Red Tsunami After Earthquake of Mass Arrests – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s (This takes the place of the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.9.18)

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” says what happened in the 2018 midterm elections is just the beginning of the coming “Red Tsunami” that was predicted in one of his prophecies. Taylor explains, “This election is not over. This election is going to be ongoing for a while now. The Lord said there was going to be a ‘Red Tsunami.’ We had a red wave. That’s what we had. We took the Senate and we added seats in the Senate. That was the goal of the whole thing. Don’t forget we had six states flip red for governorships. Why is that important? Because of the state Supreme Court justices they are going to appoint. Florida alone has three of them coming up. Why is that important? Because when Roe v. Wade gets overturned, it gets kicked back to the states.”

Taylor goes on to say, “What does it take to create a tsunami? It takes an earthquake. This is where God is saying this election is not over. This ‘Red Tsunami’ has to be started by an earthquake. We had the red wave. The earthquake is Jeff Sessions stepping aside. The delay is over. They are going after these people hard. For two years, I have been saying the mass arrests are coming. I have been saying the Army of God better be ready to take their place when these mass arrests happen. There is going to be a ton of job openings in D.C. That’s the tsunami. The rumblings of the earthquake already started when Sessions was moved out. Now, we’ve got a new prosecutor coming in, or Attorney General. This is what’s going to start the earthquake, and the tsunami is going to happen when the mass arrests take place. That’s the ‘Red Tsunami’ right there.”

On the mainstream media (MSM), Taylor also predicts, “The news media is going to be gutted. God is done with the news media. When Donald Trump says the fake news is the enemy of the people, he is absolutely correct. The mind control going out from the news media is incredible. This is why I tell people to stop listening to the mainstream media. God is going to gut this news media, and I can almost guarantee you there are a lot of indictments for people in the news media with their names on it.”

Taylor also says there are going to be some hard times coming. Taylor says, “Are we going to go through some hard times with the civil unrest? This is a transition we are in, taking our country back basically for God and for the people. There is going to be a little upheaval, and we are going to have to weather through it. God is still on the throne and is in control. Everyone wants to point the finger and say this is Donald Trump’s agenda. No, it is not. This is God’s agenda. We have been asking the Lord for decades for justice, and justice is about to reign supreme on the earth.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies.”

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After the Interview:

You can read all of all of Mark Taylor’s prophecies he says come from God the Father by clicking here. Mark Taylor also puts new prophecies he gets on this page. You can buy a copy of “The Trump Prophecies” by clicking here.

Dr. Dave Janda will be the Guest for the Early Sunday Release.  He will talk about coming declassification of FISA, coming indictments and the massive election ande voter  fraud in the Midterm elections.


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  1. oneno

    A few years ago, links were submitted to USAWatchdog referencing the freely available books (on the Internet) of Kevin Galalae.

    Now, vindication:

    Rebecca Campbell: US Government Loses Vaccine Lawsuit — Has Lied to the Public for Decades — Vaccines NOT Tested — Autism Will Drop If Parents Use This Case to Legally Challenge Mandated Vaccinations

    • paul ...

      This lawsuit proves that “all federally approved vaccines” have not been tested for safety for the past 32 years!! … and the child autism epidemic started exactly 32 years ago!!! … more child slaughter by Demons (out to make a worthless fiat buck)!

      • Dan

        I saw the same link and web page for this post…but it did NOT specify the exact lawsuit so it is impossible to verify.

        If you have that information, please provide it.


        • oneno

          The article on zerohedge titled “Monsanto Slammed With $289 Million Verdict In Historic ‘RoundUp’ Cancer Lawsuit”

  2. Mark James

    God bless you, Greg, and Mark Taylor! I have faith that things will CONTINUE to get better!! Have a GREAT weekend!! Thank you!!!!!!!

    • ivan anaconda

      I don’t think that Greg or Mark have read ‘FEAR Trump in the White House’ by Bob Woodward, a real eye opener. It explains, and gives an account of the people who resigned and/or were fired by Trump and his “mysterious” ways. For example on p.226 it reads: the president proceeded to lecture and insult the entire group (generals) about how they didn’t know anything when it comes to defense or national security… are extremely concerned with his erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider hi dangerous views.
      Something to think about.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Wow, what a week! Thank you for all your efforts.
    For what it’s worth, I spent several hours on Wednesday with some liberal acquaintances, and they were not particularly upbeat about the election results. I suspect their cognitive dissonance is beginning to weigh on them. Unfortunately, I doubt that very many of them will resolve their emotional turmoil by accepting the obvious. As you’ve told us many times: we need to get ready and stay ready.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Willian for your comments here and your $upport!!!

    • JPMcManus

      You have liberal acquaintances? Get off this site immediately if you are going to consort with the enemy.

      • Greg Hunter

        I disagree JPM. William please stay and ignore this comment.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter: I took it as a joke. I’m not offended.

          • Greg Hunter

            OK, sometimes I cannot tell.

          • William Stanley

            However, JPM has a point: even ordinary “liberals” have become a threat to the country and are becoming increasingly hostile to those who disagree with them even slightly. In the last three years I’ve had to deal with one implied death threat (serious enough that I barricaded the doors and had the AR-15’s electronic optics powered up and ready to go at all times), one highly credibly threat of immediate serious physical harm, one invitation to fight, lost a long-time girlfriend, lost three close friends and, this week, had someone voice a wish that I would suffer serious harm. All over politics, and all of those situations involved liberals.
            (BTW, I go to court next week to testify concerning that situation six months ago where I helped a women who was calling for help as her boyfriend was holding her captive. I guess he’s not going to be too happy with me either).

            • paul ...

              So you see William … all your actions “prove” you “are not” consorting with the enemy (as Manus said in jest)!!

    • Tad

      What emotional turmoil? They’re about to steal five Senate seats with the unstated aim of Democrat Senate-control of federal and Supreme court justices.

    • Maria Jones

      Some of my family are really liberal and they don’t even talk to me anymore because I am conservative and back Pres,Trump all the way,they say he’s insane and so am I,I’ve lost my sister over it,we are the only ones left of our family ,we have our own families and we don’t see or talk anymore because of their liberalism, we are 60 plus yrs, old and we’re very close ,I don’t understand my sister our parents were conservative and so was she once,but her youngest turned atheist when she went of to college also very liberal, she’s lost all her morals and now my sister believes everything she says,and now I’m the enemy ,I love JESUS with all my heart and no one or nothing will ever take him from me even if it means my life ,I’m ready to fight this evil in our country if I have to give up my life for my belief in JESUS CHRIST the savior sent by the holy Father,the only way to God The Father IS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. Thank you Greg Hunter for your website so I can express myself FREELY

  4. paul ...

    In a few weeks … the greatest criminal drug cartel in the world will become a direct threat to America and our children … as this is when the leftist commie President of Mexico (Obrador) takes over … and he is planning to decriminalize poppy cultivation in Mexico and give amnesty to drug traffickers … seems the banksters need a new country to grow their drugs as Afghanistan is being lost to the Taliban … Trump needs to send US troops into Mexico to burn down the poppy fields and clean up the terrorist drug gangs who run the cartels and seek to kill “Gringo Children”!! … this is a National emergency … Trump needs to send in US Troops to “occupy” all the land from the Panama Canal to the US Southern border to eliminate this direct threat to our Nation!! …

    • paul ...

      Our polititians have for too long let the commie Demon-rats and the real commies infiltrate our schools … commie Hillary the head of the Demon-ratic Party and promoter of commie ideas like gun control and limits on freedom of speech must be indicted by Trump … it is up to our Patriotic politicians to do something to stop this infiltration of America by commies who don’t believe in people having Constitutional Rights!! …

      • paul ...

        By Trump making the Supreme Court less liberal … both Roe V. Wade and affirmative action legislation will soon be trashed and the Court will also likely uphold the right to ask in the upcoming 2020 census if the respondent is a non-citizen or not … which will likely deter non-citizens from responding … and thus un-skewing the 2020 reapportionment’s in favor of the Demon-rats! …

        • paul ...

          How can we ever fight evil … if most of us simply “Don’t Know Our Enemy”!?! …

          • paul ...

            Satan (and his Demon-rat worshipers) are formidable foes … and “we cannot afford to treat their existence lightly” … “the more we know about our enemies and their evil ways in this world” … “the better able will we be able to counter-act his attacks upon us (and our children)”!!

      • Dan

        ” it is up to our Patriotic politicians to do something to stop this infiltration of America”

        Please provide a list of what you consider to be our current crop of “PATRIOTIC POLITICIANS”.

        By the way, I don’t consider politicians who are “on the take” to be “Patriotic”, no matter what comes out of their mouths.

        They are OPPORTUNISTS, ready to sell out YOU, ME, GRANDMA, etc., …that’s exactly why we are now facing the BIGGEST MESS OF OUR LIFETIMES.

        You keep voting for these “patriotic” politicians…they keep taking your money, feeding you BS, but most important of all, VIOLATING their oath of office to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION (and bill of rights).

        Riddle me this …Paul….how is it possible we have over +25 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country (probably more like 50+ million if you include the generations of children born here to ILLEGALS) when we had REAGAN, BUSH SR, AND BUSH JR in the white house with at various times a REPUBLICAN controlled congress ? You know the answer Paul….and so do I.

    • Joseph jones

      The Lobby – USA is a must see for all patriots.

      • paul ...

        The evil Deep State and the globalist banksters are now on track to losing all their poppy fields in Afghanistan … this is good news … but … now it is obvious they are going to bring their evil drug operations to Mexico … Trump must stop “them” now (holding people out with a wall is of secondary concern)!! …

        • paul ...

          What I want to know is how much money it cost us American taxpayers to defend the banksters poppy fields in Afghanistan for 18 years??

  5. Gordo Mc.

    Are All Material Things Inherently Evil?

    What about the idea that material things, including the earth, are evil? Such a view was held by adherents of Manichaeism, a religious movement founded in Persia during the third century C.E. by an individual named Mani. Says The New Encyclopædia Britannica: “Manichaeism arose out of the anguish inherent in the human condition.” Mani believed that being human was “alien, unbearable, and radically evil.” He also held that the only way to get out of this “anguish” was for the soul to escape the body, leave the earth, and attain to spiritual existence in a spirit world.
    In contrast, the Bible tells us that in God’s view “everything he had made” when creating the earth and humankind was “very good.” (Genesis 1:31) At that time, there was no barrier between humans and God. Adam and Eve enjoyed close communion with our God and heavenly father, even as the perfect man Jesus Christ enjoyed an intimate relationship with God the Father.​—Matthew 3:17.
    Think about this. If our first parents, Adam and Eve, had not pursued a course of sin, they would still have a close relationship with their creator God, eternally if they wished. They started life in Paradise, for the Scriptures tell us: “Jehovah God planted a garden in Eden, to the east, and there he put the man who he formed.” (Genesis 2:8) It was in that paradisaic garden that Eve was brought into existence. If Adam and Eve had not sinned, they and their perfect offspring could have worked together happily until the entire earth became a paradise. (Genesis 2:21; 3:23, 24) The earthly Paradise would have been mankind’s home even now!
    In the Bible book of Isaiah, we get a preview of what life would have been like will be like in a new Paradise earth. No inhabitant of Paradise will say, “I am sick.” (Isaiah 33:24) Animals will pose no danger to man. (Isaiah 11:6-9) People will build beautiful homes and inhabit them and will plant crops and eat to satisfaction. (Isaiah 65:21-25) Moreover, God “will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord will certainly wipe the tears from all faces.”​—Isaiah 25:8.
    Through “the Son of man,” Jesus Christ, God provided a ransom that makes everlasting life possible for those exercising faith in Jesus’ sacrifice. (Romans 5:8) But where do most of the billions of such humans wish live eternally?
    By their faithfulness to God, most of obedient mankind will be granted what our original parents lost​—everlasting life in human perfection on a newly reupholstered earth.​—Revelation 21:3, 4.
    Yes soon, obedient mankind will live under such blessed conditions and these trying times are evidence God will do much more than a reset, he “will set us free from enslavement to corruption and we will have the glorious freedom of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21) How wonderful it will be to live forever in the promised Paradise! (Luke 23:43) You will be there but we must act upon the accurate knowledge of the Scriptures, not fake news and exercise faith in our God heavenly Father and the Son Jesus Christ. So you can have confidence that it does make sense to believe in a earth ruled by thy Kingdom come. Then when we look back on all the corrupted governments and Kingdom’s tried and failed to bring any lasting peace of what we will enjoy for an eternity.
    We will look back on this wicked age as nothing but the rubble of the fake politically correct B.S. of 6 thousand years of human misery and good riddance!

    • paul ...

      Revelation is what is needed … and Judicial Watch is carrying the ball against Sore Ass and his ties to Demon-rat commies in the US State Department who are helping him to set up commie governments all around the world (Mexico is his latest achievement) and he is helped by these Demon-rats in our own State Department giving him US taxpayer money to achieve his evil goals!! …

  6. Gordo Mc.

    Greg, if too long feel free to shorten, thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will post but you police yourself in the future. Sometimes a long comment is OK if not too long.

  7. Anthony Australia


    We are under attack!

    • Anthony Australia

      Let’s see how the MSM spin this.

      • Tin Foil Hat

        MSM: Religion of Piece, that’s all. Nothing to see here, move along.

  8. al

    Greg, PERFECTLY SAID! They are PAID AGITATORS, the ENEMY MEDIA is set to divide this Country with their PAID AGITATORS / VERBAL TERRORISTS!
    I saw the whole fiasco live, Jim Acosta and his cronies were purposely trying to trip up a person who tirelessly worked hard for 2 weeks straight! This was pure evil!
    I could not pick one single media terrorist out in the crowd who was fair and balanced, they all had a hidden knife ready to stab at a moment’s notice. It was a total s_it show (fill in the blanks).

    As for the results, my logical mind was raising the red flag. The 49%/51% close margin win is FAKE! The amount of people present for Trump rallies were exponential compared to the socialists. I totally agree with Mark on this.

    Frequency studies are not a joke, such subtle energies are used to increase tension or discomfort. The technology was exposed in the Iraq war back in the early 2000’s.
    TV is TOXIC, NO MATTER WHAT YOU WATCH! This also applies to radio.
    The DOD (Dept. of Defense) has done much research in the technology, I always said the best test and measurement equipment for such technologies is the human body.
    As an example: My household has been TV free for years and there is true peace in my home. My Family members and I feel the tension as soon as we walk by a TV broadcast, whether in a restaurant or another person’s home. It gets so bad that we either move or ask the person to shut off the TV.

    When I drive I either listen to old CDs, podcast MP3s from my phone or nothing at all. When I turn the legacy broadcast radio on I feel the tension. If anyone doubts me, do that experiment for a few weeks. Turn the radio off and just drive, see how you feel.

    I also agree with Mark about the notion that the mass arrests will ultimately result in a red tsunami, let me add the exposure of VOTER FRAUD!

    Wow, what a great WNW Greg. Thank you for bringing Mark on and I can’t wait to hear Janda’s commentary.

    • paul ...

      “Demon-rats who make you believe in their fake news absurdities (like gun control will stop school shootings) … will make those atrocities happen over and over and over again … until they get their way”!!
      Voltaire, 1694 – 1778 (i.e. modified)

      • paul ...

        Word of advice … don’t allow your children to enter “gun free zones” as that is exactly where the Demon-rats will send their killers to create “mass casualties” … mass casualties are more politically useful to advance the Demon-rats commie calls to destroy our 2nd Amendment of the Constitution (the actual law of our land that can prevent mass shootings)!!