Official 2014 IMF Forecast Based on ‘Magic Number Seven’-Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle - Official 2014 IMF Forecast Based on ‘Magic Number Seven’By Greg Hunter’s

Radio talk show veteran and 10 time published author, Steve Quayle, says dark powers are at work in the financial markets at the highest levels of global government.  Quayle contends, “First of all, the illuminati and the occult are one in the same with hidden meanings to the general population, but announcements to people on the inside.”  At the beginning of 2014, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, gave a primer on numerology to an audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  She did it as a set up to an official IMF forecast for “what we should expect for 2014.”   Why is this important now?  The IMF forecast was based on what Lagarde called the “magic 7,” and July is the seventh month of the year.  Lagarde is overtly using numerology to forecast big changes this year and this month.  For example, Lagarde pointed out that 2014 will “mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters” that started in 2007.  If you individually add up the numbers of the year 2014 (2+0+1+4=7), you get the number 7.  Lagarde also said that 2014 “will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF” (7 + 0 = 7).  Lagarde also said, “And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25th” (2 + 5 = 7).  Lagarde also brings up the G-20 out of nowhere.  Is that a reference to a date?  (G is the 7the letter of the alphabet and this might be a reference to 7/20/2014.)   Quayle explains, “People have to understand the number 7 to realize why this is critical.  The number 7 is used 287 times; it’s used in the Old and New Testament.  What is critical about this is these people rule their lives by the stars and numerology.  Never in anything have I monitored in my 25 years being on talk radio that I have witnessed such a blatant presentation of the number 7.  When she says it’s ‘quite a number,’ yes, it’s God’s number, but these people worship their god and their god is Lucifer.”

Quayle goes on to say, “When Lagarde makes reference to 7 and 14, and talking about the “financial market jitters,” what I believe she is saying is the end of the old financial system is past and the new one is coming on.  The new one will be what the Bible talks about such as the Mark of the Beast and the one-world government.  The 20th of July . . . what she is telling everybody is they are ready to make their move on the economy, and I believe is simply going to be the end of the U.S. dollar in a traumatic and dramatic fashion.  The people who aren’t prepared for it are simply going to be wiped out, and they are going to be blown away.”

So, why give a warning ahead of time?  Quayle states, “In the occult, they have a maxim in their world.  They must warn the people they consider useless eaters and stupid people of what they are going to do.  They derive some sort of sick pleasure out of that, and it’s kind of like the ultimate mocking through numerology.  The point being is Lagarde made 10 different references in a six minute portion of her speech; you gotta know the message is being sent. . . . What these guys are doing is basically telling everybody ahead of time that they plan to change everything. . . . Jesus said, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil,’ and I’ll take it one step further and say the control of money is the control of all evil.  They are speaking the message loud and clear.  This month, something big starts to happen, and it changes the rest of the world for the next 7 years. . . . We are headed for a crisis or turning point of Biblical proportions that is going to change everything literally in a matter of days, if not overnight.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle of

(This is an audio only interview, and there is much, much more that has not been transcribed to listen to about the coming devaluation of the U.S. dollar, gold and the Middle East.)

After the Interview:
Along with his 25 year radio career, Steve Quayle is also a precious metals dealer who specializes in selling physical metal such as gold, silver and platinum.  His site is free, and it posts his radio schedule and upcoming guests.  It is also packed with a wide variety of articles and information, including his “special alerts.”  If you would like to visit, click here.

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  1. Ugly

    I think 7 is used is because the NWO, Satan, and the Anti-Christ know that 7 is God’s number, thus it is a mockery. The 777 is the trinity. The 666 is the other. We have 7 days in the creation week. We still have 7 days a week for today. The NWO changes this stuff to 6 as they probably hate the number 7. Evil they are because they know whom they are….

    • Scott

      I believe the bible is just a tool they use to passify the bible thumpers, they make the book appear to be real and true because it furthers their goal of world domination by making people say ” you see the big book is real just accept Jesus and you are saved”.
      The children are the ones who pay for our sins here on earth after man strips his planet from eating endlessly of the fruit in the midst of the center of the garden.
      What is in the center of mothers legs????

      • vike

        Its clear to me you have never studied the Bible nor have any idea what it contains. Today’s science is confirming what the Bible has said all along. And unlike any other book the Bible records history accurately BEFORE it happens.
        A study of the book of Daniel will confirm my statement. Daniel was slated with a task no one could fulfill, unless he had supernatural powers. Daniel was tasked with telling King Nebuchadnezzar the dream he had and what it meant. The only way Daniel could oblige was to seek help from God. After praying for 21 days the angel Gabriel came to Daniel and told him of the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

        Gabriel also told him about the coming Messiah. He said from the time the order was given to rebuild the Temple and walls of Jerusalem, which had been conquered and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar decades previous, there would be 69 weeks of years that would pass before Jesus would enter Jerusalem riding a foal of an ass.

        Daniel didn’t have to wait long after for the clock to start as Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon. After taking control Daniel presented Cyrus with a letter written to him by the prophet Isaiah some 150 years prior and the letter addressed Cyrus by name and discussed how he had conquered Babylon. All this kind of impressed Cyrus so he gave the command to the Israelite s that had been taken hostage 70 years prior to return and rebuild Jerusalem, he even provided the funding!

        And what do you know? Exactly 173,880 days later Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey. Gabriel’s prophecy was almost 5 centuries before the fact but accurate to the DAY.

        If you think this was some parlor trick that would be one explanation but this was in printed form and recorded in the Septuagint centuries before the fact.

        Think about this. If God had the ability to create us surely he has the ability to get us a message. The Bible is that message complete with authentication and the ability to counter any form of hostile jamming. Take a minute and read this short story about Ivan Panin, a Russian born in the mid 1800s, it is entitled ‘God is a Mathematician’…

        • Bonker's

          This phenomenal discovery by Panin has been examined by numerous authorities and the figures have been verified. In total, Panin accumulated over forty thousand pages of detailed calculations covering most of the text of the Bible before his death. These incredible, mathematical patterns are not limited to the number seven. There are numerous other patterns. These amazing patterns appear in the vocabulary, grammatical forms, parts of speech, and particular forms of words. They occur throughout the whole text of the Bible containing 31,173 verses. When you consider the amazing details of this mathematical phenomenon you realize that the change of a single letter or word in the original languages of Hebrew or Greek would destroy the pattern. Now we can understand why Jesus Christ declared that the smallest letter and grammatical mark of the Scriptures was persevered by God’s Hand: “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:18).

          What was Panin’s own view of the Scriptures after a lifetime of diligent study? He wrote the following statement in one of his essays after warning of the limitations of wisdom found in secular philosophy. “Not so, however, with The Book. For it tells of One who spake as men never spake, who was the true bread of life, that which cometh down from the heavens, of which if a man eat he shall never hunger.” Ivan Panin’s conclusion of the matter was the following challenge. “My friend of the world, whose you are: Either Jesus Christ is mistaken or you are. The answer that neither might be is only evading the issue, not settling it. But the ages have decided that Jesus Christ was not mistaken. It is for you to decide whether you shall continue to be” (“The Signature of God” by Grant R. Jeffrey, Frontier Research Publications, Inc. (1996), p.230-237)panin3.htm

      • vandyke

        Its obvious you have a twitch with the Bible and the information it contains and from the way I see it, its information makes you insecured of something. Whatever it is, the Bible can help you deal with it if only you will let go of your puffed up ‘knowledge’ and presumptions about it. If not, then just let it be cos you ain’t getting anywhere with it.

    • Fraser

      Interesting that the S&P500 bottomed at 666 on March-6 2009 and that 666+666+666 = 1998, which is where the S&P500 is today. If the bottom price was planned, then the top may be also (Wall St ego showing who is in control). Timing around mid-July also works.

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, really…you are rounding your numbers but its as accurate as what this guy is selling…hell, lets bring Hudes back and sit around and talk about fairy or pirate gold thats going to save the world.
        This whole interview I found appalling. Its ok Martin Armstrong, rounds his numbers to suit himself and his magic theory, too

    • susan

      Thank you, Greg, for a great interview and great information. I really appreciate Steve Quayle’s perspective. It makes a lot of sense.

    • Web Guy Perth

      Doesn’t it scare you more that the IMF head runs policy by numerology.
      Just saying!!!!!!!

      • Angie

        If nothing else that is a valid point that should make people cringe.

  2. Orlando

    Coincidence? Also note the date of the National Press Club meeting was January 15th.
    01/15 or 0+1+1+5= 7

    • Galaxy 500

      Add up.all the numbers between one and ninety nine and you get five.thousand. coincidence? No, its math
      I am at a loss

      • Fraser

        G500 – who many times can a man be wrong before someone steps up and says something? You apparently have no “brain filter” to stop you from blurting out your nonsense. The sum of the numbers from 1 to 99 is 4950 (not 5000). Please take a rest buddy, you are only making a fool of yourself !

        • allen ols


          he is drinking david korishes coolaid, u are correct!!!!

          • Jus'Say'n

            Actually, he’s drinking Obama’s (57 State) Cool-Aid!!!
            Course OB was including some Islamic states!

        • Ted

          Correct because the sum of every number between 0 and 100 is 5,050, as easily calculated in Algebra.


          Beginning from the top and bottom and working to the center, each of the 50 pairs of numbers equals 100. Then 50 remains.

          50 x 100 + 50 = 5,050

          • Ted

            Correction: From 0 through 100, not between 0 to 100.

    • Seer

      7.20. 2014 equals 7+2+7=16 (1+6)=7

  3. Spanky

    good interview Greg. Quayle is getting you closer to the truth, yet our true enemy has yet to show his face. Sure there are the “bankers” , elites etc., but think about what group really benefits from global economic collapse. Start to look who has been behind this scheme for centuries. That is all I will say … it is dangerous now to reveal the real truth. Quayle is close. remember……….. Cui Bono

    • Galaxy 500

      You can’t keep a.nation together for long periods of time as people get greedy, lose the fire and you somehow believe that conspiracies can.cross centuries. Really?
      Watching this for a minute, I looked at the if somehow, I had reached Jesse Ventura or Alex Jones.

      • Paul in Fla

        So what’s your point?

    • John

      ” yet our true enemy has yet to show his face”

      I watched the new Captain America Film last night and they covered Operation Paperclip
      and how all these countries took in the Nazi’s after the war. The movie stated that these individuals have taken over & that they are the NWO. Which is what I have been saying for years. The Nazi’s now rule & are getting ready to be revealed to the rest of us, along with who they are in league with – the Fallen.

      It goes right along with all those government scientists & military that came out in 2001 I believe, and announced that several governments have been involved with ET for 50 plus years. That is when they started calling everyone ‘Conspiracy Theorist’
      for believing the wild stories.

      Both the last Pope & the current Pope have been talking about ET & how they are superior to us. They are getting everyone ready for First Contact – The Revealing of the AntiChrist. But in truth, they have been in league with them for some time.

  4. Amman


    The counter-prediction is the dollar continues to function as usual or as Christine might say – “comme d’habitude.”

    I look forward to watching such hocus-pocus, biblic-fuscation fall flat on its face.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, there isnt anything biblical about the.load of shiite this guy is selling. A hundred years ago he’d have been hawking medical quackery and voodo charms

      • Greg Hunter

        You are missing the point completely. These are Lagarde’s own words in a prepared speech in front of the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Make fun all you want, but Lagarde clearly used numerology in an official IMF forecast for 2014. THAT IS A FACT, but in this case the joke is going to be on us.

        • Amman

          She was being charming in a French way. Believe me, people who deal in Numerology don’t head the IMF and GO NOWHERE REAL FAST . What is more important, SQ website has ‘made’ dire economic predictions for AT LEAST the last 5 years, each one more DREADLY than the last but it always fizzles and the world muddles through and we wonder why. Let us follow a real Principle – one that is best elucidated by your guest Martin Armstrong – The value and weight and power of the dollar in International is beyond the power of any government to control …. IT IS ALL NON-LINEAR.

          • John

            @Amman “What is more important, SQ website has ‘made’ dire economic predictions for AT LEAST the last 5 years, each one more DREADLY than the last but it always fizzles and the world muddles through and we wonder why”

            You wonder why after the 08 collapse, the USA government follows zero rules or regulations, along with running the printing press 24/7, pumping trillions of paper dollars into the economy giving everyone the illusion that we have an economy.

    • Emeth

      The trouble with a conspiracy is that you don’t need complete evidence. All you need are bits, and after that you can sow them together into any shape you want.

      You have to take into account a persons core beliefs when weighing their words. Quayle has blended together an eclectic mix of ideas – many from the modern Evangelical movement, some from the patriot movement, and some from his own understanding of the Bible. He then arranges the evidence towards the outcome that he believes is coming. All conspiracy theories do the same, and at the heart of most of them is an unspoken and unrealized ‘religious’ position.

      Lagarde no doubt does the same, although the source of her eclectic mix may be different. In the end though, these are only opinions and in hindsight will no doubt all turn out to be forms of misdirection.

      Sure, something is coming. When? Who knows ‘the day and the hour’?. No one does (Matt.24:36). What will be the outcome? Well, your understanding of that will depend upon your world view. Your world view is set by your ‘beliefs’, and they will depend upon your education and environment. But here is one word of advise … don’t rely on all those ‘evangelical’ spruikers out there, they have no idea what they are talking about when they speak about the future, and their silly interpretations of Revelation.

      • Fraser

        Emeth – beautifully argued (I truly love the flow and softness in your English). Although I found no logic in your last paragraph – we are NOT seeking the hour of our death, but when the next economic reset will begin, which is unlikely to be a random event and therefore should be known by someone – possibly Lagarde (head of the IMF). My advice is stick around, this site will have you emotional and throwing rocks in the Middle East before you know it !

      • Galaxy 500

        Thank you….
        And the biggest proof that there isnt any NWO or PTB, is the.simple.fact that secrecy can not be maintained. If you dont believe that, try keeping an important one and share it with a.few.people you trust. There is always someone that either cant keep.a.secret (my wife couldnt, bless her heart…and its not malicious, its exuberance) or start keeping it but loose the faith (snowden). And these grand NWO conspiracy theories dont explain why China, India, and Russia would give up their power (@ 3 billion people thats nearly half

        • John

          Just like Snowden & all the other whistle blowers can no longer find jobs in America. If you speak out, you are blackballed.

          Just like all the VA whistle blowers who are trying to speak out & are being threatened with loosing their jobs.

          The Government works under departmentalization. Nobody knows the whole plan. There is a reason why the government & politicians want to assassinate the whistle blowers. It puts fear in everyone else to keep them from becoming a whistle blower.

  5. Anonymous comment

    Good = God remove one o
    Evil = Devil add the D
    You cannot have evil without good and you cannot have good without evil. What might be good for you could also be evil for me, so fourth. It would be evil if we had a nuclear war and lost 50% of the world population. It would be good for the 50% of the people that survived, but not that good. Ask your guest why it took almost seven months to fiquire out christe Lagarde press conference. I would think that the elites are scared to death. The world as we know it is falling apart and is accelerating . I am thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow to have fun. When my daughter smiles I feel joy. Please do not post this one.

    • Anne

      That is the point- we assign values to everything as we have been taught to do. If they round up all of us that have this deeply ingrained value system and them destroy us, they can start fresh with a new system of thought, unspoiled by these value systems and that THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT TO ACCOMPLISH. Evil will exist without good and that opposite “good” will no longer have an assigned value. Basically they want what we believe to be evil as the norm and “good” will no longer exist as they want to wipe the slate clean and start over with a core group of slaves, happy to serve “evil” as the norm. It is purely unacceptable. We are the 99% and they are the puny 1% that will step out of hiding soon so we can finally hold them accountable for the atrocities that they have plagued humanity with for centuries. What you create will destroy you. If they created our value system, it will destroy them.

  6. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hello Greg and ewrybody..

    Thanks fore bringing good and relevant guests on,,,, helping us out ,, helping ourselves,,, through a generel educational proces….
    But if I may say so,,,,, some of the generel statements regarding conditions especially,,from Syria,,, need AN UPGRADE,,,Better research,,,
    Are All groups just the same in Syria ,,,???
    Honestly,,,, in my opinion ,,, there are big moderate groups in Syria ( All though , they would seem unmature ,, in many ways ,,, its a start,,,) we should help them,,,
    Freedom , democracy, human rights doesnt come easily,,,,
    And they ARE fighting ISIL ,,, wake up,,, they are also fighting Assad,,,, ewrybody is fighting ewrybody ,,, so it could seem,,,
    Fore some ‘strange’ reason ISIL doesnt get very heavily bombed from the air in Syria,, but apparently Assads airforce bombed ISIL in Irak,..!!!
    Listen: ASSAD wanted to splinter the opposition,,, hé could not afford ,,, the opposition being presented ,,, as the ‘ good guys’ ,,,, fighting fore freedom against,,,, social , ethnic, economic and political oppression,,,,,,, Well ,, to a very big extent ,,,HÉ SUCCEDED….
    And because there are so many dynamics and it is compleks ,,, many vails in this overall conflict,,,, we the west ,,, seem to be forgetting the values of freedom both in Syria and in our own societyes,,,,
    Well denial and apathy is a few steps in many long steps,,, towards the proces of educating ourselves,,, on a individual level and as a society,,,,
    Seen in that way ,,, Well ,, a crisis is a terrribel thing to waste,,,
    These days inner knowledge and education ,,, is worth much more than gold…
    There is a price to pay to REACH FREEDOM,,,,, an even BIGGER price to obandom it…
    What is the term Freedom to you ,,,and what os it to mé ???
    Well I guess we Will All have to figure it out,,, whether we like it or not,,,

    Just the Way I see it,,,

    Mikkel Jacobsen

    • Galaxy 500

      From what I.saw, the Iraqis werent interest in freedom…and they still.arent

    • emeniag

      Mikkel, Things to ponder, but what of the Christians who have been slaughtered over there by the so called Sunni terrorist freedom fighters, Assad seems to at least allow them the freedom to live and what is our real concern over there. Is our real concern the aims of our petrol dollar masters Saudi and OPEC and pipelines through Syria and the carving up of Irag in a 800 year old religious war where the Muslim victors goal is the ultimate demise of western civilization? Then you have the Russians who want us to believe their taking up our role as defender of that same civilization and we taking sides in a Muslim war in a fight to the death for world Muslim Sharia domination and the Sunni the better. What our our neo-conmen and con-women thinking and why have they gotten us into all this Shiit? As Rodney king told us white people 20 years ago, why in the hell on earth cant we all just along? Is nuclear annihilation our only hope as the connie’s want us to believe?. As Greg would say, “man alive”! I thunk something’s rotten in Riyadh.
      Yes Mikkel Jacobson Gorbachev, we will all have to fagure it out. . . whether you like it or not, don’t wait till the game is called out on account of darkness, wake up Mikkel your the hope of the world!

      • emeniag

        P.S. Rodney said “why cant we all just get along”! R.I.P. Rod!

        • woody188

          I believe he said this after he came down from his violent PCP fueled rampage.

  7. bob

    wow greg, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. your guests are a little piece of the puzzle. i have heard steve for years off an on. jim willie and steve are the biggest pieces of the puzzle. it blew my mind with christine Lagarde. lindsey williams has been right too all along. these people have to tell you what they are going to do before they execute there plan. i think this tells anybody paying attention whats going on just like steve said. new world order then change, i know i’m missing others, but it’s in our face and most of us believe it’s conspiracy theory. anything that is labeled this, generally has a whole lot of truth to it. the mass has been conditioned to believe it’s crack pot thinking. greg i would hope that this interview would make people sit up straight, not that any of your other great interviews should not, but what christine’s interview, steve and your analysis of this speech should make people shiver in their boots.

  8. Jason

    On the subject of numerology you might find this book interesting.
    Search for “Constructing the Universe by Michael S. Schneider”

  9. Noah. Noah who? Know ah who built the Ark?

    The end of the what?—Fear, fascination and frustration!

    How do you feel about July 15, 2014, the date some are saying will bring worldwide change? Depending on what you expect, you might be relieved, disappointed, or indifferent. Is it just another incorrect prediction for the demise of the world?
    What about “the end of the world” described in the Bible? (Matthew 24:3, King James Version) Some fear that the earth will be burned up. Others are fascinated by end-time scenarios. Many have simply grown tired of being told that the end is near. But could those be reactions to fiction rather than to fact?
    You might be surprised to learn what the Bible really says about the end of the world. Not only does the Bible give reasons to look forward to the end but it also acknowledges the frustration that can set in if the end seems to be overdue. I invite you to consider the Bible’s answers to some common questions about the end of the world.
    Will the earth be burned up?
    THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “[God] has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.”—PSALM 104:5.
    The earth will not be destroyed, either by fire or by any other means. Instead, the Bible teaches that this planet is mankind’s eternal home. Psalm 37:29 says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Psalm 115:16; Isaiah 45:18.
    After God created the earth, he said that it “was very good,” and he still feels that way. (Genesis 1:31) Far from planning to destroy it, he promises to “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”—and to protect it from permanent damage.—Revelation 11:18.
    You may wonder, though, about 2 Peter 3:7. That Bible verse says: “The heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire.” Does this not show that the earth will be burned up? Actually, the Bible sometimes uses the terms “heavens,” “earth,” and “fire” figuratively, as symbols. For example, when Genesis 11:1 says: “All the earth continued to be of one language,” it uses “earth” to mean human society.
    The context of 2 Peter 3:7 shows that the heavens, earth, and fire mentioned there are also symbols. Verses 5 and 6 draw a parallel with the Flood of Noah’s day. On that occasion, an ancient world was destroyed, yet our planet did not disappear. Instead, the Flood wiped out a violent society, or “earth.” It also destroyed a kind of “heavens”—the people who ruled over that earthly society. (Genesis 6:11) In the same way, 2 Peter 3:7 foretells the permanent destruction of wicked society and its corrupt governments as if by fire.
    What happens at the end of the world?
    THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”—1 JOHN 2:17.
    “The world” that is to pass away is, not the earth, but the world of mankind whose lives are not in harmony with God’s will. Just as a surgeon might remove a cancerous tumor to save a patient’s life, God will “cut off” the wicked so that good people can truly enjoy life on earth. (Psalm 37:9) In that sense, “the end of the world” is a good thing.
    Such a positive view of “the end of the world” is implied by the Bible translations that render this expression “the conclusion of the system of things” or “the end of the age.” (Matthew 24:3; New International Version) Since both humankind and the earth survive the end, does it not seem reasonable that a new age, a new system of things, would follow? The Bible answers yes, for it speaks of “the coming system of things.”—Luke 18:30.

    Jesus called that future period “the renewal of all things.” At that time, he will restore humanity to the conditions that God originally intended. (Matthew 19:28, NIV) We will then enjoy
    ▪ A paradise earth with security and prosperity for all.—Isaiah 35:1; Micah 4:4.
    ▪ Work that is meaningful and satisfying.—Isaiah 65:21-23.
    ▪ The curing of all disease.—Isaiah 33:24.
    ▪ The reversal of aging.—Job 33:25.
    ▪ The resurrection of the dead.—John 5:28, 29.
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    ▪ Wars, famines, earthquakes, and epidemics of deadly disease.—Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11.
    ▪ Significant increase in crime.—Matthew 24:12.
    ▪ The ruining of the earth by mankind.—Revelation 11:18.
    ▪ People who love themselves, money, and pleasures but do not love God.—2 Timothy 3:2, 4.
    ▪ The breakdown of the family.—2 Timothy 3:2, 3.
    ▪ General apathy toward the evidence of the approaching end.—Matthew 24:37-39.
    ▪ The preaching of the good news of God’s Kingdom worldwide.—Matthew 24:14.
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    The Bible likens the world’s destruction to the onset of labor—the mother’s pain is inevitable and comes suddenly. The time leading up to the end is also like a pregnancy, for an expectant mother is aware of ever-increasing signs of the coming birth. Her doctor might estimate the birth date; yet, even if the event should delay, she would still be sure that her baby will soon be born. Similarly, any mistaken expectations about the end do not alter the unmistakable features identifying these as “the last days.”—2 Timothy 3:1.
    ‘If the sign that we are near the end is so obvious,’ you might ask, ‘why do so many people fail to recognize it?’ The Bible shows that when the end is near, many will belittle the evidence. Rather than acknowledge the fundamental changes during the last days, they would scoff: “From the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.” (2 Peter 3:3, 4) In other words, the sign of the last days is clear, but many will ignore it.—Matthew 24:38, 39.

    This post has considered just some of the Scriptural evidence that the end is near.* Would you like to learn more? If so, why not contact, {Along With A Prayer}, a friend, neighbor, relative or family member, or anybody that’s ever encouraged you to accept their offer of a Bible study? Study sessions can be held just about anywhere, in your home, at another place convenient to you, or even over the phone. The only cost is your time, and the potential benefits are priceless.

    Christian Witnesses have had wrong expectations about when the end would come. Like Jesus’ first-century disciples, some have sometimes looked forward to the fulfillment of prophecy ahead of God’s timetable. (Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 2) Do you agree with the sentiment’s of many longtime spiritual brother’s and sister’s in the faith who have said: “I learned that we should admit our mistakes and continue searching God’s Word for more enlightenment.”
    Why, then, do many continue to highlight the nearness of the end? Because we take seriously Jesus’ words: “Keep looking, keep awake.” The alternative, to be found “sleeping” by Jesus, would prevent us from gaining his favor. (Mark 13:33, 36) Why?
    Consider this example: A lookout in a fire tower might see what he thinks is a wisp of smoke on the horizon and sound what proves to be a false alarm. Later, though, his alertness could save lives.
    Likewise, Christians have had some wrong expectations about the end. But we should be more concerned with obeying Jesus and saving lives than with avoiding criticism. Jesus’ command to “give a thorough witness” compels us to warn others about the end.—Acts 10:42.
    We should believe that even more important than focusing on when the end will come, we must be confident that it will come, and we must act accordingly. We should take seriously the words of Habakkuk 2:3, which says: “Even if [the end] should delay [compared to what you thought], keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come true. It will not be late.”

  10. James

    Gotta question a “man of God” when his priorities is money changing.

    The first crap you see in his page us gold and silver trading…not messages

    Who does steve serve first??

    • Galaxy 500

      Agreed, a bunch of tripe packaged as the Lord’s word. I missed in the Bible where the evil doers have to warn us before they do evil. Its kind of like the soliloquy given by bad guy explaining the plot in movies which allow the good guys to defeat them. Duh…
      Mysticism packaged as information….wonder where he keeps his ouija board?
      I dont believe that things move in predictable cycles by time in business markets just like I didnt believe when some people were talking about bad things were going to happen due to a rare alignment.of the plantets. I see things differently and have been proven correct by the court of time and reason. People that believe in horoscopes are amusing as are those that believe in economies busting on a time cycle….unless on includes agricultural.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are missing the point. I’ll say it again: Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Lagarde is obviously the monkey with the tin cup and the NWO-types are the organ grinder. She admits as much. The only POSSIBLE excuse I can come up for this numerology BS is that Lagarde’s bosses prefer this kind of code game. What next for their entertainment? They have her come out of a cake? If this passes for seriousness in the elite’s world, maybe we don’t have that much to fear. Here’s some numerology for you: $17+ trillion in ACKNOWLEDGED DEBT and with no plan to stop (the so-called taper is a fraud, just like the rest of the game). That’s what’s going to be our undoing. Maybe, as Jerry says, they’ve already decided the date they pull the plug. But it has NOTHING to do with what numbers add up to whatever. We’re so desperate for REAL information, I guess we’ll try anything. One thing is sure, though, and that is our situation is a house of cards with a big storm headed our way. Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          Nothing that I have seen the IMF do makes senses…why should this be.different. and this wasnt a policy meetings speech….its a luncheon meeting at the National Press Club

          • Greg Hunter

            First you come on and question if this was a “doctored video,” which unfairly calls into question my credibility. The speech was not “doctored” and a complete version has been posted on this site, but let me repost the complete un-“doctored” video: Here is clip I posted : THE VIDEO IS NOT DOCTORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have also gone out of your way to attack my credibility while ignoring the fact the this was a “policy speech.” What better place to give it than THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB. At the very beginning of her speech Lagarde said,”I think it is appropriate to wish ourselves a Happy New Year given what I would like to talk to you about which has to do with the global economy and what we should expect for 2014.” It seems you are ignoring the overt facts to trash me and I do not appreciate it one bit. You are welcome to your opinion but you are not welcome to ignore facts and trash me unfairly. I do not know the date of change but it is a fact that Lagarde clearly was forecasting change for 2014 based on what she calls the “magic 7.” This is reportable and worthy of analysis and discussion. Knock off the BS.

            nds of disparaging comments that attack my credibility. Now you misquote what Lagarde says. Let me give you he exact quote at the beginning of her speech in front of the National press Club

        • Alarmed

          Didn’t Reagan and his wife Nancy have an astrologist they consulted regularly? From those who believe they know who the (not so) elite are, claim they are satanists. If they control Hollywierd, and they certainly appear to, it could not be more obvious.
          Biblically, our world has been in a battle between God and Satan from the beginning. Satan is the prince and power of the air. God is really in control. Revelation will play out as is written.
          Whether July 20th is the day or not, the most important thing is to repent and be saved. Then prepare for physical needs.

        • smaulgld

          As foolish as it seems, the point is the head of the IMF blatantly gave a speech that wasn’t funny, amusing, or instructive at all- one has to ask WHY would she give a speech on such a bizarre topic?

          • Greg Hunter

            B I N G O!!!!!!!!!!! My point exactly!!!!!!!!

      • John

        @Galaxy 500 ” I see things differently and have been proven correct by the court of time and reason.”

        Please do inform us, since all of your posts on this forum have been negative

        My first impression is that you are one of those trolls that Snowden warned us about on all these websites to bring disinfo & confusion.

  11. Rapha

    Its probably the 20 September or the whole of September.

    Sept = 7, Oct = 8, Nov = 9 and Dec = 10

    Look at 2 dimensional shapes like Heptagons, Octagons, Nonagons and Decagons.

    September was once the 7 month. In todays calendar = 9 to us

    What is 9 – 2 – 0 ?

    Answer 7

    Could have another 9-11.

    • guest

      Ok.. Let us pin the tail on the donkey. Dust of the we-gee boards. My bandana is on and the taro cards are available. Not.

      • Galaxy 500

        A fellow voice.of.reason in a sea of insanity. Everyone is looking.for answers and hope…this guy doesnt provide.either

        • Greg Hunter

          So you find nothing unusual about a major financial official on the level of the Fed Chief using numerology in a official forecast? Really??? Quayle is the crazy one??? You better check your logic.

        • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

          Hey Galaxy – STFU already. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters here.

        • allen ols


          chk logic, and more neuro skeptick cool aid

      • RAPHA

        The elite plan the future using numerology.

        In numerology 555 means change
        In Christianity 555 means death

        555 days after Sept 11 2001, Iraq got invaded.

        Iraq got change (for the worse) and death.

        • Ugly

          Can you show in the Bible where 555 was used and it meant death. You said Christian, thus you must mean New Testament . Just curious about your credibility.

    • Galaxy 500

      I like decahydrons

  12. woody188

    What is critical about this is these people rule their lives by the stars and numerology.

    So why do people assume this is in reference to the Gregorian calendar?

    They would not use the Gregorian “Christian” calendar. They would use the lunar “Pagan” calendar. The 20th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar corresponds to Friday, 8/15/2014 on the Gregorian calendar. This makes so much more sense than Tuesday, 7/20/2014 on the Gregorian calendar and mirrors the Cypress shut down and bail in where the banks close on a Friday and don’t re-open for many weeks.

    • woody188

      Sorry, that’s Sunday, 7/20/2014, not Tuesday.

      • RSL83

        Point in fact, the Gregorian calendar is the “pagan” calendar, not the lunar calendar. The Hebrews clearly followed a lunar calendar rather than a “Sun” based calendar which was tied closely with Sun worship. Unfortunately most professing disciples of the Christ are woefully ignorant of the Word they profess to believe and have been drawn into, what I believe to be a pagan religion of comfort, the “American Church”. Don’t believe me? How many edifices to our comfort do we build in America to “honor God” while we pay a man to teach us for an hour or two once or twice a week while there are countless poor, homeless, orphans and widows in our country? Jesus Christ NEVER told us to build buildings, He told us to take care of the poor, widows, and orphans, that is truly honoring God. Maybe if we did what He commanded people would believe as they did in Acts where the disciples had the favor of ALL men.

        • Alarmed

          I would appreciate it if you would back up your commentary concerning the “American Church” through Biblical references from the KJV.
          Are you referring to Protestant Churches? They developed from people with convictions/disagreements with the RC church, such as infant baptism. While I cannot remember all of them, there was Martin Luther, Charles Wesley, John Calvin, and Menno Simons. They all came from different countries with different approaches.
          Most people throw Baptists into the Protestant category, but they are not.
          The decade of the 1950’s lead us into the post Christian era of the US, although one could argue it occurred earlier. There have been many changes.
          The bottom line is our leaders have turned their back on God, and have embraced the occult. One can argue whether the USA was ever a Christian nation or not. Many of our forefathers were Deists, and Thomas Jefferson cut and paste his own bible from two Bibles by eliminating what he didn’t agree with, but in general, the values and morals of the Bible were considered important. What was considered an anathema years ago, is embraced today. I don’t think we have seen anything yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting take. Thank you. One thing is for sure, Lagarde was signaling that something happens before the end of the year.

      • Galaxy 500

        Are you sure??? I dont buy.that they tell their this
        But Greg, you know me….professional skeptic instead of professional mystic money.changer

        • Occasnl Trvlr

          They aren’t telling “their network.” They’re telling you.

          Well, okay, not you.

      • tony newbill

        Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

        This statement slaps ya in the face !

        “My sources say Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps”.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Amazing interview once again.
        Re Lagarde link.
        Greg – both me and my partner both felt an eerie chill come over us when we listened to this speech. The content is so absolutely bazaar but also totally fascinating that I am amazed that it took months for it too be drawn to our attention on watchdog. There are a lot of extremely sharp and resourceful people involved in watchdog so do you have any theory on why it took so long – I am puzzled to say the least?
        I am not questioning the authenticity of this video, just the timeframe involved in it coming to our attention.

        • Greg Hunter

          I try to do as much as I can. I don’t know why it took so long to surface.

          • Pinocchio

            Hi Greg, The video we saw a day or so ago linked to your site was just a small snippet of the original, entire presentation that Cl gave on Jan 15. The original is 59 minutes long and CL starts at 6:20. It was only the portion that had all of the number references. Here is the entire presentation if it helps anyone get over their doubts. I have none and am glad that it was posted on your site. I believe by Jerry – one of favs.


            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Pinocchio.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Yes Greg – exactly my point.
            I didn’t make this comment as a criticism of anyone. I know for a fact that you are often at work half the night.
            To me there is something sinister when a lot of extremely astute, resourceful and informed people, missed this important speech. All except for Jerry that is. Even then it wasn’t picked up for months afterwards.

            • Greg Hunter

              I’ll say it again for you my friend and my friend 500: Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact.

              This is reportable and worthy of discussion, after all, it affects the entire world–again according to Lagarde.


          • Bonker's


            The full dope on Ethan Allen and the capture of Fort Ticonderoga; exciting stuff!

        • Bonker's

          I know the answer to that one Greg, that same say answer Ethan Allen Of the Green Mountain boys of Vermont gave the commander of Fort Ticonderoga when the commander asked whom they were surrendering to, in our fight for Independence. Ethan Allen’s response;

          “In the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress!”

          Ethan Allen Captures

          Fort Ticonderoga, 1775

          The British military outpost of Fort Ticonderoga occupied a commanding strategic location in upstate New York that overlooked a portion of the potential invasion route the British would take from Canada down Lake Champlain to the Hudson Valley and ultimately to New York City. If successful, this British line of conquest would separate the New England colonies from their southern brethren. Having accomplished this division, the British could concentrate on first defeating one isolated segment of the rebellious colonies and then the other.

          Fully aware of Fort Ticonderoga’s strategic importance, the leaders of the colony of Connecticut, whose territory included the future state of Vermont, called upon Ethan Allen, leader of a militia unit know as the Green Mountain Boys, to capture the fortress following the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

          In the darkness of the night of May 9, 1775, Ethan Allen, along with Benedict Arnold, led a portion of his militia across the half-mile width of Lake Champlain to the base of the fort. As the sun rose the next morning Allen and his men rushed into the fort demanding its surrender. Taken totally by surprise, the Commander of the garrison meekly surrendered and the strategic fortress was captured without bloodshed.

          “. . . . when the Captain came immediately to the door, with his breeches in his hand, I ordered him to deliver me the fort instantly.”. . .

          He asked me by what authority I demanded the surrender: I answered him, ‘In the name of the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress.’
          Allen published an account of his exploits in 1779. In his description of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, he describes giving a pep-talk to his troops before the assault, although there are no other accounts of this speech. We join his story as a decision is made to capture the fort:

          “Ever since I arrived at the state of manhood, and acquainted myself with the general history of mankind, I have felt a sincere passion for liberty. . . so that the first systematical and bloody attempt, at Lexington, to enslave America, thoroughly electrified my mind, and fully determined me to take part with my country. And, while I was wishing for an opportunity to signalize myself in its behalf, directions were privately sent to me from the then colony (now State) of Connecticut, to raise the Green Mountain Boys, and, if possible, with them to surprise and take the fortress of Ticonderoga.
          This surprise was carried into execution in the gray of the morning of the 10th of May, 1775. The sun seemed to rise that morning with a superior luster, and Ticonderoga and its dependencies smiled to its conquerors, who tossed about the flowing bowl, and wished success to Congress, and the liberty and freedom of America.”

          This eyewitness account appears in: Allen, Ethan, A narrative of Col. Ethan Allen’s captivity (1807); Bellesiles, Michael A. Revolutionary Outlaws: Ethan Allen and the Struggle for Independence on the Early American Frontier (1993); Hoyt, Edwin Palmer, The damndest Yankees, Ethan Allen & his clan (1976).

          Four months after the taking of Fort Ticonderoga, Ethan Allen was captured by the British during an attempt to invade Canada. Imprisoned, he was initially sent to England but returned to a prison ship off the coast of New York. He was freed in May 1778 in a prisoner exchange on Long Island. He died in 1789.

          Vermont declared itself an independent republic in January 1777. It remained so until 1791 when it joined the United States as its fourteenth state.

  13. Rick

    Well, I watched the video of Lagarde… it started with… “I do what I’m told to do”
    and it was creepy, to say the least. to think that people in powerful positions play with numbers to determine the fate of mankind, is chilling to contemplate. One Scripture in the Bible says.. “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” Can you see it?

    I wouldn’t look to Steve Quayle, Obama, or any other human as capable of stopping the current forces at work.

    The Bible’s remedy? God’s Kingdom, near at hand Dan 2:44

    • Galaxy 500

      It was creepy

      • Galaxy 500

        But I disagree that its a policy meeting or even a prediction of what is coming.

        • Greg Hunter

          You disagree with the facts: Lagarde said, “I think it is appropriate to wish ourselves a Happy New Year given what I would like to talk to you about which has to do with the global economy and what we should expect for 2014.”

    • Guns N Rosaries

      Not even the Two Witnesses?

  14. Westley

    Greg, great article! i watched this one on youtube yesterday morning, i noticed something very odd about her speech, the entire time, she wasnt interested in giving a speech but more like speaking in code to a dinner guest. very bizarre, Yet when rewatched it a few times, i felt pretty confident that the same conclusion your article draws to is inevitable. Regardless of the blatantcy on this information being “coded out”, we are definitely headed for rougher waters. people need to expect the cost of oil to rise pretty soon along with their utility bills and groceries. Alot of speculation has been about ISIS/ISIL threatening to pull another 9/11, most likely nuclear as well. Lets hope not. God bless you Greg, keep up the good work.

  15. Shawn Ozbun

    BomShell info as always Greg. Thanks for your work good sir

  16. mrpm

    I no longer believe that the events we are witnessing are just “coincidences” nor the argument that the people really running the show are inept and incompetent.
    Its all happening as planned. FEMA was preparing for this last year – they knew well in advance of this invasion.

    FEMA camp conditions:

    A big Thank You Greg for this info about July 20th. No where else did I see this except on your site!!

  17. Jim

    This sounds so crazy, it must be true…

    • Galaxy 500

      Is that your only criteria? In this world its as good as any

  18. pessimest

    I thought Lucifer’s number was 666?

    Oh I get it …. 6+6+6 = 18
    1 – 8 = – 7
    which would be the anti-god = Lucifer.

    • pessimest

      And then today’s date …. 07/02/2014

      0+7 = 7 … ok that was easy.
      Then 0+2+1+4 = 7 …. holy krap!

      There’re 7’s popping up all over the fricken place!

      This Quack dude is so awesome!

      • Galaxy 500

        And gee… out of ten percent of the numbers, it pops up less than 10% of them, like all higher numbers
        Bedford’s law
        And ohhhh, its based on analysis, not mysticism

      • Emeth

        Actually Lucifer is an incorrect translation, and is only seen in the Bible in Isaiah.14:12 (KJV mainly). It refers to the day star – Venus or the moon, and is a symbolic title for the King of Babylon in the context of Isaiah. Most modern translations no longer have it.

        The extrapolation for to a supernatural being is just silly, and way out of context. The context of Isaiah is a mocking poem against the king of Babylon, who would later invade the land and seek to overthrow the throne of God, as represented in the Son of David (1.Chron.28:5, 29:3)

        • e sutton

          Lucifer has 7 letters in it.

    • pessimest

      OK lets do one more …. 0+7+0+2+2+0-4 = 7

      Woo hoo! I can make 7’s all day long!

      I should get myself to Vegas ASAP.

      • Greg Hunter

        You can make fun all you want but it will change the fact Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact. Now be my guest and head to Vegas.

    • Occasnl Trvlr

      Have another Lone Star, Texan.

    • Ugly

      How about this formula.

      (IRS + email) = 0

      Is that a conspiracy theory?

  19. Jerry

    Greg have you ever played the game “Risk” ? It’s a board game of world domination that takes hours and hours to play. When you play the game, what usually happens is the world becomes divided into three centers of power. North America, Europe, and Asia.

    What we have going on here are two centers of power Europe and Asia have formed alliances to take down the third power base, North America. The City of London Corporation, and the White Dragon family, have basically allied to take down Wall Street to dominate the world financial markets. Ok, you can issue the tin hats now. 🙂

    There is no doubt in my mind that globalist like Christine Lagarde dream of having not only a one world economic system, but a one world government as well. A world without religion, where the government is your mother and father. A true socialist wet dream. But who else has aspirations like this?

    Steven Quayle was absolutely correct on every point he made. There is no doubt that there is an agenda that is being followed here by the globalist. There are several dissecting lines converging on the date of July 15th that are significant. None more important than the second quarter GDP report. According to John Williams, its not looking to good right now.

    Greg, I firmly believe that we will see the IMF make a major move to decouple itself from the dollar, beginning July 15th. I believe that was the translation of the number code that Christine Lagarde was using. What that means to the future of the dollar as reserve currency status, is clearly unknown. But it would be a mistake for Americans to not take this code seriously, laboring under the delusion, that the world would not move forward economically without us. The PTB have plans.

    • Galaxy 500

      You better start saving up.and buy those rubles…unless you want to change.the.July 15 date to another year

      • Jerry

        Yes, its all about being right or wrong isn’t it? I think if you check my post over the past few months, you will find I never made any other prognostications about anything besides this one. It was that important. I live in the real world, not cyberspace chat rooms. I have had family members who have worked for the Secret Service and the CIA. And one of my closest friends was an intelligence officer during Viet Nam. There is a lot of information that the general public simply does not have access to, that governs a great deal of what goes on in our daily lives. Don’t be stupid in believing that everything is a conspiracy scam, because I can assure you from first hand experience it is not.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Come on, Jerry. You are on record already that July 15 is a watershed date. You have presented some good evidence in support of that. I have no problem considering that what you have said is possible, even likely. But why drag this Lagarde tap-dance/numerology game into it at this late date? It undermines the seriousness and credibility of it all. She’s already admitted she has sold out lock, stock, and barrel, and that she dances to their tune. I believe we are facing a moment of reckoning, and soon. But it’s not because of what some “cosmic” numbers add up to. It’s what the real numbers, $17 TRILL and counting, mean. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        You missed the point. It was coded. Geeez… haven’t any of you guys played baseball?

  20. pessimest

    ” . . Jesus said, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil,’ and I’ll take it one step further and say the control of money is the control of all evil.”

    So this Quayle dude considers himself a prophet of sorts like the Jesus dude with regard to money and profit and evil and biblical events too?

    This guy should be named Steven Quack.

    • Greg Hunter

      I didn’t get that he was comparing himself to Jesus. I think he was being instructional and nothing else.

      • al Hall

        Greg: Steve was correct when he said- those that are not prepared will go down with the ship! Like you, I was warned of this coming years ago, but I’m ready. These quacks have their head buried, they will be the ones you and I will have to guard against- these will be the people that riot and will have to fight for there food, instead of stocking a little food and water. If this happens-mass riots will be happening- why home land security bought 1.6+ billion bullets – for guys like this.

    • Ugly

      Pessimist. Your knowledge of the Bible rivals that with Archie Bunker and modern day Dems. Jesus did not say that. It was Paul and found in 1 Timothy 6:10. For it says, ‘ For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs’….

      Will Dems please call their congress people and tell them to quit loving money so much that they need to stop the printings and allocating these resources to their dem buddies. Please make the call….

    • Alarmed

      You just like to get in people’s faces.

  21. Craig

    Here’s a reality check to explain how much a trillion is:
    one million seconds = 12 days
    one billion seconds = 32 years
    one trillion seconds = 32,000 years!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, and we, the government, ADMIT that we have at LEAST $17 trillion in debt with no plan to stop. That’s the kind of numbers that add up to destruction really fast. No need to figure how many sevens, elevens, triple-sixes or whatever. Don’t even need to speak in codes or tongues. It’s a language all its own, and it means the curtain is coming down. Best always. PM

  22. AL HALL

    Greg: When Lindsey Williams told the world that a global currency reset was coming in “90 days or less” he said it on April 29th. Thus, if the rest happen on 7/20/14 he will have been correct again. He made the point that the US dollar will not go away, but will be devalued by 30% or more. That will kick people in the butt if not prepared ahead of time??


  23. klfoo123

    You should get “the V guerrilla economist” on the show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trying to.

  24. Jerry

    Another intersecting line for mid July.

    • wd

      Hi Jerry,

      I know your contacts have been warning a July 15 dtae, does any of this dove tail with this predictions? Any more info you recieved?


      • Jerry

        I haven’t received any further updates as of yet, but I would imagine as we move closer to the 15th I will. Make no mistake, the wheels are in motion. All indicators so far appear to be something happening that will have a tremendous effect on the dollar.

  25. Kerry

    ok, this is just creepy
    but you do get the feeling she is trying to get a message across, just what that message is, I’m not sure

  26. Steven Dunn

    The number “7” is not God’s number, it is the number of completion. We are told in Revelation 13 to “calculate” the number of the beast, for it is man’s number, and it is 666 (man’s number is 6). When you take the gematria value of Jesus’ name, Yeshua, you do not get 777, you actually get 888, which is God’s number, which is why the eighth day after the Feast of Tabernacles (God dwelling with us, known as Sukkot or Booths) was known as The Great Day (Shemini Atzeret).

  27. brian

    awesome interview

  28. HTC

    I believe it, I see no reason why this can’t happen THIS month. But if you ask anyone else, they will tell you that they think it will happen, it’s just never during their lifetime. I find it sad that the world we live in cherishes this life so vehemently that they will go to any length to lie to themselves to keep the status quo. Jesus told us that he who loves this life will lose it, and those who hate it will keep it for all eternity. I for one cherish the thought of being removed from this world whether by death or rapture long before I see old age. After 27 years I am ready to see the end of this age and witness the return of Christ, and I believe he is at the door.

  29. Jo

    I really respect Mr. Quayle. He is a frequent of radio shows and a prolific writer. He is straight forward and has a way of showing you what is important in life and where you really stand with the Creator. This is a “different” kind of guest for you and I am happy to see such a diversity of guests lately. By the way, yours is the first site I send people to to begin the awakening process. Keep up the good work!

  30. Mitch Bupp

    HA HA HA HA I keep about $5 in the bank…. make a deposit run home and pay the bills ……….

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, Sir! Great call! This is what I do, too, although by necessity and not choice! How ironic it might work out to my benefit when the bail-in comes…. Best always. PM

  31. EyesWideShut

    My understanding is that visible signs of big changes to come will become even more visible in mid-July, but not a collapse just yet. For me, visible signs of change started in 2008 with the financial collapse, and we’ve been in a holding/propping up pattern since that time. The real US$ collapse/dollar devaluation event will happen later in the year, from my understanding. Between now and the fall, we can expect to see an official announcement of a BRICS Development Bank, accelerated inflation here in the US (hyperinflation in the fall), more countries denouncing its US alliance and use of the US$, a continued deterioration of the US economy, increasing global instability (more shooting wars), and a continuing price rise of real assets (gold/silver/food/fuel/land). These are things that can be expected until the end of summer, and at some point in the Fall the collapse event itself should happen.

    If things continue on this track, and indeed mid-July does bring about these continued shocks to the system (I see no reason how/why the continued momentum should shop), I will reveal my source come mid-July. It’s really not a secret! I think there’s still some time to prepare, but the earlier the better!

  32. Truthseeker

    Wow, a blockbuster interview by two extraordinary men. Blessings to both of you for sharing this information. The picture is coming more into focus; whether it’s an overnight event as in Cypress or a series of events, we need to prepare for both!

    Jim Willie has spoken of the “Scheiss” dollar already in place for the U.S. Would appreciate any thoughts/information concerning this. Someone I know who served in Viet Nam said the government gave you one day to turn in your money and the next day, the old money was worthless. How would the scenario be played out here? Would maximum controls be placed upon how much could be exchanged? Any ideas?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need some of everything and that includes cash outside of the system.

  33. HTC

    Greg, lately I feel like the most knowledgeable person in my work place. People discussing retirements and benefits and career opportunities and buying cars, and building homes. They are clueless to the state of our economic situation and don’t bother bringing up some reality because they will laugh you right out of the room. I know those closest to me are prepared and by the grace of God he will see us through to the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      They will all know what we know now at some point.

  34. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Steve Quayle gave a very interesting, informative interview. I’ve heard of him but haven’t followed him at all. I did find him credible enough and perhaps I’ll pay a bit more attention to him as a result of this interview.
    I don’t normally pay attention to dates people predict because nearly 100% of the time (so far) they’ve ended up with egg on their face. But this time, we have Jerry with his insistent friend in the City of London indicating mid-July, Christine Lagarde’s stunning speech indicating mid-July, and V from Rogue Money’s source in the City of London indicating mid-July for some sort of global financial calamity. None of these people appear to be connected to each other and yet they’re all talking about the same time frame for the “reset” as Lagarde has mentioned publicly before. That’s enough to make me sit up and pay attention. When there’s two it’s a coincidence. When it’s three or more it’s fact.
    “They” (the hierarchy enslaving you) have written about their intentions publicly hundreds of times over the decades. However, I don’t recall many times when they’ve stated their intentions verbally and publicly like Lagarde did. The only other time I remember another similarly stunning speech was Bush 1 mentioning for the first time ever in public, the words “New World Order” which blew a lot of us away because we’d only READ about the NWO and had never HEARD an elite actually say those words prior to Bush 1’s speech (ominously, ten years TO THE DAY prior to 9/11). By Bush 1 saying those three little words, he confirmed that a plan of globalization did actually exist. It was a huge moment. I believe it’s time we all sharpened our ears for more public, verbal messages to come.
    To George who posted on your Chris Martenson interview: I’m with you – it IS the Fed and all (private) central banks (vampire squid as Andrew McGuire calls them) that need to be brought down along with their crony private banks, the mothership of all central banks, the BIS, and the disbanding of their satellite organizations such as the RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbrgers, etc. How do you kill a vampire? Cut off its supply of blood. Duuhhh! That means a large % of adults in every country would need to SPIT (Stop Paying Income Tax) – no small feat. A real David and Goliath task which would require about 3 billion people all across the globe being awake and most of all, having the courage take the non-action of doing nothing at income tax time (or as one of your listeners suggested, asking for extension after extension after extension). By refusing to pay income tax, it would not only defund the illegal wars, stop the spying on all of us, stop the police state, stop the march of fascism and martial law, stop the crony capitalism, and cancel the sinister laws (NDAA) that allow the legal (??) indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial etc. etc., it will also send a message to the state that the PEOPLE are in control, are no longer afraid of the state and are no longer willing to pay for the state’s goal of enslaving us. While they could still print currency at will, this massive non-compliance action from the people would cause the collapse of the state’s “business as usual” behavior because they do after all need our permission to enslave ourselves. They would no longer be able to keep up their facade of pretending to represent the people. We can only dream of such a day ……………

    • Bonker's

      Sam, He say’s the” NWO to achievie, peace and Security,” Jesus’s Final predication, the cry of “peace and security”, then sudden destruction, to be instantly upon them, the wicked! 1st.Thessonolians 5: 3

  35. Galaxy 500

    While those who use reason may prepare and survive, some of the posters remind me of what fun (sarcasim alert) hysterial and mysticism is. Not wishing to be found lacking in preparation or foresight, people are turning to vast conspiracy theories and the mystic to explain piss poor prior planning. After all, it cant be their fault now.could it? All those votes that you might have made a difference in.
    Hell, when things get bad, look for witch burnings and sacrifices to idols.
    Sorry, I am not buying what this guys selling….nor Lindsey…but then I wasnt a Jim Jones, David Koresh or Heaven’s Gate believer either.

    • Galaxy 500

      Most world domination conspiracy theories seem to believe that the.Russian and Chinese strongmen are.going to give up their power….why? To me, that is a non sequitur

      • allen ols


        greg is right ole skepticko!

    • Greg Hunter

      Lagarde, Head of the IMF, clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks gaven while Lagarde was performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact. That’s what I say.

      • Galaxy 500

        I understand what you are saying but it is my belief that you are putting emphasis on something that is a non sequitur.
        And I dont believe they are using numerology to run the IMF, if they were it would likely be an improvement. But this is something we are going to have to.disagree on. I dont believe this is what you are making it.out to be.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not “making” anything. Lagarde is the one who gave an official 2014 global forecast based on numerology. It may not be July it may come in September but Lagarde clearly was forecasting change for 2014 based on what she calls the “magic 7.” This is reportable and worthy of analysis and discussion. We are going to have to agree to disagree.

      • Paul from Indiana

        I am willing to grant that Steve Quayle is sincere and trying to help. And yes, Lagarde did give this talk, identifying herself as a wholly-owned subsidiary of her bosses, presumably the elite, and YES, she spoke in number code, likely at the behest of those to whom she was speaking. Neither of these facts validate numerology! I think that’s the point Galaxy 500 is trying to make. We don’t need numerology to see that we’re in, as Bush I said, deep doo-doo. Best always. PM

      • sean

        I think this is some pathetic kindergarden version by Lagarde to Immitate God. Watch this video and it will blow your mind. God seems to use sevens often to authenticate His writings.

        • Greg Hunter

          Very interesting! Thank you for posting it.

        • vike

          Great stuff! I was blessed to find Dr Missler years ago and have listened to hundreds of hours of his Bible teaching. If you don’t know Dr Missler is one of the foremost Bible experts in the world plus he has degrees in engineering and mathematics. Thus he is able to point how how the Bible was correct on things modern physics is just discovering. Here is a link to his “briefing packs” that cover a myriad of subjects and how they relate to the Bible, plus of course study of different books of the Bible.

          If you care to understand the physical world in which we live dive into the “Technical'” section.
          BTW Dr Missler authored a book that covers other codes in the Bible, it is called ‘Cosmic Codes:Message from the Edge of Eternity’. There is a parallel to his book in the Technical section. Interesting, interesting, interesting!

  36. Matt Schimpf

    Fascinating interview with Steve Quayle. But allow me to play “devil’s advocate” here. I can’t believe there is anyway in hell that Christine Lagarde was directly informing anybody of the “actual date” of “The Big Reset,” and here’s why: would you tell your “opponent” exactly when and where you were going to strike? “Yes Mr. Ali, in 4 seconds I’m going to throw a right hook at your left cheekbone, in hopes of caving in your face and winning the heavy weight championship of the world.” My guess is that the code was more of a countdown to the actual date of reset. I’m guessing that it’s understood through-out the cabal that upon a signal from the IMF president, a 30, 60 or perhaps 90 day clock starts (or an even longer period of time) leading up to the “big event.”

    My rationale for this is simple: They (whomever “they” are) know that some people are on to them – you, Greg, Jim Willie, Jim Sinclair et’ at., and they are going to do everything they can to make you look ridiculous. This is in no small part why Mr. Sinclair’s call for $1500.00 gold support (or whatever it was, I’m not 100% sure) to hold was decimated – all things being equal it should have, but TPTB had to paint the tape to destroy credibility.

    The military commonly uses a tactic know as presenting false insertions. That is simply making it appear to be infiltrating an area with combatants by hovering over an area and dropping in dummies, knowing full well that the adversary is watching this location “e.g. Point A” while the real infiltration is 2 kilometers away at “point B,” In colloquial terms it’s a bait and switch, you’re watching the right hand, while the left hand is picking your pocket……there will probably be a hell of a buzz about the July 20th event and when nothing happens – everyone becomes discredited. Which was the aim all along, meanwhile those in the know are quite aware that July 20th merely marks the clock, if you will.

    This is all conjecture on my part, but it does sound reasonable. What sayest thou?



    • Greg Hunter

      Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk as some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact. That’s what I say.

  37. cib

    Greg, i like your program……but cmon, isn’t it obvious Lagarde is just following the current technique du jour used by the establishment/ruling class of to simply distract from where we should be focusing our attention? I mean look at what part of your discussion was about: she’s using numerology!!??…… here you are focusing on this stupidity rather than what we should be focusing on and that’s stopping this ruling class movement.
    You’re just perpetuating this problem by airing this trash.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was an official 2014 IMF Forecast made in front of the National Press Club using numerology. That is a fact and reportable. I did not make it up.

      • Galaxy 500

        Its not an IMF forecast, I think thats where you’re losing me. No where in her full.statement did it say that

        • Greg Hunter

          You disagree with the facts: Lagarde said, “I think it is appropriate to wish ourselves a Happy New Year given what I would like to talk to you about which has to do with the global economy and what we should expect for 2014.” Again, “. . . what we should expect for 2014.” What does that mean to you? To me it is a forecast given to a bunch of national (and international) reporters.

      • John

        Not to mention that is has just entered the public domain now & we just happen to be in month of July NOW.

  38. Michael

    Are you aware of all the crazy things SQ spouts on other sites & broadcasts, i.e., nephilim crossbreeds of humans/demonic forces? This guy is an ultra-right Christian evangelist whose opinions IMO border on horror b-movie fantasy. I think he’s many rungs down the ladder of quality as compared to your usual guests. Bible thumpers are not where I go for assessment of world news trends. But hey! Maybe science is just a fantasy too.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact. This is a legit discussion. Listen to what Lagarde said:

    • Ugly

      Science is a fantasy when you look at Darwinian Evolution, Global Warming, and fiat creation of the universe by some cosmic accident. You probably believe in the fantasy that the economy is getting better, unemployment is down, inflation is 2%, and the dollar will survive….great science indeed….

  39. Erika Miller

    Greg, 7 is a divine number. The evolution of consciousness always goes in steps of 7 and each step subdivides into 7 steps and subdivides into again 7 steps, etc. The Illuminati know this. They are very knowledgeable of spiritual laws and abide by them. They keep this knowledge to themselves but here is a link which provides more info and is accessible to everyone. It is an excerpt from a book about the life of Meher Baba who planted the seeds at the individual and collective subconscious level for our awakening.
    Meher Baba wrote a book titled God Speaks available at amazon where Baba explains the evolution of consciousness. A real mind blower!!! Anyone who reads the book looks at the world with totally different eyes. I can vouch for this myself.

  40. Jerry

    Greg you’ve got to see this. Talk about creepy.

    You tell me that these horses don’t drink from the same trough and I’ll eat your hat. Folks the globalist are working together to advance their agenda. That much should be clear.

  41. Galaxy 500

    News flash
    Uk.regulators see NO.manipulation in gold price.fixing…WTF???
    Says no.clear evidence of gold fix tampering but going to revamp.process.
    And silver daily fix to end in Aug… just reported by Bloomberg a little after 1PM EST
    My take, they ignored evidence. And silver will head toward its real they arent going to be price manipulating in concert…erah…doing a daily fix

  42. olibur

    it’s simply the end of “western bible project of world domination” based on usury started about 2,500 years ago by high priests of Egypt. They use 5 power branches to rule the world: 1. conceptual 2. ideological 3. legislative 4. executive 5. judicial. #1 is their prerogative. Their subjective concept is wrapped in a variety of ideologies and so on … with known 3 branches for the rest of the sheeple. Bible was a political program with deeply embedded usury instructions and it’s going into history dust bin along with all those laggards and likes so whatever they might try will only speed up their own demise … google this title “Global crisis root cause: just economy or biblical culture”. Russia has developed an alternative concept of globalization called “Concept of Public Security” that could be found on that same URL that I referred to in above mentioned article. It’s mostly in Russian but also some works were translated in English.
    Good work Greg …

    • Ugly

      If you really knew something, your post would have shown it. As Abe Lincoln said, ‘ better a fool and not speak versus opening the mouth and then remove all doubt’….

      Good luck dude….

  43. Sam Grant

    Unbelievably, a friend of mine told me he saw no coded message whatsoever in Christine Lagarde’s speech! In fact, he said it looked to him like it was just someone trying to add a bit of levity, humor and creativeness to her speech! I was pretty much aghast that anyone could have this take on Lagarde’s utterances, but hey, it takes all types. In case some of your listeners have the same opinion of Lagarde’s speech and dismiss offhand Jerry’s and V’s two City of London friends statements about a mid-July global financial reset, and require more concrete proof co this imminent event, they only need to refer to this July 1, 2014 article from Forbes Magazine no less entitled: “These 23 Charts Prove the Stock Market is Heading for a Devastating Crash”. ‘Nuff said.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have the same take…if you think she was delivering some kind of secrect message, I bet you get special calls that require a decoder ring….

      • Greg Hunter

        Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact.

        • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

          Like beating your head against a wall, eh, Greg???

        • Alarmed

          Not only did she use numerology, something God does not like, she said that she (always?) does as she is told. This is someone who is the head of a bank? Whether the date is accurate or not, the speech was alarming. Numerology is connected to the occult. What does this say about our government? Or the central banks we support? Or the people who have key positions in our government that also embrace this? Do we even have a remnant? I stand amazed how low we have come as a country from the Great Awakenings in the beginning of our history.

      • allen ols


        …It is a FACT isnt it?

    • Ugly

      Sam Grant.

      You needed a friend for interpretation? Can’t you hear and think for yourself? I heard the video and it was pretty clear….

  44. Ken

    Hello Greg, we all know that something has to give the question is when? We can’t rely on the MSM becaue they are but a tool of the elite who are only there to deceive and manipulate. So we are forced to research the truth ourselves through alternate media sources and fit the puzzle pieces together. The desperation by the oligarch banksters is palpable as they are fighting against those that are threatening their hegemony. Lines in the sand have been drawn by the nuclear powers and if the Rothschild’s psychopaths pursue their “New One World Order” it doesn’t look good for our species.

    The BRICS and other countries are not only leaving the Titanic but are tying their life boats together and distancing themselves from the force of the plunge. So I hold out hope that cooler heads will prevail and that humanity will overcome.

    I think that the best we can do is prepare. Provide oursleves with the basics needed to survive shortages, Water, non-perishable Food, guns and ammo, cash/coins, have all vehicles gassed up, toiletries, batteries, First Aid kit, supply of medications, whatever you think is appropriate for your situation.

    Conspiracy theory, that ship has sailed!

    Forewarned is forearmed!

  45. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Morning all.

    Great choice of interview Greg, and its good to see so many analysts who were correct about the Housing Bubble and 2007 converging on this coming collapse as well.

    One thing to remember about numerology is something in the bible that states, As above, so Below. What was created on the earth is a physical manifestation of the spiritual laws of heaven. So where there is spiritual numerology based on God’s spiritual laws – 12, 12 tribes, 12 apostles, which represent spiritual governance, there are also earthly numerology that represents things on the earth… 12 months complete a year, 12 icons in the Zodiac… Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. In the ancient civilizations, like Oriental and Judaic, it corresponds to the plenitude, the completion and the integrality of a thing.

    So what is the significance of the number 7?

    7 represents the completion of something significant. God created the world in 7 days, the rested. A week is comprised of 7 days, then it starts anew. It represents the final piece of the old, and its completion before turning the page onto something different.

    The occult (hidden) has been with the world since ancient Babylon, and carried forth into today. Only now, it has been masked by a world of science, where certain secret societies hold onto the ancient secrets (Vatican and Templars acquired the ancient secrets of Solomon), the Upper Degree Freemasons play out in their rituals the ancient rites, and of course, the perverted Jewish religion created in the 1-3rd century in Babylon after the exile (Zohar, Kabbalah, etc…) carries on even more of these mystic secrets.

    God told Abraham, I will give you the sun, moon, and the stars as a way to communicate about what is occurring, and to teach of what is to come. So even in the Christian and Jewish religions, studying the stars was not taboo… only using them to PREDICT the future. The three Maji were taught their abilities by Daniel when he was captive in Babylon, and that led them to see the sign of the King Star, which meant that a King had been born, later to be known as Jesus.

    Numbers play a vital role in our lives… the fibonacci sequence in all of nature proves this. And even one of the names of God in the O.T. is Palmoni… the Wonderful Numberer.

    We live in a secular world, and trust science, logic, and what we see to rule out lives today. But thousands of years ago, religious and mystical things ruled the lives of every civilization. Does that mean they no longer mean anything today? On the contrary, it only means out understanding of truth is limited to today’s worldview, and those who walk in both world’s are the ones who rule the earth, and used those secrets to achieve the power they have over nations.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hate to break it to you but God in my bible created the world in six. He took a day off on the seventh….

      • Kenneth Schortgen Jr

        He rested on the 7th… it was part of the Creation process, just as the Sabbath (Day of Rest) is part of the WHOLE week… not a separate part.

        • Galaxy 500

          Dude, when you rest its over. Youre at the point its called done.

      • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

        I wish you had taken today off…

  46. mj

    what all these pronouncements that the end is coming have in common: they induce fear in others. Why would creeps who want to control others want fear in us? It makes it easy to control – just watch a herd of horses triggered by fear – stampede. Prepare – yes and keep your assets under your own control but do not fear. It is the most negative emotion we experience and triggers fight or flight. Do what you can to prepare and listen and analyze what these folks say …calmly. They can say whatever they wish but only you can control your response – don’t let them panic you or those around you. Remember these controllers are not good people and they do not have the control over others that they want – fear enables them and disables others. For myself I stay away from organized religion with its teachings of hell and end of the age – a great mechanism for cultivating fear and controlling others. Believe what you will but do not cave into the fear.

  47. windcatcher

    Fact, Christine LeGuarde gave a lessen on numerology at a press conference addressing the world economic situation. Leguarde conveyed her message to the criminal occult with numerology, like it or not.
    Amazingly, most Americans are neurolinguistically brainwashed to close their mind when they hear the words Occult, Illuminati or Conspiracy which all mean the same thing “hidden secret”.
    Numbers are important in brainwashing, for instance to the conscience mind: Call Emergency 911! has nothing to do with the attack on 9/11 but numbers affect the subconscious.
    Building #7, that contained the Enron prosecution case and records of the Pentagon missing 1 trillion dollars, was destroyed in the attack on 9/11. It must have been God’s work. Ha. Ha.

  48. Jay

    I Timothy 6:10 The Desire of money is the root of all evils,

  49. g

    i think its all hogwash, nobody sends a cryptic message in this fashion. There are codewords and a playbook of words decided beforehand and then they are said in a normal conversation during interviews, and only those in the know will get it. On the other hand i would love all this crap just to already melt not only all the wallets but all the assholes spewing this crap. that would be a perfect apocalyptic ending once and for all.

    • Galaxy 500

      What you said

      • Paul from Indiana

        Trouble is, the decoder ring you mentioned is lost in General Yamashita’s hoard. Sorry. We’re on on our own in this one. Best always. PM

  50. Mike

    Something “may” happen on the 20th–but I doubt it. If something occurs, it will be on the 7th of July, or the 11th. The 20th is a Ruse—remember what she said–drop the zero. 7-7-2014 is 777. And perhaps it “may” happen with a Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 7th (US time) or 3 7. We were shown what was going to happen on 9-11-2001—world trade would collapse “soon” Considering Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared the same day Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury crashed into the west side of a pentagon formed by the outer 5 planets—-a collapse of part of the economic system is due in the near term.

    • Galaxy 500

      “Considering Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared the same day Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury crashed into the west side of a pentagon formed by the outer 5 planets—-a collapse of part of the economic system is due in the near term.”
      This wrong headed its.funny…we went from a news site to fantasyland

      • Mike

        Galaxy 500. You think so…. go to this site and type in the date of 3-7-2014.
        The outer five planets form a pentagon, with mars, earth, venus and mercury crashing through the west side. On 9-11-2001 and 11-22-1963, the solar system formed the pyramid symbol on the back of the US $1. No joke.

  51. Mike

    Christine Lagarde = 16 letters
    1+ 6 = 7

  52. Johnmy S

    Bad choice of guest he talks religion but is the most Un Christian man ever to be allowed on air. E mail him and disagree with something then stand back as his vile nature exposes him. This mans money is what got him on air.He repeats the same old scriptural phrases. His bible knowledge is appalling. He mixes political truth and lies and as a gold dealer he always has a gold angle. Read James 5.3 and Matthew 6.19 the anti Quayle scriptures. Jim Willie beats him and his mate V for real information. He thinks 30 years on talk radio is a reference. His good for a few bits of news but not to listen to.

  53. Mike

    She also references G7, but at the time of her speech, Russia was still a member of the G8.

    From Wikipedia: “On March 2, 2014, the remaining non-Russian G8 members, the European Union, and the European Commission suspended the planned G8 summit in the Russian city of Sochi and would instead meet as the G7 in Brussels, blaming Russia’s role in the Crimean crisis.”

    So why would she say G7 months before Russia was suspended from the then G8 ?!?

  54. John M.

    We have to be very careful about picking exact dates for important events. These events will happen when God so choses, just like only He knows the exact day and hour of His Second Coming and the numbers of individual hairs on each of His creatures. Numerology, like prophecy, are interesting topics but who amongst us can say with certainty what the future brings?
    We do know that America is likely headed for destruction because of endless money printing, government spending, accumulating debt, war mongering, rampant immorality, the flagrant breaking of God’s laws, and many other things that have also destroyed other empires. We know it’s coming, we just don’t know when and the details of how it all plays out.
    I do suspect that the new world order will be a global tyranny, affecting everything that is economic, political, and spiritual. Perhaps America is the whore of Babylon who rides the Beast of communism (Russia/China) but for how much longer before America is thrown from the saddle of dominion. I can say so much more, as I have studied Bible and private prophecy for a great many years. Let’s just say that timing is difficult to determine and the least of our problems will be bartering and trying to find food for our survival. I think Steve has valuable insights as he does correctly put God at the center and forefront of all our human events.

  55. J

    God bless you steve Quayle !!! Your work is remarkable and you are a blessing from god . I believe the end times are near just read the dredge report and wonder why their is nothing in the media about it I wonder why because they are all secretive the bible says everything shall be manifest everything shall be revialed nothing shall. Be secretive. Wake up people and realize what’s going on read Mathew 24 this is what times we are in godbless

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen J.

  56. Eddie Laidler

    I like Steve Quayle…… I like science fiction. Mostly.
    While I had found the lagarde speech thought provoking I think it is important we stay grounded in reality and be careful of our credibility Greg.
    I was highly impressed when I found your site because of your professionalism and the fact that you were not selling anything. Your guests typically are steeped in financial experience.
    Other people that I like such as Alex Jones , Steve Quayle, Hagmann, etc. disqualify themselves though their own shotgun approach to anything odd or conspiratorial.

    The alternative media as opposed to the legacy media is a minefield.

    Chemtrails may be real.
    Haarp may be real.
    Giants probably are not.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is nothing wrong with my credibility. Please keep in mind, I am reporting and analyzing the overarching fact that Lagarde used a very public speech to give a 2014 based on numerology. Those are not some sort of interpretation but her actual words and thoughts. That is a very frightening and outrageous statement. I cannot believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this speech where she clearly and unambiguously laid out a major 2014 forecast based on as she called it “magic seven.” (And giants are real according to genesis in the Bible. Look it up.) Thank you for your comment and support!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Define giant? Most peoples Bibles dont even have the ten commandments correct….that pesky one, thou shalt not kill is thous shalt not murder in the.real bible.

        • Greg Hunter

          Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”
          – King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

          Please tell me you are not going to dispute the Bible.

          • Galaxy 500

            See, thats where you go wrong. Kjv. Does it have thou shalt not kill, too?

            • Greg Hunter

              What has gotten in to you?????

          • Emeth

            The Giants = Nephilim, both in the reference in Genesis 6:4 and also in Num.13:33 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” See also Deut.9:2, Josh.15:14, Judges.1:20. These were very tall, and warlike men.

            Rephaims came a few hundred years later, and seem to be related. They were subsequently defeated in battle by David 2.Sam.21:22. Goliath was also of this group.

            These were a family of very large people, well known in their times, whose height is given at around 10ft tall (1.Sam.17:4).

            To go beyond the facts revealed is just speculation. The mixing of the family lines in Gen.6:2-4 is the intermarriage between the sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain = the enmity that is spoken of is Gen.3:15. See the way these ideas are portrayed in 1.John.3:7-13.
            FYI – The term ‘Sons of God’ is commonly used in Scripture of God’s people (Exod.4:22, Deut.14:1, John.1:12, Rom.8:14).

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Emeth!

          • Alarmed

            Goliath was a giant. God did not take his mocking lightly.

        • allen ols


          ….there R giants, my neuro-skeptik cool aid consumer, 🙂

        • Old Dog

          Give it up, G500.
          Those who want to believe Quayle’s poppycock will believe … and you will have no success in changing their minds.
          Just be thankful you are not deceived.

          No, the Nephiliim were not “giants”, although there were giants on the earth in the days BEFORE and AFTER the flood. Many a learned Bible scholar explain the Nephiliim as men of renown — were the tribal leaders (for all the nations at that time were family tribes) who took whatever woman they wanted. A practice that continued well into Scripture (remember Sarah’s battle with kings awed by her beauty that just took her into their harems). The Nephiliim were tribal leaders. But those who want to believe Quayle’s gibberish will do so.

          Don’t waste your effort.

      • Eddie Laidler

        I certainly did not mean to offend or question your credibility. In any way.
        I also think the Lagarde speech was …Quite odd.

        I guess I was letting you know that my respect for you comes from you bringing straight forward analysis of currency and economic issues that the Legacy Media will not.

        There are personalities out there that arguably do not serve to legitimize the Alternative Media as a trusted and or qualified source of critical information. But as I write this I realize I must apologize for critiquing your choice of interviewee .

        Sorry Greg!

  57. Kevin

    I just wasn’t impressed (normally I love the interviews). Things are always happening. In fact, they seem to be happening more often (as Dr. Willie frequently points out). You can find a pattern in anything, especially if you’re unencumbered by facts. I think it’s more plausible that Lagarde was deliberately screwing with people – and it worked. Saying “something” is going to happen doesn’t tell me anything helpful. Tell me exactly what’s going to happen and when – otherwise it’s just noise. Greg, you always do a great job trying to find out exactly whats going to happen, but I’m afraid this interview didn’t provide much useful info (except that the number 7 has awesome magical powers). But despite this interview – you’re still the best source of info anywhere! Keep up the outstanding work. Thanks!

    • smaulgld

      I agree. I think Greg could have covered this in five minutes during the weekend update. Steve didn’t really add much but I still enjoyed the whole bit

  58. foggygoggles

    As you know, Catherine Austin-Fitts does not believe in the dollar collapse scenario, but rather a slow burn. To quote Dr. Joseph Farrell, “the measure of reserve currency status in today’s modern world of international financial clearing is the ability to control the satellites and space assets – and to protect them – that makes it possible. And the USA, for the moment, remains in that respect at least, the premier space and financial-clearing power.” I wish you had asked your guest about this aspect of our situation. What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Life can change in a second.

      • smaulgld

        So many examples in personal lives and history of nations.
        No one or country is immune to destiny

        • Galaxy 500

          Dude, you make your own destiny.

          • Paul from Indiana

            OK. And to what destiny does an unfathomable, acknowledged debt of $17+ TRILLION lead? Sorry to bring up some REAL numbers. Somebody’s got to. Best always. PM

          • smaulgld

            Until an unexpected force messes things up
            But Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
            In proving foresight may be vain:
            The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
            Gang aft agley,

          • Ugly

            Galaxy. I think you may have made yours as well. Good luck blogger friend….

    • Occasnl Trvlr

      I love Catherine Austin Fitts, and pay great heed to her “slow burn” point of view.
      But the USD will not so much be displaced as the primary reserve and trading currency, but it will be subsumed by the SDR. The space asset and “mechanical” trading and clearing functions will remain, but cannot continue to be USD-based.

      It’s still the same game and the same players, but the USD paradigm is on mighty shaky legs and has to be revamped, and, “while we’re at it”, they can fuse the world’s currencies up into one single supranational currency, while still maintaining the illusion of sovereignty by leaving regional and national currencies in place for daily use.

      Remember, Santa said the new reserve wouldn’t be for use regular, daily commerce. You and I won’t have SDRs in our pockets (or “smartphones”).

      It all fits. SDR, here we come. Maybe on July 25, 2014.

    • Jerry

      I guess the Chinese are setting up currency swap agreements all over the planet for fun right? American Hubris at its best.

    • Kerry

      It seems to me no matter how you get there, the end result will be the same-keep piling on debt and sooner or later you have to pay, in one way or another, so just be prepared. If nothing happens (I doubt that, I happen to beleive in prophecy) then all you are is prepared. I would rather be prepared then live out another Hur. Katrina scenario. I live in Houston, have seen numerous bad storms-to be caught in a hurricane unprepared is not fun. You don’t want to be without power for 3 weeks when ice is selling for $30 a small bag, and there is little food left in the grocery store down the street.

  59. vincentg

    From what I seen of her she seems to like making simple things complex.

    My guess is she is just messing with you.

    People that study such things like to use them to keep others off balanced.

    But if the market tanks this month would it be controlled or just happened to take place on the 7th month or could it be self fore filling?

    I for one do not believe in fortune telling or black magic.

    There will be a day when the US Dollar will loose much of it’s value.
    That day is coming but it’s not on the 20th unless some major event takes place that will cause a panic.

    This year does not look good and things could get worse but I think next year is the one to watch.

    Every eight years we have a new president.
    Few times we have voted out a president after the first term.
    And for those that seem to like seven – every seventh year seems to have great problems.

    In 2015 we will feel the pain and I am sure you will vote for a President that will promise to make it all better.

    Events that take place are not natural as politics warps natural events.

  60. Tommy

    You are traveling through another dimension; a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

    • Galaxy 500

      Damn right…can you believe that this is supposed to be news?

      • Greg Hunter

        Again: Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is apparently a fact.

      • Ugly

        Were you not once the President of the Flat Earth Society? You sound like a Democrat that believes in Global Warming….Dude, it is ok to be wrong.

  61. Snorky

    July 20, 2014 is a Sunday. Let’s see what happens. Thx for bringing this to our attention, Greg.

  62. nathan

    Just to add to the intrigue . Remember SIRI predict the gates of Hades will open up on the date of July 27th , 2014 .

    • Galaxy 500

      I’ll bet on SIRI before I believe this guy….and sorry, but the gates of hell have already open in Nov of 2008.when Obama was elected

  63. Occasnl Trvlr

    Mr. Hunter, I’ve followed your site for quite a long time, and always enjoy your interviews, but only today have I begun to comment here.

    I am astounded at the percentage of people commenting here who do not quite see the fundamental basis of the world’s ruling elite.

    Joking? Fortune Telling? Quack? The Managing Director of the IMF has told them with her own mouth. Can anyone open the ears of the deaf?

    • Greg Hunter

      Occasnl Trvlr,
      Amen brother! Here is Lagarde’s statment again for anyone who would like to listen to an Official IMF forecast based on numerology:

      • Galaxy 500

        The Global Economy in 2014

        By Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF
        National Press Club, Washington DC
        January 15, 2014


        Good afternoon. I would like to thank the National Press Club, and especially President Angela Greiling Keane, for inviting me to this prestigious venue.

        Let me begin by wishing you all a happy New Year. I think this is appropriate, given that we are halfway between western New Year and lunar New Year!

        It is also appropriate for what I want to talk about today—how the IMF sees the global economy as the wheels of time roll into yet another year.

        If we think about it, 2014 will be a milestone in many respects. It will mark the hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War, the 70thanniversary of the Bretton Woods conference that gave birth to the IMF, and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

        It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters that quickly turned into the greatest global economic calamity since the Great Depression.

        This crisis still lingers. Yet, optimism is in the air: the deep freeze is behind, and the horizon is brighter. My great hope is that 2014 will prove momentous in another way—the year in which the “seven weak years”, economically speaking, slide into “seven strong years”.

        Is this wishful thinking? No, but it will not simply happen on its own. Getting beyond the crisis still requires a sustained and substantial policy effort, coordination, and the right policy mix. Let me talk about this—I will start with the global outlook, and then touch on the policy path I have in mind.

        Global outlook and risks

        In just a few days, we will be releasing our updated forecasts. While our numbers are still being finalized, I will talk about the main trends as we see them.

        • Momentum strengthened in the latter half of 2013, and should strengthen further in 2014—largely due to improvements in the advanced economies.

        • Yet, global growth is still stuck in low gear. It remains below its potential, which we think is somewhere around 4 percent. This means that the world could create more jobs before we would need to worry about the global inflation genie coming out of its bottle.
        • Even for the advanced economies, however, the outlook is still subject to significant risks. With inflation running below many central banks’ targets, we see rising risks of deflation, which could prove disastrous for the recovery. If inflation is the genie, then deflation is the ogre that must be fought decisively.

        • During the years of crisis, we have relied on the emerging markets to keep the global economy afloat. Together with the developing countries, they accounted for three-quarters of global growth over the past half decade. However, a growing number of emerging markets are slowing down as the economic cycle turns.

        • We also see risks arising from financial market turbulence and the volatility of capital flows. The reaction to the Fed’s tapering has been calm so far, and this is good news, but there still could be some rough waters ahead.

        • Overall, the direction is positive, but global growth is still too low, too fragile, and too uneven. Moreover, it is not enough to create the jobs for the more than 200 million people around the world who need them.

        • In far too many countries, the benefits of growth are being enjoyed by far too few people. Just to give one example: in the United States, 95 percent of income gains since 2009 went to the top 1 percent. This is not a recipe for stability and sustainability.

        The policy agenda

        This all points to one thing: the need to stay focused on the policies needed for sustainable growth and rewarding jobs, which in the end are needed to make everybody better off. Let me focus on this.

        We have certainly avoided a worst case scenario during the crisis, thanks to the efforts of global policymakers over the past half decade. Central banks went above and beyond the call of duty to keep interest rates low and the financial system functioning, while governments deployed fiscal stimulus where they could.

        The road has certainly been difficult, and continues to be difficult, but as Edward R. Murrow once said, “difficulty is the excuse history never accepts”.

        Now that the global economy looks more stable, the big priority for policymakers in 2014 is to fortify the feeble global recovery and make it sustainable. What does this mean in practice?

        For the advanced economies in particular, it means that central banks should return to more conventional monetary policies only when robust growth is firmly rooted. At the same time, countries need to use the room created by unconventional monetary policies to put in place the reforms needed to jumpstart growth and jobs.

        Let me go deeper and touch briefly on the different regions.

        • Growth is certainly picking up in the United States, driven by private demand, and to be helped by the loosening of the fiscal corset in the recent budget deal. Still, it will be critical to avoid premature withdrawal of monetary support and to return to an orderly budget process, including by promptly removing the debt ceiling threat.

        • The Euro Area is turning the corner from recession to recovery, but growth is still unbalanced, and unemployment is still worryingly high. Some countries are doing well, but others are still burdened by high debt and credit constraints. Monetary policy is helping a lot, but could still do more—targeted lending, for example, could help reduce financial fragmentation. The forthcoming review of asset quality and stress tests can also help, but only if they are done in an evenhanded and credible manner. There is also a need to accelerate reforms to boost labor market participation and enhance competitiveness.

        • In Japan, the initial boost from Abenomics is weakening a bit, but temporary fiscal stimulus should help offset the negative effects of the necessary consumption tax increase. The challenge is to agree on medium-term fiscal adjustments and social and economic reforms needed to strengthen growth. Deregulating product and service markets and increasing the participation of women in the workplace would help overcome the ogre of deflation.

        • What about the emerging markets? The challenge here is to navigate any bumpiness and stay strong. Policymakers must be wary of any signs of financial excess, especially in the form of asset bubbles or rising debt. Financial regulation needs to be strengthened and implemented in order to better manage credit cycles. And yes, many countries also could do more on the structural front to unlock their growth potential—including by tackling infrastructure bottlenecks or regulatory obstacles.

        • What about the low-income countries? Here, the news is generally good. These countries have really become a bright spot. Now is the time to lock in these gains and build stronger defenses against either direct or consequential external shocks, including by raising more revenue. In addition, countries should keep spending selectively on important social programs and infrastructure projects.

        • I should mention that I have just returned from the two most dynamic regions of the world—Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, which saw growth of 6½ percent and 5 percent last year respectively. Here in Washington DC, we sometimes forget the monumental change taking place in these parts of the world—the rise in economic power and the march of the middle class. I always come away from these regions with renewed optimism.

        • We should also remember the Arab countries in transition. The Arab Spring began exactly three years ago, and as these countries grapple with the reforms needed to unleash the dynamism of the private sector and create more jobs for their young people, they need the firm support of the international community.

        I have talked so far about the regions. Yet there are also many common problems that require a common resolve. Think about the legacy of public and private debt, and about fiscal and current account imbalances. Think about the reforms needed to make the financial system safer and bring it more into the service of the real economy. Think about rising inequality, environmental degradation, and the long-term challenges of climate change.

        These are not abstract challenges. It is only by addressing them that we can ensure future prosperity for all and meet the rising aspirations of our global citizens—for jobs, for security, for opportunity, for dignity.


        I will conclude. At the outset, I made a reference to the Bretton Woods conference and the multilateral impetus behind the founding of the IMF. To move forward, we need that same spirit of cooperation and global solidarity today. Especially in a world as interconnected as ours, there is simply no alternative.

        I believe that the IMF can play an especially valuable role here, as a forum for precisely this kind of cooperation. We have certainly played our part in the collective response to the crisis—making 154 new lending commitments and providing technical assistance to 90 percent of our members since the onset of the crisis in 2008, and providing our best possible policy advice.

        One of our strengths is that we have to look at the bigger picture—how all the moving parts fit together, how what happens in one country affects the wider global economy.

        This role will surely become more important with time. We need to continue to adapt and to reflect the changing dynamics of the global economy and our membership. That is why we need the continued support of our entire membership.

        I will end with another icon of American journalism—and no, I don’t mean Ron Burgundy! I mean Walter Cronkite, who always ended by saying “and that’s the way it is”.

        Thank you very much. I am now happy to take your questions.


        • Greg Hunter

          Here’s actually said: The entire speech was posted here and on the You Tube channel. It is not a hoax. What is your point?

          • Galaxy 500

            I have the actual . From the IMF sight

        • woody188

          One has to wonder why they removed all the magic 7 references as she was clearly reading these from her notes. Or did she simply add them to her notes “on the fly” to jazz up her speech? They were there, we all saw the video.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, no one is disputing what the woman did and said. What’s in dispute is its significance and intent. And we can’t divine that. We simply don’t know. Yes, it is unnerving and, as some have said, “creepy” to see someone in her position do this, and we not know why. Even if the world blows up on July 15, or thereabouts, it doesn’t prove that this bizarre episode is the answer to anything. Let’s get back to facts and interpretation of same. Best always. PM

  64. smaulgld

    Precious metals ETFs are not just a bad deal for those that buy them but they are a way of putting physical metals in the hands of the custodians like JP morgan so they have more physical metal to lend, lease, hypothecate and sell to continue their manipulation.
    It also removes the physical demand at the retail level as individuals buy gold and silver ETFs instead of actual gold and silver.

  65. John Mackenzie

    Consider the following – 333

    3+3+3 = 9 & 3/33 = 11… 911

    11 – 9 = 2

    2 * 333 = 666

    6 + 6 + 6 = 18

    1 + 8 = 9

    666 / 9 = 74

    7 + 4 = 11

    and on and on…

    3, 6, and 9 are the code of the “Order” within the master numbers.

    Fed’s address?

    11, 22 & 33 are master numbers in numerology… each used for specific “Purpose”

    7/20 falls on a sunday…

    7/11 a Friday

    7/22 a Tuesday…. 7 + 2 + 2 = 11

    Steve missed again.

  66. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “. . . another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems” is another biblical quote, on which a lot of the old 1889 book “The Great Red Dragon” is based. However, the author dealt with reality in the first section, then went biblical in the second. Just my opinion, but I think numerology and biblical interpretations just distract folks from a really simple answer: Sociopaths financing sociopaths. This Imperialism of Capital , created by sociopaths in favored positions, finances other sociopaths willing to lie, steal and murder. Folks that truly don’t understand the word “sociopath” have no defense against them. Think of what would happen to your town if your neighborhood bully was the son of the biggest bankster in town, joined by a corrupt chief of law enforcement, and aided by the best legal staff money could buy. Not a pretty picture. We’re just seeing it on a county, state, country and international scale because most folks are not represented at the table, but definitely on the menu.

  67. htc

    What’s with all the negative comments? The head of the IMF depicts 2014 using a bizarre speach filled with numerology based around the number 7 which pretty clearly shows a July or as one commenter said September time frame. That sounds pretty news worthy to me. I’m guessing a lot of you didn’t see the actual video to which he is referring to in the interview, he didn’t just make this up. With everything going on I can’t believe some of you are so quick to dismiss it. The July 20th date may or may not be correct but it certainly excites me to think it could be.

  68. Timco

    Dear Greg,

    When Lagarde has permanently moved to South Africa, we can start to worry. Until then, massive amounts of US dollars are being accumulated, not distributed. Sorry folks, but HUGE money is flowing OUT of gold…. Use this time wisely to prepare your family for the inevitable crack-up. STOP trying to time it! No one can time these things with any precision, including Steve Q. The time we have left is a blessing from God. Don’t squander it.

    • Greg Hunter

      “but HUGE money is flowing OUT of gold….” This statement is 100% false.

      • Galaxy 500

        Huge money flowing out of gold…thats not true…unless you are counting nake short covering

  69. Galaxy 500

    Think that you guys are making something out.of nothing. This was delivered to the National Press Club. You guys are getting caught up in unfounded conspiracy theories and mysticism. So she.said some stupid shiite…does that make any of it TRUE…I am trying to get time to see if the video was doctored…for this having a.lot of.time…here is the imf link
    What about the.planetary alignment a while back.that.posters.were.sYing.would bring doom? You guys are checking your brains at.the.door. IMHO…which with the additon of a fiver will.get you a coffee at Starbucks

    • Greg Hunter

      WRONG!!!!! Just because you think this is trivial does not make it so. Please read this AGAIN: Lagarde, Head of the IMF clearly used what she called “numerology” to help explain a major 2014 forecast from the IMF. It was also clearly a forecast because in her prepared remarks she said that she wanted to talk about “what to expect for 2014.” She wasn’t drunk at some party or giving a hurried response while ducking into a cab, these were prepared remarks she gave while performing her official duties as Head of the IMF. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year according to her “magic 7” statement. I can’t believe the MSM gave her a gigantic pass on this outrageous statement. They are running the IMF based in part on numerology????????? That is a fact and not “unfounded conspiracy theories.” This is an OFFICIAL IMF forecast given by the Head of the IMF. The video is not “doctored.” Complete versions of Lagarde’s original speech have been posted and I looked it up before I posted the clip that was cut out of the original. Please don’t cast doubt on us because you can’t believe your eyes and ears. This is a legit discussion and worth reporting after all what Lagarde is talking about affects the entire world financial system according to her.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, most of us who participate at this special site, USAWatchdog, already believed/knew that the dollar is in trouble, that it is headed to lose its reserve status, and that the economic and social repercussions will be severe. Many of us give Jerry’s 7/15/2014 prediction some credence, nay, a good deal of credence. So what changes with Lagarde’s numerology? The fact that she’s flaky? That her bosses like/use/practice numerology? Our own government has been dealing in “funny” numbers for 40 years! We’re still staring ruination in the face! Numerology is, at best, window dressing in this deal. I don’t “believe” any more now than I did yesterday, before all this. Best always. PM

      • jason

        Interesting Siri ipone app says

        “Opening gates of hades”

        which means opening gates of hell

        when asked “What is July 27”

        Is this too some hidden message. G7 G20 in Lagardes message coincide with 27 20+7

      • Mike Soon Over

        Greg, I seen you try in reasoning with 500, I know the frustration I can’t reach anyone. Normalcy Bias is a bitch sometimes. Thanks for all you do and may I add you reach most of us. Head up and move on

        • Greg Hunter

          I think 500 is a good man that is stuck ignoring the facts. This was an official IMF policy speech given in front of the National Press Club. Don’t all agencies get the word out by talking to the press? YES they DO! thanks again.

      • mark

        Hi Greg,
        Galaxy 500 has 28 posts so far and counting on this one. Seems you have hit a real nerve with him. Personally I don’t see a problem with your handling of the topic or the interview Steve gave. While there is no shortage of speculation of a questionable nature on the internet these days, I think what brings people to your site is that you handle real events with the genuineness and professionalism we miss in other main stream outlets. In response to what was beginning to appear as an endless stream of criticism on this one, especially from Galaxy 500, I would like to congratulate you for continuing to maintain your professional posture while directing the reader’s attention back to the facts which are newsworthy and of real interest, though as you pointed out, were not reported elsewhere in the “mainstream media”. While the fact that there are those who occupy positions of leadership in government and corporate business institutions who rely on the use of occultic practices including the use of numerology is apparently not very well-known, I personally am not surprised by it. What we have here however, is an open admission and demonstration by someone who is functioning in her professional capacity which not only establishes its existence, but also its use as a means of deciding policy and communicating those intents. Steve’s comments, regardless of the criticism he may be deserving, actually help to provide context and understanding of Christine’s comments, an understanding largely founded upon well understood principles to those who are astute in such matters. That is not to say he is absolutely correct in his analysis either, but his comments were well within the bounds of reason and I thought he gave a good interview and you handled the topic well including the responses from those who chose to comment here. I do see where some would view the handling of this topic as a means of giving credence to that which borderlines the superstitious, but the fact that Christine herself made the reference in the way she did is absolutely noteworthy in my view, which you pointed out again and again. Thanks again Greg for all you do. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mark. I too believe in the Father and the Son.

      • Diane Ryan

        Greg, OK I finally get it. Every week fellow Patriots ask if I’ve heard the latest ‘date’ or ‘number’. My eyes glaze over. But this is being spoken by the “Head of the IMF’!!! My initial reaction to simply dismiss was wrong. Thanks for reminding me that facts are facts. She did in fact say this.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not sure of the timing but Lagarde clearly is forecasting for 2014 using numerology. I think some big financial policy decision or event happens before the end of 2014. Thank you for your comment and support.

    • Occasnl Trvlr

      Mr. 500, please tell us if this one is “doctored”:

      Do you really think the Managing Director of the IMF is going to spend precious time blabbering “stupid shiite” in a speech where economists world-wide are anticipating release of the IMF’s then-most-recent revisions to GDP predictions? Please double-check the pay grade.

    • allen ols

      I just got back from vacation in the woods, lol.

      …again u are full if it, pessimistik porn, with an internationl dose of neuro-skeptic ,pallet. try more cool-aid. 🙂

  70. TruthISnoWhere2Bfound

    Her talking on and on about numerology is especially disconcerting, downright weird man !
    What the hell is HER obsession with the number “7” ?
    Remember folks this is a Life Long Politician who NEVER says anything without a very exacting purpose and an agenda to complete.
    Having said that, her conciliatory tone to her Masters at the beginning of the video is illuminating :
    “as you can tell I do as I’m told”
    What a curious thing for a Managing Director from one of the largest financial institutions in the world to say. Or is this her movie script role that she must play out ?
    Later on, she remarks how one of the employees at the National Press Club helped her develop the outline for her presentation today:

    “…essentially presenting the outline…”
    She tries to cover this up by saying later that “she” had no part in it. Yeah right. Sure.
    Seems like she is indeed reading from a prepared script. Perhaps her script also is sending a message ?

    This is all curious enough, but her references to the number 7 are fucking weird. And yes, profanity in this case is called for.
    Really weird people.

    She mentions that this year 2014 will be a magic year. I wonder if she means it will be a magick year ?
    She mentions the 100th anniversary of WW1. Which started July 28 1914 incidentally (one year after the Federal Reserve was created).
    She mentions the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Agreement (just one year before WW2 ended). This “conference” or international financial treaty began July 1 until July 22 of 1944 when it was signed into international law.

    One last thing, she almost GAVE UP the game when she began her numerological sermon, I wonder if you can tell when ? When she raises both hands as if having a need for a “mental reset”. You can also tell just exactly where her handler is sitting by watching her lock eyes at the beginning when she clearly says (one of the very first words out of her mouth): “as you can tell I do as I’m told”.

    This is all very weird for her to mention this.
    A seasoned corrupt “I don’t pay taxes Christine” politician does not talk like this for no reason.

    The crisis approaches.

  71. Monty Heffner

    Hey Greg, interview Sylvia Browne via Séance. Stock tips from Bernie Madoff. Do an interview for the new book Matthew Lesko Live Free Ripping Off The Taxpayer Program.

  72. Merv Ritchie

    Ms. Legard is a dupe. And anyone who believes in some evil demonic force is just the same. Yes, financial markets are manipulated and controlled by the “Masters of War” but Ms. Legard has not a clue about any of it – as I stated she is a dupe. If she said something it is only because she was told to say what she said. And this article is playing into the hands of the propagandists. She is a tool of her appointed administrators.

    Numerologists, devil worshippers and Bible thumpers (of all stripes and faiths) are of the lowest levels of intelligence.

    In regards to Ms. Legarde – from our article of October 3, 2011, during the Occupy protests;

    On September 22, 2011 on BBC’s show, ‘The Hub’ with Nik Gowing, the head of the IMF (The International Monetary Fund), Christine Lagarde, spoke about her role as the new IMF leader. Just prior to her statements a question was asked by a viewer, “Will the IMF have the ability to lead” referring to the economic crisis facing the world. A panelist with Lagarde, Mohamed El-Erian spoke first. He stated the following;

    “The key issue is we need a conductor, right? Think of an orchestra. You have Europe wanting to play its own music, you have the USA wanting to play its own music and the emerging world wanting to play its own music and it looks up to the conductor. The US can no longer play the role of the conductor. The G7 is not represented enough. The G20 is still in a development phase so people will look to the IMF. People expect the IMF to be the conductor and if we don’t get that conductor it’s going to be a messy orchestra.”

    Gowing turned to Lagarde and asked, “How is your conducting Madame Lagarde?”

    She replied referring to the world economists in the audience, “In this building there is a fantastic orchestra; huge talents, incredible. Now as far as conducting, all I can do is roll up my sleeves, but it’s more complicated than that because what we need to do is facilitate for political leaders to take the credit for the solution. That we are prepared to engineer, suggest, propose, measure, identify the road map we can provide. The credit for it the politicians will want to have it. And that’s fine, I don’t want to be a conductor but I’m very pleased to be a facilitator and if that has to be behind the scenes, that’s fine.”

    This quote above was word for word from the leader of the entire western worlds, in fact the entire worlds, financial regulation organization. How comfortable are you after reading that bit of baffle-gab idiocy?

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the previous leader of the IMF and he didn’t want to be a facilitator, he wanted to be a conductor. He spoke about the large financial institutions exposing all the Countries of the world to the problems, crossing borders to take advantage of Countries with weaker regulations. He demanded that all countries work together to play (continuing the analogy) beautiful music. He identified many of the difficulties the common working “blue collar” worker faced with the typical IMF ‘austerity measures’. He was also a socialist and a promoter of policies to assist a peaceful civilization. He stated at a conference in April 2010 that a good comprehensive economic policy would provide economic and social stability. Without this there would be instability and war. He complained that all the G20 nations were not working together and he was attempting to reign them in.

    He openly stated that he was likely going to be set up and shortly after he was, with the sexual assault allegation.

    Personally I am beginning to become disgusted with the idiocy of the Western world and the refusal of all the good people to take charge and run these incompetents (like our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper) outta town.

    • Top Hat

      Mr Richey, seems you need to do some research as to what you speak. You mentioned: ” Bible thumpers (of all stripes and faiths) are of the lowest levels of intelligence.”

      When I graduated from college, I had a choice. I could enter a 3-year Ph.D program in psychology and earn my masters in the first grad year, and my Ph.D in the remaining 2. All this is a “pseudo-science” where you can just make up whatever! OR I could (and chose to do the following instead) go to seminary, and in a 3 year program earn my M.Div, learning both Hebrew and Greek along the way as a part of my graduate education. This was followed by another 3 years earning my Ph.D in Ministry. During this time I was required to learn both Classical German and Latin. Let’s see, 4 languages, 6 years of real study in a real subject, or 3 years in a pseudo-science and graduate with my Psychology diploma.

      Yet, you have the ignorance to say that I am of the lowest level of intelligence. There is a fine line between ignorance and stupidity. Additionally, it is the wise who chooses to remain silent, and the fool is the one who speaks and removes all doubt…

      G500 – You have yet to acknowledge or reply to Mr. Hunter’s comments to you challenging you. How rude. At this point, you are showing yourself a un-welcomed troll.

      Please offer a reasonable alternative of thought as to why the head of the IMF would make such a speech or consider silence instead of slinging insults, proving the above.

      • Merv Ritchie

        Top Hat – Are you therefore calling yourself a “Bible Thumper” of some faith? Because if you are then all of that learning did no good at all. During centuries past schooling was hands on, on the ground, not memorizing what the Profs stated and then getting great accolades by repeating back to the “Profs” exactly what you knew they wanted to hear or would accept as great knowledge. And most knowledge was only acceptable if the Catholic faith sanctioned it.

        Babylon invented the magical mystery fantasies of faith. Before that Sumeria was a culture of pure exact sciences. Astrology was pure astronomy before Babylon. The Greeks/Romans and Catholics Jesuits KofC/Holy Bible and NT, along with the Muslims/Vedic scriptures and the Judaic/Zionists ; have all played our fears and emotions to manipulate humanity.

        70 virgins or hell fire damnation, it is all the same.

        Yes there is a difference between stupidity and ignorance, just like there is between learning and knowledge, age and maturity. Most of western schooling is teaching children to have faith in what they are taught. Critical thinking skills are supressed.

        Ms. Legarde is a product of this idiotic system. Those who write the truth, expose the reality are tarred and feathered and run outta town. The real learned are persecuted. The west has only recently accepted the world is not flat.

        Believing in some all seeing single entity creator comes from faith alone, not a stitch of knowledge. Same goes for all this numerology crap.

        • Greg Hunter

          Merv Ritchie,
          If we believe in God and the Bible we have no knowledge? There is much knowledge in the Bible. Have you read or studied it?

          • Merv Ritchie

            Thanks for the reply Greg, No, I don’t believe anyone has “no knowledge” regardless of their blind faith in whatever rendition of an omnipresent imaginary creator.

            What I stated was less about dogmatic cults and more about the idiocy of the mysticism.

            I have studied all faiths and the cult of Jesus/Pisces quite extensively – I was raised attending the Baptist sect of the Christian cult. I have numerous bibles in my collection and agree there is knowledge contained within the pages. But the statement is clear I thought – faith does not come from knowledge; faith comes from ignorance.

            And challenging that ignorant faith – of any and all stripes – provokes the most hostile responses.

            Ignorant people always resort to provoking fear and or violence when confronted on their inability to face up to their cognitive dissonance.

            Our very successful news service (Terrace Daily New) saw the Catholic cult with their “little boys club” the Knights of Columbus (can you believe the audacity of such a club name?) visit and order/demand all the advertisers pull their ads after we exposed their complicity in crimes against humanity. Everyone, some were visited over three times until they complied. We were then evicted from our premises by a cult member.

            You might have fun reading the comments exchange on this one. Apparently my greater knowledge of the OT and the NT than the local Catholics was too embarrassing for them.


            So yes, I have studied and yes there is knowledge but that isn’t the point of my comment. Legarde is still a dupe and so are those who “believe” in magic.

            • Greg Hunter

              Let me get this straight, If people don’t think the way you do they are dopes? We are just going to have to agree to disagree.

          • Merv Ritchie

            Quote – “Merv,
            Let me get this straight, If people don’t think the way you do they are dopes? We are just going to have to agree to disagree.
            Not at all Greg, it is only those who play the mysticism/magical/faith game. In regards to knowledge and science, even particle physics,/quantum physics addresses the mystery of the “power of prayer” Our thought energy affects our environment and the results of experiments.

            When we accept numerology and dogmatic faith based principles, we – to put it crudely – are “dopes”.

            I too believe in everlasting life, but not one based on a faith based entity, only on facts – “brain dead” means no more electrical energy – that “spark” of life is what faith based people call your soul. But it is yours, your energy, not some creator which requires you to set aside all logic and reason for fear and entrapment.

            And that is exactly who Ms. Legarde is working on behalf of, the religious zealots who need us all to be meek and frightened of our own greatness. Slaves make her masters the success they are and she assists in keeping us all their slaves. And you have also facilitated this with this article.

            We can agree to disagree on the “faith” issues but it would be nice to have a debate which actually addresses other points other than the bible which is entirely based on the Sumerian origin stories recorded on the Akkad clay tablet libraries. And none of these referred to anything “Faith Based”.

            Hope you haven’t summarily cut me off from this debate.

            Merv Ritchie

            • Greg Hunter

              As I said, “If people don’t think the way you do they are dopes? We are just going to have to agree to disagree.

          • Merv Ritchie

            Greg, it was you that said “dopes” I only quoted you – I said “Dupes” – these words have completely different meanings.
            Yes – we agree to disagree – and in my not so humble opinion – you have been duped.

            It seems the reply option to my and your posts have been manipulated – I am not surprised.

            So I will excuse myself from further wastes of my time and energy here. I leave many foolish website forums.

            As is a common refrain – I have no time for fools.

            • Greg Hunter

              That’s right, I said “Dopes.” You better hope you are as smart as you think you are.

  73. Rob H

    Don’t ignore her lunar new year reference at the beginning of the speech. That could be a key to decoding.

    July 26th begins the 7th lunar month of the year, meaning the sixth lunar month ends on July 25th. 25 was a number she focused on. The 25th is also a Friday. So she may have been saying that July 25th is the last day to do anything. Kind of like “you have until July 25th to prepare.

    In Cypress, the SHTF on Saturday and people couldn’t get to their money in the week for weeks following.

    Steve has a point with the 20th reference, but there’s not much supporting it. It has nothing to do with the lunar calendar, which the occult tends to go by.

  74. g

    i was just thinking with all these sevens in play that our dollar just may be seven times less then before.

  75. Michael

    Thanks Greg for another great article. I read a piece in the past on a website I have since forgotten that said all of our politicians and most federal workers are paid through the IMF. Do you know if there is any truth to this?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think that is true.

  76. Anna

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you for delving into this portion of Ms Lagarde’s speech. Time will tell what happens. Thank you for having Steve Quayle on as well. I don’t agree with his interpretation of end-time events, but we are definitely at the end of the end times. He does tend to go off on tangents, shoot the starting gun and he’s off! And I also appreciate you, from what I’ve seen in these comments, for not being ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, we need to stand up for our Christian beliefs. I enjoy your videos, especially your Friday wrap-ups and Paul Craig Roberts. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anna.

  77. Saint Lawrence

    My opinion only:
    1. This is a fifty-six year old woman, walking and talking carefully.
    2. She spends most of her life in Washington DC, home of IMF this year.
    3. The press club probably met in New York, Under the watchful eye
    of Bloomberg, who is an oligarch.
    4. Like Walter Cronkite, and the other men she mentions: she is reading a script.
    5. Her reference to numerology (like my antique Nostradamas book of predictions) means she knows she has to lie to deliver this speech, the speech is mostly fiction (G7 instead of G8) (economic growth)….
    6. She may only know of 7 to 20 banker deaths and suisides, believes
    her life would be forfeit if she deviates.
    7. She is not an oligarch, but she knows to obey them or die.

  78. Matt O

    The Lagarde clip is truly bizarre considering that this is the head of the IMF. For her to even mention numerology in a speech is shocking to me. For her to elaborate on it and make specific references is inexplicable. It surely has some meaning, especially when she must have known it would inevitably fan the flames of speculation about Illuminati connections, the occult, etc. Imagine if these were Janet Yellen’s opening comments to a Senate committee! There was definitely something in Lagarde’s tone and phrasing that was downright creepy. If the financial world is being run by psychopaths, then wouldn’t they get some sick pleasure out of sending an occult-like message to the masses? Who knows? Thanks for another great interview, Greg – I can’t argue with any of the points Steve Quayle made. Just because he ties these points to his Christian beliefs should not make them any less valid, no matter what one’s personal views are on religion.

  79. addThis

    Jamie Dimon diagnosed with Throat Cancer on July 1st.
    Seems that “they” are indeed sending a message.
    How do you stop someone from testifying yet still make it look natural ?

  80. Heidi Eberspaecher

    First of all I want to thank you, Greg, so much for bringing up this item. After I watched the “numerology-talk” of Mrs. Lagarde I was wondering if there are more infos around and before I started to investigate in the Internet I opened your page and was so happy to receive your talk with Steve Quale. I admit that he is not so easy to digest especially for the headoriented people but medicine most of the time does not taste good but often helps.
    In general most of your visitors are knowing that something is coming up. We do not know when and so we are very eager to find out. So Christine Lagarde was helping us very much to get at least the confirmation that something is happening THIS year. As I was also watching Lindsay Williams talk about the upcoming reset I was just waiting for this info. (and it did come just in time)
    Maybe these entities of Langarde & Co may also test us conc. the timing so better is to be prepared as good as we can in order to be not afraid when it will happen but being able to help our surrounding.
    Surely it will not be just the economy collapsing. It will be the total system worldwide:
    How in this world can just we be happy when others are suffering. We are all interconnected and a big balancing is more than necessary.
    “Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it”
    We are not the manager of our existence.
    Love + Light to all

    • Greg Hunter

      Heidi Eberspaecher,
      Lagarde clearly referenced 2014 as a pivotal year based on what she calls the “Magic 7.” That is a reportable fact. Who knows an exact date.

  81. bob

    i hope you continue to look at the comments greg. this interview struck a nerve and thats good. after reading some of the comments, you have trolls or we are closed minded on christine’ s speech. it’s quite obvious what was said. sad but true. it amazes me that we have not begun to lose our minds over this. these people are in for a rude awakening. their is too much information on the internet to not believe that there is not truth to whats going on. especially when the actual speech is in your face. these are the people that will be leading with torches in the streets and not realize what they were warned about what was coming. these people will not even think about this or any other interview or story they have read with you or anybody else. come on people tome to wake up. controversy is great. just seems too questionable with the speech

  82. Don_in_Odesa

    Hal Lindsay 1974. That’s when I became aware of TEOTWAWKI. What is that? 40 years? Couldn’t afford to much about it then. Started preps back in the 90s. Just a little at a time. Finally moved to a pretty little rural piece of heaven, 14 years ago. Uh Oh! there’s that number, 14. Anyhow, made a few friends, learned some new skills. Grow more food than I need to be able to share. And leave the rest to my Higher Power. Over these past 40 years, I have heard many a prediction as well as predictor, come and go. I am still here. A little more prepared for what every storm comes my way. It hasn’t been a total loss.

    So, taking my numbers by twos ( just because I want to) : 19+74+14+40=147. Now divide by 7 (cause that’s the number we’re talking about here, right?) and you get 21 another number divisible by 7. Hmm! So, now we’re down to 3. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yep! I guess I will still leave it in His hands.

  83. jim H

    I don’t know if Lagarde was sending a secret message or off her medication (have you seen what some of this stuff does to people?) but looking over my life and what has happened to money, I would say easily controlled digits is more the direction she and her ilk want. Gold, silver and paper can be hidden and they don’t like that. I sit on a billfold with a few pieces of plastic with bar codes and chips on them. Nothing real or physical (she did mention changes in physicality in her speech) just digits controlled by , well, who knows. It seems on Watchdog we think we can use old rules of finance to predict their next move but nothing I’ve seen in the last 40 years tells me anything that can be hidden is where we are moving. I believe what she said is world finance will move toward something her Bosses can track ,turn on, turn off and create even more out of nothing than they have done with the dollar. She could certainly be saying a big move in this direction will come this month.

  84. Mike Gunther

    Greg, Great job reaching out to Mr Quayle. Considering the “Weird” factor in Ms Lagarde’s comments, you made a good choice, considering he deals in this occult stuff alot. If she was just “having fun” with the Press, it certainly was a strange way to do it. Guess we will see in a couple weeks. Keep up the Great Work you do!

  85. Matthew Steinfeld

    The issue/point/story is that the IMF believes this stuff (or at least Lagarde). It doesn’t matter if numerology is true or powerful. The issue is that an institution with power (already) is making decisions by these theories. Why are people trying to figure out their number riddles?! IMF clearly made strong references to numerology in regard to their forecasting at a media event. That is what is important, not whether numerology is sound or reliable.

  86. Jerry

    This is just to weird
    but funny.
    Greg. I think maybe you struck a nerve with this interview. I can’t remember so many people coming out with their steely knifes, ready to cut you up as this one does.

    The American people are clearly full of themselves, to think that financial disaster is not approaching at breakneck speed. We have witnessed Chinese currency swap agreements signed with just about every country on the planet, as an economic war has ragged (besides you unreported) under our nose. Tensions tightening in Ukraine on the verge of War. An Islamic caliphate being formed in the middle east. No there’s nothing wrong here is there? Its all just one big conspiracy theory.

    Greg it all boils down to choices. Some people can take this information and use it to prepare for what may or may not happen. Others can do nothing, and argue over the validity of it. Its just that simple. At the end of the day, the choices you make will ultimately determine where you will be, when forces outside our control will effect our life. I’m not a gambling man. That’s why I like to have a backup plan. The bigger question to your readers should be. Do you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Most of my money has been put into this site, but I do all I can do.

  87. Matt

    I’m suggesting an interview with this man–assuming you’re not already familiar with him.

    The Feds know him well, which makes him a friend to what’s left of America.

  88. pdog

    Dear Greg:

    Looks like you sure stirred up a hornet’s nest. To bad that you have to contend with the impertinent idiots that make you have to repeat yourself. Such idiots impede rational analysis. Anyone with half a brain and who is honestly paying attention to the economic and financial landscape knows that a major change is coming in the economic and financial infrastructure and its coming soon. Lagarde sures seems to be telling us something in a very peculiar way. But let me submit another possibility. Maybe Lagarde felt free in the National Press Club venue to add some let’s say, “creative language” to her presentation. She talks a lot in a lot of different places and she probably anticipates a sea-change just as we do. Maybe the numerological allusion was just her way of explaining that some big changes are probably coming this year not that she got marching orders to pull the plug. After all, she is french.

    Thank you for the great work,

    • Greg Hunter

      I want all views to be heard, so, I take the heat and let people decide for themselves. Thank you for adding your perspective and for your support.

  89. John Allen

    It is said by the Almight God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Man knows not where he came from and knows not where he goes. If one stops to think, evil like Good has transcended all generations of man since the downfall of Adam and Eve and will do so until the return of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, who lived in the flesh. For all you Naysayers, read your Bible, mans future has been foretold, you will not buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. Your Credit Card is one step removed from the Mark.
    It would behoove you to read your Bible for the signs of Christ’s return.
    Greg, you go where eagles dare and may you be rewarded for seeking the Truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John Allen for your support and comment.

  90. Gerrit Govaerts

    There could well be something to this . According to some sources , China may finally release the real number of tons of gold they now have as reserve on the 24th of July . This number is expected by many to be north of 5000 tons and will also shock the market as this will prove that the only source for this must be the FED (some 2500 tons still in Fort Knox with a bit of luck , not 8000) . We also know that China is making a lot of moves to make the yuan ready as an alternative for global trade . Backing (maybe partially) with proven gold reserves will kill off the dollar as the reserve currency of the world Since the whole Ukraine business started , there have been numerous statements from Russian and Chinese high ranking officials that the time is now to dedollarize the world (and action has already been taken) . There is also a rumour that the BRICS are making an alternative to the US dominated IMF . We also know that Lagarde spoke of a needed monetary reset in Davos . What better timing than 20th July to introduce the SDR as an alternative for the dollar . This could actually save the dollar somehow , because the IMF is still controlled by the US and a 70% devaluation will make the US national debt far easier to pay off . China’s 1.5 Trillion of US treasuries will take an enormous haircut . This will also be a tremendous boost for US exports They are trying to front run the Chinese IMHO

  91. laurais

    July 20, 2014 is the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.
    7 * 20 * 1969 = 1996
    1*9*9*6 = 25
    2*5 = 7
    07/20/2014 falls on a Sunday.
    What does this prove?
    Nothing really. But why would a woman of Ms. Lagarde’s stature resort to what appears to be babbling in front of the National Press Club?
    Guess we’ll see.

  92. oldnurse

    All things considered, I prefer guests like Sinclair, Rule, Sprott to Quayle and Hudes. The content of the former is lucid and informed and generate the same in the comments section

  93. Ken

    Hello Greg, bottom line is that the elite don’t even care to cover up their agenda anymore and they certainly won’t apologize for the harm caused in in trying to implement their One World Order wet dream.

    When they got caught lying to the American public about PRISM after Director of National Intelligence JamesClapper testified to congress that they weren’t spying on us what did they say? Without acknowledgment of their deception they spin the lie “We have to do it to keep you safe”. This is but one of their many fabrications to guide the herd.
    Our economy is healthy and growing, our housing market is strong, the stock market is the true indicator of our robust economy, QE is stimulus, 911 was orchestrated by muslims from a cave in Afghanistam, Asaad used chemical weapons on his people, Iraq had WMD’s, Ukraine is democracy after the coup, etc…

    Lies, lies and more lies. Now LaGarde has the swinging pair to stick their agenda in our faces and basically states that this is what is going to pass according to my handlers and there isn’t thing one you can do about it. Her comments were outrageous if not bizarre and like you said the MSM presstitutes were willfully AWOL, again.

    Greg, those that are unable to see what is going on unfortunately are the product of our dumb downed society. Even when presented with overwhelming evidence they can’t wrap their mind around the reality of the events taking place on this planet. They can run from reality, but they can’t run from the consequences of reality.

  94. greatwhitenorth

    My first comment here, which is a question actually. Where does FATCA fit in with all this? I am VERY grateful for this site, Greg, your unwavering dig for the truth and all the intelligent (sometimes opposing, but always stimulating and informative) comments.
    There is a passage in the bible (depending on ones canonical views of the Gospel of Thomas.) : “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.” Well i am at the astonished stage. Thanks, so much, Greg.

  95. Blue Horse

    I have been watching your interviews for perhaps a year now and have found them to be a valuable perspective and professionally done. Some guests are significantly better than others ,and I always factor in what the guest might be selling. This guest, however, is in my experience the absolute low point as well as the youtube video that it is linked to. If you watch the actual introduction to CL’s speech by the NPC President you will see that CL’s comment about doing what she is told is in reference to her standing at the wrong time during the panel introductions. The editor of the youtube video is clearly editing for bias. Secondly, has no one ever heard of literary divices, metaphors, or levity at the beginning of speeches. She was clearly trying to instill a sense of optimism in her audience with the reference to numerology using everything I just said in the my last sentence. Her smile is clearly indicating that she is saying this with a level of fascetiousness.

    I visited Steve Quayle’s website and consider him a charlatan of the first order using fear to line his own pockets and press some whack job ideology, which lines his pockets! Convenient! Men like him are a dime a dozen in this world and not a force for good. IMO

    There is nothing to the theory that Christine La Garde is trying to communicate to her constituency that the time is nigh. That’s not to say that I don’t think that there isn’t a crisis in the making or that circumstances aren’t being manipulated by groups to their own advantage and that the the s**t isn’t going to hit the fan. But with this, there is no there there.

    BTW Chris Martenson and Gordon Long were excellent.


    • Greg Hunter

      Blue Horse
      We are going to have to agree to disagree. You cannot brush this off as humor. Lagarde is the one who gave an official 2014 global forecast based on numerology. Lagarde said, “I think it is appropriate to wish ourselves a Happy New Year given what I would like to talk to you about which has to do with the global economy and what we should expect for 2014.” It was given to The National Press Club. What better way to give an important forecast than to give it to a bunch od national and international reporters? Who knows if this was an exact date but Lagarde clearly was forecasting change for 2014 based on what she calls the “magic 7.” This is reportable and worthy of analysis and discussion. By the way, here is her complete speech that I checked before posting the clip:

    • steve

      Blue Horse

      totally agree….

      Greg went to the edge of the box and then over with SQ.

    • Occasnl Trvlr

      ” Her smile is clearly indicating that she is saying this with a level of fascetiousness” [sic].

      Look at her eyes and demeanor from 7’48” to 7’55”, when she says “Most of you will know that ‘seven’ is quite a number.” I am seeing neither a smile nor facetiousness. Frankly, I think she is projecting a (likely absent) knowledge of numerology onto her audience members. Her eyes and her tone, where she repeats “twenty-fifth” at the 8’52” mark, convinced me, when I first saw this back in January, that she was expressly delivering a message.

      Levity at the beginning of speeches? You cited it yourself: her comment about doing what she’s told. That was it. Do think she needs a several-minute “levity” shtick on numbers? Newsflash: this is not your aunt Susie at Toastmasters.

      Think what you want of Steve Quayle. This isn’t about him.

      (I took the timing marks from the original posted at the National Press Club, here: )

  96. Stu


    Another great presentation. Thanks. Remember the 3 precious metals you must own in physical bullion form: 1) Gold, 2) Silver, & 3) Lead (ammo)

    According to Steve it may be time to payoff the mortgage before the 20th.


  97. Bill Osborne Jr

    As Greg states it sure is strange that the head of the IMF would reference numerology in a major speech. We will know if there is anything to it in a couple of weeks. One more thing 7/20 falls on a Sunday and a lot times in the past major announcements are made on the weekend.

    • redgreen

      Referencing Numerology ranks right up there with referencing the latest reality TV show. She is just trying to be hip.
      ‘She looks like Julian Assange, only not as handsome.

      • Bill Osborne Jr

        Hi Regreen,
        You very well may be right that it was an attempt to add some humor to an otherwise dry presentation. 7/20 is only a couple of weeks away so we will get an answer soon.

        Best Regards,
        Bill Osborne Jr.

  98. Angie

    Thank you Greg for having the courage to post this interview. Some out there are shocked that you would post this but some are listening. There is economics and logic and then there are spiritual elements to what is going on. Regardless of each person’s beliefs here, THEY believe it and are using it make decisions. Thanks again for having courage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angie. I think getting out this analysis is worth the heat I am taking.

  99. Lynne Johnson

    Hi Greg, Thank you for the great interview with Steve Quayle. I like hearing and appreciate the different points of view consistently presented in your interviews. I personally believe Steve Quayle is correct in his beliefs – whether it’s this month or later in the year – Ms. LaGarde was definitely announcing something is about to change in our financial world! We’ll see soon enough!

  100. JM

    I don’t see what is so complicated about this.. The woman clearly makes reference to numerology and lays out a quick qualifying case for 2014 verses the magic 7. Any satanic follower would see this plan as day. What’s shocking is the fact that she did this out in the open. It’s so in our face that it’s damn near unbelievable but yet there it is. It’s pretty obvious that this is no joke and anyone that doesn’t recognize this for what it is must be blind or trying to mislead those that do see it.

  101. Coalburner9

    No heat here! I have enjoyed the debate. This even drew out a troll or two. I like Stu’s short but important line. And I still think there are more forces out there than just the IMF and FED who are owned by Oligarcs, not to mention Presidential puppets and other “clowns that are being sent in.” to create the diversionary circuses. No one could directly predict a great nation electing a spoiled, ignorant, tyrant or that like a child with temper tantrums he would do the ugly things he has done except that it has happened before and had the same result. There are major powers challenging the old guard that has been running everything the last 500 years. Think about the world shift going on from the west to the east. There is no stopping that turn. Add that we are entering the acceleration of the Fourth Turning. I believe the cycles are caused by human nature and using the Bible to do numerology or devil worship will give no answers about what has been declared not for man to know. So the big Bible picture says we are hopelessly human and will repeat our stupidity only forgiven to those who avow faith and ask. I cannot get that movie Apocolypto out of my head. One sure thing LeGuarde was saying is that the Spanish have already come ashore and she should be wearing turquoise. We know that already.

  102. Occasnl Trvlr

    “Say ‘The point being…’ one more time, motherf#$&@r!”

    Okay, there’s my Steve Quayle-bashing.

  103. Ohio River

    Greg, you’ve done your research and all have been warned. Like a jigsaw puzzle the small, important facts are pieced together to show the big picture.

  104. pntllr

    Sauce on all these claims or GTFO

  105. Hiker Guy

    Been following your interviews faithfully for months. Thanks for your tireless efforts. I’m an evangelical Christian and lifetime student of the Bible. I hold to a plain, literal interpretation of God’s Word and don’t go looking for hidden, mystical meanings. Prophecy is difficult because of the figurative language. We shouldn’t get worked up trying to force an interpretation that isn’t there. God left it hard to understand for a reason. Quayle has a lot of good stuff, but in a lot more he is a few bubbles off center. His material requires a lot of careful filtering. That said, the speech by Legarde creeps me out and I agree with your analysis. I was a little suspicious of the youtube video with interjected analysis and comments, so I went to the IMF website to see the transcript for myself. There are two versions there: The speech as prepared for delivery and the speech as actually given. The numerology comments are in the transcript for the latter. As for the dates, she begins by comparing the western calendar with the lunar calendar, so I did a google search and downloaded a gregorian-lunar calendar conversion chart. I find the question of dating just too cryptic to decifer with any certainty. Contrary to the you tube video author’s comments, I don’t think it is so clear that the date is July 20. The lunar calendar July 20 lands on the western calendar August 15. Or did she mean in the other way around? I might stay home on July 20 and monitor the financial news, but I’m not going to get too worked up over it. 7 is one of several holy numbers. Did you also catch the reference to 7 weak years followed by 7 strong years. That’s a twist of the account in Genesis 41 where under God’s direction, Joseph prepared Egypt for 7 years of famine by laying in national stores during 7 years of abundance. These people take God’s ideas and twist them around for their own nefarious purposes. Instead of prudently preparing, they give us seven years of famine and then make plans to take what little wealth we have left for the promise of seven years of abundance. Liars.
    I believe in the absolute sovereignty of God and my trust is in His provision, not the schemes of the global elite. His plan is unfolding exactly as He has decreed. He allows Satan’s minions to do their thing within the bounds He has set. The global elite have been doggedly and patiently preparing to execute their plan for global domination for centuries when the time is right. They don’t want to accept that the right time is God’s time. Legarde and her handlers think they are wise. They have great knowledge but at the same time are completely blind to the fact that in the end they lose.
    My concern is in understanding the times and being prudently prepared so as to be an effective witness of God’s grace and to also be of help to others when the civil order collapses. That’s why I’m keenly interested in understanding what the puppet masters are up to. In self defense, the best strategy is avoidance and escape. We need have keen situational awareness to avoid being caught off guard. Thanks for bringing us timely information for that purpose.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hiker Guy,
      Lagarde was forecasting some change or big event sometime in 2014 using numerology. That much is clear as the noon day sun.

  106. `David E

    I hope Greg my few hours crunch this video will be helpful. I posted this on two there sites.

    On another message board I posted what I wrote in this thread. One of guys there a educated English economist a nice guy but has a low tolerance of what he calls “nutters.” We had exchanged few PM’s before I posted this. This was my response. It took a few hours to put together.

    ” Oh Dave!

    A rather predictable reaction from you. Me expecting you to watch that video is like expecting a cat to take a bubble bath. As brilliant as you are and I do believe this, you have a weak spot in your ability to analyze certain information if comes from what you see as a flaky source. But that’s OK as few adults can.

    In Lagarde’s prepared speech which is in link you gave above there are major differences of what she actually said. Below is what she actually said that is not in her prepared speech.

    Christine Lagarde head of the IMF:
    In the video
    @ 1:22 “I’m going to test you… ah… numerology skills by asking you to think about the “magic 7.” OK? Most of you know 7 is quite a number. It also of themes, religions and I am sure that you can compress numbers as well” (1:43). She looks up and scans the crowd.

    Then the “nutter” goes to explain in the youtube what numerology number compressing is.

    @2:17 “If we think about twenty.. fourteen (2014). Alright I am just giving you twenty fourteen you drop the zero, fourteen… two times seven. That is just one example. We are going to carry on” (2:31).

    The “nutter” goes to interpret what he thinks she really means which I do not agree with his conclusion. I think she means 2 X 7 =14 even though that might be an incorrect understanding of what numerologists believe about the year 2014. Why is the head of the IMF talking about this stuff anyway?

    @3:54 “So 2014 is going to be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects”(4:00).

    She then goes on to her prepared text about the one hundredth anniversary if WW1 and the “70th year anniversary of the Bretton Woods Agreement.”

    Here is where she goes off script when she repeats “70th anniversary” then looking up at the crowd to see if they get it.

    @4:10 “70th… drop the zero” (4:13).

    She then goes off script of “twenty fifth anniversary” and repeats it again “twenty fifth” and gives the crowd the look of ‘do you get it?’ ( 25 compressed is 2 + 5 = 7)

    @ 4:26 – 4:28

    After this she stays pretty much on script until

    @5:43 “I don’t know if the G-7 will have anything to do with it? (smile and laughter from the audience) or whether it will be the G-20. I certainly hope the IMF will have something to do with it.” (5:52)

    No where in Lagarde’s prepared speech is there any mention of the G-7 or G-20.

    Like the nutter pointed out in numerology the letters of the alphabet are given numbers of their own. “G” is the seventh letter of the alphabet and this perhaps this is why she is smiling at this point while the crowd giggles.

    What I find interesting is that when this speech was given January 14th 2014 there was no G-7. There was a G-8 and Russia was part of it. I did a time line search of when the events happened that lead to Russia being kicked out of the G-8 and it then becoming the G-7

    2014 February – Security forces kill at least 77 protesters in Kiev. President Yanukovych flees to Russia, opposition takes control under interim president Olexander Turchynov and acting prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk. Russia refuses to recognise takeover.

    2014 March – Russian forces help separatists seize power in Crimea, which Russia then annexes, prompting the biggest East-West showdown since the Cold War. US and its European allies impose sanctions on Russia.

    2014 April-May – As Ukraine prepares for early presidential elections, pro-Russian elements stoke separatist sentiment in eastern and south-west Ukraine. Fatal clashes with security forces and a build-up of Russian troops raise international tension.

    2014 May – Petro Poroshenko wins presidential election.

    It was March 24th 2014 that Russia got kicked out of the G-8 Hague, Netherlands (CNN) — President Barack
    “Obama and other world leaders have decided to end Russia’s role in the group of leading industrialized nations, the White House said Monday.
    The move to suspend Russia’s membership in the G8 is the latest direct response from major countries allied against Russia’s annexation of Crimea”

    So how did Christine Lagarde know that by July 2014 that there would be a G-7 and not a G-8? Perhaps the theory that US and Europe had the revolution planned and knew Russia would be isolated is true?​

  107. dchayden

    Concerning the IMF occult speech…Why does Christine Lagarde talk about the G7 in a January 14th 2014 speech, at a time when the G8 was still in existence…before Russia was kicked out later that spring ? I have seen this question posed a number of times…very odd indeed.


  108. `David E

    To simplify things on things she said that were not in her prepared script.

    @ 1:22 “I’m going to test you… ah… numerology skills by asking you to think about the “magic 7.” OK? Most of you know 7 is quite a number. It also of themes, religions and I am sure that you can compress numbers as well” (1:43).

    @2:17 “If we think about twenty.. fourteen (2014). Alright I am just giving you twenty fourteen you drop the zero, fourteen… two times seven. That is just one example. We are going to carry on” (2:31).

    @3:54 “So 2014 is going to be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects”(4:00).

    @4:10 “70th… drop the zero” (4:13).

    @ 4:26 – 4:28 “twenty fifth”

    @5:43 “I don’t know if the G-7 will have anything to do with it? (smile and laughter from the audience) or whether it will be the G-20. I certainly hope the IMF will have something to do with it.” (5:52)

  109. F16Hoser

    9-11 (9-1-1 = 7) Coincidence? I think not!

  110. Sterl the Pearl

    So, that was creepy, what is Lagarde up to?

    There seems to be a rift between ‘true believers’ in Christ and more secular people here. I sort of have a foot in both camps; I am a scientist and a practicing Christian, though I have a hard time with metaphysical stuff such as an afterlife. When it comes to most stuff, I am much more in the ‘reason is best’ camp. A large part of me wants to side with the supposed ‘trolls’ here; but this is really more here. (Personally the interview with Quayle wasn’t great in my eyes, just different strokes for different folks I guess)

    I will say this, religion and symbolism is a powerful tool in humanity regardless if you are a believer or not. Lagarde is messing with this symbolism. Why? What the hell is she doing? Again this is just creepy.

    The powerful only mess with religious symbolism —whether biblical or occultist— in if they want to freak people out for some ‘reason’; you don’t use ammo like that to be funny or clever. Lagarde or her puppet master is messing with people. Why? What’s the game?

    I really don’t know what to do with it, its going to have to set on my ‘other’ self for a while.

  111. Sterl the Pearl

    its going to have to set on my ‘other’ shelf for a while

  112. TruthISnoWhere2bfound

    Chistine, Christine…what are you telling the Elite ?

    July 1st; Jamie Diamond , Throat Cancer, Won’t testify
    July 7th: Earthquake 6.9-7.1 Magnitude, First Time ever French PM In Police Custody (Sarkozy)

    What else is coming ?

  113. Robert E. Salt

    Thanks for bringing this story to our attention, Greg. A code was the only way Lagarde had to alert a selected few without informing everyone. I tried two ATM’s this morning, and neither one was dispensing cash. Very unusual around here!

  114. david

    Confirmed Date she says 100years + 70years +25years + 7years =202 whats so important about 202 which she took half her speach to get to. Its the 202nd day of the year 21 July 2014 monday .so 20th or 21st the EVENT then as the event takes hold gates of hadies open 27 July 2014 all hell breaks loose.

  115. clp

    I am taking 7/25/2014 as he rest date. That date has 3 7’s and is on a Friday. The banks always go down on a Saturday. I expect a cyber attack at 11:59 on the 25th.

  116. john

    It is well known that the DC consensus types as part of the ruling bodies in world use astrology numerlogy and other ancient sciences. Yes because in my childhood there was a bro haha regarding Nancy Reagan and her high society astrologer casting for best dates for Husband Ron. This is not conjecture. Notice Berlin Wall opposite 9/11 and Bush One Speech the famu NWO Intro Speech and then Iraq War One and 9/11 ect. ect. It’s all by the numbers….Kosovo I could go on and on.
    What is less known is how various levels pertain. Elites and by that I mean multi billionaires/trillionaires aren;t worrying regarding stock markets as much as when the USA does this or that. USA is the tethered dog of war at present for the true owners. When down this dog is soon to be “put down” maybe some see this I don’t understand the current Murkans.This is code for a war or war inducing event. Notice the 7 isreferenced but also 20 yet adding certain times from other things (released MSM Emtertainments and such)we get a kick off JULY then AUGUST esculation and the OCTOBER SUPRISE. That is what I read to it. She says at begining I DO As I AM TOLD. So there you have it. IRAN and RUSSIA are ON THE TABLE and also the assimilation of USA into a different entity by way of bankruptcy or devalue or combo(they can’t pay their debts) and then WAR. Most likely the true owners want the USA deeply divided so as to emply a slave econmoy for whatever war they envison. A play of the RED BLUE and the RED WHITE BLUE and RED ascendant ruled by the GOLD BLUE.

  117. john

    Sorry in reading other comments I forgot to add that the SIFMA Bankers Assocaition had trainings for a type of multi pronged cyber event. Since the banker is high up in the food chain of control one can assumme that this is going to become reality soon.
    Further the trainings all have the assortment of Quantum Dawn or Quantum in their names leading me to believe that like the other events they will have three events in one but maybe not same time or day.
    Lastly the USA army marine navy have had traings in bases using the extra of foreign friendlies for invasion type scenario. I will add that many are with the Quantum Dawn name.
    Pleas don;t post these comments if you find offensive I am merely doing data dump as I feel some might benefit.

  118. jacob

    Lots of coincidence Malaysian airline with magic 7.

    295 Passengers – Numerogically 7
    flight 777
    flight number – MH17
    date 7/17
    flight number – date number 7 17 17 – three sevens and a eleven

    date + flight + fligt number + passenger count (use numerocial values to replace alphabets M) = comes to 14 it is two times 7

  119. carrie

    When I watched the video (link below) of just the numerology part of Christine Lagarde’s speech, there were some additional things that seemed to have importance or alternate meanings. First, she makes a point of letting them all know that she does what she is told, which may be a way of letting them know that what she is going to say comes from higher up.
    Then, at 3:58, she uses the word “magic” (which has a different meaning to them than to us) when talking about 2014.
    The other thing that I noticed was that she seemed to put special emphasis on the words “deep freeze” at 5:00. Because I heard the emphasis, I followed a hunch and searched for “operation deep freeze” which turns out to be the codename for a number of US missions to Antarctica. ODF = 16 = 7

    So these are the things I noticed in the short video and I am certain that there is more in the video of the full speech, but I cannot bring myself to listen to her another moment right now.

    Video of numerology part only:

    Full speech

  120. friedrich

    Dear Greg Hunter, and all readers,
    came just today across with this subject, which is absolute amazing. i did not read all comments. Well, really this July (7th month) made historic headlines …a historical turning point:
    ISIS, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, the Ukraine, Russia,… Ebola Africa…
    Well, and there is a 7th month just ahead… Tishrei – Hebrew Calendar … after Rosh Hashanah = Feast of Trumpets – September 24 (or 26…depending on new moon – Lagarde mentioning ’lunar new year’…) when a Shemitah Year (7th year!) will begin… Anyway, we will see… surely dramatic time!
    We have been counting days since years… if you like would you please take time and read
    thank you ! … and as you should know:
    Luk 21:28
    And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  121. Rollin Hetwall

    Although I know not of the occult I do know my numerology and 2014 is an 8 universal year. The discrepancy has to do with the true start of the Gregorian calendar and compensating for a non existent zero year. Mrs. Lagardes please keep your day job.

  122. Dave

    Regarding the July 2014 reset or whatever was to happen… Look at a dollar index chart. Relentless march upward started as planned, July 2014.

    What do you think? How high must it go before the desired result is achieved? What is the desired result?

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