Record Swings of Deflation and Inflation Coming-Michael Pento

Michael PentoBy Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Michael Pento says the Fed and other global central banks are “not going to stop manipulating the markets.” Pento explains, “There is no escape from the manipulation by central banks and manipulation of asset prices. There is no escape of manipulation of interest rates, of money supply growth, of stock values and of bond prices. They can never stop. . . . Just a hint that this massive manipulation of all markets and asset classes might end someday sends them crashing. So, there is no escape in Japan, China, Europe and the United States. That means we are headed for massive bouts of wild swings between inflation and deflation, the likes of which we have never before seen in the history of economics.”

Pento contends the manipulation will stop when countries “lose control of their currencies.” Pento contends, China may be the first big domino to fall and points out, “China is going to lose control of its currency. They have more bad loans today, about $650 billion worth of defaulting loans, than our entire subprime mortgage market circa 2006. Their currency has to collapse. They are trying to manage this, and they manage everything to the hundredth decimal point in China. China manages everything, and they admit to it. . . . They are trying to not let bad loans wash out. They are trying to keep them afloat. What’s going to give way is their currency. The renminbi is going to collapse. That has massive repercussions to all those East Asian trading blocks and their relationship to the dollar’s value. This is not going to go away. China is a Sino scam artist country, and it will collapse just like the rest of the world’s markets and economy.”

Pento also warns, “One thing you cannot fake, you cannot fake the amount of revenue that comes into the government’s coffers. That’s what’s available to service debt. That you cannot fake. When that amount of income diminishes, you are left with currency monetization–debt monetization. This is printing of your currency, counterfeiting your currency and buying debt. That’s where we are headed. That’s what happened in Georgia, Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, Hungary, and it’s going to happen again. It’s not going to happen in some isolated banana republic or a small part of the developed world. It’s going to happen across the developed world. All of the major economies are going to fall into the same trap. It’s going to be a currency depreciation derby, and gold is going to be the big winner.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

When asked which presidential candidate do you like? Pento responded, “I don’t really like any of them.” He added that GOP front runner Donald Trump’s biggest effect, if he wins in November, will be on trade. Pento contends, “Short term, a Trump presidency would be negative, but long term, it would be a big positive. When you see lopsided trade imbalances with China and Japan, it shows the trade deals are no good and are job killers.” You can find free information and analysis on and you can also buy a copy of his book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse” there as well.

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  1. Jerry

    I am still mulling over the chart that Greg Mannarino showed us last Wednesday. Under normal market conditions it is apparent that the markets are repeating the 2007 cycle again. But these are not normal market conditions. The markets are totally manipulated, and the main market driver is the Federal Reserve Bank. Not manufacturing or sales.

    I think the Central Banks have adopted the theory that they’re in so deep with derivatives and credit default swap debt, that they might as go full bore since there is no way of backing out of the markets without a collapse. As they say in my neck of the woods “their going to pour the cobs to until the wheels come off”.

    Pento is wrong about the Chinese currency collapse. Dead wrong. Having said that, here is the X-factor. GOLD. The Chinese Gold benchmark on April 19th will go along way in determining whether we have a gradual market decline, or an all out crash.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. April could prove to be the month of fools. Interesting times indeed.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Why would the Chinese take the time to develop a communications satellite that can’t be hacked?

      Two plus two my friends. AIIB + CIPS + Gold = Goodbye Petrodollar. The Banks are prepositioned with AIIB for high frequency trading and the quantum satellite (that will go online in July) provides the perfect conduit to conduct transactions without central bank interference. Say what you want to about the Chinese, but no one can argue that they are masters at duplication. They have managed to duplicate the Bretton Woods IMF economic system, and SWIFT delivery system in less than seven years.

      I read all the time about how the Chinese economy is floundering. That analogy is meaningless, because in the not to distant future, they and the BRIC nations will be operating under a totally separate set of economic rules Taylor made to fit their own agenda, not ours. The bigger question is what are we going to do, when the United States looses exclusive rights to Reserve Currency Status? What will we do, when other countries refuse to accept the dollar for trade? Forget about the central banks dream of a cashless society. The BRIC alliance will never go along with it, when they hold the lions share of the worlds gold. Market manipulation by the central banks is not on their agenda. But resetting the markets using gold as a benchmark is. Thus the April 19th date looms larger as investors line up in Shanghai.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        You asked:
        “The bigger question is what are we going to do, when the United States looses exclusive rights to Reserve Currency Status? What will we do, when other countries refuse to accept the dollar for trade?”
        ……ummmmmmmmm…….panic maybe?

      • SaveUs

        Jerry I could not have said it any better myself. You are one of the few who has this financial geopolitical thing worked out. let’s add the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the list. Also check out March 5, 2016, By James James Corbett: China One Belt One Road Vision For Global Trade. First Chinese cargo train arrives in Iran via Silk Road.

      • Linda L.

        I think you’re right. China isn’t collecting massive amounts of gold for nothing. In addition to, China has taken our worthless dollars to improve their infrastructures, roads, built entire new cities, high speed modern trains, where the US infrastructures etc. are all in terrible disrepair, our gold reserves are most likely depleted, and our corporations are headed overseas. As our entire system continues to fold down/collapse, it’s unfortunate but I think that China may come out this mess in MUCH better condition than America (by way of the thieving “criminal crony class”).

        • Jim

          One could just as easily say

          “The US isn’t giving away all its gold for nothing – they know it will be worthless soon and China will be left holding the bag.”

      • Jerry

        In my never ending quest to inform your readers about the impact of the Chinese Gold Market, and more specifically the Gold Benchmark in April, I highly recommend reading this link. Enjoy.

      • FC

        Jerry, my fingers are crossed on the info and dates you have provided, because l’m sick of seeing my friends pocket huge profits on investments we are told to stay away from, if you want to be protected from the collapse.

    • Curious George

      Yes yes. Any moment now. April Fool’s Day. April 19th. What’s one date after another? I mean eventually you’ll right one of these days… My question is why such an investment in the precise day? Have you seen the move 13 Cloverfield Lane? You know that John Goodman character? Scary dude that kept preaching about the end of days and then when it comes he’s stuck in the basement with a girl that he kidnapped.

      Point is stop and think. Let go of your paranoia and live. Yes there are problems, but life is short. Go outside, take a breath of the spring air. Its beautiful right now. Enjoy life. the world won’t end, unless of course Planet X will come later this year and vaporize us like some on here believe. And if that happens, welps que sera sera. c’est la vie. Enjoy the precious moments you got.

      • Jerry

        I’ve died twice so I appreciate everyday I get. Judging from your statement, so should you, because you probably won’t be around long when the SHTF if all you have is PMA.

      • Kasey

        So George, basically you want to just not worry about the way things are headed and stick your head in the sand to go outside and enjoy the day? No, thanks.

        I, for one, very much appreciate the effort and analysis given from Jerry…keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get you down!

      • Vince Shook

        Hi George,
        In support of your take on all of this: Japan has been playing this game of “Monopoly” money for almost 30 years now. No revolution or mass protests there. Our central bankers (Fed) have taken note. Thus, the same will most probably go on in America for far longer than most commenting here want to believe.

        • Jim

          One theory is that its a setup and they can pull the plug whenever they like. This means that the possibility or likelihood of collapse is predictable, but not the timing.

          Can anyone disprove that with hard evidence? It’s hard. So many opinions…

      • dbcooper

        CG, Please bear in mind that paranoia is ‘ an unjustified fear and a form of psychosis’ … that said. IMHO Jerry is not paranoid but fearful as we all should be and he is relentless, Thanks Jerry. I would also add that though we are told to ‘ Fear Not’ this is the same as aspiring to walk in the foot steps of Christ … we do not get it right all the time but we keep trying. I am praying daily for the safety of Donald Trump and his family. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Paul

      Jerry … your right about “not being in normal times” where a chart like Mannarino’s is portending a crash … and yes … China’s currency collapse could be “mitigated” with a gold reset … but at least Pento (unlike Harry Dent) “gets it” … holding fiat under your mattress during a “deflationary period” is a fools game (yes “short term” we can buy things like oil, copper, silver, etc. for less dollars) but “Dent’s strategy” will kill everyone holding fiat “long term” … yes we are in the mist of “world wide deflation” (look at the Baltic Dry Index Chart) … but because world central banks are printing fiat overtime … making “all fiat” less valuable (to fight the deflation) … what good will the $30,000 fiat dollars under your mattress be (you were saving to buy a new car) when a new car will cost you $300,000 fiat dollars in a short time (right in the very mist of deflation) … all must begin to realize as Pento does … that the world wide deflationary economic collapse now taking place is being accompanied by world wide currency monetization … so as to provide stability to the now wobbly fiat Ponzi scheme (things that would rightfully cost less will be made to cost more) … so right in the mist of an economic downturn the stock market will “rise instead of crash” (in nominal dollar terms) … the cash saved under your mattress will become “less valuable” because you will need “more and more” of this increasingly worthless fiat to buy something … only “right now” today is a dollar saved under your mattress able to buy you “more” gold and silver … but very soon (as the world central banks take emergency action to flood the world with fiat) the “Dent strategy” will serve to destroy you … and the price of gold and silver (in ever worthless currency) will rise in nominal terms … so it’s just about time to begin taking our US dollars (the last best fiat currency in the world) out from under the mattress and begin purchasing things … things that will cost more fiat dollars in the future (like gold and silver) … as a means to preserve any little wealth we have left!

      • Jerry

        I’m following my grandpas playbook that he used during the depression. Hyperinflation will hit first until it wipes every paper asset out, and then the markets will flat line. Those that can hold hard assets until the reset comes (assuming they survive) will come out the other end with wealth as fire sales will be the order of the day. When the housing bubble popped in Florida, a $280,000 house was going for $85,000 with cash in the barrelhead.

        • WD


          The book “The Coming Deflation” predicts that and it gives excellent reasons why….many reasons why…

          Great read! Take care

    • TERRY

      hey young man……just one ???? when is china gobal gold market going to open…start ect…no one seem to nooooo..can you please find out greg you the man. thank you

    • southernpatriot

      Hey Jerry, I have a question for you. Could China’s fragile economy be design to pull down another countries currency and crash it’s stock market on purpose. I say that because if there buying all of that gold and silver why not use it to their benefit in shoring up their economy? Of course they may still be planning to back there own currency with that Gold and Silver! You have yourself a good day . SP

      • Jerry

        Southern Patriot.
        I simply think the emerging nations have caught on to the fact that our entire system is fraudulent and rigged against them. Honestly I can’t blame them for not wanting to carry our debt anymore, and form their own exchange system. For every dollar printed in QE requires another currency to take the hit. Lets not forget the Chinese gave us two things.
        – Three trillion dollars
        – Seven years to get our financial house in order.
        Time is up.

        • southernpatriot

          Thank you for the feed back. I’m not into stocks just farming. As a youngster I was buying old coins, junk coins. I glad I kept them. It’s hitting the fan as we speak. good luck. SP

      • WD


        That is what Bill Holter is saying… read his web site

    • R B

      Hey Jerry ? have you seen the movie Hellstorm what an eye opener

  2. 8Ball

    The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History: Yugoslavia 1993-94

    • Rob

      Hi Jerry and Greg!
      Both Greg Mannarino and Micheal Pento are correct. Greg’s chart goes back to the 90’s and the markets were managed back through then as well. The TPTB desire these wild swings for two reasons:
      1) Make money in both directions.
      2) Bring about a desired outcome.

      Pento may or may not know it but he is simply proving the distortions in markets that are necessary to bring about what has been forecast for thousands of years:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      This mark can not come until the world has a complete hatred for their nations fiat currencies and the wild instability between inflation and deflation that the currency pairs create when massive distortion via money printing is touted as a fix.

      Micheal’s forecasts should be obvious by this summer to even the most asleep sheep but the majority will accept the fix to this manufactured crises by this fall. It will be a covenant the G20 agrees on this fall that will phase out all cash as a global electronic currency is phased in over a 1260 day period being the first half of the tribulation:

      Revelation 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that there they may nourish her a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

      For more details on whats soon to come please check out this link:

      In CHRIST! Rob

    • Grafique

      I read the article. It’s a classic example of what happens when the free market is hijacked by Big Government.

      Sure would hate to see that happen here.

  3. Oxfarmer

    The loss of our manufacturing base, in my opinion, has done more to destroy this country than anything else, except our rejection of God. Not only did the jobs go overseas, all the equipment went, too. So you can’t buy something as simple as a bath towel made in USA, and it’s not like the looms are sitting in a dusty building waiting for the right economic moment.

    I researched this and found that one after another, manufacturers of basic commodities either folded or moved. They couldn’t compete. They’ve gone to China, India and Bangladesh. When manufacturing flourishes, so do support system businesses and all kinds of small entrepreneurs, restaurants, hardware stores, clothiers, etc.. When I was growing up this was the norm, and kids my age would go directly from high school to the local plants and start a family. This is now a distant dream. The little Main Streets are boarded up or bulldozed except one town, locally, which has brought in manufacturers. Ironically, most are headquarters of overseas production.

    I have one question, Greg. I am taking a lot of heat for insisting on preps and self sustainability. People point out that many folks like Celente, von Geretz, Mannarino and Pento predict a dire outcome that hasn’t occurred, at least not in their lives, and that each year for the last several was going to be THE year it all fell spart. The planes still fly to Disney, the grocery stores are full, Walmarts still flouish. Greg, do you have any advice for me?

    • Greg Hunter

      I really don’t. You can either understand the math of the situation and prepare or you don’t. I will say the former Fed President Richard Fisher saying the Fed injected “Cocaine and Heroin” into the system should scare anyone. There is a reason why he is saying this now. You either get ready to live or get ready to die. It is that simple and a choice only you can make.

      • Mohammad


        Fisher meant it literally, it is narco dollar that is propping wall street..!
        When Russia disrupted that supply line, market started rolling over.


      • B

        It’s more than just about food, water and prep’s!
        It about good vs evil! You must choose a side!


        The Agenda 2030 conference in Paris is being guided by 17 goals which contains targets that will forever alter humanity and change the planet forever. Of particular concern is goal #12, as it is the conduit from which the globalist depopulation agenda will be ushered in.

        Following the planned economic collapse, Agenda 2030 will enforce the most brutal austerity programs ever conceived of, or ever enforced. Just as it was in the Hunger Games movie, all food, water and medicine will be rationed. Inhabitants will be forced to take the Mark of the Best, the dreaded but largely unkown RFID chip. We are already witnessing the birth of a cashless society. Soon, cash will be banned. Automation will bring promises of unlimited food production. The public will be sold on the widespread use of robots to achieve this goal. It will be a ruse. The goal is to replace human workes with robots. The globalsists will horde the food in order to help wipe out the ‘useless eaters’ through starvation. Then the population will be forced into a devastating World War III. Subsequently, Ted Turner and the other globlaists will be able to achieve their goals of reducing the world’s population to a low of 500,000,000.

        Prepare now for now for time is very short.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Interesting post!

          Down here in NZ we have been forced by govt regulation to RFID chip all our cattle….all 10 million of them.
          This has been implemented under the guise of being absolutely essential for traceability of product from pasture to plate, and to help in tracking disease outbreak.

          In reality, the system forced on us has been expensive, dangerous, unreliable and problematic and could have been accomplished much more easily without RFID. But no we had to have them and I always thought that this was highly suspicious in the manner in which it was imposed when there were cheaper more practical alternatives available.

          Of course, NZ is just another pathetic vassal state of the AAA, and a no doubt a very convenient “field test” for a system that in reality is ultimately being tested and developed for a profoundly sinister and much larger agenda. This is all about lifetime 24/7 tracking technology for animals…..and humans!

          The next phase of this agenda will be compulsory implants globally for all humans and at that stage mankind will be able to be traced 24/7 for their lifetime by central Govt. This will be accomplished no doubt under the guise of protecting us from terrorism and for disease control as well.

          Yes, we have been caught napping yet again and in essence, conned into helping subsidise and develop a technology that will eventually be used to completely enslave and control humanity.


          • susan

            The economicagriconomy is so controlled by the government. They have to jump through hoops, etc. If people had a clue about what farmers and ranchers have to go through to just raise cattle and wheat. Everything is so manipulated and messed up that the only ones who will survive will be those who are totally self-sufficient. Sorry folks, if you live in a city, you probably won’t make it. They have so destroyed America.

          • Jim the farmer

            We have it here in Indiana too. Not sure how strong the enforcement is at this point but all 4-H animals have it to attend the county fair. Animals I believe are tagged w/ rfid chips at the local livestock auctions too. Obviously an animal on pasture with little human interaction through life is not really into having an rfid chip installed in their ear. About $3 per animal. Chip is assigned to a farm location not a person at this time. As farm ownership may change.

          • Bridget Doherty

            Colin, Sounds like this encompasses the whole world eventually, not just the Anglo American Alliance. One world disorder, with Yugoslav inflation!

        • David Clumpner

          That definitely appears to be “Mans’ Plan” as per Georgia Guidestones, Turner, Gates et al.
          But recall another episode like this occurring around 4500 yrs ago involving “Mans’ Plan” to build a “Tower to the Heaven”.
          G-D intervened.
          We’ll see how far He allows this to continue awa Kursweil’s ‘Man becoming G-D’ Singularity and Transhumanism.

        • WD


          I can understand certain psychos wanting to depopulate the world. What I dont agree with is how.

          Why would you anyone want to be in the fallout of nuclear ashes or absolute destruction?

          They have unimaginable genetically engineered viruses that could easily do the same thing without the collateral destruction.

          Look at what the Spanish Flu did millions and millions killed. Don’t you think they can “manipulate” that virus to get what they want? They have viruses that are designated toward specific ethnic groups/races. Why crap where you eat?

    • art barnes

      Oxfarmer: A lot of the manufacturers were not forced to more, their board of directors decided in order to maximize profits would manufacturer the goods in third world countries and import those same goods back and sell at tremendous profits, as one did the others did as well to keep up; kind of like if the first row in a foot game stands up the rest have to as well in order to see. I might add the the shareholder asset class never stopped and demoted their boards to stop this practice. This is tantamount to cutting off the hand that feeds you. The 40 year practice of outsourcing our markets for quick profits have came to an end now as there is not enough wealth in the middle class left to sustain their off shore profit making which I believe is good thing. To be redundant, the corportions sold us out along with the asset/shareholder class. I am of the same generation as you and going to high school and then to work at a plant or otherwise with a living wage job & starting a family is pretty much a pipe dream now – too bad too because it was a good country. America the beautiful we will all miss you, at least those who knew it way back when. a

      • lastmanstanding

        One thing that most if not all miss on the off-shore jobs subject/decision Art is that American’s did this to American’s…and let me add that none of them have lost a single second of sleep over it and all have exponentially increased their wealth.

    • brian

      I’m not so sure any preparations can be made for the collapse of the society we live in. I would say our only hope is to use the courts to deal with all the crimes that led us here, but there are no functioning courts with which to achieve this. On top of that we don’t even have any laws to measure these criminal acts against anymore.

      Sadly, its not like all this suddenly came to be, instead we watched it unfold right in front of us over a period of time spanning several generations, and now towards what looks to be the end of this tragedy we are all scrambling and looking for some way to make it through.

      After all that has been done, and after all that has not been done all that is left is to pray to God, repent and accept the strength to endure the coming pile of lukewarm, mealy shit that is going to be dumped on us.

      • Diane D.

        Brian, I agree “we watched it unfold right in front of us over a period of time spanning several generations”. That is no reason to continue ‘watching’. Like you say, with God there is always hope.

        I hear phrase ‘God will provide’ so often that a yellow flag goes up. In many cases perhaps ‘God has ALREADY provided’. He has showered Americans especially with bountiful blessings including liberty. Maybe He waiting for US to do something rather than wait for more from Him. How many times have you seen people overcome adversity using blessings (skills, knowledge, ingenuity, perseverance, ability to compose compute rationalize memorize…) that God had ALREADY provided. God expect us to provide for and protect our loved ones.

        We are probably the same age as Oxfarmer. We grew up as Americans, not American’ts. We don’t know ‘quit’.

        • Bridget Doherty

          Diane me thinks it’s time to preach the good news, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom. God save the King!

        • brian

          I guess what could be said is that we really need to come to a point of truly understanding what this nation is founded upon and come to know for ourselves from what wellspring our liberty is birthed from as well as to what degree it is our own responsibility and need to secure and maintain such a precious source of wealth.

          If you ask me, that can only start by acknowledging in prayer what a complete and undeniable failure we have been to the God that has obviously entrusted us with so much.

        • RTW

          I agree with you that, God has provided us with all the materials and means to use them. It’s up to us to either survive or perish with what has been provided. It’s called Free Will.

    • andyb

      Oxfarmer: you are taking heat because the vast majority of Americans don’t realize that they are the proverbial frogs in a boiling pot. The US has been changed incrementally over the decades by Marxist ideology in the social arena and by fascist corporatism in the economic area. Religion, education, family values, the Rule of Law and the Bill of Rights have all been under attack (and unfortunately destroyed) by these two insidious ideologies. The agenda is to maintain the status quo of debt serfdom and criminality which includes purposeful incremental genocide on a global basis, not just from never ending wars but also from vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, etc. No one knows when it will end, or if it will. But there are obvious signs that an economic implosion is just around the corner that the elites have backed themselves in to. Whether the implosion will be intended or organic makes no difference; you still have to be prepared for it by any means that you can.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      People tend to forget things like how much the purchasing power of the dollar has eroded. Back in the seventies a matinee movie ticket was $1. People fussed when it went up to $1.25 then $1.50. Now people pay $8 or $10 without blinking. It’s true we haven’t had The Apocalypse, but dire things have happened over the years. The general public shrugs it off without understanding what really happened.

  4. Scott

    First Greg Mannerino, now Michael Pento: USA Watchdog firing on all cylinders, of late.


  5. Andrew

    Greg, the junk bond collapse in the shale industry is coming. Follow this company: SandRidge Energy, Inc. and you will see what I’m talking about. Poster boy example. They are finding ways to restructure their debt. Insiders are selling the stock, they have hired Houlihan Lokey Inc, to assist them in analysing and considering financial and strategic alternatives. Basically just kick the can down the road. The stock is worth 8 cents. They have no way out. Get ready Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are totally correct sir. This is part of the perfect storm of default coming.

  6. Wess

    I always enjoy Michael Pento.
    No doom and gloom just straight reality presented with
    logical facts. I like him the best because other then his book
    which is factual reality, he does not sell metal or push his
    investment service. Michael Pento is one of your most
    credible guests. Thank You for bringing him on.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Excuse me, Wess, but Pento did push his investment service about 15:19 mark. Not criticizing him for it because people basically do these kind of interviews for publicity, but anyone who thinks he didn’t isn’t paying attention.

  7. Tommy

    In the 90’s people were freaking out because we were losing our manufacturing base; clothes, appliances, etc. were being farmed out. They said don’t worry, the US is producing the higher level products like pharmaceuticals and software and we were dominant in engineering and other high level intellectual areas. Well, now the drugs are coming from India, China and elsewhere, the information technology is coming from elsewhere and even engineering and architectural services are being exported. With technology you can design a building in China as easily as you can in Chicago. So what’s left? The service industry. And what’s happening there? A swarm of immigrants coming into the country, both legal and illegal, who are willing to work for low wages which means that citizens are earning less than they did 20 years ago, if they are working at all. Remember when Ross Perot said that giant sucking sound is our jobs leaving the country he couldn’t have been more prescient.

  8. aussie jeff

    A Great Storm Approaches. ….batten down the hatches,prep as best u can,and pray.

  9. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Strong interview…. again!
    Off subject but apparently Obama is planning a visit to the UK in April to campaign against Brexit….what a joke. IMHO I think when this blathering puppet gets over there he will have the opposite effect to what is intended.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is outrageous. The mayor of London basically told him to mind his own business. Brits are not going to like Obama telling them how to think. This is going to backfire badly. Thank you for your comment and link!!

      • Mohammad

        It back fired in Israel big time and Netanyahu won the elections.


        • WD


          I saw a white house corespondent ( reporter) interviewed after he had worked there since the Ford days said and I quote: ” I have never seen so many world leaders have such a lack of respect and complete disregard for this president; from Putin to Netanyahu. None of them exhibit a shred of respect for this pres. When he met with Netanyahu and Netanyahu basically ripped into him and Obama had no come back… this was the first and only time I have seen a US president so disrespected as this one.”

          Mo this was nearly verbatim….

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I think it will backfire “goodly”!

      • Jim

        Trump should go there and tell the EU to GET OUT, GET OUT, GO ON, GET OUT.

    • Karl

      Obama trying to.interfere in democracy again.
      Cameron has already being going around the country trying to scare people and even Mark Carney joined in. I am not hopeful as people here are easily brainwashed. If we do not exit we are screwed. Most if out farmland is being.lost to build houses for Europeans coming here . Some come to work but otgers to sponge. It’s a shocking situation and Cameron attempt to scare us to stay in I’d treasonous.
      Obama has no right what so ever to come here. It’d got nothing to do with him. Disgraceful

  10. Allen Starr

    I haven’t been able to access this site from Russia since last Thursday. This may be a little off subject but I have something that must be reported on. Some NY Corresponding Banks are confiscating wire transfers to Russia. You must submit information to the confiscating bank within 10 days and they won’t supply you with the date the money was confiscated. If you don’t supply the bank with the information; you forfeit the money. You can contact OFAC at the Treasury Dept. to do an investigation but they will tell you not to bother them for six months after submitting your claim as that is how long the investigation will last. I can’t think of anything more criminal as most people live on their pensions and can’t afford these kinds of disruptions and that is why I report this. I’m lucky in that I have enough invested in Russia that I can survive without a pension which I expect to lose sometime this year anyway when the US implodes. We are growing plants in another apartment we own for the Dacha this summer. Our first casualty this year was our corn plants but we’ve got another batch growing again and we’ll see what happens. Russia is growing most of their own food now and should come out of their recession in the 3rd Qtr. and the ruble and the price of oil should both be in the mid 60’s sometime this summer. Things look much better for Russia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your reporting from Russia. Please keep doing it!!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      It is absolutely fascinating to hear your input from Russia.
      Please keep it up.

      • JC Davis

        Colin I liked it that someone would care enough to post the hard facts of personal lives. We have a friend in Russia.
        God bless you old posting friend.

    • dbcooper

      Allen, I would like to tell you of my visit and stay in Murmansk around ’92?? … it was totally interesting, Your friend , DB.

  11. Jallen

    Definition of EVIL in the USA = Federal Reserve + Republican Party + Democrat Party + Supreme Court.
    A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the above!!! America vote against EVIL, vote Donald Trump. For America to SURVIVE the Federal Reserve must be eliminated and honest money restored.
    Don’t you just love the compassion of Gerald Celente, Greg Mannarino and Michael Pento and they put the so called ‘Government Economist’ to shame and they are on to the Federal Reserve’s destruction of the USA Currency.
    Let us see if there is any justice left in America, will Hillary Clinton go to jail for her private server containing Top secret and above Top secret Emails.
    America lost her way in 1913, when the so called Federal Reserve was created, you can call it AMERICA’S ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!

    • BetterChetter

      Here’s a new contender – whose 100 Proposals include: net neutrality, food security, academic debt jubilee, cannabis legalized, ban lobbying/PACs, single-payer healthcare, fluoride out of water supply, end war on drugs & begin war on addiction, oppose transhumanism (to name a few). More, here:

      • Jallen

        Thanks for the link, provocative and comprehensive to say the least.
        Also, some very interesting tidbits about UFO’s and the like.

    • Allen Starr

      Those were totally different times in Russia in 92′ and I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about Murmansk. Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I will respond to you through my normal e-mail once we establish contact.

  12. Pvt. Mushroom

    How can Chinese currency “collapse” when they have all that gold?

    • Greg Hunter

      That would require them to disclose all that gold “officially” and probably issue a new currency.

  13. Mohammad


    I think big part of the fiasco of FBI and Apple is to have a back door to the emails of Clinton and whom ever she communicated with, and Apple is protecting her by denying them the access. No way Apple is really concerned about your or my privacy.
    If that back door is forced on Apple to offer there would be huge revelations from those text and emails.


    • Greg Hunter


      • Mohammad


        Two servers:
        One secured and one private…!
        Two phones:
        One gov. “Blackberry”
        One Highly encrypted private “iPhone”

        What are the chances of having the iPhone communicating to the PRIVATE server, and the blackberry communicating to the secured server.


    • Paul from Indiana

      My understanding is she used Blackberry devices. I don’t know what she used as a workstation/desktop device. Best always. PM

    • Jim

      Hillary’s being protected.

      Imagine if David Duke had that email server. He’d be gone gone gone by now.

  14. Willard Ferch

    Not only are your guests topnotch, but you have many deep thinking, knowledgeable readers/listeners, from which to learn from. It will be interesting to see if the wreck will happen on Sept. 13. God bless you and usawatchdog. Fiddlin

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the some of the smartest people commenting on the net, comment here, and I am grateful for it. Thank you for your comment.

      • allen ols

        somehow china must have a plan to approach s. Korea, pi, japan, aust. nz, Taiwan thial. viet n, etc, and say folks, we are starting a NEW PLAN, we want to do a lot of business, so lets just get together and we will back our currencies with gold, and if u don’t have any, we will lease some to u, really cheap to get u one u feet, and lets just MAKE MONEY, and btw u can park u ships at the new islands we have built and lets just git it on. 🙂

  15. Oxfarmer

    Thanks to everyone for the input on pushback for prepping. I needed the reality check. MY gut resonates with the charts and numbers. Greg’s quiet, professional presentations are why I am a watchdogger. Maybe mercy has kept total economic collapse at bay this long but I personally can’t see this house of cards lasting.

    Colin the Farmer, based on the attitudes of Brit friends, the last thing they want to hear is a Yank Colonial telling them what to do. I hope the response is such that even he gets it. Or even better..met at planeside and told to go home.

  16. pat the rat

    Mannarino become your own bank, he is right start with a safe to keep your stuff in silver and gold if you can afford it. If Mike Pento is right inflation and deflation back again, this is going be no fun !

  17. Anna

    The fact that the Fed President felt that it was alright to speak the truth should tell us that it’s all over. Game’s up. Whatever is going to happen is imminent as we are “now on Ritalin.” The FED PRESIDENT said this. Unreal. How can Yellin even pretend anymore, or say whatever nonsense she’s no doubt going to say next. Trump is triumphantly taking charge, and maybe a new day will dawn for the old red, white and blue. Question: Is there anything Trump will be able to do to help us through this?

  18. Dale

    Michael talked about a blackout period for stock buy-backs. Can someone explain to me if all companies listed on the stock exchange have to do this and do they all have a blackout at the same time. I’ve never heard of a buy-back blackout before today.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      The blackout period generally starts a few weeks before quarterly earnings announcements and ends a few days afterwards. If you Google it, you’ll find articles commenting on it and on the effects on stock prices. The purpose is supposedly to prevent insider trading with earnings information.

  19. Larry W. Bryant

    == TOMMY’S Comment above Prompts Me to Add this Footnote ==

    It contravenes the public interest to have a feckless Congress condone (if not nurture) the Trojan Horse invasion of the United States. Accordingly, I’ve created the following petition now posted on the site of (see its text at ) . — Larry W. Bryant (16 March 2016)

  20. Trude B.

    Scientists have no idea what it is, but one thing is sure: it’s nasty.

    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster?

  21. Mohammad


    I said on your blog a while back that finals will be Bush vs Clinton.
    So far Clinton fulfilled my prediction so far.

    I never liked Rush Limbu but i came across this:
    Would Bush run for presidency despite losing the primary?



  22. Mohammad

    Stark warning:

    Could that be a reason why Putin pulled out of Syria to face off something more in China sea/Korea..?????
    After all he clearly warned US of provoking N.Korea, but said also he may invade the latter if they threatens the stability of the Asia.
    If US provokes the kid in N.Korea that can have a fast exchange of Nukes that will make the glowing dust carried by the wind covers allover Russia.
    Putin may make a stunning move to avert such conflict by putting an end to the crazy Kim Jong-un so he deflates the tension there and pulls the rug from underneath US.
    If so US will have nothing to provoke, cool heads on the other side…!
    It will be interesting to see where is that heading and if China on the same page as Russia regarding N.Korea



  23. art barnes

    Greg, if the elite steal the nomination from Trump by playing GOP games about first ballot, who get Rubio’s delegates, and other back door shenanigans it will be the end of the overweight, country club asset/elite republicate donor class as we know it, it will shrink into irrelevance. Basically, there will be hell to pay, and mind you, if the back door smoke filled rooms elite decide to do worst to him than just steal the nomination and or the election many won’t just stand by and await a ruse type Warren Report of an independent crazy white racist drug addict having done it! ab – PS to the GOP, WE ARE WATCHING THIS TIME!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, the election is irrelevant. The future belongs to the Left. Just look at the Millenials, 84% of whom went for Sanders in New Hampshire, and 40% of whom have a favorable view of socialism. Romney’s 47% has grown to over 50% now. It’s a numbers game and just a matter of time. We woke up too late; they won. Best always. PM

  24. Peter

    Ross Perot was exactly right and any US politician that pushes free trade is not to be trusted. Trump is the one candidate that has a plan and the nerve to fix the US trade imbalance. Obama just ignores the problem and Hillary will make it worse.
    Trump knows how to negotiate deals and he isn’t controlled by lobbyists.

    • JC Davis

      YES. I agree with your post. esp the Ross Perot.. In todays world after the treatment of Ron Paul from the RNC I have no faith that Trump is the real deal. With all the false flags, and cover ups of all out fraud if I vote I am most likely voting for a rigged game. The bottom of all my nightmares is president Hillary. What ta do ?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        Just my 2 cents worth but I’m afraid I had to write off Trump completely after his outrageous statement in the below link where he brazenly endorsed international criminality early on in his campaign…..


        If he cannot grasp the criminality of views like this that he lets slip in the public arena, then the mind boggles as to what crimes he could be capable of as POTUS.

        • JC Davs

          Yep Colin What happens to a republic of laws if we start selecting good, ones and bad ones by the hand of a president. That is called a dictator.
          One more point I am not settled on. If Trump has used the dishonest loop holes to gain wealth it can only be called greed. I am reminded a dog returns to its on vomit. Dogs should never run a country of people. JC

    • Hatemail

      Have you noticed Ross Perot is dead quiet? He is still alive, active and breathing.
      I wonder why.

  25. Mohammad


    Another twist in the Syrian event:

    So the Kurds timed this declaration right after the withdrawal of Putin from Syria.

    Here is my thought on this now another piece of puzzle is falling in:

    Lets say Russia wants bad Hagia Sophia, and lets say they badly want to open the waters from the black sea to the mediterranean sea. their only way to do that is to invade Turkey like they did to Crimea.

    They will need a very good reason to do that and Erdogan is dumb enough to give them that reason.


    If Putin remains in Syria with a significant presence and troops, Erdogan will hesitate to invade because he is going to risk clashing with Russian troops and planes…..!!!!

    So how about the possibility of setting Turkey for the life time trap to invade Syria after Russia pulled out and Russian backed Syrian Kurds announced their own state right at the southern border of Turkey.

    Am not sure how long will it take Erdogan to jump into Syria after this development.
    And that will be Turkey’s fatal mistake.
    They will be damned if they invaded and damned if they did not.


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      You said;
      “Lets say Russia wants bad Hagia Sophia, and lets say they badly want to open the waters from the black sea to the mediterranean sea. their only way to do that is to invade Turkey like they did to Crimea.”

      For crying out loud, from where on earth do you derive the notion that Russia INVADED Crimea!

      • Mohammad

        From the date it was belonging to the Ottoman Empire….!!!!!


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          All good Mohammad
          For a horrible minute, I thought you referred to their recent event seccession from Ukraine.
          My mistake.

          • Mohammad

            Know history…


  26. David Clumpner

    Thanx once again Greg for a great interview.
    As others have pointed out tho, their timing has been atrociously off.
    We all agree that sooner or later there has to be some sort of reboot or reset.
    There are just too many variables (and Black Swans) to be so absolute on the outcome tho.
    Here is a key player who may well indeed become a mover and shaker in the coming financial reset:

    • Mohammad

      Human’s nature will trump this freak that thinks he is god.
      He made me nauseous….barf.
      Thanks for the link though.


    • vegasrob

      As you probably already know, Constantinople (Modern Day Istanbul – on the Bosphorus) MUST be part of the final world war.

      This fits your scenario…and the timing.
      Although this is rare, I pray you are wrong.


  27. Linda L.

    TRUMP’S NEW AD ABOUT HILLARY (short but impactful ad):

    • Southern Girl

      Linda L.

      Thanks for the laugh I needed it.

    • Mary Casey

      Trump’s campaign ad has more to do with Trump courting Putin and paving the way for negotiations with him than it does with defeating Hillary. Trump intends to deal….Hillary is just a bump in the road for him.

  28. Mohammad

    Very very very interesting take on Putin motive :


    • Greg Hunter

      I have to point out the Russia will never give up its Eastern Mediterranean port in Tartus or their air base. This is not a retreat but a cost cutting measure. Interesting point of view though and thank you for posting it.

      • Mohammad

        What the host missed is there is no love lost between Saudis and Turkey’s muslim brotherhood Erdogan, they are enemies so to complete the picture he drew:
        Saudi gave Russians Turkey as a bonus to the Rubel Dollar. Now Moscow will extend all the way to Tartoos through Turkey, taking back Hagia Sophia and the Saudis will close the eye to it, them and the Israelis are now under Putin’s umbrella.

        Turkey as i feel is thrown to the bear.


        • Mohammad

          “rubel dollar replacement “

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        It is very disturbing how the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria is being spun by the LSM.

        Even more bizarre are some of the comments coming from US and UK ‘leaders’ which are quite ludicrous in their inaccuracy. Their narrative includes comments where they endeavour to take credit for the dramatic progress against ISIS and even for the ceasefire itself.

        This is completely cynical and dishonest and will further highlight the absolute moral bankrupcy of the foreign affairs policies of countries like US and UK that operate under the agenda of the AAA [Anglo American Alliance]. Syria is really just another disgracefull tragedy that is right out of the Yugoslavia/Iraqi/Libya/Ukraine/Yemen playbook.

        There is a global awakening of Mainstreet as to the perpetual carnage that this alliance has wrecked on the world at large. The figures are shocking and collectively rival the deaths, the injury and the displacement of populations caused by the Third Reich. Of course, it can be argued that WW1 and WW2 were one and the same war… just with a gap in the middle.

        Predictably the same group were behind those tragedies as well. It is shocking to reflect on the fact that there is no coherent reason why WW1 ever began and that it was spawned simply by the greed of the elite and by the dangerous alliances they were able to insert between powerful countries that would virtually guarantee a war of epic proportions. Syria had every chance of being a modern day Sarajevo and quite frankly we are not out of the woods yet.

        Russia’s partial withdrawal [and thank god it is only partial] is IMHO a stroke of diplomatic genius on their part and I don’t agree that it is merely a cost cutting measure. I take this view because I regard the ceasefire to be miraculous given the circumstances, but I know full well that it is at best a very precarious step forward for the Syrian people who have gone through five years of sheer hell whilst the US and its allies have pretended to fight terrorists who were their very own creation in the first place.

        Their agenda has not been to fight terrorists, quite the contrary. It has simply been about regime change to enable them to gain hegemony in a very strategic area for resources and in an attempt to protect their failing petrodollar. Their agenda has not altered one iota, and with Turkey adding to the mix with it’s completely incoherent actions and policy, the whole situation remains a tinder box.

        As Peter Lavelle points out in the below interview, Russia once again has given the US/UK a way out of a very bad situation where if they acted honourably they at least could try to undertake a small degree of damage control. Once again they are squandering another opportunity with blather, misrepresentation and another litany of lies. In reality, they should be down on bended knee thanking Russia for their actions.

        IMHO the last thing anyone of us should be is critical of is Russia leaving its two bases in Syria given how critical the situation remains. In fact, it would be irresponsible to withdraw completely as it would be a virtual certainty that a proxy supported civil war would once again break out costing the lives of many more innocent people. We need to be very mindful that this is Russia’s backyard and they have a fundamental obligation to stabilise this region for all manner of reasons.

        The below link is from RT and I know that many of you are critical of this network because you see it simply as a Russian propaganda vehicle. My view is that there is a lot more to RT than meets the eye, and perhaps a large scale alternative media outlet is needed to at least in some small way, challenge the narrative of the western establishment’s overwhelming worldwide propaganda machine.

        Wders in particular need to consider this and should note that a very large percentage of Greg’s guests on WD are also regularly interviewed by RT. I won’t go into this list because there are more esteemed people included than I would care to point the proverbial stick at.

        I would suggest that if anyone has the time they should listen to the below interview by Peter Level of three very well-informed individuals.


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Apoligies…spelling correction last paragraph
          “Peter Lavelle”

        • Greg Hunter

          Russia is doing a little cost cutting and nothing more.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            A retired U.S. Army General I know, indicated that Putin’s surprising reversal was due to a shrewd deal with the “House of Saud”.

            • Mohammad

              That is why Yemen war was ended simultaneously.
              I concur


      • Larry

        Spot on Greg.

        Force projection is expensive. The U.S. can only do it because of money printing and borrowing.

    • Matties

      Hmm… Putin and Russia will never betray Syrie. It is just not in their genes.

      Why shouldn’t Putin wait the peace talks out. Nobody can blaim him for not contributing. If the talks are a succes he doesn’t need the troops there. If the peace talks fail and Turkey and SA move in by force the small amount of troops was indefencible anyway. But a great reason to attack Turkey from the North.

  29. Grafique

    Since 2004, 79% of political donations by members of the “non-partisan” Fed have gone to Democrats.

  30. Mike from the North

    Fascinating times we live in…..
    I am ever so grateful to those that have filled my desire to understand more.

    Slowly my family is realizing that maybe I am not the fool they thought I was being concerned about these things.

    They now at least understand my determination and see value in my belief that we must act to protect our own interests and not expect Government to do it for us.

    Great Guests here and amazing insightful posters.

    • dbcooper

      Mike, Glad to hear that you are finding some positive response from folks … we endeavor to wake people up and sometimes it is frustrating … My wife started a bulk food wholesale business years ago so as to provide an alternative to the local communist food coop and I am finding more people all the time who are wanting to plug in and stock-up … it raises my spirits every time I find someone who is seeing the light (as it were). I am considering melting down my 500gr. and 304gr. lead and recasting to 405gr. which I have found a very capable and satisfying weight and I also will continue to dial in the 330gr. hollow point ‘Gould bullet’. So to you and Oxfarmer and all doggers who are persevering … carry on; stiff upper lip and Fear Not …
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  31. Billy

    Greg- We need an expert to talk about the wave of junk bond defaults in the oil sector. This will be big for the rest of 2016. Also someone about the brexit this will be huge. Alister MCleod would be good to have back.

  32. DonfromDarwin

    Hi Greg, and thank you Jerry for all the info you post. I think you are spot on with your analyst of China and the BRICS, I am glad Australia had the good sense to join the AIIB or were we told too by mother England?

  33. Bill Beeby

    Hi Greg the message about the impending crash is definitely getting across to us thanks in part to you so thanks to your and your excellent guests. Greg I have just listened to Bernie Sanders super Tuesday speech in Phoenix and I now you think ” socialism ” doesn`t work etc. but I find nothing wrong in what he said . He and Donald Trump should fight it out in November and the best man win. lol…maybe the loser can be the veep….lol….and swap round after 4 years…lol..

  34. helot

    Things seem to make more sense if the world’s leaders are thought of as similar to the gangster heads getting together in the final film of ‘The Godfather’ series. The difference being, the world’s leaders are just the puppets of the gangsters and banksters.

    Susan Ferguson made an interesting connection in a comment at geoengineeringwatch:

    “Putin used Russia’s military might get a ‘seat’ at the Global Corporate Regime table. Putin never cared about Assad or Syria. All he intended was to show the global elite that he is prepared to use his military might against them if they refused to give him equal footing in the Global dictatorship. The fact that Nathaniel Rothschild’s private investment company bought the Russian aluminum giant UC RUSAL clearly shows that they are all in this together. They all want power and control of our planet’s resources. We the people are disposable, collateral damage. AI robots and nano-technology are the future and they don’t need us serfs for much anymore. Putin is a master strategist — never a nice guy…never.”

    REUTERS: Seat at geopolitical top table allowed Putin to scale back in Syria /Moscow | By Andrew Osborn March 15, 2016

    • dbcooper

      helot … I have maintained for a long time that it is all about resources … and Damn the Rule Of Law … the environmental/communist movement is a perfect example … all about resources and who controls them. Yours, DB.

  35. Trude B.

    The Russians intervened in Syria in order to bail the United States out of a very difficult situation, and obtain better understanding for their interests with Ukraine, writes George Friedman.

    George Friedman is an internationally recognized geopolitical forecaster, New York Times best-selling author and the Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a global analysis company.

    Why Putin went into Syria

  36. eddielaidler

    Greg It may be time to talk about going cashless. It seems that there is real steam behind eliminating cash altogether now. This would change the calculus of everything and complete the circle for the Central Bankers. The silence of the opposition to this “New Global Company Store” is deafening. Some Black Swan would be all that is necessary to complete the circle. The signals IMO are all over the place. Help wake us up Greg.

    • susan

      yes, this cashless society coming has me very nervous.

  37. Galaxy 500

    Here is the Brazil , the “B” in BRICS.
    The President all the way down is corrupt.
    These are the people that are going to take over the world from the West?

    • brian

      haha no, those are people just emulating the West….and doing it poorly as evidenced by them not quite getting away with it HAHAHAHAHA!

  38. Justn Observer

    Some of the ‘real’ reasons the MSM as fanatical in trying to keep TRUMP out of the White House ! amazing revelations about the activities behind the BUSH/CLINTON !
    Once Bush and Clinton went after Trump and they realized he was aware of all this— they melted….. also in this report….it is stated that Hillary very likely will be charged soon !

  39. Mohammad


    This is big, it is hitting under the belt, and it is dangerous.
    I am seeing the 2011 in Syria happening here in US, I fear the coming days.
    Am Muslim and i say it here loud and clear, I sympathize with Trump, he is clear, straight forward and not shady:

    God help us all from the coming days.


  40. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank is getting ready to implode. There is no way any investors will buy stocks with this announcement. The only thing left is a fire sale. Just remember that Deutsche Bank is holding several trillion dollars in derivatives.

    • Greg Hunter

      Before the 2008 meltdown DB was $120 to 140 a share. Today it is $19 bucks. This is about where it was in the depths of the 2008 2009 crash. Now it is not going to be profitable. I thought we had a recovery?? This is many times Bigger than Lehman. Look out for the black swans they

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      When Draghi announced last week that QE was being ramped up from 60 to billion per month it was also mentioned that they would be buying DB debt. It goes without saying that this will be toxic debt but although it will have a rudimentary benefit on DB’s balance sheet it is tantamount to using a band-aid to try to stop terminal cancer.

      The problem now is that the survival of DB is critical to the whole financial situation in Europe because if they collapsed it would trigger a systemic meltdown of banking in Europe which would quickly domino into a full on global crisis.

      The ECB now has no choice, they must go all in to keep DB functioning. They will now use every piece of financial wizardry at their disposal. Recently another financial technology called CoCos has been invented that will be used to aid in hoodwinking markets and to sugar-coat books of accounts. No doubt DB will be right into these too, just like the proverbial pig into shite.

      CoCo’s are in effect another weapon of financial destruction to add to the already massive arsenal available to Banksters. They call them ‘contingent convertible capital instruments’, and essentially pretend to absorb losses when the capital of the issuing bank falls below a certain level. Coco’s issuance was invented explicitly as another dodgy way to satisfy regulatory capital requirements. If you care to google CoCo’s I can assure you it makes for an interesting read and highlights yet another weapon in the Bankster’s hands. These people are armed to the teeth and have standing behind them the full backup of the ECB and the BIS.

      My point is that even if DB’s total debt amounts to more than 20 times the GDP of Germany, the protection and deception mechanisms are so vast and totally committed to creating the illusion that the patient is well that the complete disintegration of DB could take some time yet.

      The patient needs to be taken off life support but this could be some distance away given the resolve and the resources of the establishment.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        60 to 80 billion

      • Greg Hunter

        Very good point Colin, and one of the many blackest of black swans taking flight.

      • Jerry

        Take a look at the coco balance sheet for Deutsche Bank.
        No one really knows the outcome.

      • dbcooper

        Colin, And here I thought you were just a simple cow farmer!! Whew … OK … from now on it is Dr. Col PhD… I mean if they can give O’Bama a Nobel before HE really screwed much of anything up … YET… then what’s wrong with awarding you an Honorary PhD ?? !! No disrespect intended … I come here to glean and hopefully share and I thank you for your insight and intelligence. I am awaiting straws of NZ Jersey semen as I write. Yours in ag, FN, DB.

  41. Jerry

    So what’s holding back the western cabals proxy army from invading Syria and taking down Assad? Maybe the idea that Assad’s army is armed with these, not mention EMP weapons.

  42. Jim

    WOW that’s amazing! It must be a hoax.

  43. Dale

    Thanks Dianna

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