State of Denial

By Greg Hunter’s

Barack Obama addressed the country for the third State of the Union address of his Presidency this week.  In broad terms, he talked mostly about innovation, education and jobs.  To be fair, he also briefly touched on the deficit, the two wars we are fighting and unity.  But because so much emphasis was put on education, it sounded more like an address to a local PTA and not an SOTU speech.  The financial problems the country is facing now are so enormous it was startling they were glossed over or not mentioned at all.

The country is deeply in debt, and it will sink deeper when Congress raises the debt ceiling in a few months.  Experts say it has to be expanded by a trillion dollars a year for the foreseeable future; otherwise, the U.S. will default on its commitments.  This is a minimum of $1,000 billion of new debt ($1 trillion) added on top of the record national debt of $14.3 trillion.  The American people deserve, at least, an explanation and a plan on reducing it.  By the way, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced yesterday this year’s deficit will hit an eye popping $1.5 trillion (another record), which means we will borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend.

The CBO also announced this week that Social Security will slip into the red this year and pay out $45 billion more than it collects in payroll taxes.  The report claims Social Security will stay underwater and be flat broke by 2037.   I’m betting it will go under a lot sooner.  This, too, deserved a frank discussion.

I also cannot see why the President chose to ignore the ongoing foreclosure crisis in this country.  A record one million people were thrown out of their homes in 2010, and housing experts say a new record will be set again this year.  By 2013, six million homes will have been foreclosed on and this didn’t even rate a mention?

A record 43 million Americans are surviving on food stamps.   That’s nearly 20 million more people getting a government handout than in 2007.  By the way, JP Morgan runs the program for the government; and the more people go on food stamps, the more the bank makes.  I don’t know how bad this has to get to be mentioned in the State of the Union?

The President said this in his SOTU speech, We are poised for progress. Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.”  (Click here for the full text of the President’s speech.)  I would like to know what metric he is using to say “the economy is growing again.”  Corporate profits are up because companies laid-off millions of workers, and the stock market is being propped up by money printing from the Fed.  This should make all stock market investors a little nervous!  Just listen to the President of Trim Tabs, Charles Biderman, on CNBC right before Christmas below.

There is a $2.5 trillion public pension shortfall.  Most states and many cities are facing severe budget problems and some even insolvency.  Meanwhile, the banks are continuing to get large backdoor taxpayer bailouts in the tens of billions dollars.  Many Wall Street banks would be insolvent if it were not for an accounting rule change that makes the banks look healthy.   But even crooked accounting didn’t prevent 157 small community banks from going under last year—a record for the new millennium.  We are fighting two very expensive wars, and there is no real sign either will really be over any time soon.

On top of it all, the Federal Reserve is financing nearly half of the government’s budget with money created out of thin air ($75 billion a month).  The program is scheduled to end in June, but many experts say the Fed will just keep on printing cash to infinity.  That policy will surely be inflationary and cause more pain for those of us who need food and fuel.

Barack Obama didn’t cause all the problems America faces, but he’s the President and the one elected to lead our nation.  I am not upset by anything he said in his address to Congress, but rather by what he didn’t say.  You can’t tackle a problem if you don’t even acknowledge it.  This years’ State of the Union address should be renamed “State of Denial.”

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  1. Alessandro Machi

    I came to the same conclusion as you Greg, the 2011 state of the union address came off to me like a PTA speech, it was really unnerving frankly.

    I wrote an article about what the speech reminded me of.

    I also wrote an article BEFORE the state of the union address as well.

    and it backs up your point that Barack Obama would not mention the foreclosure issue at all.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and links to your work.

  2. markm

    Hey Greg,

    Da-Nile. A river that flows north out of Africa.

    Right-on bro!


    • Greg

      Thank you Markm and Ron!!

  3. Ronlad J Rinaolo


    If the federal government borrows 40 cents of every dollar spent, and government spending is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% of GDP, then 8% of our GDP is based on borrowed money. It would seem that there should be enough intelligent leaders somewhere out there to grasp the significance (and simplicity) of this fact. But then again, maybe not.


  4. Art Barnes

    Greg, at least one reason the President did not discuss in any real way the debt of the nation, the loss of jobs, the hard hit middle class, & the give aways to the banks, etc. is that the government simply has no solutions.

    It seems the President is trying to talk our way into prosperity
    because he believes confidence plays a part of it – it does to some extent, but you still have to have real solutions and bring them to fuition.

    Being in denial has never solved any problem. If I were a person who believed in conspiracy I would have to wonder if the President knows something is coming on the horizon, such as a war, which is going to
    change the game plan anyway. The average Joe on the street senses something is looming, we might theorize it will be hyperinflation or some other economic disaster – but who knows? The world has a mind of
    its own at times and we might be in for a curve ball.

    Whatever is coming America – get prepared – food, gas, gold, get out of debt, etc. Whatever comes, in my mind its not going to be business as usual.

    • Alessandro Machi

      Hey Art, you said “It seems the President is trying to talk our way into prosperity
      because he believes confidence plays a part of it – it does to some extent, but you still have to have real solutions and bring them to fruition.”

      Very well stated! I think you nailed it.

      • markm

        Hello Art Barnes,

        You wrote: “Whatever is coming America – get prepared – food, gas, gold, get out of debt, etc. Whatever comes, in my mind its not going to be business as usual.”

        Very well put; however, you forgot the means of keeping the above listed items for yourself.

        The item you forgot, lead.

        Lead that is capable of being propelled to supersonic speeds while maintaining directional control.

        Self defense skills and tools may be needed.


  5. nm

    The New York Times says the economy grew by 3.2% and that’s a good sign (yes, people are saving less and spending more and that’s a good sign?!)

    The conventional media continues to astound me. Consumer spending does not equal growth. In order for real growth to happen, you need real production ( because ultimately, that’s what creates jobs — production, not spending). Why don’t they get this?

    Watch Peter Schiff on the State of the Union. He’s been right on everything and he says bad things are going to start happening:

    • Greg

      Thank you NM for adding to this post.

    • Deborah

      I always equate news about consumer spending with the orchestra playing while the Titanic goes down.

  6. Jeff

    Obama’s address was even described by some of his biggest backers as a ho-hum affair. That guy on Coast to Coast with you may be drinking the MSNBC kool-aid or really off his rocker! Most likely a little bit of each.

    How Obama could avoid addressing the forclosure depression is unconscionable! As Gary Schilling stated this week, housing prices have another 20% to fall and no place in the U. S. is safe. As Americans see their most valued asset fall in price will this feed spending? I don’t think so!

    I can’t wait for the Fed chairman to be grilled by Ron Paul in the coming weeks…………it will make for must watch TV! How the Fed chairman will tell us about no inflation and the bogus accounting of it will make us all mad as hell. You can almost predict his lame response now.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff. I can’t wait for Paul vs. Bernanke either!!

  7. PatriotRider


    The SOTU was nothing more than a hopium message to the Sheeple and a list of talking points for the MSM, so that they can continue to broadcast the message over and over again. At some point, reality will no longer be able to be denied by the public. Where that point is, who knows. But if Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan; along with protests in the UK and France are any indication, it’s not long now.

    As food and energy inflation marches on at a staggering pace, all the while being denied by government statistics, because they exclude food and energy (glad I don’t have to eat and drive anywhere), the middle class is quickly becoming part of the new poverty class in America.

    • Greg

      Very good points. Denial will end and at that point you can bet the MSM will say “Nobody saw this coming.” That’s what they did in 2008. Thank you for your comment.

  8. Steve

    Greg, since when did the folks in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch represent the public? You talk as though they owe us a duty. Why would you assert this opinion? How much do we v. the federal reserve fund their existince? I’m perplexed as to why you would expect a straight answer from an “elected” representative.

    • Greg

      I guess I am just an optimistic dreamer. Your point is well stated and well taken. Thank you.

  9. Samantha in Tucson

    Good Morning Greg,

    I could not agree more; you are RIGHT! However, I am upset with the reality of his speech (never mind his rhetoric).

    Here’s my reality: The State of Arizona is slashing and burning its higher ed budget. State universities and community colleges are getting hit very hard….$190 mil overall. The University of Arizona has offered professors who are 65 years old a “buy out” if they retire this year (at least that’s a relatively easy option). The community colleges (where I work) are going to lose $65 mil in state funding, which means the loss of more jobs in our community, which will have the same “trickle down” effect on housing, taxes, etc. Community colleges use loads of adjuncts; where will they find work and where is their “safety net”? There is none.

    Question to Mr. Obama: How are we going to compete on the global job stage if we cannot educate young people and the thousands of laid-off older workers who are returning to school to retrain? How is slashing monies for our CURRENT colleges and universities going to help us? Reality: we will slip further into the educational abyss.

    College and universities are “numbers driven” these days. No longer is there a mindset that if you can reach a few, you reach many. It’s all run by the numbers. In the State of Arizona, the mere thought of teachers as “Nation Builders” does not exist.

    In the meantime, Governor Brewer is EXPANDING monies for prisons in AZ (mainly private prisons); there has been lots of “talk” that she has “connections” to private prison corporations. (Maybe I can get a job at a prison).

    Greg, I know you don’t believe we are totally doomed, but it sure feels like it! The thought of being out of work in my early 50’s is a very scary proposition.

    Thank you for your excellent work; we need you!

    God Bless.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment Samanatha. You could be a reporter. Thank you for telling us what is going on in AZ! By the way, I used to live in Tucson. I worked at KOLD-TV. I loved it.

  10. Tom H

    Greg, great article! What struck me the most about the state of denial address was our supposed president cracking a joke about the pat downs at the airports. A twisted and downright evil procedure that is an outwardly blatant violation of the 4th ammendent, and BHO is cracking jokes about it in the SOTU. Talk about out of touch!

    Check this out re: Jamie Dimon

    And this:

    Quote Sarkozy talking to Dimon, per Reuters:

    “The world has paid with tens of millions of unemployed, who were in no way to blame and who paid for everything. It caused a lot of anger. Too much is too much. The world was stupefied to see one of five biggest U.S. banks collapse like a house of cards. We saw that for the last 10 years, major institutions in which we thought we could trust had done things which had nothing to do with simple common sense. That’s what happened… There is an ocean between flexibility and the scandal we saw. So if people present me as obsessed with regulation, it’s because there is a need for regulation. I don’t contest the principle of securitisation, but when one offshore country guaranteed 700 times its GDP, are we in the market economy or in a madhouse? Bonuses don’t bother me, provided there are also … draw-downs when there are losses. When things don’t work, you can never find anyone responsible. Those who got bumper bonuses for seven years should have made losses in 2008 when things collapsed.“

    You are absolutely right Greg, the world is coming unglued and Obama feeds us bread and circus.

    • Greg

      I was taking notes during the speech and I immediately noted that not so funny remark. It didn’t fit into this post but maybe the President should have announced he would take a look at the TSA procedures and try to revise them. I think he would have gotten a huge round of applause from Congress and America! The TSA “joke” shows the President is way out of touch. Thank you for adding to this post with links, great content and comment!!!!!

      • Tom H

        Greg, you see what gold and silver are doing today, right after all the ETF’s are cleared for the month. Isn’t it uncanny how this always happens?

        • Greg

          Tom H,
          Good to know. Thank you for pointing that out.

  11. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Wow! Best post yet!

    You’re right, the SOTU was nothing more than a pep rally, a huge seal feeding exhibition (all those clapping hands). Wants to focus on education? The people are already. More people today are sending their kids to parochial schools, or home schooling. Focus on jobs? Get rid of the onerous employment and environmental laws, and stop taxing the heck out of the “wealthy,” the single proprietorship.

    Have you ever read “The Deserter’s Tale,” by Joshua Key? Key was an unemployed handyman who joined the Army in order to feed his family. Key told of how the military lies and brutalizes its soldiers. He also told of being forced to be a war criminal, which was why he deserted. But, he also told that the military will have an endless supply of more cannon fodder, because of what he calls “the poverty draft.” That is, deliberately keep people poor so that the military will be the only viable option.

    Yes Obama, “educate” the children by indoctrination. Let them see their future as part of a vast military machine, where their “job” is the chance to die or get permanently maimed in endless wars.

    Greg, the other night on C2C you predicted a heck of an economic disturbance by the end of June this year. I see, coupled with that, the mother of all riots. “When you lose everything, and you have nothing left to lose, you lose it.” Gerald Celente.

  12. Mitch Bupp

    Great “title” Greg, Once again you are a voice of sanity in an insane world. While the FED is intentionally devaluing the dollar as Ben Bernanke had advised the Japanese. In 1999 Bernanke wrote that he has never seen an economy where the currency could not be devalued by increasing the money supply.
    Yes, the



    solutition by dilutition

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch for your comment and kind words!!

  13. Tom


    If I remember correctly it was Lenin who said stated that the American businessman is stupid enough to sell the rope that will eventually be used to hang him. It will hang this whole country too. I can’t think of one reason why American engineers should be so eager to innovate when their superiors at the CEO level are so eager to sell or give away to the Chinese everything they invent. I keep hearing these super-rich greedy bastards in the business world talking about the “Chinese miracle”. What exactly is the miracle? The West has stupidly GIVEN them its technological and manufacturing advantages, and what wasn’t willingly given away was stolen. All of our manufacturing capabilities going to a country where they have no problem holding a guy down on a street and then driving a truck over him and parking it with the front wheel over his neck – and then call it an “accident”. What’s the point of today’s American youth taking on horrendous college debts to educate themselves if that is the end game?

    • Greg

      Very smart analysis and spot on my friend. Thank you for posting it here. You added to this post!!!!!

  14. Marcel

    State of Denial is a good title for the strong delusion affecting so many in Washington
    We know the reality is that these liars(politicians) know exactly what their corrupt and destructive deeds have wrought and all they have left up their sleeves is to lie to us with the aid of the lying media they control.
    Soon the state of reality will drop like a hammer on an anvil upon everyone.
    How soon before we see what is happening in Egypt happening here ?

    • Greg

      Marcel and John Bernard,
      Thank you both for the insightful comments.

  15. John Bernard

    This is getting quite tiring. The same thing time after time. America and its citizens just keep chugging along in normalcy denial mode, while the world around begins smoldering. We can win the future, what kind of BS is that? While listening to the mainstream media I felt I was in N Korea where the press praises the dear leader in spite of the obvious.

    Geithner advises the world to drop the dollar; and Americans keep charging their credit cards. Resistance is futile unless one is ready to endure the pain that the reaqusition of liberty will cost. From all outward appearance Americans are quite happy living in a parallel universe.

    See you on the other side. I hope you make and please keep up the good work.

  16. JMac

    Of course it’s a confidence game. If the 90% of Americans who do not pay any serious attention to the economy or the government were bluntly told the truth, all out panic would erupt. Almost no one I know understands as I do, through extensive research, the seriousness of the economic collapse that has occured. In 2005 when I told everyone I know that the big banks were all insolvent and that the housing market was on the brink of collapse, they all laughed at me. People do not want to know the truth. In fact, people intensely push the truth out of their awareness. What I notice is that on occasion when I witness someone really allowing the seriousness of the situation we are in to sink in, a look of terror and panic comes over them. Imagine hundreds of millions of people all in that state of mind. Complete collapse of social order and then economy would follow. People want to be lied to or at least 90% of the people do. At this point that lying game is what’s holding everything together. It sucks. It’s ridiculous but seriously, do we really want the alternative? I like having food in my fridge and a heater that kicks on when it gets cold.

  17. Ron P

    Was his speech to kick off his 2012 campaign. You can see what his platform for reelection will be.

    Not until we have a movement in the young college age kids like we had in the late 60’s and early 70’s will we really see significant change in our political environment. Change only comes to countries when the young become politically active and today, only a small percentage of our young are active. Legislators only listen to lobbyist until activism become a large part of society.

    But since my generation gave the country Nixon,Ford,Carter,Reagan, Bush41, Clinton, Bush43 and Obama, I decided to let the young take the reigns for change as looking at this list does not show much intellegence in the voters during that period of time. One impeached, one almost impeached, one appointed due to VP illegal activities, one totally imcompetent, two that doubled the national debt, one average competence and only one that restored the economy, American respect in the world and brought more democratic governments to the world. Not much to write home about.

    • Greg

      Ron P,
      Thanks for weighing in here! You are correct.

  18. signalfire

    At least 25% of the population lives off the government dole, SS or a pension fund. Another 25% is school age. And the unemployment rate is a true 20% at least. So who’s gonna pay the income taxes to keep this whole ponzi scheme going another 12 months?

    • Greg

      I think that what is raising the debt ceiling is all about.

  19. Jim

    Dig a little deeper…. we’re bound to see daylight!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim and George!

  20. george

    The stock market is being propped up by 401-K money and the Big Wall Street Banks are manipulating the stock markets. It will be a game of musical chairs when it starts to head south.

  21. Larry W. Bryant

    == Deny THIS! ==

    Debtor Nation Amerika is being ruled under and by a desperation/greed-driven fascist oligarchy intent on plundering our national treasury and on drowning the working class in the juices of its own misery. We used to have the best government that money can buy; now we have the WORST government that money has bought.

    It all makes me ashamed to admit I’m a citizen of the (Dis)united Korporations of Amerika! — Larry W. Bryant (28 Jan 11)

    • Greg

      Thank you Larry.

  22. Hank

    Obama displayed the most embarrassing, subservient pathetic role of any President during the gulf oil spill, heaping humiliation on a region whose economy is devastated at the same time that many people far removed from the BP crime scene are worried about the elevated benzene levels in their blood. For him to say the beaches are safe and open for business when many are doomed to suffer long-term health consequences and bankruptcy is too sorry for words to express here.

    • Greg

      Hank, Ralph and MSmith,
      Thank you for the comments and good analysis.

  23. M SMITH

    Greg, you hit out of the ball park. People will wake up to late to protect themselves very soon.

    Obama has shown he bows to the TBTF banksters every wish. Davos is where the rules are being made led by the very ones that blew up the free markets while those that try to expose the back door bailouts of the same banks are being banned from telling the truth by the Rothschild owned MSM. I commend R.D. Bradshaw for his article over at R.D. has put the names to those that really run the worlds finances & their ties to the Rothschild’s dynasty who’s goals for a One World Government that has been under way for over 250 years. Obama & his czars will use hundreds of new regulations that will ensure that jobs will continue to disappear destroying the middle class. You only have to look at Egypt & we can see the future the Fed has for the world.

  24. nm

    The thing I keep reminding myself of is this:

    If countries could print their way to economic success, Zimbabwe would be the richest country in the world today.

    America is not Zimbabwe only because the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, but even with this advantage, how long can Bernanke just keep printing?

    America has no right to lecture Egypt after they’ve supported that corrupt regime for the last 30 years. After Israel, the second highest amount of military aid has gone to Egypt.

    • Greg

      Thank you NM, Marcel, Toothless,
      Thank you for the comments and content.

  25. Marcel

    This news story out of Tampa is tragic in so many ways.
    While we are fighting far away in foreign lands we are losing the war at home.

  26. ToothlessRedneck

    I think it takes more common sense than formal education to see what the future holds for America, and I don’t believe there are many in our government with good old fashioned common sense like Brooksley Born has.

  27. Hang Time


    I just heard today that we have been giving Egypt 1.5 billion in foreign aid. Also heard that Egypt buys 1 billion in military assets from us. I think I am beginning to see how it works now, we only loose one half billion and they get a half billion extra. BTW I live in California and will not be buckleing down to pay government pensioners. I have a friend that owns a business and his wife is a dentist and they thought the SOTU was very inspirational. I have the feeling we are a subculture and may have lost touch with the sheeple.

    • Greg

      Hang Time,
      I don’t think that is a bad thing and I am happy I have meet like minded people like you and many other folk that visit the site,and that is also a good thing. Thanks Hang Time for hanging out here.

  28. Jan

    The rah-rah speech appeared to make the President uncomfortable, like even he could not believe the crap he was reading. He is out of his league in both foreign & domestic policy. Lots of book smarts but clueless and lacking the gut instinct needed to hold the position of leader of the free world.

    • Greg

      I am sure many Dems are having second thoughts about President “O,” but they wouldn’t say it publicly. They have to keep up the appearance of unity. Thank you for the comment.

  29. iknowbetter

    Denial makes sense, but only after you have eliminated blindness and misdirection.

    Denial (this isn’t happening)
    Anger (why is this happening?)
    Bargaining (I promise it’ll be better if…)
    Depression (I don’t care anymore)
    Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever)

    You and your wise readers have skipped forward to Acceptance. Tunisians and Egyptians have gone further. They are in the next phase: Revenge, or whatever “R” word you choose…

    Just keep thinking: “It can’t happen here.”

    I don’t own a gun, but I’ve seen one on TV.


    • Greg

      This line was stellar, “Denial makes sense, but only after you have eliminated blindness and misdirection.” Thank you.

  30. Art Barnes

    Greg, Breaking news, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt! – Now our government will get the reprive they needed from scrutiny of the economy. All focus will be on the Egyptian crisis. If the socalled “Crisis” last long enough now would be a good time for the govenment to make an economic move like raise the debt ceiling, devalue the dollar, or worst. This crisis is taylored made for a back page move. Maybe it won’t happen, but you can bet if I can think of it the goverment are licking their lips about the possibility. From the Western Front. A.B.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art,
      Good point.

  31. Jim Powell

    President Obama obviously chose to not really report the truth which fits with secular-socialist machine agenda. I was amazed that in 62 minutes he failed miserably to address the government spending issue and resulting US national debt problems. Instead the President, in true Chicago style politics, openly challenged the right to play ball with his programs or nothing would get done. Yes, it was a political posturing speech which in my opinion will lead to probable gridlock until after the 2012 Elections. At that time, the undeniable truth about exactly what secular-socialism means will be out among the voting masses who are paying taxes in lieu of receiving government entitlements. I just hope the continued misinformation from the media’s secular left will not be believed as much as in the past. Replacement and or dismantlement of our current secular-socialist machine, as described in TO SAVE AMERICA by Newt Gingrich has to happen or the USA’s best years are behind us. I am tied of politics as usual from both side. Hopefully truth will rise to the top and enough voters will get off their duffs and elect more independents and less lawyers who will never allow tort reform. I am just hoping there are enough Democrats wanting to keep their jobs to side with moderate conservatives to force Harry Reid and President Obama out of power by 2012.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim, Wayne and Fed up.

  32. Wayne

    Excellent article as always but the thing that mystifies me about issues like Social Security is that no-one seems to ask the basic question of WHY is SS in so much trouble when in fact the FICA rates were raised many years ago to help offset the aging baby boomer population ?

    The reason SS is going to have major problems is that almost ALL the surpluses that were supposed to be built up to ease the impact of millions of BB’s retiring have been ‘borrowed’ out and combined with general revenues to make the fedgov’s yearly budget deficits look lower than they were in actuality.

    Also, the issue is never raised concerning where these $ have gone?…such as paying for feeding, housing, medicating and educating millions of illegal aliens as well as untold amounts of funds that have gone into (alleged) foreign aid? I’m quite sure if the hundreds of billions (if not a few trillion) that have gone to these people instead being set aside, would we even be having this discussion ?

    It all boils down to the fact that many of the very people who’ll have no problem eventually telling us BB’s that we’ll have to work even longer and/or accept lesser benefits are the same folks who’ve been falling all over themselves lavishing benefits on those who have attached themselves to our mindless welfare system thereby creating these critical issues in the first place!

  33. Fed Up

    Greg, per usual, an apt title and succinct if somewhat simplified, overly kind post. The vast majority of the US population (the sheeple) is either in ignorant denial or have been successfully indoctrinated by the deliberately dumbed down compulstatory conveyor belt failed curriculum of the “progressives” monopoly that they determined decades ago to infiltrate & ultimately dominate – they couldn’t get elected – as the means to their end, i.e. power & control OVER the population, via brainwashing & PC over youth incited to defy their parents & elders.

    Remember, the ONLY “experience” Obama had was as a radical activist “community organizer” – AGAINST existing power structures.
    It’s the only thing he knows how to do. He is no “leader” in any genuine sense of the word and lacks the necessary character traits any authentic leader possesses. He has consistently exhibited his utterly PERVERSE revisionist version of history and demonstrated his utter lack of WISDOM & integrity daily since his disasterous “nomination” by the corrupt cartel that handed him the more corrupt “election.”

    It is imperative people recognize exactly what Obama has been and is doing…he is NOT “moving toward any so-called center” as his media mouthpieces spew…not remotely. He retains all his convoluted prejudices, deep seated loathing, resentments & hatred toward anyone & everyone who opposes his virulent ideology, particularly & especially ALL republicans, conservatives, anglo-white male power structure. He merely made a calculated political POSTURING decision to APPEAR as IF he isn’t the rabid partisan he has shown he truly is…taking clues out of the book about President Reagan he supposedly read over his seventh or eighth vacation over two weeks at Christmas… a man he has chastized, ridiculed, insulted and BLAMED for all the “FAILED” economic woes he falsely purports Reagan’s policies instigated (trickle down – Obama repeatedly claimed “we tried that – it did not and does not work. We’re NOT going back there.”)
    The only thing Obama seems to have gleened is that Reagan’s genuine optimism INSPIRED people. What Obama FAILS to comprehend is vast –
    beginning with the FACT REAGAN understood the ills progressive’s had unleashed on this country and that GOVERNMENT WASN’T THE SOLUTION, IT WAS AND STILL IS THE PROBLEM.
    Obama wasn’t residing in this country when Reagan was President – and was a young child being brainwashed by his hippie turned radical mother who converted to Islam…Obama is too young to have experienced the disasterous Carter years – and is utterly clueless when it comes to what made this nation unique and exceptional.
    He is bound and determined to Dismantle and destroy all of that…

    Having been blessed by having both parents of the Greatest generation and grandfathers who served in WWI before them…suffice it to say, the ONLY comfort in their no longer being among us is that they are spared seeing what these synchophants are doing to this country they sacrificed so much for – without complaint – to PRESERVE and PROTECT this nation for their children and FUTURE generations. Outraged is an understatement. Who the “H” to they think they are – more specifically, who the heck does Obama think he is? How dare he – shame on him.

    Obama’s HUBRIS is second only to his own contemptuous arrogance. What OUGHT to disturb people most is the fact he e truly belives he is UNIQUELY endowed with what he terms “his gift,”
    as IF his ability to “campaign” using double talk and FOOL people HE ALONE can “solve” their woes…to get himself elected – to have the POWER OVER the rest of us – to manipulate, control & dictate the “changes” HE wants to IMPOSE…against OUR WILL.
    He is as dangerous as any autocratic, totalitarian dictator we have seen over decades…afterall, he is following the same methods & tactics to seize power under the GUISE of “elections” delineated by radicals like Marx (whom Obama admires) Stalin, Hilter and more contemporary radical progressives like Cloward & Plevin, & advertising master manipulator Bernais, whom Glenn Beck has exhaustively researched and profiled over a series of historically accurate findings, exposing the individuals Obama associates & affiliates with has APPOINTED to UNelected but taxpayer paid positions in “his adminsitration” and shares the deep seated, albeit perverse, radical ideology – and goals. Incite and create chaos – then impose their long planned “solution” when the sheeple are desparate enough to accept ANYTHING.

    Obama contemptously underestimates the American people. Progressives may have managed to bribe & seduce 1/2 the population into submission – keeping them OPPRESSED & on the public dole to manipulate & “control” them – essentially USING them to get elected so they have MORE POWER OVER THEM, (keeping them poor, hungry and brainwashed/uneducated, not to mention angry, albeit at the WRONG people & party, not the ones perpetuating their hardship & oppression) but the history & TRUTH of ‘How Liberals Hurt the Ones They Claim to Help, and The Rest of Us Too’ (title of Mona Charen’s exhaustively researched, excellent but hard to find book) is being exposed, finally, and will be their undoing…along with Obama.

    he is the classic wolf in sheeps clothing – a feckles, toothless paper tiger, as the Chinese have expressed. Respect has to be earned.
    No amount of SPIN can or will alter the facts. The guy was not qualified, inexperienced and completely unfit for the job…THAT became glaringly obvious to anyone with two ears & eyes…or one for that matter. The disillusioned people who BLINDED bought his empty rhetorical hype about “hope” without doing a shred of due dilligence whatsoever into Obama’s “platform” the media deliberately concealed,
    need to save face and are still in denial – but are increasingly coming to the correct conclusion he is all HYPE. Hype is no substitute for genuine Hope.

    No number of incessant “speeches” and carefully contrived SPIN about what he “inherited” and has FAILED IN EVERY MEASURE to actually accomplish about the insideous problems that caused the collapse & ensuing Ponzi scheme the Fed led cartel of bankers are perpetrating against ALL of US can or will alter reality.

    Rewarding the SAME self serving corrupt entities and individuals for the desturction they have caused every INNOCENT equity holder, IRA or 401K account holder by their toxic OTC derivatives, adding insult to injury by the endless taxpayer bailouts, enormous profits they are reaping on the Fed’s fiat currency printing (QE 1 & 2 so far) deliberately debasing and devaluing our currency (against the Constitution), PUNISHING savers & every consumer in the country while multinationals & banksters in particular fleece billions in profits
    and enabling the banks to exploit the foreclosure mess to make enormous profits on the FDIC corrupt “loss sharing” arrangments at taxpayer expense is not only WRONG – it is inherently CRIMINAL and ought to be PUNISHED with draconian clawbacks from every individual who has profited – at our taxpayer expense.

    Your readers ought to see the video explaining how the banks are profiting from foreclosures & the FDIC “loss sharing” debacle posted on jsmineset…the embed link is posted below or can be found on You Tube. It is a simple to SEE & understand graphic explanation of the corrupt rigged Ponzi scheme being perpetrated against ALL of us…thanks to the private, unelected, self appointed Fed Govenors headed by “Helicopter to Hell” Ben.

    The banks control Washington – something Thomas Jefferson KNEW was the root of all evils besetting civilization time after time, cautioning against EVER allowing central banks, Lincoln discovered and rejected when the NY banks demanded OBSCENE interest to finance the Civil War, Andrew Jackson fought against and won, warning future generations of the PRECISE ills that would occur IF the people EVER allowed any Central bank in the US again…even evil Woodrow Wilson ADMITTED after he left office, albeit too late, that his enacting the Federal Reserve scheme (right before Christmas without the majority of congress to vote in 1913) was destructive, stating:
    “I am a most unhappy man. I have ruined my country. Once the most free, the United States is now the LEAST free, most totalitarian country in the world, controlled by the hands of a few men.”

    There is a reason pour educational system is bankrupt – of money and teaching valid, essential core knowledge of history and economics, as Hirsch’s book, “Nation At Risk” spelled out decades ago. It’s to keep people IGNORANT so the elite ruling class can maintain their power OVER the Ponzi scheme FRAUD they have been perpetrating since time began – exploit the “worker bees” to sustain the ruling class – and in the unique, exceptional REPUBLIC our founders carefully crafted, since Woodrow Wilson BETRAYED all of the people.

    Obama & crew aren’t so naive or ignorant of the game – they operate under the guise of “caring” about the people they exploit, use and abuse just as contemputously and corrupt as any ruling elitist class they have crafted for themselves – at taxpayer expense. They CAN’T expose the fraud for what it is and who is perpetrating it because THEY ARE PART of It…to do so would be their own undoing.
    So they engage in the same ole “Extend and Pretend Manipulation of Managing Perspectives” to stay in power. The fools who believe ANY politician or bloated bureaucracy built by MILKING taxpayers care one iotta about them or their “quality of life” is sadly naive and ignorant.

    the only good news and saving grace is that: Igorance is curable. Stupidity is not. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, we’ve all experienced what that has done to ALL of us, in differing degree, haven’t we? Cynical, yes – attributable to the ONLY accomplishment of all the self serving political parasites & their vulture cronies throughout the public and private sector financing their debasement of our currency, usurptation of OUR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES & RIGHTS, destruction of every principle upon which this nation was founded and endured BEFORE WIlson betrayed us all enacting the Fed Reserve & IRS.
    There is NO FREE MARKET – its all a myth, and a manipulated one at that. “Capitalism” was hyjacked by a bunch of blood sucking leeches and canibals sucking the life blood out of every American worker, perpetually stealing from the productive sector, increasingly diminishing what the cabal dictates the workers can “retain” of their hard earned, albeit devalued dollars & diminishing purchasing power of same, versus the SHARE the labyrinth of massive government bureaucracies & ruling elite’s audaciously BELIEVE IS THEIR’S to seize, which they arrogantly misrepresent is “government revenue.”

    Listen folks, the “government” does NOT produce anything of any value whatsoever…they do NOT generate “revenue”…what they TAKE FROM YOU in the form of all sorts of taxes and fees and surcharges directly reduces your earnings & remaining “discretionary” income. Horace Mann advocated the failed educational monopoly we are still suffering with today despite the BILLIONS wasted on the fundamentally flawed and woefully inept system, “to create a socially efficient workforce for the Industrial revolution.”

    Ben Franklin and many other were appropriately opposed to any government run, operated and controlled “system” given the inherent tyranny they ALL evolve into – and more importantly – the violation of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & Liberty…Parents are children’s first and primary educators…progressive’s covet Parent’s influence and control so they have to undermine parental authority…the conveyor belt they have concocted fails millions of children year after year…but as far as administrations and teachers unions are concerned, this defunct, failure is “vital” to national interest.
    HOG WASH. Take a look at the eighth grade five hours graduation exam
    required in Kansas in the 1800’s…there are PhD’s today that couldn’t pass it. Personal experience in both public and private “institutions” across this country – even in different schools within one district revealed the most obvious, systemic flaws rife throughout the educational “system.” The inconsistencies of the watered down curriculum is the most obvious commonality, as is the lack of teacher training. One student teacher “serving” his required component of class room “experience” openly criticized the national policy that IF they teach in a public school, they only have to do student teaching for a max of 3 weeks whereas, if they chose to do their student teaching in a private school, they had to do so for at least six MONTHS…he also acknowledged that despite the wealth of
    research from around the world on the most effective methodologies and how students learn, the teaching universities throughout the US do NOT even examine the plethora of best teaching methods, barely mentioning Montessori and other highly effective, proven methods.

    Unless and until the manner in which education is “financed” in this country is changed – NOTHING can or will improve. The funding for construction of the “national compulsatory educational system” Horace Mann pushed for was a problem solved with what was supposed to be a TEMPORARY Property tax…the misuse of inherently inconsistent, diverse “property taxes” to fund our educational system IS THE PROBLEM. It is innately discriminatory, as such, inherently unfair.
    Obviously, students fortunate enough to reside in more affluent areas, even within districts, benefit from higher tax revenues for those schools than the less affluent, urban counterparts.

    It is ironic that the progressives so intent on redistribution of wealth, income individuals earn & assets they acquire with their earned income to those less fortunate, industrious or whatever, to EQUALIZE OUTCOMES by taking from Peter to pay Paul – regardless of whether Paul did a darn thing to earn any of it – have failed to do the same thing with respect to school/education funding…abusing the same ole, disfunctional property tax scheme to pay for their public monopolies which is inherently disproportionate, discriminatory and dooming to those they condemn to attend the consistently worst performing and failed schools within any given district…

    As long as the disparity inherent in property tax assessments & collection continues to be the basis for funding the dysfunctional, bankrupt educational one size fits all conveyor belt monopoly, the disparity of results & outcomes will persist. This is not to suggest or advocate any form of “nationalization” or “flat tax rate” for education by any means. It IS exposing the truth about the fact that the way in which the system is funding IS PART of the problem, unfairly penalizing millions of kids each and every year…it IS challenging the status quo so dead set against Charter schools and other alternatives, including home schooling, which test results show have consistently achieved far greater learning outcomes among those fortunate enough to have had the option available. The question the media has failed to ask Obama is WHY is he opposed to school choice?

    Afterall, if he is such an ardent proponent of the public school system, WHY did HE choose to send his daughters to the Elite Private school the Clinton’s also sent Chelsey to during their insufferable term disgracing the office? Hypocracy abounds, particularly among the “progressive” elite’s…they have nothing but contempt for the “sloths” Michelle referred to directly…they only USE them to get them agitated enough to bother to vote. A disturbing but telling fact is that more Americans watched the Michael Jackson funeral than eligible voters voted… the cultural demise former Soviet Union “agitators” sought to incite did not end – any more than the terro campaigns they instigate through “surrogate’s” including al queada
    according to former Soviet citizens exposing the TRUTH about what and how all the former Soviet head honcho’s merely changed labels and are pretending there is any democratic anything in the totalitarian regime. make no mistake, Russia is determined to exact their revenge on the US (for the collapse of their system) and are using economic as well as subtrafuge and terrorism to assert their determination to return to world power as a counter balance to the US…they partner with our enemies and oppose everything the US proposes in the UN…they are not our friend, or ally and are not to be trusted – ever. They inflitrated our government, institutions and society long ago – and many correctly surmise they hyjacked the Demo-rats party.
    They have a vested interest in the decline in our educational system and are exploiting it to their own advantage.

    The following link to a video is worth the few minutes it takes to watch. It might open a few eyes…and hopefully be passed along so that EVERYONE knows exactly what fraud and rip off is being perpetrated against US.

    • Mitch Bupp

      Are you kidding me? You act if Republicans bear no blame but never mind the FACTS! Re-thug-icans have controlled the Presidency and the Congress more years than Dumbocrats since Nixon was president. I see from your post that you blame Obama for everything. Exactly how did Obama dumbdown the education system? Exactly how has Obama “made” children play video games and use the PC? And exactly how has Democrats and Obama pushed for deregulation of capitalism?

      The deregulation which has destroyed capitalism and real competition in the market place was REPUBLICAN;
      “Every-child left behind”= REPUBLICAN

      AS LONG AS YOU FALL FOR THE “LEFT VS RIGHT” paradigam you really don’t get it!

  34. Tod

    this government bail out of these big banks and various other big
    companies, and this president tells us the american people we need
    to be more resposible. How about these banks and big companies
    resonsibility. Where is the american peoples bailout?

    • Greg

      BRAVO Tod! Well said.

  35. Glenn

    Obama has become a puppet of corporate and Wall St. America. So much for Change you can believe in. After 8 yrs of Homer Simpson as President, America certainly deserves better from its leader. Disparity amongst the haves and have-nots will soon reach a point in America that will witness what we are seeing on our TV monitors in the Middle East. Oh, btw Greg, did the Dr. you debated on Coast to Coast the other day write Obama’s SOTU speech??

    • Greg

      Bush 43 was a puppet too just to different puppet masters. Thanks for your perspective.

  36. Frank

    You know the rich people won’t have to worry! …It’s all of us low paid people and people who have no homes from disaster and jobless folks who are going to be the ones who will suffer. The President I feel is trying his best, but he has the underground and secret societies telling him what he can and what not to say, remember he was left with this stuff, he did not create it! If you where in his shoes, I bet you would be lost to what the heck to do about all this stuff going on too.
    Next… The Bible says all we need to know and prophecy is coming’s all part of the rotation of life as to what is happening..there is nothing we can do about any of the things happening.I don’t even go to church..don’t need to, you can’t trust them either!I do my own believing and praying to God!Coast to Coast has some of the best speakers and great discussions on most topics, I give the talk show an A+ for being brave enough to let the guests talk of the things no-one wants to talk about, at least then they give me the facts that are being hidden, so I can make my own mind up to whether it’s true or not! What I have found though by my own research is most of them are darn near the truth.The world is like a bowling ball, where it is going it ain’t stopping, so get used to it!Complaining just makes things worse…I also feel everyone is on the edge also as the world will do the changing not us.It’s doing it pretty good job by itself…. as The Bible wrote, What God said: The world will be the same, people will be the ones to change! As you can see with the disasters and earth quakes and weather problems and of course people who do everyone in because of greed and vengeful activity..ect..Time is not on our sides ..Who or What is next? Do you see what I mean? It’s a crazy world!

    • Greg

      Thank you Frank for all your comments.

  37. Frank

    And one other thing about the subject on UFOs …What the heck is going on?….They are building all this High tech stuff and not using it for the wars.If you think about all that high tech stuff robots,high flying speed jets and secret military stuff they are building and using now, BUT NOT for the military and we do have a war going on RIGHT? then what is really going on why all that high tech stuff we wast our money on ect..! Lets talk about that OK!, instead of the stuff above!!!!YEAH you would think they should have this war done, gone and ended and Bin-laden found already etc!Our guys could be rebuilding our USA instead of being killed over there!This world could be rebuilding up again and out of deep trouble. There that might give you something really to talk about..but don’t ask me! Maybe talk about the future outer space war, I think they are really practicing or building up for.There chew on that one for a while!

  38. Frank

    And they probably would want to fight them too, just to keep the world not going anywhere, but toward fighting!Because they want to make money off them too!..Go figure!Gree nothing but greed!Sad just really SAD!

  39. Andrew

    You guys are missing the reasons why we are in this mess. Fix the reasons and the mess goes away

    1) Federal Reserve Act of 1913 when Congress unconstititionally gave away its right to COIN money in GOLD and SILVER to a private bank to issue backless paper money

    2) 14th Amendment which brought us all under the Federal Jurisdiction and makes us slaves to the debt – if you have read this I suggest you read it immediately

    Once you understand what was done to us here it all makes sense.

    The other items I think are important to address/overturn is all of the unconstitutional Executive Orders (Dictatorial Power Really) and the 1930-something Supreme Court ruling of the Gross Misinterpretation of the so-called “General Welfare Clause”

    If the above can be accomplished Liberty will be restore…..

    • Greg

      Thank you Andrew.

  40. Andrew

    One more very important thing – the ability to own LAND free and clear of taxation. Without being a true land owner you will always be a slave to the master who truly owns that land…..

  41. nm

    Everyone should click on this link and watch this hilarious video on the bailouts

  42. jude catalano

    Mr. Obama could not mention the real problems because the American people and the moneyed class by and large do not want to hear it. He and his party would go down in flames if he talked about the issues that matter and actually tried to do something about it. Both parties have learned from the Jimmy Carter experience. Do not try to talk seriously to the American people or its institutions about their problems. So the point is that it is not entirely Obama’s fault that the address said so little.

    I work in state government. There is always talk of reducing the size of state government. When this actually starts happening everyone, and I mean everyone including the business community back pedal and any reduction is reversed into growth within a year. Most are short sighted because there is too much vested interest in the status-quo. Only calamity seems to bring on real change.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jude and Oldcoot,

  43. FreeMan

    I really don’t see why you are so concerned with the debt of the US corporation ? It is falsely labeled The National Debt, it has nothing to do with the real economy. It should actually be called The Federal debt, it is a fictional credit that one corporation owes to another and because the people adhere to the lies of the corporation it passes the lie on to the people.

    • Greg

      Thank you FreeMan, Art, and K. Potter.

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