Greg Hunter On The Edge With Max Keiser

By Greg Hunter’s

I was on French TV last week on a show called “On The Edge with Max Keiser.” Keiser is a former Wall Street broker with inside knowledge of  how fat cats claw out insane profits and rip off the public.  He had me on to talk about  the mortgage fraud and the securitized debt mess.  I say this enormous, multi-layer crime  will go down in history as “the biggest financial fraud in history.” I think Max agrees.  Below, there are three parts to the interview–please enjoy:

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  1. Jonas


    Once again, I believe that your analysis is spot-on. One question: because there is a genuine question as to “color of title,” do you believe that people will begin “adverse possession” proceedings, en masse, in order to own their homes free and clear?

    I know that, in my state of Illinois, if there is an issue regarding color of title, then adverse possession proceedings can begin after 7 years of open, notorious, and exlusive possession of the property. Because the banks cannot show they have good title, it seems to me that many Americans have ripe adverse possession claims just waiting to be “picked.” Illinois Code §735-5/13 through 101, 107, 109, 110

    What do you think?

    • Greg

      I don’t know Jonas, all I know is this is a giant mess that will take years to fix. Thank you for the comment and kind words.

  2. slingshot

    BRAVO! Clear to the point. Easily understood. This should go viral.

    • Greg

      Thank you Slingshot.

  3. MarkM

    Hey Greg,

    I watched the entire show. Thanks for posting it.

    Good job! You explained the situation with layman’s terms–everybody who watches these three clips should understand the situation clearly.


    • Greg

      Thank you Mark M and Bob!

  4. Bob

    you make it easy to understand and the part about congress passing a law to clean up the pass. I think that would be the straw on the camel back, for the U.S. dollar. Peace

  5. Gerald Storm

    How would i find out if there is a promissory note on my mortage? my mortage was take over from Wal Mul by Chase, and i am smelling a rat.
    I got your web site from listen to George Noory. Now your conversation Max Kaiser. very good i keep me understand what going on. Thank You. Gerald

    • Greg

      Request a copy of the original note and ask if the bank if it is in possession of the original Promissory Note. A copy is not equal to the original, much like a copy of a $100 in not equal to the original. The only way you will know for sure is if you see the original for your self. You should also go through your original loan documents and see if you have a copy for comparison. Above all, keep those original documents and all payment history in a safe place. You may need it in court someday.

  6. Chris

    I now fully understand why the Founders feared a central bank and wanted sound money (e.g. Gold). The USA continues on the path toward financial armageddon.

  7. lostinmissouri

    Great show, I watch Max often.

    Keep pressing Greg….you are the USA watchdog! Americans need to know that this is, “the biggest financial fraud in history” (to quote you)

    I do not see how this ends well. I believe you are “100%” correct, when you say this is a currency crisis. A big storm is on the horizon, and most of us, are still looking at the sunshine.

    • Greg

      Thank you LostinMissouri!!

  8. hoppe

    So Greg, Does all this mean that whomever physically holds the promissory note, is the legal owner of the property, regardless of how many times it may have been securitzed and sold without the note accompanying it?

    • Greg

      That is the key to proving ownership. A copy of the original “Note” is just that, a copy.

  9. Art Barnes

    Thanks Greg for the video and the site, your work, your message, your concern for the american people. I hope people are going to get the message but I have my doubts. In spite of it all Greg, happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art for watching and commenting on the site.

  10. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Fascinating, as always. I enjoy your posts.

    One thing, though. During the hyperinflation in Argentina, homeowners won, because they paid off their homes with highly inflated pesos. If hyperinflation hits here (highly likely), then don’t worry about which bank has title – you can pay off all loans with highly inflated dollars. The banks, who started this mess, LOSE!

    • Greg

      I hope you are corect. Thank you for the comment.

  11. Mark

    Excellent interview/explanation Greg! As a reminder of my situation re my Wells Fargo mortgage. I submitted a notice to WF approx 6 weeks back via While WF did not respond to that notice until this week they did contact me on Nov 23 offering to refi my current 15yr 5.5% loan. My current mortgage is just under 3 yrs old. The new offer is for 15yr at 4.125 with zero out of my pocket. Smoking deal for me! The WF rep which I have been working with updated me this week that all is go since the title co which they use has completed their work and everything is in place to fund on 12/31/10. My closing are to arrive next week and I have a real estate atty scheduled to review for me.

    I have not requested to see my original promissory note which you previously commented that they would not be able to produce. Does it matter at this point in time based on what I have explained above?

    • Greg

      I am happy for you. I would let a real estate attorney look over the terms and conditions before you sign. Please let us know the final outcome.

  12. Keith

    Great artical!
    But why isnt this being reported?
    Its like your the “lone voice crying in the wilderness’ !
    I just dont get it. I bet the lawmakers will create a ” fix”
    and cover the backsides of the banks -but we the people will foot the bill.

    • Greg

      Media is changing and WE are part of the change. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

  13. covered

    Greg…this is great reporting that no one except for perhaps Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism is doing. All of the issues you cover with Max are definitely in play and William Black is the best authority we have out there that I’ve seen so far. If I may suggest, in your title tracing analysis, go all he way back to the deed conveyancing, which is a separate transaction and the deed itself it a separate and unique financial instrument. All the rest of the reporting was excellent.

    • Greg

      Thank you Covered for the info and comment!

  14. MasterLuke


  15. David (archivesDave)

    You term it “the biggest fraud in history”…
    How about ONE of the biggest ones?…
    I’d have to say your reporting of the 16 TRILLION Fed Reserve transfer
    in 2009 would have to be a wee bit more crucial n’est pas?

    • Greg

      David (archivesDave)
      Fair enough, thank you.

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