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Reagan White House Budget Director and best-selling author David Stockman says, “This is not the time to be invested in the markets . . . . A reset is just a pleasant name or a clinical name for a crash of epic proportions, which we will have because the markets are so inflated.  There are trillions of dollars that are at risk.  To put a dimension on this thing or a way of sizing this, is we have a $60 trillion bubble on the balance sheets of 130 million people in American society, but especially in the top 5% to 10% that own a huge share of the assets. . . . I have no thought about how big the correction will be, but if it were just back to the norm . . . it would be a $60 trillion correction, and that is a pretty big hole in the bucket.  If $60 trillion disappears (out of the U.S. economy), it changes everything.  It turns the financial system and economic reality upside down.”

How did things get so perilous in the economy?  Stockman says look no further than Washington D.C. and the Fed.  Stockman explains, “When central banks start to inflate like crazy, you first inflate financial assets.  It eventually works its way into goods and services, and that’s where we are now.  You get the second stage of inflation as well.  There has never been a small group of government officials, unelected at that, who have done more damage, more wanton harm to the economy and to the lives of ordinary people than (Fed Head) Powell and his merry band of mad money printers.  This is really an outrage.  I say these people are damn near criminally incompetent given what they say about the world, which is totally wrong, given what they’re doing, this massive money printing, which is totally unjustified. . .”

Stockman thinks there will be a “50% to 75% correction in the financial markets.”  Stockman contends, “The only asset that has held its value over time is gold.”  Stockman recommends everybody should be holding some gold as insurance against the coming “reset.”

In closing, Stockman warns, “Preserve your assets.  This is the last moment in time to be greedy or aggressive or to be overly optimistic about the future.  The future is being driven by the policy makers . . . . The whole system is being run by Washington.  The Federal Reserve totally dominates the financial markets. . . . The Fed has printed $6.5 billion a day for the past 688 days. . . . They have printed more money in the last 688 days than the Fed did in the first century of its existence.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author and financial expert David Stockman 7.21.21.  (There is much more in the 45 minute interview.)

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