Staggering Bullish Indications for Gold-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s 

Jim Willie, who holds a PhD in statistics, says, “There are staggering bullish market indications for gold.  The primary cylinder is negative real interest rates for the past 10 years.”  Dr. Willie says other bullish factors include “phony accounting at insolvent global banks” being propped up by massive money printing.    Dr. Willie contends, “In January alone, the European banks were the beneficiaries of $1.2 trillion from dollar swap facilities as directed by the U.S. Fed.  That’s what’s keeping these bonds floating and the banks alive.  They’re zombies.”  Dr. Willie says, “Europe is on the verge of collapse.”  When it does, Dr. Willie says a new “Gold Trade Finance System” is already in place to take over for the dollar.  Dr. Willie’s sources say, “The trade finance system has already agreed on a gold price of $7,000 to $8,000.  Silver would be $150 to $200 per ounce.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie from

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  1. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Dr. Jim Willie – brilliant; connected, outspoken. Tying Europe, London, Middle-East, and Far East all together against the backdrop of American corruption and crime. Outstanding. (Like a Skin-Bracer slap in the face.) Good job.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles. I love your “Like a Skin-Bracer slap in the face,” quote. It was refreshing.

  2. Mike R

    Dr Jim’s comments are interesting. Hard to believe prices of gold or silver would ever get that high.

    What’s to prevent the US government from conviscating privately held gold in the US ?

    Seems to me they would conviscate it once it gets to some level, like maybe $3000, and then what do you do ?

    • Greg

      Mike R,
      They may confiscate but they take mining, foreign holdings of gold at the Fed and ETF gold and silver long before they take private holdings.

      • MasterLuke

        How do they take gold in your house or hidden gold? I don’t think they would be able to confiscate private holdings.

        • Greg

          Master luke,
          It will be very tough. The low hanging fruit are foreign holdings in Fed vaults, U.S. mining companies and GLD ETF. That is where the massive low hanging fruit will be.

          • HamilTed

            Greg, thanks for your interview with Dr. Jim. Perhaps the government won’t confiscate the citizen’s gold and silver. Instead, what if they made it illegal to buy or sell gold or silver or even use it as money? They can enact any laws or create any situation they want, to accomplish their objectives. Threaten imprisonment, or worse. Lawbreakers lose their freedom and their gold/silver. Under those plausible conditions, I would think most people would not risk bringing their gold and silver “into the open”, thereby rendering it virtually worthless to us commoners. I’m hoping you can convince me what I’ve outlined here is impossible.

            • Greg

              I wish I could but you really have to be prepared for anything.

    • R man J

      They will confiscate US citizen’s gold by creating a high dollar peg of the USD to gold. The price will be so high that people will willingly turn in gold for USD in a nationwide program sponsored by the Fed. Debt problem solved.

  3. Mac

    don’t believe the COT reports—they r manipulated,says Jim Sinclair.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mac. I would trust anything Sinclair says.

  4. art barnes

    Bernanke testified that gold was not money to Congress, he might have to eat those words if your guess is correct in his analyst. Reading ancient texts such as the Bible indicate gold has been a traded currency for over 5,000 years as well as precious stones, emeralds, etc. A paper currency such as a Federal Reserve Note is doomed to fail especially when it is devalued by intentional monetary policy of inflation. At some point the “Note” becomes irrelevant for purchasing goods & services, near that point a new currency is developed that is backed by 5,000 years of trading value & wealth; Gold. If Mr. Willie is correct we are near that point in time, hold on to your hat because war will be demanded by the elite to stop it especially if the vast majority of the elite are still holding dollars.

  5. wheedle

    Another great post with Mr Willie.This global financial puzzle is on the table for everyone to see. I appreciate people like Mr Willie and yourself for putting those pieces together, showing us the correct financial moves that need to be made today.Precious metals equate to wealth preservation that every working class investor needs to acquire. I hope the 1 to 2 year window discussed holds true so I can continue to stack 😉
    Thanks Again 🙂

    • Greg

      I am hoping for the maximum time myself. Thank you for weighing in here.

  6. Dan

    Great article as usual Greg. BTW I heard you on coasttocoast Saturday night you were on fire!
    You’ve been taking lessons from Alex Jones haven’t you . 🙂


    • Greg

      Thank you Dan.

  7. Nathan

    I look forward to every interview you do, you provide a unique service with quality content and exceptional commentary.

    Keep up the great work

    • Greg

      Thank you Nathan for the kind words.

  8. Sylvia Sterling

    Thank you so very much for the much needed information on gold.
    People like myself worry about our investment as the price appears to go down.
    Dr. Willie makes sense…….. and of course, so do you. Heard you on Coast to coast
    the other night. You sure woke a lot of people up.

    Thanks. SS

    • Greg

      Sylvia Sterling,
      Awake people can take steps to protect themselves. Thank you for your comment and positive feedback.

  9. Ugly

    If this happens, then what will be the price of food, seeds, and gasoline?

    • Greg

      I think you know everything will be much higher in price–if you can get it. Thanks for checking in.

  10. Nails on Chalkboard

    Calm down now!! Is he yelling and whining in his mother’s basement? It is hard to accept an opinion from someone with a phd as sincere when he sells a newsletter subscription of aggregated news. Just like Bernanke, he pulls numbers out of his too.

    • Greg

      Nails on Chalkboard,
      It’s easy for me to listen to a PhD that has a track record of correct calls dating back several years.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hi Greg,
        I think Will Rodgers had it right when he stated, “Some peole learn from reading. Some from observation. And some from touching the electric fence.” Keep fighting the good fight.

        • Greg

          Shadow of doubt,
          Thank you for the kind words and great quote. I hope the folks here are not going to touch the electric fence.

    • John

      Jim Willie has about an 85% accuracy rate. I have been reading him for over 10 years. He as been spot on.

      I told everyone to get into physical metals back in 1999, and everyone thought I was crazy, not anymore. Everyone who took my advice back then has made a lot of money. The only investment going forward is silver, it is still a best buy.

  11. AndyB

    Greg: I just adore JW, even as his verbiage sometimes makes my head spin. But, as many have postulated that the Western vaults are bare (or hyper-fractionized/hypothecated), I just don’t see Western policy makers acceding to an all PM new currency basis unless, of course, the agenda all along has been to destroy all Western economies. Hmmmm.

    • Greg

      I am a big fan of JW too AndyB.

  12. George

    Greg, Great Show on Coast to Coast with John B. Wells !

    When people who say that they are losing money buying metals, only shows they are only looking at “today’s prices”, and are not paying attention to the actual policies that are destroying the paper currency system.

    If people, and I am a small tiny fry, do not hold gold or silver in their hands, they will be wiped out when their paper currency is either taken through banking fraud or becomes worthless by devaluation.

    Thanks for all your informative guests, and your work bring us such valuable information.

    • Greg

      Precious metals are insurance for the things that are way out of your control. They should be a core holding. Thank you for weighing in.

  13. Wolf

    Since the US has a history of confiscating gold I’ve begun researching the possibilities that they could try this again. Perhaps you could ask some of your featured economic thinkers about this. Are you holding anything outside of the US yourself? You may respond privately if you wish. You are providing a great service here. Wolfy

    • Greg

      The confiscation (if that happens) would be mining, foreign holding of gold and ETF’s. Confiscation of private gold accounts will happen long after those investments get taken.

  14. johnnie

    Jim is the only one who studies fraud and puts it in its right place at the core of our financial system.
    That is critical: other commentators just ignore fraud as in “can’t happen”. But when it is prevalent, how can you analyse a situation without taking it into account?

  15. JPSerino

    Under a new gold backed system and gold pegged at $7000 to $8000, why would the gold / silver ratio still be in the rage of 35:1 to %3:1 ??
    It would seem logical that the silver manipulation gig would be over and the true price of silver, even at its historical ratio of 15:1 would be around $450. What am I missing?

    • Greg

      I don’t think you are missing a thing.

  16. Sean

    One would think the mining companies are under performing for reasons to stock pile THEIR investment; not performing at 100%. They know they are selling their mine away at a massive discount. I know i would stale till its realistic value is price accrodingly.

  17. Chris

    Precious metals or commodites aren’t viable investments.

    • Greg

      Please, this is nonsense. Gold is up 500% since 2001.

  18. jc davis

    Greg: I have a problem. It seems my mind is expanding beyond the skulls potential to contain it. I am sure I am not the only one that must play the video,s several times. I didn’t here you on c2c . I have to sleep sometime.
    As to silver. I find it easier to accumulate then gold. With the word on the street, and a good ear to the ground silver can be very profitable. I love to see faces light up when I give 2 fake dollars for a real dime.
    Thanks for your work.

    • jc davis Greg Hunter. GREAT show. Greg starts about 10 min into the show. here is the link.
      Everyone should here this

      • Greg

        Thank you JC Davis for posting this!!

    • Greg

      Thank you JC Davis.

  19. John joslin

    Hello Greg

    How dangerous is it to hold gold in an etf?


    • Greg

      John Joslin,
      You are holding paper not gold. In my mind you have nothing. This is a trade and nothing else. Gold in hand is an investment that protects you from the things that are out of your control. I would never advise holding an ETF–period. You should have the real thing (coins) in hand. Here’s how to do it: I don’t sell any investments whatsoever. Check locally first.

  20. 9er X-Ray

    Hey Greg:

    Updated software, therefore name change.

    Excellent interview. Fortified my intent to purchase more Au and Ag tomorrow. Always information I can use on this website. Always.

    Also glad I stocked up on those little pointy coppery colored thingy’s on their individual brass display cases in various calibers..heh..heh. That was years before “Incompetence in Chief” was elected.

    BTW, as an occasional political cartoon “doodler”, I thoroughly enjoy the cartoons. No, not looking to move cartoons. Mine would rank with Gary Larson’s early years…in which he was banned in most places ! Would not wish for your website to be pulled.

    Keep up the superb work!

    • Greg

      Thank you 9er X-Ray for the comment and kind words.

  21. Paul


    Don’t know much about Jim Willie. He, like Bernanke, apparently knows economics and they both have PhDs.

    Do you know if Dr. Willie has ever said gold was not a good investment? Like you and your audience, I want to weed out the promoters from the unbiased analysts.


    • Greg

      Central banks around the world are buying gold. This is not speculation but the way things are going. I do not sell gold or silver but everybody should have some physical gold and silver coins in their possession. I’d bet on Dr. Willie . He has a track record of correct calls. Dr. Bernanke has been dead wrong on every single major call and that can be proven. Thank you for your comment.

      • cm1

        Mr. Bernanke’s job is to lie and dissemble. He does OK but is not a Greenspan. I am certain his reports to his masters are quite different and quite accurate.

        Jim Willie’s job is to make accurate predictions and I’ve followed him since at least 2004 or 05 and hes been accurate and entertaining the whole time.

  22. Shane

    So how many calories does gold pack these days anyway?

    • Greg

      The same as fiat currency only thing gold will always be worth something and fiat currency will always fail–always.

  23. justin king

    Good list of TOP STORIES this week. – That Karzai story shows U.S. LOST another war. + “100 billion to foreign banks” – U.S. propping up Europe to save itself.—- This FED will go down in infamy.

  24. Ugly

    The silver I buy is US Silver Eagle rounds. I buy them from the local Gun & Coin Shop. I usually buy 20 rounds so that they come in the container with the green top. But at times, I do get nervous as if they are real or not. Everything I read about them appears to be real. What is the easiest way to spot a fake? (besides the weight and the jagged edges).

    • Greg

      At the current price i don’t see how anyone could make money on counterfeiting them. I have heard folks counterfeiting $20 gold pieces but you are talking about thousands of dollars for gold numismatic coins. You are buying bullion Silver Eagles. (Good choice by the way.) Weight is the easiest way to tell, but if you are buying them in the tubes with green Treasury mint lids, I’d say the chance of counterfeit is about zero. Keep buying them.

      • WiseGuy

        I know someone that got a roll off an auction site that was salted with fakes. They are out there and this is why chain of purchase is important.

  25. Laurence Perry

    Hi Greg! Great Coast to Coast interview!! What do you think about gold and silver in a self directed IRA? I have a good amount and am thinking about increasing holdings.

    • Greg

      Laurence Perry,
      I don’t mean to offend you but you are playing games with taxes. I would only hold gold under my direct control. Pay the tax and penalty if you must but get you precious metal investments under your direct control. That is my advise. By the way, rich people do not have IRA;s or 401-K’s. I’d do what rich people do when they buy gold. They put it under their direct control. Thank you for your positive feedback.

      • Laurence Perry

        No offense at all Greg!! I’m probably going to do that!

        • Greg

          Laurence Perry,
          Just remember this is a core insurance asset not a trade. I think you will be protected and happy. What is coming will make the Great depression look like a party.

  26. BOB D

    Coast to Coast was the best and easy to understand information ever. The truth don’t scare me much anymore but you had me going back to my awaking.
    The debt can only be paid back by cheap labor. You get cheap labor by force and inflation.
    The inflation is all around next comes the force.
    You said the poor are better off with a strong dollar,WAS the most true thing I heard for some time.
    I always spend paper money fast, have my whole life. Inflation of my past labor is what I have always been aware of.
    Inflation is hard for young people to understand,because they lack the history of living with it. Learning about inflation in the classroom is not living it. PEACE

    • Greg

      Bob D,
      I think you have a very good grasp of the situation.

  27. shawn

    of course i agree,however i wish some smart person would dissect the deleveraging of derivative paper silver and gold.
    if paper gold is 100 times the physical, and people lose faith in the paper system, would not the spot price plunge, wouldnt there be many tricks the big players could use to scare ma and pa kettle out of their good gold and silver coin ?

    • I'm only too aware

      They have already been manipulating silver to the extent that an anonymous entity slapped down 25% of all the silver ever mined in human history in one lump sum of ETF’s on the open market…


      The entity was a silver distributor who has been inundated with ETF-physical trades, and threw them…

      In either case, its an ominous sign.

  28. shawn

    it makes sense that the fed will fall,and america, with the propping up of europe fiat currency scam etc,however when obama allows tapping the vast shale and gas reserves in continental usa,will that not pump new life into the whole nasty fed-communist globalist scam ??

  29. chris1

    Great stuff as always ,thanks Greg.
    4.00 Just google U6.
    Nothing against John Williams but ….its around 16% ,not 22%.
    Heh . Lamborghini sales are up 50% ,all is well.

    • Greg

      He’s not using U6 in today’s terms. Economist John Williams ( calculates the unemployment rate the way BLS did it in 1994 and earlier. 23% is what the 1994 BLS would say unemployment was today.

  30. droidX-G

    I see a system where silverr, gold and platinum float against each other instead of a fixed rate of silver to gold. The fixed rate system has colapsed multiple times including here in the USA.

    • Greg

      You have 20/20 vision my friend.

  31. FNPMitchreturns

    Well, I am being forced to sell some of my silver to buy a truck.. and no one seem interested in trading silver for a truck… I have work but my vehicle is inadequate to pull my trailer ….

    such is life ….

    the battle continues … tax protest now … the only way to defeat Washington without a civil war!

  32. Allen Ols

    Revelation. 6:6. Says. ‘ a loaf. Of. Bread will. Buy a. Sack of gold’. I buy barrels of 30 yr wheat. Rice. Etc. And then. I will. Get your. Gold. 🙂 great show. Tks. Greg. And jim.

    • Greg

      Allen Ols,
      I thing folks with gold have some food too. Thank you for the scripture and comment.

  33. Black Swan

    Well done Greg, another excellent interview with a key/quality commentator. May you long continue. Thanks for your invaluable service. Go Greg go!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Black Swan for the positive feedback.!!

  34. Chip

    Great interview and great guest Greg. I sure would like a better explaination of how the naked short selling works with the paper gold and silver. Backwardation is easy enough to understand. Also more about what happened with MF Global. I know Gerald Celente lost a bunch of money in that deal related to a future gold delivery.

    OT, have you seen the CBO’s FY13 budget projection? If not you ought to look it over. Some real knee slappers in there. Look at revenues for example in table 1, expecting them to double in ten years!!!

    • Greg

      the simplest way to describe it is the short sellers sell (on paper) what they do not own.

  35. The crucible Events

    In the next crisis, we will witness those who are corrupt & ‘powerful’ turn into financial weaklings and coward.

  36. hosting server

    “Witty! I’m bookmarking you site for future use.”

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