Special Report on Brexit/Fantasy Meets Reality

1aBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Addendum to the WNW )

Do not believe the mainstream media that the Brexit vote crashed the global markets. The real reason why all markets tanked is record debt levels around the world that will never be paid back.  Fantasy has just met reality in the global markets, and the carnage is far from over. The fantasy of unpayable debt expanding forever is now beginning to be realized by the central banks that have been propping up the global economy since the 2008 meltdown.  The central banks cannot and will not be able to stop this unfolding crash.  If you are not prepared, there is little time left.  Bo Polny from Gold2020Forecast.com is on for the Early Sunday Release, and he says although there may be a bounce in the stock market, and pull back in gold and silver prices, the overarching direction for stocks is down, and the overarching direction for physical gold and silver prices are up.   I say the bonds which are considered an “asset” will turn into huge liabilities, and gold and silver will reclaim their proper place as money and a store of value.  Physical gold and silver will be considered true assets once again.  Please get ready for some very rough riding in the economy.

Enjoy my Special Report video on this important turning point below:

Don’t miss Bo Polny from Gold2020Forecast.com coming this Sunday.  He lays out where the global markets are going for the rest of the year, and it’s not going to be pretty.

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  1. James Hastings

    Relief from the frustration of a corrupt america. I feel joy and relief from the corrupt master. There is a God in control. He gave me a breath of fresh air. I am so glad you had a supplemental post today. Gregory Mannarino has two also. A tag team for truth….:)

  2. Diane D.

    Greg, thank you for this Special Report. Brexit warrants it.

    The Brits are waking up. It is one small but significant step for Nationalism. Now they too can ‘Build the Wall! yep, around Londonistan.

  3. Mike

    Thank you for what you do Greg, but the economy has only about 70 days left—if we are lucky.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not giving you a hard time but why 70 days as a number?

      • Mike

        Hi Greg–I totally understand that. The reason is that the symbol on the back of the $1, is a date. (actually 2–one date for each the pyramid and the eagle)

      • JM

        On that note, Greg, we need to be paying attention to all numerology signals that may come from IMF or EU officials. They’ll be cooking something up soon. 7 is one of their key numbers. July 7 is one to watch.

        • Mike

          JM–you are probably right in your suspicions. And Greg, I am working on a visual to better explain my statement you questioned. You are more than welcome to email me if you wish.

        • Silence is Golden

          JM….they did and you missed it……7years…..7months….7 weeks….7 days….since the biggest fall on Wall street……09/29/08 (777 points)….until 06/24/16.
          Don’t try and underestimate the power of 7.
          Anyone who believes this was coincidence…..needs to change their line of thinking.

    • Galaxy 500

      Calling bovine skat on this. When 70 days pass, what will be your excuse as to why it didn’t happen?

      • brian

        Gosh, who made you the fun police Mr 500?

        • Charles H

          G5 has been this way all along. Stick around a few yeas and you’ll find the grounded common sense behind the sharpness.

  4. Freebreezer

    Remember that this only a referendum! That is it. Now it has to go to the English Parliament to vote and confirm it. All so, the brexit has to be negotiated with the unelected EU … holy wollinkers I wonder how that will turn out … 10 yrs later it might be completed. My prediction, TPTB (aka – the big banks) will make sure that the free world will feel the pain to go against them (think of the dragon being awoken in the Hobbit), and all the problems they have created will be blamed on this and any one else that rocks their boat!

    • Ron

      I remember a couple of years ago when Christine Lagarde of the IMF gave a rambling speech about the “magic number 7”. Greg covered it on UsaWatchDog.com with Steve Quayle at:
      and there is a YouTube video interpretation about it at:
      That was in 2014 however, so I’m not sure what has changed or what it’s significance is (if any) for today or this year. Maybe for 2017?

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes, and nothing happened that many here predicted. People were adamant that she was giving a secret message. Like most politicians, her words were nothing going more than hot air. I recall asking God why they would warn us and some one replied that they were required to warn us. I had a big laugh at that. Life isn’t a comic book where the bad guys give a soliloquy.
        Bad times are coming. It is silly to be focusing on when. Prepare and be ready, then enjoy what you can and thank God for the good times.

        • Charles H


          Such well-grounded common sense isn’t seen much anymore. And there is a little comfort in it – for the eyes who can see it.

  5. Laura

    Thanks Greg! This is the perfect length to share on social media!

    Please tell Jerry I miss his commentary!

    Just listening now to Jim Willie in an interview today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GWfY1I0v-w

  6. Gregory Mannarino

    Brexit is a major move in the right direction. It is a break away moment from the control of central banks and political agenda. Moreover, it is a glimmer of hope that world markets and economies can actually return to a state of normalcy.
    Gregory Mannarino

    • Rick Geisler

      Jerry made a couple of comments on the Weekly News Wrap-Up. Just have a look. I hope he continues. I always remember that those who try to silence others do so because the can’t win the argument. I hope Jerry knows this as well.

    • Radarnj

      Indeed … crazy days for sure when this is a reason for finding hope for normalcy in economics.

    • Chip

      I agree with you Greg. Thing is, we know from the bible that the world as we know it is not heaven and it will only continue to be a place where evil is in charge and good tries to get away. But we can only be saved by Him. Fear not… God the Father is in charge… Chip

  7. Rice Age

    Zero percent interest rates, doesn’t that mean they have to print a bunch of money as debt? ZeroPercent interest rates from the fed. Bernie coulda at least said banking is a public utility.

  8. Pvt. Mushroom

    BRexit may never happen. Ireland had their IRexit and they ‘re still enveloped in the bowels of the monster. It’s an ultraslimy complicated mess.

    Best wishes to you all…

  9. David


  10. gregd

    What an absolutely wonderful surprise. The Brits stood up to the 1%! Pardon my language, but the Brits have balls and also a real leader for the people, Nigel Farage. The surprise is that the votes were counted, it was not a fix. Can you believe it? They actually counted the vote accurately!
    What a great start. It’s our turn in Nov. Obama, Biden, Hillary, Karry and the democrates along with the weak members of the GOP are the real JV team. Open boarders? I don’t think so! Bankers and Islam beware, your days may very well be numbered.

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg. The sky is not falling; Britain will survive and prosper. They’re in a better position to do what is in their national interest than they were with the EU Parliament in Brussels telling them what the unelected elite needed them to do. The Brits have simply taken their country back — good for them. Monday will be telling.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody is talking about the fact that the UK will stop funneling billions of dollars a year (pounds) EU money pit. I think the Brits will be much better off!

      • JC Davis

        Greg I would like to know how many countries will have to follow the Brits. The Swiss should be next. What will be the fall out on the big banks ?
        Thanks for the update.

        • 8Ball

          Next to do what? Switzerland is not a member of the EU.

        • Alex

          Switzerland is not a member of the EU. The Netherlands and France might be the next countries to hold a referendum on whether to leave the EU.

        • Silence is Golden

          Good question JC,
          Host of other EU members in line to vote on same issue.
          The effects will be felt across many sectors…..those on margin and short…..think BIG BANKS…(Deutsche, Barclays, Citi, JPM)….are seriously going to be capital deficient…
          2016 is shaping up as the year where the crash will occur and Debt Jubilee effected.
          Only one place to hide…. PM’s

          • JMiller


            I would even say that in the near future that many smaller banks and credit unions may become capital deficient. The more I learn about the banking system and the debt-based assets that all the banks and credit unions hold, the more I am inclined to not have as much in the banks and to put more into precious metals. I spent some time looking into those bank stress tests and they are of course flawed. Actually they are stress tests of the bank holding company (BHC) not the actual bank that is a subsidy of the BHC. Most of the capital ratios of the banks are less than their BHC. Since a couple of the BHC barely passed their stress test, the banks in some of those BHC almost certainly would not have passed.

          • JC Davis

            Looks like the spiral to flush this toilet has starter.

      • allen ols



    • Alex

      I may be the only one on this site sayng that leaving the EU was a mistake. In my opinion this could have some serious ramifications for the UK’s economy – some capital will leave the city of London in favour of Paris, Frankfurt, etc. This is not a good news when your economy is severely indebted – total debt in the UK (government, corporate and individual) amounts close to the staggering 400% of the GDP! Losing access to the huge European market would cause a problem for the export. As for the immigrants – the UK economy is highly dependent on them – a few industries would struggle without employees from poorer EU countries (agricultural, construction). In my opinion in place of Polish and Romanian employees the UK will have to rely on more immigrants from India and Pakistan. Leaving the EU won’t reduce immigration and if it does the UK won’t benefit from it – immigration is a sign of a strong economy, lack of immigration signals problems (who wants to immigrate to Romania and Bulgaria, for example?)
      While being part of the EU the UK, being one of the most powerful members, could influence directly the policies of the EU from Brussels. Without the EU the UK might even become a geopolitical competitor.
      Last but not least leaving the EU could trigger the very end of the UK as we know it – Scotland might want to leave the UK in favour of becoming a member of the EU. Northern Ireland might do the same. In such a scenario (not as improbable as it may seem now) the UK will consist of England and Wales only. England and Wales will be just two small isolated areas in a huge global world – if the rest of the world remains as it is today, of course.
      I agree that the EU has many problems and is in decline. However, leaving it will probably prove to be a mistake – the world is so interlinked that excluding yourself from one of the main global players is likely to result in lower incomes, more political uncertainty, may be even collapse of the UK. Anyway, this is only my opinion. Time will tell who is right.

      • Greg Hunter

        Serious ramification for the fraudster elites and their tyranny because the UK decided on freedom. SO BE IT. If the EU system was so good it could easily take this, but the whole thing is so bloated with debt crime and fraud it is galling apart at a single vote for one country out of 28 to leave. After all, they are not going to paddle the UK over to Greenland. It will still be there, it’s just the tyranny that will vanish. Long live the UK!!!!! Death to the phony, fraudulent, tyrannical over indebted EU that was founded for the elite to suck the blood out of the people it is supposed to serve. Yes you are in the minority and I am happy you are. I don’t need time to tell me when I am right. I can spot tyranny, fraud and insider on the spot. “We the People” are right, and you sir, are on the wrong side of history.

        • Alex

          I did not say the EU was a flawless union. I clearly said that “the EU has many problems and is in decline”. In my opinion it needs restructuring and it has evolved into something many people are not happy with, me including.
          But what is the better alternative, Greg? The very goal of the EU was to set peace between countries who had been involved in constant wars for centuries. Europe, when united, could face the challenges of China, the USA, Russia, terrorism (I said “could”, not “did” as I also believe the direction the EU is going is a wrong one. It does not mean we need to burn the EU to the ground though, we need to change it)… If disintegrated, European countries will become rivals as they always have been. And history proves that I am not on the wrong side of it, sir – every European knows it! The USA was considerably safer that Europe during the last two world wars. But Europe cannot afford to forget.
          Just a query – do you support the Texas independence referendum?
          So according to you tyranny will disappear from the UK only when the UK leaves the EU? First of all, tyranny is a very strong word and I would use it for governments in China, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. – places where one might get into a serious trouble just for talking against the regime. The EU was much more democratic in many ways compared to the above-mentioned countries, even if we consider the quotas for the immigrants, Greece, the sanctions against Russia and the centralised power in Brussels. Leaving the EU will not uproot corruption from the UK, nor will the mass surveillance decrease. The banks will be as corrupted and indebted (may be even more indebted after leaving the EU) as they were. The general public in the UK was misled and some people already regret about the way they voted. In fact, may people already feel like they have been lied to by Mr Farage – it turned out there will be no less immigrants (one of the main reasons for the Brexit supporters to vote “leave”), the membership tax the UK was paying the EU will not go into the NHS..many more lies will become apparent soon. And now Scotland wants to join the “tyrannical” EU and this could lead to the end of the UK. But SO BE IT, as you have already said, Greg.

      • David Morris

        Alex I live in the UK the euro is fatally flawed in its construction. Central currency cannot have devolved debts. The weight of the flaw far outweighs the advantages. Imagine the EU with a collapsing currency and the damage the beurocrats will do to defend the undefendable, then you may understand why I voted for exit. David Morris

        • Charles H


          History has almost always shown that when power concentrates – it’s a bad thing. The USA was SUPPOSED to be a Limited-Form; vesting real power in State and Local governement. Defending the un-defendable is always the simple, ironic, and pathetic recourse of such wrong organization.

    • Galaxy 500

      The Brits have started the process of taking their country back. They have a serious moslem problem that needs to be dealt with harshly

  12. wondrouscat

    Is this Brexit vote perhaps the Mannarino snowflake that will start the avalanche? Italy, the Dutch, and France are now gearing up to demand their own vote.

  13. vincent_g

    Going after individual banks will not change a thing!

    Lets first look at the UK which voted to leave the Euro.
    What is it they left?
    What is the Euro?

    It’s a central bank!
    They didn’t break away from a country!

    Only once people understand that central banks are the problem will you solve the problem.

    Going after Bank America or JP Morgan will not do a thing to solve the problem.
    If people get really upset the top 5 will have a meeting to vote on a sacrificial lamb.
    But that’s all you will get.

    Not long after the sacrifice things will go back to just the way the were before.

    Get rid the the head of the snake then it all stops.
    Take away the Fed and banks will be real careful on how they loan money.

    Put back the Glass Steagall Act in it’s entirety and real estate bubbles will be a thing of the past.

    I would even go further in that I would not allow banks to lobby Washington since they have too much control over the economy.

  14. Sayonara

    Thanks for the Special Report. As always, you have your intellectual eye on the ball.
    Too much debt, Too much deceit and way Too much corruption.
    Right now it is all about protecting and preserving your assets or you can kiss your assets goodbye.

    • Jon Scott

      Sorry you are a little confused, we voted to leave the European Union (EU) not the Euro currency, we never joined the Euro, we still use the Pound. Our central bank is the Bank of England.
      The Brexit vote will restore primacy of the UK courts and Parliament over the decaying European ones, we will be more free than we were but there is still much to be done.

  15. Dan S.

    THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Listen carefully and you’ll hear the crash.

    • Chip


  16. Dan S.

    Never mind – it’s just a bubble

  17. Kevin Price


    This was your BEST commentary. It was short, sweet. and to the point. It was full of facts and understandable, so much so that I was able to forward it to several people and feel confident that even they would understand it. I read hours of this stuff daily and seldom can find content that “non believers” would understand. Thank you for these opportunities for us to spread the word to those that otherwise would still have their head in the sand.

  18. Anthony

    Peace & Love to all.

    Thanks Greg, we have known for along time but it’s finally here. I just did a big supermarket shop and stock piled water.

    Venturing through the markets here in Melbourne Australia this morning I looked into the eyes of people who are truly clueless to the great awakening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy you are awake my friend!

      • Anthony

        Thanks Greg,
        At a time like this we all need to be friends.

  19. Don

    Thanks once again for the plain truth, and your wrap up, Greg. The Brit’s still a long way to go, as well as we, even if Trump is elected. The central banks of both the Euro and America, will use whatever tools they have left, to hold the masses in bondage, an to try to stop any western country, who’s people want freedom from there currency monopoly, and the NWO. The people need to pay really close attention to there state rep’s, as to which ones are supporting global government and the NWO. The democrat’s for instance who did a set in over gun law failure to pass. These people should be thrown out of office as soon as possible. Along with all others who will not support Trump on the republican side. The line is being drawn, between them, the globalist and those who are for national sovereignty. Its time to overthrow all powers that stand in opposition to our nation sovereignty. The trade agreements were tools that the NWO used to take national sovereignty away, by the parties involved in them submitted to a international committee. I just wrote president Obama, and let him know that those in leadership in this country, have committed treason against this nation, if they supported global government and the NWO. And reminded him of a video I saw him in, where he and Mr. Biden said they had a mandate placed on them, to bring in the NWO, and the one’s they were serving, was not the American people, but a treasonist group of oligarchy seeking a socialist form of global government. I also told him, his actions have exposed him as being a puppet of the NWO, and he and every other supporter should be tried for there treasonist acts. I will probably be targeted some how, but I don’t care anymore. I am not going to stand by and see my descendance ruled by a bunch of technicrats like the Eurozone has. I hope Trump gets the presidency and will hunt down every person and organization trying to destroy our national sovereignty. Well enough on that. The economy may go into a tailspin soon, as the central banks try to hold things together after the Brit’s exist. And I seen, John Williams is saying, we won’t make to the elections, without a major event. So may the Lord bless, my friend and keep speaking the truth, because, its the only thing that will stand in the end. Farewell

  20. vincent_g


    You may want to have this guy on your show.

    H.A. Goodman

    He seems to have covered this quite well.

  21. Da Yooper


    who owns & controls the Fed – BIS – City of London…. ?

    answer that & you have those who have defrauded …….the world

  22. aussie jeff

    Cedar Point Ohio 1922,speaker,
    Judge Rutherford.

    What he also said back then was,
    “Millions now living will never die” 1918-1925.
    With what he said back then,we should NOT be seeing what we are now!
    We should be according to the Judge well into the thousand year reign of Christ,and Bethsarem should be inhabited by God’s faithful of old.
    I understand your intentions are honourable,however if we are going to start quoting religious history we must also be prepared to accept ALL that was said at that time,as many have gone to their graves not seeing what was back then told to them as bible truth.
    Peace to you.

    • Galaxy 500

      The above person is part of an evil cult who preys on the weak minded. This misquote, mis interpret God’s word. They are called Jehova’s witnesses but they don’t witness for Jehova. To the contrary, they are on the side of Satan.

  23. Deano

    Cant wait to hear what Rob Kirbys updated thoughts are on USAWATCHDOG!

  24. Paul ...

    Hey Fed! … did all your stress tests prepare your bankster buddies for Brexit, Frexit, Geexit, etc., etc.?? … if not … are you thinking of printing to infinity?? … and putting the quadrillion dollar bill on our shoulders, our children’s shoulders and our children’s children shoulders??? … YOU BETTER NOT!!! … let your bankster “bully” buddies go bankrupt … look at the bright side … without “our cash” the banksters won’t be able to pay off the neocon “bullies” to advance their evil agenda toward a New World Order (which entails Nuclear Armageddon to clear out all freedom loving resistance to their plans)!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … it was likely “our money” that was used to turn Bernie into an official Hillary lover … we must deny the Fed the ability to print to infinity … otherwise “our money” goes directly to the “bully” neocons like Hillary … who will do “anything” for money … including marching the entire world toward Nuclear Armageddon!!!

  25. Paul ...

    Many may say … we must allow the Fed to print to infinity … otherwise the banks will close their doors … LET THEM … you won’t have to pay your bills until they open them again!!

    • Paul ...

      But how do we live and buy food?? … simply use your rice and bean supplies you have carefully put in place … exactly for such an emergency!!!
      Fear not … the banks will re-open … but this time they will be banks under “State Control” … no more “private” banks will be allowed to exist (to rob us anymore) … it may take a few months to “flush the shit out” that is currently clogging the system … but we will heal … and be much stronger for it!!!

  26. clare doll

    Dear Greg,
    I am so disgusted with the whole BREXIT gamesmanship! If what you say is true, that this was just an exercise in pinning the tail on the donkey (providing an excuse , THE VOTE, for bad economic outcomes) then the whole vote was rigged from the outset. Look at the suspicious nature of the vote — you have no official polling going on which is a huge red flag, as the only pollling to begin with was handled by the Las Vegas self-styled betters and what they were actually betting on. No official polling was ever registered except by people who had skin in the game. Then there was the supposed sentiment change by a whole country over one shooting that had nothing to do with the vote at all and all of a sudden the country switches sides (even though there was admittedly NO OFFICIAL POLLING going on). Then you have Cameron who was telling all the retired’s that they were NOT getting a pension and yet they are the ones carrying the exit vote. No, even I am not that honorable. You tell me I can’t get my pension and i will think twice about how I will survive without it (and yes, I already KNOW that there are not going to be any pensions). If what you say is true, then it WAS RIGGED after all! Oh, I forgot how everyone from newspapers to political puppets were bamboozled and then WHAM! vote goes the other way! IT WAS RIGGED.
    And then, to top it all off, my son in watching the Supreme Court results for Immigration policy remarks,” So this tied vote at the Supreme Court, it was 4 to 4.” And Obama would have gotten this thing rammed down our throats if he had just gotten his justice voted in, in time. So Scalia was murdered.” Oh, my GOD!

    • clare doll

      So the whole BREXIT was a diversion. A diversion for the United States to forget the murder of a Supreme Court Justice for the sake of Obama getting his immigration crap passed. signed, darby shaw (the Pelican Brief . . . .)

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep. It’s the crappy, dishonest, fraudulent system the Elite invented in the EU and how it’s a mess and falling apart because of their crime, fraud and incompetence. They are whining about the UK leaving. These people had the good sense to quite this blood sucking system. The whole thing was a fraud even getting this thing off the ground. Greece should have never been allowed, and either should have Spain, Italy, Portugal or Ireland and several others. It was fraud getting them to pass the requirements to be allowed in. Good riddance to the EU. Long live freedom and “We the People.”

  27. Bill

    GREG: Interesting that the Brits have drawn a line, and now watch the nwo attempt to move the line to their advantage. It aint over till its over. The Brits have just begun to fight.

    • susan

      bill, I hope so!

  28. Paul ...

    Now that we are finally getting rid of the New World Order (European Union) why not also get rid of NATO at the same time … if NATO is going to start a nuclear war over a computer being hacked … like we don’t have computer experts who can protect our computers (or un-protect Hillary’s) … then we don’t need a NATO (which is supposed to be an organization to stop war) going around trying to start a nuclear war!!

    • Paul ...

      And while we are at it … why don’t we change the Command Structure of the US Military … to all you USAF pilots … may I ask you a simple question? … where were you on 9-11 when our cities were being attacked along with the Pentagon itself ??? … were you out drinking coffee and eating Dunken Donuts?? … or perhaps you were out dropping military supplies to your ISIS terrorist buddies (sworn to destroy the American people)? … you know … it is the American people who pay your salary to Protect Us!! … why do we spend trillions of dollars to keep a Military/Industrial Complex in existence … if they do NOTHING to Protect the American Cities or their own Pentagon from attack by traitors?? … lets put our State National Guard’s in charge of our National Defense!! … lets make our Sheriffs “Generals” … put them in charge of our Military Forces and Nuclear Arsenal … they can’t be any worse then the current Generals we have in charge of defending American soil!!!

      • tulip

        I agree Paul… but Im not sure your solution is the best though I
        see your point. The leadership made it happen..
        The below is a very well researched film..

        RE-THINK 9/11
        The Evidence May Surprise You.

        A 3-Part Film and Discussion Series
        Fridays, Oct. 9, Oct. 23 and Nov. 6
        Bugbee Senior Center, White River Junction, VT
        7:00 – 9:30 p.m

        This new historic documentary, entitled September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor,
        was made by the award-winning Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco —
        called “The Ken Burns of Italy”.

        In five hours of film, Mazzucco depicts the perspectives and arguments
        of both those who believe the conventional story and those who do not.

        Come with an open mind and dare to re-examine the national event that
        radically changed the course of our country.
        Learn why many now are calling for a new investigation.

  29. Bill

    Don: You are talking to the wrong person. The POTUS is just a figurehead, our nation is being controlled by the NWO through Valarie Jarrett who is untouchable.

    • susan

      the witch!

  30. Nick

    I voted OUT but fully expected the months of propaganda to swing the vote for remain.
    I also suspected that the counting would be fixed to remain.
    The blowback against the vote outs from the remains on social media since is beyond belief, apparently if you voted out you are an ignorant, uneducated, racist xenophobe.
    Or worse 😉

    Cameron came straight out Friday morning and resigned, but said he would not initiate article 50 as it should be someone else. So now we are sat in limbo for several months awaiting a new prime minister. The UK ship is now without a captain during what a lot of us here consider to be a very volatile period.

    Having had time to reflect I believe Cameron wanted OUT , every time he opened his mouth with operation fear he lost more supporters, he had Obama come to educate us dumb Brits which caused thousands to vote leave. It would not surprise me if it leaked out that Cameron played to lose. He got nothing positive out of the EU discussions earlier this year . He can look Merkel and Junker in the eye and say I told you so. Whatever happens cannot be pinned on him, so it could be an astute move , exactly what you would expect from a career politician!

    Common sense dictates that the UK can not untangle itself from the EU debacle in the time available pre crash so maybe the entire in/out referendum was kabuki theatre .
    Was it just to give them a two or three month window of confusion or something to blame.
    What’s really going on behind the curtain ?
    War or gold price reset or dollar collapse or Rickards SDRs, total EU and Euro collapse or something else like Douche Bank folding.

    Gets more interesting every day for those few who are awake.
    I am getting you at least a new viewer every day so keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the special report extra

  31. Willard Ferch

    A little leaven eventually permeates the whole loaf, and when criminality reaches the pinnacle of the pyramid, the outlaws become enforcers of the law—their law. Hillary and Obama work for the same “boss”, as do the MSM and a few other organizations. It’s ironic that we rebelled against English tyranny; yet they’re the first to recognize the tyranny we’re all under, and rose up while Americans sit on their rear-ends and keep voting the same villains into office. Fat, lazy, complacent, apathetic, ignorant people are at the root of all this, so now who will pay and who will pick up the pieces? Hurray!! for the English for finally waking up. Thanks a million for keeping us up on things! Fiddlin Ferch

  32. Charles Turner

    As a Brit, living in London and a Brexiteer, I watched all the experts worldwide warn against Brexit and argue that Brexit wouldn’t happen. I was also appalled at the tricks that were played by the elites. In any other time they would have worked, but the general population just didn’t believe them anymore. Martin Armstrongs model picked up that it would, just as his 2015.75 model said it was peak government. Armstrong is not every ones cup of tea, but it would be useful to hear some of his views on the fragmentation of the established political parties and how this will map out in the States and Europe over the next few years. We have major elections in France and Germany next year. (the two most powerful EU members with the UK leaving the mix).

  33. Paul ...

    As we “deconstruct” the Rothschild lead neocon empire of thieves and crooks … and as people stop reading the newspapers under total Rothschild control … the MSM will begin to change … publishing the truth once again … and taking back their role “questioning government officials” about illogical policies and fight for what is good for the American people!!

  34. Tom Nacey

    The Bible tells us of a people long ago who tried to build a tower tall enough that they could look God in the face. Our politicians today believe that if they can build enough layers of government they will rise so far above the “will of the people” that they will be Gods. The British people have decided not to bow down before the false god of ever larger and more unaccountable government. This may be the most significant act of freedom resisting tyrany since the American revolution.

  35. Carl Bergquist

    Actually, the courses in economics as they are taught today should be eliminated from all universities. They are totally useless, as economists have not been able to really solve anything in the last 40 years. Anyone that uses the phrase “science of economics” is insulting the word science. I recall that the Arizona writer Edward Abbey described economics as something like this: “A swirling cloud of vapors able to determine almost nothing and to forecast even less”.
    Economist and banker as professions have absolutely no social value whatsoever. Why do people, against their own common sense, keep believing these idiots.? Get rid of this vermin!

  36. The Mohawk

    Who’s “We”? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  37. Cale

    Greg, thanks for the update. But I believe that finances or the crazy worldwide debt were not crucial for the Brexit voting. I think that most Brits, like many Europeans, are very worried about this (millions and millions) of migrant problem. London has elected a muslim mayor because, well, look around in London, no original English anymore. Rotterdam, biggest port in Europe, biggest ciry of Holland, has a Moroccan mayor. The president of the Dutch national parliament is Moroccan (double passports). Etc. Ever been lately on the “Champs Elyse” in the centre of Paris? No original French people anymore.
    European people are sick and tired of this and are starting revolting against this situation. I believe that politicians are trying to make this Brexit case as if it is a “financial problem”, currency, trade and deficit problems all over the place. It is scaremongering. Yes that problem is there, but the real problem is our identity. Most people are not even aware of the financoal situation in the world. But they do see all these muslims making our streets unsafe and destroying our social society.
    Europe is one of the most divers cultural areas in this world; French, Brits, Dutch, Germans, Spanish, Italiens, etc, all have their own beautiful countries and their own specific habits. Not allowed. Brussels wants to destroy the rich historical European diversity to replace it by an invasion of Arabs and Africans of which many cannot even write their own name, so what culture do they add to the democratic cradle of the world called Europe? Europe has its own original multi cultural society. Brussels (and Washington) want to destroy us Europeans. That’s why a majority of (elderly) Britons voted OUT.

    • Charles H

      Thanks Cale. Well said.

  38. christine marais

    Hi Greg,

    I don’t agree with you on most of everything but I do on some things: the not-signed “Iran” agreement was one. I checked it out in many foreign alternative media (Reseau Voltaire being one among many of them. Thierry Meyssan was the first MSM journalist going public on national press and denouncing 911 in 2003. He lost his job and moved out of Europe shortly afterwards, knowing what fate awaited him) and you were right about that strange, hyped-up Iran deal: no signature, no ratification as far as can be verified either on MSM, alternative or Government pages.

    I still differ with you on Iran being still officially a threat as defined by the US as late as last September: my research shows that they had been removed as “threat” in 2014 or 2015 and you and I had a bit of a tiff over it. Either way, the Iran deal was a big dog-and-pony show with lots of noise surrounding it, but Iran is moving ahead with trade with Eurasia and Europe outside of the Petrodollar and suing the US for unlawfully confiscating its money, which tells me we still don’t have the full picture. They must have solid, legal grounds to make that move… Eventually, we may agree that something seriously stinks but we don’t know where from since we don’t know the direction the wind is blowing from, for what Iran/US is concerned. Nothing was signed that we can verify. That, you got completely right.

    Brexit and debt is another one you have right. Funny that we are now told by Zerohedge and a few other sources you read, beside your own sources, that… Brexit is about debt not being repaid and big money, having capitalized on said debt, being exposed to risk. Which is a laugh, especially if those holding most of the debt happen to have lost, in the shuffle, big chunks of the money they had been using to destabilize the world for 20 years, hence Soros and JPM Jamie Dimon’s ominous predictions -and almost direct threats to the Brits- before the Brexit vote. In 1992, Soros attacked the Pound and was successful in bringing it down. I hope Soros lost enough not to repeat it so that Brexit does not ends up like a Tsipras/Grexit fiasco. Too much is at stake, WWIII being the “historical ultimate answer to any Big Power bad economic policies”.

    Either way, I still listen to you and I listen to your interviews and to your guests. All you need is to be right 51% of the time in my book to be worth listening to. Lining up guests I seriously listen to increases your credibility: that’s a hell of lot more than MSM can gather. And your having left CNN on the account of the official 911 version jacked up your credibility from the get go.

    As Catherine Austin Fitts stated, “We need you and more people like you.”

    Time to bring back Jim Willie. Thanks for what you do. Give room for people not 100% in agreement with you to express themselves and ask for proof when they question statements you make and don’t back up.

    In today’s climate, people want proof. Don’t blame them for it. I’m one of them…

    • Greg Hunter

      christine marais,
      There is no signed agreement according to the Kerry State Department. No signatures no real deal. That is a fact and I know facts are kryptonite to progressive/communist liberals. Lies and deception are mothers milk to them. THERE IS NO IRAN DEAL. If there is one let’s see the document and the signatures. Thank you for your support and kind words.

    • 8Ball

      I would say that Iran just wants to be left alone… but that concept is beyond that of the maniacal meddlers who seek to run the world. They are unable to leave anyone (individual or nation) alone, total control is their goal.

  39. DLC

    George Will, “make sure Trump loses,” figuring the establishment will resume in 2020.

    Who would vote Republican at that point, especially for a back knifing establishment — and what would be salvageable after 4 years of the Clintons? We need to send every career politico home this November.

    “O” appointment threatens anyone spreading “rumors” regarding the gang-raped 5-year-old in Idaho. This from the same WH that turned Ferguson upside down on outright lies trying to intentionally create chaos.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, that is what they figure but then, George Will said many times Trump would fizzle out. George was right if “fizzle out” means beating the shiite out of the competition

  40. Robert Lykens

    The Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho has taken the highly unusual step of intervening in a local criminal case involving an alleged sexual assault by juvenile Muslim migrants and threatened the community and media with federal prosecution if they “spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators.”


    Now it’s illegal to vent your anger against muslim criminals!

    • Galaxy 500

      I had planned to post this. Good job. Just another example of the liberals trying to cover up the crimes of moslems. If a moslem believes that the koran are words dictated by god [Satan] to the pedophile prophet. * Moslems are evil and there are no moderates if the believe the koran. They will pretend to like you and be your friend and then murder you [San Bernardino]. Trust them if you are a fool.
      Contrast God’s words of love and salvation to the words verses Satan’s words of hate, murder and oppresion.
      Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He had sex with a 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son’s wife (after arranging a quick divorce). On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which they watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.

  41. DLC

    On second thought, I would not be at all surprised if there was no election. The elites were shown with Brexit what repressed people are capable of. I do not think they will chance a Trump win. George Will kinda telegraphed that.

    It also sounds like they can keep rigging reality on every front until they can install Her Lowness. I had no euphoria over Brexit.

    I expect hardball from the poser in the WH. He had his narcissism handed to him this week. He’ll see that we pay dearly, and the snarky Republicans will smile in private.

    • Scott

      Still more proof that the U.S. government is at war with We The People. Sounds harsh, I know, but the evidence is incontrovertible: Washington, D.C. is the largest crime syndicate and terrorist organization on Earth.

      • Scott

        * Edit: my post was in reply to Robert Lykens

    • Galaxy 500

      If this happens there will be a civil war

    • StClare

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t an election ether. I’m no fan of Trump and neither is the radical left. I think they will do whatever they can to keep him out. Encite riots, whatever it takes, then declare a national emergency and extend Obama’s term until they figure out how to twist it so Hillary gets in.

      Bexit? WH will blame it on the Christians! And if those Christians happen to own guns, so much the better, take them too!

      • Charles H

        DLC & StClare –

        Elections this Fall are dubious for me also. Too many gusts for a wrong-way wind. ‘A nation in the hand, is worth two with the Bushes.’

  42. Jerry

    I posted a few weeks ago that the Brits were leaving the EU, but its not for the reason the MSM is reporting. It is for exactly what you said. THEY ARE LEAVING BECASUE THE EU IS GETTING READY TO IMPLODE . The AIIB lifeboat is beginning to fill up, and England wanted their place on it. Want more proof?

    May 10th I said the Brexit on June 23rd would be the next inflection point of the global collapse, and it was. The Chinese needed more access to Brittan’s financial nerve center at The City and they got it. Deutsche Bank will be next. Sometime in July Deutsche Bank will reach a stage of insolvency . I expect the Chinese to step in and purchase it, to go along with their gold vaults in Frankfort. This trend will continue as the central planners gradually phase the dollar out in stages.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Greg, I would highly recommend that you and your readers read this report. If this information is correct, there will most likely be a financial train wreck in July.

      The ESF may be able to manipulate the bond markets, but when you talk about physical gold, that’s another matter. Private investors and central bankers fleeing to the safety of physical gold from the EU implosion will not accept paper. They’ve fooled us all to this point, but eventually even the best thief runs out of places to hide.

      • Casey

        You always post such good info.please keep posting Jerry

      • Charles H

        Honestly, Jerry – don’t let anyone (or a gang of anyones) discourage you. Your content stands on it’s own; and your character – above it.

        • Greg Hunter

          I second that Charles.

    • Greg Hunter

      HAPPY to have you commenting again. PLEASE keep doing it!!!!!

      • Jon

        I’ll second that!

  43. Jeremy

    On the number 7 stuff: Jeff Berwick this morning saying that the last crash on 29 September 2008 the Dow fell 777 points. Friday the Dow fell 600 points and it was exactly 7 years 7 months 7 weeks and 7 days later. I know that some are interested in this but I find that it must be easy to see patterns in events that have already happened. Love your work Greg and look forward to the Polney interview later.

  44. Nick

    As an addition to my earlier thoughts that Cameron wanted Brexit and played for it, we need to ask why was the UK referendum brought forward from the original late 2017 date ?
    This represents an enormous risk to his career that he chose to take early. Perhaps he was “encouraged” to have it on 23 June 2016.

    In previous interviews you have covered the shemitah and Johnathon Cahns predictions and there is lots on the internet about the strange IMF meeting with Christine Lagarde and her very strange number 7 numerology message from January 2014.
    I always viewed this numerology messaging between elites as very questionable at best but ..

    The biggest crash in history was September 29th 2008 .
    It was 777 points .
    The latest large market crash following Brexit on Friday 24th June 2016 is exactly seven years, seven months, seven weeks and seven days from September 29th 2008.

    Maybe there is more to this shemitah and numerology than I originally thought so perhaps we could have a guest to revisit this topic ?

    This is not my work, I found it at https://www.dollarvigilante.com/blog/2016/06/25/magic-number-7-brexit-collapse-falls-exactly-shemitah-date.html

  45. Scott

    Outstanding report, many thanks for this, Greg. You’re working even harder than usual to get the news out, I imagine that it must take a toll – please know that your hard work is very gratefully appreciated!

  46. rahrog

    SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE!!! Then SECEDE again! Shuck off your central government and the central banks that own it. This is the only path to peace and prosperity.

  47. Michael Harvey

    The British people have rejected the arrogant rule of the EU superstate and the tyranny of its unelected courts, commissions and bureaucratic overlords.
    Good Work Britain.
    P.S. The EU was created by the CIA and destroyed by the CIA.

  48. Irving Sweitzman

    The Brits have really done it now and a lot of folks are hurting bad because of it. All of Europe might now fall like dominoes. As a country, we need to ask ourselves how much we are going to tolerate. What the Brits did was nothing short of an act of war and we should punish them accordingly. They are no different than the Islamists. If the trend continues unabated, then most financial paper will be downgraded to non-negotiable. Its a travesty what they have done. I would think a few thousand sortie over London are in order if Obama would only act now ! Bloody limey bastards ! They are a complete and total embarrassment to the G8 !

    • Greg Hunter

      You simply must be a paid NWO troll. The Britt got rid of the Fraud, Lies and Tyranny of the EU and getting out from under tyranny is ALWEAYS the right thing to do

      • Irving Sweitzman

        I am not a troll. I will tell you this. The UK has no idea what it has done. The stability of the world is what was at stake and now a great crumbling is upon us. People that stand by wanting economic uncertainty and instability are going to get their wish, but mark my words. The average citizen will be lucky to eat once a day once the full gravity of this has taken hold. People didn’t know how good they had it up until now. Now all is lost.

        • Greg Hunter

          If you are not a troll then educate yourself. The EU system is fraudulent and corrupt and it was administered and designed by the elites. IT IS THEIR FAULT. Fraud, corruption and dishonest measures make economies fragile. Honest business and honest measures make for robust system and a stabile system. The entire system was a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the world. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland should have never been admitted and were because the elite fraudulently rigged the EU membership. ALL IS LOST BECAUSE OF THE DISHONEST, CRIMINAL, LYING Elite. Frauds end quickly. Lone live freedom and “We the People” and death to fraud and the tyranny of the elite. The only correct vote was not no, but HELL NO, to the EU. Thank you for your comment even though we totally disagree.


  49. m. alexander

    Your readers might enjoy this new novel by Lionel Shriver:


  50. Silence is Golden

    In light of the vote for Brexit I will re-post my earlier post:

    Silence is Golden 06/01/2016 •
    A crash is a near certainty in my mind (the Establishment/Elite/Bankers have all been planning this for some time now).
    It will achieve a number of key directives :
    – An opportunity to extinguish insurmountable debt – via a Debt Jubilee
    – A even greater transfer of wealth to be effected
    – A reset of the monetary system
    – The failure of the current default currency reserve aka USD
    – The establishment of the Yuan as the new (Gold Backed) Global Reserve Currency
    As to the general consensus of opinion of esteemed financial gurus and writers that we are headed into a world of chaos and civil unrest…..that may be true to some extent/degree in terms of financial destruction and its impact on the masses (lower and middle classes)….but I have this sense that the Unelected Rulers of the World…..need continuance….to ensure that they have/retain control (of their power) . Continuance implies obedience and good order. Without that the Elite lose everything. They will be overwhelmed and then the planet descends into a great social cataclysm…the likes of which we have never seen.
    The question is do they have the wherewithal to understand the dynamic of the current state of play. Given the trajectory over the last decade…it would seem on face value…that they really don’t know what they are doing.
    There is more to lose… if they don’t construct the next chapter in the correct fashion. Hence they must anticipate the outcomes of steering this beast in the desired direction.
    This is unfortunately I believe, a great moment in the history of mankind. If they get this very wrong, we will see a very different world to which none of us are accustomed to…..and most of us will not survive that trauma and destruction that will ensue.

    The alarming point to note about the vote for Brexit is the possibility that the Elite had planned the outcome…thereby allowing other EU members to vote to exit.
    How does this play out…or into their hands….look at the Big picture and the anticipated result. Question: Have they Establishment steered this beast in the desired direction….bcos when all is said and done….we are all in a world of pain…..and will be screaming for order and control. The masses are acting….and playing into their hands.

  51. Alan J Paul

    I’ve been paying attention to you and your site from Australia for some time now
    I have found your work, reporting and editorials refreshing, fair and honest
    A voice in the distance growing louder weekly with more and more sense
    I continue to look forward to your next report and guest(s)
    How many of us quietly believe as you do..? and in growing numbers
    Keep up the good work, you are making a difference for myself and others
    with much encouragement and gratitude for your efforts

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan. Buy Australia Gold Nuggets (coins)!!! (I don’t sell anything but you should get some.)

      • Alan J Paul

        Good advice, Thank you
        Silver is and has long been my great hope
        For the last few years I have believed and purchased physical at great personal pain and ridicule
        Perhaps the Brexit is finally the awaited catalyst that is long overdue
        Exciting times probable for the near future

  52. Billy

    I had been saying for ages that Britain would not be part of the EU. Gold called it. For those who think Britain will prosper now- you are living in a dreamland. Faith in the EU or Britain will not turn things around. it was faith in God that gave them incredible blessings. Churchill and the Old Kings used days of prayer for a number of important battles. Now the peoples faith is in Britain or the EU. The blessings of Britain and America come from the seeds of Abraham.

    Remember Thatchers words- you have not tied Germany to Europe but Europe to Germany. Germany controls the EU, just ask Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain etc. EU regulation on business is incredible. It will get worse in the next few years in conjuction with the Catholic church.

    The EU is going to get down to 10 Nations. Germany’s strategy will be fascinating on how it moves this thing’s forward. There scared senseless of Russia and will need to be strong moving forward. A strong dictator will soon come to the fore in Germany.

    Dark days lie ahead for the US, Britain, Canada, NZ, Aus.

  53. Jason


    This website and your commentary is the best actual news reporting on the planet. Thank you for you courage and hard work.

    What are things going to look like for the average American family after this reset?


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support.

  54. Galaxy 500

    Brexit and world news:
    The elites in the UK are attempting to find a way to nullify the vote of the people. The liberals really don’t care what the people want.

    Nicola Sturgeon has warned she would consider asking Holyrood to block the UK’s departure from Europe if MSPs are required to give formal backing for Brexit
    The First Minister said if the Scottish Parliament has to give its consent, she would “of course” consider asking MSPs not to do this.
    In Scotland 62% of people voted to stay in the European Union (EU), a situation in stark contrast with the result of the UK-wide vote, which saw 52% opt to leave.

    Iceland chooses Freedom too.
    More moslems raping western women without sever repercussions.
    They said the woman screamed and unsuccessfully tried to fight them off. She was first raped by Filmon and later by Habtom in the daylight sex attack.
    They had then run off. Police raised the alarm and managed to arrest the pair in October.
    Asked why they had done it, Filmon said: “You know how it is, we were having a bad day.”
    The judge then replied sarcastically: “It was not only a bad day for you.”

  55. Tad

    Ditto to everything you said, Greg. If I can believe what I read, Martin Schulz of EU infamy, wants to start this process on Tuesday.

    They fear the markets.

    It’s about time to make a sizable bank withdrawal.

  56. Don

    Greg, wanted to write you concerning a matter of great importance. The international trade deals being implemented and passed are a NWO tool, to move all trade authority into the hands of global corporations, a fascist takeover, that remove national control of trade into the hands of global corporate giants. You can see what may happen. America’s political leaders are creating a new authority, thinking they can use corporate dominates, of global market place, to remain in power. They are willing to commit treason against national sovereignty, to do so. A fascist form of global government is in the making. There is two people who I believe understand, which have made video’s on youtube about this, that your guest could listen to. Paul Creg Roberts, by punching in, TPP and Paul Creg Roberts, and Julian Assange, and international trade agreements. Paul Ryan, the house speaker, is playing a big role in creation of these agreements. Just wanted to bring you abreast, as to what I see going on. Mr. Trump, has mentioned these as being a disaster. It becomes more and more evident, why they are trying to stop him as days go by. Mr. Trump may expose all the treasonist acts our elected officials have engaged in. They don’t want to be exposed.

  57. John Woodhead

    Man do I love you…i would marry you if I could,I am a Londoner and please let me tell you there are still lots of people fast asleep here……they as Dr Paul Craig Roberts has said haven’t got a real clue why they are voting they way they are,in fairness some do have but we have now got the farcical situation of maybe 3 million people signing a petition to have a second referendum because they want to change the rules so that a referendum can only be passed if 75% or more take part in it and The result gets a 60% majority,that is rubbish because the real reason is the remain (further integrate it’s more than remain) can’t accept they lost….how democratic is that? …thanks so much for explaining why these false markets are collapsing,I have had to put up with 2 months of so called debate about the economic benefits or non benefits of the “European Union” when I know it is all to put it mildly RUBBISH…that is because I am a regular to your excellent site,It seems to me America is far more awake than Britain,I can’t believe how narrow minded and I’ll informed some people are here,they think Boris Johnson is the enemy! They now nothing of the coming economic crisis…nothing AT ALL!!

  58. Chip

    WOW! can’t believe how many comments are here! Love this! When something happens in the world you should do this when ever you can Greg. This was great! Peace… Chip

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