US & Clinton Beyond the Law-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, says the U.S. government’s actions with Hillary Clinton means it is more lawless than ever. Fitts explains, “The entire country now looks like Arkansas . . . we’ve all turned into Mena, Arkansas, now. It’s pretty tragic. I have watched for two decades while 80% of the federal budget and federal credit has been run outside the Constitution and the laws related to financial management. I have never seen anything as blatant and outrageous as Loretta Lynch, prior to Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, meeting with her disbarred husband, who is either the husband of or the target of a criminal investigation, and basically briefing him, I am assuming and what I believe on what Hillary needs to know, so she can skate the (FBI) interview. What the President, Lynch and Comey don’t want is the investigative team recommending to indict. . . . If you know anything about civil or criminal procedures, this is so beyond the law. This is so over the top that I have never seen anything more outrageous. It’s beginning to look like Mena, Arkansas, during the Mena drug running.”

Fitts says the corrupt way they handled Ms. Clinton is how they are handling the business of the federal government. Fitts contends, “We know the entire financial infrastructure of the government has been run as a criminal enterprise for quite some time. The government engineered the pump and dump housing market. The government was the one that let JP Morgan Chase skate on Madoff and many, many other situations. Yes, the government is being run outside of the laws related to money. That requires a double standard and a parallel universe between what you say you are doing and what you are really doing. The actual governance system is different than what the official story is, and that is the problem that you are seeing in every administration since the death of (President) Kennedy. Kennedy wasn’t doing what ‘Mr. Global’ wanted, so he was assassinated. . . . This is now a very, very deep problem. We are financially dependent on organized crime cash flows as an economy. The citizens are going to have to make up their mind if are they going to tolerate this level of corruption or not.”

On the economy crashing this year, Fitts says, “Could we turn into a bear market? I think given the commitment to equity markets and given the willingness to debase the currency, I think the chances of that are relatively small this year. Next year, depending on what happens in the election, the gloves are going to come off globally about what’s been going on in the U.S. Anything could happen. That’s the danger if you are an investment advisor or an investor. The swings here is we could be up 30%, or we could be down 50%. A black swan could happen, so if you are an investor, you need to be prepared for very, very wide swings both up and down in prices in the equity markets. Here’s the important thing to remember. . . . We now have $12 trillion sitting in negative interest rates. Where’s all that money going to go? It can’t sit there getting nothing. It will have to go into real estate. It’s going to have to go into equity. It’s going to have to go to precious metals because it can’t sit there getting no or negative yields forever. . . . The debt game is over.”

On gold and silver, Fitts says, “Interest rates coming down makes gold and silver more attractive. I think the number one thing driving precious metals is you’ve still got growth going on in Asia, and they are buyers. People are afraid, and they are looking at what is going on with the leadership, and they are getting scared. They want to hedge their bets, and gold and silver is where you go when you don’t trust the system.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report at

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Dave

    “gold and silver is where you go when you don’t trust the system”

    That’s the gem, right there.

    • oneno

      fascism is the corporate takeover of government to enslave the people by military force and to steal their fruits of labour.

      They have entire armies and militarized police forces whose sole intention is to pillage from the people.

      They are organized and trained and have the herd washed and in their sights. See movie “Untraceable”!

      • allen ols

        See movie “Untraceable; OK

  2. Rodster

    “The citizens are going to have to make up their mind if are they going to tolerate this level of corruption or not.”

    Trolls like Gina have made up their minds. They’re “all in” with Killary !

    • Rodster

      I wonder if Killary is somehow related to O.J. Simpson?

  3. robbie41

    Hello Greg, It’s good to be first.. Keep up the good work..

  4. Robert Lykens

    The NWO Globalists are too close to acieving their dreams to turn back now. If Trump is elected, things will get ugly quickly because they fear the reforms he might bring about.
    Hussein Obama would have a little over two months to do whatever a lame duck NWO Globalist can do.

    If Trump is elected, watch the government very closely for the next two months.

    • Charles H


      The thought of Trump winning the election and steering America – is too horrendous for the Liberals. In the view of ‘in-your-face’ Lawlessness today: I can scarcely imagine Trump ‘getting in’. If there really is a ‘Muslim Issue’ in the United States, like in Europe: Obama may just pull the plug. If he does this – it will prove to all who eyes to see – where his real affections are. No amount of false flags will obscure reality.

      • Freebreezer

        Charles – the internet/cell phones sure has made making ‘the false flag’ a much higher bar to pull off – thankfully! Think of the JFK murder … the patsy gets knocked off shortly after killing JFK, this by a strip joint owner who just happens to wonder down to where Oswald was being moved; he dies a few months later of cancer (which he knew he had), and he claims he did it for Jacky … Yeh right! those days of naivete are long gone! … The internet will not stop them, but it sure will help shine a bright light in to their darkness (unless the TPTB shut it down) … The cell phone camera/video adds a whole new complexity to a false flag. Think of 911 happening today with all the cell phones video taping?

        • frederick

          It was obvious that the banksters murdered JFK even back then Oswald was a patsy and Ruby(Rubenstein) convienently disposed of the evidence for the benefit of hid brethren Pretty obvious right?

        • helot

          RE: ‘Think of 911 happening today with all the cell phones video taping?’

          If, ‘they’ didn’t simply just take, and be willingly given, all the footage from those devices, do you suppose ‘they’ might just use this to their advantage somehow?

          A modern day Operation Gladio might not work the same way it did in Italy, however; as P.C.R. describes in his article, ‘Nice Brings To Mind Operation Gladio’ the powers that be might just ignore it all, and so do The People. Easy peasy. Have you thought of that?

        • Kay de Leon

          Not so sure about that. Seem to have pulled off a shooting at pulse nightclub pretty swimmingly…

    • Arthur Barnes

      Robert, and if Hillary is elected watch the United States slip further and further into a militarized banana republic. More entitlements, more minimum wage jobs, more bananas for the slackers, and more military adventures like Libya and more and more religion of peace celebrations of the death of Americans, aka the infidels, and so on and so on. Robert, as true as you comment is there is little choice the way I see it, Hillary or Trump, I hoping for Trump. You comment does ring true if Trump becomes President but as stated, if Hillary is elected just more slogging to a third world country. a b, aka the infidel

    • JC Davis

      Robert what CA Fitts knows and did not say is the media will lie, the votes can be rigged, and the electoral vote is set up for Hillary. IMHO.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Agreed, the fix will be in like the so-called FBI inquiry, the democrats have stolen elections in the past, 1960 dead men voting in Chicago turned the tide for Kennedy. Can you say GOT FIX?

        • Robert Lykens

          Arthur and JC, let ’em rig the vote if they can. We are on the side of the Almighty, whose wonderful Name is Jesus Christ! We win! The godless/communist/muslim/demon-infested Left loses!

          • JC Davis

            AMEN !

    • FC

      You are correct GM, the human bubble will burst as it was carved in stone on March 22 1980.

    • The Mohawk

      Gregory, I believe you may be making some conservative estimates in your statements but you are straight on in your analysis. The Powers That Should Not Be are very open about reducing the population by an enormous margin. Review statements by Gates and his lovely wife Melinda, Buffet and many of these hubris knee capped morons. The religion they follow is known as Eugenics. Planned Parenthood was originally known as The Eugenics Foundation or a name similar. Mr. Gates, his father and I believe Mr. Buffet attended the 100th anniversary of The Eugenics Society in December 2012 in The City of London. His “immunization” programs in Africa and India have killed many people and sterilized many more. They are part of a cadre of many Cerebral Narcissistic Psychopathic Pseudo Intellectuals.

      In addition to the Federal Reserve System, these tax avoidance “Foundations” (hundreds of them) avoid all taxes and use their enormous wealth to pursue their Social Engineering Ideology which views the elimination of billions of “useless eaters” (their words, not mine) to control the planet to their arrogant and delusional hearts desire. The latest groupie Foundation wanna be is the scum bag Zuckerberg who has vowed to “donate all his billions to “charity”” translated—–live literally like royalty, wall your home (s) off so no one can get near him and then join his fellow Cerebral Narcissistic Psychopathic Pseudo Intellectual friends in continuing the Social Engineering ideology just like his pals who should be in padded cells and have all of their assets seized under RICO or something else.

      They all live in the David Rockefeller inbred cadre of billionaires/trillionaires (see The Bauer’s which is their real name but go by Rothschild–primary owners of ALL Central Banks and controls all diamond trade through DeBeers and also controls all of the monetary metals fixing and mining–Schwartz aka Soros is their billionaire foot soldier funding street level chaos today) who believe that their view of life on earth is virtuous even if it includes the deaths of untold number of humans and the use of usury and enslavement is of great benefit to mankind (meaning only THEM). These are literally psychopaths and must be stopped. Funding wars and stealing from all through central banking, usury and “Foundations” is their trademark and they have done it for generations. Gates-Buffet et al all of their same mindset and are obviously delusional with a God complex (even though these pseudo intellectual psychopaths are generally atheistic haters of mankind.) You can place the Bushes and Clintons in that same group. A Crimes Against Humanity trial should proceed against all of them after they are rounded up and locked up in afore mentioned padded cell so they can do more harm to Humanity.

      NONE of this would be possible without .1) Fractional Reserve Banking and 2.) The continuation of these tax free “Foundations” as their vehicle of choice for Social Engineering read DEATH. 3.) Central Banking ANYWHERE. We are entering WWIII as they are pushing for war with Syria, Iran and by extension, Russia and China will obviously be brought in. If they succeed, say goodbye to untold numbers of innocents. Many poor, loving human beings who have suffered through this ongoing plague to Mankind by these insane individuals.

      You are a smart dude and my favorite guest on this blog by far. You seem to “get it”. Gregory, don’t let them get away with this any longer. Sound the alarm and lets reign them in once and for all. The debt? Repudiate every dime. Nothing save audited international debt is satisfied. God Bless you sir for you work Be well and stay healthy. If they cannot be stopped, God help us all.

      Love One Another

      The Mohawk

    • Arthur Barnes

      G M, correct, but its not politically correct to mention that some countries may want to curtail their populations, after all, the game is to out populate the West & then overrun the West with immigration, both legally and illegally, then when there is enough of that culture in the West demand change and or take it. Either way, the West is doomed due to the new religion of political correctness adopted by Obama, Hillary and the Republicats as well. The tide turned about 15 years ago to stop it, it didn’t happen, so we are living the consequences of open borders. It was nice knowing America, but its not my fathers country any longer.

      • frederick

        That’s for sure Arthur It made me so furious that I HAD to leave actually Seeing everywhere become Mexified and even the local police who agreed we me privately claimed they could not do anything because of the left wing power structure in place So now I get the distinct pleasure of annoying my new hosts instead That’s what I call getting even and I never have to hear that ‘press two for Spanish” nonsense ever again

  5. Pinocchio

    Holding precious metals are much safer than real estates. In an emergency situation, federal government could reclaim a citizen’s real estate as a federal property. Legally, every inch of land in USA territory belongs to federal government.

    • frederick

      Not only that but real estate has high carrying costs which can be hyperinflated to the stratosphere to pay for all the debt taken on by municipalities to pay pensions etc If you do buy real estate I would recommend rental units and/or farmland like Greg has in Missouri Certainly not in an urban or suburban environment

      • Arthur Barnes

        frederick, get out of the cities before you can’t!

        • frederick

          Arthur Im so OUT already Looking at small farms on the Aegean coast where I can grow avocado citrus and vegetables along with some poultry and small livestock

          • Pinocchio

            This has nothing to do with real estate, but I just want to know. Do the muslim women on Aegean beach wear bikinis? I am sorry to suddenly jump to this kind of question. Just curious.

  6. diane s.

    Loved this interview.
    Catherine is amazing. She really spelled out the issues.
    My husband and I are Solari subscribers and also have met Catherine when she was traveling though our small town.
    She is one damn nice lady. She us REAL.
    She represents what is decent in our country.
    The real people’s values.
    Thank you for having her on, Greg…people like you and Catherine will save America.
    Fear not….Trust in God.

  7. allen ols

    I will order a boat load of vodka tomorrow.

    • allen ols

      In order to bring about world peace and justice, the White Dragon Society is offering a gold bounty for the capture of the individuals listed below. The gold can be collected in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia upon the capture of the felons. These criminals collectively have been actively trying to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the survivors.
      Ace of Spades
      George Bush Senior
      Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      Ace of Diamonds
      David Rockefeller
      Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      Ace of Hearts
      Etienne D’Avignon
      Wanted for illegally engineering the destruction of United States
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      Ace of Clubs
      David de Rothschild
      Wanted for fraud
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      King of Spades
      George Bush Junior
      Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      King of Diamonds
      Donald Rumsfeld
      Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
      Bounty: One ton of gold
      King of Hearts
      Bill Clinton
      Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
      Bounty: One ton of gold

      • Paul ...

        And lets put a bounty on “Mr. Global” too (aka Lucifer)!! … it’s “this snake in the grass” that has humanity living in “Hell on Earth” … perhaps one million people should donate one ounce of gold each to Hillary’s Charitable Trust (about 30 tons of gold) … and have Hillary betray “Mr. Global” and hand him over to us … once we Nail “Mr. Global” to a Cross … we can easily mop up all the rest of Traitors in our Government who won’t do there official duties!!

      • Freebreezer

        Allen who might be the queen of spades ? I have a good guess.

        • allen ols

          click the link to see the rest of the list, what I posted was a small portion.

          • Freebreezer

            I should have clicked! though I take issue with the queen of spades … Barbara bush? this has to be Liary Clinton! …Thee most corrupt women, feminist militant, in our life time! Though it is a close call with Bush. Too bad there wasn’t another suit for Samantha Powers.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Allen, get whatever booze is popular in your area. Might or not be vodka.

      • Anne Elliott

        Hard liquor is best and lasts forever – rum, whiskey, vodka, ever clear/white lightening/moonshine, tequila, and anything 35% alcohol and above.

        • allen ols

          Freebreezer , Anne Elliott , Diana Dee Jarvis;

          all of thee above, 🙂

    • Freebreezer

      Allen – I think you would be much better off with Whiskey! I recommend the pint size, because they are easier to carry … and a couple of cases! Though, vodka cleans up a mess cleaner with less residual smell. On second thought, I would buy a coupple of case of both.

  8. Oracle 911

    The neocons are above human laws (at least for now) but certainly not above God’s or Universe’s laws (I don’t mean the 10 commandments) . Which means a backlash of biblical proportions is on its way. And not to mention not every member of US elites are neocons. So the legal action against Hillary are far from over.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  9. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    I am going to rename Catherine Austin Fitts to C.A. “Gives Greg” Fitts. This is the longest interview on that I can remember. Ms. Fitts is top notch. I disagree with a couple of things she said, but overall, this lady is spot on. She would make a great Secretary of Treasury for Donald Trump.

    Hey, Greg, MLK was a life long Republican. He called the Democratic Party the party of slavery. Go figure.

    • Chip

      Interesting about MLK, thanks… Chip

    • Robert Lykens

      CC, as MLK was a common-sense Republican, so was JFK a common-sense Democrat – the last of that breed.

      Then the hippie sixties took hold and the mainstream media, pop culture and American imagination became infatuated with the leftist/progressivist/socialist/Godless/murderous/demonic Democrat Party.

      Godless political parties/islam/political correctness will rot in hell.

  10. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, You probably wont post this, but CAF is way out of line when she criticizes members of government in what she calls the “deeper system of government” supposedly acting according to the directions given by Mr. Global, which she says has been the case since Kennedy was in office. It just so happens that there have been many collaborations over the years among various members of government to save our nation. During the crisis of Watergate for example, W. Mark Felt, Elliot Richardson, Archibald Cox, John Dean as well as the Senate Committee on Watergate were that so called deeper system of government that got us over the hump of this major tragedy in our history.

    In 2008, when we had to deal with the financial crisis, it was Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Neel Kashkari and Robert Rubin and Congress who worked behind the scenes to stabilize the economy and financial system. If it wasn’t for them, our nation would have descended into anarchy as supply chains would have broken down without a payments payable and receivable system in place.

    As I watched CAH, it seems the same old exacerbations are being called out as if the people want soceietal breakdown, anarchy and disorder. Many of your readers want to see a stock market crash. Why ? Many of your readers want to see silver and gold shortages in order to make a quick profit to live high while everyone else rots in hell. Why? If people knew the conscequences of such wishes, they would never hope for such outcomes. People need to appreciate the behind the scenes machinations of the government. Between Homeland Security, the Fed and some assistance from the private sector, we have dodged disaster time and again. I am happy to say with conviction that there will be no stock market crash as the Fed stands ready to purchase securities in increasing quantities should prices fall. And as far as profiting from silver and gold shortages ? You can forget that. This scheme has already been figured out and prepared for. Metals have been secured to deal with any artificial shortages that speculators can come up with. Americans are not going to live in fear. We are going to live free. God bless the United States of America and dont forget to vote this November.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina Mancarella,
      You want to get this much into criticism and thought shaping. You need to post your credentials/resume and allow me to verify that along with your name. Verifiable name and credentials. This is all I ask for you to continue this sort of left wing political speak. Fitt’s credentials can be easily verified and yours should too. Let’s confirm you are not a paid troll or a DNC paid operative or worse.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        ‘scrolling through the comments to get the vibe as I get set to listen to the intervirew………….Greg, I cannot believe so much energy has been spent replying to this “Gina” on your last few posts. It is almost as ridiculous as MillionDollarBonus on zero hedge. It’s really best to just ignore such nonsense and spend energy more wisely elsewhere.

        • WD

          Tune into rogue
          Listen to V guerrilla economist…he has the best reports I have heard….you will like

      • Gina Mancarella

        You want my credentials ? I’m sorry to say that I dont possess any impressive accomplishment other than caring for my husband and kids. I am a homemaker by *trade* and by choice. However, I do go to many dinner parties so I hear about a lot of things going on behind the scenes. But no impressive resume here. I have previously told you that I am not a bot and not a troll. However, you dont belive me so I think I’ll just accept the fact that I have made my final post on your site.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is your choice not mine. It’s funny how you folded this easily. You have no FaceBook (FB) page? I found a “Gina Mancarella” on FB but she lives in Italy. You are just a housewife with no digital footprint what-so-ever? That is a bit odd in 2016 for someone your age.

          When I send a test email message I get a “mailer-demon” back that says:
          “A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

          [email protected]
          The mail server could not deliver mail to [email protected]. The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.”

          You and I both know you are a paid by someone to be this passionate about a criminal and liar. Remember, you ran yourself off.

          • Dan

            You go Greg!

          • RTW

            Try substituting .gov for .com in Gina’s address. She did say she was privy to a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff.

            • Greg Hunter

              I checked the email she posted and it’s a phony. That’s why I posted it. I would never post a legit email because of spam attacks.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Michael. “Gina” was not banned by me she took herself off the site. The fake email address makes me think everything was fake. Can’t prove it but that’s what I now think.

            • Robert Lykens

              Greg, your bold stance encourages and is admired by many.

              It’s your domain. You don’t have to prove a thing.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              Yes…that and the boring lists such people crank out…they are paid hacks. There’s no telling what the person thinks or what gender or anything.

          • Gina Mancarella

            You are correct in stating that the email address is no longer valid because the nonprofit organization I was apart of has disbanded. When I tried to use my newer email in its place several months ago, there was an error message that wouldn’t let me post so I left the old email address in the email field. I am still not a troll. As far as facebook and twitter and pinterest, I do not participate. Excuse me for that.

            • Greg Hunter

              This site is addictive isn’t it. People just can’t stay away. I like that and you too Gina.

        • Paul ...

          Hey Gina … You can’t fool me … I know why you are leaving … the neocons ordered you to stop posting … because you were doing too much damage to their selected candidate … a woman who has no concern for the vow of marriage (she should of divorced Bill years ago if she had any moral values) … you want us to trust a woman who says “black lives matter” when she is an ardent supporter of “planned parenthood” that kills blacks before they are even born? … you want us to trust a woman who will do anything for money?? … you want us to believe in the vows of an immoral crook that she will bring America back to its former greatness??? … sorry Gina you have to go … but perhaps the neocons will throw another challenger in the ring to do battle here … go ahead neocons … do it!!!

          • frederick

            You know what Paul Im not sure any of us have any right to judge the Clintons marriage or lack thereof but I take comfort in the knowledge they they are together and making each other totally miserable

        • Bobby

          Gina, I for one appreciate your posts, even though I may not agree with everything you say. They serve to show all who reads here the hatred possessed by many of Greg’s listeners which I believe comes from the top.

          • Robert Lykens

            Bobby, what you call “hatred” I call “awake common sense”.

            Go ahead and waste your sacred vote on the lying, corrupt, greedy, power-hungry, lesbian/pervert Clinton.
            My vote cancels yours.

          • Paul ...

            Comes from the top?? … are you talking about God himself … who hated evil so much … he cleansed Heaven of 1/3 its population???

    • Patrick K White

      Posting from your Desk at the Telephone switchboard of the whitehouse?

    • The Mohawk

      It’s that the same Henry Paulson CEO of Goldman Sachs who was allowed to sell his stock in Goldman and paid not 1 penny in taxes ($500,000,000 no tax sale) when he became Treasury Secretary and bailed out his buddies in the Money Changers business? Him? Or Neil Kashkari (former Goldman Sachs crony) who organized TARP and bailed out his buddies and then back to work at the Fed? (after running for Governor–huh!–that was hilarious) That thief, I mean guy? Robert Rubin (Goldman Sachs once again). Now you must be kidding. And the “I am not monetizing the debt” Ben Shalom Bernanke? Again, you’re kidding. Please tell me you’re kidding.

      How much of that loot went to actually helping the economy? How about none of it. You run with some pretty slimy characters lady. Beware of Darkness.

      Oh, and as for monetary metals—-don’t worry your pretty little head……China and Russia along with India holds most of it and if the Federal Reserve still is holding ours……we’ll be relieving them of that duty soon enough.(oh, and if they really are your friends–tell em not to leave the country–we’d like to thank them for their service in person–right to their faces–lots of people would like to). Thieving Money Changers. Vengeance is the Lords but justice shall be ours. This is bullish news for hemp rope manufacturers!!!!!! (and lumber yards)

    • Jerry

      “In 2008, when we had to deal with the financial crisis, it was Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Neel Kashkari and Robert Rubin and Congress who worked behind the scenes to stabilize the economy and financial system. If it wasn’t for them, our nation would have descended into anarchy as supply chains would have broken down without a payments payable and receivable system in place. ”

      What in your convoluted mind makes you think the 2008 debt crisis is over? The Federal Reserve Bank did nothing but paper over the problem with QE and delay it. There is no way that over 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities can be supported with 2.5 Trillion in tax revenue? Go to the U.S. debt clock and get educated for crying out loud.

    • Rodster

      Good grief if you actually believe the Gubmint has our best interest at heart you really are a paid government troll.

    • frederick

      Gina if it wasn’t for people like Paulsen(Goldman Sachs alumni) we would never have had the crisis to begin with It is exactly the people you named as well as their colleagues that are the problem certainly not the solution and thanks for reminding me to vote for Mr Trump

    • Hatemail

      You are so right that many of the readers on this site want a crash, anarchy and disorder. If they got their wish they would’t know what to do with it. They would be the first ones looking for a lifeboat.
      I don’t think you are a troll but a devil’s advocate for peace and stability. Keep up the good work. For all we know, you are really Greg Hunter.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nobody here wants a crash but the math says one id coming, and it’s a very big one. Gina is no advocate for “peace and stability” backing a criminal liar like Hillary. Lastly, I am NOT “Gina.”

        • Arthur Barnes

          Greg, I don’t want a crash either but as you said one is coming anyway, its well on it way, so for the naysayers wait, watch and learn; but for the others here get out of the cities while you can, get prepared and get going. The cities will be where most of the blood will be running. I just closed on a home in the middle of the country, very small town, small county, very rural, leaving the Western Front to the illegals & their sympathetic politically correct supporters who now own it.

      • Charles H


        There is a DIFFERENCE between entertaining and dealing with the reality of horrific consequences: and ‘WANTING A CRASH’. By reading into the comments of others – you are putting words into their mouths. This is uncouth and intellectually dishonest. What is your motivation to portray people this way?

      • frederick

        hatemail your moniker describes you perfectly I seriously doubt most of us Watchdoggers wish for anything like you describe however we choose to be prepared and sound the alert for others so that they may help themselves and I truly believe Greg has nothing but the noblest of intentions as well You are just one of those people who prefers to deny reality Good luck to you

      • Hatemail

        Many of your readers want a crash, they say so all the time. These guys have no idea how awful the Great Depression was. Fortunately, I did not have to live through it but my parent’s generation did and I heard about it all the time.
        Hope for the best but be prepared.
        You are a good man Greg Hunter.

      • Jerry

        Enjoy you’re ride to camp FEMA. People like you who live in fantasy world will be first in line.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Please…Gina is probably a fat slob in a old t-shirt and pajama pants typing away for anyone who hires him.

      • Hatemail

        I respect Gina’s opinion. I understand how she feels. Gina loves our country. She admits the economy is manipulated but it is done to preserve our status quo. It’s not perfect but it is what we got. If there is any thought shaping going on it is on this site. It has become a monoculture of angry, fear mongering, doom and gloomer old white men. Any dissenting opinion is greeted with insults.
        Like many of you I have prepared over the years for a severe fracturing of our way of life and I continue to do so. I agree it is a possibility. Like Gina, I look for the ray of sunshine and hope I never have to live in the bunker.

        • frederick

          Hatemail your “ray of sunshine” is promoting a vile disgusting psychopathic criminal to be our next president HOW is that a positive thing for America You and Gina should hang out together You deserve each other

  11. Gene63

    (CAFitts) Always and easily the best guest you have on. Her total knowledge is unparalleled ! Thank you Greg for all that you do

  12. JC Davis

    Louis on Hillary.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      JC, thanks for the link. I love seeing my enemies pitting themselves against each other.

  13. JC Davis

    C A Fitts what would happen to the dollar if Saudi stop taking dollars for oil ? How fast would the changes be ?

  14. jim c.

    We`ll thats 48 min. of my life I will never get back. She never gives useful information, and NEVER answers a question with a yes or no, I can not stand missing any interview but I hate this women, CAF do you know how to say the words ” yes ” or ” no “

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      CAF doesn’t give a flat yes or no because she has issues with the way Greg phrases questions. Several times I heard Greg ask basically the same questions he’s asked other guests. CAF’s replies are basically a tactful way of saying Greg, that’s not the big concern here or that question misses an important point. This isn’t a slam against Greg. Greg tries to get different people’s takes on certain things. CAF’s views are very different from many of Greg’s other guests. This interview had much good information. It’s not CAF’s fault if some people have trouble grasping an answer of more than one word.

    • Bill Howland

      Jim C, – any blandness in the interview is probably because CAF has to be very circumspect in what she says, eg: “Mr. Global”. I’m not even certain who she is talking about there; I’m assuming she wants it to remain ambiguous. She also has to be circumspect with Mr. Hunter who has cut her off in the past.
      One point of agreement: I also distrust Trump, but I can’t suggest anyone superior. One point of disagreement: Newt is real slime and I cannot support Trump if Newt is anywhere near him.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Bill, “Mr. Global” is not a specific individual. It’s her nickname for the New World Order globalists.

        • Bill Howland

          Understood Diana, and I’m sure CAF understands this, but who particularly are we talking about? People of course like the ‘love to be hated’ George Soros, – but he’s just the bagman.

    • Chip

      Wow! From my perspective it could not be farther from the truth. Best 48 minutes I’ve spent in a long time. CAF is SMART! Don’t agree with every word she says but she is insightful, intelligent, and honest… Great interview Greg and CAF!!! Chip

    • Charles H

      jim c.,

      Personally – I have a hard time getting through her interviews. Rather than answer questions directly, she goes off on her own territory. By the third try – I should get through it. Some here just love her. But I don’t get that much, as she seems to come at these interviews with a built-in disconnect; or loosely coupled. Still – it’s contribution from a high source. Problem is – I try to reduce my intake of salt.

    • Faith

      Jim C: you watched longer than I did. You are not alone in your assessment.

    • Ken Russell

      “She never gives useful information”

      Actually jim c., she gave me very useful information and it falls in line with several others. She and Harry Dent night be correct about PM prices but I hold a teeny amount for insurance not for investment. Her best information, (and you should reconsider) was to be self sufficient; be able to grow your own food, make sure your local and county and sheriff are Constitutionalists, etc. I don’t have an island fortress like most of the .1% have per Zero Hedge so with the meager means, I have been preparing my family to be able self sustain.

      The Mr. Global stuff might be a bit wacky, tin foil hat and black helicopter but there IS a flood on its way and whether it’s caused by a river, a dam burst, a hurricane or tornado, I can prepare for flood damage and mitigate as much as I’m able. Somebody is forcing interest rates to zero for a decade; somebody is letting criminals continue to manipulate markets and simply make depositors pay a fine and let the criminals go free; somebody is letting banks use their reserves to buy stocks forcing a fake stock market high, etc; all THAT stuff is real and I can at least prepare for its inevitable collapse.

      So, to Greg, thanks again for busting your ass for my benefit getting these interviews.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Ken!

  15. Peter

    Fitts has become one of my favorite guests. She offers a different perspective on the economy,stock market and has been correct in her predictions. The US stock market will probably not tank anytime soon! Fitts correctly noted that Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton are operating outside the laws the little people must obey.

    The USA would only become more corrupt and divided if Hillary Clinton were elected president. Obama has done a great job in dividing the USA and Hillary would continue this. Most people would never really trust her and yet nobody would be able to stop her.

    It’s very true that the US government helped create the housing crisis, as Fitts noted.
    Years ago, Bill Clinton told America that every citizen should own their own home and his administration put pressure on banks to lend money recklessly. We know how that ended.

  16. alex kincaid ross

    All that is standing between us and a well organized and engineered meltdown leading to perdition and feudal servitude is a few good men. As Catherine so rightly observes, when it comes to honest reporting, you may be the last man standing. History will no doubt type cast you as the latter day Paul Revere. Well done champ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alex.

  17. David

    “if you’re going to lead the financial system, you cannot have the appearance of lawlessness – it won’t work…. the world is tired of the Howdie Doodie show.”

    Ouch! – you tell’em Cathrine!

  18. The Mohawk

    Catherine Austin Fitts can’t seem to pronounce Fractional Reserve Lending/The Federal Reserve System (which is as Federal as Federal Express),Organized Criminal Enterprise and RICO in the whole 47 minute in your face, smug superior attitude intonation and delivery. Unless you are willing to name them, what good are you? Former statist as assistance secretary of housing and you may still be a statist as far as I’m concerned. Humility is a virtue and not a bad way to deliver a message to a horrified and ragingly angry citizenry. Humble goes a long way in receiving credibility. Your demeanor as very pulled together and calm speaks volume to your great wealth, security, partly from your enormous salary at .gov, $30 a month fee at Solari and a nice pension to boot I’m sure. I don’t begrudge you your earned wealth but the trolling for business as we face certain meltdown is unnerving.

    Nobody is talking about a Constitutional Convention but a Convention of the States. Do you know the difference and why didn’t you expound on your advice as you should know that has been the proposal floating around the last 3 years. You misled your audience. Why? If you’re against COS then say it. Why? Phyllis Schlafly is against a Convention of the States she specifies that it isn’t a Constitutional Convention. The difference is stark. Huge. If we followed are own Constitution we wouldn’t need one but we haven’t for many, many years..both parties.

    Heh, expert—a little hint when it comes to Organized Criminal Activity—WE DON’T OWE THEM THE MONEY!!!!!! Not one red cent. Thats the law if you break it down. Now try pronouncing Repudiate the Debt. It just rolls off the tongue if you try. RICO is even easier. Hemp rope the easiest of them all. Then try “seize all of their assets”. That is what is required to be done. I’m talking about right down to J. Diamon’s and L. Blankfein’s damn shoe laces (among hundreds of others) which I’m sure the federal prison system will be happy to replace before climbing the steps to their final fate. (Oh, on JPM Chase–they have the contract to process every EBT card–50 million—50% of Americans don’t bank with Chase……50 million are on food stamps though plus the other who do indeed bank with the Money Changers at Chase–usury would have been a helpful topic today too)

    I understand I sound harsh but We The People are beyond angry. The non-answer on monetary metals made my hair curl. “It may go up but then again, it may go down” Oh, thanks. For over 120 years gold and silver have mimicked each other, generally, in return and growth patterns. The average ratio was 15:1 and now it’s more like 80:1. What do you say about that or do I need to join Here’s what maybe you don’t get. Most of us are hurting and every Tom, Dick and Harry are hawking their advice websites and they’re not cheap.

    You should have spoken about proposing pending arrests. Thats what needs to be done. The Sheriffs need to swear our arrest warrants for these thieves in the beltway (Ryan, Boehner, Pelosi, Bernanke, Greenspan, Yellen, et al……) and Wall Street. Pick them up and hold them for treason and banditry. You mention mercenaries. How about we hire them to hunt down the stockholders of the central banks? Oh, and you can’t “just pay off the debt by printing money” then we’d truly have hyper inflation when the digitized criminal monetization of the debt becomes physical dollars. Good night nurse!! to the man on the street. Not enough wheel barrels around to buy a gallon of milk if they followed that advice. Sure, the debt would go away by inflating it away and those felons in D.C. would charge it up again. Wonderful scenario. Do away with fiat and that can never happen again.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • Seeking Truth

      I applaud you for that. You speak for many – for those who understand that the evil, criminal, money changer central bank system brought us to the precipice of where we are today, and for those who know things are not right, but do know understand why!

  19. Karl

    Greg, surely people in the military see things the way you and your guests do?
    I mean we can’t be the only ones sick of this bull$#!*.
    Surely there has to be good guys in high places who can turn this around?

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      I suspect Comey wants to see Clinton indicted but doesn’t have the clout to get the DOJ to do it — hence his press statement which was basically an appeal for the public to dump her and for Congress to investigate (and hopefully punish) her. I can’t think of another sensible explanation for his lengthy, detailed press statement.

      • Arthur Barnes

        I disagree, Comey could have done his job, he was weak & has his job thanks to Obama who appointed him. He lacks courage, if Trump wins the first thing he should do is ask for his resignation and if can’t get it in 1 hour fire the bum and let him go write a book about his experience in the Federal Bureau of Inquiry (FBI). He might want to have a chapter about honor, duty, courage, and his lack of it!

        • allen ols

          Arthur Barnes

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps we should use some Old West tactics … we can hire the meanest bad ass no good rottenest murderous scum on Planet Earth to “take out” all the neocon traitors … the neocons have been having it “too easy screwing us good guys” … but … what if we hire a bunch of bad asses that will do “anything” for money! … then just like in the Old West (when a town was under the thumb of a gang of evil crooks) the towns people simply hired some equally bad tough guys (put a badge on them) and give them “the legal authority to shoot and kill on sight” the evil gangsters bothering their town!!

    • andyb

      The military has been gutted; any “patriots” among the officer corps have been weeded out. The dark side of the CIA is controlled by the Rothschild cartel; perhaps the FBI as well. I’m sure that all the bought and paid for pols know that if they buck the agenda, they will be suicided, and if they follow it they will be rewarded with additions to their secret bank accounts in the Caymans. I’ve heard that a TPP yes vote was worth $20million. Even wonder why, that given FACTA , capital flight controls and the push against the Swiss banking system, no one went after the Caribbean. It may be because 3 prominent DC law firms have the majority of hidden trust accounts in these islands. How does a Congressman with a net worth (as per disclosure) of $200k upon entering office, have an estate of $60million upon his death?
      Fitts got it right when she inferred that all of the govt criminality started after JFK got whacked. And yes, it was the CIA et al. But the man behind the curtain pulling the strings, has the same last name as the one behind the Andrew Jackson attempt, the murder at Ford’s Theatre, the attempt on Reagan, and almost every other notable political assassination. Connect the dots folks.

      • Paul ...

        andyb … it doesn’t matter if the military is gutted … even if everyone in the military are evil people … we can destroy them … by turning them upon themselves (as they will do anything for money) … look at how we now have all the evil banks on the run … because we got one evil bank in Germany “to turn” on the others … this is evils “fatal flaw” … this is the strategy we must use against them … they are so corrupt, evil and untrustworthy they will “turn on one another” … that is how we destroy evil!

    • frederick

      Karl they are few and far between Most are bought off and/or cowardly This is NOT your fathers generation buddy unfortunately

  20. Patrick K White

    Very informative interview, also a lengthy one which is nice once in a while! Keep up the good work!

  21. Neil

    Hi Greg, some perspective on the soft power of UK re Commonwealth. I think the UK is misplaced to think they are going to be reforming colonial relations for trade and find support for any conflict they might initiate or involve themselves in. The perspective from where I sit is that in the South Pacific we are now more interested and engaged in trade with our near neighbours i.e Asia. If there is any tendency it is for ditching the Monarchy and becoming Republics. There is not the same connection with the UK as there was for WWI and WWII. I certainly don’t see people lining up like lemmings for the British Empire or paying a premium for goods from the other side of the planet. It is my perception there is no way back for the UK using past associations. They told us to go away and make our way elsewhere in the 70’s and 80’s and we have done. The world has moved along…

    • Freebreezer

      Neil – I did not like CAF assesment of the UK and Brexit – It it is way more complicated. Though I think England is much better off for starting the process to split out of the EU … Here is a engaging interview/perspective per the Brexit …

  22. Jerry

    I don’t need to write a book to describe the fallout when these Italian Banks. and Deutsche Bank implode and take down the entire EU with them.

    If you remember a few months back I said that the American taxpayers would eventually be on the hook for European derivative debt should the ECB go down. If its true that the Italian Banks are seeking bailout money from J.P. Morgan Chase (per zerohedge) that could be just the start. We all know what happens when you throw good money after bad.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are many weak links (banks) in the system, and the Italian banks are some of the weakest besides DB. QE is not working. Thank you for the comments and links!!

    • Jerry

      And now another exciting episode of “As Deutsche Bank Turns”. Coming soon to a bank near you.
      Folks, stocks are being dropping like a pair of dirty underwear. It looks like the collapse phase has started, as DB has closed some 200 branch banks, and is seeking bailout money. Know any investors who want to spin the wheel of misfortune? Just keep in mind that George Soros is blocking the exits to make sure his 200 million bet on default is complete.

  23. Bill

    GREG; Do you not fear we are spiraling down into chaos, regardless of the stock market and the financials;
    Please don’t get rid of Gina???, she/he is good insight into the liberal mind, of which we can all gain understanding.

    • Greg Hunter

      I won’t get rid of her, but it’s time she reveals who she really is in a way I can verify.

      • JC Davis

        Greg I question how Gina found this site. To live in a dream one can not seek reality.
        I say post her, but don’t reply.

        • Greg Hunter

          She says she is not posting any longer. I think she is a paid (not by me) commenter.

        • Robert Lykens

          JC, I’ve said that many times too. I think “Gina” is a guy who posts these outrageous comments then sits back and laughs at the responses. If he got no replies he’d just move on.

    • Charles H


      I disagree. “Gina” just unnecessarily stirs a pot; rubs against the grain; and plays a ‘soft’ propaganda game. Most people don’t have to go beyond their own families to find a “Gina” liberal mind point-of-view. The less amount of negative influences here – the better. USAWD has gotten to the point of importance, on a real and broad scope of matters: and will increasingly be “targeted” for disruption and deterioration. No thanks.

      • allen ols

        I think gina is g 500 in disguise, trying to make everyone mad to get them to vote trump.

        • Greg Hunter

          Allen Ols,
          I actually know G 500 and he’s NOT Gina. (I do not know who Gina really is.)

          • allen ols

            Greg Hunter
            I was pulling Charles leg. 🙂

            • JC Davis

              I all ready told our that bro.

  24. ConcernedAmericanDad

    You’ve been on a nice role-kudos for that! ………… So much has been happening this past week and weekend. Things appear to be escalating. “was looking forward to this one.

    She talked a lot for 47 minutes. Said nothing new. I learned nothing………then she says Trump will need to learn how to work within the bureaucracy……….learn to “get things done” in the corrupt crony system…….so we need someone experienced in ” crony BS^&. !

    I think it’s time someone with no experience in corrupt politics goes in and starts turning over some tables!@#$%^&*

    Also, it is getting really old to hear people saying ” until after the election” ,etc….. we’ve been hearing that sort of stuff for 3-4 elections now.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can see CAD how important the Presidency is. Look at the actions of Obama. Don’t undersell the power of the White House. We are Waaaaay better off with Trump.

  25. RTW

    It’s Sunday morning and here we are again, watching another horrific event broadcast all over the media. The ambush and murder of 6 police officers in Baton Rouge La. Fox News is interviewing every Tom Dick and Harry that they can scrape up on such short notice to get their opinion as to what happened and what is going on in this country. The “Bubble Headed” Blond host is asking all the usual dumb questions and getting the same pat answers. She bristles when her guests entertain the idea that maybe our so-called president is more than partially to blame for what is taking place. The ones who dare accuse him are spot on. He has done nothing over the last, nearly, eight years, but exacerbate this situation that exists today. He began his crusade against law enforcement way back when his buddy was questioned by police and he weighed in prematurely, with his famous statement that “the police acted stupidly”. If that doesn’t set a tone, I don’t know what does. Next was his injecting himself into the Travon Martin shooting, by saying that if he had a son he would look like Travon. Poor Travon, gunned down for doing nothing other than buying skittles and a can of soda. Forget that he was bouncing a guys head off the sidewalk like a basketball. then we’re shown the earliest picture they could find of him to reinforce their narrative that he was just a choir boy out for a walk. These events were just “foreplay” for the main event to come. Ferguson, Mo. This is where the group “Black Lives Matter” was born. Obama has publicly praised them for their organizing skills, which he said had eclipsed his. In my opinion, this group is nothing more than a racist bunch of thugs who have one thing on their agenda and it isn’t the same as Martin Luther King had. We can thank Michael Brown for this uprising. Again the media was quick to paint him as a poor defenseless child who was doing nothing wrong, when he was singled out by a white police officer and shot down in cold blood. Forget the fact that he had just committed a theft and assaulted the owner of the store. Also lost in the translation, was the fact that he fought with the officer, trying to disarm him in the process. Apparently the media, and the prez, chose to take the word of Browns abettor, who told a story of how poor Michael thrust his hands in the air and got down on his knees begging the officer not to shoot. Of course this was all a lie, but that didn’t stop the media from perpetuating it to the point that it is still the mantra today. Giving in to this group and allowing them legitimacy is buying into the lie and allowing this violence to continue and get worse as time goes on. This group feeds off this concoction of lies and pure BS and with funding from “someone”, they are allowed to spew their vitriol and worse. Try getting into a discussion with them and suggest that “All Lives Matter” and see what happens. If they want to be recognized, then I say recognize them as a terrorist organization and treat them as such.

    • Seeking Truth

      Don’t fall into the false narrative of Divide & Conquer. I suggest you follow the money, rather to getting swept up into the emotional roller coaster ride. Who is funding them? A little research would quickly reveal that George Soros, the zionist billionaire, has admitted to supporting BLM. Why is this important to know? Because it reveals what CAF was talking about when she referred to “Mr. Global”. Mr. Global is hell bent on causing maximum chaos in the US thru Divide & Conquer. Mr.Gobal has successfully implemented Divide & Conquer in places such as Syria, Ukraine, Libya, now Europe pitting refugees against Europeans, and now they have the US in their cross hairs! The people in these groups are being used as cannon fodder by Mr. Global because they are easy prey. Don’t become prey yourself!

      • Anne Elliott

        Follow the money and follow the power – now rising in France and other European countries are right wing nationalists who are responding to the cries of the fearful public. The permissive current governments there are priming them for “the dictator to come” who will “save” them from the terror.
        This is how the NAZIs came to power, and today it seems to be a wash, rinse, repeat of the past. Why mess with a successful scheme for ruling the world and starting a war?

        • Paul ...

          Anne … Bob Chapman’s granddaughter Marine La Pene running for Prime Minister of France is no right wing dictator … I personally knew Bob … he was a good and decent man and I have much confidence his granddaughter Marine will be a very good and patriotic French leader and will not bring France to dictatorship!

        • doctorno

          Hillary will maintain the status quo. Trump will be a racist and violent dictator, taking the police surveillance state far beyond the 16 years of Bush/Cheney/Obama. What a horrific choice.

          • Greg Hunter

            Dr. No,
            Trump has 10’s of thousands of people working for him now and in the past. Many are people of color. Why are they not coming out to call him a “racist”? Because he’s not one, and you lie and paint a false narrative just to propel the commie party you adore. All were better off with the Bush economy, at least they had full time work and could make overtime. Not with 29 hour a week Obama Care.

            • Arthur Barnes

              Greg, Bush was no friend of the America workers, he sent millions of jobs overseas just like his father before him, and Clinton before that, etc. Bush is a NWO man pure and simple, and his religion of peace was just a pack of lies as it is now. Simply put, Bush was and is a first class traitor and deserves to be tried as such, Hillary, Obama, Lynch, and Comey as well. Love to see them try and defend their so-called love for this country all the while they send our living jobs to China, Mexico and all the rest. Some day, God willing, the Americans will see their their true colors and hold a legal tribunal prosecuting them all for treason.

              • Greg Hunter

                All good points but one thing Bush did not do was start an expensive healthcare plan (with huge lies) that killed the economy.

                • frederick

                  No what Bush and Cheney did was far worse a huge false flag with 3000 Americans murdered and 2 illegal wars with millions more innocents slaughtered along with the monetary cost to US taxpayers Makes Obama look like a child by comparison Both parties are traitorous

          • Robert Lykens

            Hey dr no, are you seriously trying to say that the “status quo” is something we should desire, hold on to?

            You’re a bigger idiot than…well, other commenters on this site who shall remain nameless.

            • doctorno

              Nope. I said that Trump v Clinton is a horrific choice. Any assumptions beyond that belong to the people who made them.

              • Robert Lykens

                Gotcha. My apologies to you.

            • frederick

              Your not all that bright a bulb yourself Grafique

    • Seeking Truth

      Lastly, I suggest you add Soros to the list of terrorist groups. He will be wanted in several countries, including Russia, for attempting to destroy people and property so he can profit just like he did during WWII when he turned over jews to the nazis for personal profit. This is the real, but hidden terrorist!

      • Paul ...

        Soros is Lucifer’s right hand man … but remember … God’s people have an unbeatable edge … because evil has an “inherent flaw and weakness” … its weakness is that its “evil minions can’t be trusted” … Lucifer’s followers are all “out for themselves” and will do anything for money, fame or glory … even “betray there own” … God’s people simply have to entice some devils to turn on other devils (to destroy the evil in this world) … I bet Hillary (for a proper donation to her Charitable Trust) would hand us Soro’s head on a silver platter … hey firefighters do this all the time “fight fire with fire” … freedom fighters must use the same tactics to destroy evil!!

  26. HankH

    Roger Stone, who is Trump’s own version of James Carville, wrote a pretty good book about politics in the 60’s and 70’s…I’m guessing most of which could be true. It’s pretty damning of the mobbed up Kennedy family (Papa Joe through Teddy) and describes how the mob did their bidding ie, dirty work (which later inspired BillyboyC.), they even delivered IL for JFK though later he unwisely double-crossed them…

    But yes, America pretty much agrees, the Clinton’s, ‘retta and Comey, etc, etc, are all inter-connected and Pure sleaze.

    I have no doubt, Trump will use the office to feather his nest but I also believes he loves (himself and) our country so is head & shoulders better than the Clinton Crime Syndicate

    • Bill

      Seeking Truth: If Soros is motivating BLM to kill cops, maybe the cops should return the favor?????

      • Paul ...

        The better way is for our sheriffs to start “deputizing” thousands of some real “bad ass patriots” and give them the legal authority to begin rounding up the neocons who are behind the “divide and conquer strategy” they are using to tear our Nation apart!

        • Robert Lykens

          A “bad ass patriot” is nothing more than an American who takes his rights seriously!
          I take my rights seriously!

  27. Bill

    GREG; This week the banksters are supposed to issue their earnings report, which one will need to tell the biggest lie???

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes they will but the bailouts and defaults cannot be covered up if they start.

  28. Kim

    Thank you for this interview and the opportunity of an increased level of awareness. The moral decline of our society of anything goes and with the fedral government being above the law, there is quite a global performance occuing right in front of our eyes! The extent of government corruption contines to suprise me, although I am quickly learning to expect it now.
    I appreciate Catherine’s suggestions of learning who is and supporting your sheriff. Also not being distracted by the dishonest hyped up media. To be resilient I am doing the following:
    1. Keeping my faith in the all powerful , all knowing God of love.
    2. Getting out of debt.
    3. Savings in PM.
    4. Getting rid of my personal checking account.
    5. Stocking up on cleaning supplies and canned goods.
    6. Got out my IRA mutual fund.
    7. Cash on hand.
    8. Invested in a large safe for cash, guns, pm.
    9. Realizing the importance of SELF-leadership by seeking what is good, helping the weak, cheer the dishearted, choosing to be a calm stable force. Empowering others by being an example by not complaining, be grateful in all things, all to the best of my ability and sometimes without full understanding.
    10. Developing friendships with likeminded people.

    Just as Brexit suprised everyone, I know there is much that cannot be predicted. I am CHOOSING to respond positively and not react with fear. Thank you Greg and the USA Watchdog community comments for everything!

    • Greg Hunter

      I like your priorities!! Thank you for your comment.

  29. dee garmon

    It is not beginning to look like Arkansas, it is indeed beginning to look like a third world
    country and if Hillary is elected it will be official.

    • Charles H

      Politically – we ARE there.

  30. Doc Casull

    Dear Greg,

    Your interviews with CAF are a tremendous resource. However, Warren Pollock is the best ever & a USA Watchdog exclusive. What happened to the Golden Jackass? Not been on in a couple years, although he regularly gives interviews elsewhere. Was their a falling out? No need to reveal secrets publicly, just wondering. I have to say, wish there was a falling out with that Gerald Celente guy. I know you like him, but he is often wrong and never in doubt. The crash of 2012…never happened. Now, the crash of 2016? Same tired catch-phrases. “Don’t vote?” “Occupy Peace?” Then he stated Saudi Arabia requires $100 oil to “break even” on your last interview. With what? He does not know their budget and really sounds ignorant. No value added. Why don’t you reach out to InfoWars? They would have you on as a guest. You would add great insight into current events and pick up cross over viewers who may have never heard of USAW.

  31. Dan

    Catherine Austin Fitts is arguably the brightest and most intelligent woman in America.

    She has a very well founded, balanced, and comprehensive “360 degree view” of what is really happening behind the scenes in the shadow US government with the globalist elite banksters. Moreover, she is quite articulate and explains such complex matters well enough for the dumbed-down average Jane or Joe to understand.

    Hats off to you madam!

    Bless you for your candidness and courage.

    Already can’t wait to have you back on here.

  32. matt

    Kim. Your spot on. But don’t worry about the debt. One cannot get blood from a stone. When it blows, it’s gonna blow.

  33. rahrog

    Go Catherine! It IS up to the people indeed! SECEDE from the fedgov. DECLARE INDEPENDENCE!!! SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE!!! The people have the right, and the duty, to leave the lawless cesspool of DC & the debt/war mongers of NYC in the past.

  34. ross

    I cannot accuse Catherine of being an alarmist.The only way to stop this collapse is to have a debt jubilee and end the debt money creation system.Helicopter money won’t work because it will create enormous inflation and kill confidence in spending.

    Those in charge of the system won’t do the right thing, so prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    • frederick

      Debt jubilee are you joking Do you actually believe these psychopaths would actually give up voluntarily and not take everyone down with them before that? I know they NEVER would

      • ross

        Frederick had you read my last sentence, you would have seen that we agree.” Those in charge of the system won’t do the right thing.” I cannot fathom why our humanity is so lacking in common sense and ethical standards. Will we rise above this debauchery which is destroying our civilisation ? I really don’t know.

  35. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for the video. After watching this interview all I could think of was An expression from a sermon by John Donne. Donne says that because we are all part of mankind, any person’s death is a loss to all of us: “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

  36. DLC

    On “supporting your sheriff.”

    My sheriff is Joe Arpaio. You know how much influence he has had to prevent the infiltration of Phoenix by various elements, illegals out the ying-yang? ZIP.

    Same for Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, the outspoken black sheriff you see so often on the networks. Don Lemon of CNN talks to Sheriff Clarke like he is some kind of cockroach. Every attempt is made to discredit and bully the outspoken into silence.

    As of October, we will have a female black police chief from Oxnard, CA. What are the odds she is a flaming liberal progressive? Our mayor is a liberal. Who do you think will get credence, positive news exposure, and have the say over local matters? The proper order of things means nothing to a progressive.

    When you vote for lawless politicians, you are asking to be stepped on. Name me a democrat run city that has not been run right into the ground.

    I used to attend school in Atlanta in the late 1960s. It was a very clean, cosmopolitan, thriving city. I could run around the downtown area (Rich’s and such) by myself after classes. It is hard to believe how a handful of greedy progressive idealogues can gut out a city such as Atlanta used to be.

    Ken Hamblin, the “Black Avenger,” who had a radio show out of Denver, used to say: “Show me a city run by a Democrat, and I’ll show you Beirut. Show me a city run by a black liberal, and I say ‘God help you, start packing.'” Liberals produce nothing but crime, filth, and poverty.

  37. Jerry

    I’m going to post something that should send shivers down the spine of anyone who takes the time to listen to a one minute clip from the United Nations. There is a reason why we approaching the beginning phases of martial law. I would say at the rate the violence is spiraling out of control, it won’t be much longer before the UN agreement is enforced.

  38. Robert Lykens

    Sorry I don’t have a link for this. I copy-pasted this from an email that was sent to me. Should be able to find it with Google though.

    “First Muslim Woman Judge Carolyn Walker, hand-picked by President Obama, sworn in as judge of the 7 Municipal District, Brooklyn by holding the Holy Quran at Brooklyn Boro hall on December 10, 2015, it was a Historic Day!!
    Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law, I guess she will head the first Federally sanctioned Sharia Court. Kinda makes you proud, doesn’t it?”

    • JC Davis

      I question will she be bound to our laws, or shariah laws ? Our courts would likely support her in a court..

    • frederick

      Theres Grafique again bashing Muslims when another religious group is where the light should be placed Keep drinking that Koolaide bubba

      • Charles H


        Consistant bashing of anti-muslim posters. Plus, you ‘dance’ about suggesting “another religious group” – where light should be placed. Just come out and SAY which group that is, and why light should be placed upon it. Innuendo is poor commentary. And bashing…

        • JC Davis

          Liked Thank you Charles H.

      • JC Davis

        Fred you crossed the line with me. The Quran is the most destructive book in all of history. Hate, and fear of death is the only reason it is still around. You are a punk= uneducated kid. I sought the word to post a link but it is hard to find. . So a punk is a uneducated kid. You have all the proof you need in a mirror.

  39. francis m reps

    Ms. Fitts has wise words when she tells us to take good care of our local law enforcement agencies { particularly the Sherriff’s departments|. She also repeats the obvious about the insane level of corruption pervading our government. She seems to have a bit of difficulty when she answers a direct question with a rambling discourse that is not germain to the questions.. I think she has a lot to say, and provides interesting insights, but unlike Sinclair ; who simply says ” get out of the system ” ; she rambles a lot with a speech pattern that strings her words together so closely and in a monotone manner, that it is really difficult to understand all she is saying. Hugo Salinas Price is your most brilliant guest. Fitts is fine…..but exactly what council is she giving us ??.

  40. Colin

    Im a little confused, she says the Euro banks are “fine”? Am I missing something? Deutsche bank as trading right around $12.50 a share…Thats fine??

  41. Robert Lykens

    Law Enforcement are the good guys.

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke OBLITERATES CNN host Don Lemon.

  42. Robert Lykens

    Every 80 seconds the “official” US debt increases by another $1,000,000.00. The debt now stands at 19.35 trillion dollars, although the US is on the hook for over 102 trillion.

    Will the Republican Party address this terminal cancer at their convention this week? Republicans used to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but their cowardice, greed and closet liberalism have come to the fore in recent years.

    I wouldn’t bet one zinc penny that they have enough concern about the debt to even mention it this week.

    • JC Davis

      Robert when I saw the list of guest speakers mostly politicians that caused our problems my stomach turned.

      • Robert Lykens

        “Politicians” – the deceivers, actors, liars of the world! Hypocrites who stole life and freedom from innocent, free people!
        One day soon “politicians” will be on the run!
        They’d better not run to me!

        • JC Davis

          I so hope they run to me… I got a road for them to build.

    • Arthur Barnes

      The Republicans will mention it, but just like the Demogods they won’t do a damn thing about it. Bush and his religion of peace doubled the debt, Obama doubled that, Hillary will double that, and Trump will talk about it but the elite all know they can’t reduce it, pay it off, or curtail it; Robert, its a run away train, it will crash, who will be in the Out House when it crashes will become the first Dictator or America under a formal declared martial law. Not to be a trouble maker but gold & guns will be illegal and the first declared law of the Martial Law Congress appointed President. Congress will be allowed to stand so long as they rubber stamp the DOA (dictator of america (notice the small a of america, the future correct word grammar in my mind).

  43. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bush and Obama’s religion of peace is at it again, this time in Louisiana, but the MSM won’t tell us that it was a Muslim at the helm again.

    • Robert Lykens

      No problem, Arthur, we know who was at the helm.

      And we’re armed.

    • frederick

      Obama is a mere puppet for the guys behind the curtain (remember the wizard of Oz) don’t kid yourself and the guys on top have NO religion They are Satanists Their religion is one of money and power obviously

      • JC Davis

        The Quran is there bible ! LET IT BE SAID.
        Fred you so disappoint me.

  44. Don

    Dear Greg, really good wrap up. The BLM, and the victim mentality they seem to like to use for attention, finds its roots in the police state mentality the police force. Obama has encouraged this stuff all along. He had meetings with black leaders not long ago, and with Bernie using his campaign to jump start there cause in the political arena, it didn’t take long to escalate to an ethnic war. Obama wants this stuff as a means of support for his anti gun rederick. I think Bill was right, that if Trump is elected, all hell will break loose. Mrs. Lynch recently signed a UN agreement creating a global police force. Another interesting thing that the globalist intend to use in the future. We are in the middle of a globalist takeover, and their form of global police and military force will be used in America. We as Americans are now the main target of the NWO. The economy continues to weaken, along with the continued lying of Obama administration. A lot of people in our society are struggling to the point of a social breakdown. Another reason of the escalating crime and frustration of the blacks which around a million were recently removed from government assistance. Good job Greg, I hold you highly for the truth your willing to report. Lord Bless

  45. Todd


    Lol accept Gina as a compliment. Anyone with a family would wonder how much time a stay at home mom has to come to your site only to expel what little mental energy she has left to contradict.? No, Gina is a paid troll. Congratulations , they are feeling your wrath Greg and are having an effect.

    BTW things are interesting here in Canuckistan. Was at the gunshop in my rural area and saw an old Russian SKS rifle on display. It was all that was left from a couple of cases he got in the week before…….. I think a line is being drawn in the sand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd for the street reporting and kind words from “Canuckistan.”

    • Bill

      DON: RE the federal police force. Ms Lynch is targeting the Sheriffs of this nation who have total and complete control over their jurisdiction. The Sheriffs can kick the federal cops out. That worries Lynch and her fellow henchmen. Support your local sheriff. How do you think Sheriff Arpio keeps doing what he is doing, they cant touch him. Again, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF.

      • Don

        Bill, didn’t intend to make anybody believe that a global police force is being used here now, but meant sometime in the future, and yes the local sheriff by law carry more authority. The Lynch deal was a matter of framework for the future, where the global government intends to use multinational police force married to existing. Doesn’t mean its taking place now. Just some time in the future, since there intention is revealed by Lynch’s participation.

      • helot


        Oh, you mean the sheriff’s who are joined at the hip with the Feds as they both divvy up the spoils from asset forfeiture? Somehow, they are different in this other matter?

      • Paul ...

        All our local Sheriffs should be thinking about who they want to deputize to put a posse together to go after the bank robbers … retired veterans, police officers and other patriots … that’s how we did it in the Old West and America became a great Nation by standing up to the thieves and crooks … once the bank robbers put the sheriff in their pocket they could walk into any bank steal our money and not be charged with a crime … we need sheriffs in every town who have moral principles they live by … people who are patriots and love their country and won’t turn traitor for any amount of money offered to them by the bank robbers!

  46. pat the rat

    I love my numbers I truly do, but I hate what they are telling me. What my numbers are telling me is that sooner or later that a crash is coming ,and it is going be a big one! Bad numbers will come back and bite you in the ass one day, and these are really bad numbers.

    • Robert Lykens

      10-4, pat the rat.
      That’s why we’re “preppers”!

  47. Robert Lykens

    He’s at it again…

    “Key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program imposed under an internationally negotiated deal will ease in slightly more than a decade, cutting the time Tehran would need to build a bomb to six months from present estimates of a year…”

    • frederick

      Iran is NOT the country we should be worried about They had nothing to do with the 911 attacks and don’t have our country infested with traitorous parasites do they? WAKE up

      • Charles H

        Just because Iran had nothing to do with 9/11 – doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about. Avowed enemy of Israel and the USA: if they develop the nuclear bomb, and deploy it into out backyard: that’s NOT a problem?

      • JC Davis

        Who is to say Iran had nothing to do with 911??? The truth is just now starting to come out.

  48. Paul ...

    Thanks to advanced technology the neocons of the world are coming under intense scrutiny … their evil games are almost over … we’ve caught skull and bones neocons on camera dressed in black robes worshiping a statue of Lucifer and roasting what looks like babies testicles in their barn fires … the rest of the baby parts are sold to Pepsi (to better flavor their soda) … it’s a cunningly evil way for the neocons to make “us” part of their evil crimes against humanity … but it isn’t working … Pepsi sales are falling off a cliff!! …

    • Paul ...

      Monsanto’s genetically modified foods are next on the “damnation list” of products … any fruit or vegetable “without seeds” is an evil neocon creation (designed to rob us of our food growing ability and thus impose their total control over the world population) … but God’s people see you evil neocons “very clearly” … and we are just beginning to mount a worldwide campaign to avoid all your evil spawn (without seeds)!!

      • Paul ...

        Some may call it hate … it is more like “incredible disgust” at the arrogant gall the Lucifer worshiping neocons have taking the “seeds of life” out of our watermelons, grapes, lemons, limes, etc, etc. … it is a direct slap in the face of Almighty God … who’s name they won’t allow to be spoken in our schools or when making the pledge to this once great Nation … and for these “evil food creations” you neocons spawn and the death and destruction you bring to our world (killing women and children in your never ending wars) … we God’s people … and God himself will bring punishment down upon you all!

  49. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Wow I can’t believe CA Fitts concluded that the most important mechanism for divide and conquer by the government is pitting women against men. She’s the only woman I’ve ever heard outside of the MRM observe that and have the courage to say it. Besides Doug Casey, Fitts is the only other person outside of the MRM who tried to relate the adversarial relationship between men and women as it is engineered by governments to the greater economy. Trafficking children in the US (as achieved by family courts, child support enforcement, child protective services, attorneys, judges, guardians ad litem, law enforcement, etc…) is a trillion dollar a year industry in the US (60-billion dollars a year are transferred annually from men to women). Arguably the largest industry in the history of the world. And most people don’t even acknowledge this 800 lb gorilla in the room.

    1/62 Feminism is a hate movement characterized by women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating conscientious and hard-working men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power

    2/62 Condemning feminists is not the same as condemning women or hatred of women (it’s not misogyny) but is condemning a primitive and uncivilized form of social organization founded upon persecuting, enslaving and exterminating men (misandry)

    3/62 Feminists are psychopaths and (a) lack conscience, empathy, remorse, shame and guilt, (b) demonstrate no analytical skills or logic, (c) are glib, insincere and disingenuous, (d) are solipsistic, parasitic, opportunistic, manipulative, deceitful and duplicitous, (e) are irresponsible and blame others for the consequences of their own behavior, (f) lie compulsively and pathologically, (g) are short-sighted and unable to plan ahead, (h) have an inflated sense of entitlement, (i) demonstrate no agency, (j) are hypocrites and believe the rules apply to everyone except them, (k) contribute nothing for solution to problems except telling others what to, (l) make themselves look good by making others look bad, (m) are uncivilized animals and depend upon constant affirmation by others of their existence, (n) are authoritarian and demonstrate no independent thought, (o) interpret complaint about their crimes as evidence of their success in oppressing others which only encourages them to impose more, (p) persecute those who object or refuse to cooperate with their crimes, and (q) demonstrate childish and primitive defense mechanisms

    4/62 Women are allowed to vote presently, have agency and must be held responsible and accountable for their choices so don’t blame laws, courts, governments, culture, hormones, circumstances, stress, men or anything else for the choices women make

    5/62 States, family courts and their officers, officers for agencies of Child Support Enforcement, Guardians ad Litum, representatives of the Divorce Industry, case workers for Child Protective Services, feminists, the Legal Lobby, other special interest groups, and many others encourage mothers, other women and feminists to make false allegations of domestic violence, rape, child abuse and other crimes against innocent men

    6/62 Women are responsible for most domestic violence, child abuse, rape and many other crimes but most of those who have been accused of, charged for, convicted of and punished for all these crimes are men (this from myriad scientific manuscripts by scholars including Drs Daniel Whitaker of the Center for Disease Control and Murray Straus from the Univ of NH, PASK, the US Dept of Justice, the Heritage Foundation and other official and authoritative sources)

    7/62 Remember The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

    8/62 During the past forty-six years in the US, more than forty-million children have been separated forcibly from more than twenty-five-million fathers, more than half those instances rationalized by false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against the men (see PASK, the US Dept of Public Health and Human Services, Taken into Custody: America’s War Against Fathers, Children and the Family by Dr Stephen Baskerville, and many other official and authoritative sources)

    9/62 During the past fifty years, more than one-third of adult women in the US have defrauded criminally an innocent man using just the one mechanism of divorce and child support but during the fifty years prior almost no men divorced their wives, collected child support from them and/or denied them access to their children (see the US Dept of the Census, the US Dept of Public Health and Human Services, the Heritage Foundation and many other official and authoritative sources)

    10/62 There are many other legal, political, social and financial mechanisms by which women defraud men criminally (VAWA and Title IX for instance permit women to make false allegations against innocent men with impunity and with no evidence, denying men their fundamental rights to due process)

    11/62 After fathers and children have been separated forcibly, states award custody to mothers, order fathers to pay child support exceeding cost of raising the children by many multiples and that which fathers should and can pay by many multiples more and then exchange the child support and federal subsidies attached to laws like VAWA and Title IV-D with mothers, other women and feminists for votes and absolute power (see Taken into Custody: America’s War on Fathers, Children and the Family and many articles by Dr Stephen Baskerville, The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments by Dr William Comanor and excellent chapters and other articles by Dr Sanford Braver, and many other official and authoritative sources)

    12/62 Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s but my children don’t belong to Caesar

    13/62 Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating honest, hard-working and responsible men in exchange for votes, money, political expedience and absolute power

    14/62 This dynamic inspired Benjamin Franklin approximately 260 yrs ago to write: “Those who would give up essential liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither security nor liberty.”

    15/62 “For these are the sort of men who creep into houses, and lead silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.” 2 Timothy 3:6

    16/62 Feminists use absolute power to broadcast propaganda and lies that they have greater need for health care even though science and facts show that more men die and die earlier than women of all leading causes of mortality except breast cancer (support for this fact can be found almost anywhere)

    17/62 For example, feminists (including representatives of the Nat’l Organization for Women) lied to Congress that more funding needs to be directed to study of cardiovascular disease among women because more women than men die of it after the age of sixty-five, omitting the simple and obvious facts that most people who die of cardiovascular disease are men before the age of sixty-five and that the only reason more women suffer from cardiovascular disease after the age of sixty-five is that most men are already dead and women outlive men by more than six years, which supports the need for more funding of cardiovascular disease (and almost all other agents of mortality) among men and not women. . . .

    . . . . 62/62 These facts and conclusions are supported by and may be cross-referenced and verified by analyzing objectively data from the US Dept of the Census, US Dept of Public Health and Human Services, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, the Heritage Foundation, US Dept of Justice, Depts of Corrections, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nat’l Institute of Mental Health, Nat’l Institute for Suicide Prevention, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost all private and public marketing studies, myriad objective manuscripts published in refereed scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine and journals by the American Medical Association, Taken Into Custody: America’s War on Fathers, Children and the Family by Dr Stephen Baskerville, The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments by William Comanor, and many other official, authoritative and respected sources

    • Faith

      DJ: I don’t know what “MRM” means.

      I actually don’t mind it when people criticize feminism. Many feminists are nothing more than cultural Marxists that have only one goal, to push a hard-left agenda. However, you crossed a line when you went from critiquing feminists and simply started using the single word, “women” in your 62-point diatribe. I am saying your diatribe since there is no link to the source.

      On bullet point 6/62 you say that “women are responsible for most domestic violence, child abuse, rape and many other crimes . . . ” and that statement just cost you all credibility. Let me guess you are a muslem, right? Or just an out-and-out mysogynist? Either way I am surprised Mr. Hunter let you post this drivel. By 6/62 you showed that you don’t have a valid argument for your point of view and that is when you started using outright lies. Shame on you.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Faith –

        “MRM” is the Men’s Rights Movement. Presently, it’s the largest civil rights movement in the history of the world (but you’ve never heard of it because it’s not politically correct and it isn’t a tool used by governments for subjugating their populations). It began in earnest during the past ten years because during the past 100 yrs in the US, men have been condemned incrementally to 2nd and then 3rd class citizenship (if they’re citizens at all anymore). They are nothing but slaves.

        I am receptive to your concern about distinction between criticizing “women” and “feminism”. I’ve done a good job making that distinction in my post. I was clear in my intent from the outset. I’m criticizing women for their failure by their own actions to constrain feminism and its consequences. I’m not condemning women. I’m condemning feminism.

        That being written, feminism is: women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiescing by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. And your government(s) are distracting everyone with imaginary rape culture, imaginary racism, imaginary discrimination against LGBT’s, imaginary terrorism, etc…

        That’s what’s happening. It’s what feminism is and always has been. Distracting from reality with chronic victimhood. How they’ve always manipulated populations and their governments. Ignoring the active participation by women in this dynamic doesn’t make it go away. Or any less destructive.

        All objective studies (by both qualified researchers; men and women) support the conclusion that women are responsible for most domestic violence (approximately two-thirds – and that most domestic violence by men is actually defense of self or children, and most domestic violence by women is because her feelings are hurt). The only sources that suggest otherwise are examples of blatant propaganda (by NOW or other feminist organizations). Laws like VAWA allow women to make false allegations of rape, domestic violence and child abuse against men routinely without evidence and with impunity. Denying men their Constitutional rights to due process.

        And that’s just concerning intimate partner (domestic) violence. When you consider sibling violence, abuse of elders, child abuse (and other kinds of family violence), then women are responsible for not just most domestic violence (ie two-thirds) but almost all “family violence” (> 95%). The only studies which conclude that men are responsible for most family violence are ones funded by the Nat’l Organization for Women and similar feminist groups.

        As far as my comment and Mr Hunter allowing it to be posted, I’m grateful for him doing so, and there isn’t anything objectionable in it so I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t post it (except that it’s long). They are mostly facts and data conveniently cross-referenced and verified and supported by objective analysis (for anyone who has the initiative to do so). I’ve included very little editorial or opinion.

        I didn’t post my comment because I thought you’d like it. I don’t threaten anyone with violence, I don’t insult anyone (including women – despite your interpretation otherwise – and condemning criminal, irresponsible and/or unconscionable behavior even if it’s by women isn’t insulting, it’s condemning criminal, irresponsible and/or unconscionable behavior – just because it’s women who are responsible doesn’t mean it’s OK). Everything in the post is relevant to much of current events and most people are ignorning it because it’s not politically correct. But until they do acknowledge and understand it, then any of these problems will not be fixed.

        And to put a fine point on it, Faith, although feminists don’t want anyone to know, many women (if not a majority) agree with and support my post in its entirety. You’d be surprised. Fundamental to fixing all problems with our government is exorcising from it the fraud that feminism is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr Darryl,
          Feel free to comment but they must be much shorter to keep the site flowing. Please don’t be angry I wrote this.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            Thanks so much, Greg, for an opportunity to comment. You provide a great service, and interview many knowledgeable and experienced scholars. Some of my favorites are Rob Kirby, CAF and Dr Paul Craig Roberts (oh, yes, and Nomi Prins). But they’re all great and I’ve learned a lot from you and them. It’s comforting to know that other people in this world are able to ascertain and make sense of so many facts, data and evidence. Sorry my comment was long but sometimes given the gravity of our subject, brevity is difficult. Keep up the great work!!

          • JC Davis

            I feel like I am scrolling threw a big fat book on Sunday night . The test is on Monday morning.

        • Hilde

          Dr Jewett,
          No, you did not do a good job making that distinction in your post. The post clearly said:
          “13/62 Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating honest, hard-working and responsible men in exchange for votes, money, political expedience and absolute power.”
          I am sure Men’s Rights Movement have a lot of good things about it, and that many men have been very discriminated against and treated unjustly. I am sorry if you have had a bad experience with the justice system, but you have IMO fallen into the trap of generalizing and spewing out hatred against women in general.

        • MCasey

          “MRM” (Men’s Right Movement) appears to simply be the male version of Feminism….call it “Meninism”.

          Initially, DJ did disguise his attack on women as anti-feminism, but quickly substituted the word “feminist” with “women”.

          DJ’s anger towards women betrays him in 4/62, 5/62, 6/62, 9/62, 10/62, 11/62 and most egregiously in 13/62.

          I hope DJ finds a way to get that 800 lb gorilla out of his room.

        • Faith

          Let me quote you: “6/62 Women are responsible for most domestic violence, child abuse, rape and many other crimes . . .”

          That is a lie. Unless you have evidence to back up such a preposterous claim, which you do not.

          Your claim that you did a “good job” distinguishing between feminists and women is false. You did not do a “good job” at distinguishing any difference, if anything, you muddied the waters and simply threw all women into the feminist pool.

          But go ahead as it seems the Mr. Hunter has given you a green light to spew your venom. For now.

    • Hilde

      Hey “Dr” Jewett,
      Is that you, Josef Fritzl?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Ha!! What are you doing here lol?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        no, I’m not Josef Fritzl…

    • eddiemd

      Good post.

  50. Jak

    I have been watching CAF for the past 3 years on your site and she is definitely opening up and providing a lot more information than she did in those earlier interviews. Very enlightening lady with a lot of wisdom. I think she is on the same wavelength as Warren Pollock. Any chance Warren will be back on soon, Greg? Thanks for your hard work and tremendous interview guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jak.
      CAF knows its bad and I have never seen her this bearish. No matter what, this blow between now and 2017 according to her.

  51. anthony kujawa

    Thanks for “working on” that MP3 download of your shows, Greg.

  52. Robert Lykens

    Here’s a story about a young Venezuelan couple crossing into Colombia to buy food.
    The items that were like “treasure” to them?

    Rice, toothpaste, detergent, and sacks of sugar.
    “It’s like Disneyland” said the husband.
    “They decided to skip the flour and sugar, instead choosing 10 packages of the cheapest pasta. They went for cloudy soy oil instead of the more expensive canola.”

    Democrat Party/Leftist/Liberalism/Socialism Obama/Clinton policies in action.

  53. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “The entire country now looks like Arkansas . . .
    There’s are reason for successes of Clintons, Walmart, Tyson Foods, etc.
    They were all brought up during their formative years under Winthrop Rockefeller, former governor of Arkansas. Look it up yourself. Sometimes The Dragon Wins.

  54. Coalburner

    I think CAF is a great interview Greg;
    I want to add to some comments about her remarks. One of the most important things she said was about your local Sheriff’s Department. Try to get a good one in your county. We have seen these Sheriff’s stand up for the people like few politicians and they are very important. Look at Arizona, more than one border Sheriff has been ringing the bell to warn us for the last eight years. Look at some of the Sheriff’s who show up for Trump and to tell straight talk about what is happening. These Sheriff’s have emboldened city Police Chiefs, particularly the Dallas Chief to stand up and call out the powers who are trying to create a race war. We dont need one and dont want one. Sanity is being shouted by these guys and they need our support. A few years ago when Obama tried to pen a destruction of our second Amendment the national Sheriff’s organization told him and the power hungary clowns of Washington and the NWO that they opposed it and would not enforce any such crazy orders. We have a good one in Valencia County New Mexico and several adjoining counties.
    And that is just one subject. Keep having her back, I will replay that interview several more times.

  55. Matt Berthelot

    God’s Kingdom—A Government With No Corruption!

    You got agree that if human society is corrupt, then any government that is a part of it will inevitably be corrupt? If that is the case, then a government free of corruption must come from outside human society. The Bible describes just such a government—God’s Kingdom, the government for which Jesus taught his followers to pray for.—Matthew 6:9, 10.

    God’s Kingdom is a real government that rules from heaven. It will replace all human governments. (Psalm 2:8, 9; Revelation 16:14; 19:19-21) Among the blessings that the Kingdom will bring to mankind is the elimination of government corruption.

    THE PROBLEM: Human governments are funded by their citizens, most likely, often through taxes and duties. This flow of money tempts some officials to steal, while others accept bribes from individuals who want them to reduce their taxes or other payments due the government. A vicious circle may result—the government raises taxes to make up for such losses, and this in turn fosters more corruption. In an environment like that, people who are honest may suffer the most.

    THE SOLUTION: God’s Kingdom receives its power from the almighty God himself! (Revelation 11:15) It does not need to collect taxes to pay for its operation. Instead, God’s “awe-inspiring power” and his unselfish generosity ensure that the Kingdom will abundantly provide for the needs of all its subjects.—Isaiah 40:26; Psalm 145:16.

    THE PROBLEM: The effort to eliminate corruption “must start at the top,” observes Susan Rose-Ackerman,*. Governments lose credibility when they try to eradicate corruption among police or customs officers while tolerating it among high officials. And even the most ethical human ruler is subject to inherent imperfection. As the Bible says, “there is no righteous man on earth who always does good.”—Ecclesiastes 7:20.

    THE SOLUTION: Unlike imperfect humans, Jesus Christ, whom God has selected to be Ruler of the Kingdom, cannot be tempted into doing what is wrong. Jesus showed this by rejecting the most massive bribe ever offered—“all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.” Jesus was promised this in exchange for one act of false worship to the ruler of the world, the Devil. (Matthew 4:8-10; John 14:30) Even when Jesus was being tortured to death, he was so determined to maintain his integrity that he refused a drug that would have dulled the pain but might also have left him without full command of his senses. (Matthew 27:34) Now raised back to heavenly life by God, Jesus has proved that he is fully qualified to rule over the Kingdom.—Philippians 2:8-11. . . . . . .

    *Government corruption has deep roots. Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman, an expert on the subject of anticorruption, wrote that reform would require “fundamental changes in the way government does business.” While the situation might seem to be hopeless, the Bible shows that even greater changes are not only possible but also certain to happen.

  56. Tommy

    CAF says, “if you look at all the things that are happening in this country that are lawless, none of them could be happening if you had an honest media” This single statement sums up the predicament that we find ourselves in today. None of this crap would have flown under the media radar 30+ years ago. But today they not only ignore what is going on, they are willing accessories.

    • frederick

      They are dishonest bought out presstitute traitors I guess the quality of mankind has just been degraded in general Look at the politicians bankers lawyers and even medical people My father was an old school dentist drove an old VW beetle and treated many people for free if they were poor That doesn’t happen today or if it does it is VERY rare Dr Ron Paul is a true humanitarian from what Ive read

  57. Mike from the North

    Aloha from the state of Hawaii….

    Trick question…
    What will ultimately be the greatest value..

    a sock full of paper currencies or a sock full of gold and silver coins…..

    buy while you still can because soon demand will overrun supply.

  58. Donna

    Catherine was talking about local rule of law through elected sheriffs .Obama is bypassing election by going under the fence with non elected EPA officials.

  59. TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Ben Carson: Hillary’s Mentor [Saul Alinsky] Supported Lucifer

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