Updated 2018 Predictions – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted a 10% correction in the stock market for 2018. It already happened.  What are his updated predictions for the rest of the year?  Celente says, “What brought the markets down was the fear of interest rates going up.  Now, as you mentioned, we had forecast a 10% correction.  Here’s our forecast now.  We believe the Trump rally is near its peak.  It may go up more, and here is why it will.  Trump is allowing companies to bring back money from overseas.  All that dough they have stashed over there that they haven’t been paying taxes on, they’re going to bring it back and get a great tax break. . . . George Bush did that back in 2003 and 2004.  Do you know where the money went?  96% went into stock buybacks, not capital improvements.  Again, Trump gave them a 21% tax rate from the 35% rate, and that money, we believe, won’t go into capital improvements because when you look at S&P 500 earnings, they are doing really great.  They are expected to have a 19% increase this year.”

So, is Celente expecting another 10% correction in the stock market? Celente says, “Possible, yes.  The possible why is a black swan event and, in particular, war.  Do you see what is going on in the Middle East? . . . One of my sayings, and it goes for any country anytime and in any place, when all else fails, they take you to war.  They are ratcheting up war in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and other countries against Iran. . . . If there is a war against Iran . . . If there is war in the Middle East, you will see oil prices spike to above $100 per barrel.  If that happens–bam, not only the U.S. equity markets, but you will see the global equity markets go into bear territory. . . .The markets are overvalued, the price/earnings (PE) ratios are in the 26 range, and 14 is usually the average.  They are near historic highs by many measurements.”

Celente also points out another big headwind for the markets. Celente says, “Rising interest rates.  Look at the numbers that came out last week on housing.  Boom!  Mortgage applications down, and purchases down on all different levels.  Interest rates are going up.”

Celente likes gold but predicts nothing is going to happen until “it hits $1,450 per ounce and stabilizes around that price.” Celente also predicts, “The United States wants a weaker dollar so we can increase our exports. . .  I am betting on a weaker dollar.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of “The Trends Journal.”

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Gary Cooper

    New Zealand get ready for Hillary! In here own words, an incredible event! Named after Sir Edmund. Born in Chicago, five years before his climb of Everest, an incredulous event considering.
    Clinton Cash

    • Neil

      Yeah Obama is coming here too. Don’t know why they think they are welcome. Probably here to extract Clinton Foundation ‘donations’ from the new government.
      NZ is better informed than you might imagine for a small isolated country however. Comey got several death threats while he was here.
      If these people ever got the idea NZ was a good place to move to they might get in a megalomaniac wave but they wouldn’t make it off the boarding stairs….

    • Bob

      Can’t wait.
      Why can’t we have Trump instead?

    • Paul ...

      Remember Christen Lagard’s infatuation with the number 7 … well “another incredible event” much greater then that “law breaker Hillary” is taking place not just in New Zealand but around the entire world … 7 bowls of poison are now being poured down upon the Earth by Jesus Christ himself … “he has had enough” of all the neocon warmongers evil (continuous wars and the killing of women and children) … the poison Jesus is pouring down will spell death to all the evil Satanist warmongers and pedophiles … even his “chosen people” given God’s word (the 10 Commandments) “have failed to obey” as they are still “money changing” and doing other bad things “sexually” … thus our Pacific Ocean has already been poisoned with radiation … the Sun already grows hotter and hotter, etc., etc. … the crime of killing and beheading Christians (by creating ISIS) will not be tolerated … and disobeying God’s Ten(10) Commandments will not be tolerated … it is like killing the true King of this world (INRI) over and over again … judgement is now being rained down upon “all” the wicked ones on Earth who think they are above the law (like Hillary) and believe they don’t have to follow any of God’s moral laws!! … https://www.wake-up.org/introduction-to-bible-prophecy/seven-bowls-gods-wrath.html

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      One thing is for certain…Hitlery is a compulsive and habitual liar.
      What I am intrigued about with this pending visit is who/what spawned the idea?
      Does anyone out there know if there are sponsors involved or is it their own initiative and as such just another example of the Clintons common practice of earning vast quantities of money simply by standing in front of a gullible crowd and telling a pack of lies for an hour or so?


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        After a little bit of delving, I can now actually answer my own question…the ‘initiative’ to have this creature speak in NZ and Australia was facilitated by none other than ‘The Growth Faculty’ [link below].

        This organisation was founded by Karen Beattie is based in Australia and has a branch in Auckland NZ.
        Mission statement…
        “The Growth Faculty provides the very best strategic thinking from around the world and connects global thought leaders with Australian business people.”

        …yeah right… and Hitlery is going to help with this?…what a monumentally idiotic choice of speakers!


        • Neil

          ..or in other words an influence group infiltrating our government’s affairs – an outpost of the Trilateral Commission/ Council of Foreign Affairs – similar to The NZ Business Roundtable, that was, now called The NZ Initiative https://nzinitiative.org.nz/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Initiative
          Translation – an assumptive group of self important jerks who need to be removed along with the native cockroaches in Parliament’s corridors…
          In other words Hillary and Barry are here to update the program for and extract money from the local NWO operatives…

        • Neil

          Remember Colin, as low level NWO operatives they are just social climbing types who think they are getting to rub shoulders with power/elites and probably unaware of the large agendas -useful idiots in other words – and yet dangerous to our independence and democracy etc. as malleable minions.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Point taken!
            I think you nailed it Neil with the term useful idiots.

            One of ‘The Growth Faculty’s’ speakers that they like to boast about was none other than George Clooney. Now I have absolutely nothing against George, but I am not sure that he fits very well with TGF’s mission statement…
            …”to provide the very best strategic thinking from around the world and connect global thought leaders with Australian business people”!!!

            Neither does Hitlery.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I’m afraid it gets worse Neil …way worse!

            Apparently there are are a number of governmental and therefore publicly funded institutions involved in underwriting this visit.

            These include Trade and Enterprise, Auckland University and the Auckland-based Icehouse, a publicly-funded incubator and start-up depot for nurturing entrepreneurs and their inventions.

            But wait, there is more…
            According to the below link Trade & Industry and as part of the wider Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, persuaded the government to invest large sums of public money in the Clinton ‘family charitable foundation’.



            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              Apparently NZ donated $13.7 million to the Clinton Foundation…puke!


              • Neil

                I read somewhere there was to be another payment – total $18m – not sure if that will go ahead after the Clinton Foundation got negative publicity. Australia gave a lot more. Really we need to protest her visit and ask for the money back – with interest- since it is a fraudulent charity. We also need to remove from office anyone who authorised the payment of publicly derived funds for the larger purposes of securing favour. Presumably Hillary does so little work in her role as a Senator that she can scoot off to the bottom end of the world to make a speech of no importance nor substance to a room full of nobodies and it makes no difference.
                Disappointed we have as many sycophantic fools as we do. Time to get active I think.

                • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

                  Hugh Steadman of khakispecs.com is all over this too…he is right up with the play!

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Amazing Interview! Gerald Celente’ is one of THE BEST! Super knowledgeable and tells it just like it is. Thank you Gerald for coming on and for all your valuable experience.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Beverly!! I agree, Mr. Celente is a good man who is very knowledgeable.

  2. Holmes Miller

    JIM ROGERS from Singapore via British Columbia. Bitcoin, China, Fed, Economy Analysis & Predictions, as of Saturday morning Feb 24, 2018

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks as always Greg. I used to have Gerald 3rd after 1 Bill Holter and 2 Rob Kirby. However he has fallen right off the list. He’s too angry, self centred and above all a snob. Tired of stories; that to me, he gets from the MSM, perhaps he should try completely ingnoring them. He hardly engages with the common man and seems to be above all. I have seen no action, correspondence, from him on all of the platforms he uses.
    I guess people from New York are not so friendly? I have notes from David Morgan, Greg Mannarino, Bill Holter, and a couple of emails from Rob Kirby. Of course Greg you are truly amongst us.
    He continually flip flops on Cryto’s and always adjusts his Gold ‘breakout’ figure; sure he is solid that Gold is the ultimate safe haven, hasn’t it always been. He is wrong on Electric Vehicle technology and to me is seems he does little or no research on renewables.
    Why does it seem that we the people are getting screwed on all fronts.
    I am ranting Greg because for me it seems that now the alternative media has a large audience they are starting to forget what the original battle was and is all about.
    We have realistically nothing compared to other parts of the world when it comes to another voice and turn to the USA for a message of hope and an education about an unbiased opinion. Like David Icke says, “deception, its a global issue”.

    • Mike R

      You are right about Gerald. too angry now, and yes usually seems to be self centered.

      There are no real ‘trends’ in this world anyway. He’s making stuff up about trends. Everything is going every which way but where you want it, or need it.

      We have a world dominated by politics, raw emotion, and even hate. Little logic, no true leadership, and too much hysterical hand waving by thousands of special interests.

      Everyone has a different hidden agenda, and seeking common ground based on ethics, morals, solid values, is as rare as moon dust on earth.

      • Anthony Australia

        Mike you couldn’t be more accurate. World is driven by hate as greed to the detriment of the vulnerable. Too many ifs, perhaps and maybes. The system is rigged and both sides are taking advantage. Got to love the daily excuses, so called professional analysis, when markets are up or down. When in truth, no one has a clue. I hope that guests can call it like it is rather than crystal balling.

      • Mike G

        Sure there are trends, the central banks are controlling the markets with money printing. So if you can second guess the central banks you can predict trends. AS the world has never seen such manipulation by central banks, it’s kinda tough to predict from the past.

      • Paul ...

        A very high percentage of the American people (likely as high as 90%) are simply too dumbed down (by all the chemicals in our food, water and air) to be angry … as one of our founding Fathers (Benjamin Franklin) once said: When the “neocons and banksters” find that they can vote themselves money … that will herald the end of our Republic!!

      • Charles H

        Mike R,

        It’s like those who invested in precious metals after interest rates went down – they are burned to the ground. The Old Ways and Values are passing away.
        “And we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way…” How pertinent the Bible becomes.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Yes, the bible is full of half truths

          • Greg Hunter

            I totally disagree and you really have said this to one of the smartest Bible guys (Charles H) on this site.

            • This sceptred isle

              Why is it internally inconsistent then? Also why have many of its biggest proponents used it as a justification for rape, torture and murder often at the instigation of the Vatican. Rome and it’s tentacles was and is a beast system. The Vatican commissioned the knights templars to excavate solomon’s temple

              • This sceptred isle

                This criticism applies to all religions.

              • This sceptred Isle

                Occult/Masonic symbols in the Catholic church.


              • Greg Hunter

                The Vatican does not say rape is justified. Show me where they said that.

                • This sceptred Isle

                  Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. The Vatican certainly advocated torture and genocide (Albigensian crusade/genocide against the Cathars in southern France, middle east crusades). Such behaviour is in OPPOSITION to the teachings of Jesus. Logic would suggest then that it is satanic or of the anti-christ.

                  In respect to rape/paedophilia, the Vatican hasn’t explicitly justified this, to my knowledge, but has certainly been complicit through cover ups and offering crusaders a free spiritual pass to engage in all of the above crimes.



                  Walter Veith is very enlightening on exposing the occult symbology within Catholicism and the Jesuits in particular.

  4. NW

    Greg, I usually love your informative shows… I was anticipating this interview, but nothing new from this one!
    During your closing comments you could not even get Gerald to confirm that 2018 could be a volatile year? Felt Gerald was way too full of himself.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Gerald is NOT full of himself. He simply is trying to help the people understand the experience he’s had in politics. He’s seen an awfully lot and he’s trying to help people have confidence in the things he has to say because he feels it’s true. Gerald is a a great guy!

  5. Jer

    But yet no mention of the petroyuan.

    There are many schools of thought on what will take place on the 26th of March, with a wide range of consequences. The journalist that wrote this report has his. I have mine. But I find two things in his analysis particularly interesting.
    1. The rest of the world is tired of carrying our debt and will use this opportunity to distance itself from the petrodollar.
    2. Before that happens the deep state that runs the military industrial complex in this country will start a war in Syria.

    I’m not sure whether it will be Syria or North Korea, but if past history holds true ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libra,Ukraine ) something is going to give before the deep state let’s the rest of the world hose them over and walk away. China didn’t :
    – create the BRICS alliance
    – create AIIB
    – create the BRICS bank
    – gain reserve currency status
    – buy up the worlds gold supply.
    – launch quantum satelites
    – and now launch the petroyuan
    Because it had nothing else to do. Ahhh…..no!

    Even though this writer may have a slanted view of the U.S. because
    he’s from Pakistan , he may be right about one thing. The rest of the world is tired of carrying our debt . How much remains to be seen?

    • Jer


    • Jer

      Sometimes the deep state drops a hint about its real intentions or who it intends to use as a scapegoat.

      • Paul ...

        And sometimes the Deep State and Shadow Government don’t drop hints but tell us outright and directly “exactly what they plan” … like how they plan “to wipe out about 75% of the US population” so they won’t have to give away to China anymore US assets to pay for the trade deficit that will remain (even after a re-set of the US dollar) … luckily Trump wants to bring back the manufacturing that was outsourced over the last 40 years by the neocons (so our trade deficit with China can be reduced) … and perhaps (if he succeeds) only 100 million will have to be killed with anthrax by the evil Satanic neocons instead of the 300 million these evil neocons had planned to kill (as they inscribed in a stone someplace in Georgia) !!

        • Paul ...

          Let’s pray to God that the $500 billion deficit we now generate buying things from China can be completely eliminated by Trump … before the neocons eliminate the American population (the same way they eliminate our precious school children) to achieve their evil Satanic political/economic agenda!!

  6. Peter

    I agree with Celente that Gold is a dead investment. He said it’s not going anywhere
    until it bases at 1450, which isn’t happening. I agree that the stock market will
    stall if interest rates go much higher. He’s spot on about the corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi who have sold America out for their own financial gain, so kudos to him for mentioning it. By the way, if housing and rent prices decrease, I would consider that a plus to the average man.

    • Anthony Australia

      If housing prices and rental yields go down we are all stuffed.

      • Bob

        No we are stuffed because they are so high.

        Are you worried about losing your rental slaves paying your mortgages Anthony? Is your housing empire in danger of collapse? Are you being selfish?

    • Paul ...

      Once the re-set occurs … and the world begins to use gold instead of the US dollar in trade between Nations … the stampede out of Treasuries by all Nations that back their currency with Fed Notes will be so explosive … we will see gold rise by hundreds of dollars in a single day!!

      • Paul ...

        And neither is God a dead investment … as he got Trump elected as one of the 7 bowls of poison the evil Satanists will have to endure for their crimes against Christians and women and children everywhere … yes, you can blame it on the Russians (because they did interfere in our elections by cutting the Bush heroin drug money flow that was supporting Jeb’s run for the Presidency) … the Russian interdiction of Bush’s drug running money “did get him out of the race” and gave Trump a boost) … it was “not Trump” who worked with the Russians … but God himself … so go on Mueller … lets see you indict God “for interfering” in keeping Hillary out of office!!

  7. Paul ...

    Remember how those four(4) sheriff deputies would not enter the “Gun Free Zone” with their weapons to stop an immoral, evil killer (who could freely enter a “Gun Free Zone” with his automatic-machine gun to slaughter our precious children)? … Trump now wants to arm the teachers … well … isn’t that a selective enforcement of the 2nd Amendment? … shouldn’t both teachers and children be allowed to carry? … not all teachers have good morals … so these teachers “better be vetted” as to their moral character … we don’t want armed perverts or other sleazy teachers walking around our schools with guns (who may use their weapon to intimidate our children into performing immoral sexual acts with them)!! … as our Constitution stipulates “all people” have a right to bear arms!!

    • William Stanley

      Paul . . .
      I take it that your argument is that the Second Amendment should be repealed and all guns banned so murder and coercion would no longer exist because there would be no guns. Suppose, however, that despite a “ban” some people didn’t follow the law. That’s not to hard to imagine, is it? Then, just like the Florida school, everywhere would be a “gun-free” zone . . . except for murderers with guns. And if the gun ban were to work and everyone decided to obey that particular law, then everyone everywhere would be unable to defend themselves against stronger persons who decide to kill or coerce them with axes, hammers, knives, or just their fists or boots.
      A few facts: (1) It wasn’t a machine gun; (2) Teachers are already “vetted,” yet some of them still do horrible things, and almost never do they have to resort to a gun; (3) The Constitution has not been held by any court that I know of to stipulate that “all people” have a right to bear arms. Convicted felons comes to mind as one pretty universal exception that was in effect long before President Trump pondered the notion of teachers being allowed to carry firearms to protect their students.
      How many crimes are prevented because criminals fear their intended victims might have, or do have, guns? It’s actually quite a few and a factor that criminals actually take into account. Your suggested “solution” might well increase the number of crimes, even murders, especially if only some places, like schools, are thought to be undefended by guns.

      • Paul ...

        ??? … didn’t I say “both teachers and children should be allowed to carry?” … how do you interpret that to be an argument that I want the Second Amendment repealed??? … but lets be smart about it … for better security we should weed out all the “crazy kids on drugs” and “any morally compromised teachers” (if we have “solid information on them” that makes them a high risk candidate to be carrying a concealed weapon)!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . .
          You seem to have been talking about “everyone.” Apparently, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that you were not being facetious. Do you really think six year olds should be carrying guns at school or that not allowing such would be an unwise “selective” enforcement of the Second Amendment?
          Are you now arguing that if we had solid evidence on “morally compromised” teachers, they would continue to be allowed to be teachers?

      • Bob

        America has a black gun problem.

        • William Stanley

          Bob: Very sly. However, on aesthetic grounds alone, ARs really should be required to have a camouflage finish, IMHO. Pink should definitely be held unconstitutional for all firearms and like weapons, even single shot BB guns. After all, should anyone deranged enough to want a pink gun be allowed to have any rights whatsoever?

          • Bob

            William I don’t think painting guns in camo will reduce Chicago’s murder rate.
            Painting the people won’t either.
            You are talking nonsense.

        • This sceptred Isle

          It has a pharmaceutical problem. Why is America drugging up its citizens and turning them into zombies?

          • Frederick

            Simple It makes them easier to control and the profits are great for big pharma and the doctors

      • Mike G


        There may be a reason why those broward cops didn’t enter the building that day a school drill simulating a shooting was scheduled that day. For some reason that seems never to be brought up?

  8. Chuck

    At 19:10 on the video Gerald states that the cheaper the dollar is the more of a comm0dity that you can buy. Really? That’s a new one on me. I thought it was just the opposite and I am not a forecaster of any type! He just stated the sentence before that a weaker dollar was good for gold, which means gold goes up in price. I can see why he is not allowed to give financial advice.

  9. DanT

    I just knew that money coming back and that is if it came back would not be an economic booster. First of all, that money was happy and mobile where it was. Second, the US was at the end of the business cycle with recession past due and the population in debt up to the eyeballs. Would you plow money into a bad bet? Sounds just like a society in decay, boost those stock options and get mine now and to hell with posterity.

  10. Mark

    Holding gold and silver without the 2nd Amendment could be a real problem. Think about it… How would you protect yourself, family, and gold holdings without the 2nd Amendment?
    The NRA is currently under attack by the deep state and liberals. Consider a life or life+ membership now before we lose the 2nd. All this talk about gold and silver is pointless if you can’t defend it. I certainly hope this subject is discussed heavily.

  11. Paul ...

    Gerald Celente likes gold … and predicts nothing is going to happen until “it hits $1,450 per ounce and stabilizes around that price” … he also predicts “Trump wants a weaker dollar so we can increase our exports” and is betting on the dollar weakening further … let’s review where gold and the US dollar has been … gold hit a major peak in 1980 and by 1985 the US dollar index peaked at 165 (and then fell) … 17 years later in 2002 gold was still rising as the US dollar index peaked at 120 (and then fell) … 15 years later in 2017 the US dollar index peaked at 104 (and is now falling) … so it likely won’t be until 2032 when the US dollar index will peak again (likely in the mid 90’s) … so what does this imply for the gold price? … it will most likely be rising to at least 2029 (that is 12 years from now) … Harry Dent keeps telling us that “gold is going to fall in price” when the gold train has already left the station at 1125 … gold is now 1325 … and the US dollar index is on its way down (making lower and lower highs and lower lows in the process) … it is not too late to board the gold train for more then a decade ride!! … wait for a war to start and oil to jump to over $100 dollars per barrel and you will be paying dearly to own gold (if you can get people to sell it to you) … be smart … and buy it now (while Dent keeps people in fear of owning it)!!!

  12. Tad

    Stock buybacks, so I read, are not only happening regarding corporations borrowing or repatriating cash, but by Treasury’s Plunge Protection Team (PPT). I would like to know whether they’re doing the same with corporate bonds? I would assume so, but perhaps not on such a grand scale as stocks. Wouldn’t want prices to rise and rates to drop precipitously, would we.

    More than a few retail investors must think they can time their complete departure from markets.

  13. DanT

    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. Greg, I know you want to see some justice done but I highly doubt your current president is going to bring it. You may see some small fish caught but the sharks always seem to swim away and they would kick over the table as Holter puts it before they get caught. It will take a direct act of God and not a man to bring what you are looking for.

  14. Diane

    Gerald is so great to listen to.
    What a fun and informative interview.

  15. Paul ...

    As Easter grows near … let us remember how Christ was murdered by humans for his “alien” belief that [all men should be good] … for anyone still in doubt … our Pope has announced to the entire world that “entities in Heaven” do in fact “exist” … this is “not conjecture” anymore … the only laughable part of the Pope’s “disclosure” is that we immoral evil crooked humans think our “alien brothers” need to be Baptized by “us” … it is more likely … we need to be Baptized by “them” (as they are the more highly moral beings)! … our first “alien” Baptism by our “brothers” (to rid of Demon-rats) was “their fixing of the election voting machines” to make Trump win (it was not the Russians) … and the banishing Hillary to New Zealand!! … http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-says-he-would-baptise-aliens-9360632.html

    • Paul ...

      And lets not be racist toward our “alien” brothers … if they have green skin or gray skin … so what … humans have black skin, brown skin, yellow skin and white skin … it is not skin color that matters … it is the morality of person carrying the skin around … just like it is not guns that matter … but the morality of the person carrying the gun around … it is as illegal to discriminate against a persons skin color as it is to discriminate against a persons gun … what we should be focused upon is not the elimination of skin color or guns … but focused upon our inner souls … focused upon eliminating “immorality” from the human species (as our brothers in Heaven have been trying to do for centuries ) by giving us Commandments to live by … telling us to “be good” … to “love thy neighbor” and stop the constant wars … “do not kill” what you profess to love by stopping the slaughter of women and children by both warmongers and pedophiles)!!!

      • Paul ...

        Just like dogs that need to be trained to be good … humans need to be trained to be good … only then will we be allowed out of “Dog House Earth” (or Prison Planet as Alex Jones likes to call it) … and allowed to enter “God’s House” in Heaven … and maybe even be allowed in God’s bed (but “not in a sexual way”) as some of you immoral degenerate perverted pedophiles out there may be thinking)!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember when God the Father “chose the people” for his Son “to make better” … he did not make it easy on Christ … he chose a people that had a lot of moral problems … when Christ returns very soon … he is going to want to see “improvement” for the sacrifice he made to save our souls … he does not want to see “his chosen people” at war with their neighbors … and what have they learned about the possibility of Armageddon by simply continuing the tradition of killing that has been going on non-stop since Jesus was nailed to a Cross … seems all that was learned is that using nuclear weapons to kill women and children is fine and acceptable (they have become “tactical weapons” that can be used in a “nuclear first strike” without a bit of moral consciousness or feelings of human decency)!!

          • Paul ...

            God the Father and his Son are not one’s to leave their Watchdog out in the cold … but will bring him right “into their home” … provide care … feed and keep him warm … even allow him on the couch “for hugs and a kisses” for being such a loyal Watchdog (and fierce defender of God’s home against all things morally wrong and evil) !!

  16. Jesse


    • Paul ...

      Yes … let’s “break the chains” … by Trump appointing John Williams to create a “new” CPI … and begin to give ordinary people the proper COLA increases they deserve (instead of funneling QE to infinity to the banksters) … “a successful economy depends upon the maximization of personal prosperity” … we must begin to handle inflation in a “realistic way” in order to survive as a Nation … continued spending for more weapons of war … more foreign military bases … and instigating “new wars” in the Far East and the Middle East simply cannot be allowed to continue … continued debasement of all world currencies to fight the “continual wars” the greedy neocons need to generate “more immoral profits” … will only lead to a worldwide financial collapse … that will propel the world into a New Dark Age!!!

  17. R. Patrick

    That’s a bad habit Greg. Interupting throws the speaker off his thought process. Work on it please… Your great people.

    • Mike R

      have to defend Greg on this one. Gerald is unfortunately one of those guys who loves to hear himself talk, and he will go non-stop unless the interviewer interjects. In general, media interviewers have to maintain control of the interview, which does require some interrupting. Goes with the territory. Greg’s good at this.

  18. andyb

    Greg: re the FBI and local law enforcement. Are they complicit in these school shootings or just incompetent? At Sandy Hook, it was obvious that this false flag had many conspirators, from Obama and the DOJ, through Connecticut State Government and down to the State Police. At Parkland, although there is some evidence that Cruz could have been just another FBI MKUltra experiment, it is a fact that the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the Broward County Commission, and the local school Boards have all been complicit in turning a blind eye to violence and disruption by students; less reported incidents mean more money from the State and Feds. I live in Broward County and there have been numerous non-reported incidents of violence against teachers and other students, even stabbings and rapes. The coward school SRO officers are part of a corrupt political process to cover their asses and not to protect children; rather they make excuses and refuse to file reports that would lead to jail time or expulsion.

    It is ironic that here in Broward County, TPTB want us to give up our guns and let the Government protect us when that same Government has no plans to do so.

    Unfortunately, I expect far more of these shootings to occur. The marxists are unrelenting in their incremental march towards totalitarianism.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Andy, if the FBI were not at least compromised and if not rotten outright, how could Hillary Clinton hand them a phony dossier of “evidence”, knowing full well that in a justice-neutral situation, she would go to jail for that? She knew the fix was in and had nothing to fear. The FBI could have pulled the string on this shooter any number of times and didn’t. And now the state of Florida is letting children make policy,and the country is demonizing the NRA (Liberty’s lobby and the country’s original civil-rights advocacy group), all for furthering the Left’s agenda. Gun control = total control. Get out of south Florida while you can. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      CNN (i.e. really the CIA) was caught “scripting” the eye-witness reports … and deleting all eye-witness accounts of “a second shooter” … four(4) deputies stood down and did not enter the school to save our precious children’s lives … and the Demon-rats immediately revved up their propaganda machine demanding gun control … so is the Shadow Government, Deep State and the “fake” News Media complicit in this school shooting? … would such people murder innocent children to achieve a political goal? … the answer is very obviously “YES” (to American Patriots that have not been dumbed down yet and are still capable of logical thinking)!!

  19. Sean

    I like your interviews but I still think we don’t see anyone on the left yet being interviewed. I’d like to see you throw some hard questions at the opposing view to see how they react and answer unscripted

    • WD

      We know what the left wants,,,they just lie and lie.
      1) People control
      2) Gun confiscation
      3) Capitalism confiscation
      4) Socialism
      5) Re-education or death to those that don’t comply ( Bill Ayers)
      It is their 300 year old formula….simple

  20. Frederick

    David Seaman has been banned from youtube for speaking the truth about the Hogg family involved with the Florida school shooting

    • WD

      Yes I saw that…they have removed a lot more videos this past week. They are throwing down the gauntlet on conservative/opposing views…I think its really beginning now.
      Its just a matter of time before they remove Info Wars.
      This is very Nazi-esque of them…this is the left. These are Nazi snowflakes.

      • Paul ...

        You know … these Nazi snowflakes hate Trump … and call him a dictator like Hitler? … now what kind of Nazi ‘s are they?? … they should have absolutely no problem with Dictators … like the newly announced “dictatorship” in China (that currently controls most of Hollywood, the Fed in NY, the Panama Canal, etc., etc.)!!! … what are they afraid of?? … that perhaps Trump will suspend all elections until the swamp is completely drained? … we can only hope “their fears” are justified!!

        • Paul ...

          Hey Demon-rats … you better watch out … continue trying to take away our First and Second Amendment Rights … and Trump may simply suspend all elections (until you swamp creatures are thoroughly cleaned out of government) … so that when elections are resumed there won’t be any Demon-rat “anti-Constitutional” creatures running for office (with fake news backing) trying to take away our guns and limit our freedom of speech … and we can finally once again return to Constitutional government as envisioned by the Founding Fathers!!

  21. Jodyp

    More history lessons from ‘Professor’ Celente. Loved it, but way too short!

  22. Diane

    Gerald, love your colorful descriptions of phony politicians.
    Heard a good one on the Brian Suits late night KFI weekend radio show.
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Los Angeles with two of our phony politicians, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti , California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome. …..they were parading around looking presidential and Brian was spoofing them….called Justin Trudeau ….PEPE LE PEW.

  23. john duffy

    Help put away child rapists:


  24. Karrl

    I think his discussion on the economy/economics was lacking clarity. He points to the problems with high debt levels and then says that higher rates, which have already started to crash housing and high end real estate, will not have much effect on the economy. Really?

    Sounds to me like Gerald is predicting the effort to maintain status quo will continue…..but…..there may be events that disrupt the status quo. I would put this as such……with the manipulation of everything, with financial repression so pervasive and entrenched, where achieving wealth is simply making money from money, there is nothing else left of economic life can accomplish….and one can only anticipate the death of it due to black swans. That’s a sorry state to be living in!!

    I haven’t heard Gerald speak in a while, so I was a little disappointed at the lack of anything new or particularly insightful in his presentation. But that may not necessarily be his fault, maybe that’s just the way it is!

  25. oneno

    There is no need for gloom and doom…

    The price of Energy, Water, and Food will come down drastically with the release of the JMCC WING Generator & Atmospheric Water Generators.

    There is no longer any need for inert fuels (coal, oil, nat.gas, nuclear) for our energy needs. One 1000-ft JMCC WING Generator can turn two 500 MW turbines to produce electricity allowing the replacement of current central power facilities one-for-one in a distributed grid.

    Water can be stripped from the air using Atmospheric Water Generators or desalination facilities powered by the JMCC WING Generator.

    Deserts can be reclaimed for productive use.

    The natural environment can be restored to its clean safe state over time.

    There is no longer any excuse for the energy wars that have been raging for nearly a century.

    Countries that are first adopters of these technologies will free themselves from dependence on inert fuels to industrialize cleanly at low cost with economic advantage.

    The distributed nature of these technologies frees everyone from the neo-fudal systems that promote terrorism and war.

    Clean water promotes good hygiene for disease prevention.

    Clean water, ample food, and low cost energy promote education leading to natural population decrease to balance natural limits servicable by the Earth.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent … use the wind to generate electricity … use the electricity to collect water out of the air (for drinking and irrigating crops) … and/or use the electricity to charge electric vehicles … or to produce Hydrogen-Oxygen Gas to run piston driven gas vehicles … the energy monopolies are dying monopolies … the Rockefeller’s have sold all their energy stocks and the Saudi’s are currently doing the same!

      • sk

        Yes, when hydrogen and oxygen react with each other to form water, that event releases a lot of energy. Paul, exactly how do you propose to create free hydrogen without input of energy? The gaseous O2 in air I understand. But the hydrogen??? Thanks

        • Paul ...

          sk … The wing generator or solar panels can be used to create the electricity needed to disassociate the water molecule H2O into hydrogen H2 gas and oxygen O2 gas which can then be used “as an absolutely clean non-polluting fuel” to run our piston driven cars and trucks!

      • oneno

        The JMCC WING Generator can compress air directly into compressed air tanks. These can then power compressed-air vehicles. No need to store energy into hydrogen fuel cells and lose energy as part of the conversion.

        This is a new primary energy source!

    • Frederick

      Oneno I respectfully disagree There is every need for the truth ifthats considered “ gloom and doom” to you so be it

      • oneno

        Truth is in plain sight but the ability to recognize Truth has become atrophied.

        Harmfull social habits of ingesting alcohol, nicotine, and caffine together with the abandoning of reason and critical thinking result in a compromized pineal gland (the third eye).

        A functioning pineal gland not only aids in determining the Truth surrounding information but also allows one to see (with the eyelids closed or open) the electromagnetice flows that extend out from all living beings.

        Everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job! So where are all the prosecutions??? The fox is in charge of the henhouse. No matter; two civil wars are already baked in the cake. The Creational law of cause-and-effect is immutable. The war mongers are not only the most irresponsible but also the most stupid. They cannot understand that when they act against their fellow man, they act against themselves (in the approaching time).

        • Paul ...

          Good point oneno … everyone should be feeding their pineal gland the proper nutrition … if they want to live a long youthful and healthy life!

          • Paul ...

            Remember … the “truly evil’ Satanic neocons put fluoride in our water to destroy the pineal gland … so the first thing that must be done is get a good water filter … then eat the following 5 foods for the best pineal gland health:

            1) Chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass are great foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. …
            2) Iodine (Fluoride from your tap water settles into the pineal gland killing it) …
            3) Oregano Oil …
            4) Apple Cider Vinegar …
            5) Beets or Beet Juice.

        • Frederick

          As Gabe Zolna always says “ There’s no one to go to”

    • Chip

      Almost everything you touch has oil as a primary component… Chip

    • Flattop

      oneno; If we all start stripping the air for water, What will that do to our environment. Very dry, arid air will wreak havoc on us as we need a certain amount of moisture in our air that we breath. That environmentally good technology??

      • oneno

        The principle of Entropy applies to the atmosphere as well. Water that is stripped from the local atmosphere will be used in the local environment and become part of the local hydrological cycle. It is important that moisture within the local environment remain within the local environment. In other words, cannot have industrial harvesting of moisture to bottle and sell to regions with a deficit of moisture unless the source of the moisture harvesting is from the poles.

        The global hydrological cycle tends to pull moisture to the poles where it precipitates as snow and ice pushing the ice-flows outwards seen as breaking-off at the edges and giving the illusion of global warming. These icebergs and fresh water will need to be harvested and brought to the arid regions from time to time. Again, the JMCC WING Generator can provide the energy for moving this moisture to the arid regions.

      • Paul ...

        Flattop … when it rains out water is stripped from the air and falls to the ground feeding our crops … and much of this rain water is then immediately returned to the air by evaporation … so stripping the air of water (the way a humidifier does) and throwing it on our crops will also evaporate back into the air … so there is no need to worry about to little humidity!!

  26. Aurele

    I stopped listening to Gerald Celente some 4 years ago. He’s too full of himself and he’s been more often wrong than right. Other people can also explain things far better. I nonetheless enjoy your show very much Greg.

  27. Tim McGraw

    Martin Armstrong wrote an article a couple of days ago about how the collapse of the pensions for government “workers” would end socialism. The government pensions are going broke because the government kept interest rates so low for so long.

    The government screwed itself in the ass. Hilarious! Karma! No sympathy from me.

  28. Justn Observer

    Greg and viewers…. seems obvious behind the scenes…Hillary and gang really focused on GOLD and gold mines…. @ 1:35 …and if pieque your interest the whole thing quite an expose’ of criminal operations of charitable foundations for profit?…https://youtu.be/I3lGCyqxVIg

    • Justn Observer

      more specific for the list of gold mines 1:39:20

      • Justn Observer

        and the continuing expose’ of a secret bank and $billions from a Japanese bank financial instruments. The continuing story of Harmon Wilfred, America’s First Refugee…. hoping to join President Trump “drain the swamp” and tell Hillary …’Your Fired! ‘

  29. jennifer ohman

    Hi Greg,
    To Mr. Celente’s point about the slowing real estate market, it isn’t slowing because rates have risen. Demand is strong. The problem right now for the real estate market is that there isn’t enough SUPPLY for the level of demand that exists, thus sales have slowed as average sale prices have been rising.
    Regarding repatriation of money by corporations…they do not have any moral obligation to create jobs! Their obligations are to their company and to their shareholders! Companies do not go into business to create jobs! WHEN the time is right for them to invest in R&D, expansion, etc., that can lead to more jobs, then that is when they will create them, and not before that time!
    For those who own shares in companies that have large cash hoards oversees, such as Apple for example, these shareholders should be happy if their companies buy back their shares. Not ONLY because their share price will rise and they will benefit, but also BECAUSE their company is effectively taking its money OUT of the banking system when they hold their own shares! And with dangerously high debt levels everywhere, along with a precarious banking system that now exists…how prudent is it really for companies to keep such large amounts of cash IN the banking system or in debt instruments? Just as it’s true for the little guy to be protecting himself from the banking system, it is just as true that any wise corporate manager should be doing the same for his company!
    Jennifer Ohman

  30. oneno

    Yet another opportunity presents itself to unite man for the better…

    The recent discovery for the correct value for Pi will offer many benefits in the comming time.

    Among these benefits will be avoiding the Earth-Apophis asteroid crash predicted for April 13, 2029 (just eleven years from now) somewhere along the Tectonic Plate from the North Sea (Northern England) to the Black Sea (near Ukraine).

    However, it will require that the people of the Earth work togther to mitigate the approaching catastrophe.

    If the people are unable to avoid this catastrophe, then the chance of the world going back to the middle-ages increases.

    Had the Library of Alexandria remained intact, we would now be a space-faring race! (… the Plajaren).

    • Paul ...

      2029 … is the year for “peak gold” (as everyone will likely be fearful of a total collapse of governments and a return to barter)!

  31. Gary Cooper

    Gina, [alias- airman Rich Treadway] are coming to get ya. The enemies at the gate! Never fear though, mankind’s not going backward, like Hillary they have to learn the truth and learn they must because their very eternity is at stake!


    Alex Jones shows a clip of Parkland Florida student David Hogg on CNN thanking “conspiracy theorists” after the network attacked and accused Infowars of “bullying”.

    P-51 – An American
    Ambassador Remembered

    8Ball 11/26/2015 •
    “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.” —Daniel Webster
    Blast from da past!
    COLIN – ‘THE FARMER FROM NZ’ 11/28/2015 •
    What a beautiful story.
    If only the might of the neocons, bankism and the military/industrial machine had not taken over the media, the democratic process, and capitalism then just think what a marvelous place America could have been by now. Not to mention the world as well!
    If I had to pick one particular defining date when the rot set in I would have to say November 22 1963.

    This Promises to Be the Most Mind-Boggling, Earth-Shattering Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi Ever!Feb 25, 2018

    This is why they got to stop you folks, Greg;
    “A Free Press Means A Free People”

    “A Net-Neutered Internet, means An Enslaved People”

  32. Gary Cooper

    A Frank Capra classic and perennial favorite of millions of John and Jane Does all over the world. Forever optimistic, in our world where the greedy, power mad bullies reign supreme in their own minds, perfectly happy to crush everyone who stands in their way of snatching up another lousy penny. To quote John, ” If you can’t lay your dirty fingers on a decent idea and twist it and squeeze it and stuff it into your pockets, you slap it down. Like dogs – if you can’t eat it, you bury it.”

    How can anyone dislike this film? Prigs maybe? Its class with a slap!
    Sadly, this film’s theme of corruption vs. common decency remains undated.
    “If it’s worth dying for, it is worth living for”
    We were born free, lets stay free and lets live!
    “You don’t have to die to keep the John Doe idea alive. Someone already did that once, the first John Doe, and he’s kept that idea alive for nearly 2,000 years” There is real hope!

    Meet John Doe – Full Movie – New Print/GREAT QUALITY (1941)
    Dedicated to all the John and Jane Doe’s through out these free United States still, who gave us Donald J. Trump!
    We of the world who are about to live not die salute you!

  33. Jerry

    Dollar selloff continues.

    Nothing to see here. Right? Just like a pack of hound dogs chasing a raccoon the msm media and the alt media will chase the Florida shooting and Trump investigation right up a dead end tree , while the globalist and their banking buddies overhaul our global economic system right under our noses. Ignorance truly is bliss,

  34. Mikey

    Seems like every time a USAW guest predicts collapse, the Dow rises another 300 pts.

  35. Flattop

    Wow Greg: Never seen the left so successful as they have been by their interaction with the students at Parkland. CNN, Soros, all the lefties are jumping in head first.
    Makes you wonder if this wasn’t a politically motivated shooting and not some guy who is sick in the head.

  36. WD


    Until a real attorney general steps up we are doomed. This one has just laid down and doubled his weight Sessions is worthless…..

  37. Old Coop

    Here’s reason the Mockingbird brained Anderson Cooper CIA CNN Muslim Brudderhood Shadow Maddow media want to take you guy’s out!
    Neo-ConMan 11/26/2015 •

    Matt Drudge: ‘America has been arming ISIS’⚑

    Rare tweet by media giant alludes to sinister Obama policy

    Matt Drudge’s first tweet in months came with a cryptic message: “A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/drudge-america-has-been-arming-isis/#dVt7pAUvgo4tWsQC.99

    P.S. Big deal Matt, this has been unfolding on USAWatchdog and much more for well over a year, it’s called real news, real reporting!

    Comment from bv;
    Arming the most dangerous people on earth and allowing them to infest our country while working endlessly to disarm us. What power or political ideology has caused these Western leaders to turn on their own people?

    Reposting USAW Daphny Lamb 11/25/2015 •

    The World’s Secret Ruler Exposed

    “THE ruler of this world will be cast out,” said Jesus to the people on one occasion. Later, he added that ‘the ruler of the world had no hold on him’ and that “the ruler of this world has been judged.” (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) Who was Jesus speaking about?
    Considering what Jesus was saying about “the ruler of this world,” it is obvious that he could not have been referring to his Father!
    For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. [Ephesians 6:12] New Living Translation

    Son of Liberty •
    It has come out that ISIS got a 45 minute warning before a US air strike. That cannot be coincidental. 75% of airstrike requests are denied as well: http://www.thelasttradition.co

    Dffallis .•
    This was known when Christopher Stevens was killed. There is evidence in the hands of one of the Freedom outfits, from the government showing how and where they armed them. Stevens was a liability, and now you know why he died. The whole thing hit shortly after the Fast and Furious scandal and Obama was not about to have another one come up.

    Asglarek •
    What do you think Benghazi is about, Chris Stevens was a front man delivering weapons to Boko Harem, ISIS et al. This government is corrupt to the core and both parties have blood on their hands. WE THE PEOPLE need to wake up!

    Reposting USAW; Linda louin 11/25/2015 •

    Hi Greg:
    I just heard via Info Wars, Alex Jones that Turkey has purchased over 800 million in oil from ISIS in Syria and that this information has been confirmed. Yet TURKEY is a member of the UN (corrupt organization). You’d think that this kind of information would demonstrate to the world that the Western countries are all financing/supporting ISIS! PUTIN is disrupting the chain supply of oil from Syria to Turkey and in retaliation, this is why the pilots were shot down, are dead. Mr. Mannarino is correct when he says that war is coming, and it’ll be like nothing that weave ever seen before. GOD help America for its part in the crimes against humanity.


    Zbigniew Brzezinski: The “Intellectual” Godfather Of Furthering The Development Of Terrorism Used As A Tool

    Grand Puppetmaster Brzezinski
    Directed War Strategies from the Shadows

    Back to 2/26/18; So you see Greg, the powers that be wont win in the end.
    We have a long way to go but a short time to get there, but we will! Hang on and hang in there together we must or we will all hang separately, as old Ben Franklin used to say during that first great American Revolution for freedom and Independence from Britannia whose sun never set on, RULER OF the 7 sea’s, the world and don’t you ferget it, old son !
    We Wont;
    Were Still Fighten, Always will, FREEDOM RINGS!
    Our new anthem, as of circa 1940, along with old original, original words.

  38. Linda L.

    This should be blasted all over the news (another false flag event):

  39. Lisa Chance Evrett

    True North!
    How to Speak Like a Canadian – 21 Funny Canada Slang Words and Phrases

    25 FUNNY Differences Between Canadians and Americans!

    “O Canada”
    God Keep Our Lands Glorious and Free!
    USAWatchdog stands on guard for thee, Strong and Free!
    We Do Love Ya, Eh!

    • Justn Observer

      Lisa, Love your post… Great anthem, some nice slang I did not know…and agree about Minnesota ! lol Do wonder though why sure a huge nation accepts being rule by such a tiny island and England? or UK which -yes I do acknowledge the difference dependent on which is being addressed…the land or Government… The melting pot – versus – mosaic interesting…but since the ‘school busing’ days…the U.S. push is towards the former and less tolerant of the latter… Agree about the 1812 reference…but am sure that all the ‘FIVE EYES’ nations have been equally duped as to who is ‘real running things’ and though you seem to enjoy your economic enslavement more…the more southerly immigrants had hoped to divorce themselves from a monoarchy. A more careful understanding and higher level of it and education would lead one to consider that was not as successful as one is to believe. One would usually expect a nation ‘winning’ a war or revolution would dictate terms rather then accept an agreement and terms designed by others, which tend to believe the document was more of an offer by King George, than a capitulation…only after several nation squared up the parcels -between them – which became objects later of subsequent purchases for expansion… I could be wrong EH? That said, all seemed to be tired of the rigamaroo , wishing to be left to get on with life, mining, trapping, and tilling the land and leaving others up to the paperwork. Poor decision! With paying proper attention to what’s within the square corners, and the difference of a Capital letter making a word a noun rather than a pronoun…and how such a subtle distinction…does bind…and enslave once agrees and does put one’s ink on a contract and one does bind oneself to acceptance of other’s legal Compact. As forewarnings go…as to swearings, pledges, and vows…the court leads to but one point in the end… the difference of honor or dishonor… and enters between the same only as to administrate as a judge between two… as to who is of legal and sound mind sufficient to self rule and determine…and thus provides an attorney for those insufficient, and thus treated like …id iots …which is such matters some do give an iota ! about your understanding of your ID… as that before one and one or more can agree on a society of understanding and set up a State…and a corporation of contracts between STATES…the first state required is a state of mind and mutual understanding… which…the overwhelming amount of people do not understand…nor what it is they have pledged ‘alligiences ‘ to and they they have thus surrendered their free will …which ends up being such bones of contention going forward…do they not? Those then decided by several propositions…including consensus, the rule of many over the few, or lastly the rule of the greater size cannons as it were. All with the blessings of course by the last arbiter, those claiming the undisputed divine right to rule by Manifest Destiny… Duped only by the level of that procession, all seem to be equally so…and those that do not or will not…appears at one time or another…tend to look up and see bombers or drones overhead…and in the end….usually find a flag, obelisk, and a national bank with a Kurch = [K] rt Germanic of Greek origin of Ekklesia across the street from the established Enterprise…the root of legalese…everyone detests so they never read the fine print more Latin today = Ecclesiastes Law brought forward for earlier…the biblical records and judges.
      That said…then…none should be to haughty as to who’s more or less duped that the other…since seems so few really understand how much so each is? But, likely both are…and that by thus swearing…the entering in and swearing…all have surrendered up those very ”’Constitutional rights”’ they believe they have withheld…and have No free will and are but constrained by ‘civil laws’ of license, privilege, and cronyism of various degrees…. You may however address the court in person…address the banc…and seek equity…and self determination…only if your not an id iot …or you will be at risk or allow one to speak for you…if you have not the Proper understanding of that which you have agreed to…since it may involve your very life, liberty, sacred honor and possessions that are at stake… Lonely it is out on the fringe…most choose to remain in the flock…baa baa and let the Good Shepard deal with the details ! The symbol of Rome is a wolf for a reason!

  40. Diane

    Gerald’s interesting comment about how big corporations are buying back their stock with gains from the Trump tax law.
    This is true, I’m pretty sure.
    We own a stock that’s a big company. We have received two letters from 2 different banks asking us if we would sell shares of this company.
    We don’t own a large amount of this stock.
    Strange…never happened to us before.
    Anyone else experience this?

    • Pete

      Usually happens if you own less than a 100 shares of a company and in a direct dividend reinvestment plan minus a brokerage company. I believe that the holding company of the stock is just trying to weed out the small investors. I’m surprised that it would be 2 different banks, especially if they have nothing to do with the company.
      I have cashed out shares less than a 100 and ordered physical stock certificates for the companies that I have over 100 shares. Better safe than too late.

  41. Tad

    House and Senate Democrats won’t vote or DACA or other immigration issues as Mr. Trump has stated recently.

    What seems to go without saying, is that Afro-Americans have given them an earful and targeted them in the 2018 midterms.

    I’m not sure where that leaves the visa lottery and chain migration. The president may elect not to push this issue because of midterms, or his base may compel him into executive orders.

  42. John M.

    Gerald, you are one awesome dude with your forecasting.
    The Bushes and Clintons (and others) sold America into financial poverty by sending much of our manufacturing base and jobs overseas. It’s as plain and simple as that.
    I would greatly caution anyone using the current (paper) Gold and Silver price for any fundamental or technical analysis about future price movement. Nearly everything in America is manipulated and lied about, especially the gold and silver price, so how can that be a fair measure and tool for analysis?
    It has been absolutely essential that the Cabal/Fed/Big Bank Syndicate keep a lid on the gold and silver price. But someday soon, once the public realizes that the Emperor/King Dollar has no clothes, then the US Dollar goes to zero and the gold/silver prices explode — and we have hyperinflation.

    • Frederick

      John M. Exactly what’s coming and if you don’t own physical metal when it happens you will be screwed royally

  43. Douglas

    All these federal back flips to help the 1% while you beat down the regular people robbing them of a return on money in the bank. Screw the equity markets they are grossly overpriced. If you are not in the gambling parlor you are screwed; if you entered the casino you may still loose big. They suck money from the middle class or those on fixed income trying to eke out a return. Then bam, they will pull out 8n time and fleece the middle class just like in 2008.

  44. gregd

    Gold (silver) can only go down temporarily because most if not all of the easy to get to gold has been gotten. Inflation has made everything go up in price, from apples and bananas to cars and trucks. So for me at least its the safest buy out there. Do you remember when gas was 45 cents a gallon?Or a nice house for 20k? In the end, they will have to pay off the debt before the reset and the only way they can do that is to print. Interest rates will go up with gold but the printing will never end till the debt is paid in full and then the reset.

    • John

      Yes – but when rates increase and the value on the house drops but you still owe 2x what the new value is indexed to the higher rate – there is the problem as any equity in the house will be obliterated by rates going up and a scarcity of buyers on the backside to make you whole.

      • Bob

        Here in NZ landlords are basically subsidized by the govt. We all pay taxes and a large portion of that money goes to “accommodation supplements” for renters who are on benefits. Effectively, this is just taxpayers paying landlords’ mortgages.

        Also, in NZ there is no capital gains taxes on properties, except some small taxes if you have lots of houses like a business.

        In any case, this distortion is splitting the country into renters (i.e. mortgage slaves) who can’t even save for a house deposit (minimum 25% now, which is $250,000 for the average house in Auckland, the biggest city) and landlords who get more and more houses every year.

        If the taxpayers money didn’t get channeled like this house prices would be cheaper and more people would have their own place. Politicians have pointed this abuse out, but so many like having a rich source of subsidized renters, or are apathetic bottom-dwellers themselves that there seems to be little interest in changing the status quo.

        It would be great to watch interest rates go sky-high and destroy these greedy people. Some have 100 houses and treat their tenants like crap. I’d grab the popcorn and watch.

        The mortgagee sales will be great if you have some cash stashed.

  45. marcus

    Really dumbed down information I believe Geralde was holding back on IFO……It must be hard for Americans to realize they are losing the benefit of currency leaders and heading towards 3rd world society. Trump is trying to get a better deal for a country that holds no Gold to back its worthiness as a leader. The rest of the world is sick of the FED, No more with it’s constant money printing QE and IT’S TOXIC treasury bond.
    The world is made up of manny true intelligent leaders and not just a bunch of crooks that own the FED, The DEAD FED has been overruled the GOLD to OIL ratio is being brought back to balance the oil price and to be backed by gold no more free ride for the USD and its crooked BANKSTERS and FEDSTERS game is up…….Your puppet Trump will handle the reset and reduce your debt with the stolen GOLD from all your warmongering thieves.
    Hopefully for the American people you get some satisfaction when all these corrupt swamp creatures go to jail. as for the ruins created by all this theft of the world wealth you will suffer a very tough time of a poverty stricken nation.

  46. Ivan

    Michael William Lebron/ Lionel,a former criminal prosecutor, Interviews with Dr. Jerome Corsi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQgO567RpBc

  47. Ivan

    Michael William Lebron/ Lionel,a former criminal prosecutor, Interviews Dr. Jerome Corsi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQgO567RpBc

  48. Jerry

    More proof that the Chinese have overtaken the global banking sytstem. https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2018/02/23/1519404195000/HNA-via-GAR–The-mystery-of-Deutsche-Bank-s-largest-shareholder/

    Can a curreny reset be far away ?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Hi Jerry! Maybe March 26? Too bad it couldn’t be the 15th, the Ides of March, anniversary of Caesar’s assassination in the Roman senate. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      There is a reason China and Russia have been on a gold buying spree. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-28/failure-fiat-currencies

      And no, it’s not because they have a love affair with gold. They kmow the fiat system is dying, and they have taken the steps to build a replacement system. According to my sources ( which can’t be verified) we are on the cusp of that new system being instated.

      Am I skeptical after years of watching nothing happen? Somewhat, but I also know there is a reason that the Chinese have spent so much money and preparation into the launch of the petro yuan on March 26th. Say what you want, but at least they have done something to try and insure their economic future. What has the U.S. done? Raise the debt ceiling over and over again and print money, while then Chinese organize, install, and wait for the precise moment to pull the economic trigger. They are more than happy to stand by and watch us fall on the fiat sword.

    • Bob

      Are you sure its not the banking system taking over China?

    • JMiller


      China has not taken over the global banking system. They have become a part of it.

  49. Diane

    Another take on world curencies

    Armstrong Economics predicts no change until after 2032….then China will likely take over.
    Who knows? No one for sure.

  50. Tad


    Hope the woman lives long enough for grand jury testimony.

  51. Dawn Garmon

    Thanks for the wonderful interview. Some listeners might find him an angry old man, but then again they are the ones who consider PCR a conspiracy theorist for telling the truth.

  52. john Shipp

    Greg thanks for all you do, consider having Paul Nathan on as a guest. Paulnathan.biz

  53. Mohammad


    True colors are showing:



    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, I’m flabbergasted by that one. If it’s a ploy, I don’t get it. Today, I realized we are on our own. Gun control = total control. Good luck, everybody. Best always. PM

  54. Flattop

    GREG: A Question.
    I am hearing or reading different percentages concerning unemployment, different numbers concerning GDP etc. Whose numbers should I put trust in?? Are they all speaking falsely?

    • Greg Hunter

      John Williams of Shadowstats.com has the real numbers. He says if you calculate unemployment/underemployment the way BLS did it before 1994 the unemployment has been north of 20% for ten years.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Flattop, do your own thinking. Look around you in your area. You can answer your own question. Here in so. IN, there is nothing. All we have is unemployment, empty store fronts, drugs, welfare/disability, and despair. Thank God it’s a recovery! Think how bad things would be otherwise. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      Flattop … the depression that followed 1929 had unemployment numbers just as high as we have had for 10 years now … we have been in the depression (Harry Dent still thinks is coming) for over a decade now … that is why owning the US dollar is right now “is so wonderful” … as it can buy you “a lot of gold and silver for the money” … but the depression will soon end under Trump (as he is bringing jobs back to America and providing them with a lower tax bill) … as people begin to earn “excess” cash … they will begin to spend it … money velocity will increase … and the depression we are now in will turn to the inflationary side … so the cash that Dent is telling you to hold on to under your bed … will soon “not buy you as much gold and silver” as it does today!!

    • Bob

      There is also a glut of housing apparently.


      • Frederick

        There’s a “glut” of outdated useless old dilapidated housing in all the wrong locations that nobody wants That is true

  55. Jerry

    This should be your lead story for Friday .

    It’s unnerving to see anyone in the Trump camp associated with this criminal enterprise and when you consider that the failure of Deutsche Bank is almost guaranteed, this could be serious.

    This investigation is beginning to stink. How about looking into the Clinton Global initiative ? Like that’s ever going to happen?

  56. Ivan

    Intel Officer: Globalists Attempting To Start Massive New World War: MUST LISTEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAUZIur0i6Y

  57. Mohammad


    The swamp is striking back and they are gaining ground, expect the same here once the 2018 election reveals a democratic congress ready for impeachment :



  58. Mohammad


    WAR, WAR and more WARS
    This trade war will only lead to shooting war.
    I think Trump is taking an advice from his friend Netanyahu, when IS in political heat inside take every one to war and mix the cards.


  59. Southern Girl

    Greg, I’m suffering from withdrawal. Where Is Wednesday???

    • Greg Hunter

      Took a day off but Weekly New Wrap up coming in a few minutes.

    • Frederick

      Looks like Greg is out on the farm again Southern belle

  60. hn

    My predictions:

    The likelihood of the new tax code generating a sustained annualized GDP growth rate of 3.5%, for 4 to 6 years is highly questionable. While lower tax rates will promote some economic growth, they will also reduce the share of that growth taxed by the government; meanwhile higher debt will increase interest rates and other federal payments will lead to a negative impact. Total government debt for 2018 will be around 109% of GDP and will is projected to grow unless we take much needed actions. The government’s fondness for borrowing and debt will lead us to a sorry end. Debt is the single greatest threat to our national security!

    The top 1% now control 38% of the wealth. The wealthy few, the corporations, the special interests and the big donors are the major beneficiaries of the new tax code. 65% of people have less than $1,000 in savings accounts, and nearly 50 % have no retirement plans. Meanwhile, the military-industrial system demands more and more and outspends many countries put together and, like other government departments, wastes monies.

    We have loss much treasure and blood in regional conflicts and in support of undemocratic, corrupt and duplicitous regimes. We have many domestic problems of own like much needed infra-structure and health care.

    Currently, the health system, a whopping 18% of GDP, is one of the least cost-effective systems in the advanced world . According to the WHO, we rank 37th on health and many countries out-perform us on key metrics, including life expectancy. We could certainly, learn from the advanced economies with better health systems, instead we are misled by the special interests and politicians who dogwhistle and fear-monger.

    I voted for Trump who I thought would drain the swamp and make much needed reforms. Nothing of the sort! Even Trump and his family are monetizing the presidency.

    Childish name-calling, thinly evidenced claims, wild speculations and conspiracy theories have replaced rational, fact-based arguments.

    The president, despite incontrovertible evidence of Russia’s election meddling, steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the incontrovertible truth and refuses to implement the actions agreed by congress. I predict the GOP will lose the house and possibly the senate in the forthcoming election and in 20, or even sooner, Trump will be out.

    Finally: God does not take political sides! There is only one side: We are either on God’s side, or we are not. Seek God’s forgiveness in the name of Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins and through our acceptance of him we are born again.

  61. Richard Moore

    I like Gerald Celente and enjoy hearing his comments…I read he’s got a lot of anger….well, I do as well along with frustration.

    I always pay special attention to Gerald Celente, Michael Pento, Rob Kirby and Greg Mannarino.

    Thank you.

    Semper Fi
    Richard Moore


    I have just checked the list of US Secretaries of State, and subject to confirmation, it appears that NO US SECRETARY OF STATE HAS EVER BEEN FIRED/DISMISSED BY A SITTING US PRESIDENT.

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