane D

    I followed Catherine up to “If you switch and start to let the winners win”. That’s a huge ‘If’. If we ever see capitalism again, I believe it will be in a nation that does not exist today.

    Greg, Survival Blog linked to this interview. Congratulations. Great exposure for your site. Great exposure for the truth.

  55. Lake M

    CAF mentions the necessity of a “fiscal solution” may be approached as a way out of our predicament the FED and financial elite have created. HA HA HA

    Government spending is 25% of GDP, $4 trillion of $16 trillion. Tax receipts are roughly $3.4 trillion. In a healthy economy with a proper government, the cost of government should be 5-8% of tax receipts. A tough love “fiscal solution” would create a great depression. The only other choice is to print money, the likely path that will be taken.

    Millions of hard working baby boomers who have little savings and are desperately counting on SS and Medicare to survive retirement. Will they receive their benefits? Probably yes but purchasing power of the benefits will fall, being inflated away by excess money creation. Inflate or die. Rats trapped in a corner will do most anything to survive. I expect the same from the financial elite.

    Social unrest will appear in populated and rural poverty will suffer more quietly. Our way of live will change in a profound way. Look up the word dystopia.

  56. KaD

    I think one of the best, most important things we can do is to start homesteading again-get people back on the land with small and mid sized FAMILY farms growing food. Over 50% of our food is now imported! We are going to need to scale down. The other is the Jubilee (forgiveness of debt). America is going to have to be rebuilt in another form, the one of Empire we have used for the past 400 years is not working and will work less well as time goes on.

    • your fan in Japan

      here here. Read Flee to the fields. I agree with you 110 percent.

  57. JC Davis

    Paul. 1 trillion for 1.% so .001 would be 100 billion. Wonder what the falling emerging market would have to say ? OH Crap. What ta do… sell sell sell.

    • JC Davis

      With a bomb in hand the last thing you want is a bump. Fed can not raise rates, and If they do fear porn will be the least of our worries according to many others interviewed. The joy of the lord is our strength not joy of living with nice things. There is happiness which is different then joy. Poverty is the number 1 killer in the world not heart failure.

  58. Hank

    Does she really listen to and have faith in anything Cong. Alan Grayson says?!?!? Obviously she’s not as smart as some would think.

  59. rich

    Greg, thanks so much for being tough on CAF in your interview. If you think critically about the things she says, you have to scratch your head.

    I was taken aback by her statement “you have the entire world of pension funds and insurance companies which are critical to the stability of the financial system and they’re choking on not being able to get enough yield and their fixed income portfolios are rolling over”. Given this fact, CAF thinks it’s 50/50 or 60/40 that the Fed will raise interest rates 25 basis points. What? How will 25 basis points, or even 100 basis points as you suggested further on in the interview (and to which CAF almost had a cow over) do anything to help the pensions and insurance companies which use models based on 700-800 basis points? The Fed has turned these pension funds and insurance companies into Ponzi schemes; last ones out will lose.

    CAF also speaks about moving to a new financial system with winners and losers (sounds like capitalism). I agree that this will need to happen and should have happened in 2008. So ask yourself, why didn’t it? There are probably many answers to this question but my own belief is that the “wrong” people were going to lose, mainly the creditors. Now ask yourself, has the situation changed materially from 2008? It doesn’t appear so. So why should we all-of-a-sudden expect these people, who are very much in control, to accept losses? What I and many others see happening is that the creditors/potential losers/TPTB have spent the last 7 years positioning themselves to maintain their current position when the financial system is restructured. It will only be restructured when they are assured that is the case. When this will occur is anyone’s guess.

    I could go on with other points about the interview but I’ll stop there. I enjoyed past interviews with CAF because she had a different point-of-view from other pundits. But I honestly have trouble making much sense of many of her positions in this one.

    That said, please keep the information coming Greg. Thanks for all you do.

  60. JP

    Jeff, in regards to your exchange with Catherine’s #1 killer of Americans is “broken hearts” and we are “addicted to fear” commentary, you argued that this is deversedly so.
    I work extensively with the public and observe that society may be “frozen in fear” but most aren’t aware of it in themselves or others. They are drugged by the media and comforts of credit. Sublimation or repression of such “negativity” always leads to irrational behavior and hysteria. Catherine spoke of Americans not being as happy as those abroad. I suggest that many are suffering from worse than “fear addiction” but depression which is really supressed anger. When the opiates wear off be ready for rage and violent outbursts already beginning with those too poor to afford comforts and those too frustrated to buy the media intoxicants. The seeking of bliss and positivity may be some way off.

  61. foggygoggles

    As usual, Catherine points out the complexity of the problems we face. At the same time, she has the intellectual capacity and courage to get to the root of those problems, while most offering opinions simply generate fear around issues at the surface level. It appears few want to talk about the complicity of governments, or the criminal activity they engage in. If we continue to ignore/deny the elephants in the living room, we’re going to continue to waste our time and energy cleaning up after them. What a breath of fresh air to listen to someone with a real understanding of our problems, and focused on solutions, rather than simply complaining about them, and/or recommending precious metals.

  62. hobuk

    I always enjoy listening to Fitt’s cautious optimism and insights on potential in-sourcing trends. I am not totally sold, however. It is clear from the disjointed propaganda that there is some fracturing taking place at top, which only emphasizes to me how scared they are about the economy blowing up in their faces.

  63. hobuk

    I always enjoy listening to Fitt’s cautious optimism and insights on potential in-sourcing trends. However, I am not totally sold that there isn’t some disaster ahead. It is clear from the disjointed propaganda that there is some fracturing taking place at top, which only emphasizes to me how worried they are about the economy blowing up in their faces.

  64. thomas winston

    Loved your interview with Catherine!!! She is a great lady who shows greatness in her heart because she wants this world to work together and she cares about peoples lives! She knows how messed up this country has become and how we have to start right now and start changing things. When she talked about political problems and economical problems and we must change our think from political areas as far as all the monies that are spent for stupid political things to real economic change. The politicians have got to stop worrying about getting re-elected by spending monies on stupid stuff and focus on the real problems regardless of the pain these might cause. I think she is a great lady! Tim

  65. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    I was deeply impressed by your closing comment to Ms. Fitts that, “I could have handled myself better … .” Your spirit is an inspiration, and a beacon of light in the growing darkness.

    Thank you

  66. Grafique

    I agree with CAF that there will be war before economic collapse. This agrees with the order given in Revelation –
    first, the rise of socialism/false religions
    second, worldwide war
    third, economic collapse
    fourth, widespread death (1/4 of earth’s population).
    Russia/Persia are now in Syria, north of Israel. Watch out when they gather on Israel’s northern border – there will likely be a nuclear war soon after they invade (Ezekiel 39:6).

  67. sharonsj

    She said something that makes no sense: “…winners who have been manipulating, cut and stolen from the federal budget….If you switch and start to let the winners win and the losers lose, there is a lot that can go on that’s good.”

    If the winners are thieves and frauds who belong in jail, why should they keep winning? How is that good? And why should I, whose only income is Social Security, lose that so some millionaire CEO can keep his money? If she thinks most of us will sit around and watch that happen, she is greatly mistaken.

  68. dill mann

    Hi Greg,

    I appreciate all you do on your site…. But In the past year Ive heard CAF say one thing on this site and then change her tune dramatically on another. I never really know what she is actually saying.

    I have the utmost respect for what she has been through with those in the govt.

    But you ask her about the price of a suit and she tells you how the shoes will fit you.
    I cant put my finger on it but she seems scattered.

    But thank you for the trouble you go through to bring all guest on this show…

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough. Thank you Dill Mann for the feedback.

    • Jim

      I think it appears that way because the entire situation has man things going on at different levels. A fluid situation for sure considering the global macrocosm. She is right that governments do not ant to address real problems. That is from where many of Greg’s interviews come. No matter the viewpoint, money greases the wheels. Whether real or from non-backed printed, money is getting harder to obtain for most purposes outside of social programs. Philanthropic organizations are pinched in my area despite a booming RV industry. Hence her dialogue is disjointed sometimes because of the complex massiveness of what we are discussing.

  69. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    Great interview! Catherine Fitts made a great point when it comes to ISIS and their obvious support from the Neocons, because they certainly couldn’t get as wide spread as they have so quickly without outside assistance from some big guns. It’s quite obvious that all major wars are orchestrated for the benefit of the few (makes me fuming mad).
    On another subject, I wish everyone on this site, including you Greg, the best THANKSGIVING ever!

  70. stephen pandolph

    I agree with Catherine that fear can cause medical illness. We cannot hide from the fact that our country is undergoing a profound shift in the way things are. Fear is one of the ways it presents itself. Recent polls show that many Americans fear our government, most feel it is corrupt. This is one reason why Donald Trump is popular. For the past seven years we have been wasting trillions of dollars per year trying to maintain the status quo- i.e. the post Breton Woods system. This while China and Russia are building stronger economies geared for the future. Just look at the investment in infra structure that has occurred there. Our country gets a D minus from the American Society of Civil Engineers. We are in a crisis and can not afford to wait until 2017 to begin a discussion. Our best hope would be to vote every single incumbent out of office. David Janzen wrote a book in 2011 called the Post Catastrophe Economy. He laid out this issue clearly and thoroughly. He said that the government had to stop supporting the financial and insurance industries and invest in technology and infrastructure. He warned of the consequences of not doing so. We are feeling those consequences right now and they will get a lot worse.

  71. lynn

    Just love CAF. A different perspective from the govt and budget side of things. A level headed woman’s approach to the serious issues that must be resolved. Unfortunately, she is looking at things from a woman’s point of view. The reality is the egos that run this planet are made up of almost all men. Ego, war, fighting, terror, would be hard pressed to come from a woman. And that is where I think she misses the mark. The global monsters in charge now in their “factions” to out steal the next will not end well. I thank her for enstilling some joy of what is left for us to take away from this country. But in the end, as always, the ego must go to war.

  72. Angie

    Not a real fan of CAF as she jumps around a lot, talks a lot but does not say much. “The reason the stock market is doing so well “, “fear porn” and talking about how much money we spend on soda, re-engineering where we put our money ??? We do not have enough money to pay off this debt nor do we have the American companies to tax to do so. We have allowed our government to grow to a size that “We the People” have no control over. We have adults fighting over minimum wage jobs and college graduates who cannot find work even outside their majors. American workers are training their foreign replacements as they flood our workforce. For decades we have been exporting jobs, taking in immigrants who hate us as well as coddling illegals who what to destroy us. Americans have been paying to fund our own demise in proving for these people. If we were really serious about getting out of this mess we would first get out of the UN and not even think about entering into treaties such as the TPP that will end our sovereignty not to mention kill our Republic . We are going down a dark road and it is one that our elected weasels have set us on – this road includes the destruction of this country and to do so our monetary system much be taken out as well or greatly undermined. Sorry Ms Fitts but your “negative space” and “drama queen” comments are so far off. Be afraid America, be very afraid…

  73. oneno

    Emerging Market (EM) debt is $7 – $9 trillion that is at high risk of default from declining EM economies and EM debts held in USD (as the USD gains in value). As the EM economies slow, capital is both destroyed and removed. Debt defaults are close and these will have to be carried by Western Central banks that lent those funds/capital at very low rates. Add to this car loan and student loan debt that cannot be repaid in the current economic climate. … Jim Willie

  74. red

    You know Greg, Catherine is super bright but the only reason I like listening to what she has to say is that she is a great barometer on how i believe US bureaucracy would be thinking. With statements like “well there is really no alternative to $US” umm yes there is Catherine it’s called Gold. Everything i hear when Catherine speaks is that US .gov is gonna hyperinflate. As to the interest rate blobble , if you are expecting a .gov pension etc which is exactly what Catherine said, you should be praying for an interest rate hike cause it’s about the only thing that will save the US dollar now. Any way Greg, love your interview style and it is important to hear from people like Catherine because there are a heck of a lot of people in power that think just like this. JMO

    • Greg Hunter

      She is very smart and very connected. She also has vast experience in the investment banking world and that is knowledge you cannot get by reading a book.

  75. JC Davis

    Greg. I have been looking into how many dollars are in circulation. If interest rate rises, and a crash causes a sell off the other countries will be sending the dollars back to the US.
    There was 829 billion as 2007. By 2013 there was 1.2 trillion dollars in circulation. Today the est.. may be over 1.5 trillion. Most of which is overseas. It takes .4 cents to produce a Dollar so that is the real value of a dollar. Coins are different because they hold a metal value. Hyper Inflation is a real probability not a fear addiction.

  76. Art Barnes

    Greg, Turkey shoots down Russian jet, sounds like that could inflame Putin, who knows? You can bet though we wouldn’t have done it, even if it was over New York! This little JV ISIS group as the President calls them is causing a lot of havoc on the world stage and the middle east. Now, one could say that they have shot down a Russian bomber jet without firing a shot of their own. Going to get interesting with Obama’s “Religion of Peace”. Funny if Obama’s “Religion of Peace” cost him his legacy, how could that happen, oh readers, in so many ways; a large Paris style attack in the U.S. is one scenario, I can think of so many more like an expanded war in the middle east with us involved.

    • JC Davis

      Art Barnes things are really getting hot I Syria. Both Russia and the US have two different takes on what the out come should be. This could become much bigger then anyone thought. I agree with you there is nothing Obama will ever say that I will trust to be true. He cant tell truth because lying exist.

  77. Jerry

    I want to remind your readers not to be distracted by the headlines and keep your eye on the ball. There are multiple moves taking place behind the scenes that will have a direct impact on the global economy. At the same time that the Fed was having their closed door meeting the IMF was meeting with Russian economist.

    Lets not forget that Russia is a key player in the BRIC alliance. It was no accident that a Russian SU-24 just happened to be shot down by a NATO member just as this meeting was concluding. The western cabal was once again sending a clear message to the BRIC alliance not to break away from the dollar. Things will ramp up even more the closer we get to the IMF making their move with the Yuan.

    • WD


      I really believe that from here on out after the Paris bombings was going to lead us to world wide war.

      I believe that a huge mistake was made by shooting down those 2 Russian airships…

      It begins

  78. tulip

    Im only reporting what I heard. from the Sinclair Seminar in LA last weekend…(before) it can be pretty easily checked….
    I quote..

    “Wonder if you heard the inside gossip from Jim Sinclair’s meeting in California? Did you know that Monty Guild stood up in the Audience and called Bill Holter a Charlatan? Turned out to be a real mess-circus.

    However, I doubt Jim wrote about that on his site these past few days.”

  79. Paul

    When the bureaucrats in the US government calculate the inflation rate for Social Security recipients this year they say there is no inflation … Ms. CA Fitts worked in Washington why can’t she tell it like it is the way John Williams does … he shows the “true” inflation rate at 7.9% … however … when I calculate the “true real money” inflation rate … I come up with 9.91% … why is everyone so blind … it is not that complicated … this is the way the “real” true inflation rate should be calculated:

    1) First, we must know how much above ground gold there is in the world … from it’s about 10 billion ounces (10,000,000,000 oz) of gold in the world … that’s only about 1 oz of gold for every human on the planet (so every human should own at least one ounce so as not to be left behind).

    2) Secondly, we must know how much more “real money” is being added to the world supply … in order to balance its yearly budget the US creates a trillion extra US paper dollars each year (you can see it grow here … exactly how much does this one trillion in extra fiat dollars the US prints up every year represent in terms of “real money” gold … at $1000 fiat dollars per ounce of gold the US is creating the equivalent of one billion ounces of gold every year (1,000,000,000 oz of gold/yr).

    3) Third, simply divide the 1 billion ounces (1,000,000,000 oz) of gold the US creates in fiat every year by the total 10 billion ounces (10,000,000,000 oz) of gold currently in the world and we get a “real money” inflation rate of 10% … it is that simple!

    Those wondering where I came up with 9.91% as the “true real money” inflation rate … I simply added ninety million ounces of gold (90,000,000 oz) to the world’s total reserves of 10 billion ounces due to “new gold mining production” which gives 10,090,000,000 oz as the current total above ground gold in the world … dividing 1,000,000,000 oz by 10,090,000,000 oz gives 9.91% as the “true real money” inflation rate in the US … so even John Williams is underestimating inflation … and those bumbling bureaucratic government idiots calculating my Social Security check COLA should be going to jail “for theft” for falsely manipulating their calculations to deprive retirees of their true 9.91% Cost of Living Adjustment … instead they give us a negative 2.5% in our checks because of Obama’s medical “cost inflation” !!

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Bill Bonner thinks the coming crisis will be deflationary because the system will freeze up. People will only trust physical cash. The amount of physical cash out there is small compared to the amount of digital dollar entries in millions of bank accounts. Greg, Bill Bonner would be an interesting interview to further explore this scenario.

      • Greg Hunter

        If the bonds are no good then the debt note are no good either. Remember, in the Great Depression the US debt and most sovereign debt was unquestioned. Thus, individual currencies were not questioned. We are a long way from the 1930’s. Remember dollars are Federal Reserve Notes. “Note” means debt instrument and are issued in return for Treasury Bonds. So if the debt of the US is no good the debt money will also be no good. It will be very useful for awhile a short while.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          I do not hold to this idea except as a possibility. But an interview with Bill Bonner might shed some light on our crazy financial system. I don’t think anyone can say for sure how events will unfold.

    • JC Davis

      Paul truth is I don’t have the energy to do all that math anymore, but from what I have read the real paper money created as of 2013 is at 1.2 trillion in circulation. Most held outside the USA.
      In 2007 it was 829 Billion. See my post to you above.

    • JC Davis

      I have been waiting to let the world know I have created a way to make 1 ton of pure gold every 3 seconds. Kill all the trillion airs.

  80. Paul

    So this is the way the Neocons get NATO into a war with Russia …
    simply shoot down a Russian jet flying in Syrian airspace … that should get the ball rolling!

  81. Mike G

    The woman strikes me as a socialist and thinks that government can and will solve our problems. In another breathe she says government will take us to war, she is right on the latter part and it will be a war against their citizens.

  82. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Dear Readers and Greg,

    All over the net people are saying, “What can I do? I’m just one nobody.”
    Well, Here’s something all of us can do. Watch this video together this weekend and ask our Heavenly Father to bring positive change, goodness, and good will to the world.
    My own father made a lot of money during the Vietnam war selling bases in NC on computerized payrolls. In June of 1969 we were in the country club in Raleigh. This LIFE magazine had just come out.
    My Dad stood up, right in tacky MacGregor Downs restaurant, and said. “I’ll give up all my money if God will end this damn war! Johnson and Nixon should be hung as war criminals.” He sat down with tears running down his cheeks. My father was a Naval officer in the Pacific war…he drove the landing crafts at Guadalcanal and many other beachheads.
    In 1974 he lost all his life savings in a scam by an inside trader who took him out for some drinks.
    How many making money on all this war now would do that? Catharine? He built up a nice business after 55 and worked until 92.
    All of us have to ask how we profit from the slavery, the wars…
    So please see this video and pray. Happy Thanksgiving.

  83. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Here’s the link:

  84. Linda louin

    As you know (US backed) Syrian rebels have just shot down a Russian helicopter that was looking for their Russian pilot, who was shot down by Turkey (messy). POTUS seems to be escalating his baiting towards PUTIN with all his ‘I told you so’ bantering. I guess POTUS is attempting to save as many of his ISIS friends as he can with whatever means possible (but he’s underestimating PUTIN’s resolve). It also appears that POTUS is taking extraordinary measures to keep FRANCE in control so that HOLLANDE doesn’t rock the boat too much in Syria. In addition to, POTUS has just put out an order to take away all the excess military equipment that was given to localized police across America. Does POTUS see something coming shortly, with plans to back up the military with additional hardware? or is he planning on smuggling it all to his comrades in Syria, or does he just want to leave American Citizens more exposed when all the terrorists get their marching orders??


  85. Charles H

    Greg and all,

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. CH

  86. Sayonara

    Great interview with CAF. She is incredibly intelligent and in tune to the macro events. You were tough on her in your last interview and so was I in my commentary for the right reasons. She demonstrated how much of class act she is by coming back on and casually brushing away your apology because you didn’t need to apologize in her mind because discussing serious matters requires spirited conversation.
    Thank you for your great work as always, get some rest and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say that. I like CAF and by the way she contacted me and asked to be on again. Of course I said yes, because she is very smart and connected. We are good and have no problems with each other. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  87. Scott Wolford

    CAF is a wonderful mind. I love her insights.

  88. EndGameSoon

    Thank you Greg,
    Great to have CAF on again. Both of you made some good points. As Chris Martenson says, we are in a predicament, there is no solution, but there are choices that will be made and they all have consequences (both intended and unintended). I think her point about facing this without fear is a good one. Fear doesn’t help us think clearly. As the Austrian School says, there needs to be creative destruction to move forward. Let’s find the compassion, hope, and mutual respect to get thru it together. Americans have pulled together in the past. If we want to we can do it again. Thanks for the great service you provide, not sure what’s on the Main Stream Media as I only let in people like you, who are looking for the truth, not the convenient lie. Hope you are getting some good rest this weekend, next week maybe something to write home about….

  89. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Great to see CAF again! Regarding being fearful, it’s possible to be aware of dangers without giving in to fear, which is what CAF is urging. Keeping a clear head is better for navigating through danger than panicking. I was surprised, Greg, to see you hammering the fear note so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      The facts of the situation are fearful that’s why I called them “Fear Facts.”

  90. WilliamTow

    nice site!

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