Rise of Crypto Currency Means Rejection of US Dollar-Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby thinks the U.S. dollar is in big trouble. He says the tip-off is skyrocketing crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.  Kirby explains, “The rise of the crypto currency is an expression of the rejection of the U.S. dollar as a store of value in international markets.  To back that statement up, I would only point to the four largest crypto currencies by market capitalization and what they have done in the last three months. . . . Bitcoin gets most of the press, and there is a good reason for that.  It is the biggest crypto currency by market capitalization at around a $34 billion market cap.  That $34 billion market cap has doubled in the last three months.  The three crypto currencies behind Bitcoin in market capitalization are Ethereum. . . . It has gone from a market cap, three months ago, of $1.12 billion to $15.7 billion.  So, it’s up 13 times in three months.  The next biggest one by market cap, it’s called Ripple, is currently at a $12.9 billion market cap.  Ripple had a market cap 3 months ago at $205 million.  So, Ripple has gone up 60 times in the last three months.  The next crypto by market cap stands at $2.38 billion and it’s called NEM.  Three months ago, NEM had a market cap of $56.8 million. . . . So, it’s gone up 20 times in the last three months.  To anybody paying attention, I would suggest that if gold and silver were not strapped down in a straight jacket with the suppressive activities of the central banks and the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) in the United States, they too would have probably ratcheted up 10 to 20 times easily in the last three months because what we are experiencing globally is the rejection of the U.S. dollar.”

Kirby says the key assets in the game for the big money players are gold and silver. Kirby contends, “The Achilles heel of this whole shooting match truly is physical precious metal.  It’s the one thing you cannot paper over unless you have people willing to excuse you of making a physical delivery of metal for a premium. . . . So long as people are willing to take fiat money in lieu of physical precious metal, the game can continue.  The minute someone is due a large chunk of physical metal and the seller cannot supply it . . . that’s when this whole thing unravels.  That’s when we see an uncontrollable rise in the price of precious metals like we’ve seen in the last three months in the crypto currencies.”

Former White House Budget Director David Stockman thinks a big financial crash will happen this fall. What does Kirby think?  Kirby says, “Pay attention to the rapid ascent in the crypto currencies . . . they are likely nodding their head in agreement with Mr. Stockman’s prognostication that a crisis occurs sooner rather than later.  If we see these crypto currencies continue to vector up, it would imply to me a market crash is very near at hand.  For what is coming for the U.S. dollar, having it timed to the day, week or month, isn’t the big issue.  The really big issue is what comes after.  I do believe there will come a point with the physical precious metals, there is going to come a point, whether you have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you won’t get any because it won’t be available.  I have long said that there will come a day that you will not be able to buy precious metals with U.S. dollars.  That day is approaching.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information on the home page of KirbyAnalytics.com. To get one-on-one time with Rob Kirby via email, you can sign up for a subscription.  Click here to subscribe.


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  1. Mike

    That might explain where the 11 Trillion dollars that diapered went, into buying bonds.

    • Russ McMeans

      The fed has 2 sets of books. It’s so damn obvious now.
      I must say that Mr. Kirby is very enjoyable to listen to.
      Great guy, great interview Greg!

  2. Dan

    The biggest problem with cryptocurrencies is that EVERYTHING digital can be hacked (especially by governmental agencies!)

    • This sceptred Isle

      Good point. Perhaps the hype in crypto currencies is consistent with the trend of encouraging everyone to store their wealth in digital assets. These crypto currencies also conveniently draw investment away from precious metals.

      • Cliff Kiser

        While they may temporarily draw money from the metals. They are becoming the main threat to Fiat money system and not the metals. It may end the suppression of gold and silver because keeping them down is not going to stop the collapse of Fiat money. The suppression will be futile with crypto currencies continuing their parabolic rise. Cliff

    • Frederick

      Exactly and I’m sure the FED doesn’t appreciate currency competition To me it smacks of some sort of trap to lure in unsuspecting sheeple but it is painful watching it soar as gold and silver languish

    • JC, the legal illegal

      Or you might forget your pin number.

    • Russ McMeans

      I live on the Sierra Nevada mountains. Electricity is frequently cut off in the winter months and all our LCD screens are made in Asia nowadays. So bit coin is dubious at best for me. A good money maker for day traders though with great internet speeds. Having gold and silver in a straight jacket on a guerney is great though for buying supplies and fresh tires for the pickup truck with our greenbacks for a little longer.

  3. This sceptred isle

    The difference between crypto currencies and precious metals is you can’t just create a new precious metal out of thin air. Bit coin may have a set quantity but there is no limit to the expansion of crypto currencies with new ones being invented – another form of inflation.

    • Steven

      Not just hacked but turned off…

    • Steven

      Also my understanding of bitcoin is that you can always go fractional meaning dividing it into smaller and smaller units meaning it is also unlimited.

      • paul ...

        At least with physical gold coins an ounce can only be divided up 50 times before people say “that’s too small to own” … a bit coin can be divided up a zillion times … so the “limited quantity” of bit coin is just another banker con job … and to sweeten the pot the bankers can create an infinite number of “different bit coins” of supposedly “limited quantity” … imagine a world where there is not just the banker dsollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc., etc. paper currencies of infinite magnitude to put under your mattress … but a world where there are an infinite number of crypt o-currencies that can be divided infinitely … all on a computer system that can be easily turned off by your friendly banksters !!!

        • paul ...

          Rob says the rise in these crypto currencies means people are rejecting the US dollar … but it is more then just a rejection of the US dollar … what it means is we have another tulip bulb mania taking place … back in the days of the tulip bulb mania one(1) tulip would sell for a months salary (bit coin is almost there) … although some can profit from these manias most people do not trade very well … just as there were many different colors of tulip bulbs and some colors were worth more then others … so too bit coin is worth more then ethereum, ripple or NEM … but remember their are an infinite varieties of crypto currencies … once people use up their savings, sell their houses and farms to buy these “tulip crypto’s” the mania comes to a stop very fast … http://www.financialexpress.com/industry/banking-finance/5-investing-lessons-from-the-tulip-bulb-mania-of-the-17th-century/349658/

      • paulanders

        No different than dividing up your dollar into 4 quarters or 10 dimes

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Steven, that’s a misunderstanding. Bitcoin goes out to eight decimal places. It is not unlimited. The smallest unit, 0.00000001, is called a satoshi.

    • SamAdamsGhost

      If I were TPTB I would promote digital crypto currencies. I would sell them with a gobbledygook explanation that no one Really understands. (What Really is a ‘block chain’ ? You believe its secure because that’s what you heard or read ? You actually believe that some mystery man invented it ? ) – –
      I have heard some people say the PMs are no different than crytos since you have to convert them both to dollars in order to buy things. – – No, when you have real, physical money you can actually exchange that directly for goods. (One example of this happening was in Weimar Germany as the official currency collapsed.)

      There is so much about the cryptos to justify much suspicion.

  4. FC

    Nothing else to say.

  5. eddiemd

    Off topic.

    Here behind the former Iron Curtain the nonstop news is the bombing of the concert in Manchester. The repeating line is it was an attack against the children. Speaking with the locals they express dismay that the terrorists targeted children. The media has used the cover shot of an 8yo girl as the face of the attack.

    I checked the Drudge site and his headline is about the “children”. It is very unfortunate that this concert was targeted and that young people were killed. The media though has spun this off as a targeted attack against “children”. Maybe, maybe not.

    What was an 8yo doing at an Ariana Grande concert?

    This Ariana Grande is a pawn of the satanic, illuminati cultists. Pure globalist.

    • Frederick

      I’m reading that it could have been a staged event/ false flag but who knows

      • Julie Tyra

        I’ve studied lots of these supposed false flags and it’s very hard to find REAL PROOF THEY OCCURED? Thousands of teens with phone in hand but so far it’s crickets on anyone hurt much less dead.
        These crisis actors forget they literally cut your clothing off in the ER, but lots of interviews show these victims shot many times leaving hospital the next day with the same clothing on?
        I believe these occurrences are to have the TV audiences minds off politics like the DNC murder or what COMEY might have to say.

        • Daniel

          Now that is a real investigative viewpoint. Your absolutely correct in that they do cut off your shirt , pants that access any wounds.

  6. Lexi

    I have been telling colleagues this for the past
    month regarding crypto currencies and the decline
    of the dollar. I thought it strange that gold and silver
    were not responding to the dollars rollover. I think
    the Trump visit to Saudi Arabia was a mission to get
    the Saudi’s to continue the petrol dollar game. Looks
    like all that happened was a deal to sell the Saudi’s more
    weapons. Glad that Ron Kirby pointed out the end game
    for the dollar and the relationship to gold and silver.
    Thanks for having Ron Kirby on, great information.

    • The Seer

      Hi Everyone,
      It could be that T is getting countries to buy with their
      Treasuries in order to cash them in to the Fed and bring
      down the Fed and lower the US$ is my best guess . . . .

    • Frederick

      Lexi The dollar is still relatively strong against the major currencies by the way Euro dollar is around 1.12 but Remember in 2008 it was around 1.60 The pound s at 1.29 and two years ago it was at 1.50 so the dollar has a long way to drop from here Gold and Silver like stocks are being manipulated

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yeah, this recent Euro strength seems to be off the back of Macron’s victory and comments by Merkle that the Euro is too weak, not good fundamentals. The fact that the price of gold is affected by the strength of the dollar as measured by the dollar index which compares the dollar to the Euro, yen and pound is a joke!

    • GoneWest

      Or perhaps Trump is throwing a bone to the MIC?

  7. ross

    Rob Kirby is compulsory listening. There are now over 800 crypto currencies with a market capitalisation of $78 billion. https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/ Cryptos reflect the fear and lack of faith in the markets and fiat money of the central bankers. Most of us missed the bus when Bitcoin was $3.00 so to invest a lot now is very risky as hundreds of these currencies come on line. Eventually cryptos will become like banker’s fiat rubbish.
    Unlike Catherine Austin Fitts who think they will do us slowly, I agree with Rob Kirby and Bill Holter. This will be a rapid collapse so we will have little time to pull our money out of the banks and sell off share and bonds.The Wanna Cry virus was not only an attack on Bitcoin but in my view ,a test on how effective this virus can be in bring down the system. Why not have a cyber attack on our banks and blame it on Russia or North Korea ?

    • This sceptred Isle

      I also think that being control freaks they will want to have control over the timing of the crash/reset.

      • Greg Hunter

        All else has failed for the Deep State in removing Trump. They might go nuclear and melt down the global economy and try to blame it on him.

        • This sceptred Isle

          If the Seth Rich controversy looks like coming to to light it may be their best way out.

        • ross

          However Greg , having a nuke war makes it dangerous even for them. They cold kill just as many with a total collapse of the finance system coupled with an attack on our electrical grids. Article from Sovereign Man reveals the swift banking system runs on old systems no longer supported by Microsoft. https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/i-never-knew-how-screwed-up-global-banking-was-until-i-started-my-own-bank-21494/ Are they intentionally making the whole system vulnerable ? We don’t know who owns many of these crypto currencies. Central Bankers could own a few or own coins in Bitcoin and just pull the pin at an opportune time. The concept of Bitcoin is great but anyone now can create their own and a big enough owner of coins can collapse a crypto currency by selling. The total value of above ground metals is supposed to be $15 trillion ( with metal being available for investment being far less) and crypto currencies are 2000 times smaller. With the next QE market confidence will suffer a huge blow and I doubt all the money printing on the planet will save the system as serious inflation hits us all.

        • ross

          Bix Weir on Ethereum . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M15Ge7S-xpo Big corporations including the big banks are buying into Ethereum. Bix says there is nothing backing fiat but this can be said of Ethereum also. Are the bankers setting a trap and Ethereum will disappear into the ether ? Buy carefully.

    • Frederick

      I agree Buying at this bubbly price is asking for a big loss

  8. Adam Giessler

    Awesome interview!
    How do you buy digital currency?

    • This sceptred Isle

      that ship has sailed…

    • Chief Two Beers

      Very carefully…

    • Shawn G.


    • Rob Merrifield

      Yeah, awesome. Lost about 2K since this interview.

  9. David John Williams

    I always like hearing from my Canadian brother Rob Kirby..great interview with a very powerful opening (and closing) statement about the relevance of what’s happening in the blockchain space. To Rob’s point that in the event of an internet failure you wouldn’t want to be in cryptocurrencies because you wouldn’t be able to prove you own them; that’s not the case and I just wanted to point out that, just as you would be a fool to own gold and store it in a bank’s safe, you’d be a fool to own crypto’s and leave them on an exchange or online account… you have to get a hard wallet and keep them on that…they will still be there when the internet comes back up. I’m still a bigger believer in bullion but when you understand crypto’s and how to store them properly, they could be a life changing speculation.
    Many thanks!

    • This sceptred Isle

      The thing is there are too many crypto currencies and nobody knows who created them.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Are the people that created these crypto currencies trustworthy? Will they secretly add more supply of Bitcoin onto the market? Is there anything to safeguard against this possibility?

        • Frederick

          You’re seriously using the words currency and trustworthy in the same sentence Oops

        • David John Williams

          It’s possible crypto’s were created as trials by the central banks…who knows. We know they want to go digital and, as I understand it, blockchain is precisely the tech that makes it possible. Once they work out the scaling issues, this is absolutely the future of commerce. Blockchain has the potential for truly open and manipulation-free markets…but, I’m wary of the hard fork that has occurred with Bitcoin and Ethereum….it sounds like a back door clause to me, that essentially eliminates the manipulation-free aspect of them. Which is why I suspect they are the product of the central banks.

  10. Jerry

    The dollar selloff is occurring right now. This past week, thanks to the help from the Chinese, Zimbabwe has begun to trade in gold backed currency following the lead from China and Russia only a few weeks ago

    I might want to remind your readers that China has purchased gold vaults in New York, London, and Frankfort, and just recently opened a gold trading platform in Dubai. Apparently the Chinese are going to dismantle the fiat dollar, one block at a time. At some point the transitional exchange system being set up by the Chinese will do an end run around the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) and reset the gold prices to backstop all of the gold backed currencies being purchased globally. When? Is anybody’s guess, but it won’t be long considering the buying frenzy going on in the private exchanges with these gold backed currencies. The Chinese have worked to long, and invested to much in AIIB, CIPS, and gold, to let this opportunity slip away in market that is broken.

    • Jerry

      AIIB just signed an agreement with the central banks in South America. Seven more countries in South America are getting ready to come on board.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, China (through the SGE) just opened a trading platform in Dubai.
      With Russia and China trading with gold backed currency, how long will the petrodollar last? http://www.globalresearch.ca/petrodollar-faces-growing-threat-from-the-east-payments-in-gold-across-asia/5587799

      I should have said, with Russia, China, Zimbabwe, and Iraq going to gold backed currency, how long will the petrodollar last? Rob is right about gold supply tipping the scales. By design China has choked off gold supplies by purchasing mines and shutting them down. At some point demand will override supply and drive up prices, no matter how many paper contracts are dumped in the markets by the central banks. Gold backed currencies MUST have physical gold.

      • foggygoggles

        Excellent point about China increasingly controlling supply. Have been watching them continue to purchase mines and never selling an ounce. I’ve known at some point, they will have cornered the market. Game, set, match. Thanks for your informed and reasoned comments.

        • Jerry

          The Chinese have a three pronged attack going on when it comes to gold.
          1.) blackmail the central banks into driving the price down.
          2.) buy as much as you can.
          3.) shut the mines down to corner the market.
          Like you said. Its game over when the call comes.

      • Jerry

        I found it prophetic that Rob Kirby was talking about crypto currency. Now it makes perfect sense. As Paul Harvey used to say. “Now you know the rest of the story”.
        Who would have thought, crypto currency would be backed by gold? Certainly not me. But now it makes perfect sense why the SGR opened a trading platform in Dubai. The Chinese are about to throw the petro dollar under they’re gold plated bus. And guess what? There’s nothing the ESF or their central banker minions can do about it. Unless you have physical assets, you have nothing. Period. End of story.

        • helot

          RE- ‘The Chinese have a three pronged attack going on when it comes to gold. 1.) blackmail the central banks’

          That made sense until you included the Iraq central bank on the list of those already going -willingly- to gold backed currency. Iraq c.b. is fully controlled by the Western Power Elite, if the Iraq c.b. is doing this, there’s a plan afoot within the head of the world’s central banks – The B.I.S. This is all part of a very long con, imho.
          That’s not to say the outcome and apparatus won’t be different than what you suggest. The face of it, is just not what it appears to be, it’s deception all around.

        • Kim

          Thank you for sharing that article. It could definitely be a game changer!

  11. Susan Rafacz

    I was wondering if you have any insight into the phenomenon of banks being built on what seems like every corner. I live in Michigan and every where there is construction for a new bank. With online banking why would there a need for more banks to be built. Seriously to see two or more on one corner isn’t uncommon anymore. Please drop me a line if you have any thought on the subject. And by the way I feel that USAwatchdog is a great place to get the real news, your doing a great job.
    Thank you
    Susan R

    • helot

      Dear Susan Rafacz,

      ‘The Dry Cleaner Effect’ – a term coined by Ben Jones. I think your answer is within that definition.

  12. stonewall

    Wow. The scary thing Greg is that Rob Kirby is probably right. Bad news regarding
    the greenback is coming down the pike and most people haven’t a clue. They buy
    the BS the MSM is selling that everything is wonderful and we should all be
    happy and not worry because better days are ahead when the truth is the
    exact opposite. Keep up the great work of shining light on current situation Greg.

    • Frederick

      Stonewall I agree the dollar looks vulnerable here

  13. Rock

    Kirby, Holter and Pollock are my favorite guests. Many thanks Greg.
    Getting real news and insight is no small task these days.
    Keep up the great work my brother…

  14. BobT

    Two of my favorite people.

  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. It’s been said before, but I really appreciate your interview style, actually allowing your guests the time to fully answer without stepping on them. That is very unlike many MSM news anchors who routinely step on the guests. (NBC’s overrated (imo) Lester Holt disrespected the President and stepped on his answers.)

    Just for the discussion of Bitcoin, this interview will be forwarded to a few of my contacts. Excellent info on crypto currencies. Regarding the US Treasury’s super secret slush fund — is that perhaps the deep dark hole where the $11.5 Trillion CAF referenced disappeared, or are those dots unconnected?

    • Russ

      Another thought regarding crypto currencies — the thing that makes them attractive as a place to park money, (ie. they aren’t controlled by any central bank) will eventually make them a target (if not so already).

      I have no idea when or with what mechanism, but the fact that crypto currencies are essentially rogue entities will be their undoing. What happens to all non-state actors when multiple states get together and decide to end them? No one cares when pirates get shot.

      • Frederick

        I agree Russ TPTB will NEVER allow this to get big Somehow they will put a big Kabosh on the whole crypto thing Count on it

        • paul ...

          New York State has already banned the trading of some cryto currencies!!!

    • Bill

      Russ; What if the treasury used the 11.5 trillion to buy gold, very quietly.

      • Eric

        What if they just wasted the whole 11.5 trillion like they always do. The Pentagon can suck $trillions like there’s no tomorrow.
        Actually, the Pentagon probably IS the black hole you reference.

      • Frederick

        Bill How can you buy that amount of gold without everyone knowing It doesn’t even exist for sale at the current price anyways

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, yes it appears that the dollar is in its last stage as a solid reserve currency, that stage could last a while, but the end game remains the same; toast! All currencies in history went kind of the same way, very sought after then downhill from there to some that were just plain worthless. Look at what the Central Bank FED has done to the U.S. dollar since its inception, about 94 percent of lost value in just over 100 years 1913 – 2017. At the historical end stage of currency value other currencies, commodities, or other alternatives such as what Kirby is talking about takes root. Kirby’s discussion of Krypto Currencies are simply a sign of the end stage of valuation. Gold will soon rise again as historically it can’t be held down for good, never has, never will, and, at that point in time the U.S. Dollar will sleep with other past currencies such as the German Weimar currency the Mark!

  17. Kim

    Great interview! Always enjoy Rob Kirby’s insights!

  18. andyb

    Greg: Although I agree with Rob on almost everything, the tipping event for the collapse is likely not to be a PM delivery default, but rather a general consensus (despite the presstitute media) that the economy has more than flat lined. While it is true that the ESF can goose the markets seemingly forever, a corpse cannot be revived no matter the financial engineering. The perfect storm of housing, auto and retail sales reaching the bottom at the same time will show up in earnings reports, bankruptcies, and closings. No manner of “spin” will hide the incrementally rising devastation. We’re close.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough Andyb. Thank you for adding your perspective.

  19. Rob

    Hi Greg!
    I have been waiting for one of your guests to bring to light the significance of the crypto currency rise in relationship to the US dollar and Rob nailed it. The NSA, IMF, BIS, ESF, and their lackey central banks are located in every country except Cuba, Iran, and North Korea but this will change soon enough. The PTB are planning on crashing confidence in the fiat currencies and replacing them with a crypto currency backed by precious metals thus the reason they are trying to keep a lid on the metals until this event unfolds so the little guy will be without any alternative to their crypto currency scheme.

    These agencies run beta tests globally all the time like they have been doing with bitcoin since 2009 to warm up the masses to crypto currencies while simultaneously destroying confidence in fiat like India last year on our election day when Modi banned India’s largest currency bills.

    Everyone is getting sucked into a virtual city called the internet but please remember everyone must access this city through gates originally called an IP address but today most enter through their iphone number. The agencies above are the gate keepers that will fully control who and who does not enter this city by the NSA.

    Once they kick the bottom out of fiat currencies globally through derivatives they will begin the process of forcing everyone to an electronic crypto currency held on their bank balance sheet held on their iphone. This will occur at the same time they begin requiring the phasing out of passwords for biometric ID either through a retina(head) or thumb(hand) scan to access the internet:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Speaking of the poor there are already more people in the world with cell phone service than electricity in their homes. Rob Kirby and David Stockman both hinted that a derivatives meltdown will bring destruction to fiat currencies globally possibly as soon as this fall. Let’s not forget that 9/11 came 8 months after the last Republican president was sworn in with all the subsequent controlling measures such as homeland security and the patriot act. 8 months after Trump was sworn in could bring the ultimate control measure called the covenant by this fall:

    Daniel 9:26-27 And after the threescore and two weeks shall the anointed one be cut off, and shall have nothing: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and even unto the end shall be war; desolations are determined. (27) And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

    And yes the church will experience the entire tribulation before those who remain are raptured out:


    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • paul ...

      If crypto currencies are going to be backed by gold … why not just own the gold!!!

      • Rob

        Hi Paul!

        Your wisdom would justify owning gold over present fiat dollars as well but 99% of Americans have yet to catch on to this present Ponzi scheme that has eroded 98% of the purchasing power of the FRN in the last 100 years so I am not holding my breath that they wont swallow this next Ponzi scheme they are about to enslave the world with either :o(

        The difference between the soon to be phased out fiat dollars and the phasing in of electronic crypto currencies is the ultimate control this new form of currency gives the beast system that satan who is the dragon will cause to soon rise out of the sea by the midst of the tribulation:

        Revelation 12:17-13:1 And the dragon waxed wroth with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus: (13:1) and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.

        Here is a short read to better understand who the beast is:


        Anyone who desires more teachings on this please contact me through the contact page at this site:


        Love in CHRIST! Rob

  20. Big Jim

    Yeah I know …. banned from the site.

    Well, there’s no difference being censored and being banned.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it !

    • Greg Hunter

      No Jim,
      You are not banned I just don’t find what you have to say interesting or honest. I think you are a paid troll or at least you act like one and I am not giving you my platform that worked so hard to build for you to spew garbage and lies. Smoke that, and stay thirsty my friend.

  21. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Rob was as AWESOME as always. Great interview. I want to set the record straight, I called the period between August 26th and October 20th last July so Dave Stockman copied me. LOL!!!

    I’m like you Greg, this thing should have gone down a long time ago but it was’t YHVH’s timing. This is what is known as GRACE. Every day that we have the appearance of normalcy, which equals one more day to prepare our families, is one more day of His Grace.

  22. al

    BRILLIANT! Last year I expected gold to do exactly what bitcoin is doing now but the stronghold is much tighter than anyone could have dreamed of… no matter… truth wins overall… Either way, the canary in the coal mine dies, instead of gold it’s bitcoin pointing to fiat currency as trash.
    This is a classic!

    • FC

      Eventually, this will be proven to be too stupid to be true.

      • al

        In addition, I agree with Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklyn when I say that this move in bitcoin and other currencies INSURE gold’s similar rise along with silver. Read it again. Bitcoin’s move insure gold’s ultimate move and wealth transfer.

    • paul ...

      Owning bit coin is like owning a canary in a gold mine … it is useless … as a canary’s intrinsic value only has worth in a coal mine … if bit coin is as good as gold … why not hold gold instead … they once said the dollar was as good as gold … and look what the banksters did to it … it is down from 100 cents to one cent!!!

  23. Sylvia Sterling

    The interview left me feeling very optimistic. If there is an EMP. attack and the crypto currencies are no longer functioning, precious metals will reign supreme.
    Time for. Bill Holter too put in his comments about now.
    Greg…….Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

  24. dbcooper

    Greg/RK, Good interview, I like that Rob’s feet seem firmly planted in reality; in the here and now. It would seem to me to be an oxy-moronic action to prepare for the collapse and at the same time invest in crypto … one good push and most everything crypto and internet can go poof … but, to observe and relate the crypto value or growth of these currencies vs the dollar is telling. Thanks for another good interview Greg.

    On another note I have been mulling this term ‘Extremist Christian’ (which disappeared from the comments)… so how do I get there? Perhaps by handing out Lots and Lots of Gideon’s Bibles? … Or perhaps if I march up and down outside an abortion slaughterhouse w/ a sandwich board protesting the murder of the innocent? Greg, am I missing something here!!?? Just asking !! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • dbcooper

      PS Greg, My mistake as I see that silly post is still there! DB.

  25. dbcooper

    To Michael Bierlein, In regard to Chem trails … My background is mostly steamships so I cannot speak to the scientific aspects of Geo-engineering but I can speak from a personal experience aspect … we here on the homestead have suffered these trails for years now and the effects are sometimes devastating from physical aches and flu-like pains to psychological effects … (now that I think of it perhaps this explains being a ‘Christian Extremist’ !!). Anyway I am way tired of being subject to this constant assault from the sky (aluminum/barium/strontium and what else ???) I do not know what their goal is and I have to wonder about the individuals flying the plane … though this begs the question as to whether the planes are being flown by humans at all ?? That’s a thought!

    So let me know what you know and what you think. Yours, DB.

    • Julie Tyra

      Excellent posting, my family thinks I’ve gone round the bend. But I’ve lived near the airport for over 20 years and I know these aren’t bored pilots playing tic tack toe,

  26. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Rob Kirby noted that at least for now the mechanisms don’t exist to do to crypto currencies what has been done to precious metals. It occurred to me that if and when such mechanisms are created, and I suspect that they eventually will be, people will then be trading paper receipts that represent one of multiple claims on an asset that exists only in digital form and it will all be measured in currency that exists only in paper fiat/digital form . As Mr. Spock would have said…”fascinating”.

    • paul ...

      The banksters have already created “the mechanism” to destroy the crypto currencies … they took the lead from Jimmy Durante … and have created “a million of them” … so say goodnight to the crypto’s and to Ms Calabash where ever she is!!

  27. francis m reps

    Fine interview Greg. Mr. Kirby is wise. Another wise person with a fantastic historical perspective is Mr. Hugo Salinas Price. His take on “Crypto Currencies” is very accurate.It can be summed up as follows ; ” Want to buy the Brooklyn bridge cheap ??”. On another note; Geert Wilders is one of the few people who has an accurate explanation of what Islam REALLY is. Until Western leaders recognize the “FACT” that Islam is incompatible with Western civilization; we are Doomed. You cannot address an issue or problem if you refuse to look at it clearly. Political Correctness may result in the death of Western civilization. Finally……Our Sho Bis Pres seems to be setting the stage for an invasion of Syria with the help of 34,000 Muslim troops. ” Other than THAT , Mrs. Lincoln ; How was the Play ?”.

  28. Steven

    Excellent interview Mr. Hunter. I have to say that the explanation that everything but gold and silver can be papered over was eye opening. The discussion about the Saudi arms deal and the petrol dollar was also very enlightening. Enjoyed this one very much…

  29. DR

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for another terrific interview! I would like to suggest that you have Brandon Smith of alt-market.com on again; his most recent article ties in nicely with Rob Kirby’s thoughts and may be found here:
    Thank you again!

  30. dbcooper

    Greg, While some will call our chosen handle a pseudonym, I prefer to use the term nom de plume or perhaps better nom de guerre and it is used in the interest of OP SEC. Yours, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes nom de guerre a war name. A war between good and evil.

      • susan

        Onward Christian Soldiers…

  31. Jason

    Block chain can not be hacked.
    I’m up 60% since last month.
    Will use profits to pay down my house and buy more physical gold and silver.

    • Corleone

      It can not be wiped out but there are some ways to make it disfunction (by making the transaction canceled over and over).

    • paul ...

      If you are good at flipping … you can play this game … but be aware … most people can’t call a top!!

  32. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    As I write – the charts for all these crypto currencies are hockey sticks. This is a bubble looking for a pin.

  33. JJ Allen

    Great interview, NEM stands for New Economy Movement, the name of the coin, it’s huge and growing especially in Asia right now. Also, one CAN short crypto on the exchanges, poloniex (online crypto trading exchange) has had margin trading available for quite some time.

    • Scamble

      Bitcoin = Electronic Tulips

    • paul ...

      JJ … New York has recently banned the Poloniex crypto trading exchange from selling any digital currencies in their State … what happens if other States in the union follow suit and ban the trading of crypto currencies?? … how do you get your money out???

  34. Linda L.

    Crypto currency might have a place in a civil society, but in an out of control, corrupt society with war/collapse on its way at some point, I think the last men standing will be the ones with a secure locations and physical commodities (food, water, survival supplies and metals for trading). What good is crypto currencies in the old WILD WEST type conditions without electricity for who knows how long? Could be years.

    • paul ...

      Good point Linda … no electrons … no money!!

  35. Flattop

    GREG: Rob Kirby says there will soon come a day when we will be unable to buy PM with dollars. Does he mean the dollars will soon be completely worthless??? Would the dollar still have some value for purchasing/trading???

    • This sceptred Isle

      either that or there will be no supply as China/Russia will have hoovered it all up.

    • John

      When Rob Kirby says that our present fiat currencies will be worth nothing this has the 100% backing of history because this is what has happened to every fiat currency since the fall of the Roman empire. Not some, all. And their have been many, check it out.

      When he says these currencies will be worthless he means zilch, zero , notta…., as in 5o trillion dollars won’t be able to buy you a gram of gold, an apple or an old pair of shoes. Because this is what has happened when fiat currencies have collapsed , every time.

      Rob’s thesis also supports the fact that when these currencies have collapsed their economies have turned to pm’s.

      Mr. Kirby never seems concerned about being the guy that predicts the day the ship will sink, but consistently says to buy pm’s now when they are artificially cheap because on the other side of this will be people who have been shafted and will not trust anything but pm’s as a medium of exchange/ value. And when it happens it will happen to fast to deal with (dumping dollars for value) when everyone else is trying to deal with it at the same time. Pm’s will become real scarce, real fast. Once again he is supported by history because this is what has happened……every time.

      History also says that when this happens , the sky will not fall, it will not be the end of the world, there will simply be winners and losers.

      P.S. Great insight into the bitcoins! I have researched them and still can’t figure out why anyone would want one, but then again I am over 50. I have challenged my daughter (a millennial) to convince me to buy some!

      Great interview Greg, Thank You.

    • paul ...

      Not completely worthless … you will be able to burn them in your fireplace for some heat and light!!

  36. coalburner

    Greg; Jerry: What are the best Gold backed currencys to have some lying around. Should we and where can we get it?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Currencies of nations with the highest gold reserves?

      • GoneWest

        Unless the currencies are specifically redeemable in gold – that is, you can take the currency to the treasury of the nation and exchange it for gold – buying a fiat currency from any nation is a fools game.

        What makes you think a nation cannot dilute the value of the currency by introducing more without increasing the gold backing it? Or by selling some of the gold they hold without a corresponding decrease in the amount of currency?

      • jon

        umm, buy gold

    • paul ...

      coalburner … the best gold backed currency is a physical gold coin!!

  37. coalburner

    Greg, Lexi, I am concinved the arms sale is about keeping the dollar floating a while longer of Trump is secretly asking for gold or Yuan to build a cushion for trade.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, could be to keep the Saudis onside for a little longer.

  38. Jason H

    Excellent interview – I just wish I had funds to put into crypto currency. Everyone needs to hear this interview – Thanks Greg and Rob

  39. LakeM

    If the dollar loses its status as the primary currency used for trade settlement, The FED
    may enter the bitcoin/blockchain arena with a new domestic dollar cryptocurrency called FEDCOIN. Our currency will then be far down the path to complete digitization. Another
    huge loss of freedom for Americans as the FED struggles with the excessive debt and loss of value of the dollar fiat currency, forced to compete with gold backed currencies or trade notes being lined up by non western economies to supplant the dollar system. Bitcoin may be ok to store some on ones savings but still has risk of being banned or skimmed by the system. It still is not money. Gold and silver are the only true money as Rob Kirby states.

    I remember when traveling internationally in the 80’s and 90’s, the dollar was always welcome or favored. When the Euro ran upwards of $1.45 in the new century, no one wanted stinking dollars. When the taxi driver stopped taking your dollars, the problem was evident. Now, with the two currencies near parity, they both have shown
    their weakness. When the dollar reset arrives, millions and millions of Americans will
    find out the importance of not having excess debt and a strong currency as prices soar

  40. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for interviewing Rob Kirby, Greg. He’s my favorite. Him and John Williams. And Nomi Prins. And Catherine Austin Fitts.

    But I disagree with Rob that the Achilles heel of this whole charade is precious metals. It’s not. It’s men’s labor. It doesn’t matter how much metal or fiat currency or crypt-currency there is, any economy is a function ultimately and fundamentally of men’s labor. And if it’s not commanding a meaningful return on the investment, then economies collapse.

    I disagree that this whole charade will end when someone expects delivery on gold and they don’t receive it. The charade will end when men realize that their labor is worth a lot more than what they’re being paid (or not being paid as the case increasingly is) and revolt.

    Or at least walk away from the system, realizing that they’re better off lying on a beach with turquoise-colored water lapping at their toes and a gaggle of bikini-clad ladies feeding them peeled-lychees.

    Presently, an alarming number of men in the US are enslaved. They are forced to work essentially without pay or benefits. Their labor is coerced by the threat of incarceration if they can’t. And their passports have been taken away so they can’t escape the country.

    The US incarcerates more men per capita than any country in the history of the world with the exception of Nazi Germany during war-time and Stalinist Russia. And that conclusion is based upon numbers a decade ago so things might have changed. It might be worse than that now. It’s not better for sure.

    Life expectancy of the average man is six years less than the average woman. Sixty years ago, women lived only six months longer than men. I can go on but I think you get the picture.

    Men are forced to work and pay for the profligate and excessive life-style choices of other demographics. So it’s not socialism. That’d be if everyone were working for the same compensation and had the same benefits. If the labor of everyone was valued the same (right or wrong, for better or worse). Or close to it. But that’s not the case in the US.

    In the US today, a slave class of men does all the work for all intents and purposes and the proceeds of that slave labor are distributed among other demographics. The men who actually do the work are denied any benefits of their labor. Instead, they’re threatened with prison if they can’t work. Other demographics speculate on their productivity like gambling on horses at the track.

    Until these men realize their true worth and strength and muster the courage to revolt against the authoritarians enslaving them, then the charade will continue. Gold is important as a measure of net-financial worth, but labor is much more valuable than that. It’s priceless. Gold is only as valuable as its accurate reflection of the value of men’s labor. But it seldom is throughout history.

    But I still think Kirby is awesome. Thanks again for having him on. I learn a lot every time you interview him. Although I confess that the whole crypto-currency thing is kinda a non-starter for me. I’m still not sure even after the interview what their value is. At least compared to physical assets. Or even fiat currency.

  41. JMiller

    Don McAlvany interview (David McAlvany’s father)


    – The globalist establishment has infiltrated the Trump administration
    – The push towards a cashless society continues to accelerate
    – China continues to accumulate massive amounts of gold
    – Could we see Gold confiscated in The United States again?

  42. JC, the legal illegal

    In scenarios like this where the IRS wants to “tax” everything that has value one has to have assets in different countries. I know people with multiple nationalities who do business in other countries or open up bank accounts with their non-blue passport. Internationalize and diversify.

  43. Agent p

    If .gov comes gunning for crypto currencies – or… Attempts to ‘co-opt’ them as is each political party’s stock-in-trade, that will be your guidepost to how ‘real’ they are.

    What do you think all that compute horsepower in the Utah bluffs is all about…?
    If you are on a device which requires access/passthrough the internet, anything you do will be tracked. Especially anything to do with $transacting and/or attempting to evade the meddlers hand.

  44. Sayonara

    Rob Kirby is a great interview. I agree that silver is the most under valued asset-commodity in the world. Silver’s importance as strategical commodity is increasing at an accelerating rate and it is still is and has been an important monetary metal for thousands of years. Our contemporary intellectual blindness is not will not change these facts.

  45. Justn Observer

    Senators moving to ‘investigate’ bit coin as a threat: https://youtu.be/KqGj7AuN4o8

    • paul ...

      The US can instantly shut down bit coin as a tool of terrorists … and seize all the money in these accounts!!

  46. Justn Observer

    In a collapsed world …as John McAfee is aware…everything will be at risk….ALL is tied to the internet…. transactions of commerce and communication…. Certainly having PM in a hole for when you ‘dig out’ after the mayhem OK…but bit coin is a medium for transfer of payment…more a prepaid debit card system in which the ones that are MOST UNHACKABLE …and that includes the devices used to access those ‘wallets and accounts’ will be the ones left standing… The fact is ….what you have in them is what you purchased at the price you purchased them … and IF a society with internet is to exist in the future then likely the bit coins will be there …and so will be the accounts that are least hackable…. If one is using the internet now for transactions how is that different? If you think all payment systems will not exist if the petro dollar fiat system is jettisoned… then best to buy candles and firewood… but if you think SOME system and internet will be still up….then likely guys like John McAfee might have some system = bitcoin and appliance platforms that are LEAST hackable…ready by then ?

    CTM @ 19:20 https://youtu.be/QR6mmD6QiXc

    and with that….then it is really up to you to decide if we are entering a new phase of ‘currency’ = transfer of value and payments…. as Bix Weir suggests…

    Remember….currency and wealth are not the same….as Jim Sinclair and Bill Holt have been trying to pound into peoples memory.. You purchase bit coin to use to transfer value…. with something with a perceived value…currently a nations fiat currency that might change in value via manipulation of deflation/inflation. With bit coin less likely to be suppressed like the paper PM is appears….or the fiat paper money by excessive printing QE that diminishes their value at whim by the bankers and IMF/FED…
    In the end…it appears to be a personal choice…stay with the status quo/rigged/dirivatives/fiat petro dollar controlled by the globalists or leave the ‘debt’ system… and move towards a credit system where your wealth/gains/earnings might be protected from the theft via the manipulated inflation/bubble/money out of thin air system… towards using bit coin for the transfer of payments.
    This… might… become the future …so one at least needs to learn and understand it and how it is used…should it become relevant. Who thought APPLE PAY or PAYPAL had a place – right? Now it is common place and used as a more secure payment system…so what is stopping bit coin? Likely those that do not like people moving away from a ‘system’ that they control and can manipulate the ‘value’ of the money used and in the saving and checking accounts… You know… all those hard earned dollars that are now given little interest …and are by QE worth less day by day. AND yes -again – if you think the internet is going to go away…you might consider drawing your savings out of the bank today since little ‘currency’ is there other than digital entrys …and also expect the 3 day delivery system of order to replace food & fuel and payment of services will cease to exist forever as well. Interrupted possibly…gone not likely… and if it is… likely ‘things’ to barter will be the most valuable…. food, water, arms, cooking oil, energy, fuels, solar panels, drying racks, castes of pemmican etc.
    Crypto currency is like = The internet? Email? Pay pal? A computer? bits and bytes? I/O ? LOL = the fear of the unknown?
    Yup – things we know, things we don’t, and things we don’t know you don’t… like the ‘date’ the system is supposed to short circuit and how high or low PM is supposed to go when…lol One this is for sure….the 1% have the majority of the wealth and they like it that way and the only thing they don’t seem to like people mining… is bit coin ! LOL

  47. Flattop

    GREG: Wish I lived in Montana so I could vote for Rep Candidate Gianforte, after he body slammed the reporter.. Shows he will stand up to the msm.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love it Flattop!! Good way to look at it.

      • Robert G

        Greg.. Really , you condone violence like that against a reporter asking a legit question about the republican health care plan. Wow…

        • Greg Hunter

          It was a mistake according to the winner of the election, and of course I do not condone violence. That said, I think it is funny that the MSM tried to make a big deal of this misdemeanor and swing the election for the Democrat. By the way, witnesses said the reporter provoked the situation.

  48. The Last Bear

    So Could there be other reasons why Crypto is going up besides the world losing faith in the $
    Perhaps it is more like the Dot Com bubble…. when any new IPO that said they were on the internet was bid up like they actually had value?
    Everyone i have talked to about Bitcoin…. said ” i going to buy some” when i asked why…. they said …. i don’t want to miss out.

    Tulip Bulbs anyone

  49. diane

    Is George Soros Taking Over The Gold Market? | News and views from a different angle

  50. Robespierre


    We have all heard about the dramatic rise of Bitcoin. However, has anyone decided to cash-out their bitcoins into U.S. Dollars yet? You have to consider the other side of the trade, not just the “buys”. The U.S. Dollar is still the global reserve currency, as far as I know. I suspect there might be a little problem getting all that cash, to say nothing of the tax implications. I’ll just bet bitcoin does not issue any 1099 B’s when you sell your stash of cryptocurrency.
    The reason this is important is to my knowledge, there are few businesses that accept bitcoin as payment for transactions and debts. So, until bitcoin is more widely accepted for payment of goods and services, we remain stuck with old money ( dollars) in which to conduct our everyday transactions and pay taxes when due.

  51. Russ

    In my opinion, gold and silver prices are manipulated via the ETF’s that were created years ago. This will continue until the physical market takes over and ETF’s (GLD and SLV) are no longer able to dictate the spot prices of gold and silver. So far there is no “Bit Coin” ETF. I think that it was applied for recently, but not approved. Once that ETF is allowed to trade, the game changes. Then, bit coin will also be manipulated up or down. It may be driven up initially, and then down, or vice versa. Who knows, as it depends on what the big boys want it to do, and allow them to make as much money as possible.

    • Robespierre

      Today’s Fortune Cookie:

      Everything potentially appears as a conspiracy when you have thick glasses.

  52. Petrodollar Scams

    Saudi Arabia = Petrodollar

    Without the Petrodollar agreement, the US Dollar is worthless.

  53. Petrodollar Scams

    What supports the value of Crypto Currencies?

    The real value of Gold is the cost to manufacture or mine it. Other metals like silver, lead, copper, etc. all have manufacturing costs.

    The value of Eggs are the production cost of a farmer to produce eggs. The problem with eggs is they perish and can’t be stored like Gold, Lead or Silver.

    The real value of the US Dollar is the cost to produce and print the paper notes.

  54. BR

    FASB 157 Remains Suspended.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir we still have phony accounting sanctioned by the government. Good point!!

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