USA Communist – China Nazi – Warren Pollock

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says if you look beneath the veneer, the USA and China function much differently than their stated forms of government. Pollock explains, “Now, we have melded the organs of state that we need to run a country with our corporations. They are one in one, hand in hand. So, the FAA and Boeing are tied at the hip. Tobacco companies and the FDA are tied together. . . . Then we have technical failures because of that, and we have a big bureaucracy. That is all functional communism. . . . Communism ignores fact. It is fact resistant, and that is what communism is. The housing market is fact resistant. Bitcoin is fact resistant. The news is fact resistant, and you have people that are fact resistant people. If you confront them with a fact, they look at you like you are crazy.”

Pollock says this is why government in America and part of the society functions like it is “incompetent.” Meanwhile, China is practicing something more like the Nazis (National Socialists) of 1930’s Germany. According to Pollock, “This is way more dangerous.”

Pollock goes on to say, “We are willing to pay off our people (with goods manufactured cheaply in China) and give them these copper handcuffs where they are tied to our system of governance and enslaved by it. Their minds are enslaved by it, they’re bodies are enslaved and they are happy to be enslaved. That’s where we are in this country. Then, off in the distance, as we are being incompetent, greedy, decadent and lazy, we have a country (China) that wants to take over the world. They are going to use a blitzkrieg of 5G to do it.”

Pollock asks, “Who benefits under Nazism? Domestically in China, party members do. Here in the U.S., corporations and owners of those corporations, both foreign and domestic billionaires. It’s all temporary benefit. We have sold out our soul for something temporary. The people in the Nazi Party, they get to control their population totally. Welcome to China! Every single element of Nazism is occurring in China: crybaby bullying, being the victim of prior wars and history, accrued grievances of the past, racial imperatives, nationalistic fervor, scoffing at international law, total control of information, 1,000 year Reich, ethnic cleansing, absorption of geography on hereditary right, leadership structure, and then the Blitzkrieg using technology and other methods. There is no Churchill. So, we are the lazy incompetents like pre-WWII. Nazism in China grows. What happened to Russia during WWII? It was decimated. They lost more people than any other country during WWII.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Warren Pollock for an eye opening interview on the actual state of the USA and China that the mainstream media will not warn you about.

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After the Interview: 

Warren Pollock has no website, but he provides his analysis free of charge to viewers.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the upload. I’ll listen tomorrow as today we are making up box gardens to grow herbs and vegetables.
    Cool down south so it’s the perfect weather. Fires a plenty higher up the country and definitely sad to see the loss of life and homes.
    Australia is in a position that scares me to the bone, although I don’t fear anything really, spirituality and connecting to the universe is comforting.
    The influx of cashed up Chinese is what the Government wants here and trade with China something we can’t compromise. Albeit to the detriment of current citizens who are slowly becoming a impoverished minority. I see that in China there are plenty of people in poverty and they too can easily have their property, possession and even their lives confiscated. We only see the cashed up mainland Chinese arriving here in huge numbers, at the moment there are something like 10 million, millionaires trying to get in.
    On the military and defence front, we are and need to commit to our allies and hope the US have our best interests at heart.
    Part of me thinks the elite from all nations are conspiring to complete their objective of a One World Government.

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      Pray for God’s Kingdom to come, with Christ as King. So things can be done on earth as it’s done, in the unseen heavens. So the meek shall inherit the earth and the bully’s, torn away, from it! Sounds like a rapture to me, except you don’t want to be in it! LOL!
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      But the wicked shall be destroyed from the earth: and they that do unjustly shall be taken away from it.
      King James Bible
      But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.
      Darby Bible Translation
      but the wicked shall be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful shall be plucked up out of it.
      Young’s Literal Translation
      And the wicked from the earth are cut off, And treacherous dealers plucked out of it!
      Brenton Septuagint Translation
      The paths of the ungodly shall perish out of the earth, and transgressors shall be driven away from it.
      New International Version
      but the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful will be torn from it.

      I think you get the picture, we win. So don’t fret none!

      • Harvey Wallbanger

        Oh and by the way, Toney. You can find that verse @;
        ◄ Proverbs 2:22 ►

        • Anthony Australia

          I do Buddha Harv, be good and thanks anyway Mate.

          • Self Exiled

            So do the Chinese , and I think he’s still dead.

            • Anthony Australia

              Pardon, dead? Blasphemy Mate

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you not remember the parable of the servant that was given much and put it in the ground? He was severely punished

        • paul ...

          Millennials accumulating 100 year bonds, 50 year bonds, 30 year bonds, 20 year bonds, 10 year bonds, 2 year bonds, bills and fiat paper is like putting dead seeds in the ground … better to put gold in the ground to preserve ones wealth … but the Bible says the “One True God” wanted us “to use the wealth we were given to multiply our wealth” … what better way to multiply our wealth then by “living longer” … scientists have found that gold has such an ability to renew our body’s cells … as gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties … although we are constantly told by the globalists (that are accumulating tons and tons of gold for themselves) that “we can’t eat it” (likely because we deplorable humans are not yet ready to be immortal beings like the “highly moral” globalists) … however millennials should begin to put a little gold aside … at least for use as an antioxidant and for its anti-inflammatory properties … yes, the Annunaki (and their globalist stooges) may be offend “as they came to Earth to mine all the gold for themselves” … and likely not look kindly on “deplorable humans” (who they want to exterminate) trying to buy some gold to gain immortality by eating of this particular tree of life with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties … but millennials “using it sparingly” along with your chocolate bars may not offend the Annunaki too much but it’s the highly greedy globalists who will likely do everything in their power (from outright confiscation to manipulating the price downward) to stop you millennials from owning it!!

          • paul ...

            Remember how “Nazi China” tried to take away their peoples ability “to multiply their wealth” (by passing a law outlawing having more then one child) … well “Commie America” does it by more devious means … like fluoridating our water to make males infertle, promoting abortion, promoting gay rights, promoting lesbian rights, promoting pedophile rights, etc. … all to prevent people from “having any children” … then the “commies” further the hatred of women toward men … and hatred of men toward women … to drive up the divorce rate between heterosexuals … in an effort to achieve a lower birth rate then even the Nazi Chinese Globalists … and any children “already born” are sent into continuous non-stop wars “to kill them off” … and as for the kids to young to go to war they provide them with opium, cocaine, amphetamines, etc., etc. … all to achieve the reduction in Earth’s population the Globalists need (so they don’t have to print so many fiat dollars that is destroying their ability to keep their monopoly Ponzi scheme going)!!!

            • paul ...

              It is “only a matter of time” … but I expect Demon-rat Gov Cuomo to pass a law “to make it mandatory” to abort all pregnancies when the fetus is seen to be “a girl” … when there is “only men born into the world … the globalist goal of achieving “Zero population growth” will be achieved … why do you think the “commie” schools are now teaching anal and oral sex to our children (it’s not just to have fun)!!

              • paul ...

                And what can the Globalists do about the millennials that drink distilled water, eat non-GMO foods, are anti-war, don’t take drugs, are not queers or lesbians?? … you squeeze them economically “by shipping all the good jobs to China (leave them in low paying jobs and give them “negative Cost of Living Allowances” while producing inflation in food and housing costs, etc. … thus we can keep them living in their Mother’s basement until they are 50 years old and “never able to afford” to get married!!

    • William Stanley

      RE: “box gardens to grow herbs and vegetables”
      You’re on the front line! And a champion of civilization and freedom.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Willy, we are tying to teach the next generation about self sustainability, at the same time avoiding the TV much as possible.

    • Rob

      Warren said it best at 21 minutes:”The USA with the world through billion dollar corporations are selling its soul for the temporary.”:

      Corporatism best describes “Mystery Babylon” who is the USA and its mother western Europe who control the world through their corporations and banking system headed by the BIS and their beast tentacles in almost every country of the world:

      It is all part of a plan spelled out thousands of years ago:

      2 Corinthians 4:18 while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

    • Dieter Volke

      Its not communism, its liberal globalist TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER system which have the combined traits of communism nazism fascism independent branches on the stem of extreme TOTALITARIAN system CORBETTREPORT.COM and TECHNOCRACY.NEWS and SOLARI.COM for deep dives into whats going on.

      • Self Exiled

        TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER CORPORATE NATIONS : no boundaries, under no laws, leaders are unknown.

    • Ronnie

      Spend your money on S400 or S500.
      Australia is full of..”dig up or pump up,” resources. Just ask Syrian war refugees how it felt getting 4D chess…bombed then their major revenue source robbed so they cannot go home to a functioning country.
      Read history with your eye wide open. Rome,Britannia & USA.. destroy, rape , pillage and profit.
      Humans are the lowest species in the Galaxy . We are not alone in the universe because we are special. It is because no civilised, advance people want to come here.
      Humans track record proves we will continue until we destroy the planet. Unless God tears it down and starts again.

    • VEE3

      I bought a Book you may be interested in. It is called “The lost book of remedies” by Claude Davis. It’s about herbs. Might be worth a look for you. Good Luck. VEE3

  2. Ghosts of Dachau

    Mr. Pollock is a very necessary truth tonic for the gold community, which for too long has been led astray at times by the likes of Trump-mocking Peter Schiff and China & Iran propagandizer Jim Willie who constantly preaches the splendors of China’s Belt & Road Initiative. Such people have foolishly advertised China as the financial ally of goldbuggs in the West.

    Wake up. There are huge, operational concentration camps in China, and they recently constructed nearby crematoria. It’s the movie Schindler’s List on a hi-tech, AI industrial scale in China.

    We in the gold community need to hear more from these humanitarians, Pollack and Kyle Bass.

    • William Stanley

      Ghosts of Dachau,
      1. Kyle Bass is a favorite of mine, too.
      Still, although I agree with you that the Belt and Road initiative is a huge threat to the entire world, I enjoy Jim Willie, as well.
      2. Please forgive this quibble about phrasings of thoughts: I prefer to think of myself as a member of the “reality-based” community rather than of the “gold community,” since respect for the merits of gold is just one manifestation of our mutual respect for reality (and truth). I assume you might agree.

    • paul ...

      G of D … You say: “There are huge operational concentration camps in China nearby recently constructed crematoria” … Pollock says: “China wants to take over the world blitzkrieging the West with of 5G and creating a 1,000 year Reich dictatorship through ethnic cleansing and that we Americans are simply incompetent “commies” (greedy, decadent and lazy) that when confronted with such facts look at you like you are crazy” … so what emerges is there are people worldwide intent on the complete destruction of humanity everywhere (it is not just an “American Demon-rat” problem) … these Demon-rats (better known as evil-Globalists) are a world-wide problem and they have been choosing American Presidents for a long time … up until now!!

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The fact that Communist China has more of a National Socialist State economic model and is similar to NAZI Germany, except of course they are not anti-Semitic, where as Hitler was. To my knowledge, there are no Jews in China and never were either. Instead, the Chinese government is anti-Muslim or any other group, including the Catholic Church, seen as any possible political threat.

      Just like Pope Pius XII in Germany during the war, the Catholic Church must cooperate with the state and can not officially oppose their host country. So, If you cross their line, you are literally toast.

  3. J Medina

    Thank you for having Mr. Pollock as a guest.

  4. Ronnie

    America will not last long enough to become communist. If the Democrats win in 2020 the USA spins so fast it explodes.
    Trump wins in 2020 and continues stealing other folks oil and assets…..its not an alternative option.
    Forget China: New York sell the blood of the aborted babies to make rich old people look younger.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cohan is spot on….American judgement is coming.
    Another excellent guest. The truth is awful.

    • Richard Mooney

      True, America is lost and soon to be assigned to the great dustbin of history, all because we lost our soul and abandoned God, the true source of our blessings and greatness.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Even on the eve of his inauguration, President Washington warned a young America what would happen if we ever forgot about God. We are now experiencing the reality of a secular government and culture. Corruption is now in-our-faces, vis a vis the “Deep State” and their ongoing Coup against President Trump ( Impeachment Hoax, Russia Hoax, compliant Media ).

        We are in decline and the blessings we have (collectively) grown to regard as our entitlements or birthright can be removed at any time. The ongoing process of reduction is a slow-bleed, but there have been a number of “Harbingers”, such as 9-1-1 Terrorist Attack.

        We just disregarded the warning and our politicians defiantly pressed -on, simply ignoring God. That can’t be expected to last forever or work in our best interests. China will eventually “eat our lunch” and we unwittingly served ourselves up for them on a golf tee, as well.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah… Forget China… Orange man bad…
      Says the NPC

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Drinking too much Kool-Aid is bad for your health too.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks again: another wonderful interview.

  6. Jack

    I think Warren is mostly right. To my mind all our Govts want total control and believe that too many people are causing climate change and are a blight on their planet thus must be culled. There is no better vehicle to achieve this than the communist model in which ideology eliminates logic and compassion. As Edward G Griffin notes , collectivism eliminates individual rights for the greater good. The greater is good is the power of the few , to have absolute power.

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree however I am troubled by his attitude of no resistance and just let it play out

      • K.Wayne

        Pollock realises that the “machinery” has infected the globe to such an extent that it is the system which is not capable of being unwound or have its course altered. In summary … Pollock believes it is futile. Enjoy life to the fullest …..while you still can. That is our God given right.

      • jack

        Yes. Warren in this interview seems fatalistic. To my mind freedom of the human spirit is paramount. If there is no freedom or love, there is no point to existence.

    • Self Exiled

      The only government I’m looking forward to is a Theocracy. All man mad governments fail.

  7. PCP

    Intetesting WP.

    • John Eshleman

      Socialism in America would be going backwards.we’ve been under hard core communism and were well into our second century of communism..communism the end game is revolution ending in mass murder of several hundred million Americans including others who are foreigners there here now and many more are coming..this country has been subverted and infiltrated since at least1650.dr tony martin has several videos exposing the beginnings..and Dennis wise has at least 3 videos documenting our problems since at least the owners of the federal reserve act of 1913..the infiltration of Congress to where there vote to abolish our constitution under the congressional act of 1871 replacing our constitution with a corparation of the district of Columbia.the constitution signed in 1787 never even made it a hundred years..Maine in 1812 passed our original 13th amendment and a few weeks later the British shown up again to burn our archives at that time every thing was kept in the masonic built white’s a few movies to help break down the denial that most amerikans dont even know they have….nwo communism by the backdoor…europa the last battle…the secret masonic victory of ww2….adolf Hitler the greatest story never told….Holodomor…..hellstorm….keep an open mind heres another…..the holocaust deprogramming the religious dogma in Jewish books and encyclopedia says the state of Israel can never happen until 6 million jews disappear thru a burnt offerings of holocaust.holocaust definition is burnt offerings so we have the creation of the religious beliefs faustered apon the world thru there control of goverments AROUND the world thru there usery money scams control of nearly all mass media that controls the narrative of social engineering the hungalian dialectic the mind control and brain washing by there tavistock institute there destruction of morality thru the Frankford school.control ..of governments around the world thru money control of 98percent of all info globally.and destruction of family thru immorality from the infiltration of the Vatican theological colleges and so on and so on.freemasonry was the first thing hitler got rid of including the federal reserve system’s that are now in over 200countries.

  8. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Part of me found this interview too depressing. Undoubtedly much of what Mr Pollock said is true but for those who visit this site frequently we know much of what he said already. And as you repeatedly tell us Greg: Fear not…God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are firmly in charge, enabling many of us to identify the enemy. Furthermore, if folk tune into Dave on the X 22 report the enemy knows that the jig is up and that the patriots are well and truly in control. FEAR NOT!

    • Auntie Seize

      I don’t think this is going to go on for the forseeable future as WP says. The fly-in-the-ointment is going to be the phony fiat “money” systems of the entire world as they are ALL coming to the end of their lifecycles. Other storms will exacerbate/reinforce the situation creating a perfect storm to end this evil age.

      I hope what Dave at X22Report says is true. You cannot advertise your real agenda because if you do you will be easily defeated. As Sun Tzu says, ALL warfare is based on deception. When strong appear weak. When weak appear strong. Don’t interfere with an enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself. Etc.

    • Anthony Australia

      Buddha says, ‘No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth’.

      • Self Exiled

        Very true. Christ spoke truth. Killed by the organized church of the day. One of the next separations will be between the organized church and the anointed of God.

  9. Hockey Puck

    Good interview, Greg. Mr Polluck is a brilliant guy and always very insightful. One BIG problem, however: This interview was a Total Negativity Fest… and very, Very, VERY toxic.

    If Mr. Pollock were living in 1779, he’d be bitching and moaning that George Washington was a total loser, and he’d have all the facts to back it up. Pathetic! Is that who we’ve become as Americans? Total losers? Quitters? Whimps?

    I propose a different strategy for ALL your remaining interviews until the 2020 election: GO ON THE OFFENSIVE. Any fool can sit around and bitch and moan. And did I mention stick your head in the sand too? That was Mr. Polluck’s final advice: turn off the TV and chill out. No, that’s not for me, and I don’t think it’s for you, Greg. You are far more courageous than that!

    Let me propose some strategies:

    Strategy #1: Get Steve Bannon on your show, and ask him one pivotal question: How can we who love Freedom mobilize the troops to help Trump win the 2020 election? My point? Go on the offensive! Let’s get proactive!

    Strategy #2: Get Brigadier General Robert Spalding on and ask him this question: Do you think Trump has what it takes to defeat China? What are his strengths? What are his challenges? And, most important, what can we do, as people who love Freedom, to advance the cause?

    Strategy #3: One of Bill Clinton’s brilliant campaign strategies in 1992 was the meme “It’s the economy stupid!”. Well, let’s come up with a better meme, something far more powerful: “It’s the war with China, stupid!”

    Do you realize what’s at stake? America is on the verge of losing its freedom forever! This is no overstatement, Greg! It’s real! China is the most astute enemy America has ever had to face, thanks in large part to the super sophisticated writings of Sun Tzu. America has to wake up! This information and economic war that China has been waging for 25 years is FAR MORE SOPHISTICATED than a military or kinetic war. And so far, we’re losing!

    Yes! There are a million things wrong in America, no question. But there are a million good things in America too. So what are we going to do? Keep bitching and moaning until the cows come home? No! There’s a better way.

    Do you know that Trump can win this trade war? Do you know that Trump can bankrupt the Chinese economy, possibly destroy the CCP because of it, and restore American manufacturing so that we have a healthy economy again? It’s the Elite that is against this vision. And the Elite is controlled by China. That’s why this war is so critical. That’s why the press (controlled by China) is so wacko! And that’s why Trump is so brilliant and so feared.

    Forget about everything else. This war is the only thing that matters. So please, Greg, for the love of God, for the love of Freedom, go on the offensive. We owe it to ourselves. We owe to our children.

    • Hockey Puck

      For those unfamiliar with Steve Bannon and how sophisticated and lethal this information and economic war is, watch this:

      For those unfamiliar with Brigadier Geneneral Robert Spalding and how China has the Elite wrapped around its finger (its middle finger directed at the US) watch this:

      • Freebrezer


        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks, Freebreezer. Here’s the thing: We can win this war and it is our duty to fight it.

          We, even in this forum, are wasting too much time wallowing in despair. Big Mistake!

          • Hockey Puck

            You know what despair is? It’s a contract we make with Satan. It’s where we say “I give you my psyche. Do with me what you will!”

            I know despair. I know it all too well. I lost my company in 2009. I lost everything. So, yes, I know despair. It lasted a couple of years. But in the end, you realize it’s no solution. Either we fight or we die… there is no in-between.

    • Galaxy 500

      “It’s the war with China, stupid!”

      You do not seem to understand how few people care

      • Galaxy 500

        How ever I agree with you on most points. This is not only a war that must be fought but we must win

        • Freebrezer

          G – China has been waging a propaganda war against the West and most Americans have not even been aware! They have infiltrated Disney and ABC and other networks to push the theme the gentle panda giant – Their strategy reeks of Sun Tzu! Wake up Western Countries! Hong Kong is bit the first salvo from China!

      • Hockey Puck

        You’re right, Galaxie. I know how few people care. But this is not so much a problem with America. It’s a fundamental design problem with democracy itself. At the beginning of the republic, only landowners were allowed to vote. This was perhaps an oversight of the Founding Fathers, but near as I know, they decided at the time to allow each state to decide this issue for themselves. Makes sense, given the original vision that was America.

        Why did that policy make sense? Because if you had an investment in America, YOU WERE INFORMED! You had the money, you had the education and wealth was widely dispersed, not like today. Yes there were slaves, yes there were the impoverished. So certainly we can improve on that original vision.

        The tragedy is that most civilizations are composed of blind sheep… people who don’t care. This is not a judgement. It’s simply an observation. So it doesn’t matter what system you are talking about. It’s just a reality with human beings in general. Consequently, one of the pivotal questions we will have to ask in 20 years after the wars have been fought and civilization decimated the world over, is SHOULD SHEEP HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE? Serious! You can’t have a functioning democracy when 80% of the population is composed of sheep.

        What the metrics are in the future, is for a future generation to decide. Maybe it’s only those who’ve served 10 years in the military and demonstrated a willingness to die for their country who have a right to vote? Maybe the military will have the highest standards of education, better than any university today, thus attracting the brightest and most skillful among us and where the merits and risks to freedom are taught, and after their 10 year commitment to this nation, don’t end up with a $100,000 debt, but rather a $200,000 investment pool that is their reward for years of service. It would come with a condition: that this sum be invested in a small business that employs others and builds this country from the bottom up.

        Bottom line: I don’t know. I really don’t. All I know is that when you design a civilization where 80% of the population is ignorant and believes it has some right to live off the fat of the land at everyone else’s expense (i.e. socialism… including corporate socialism), you ultimately design a civilization that will destroy itself.

        • Freebrezer

          H – The scary part is “80% of the population is ignorant and believes it has some right to live off the fat of the land at everyone else’s expense ” If the crop failures continue, which is a very common theme through out History (!) it could get real ugly! Here is a real report it is a bit long but covers a lot!

  10. Jerry

    I accepted the fact, a long time ago that we are living in the last days of Rome. The republic is dead. The senate constantly tries to kill Caesar. And the mobs are distracted in arenas of virtual craziness.
    All we have left is borrowed time, and theft from the future.

    Greg, I submit that we are at the gates of the millennium. There is a new world order coming alright. Only this one is by invitation only. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, that Jesus is the Christ.

    • eddiemd

      The deception is upon the USA. One just needs to look at the fraudulent impeachment and the propaganda media. The future is the antichrist and the false prophet who control the media.

      You are correct.

      Be like Stephen. Full of faith and the Holy Spirit.

      Love, joy, peace, forebearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. The fruit of the Holy Spirit.

      Romans 8:5
      Those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh; but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

      Acts 7:55-56
      55 But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, 56 and said, “Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!”

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth standing at the right hand of God. The Anointed One not sitting but standing and watching closely. The King of kings and Lord of lords. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Alpha and the Omega. The Word. The Son of man. The Son of God. Prince of Peace. Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. El Shaddai. Captain of the Host. Captain of Salvation. Messiah. Redeemer, Savior.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Eddiemd and to your service to The USA. I had friends in Viet Nam. One died in Japan [small arms fire to the back of his head]; another was a Marian along the DMZ, [he disappeared]; another was a gunner on a Loach; [he survived].

      • Jerry

        The impeachment hearing is nothing more than a side show from what’s really happening. Adam Schiff is the main carnival barker. Don’t waste your time watching any of it. Keep your eye on the banks. That’s where the real action is. This past Friday, customers of commerce bank were cut off from their accounts in Missouri , and on Saturday when I went to cash a check at my bank I was required to give PII. I told the girl at the window I had banked there forty years and have never been asked security questions. She said it was a new policy and that she was required to do it.

        • Jerry

          This is what I’m talking about.

          The Chinese bank had people arrested for spreading a so called rumor. Look out Greg.

        • paul jr.

          Just to correct your statement above, most customers of Commerce Bank were not “cut off of their accounts”. Only some were for a short period of time.

        • paul jr.


          Let me ask you this. How much was the check for? Were you depositing the check or taking it in cash? What bank was this at? I am assuming that the girl at the window was someone you did not normally deal with or was a new teller. Usually they ask for my ID if they are a new teller. You said that you were asked security questions. What exactly are you referring to? Giving her your address? Your SS#? Or are you referring to your security questions that are used to access online banking if needed?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, I hardly ever respond to your many comments but this one was the one I had to. I too have believed we have been living in the “last days of Rome”. The Congress no longer functions except to oust President Trump (Ceaser). In my mind, this country is lost is way and won’t find the path back to sanity. I could write a book about how it all began but basically, in a nutshell, it was with the new religion of political correctness which silence the majority and shamed them from have any pride of their own values, culture, religion, nationalism, etc. So, yes, I agree with you, Rome is buring and only He can save us as our political destiny is a third world country with nuclear weapens.

      • Jerry

        I have been accused in the past of cheerleading for doom and gloom, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am looking forward to a new day, when we will be free from Lucifer’s rule on earth, and where we will no longer be a bond slave toiling in dumb anguish to prop up his kingdom. In Lucifer’s empire the banks are nothing more than slave traders peddling a false illusion through their paid whores, the MSM. That day will surely come.

      • Freebrezer

        AB – Gaius Julius Caesar was Killed by the aristocrats in the Senate. Brutus and such represented the big money! Oh how the corrupt bankers greed cause so much destruction!

  11. Montana Guy

    The most crucial point concerning the U.S. and China is not our differences. It is our similarity. Both nations are in the globalist fold. What will the U.S. look like in 10 years? Take a look at the globalists’ model for their New World Order: China.

  12. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for having Mr. Pollack on. I will listen to this interview several times this week. He is a true Wise One.

    There really is no escaping this is there?

    Be informed with programs like this, prepare. Live your life. Seek God while He may be found.

  13. DJW

    The mainstream media in the western world is the single greatest threat to humanity; it needs to be utterly discredited and abandoned. The 1% are able to control the 99% with the media. Whether Trump is a legitimate people’s president who simply cannot operate due to all the corruption or whether the media assault against Trump is a controlled opposition psy-op; either way the handful of corporations that own and control the media must be put out of business or nothing changes. This is a necessity, how does it happen?

    • Self Exiled

      TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER CORPORATE NATIONS : no boundaries, under no laws, leaders are unknown. They have bought up thousands of acres in Brazil, [a soybean farm], thousands of acres in Indonesia [a palm oil farm], in the process of purchasing aces in India thanks to IMF pressure for a cashless society. Eliminating small bills the 2 and 3 acre farmers used to trans act in the markets, to purchase medicine ect. Guess who is purchasing these acres [Cargill] at this time. The next wheat farm. These people know how to plan ahead. My thoughts are: America will no longer be the breadbasket of the world, a sacrifice , eliminated, unnecessary. My Hope: God has intervened though Trump for the elects sake, America was a beacon to the world , a scepter in God’s hand. HE does not forget those who are HIS.

    • K.Wayne

      ….The mainstream media in the western world is the single greatest threat to humanity”….
      Not in the least. We have bigger fish to be mindful of. Those behind those that are controlling MSM are the ones you need to watch. They are pure propagandist tools …. using every technique known to man for thought shaping, mind control and distorting reality. The Luciferians who devised and implemented such techniques, are the ones needing everyone’s focus.

  14. Walter Baumgarten

    Clearly history is once again rhyming if not repeating as Nazism (China) battles Communism (USA), for world domination. For anyone cheering the fall of the Nazi’s in the last go at it, I would remind any and all that what defeated Herr Hitler’s finest was not the Communists, but the Russian Winter. No system of man can stop a juggernaut of Nazism, and before it goes down to defeat and submission, I would bet that the Nazis this time (US) will resort to the nuclear option once again. After all, we ARE the only nation in the history of the planet to use nuclear weapons against an enemy, aren’t we? And we were winning then, not losing like we will be this time. God help us all.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Excuse me, I meant the Communists (US), not the Nazi’s.

  15. Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

    Greg, Your guests are brilliant however, they all are pointing to a spiritual problem in America. We have sold our souls, given away our morality, because evil is expedient and profitable. When people turn from God they have only themselves; that is communistic at the core. They appoint leaders who will coddle and add to their perceived ease of life. The core answer to our problem is spiritual and until we address that there is only one end. Read my book is sent you: Why America Fell.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will all have to get out there and give them some Jesus. We have to pray and millions are doing that. I am not giving up.

      • Paul Anthony

        Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

        One of the best ways we can fight this.. if not the best way .. is to spread this Truth.

        This is how common folks like me and you survive this. When you ask this question to your guest I am sadden that none of they add “look up” he can fix all of this and we can flourish quickly if we can get an awakening going. Not that it invalidates their answers Just think this is just as important or even more so as food and water, Gold and Silver

        Thank You Greg

        Paul Anthony

      • Mark

        Dear Greg,
        If you would indulge me, I would like to re-pot something I wrote after your interview with G Edward Griffin:
        11/07/2019 •
        Dear Hockey,
        To me, the real starting point of being set free from the control of the cartels in this rigged world is to receive the reconciliation God is offering to the world through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Though Satan is the god of this age and the prince of the power of the air who rules through those whom he controls through greed and fear and ignorance, Jesus, a glorified Man, now rules as King of kings and Lord of lords. After having accomplished His greatest work of faith in fulfilling all righteousness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all (Rom.3:21-26) He received the promise of the Spirit (Acts.2:33, Gal.3:14,19,22), which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life-giving Spirit (1Cor.15:45) so that any and all who believe on Him for THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being through HIS FAITH (or His faithfulness, see Rom.3-22 where in the Gk it is literally through Jesus Christ’s own faith.) is born from above (Jn.3:3-6) and receives the Spirit of His Son in their hearts which cries, “Abba, (Papa) Daddy” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6), and is immersed in that same Spirit into the One Body of Christ in Whom we are members one of another (Gal.3:27,1Cor.12:12-13). The ramifications of receiving the Spirit as the blessing of Abraham, which is the promise of the Spirit (Gal.3:14) can be seen in Acts 2, particularly verses 42-47 where we see there was a willful liquidation of assets and distribution of goods among all so that there was no need among those who believed. Also the fact that the Lord chose one, Saul of Tarsus to be the leading minister of this reconciliation to the Gentiles (nations) in making known the mystery of godliness shows His absolute sovereign control over the affairs of man as well as His wisdom and especially, as Paul himself stated, His LONGSUFFERING for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him for eternal life”. (1Tim.1:15-17) which is why I am so thankful to the Lord for His mercy and grace and for all those including Greg and Mr. Griffin and so many others who are willing for the sake of the truth to put their own personal advantage aside and labor for that which has eternal value and brings glory to Him Who gave Himself for a ransom that we all might be set free in the liberty of the joy of that love which He Himself as the Beloved has known in that glory which He had in the bosom of His Father from before the foundation of the world, which is why I say to you Hockey and to Greg and to Mr. Griffin and to all who come here to read and post, who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind. Fear Not!!!
        As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with those of all who come here to read and post and who receive the testimony with God the Father has testified concerning His Son, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” FEAR NOT!!

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You Mark. Amen.

          • Mark

            Dear Self Exiled,
            You are very welcome!! Please see my posts which I addressed to Stutt and Steve after Greg’s interview with Steve Quayle. Fear Not! For God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind!!

    • DJW

      Organized religion is spiritual communism, and communism stifles genuine spirituality as quickly as it does genuine economy. Obedience is not the same as thoughtfulness which is the true origin of morality. If children were taught by thinkers what real money is, they would come to morality far sooner than if they were taught by institutions the rote message to ‘accept Jesus’.

      • Mark

        Dear DJW,
        The same scam by which corrupt “banksters” stole our sovereignty through the substitution of honest money for debased , debt-based and ever de-valuing currency has also occurred in “churches” where “the gospel as “the power of God unto salvation” (Rom.1:16) has largely been neutralized because the “righteousness of God through Jesus Christ’s faith” (Rom.1:17, 3:22) which is “Christ in you the hope of glory” (Col.1:27-28) has been substituted by, and mixed together with tenets from various “isms” including Judaism and Gnosticism which is not anything new.
        It is interesting that you say that “organized religion is spiritual communism” because, if I am not mistaken, the inspiration Karl Marx received for his political theory came from the NT book of Acts chapter 2 where it is recorded that all those who believed “were together and had all things common; and they sold their properties and possessions and divided them to all as anyone had need” (Acts 2:44-45).
        However, what must be pointed out is that this was done on a completely voluntary basis and not through any form of coercion under the threat of personal harm or penalty. It was a direct result of having by faith come into the knowledge and understanding of that righteousness of God which is motivated by the love of God and accomplished by Jesus Christ’s own faith by which He received the promise of the Spirit to be given to all who receive God’s gift of love and believe on Him for that righteousness which has come into being through His faith. (Acts 2:33, Gal.3:19,22).
        Therefore, having received a citizenship which is in the heavens (Phil.3:21) by being born of the Spirit from above (Jn.3:3-6) which is the very Spirit of His own Son sent forth into their hearts (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) and having been immersed by that same Spirit into Christ’s one Body to be made members one of another in Him, (Gal.3:27, 1Cor.12:a12-13) they naturally shared all things in common which relate to life in this earthly temporal sphere so that none among them was in need.
        Obviously, and not surprisingly, the part which got edited out of Karl’s political theory is the part which inspires such a condition to occur as a result of the faith which comes from the hearing of the good news of the reconciliation which God is offering to the world with its hope of eternal life in the joy of that eternal love which is in that eternal glory which the Son in Whom the Father of glory finds His delight has known in the bosom of His Father from before the foundation of the world and which is based on the price that Jesus Christ the Son of God and now High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizidek as Mediator and Guarantee of a New Covenant and Lord of lords and King of kings, paid with His own blood on the Cross of calvary which is why I say to you DJW and to Greg and to all who come here to read and post and who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”!!!

    • JungianINTP

      Dr. Bowers, this describes in non-PC detail where we’re headed:
      – found at –

  16. Mitchell Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Warren, I have talked about this before on my radio show at Revolution Radio. I came to that conclusion in March 2017 and I believe China is not a communist state but a fascist state. China is recovering from the “100 Years of Humiliation” just as Germany was recovering from WWI preceding WWII. The control of the communist state has morphed into a cooperative effort with corporations pushing a Chinese national agenda parallelling those of Germany in the 1930s. I had a short email discussion with UK professor Roger Griffin about China and Fascism in March 2017.

    He disagreed saying, “Communist regimes can be hyper-nationalist, feel existentially threatened, experience national humiliation, have charismatic leaders and terror states but the core myth is still not the fascist rebirth myth based on fantasies of an organic national community threatened by decadence, materialism and pluralism. I think China has evolved into a post-communist state but not a postfascist one, and a fascist state would never have allowed so much decadent materialism with no hope of a new Chinese man and woman or.anything really palingenetic”

    • Mike Mc

      Interesting perspective. I think we all obsess too much about the technical specifics of the labels. It’s all a form and degree of Totalitarianism. The perpetual struggle is simple. Liberty vs tyranny. There has always been, and seems to be, a small subset of people who believe they are entitled to lord over everyone else in some aspect of life.

  17. A. E Jones. JR

    What underlies this tyranny as the guest just described? Many moons ago in my college days we had a visiting professor in Marketing teach at our university. He was billed as one of the most knowledgeable in the country, so I took his class. I remember him telling us something that has influenced my life and way of thinking. He said to always think of the market as a person. Look at what is happening in the market and attribute that to a fictional person, and that will define the market segment. He said when addressing a consumer market in this country always target a fictional character with this thought pattern and you will find that the American consumer market consist of a person with a fourth-grade mentality. All advertising in this country is presented to a 4th grade level fictional person.
    In later life in my profession I studied under some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the real estate appraisal market analyst profession. I found the same story. The market (person) on this level is a group thinker. The commercial real estate market person can be characterized as a well-educated person with financial resources that is only allowed to think positive. This person believes that nothing can go wrong and we must keep the music playing and all will be well. No disruptive thinking allowed. Same for the stock market. Prices can only go up!
    Now to the heart of the matter: Greg’s guest described the policies of Nazism. I remember reading that Hitler’s right-hand man was Martin Borman. Martin Borman’s son went to the Hitler Youth camp for three years in a row. After the third year he told his father: “I have spent three years in the Hitler Youth camps and I still don’t know what National Socialism is.” Martin Borman looked at his son and said: “Son, Nationalism is whatever Adolph Hitler says it is and don’t you ever forget that.” In summary, Nazism as used to today refers to the policies of one man that described the political market of the time.
    So, we see that the consumer market is a person with a fourth-grade mentality, the commercial real estate market is a well-educated person trapped in a group think cult, and Nazism is personified in the person of Adolph Hitler. So how can we define a person that personifies the typical leftists? This person is motivated by a hatred of “the White Male.” That is the underlying fact driving this movement. The person has a female persona and believes that all the world’s problems are a result of White Male superiority and dominance. Does that term ring a bell? This person is evil beyond belief and will stop at nothing to destroy anything and everything that can be traced to the evil white men and his value systems and social norms. She will stop at nothing until the system is destroyed but again like malignant cancer, it dies along with the victim. To combat this movement, we must understand what motivates her because we cannot defeat an enemy unless we can identity it for what it is.

    • Richard Mooney

      Very well said!

    • Open Eyes


      1 Kings 16:31 New King James Version (NKJV)

      31 And it came to pass, as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, that he took as wife Jezebel the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Sidonians; and he went and served Baal and worshiped him.

    • Open Eyes

      Red Feminism
      American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation

      Kate Weigand

      Drawing on substantial new research, Red Feminism traces the development of a distinctive Communist strain of American feminism from its troubled beginnings in the 1930s, through its rapid growth in the Congress of American Women during the early years of the Cold War, to its culmination in Communist Party circles of the late 1940s and early 1950s. The author argues persuasively that, despite the devastating effects of anti-Communism and Stalinism on the progressive Left of the 1950s, Communist feminists such as Susan B. Anthony II, Betty Millard, and Eleanor Flexner managed to sustain many important elements of their work into the 1960s, when a new generation took up their cause and built an effective movement for women’s liberation. Red Feminism provides a more complex view of the history of the modern women’s movement, showing how key Communist activists came to understand gender, sexism, and race as central components of culture, economics, and politics in American society.

    • Self Exiled

      And her husband is the god of this age.

  18. Mike

    When Trump is trying to make a deal with China there are people who say he already lost the trade war and those who say we should make a deal to settle the markets. Trump is using tariffs to force US corporations out of China and the “trade deal” is just a cover story. Look at what actually happens and not at what is being said.

    • K.Wayne

      I have to disagree.
      History repeats…..consider the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs of the 1930 era.
      That is the agenda as I see it. To bring about the Greatest Depression.
      Your suggested reason to “force US Corporations out of China”….doesn’t resolve the issue at hand. It will NOT bring industry back to America. It has forever been offshored. Manufacturing is now at sub 8% of the total employed (down from 28% in 1960).
      Understand full well that the motives for creating disharmony (via tariffs) are aligned with Centralization and World Domination. Incremental steps to achieve the desired end goal. Economic deterioration (regardless of the BS narrative from every appendage of the Communist regime), destruction of middle class, hyperinflation, mass unemployment, financial crisis, Bank closures….then Anarchy. As Gerald Celente puts it….”When they have nothing left to lose…they lose it”!
      The Unelected Rulers have prepared for that day and already have a solution at hand. Once we lose our reserve currency status we are headed down the path of Venezuela ….we are already part way there….consider the human rights violations, the Lawlessness, The Political corruption and the gross Economic mis-management of our country combined with a high dependence on DEBT creation. Wait until there is a chronic shortage of food and medicine.
      Problem …..Reaction……Solution. That is their blueprint and MO and always has been. Tariffs are indeed a cover… further the interests of the Communist ideology.
      The State will provide for you….but only if you have economic benefit.

  19. Rance

    It should already be clear that the governments of the world are not following the expressed will of their constituent peoples. It never matters who wins a particular election. The agenda dictated from afar continues to be pursued by government and corporate bureaucrats, NGOs, oligarchs, multinational corporations, and other entities seemingly beyond the simple powers of mere human beings. They are not doing our bidding. Isn’t that completely obvious?

    How do they acquire such power?

    It isn’t trivial to recognize that none of these entities are human beings with free will. These are fictional contrivances given special privileges to capture our collective power unto their own cause. In reality, they do not exist! And yet they scheme to subjugate us. Why do we give them this power? That IS what we do. They would not have it if we did not allow it. It is allowed through a successive process of law-making that makes fictitious things stand above the will of real beings, I would say in bold defiance of Creation Itself. We ALLOW ourselves to be placed below the artificial things we have made such that these things are now our masters.

    In theory, the solution is simple. Remove the authority we have given through unnatural law and restore individual rights and freedoms as an unassailable condition, such that all organized behaviours among us serve only to enhance the benefits of these God-given gifts. This means that there would be no means by which any of these artificial entities could place themselves above the rights of a single individual. They could not consolidate power in order to usurp rights and freedoms through financial leveraging, legislation, war, or any other thing designed to take our power away.

    In practice, however, the task would first require that we remove all of the blinders we have put over our own eyes and recognize that we cannot forsake responsibility for convenience and entertainment any longer. If we do not remove the artificial impediments to our freedoms we will certainly be slaves to them. We are already a long ways down that road. I believe the near total corruption that we now see in the world is a direct result of our willingness to forsake our duty as free will beings and allow artificial things to dictate our lives, gradually turning us all into nothing more than meat robots.

    If you believe in God, do you think that’s what was intended by the gift of free will?

    • iwitness02

      Remove the authority we have given through unnatural law and restore individual rights and freedoms as an unassailable condition……..
      I like this line of thought, but it seems to me that we would have to disarm the government first. The government wants to disarm us so that freedoms are never achieved by us. We will find out who is most determined. The process seems to be underway. My guess would be that there will be a fight between government and the people. Worldwide.
      Either we submit to government rule, or government submits to the will of the people. Them are fighting words.

      • K.Wayne

        In your honest assessment … who do you think prevails?
        No fence sitting.
        To me….its more the system than that of a “singular” Government body…which the citizenry need to overcome. Pollock describes this paradigm very well. The self interest/self preservation is built into the system.

        • iwitness02

          The self interest/self preservation is built into the system.
          I totally agree.
          In my heart of hearts, I believe the citizenry prevails.
          I have to believe this. This is the only way I can live my life and not be mired in despair. It will be a shocking change in the course of human history.
          In saying this, I sort of feel like a barker for the Greatest Show on Earth, and maybe it will be.
          There is a segment of the population that plans and trains for the defense of this nation. They are largely unseen, and under the radar. They are everywhere. I believe that there are a lot of highly trained men and women that are quietly watching current affairs unfold. We caught a glimpse of this during the Bundy affair. Just wait until it becomes a nation wide assault on we the people. Then the true number of people who have had enough, will become visible.
          Yes, we are under assault now, but from a distance. It will change when the assault comes to our doorstep.
          Only one side can prevail. I picked my side already.
          If the human race is going to survive, the people must prevail against tyranny. In my view.

      • Diane

        Excellent point iwitness02.

        • Rance

          Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
          I agree with your assessment that it might come to a real fight, implying guns and all, but I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. Imagine how long it would take to heal from the damage to our spirits (if you believe in that kind of thing). Just look at all of the soldiers who have been sacrificed, body and soul, to a cause that was manufactured by those seeking absolute power. I think it’s fair to say that a great deal of unintended consequence remains, even from the first revolutions of this continent.

          Be that as it may, I believe the real solution lies in understanding the fraud of the money system which allows the theft of the real production and assets of average people by a financial system that claims rights it does not have.
          Money comes into existence through loans. The loans and the money they create only have value through the effort of those who undertake the obligation. So why does the accountant (banking system) claim the right to the values created by the producer/borrower?

          From my point of view, it is the people that are the true underwriters of the financial system, but we are the ones to whom the debt is attributed while the banking system and its attendant institutional, fictional constructions claim the asset side of the balance sheet.

          Big topic, but I hope you get my drift. Because even if we fight a war over this, unless we see this scam we will repeat our mistakes and the same s**t will float to the top.

  20. Chip

    What a smart man. Great interview Greg thanks… Chip

  21. Bradley

    Warren Pollock is always a fantastic interview. He goes right to the core of the issues we all are facing. I could listen to him for hours. The lights go on as he lays out the Truth. Great job getting him on Greg. We all can take his advice and control what we are able to…our lives and attitude in a world that is out of its mind.

  22. Jim Borowy

    Thanks Greg for having this honest man on. He is unafraid to speak the truth whic is hard to come by today! Warren is the man who tells it like it is. There is no difference between the parties today! Thank you Greg and Warren!

  23. alberto a lopez

    China’s Threat
    Back when the construct of the New World Order started sounding through the halls of the United Nations, the plan to use China as the basis for the modern global country started to shape. The Cabal approached the Chinese with the promise to give their leaders life-long power. The goal was to fund their growth through an infinite amount of currency printing and to bring the biggest corporate owners of intellectual property into the country to transfer all our scientific know-how. This is why, during the Clinton administration, companies were eager to sign up for the privilege to give the Chinese their patents. Who is it that owns the banks that print all money? The Cabal. Who owns the companies that rushed to China? The Insurance companies that are themselves owned by the Cabal. On this last point, think of why is it good for the Cabal when they create weather false-flags like our latest hurricane. The only catastrophe occurred in the Bahamas after they were hit by a tidal wave created by an earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico. The tidal wave and not the so called hurricane caused the destruction. Both the earthquake and the tropical storm that looked like a hurricane were engineered by the Cabal. Nonetheless, insurance rates go up every time a storm like this happens; even if no real damages have to be paid by the insurers. Insurance is one of the many ways we fund the Cabal.
    The Chinese were chosen because they already had a model of total control over the population. The USA was a problem for the Cabal’s future plans because we have a constitution. Many people do not know that many countries like England do not have constitutions that protect people’s rights. This is why Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Cabal’s puppets want to revise our constitution. It makes the US a dangerous country.
    So, China was to fist become the economic power to challenge the US since the New World Order government in Europe, the EU in Brussels, could not raise a large enough offensive. The excuse used by the Rothschild’s side of the Cabal is the idea of free-markets. Although free-markets do not exist and will never find roots so long as we remain financial slaves of the Cabal, by using our affinity to the idea of free-markets, we would allow China to gain strength right in front of our eyes without understanding that we are in fact helping build our demise as constitutional people.
    The last part, of course, was to make China the strongest military power around the world. Obama helped this by almost destroying our military’s functionality and budgeting. ‘Non-Fourth-Reich’ military leaders were removed or compromised. The last part of such military switch was to take the secret space program and completely remove it from the USA’s control. Many who doubt that there is such a thing as space craft and energy weaponry, will not even consider the fact that China has similar weapons. The Military Industrial complex that we were warned about makes craft and weapons for all those the Cabal approves and are controlled by the ‘Fourth-Reich’. China has their own secret space program.

    • Self Exiled

      I could never figure out why Clinton gave them our patients. Thank You.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      You make a good point about the insurance companies that nobody likes to even think about. They “insure” against calamities and pay somewhat when they occur, but no matter what happens they always make massive amounts of profit. They collect enormous premiums and deny coverage at every possible opportunity. They profit off of human suffering and death. And more and more they actually dictate the terms of how we live, how we act, what we can and cannot do. And if there is ever a huge problem where they may lose money, the government (that would be us) bails them out. Even if they are allowed to go out of business we still pay through the actions of the bankruptcies. We are not really as insured as we are screwed.

  24. Nick de la Gaume



  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Warren Pollock is without a doubt brilliant.

    As an example of what he mentioned, just look at:
    “California Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train To Nowhere”.
    …” another high speed train going from nowhere to nowhere.
    So why does California continue to press along with not one but two train projects it knows will be a disaster? The answer is simple: “free” Federal money. The High-Speed Rail authority is trying to beat a Dec. 31, 2022 deadline in order to not lose a $929 million Federal Railroad Administration grant for that particular segment.
    In other words, instead of saving almost a billion dollars in taxpayer funds, and applying them to something useful, California is willing to begin a project which everyone knows will be a catastrophic waste of funds, but since the money has to be spent, even if it means digging holes just to fill them up again… well, so be it. After all, this is the government hard at work.”…

    Spending money not because something important needs to be accomplished but because a bureaucracy has specified funds that must be spent. I’ve driven that route many times and the author is correct, once you drive through the traffic and get to Victorville, the drive to Las Vegas is rather pleasant. Why stop to make a train connection — park the car (cha ching), get there early and wait, then take the train and when you get to LV, you need to drive to your hotel/casino. Nope, this will be an utter failure and none of the bureaucrats care.

  26. Galaxy 500

    This interview was an epiphany. Thank you

  27. paul ...

    Stan … when I told you gold could be at $1820 by Christmas … I never gave you my silver price projection … so lets look at the following silver/gold ratio chart to get an answer … … as you can see the silver/gold ratio chart “is currently at the same point it was before the massive spike upward in precious metals from 2009 to 2012” … so if we assume the ratio goes back to 0.032 (and gold is at $1820) … a silver price projection of $58 dollars results!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … With the “commies” in control as Pollock explains … gold has risen by a factor of 21 from 1971 to 1980 … and by a factor of 7.4 from 2001 to 2011 … for a historical review of what the “commies” have done to us read this … … since Roosevelt the price of gold has been more then squared (35)2 … and soon … after the coming re-set … gold will be cubed (35 x 35 x35) … shorting these “commies” is a very dangerous game to play Stan … as “commies” only know how to inflate (to pay for all the free goodies they promise)!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Would you like to wager on your silver forecast? I think you are dreaming. The world is awash in silver. It is a metal with no future. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • paul ...

        I have already wagered Stan!! … unlike you Stan other men believe “silver has a future” and have been accumulating silver assets in large quantities … listen to what one said a few years back …

        • paul ...

          As for gold … focus on the big picture Stan … $1450 is holding (which is well above the very solid $1350 to$1375 support level) “which is a very bullish sign” … the powerful upthrust gold is in is clearly intact and will soon be headed higher!!

      • Jerry

        So speaks the man who predicted 20. At Deutsche Bank.

        I wish I could consider losing 840 million dollars as a win. Deutsche Bank is finished, and so are you Stan if you’re still holding paper. Paul is way ahead of the game holding silver. Check out the real price of silver at

  28. Dave

    Excellent. Basically Warren says Trump is controlled. Which fits with things we are seeing. He is used to keep the masses at each others throats. I suspect the decision has been made – one and done. Trump will not be President in 2020 and may simply choose not to run. Michael Savage has said for years it is all shadows on the wall. We are being manipulated by TPTB and media – including controlled conservative media. Who were the biggest supporters of Bush and his war and the neo-con movement. Hannity, Rush and Levin. Who cried foul at Obama’s deficits but fell silent when Trump gave us the largest deficit ever. One prominent conservative radio host actually said deficits don’t matter. He has heard they are bad all his life but nothing bad has happened. So nothing to fear from the massive deficit increases under Trump.

    It would be great if you would consider having Dr. Michael Savage as a guest. He was never a part of controlled conservative media and was marginalized by the triumvirate as well as by their front man – David Limbaugh. These guys get their talking points and spend the whole day misinforming their audiences. Someday maybe a book will be written on them. In any case, Hannity has kept Savage off of Fox – even though Laura Ingraham wanted him as a guest when her program started. He’d make a great guest. Another guest – have Dane Wigington back. We are experiencing “Santa Ana” winds in the Bay Area/NorCal each fall now. I’ve lived her a long while and that is something new climate wise. A rapid change it would seem. Dane mentioned treaties where governments have promised to use weather modification as part of their military arsenal. Hello – man can to some degree control/effect the climate it seems. Despite what controlled conservative media tells us. You are to be commended for having someone line Mr. Wigington as a guest.

  29. Fatima message

    Thanks, Greg!
    Finally someone speaks the truth. Lucia, the seer at Fatima always said Communism would take over the world. Their last endeavor would be to join together all defeated nations into one global communist state. Warren can call China Nazi but it still goes by the monicker of “red” communist. When that event occurs, and their hats are still in the air, God will act. The Three Days of Darkness” will void the earth of all Evil ones. The beginning of the three days was depicted in the miracle of Fatima. On Oct 13, 1917, a month before the revolution in Russia.

  30. Jeff Martin

    Well, Warren has convinced me. I’m not calling the Red Chinese “Communists” anymore. They are indeed Nazis! Multi-national corporations (and Banksters) are helping Red China just like they did Hitler in Nazi Germany. China has the potential of murdering vastly more people than even Hitler envisioned. I’m afraid we’re next on the menu.

    And yes, by all means, let’s pay no attention to the distractions like is Epstein really dead and other nonsense.

  31. paul ...

    This may be “the real reason” the warmongering neocons in Washington have had to begin shutting down their continuous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and postpone their invasions of Korea and Iran …

  32. Stan

    I have to give Warren Pollock some credit. At least he did tell you to buy Gold.

    • paul ...

      He meant it for you to buy too Stan!!!

      • paul ...

        This is interesting Stan … looks like someone had to cover their short position in silver “real fast” … and spiked the silver price up to $23.5 for a few minutes … an omen of things to come??? …

        • paul jr.

          No, silver did not spike at all. Kitco just had erroneous data. All other sites had the correct data. I hope you were just being sarcastic and do not believe what you said.

  33. jennifer ohman

    Hi Greg,
    Very good interview. Frighteningly true. And one can witness this agenda and indoctrination process actually being rolled out THROUGH our major corporations.
    The “education” process that one often has to go through, now, when employed in these corporation, is often enormous. I.e., employees are often, no longer trained by managers (independent thinking individuals), but instead by virtual training platforms, that define exactly how they must perform their job. No independent thought, no human creativity and old fashioned good judgment, encouraged and valued. Independent judgment? That’s sooo “yesterday”! Just do what the training tells you to do.

    These trainings usually include..Inclusiveness Trainings, Anti-Discriminatory Trainings, Anti-Harassment Trainings, and on and on…all with modern day re-definitions of what this all means and how one must behave in accordance, and when in violation, how one must “escalate” and “report”, on one’s co-workers in secrecy…i.e., to the “Politburo” (Compliance), rather than addressing it face -to-face with one’s co-workers, and how they must do the same to you.
    The trainings amount to…”Do your job, exactly as you are told. Do not deviate, and know…that each an every one of you are trained in the same exact way, to do the same exact thing, and to report on each other, in the same exact secret way, if one’s behavior is not compliant…as stepping out of line will not be tolerated.
    All you need to do is to chat with and engage with members of your local community, as I have, who may work for large, (and often not so large), major or international companies, to see that this is indeed so.

    I agree with your guest that turning off the T.V. is good for preserving one’s peace of mind, but this will not stop the progression of dark trends from continuing forward. So, what must the “average” person do? They do not need to go big. In fact, they need to do the exact opposite. They need to go small. What the “average” person must do is to make a difference within their own family. They need to take control of their children. They need to turn off their T.V., as well as their internet, and smart phones. If the the children whine and pout and cry about it, so what! “You’re” the parent! YOU make the rules! NOT the children!

    Parents should create education time instead, with their children. They should read books with them. They should educate them, … on capitalism and freedom and the virtues of self-reliance. They should engage in activities with their children that exercises these values. And they should reward their kids for doing it. Parents should be giving their kids books and games that exercise their reasoning and logical abilities. And in the process, the parents will be educating or re-educating themselves, too, as well as building and strengthening their bonds with their children. Parents should be teaching their children the virtues of the Constitution and that it was created to protect them. They should be teaching their children why the First Amendment is good. Why the Second Amendment is good. Why capitalism is good. And why socialism is bad.
    And then, only AFTER the kids “graduate” from a strong foundation that, you, the parent has built for them, should you, the parent, consider connecting the children to the internet and smart phones.

    And if a parent feels that this is too much for them, then they really need to ask themselves why they are having children in the first place! If their children are not worth their time to invest in, then why are these people having children? Don’t have children, unless you can act responsibly in bringing them up yourself!! REALLY!! Parents need to be PARENTS!! They need to ACT like parents! THEY need to take RESPONSIBILITY! They need to TAKE (BACK) CONTROL of their children’s minds and they need to be in control of the values that their children are being taught! The PARENTS need to be the entities indoctrinating THEIR children! This is a PRIMARY responsibility of being a parent!!! This is your responsibility! NO ONE ELSES!! This is YOUR JOB PEOPLE!!! The only way that YOU can accomplish this as a PARENT, with 100% CERTAINTY, is to teach the moral, ethical, and free market values to YOUR children YOURSELF! By not doing this, you not only hurt your children, you are also hurting everybody else!
    Thanks Greg for all your efforts.

    • K. Wayne

      Whilst I concur with your observations and in fact undertaken some of your stated action plans ….I am mindful that the programing or re-programing required to rectify the current status for the greater population…is a monumental task.
      Everything is designed to ensure that the States’ subjects adhere and conform.
      Family values have been destroyed to such an extent that the State now has more influence over our children. Concurrently, whilst endeavoring to “Shelter” our children by providing guidance, direction, proper education…. we are inadvertently making them the minority, social outcasts.
      “Free thinking”…. is in effect…. “Anti-State” under the reign of Communism. Is that harmful to oneself? It could be !!
      In the Dystopian world that is being formulated right under our very eyes … we may be forced to comply… being given a choice.
      Pollock’s comment about taking time out in Florida……is the recognition of how obscenely perverted the whole system has become. What better way to nullify the constant damage, than to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

  34. Anthony Australia

    Dictatorship disguised in one form or another; communism, socialism or even so called democracy; whatever it may be, it is all about control.
    Cambodia, Vietnam, China, many South American countries and in the EU.
    People have had enough of being enslaved!

    • Anthony Australia

      Middle East, African & everywhere wake you care to name.

  35. Dieter Volke

    Its not communism, its liberal globalist TECHNOCRATIC NEW WORLD ORDER system which have the combined traits of communism nazism fascism independent branches on the stem of extreme TOTALITARIAN system CORBETTREPORT.COM and TECHNOCRACY.NEWS and SOLARI.COM for deep dives into whats going on.

    • gary defries

      You are exactly right. We live in a Fascist country. Banks, Military complex and Globilist Technocrats run the western countries. Governments do the bidding of the Deep State.

  36. Ray mills Antley

    This interview is painful to watch because it rings true. I could only watch about ten minutes at a time because it is so upsetting.

  37. al

    I’m looking for the reset. This system is a heap of blame and excuses. One good reset is all we need to reboot the system.
    I’ve been following Warren since he was making videos from NYC in 2009, it’s been 10 years and he’s been showing up on and off here and there.
    QUESTION: Does the Man ever smile?
    I have to say that Florida is agreeing warren, he looks thinner and healthier than in the past.

  38. WKSwanson

    Greg, I can tell that you have hit a home run by the number of people I send the interview link. One thing we know is that it’s not going to be pretty, but Warren’s “get small” (gray man) idea is a good one.

  39. JC

    paul… Stan?

    Any comment?

    Doug Casey on Why Gold Is the Best Money

    • paul ...

      JC … besides all the reasons Doug Casey gives on why gold is the best money “as a store of value” (i.e. like its rarity, immutability from rust and corrosion, etc., etc.) … gold is a store of value unlike Fed dollars because Fed dollars are generated like water … i.e. the Fed’s “computer money machine” is just like a dehumidifier (it generates liquidity right out of the air) and those liquid dollars “if not used immediately” evaporate away on you if you set it aside for any length of time … that in a nutshell is why dollars or any fiat currency should not be kept under your mattress (fiat currency is not a good store of value because it evaporates away to nothingness over time) … gold saved in 1492 at the time of Columbus still retains its purchasing power today … all fiat paper dollars “are intrinsically valueless as a store of wealth” … “not one” of thousands of fiat currencies distributed by crooked politicians and banksters throughout history have succeeded in holding value … studies have shown that twenty percent fail through hyperinflation … 21% fail due to war … 12% fail due to change of government … 24% fail by a re-set and 23% are still in circulation … the average life expectancy for a fiat currency is 27 years (the shortest life span being one month … the oldest fiat currency in existence is the British Pound Sterling which has survived for 317 years) … but was the British Pound Sterling successful as a fiat currency “in holding value as a store of wealth”? … the answer is no … the British pound originally defined as 12 ounces of silver should at today’s artificially suppressed price of $18 dollars be worth $216 dollars each … and at the “true price of silver” as measured by the US debt clock the British pound should be worth $16,542 dollars) … bottom line … “the world’s most successful long standing fiat currency in existence” has lost 99.5% to 99.999% of its value !!!

      • paul ...

        So … anyone who holds dollar denominated stocks or bonds “as a store of wealth” better get off the blue pill and “get out of the evil matrix system” (set up by crooked politicians, banksters and brokers to rob you of your wealth) … sell the bonds and stocks in your Roth IRA, etc. and “buy physical gold” … the promise of tax free fiat when you retire sounds great … but if the fiat is essentially worthless by the time you retire (in the words of a legendary crook) “What Difference Does It Make!!!

        • paul ...

          With the British Pound Sterling having survived for 317 years … it should be due to fail soon … what will be the catalyst? … well Queen Elizabeth is 93 … perhaps her passing will be used by the banksters to kill the pound off (along with the dollar) … there will probably be at least a few weeks of mourning during which the English Australian and US banks and many stock markets around the world will close … giving the banksters an opportunity to re-set “the failing western fiat system” … so while the grieving public across the British Empire watch the wake in Westminster on TV … a new currency will arise from the ashes (most likely backed by gold) … the re-set will be one of the biggest moments in history as people “without gold” will quickly find out!!

    • Stan

      If Gold was such great form of money was is it that no country in the world uses it as money?

      • Greg Hunter

        You cannot be this stupid: One of many news sources on record gold buying by central banks.

      • K.Wayne

        Unfortunately Stan is THAT Stupid !!!
        Gold is not used as money … because it cannot be created out of thin Air.
        Banking 101.
        (and you worked for JP Morgan……. BS)
        Go back to your supervised play ground Stan.

      • John

        Well….never mind!

      • paul ...

        Stan … Gold is not only used as money by many countries banksters … but is considered a “Tier One Asset” by them!!! … many countries (even the US) have put gold coins into circulation “for the ordinary people” (who usually hoard them because the one ounce coins are stamped with a value of “$50 dollars” … but are worth much much more on the open market ) … since the passage of the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 the American Gold Eagle Bullion coins have been diligently produced each year as “official US Government money” … Stan for a current price quote on “official US government gold money” go here:

        • paul ...

          It seems to take millennials a long time to understand that (real) “money” is currently in circulation right now … along side the fed’s (fake) fiat “currency” … and all these millennials have to do to protect themselves is … use the (fake) currency to buy (real) money!!!

  40. WKSwanson

    Warren Pollock confirms my suspicions of several years now, that the Chinese need/want the huge breadbasket that is the United States. If it takes a decade or so more to get it, well for them that is just the blink of an eye in Chinese history; they are a patient people. Being galvanized as they are by Xi, the pace of their expansion will continue to speed up. While the Chinese are focused and on a mission, we in the West, sadly, are preocupied with irrelevancies, like who can use which bathroom. Silly nations do not long survive.

  41. Harvey Wallbanger

    Right Revd,
    Right on!

  42. Joe

    2:50 mark: “They have jobs. They have pensions.”

    They may have jobs but they don’t have pensions. These days I don’t know anyone who gets a pension except those in goooberment.

    • Auntie Seize

      They THINK they have pensions. WHEN (not if) the phony “money” system collapses, their toilet paper promises-to-pay will be worth squat. Then, they will realize that they traded their lifetime of labor for a bowel of red cabbage. Just like Esau did. But then too late, they cannot undo what they did.

      That is how the money manipulators steal your labor right out from under your nose. First, they inflate it away with their phony “money” that loses value continuously over time, and finally they just reneg on the entire deal when the Ponzi scheme collapses under its own weight.

      What has been will be, there’s nothing new under the sun.

  43. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Great interview! I have 2 comments. First, Project Veritas announced that the person fired by CBS for leaking the ABC footage was NOT their source. I hope the person who was fired sues CBS for wrongful termination. Second — and I mean this in the nicest way possible — Greg, please shut up and let your guest talk more.

  44. Jay Cornell

    Each of us does well to ask, ‘Is God’s Kingdom close to my heart?’ If it is, we will be eager to listen to what Jesus said and taught about that Kingdom​—its importance and how and when it will come.
    How will God’s Kingdom come? When we pray, “Let your Kingdom come,” we are asking that the Kingdom take decisive action. When the Kingdom comes, it will exert its full power toward the earth. It will remove the present wicked system of things, including all man-made governments, and bring in a righteous new world. (Dan. 2:44; 2 Pet. 3:13) Then, under Kingdom rule, the entire earth will become a paradise. (Luke 23:43) Those in God’s memory will be brought back to life and reunited with their loved ones. (John 5:28, 29) Obedient humans will reach perfection and enjoy endless life. (Rev. 21:3-5) At last, earth will be in perfect harmony with heaven, reflecting the will of God! Back to the garden of eaten!
    Do you not long to see those Bible promises come true? Remember that every time you pray for God’s Kingdom to come, you are praying for those precious promises to be fulfilled.
    It is clear that God’s Kingdom has not yet “come” to fulfill the model prayer. After all, man-made governments are still ruling and the righteous new world is not yet here. But there is good news. God’s Kingdom has been established and ready to pounce!
    Jesus indicated that the Kingdom would not be established in the first century C.E., despite the expectations of some of his disciples. (Acts 1:6)
    10 It is clear that God’s Kingdom has not yet “come” to fulfill the model prayer. After all, man-made governments are still ruling and the righteous new world is not yet here. But there is good news. God’s Kingdom has been established!
    (Read Matthew 13:24-30.) After relating this parable, perhaps in the spring of 31 C.E., Jesus explained it to his disciples. (Matt. 13:36-43) Here is the gist of the parable and its meaning: Following the death of the apostles, the Devil would sow weeds (imitation Christians) in among wheat (“sons of the Kingdom,” or anointed Christians). Both the wheat and the weeds would be allowed to grow together during a growing season that would continue until the harvest, which is “a conclusion of a system of things.” After the beginning of the harvest season, the weeds would be collected. Then, the wheat would be gathered. The parable thus indicates that the Kingdom would be established, not in the first century C.E., but only after the growing season ended. As matters worked out, the growing season ended and the harvest season began in the WWI AND II GENERATION!
    Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled
    ◄ Matthew 24:34 ► King James Version

    • eddiemd

      Who do you say Jesus Christ is? Is He man or God? Both?

      Are you part of the JW cult?

      • Jay

        Are you?

  45. Montana Guy

    Lots of professing believers in God here. Yet the U.S. Military drops over 100,000 bombs and kill tens of thousands of innocent people around the world and they are silent. And complicit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh yes Montana Guy and you are the judge and arbiter of morality!!

  46. Mark

    Dear Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    In light of the highly valued insight we receive from you, your guests and those who come here to read and post, I am writing to recommend the work of Bernie Suarez at and truthandarttv you tube channel for your consideration. To my observation, Bernie consistently offers credible analysis from a perspective that is informed by an ongoing military intelligence operation the aim of which is to “drain the swamp” as laid out in the “Q” posts. Here is a link to his Sunday night overview podcast As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with all who come here to read and post and who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified of His Son, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”

  47. tim mcgraw

    Always great to see Warren Pollock again. Yes, the Chinese scare the hell out of me. 5G scares the hell out of me. California is already a Communist State. It is easy to see.

  48. Bill B

    As I watch the impeachment proceedings unfold, the deep staters who occupy second and third levels in our government departments are coming forth and exposing themselves as deep staters. I could only imagine how many of these never Trumpers are lined up wanting to testify. If I were one of those deep[ staters, I would become very uneasy when Trump is Re elected. Pray
    1 there will be justice in our courts
    2 there will be revival in our churches
    3 Truth will be spoken in our government.

    • tim mcgraw

      Dear Bill B,
      1: They aren’t “our courts” and you will never find justice in them.
      2: The churches/religions must reform themselves before the people will come back to them.
      3: Truth will never be spoken in this government of lies. It is not “our government”.

  49. Ted Holmes

    Greg, I think Warren Pollack has hit the nail on the head !

  50. paul ...

    Hitler’s Nazi SS and Pelosi’s Demon-rat SS (Shaft Schiff) have a lot in common … to keep the Hitlery Party (now in it’s final death-throes) in a position of power!! …

  51. Energy

    He is correct 60 000 high profile head to Singapore for the future of money….now that is telling you who is in the driver’s seat…the game leaders head East.

  52. Eins

    China is certainly moving fast towards fascism with a Xi lifetime term and I would be afraid of being an enemey of the state in China
    but there is alot of opinionated negative non-sensical ranting coming from this guy.. 1000 year reich? Master race? I need concrete info and quotes please..
    Calling people Nazis is a very to demonize someone without debate and I think most Americans are waking up to and sick of this kind of rhetoric.
    History is slowly finding out what really happened in WW2 and I’m not sure there were any good guys.
    Instead of finding another enemy to fight and deomnizing someone else, how about fixing our own problems here at home?
    We have ALOT of issues to resolve here at home.
    The founders of this great republic said not to get involved in foreign matters.
    Yet today this is where all the attention is.. including this guy’s “analysis”.
    I can get this kind of information from a guy on the street.
    For real trend analysis I would stick to Gerald Celente.

    • Greg Hunter

      China is part of the Fix. People like Mitch McConnel & Feinstein have sold the USA out to China for a few bucks!

  53. Jerry

    The repos keep coming.

    I thought everyone was ramping up for a super Christmas season?

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby thinks we are getting near the end. He’s on tonight.

  54. bk

    Don’t worry about China and the rise of totalitarian states.

    Extreme weather events driven by climate change will see our demise sooner than many of the so-called problems discussed on these pages.

    Ignorance, stupidity, greed and conflict is prevailing over rational thought, fact-based reasoning and cooperation. Science denial has already taken root in rural and small town America and conspiratorial theories are on the ascendancy. In Trump country, agriculture and farming is increasing supported by (socialist) subsidies while the great leader is looking for an off ramp for his “easy to win” global trade war. The national debt is skyrocketing and consumer debt (revolving and non-revolving) is rising. Health care, education, infrastructure, environment and national security may be threatened, but please be comforted by the great leader’s words that we have “greatest economy ever in the history of America.”

    Be also comforted by the Great Leader’s self proclaimed “unmatched wisdom” and his reassuring words – “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening!”

    Keep America Great, good folks and much praise to our Great Leader!

    And don’t forget keep those conspiracy theories coming! We have never had it so good!

  55. JC

    So we have to worry about Nazism and communism…. and what else? Oh, also civil war.

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Atlantic magazine was founded in the years leading up to the Civil War, so it’s worth noting when it produces a special new issue on the theme, “How to stop a Civil War.”

  56. paul ...

    It must be very frustrating to “all the gold shorts” (like Stan) to see gold pop up like a beach ball every time it is pushed below the $1450 water line!! …

  57. JC

    Greg, I think you should check out this latest post by G.A. Stewart, you might also be on the list of those who will be put in a Reeducation Camp.

    “Since 2010, I have been watching a slow-motion train wreck, but other people are reporting on it too.”

    “I can generally read the title of an article linked on the Drudge Report, Zerohedge, Steve Quayle, Steve Rense, or What Really Happened, and know who the author is, so the Doom and Gloom Market has become a great echo chamber. Many of the authors and I are on the same page regarding the future, and we will all be bunk mates in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Reeducation Camps.”

  58. paul ...

    You know … promising a tax cut that gives “zero” to a single filer making $50,000/yr and “zero” to a married couple making $100,000/yr is not going to be as effective at getting votes … as breaking the chains on the CPI would be … which will give “everyone who earns a living a true and fair adjustment to their income” (that cancels out the inflation created by the Fed to give welfare bailouts and free money to their bankster and corporate buddies)!!! …

  59. paul ...

    This is the result of same failed policy doctors used to kill off bad bugs … … by Israel using surgical air strikes like penicillin for every little threat “too often” … they have now created “super bugs” … when showing some moderation (by negotiation) could have keep the bugs in “a less potent” and deadly “viral like” state!!!

  60. Jim G.

    OK, Baby Boomer.

  61. Robert E. Salt

    Liz Crokin went crazy over the Amy Robach story. It was apparent that Robach wasn’t upset over the abuse of these children. She was upset because she didn’t get credit for breaking the story. Liz Crokin gave up a career as a reporter to try and expose the news medias cover up of child trafficking and abuse. Putin won’t allow Americans to adopt Russian children because he knows what happens to them.

  62. Redemocracy2

    Hi Greg—
    Your interviews have informed my thinking for years and I thank you for that. I do want to say thatI I find this presenter a little incoherent at times. I also want to add—as an American working for several months as a consultant in Beijing, China—that I do not find any evidence that China and its president are behaving in Nazi-like ways. In fact, what I am learning is that the Chinese people I meet are friendly and want to be accepted as citizens of the world. They are all working hard and don’t want war with anyone. Their leadership is trying to keep the country unified and moving forward with hopes of being economic equals with the US and Japan and Europe—not in Hitleresque fashion but through multilateral and mutually beneficial trade. So yes, President Trump inherited several decades worth of US economic behavior that featured predatory companies like Amazon and Walmart—which raped the US by bringing in very low cost goods from China at the price of undermining US manufacturing and its paying jobs. But that does not mean that China is treating the US in Hitleresque fashion.

    If anything, this behavior shows what happens when the US Congress and prior US presidents allowed US jobs to be “offshored.” But this does not mean that China deserves to be ”scapegoated” and blamed for the mistakes of our own country’s leadership. And rather than blame a China that I find to be working hard to make its way in this world, I prefer to honor What I see with my own eyes by watching and learning from being inside the country and living not in a splashy hotel but instead in a local community called a “hutong.”

    So may I suggest that it does little good to launch fear tactics among our own citizens that blame a nation that is trying to lift itself up by its own bootstraps? If we as Americans have become insecure, then maybe we should look ourselves in the mirror and assess where our own leadership has failed us, and where we have lost the democracy that I was promised would be “by, for and of the people” when I was a kid in the fifth grade growing up in California—rather than direct our anger at outsiders.

    I am one American who feels that President Trump is actually trying to save the US democracy by “draining the swamp” and that he would rather trade with China in mutually beneficial ways—rather than in ways that undermine 80% of the U.S. population while enriching the hands of a few billionaires like Bezos (Amazon) and the Waltons (Walmart). So let’s please look for and find willing trading partners that can be called upon to enrich our own citizens even as those countries promote themselves—and not blindly engage in name-calling as Mr Pollack does.

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