Recession Already in Place, Watch Out – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

You might be wondering why the Trump Administration is calling for rate cuts and money printing with all the good news about the economy. Economist John Williams of knows why and contends, “We have a recession in place. It’s just a matter of playing out in some of these other funny numbers. The reality is on the downside, where you have mixed pressures right now. People who are really concerned about the economy right now, and that includes President Trump looking at re-election, he’s been arguing that the Fed should lower rates, and I am with him. The Fed created this circumstance. They are pushing for the economy on the upside because they want to continue to keep raising rates. Banks make more money with higher rates, and they are still trying to liquidate the problems they created when they bailed out the banking system back in 2008.”

Williams strips out all the financial gimmicks in his work that make things look better than they really are to give a true picture of the real financial health. Take for example the recent reportedly good news of the trade deficit narrowing. Williams says, “What we saw was the very unusual narrowing of the deficit . . . that’s generally good news . . . but if you look at why the trade deficit was narrowing, it wasn’t that we were having new surging exports . . . instead, we were having collapsing domestic consumption.  People weren’t buying things. People were not buying goods. So, the imports were falling off, and that narrowed the deficit. That is not a healthy sign. The last time you saw something like that was the beginning of the Great Recession (2008–2009). . . . We still haven’t recovered from the Great Recession.”

If rate cuts don’t happen soon, is the economy going to tank? Williams says, “The economy is tanking, and I’ll contend it already has, although we have not seen it in the GDP reporting. . . . The ultimate thing here is you have a collapse in the dollar. I am talking about a hyperinflationary collapse. Your purchasing power becomes worthless. What you have in gold or canned goods or real estate, that will be your assets – hard assets.”

In closing, Williams says, “The underlying weakness is with the consumer. Until the consumer gets turned around, you are not going to get a fundamental change in the economy. The economy is going to get weaker. The Fed is going to recognize that, and they probably already do recognize that. . . . They don’t want to lower rates, but I think they are going to have to. I would look for easing by September and maybe quantitative easing (money printing) as the economy continues to deteriorate as it seems to be doing. I know the numbers are not there yet in the headlines, but watch out.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

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  1. Denton McLaughlin

    I’ve been reading this sort of stuff and have been paralyzed by it for years. Meanwhile, my friends who have not heeded my warnings have been prospering. Year after year I read such things as are written in this article. Eventually, we all know you will be right. Still, thanks for all the losses in my IRA;

    • William Stanley

      Re: “Eventually, we all know you will be right. Still, thanks for all the losses in my IRA.”
      You could have more cogently phrased that as: “Thanks for helping me to get ready for the devastation that is coming. I’m glad we got more time to prepare than we might have had. I feel so sorry for my friends: they are about to get wiped out.”

      • Will

        Again I ask, If gold is going to go through the roof then why would anyone be selling it. Answer if you have an asset that is worth 1 dollar today and in a week it’s going to be worth 100 dollars, only a fool would sell it.

        • William Stanley

          Re: “If gold is going to go through the roof then why would anyone be selling it”?
          1. Some people ARE fools.
          2. Some people have (or have friends with) leveraged bets that would get devastated if the price of gold went up. THEY are not selling gold physical gold. However, they have the tools to suppress the price of gold (naked shorts backed by a printing press).

      • uncommon sense

        William, I think of how sentiment must have been in 2000 at the nadir of the gold bear market. The economy was firing on all cylinders and the tech bubble was reaching a climax. It was the 21st century and we were assured that the economy was entering a new paradigm where the internet would dominate. Then we had Gordon Brown instructing the Bank of England to dump half its gold reserves on the market (a series of events infamously referred to as Brown’s bottom). Gold would have appeared to have been part of the old paradigm, a quaint anachronism, merely a reminder of simpler times. You would have been a brave investor to have taken a significant position in gold at that point and yet that was exactly the right time to buy gold.
        The longer they hold down the price of silver the bigger the succeeding bull market will be as…
        1) more silver will be wasted on non essential items and products.
        2) less funding is available to explore for future silver deposits and set up mines.
        In the event that the price of silver suddenly multiplies, it will take years to locate new economically viable silver deposits and set up the mines to extract the ore.
        William, your positive attitude is a lesson for us all. Do you hold precious metal and if so do you prefer gold or silver??

        • William Stanley

          uncommon sense,
          I’m flattered that you ask: You are one of the people to whom I look for wisdom.
          I actually hold only about 25% of my modest “wealth” in precious metals. However, I’m gradually increasing that percentage; and I own mining shares as well as physical. A significant percentage of the “physical” is vaulted and, therefore, not in my actual possession, either. My personal situation dictates that.
          Although I strongly agree with you that silver is relatively less dear than gold (and, therefore, a better investment), I “hold” more gold than silver, about 60:40 (especially in physical, because of its portability).
          I also think that Mr. Hunter is right about “investing” (buying insurance) in getting prepared for really chaotic times by having storage food, etc. I consider that stuff part of my “wealth.” Prepping takes a commitment of money. But it also takes a commitment of time and effort. I’m way behind the curve on a lot of that.

      • Jack

        Would you rather be 5 years too early or 5 minutes too late ?

    • Dan

      No Denton.
      You have ONLY yourself to blame for YOUR losses.
      The day you face that fact is the day you can see these vermin who are interviewed on this site for who they are …. HUCKSTERS living off YOUR fear and greed.
      There’s NO ONE on planet earth who has as much concern for your affairs as YOU do.
      And you can take that to the bank.

      • Eric

        Lighten up Dan. Some people just aren’t as smart (lucky) as you.
        Perhaps Denton worked very hard all his life and was trying the best he knew.
        If being successful brings with it an attitude like yours I’ll take the meek, humble life anytime. There is a true wealth inheritance that comes with that humility and Jesus.

      • William Stanley

        If you think that Mr. Hunter’s guests are merely and exclusively “hucksters” living off the fear and greed of his viewers, then why did you spend the time to listen in and comment? Altruism? To trumpet your superiority? To confess your own weakness? Why?

    • Rodster

      That’s why I live my life in the now. There’s a saying: “listen to all and follow none” because you will be a lot saner throughout the years. I believe that we are headed for massive pain sometime in the future but no one can predict that date. This could go on for a long time or it could happen tomorrow.

      But I live my life by two simple rules:
      1) Everyone and everything dies at some point
      2) You came into this Earth with nothing and you will leave with nothing

      If you decide to invest in PM or make money in the Stock Market, that should be your personal choice and decision. Those who have hedged their bets in the Stock Market vs PM’s have made a lot of gains but eventually as another saying goes: “that which cannot go on indefinitely, won’t!”

      Do what’s best for you and your family and the rest will take care of itself because “life is short”.

      • Freebrezer

        R – Agree … I was raised on the concept that you should spend and live life as if you will die next week and save as if you will live to 95 … i.e. moderation. Same goes with the stock market, investing and PM. Invest in stocks as if the market will go 35,000 (Martin Armstrong) and Invest as if it will possible crash this year (some guests per this site). The world is in a new realm (digital) and no one knows the rules. 70 years ago before the digital age, TPTB could only print (bonds, cash etc,.) … now with the digital age they can just put in a few hundred billion in to the computer and press ‘Enter’ (by the way … where do you get one of those computers – I really, really need one?) . How long can it go on for? My guess is until there are major food shortages around the world … hungry masses per social order and the law DO NOT WORK!

        • Tom

          Don’t hold your breath waiting for food shortages. Grain supplies are near record high in the US and in the world. Farmers need a crop failure somewhere in the world to bring prices back up to where they can make a profit.

    • al

      My sentiments exactly Denton. I want to slap people that say “my IRA went up last year” with a smile. It sickens me.
      Yet I also hear “I can’t make it on my pension so I have to work”, so not everyone has a free ride.
      The MAFIA is still in control and it’s f’n frustrating.
      Hold on buddy. Lock and load. Nothing lasts forever. Try not to look back.
      God Bless

    • Rob

      No fear Denton as Greg is so fond of saying and I wholeheartedly agree for our Father with His Spirit and His Word are completely in control!!!

      This recession will continue to be expanded until it explodes like Mises warned:
      “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

      It is Father who chooses when and how much knowledge will be increased so that His will is fulfilled in His time:
      Proverbs 2:6 For Jehovah giveth wisdom; Out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding:
      Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
      Ephesians 1:11 in whom also we were made a heritage, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his will;

      The final touches for the masses to be able to willingly “giving their mark” into the WWW ~ “world wide web” of the beast is nearly complete:

      The underlying Greek words “didomi” and “autos” that were translated “receive” in this verse actually mean to “give their”:
      Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

      The Greek word “didomi” is translated “give” over 88% of the time in the TN:

      The Greek word “autos” is translated into a pronoun over 5,000 times in the TN with the exception of Revelation 13:16. The Greek word “autos” is used 3 times in Revelation 13:16. but the translators omitted the first place:

      Had the translators followed their own common translation principles the verse would have read like this:
      Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to “GIVE THEIR” mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

      The translators did not understand that in these last days as Father caused knowledge to exploded that all humans will be able to “give their” individual identifier being the finger print in our hand or the retina in our eyes within our forehead to a beast system that will very soon use that mark to control who can and cannot access their smart phone to access the “world wide web” to buy and sell:
      Revelation 13:17 and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      Father is keeping a book on who will and will not take the mark:

      Greg please post this comment to Denton rather than below as we desire to encourage him to focus on truth rather than this dying world and its money system :o)

    • Free Slave


      You talk like someone who either doesn’t really have any PMs stacked away or you just don’t get it.

      If you want your money to grow, put it in the stock market, then you also take the risk that it will not grow, or even shrink. That is called “gambling”.

      If you look at that gold coin you bought 10 years ago, it hasn’t changed a bit. It is still the same size, weighs the same, hasn’t rusted one iota. It doesn’t matter what the price is today, it is what it is. It never changes. That is called stability, rock solid sleep-like-a-baby stability.

      I’ve never been very good at gambling.

      I like stability.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Apocalypse now . . . or a little later? Is it going to be civil war . . . or just war?
    It keeps coming back to precious metals and other hard assets, and “get ready and stay ready.”

    • uncommon sense

      I believe divide and conquer is the name of the game as it makes forming a common resistance against the elites impossible when we are squabbling amongst ourselves. When the SHTF the globalists will offer us their one world solution which we will be only too happy to accept. A one world religion will develop in parallel and will come under the guise of unity, peace and love. Beware of the mysteries and their initiations. I have been lured into this trap on account of my own trauma and I believe that they plan to scale up and repeat the same process on a global scale.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg.

    Starting to see people feeling the ‘squeeze’ coming here. Angry expressions, blatant disregard for fellow human beings, crime increasing. Inflation in supermarkets at a blink of an eye, one week to the next.
    Increase in insurances, utilities and motor vehicle expenses.
    My weekly salary used to get me until Tuesday, pay day being Thursday, nowadays I’m lucky to make it into Sunday arvo.

    • Anthony Australia

      Quarterly Bill comparisons.
      Gas – 2008 $67
      Gas – 2018 $194
      Electricity 2018 – $226
      Electricity 2018 – $615
      Health insurance 2008 – $2,280
      Health insurance 2018 – $5,448

      • andyb

        Yes AA, it’s all about inflation. If you apply true inflation over the last 20 years of 5-7%/annum (John Williams), or the 7-10%/annum (the Chapwood Index), then we have not had positive GDP in any year, since nominal GDP has to be adjusted for inflation (nominal GDP less True inflation= True GDP. Since we have not had even a Quarter of 5% GDP, it’s a;; been negative.
        BTW, Greg: there are pundits claiming that Biden is a stalking horse for Hillary, When he wins in 2020, he’ll name Hillary as VP and then retire due to illness. Although I think this is batshit crazy, Trump could easily lose if the economy crashes or the Dems steal enough votes like they did in 2018.

        • Anthony Australia

          My salary hasn’t tripled in the past decade.

        • Bill

          The vain pride, ego, and greed of our politicians would never allow someone elected president, to step aside

        • Andy

          Anyone contributing to this health ins. scam is a dummy.

        • paul ...

          And they say there are more job openings then people unemployed … but do the unemployed have the necessary skills to qualify for these jobs??? …

    • Freebrezer

      AA – it will be food (in my humble opinion) that will be the next crisis.

  4. Brad Skiles

    Great timing for the interview. Thanks for your work, Greg. This weekend, I am surprised by the people who didn’t believe the Obama unemployment numbers are now all-in on the Trump unemployment numbers. Under Obama, conservatives understood the Labor Participation Rate. Under Trump: “Labor what?” The average person knows CPI is completely manipulated, but fully trusts the same people touting GDP and the Unemployment Rate. Go figure!

  5. NH Watcher

    And hyperinflation begins by being subtle … it isn’t about waking up one day and having to pay for bread with a basket full of money. You go to stores now and see gradual price increases everywhere, or prices are kept the same, but the size/quality of the product goes down. If the manufacturer keeps the price the same, but can get you to have to replace it within a shorter amount of time than before, it provides the same profit as a dramatic price increase. Stores routinely discount various items at a loss to make up for it with profits on other items which consumers feel they “must have” or “can’t live without.” But these “essential” items are all being manufactured much more poorly than in years past.

  6. uncommon sense

    Round up Ready (glyphosate) is a herbicide used as a desiccant, which is sprayed directly onto crops in order to dry them out prior to harvesting. Remember, whilst they label Putin and Iran as enemies they are destroying your body from the inside out. The enemy outside is always a POTENTIAL threat, whilst the enemy from within is ACTUALLY a threat.

  7. neville

    What a breath of fresh air John Williams is and thanks for getting him back on Greg as we have had a rash of more lies coming out of AA CRIME ( america being an anagram of AACrime)….The latest Lie of course were the unemployment figures/jobs growth which are made up of Baby-boomer stats…IE retiring and and deaths make up that ludicrous number of 263,000 .
    When we look around at the decline of america which gripped now by marijuana /opium and other narcotics it certainly doesn’t suggest that everything is on the up which is not.
    Joh sets all out brilliantly ….so I leave you all with the quote of the century>>>

  8. George

    All we can do is just prepare best we can, and watch the fireworks show aka the collapse of the debt based monetary system.
    There’s truly nothing more we can do.

    There is nobody in Washington D.C. or any Bankers who will lift a finger to better the country. Only their balance sheets.

    Not a word of print in any media of the $650 Billion Dollars Congress gave the banks the night of the Las Vegas False Flag Operation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wo George I did not know this. Please post a link. Thank you.

  9. Jerry

    Yes, things are coming to a head.

    According to some sources, the full FISA document release will be fourthcoming in two weeks. Thus the mad scrabble by the deep state to nail Donald Trump at all cost by going after Deutsche bank records. Meanwhile low level arrest continue. You know what they say about desperate people?

    FYI Maxine Waters was a seamstress from St. Louis before she got into politics. Now she’s worth millions. Now you know why she is the lead lap dog by the deep state.

  10. Jack

    Maths does not lie and neither does John Williams. They have no choice but to lower rates or have a crash bigger than the Great Depression. However in lowering rates all our currencies will eventually go to zero value with huge inflation. In Australia another major bank has stopped reporting their derivative exposure. Our largest, the Commonwealth stopped reporting derivative exposure in 2012. The suspicion is that they are using derivatives to hide losses. How many US banks have stopped reporting their derivatives ?
    We’ve had the slow burn for 10yrs but what will they blame the inevitable crash on ? War? Terrorist attack on the internet or power grids ?

  11. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview Mr. Williams and Greg,
    Mr. Williams lives in this esoteric world of numbers and equations and he breaks it down to where even I can understand it and he exposes the fraud While he’s doing it. He is a large dose of reality in a make believe world (government manipulation).

    I quit counting the number of times he said “Buy and hold Gold” or “Gold maintains your purchasing power over time”. He also said that can goods are a hard asset, you better believe it. Like I said before, when it hits, you will not be able to buy food for gold or silver. You might be able to get a ticket out but where will you go? Like CAF says, “Have enough gold to bribe the border guard” but which border? Will you leave socialist America to go to socialist Canada? Will you run south and hope to not be robbed and killed by cartels in the south that will fill the vacuum after Mexico’s fragile government collapses? You better get a plan and stick with it NOW!!!

    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a good man to say this CC!!

    • susan

      CC, thank you for your always intelligent comments.

  12. DavidC

    Wow! Superb interview Greg, it certainly wasn’t dry. The shows are always good but some stand out. The ‘Two Gregs’ the other day was also super.
    Best regards from England,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

  13. iwitness02

    “The underlying weakness is with the consumer.” Amen to that.
    I have been paying into SS since 1966. I’m guessing that politicians have been robbing SS since well before 1966. I feel like I have been conned by the government my whole life. My wife and I are just getting by as it is, on our SS. Our property taxes keep going up and our dollars keep buying less. It won’t take long for a crisis to develop right here at home. The only help that I can hope for, will come from above, or it won’t come at all. Life at my level is just a big squeeze. We have been squeezed almost down to the last drop, right now. Everybody talks about trouble coming our way as a nation, but on an individual basis, trouble is already here. I just hope we can hang on until EVERYONE is in the same boat. Strength in numbers, you know.
    Thank you Greg and John, for a good report on the facts.

    • iwitness02

      I don’t spend a lot time thinking about harsh realities. When I’m out in the garden, or just doing chores in general, these concerns are absent. We are able to still find happiness in our lives as long as we don’t look past our front gate.

      • Tin foil hat

        Knowing that you are recpetive to my Tin Foil, I present you with this video:
        You can go right to 4:23 where he starts explaining the three arches which represent the past, present and future. I think you’ll appreciate the empty room which is similar to your garden philosophically. The amazing thing about this rock is that it’s like a bus stop in the middle of nowhere.

        Trinity – Time – Temple. Mystical Monolith of Mahendravadi

        • iwitness02

          Thanks TIN FOIL HAT, for another interesting video. These videos keep bringing to mind a scripture about stones.
          (There are a lot of them in the Bible)
          And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples.
          And He answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.
          Luke 19: 39, 40 (I’m guessing that the stones refer to the Great Pyramid.)

          And He gave unto Moses, when He had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God.
          Exodus 31: 18 (the ten commandments)

  14. Tom Wigand

    In some senses watching the astute John Williams (and others here) makes me feel like one of the characters in “The Gathering Storm” (quality control slipped at BBC / HBO, it’s actually an excellent portrayal of Churchill in the 1930’s).

    That is, the more astute are aware that if we don’t significantly change course, then catastrophe is likely, if not inevitable. We try to warn our fellow citizens, but must resign ourselves to mass indifference (or ignorance).

    For me (and I know other fans of USAWatchdog), I will continue to attempt to educate and inform, even if ultimately futile (when the time comes, at least I can tell St. Peter that I tried). And prepare as best I can, with what (limited) resources I have.

    But most importantly, to take solace in the reaffirmation the He is in control — no matter what occurs during my lifetime.

  15. wm geralds

    Politics is not responsible for the non-application of Section 798 to Brendan and Clapper. It is difficult to imagine that the public would not approve massively the straightforward application to prominent men of a law that is so unambiguous, which is the foundation of arguably the main part of U.S intelligence, and which has been applied countless times to ordinary people.

    Rather, the absence of real politics—of real competition between opposing sides in American life—is the culprit. What we see is that those in the upper echelons of American life, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, have greater loyalty to the ruling class to which they belong than to any law or institution. The refusal to apply Section 798 to Brennan and Clapper —the fact that they are free men —is simply the most obvious manifestation of the fact that we have a ruling class, that it is coherent, and that it has yet to be challenged in any serious way.

  16. Rob

    This recession will continue to be expanded until it explodes like Mises warned:
    “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

    It is Father who chooses when and how much knowledge will be increased so that His will is fulfilled in His time:
    Proverbs 2:6 For Jehovah giveth wisdom; Out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding:
    Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
    Ephesians 1:11 in whom also we were made a heritage, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his will;

    The final touches for the masses to be able to willingly “giving their mark” into the WWW ~ “world wide web” of the beast is nearly complete:

    The underlying Greek words “didomi” and “autos” that were translated “receive” in this verse actually mean to “give their”:
    Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    The Greek word “didomi” is translated “give” over 88% of the time in the TN:

    The Greek word “autos” is translated into a pronoun over 5,000 times in the TN with the exception of Revelation 13:16. The Greek word “autos” is used 3 times in Revelation 13:16. but the translators omitted the first place:

    Had the translators followed their own common translation principles the verse would have read like this:
    Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to “GIVE THEIR” mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    The translators did not understand that in these last days as Father caused knowledge to exploded that all humans will be able to “give their” individual identifier being the finger print in our hand or the retina in our eyes within our forehead to a beast system that will very soon use that mark to control who can and cannot access their smart phone to access the “world wide web” to buy and sell:
    Revelation 13:17 and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Father is keeping a book on who will and will not take the mark:

  17. al

    Greg, John looks great. One of my favorite people on your show.

    In a normal world, less than 4% unemployment would call for higher wages. It’s simple supply/demand economics. The very fact that wages have NOT gone up and in some cases went down relative to inflation, shows John’s numbers to be correct. If jobs were plenty, employers would try to attract workers with higher wages. Is that happening? NO!!!

    As for the economic correction, we are overdue as John correctly points out. In 2013 he said the economy would not last beyond 2014 without a deep correction. Was he wrong? No ! The system is deeply rigged. It’s been 5 years since that prognostication and here we are, in deeper trouble papered over by B.S.

    Of late Amazon and Google (two companies who hate Trump) purposely talked down their stock price. Trump called for a 1% rate cut and the Fed did nothing. These entities want to see a crash to get back at Trump. We also have the OIG report coming out then the FISA declas. That has to be factored in.
    There is a political tug of war here that John mentions very nicely. It’s a tug of war that eventually will snap the rope. There are no winners except for people who hold hard assets.

    I live in a desirable area and I’m here to tell you the real estate market is taking a hit. I see signs of economic distress. John is spot on!

    Thanks again Greg for another great interview.

  18. paul ...

    We need more men like John Williams to provide us with the truth … as governments and central banks deliberately promote certain indicators “to present a rosy picture of the economy” while ignoring a whole host of other fundamentals that do not fit their “recovery”narrative” … and if their “chosen indicators” begin to tell a different story … they then rig the numbers in their favor (i.e. like simply lying that the inflation is 2% when it is actually 10%)!!!

  19. MK

    Greg: Thank you for your intelligent questions posed to your guest. Thank you John Williams for your diligent analysis. The bottom line for me is that people lie, but the stats don’t. Coming from my cowgirl background, I’m going to grip the saddle horn tight and ride it out.

    • iwitness02

      Right on MK! That is pretty much the same strategy that I am going with. I have prepared, and am prepared, as best as I am able. When the gate opens, I’ll be as ready as I’m ever going to be. No matter when the gate swings open, I’m going to hang on until the whistle blows. (God willing, and the creek don’t rise.) Just going to have at it. Win or lose, I will have done my best. I can live with that.

  20. Scott

    Outstanding content and a great interview, Greg, as always – thanks much for this.

    Last week Mr. Mannerino, now Mr. Williams – if we could somehow persuade you to bring Michael Pento back on we’d have the financial Trifecta! ^_^

    Thanks for all of the long hours you put in – please keep up the great work …

  21. David

    If, as Brandon Smith of has said, the Federal Reserve is a suicide bomber and their rates hikes have already intentionally set us on a trajectory for a market crash and the destruction of the U.S. economy later this year and next, would the Fed have any reason to lower rates? They have already done their dirty work and are now spinning the narrative in order to shift the blame elsewhere. Keeping rates where they are, and continuing to remove liquidity until sometime this Fall, will assure the deliberate destruction of our economy, which was their plan all along.

    Greg, thank you for giving truth-tellers a platform. Btw, Trump is dancing to the tune of the globalist banking cabal, just like his predecessor, Fraud Obama, did. Kind of a “bad cop, good cop routine” on the national stage. Sad, but it is effective at implementing the banking cartel’s agenda.

  22. mushroom

    abolish medicare, medicaid and social security. No more socialist programs.

  23. Ross Herman

    Greg, perhaps with future interviews you could also explore the slow burn scenario, as it appears no power on earth can force the bankruptcy of the US corporation. The truth is we have been bankrupt for more than a decade and my guess is long before that if proper accounting was ever employed. The slow burn scenario has many wonderful features, as all real wealth and assets can continue its transference to the top 0.01%, while at the same time allowing the mindless masses to remain dormant for a longer period. Not to mention shaking loose any remaining precious metals from those of us who cannot wait a generation to see when or if the fraudulent metals markets are ever released from manipulation.
    As usual, great work Greg!

  24. Alan

    Every Sunday morning I look forward to seeing your podcast with a notable market personality and keeping up with vital economic issues which affect us all. Thank you for all of your efforts to keep us informed. It is very much appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alan!!

  25. Robert Lykens

    Israel vs “palestine”:

    18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.
    19 And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau; and they of the plain the Philistines: and they shall possess the fields of Ephraim, and the fields of Samaria: and Benjamin shall possess
    – Obadiah vv 18, 19

  26. Peter

    I agree with the guest that we do have some inflation (Not alot though). Note gold has performed horribly and lost money considering this inflation, more than any other asset most people own. The GDP rate is higher than it has been in 20 years, so I’m not sure why Williams is claiming otherwise? Under Obama the GDP averaged under 2% and his economic advisors claimed the US would never see GDP rates as high as 3% again.
    If they could have done better they would have played whatever game was necessary, but they failed. When Obama left office the GDP rate was still really low. Trump proved the Obama lackies 100% wrong as expected.

    • William Stanley

      GDP is usually reported after adjustment for inflation. That is, it purports to reflect “real” output. If the measure of inflation is understated, the reported “real” GDP will be overstated (in “constant dollar” or, “real,” terms). Williams thinks that the measure of inflation used to adjust GDP is understated, i.e., that prices are going up faster than the government admits. Therefore, Williams thinks the reported GDP is overstated and the reported rate of growth of (real, inflation adjusted) GDP is, as a consequence, a falsehood.

  27. paul ...

    I’m glad the US globalist neocons surrounding Trump have everything figured out as to where the US will get all the oil it needs to fight this World War “they have now started” … they are not going to get any oil from Russia, they are not going to get any oil from Saudi Arabia (Iran will see to that), they won’t get any oil from Venezuela (after they just tried to get rid of it’s President) … then to top it off these globalist neocons ordered Europe not to buy any oil from Russia nor buy any oil from Iran … but ordered Europe to buy all the oil they need from the US (or they will be sanctioned) … so Europe (our NATO allies) won’t be able to get any oil locally from Russia or the the Saudi’s (as Iran will have the Strait of Hormuz blocked) … I guess … it makes a lot of military sense to these neocons that during this World War they have now started … our NATO allies will be depending solely upon “very long oil supply lines for their oil” … as all their oil will be being shipped from the US “by tankers across the Atlantic Ocean” (like subs can’t sink ships??) … so the globalist neocons around Trump have everything planned out very well … they are sending the US into a World Wide Global War simply depending upon our own “shale oil wells” to supply all the oil our US Military needs and all the oil Europe’s NATO military will need as well … seems like their strategic plan is “very logically thought out” … it’s a “Perfect Prescription for our Military Defeat” … I guess … we shouldn’t be surprised … for isn’t defeat exactly what the globalist traitors want for America … to have both America (and its Constitution with those damn 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, etc. Amendments) totally destroyed!! … any Military General worth his salt should understand this (if they are Patriots) … so explain to me how are you planning to win this Global World War? … how about getting rid of the neocons that have provided you with just one fuel supply … and forcing you to ship this oil and gas to US and NATO troops across the Atlantic “in vulnerable tankers”???

  28. paul ...

    The lines have now been drawn (for our children to fight) … like Bush did before … we now have a new “Axis of Evil” (China, Russia and Iran) … so all we have to do now is … send our kids to war … then put some pop corn in the microwave .. and watch the gladiatorial games begin (as portrayed to you on CCN)!!! …

    • paul ...

      Well folks … this is exactly what the neocons wanted … now “we ordinary people” have to live with the consequences (or should I say die for what these neocons have wrought upon our heads)!!! …

      • paul ...

        No one took my concerns “to stop the killing of women and children to heart” so as to make a start toward peace … now we are likely going to be told that Israeli politicians and military men had no idea this would happen … like they couldn’t conceive of their Iron Dome being overwhelmed with massive missile launches??? … it’s just more neocon bullshit folks … our Holy Land Jesus that walked upon “preaching peace and brotherhood to all mankind) is now being smashed with rockets because politicians simply don’t know how to negotiate a peaceful settlement!! …

        • paul ...

          You know … we elected Trump to prevent war … we didn’t elect him to get Israel’s enemy’s even more madder then they already were … but no one wanted to hear anything remotely disparaging about Bibi or electing someone else to negotiate with the Palestinians … now look … at what is happening to our Holy Land!!

  29. Bill

    GREG; 2 items
    1 I believe Trump will keep all he financial balls in the air until after 2020 election.
    \2 Even with a financial collapse, it wont get rid of all the know nothing, greedy,politicians in Congress, who will see to it that they get pay no matter what.

  30. paul ...

    Yes … let’s duly praise John Bolton “for getting Armageddon started” … only Israel is in flames right now … bet “no one” can see American cities under similar attack … right?? … it’s because politicians like Bolton as Maddow says “are just ordinary men” (who don’t know how to negotiate without throwing bombs)!!! …

  31. H. Craig Bradley


    Here is yet another view on current financial trends and an alternative view as to where it may be going.

  32. mike r

    Stock valuations are SKY HIGH, so I’d look for a major crash starting on Monday. The market was HEAVILY betting on a China Trade deal, and Trump just pulled the plug on that. In fact, that is ALL they have had to bet on. Google’s major miss was NOT a head scratcher. They missed bc Ad revenue is WAY down, and small business has found at the end of the cycle, Google ADs is a HUGE waste of money. Huge.

    Look for all the gains since the bottom last year to be wiped out in short order.

    By end of May, everyone who was holding, will have sold.

    Williams is right on everything he says.

    • Tom

      I’ll bet a silver dollar that you’re wrong.

  33. brvalentine

    There is no one better than John Williams when it comes to the Real numbers. The US as well as the globe has been in Recession or, I would liken it to a soft Depression for the past 18 years.

    Nothing has been addressed for quite some time now with respect to global economic conditions/causes. Instead, the global financial structure has been merely Papered Over with Debt prolonging the inevitable.

    In essence, the sills of the structure are termite infested that have been in dire need of replacement, yet no one has the political will to address the matters, unfortunately.

    Thus, we continue to witness massive Fraud; Corruption; Lies; Cheating; Stealing (and worse) and the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, globally, while those partaking in the Heist keep the masses misdirected and placated.

    No need to go through the numbers as Mr. Williams has laid it all out in plain sight for all to see for many years now.

    Comfortably Numb

    • Mike R

      soft depression for 18 years. Sounds like its time to start a war to erase the debts. Scary part is that Russia thinks we are going to start a war. So does Iran. So does China. So does NK. And so does Venezuela. And probably Syria.
      Where there is smoke, there is fire, and it looks like we are seeking to start a hot war somewhere, anywhere, that will result in the ability to ‘erase debts.’ Trump’s trade war could easily turn into a hot war. Go back to what triggered 1941, and Japan’s aspirations, and how the US was denying them access to natural resources. The US effectively started that war. Its been a war mongering scoundrel ever since. The US has no desire to dislodge itself from the middle east. Trillions spent, and millions have died, mostly on the opposite side. But they are dead. If you are every other country, you fear the US, at least from a citizen perspective. Sadly, I would say the odds are better than 50%, that the US gets into a major hot war prior to 2025. the seeds have been planted for one, even if Trump doesn’t actively seek one.

      If Trump wasn’t fighting for trade ‘fairness’ nobody else would be. Apparently US government (other than Trump) would rather let our enemies eat our lunch, dinner, and next day’s breakfast, and keep losing manufacturing jobs, wages stagnate, because that keeps the international corps happy as long as they can profit from it all.

      They can’t inflate away the debts, so ultimately, there is only war that is in the minds of people who ‘decide’ these things. Don’t get me wrong. China has massive debts too. So the logical outcome is that China would get into a war with the US, since both countries want to rid themselves of massive debts. It might start through a ‘proxy’ however, such as NK, or Iran, or Venezuela.

  34. john duffy

    Moving story of Christians in China.

  35. Coalburner

    Dear Denton, you will be right once and that will make up for all the stuff. I believe in the meantime there are ways to help yourself if you open your mind to other opportunities. Not easy, and must be careful.

  36. Coalburner

    Greg; Your conversation touched on a subject I have been pondering and John made a comment that more or less agreed with me. When we go out to buy anything in today’s world there are new factors to consider about whether we get out moneys worth. I can give one little example that rings clearly. I am remodeling a bathroom so I went to one of our local chain hardware stores and I shop them all for the best deal and quality and now have another reason why. I wanted a new modernized commode for when I get old….er. So…. I listened to the Veteran working there evaluate the different brands and he had installed his pick with success. I took his word and bought one. With every discount I could wrangle I got out the door with a good product for $170 dollars, full kit with everything. I have repaired many so I knew the flush valve was a ten plus dollar item and that and other better newer designed gear was in the package. So earlier in the afternoon , I unboxed the gear, checking for all the materials I would need. It will install quickly and has all the parts including some new small but cheap designs that will speed the installation. There offer to install was about $90. Looks like a 45 minute job if I find no snags. I often get snagged like that but it looked very good quality. I am sitting here listening to you and John and thinking well, some things are actually cheaper, usually imported, like the washer we got two years ago from Korea, what a pain in the posterior for breakdown and repair. So… I get up go look at my new equipment and it says from Mexico. Ah…ha. My made here Ford and Honda stuff from Japan known for quality is much more expensive, some things are worth it. But I think I will win both ways on that commode from Mexico.
    Note the Quality of gold is as good as ever and relatively cheap. And so are a lot of other things. but we put them off our buy list until the price starts to jump. What’s with that? Do the job you need to do when the prices are better. Do the other job later.

  37. John M.

    John Williams is an honest analyst within a political and economic system that is absolutely corrupt to the core. He says the inflation rate is about 9% (and other analysts say this might be the case since 2008), so we have effectively been in recession for a decade or more. True unemployment at 21% or more. I guess if it’s not reported as such then everything must be dandy on our wonderful land of make-believe.
    Hmmm, I wonder what happens when hyperinflation really gets rolling and the public gets angry about expensive and scarce necessity items — and we are talking about more than just obscene medical and educational costs.
    I hope Trump is man enough for the big job that is ahead of him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Trump and I’m putting all my hope in him as there are simply no alternatives. Ultimately of course, God is the only one who can help us, possibly by using Trump as His instrument.
    If it wasn’t for Donald, many of us might be in Gulags already, if not worse. But I don’t envy what he must do to save America because history proves that war and death comes from hyperinflation and social instabilities.

  38. john duffy

    “What is going on here? Why are they going after Barr with such ferocity?

    It has nothing to do with the Mueller Report, or the four-page summary, or the timing of the release of the full report.

    It was Barr’s comments about spying on the Trump campaign, and his pledge to investigate that spying, that explains the frenzy to take down Barr. That spying, regardless of whether lawful, has the potential to be a scandal that could touch deep into the Obama administration, and some former officials who loom large in the anti-Trump resistance.”

  39. anthony bona, m.d.

    the deficit spending runs 6-800 billion to a trillion a year now routinely. treasuries are issued and the money is spent, and even though so much is wasted it enters the economy. if they say the economy is 18 or 19 trillion, then the addition of 1 trillion yearly to spending adds 4% growth right off the bat. they adjust for 2% inflation and you get 2% growth [which is a fake number]. using 4-5% inflation at a minimum and you get -1 to -2% growth every year, chronically. the only thing that makes no sense is here in south Carolina there are job openings everywhere and wages are rising and we are booming. I also don’t know why federal tax receipts are sky high, minorities are working at record levels, business surveys are modestly optimistic , consumer confidence is fairly decent, 70% of people think the economy is good and credit trump. none of this makes any sense. the same applies for my home state of ohio where I grew up. it seems the only places doing very poorly are libtard run areas like California, Illinois, etc. places under dem control are almost like Venezuela. thus in summary it seems to me if a trillion of deficit spending goes away the 4% ”growth” baseline vanishes and we deteriorate dramatically.

    • Tom

      Tony, md,

      Even here in libtard Illinois, jobs a very plentiful, with a sign looking for employees on nearly every fast food joint. Housing prices rising every month. Only problem is the jobs pay $10-$16 an hour and you can’t survive on that and buy a small house for $225,000.

  40. paul ...

    The Book of Revelation symbolized the evils to come “At The End Of The World” … with Four Horses of the Apocalypse … a rider of a white horse representing CONQUEST … and the rider of a red horse representing WAR … seems Bolton and Pompeo fit the Bible prophecy to a tee … and likely in a very short time we will know who will ride the black horse of famine and the pale horse of plague!!

  41. Jerry

    This is Twilight Zone stuff.

    At the same time Morgan Stanley is talking up a new high on Wall Street I am hearing about EFT theft at several banks. I know of at least three people who have reported having ghost accounts set up in their banks using forged credit cards ( without their knowledge) and having thousands of dollars laundered through these accounts. One I know in particular hired a top level accountant to try and unravel the scheme, but much to his surprise it was so complex that he has turned it over to a federal fraud investigator to try and get answers. In all cases it has been determined that the fraud occurred inside the banks system. Whether it is done by bank insiders, or cyber theft is still unknown? However if liquidity is beginning to seize up in the banks, this could be another scheme (just like the subprime mortgage scheme) to launder money using unsuspecting account holders. In any case I would advise readers to keep an eye on their bank accounts, and check credit statements for any suspicious activities. Most of the people I have talked to, did not know that anything was wrong for several months, because funds were being moved from one account to the next. The banks all claim they had no knowledge. Meanwhile the one account holder I know, is on the hook for a least eighty thousand dollars. It’s still under investigation.

  42. Liberty

    This is becoming very confusing,
    I do not understand, he is in accordance with Trump for decreasing the borrowing rate in order to get more liquidity in the market, increase the lending etc… All this make no sense since the money will be borrowing money not real money and you will only like Peter Schiff always said keep giving drugs to an addict and you are delaying the problem and increasing the problem and it will get worse in the future .

    • Greg Hunter

      I think they are going to run the system until it blows and then have a gigantic default around the globe, but what do I know??

      • Liberty

        Thank you Greg for taking the time to give your opinion on my comment. It is really appreciated.
        I think the same also unfortunately. This will be affecting too many people. It will be very bad…..
        People need to prepare and do not listen to MSM listen to USA watch dog

        Best Regards

  43. Mohammad

    What is POTUS afraid of?

    Let him testify and all of us can hear from the horse’s mouth what Mueller really found.

    Why he does not want him to testify?

    No collusion, then testifying will change nothing and all of us will rest assured that this is the case and file is closed.



    • Greg Hunter

      The House is not of higher power than the Executive branch — they are equal. The House is looking for dirt and an issue as Mueller has failed to generate a cause to remove Trump. Appropriating Spending bills is the main function of the House. The House does not have control of the DOJ and FBI. These are in the Executive branch under the control of the President. The Dems are in deep trouble with Barr and Trump and they are trying to mount a defense.

  44. paul ...

    You know … like we don’t have enough problems (with our warmongering neocons) … now we also have to be concerned with what our loony tune doctors are doing … they are putting human DNA into mice … all we need now is to have the mice population begin to learn how to talk and gain the ability to start a fire … then imagine our problems … when one day the top general of the mouse army threatens humanity and demands payment of a certain quantity of “cheese” (a hard asset) from the human race every year … and if we fail to make the required payment … an order will be given to the mice armies around the world to burn down our human cities!! …

    • paul ...

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the warmongering Satanist neocons have already weaponized mice … to have them carry incendiary devices on their backs … that could be detonated by the neocons after dropping them off in some city they want to destroy … leaving no trail back to them … and giving the Satanists the ability to blame the catastrophic fire on God the Father (saying it was just “An Act of God)!!!

  45. Matt Jaymes

    I always enjoy Mr. Williams commentary, facts – no hyperbole.

    I have an idea for a new guest on “The Dawg” whom could prove to be interesting, I’ve been following his analysis for a couple months and he has a great handle on the fantasy Trump/Russian collusion. Where he falls apart is the economic analysis, ( He and Greg Manarrino would end up in a rumble!) Maybe give a shout-out to Dan Bongino and see if he can add something of substance. All FWIW.

    Great job as always, Greg!

    Matt Jaymes

  46. paul ...

    Lets thank God (and some sane human minds) that a cease fire was announced and seems to be holding … at least the rockets have stopped falling on Israel … the United States helped by saying “it is not seeking war with the Iranian regime” … and the Iranian’s have responded by stopping their massive escalation in Gaza … this is a good start … now lets hope negotiations can lower tensions even more … perhaps by a relaxation of Washington’s punishing economic sanctions on Iran … in return for Iran agreeing to relax its military expansion into Syria … but the good news is that the rockets have stopped falling and sane people are talking instead of fighting … is a very good thing … may God bless the peacemakers!!

  47. paul ...

    I think the neocons have overplayed their hand … as some reports are suggesting the thinking in Tehran has changed … such that any future negotiation with the Trump administration (that is trying to stop Iran from selling any oil with crushing sanctions and has designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as terrorists) needs something much better to negotiate with … like going nuclear … so it looks like Iran has been forced by the Washington neocons to pull out of the quote “nuclear deal” that Europe wants (just as the US unilaterally did) … hopefully they are only figuring on doing what North Korea did … to get the US to the negotiating table … and not to change the strategic power balance in the Middle East by becoming a powerful nuclear competitor nation in its own right!

  48. Diane

    This kind of explains why the world is always in some sort of turmoil

  49. paul ...

    Better yet … Americans need an IRS jubilee … if Trump simply dissolves the IRS as being “illegal” under the Constitution … people will not only have more money in their pockets to boost the economy … but Trump won’t have to release his IRS records “that no longer have any legal validity”!! …

  50. paul ...

    It’s not only me … Patrick Buchanan has similar thoughts …

  51. paul ...

    Wow … imagine if we were lucky enough to have some Nation in the world tell our Supreme Court of the United States “to return to its Constitutional mandate and uphold the rule of law and get rid of all the “commies” in Washington who want to destroy our 1st and 2nd Amendments (otherwise our Supreme Court Justices will all be held accountable for their inaction) … wouldn’t that be just great!! …

  52. WD

    Basically my angle on precious metals is SILVER SILVER SILVER,,,,,Its price is stuck b/w $14-$16 ounce….I bought $300 in older pre 1964 coins 3 months ago and nothing since then…..and a few coins every other month…..I stopped drinking coffee out and so why not do this. Not even going to try for gold. Understand the spot price for silver is constantly below its mining costs….??? How is that possible…..SUPPRESSION!! Its not hard to see and its sooooo cheap.
    If its really going to explode, and I think it has to…I just do a few pieces every other few months ( maybe 3x a year) in fact I only bought once earlier. My retirement is nearly 100% in dividend paying blue chip stocks. And whatever may happen, will happen.

    I have a couple of guns with a few hundred bullets……I can only do my best and rely on God’s guidance and protection.

  53. Tom

    Has John ever explained why he was so wrong when he was predicting a huge hyperinflation before the end of 2014 ?

    • Greg Hunter


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